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Pension Matters Lead to a Big Party light
in the House.
The I2x-Spoakcr Scores the Proo Trnrto
Hypocrites of Ills Own Party
A Kcgulnr Family Kow
Kcpulil I onus Jubilant.
Democrat ? ) Denounce Democrats.
WAKIII.NIITOJ. , Juno 22. [ Special Tele-
grain to tliu Hti : . ] Tlicro wa ? more excite
ment In tlio liouso of representatives during
one hour this afternoon than lias been wit
nessed In that Ixxly for many years. Gen
eral 1 tragic uf Wisconsin , Ahrain S. Hewitt
of > 'uw Vork , nnd other distinguished fice
traders , tried to read Samuel J. Kaiulall and
other prominent tariff protection democrats
outofthu party. ( llrngt ; referred to
the democrats who voted against Morrison
ln t Thursday ns proselytes and repudlators
oi' the platform on which they were elected ,
mid .said that they wore despised by the re
publicans. Tim reply of Randall was full of
vigor nnd honesty , mid the drubbing which
the distinguished e.x-spenl < cr gave to free
trader.In ) general , nnd Hewitt mid .Morrison
In particular , was thmougl1 and severe. The
colloijuy between the various democratic
members was in the shape of a faintly row ,
nnd enough bad blood was engendered
to prevent whatever chancu there
might Imvo been for party legislation. In
tense excitement prevailed throughout the
quarrel , and the- republicans enjoyed It to
their hearts' content. Xearly everyone stood
on his feet , and the uproar could have been
heard u hundred yards. While llandall was
speaking , however , and during his excoria
tion of the hypocrites In his party , he was
plvcn rapt attention. Ills pummelling of
Hewitt , during which ho showed that that
demagogue was representing his own views
instead of hi : * constituents , made the little
son-lii-Jaw of the departed Peter Cooper
wince , turn pule and speechless. A few
times he attempted to reply to some of Kan-
diill'Rdenunelaclons , but his words stuck in
his mouth. H uidall declared that he was the
peer of limgtr , and had the courage to ex-
piess those opinions which many of his dem
ocratic col leagues feaied to utter , lip acquit
ted himself of every charge , so far as Ills ac
tions on tun IT questions are concerned , that
have ever been brought against hl'ii , and lifted
the lilm behind which hypocritical free
traders have been working for years.
There is but one topic of conversation In
political circles to-night , and that is the. bold
movement made by the free trailers to pre
vent legislation upon pension matters and so
prejudice the country against pensions that
llnally they will all be wiped out of existence.
The object of the free traitors In amending
the rules of the house so as to provide that all
general pension bills shall ter carry
with them tax provisions for meeting the
proposed expenditures , Is to prejmlcu ! the
people against pensions by reminding them ,
whenever they have to pay tills special tax ,
for what they pay it. They also know that
no pension legislation can bo cnacteil with
src'i a provision with It as Is proposed. The
soldiers of the country were wained during
the ' campaign two years ago that If they
turned the government over into the hands
of the democriits that they were likely to lose
their pensions. The work of to-day fully
demonstrates the truth of the assertion. If
pensions are not all stopped within a few
years It will not be the fault of the demo
covinin : imisiir : WITH oi.onY.
KisprcMsiitatlvdHendersun.uf lowu , covered
hliilsclf with encoiiiums in thu honsu tills
afternoon by lifting the demagogical Him behind -
hind which the democrats were hiding In
their pretended proposition to provide for the
Ihiulifatlon of the expense Incurred In the
execution of all the general pension laws
hereafter enacted , but in the real desire to
pjqjiullce the people against pensions and
defeat fu'ithcr pension legislation. Ills
speech was one of the most eloquent over de
livered in congress. Ho showed how the
democratic pally has been and is now trilling
with union soldiers , their widows and or
phans , and how under the guise of friend
ship It was now trying to rob these people of
their subsistence.
Tlie Proeoeillnjis in the HOUHC Tlmt
JjCil to tlio Iloxv.
WAPIHXUTOX , Juno 23. .Mr. Morrison
stated to tlio house that he will not to-day
make n motion to uro into coiumllHce of the
whole on the tariff bill.
Thoto was laid before the house nine mos-
snijcs from the president , announcing his dis
approval of a like n mill JIT of private pension
bills and they weie , referred to thu committed
on Invalid pensions. Several of the presi
dent's torso sentences and Ironical surges-
tlonsweio greeted with applause and laughter.
On motion of Mr. Scott , of Pennsylvania ,
the senate bill was passed granting right of
way to the railroad companies through the
.Indian reservations in northern Montana.
Mr. Watson , of Indiana , from thu commit
tee on Invalid pensions , reported back a reso
lution calling on the secretary of the Interior
lor Information as to the number of parsons
now drawing original pensions from the gov
ernment by leas on of special pension acts ,
nml as to the amount of money required nn-
nua'llyto meet thu obligations Inquired by
the government to this class of pensions.
Mr. Morrison called up the proposed change
of rule-making , In order to amend a general
. pension bill by adding u provision for the Im
position of u tax : to meet thu expenditures re
quired by thu bill. In advocating the piop-
eltlon Mr. Monl'im argued that Its adoption
was absolutely necessary unless congress-was
prepared to grant pensions and lea vo the gov
ernment without means to pay them. Ho re
ferred to Ihu Immensu sums paid out for pen
sions blneo thi ) wnr , nml the largo amounts
iim'fcsnry for present nnd future rennlrcments
nnd said thai the gentleman from Now Voric
( Hlhcock ) , and other gentlemen on both
eldes of the house , Imd predicted that tor thu
next fiscal year there would be a dellclt of
Sll.OOU.t'OO. ' For himself , I HI thought that
them would bu a surplus , but certainly no
mil-plus to compare with thu hxrso number of
pensions nslioii ,
Mr. Illsrockrogarileil ( he proposed mips as
more than an attempt to maliu uii Invidious
distinction against pension bills. It was an
nttcmpt on tliupart of the gentleman from
Illinois to nvold the responsibility of thn de
feat of pension legislation by a direct vote
Yihcn the pension bills worn repoited hero ,
and the gentleman desired that ho and ids
friends should esoapo thu responsibility of n
ttlicct vole iigulnst tlio bills. He would move
nn nnumdmcnt levying a tax , mid thu
would be that the whole system either of In
ternal luxation or customs taxation would bo
forced Into thu house , and nn endless debate
would ensue. The result would bo that
nil pension legislation would bo de
feated , and the gentlemen who opposed
such legislation nvold the responsibility of
voting directly against II.
Mr. MeKinloy U.oughtthnt the proposition ,
If It meant mi ) thing , meant Unit ihu govern
ment had not revenues enough now to pay
the ixnisloin of deserving soldiers. If It
meant anything , It was a emifcsMon before
the house nnd the country that the revenues
Were liinilcquatn to meet the just demands of
the soldiers of the republic. If the govern-
jne.nt iiadiiolieveiiueciiouch to meet these
demands , In ( ioJ's name why dhi the gentle-
iu n want to rcilucn tlio ivvnnuos Sfti,0o0,00flv !
Air. Juckcou regarded Ilio pro mon ns u
confection that tlio gentleman lioin Illinois
Ir.iJ Uarucct to his borrow for thu last
UPJI L'j bul wade a i-Kccfiful CAUVIISS Iwiuro
the people on the Issue of nn attack on the
Mr. Henderson characterized the prooost-
lion as a deadly , cowardly blow nt the hearts
and homes of ifiu best blood of the country.
Mr. Hiscock Mid that the democratic parlv
had not redeemed a single pledge It had
made , hut had stood hero before the country
admitting that It was powerless to lilt the
burden from the people ; that It had spent nil
the money , and that the emptv treasury
ynults were the fruit of democratic victory.
[ Applnn o on the republican side ] . Ho
wished to emphasize the fact that the demo
cratic congress had Itecn In session for six
months , that It had accomplished nothing
about the receipts of the government , and
was Incompetent to eairy out any of Its
promises and pledges. ( Applause on tlio
republican side ] ,
Mr. Laird opposed the proposition.
Mr. IJraiig expressed his delight at the ref
erence made by Mr. Need to the failure of
the house to consent to the consideration of
revenue bills. " 1 nm delichled , " lie said ,
"because It shows what tort of eontempt the
republicans of this house feel fur thusu who
have been recreant to their fnltli mid their
pledges. Whllo they are received with open
arms and approbation for the act they have
done , they are tlioioughly despised for their
political defection. "
After fmtherdeluto Mr. Morrison moved
the previous question on thu adoption of the
Mr. Heed moved as a substitute to lay Iho
icsolutlon on thu table. The yeas and nays
weie ordered and resulted In the deleat of
Iteed s substitute yeas , 120 ; nays , ISS ) .
Hcforo a vote could be taken on tlio orig
inal motion. Mr. Iteed moved an adjourn
ment , nnd the republicans by dilatory tac
tics , managed to consume thu time up to 5
o'clock , when under the standing order , the
house adjourned amid outbursts of applause
and derisive laughter Irom the republicans.
In the Senate.
WAsitiJfoTo.v , Jnnu ! W. Mr. Mnxcy , from
the committee on Nicaragua claims , reported
a resolution requesting the president to bring
to the attention ot the Xlearaguan govern
ment the claims of citizens of the United
States azalnst that government. The resolu
tion was mireed to.
The senate took up the bill repealing the
pre-emption and timber cultmo laws. Mr.
lllalr had moved an amendment prohibiting
the acquisition In ownei > hip of more than
010 neres of desert lands. To this Mr. Ingalls
olfercd an amendment , applying the limita
tion to nil public lands. The latter proposi
tion , which was the iiendiiu question to-day ,
was voted down. Mr. Ulnlr's amendment
\\a * then voted down yeas , 3. ) : nays , -12.
After somu amendments of detail , and
wmiont final action on thu bill , the senate
adjourned. _
Morrison's Hill Not Called Up and
llnmlnll Has One.
U'Asm.Nirrox.Juno 22. [ Special Telegram
to tlio Uii:1 : : A feeling of great uncertainty
was shown In the liouso this morning among
free traders , as to what .Morrison would do in
regard to lils motion to take up ills taillf bill.
Thceaiicnsof hist night had not arrived at
any conclusion and had not left a very satis
factory taste In their mouths. Thay had been
dragged to thu capital and made to sit there
for a couple of hours to hear a few uninter
esting tariff speeches wliicli were not per
mitted to be made on the lloor in open ses
sion. Morrison was far from satislied with
his last night's work. Ho thought that the
canons , or the very call for one , would so
scare the thirty-five protectionists that they
would rush pell mell to the capltol and ask
forgiveness nnd come In. lint not one thought
of sucli a thing , and hence Mr. Morrison
arose to-day and confessed ocfore the world
that he was beaten In the tariff light and
would not make the motion.
The talk , tlierofoie , to-day was what Ran
dall proposed doing. The rumorthat he had
a tariff bill ready was con firmed byhis saying
that it- was being copied. It proposes a ic-
peal of the internal luvcnuo tax on tobacco ,
the revision of revenue schedules on spirits ,
the substitution of specific for advHlorem du
ties on bilks , lacns , embroideries and kid
gloves , the principal provisions of tile Hewitt
administiation bill , placing rcugh lumber
upon the free list , and a revision of the metal
fchedules. It was thought that llandall
would offer this bill to-day , but he does not
propose to subject himself to a defeat. It Is
said by a prominent protectionist that Mr.
Kaiuhill will reserve his bill until Morrison
attempts to olfer his , and if ho does It will be
taken up and substituted. Itandnll may wait
till the lost six days of this session and then
try to get it considered and passed without
Morrison's failure to come to time has
again revived speculation as to adjournment.
It Is said now that sis the tariff is out of the
way that an adjournment can bo reached by
the 10th of July , certainly by the 15th. The
sundry civil appropriation will go throueh
thu honsn by Saturday. The senate will nass
thu naval sunnry civil , and legislative bills
In that time. As thu house will not consume
much timu over the I wo ether appropriation
bills fortification and urgent deficiency
with these out nt' thu way nothing remains
but adjournment , and this ought to bo made
at once.
Patents were to-day Issued for the follow
ing Caliler. Mln-
den , Neb. . Itngasso furnace ; Joseph J. Une-
naugh , Liberlyvllle , Iowa , hay stacking ma-
chlnu ; ( ieorgu T. Crnndall , Omaha , stove
door ; Harry I. J offers , Manchester , lown ,
street Indicator for hired railway ears ; Silas
O. I'uidy , Atkinson , NOD. , straw burning al-
tnchmcnl lor stoves ; George It. Sharp , jr. ,
DCS Molnes , Iowa , road grader ,
Kepresentativo Horsey is indisposed , and
was not In his seat in the house to-day.
A postollieo has been established at Cody ,
Cherry comity. Neb. , mid Charles K. Murphy
appointed postmaster.
Tim following fourth class lown post
asters wem appointed to-day : Miss .Nellie
Powers , Bairyvflle , Delaware Co. , vlco John
S. Harry , removed ; I' . 1) . I'lneh , Klnchford ,
lilackhawk Co. , vice Lovl Mills , resigned ;
Harriet A. Knowllon. Oldlie.ld , I'olk Co. ,
vlcu A , I ) . Knowlton , deceased.
ustifies Himself.
WASHINGTON' , Juno ) . T IIP. secretary of
thu Interior to-day bent the senate n reply to
recent resolutions of that body directing him
to Inform , the senate whether thu commis
sioner ot thu general land oflico had , with the
nppioval of the secretary of the Interior , Is
sued circulars fmspoi'.dini ; applications for
entries under the pre-emption , tlmburcultiiro
and desert land laws. Thn secretary recites
the f\e.t of tliu promulgation of the order and
Its subsequent revocation , und encloses n
long communication from Commissioner
Sparks. Sparks says the authority to Issue
such circulars was founded upon precedents
tle-Miii.1 ! ! to bo sufficient , of more than forty
years standing , sanctioned by judicial deci
sions nnd by congressional recognition ,
WASHINGTON. Juno 2. . Thn following
nominations of postmaslnrs were made to
day : Thomas H. I'errin , Alton , Ills. ; Jums
Abel. Auburn , 111. : T. Curtis aymoiKl , Hud-
fen , \Vlf. ; Krcderlct A. Kdwards , Webster
City , lo\va \ ,
Stone Cm torn" Htrlko.
DKTKOIT , June 22.r-.Thn striking stonr.
cutter * met this morning nnd decided to con-
llnun to stiilce Indeiinltely. The support of
HID building trades has been assured and If
necessary the lillu will bo Inaugurated in
every branch of the building trade. While
the men believe the bosses will finally
yield , they are 'preparing for a hard
struggle * A mrellug of master builders Is
now i n session , the object beip , to consider
tlnvHdvlRablllty'oTa 'ittiferat'shutdown , A
irencrul locli-out would lay elf over nWX ) men.
Tim double was caused by the linn of Knupji
& A very , who ret used to puy I lie tinkers'
liiuiof iflW and . -dusliito tlueo
They Attempt to Mob tlio Jail at Clinton ,
Several Men Shot by the OfTlpcrs
Work of Highwaymen nt Sioux
City A Prohibition Vic
tory lown News.
The Mob Foiled.
CMnrov , In. . June -i [ Special Tclccrnm
to tbe UKI : ) There Is considerable had feelIng -
Ing between the saloon men nnd the anti-
saloon men hero foUowlngyesturdny's shoot
ing and mob like demonstrations. The
saloon kccixirs ni'it In secret session , and
were heard to appo'nt another meeting. It
was expected that nn attempt would bo made
to break Into the Jail and take out thu pris
oners who did the shootlm- , but the sheriff
and posse were well armed and prepared.
About 12 o'clock an attack was madu on
the jail , and the bricks around one win
dow were torn out so that the grat
ing was removed. Many shots were
fired at the mob most of whom were drunk.
The noise attracted lfiOO people , and matters
looked serious for n while ns several windows
of the jail were smashed. Hut Sheriff Hud
son opened direct lire on the mob , nnd with
the nld of his posse .dispersed them. Four
men were shot A. S. Mclvlnley , In tlio oar ,
n bartender , name not known , In tliu leg , a
stranger In the leg , and another in the arm.
Xonowere dangerously wounded. The mob
hung about the jail till 'J0 : o'clock this morn-
Ing. To-day the sheriff took the two prison
ers , Judge and Hllleman , who had excited
the wrath of the saloon men , to the state
prison nt Anamosa for safe keeping. I'roml-
neiit business men who have been active In
opposing tlio saloons are receiving Incendi
ary and threatening letters.
Thu Impeachment Trlnl.
Dis : MOIJJF.S , la. , Juno 22. The Impeach
ment court convened at'Jp. in. to-day , when
the defense opened their side of the question ,
calling as their first witness W. D. Hammond ,
Insurance clerk under Drown , who testified
to the record of the miscellaneous fees re
ceived In tlio oflleo ; that from 1870 to lS7.Ulio
entries averaging 88 per year are recorded ,
but from 1875 to 18SJ no entries whatever
were made. Letters were read and put in
evidence which showed that fees had been
sent by insurance companies to the
several auditors of which no account
had been made. K. H. llchkoff. also
an insurance clerk under Drown , testified
that ho had correspondence nnd received fees
from different insurance companies for
making out lists of Insurance agents In the
state , and also that the list comnlled for the
nso of the olllco was used In sending out cir
culars in defense of Drown to the charges of
certain inusrnnce companies.
Itohbcd nil the Jllghwny.
Siorx CITV , la. , Juno 22. [ Special Tele
gram to the DEE. I J. II. Dngnn , nn attorney
of St. Lawrence , Dak. , was held up by two
highwaymen last night , near the corner of
Second and Pierce streets , soon after alight
ing from the Sioux City & Pacific train. i lr.
Dngan , upon leaving the depot , started to
walk to the Merchants' hotel , and was mut
by the robbers at the point named. Ono of
them drew n revolver , and pointing it full in
his face , commanded him to hold up his
hands. Upon making n protest , the other
one dealt him a heavy blow on the head ,
knocking him down. Calls for help soon
brought the police , who gave cliaso to the
men , but were unablu to overtake them In tliu
darkness. They managed logetMr. Dngan's
sachel before lleulng , but It was toiind In
some weeds near by to-day. Fortunately Mr.
Dngan is not seriously hurt , and escaped with
tliu loss of only about sixty dollars. No clue
has been found as to who thu highwaymen
_ _ _ _ _
The Gniig Captured.
Sioux CITV , la. , Juno 22. [ Special Tele
gram to the Urn- : . ] Some weeks ago quito a
large number of barrels were stolen from the
Consolidated Tank Line company and sold
to the linseed oil mill. One of the men con
nected with the stealing was soon after ar
rested. Last night the second of thnganir
was caught n short distance westof town nnd
has volunteered to make a full confession.
Charles I'orter , ono of the men mixed tip in
the a Hair , is in jail awaiting the action oi the
grand jury. Another Is in the Lincoln ,
Aeb. , jail lor forgery , and another is in the
Council Bluffs jail.
Kicking Agnlust Itullronds.
KKOICUK. la. , June 22. [ Special Telegram
to the BEK.J The people of this city are at
swords points with the managers of the dif
ferent railways entering tills city. The city
tried to compel the railroads to build a union
depot. Tlio roads were not ns accommodat
ing as they desired , and so they took away
Bomo of their local privileges. The railroad
recovered by legal process and the city has
now appealed to the statu board of nillroad
commissioners to compel the roads to furnish
better depot accommodations. Their formal
complaint was filed with tliu commission to
day. _
A Prohibition Victory.
DBS MOI.VKS , la. , Juno U2. [ Special Tele
gram to the Duic. ] In tlio circuit court to-day
Jiu1jo ; Given made an Important ruling
asalnst the big distillery. The pnlnllfrwho ) {
was acting for the temperance nil lance , set up
In his petition that the proprietors of tlio
distillery had failed to make proper returns
of the cost ot manufacture , amount and
kinds of sale , etc. Tliu defensu move to
strike out nil the points on thu ground of im
materiality. JndguClven refused to direct
tills nnd ordered the defense to answer.
After ft Union Do pot.
DKS MoiNttfl , la. , June ' 2. [ Special Tele-
cram to tlio Hnn.J Active stops uro being
taken to build a union depot here. Thirteen
railroads center In the city , nnd no union de
pot has yet bi'un built , A meeting of the
board of trade and dti/.cnK1 association was
held this evening , at ' which a committee of
prominent business 'mnn was selected to go
to Chicago nnd confer with thn railroad olll-
cluls to secure thulr help lo build a union de
pot nt once. _
" "
> t x
Another Hnllrond ConnoclQii { ,
DKsMoi.M'.s , la. , Juno 22 , [ Special' Tele
gram to the UKIT.J The new Mason
City it Pert Dodge railroad made
conneclon to-day with the North
western at Kaglo ( iiovo , giving a direct
line between Fort Dodge and Kaglo ( Jrove ,
and anew line of communle-atlon between
Des Molnes nnd northwestern Iowa.
LlalitH Lighted.
IOWA. CITV , In. , Juno S-J. Tlils has been
onn of the threat days of the university' com
mencement. The law school graduated forty
lawyers with itppiopriate exercises , Gqvernor
Larrabee conferring the degrees. Hon. A. II
Cummings delivered the oration , The alumni
association elected I'rofessor Amos Jliatt , of
Des.MoInei prcndent , and Hon. John Camp
bell of Coloiiido orator for next year.
It Urought a Ul Trice.
Des MoiNT.i < , In. , Jtmo23. ISoeclal Tclo-
gram to the UK.E.J Tie DCS Molnes street
railway was sold to-day to n syndicate , of
young me.n who will" control rand operate > ho
load. The purchase price was 5233,000 ,
"Weather 1'or Ncbraskn.
r"or Xe.bras.ka : Generally fair weather ;
nearly stationary tcuiporutuio.
\n IOWA Girl's Cnrccr nn Virtuous
nml Dltulpatcd.
SAxnf'KY , Ohio , Jane 'iX [ Special Tele- "
cram to the ltii--ln ) : ] n matson do jolo on
Market street In this ! city Is n beautiful young
girl who 1ms for IhO * p.wt three years led a
double life. Here she Is nn outcast , shunned
by the virtuous , n pariah whoso very touch Is
pollution. In the charming lown town In
which her parents reside she moves In the
hichcst society ami Is n brilliant ornament of
n wide circle of friend ; ' , greatly courted for
her lovely face and form nnd captivating
manners. Your correspondent obtained her
singular story last night. A gentleman , resi
dent of Cincinnati , who knows her well , met
her In the street l\st night tinder sncli circum
stances that she. could not conceal her busi
ness. Ho was thunderstruck , ashohasknown
her for years nnd she Is a regular corrospon J-
cut of his wife. He Knew her In Ashland as
n popular nnd virtirms society glil. She Is1
known among tlio demi-monde ns
Dell Dupiint. She was born In Ashland.
Her father was a merchant , well-to-do , nnd
proud of Ids daughter , to whom hognvo every
possible advantage. She grew up a favorite
nnd her prospects were brilliant. She formed
the acquaintance of n handsome stranger ,
who soon won her love. About tills time her
father decided to inovo west , leaving her ( o
pursue her musical studies In Cleveland.
Heie she met her lover more frequently , and
It was not until after her betrayal that she
learned that he Is married and lives In Cin
cinnati. She was completely prostrated fern
n lime , and deferred her departure for homo
on various pretexts until visible evidences of
her misfortune had dlfappealed. In Vlnton ,
la. , she was Introduced into the best society
and made many mnlu neatts ache. Uutshu
was not to be won. She returned to Ohio
and entered upon n life of shame. In tliu
meantime she' visited Cincinnati nnd re
newed the friendships formed when she
lived In Ashland. She entertained some ill-
defined notions of vengeance on her seducer
but never carried them out. Shu visited her
home several times , nml up to this time has
succeeded In hiding from them her downfall.
The Cincinnati lady with whom she is corresponding
spending has not the faintest Idea ot tlio
girl's real character. An effort will bo made
to reclaim her nnd Induce her to lend a vir
tuous lite for which she Is in nil respects well
Artists on the Spot.
ST. Loi'is , Mo. , June 23 Ono thousand
photographers from all parts of the United
States and Canada arrived In this city to at
tend tliu seventh annual convention which
held Us first session to-day. Many foreign
artists , not being able to attend personally ,
sent specimens of their work to represent
them. An Interesting feature of tlio conven
tion is the exhibition , by various photogi-a-
nliersof views from thO United States.Canada ,
England and Cermatly and nn Infinite va
riety of subjects whlcJi cover all of the avail
able space upon the walls of tlio meeting
room as well ns those of the fourteen smaller
adjacent halls and live thousand square feet
ot partitions which , have been especially
erected for the puroose. There Is also a dis
play of the most conipleto exhibition of nil
apparatus known to the art.
A MlBHouri Sensation.
SriiixfFiii.i ) ) , Mo.Jnnc , 22. Tlio case of
thn State vs. Mrs. Eni'ma Malloy , the noted
evangelist and temperance lectuier , termin
ated In the circuit court here to-day , at least
for the present term. Judge ( Jciger sustained
the motions prevkmsly illed nnd argued to
quash both indictments , one ns accessory'
niter tlio fact to tllb murder of Sarah Graham , '
nnd the other ex-cssorj' ntter the fnct to the ,
hieamoiis marriage" " of Georco Grnhnm
and Corn F. Lee. After the
decision I'rosecullne : Attorney Patterson
filed information witli thu couit that there
was reasonable grounds for believing that a
conviction will bo .had if new indictments bo
found , and the courtheld the defendant in
bonds of § 800 and SiiOO to answer such. Indict
ments ns may be found aeainst her. Cora
Lee , Indicted for murder in the lirst degree ,
Is still In jail at Bolivar , having not as yet
como to trial.
A Arery Important Failure.
Nr.w Yonre , June i3. ! The suspension , ns
announced In the dispatches , of the linn of II.
II. Swift & Co. , Importers of sugars nt C'J '
Pine street , this city , and at 1'ernambuco , is
one of the most Important business failures
that has taken place in n long time. Tlio lia
bilities are about ono million dollars , which is
more than equalled by the assets of the firm.
Thus far no assignments have been made
nnd efforts nro In progress to effect n settle
ment with the crcdltorH and resume business
at an early day. In thnmenntlmu tlio suspen
sion is causing excitement In the sugar trade
of the city , and the fear Is expressed that
other embarrassments may follow hero or
elsewhere. Much sympathy Is expressed on
the street to-day for'tho members of the sus
pended linn.
Tnlco Your Seats.
MiNJJi-\Poriy ; , Juno 2. Late last night
President Lowry of the street railway com
pany Issued the following order : "To
Drivers Resume work to-morrow morning
( Tuesday ) and your seats will bo returned. "
lie further asked that the drivers choose n
committee to confer with him relative to the
final settlement as to when and where seats
should bo used. Every ear started tills
morning in charge of Iho old drivers , and
cars have continued to run regularly during
thu day. All the drivers expressed them
selves as satisfied.
NewYork Dry GoodH Market.
Niw : Yoinc , Juno 23. Exports of domestic
goods continue to maintain the increase es
tablished early in Ilio year , and for the past
week it has been O.WXl packages against -J.Stfl
packages for the bnino week Inst year. For a
rainy Tuesday there has been a more geneinl
demand than usual , with good business In
bleached , brown and coloied cottons , cotton
flannels , somu dark prints , also wool llannels ,
blankets , dress fabrics , uiuierwear , hosiery ,
and fancy knit woolens , with more Inquiry
for Kentucky jeans , nnd current values nre
steady to strong.
Prepared for J'rlCMt hood ,
KANKAKUK , HI. , .Juno 22. Thn Catholic
college of St. Vlatcucr. nt Hourbonnals , nenr
ICnnkakee , to-day gm3itnted Glen Park , of
Troy , Ala. ; Thos.'UynliSt. Augustine , Ala. :
John C. Cowloy , , lutriisburg , .Mich. ; John
Kennedy , Ottawa : ' William Mohurs , Shoals ,
and Samuel bnlndom/JIoopston ; Fred Urns-
senu , Fargo , Daki. and Albert Leech , Will
Qulnlati. Albert iieillilrcn and James Mur
phy , of Chicago. : .
TliolirrUo ( : .Tnm.
STU.uvATiin,1 Mlnif. , Juno 23. The log
jam of " 00,000,009 for ) Svhlch occurred In tlio
St. Crolx river , nt ayfor falls , June 13 , still
continues , and Is .worse than ever , Since
the jam occurred lucre,300 men , forty horses
and three steaniboatHJmvo extracted inXK- )
CO ) feet less than entered from nbovo. The
logs In the jnti < am valued nt 63.000,000 , and
the cost of extricating 0,000. , Thu jam may
last till springi , _ i
A Driiiikon Juilgo Jailed.
CINCINNATI , , Juno 23 , Wm. J. Sander
son , a lustlco of the pence , plead guilty In
tliu police court to-day to a charge of assault
and battery , preferred by n Mrs. Gibbons ,
nnd was sentenced to two months In thu
work house and. to pay n line of 5100. His
appeal for mercy on the ground that 1m was
drunk when he committed the otfenso was
not successful.
I'ullmiin Must I'ny.
C Jim" 3 ! . The Jury In thn
suit of the Central Transportation company
acalnst the Pullman Pnlaco Car coiiinnny
rendered n veidlct to-day in favor of the
plaintiff for SIH',72. ) .
Greonljackcrs Nominate.
MKAOVU.ijSj Pa. , Juno.23 , Thu greenback
convention In'sosaion here to- < lay nominated
John Hall of this city for congress.
Six Slugs Plugged into a Goon's Body Tot
Ho Still Lives ,
Ills SUIn Perforated Twenty-five
Times Without Fntnl Itcsults
Konrnoy Votes For AVnter
Works Stntc News.
More Iilvcn Ttum n Cat.
CitAWKuiw , Neb. , June ! 2-i [ 3l > eclat to the
fiir. : , ] 0. L. Hrndley , a colored gambler , was
shot and fatally wounded by one Thos. Shot-
well at Octavla Ueeve's notorious hog rancho
flvo miles from this point. Hradloy was lying
aslecpon his cot when Mhotwcll opened the
door from behind and shot htm In the head.
The bullet tore off a part of the outer plato
of the skull , glanced around the shoulder and
went through his left arm. As Hradloy rose ,
half dozed , Shotwcll pumped In another
ounce of lend , this time In Ids back , and fol
lowed It tip by driving a bullet through his
eye , one in the center of his forehead , and
still another In his right arm. These ex
hausting his six shooter , ShoUvcll jumped on
a horse and lied to the hills. Itradley ,
although us full of holes as a pepper
pot. never lost consciousness and is
still allvo. Ho probably carries
about him more wounds than any man In this
section of the country. He was n sergeant
In Troop C , Ninth cavalry , until a few
months since , when ho became a professional
gambler and Joined Keovu's ranch to run n
stud iioker table. Uradlfiy has been In eight
shooting scrapes and has always been un
lucky enough to bo hit. Last January ho was
waylaid by a colored trooper , Caiter , who
perforated him four times. Itradloy carried
a bullet in the root of his tnmino for a week
before he discovered what It was that "felt so
ctirus. " He has now twenty-live bullet scars
on his pcisoii , and If ho pulls through his
present dltllcnlty will probably soon bo
proudly on the road to Ids lirst half hundred.
Kearney Votes For WntcrworlcH.
KIAUNIY , Neb. , Juno 122. [ Special Tele
gram to the Itici : . ] To-day was city election
on tlio watei works proposition. All passed
elf very ipiiet with a good vote polled , carryIng -
Ing the nieasuio by almost a unanimous vote.
The sentiment In the city is unanimously in
favor of the waterworks and showed It by
the vote. It Is hoped that before snow
falls the works will be complete. About ten
days aso water was let into tlio canal and the
two upper reservoirs are nearly full. In ten
days more the lower and largo one will bo
tilled. This one containssixty acres and will
have an avcnigo of about thirty feet of water
in depth. It is the intention to cct the city
water supply from these reservoirs , they be
ing some boventy feet above the city.
TlioOmahn Oarsmen ConftdoiU.
MOI.IXK , III. , Juno 2i [ Special Telegram
to the 15i-i : : . ] The Omahas have gained second
end position In the senior double , tliu first
being won by the Oalvestons. There arc live
entries in tills race Delaware , St. John , and
the winners of the junior double , besides
those mentioned and a brilliant race may bo
looked for. It tlio Omaha boys win , and they
nm as confident as before they loft home ,
they will gain a victory of which they rna.v bo
" - " An Import ant Arrest ,
.Run CLOUD , Neb. , June 23 [ Special Tel
egram to the ItKK.J Sheriff Scott Hrrestedn
party named Cleaver hero to-day on n tele
gram from the sheriff of Logan county , Illi
nois. From outside pointers It is supposed
that Cleaver Is wanted in Illinois for murder ,
although the ollicers are verv reticent and re-
tuseanyand all communications with tlio
prisoner. The Illinois officers have been no
tified of the arrest and are expected day after
to-morrow , when important disclosures may
bo expected.
A Howard County Celebration.
DANNKIIIIOO , Neb. , Jnne22. [ Special totho
HEK.J Dannebrog will celebrate the Fourth ,
being the only town In tlio county which will
do so. County Judge Hannibal. District At
torney Darnall and Mr. Kbbonson , of the St.
Paul Stjcrncn , will deliver addresses. Music
will bo furnished by the band and a quartette.
Excursion rates are furnished by the roads ,
and a grand time is expected.
Struck by
PI.ATTK CIINTKII , Neb. , June 2' ' . [ Special
Telegram to the HIIK.J Lightning struck Dr.
Kdwards' honso yesterday , and also killed
two cows and one thoroughbred bull belong
ing to Mr. P. Fahey , three miles north of this
place. _ _
College Affairs.
MI.VNKAPOI.IS , Minn. , June 22. The af
fairs of Angustlna collese , at Itock Island ,
111. , were considered in tlio Augustina synod
to-day , a lively debate taking place on the
methods of raising funds therefor. The
building committee reported tlio receipts
had been SSG.OXi for the nustycnr , Including a
gift of § 35,000 Irnm Hon. 1' . L. Cable. The
conferences contributed as follows : Illin
ois , S'-.bO" ; Minnesota , Sl.-l" < 9 ; Iowa , S3UO ;
Kansas. S47. The expenditures were Sii,71B ! ,
SHI.'JSG having bawl expended on the new
) building. There is n balance on
of Sl.HlO. llov. H. M. Holland , of
Illinois , favored the continuation of thu sub
scription plan , and opposed the levying of
any assessment , and this plan was finally
aurccd to.
Pnnlu In a Gnlo.
The steamer Cachapolo , on her voyage to
Coqnlmbo , encountered heavy weather on
Saturday last. A panic occurred among tlio
deck passengers , who lowered thu boats , nil
of which foundcicd , six passengers being
lost. A greater part of the deck cargo was
thrown overboard by the passengers , Includ
ing several bullocks and mules. Thu steamer
airlvedsafely at Coipiimbo Sunday night.
An Attempt at Hriliory.
AUJANV , N. Y , , June23. Judge Nott an
nounced In the Albany county court to-day
tnat ho had been approached by Superinten
dent McKwin , of thu Albany penitentiary ,
with an offer of 450 a piece for each long
term prisoner sent to that institution. This
attempt at bribery lias created a profound
ODavis Sliclitly Hotter ,
Ii.oo.Mi.v ! < rro.v , 111. . JunoSM. Judge Davis
was feeling n little better to-day. This mornIng -
Ing ho ate two eggs , thu first nutriment of
which ho has partaken for several days.
However , no hope of permanent improve
ment Is entertained.
Delaware I'rolnbti Nominate.
WII.MI.VOTON , Del , , Juno 3. The state
temperance convention met nt Dover to-day ,
James It. Itallecker of MIddlctown was nom
inated for governor , and Itldiard M. Cooper
of Morton for congress.
Canadian Anarchists Discovered.
OTTAWA , Out. , Juno 21. . The police have
discovered the existence hero of a band of
anarchists. So far no action has been taken
against them. They have a meeting room
hung with Incendiary placards.
Help Tor Ireland ,
UofroN , June IS. The parliamentary fund
committee to-day transmitted $10,000 to
Treasurer O'ltellly of Detroit , to bo sent to
I'urnelt In thn name of sympathizers with
Gladstone and I'urnell In their great struggle.
The I'rr.Hldont Dines Our ,
WA HiNGTOjr , Juno 2J. The postmaster
general gave a dinner to-nlsht to
and Mis. Cleveland.
Another Day Spent In Attempting to
Scuuro Jtirorg.
CntrAOO , Juno 2i [ Special Telegram to
UieUr.B.J The hearing of the anarchist cases
was resumed shortly after 10 o'clock this
morning by counsel for Ihc defense com
mencing the work of jury picking. Late last
evening the defense rejected the four Jurors
who had been accepted and presented by the
state , and Mr. ( trlnncll then moved that the
prisoners' counsel lirst examine tlio jurors ,
leaving theic llnnl Acceptance or rejection to
the state. Judge flary ruled In favor of (5rln-
nelt and It Is thought this will considerably
expedite matters , The crowd this morning
was oven bigger , more cxnlons nnd more 1m-
IKHtnnato on yesterday. The dramatic
Incldontof Parsons' entrance Into courtafter
escaping all the vlcllanco of the dcteotlvo
forces , ami surrunderlmr himself for trial ,
nas , If possible , heightened the Interest felt
by the public In these rises. Judge Gary
showed his mobile and judicial countenance
over his bench promptly at 10 o'clock
this morning and thu bailiff , In his usual for
mula , Informed the public that "tlio court
was In session. " Soou afterwards Parsons ,
Spies , FlehhmSchwabNeebe , Llngir.Fischcr
and Knglu wcio brought In nnd mranged In
a row. Mrs. Parsons entered by another
door. She was accompanied by two pretty
children , one a tmy of ten , another n clrl of
live. Captain Itlack lmimdlatulv ; conducted
them to their father , who kisscil them In an
affectionate hut ostentatious manner. As
thu day wore on , and thu tedious process of
the examination of thu i uro is was cairlcd on ,
the prisoners yawned , stretched and twisted
themselves into various attitudes. Sam Flel-
den glared back and forth from his counsel
to the jury , and euirerly listened to eaclnpies-
lion and answer that passed between them.
Schwab , with his undescribablaexpression of
countenance , which 1ms gained for him thu
reputation ot thu meanest looking man In thu
gang , plucked his whiskers with Ids forclin-
cer and thumb , and held up the stray hairs
that camu out between Ills face and the liuht.
Knglu Incessantly stroked thu lower part of
Ills faeo and seemed to bo verv well satisfied
with the way In willed his counsel was eon-
ducting matters. Parsons leaned his bend
pensively on his hand and gazed vacantly
Into space. Louis Llngg was the only one of
the gang who seemed perfectly unconcerned
and attentively and persistently devoted his
attention to tliu perusal ot his newspaper.
Tlio Chicago * Iteatcn by n Score of
I 'lvo to Pour.
DHTUOIT , Juno 23. Another largo crowd
saw the Chlcagos downed to-day Inn close
and exciting contest. Flynn worked hard
and well , but Gctzciu worked better , and thu
support of the latter was much superior to
that of his opponent Tlio attendance was
seven thousand.
Detroit . 2 0002001 0-5
Chicago . 0 1 4
Pitchers ( ii'twiin and Flynn. Base hits-
Detroit 10 , Chicago ( i , Utrors DeUoit 5 , Chicago
cage 0. Umpire Gaflney.
on i Kit OAMIS.
AT Pnn.ADKU'iiiA
The Atliletic-lJruoklyn game was post
poned nn account of rain.
AT NKW Voniv
The Metropolitan-Baltimore game was
postponed on account of rain.
AT LonsviM.i :
Tim Cincinnati-Louisville game was post
poned on account ot rain.
AT PiTTfliiunn
The Pittsburg-St. Louis gnmo was stopped
by rain at the fourth Innings. The only run
scored wnsoue by St. Louis In thu second In
St. Louis . 0000 S 003 0 0
Kansas City. . . . 00. 1 10000 0 2
Pitchers Henley and Comvay. First base
hits Kansas City 10 , St. Louis 8. Errors-
Kansas City 5 , St. Louis 3. Uinuire Cnrry.
Pool Sellers ArrciUcd and a Jockey
Injured The Knees.
Jf iw : i'oitic , June 22. The day at Sheeps-
lieatl Hay was wet and gloomy and the track
heavy , yet thu attendance was very fair and
( lie races all that could bo desired.
In the fonith rnco Astcrln ran
against n wlro fence on the
back stretch , threw her rider Meaton
heavily on his head , and then rolled over
him. Meaton was carried away Insensible.
Just buforn the lirst race Anthony Comstock
und the sheriff of Kings county madu their
appearance on tliu hutting ground nnd Im
mediately nil butting boards were pulled
down. Sheriff Farley said lie
had several warrants for John Doc
and Itichard line , and under them David
Johnson , Joseph Cotton , Herman'Trnnt , Ar
thur Hacked , Henry Slodreeker and J. K
.McDonald gnvo themselves up and went to
Brooklyn , where they gave bail i i Sx'.OJO
each for their appearance when wanted to
answer the charge of selling pools. Alter
Farley and his posse left , up went the signs
and bcttlm ; went on as usual.
One and thiee-sixteenths miles : Mark-
land won , Uut'ereu second , Lenox third.
Two-year-olds , three-fourths of a mllu :
Tremont won , Lizzie. Krepps bccotnl , llril-
llantlnu third. Tlmo-1 : IGf. ;
Three-year-olds , one and tlircc-nlghths
miles : Inspector It won , The Hard second ,
Han Fox third. Time U'J3Jf. :
For two-year-olds , tlirec-iinarters mlle on
turf : Jcnniu Junu won , McLnughliii second ,
Hannibal third. Tlnm-lH34' : | .
Handicap , one nnd three-eighths miles , fur
nil ages : Favor won. Tccumseh second ,
Windsnllllilril. Tlmo-'J : ' .
Mllu on turf : War Knglu won , Duke of
Westmorland .second , Itannna third. Time
Tax I n- the JllKlif. of Way.
Helena , ( Montana ) Ilonild : Thuro was
ono amendment connected with the
Northern Pacific forfeiture bill , nnd only
ono , that will in nnv way bcnolit the pco-
plo of Monlitmi , nml that Is Van Wyek's '
amendment repealing the exemption
from taxation of tlio right of wny through
the territories. If there hnil boon no
land grnnt it would have been right to
grant exemption from taxation for u
term of years , but thorn is no reason why
this oxcmption should Imvo been con
fined to the territories , except that con
gress had tiiu power to do it und the pco-
plo of the territories Inul no power to re
sist. The pnlilii : burdens to ho berne by
taxation uro nlwnys heavier in now coun
tries than in ohlor onus and relatively
morn In territories thnn in states. They
hnvu no rovonuii in nny form , nn thu
status do , from school landsto ulil In tliu
support of public r.chuois.
It IH riant Unit if rnilroml ri ht of way
und Iinprovcinons thereon nru ttixed the
railroad companies will get It buck by
increased charges. This proves lee much.
It applies to i > tatea us well ns territories ,
nml if oxporioncu proved it true tlierb
would lie goncntl oxiiinption , At nil
events the exemption , if of any possible
Indirect nilvnntngu to thu territories ,
should bo voted by the territories and the
consideration bo nititnul , As it is , thu
exemption comes from congress , The
people of the territories nre iloprlvcd of
thi ! tnxns unit got no Ixminit whatever in
tlio wny of reduced rule * .
lint there wits u still gnmlor objection
to this exemption. It made it for the in
terest of tlio railroad companies to keep
us in u territorial condition us long as
possible. There is no reiibon to Imlieve
thiit thu Northern I'ac-ilic company over
raised any obstacle tit our admission UH u
stati ) , lii t it is not ri"ht to im that such u
motivn should bo hmil out as a nuntimifd
temptation to lo so.
A Itu.-il Kstnlo Unrunln ,
-JlxCO ft on Jiclson : , near Kith St. ,
* 0'JOO. W. G , Shrlver , oj.poahu . I' , O.
Gladstone Speaks Before alar/jopdEnthw /
siastio Aiulionca at Glasgow ,
The Premier Impresses Conflilonce In
thoVartllot urscotlnmltm the
Homo Kulo Measure A
Triumphal Procession.
OlnilRtnnn nt
( Jt.Asaow , June Hi The arrival ot
and Mrs. Gladstone hero to-tlay wn3
signal fern great demonstration.Thousands. . !
of people had wnlteil nt the station to Rreet '
them , and when they alighted from tlio Unit *
and entered their carrlagu they were cheered
and cheered ngaln by tlio enthusiastic mul
titude. Hengler's elicits , In which
stone wns announced to spenk , wns
from floor to celling. Gladstone , upon ris
ing , snld ho wns confident that
Glasgow would do true and solid liberal \\rk
at the coming elections. Ho would to-Uny
denl with Unit portion of the great Irish qtiea *
tlon which had hitherto been untouched *
namely , that portion which particularly af
fected Scotland. Ho would take his text
from the famous Dr. Chaliiiors , who , In 1818 ,
rcferujd to the 'impossibility ot crushing the
Irish people , " and added that the almighty
nrm of kindness would bo Irrcslstn-
ble . [ CheersJ , Those words , the
speaker said , were words of high
Christian wisdom. Ho ashed Ills auditors to
approach tliu question Inspired with such
sentiments. He wauled to denl with thtto
pints thn security of protustntiU in Ulster ,
ilm arguments deduced from the union of
Scotland , and thu question of homo rule for
Scotland. T heersf. Ho dcnleit that unrter
the liomu rule bill Ireland would bo mi In de
pendent conn Ir.v. There wcioclnuses that for-
undo Ireland to legislate for the establish
ment or endowment of nny religion. Tim
I'nrnellites Imd now fully accepted the
clauses , and they hint always proved that
they were in favor of religious freedom , lie- '
sides , the royal veto would remain , therefore
nil alarms were groundless nml frlVoIoiif *
Thu union of Knglnnd and Scot
land was essentially different from that o
Knglanil and Ireland. The fundamental
difference was tnat Scotland was always nblo
to hold her own. Scotland met England on
n looting of equality , and thu union with the -
lapse of time commended Itself to the minds'
and hearts of Scotchmen , whilst the entire
Irish nation wns against the nnitm of that
country with Knglanil. Now ho had
said that Scotland had become
gradually satisfied with union , but ?
if the great majority of tliu people ,
of .Scotland wished to manage her local
affairs within her own borders , did they
think , If they arrived at a clear conclusion to
that effect , that it of thu seventy-two Scoto ' * "
members of the house of commons sixty' '
united In n demand for tliu chance ;
that Knglnnd Uaro or would wish
to refuse them ? ICrlcs of noj.
He ridiculed the proposal of the national
union to leave nndeali witli thu question ot
Irish local self goveinment a subject Which
was ripe for discussion whlln the cnhntry
dealt with looU : government'for Kngland nnu
Scotland a question which Wns not ripe for
discussion , Gladstone thought that thla
proposed cast-iron uniformity ot
institution for Kngland , .Scotland , Ireland
and Wales was n.bad , false , \nd vulgar prln-i
clplo. In conclusion. Gladstone appealed to
his auditors to civo tliclr voice in favor of
jienconnd justice. His closing .words' were
hulled witli loud und prolonged cheers.
LONDOX , Jnnu 22. Gladstone's journey 4
from the meeting hall at Glasgow to the.rail ;
way station was n grand triumphal proces
sion. His carriage was escorted by a body-
df police. Kvery point of vnntniro around- .
thu station had to be fought for. The street-
were tilled with n solid mass of humanity-
shouting itself "hoarse. Gladstone showed
no signs of fatigue.
Coercion or Homo Ittilo.
LONDON , .Juno22. Henry Labouchefo nnd
Charles Dradlaugh havu issued n joint elec
tion address to thu electors of Northampton ,
their parliamentary constituency. They de
clare that there Is no middle course In the
1 resent campaign : that the choice is between
coercion and conciliation. "Tlio torles are
boasting , " the manifesto says , 'that'tlioy
will obtain a majority in tliu next parliament.
We think the people do not hollovo In arlsto * s
cratic or plutocratic government. The people
plo must decide whether Glndstono or Lord-
Sallsbmy shall govern them.
Thu Princes' Kxptilaion ,
PAIIIS , Juno IB. In tlio debate on the ox- ,
pnlslon bill In the senate to-day Premier Do
Kreyclnet said that hlsgoverninent would not.
tolerate another government in France , and
would take tliu full responsibility for the ox-
nulslon of thu princes. Finally n secret .bat- ,
lot wns taken , and thu bill as It came from
the chamber of iieimties was adopted by a '
vote 141 to 107 , Thu announcement of tho"
result was received with great applause by
the members ot tlio left.
John HrlKht's Koply. *
LONDON , Juno 22. John Bright formally
replied to the tender of n resolution of the
Itoekdnlo Conservative association , thanking
them for having assisted to defeat the homo
rule bill. Ho says In his reply : "I rim sorry
there should bo nny party In the country
ready to accept these mils. "
No Home Hnlo for Cuba ,
MATiii.lniiu22. ) ) Thecortcg , by a majority ,
of 200 votes , declined that no government of" .
Spain will over give autonomy to Cuba.
Thn Prlnoo Kxpiilfllou mil. to
1'Aiim , Junu 3i. TliuHimato , It Is bolicvefl , * P
will pass thu expulsion bill by a majority of , * " * ;
ten. , : i
. -l ; il
KmntoyoH for Oaniilnt ; WorlcM..t3
In Wrwt Side will bo minted about J- ' "
July 15 , nml : i Inr u force will bu needed. $
Mcnmvhllo Hull & jMcCaiulish 1011 '
Oodgo ( it. nru fiellinp ; West Side loU'ttt
; f J10 on oa y terms ,
Tools sold to-morrow nt thn- Omaha
Turf J'AcliiinLje , lijou DoughiKfltrooton tt
tliu iiiitionul loaguu base ball gained at
aS50 ; p. in.
Alniliutt : < ! ti , Ensy paynunits ,
Whitobrenst nut coal , if 3.75 per ton -Owr
uhuaiiUAt anil best fiml ,
Nun. FUKL Co. . 21-t South 18th54 , .
Jlanlmlten. KiiNypuyihontfi ,
Von can buy luniiinro cheaper of A.
L. Fitch & Co. , i-ith St. . bet Fnrnuin nnd
Douglns , thnn anv other plnco In the city.
JJny MiiAlostur > Ylieh ! Hill conls. best IImo
ccnient , to.of llnvuns&Co. 15dWobstor.
Full llnd offltrielly frcsiifruitaand yog-
ntables every ilny ut llaiumoad & Co. ,
Crouiibo bloc' : . '
A Cnr l.
Mrs , J Ii , Kennedy would beg to in
form her niuny patrons Hint niic hwi
loused the lar o nnd ooniinodious rosl-
denco hist west of Leslie & MorreU's drag
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