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The Lake Shore Men at Chicago Once More
Leave Their Places.
Bovcrnl .lion Injured mid tlio Police
Cnllrd Out Fears l iitcrtnlnud of
* ' n Second General Uallrond
Itloukndo ,
Annihor Kvvltclinicn'H Strike.
CiiirAoo , Juno 2.5. The Lake shore
iwilchmoti at tlio stock yards iultvvoikat
2:30 : this afternoon owing to the refusal of
the rallioad company to discharge eight non
union inon. Committees are now going to
other yards of thu railroads In the city to In
duce all union men to stop work. Tim Lake
Shore road Is relusing to accept any more
llvo stock over Its road. It Is now believed
another genet al sti iku Is to take place on thu
road , and a blockade , HUrh as tlio one which
occurred last April , will take place.
When thu night foico failed to put In an
appearance to-nluht It was aptiairni that the
sltlku was an assured fact. No freight will
he moved to-night , and theio areas jot no
Indications of a settlement between the men
and thu company.
About ! J o'clock an ofTort was made lo
move a train at 1'ortj-tlilKl sticct. Suddenly
a mob appeared upon the scene , the members
if w bleu tiled , bj tlniiwlng a sv\ltch , to ditch
the engine and tram , and did succeed in get-
tlmr the caboose oil Iho track , Separate sec
tions nf the mob attack ) d the train men ,
UnowImrcouplliiL'pins at them and kicking
them and noiinillnp them with Iheh lists.
Conductor Chailes Pwusp , of Klkhail.was
badly Injuied , being knockid down and
kicked by halt a docn assailants , .lohn
Deiger , a switchman , was also hurt , but how
fccihmsly could not bo learned. The engineer
and tiieman escaped entirely. No ariesls
weio made.
The switchmen held a meeting to iilulit and
resolved lo hold out till the company was
foieed to adjust their itriuvance. Pollcoolll-
ceis aio patiolllin ; the Lake Shotc Hacks to
night and n stjuad of twenty will go to Foity
third street In the moinlng. It is Intimated
that the Height haiidlois will Mippoit the
htrlkei.s If necessary.
B' Hiding Place in Omiiliu and
CIIICAOO , Juno 23. [ Special Telegram to
thoDni : . ] An account is made public this
morning of the tiavels and doings of the an-
nichist Parsons , ftom Iho time of the Hay-
inaikct riot to his icturu. It appears when
the bomb was thrown Parsons leaped from
thu wagon and ran hurriedly home. Heio ho
hold r. consultation with his wife , and decid
ing upon flight took the early Hock Island
train foi Omaha. Parsons' hair and mous
tache aio Iron giay In color , but peisonal
vanity has ever led him to the use of daik
dye , ami even his most Intimate acquaint
ances have known and desciibcd him as a
dark-hahed man. Before leaving homo ho
removed the dju fiom his hair and mustache.
Thoiesult was a thorough change hi his ap-
peaiancc. On leaching Omaha Paisons went
„ direct to the homo ot Anton Uuho. kcep-
f" er of the road house which shcltcied
' Jtati , dining his sojouin In that city. Unto
that time the deslio to anpiehend Paisons
had not been known , but he soon leaincd
thumvli llionowspareis of the progiess of
public .sentiment and tlio yeaimmr the pollen
had for a glimpse ot him , and he became
Kicatly alarmed. Tlnotigh the meditation ot
Jtitlio , ills slaved , he seemed lefugo on a
iarm near Paplllion. Theio ho lemalncd
until Fiiday l.isl , when , yielding to the ad
vise ol Captain Black , ho started for Chi
cago. Hu boldly cntcied Omaha , purchased
a ticket and madu the jouinoy ol 600 miles
without an attempt at concealment. His
ben id during his absence coveted his face and
v when ho appeared before his wlfu Monday
t morning shu scarcely know him. In tlio
uttciiioon ho seemed the services of a barber ,
nnd after taklnc dinner took a cab tor the
criminal court. It Is now eeitain lialtha/.nr
Kan's mission to Omana was partly to sec
1'aihOiia , but as ho has > aid In a picvlously
published letter , ' Kan was so soon shadowed
by the pollen In Nebraska that ho abandoned
his pioject. Parsons constantly communi
cated by letter with his wile and lattcily with
Captain Black.
The Del'onsc to lOcp Christians Oil *
the Jury.
CittcAno , Juno 23. [ Sjicelal Telegram to
the Duu.J Judge Oaiy's couit was tluongcd
when the work of { electing a jury in the an
archist cases was lespmed this morning.
This Is a tedious piece of business , and fiom
the men examined and excused it is not
beyond the range of probability that It may
bo Imposslulo to llnd within the limits of
Cook county twelve men who can pass the
ordeal to which they must submit before beIng -
Ing accepted. Fiom questions put by conn-
bd for the defense It Is evidently their Inten
tion to shutout Irish Catholics and veiy pro
nounced churchmen of every denomination ,
all largo employers , foremen In shop' , and
old soldiers of the union. Judge Gary was
In his place for several minutes bofoiu the
hour lor resumption of business. At 10
o'clock picclsely the eight prlsoncis wcro es
corted Into the Jury room and subjected to
the usual lontlno of hand shaking by Cap
tain Dlack and Attorney Zolslcr. ' 1 hey had
all been visited over night by a few select
friends , among whom Mrs. Parsons was con-
eplcnon ? . Paisons' Inner man was strength
ened mm regaled bv the delicacies with
which this lady never falls to supply her
llego loid. Theio was nothing now in
the asui'ct oC demeanor of the nnaioli-
Ists as they took their accustomed
Jilaces. Unon ( pic : > tlons piopoundcd
iy the states attoinoy It was found
that Dyfus , ono of the men ac
cepted b > the defense , had an anarchist In his
employ. Ho was excused by the state. The
btato accepted James 11. Coleaccepted by the
deleiibo jt'sterday. Ho Is the lirst juior
chosen , lie Is a locomotive fireman and was
nn ollltor In the union nimv. During the
progiuhsof the examination , ( Irlnnellstate's
nttoiney. said : "lly tlio way , botoro
I go fin ther , counsel on the other shlolmvo
given us a suipiiso by pioduclng S. Parsons
uicouit. Aio von colngto pioducoSchnan-
bell heio , ah-oV" "No , sir , " answern Captain
Dlack , "thu dial Is lee far advanced tor tlmt. "
tjchnaubell Is thu alleged bomb-thro\ver. \ The
ijuestlonlng then agnln pioceeded.
DufTalo Dill Sued Tor Damages.
Piin.ADi.i.i'iiiA , Juno 2,1. [ Special to
the DiiJ : Last Wedncsaay Daniel J.
( irecn went out to the Contlomen's Driv
ing pailt to bee the Wild West show. With a
number of others ho was standing on the
track at the tlmo for the Dcadvvood coach to
go dashing by. The crowd not falling back
fait enough , llnffalo Dill iustruclcd
Mi employe named Frank Wllbon to go for
thorn w ith a club. Wlh > on did so , and ( irecn
got thu club over Ids head. A gentleman
driving by at thu time sawthoocciurenco
nnd Insisted upon the man being ai rested. afterward Held him In 5500
ball. Green has now biought suit against
Wilson and liullalo Dill , claiming 5500 trom
each. _
Marriage or Judge Matthews , j
NKW YOIIK , Juno 2) ) . Judge Stanley
Matthews waa married this morning to Mrs.
Mury Thcukcr , of Cleveland , Ohio. The
ceremony took place at thu homo of the
bride's cousin In this city. About fifty rela
tives and filciuU weru present. Among
them v\ero the two sons nnd two bothers ot
the bridegroom , To-mouow the bridal pair
leave forKmopo on thQbteanier Celtic.
Wenthor for Nnhraskn.
For Nebraskas Fair weather ; stationary
} cuipen ture ,
Terrible Tnlcs of tlio Trcntmcnt of
Prisoners nt St. Louis.
ST. Louts , June 23. An aftcinoon paper
to-day publishes a long sciiialloual article
which claims to boa faithful report of the In
ward management of the St. Louis work
house. The gin of the publication Is as fol
lows : Nominally , a prisoner Is allowed50
cents a day for Ids work , but by arbitrary
deductions this Is reduced to 3J or 10 cents.
Once a week all the vvhlto prisoners ,
numbering about two bundled , aio required
to bathe In one tank , six by live feet , from
vvhicli \vaterlsnevcrdrawn till the whole
number have washed themselves In It. Meta
a few of them ate allllctcd with dis
gusting diseases , while others aic cov
ered with ulcers and running sOies. which
by the means of the bath arc communicated
to the ttiiallllcted fifty nuproes aru required to
bat ho In thu samu manner , though In a fresh
supply nf water , and tliu vvholo iiS'J aie fur
nished w ith lour towels. The cells In wulch
they are confined when nut at woik aio
twelve by ilitecn feet In sle , Into vvhicli
aio crowded eight inon. In case of sickness
the patient Is placed in a cell of Inferloi ac
commodations In which aie also con lined In
sane patients and those of the
newcomers forvhom loom cannot
ho found or made in other cells.
The food Is Inferior In qunlltv and Insulll-
clent , the bread being too hard to eat and the
rolfr o too weak to taste. The water given to
the men to drink whllo at vvoik Is dipped
fiom a cattle tiougli. and the stone woikers
In the ( iiiairy dtluk from the same bucket as
the mules anil horses.
The Mollnn , MlllMirn K Stoddnrd Com
pany to Locate In Omaha.
CmcAcio , Juno 23. [ Special Telcgiam to
Biu. : ] A number of repiesentatlves of the
plow and wagon manufacturing tiades hold
a meeting at the ( Iinnd 1'aclllc hotel last eve
ning to consider the expediency of creating
an organization to unite and piomotc their
joint Inteicsts. There vvero ptef-eut repre
sentatives from the Mollne Plow company of
Moline , III. , Mllbnui Wagon company and
Stoddaid Maiinfactuilng company , of Day
ton , O. Tiu > purpose of tire meeting was to
formacorpoiation to bo known as the Mo
line , Mllburn * Stoddard company , with a
capital of 51,000,000. The corporation will
piomoto the general Interest ot the tiado In
wagons , buggies , cairiages , plows , mowers ,
scedeis , and faim Implements generally In
Iowa and Nebraska , with hoadrpurleis at
Omaha. A large site foi the election of n
live-story and basement building to bo used
by the company has been scented at Omaha ,
and much ot the session was devoted to con-
sldeiatlon ot plans for this building and the
methods to bo adopted tor layimrsido tucks
between It and the main lallioad lines.
The Deadly Ice Cream ,
Pi'iLADELi'iiiA , Juno 23. A special dis
patch says : Exactly 214 people were poi-
.soucd at last Thursday's picnic near Flem-
mgton , N. J. Six of these persons will
probably die and twenty aio In apicc.uious
condition. Ono of the phjslclans In charge
ol Hie cases had examined the ice
cieam cans and said there was not
enough sulplmto of zinc about them to
do any damage ; that the symptoms aio those
of aiseiilcal poisoning , and tiom the fact
that those who lirst ate ot tlio cieam escaped ,
ho is of the opinion the poison was put Into
thu cieam bj .some ono purposely. As a large
number ol people were encased in helving
the iroam It will lu ) dillicult to catch thoper-
The Fisheries Question.
HALIFAX , June 2H , The captains and lieu
tenants of her majesty's ships engaged In
pintcctlng the lisheries on the Newfoundland
coast have been cieated justices of the peico.
Captain Doughty , of thu Portland schooner
Klla M. Doughty , which was sei/cd at Kng-
llshtovvn , C. B. , last -month , ai lived in Hull-
rat jcsteiday from the United States. Ho Is
on his way back to Capo Hietonto again take
charge of Ills vesselbonds having been given ,
by her ownois. He will make a deposition of
thn facts ot the Doughty case to-moriow.
lied Ilnndcil.
Di'/ntoiT , Minn. , Juno 23. William Kola-
liar , alias Heddy , killed Ollicer Convey to
day whllo resisting anef-t. Ho was taken
from jail to-night at 10 o'clock by a laigo
crowd of disguised men , escorted to a neigh
boring giove , hung to a limb , and his body
riddled with bullet" . Sheriff Pinnoy at
tempted to dalcnd his piisouer , but being a
small man , ho was easily overpcivveied. Kel-
ahar was a gambler and was known In Min
neapolis , wheio ho lived tor a time as a
The Hudson Bay Expedition.
OTTAWA , Juno 23. The department of the
marine has oulcrcd the depart mo from Hall-
lax to-day of the steamer Aleit , of Arctic
exploration fame , with the Hudson Bay ex
pedition on board. Commander Goidon , II.
N. . will bo in command. The steamer will
this year pi oceed as far as James Hay , also
visiting thu pioimscd teinilnus of the Winni
peg & Hudson Hay railway. The steamer
will return to Halifax caily In October. Tha
observing stations will bo withdrawn.
"Where Hocer AVIlliains Landed.
PJIOVIDKNCI : , H. L , Juno 23. Providence
presents a gala appeal anco today In honor
of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary
of the settlement of the city. Never before
has the city been so handsomely decorated nor
have the decorations been so piofuse. Nearly
all the buildings , public and piivatc , are cov-
cicd with streamers , flags and bunting and
plctuies of the landing ot lloger Williams.
A Mystery or thn Sen.
QUII\STOVV.V : : , Juno 2,1. The mate of the
Diltlsh bark Aiklow , vvho was picked up at
sea In an open boat by the Ameilcan ship
Finnic IVndleton , and said that the Arklovv
was sunk by a collision on May 8 , has disaiv-
peaied. lloleft a note , his hcait-
lending stoiyof the collision and his subse
quent sufferings was talse , and added : " 1
loft the vessel lor icasons which 1 will here
after explain. "
Prohlhltliinltits In Session.
SiMiiNoi'iiii : > , III. Jnno 23. The prohibi
tion slate convention met hero to-day with
about live hundred delegates In attendance
J. C. Pepper , of Aledo , was elected chair
man anil the day was spent In talk on pre
liminary vvoik. The convention will nom
inate a state ticket to-moriow.
The President 1'uys Ills Dill.
UALTIMOIUJ , Juno 23. A check tor the full
amount of his expenses at Deer paik wns
yesterday sent by President Cleveland to the
lialliinoio and Ohio tallroad company. Inn
letter enclosing his check , the president
oxpicssed his appreciation of the attention
hlmselt and Mrs. Cleveland received.
A Mayor Fined ,
ST. Loui , Mo , , Juno 23. Mayor Maurice
Joyce , of Kast St. Louis , wnssubpirnned as
a witness in the gambling cases for List Mon
day at lielluvlllo , but tailed to appear , and
the judge lined him § 5 for contempt of court
yesterday , which ho paid ,
Death or n Jockey ,
Nr.vv Yoitic , Jnna23 Herbert Mealon , the
English light weight jockey , who was In-
u led In the fourth race at Sheepshead Day ,
yesterday , whllo tiding Astoria , died shortly
utter midnight.
Kiliuundu Endorsed.
MoNTi'ii.nii"V : : , T , , Jnuo 21 The county
convention of Windsor and Addison counties
held to-day , passed resolutions endorsing
Senator Kdmundi as hU ovvu biiccetu > or.
Hncox Postponed.
Nr.vv Yoitic , June 23. Brighton Beach
races have been postponed ou account of
That Pension Amendment the Rock Which
Threatens a Split ,
Complete Transformation of the Ittvcr
and Harbor Bill Why nil lovvan
"Wns ItcTnscd Ills Pension
Capital Notes.
Democratic Split Imminent.
WAiiii.vmoy , D. C. , Juno 2.J. [ Special
Telegram to thn BKK.J To-night the demo
cratlc leaders are downcast and despondent.
There Is a threatened split In 'heir ' ranks
which is likely to bring desolation with It.
The republicans succeeded to-day In postpon
ing the vote on the obnoxious amendment to
the rules Imposing a tax provision on the
pension bills , and since their succiss the
democrats have begun to waver. Them are
several to-iiluht who < ay they Intend to go
with the lopubllcans on the linal vote , and
there are quite n number who have just
awakened to the fact that It would not bo
quite light for them to put themselves on the
wiong shlo of the pension question , and
hence the light In the democratic camp.
Oiders have been Issued to-night for n full
democratic caucus to-moirow night , and at
this meeting , If there Is a largo attendance ,
Moirlson and Jinndall will unite In carrjlng
around the beef tea bow I and ask their weak
ening couuades to chink , so as to have
htiength to stand together In the light. But
it Is now thought that the split has started
and thccauciis will not bo able to hold them.
The seimto commerce committee has the
i iver and haihoi bill about ready to report to
the senate. The frlunds of that measure ,
and Its enemies , too , for that matter , will
scaicely bo able to iecogni/e 5t when It
the committee gauntlet of the
senate. Thcie has been a gencial tearing up
of appiopilatlons as arianged by the house
committee. Agieat many of the sums al
lotted to the smaller streams lm\o boon elimi
nated from the bill altogether. 1'lioro have
been a few Important additions , but not any
of any p.utlcnlar moment. The indications
are to day that the bill will tome fiom thu
committee In a condition to uretty neaily
paraly/e the statesmen at the south end of the
capitol , and that If It ever processes far
enough to ictiirn to them they will play havoc
with the w oik of the senate. Nobody need
bo astonished to see tliu nverand Inn bor bill
fail , cither by a quaitel In the house over the
senate's changes , or by nveto by the piesl-
WHY 1111 : IOVVAX nor i.nrr.
Among the seven pension oIlN vetoed bv
President Cleveland lo d.iv wns one for Will-
lam H. Deck , a well known lowan , who
i > et\ed in company 1C. Kighth Iowa \eieran
volunteer infantry. The incident gives as
hisicnson foi vetoing the bill , the loflowmi : :
"This claimant oil fisted in 1WJ1. Jlu ic-en-
Ilstcdaba veteian Januaiy 1 , 18M , and was
liimlly nutbtcted out A pi 1 1 20 , IbOO. In all
this time of service his rccoid shows no
medical tiiMtment or claim ol disability. In
deed , mi abstract ot le-enllstmcnt Januaiy 1 ,
ltG4 , shows a medical examination and per
fect soundness. Notwithstanding all this be
liled this declaration on the 4th
- - . - - . WJ , neaily thiitcen
joins after his dlsclniige. alleging that In
June , lbG3 , ho Incuricd epilepsy , (0 ( which ho
has btoii subject since , and that his tits have
been Irom one to ton dajs.ap.trt. To con-
nect this some wav with his militaiy scivice ,
he stated that thu doctor at the hospital salu
his epilepsy was caused by a 'jar to the head
from heavy tiling , ' blx months after this
alleged 'jar and his epilepsy ho enlisted on
a medical ceitltlcate of pel feet health and
soived mine than two yeais. Eveiy conceded
fact In the case negatives the allegations of
his declaration , and the rejection of his
claim necessarily followed. It this disease
was caused in the mannerhcic detailed , Its
manifestations aio such as to leave no doubt
of its existence , and it seems to mo simply
Impossible under the eiicumstancos detailed
that thcro should bo a lack of evidence to
support the claim upon which this bill is
predicated. "
IJecently Delegate Gilford of Dakota re
ceived a loiter from one of his constituents
uiaKing this inquiry : " 1 wish to know if an
Iniidel or atheist can hold goveinment land.
and w hen they piovo up if thu title is good ?
Theio aie a low atheists settled in hero and
another ono coming to settle , but wo don't
want him If wo can help it. " Judge Gllloid
has just written a loplyto the aoovc. lie
lias made diligent rescaich and replies : "I
have vet to learn that any i otson's religions
belief or lack of all iclluious belief is in
quired Into when they attempt to scenic title
to public land. "
The leave of absence of Itopicsentativo
Murphy , of Iowa , having expired on Mon
day last , his colleague , Mr. Hall , to-day had
it extended indliiiltely. Mr. Murphy Is at
Davenport nnd elsewhere In is district
looking after his fences , which aio reported
In very bad repair and likely to secure his
ileleaU Ho has been politically dopiuclating
heio steadily lor jears.
The secretary of the Interior to-day disal
lowed the claim of Arthur Whltemoic , of
DIxon county , Neb. , for S2.,000 tor bioux
Indian depredations In Ib07.'a KOVIIXATIOX coxriintnn.
Hon. William Neville of North Platte was
to-day continued as icglsttar of the land
olllco at North Pl.ittc.
wns'initXKiis AT TUB CAI'ITAI , .
Representative Doisey has iccovercd from
Ids temporary Indisposition and was In his
seat In the house to-day.
W. W. Helknnp and II. S. Fanal of Iowa
are hero as delegates to the National ship
ping league , now in session.
Lieutenant Almond L. P.dmerto , Twenty-
lirst Infantiy , Foil Sidney , Neb. , has been
granttd a leave of onu month.
Kx-Congiessman J. S. Clarkson of DCS
Molnes , la. , Is at the Illggs house , accom
panied by C. F. Mock , Uwi. , of the samu
WASIIIXOTOX , Juno 23. In the senate Mr.
Fiye , from the committee- commeice , ro-
poiled favoiably the bill to amend the laws
lelatlng to the InsDCctlon of steam vessels.
The bill provides for the payment out of the
ticasniy of the expenses of steamboat in
spectors. The bill was passed without do-
Mr , Haw ley's motion was then taken uu to
iccanslder the vote by which the spuato
passed the bill piohlbltlng members of con-
gicbs from acting as attorneys of land grant
i all roads.
Mr. Beck 10 sinned the floor and continued
his icmaiks against reconsideration. Ho de
nied that he had Intended to Injure anybody
by the Introduction of the bill. Mr , Beck did
not know whether Mr. Mitchell was attorney
of the Northein Pacllic road or not. Mr ,
BecK had been Informed that ho was. Ho
believed that Mr , Mitchell had a right to bo
such. The ndhoad companies sought the
best lawvers , and hud a light to Uiein.
Mr. Mitchell , warmly Jeplledmthat ho was
the senati ) .
voting In the alUrmatlvo woie Messrs. Cell ,
Gray , Payne , Pughand Itansom ,
Mr. Havvley then moved to refer the bill to
the Judlclaiy committee , which vvas done.
A number of veto messages received from
the president were icad and laid oiLtho table ,
Mr. Logan icinarklnif ( is to ono of them that
he had never known such a construction its
that a soldier on a fui lough was not Iu the
line of duty.
The bill to repeal the pre-emption and tim
ber cnltuiulaws was then placed before the
Ecnnteautl wus debated till adjournment.
It was nrecd thatnta o'clock to-morrow a
vote should bo taken ott the bill.
After an executive bcsslon the senate nd-
Journed. i _ _
June 23. Mr. Morrison
called up the report of the committee on rules
amending the rules of Iho home upon which
the dctntc occmred yesterday.
Mr. Heed of Malno raised the question of
consideration And Mr. Hiscock of New York
expressed his desire lo go on w 1th the sundry
civil bill.
Mr. Haiulal ! renmkcd that ho could Uiko
care of that mrasuro. On a standing vote the
house refused ( M to 01) ) to consider the ie-
port | , and that result was received with ap-
plaiiso from the republicans : but on
a yea and nay vote the house de
termined 1st , nays 115
tih consider tne report , Mr. llced changing
tin \otu at the last moment to enable him to
move : to reconsider. Having made that mo
tion , ho yielded to Mr. lll cock to movoto
adjourn , and this motion ho supplemented
with auothiT that vvlicn the house adjourn
to-day it bn to meet on Friday nevt.
Mr. Dtutows of Michigan ironically sug
gesting that Filday was too eaily adny ,
moved to suhstllutc Satuiday.
Tlio republican" ! refraliied from voting and
left the house without a quorum.
Mr. Monlson moved the call oftholious-c.
Mr. Keed suggested that the house might
consider tha sundry civil bill.
"I will take caie of the sundry civil bill , "
remarked Mr. Morrison.
"Vim , tool" exclaimed Kocd , In affected
surprise. "lam afraid tlio sundry civil bill
Is beinir taken too much care of. "
riioca'lof ' the house was ordered and the
doors of the chamber closed.
The house remained , as one member char-
acleilzed It , in a state of Innocuous desue
tude mil it a quarter past four , when further
piocci'dlngs under call weio dispensed with
and the question recmred on Mr. Bur
rows' motion to adjoin n until Satnulay.
This was voted down yeas , 2 ; nays , 14" > .
There being no quoiiim , another loll call
consumed Iho tlmo to 5 o'clock , when the
house adjoin ncil.
It is undei stood that the pionosed change
of rules will not be called up lor considera
tion to-morrow , but that the sundry civil ap
propriation bill will bq accorded the light of
Departure of the French Nobles to a
llefiigc in England.
PAIIIS , Jnno S3. The government at 3
o'clock this aftcinoon will issue a decree ex
pelling the Trench pilnces fiom the country.
The princes leave France to-night Anum-
big' of rojallsts , senators and deputies have
gone ' to chateau Deu to condole with the
count of Pails. The police have been ordeied
u arrest all persons who make noisy loyalist
demonstrations In Paris or elsewhere on the
occasion of the departure of the exp'ollcd
VIluces. : Count Foucherde Ceieil , ambassa
dor to the Austrian court , icslgne-l In piotest
against thn action by his eoveriifiicnt in ex
pelling ( the Fiench princes. It Is believed
that . M. Waddlnglon , French ambassador to
the couit ot St. .lames , will icslgn in consequence
quence of the exp.ilslon'of the pi luces. His
resignation Is momentarily c.xpoctcd. The
loyalist press pronounces tno passage of the
expulsion : hill tht ; foreiunner ot the downfall
of the republic. Moderate lopubllcan papeis
generally crltlcbd Iho measuio as unjust.
pin opportunist'Journals uigo the govern
ment : to discard thu demands of the Irrccon-
cllables and ladlcalevtvitl the > > demand fuller
republican policv. ' Jric | count and countess
of ; Paris and their son , Prince .Louis Phil-
Ill pje , aftci rccolv.lntf thdlr friends , will em-
b.ukat , Ficpmt in tho'aflcriipon. ' ' ) ,
, Prince Victor and tifteon ot his most prom- '
Incut adherents , iiidmliilo ; tlio Marquis oT '
Valctto and Bartm JJijUsuNin.ri , s tailed to-day
for Biussels. The tram beailmr the party
left tlie statioii onilil cries of "Vivo 1/Kni-
pcreur , " "Hevolr1 * and shouts ot"Vlvo La
Kc " ipublique. " There was some hissing. SeV-
eral persons' ' weio arrested. The Count do
Paris , his son and suite , will ariive at Tuu-
bildgo Wells , England , on Fridav , and will
taku up their resilience there. The count will
isstio a manifesto , protesting airnlnt his ex
pulsion and outlining the monarchical pro-
Hoburt Pasha's Burial.
CoxsTAXTiNoi'i.K , Juno 23. The body of
Hobnrt Pasha will be received at Genoa by a
Turkish gunboat and convoj 51 ! to this city.
The funeral will bo conducloJ with great
pomp and the Interment bo made In the crm-
otrv of Scutari , on the IJosphonis , opposite
Constantinople. The enthu expense will bo
borne by the Turkish civil list.
Fifty People Drowned.
Vir.XNA , Juno 23. A dispatch from
Prague , Bohemia , states that a leiry boat
capsized while crossing the Saaiwa i Iver ,
throwing llfty pcisons into the water , Th
exact number oLUioso drowned has not been
asceitaiiied , but twenty-five bodies nave boon
Postmasters und Salaries.
WASHING rex , Juno 23. Albert Holt ,
chief of the accounts and salaries division of
the postofllco derailment , has completed the
thhd annual adjustment of the salaries of
the presidential postmasters to take effect on
the 1st proximo. The statement ot adjust
ment Is summarized as follows : First class
ollices,1. ? * ; second class offices , 400 ; third class
oflices , 178 ; total presidential otliccs , 2,212.
The following named fourth class offices will
hcialsedto piesldeutial third class on July
1 : California , llayward ; Dakota , Ashton ;
Idaho , Ea lo llock : Kansas , G.iidon City ,
Lincoln. Stockton ; Nebraska , Alma , Maifi-
son ; Washington Territory. Kllensburg ;
Dakotn , Paik Hlver ; Inwa , Colfax ; Kansas ,
Attica , Ptatt ; Nebraska , Geneva ; Washing
ton Territory , North \aklma. The salaries
will range fioui 1,000 to5I,700pcr annum ,
Seven nillfi Vetoed.
WAsmxfiToir , June ' . ' 3. The president to
day sent to congioss seven vetoes , all the
vetoed measures being private bills which
oilgmated iu the senate. .Among the bills
vetoed was ono granting a pension to Alfred
Dennis : , whoso iccord shows no disability ,
but twenty years after lie was discharged ho
tiled a claim , alleging that Ho was Injuied by
being thrown forward upon the liornofhls
saddle. ; The president says the number of
Instances In which those ot our soldiers who
lode hoihos during the vvarwoio Injured by
being thrown loruaril upon their saddles. In
dicates that these saddles vvero veiydangci-
ous contrivances. j
Postmasters ! Appointed.
WASIIJNOIOX , June 3 , f Special Telcsiam
to the DIE. : ] Dayiel At Barrett was to-day
appointed postmaster ajtShclby , Polk county ,
Iowa , vice John U , Yoijmans , icmovcd ; H , I1.
Vanarsdalo at ComlvjIIe ; Johnson county ,
Iowa , vlco J. 11 , Warp , resigned ; Patrick
J. Gallagher at Weston , j'ottawottamlo coun
ty , Iowa , vlco H..S. Gallagher , deceased.
Postmasters Con tinned.
AVASiuxmoN , Junq 23. The following
conllrmatlons of prtetipastera wcro made to
day : John Xceiunn , Dennlson , Iowa ; It , T. .
Austin , Taina City. Iowa ; S. C. Symonds ,
Hudson , WIs.
Powder \Vork Deatioyod.
NEWAIIK , N. if. , June 23. The works of
thoAmoilcan Foreito powder companv , on
the shore of Lake llopakung , Morris county ,
were entirely destroyed bv lire and an ex to
plosion Monday afternoon. Loss estimated
at 810J.OOO.
Got Thcro nt Last.
CmcAflo , June 23. The Inter Ocean's ,
Beaulstown , III. ' , gpeulal says : ( ieorgo A.
Anderson , of'Qulncy , was nominated for
congress by the tv\ fifth district democratic
convention hnlay on ttio 210th bailor. defeatIng -
Ing Scott WiUo and also James M. Klggs ,
the present member trom that district.
Whitcbrcast nut coal , | 'J.75 per ton the
cheapest and beat fuel.
NEB. FUEL Co. , 314 South 13th St.
A Missouri Desperado Trifles With an Iowa
, " * ' Man and Dies.
Appointing Agents to Prevent Adulterations -
orations oflluttcr and Cheese Now
Depot Promised Sioux Clty
Other State News.
A DuHj > crndi > Killed.
CnusTOX , la. , Juno 23. [ Special Tele
gram lo the DKI : . ! A special to the Adver
tiser fiom Farragnt says Tom Golden , who
escaped from the as ) him at Ml. Pleasant ,
Jnno 15 , appeared at the homo of his wife's
parents near Farragnt jcstcrday.
Mr. Dcnicll , Goldcn's father-ln-lavv ,
had been advised ot his escape
and engascd W. M. Martin to
guard tlio house , Being refused admittance
( ioldnu attacked Maitln with a knife. The
latter tried In vain to elude him , and as a last
resort shot and killed the lunatic. Coioner
Hutton held an Inquest and the juiy returned
a verdict justifying Mmtlu's action and re-
Jcasliigliitn. 'Iho verdict gives satisfaction ,
as ( iolden wasaMissouri dcspeiado for jcars.
The Itrovvn linpenchincnt.
Dis MOIXKS , Juno 2.1. State treasurer
Tvvombly , In the Impeachment ease to-day
produced the monthly reports of the secro-
taiyof state and register of the state land
otllcc to the state treasurer since 1STO , to show
m one was Heml/ed according to law , these
oflicers deeming the stntuo dlscretlonaiy.
The prosecution objectrd but the court ad
mitted the evidence. A. Sllommer , of the
Bicimmer county bank was called and re
hearsed the examination ol the bank by
Brown and his deputy , at close of
which Blown dcclaied the bank was
all ! right , but the cashier was all
wrong. Brown was paid S100
S witness and the bank received certificates
of solvency. On cross examination witness
said ho told Brown that the cashier was
ciooked and thought ho had lost about
fen . by him. H. P. Smith testlllcd to ex-
nininln IK this bank for Auditor Lucas before
Drown' 's ' term anil gave it a certificate of sol-
vcney. but privately icnotted to Lucas that
the bank was in a bad shape and subse
quently leal ned the cashier was a relative of
Lucas , 'the cross examination of 11 , 1.
Smith , bank cvamlnei under Auditor Lucas ,
called on the part of the dotense , was contin
ued. He testified that when lie examined tlio
Biomlereountj bank , In December. IbMJ , the
bank at that tlmo was Insolvent and ho so re
ported It to the auditor. Treasuierof State
Twombey testified to a number of ropoiIs ot
dllfeicnt state oflicers , the ptoportlon Item-
I/edand < not Itcmi/od. W. A. L. Limmeis ,
who gave the 5100 to Blown for the Bremler
county bank , was also examined and testified
that ho gave that amount to Blown , but for
expenses and not for a bribe.
Tlio Crop Outlook.
DES MOINHS , la. , June 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bii.l : : Secietary Shaffer of the
State Agricultural society , completed to-day
his liistcioj ) lepoit aii-1 estimate for the com
ing season. Ho says that the drouth has not
materially affected the ciop = , hut that they are
In a ncttcr than average condition at this
tlniQtOf thayear.1'ho sm ing wljeat acreage
cent , Ita condltten
'percent ; estimated yield , 2' , , l2y,000 bushels.
Jl'he winter" wheaFacreage Is very small , but
Its condition 100 per cent. Corn has an
increased acieago of 5 } per cent ; con
dition 101 per cent ; oats , Increased
acroige,7 per cent ; condition , 101 per cent ;
flax , decreased acieigo 4 per cent , condition
OTperccnt : timothy , incieased acreage 10
percent , with condition 10. > , and clover , in
creased acreaeo 8 prr cent , with condition
10(1 ( percent , showing the ciop tame. Hay
will bo the largest ever known ; potatoes , in
creased acreage 0 per cent , condition 100 per
cent , ; sorghum , 5 per cent decieased acreage ,
with , condition 01 > a per cent ; live stock in
good , condition , with very little disease ; con
dition { ot cattle 104 > < per cent , IIOKS OS per
cent , sheep and horses 100 pui cont.
KaHroatl Improvements nt Sioux City.
Sioux CITY , la. , June 2. ! . [ Special Tele
gram to the Bnn.J Several prominent ofll-
uials ' ' of the Chicago , Milwaukee it St. Paul
rallioad were In the city most of the day , hav
ing . . como iu on a special tiain from Minne
apolis this moinlng. Among tlio party are
J.U. . T. Clatk , gcneial superintendent ; and A.
U. Dhd , general freight agent. It was
learned from the centlcmcn that a fine lieight
depot will bo built in this city by the company
tins season , and also that work on it hand
some passenger depot will bo begun as soon
as the architect has finished the plans. They
say they expect to be operating tlio new De
fiance line by Januaiy land that it Is mobablo
throuuh trains will bo run fiom Mitchell ,
Dak. , via Sioux City to Chicago as soon as
the fccotland-Mitchell line is completed. The
party will leave forOmaha in thu morning.
AVorltlnj ; for Pure Butter.
Sioux Cm * , la. , Juno 23. [ Special Telo-
giam to the Ur.i : . ] State Dairy Commis
sioner II. I ) . Sherman , of Monllccllo , la. , was
In the city to-day on a tour over the state In
the intoiests of his commission whoso object
is to prevent deception In the manufacture
nnd sale of imitations of butter and cheese ,
Ho states that In the vvcstcin pait of the
state theio Is not nearly so much deception
practiced In this matter as In the eastern poi-
tion , as but fovvcieameries become addicted
to making adulterations. Ho Is now appoint
ing in each city one or mqro coiiC3pondcnt- >
whoso duty will bo to notify the commissioner
ot any violations ol the daily law.
The ImrRcst Class Yet.
lovvACiTV. la.June23. The annual com
mencement of the state nnlvcisity closed this
evening \vlth a banquet of the alumni , A
number of speeches weie made. The Colle
giate oollogo graduated fifty young men and
women this moinlne , the largest class In the
hlstoiyof the school. Tim regents will con
tinue in session a lew dajs longer.
Heavy Heal Kulnto Transaction.
DKS MOINKS , la. , Juno 23. [ Special Tele
gram to the DKI.J : Theio was a heavy
transfer ofiland here to-day. Colonel J , L.
Moirlson , of St. Louis , brother of Congressman -
man Morrison of Illinois , sold 8,010 * ncros In
Kossnthcomity to a syndicate of DCS Molnes
gentlQinqn for 3(5,000. ( The land w 111 bu held
for speculative purposes.
A Democratic Postmaster Caught.
Dis Moi.vns , la. , Juno W. [ Special Tele '
gram to the DEK.I A postolllco Inspector
has Just como from Angus , Doom * county ,
vvheioho has overhauling the accounts ol
the now democratic postmaster thcro. As a
result ho brought avvay S1M > trom thn bonds h
men of the postmaster to make his accounts cl
stialght. J
Hold Tor Horn I ) Throwing.
HACINE , Win. , Juno 23. A wan nut was
Issued to-day for the arrest of Frank J. Pal-
lea , on complaint of e\-Mayor Scar , who
charges him with complicity in thu attempt
take Ills life by the explosion of a bomb on
the night of Juno 15. Palica vvau arrested
and taken betoro Justice Heyer , who fixed
his bond at 1,000. .lumber , tliu man Inluml
by tlio same- explosion , was arraigned but
waived examination , and Ills bonds vvero
fixed ut tno aamo amount.
Opened the Cnmpineotlnjj.
K\NKAKII : : , III , Juno 5iU. The two weeks
campmeetlng of thu Central Illinois Sunday
Tuiuitcmico Workers owneil at
KankaKeo to-day with a laige attendance.
Briibhes and Puinturd' Supplies. J.A L
Fuller & Co. , cor. Mth nnU Douglus
Shcllcubcrccr's , Lawyers Sno ttio
( Junrdinu tbr Mliol.
ITY , Nob. , Juno 2J. [ Special
Telegram to the Uur.J Pai > ers were filed
to-day In the district court by John C. Wat
son and ! ' T. Kansom bringing suit ngaln t
Calvin Chatuan | In thu sum of $10,00t ) each
for libel. These suits arise from the fact
that day before j esterday tlio said Chapman ,
as guardian of Joe Leo Shellenberger ,
brought suit against the above named
gentlemen charging them with con
spiracy to defraud nnd starve the
plaintiff. Chapman's suit also comes from
Leo SliellenborKer deednu over to Messrs
Watson and Hnn om all his right , tlllo and
Interest In the farm occupied and owned by
Joe and the i Macgio Shollenberfier as at-
tornevs fees for dercmlliig him In his an
proaohlng suit. Mr. Cliapman's action In
this matter Is a great surprise to tlio people ,
as Iliov cannot .lce upon what giound ho can
ba o the ehaigo upon which be seems de
sirous to stand.
Arniinhoo Will Cclolirnto.
Aiai'AiioK , Neb. , Juno U.1. [ Special to the
1JKK.J Piepaiallons aio being made for a
grand celebiatlon on the 3d of July , and
speakcis are expected fiom dllleiont places.
Hopes were entertained that Senator Van
Wvck would accent an Invitation , but In ro-
sponao to the Invitation ho pleaded puivlous
engagement ? . A gcnoiat imiadc. speeches ,
races and n ball g-amo aio among thu order ot
exeiclscs. Vlsltois from Deaver City , Cam-
bildue , and othoi points will bo heio and re
ceive a hearty welcome.
Ireland "Will Ho ItoproHontcd.
LINCOLNNeb. . , Juno 23. The following
cable message was received to-day fiom
Timothy Harrington , M. P. , secretaiy of the
league In licland :
DtniM.v , Jnno 21. To Palilck Kagan , Lin
coln : Parnell authorises me to state that an
Impoitantdelegation will attend the ciilragn
convention. A.ssuio the American league of
our warmest thanks for their continued and
ghn lous support.
( Signed ) TIMOTHY
Hoard of Trade Formed.
PI.ATTK CINTIU : : , Neb. , Jnno 23.
[ Special to the Biic. : ] A boaid ot tiado
WHS formed at Platte Center yester
day and the following gentlemen weioclected
as oftlcors tor the ensuing j oar : John N. Ko-
nee , president : James W. Lynch , vlco presi
dent ; Dr. H. Meade , secretiry. Special com
mittee , C. C. Cat Hg , Mr. Stepncnson and Dr.
The Drouth Knds.
AisAi'Aiioi : , Neb. , JimoSl [ Special to the
Bin : . | Enough rain has fallen In the last
week to Insuie good ciops , and the faimcts
are rejoicing , asa diy summer was feaied
a lew weeks ago. In going over the country
one is compelled to note the line appearance
ol small grain and coin.
A Unity Jlun Over by n.Tcam and Cnr-
rln o and lint Slightly Hurt.
About 4 o'clock
yesterday afternoon nn
accident occurred at the corner of Capi
tal avenue and Thirteenth street which
ctimo near resulting fatally to the little
child of Mrs. Gouhlcn , who lives at thu
corner of Sixteenth ahd Webster streets.
Mrs. Gonlden was dnvinp a single horse
attached to a carriage , when the animal
became frightuncu uiul started " to
run awny. In the carriage was
Mrs. Gouldon and n little girl
who was holding Mrs. Goulden's
baby , aged a year and a half. In the ex
citement the girl dropped tlio child ,
which was thrown in front of the wheels
as the horse started to run. The wheels
of the carriage passed directly ever the
body of the baby : nul those who rushed
to the scene expected to pick nn the child
as a corpse. Strange to say , the little
one was found alive and kicking nnd ap
parently but slightly hurt , except for a
few bruises about the head and ftico. The
runaway was stopped without damage.
It wns a close call all around , and a mir
aculous escape for the child.
An Hour in .Tail.
The CC.SG against Mr. and Mrs. Michael
Iladdam.chargcd with having maliciously
doslroyed the property of the Water
Works company , was tried bliforc a jury
in Judge Stenberg's court yesterday af
ternoon. The oflunso with which they
were charged consisted in Incaking up
somu water pipes and culling down a
fence which the company had built on
grounds claimed l > y thu defendants. The
jury returned a verdict of guilty fixing
the amount of damage at $ ( 00.
Under the law the Judge hail no recourse
except to line the defendants double the
sum of the damage , aurl.'alsologivo a jail
bciilencc. On account of the ago of Mrs.
lladdom , the jail sentence was limited to
one hour. The aged couple vvero taken
to the county jail whore they staid long
enough to make nn inspection of tliu
place , after which thuy were allowed to
return homo upon the payment of the
imposed linu.
A Dall Game for Illood.
The spoiling event of Iho month will
bo a gaino of baseball that will bo played
at Athletic park on Saturday evening bo-
twcen the police force nine and the press
gang champions. The game will bo
called at 4 o'clock and will bu completed
in time for supper , oven if a score has not
been made at that lime. Tliu stakes of
Uio ( ranio will bu put "clown" at thu close
of the ninth inning , or sooner , as tlio
emergency of thu case demands. The
following are the playerd :
Coppers. Press I-lends
Bnrdlsh Fenwlck
hlgwait , Keudiick
Hoi I Igan Tanner
Mostyn Pent/cl i
Bnidy. ( iiegg
Carroll Coots
Bloom Kolt
McDonald Lanu
Turnbull Hairold .
Oontlo Aniilo ,
Yesterday afternoon n , young girl who
works in the City Steam laundry while
passing down Eleventh street , between
Capital avenue and Davenport street ,
was mot by Annie Morriso.v , a two hun
dred pounder , who lives on thru street.
The gcntlo Annlo at oncucommenced
abusing the young lady , calling her all
maiinor of names. Ofliccr Donnlvan
was called upon to arrest the woman.
When the oflleer started toward her
housu Mrs , Morrisoy turned her watch
dog loose and sot him upon thu visitor ,
Mr. Doniilvan promptly shot and killed
the canine and then marched thu gentle i
Annlu to the police station ,
AVantH to Find Tom ,
A well dressed young woman from
Sionv City came to Omaha yesterday in
seaich of 'J'om Soudery , who uscil to run
an ice cream ] > lacu in Omaha. Tom , ho
thu girl siiyti , lias been living in Sioux
City for the past year , and won tlio love
anil trust of the young girl under prom
ise of marriage. Jlu failed to keen his
pledge and recently left thu gnl Shu in
now anxious to find him , and for this
purpose is in the city. The city marshal
hub thocaso iu hand.
Volt can buy ttunituro choapdr of A.
, Fitch & Co. , 12th st. . bet Farnam and
Douglas , thiui any other place in thu city ,
9 i
Great Racing at the Mississippi Bowing Re * ,
gatta at Moline ,
- _ _ i
Olllcers Kloctcd For tha Knsttlnj |
Yenr I'iifllsli Hnalnit nt Stock
brliljfc The Haso Hnll Games
Yesterday ,
Itnat Itncltiftnt Molina.
MOMNK , 111..I nun S3. [ Special' ! ' _ . . .
lo the Bti.J : : The Omahas are practicing oft'
the coutso tor to-morrow's race , which will ba
a hard one. But they are confident of suc
cess and are Improving every opportunity to.
Dettcr their condition , Thoclty wascrowdoo }
today to witness the spoil this afternoon.
The junior four was won bySylvan crow No.
1 of Moline In l :13 : ; Sylvan No. 2 , "MO ; Ccda *
Itaplds , 10:0r : ; Sylvan No. a , 10:18' : Daven *
port , 11 : W ; hoquols of Chicago , 11:40. : The
Dolphins ot McOiogorwon the junior doubla
In 10:12 : < f , Sylvans I0iu : > t. The Junior pair
was declined elf on account or a foul ana
will bo io\ved over again dHiiarrovv. Th
Uuillngtons won the junloi Mnglo In 10:35 : ;
Dolphins , 10:31 : : Fairagulsof Chicago. 11:18 ;
Cedar ItnphK 11:25 : ; Delawares of Chicago ,
lli'JO ; Pullmans , iatrt. : : The tour cured jrlg
rare was won by the Sjlvans In 10:10 : : Cedar
Itanlds second In 10 : i ? . The Farracuta ol
Chicago , who weru the winners In this rnco
last year In the rcmiukahlo tlmo of 0:15)1 : ,
did not row to-day and their record of last
yeariemalns unbioken. The prospects nro
fair ' for lo-moriow.
The annual meeting ot thcrcgatta ( associa
tion was heJd to-night. SKteen of the twen
ty-nine clubs in the association were pipsent.1
'Iho Kxeclslor club of St. Louis sent n peti
tion to be reinstated. They have now no
professionals iu their membership. H waa |
leteried to the executive committee with
power to act. Four chilis St. Paul Boat !
club , Omaha Mowing association , Aurora
Boat club , and Dolphin club , of Mc'lregor
weio admitted to membership. Otnccrs
weio elected as follows :
Piesldeut , 1C. C.JParsons , Dixon ; vlco presi
dent , K. 11. Sleight , Moline : secretary andv
treasmer. Aveily Fnrnignt , Chicago ; commo
dore , K. b. Phi'lpi , Duiliugton ; vlco commo-
doic , J. U. Miller , St. Louis : ensign , K. O.
( Jieen , Cedar liaplds ; executive committee ,
I. A. St. John. St. Lnui.s ; W. K. Moore ,
Moline ; A. C. Cieirhorn , Burlington ; U. It.
Doane , Omaha ; S. B. ( Hover , Chicago ; ,
Chailes T. , Now Orleans ; F. 1 > .
Staiidlsh , Dctiolt. 'I'ho constitution was
changed so as to hold the annual meeting on
the evening of the lirst clay of the races.
The ISasc liall Kccord.
AT Dmnoii
Dcttoit 100002500 8
Philadelphia 1 001 00030 5
, Pitchcih Baldwin and Casey. BaH hlts
Dttiolt ( 1ft , Phl'adclphla 12. Knoi-s De
troit ' : i. Philadelphia 2. Umplic Oaffnoy.
Thu Metiiipiililan-B.iltlmoro game was
postponed on account ol lain.
PiUsbmir. . . 0 3
St. Louis 0 0 n 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Pltcheis Ilaudlboo nnd Caiuthers. First
basu hils-PllNbmg 8 , St. Louis 2. Krrors 5 !
Plllslmig ' _ ' , St. Louis . Umpire Frank
Curry. ;
AT Lonsvii.i.K
Louisville 0 : ? 1 0 ooo 4
Cincinnati 0 004 : i 20 0
a Pltcheis Hecker , Mullane and McKcon.
First base hits Louisville 12 , Cincinnati 11.
Knora Louisville 0 , Clnclifiinti 0. Umpire
AT Sr. Louis V
Now Yoiks 0 7
St. Louis 1 0 0 0. 0 0 0 0 0 1
Pilclieis Welch and Bdyle. First basa
hits New Yoik 12 , St. Louis 7. Eriore St.
Loins i. Umpire York. *
Kansas City. . . . 0 8-
Boston 00200200 1 0
Pitchers Weidman an Ktulhourn. Umpire
Athletics 8
Biookljns 1 0 5 0 ! 1 .0.1 0 * 10
First base hils-Athletics 11. Brooklyns 18.
Kriois Alhlctics 4 , Biooklyn 0. Umpire-
ATCllIOAOO , , "
Chicago ! l 1 0 IUO. 0 0 1 * 10
Washington. . . 0020 0\2 002 0
. Pitchers Chirkson , Hvan and Shaw. Firet
base hits Chicago 12 , Washington 8. Errors'
Chicago 9 , Washington 7. Umplio Con
Tlio StoclcbrlilKO fllcetlnp.
Loxno.v , Juno 'J3. This vvas the ilrstday
of the Stockbiidgo meeting. The i-aco for
the Stockbiidgo post ewi-eiistakes for two-
year-olds was won by Mr. .Man ton's chestnut
colt Timothy. Tim for tlio Stockbiidgo
cap was won by Mr. CKIVOH'B four-ycai-old
bay colt Campbell.
Porsonul 1'aragrnplifi.
Mr. George K. Kay is in Now York.
Mr. Robert Patrick left for Now York
last evening.
Mrs. Hull is
Judge recovering from a
severe three weeks' illness.
Frank Ncdour , Fremont ; F , B. Irwin ,
Gordon , nro at the Canlichl.
Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Morse left last
evening for a trip to Hoslon.
Mr. ami Mrs. O. II. Hakor lo/t for a trip
to Now York last evening. *
Thomas II. Allen and" W. K. Watson ,
f Ulair , wcro in the city yesterday.
D. C. Cooper , loading grain and stock
man of Shelby , Iowa , was in the cityJycB-
Miis Libbio Conn el I , of Peru , Intl. , la
in the city , the guest of Mr. and Mrs. L.
J. Neihl.
.la m e.s L. Smith , of Fort Kobinson ,
Nub. , is ono of the guests nt tlio Mer
Mr. Adolph Meyer returned ryoslerday
from Spirit Laku , Iowa , whither ho
accompanied his wife and child.
It. W. Morse , a prominent grain man
of Shenandoah , In. , and Mr. and Mrs. A.
) Hodgu , of the same place , were Omaha
vihitois yesterday.
limijamln Williams.of Chicago , George
S. Nicholson of Kli/.abetlitovvn und T.
S , MoMurray and wife and children ot
.Denver are at the Millard.
Miss Frankie H , Mayors , of Portland ,
Oregon , and Mrs. F. W. Munday and
Miss ilato Uailoy , of Cnlcago , are tu
guests of Mr. and Airs , H. L. Stanlon.
Mrs. Richmond Anderson , who has just
recovered from a long anil very spyoro '
illness , left Omaha last livening for
couple of months visit to her homo neil *
Burlington , Iowa , accompanied by her
sister , Miss Otto Oldliam , and Miss Elsl *
nira. JJill.
About two weeks ago a laboring niCJ
named Hill came in from Gllmoro iu
search of his wile whom lie claimed had
left her homo and had been on a spree iu
company with a < ; ) ork in a South Omtilia
hotel , Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Hill was
picked up iu a drunken condition and
lodged in jail , Shu is faupposud to tfi $
somewhat deranged.
Dan Callahan , an old-iimer lit
couits , wiw arrested yestculav afternoon
for abusing his mother nndslslera atthcir
home near thu nail works. Callaliuu la
ono of the bust fellows in the world when
sober , but n > u vtn'y demon when under
thu Inlluencu of thu indent , lie gave ttu
olllcers conshlerablu Iron bio m eH'ccting
his nrn-st.
- " " : " _ -
Uny M A"lestei\\-i(17'iriTiil ( : coaiu. bit lime
cement , etc. , of HavousfcCo. 10iV Webster *