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Ecllvcrod by cnrrlor In nny part of the city tit
twenty cents pt-r week.
II. W. Tn.Tojf , - Mutineer.
TluciNfROmcF. , No. 43.
NUIIIT KuiTon No. J.
" *
- - i
Now York Plumbing company.
Now summer needs at Keller's.
Don't fnll to take advantage of llio
cheap prices nt Bliss' .
Waulod Chambermaid and laundry
girl. Enquire immediately nt L'aciliu
A number of citizens hunted the out'-
fikirts of the city yesterday for the missing -
ing lleiir.v Stultikupf.
'J ho Now York Plumbing company is
to do the plumbing of IJr. A. 1' . Han-
clictt'fi new residence.
Nine carloads of rails anil spikes are
being unloaded nt the dummy depot lor
the Council JilulVt ) street railway ,
Friends who yesterday visited the
home ofV. . S. IVttibone had slight hopes
of his lasting throughout the night.
The "Q. " ana H. I. roads still continue
their fl.2 rate to Chicago , while the
Milwaukee and Northwestern roads sell
for ? ! J.
Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Gllllnghnm last
evening held a reception at their new
home in Logan , having returned from
their wedding tour.
Two drunks lined $7.00 each , two
tramps remanded to jail and a fight be
tween two prostitutes settled by lining
one , was the amount of business before
UM police court yesterday.
o-morrow the children's matinee will
bo given by the ladies of the
church , beginning at I ! o'clock , in the
building in which the carnival of au
thors is being held. Admission tochildrcn
and parents t-jn cents each.
It is reported by n lady that she believes
Henry Steinkopf , who so suddenly disap
peared on Saturday last , can now bo
found in Denver , whither .1 young lady
acquaintance of his went just before his
strange disappearance. This his parents
A regular "slugging" match took
place on Wednesday night between two
"females of the town. " Julia Ueecher.
it is claimed , got oil'with Fannie Dump-
soy's parasol , and the two had ti "regular
set to. " Yesterday Judge Aylesworth
lined D nipscy$2l.0.
The annual examination of the pupils
and boarders of St. Frances acadomv has
been taking place the past throe days.
The standing of the scholars has certainly
been satisfactory to all concerned. Yes
terday afternoon seven young ladies
graduated. The board of examiners
wore : Mr. Kusli , of the signal service ,
Omaha ; Kev. H. P. McMonomy , Kov. II.
J. llealy and Kev. II. Lcnnahan , of Den-
json. The I'.KK'S space to-day is too
much crowded to give the examination
the words of praise it merits.
Beard lias an immense stock of wall
and room Mouldings which must
o turned into cash , so down go the prices
at IJcsrd's.
The Quick Meal Gasoline Steve is a
success. Try one and return at our ex-
pcnso if not satisfactory.
John Templeton has moved his cigar
factory to 050 Broadway , opera house
Wo Claim.
The American Round Washer is the
best made. Actual trial has proven be
yond doubt that it will wash cleaner ,
quicker , with more ease and less injury
to the clothes than any machine now in
use. Try one. Cooi-Kit & McGEK ,
Western Agents.
The Carnival.
Last evening was the third entertain
ment given by the ladies of the Episco
pal church , in the building lately occu
pied by M. E. Smith & Co. , on Main
street. The following is the programme :
1 , ( inuid March.
2. Mother Goose March.
8. Tableau "Dream of
4. Jubilee Slimers.
6. Witch Scene.
0. Duett Mr. and Mrs. I. AI.Trovnor.
7. Tableau "Kvnngelme. "
a Solo MlssB.Mcrkle ,
t > . "Martin Chuzzlcwlt"
The following ladies are in charge of
the booths : Moore's , Mrs. G. W. Thomp
son ; Shakespeare's , Mrs. D. B. Daily ;
Longfellow's , Mrs. Benson ; Whitticr's ,
Mrs. F. L. Clark ; Mrs. Stowo's , Miss N.
Robinson ; Tcnnison.s. Miss L. Brown ;
fancy goods tables , Mrs. F. A. Conover
and Miss Bradbury : Mother Goose's , Mrs.
F. M. Gault and Mica Molliu Uico.
Besides the entertaiamont the ladies
are serving daily an elegant lunch bo-
tncon 11:80 : and 3:00 : o'clock.
Wanted , 1,000 families to take Ameri
can Hound Washers on two weeks trial ,
With the privilege of returning at our ex
pense if willing to part wuu them alter a
fair trial. COUPKU & MC-GKB ,
Western Agents.
Go to Beard for room mouldings.
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
cstato loans. J. W. & E. L. Squire , 10
Pearl street , Council Bluffs.
This is Reynolds Bros. ' fine shoo day at
our store , which moans that wo will sell
all of their make of shoes less than cost
to-day. / . T. LINUSKV & Co.
Tlio Third Day's Trial.
Yesterday was the third day of the
trinl of Arch Coll'man for shooting J. K.
Wayne in a restaurant at Avoca.
The hrst witness placed on the stand
was Dr. McConnoighoy. Ho testified that
bo reached the body of Mayno just as he
was expiring. Witness then stated as to
the weight of the ball taken from Mayne ,
it being a trille loss in weight than that
of ncalbro ! Smtlh & Wesson ball.
II , S. Harrington , Avoca , a constable ,
wont with Coflmau to ills homo and then
to Fremont.
Benjamin , nu attorney , hoard Cofl'man
BUY , "Buy him a good collin , " Coll'man
told mo ho hud had trouble with Muyno
in the field , and told him ( Mayno ) ho
would meet and settle with him ( Mayno )
In Tryson's restaurant.
Frank Stowoll was placed on the stand
to show what had transpired in the after
noon in the field , before the night of the
homicide. Mayno and Coll'man had
words and botli cot oil' stack , I don't
know if Cnil'iuan had a revolver. The
elate tried to prove hero that Cofl'man
was not armed during tins time , but that
be took the revolver \ \ hen ho wont to
meet Mayno in Tryson's. Coll'man came
oftstack , but Mayno said on account of
bis gray hairs he would not tight him.
J , C. liazcn , justice of thopcaco.rclatcd
in regard to the cnso being before him and
as to Cofl'man's then saying ho would
not allow any man to black his eyes.
Go to Beard for wall papar ,
Wo have a few more Refrigerators and
will uiako low prices on them till they are
closed out. Cooi'Eii ' & MtGKK ,
Reynolds Drew. ' Day ,
Bead local elsewhere.
It is Now Being Squeezed Oat By a Very
* Close Pressure.
Suicide ofAn Old llio Cnr-
nival or Authors Oilier Doings
About the IlliitTH.
Squeezing llio
The following additional testimony lias
beuti taken by the trustees of the Chris
tian Homo :
W. C. Uiithunk , a police ofllccr , testi
fied as to going fo MM. Nichols' and see
ing Belle Walters there. The Nichols
family expressed a willingness to let
Dellogo back to the Homo if she wanted
to , but Belle did not want to go.
The president of the board then an
nounced that they had I'ceidcd ' to1 hear
some of the evidence for the defense , a
queer sort of a way to try a ease , a litt'.o
on one side and then on the other.
Air. Leinen lirst called his matron , Airs.
Dakatt , to the stand. She hud
been matron since February 0,1885. Alr.s.
Lcmcn and herself had control of the
food. Thu food has been good ntul
"There is not us much licit ) as we need.
1 am not financially involved In the Home.
I have never invested any money ; have
lentalltllo but expect tj tret that back.
Thu amount is $ : M. I have a horse and
cow and other things there , but I can
take them whenever I go away. I am
not thinking of leaving. I fuel it is ono
of the grandest works. I think the work
has been carried on as well as possible
under the circumstances. Up to n week
ago not ono of tiie children had over dis
obeyed or spoken a saucy word. "
On cross-examination she admitted
there had boon dissatisfaction on the part
of borne of thu children. Three children
or four , had run away last winter.
Under Air. Lemon's questioning siio
claimed that she had arranged the diet
for the children , and she had often found
fault with Air. Lemon for over-feeding
the children The children in the winter
wore bathed once in two weeks , and
.sometimes it would over-run that. She
did not know of any cruelty. Sometimes
the corume.ul broad was made of simply
cornmcal , water and suit. That \yas
preferable to the other modes of making
breid. She thought that the statements
made in the Christian Homo were cor
rect , to the eft'ect that there had always
been food enough and to spare , and that
the children were better trained and edu
cated than in the best institutions in the
Air. Lemon explained that ho had a
house ( if his own and thcro was no use of
questioning as to whether his children
and family had better faro than the other
children. Ho had had a separate table ,
but had striven to give the orphan child
ren good , wholesome food.
Airs. Dakan , after Air. Lcmcn had
closed his statement with an argument ,
and a closing fling at the Baptist church ,
proceeded. There were cases of corpoi at
punishment. She sometimes whipped ,
etc. , children. Sometimes with a ruler ,
sometimes with her hand , sometimes
with a switch. She had not heard com
plaints from the children about insuffi
ciency of food , although sometimes chil
dren asked her for an extra piece , which
she refused. Some of the children were
not in school. Probably one-half of
them wcro not In school. There were
some vermin among the children , but
any tamily had to look out for
that. She believed that the
children who were not in school
wore getting a better education than in
the best public institutions in the land.
The manager often inflicted punishment
in various ways , by making the children
sit down or using the rod. Thcro is a boy
in the Home who has a sore back , spinal
trouble. Ho sleeps in a bed with two or
three others.
President Roby called attention to the
fact that thcro was a seeming pressure
brought to bear upon the board a cry to
treat the matter fairly. The board needed
no such suggestions. It was tiio intention
to bo fair.
Rov. Dr. Coolqy , in self-justi
fication and in defense of
the Baptist church , stated that
the Home had never boon mentioned
in any ousinoss or church meeting , and
the Baptist church had nothing to do
with the present investigation.
Airs. Walters , mother of the girl Belle ,
took the stand. She had been told by
Belle that she was not enticed away from
the Homo , but ran away because they
used her mean. She had to work too
hard at the Homo. She wanted her
mother to como after her and take her
and her brother homo. Mr. Lemen had
whipped her three times , once so that
she could not sit down for several
days. She said Mr. Lemen made
her go back , and pulled her
back. Belle was ton years old.
She wanted to accompany Hello to the
investigation , but Air. Lemon rather in
sisted on it. Mrs. Walters had bound the
children to Air. Lcmcn , but he hud given
thorn back to her , and she was going to
take them homo to Mondamln. Her little
tlo bay had told her that he had
boon whipped a good many times ,
ana "when Papa Lemen is mad , ho is
mad , and ho whips very hard. Ho
whipped ono boy until the blood run
from his legs. "
Miss Mieckolscn. the teacher at the
Homo , said she had taught there slnco
last November at $4 a week , teaching two
hours a day , from ttW : ! to lltfO o'clock. '
Afterwards she taught thrco hours oveiy
morning. She did not live at the Homo ,
She went there prejudiced against the
manager. She had twcntv-ono children
in school out of the forty-live. Four of
them were in the second reader. These
were the oldest. She thought the school
was all right. Had little trouble with the
children. Belle Walters was especially
good. Ono day Belle told her she didn't '
want to "stay in the old Homo any lon
ger. " She was in a dreadful passion.
After cooling down slid said she wanted
to go to her mother. Belle
told her that Miss Sucnnin had
told her that if Papa Lcmcn whipped her
again she should go over to Airs. John
son's , and she , Aliss Sucnnin , would
get the police and have Papa Lumen ar
rested. She thought Miss Suonnin had
been stirring up the trouble in the Homo ,
Dr , Cooley explained that Aliss Mickel-
sen was an excellent teacher , and nil had
confidence in horCliristian character.
Airs , Brooks said she had visited the
Homo frequently during the past few
months , bho thought the children wcro
cared for as well as the means permitted.
She thought the children were happy and
contented , She had seen no moro than
four children in a herd at onco.
Airs. Judge Dow. whoso husband is ono
of the trustees , said she had visited the
Homo several times , and always found
the children as well cared for as crowded
rooms and limited means would permit.
Slio thought they were as well cared for
as they could bo under the circumstances ,
Miss Gilbert was then called to the
stand. She had been in the Homo until
her health broke down. The children
often asked for food after they had eaten
their regular allowance. . Every time
they got n clianco to steal bread from the
bread closet they did so. The food was
not such as Mr. Leinen had on his table ,
She ntu ut Mr , Lemon's house. The gravy
for the children was mostly made of
water. The children complained of not
having food euou"h. They wcro very
severely punished sometimes. They were
Bonidtiines obliged to stand from one to
thrco hours. The bathing was generally
done in a tifb , ono after another being
put in the same water , Sometimes more
than thrco or four children wcro bathed
in the same water , Those who had skin
eruptions were washed last instead ot be
ing given clean water. Mattrcsse ? wcro
mouldv , and the children could not bo
kept clean. Piles of dirty clothing and
old shoos were placed in the food closet.
Each child was allotted a certain amount
of fooii and not allowed more. For sup
per the large ones had two slices of bread
and the little ones one. They never
drank anything , not even water , until
hilf an hour after the meal. Tlioy ate
the bread dry , very seldom having but
ter , or anything else. The corn bread
was bilked on top of the broad often.
The gravy was mailo by stirring
. omc Hour in a kcttlo of water ,
The children lind moat once every two
days. Kaeli of them had a little piece
about an inch and a half square. Some
times they had soup for dinner.
Judge Jo\v , one of the trustees , re
marked , "on hearing the description of
the gravy made of llour and water , that
to any one who had roughed it and
"bached" it as much as he had , this
was considered a pretty feood sort of a
A voice in the crowd sang out , "But
children ain't expected to rough it that
way. "
MM. Gilbert , who lived near the Homo ,
tosliliod to numerous abuses and in-
stiticcs of mismanagement which fell
under her notice. Slio related how she
hail undei taken to clean out the
vermluu and lice on the children's heads.
One boy with sores all over his head , had
his head covered with lice. It could
not bo combed , so she smeared it over
with carbolic salve. This helped the
dilliculty. The children had no combs
with which to comb their o\vn heads.
The children were discontented , and it
was anything but a Christian Home.
Mr. Lumen tried to parsuado her daughter
to prove false to an engagement and to
give her life to the Homo , lie toojc her
one day into the study , saying ho wanted
to pray with her on this subject. The
door was locked. Mrs. Gilbert did not
want to go further into this matter , but i
stated that her daughter after that re
used to go riding with him. Air. Gilbert
interjaculated the remark that it was not
necessary for a Christian minister to lock
himself into a room with a young lady.
Mrs. Gilbert thought it was simply an in-
dcscrction. There was nothing improper
occurred. Inquiries were miulo as to
whether there was not something more
to this incident than what was slated , but
Miss Gilbert and all stated there was
nothing really improper.
An uttldavit was presented to the com
mittee to the cllect that indecent famili
arity among the children had been wit
nessed by a married lady who made the
aflidayit , but who did not want publicity.
The committee took this matter in
charge for private investigation.
A long affidavit was presented by Airs.
Lucy Hank , of this city , who was in too
delicate a condition to be present. She
had sowed for the Homo and taken in
payment goods that had been donated
which Lemon had told he could do with
out ; had received flour , calico and mus
lin for sewing ; children did not have
enough to eat ; only a slice and a half of
breail was given each a meal when light
bread was served ; children > had come to
her and begged the crumbs when she was
cutting bread ; Lemon charged her ton
cents a yard for muslin she could get at
the stores for eight cents ; had received
two sacks of llour and three pair
of shoes for her children ; Lcmcn
btill owed her 7. ) cents. On the day be
fore Christmas she cleaned two bedsteads
in the Homo and caught two double
handsful of bedbugs : it was very cold
weatlior , the bedclothes were wet as if
they had been drenched with water ;
( dampness from the walls is asserted by
the other witnesses as the cause of this ,
notwithstanding it was intensely cold
weather ) ; the children's own dirt Jay on
tha lloor ; she washed ten or twelve Chil
dren one day this spring ; their "heads
were covered with lice and sores ; would
comb oil six or eight lice at a time , besides -
sides what fell on the floor : saw Miss Gil
bert comb lice from the children for an
hour at a time.
Mrs. Compton.tho former matron of the
Homo , related some of her experience.
Mr. Lemon would lly into passions.
Generally he was very pleasant , but in
one of Ins bursts of passion , because she
had said something , no told her that she
must bo a know-nothing , and say nothing
to others. One time ho tried to get her
to let him put in the public report that
ho had paid her salary , when he had not ,
and ho really did publish it this way ,
when it was not so. Mr. Lomen had told
her it would become the best moneymaking -
making institution in the laud , and if she
would stay by in twenty years ho would
make her the richest woman in
the land. When thcro wcro any
children came whose folks could pay
anything , they made room for them , wit
if a poor child came , it was crowded. In
winter the kitcl en was the only plav-
room , and twenty-one wore crowded in
there , and were there picking over beans
by the bushel. The children were filthy
and uncarcd for. She could not help it
under the circumstances. Mr. Lemon
got a contract for having the children
pick over a good many bags of beans.
Mr. Lcmcu at one time got so mad that
ho shook his fist in her faao and ordered
her out. She said she would go if ho
her. Sometimes when she asked
im for money ho insisted that ho did not
owe her anything. One day after refus
ing to pay her anything , she stopped into
the printing ofllco , and thcro found Mr.
Lemon anu Mr. lloboy. Mr , Lcmcn called
out to her : "Mrs. Compton , como hero. I
have a present for you. " This was for
Mr. Hohcy's ears. Then ho handed her
$5 , as though it was a present , but he said
privately in a low voice , that this was to
apply on what ho owed her. The chil
dren were obliged to sleep in frosty
rooms , and the damp bed clothing as
found frozen stiff in llio morning. Air.
Lcmcn had published the fact that she
and Mr. Bovcll had quarrelled so much ,
and ho had got so tired of being u peacemaker -
maker , that ho had discharged them
both. This she declared to bo false. She
had no confidence in Mr. Lemon. Ho
said that she must not giyo the
children all they wanted to cat. Ho
refused to let them have any apples , say
ing they wore not good for children. She
found that Mr. Leinen was keeping a
children's boarding house , instead 01 an
orphans' homo. One woman brought
three children there. Ho wanted her to
pay in advance. She could not do .so ,
lie wanted money , and told her if she
would pay $10 ho would credit her with
$20. lie tried to got one woman to de
posit $ -H)0 ) , and followed her to the depot
and tried to persuade her , but failed.
Mrs. Kinsoy , who succeeded Mrs ,
Compton as matron , gave about the same
facts as those stated in her letter , already
published , only going more into details.
She gave a liornbln description of the
condition in which she found the chil
dren when she returned from a trip on
the road in the interests of the Homo.
Ono of her boys was nearly starved and
was hardly able to walk. His body was
covered with vermin. Four healthier
children never entered the Homo , and
lour children moro nearly ruined in
health never went out of any house. Her
statcmonts gave in detail the facts con
cerning the btnrraUon rations which
wcro doled out. Fourteen children wore
crowded into four beds with the vermin ,
Mr. Lemon told her that if she told what
condition the Homo was in bo
would prosecute her , and other
wise ho would be n friend. She
know of other children being
taken away in a half starved condition.
When company came they wcro ushered
into Mr. Lemon' house first , then after
the children were cleaned up they wore
ushered over there. She superintended
an eating house at the state fair and Mrs.
Hand hud the handling ot the money.
Ho was mad because she did not bring
back money from it. When t > he lirst
went to iho Homo she was told by Mr. .
Lcmcn that its horrujlo condition was
duo to Mrs. Compton , aml Mrs. Uorcll.
Ho never used alwsivo language until
after the state fair when thcro wns no
money mado. He tbon toM mo to take
my children and eel Out. and go to DCS
Moincs , and let the Kast Baptist church
thcro take care of them , bhc saw Mr.
Lcmcn once kick 0110 of the children
from the Homo to tlm woodpile because
the boy did not want to go and saw
Air. Haymoiid called .attention to n case
where one lady who wanted to adopt a
child was compelled t6 nay $ . ' . " > for it.
Mr. Lumen admitted that he had de
manded ' nd collected the f J,1 ! of the
woman b fee letting hr have the child ,
but he published the o as a donation to
the Homu , and not to himself.
The secretary of the board stated that
the published llnancial reports had been
approved and deemed satisfactory.
Mr. .lames Watts , a carpenter , testified
that last summer while at work on a
house near the Home , he saw a man
leave two no.ys there , and as ho left one
of the boys started to follow his father
oft' . Mr. Lemon ran and caught the
child by the arm , and treated him appa
rently very harshly. All that ho could
hoar the child say was that ho wanted to
see his father.
Mrs. Kinsey again took the stand. She
wauled a chance to show up a refutation
of ( he-insinuations of Mr. Lemon that
she had collected and appropriated to
her own use some money. The board
thought it was suflicietit for liersimply to
make this statement , without going into
Mary Kinsey , daughter of the forego
ing witness men testified. She was n
cirl now thirteen years of ago. She hud
been in the homo one year. She did not
get good treatment there , and had not
enough to eat. She was not allowed to
ask for more food. She stayed with Mr.
Lemon's family , and slept with the chil
dren in the home. There were bedbugs
running all around. The matron know
about it , and tried to stop it , but she had
too much work to do. There was noth
ing to drink on the table. She helped do
nllsortsof work. She had been whipped.
A part of a buggy whip was used. She
never counted the strokes , but it left
marks , which she showed to another
girl , and thc.i got a licking
for that. She did not think she
alwavs deserved these lickings. The
work was too much to do , and sometimes
she wes whipped because it was not done.
At other times she was whlpued because
of misbehavior. She could not , write her
mother because Air. Lcmcn held them
back. She know they wouldn'tgo through
if she wrote anything not nice about the
Home. She had to leave these letters un
sealed , so Air. Leinen could see what she
wrote. Her brother Willie was nearly
starved and was very thin. Willie had a
picture for a plate. For breakfast he had
three slices of bread and boiled potatoes
with skins on. He was too weak to run
and laid on the lloor some of the time.
Mr. Lemon got mad one day and swore ,
the only time she ever heard him swear.
Frank Smith , one of the first of the in
mates of the Home , and who lived thcro
for sonic months , test ! lied to the poor
diet and iusulHciency of , food. He had
never been whipped. Several barrels of
apples were sent in for the children , but ,
the children get nou of ' [ them. The ap
ples were sold to a grocery store. There
was clothing sent there , .but it went over
to Mr. Lemon's house' ' first , and some of
Mr. Lemon's children wore some of these
clothes. He saw Mr. Lcruen whip one
child , aged about two or three ycais.
switching the child oyctt the face and
hands so that the marks vrcrc there for a
Jong time.
When cross-examined iby Air. Lcmcn
he admitted that he' had been taken in
and cared for when pooi ; and when ho
had no home. > >
Key. T. S. lovoll $ of Indiana was called
to the stand , lie had b'c'cn connected
with the work of the Home. He claimed
to have been drawn into the work by mis
representations on the part of Mr. Lemon.
Ho was to be assistant manager of the
Homo and associate pastor of the church.
Under this arrangement what could be
got out of the church and out of the
Homo , the school , etc. , wcro to bo
divided , and Mr. Lcmcn repre
sented that this would bo a good ,
fair salary. Air. Bovell was to be
principal of the school or academy.
Mr. Lemon falsely represented that the
church was harmonious ; that the church
was out of debt , and very little duo for
current expenses , while in fact there was
a grocery bill of $209 , and other bills all
over town. Ho had misrepresented the
prospects of a school academy. Mr. Bo-
veil also found that Mr. Lemon had rep
resented , before the coming of himself
and wife , that they had been educated in
Franco and Germany. Glowing accounts
were given in advance of their superla
tive qualities as teachers , all of which
had no basis in truth , as they made no
such pretensions. There were inuny such
pretenses. There was no association or
organization , practically , although onn
was so represented in tha paper of the
Homo. The conviction was forced on
their minds thiit the Homo of the Friend
less association was Mr , Lnmcn , and Air.
Lomen was the Homo of the Friendless.
Thcro had never been any financial set
tlement with the witness , and he could
never bring Air. Leinen to a settlement.
The witness claimed a balance of $80 still
duo him. Ono of the reasons why the
school was not a success was duo to the
fact that the Homo children were so dirty
and covered with vermin that children
from other families in the city would not
attend , and licnco the paying pupils
dropped out. The statement of Mr.
Lomen that the witness and Airs. C'omp-
ton had quarreled and caused ail the
trouble was false. It was represented to
the public that thcro was a
treasurer , whereas thcro was actu
ally no treasurer , except in name.
Money paid for the boaril of the children
was sometimes publicly credited as do
nations. The public was led to believe
it was an orphan's home , when it was
moro of a children's boarding house.
Air. Lcmcn then introduced some docu
ments , attempting to hho\v that Mr.
lioyell had at ono time endorsed the
Homo and Air , Leinen. Ho also pro
duced the contract by which Mr. Lemon
and Air. Hovell wcra tq bo partners in the
enterprise ,
Mr. Lumen put littlerArthtir Wilson on
the htand. Ho was nine y6ars old. The
little fellow stood upon a chair and told
his story. Ills father lad | been killed by
the cars when ho was iivoiycars old. He
apparently had a speech pjcparcd pretty
well. Ho was well satisfied with the
Homo. Ho had learned I the printing
business so ho could sot half a galioy of
typo u day. The childroii > had had straw
berries n treed many times' , Ho had his
hair cut only a few days ago. On being
cross-examined ha bfatcd that ho had
been whipped only onto , 'and ' then for
hitting a uoy , and with a very little btick ,
about a foot long , Jloiwtis in the second
reader , and set up "l'aj > : x' * Lomon's copy
for the paper. In thisRopy ; thcro was no
words but what he could read. No words
longer or harder than Jie found m the
second reader.
Air , Lemen ottered this boy in ovi-
donee , as showing that the children
learned trades. The boy , on being ques
tioned , said that ho was the only orphan
who had been taught to set typo.
Mrs. Dakun explained about the straw
berries sent to the children , but used at
the manager's table , She said they wore
brought in before breakfast and she had
not time to pick them oyor for the chil
dren. Some wcro used lor Mr. Lomen
and sonio for Airs , Lcmcn , and then Mr ,
Lemon sent the rest to the children , In
general , the supplies went to the chil
Mr. Lomen said ho admitted that some
times there was butter for his table , when
the children had none. At such times ,
however , the butter ho had for his table
bo bought out of his owu money , and
sometimes care the children n little of
this.Air. . Dakan corroborated Mrs. Kinscy's
statement about the vermin being so
hiyk OQ MrP.Klnsoy'9 child thattho shirt ,
nail to bo burned. .
Air. Lomen explained the onion story.
Ho went out and bought some onions , as
ho wanted some for breakfast. Some of
the children wanted some of tuotops , and
ho scut thorn over to them.
Alts. J.I * . Filbert , wife of one of the
trustees , stated that she had visited the
homo frequently , and found that while
everything was not what could bo desired -
sired , still they did a-s well as they could
under the circumstances. She never
worked about the kitchen , and knew
little of it.
The board of trustees of tlip Homo of
the Friendless concluded their investiga
tion last evening. The manager , "Papa"
Lemon , made an appeal for sympathy
but did not attempt to deny that there
was ground for the charges that have
been made in regard to the condition of
the Homo , The lindlng of the board will
bo made known this morning.
When wo bought the first lot of quick
meal gasoline stoves last spring wo
thought it the best stock made , but it lias
proved even better than wo expected.
In fact it is perfect. Try one.
CoorKii < & McGii : : .
Suicide of mi Old ItesUtcnt.
Ernest Kuabc , an old resident of this
city , was yesterday found dead in bed in
his homo corner of Washington avenue
and North First street.
The coroner summoned K. A. Morse ,
Philip Warohan and George Smith as a
Kd Burke , colored , swore : Came to
house to get some vegetables ; couldn't
lind Knabe ; peaked through the window
nt 11 o'clock in the forenoon and saw him
lying in bed ; went away and came
again about 3 o'clock and he was still in
the same position ; went for an ollicer.
O. E. llcswick , policeman , testilied us
to finding the bedroom door locked and
Knabo lying dead in bed without any
clothes on ; his body was then cold.
Ferdinand Grubnor saw Knabo pa s
on Broadway at 10 o'clock yesterday
J.V. . Hosier , of the BIK. : swore as to
the finding of an empty vial labelled
"poison" on a stand in the room on his
airival in company with Coroner Faul.
C , Deotkin , M. U. , druggist , said Mr.
Knabe came to him Wednesday evening
to get two ounces of aconite ; ho wanted
the tincture out of the root , the strongest ,
put it up and told him a dose was only u
tow drops ; Knabe said the reason he did
not rcmuin in the harness business was
because all of his customers were dying
oil'and getting old.
Charles Borghauson testified that he
shook hands in the moruiii" with Ituabc ,
and the latter said ho would never see
him again.
The jury brought in a verdict that the
deceased committed suicide by taking an
over-dose of aconite.
lie has long boon thought not exactly
in his right mind. Ho leaves one
daughter , Airs. Hugh Oliver.
Mr. Knabo was born in Gormanv , and
came to Council Bin Us in 1854 , and was
engaged in harness making for years.
Latest styles , cheapest prices in mil
linery , ut Bliss' .
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All shoes of their manufacture will bo
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doing reckless things.
55. T. LiNDSEr & Co.
Juno -18 , 1880.
Miss Kitty Adams , of DCS Monies , is
the guest of her cousin , Miss Laura
Miss Ida Wallace has returned from
Colfax Springs boncflttod somewhat in
health but not so much so as her many
friends could wish.
J. W. Green has returned from Iowa
City with his brido. Air. and Airs. Green
receive the hearty congratulations and
good wishes of friends. May they meet
with the success in life that they deserve.
The Hardman piano is a piano par ex
cellence. The company is over 300 in
struments behind their orders. The
Mueller Music Co. handle them most suc
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To-day , June 18 , wo will soil all goods
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Prof. Hanmiml'ti ditocaisor.
The board of trustees of the Iowa Deaf
and Dumb institute met at Iowa City
yesterday and elected Prof , G. L. Wye-
kolF , one of the teachers of the institute ,
to succeed Superintendent Hammond.
The present corps of teachers was re-
Purify Your Blood.
Among spring preparations , do you
neglect that which is most important to
all your own body. During the winter
the blood absorbs many impurities , which ,
if not expelled , are liable to break out in
scrofula or other disease , The best
spring medicine is Hood's Sarsaparilla.
It expels every impurity from the blood ,
and gives strength to every function of
the body. Sold by all druggists.
A pompeilan tourist fromCoopcrstown ,
N. Y. , writes to the Freeman's Journal
of that village that ho accidentally left a
cigar-holder of rubber among the small
relics in the relic museum of the ancient
citj , and now he understands that the
scientists have proved that the ancient
pompoiian smoked cigars in rubber
She has the complexion of a peach-
Poz/.oni'ri Medicated Complexion 1'owdc ,
did it. Sold by all druggists.
A queer story comes from East Hart
ford , Conn , The owner of the one hearse
moved away recently , and not finding
any ono who would buy it , and being
determined that no ono should use it
without paying for it , stored it in a to
bacco shed , where it now stands with the
wheels chained together and the chain
passed.around a beam and locked with
H heavy padlock.
What can bo moro disxgrcnablo , more
disgusting , than to sit in a room witli a
person who is troubled with catarrh , and
has to keep coughing and clearing nis or
her throat of the mucus which drops into
in Such persons arc always to bo pitied
if they try to euro themselves and fail ,
But if'tlioy get Dr. Sato's Catarrh Rem
edy there need bo no failure.
A thief in Fort ralloy , Ga. , hired B
little negro to go down the chimney ot a
certain store and open the back door ,
promising him 50 cents ami half of what
ho could carry away. The boy went
down several foot and then stuck fast ,
and ho could go neither way. Ho yelled
for a long time before ho was heard , and
seemed very glad to go from the chimney
to the look up ,
Rev. D. AI , Carpen or , of Clymor.Chan-
tauqua Co. , N. Y. , writes March 2 , 1885 :
My boy , two years'old , took a severe cold
which settled in his throat and lungs ,
Nothing afforded relief , and I thought he
must die. Finally I put an Allcook's
Porous Plaster around the throat and ono
on the ciiest. In loss than an hour his
breathing became butter , and ho fell
asleep. Tu twenty-four hours the child
was well.
Established In 1877.
20,000 Vehicle * Annually * Sen A for Catalogue , Privet ,
Kales and Testimonial * .
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Slock Kafds
No 503 and GOO E. Mroadway.Council Bffi *
Creston House ,
The only hotel In Council llliiOTs Imvlny
Fir © Esoa/pe
Anil nil modern Impi cue incuts.
210 , 217 mid 21 ! ) Mnln St.
MAX MOII.V , Prop.
Practices in State and Federal Courts ,
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