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Last week we got word from Boston by telegram that there was to he sold to the highest bidder six lots of Clothing that early fill one ear , We tele
graphed at once to our friends to buy the lot if 0 , K , The goods are now under the roof at 1113 Farnam St. , at the TWO ORPHANS , The store is
crowded with people selecting from the closing stock. Now is the opportunity for every person in want of good clothing , Why , $10 will buy a $20 suit Of
clothes , $7 and $8 will buy a $15 suit , $3 will buy $5 all wool pants.
The News Grist Gathered From the Gate
The Cnblo r lnc Sirs. Frank Ar-
rented A. Deserted "Wife A
Sncnk Thief Caught
Minor Mention.
Rallrcnul Ilnckct.
Mr. Holdrcgc , of the 1J. & M. , says that
the contract , for the building of tlio second
end one Inindral miles of tlio
Grand Island extension has boon
awarded to John Fitzgerald. Tlio
work commences at a point on
the prairie near no place and extends to
another pliico similarly situated one
hniidrcd miles west.
The UKB of last Tuesday referred to the
track which the B. & Af. extended on
Sunday last across tlio bottoms. The
work was done quietly and the line had
Jmrdly boon finished before a loaded
freight train was rolled over it and
braked , from the Missouri to the base of
the bluffs behind Mela's ' brewery. All
this was done in the name of furnishing
tracks for HowolKs lumber yard , which
is lo be plaecd on the bottoms ut this
point. It was no sooner scon , however ,
1 { ban tlio Union 1'acilic commenced to ex
tend its track southward from Coots' fac
tory. They made the extension until
they reached the 15. & M. track referred
to , which they met on tlio edge of the
high dyke which runs through that part
of the city. The 15. & M. , watchful ot the
Union Pacific's movements , commenced
another track on tlio south side of the
Blough , which is really a continuance of
that of the Union Pacific on the north of
tlio slough , iioth companies alluct to
have no interest other than that
of what appears upon tlio surface , but
> the fact is that tlio Union Pacific at tlio
present writing seems to have been check
mated. It is undoubtedly their intent to
b'uild a curve from their track at a point
near the bridge around in the rear of
Mete's brewery to their now depot on
Seventh and Jones htreots. To do this
they would have to cross the ! B.
& M. track or llowoll's land be
fore mentioned. The foresight of the
latter road , with their track running east
and west and tlio other extending south
&H a continuance of tlio latest spur of the
Union Pacific , has to a certain extent
prevented thu carrying out of this idea ,
ut least for the present.
The Union Pacific has Q obtained
n temporary injunction to restrain tlio 15.
& Al. from further extension of theirtnicK
in the territory named.
Chief Clerk Warrick , of the freight de
partment of the Union Pacific , has gone
on u western trip.
Frank Wells , ehicf clerk in the office of
tlio auditor of agents' accounts , is to bo
married next week to Miss LJrown , of this
Mr. George Cuminings , the new land
commissioner of the Union Paeilie , has
fully settled down to his duties , and
everything is running smoothly. No
changes in the ollieu have yet boon made.
A now engine (71(1) ( ( ) appeared on the
track Saturday under the manage
ment of KuginiHit Sim JManahan. She lias
cylinders 18.\iJ ! ( inches the largest used
on any angina on the road. She is capable
of any kind of work , and when she gets
broken in will bo one of which the 09111-
pany will bo proud. She weighs litty
tons , three tons moro than S3.1) ) , although
ono would not expect Mieh weight from
an engine \yhich looks only of about the
average weight.
General Tralllo Manager Kimball says
that the ihucstigation in Council
JJlnlVs was a hiirlily ridiculous atl'uir all
around , and slated it as his opinion that
that the C. . men had totally failed to
prove their charges of discrimination
against the Union Pacific.
ASncnk Thief Caught.
\V. 11. Watson , a inUtdle aged man
ft'ith a silk umbrella , gold-rimmed eye
glasses and a general dandy appearance ,
was brought into the county juil about
noon Saturday , llojwas looked up in ono
of the. iron cages , and a charge of larceny
was booked agnmst him ,
Watson , it seems , had slolon a pair of
ihous from Kelly , Stigcr & Co. , and
upon being pursued , tied through the
crowds which were gathering to see the
parade , and ran around the postollieo.
Among his pursuers was John IX Croigh-
ton. This gentleman succeeded in cap-
luring him near the south end of the
uostolnco building , Tliu thief raised his
iimborella and dealt Mr. Croight'on a
heavy blow on the jaw , whereupon that
gentleman returned the compliment in a
rory neat style with his fists. Watson
Bellowed "enough , " and Mr. Creighton
turned him ever to Officer Jabperson ,
who came up just at that timo.
In his Ilight Watson dropped a lot of
t ewolry , which was picked up by ono of
ho bystanders and turned over to the po
lice. Tlio prisoner , however , domes
Knowing about the jewelry , The suppo
sition is that it is stolen.
Ilio Courts.
A , J , Popploton and J. M. Tliurstoii ,
In behalf of the county of Dakota , made
answer Saturday to the petition of
the Society for Savings at Cleveland , de
claring the nullity of its issue of $05,000
In January , 1870 ; that the same were
issued without the o Ulcers in
tmy manner being 'authorized
to IbSiiu iha same , mid
that the said bonds , wcru in excess of 10
ot the assessed valuation of the
property of the county. The answer also
uminicratcs a number of other irri-jrulari-
tii'rf , on Ilia Htrength of which it hopes to
escape liability for tlio samo.
Joliii 1/uulenliolni , of Central City , filed
a petition for $ ' . . ' 0,000 thtniages against AI.
IiMuDoiml. . C.V. . Adams , J. K.
Allison , J. W. Miller , L. C. Me-
Hride and A. N. resincfor , mor-
oliants of that place. These men
it is allowed charge that Lindenholm , a
grocer atthat place , wliilo advertising
to sell thirteen pounds of sugar lor ono
dollar really sold only eleven to twolvu
pounds for "that money , thus injuring ,
so it is claimed , the good name of the
She Wanted Them teA
A certtiin Airs. Hanson , living on Twen
ty-second and Iznrd streets , appeared in
police court Saturday as complaining
witness against AI. Hanson , who , though
of the same name , is no relative of hers.
She aecust'd him of wilfully assaulting
her. The testimony developed quite an
amusing state of affairs. It was shown
that Airs. Hanson had gone past the
house of the defendant late last evening ,
accompanied by a bull dog. This animal
fell in with a largo canine owned by Han
son and the two fell to lighting. Airs.
Ilansen tried to urge her dog on and in
sisted that the two should be allowed to
light it out. Hanson , on tlio other hand ,
wanted to separate them , and when ho
was prevented from doing so by Mrs. 11. ,
shoved her rather roughly aside. This
sort of treatment did not hint the lady and
accordingly she had Ilansen arrested. He
was released by Judge Stcnborg ,
Deserted by Her Ilusli.iud.
Airs. Alary Nelson , a tall , gaunt-look
ing woman , came into Judge Stenberg's
court Saturday nnd said that her
husband , who had been living with her at
111 North Fourteenth street , had run
away from homo last night with their
little seven-year-old boy. He left
a card on the dresser announc
ing that he was going to look for
work Aiid had left ' $20. The money ,
however , was not there , and Mrs. Nel
son's supposition was that a Airs. Elliot ,
who lived in the same house
had stolen the money. Judge Stcnborg
refused to issue a wa'rrant for the arrest
of Airs. Elliot , as he did not consider the
evidence sufficient. Airs. Nelson went
oll'in a "hull' , ' "abusing tlio judge roundly.
Union Pad lie Kniploycs' Grievances.
Alastor Workman Noashan of the
Knights of Labor , is expected to arrive
in tlio city to-day. He is on
his "way from [ Cleveland , where
ho I has been in - attendance
upon a convention of the order , lie will
remain hero possibly till Tuesday , when
lie \vill go to Denver , where another
mooting is to take place next week.
While liero , the discrimination made
against the older employes at the Union
I'acilio freight depot in favor of young
and less experienced favorites will be re
ferred to him. Since the reference to the
matter in tlio BKB , some time ago , Air.
Oitsler , agent at this point , promised to
give it his attention.
Ka Made lliH Rscnpc.
An expert pickpocket succeeded in
robbing a gentleman near the corner of
Fourteenth and Farnam of a pocketbook -
book Qcontaining $30. Saturday. Jus
as the thief was about to'dash away , the
gentleman turned around , anindis gins
his wallet , made a lump for the oH'endor.
He caught him by the coat nnd held him ,
meanwhile Miouting for police assist
ance. The pickpocket managed to break
away , and running down Fourteenth
to Ifarnoy ran lo Twelfth street when ho
made his escape from his pursuers. The
vjetim lost his pocketbook with SliO , but
had several hundred dollars left which lu
had htowed away in an inside pocket.
The Street Commissioner Arrest ml.
A warrant fjjwas issued Saturday
from Judge Stcrnborg'H court for the ar
rest of Alike Alennoy , street commis
sioner , on the charge of having assaulted
Alike AloDonald. Complainant alleges
that ho was talking lo Mcimoy in regard
to the disposition ot some dirt which wa >
being removed from his property at the
corner qf Thirteenth anil Alason htreots ,
when AIeanoy _ became angered and struck
him on the side of the head knocking him
down. AleUontild showed fight and was
clinching with Alcano.y , when friends of
both parties interfered and -.topped the
troulilo. _
Caused liy KlcotrK'ity.
When Air. Goldsmith , proprietor of the
AHslit parlors , came down to his estab
lishment on tlio corner of Twelfth and
Farnnm Saturday hefound Itlio store
so lilted with smoke that it was impos
sible to .seo one's hand six inches away.
Inquiry showed thofact thatn spark from
one of the electric lights had dropped
down upon a table of clothing and sut it
aliro. Ho sot to work and hi > eedily ex
tinguished the smouldering bkizo with
out the aid of the lire doiurtmont The
loss will bo about $1,200. This is the third
lire in a clothing iloro , caused by tin
electric lump , within the last year.
Ills Pocket Cut.
Saturdayjhalf the curious part of
town was in the vicinity of the Union 1'a-
eilie depot to see the circus como in.
Thcro was one individual who should
have remained at homo. Ho lives at ( .ill-
moro , His name is Henry Wrnn. About
11 o'clock ho was &ecn hunting around
for Ids poeketbook ; , which contained $3" > .
Uu was aUo anxious to meet the man who
had cut his pocket before ho know wha
liad boon dune , .Hut at lust ncecnuits Li
curiosity hud uot been
Omalia Circus Goers Delighted with
the Cole Shows.
W. W. Cole has.tiic . largest mam circus
tent that was over spread in Omaha.
An idea of the immense si/o ot the tent
may bo obtained from the fact that within
is a full ono eighth mile race course , and
the seating capacity is still outside of
this. The capacity of this mammoth
spread of canvas was taxed to its utmost
to accommodate tlio thousands who wit
nessed the Cole shows in tills city on Sat
urday afternoon and evening. Tlio tent ,
it is well to remark right here , is the
smallest feature of the Cole show , which
by the unanimous verdict of the thou
sands of pleased people who attended it
in this oity , is the largest and best that
has visited Omaha for an age. Tlio
show is complete in every part.
The menagerie and museum , while not
large , is complete in its aggregation of
novel and attractive features. Thcro
was a refreshing absence of the cages of
moiiKoys , parrots anil warty hogs , that
go to fill ti | ) the street parade ol the
much advertised "greatest shows on
earth. " The mcnaireiio contains the
newest features of the animal kingdom.
The circus is the best that can bo given
by the ninety-six artists who take part in
tlio performances in the throe ring' . The
barebacked riding , rope walking , trick
horses , trained ctoirs , ground and lofty
tumblinir , juggler work and other staple
attractions ot every well regulated circus
were never better presented than by the
Cole's people. In addition tlierp are a
number of new features , including the
Silbons in their trapeze work , statuary
grouping and feats of strength , the
jockey do and the dog that turns .som
ersaults. The exhibition of marksman
ship eiven by Dr. Carver is alone worth
the price of admission to the shows. To
circus goers and amusement loving JIPO-
pie everywhere the Cole show is cordially
Unary Acaln.
On -Thursday Charles E. Stratton
rcplevicd a team , wagon and harness
from W. L. Levan. It was done in be
half of a principal , John Thomas. It
seems Stratton loans money at a high
rate of interest for other people. In this
instance W.j. \ . Lcvan borrowed $350 of
Stratton on July 28 , last , and secured
the payment of the note by a chattel
mortgage upon his two teams and outfits.
Ono outlit has been taken by Stratton
nnd sold. Levan has already paid from $500 on the mortgage , and yet
Stratton demands SJ174 anil interest.
This Lcvan refused to pay. Hence the
action of replevin by btratton. Levan
claims to have been injured by these pro
ceedings. Another writ of replevin wat.
issued to take the properly from Strat
ton , but the latter , it is alleged , has spir
ited the team away and secreted it , and
refuses to state where it is. This is done
with a view of forcing Lovan to accede
to his terms. This case is set for hearing
to-day before Jud < rc Itarka. Uiirbank
represents Lovnn , Stratton appearing for
The Cable : Hallway.
President S. K. Johnson , who has just
returned from a trip to Chicago , St.
Louis , Cincinnati and other eastern
cities , in the interest of the cable rail
way , reports that ho has closed several
important matters , preparatory to com
mencing work on the lino. The route ,
ho said , was .still a matter of question.
Work would commence , lie said , as soon
as the material could be gotten hero.
The property o yner.s of Do > lga strcol
held a meeting Friday to see about securing -
curing tiio line for that thoroughiaro.
For i-omo reason or other there was nol
i largo number present , and no stops
/ore taken toward offering a bonus ,
An Honorable
A good si/.cd delegation of tlio Legion
-if Honor of this state will leave hero on
the 23d inst. , to take purl in the installa
tion of the officers of the Kansas depart
ment which will occur on the 2ith , Gen *
oral AlcCook has extended a cordial in
vitation nnd it has boon very generally
accepted throughout the state. The in
stallation will take place in a tent on the
parade grounds of the camp which ire
located amid the most beautiful natural
surroundings. Thn work of the installa
tion will bo performed by Colonel Nick-
DnnclitR by Day anil Nlfiht.
The North Omaha brass band , a new
nnd promising association under the
direction of Prof. Toozor , formerly of the
Union Pacilio band , will give a picnic at
Hanscom Park on Iha 10th inst. They
will make a circut of the street car lines
of the city m tlio afternoon then go to
the park , when in the evening u moon
light dunce will bo hold ,
Uobhed in Ills Room.
Dr. Van Scott , a medical man from
PlaUsmouth , who registered at the City
hotel Friday reported at police head
quarters to-day that ho was robbed of
$10 duritijj the night. Saturday
upon waking , ho found ids door open
nnd his pants lying out in the hall , where
they had evidently beep thrown by the
thief , ufisr ho had rilllcd them.
Arrested in Minnesota.
Marshal Cummings received a
telegram stating that Airs , Frank , alias
Iltibcr , had been arrested by the police in
Minneapolis , on a ( Inscriptive telegram
scut by the authorities of Council lilufl's.
She is uow held there on a charge of
t imping her bonds , ' and will be brought
acli to Omaha at oucp. , , .
fiOOaercs land in Tliayer county , Neb. ,
to sell or trade for merchandise. Address
John Linderholm , 014 S. 10th St. , Omaha ,
Opclt's Hotel , Lincoln , Neb. , opened
March Juth , first class in every reaped.
Hank Clearings.
The bank clearings for Saturday were
$743,352.1(0. ( Thn total for the past week
was $3,342,590.60. ,
Absolutely Pure. ,
This powder never varies. A mnrvcl of purl
ty , Btronjjtli ntul wholosomonos * . Jloro conn
omlcul than the ordinary kinds , and cannot bo
Bold In competition with the multitude of low
test , short weight , ill u in or phosphate powdnrs ,
sold only in cans. ROYAL , UAKINCI POWDHK Co. ,
408 Wall St..Now York.
13th St , Cor. Capitol Avenue.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. McNlENAWlY. Proprietor.
Jjmec'ii jenrs' Hospital mm 1'rivuto 1'ractice
Wohavu llio facilities nppnratus anil rcincdicj
for tlio Micccsjful treatment of every form of die-
ea o requiring either medical or eurijlcnl treatment ,
nnd Imlto nil tocnmonnil liivettlato } for thrmcclrci
or correspond lth us. Jens experience in treatIng -
Ing cases by leltor enables UH to treat many cakes
Hctonttncalfylthont neoini ; tlicui.
WHITE FOIl CIROULAK on Deformities and
RrarcH , Club Feet , Ciirvntures of tlio Spine ,
DISEASES op WOMEN. 1'iles , Tumor * , Cancera ,
Catarrh , Bronchitis , Inlialatlon , Electricity , 1'nral-
y ls , Epilepsy , Kidney , Eye , Ear , Hkln , Illood and
all aurulcal openitlons.
linttorlcx , Iiwmlers. llracrx , TrusKts , and
nil kinds of Medical und Surgical Appliances , man
ufactured and for tale
The only reliable Medical Institute making
Private , Special n Nervous Diseases
from whatever cause produced , successfully treated
Wo c.m remove Syphilitic poison from thosyttcic
without inert u ry.
New restorative trentmrnt for loss of vital power.
Call nnd consult us or Ecml name and poet-oftlco
luldress plainly wiitten enclose stump , und we
M'ill fend jou , In plain wrapper , our
UPON I'lllVATlI , Pl'EClAI , AM ) Nl. 110133 PlSUABES.
SBMIKAI , WEiKNrss , Bi'BSa TonniiaA : IMPOIKH-
cr , Kyriuus , ( loNoniinu : * , OLEIJT , VAUICOCELI ; ,
UniNAnv OnaANS , or tend history of your cute for
an opinion.
Pcn-ons nnalileto , tue may lie treated at their
homes , hy rotrccpundcncc. .Meillcliicnnml Instru
ments ( .ent liy ) or exirc8s SUOUHIUA I'AUK
EU IUO.M MlitiEKVATION. no mnrka to liuicut )
contents or sender. Ono personil interview pro-
feired If comculcnt. Fifty rooms for thn aecom-
: nodatlon of patlenU lijanl and nttcndanut at
reasonable pilccs. Address all l.etteiu to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
f-or. 13th St. and CaDltolA eOMAHA. . N.itt.
" ' "
/ .
The OrlKiiml and
aad ftlwtTi BelUMe.
ludliKnublo to LADIES. AL Jtir DrusvUt M
"Chlcht.MT1. ri.gli.li11 nd Uk < ma enter , or IgclOM 4 * .
* a p ) to at for | rUcuUri tnJtiter fcjr relarn msli.
A ME PAPER. . .fhleheitor Vkriiilr.l Co. ,
, ' . ' .
lie IB llHdUuv Ivtuara I'bUuilu. , !
aid bir PrncyliU e err l"r . Aa for "Clilohc *
ter'j Eusll.t" I'enujroiul fill * . TikiDouUu.
Potter & Hegtath ,
Law Boportors arid Copyists ,
EtutoVents for Nebraska.
TVpo-wrltcr supplies nnd paper kept in stock.
Kcnd for catalogue.
And cthcrt HitTtrlng from
nenou * Uiplity | , 1'xhauitlii.c
chronic dbfaMM. pri'lualuro
rtccllno ot youlifcor old ate
iK IHTfly tuitd by l > r.
Homos lumoua l.lcviro.
- , . . . MuiiKllo lltll , Thourajidt
In ercrYtfs Stnte In thf yntun Jia e U n ciird.
tlcetrlif- lJ ln tfiillj fill I'llrhuiliind > uld 1U
> ear Whulu family can w * r uiuo belt. KlMtrle
utp M orlv fre with male belt * . 4 Avoid wortbktf liu-
I auoa uuil ! > OfU companlw tltctrlc Truuci for
H. 700 cured in'US. Urail
Oa. w. t. HOBHE. IhVf Hioa. . . CHICACO.
Millard Hotel Block , Omaha , Neb.
Do a Strictly Commission Business.
Have Improved and Unimproved property in alljparts of Omaha ; have
the most desirable Farms and Lands in Nebraska and Iowa.
Splendid Brick Store nnd Hotel , 1U rooms , in South Omaha $ -tr > 0 ( >
Splendid residence lot in Millard Place , convenient to business ; cheap at ! } ,000
East half of lot 38 , Uurr Oak,100.\15U feet ; bargain at 2,1100
Business block on litli street , between Douglas and Dodge , cheap : 18,000
Will exchange for Omaha property or Nebraska land , splendid brick store , with stock of goods , in live
town in Nebraska , on railroad , . 8,000
Half block in West Omaha o.noo
Lot in Hanscom Place 1,050
TAVO lots in Lowe's addition * 1,425
Splendid residence lot in Kayos' addition , near 20th and Ilarucy streets 4,500
House and lot in Idlewild , near cars ' -1,000
Elegant property , 21(1 ( and Douglas , paying good rental ; a bargain 13,500
New and paying steam Holler , atScotia , Grceley county , Nebraska ; at a bargain
Lots in Kilby Place , Kirkwood's , Hedick's
2d Add. , Himebaugh and Saunders Add. ,
Howe's Add. S. E. ' Add. Claren
. , . . Rogers' . ,
don and other choice locations at bar
gains and easy terms.
100 feet square s.w. cor. Virginia and Pop
pleton Ave. , very desirable for a home ,
House and lot in West Omaha , $ lSoo. ?
House and lot in Hanscom Place , $5ooo.-
o o
UU }
W-3 "p
' I
- p
- § * " S
5831 !
S . . e.3
OVER 400,000 JgvIN USE.
Faklrtt ntdloV VeMelo.inarfe. Wd.t u wij
ru'udi > . uil
Icri BuU
SSTsjr.-ia 'i- - ? : S-- ; . , Jk. ' *
S. W. COJC. Ifftli AX I'ABt.VAiU , OMAHA.
Properly ot every description for sale in all parts of the city. Land * lor sale in
comity In Nebraska. A eomplelo sot of Abstracts of 'I'itlesof DoiiKl-is County Kept.
Maps of the City , Ktato or county , or any other information desired furnished
of charge upon application.
Display at their warerooms , 1305 and 1307 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to bo found ai
. The stock embraces the
any establishment west of Chicago.
highest class and medium grades , Including
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal interpretation of tlio guarantee on tholr goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects In materials or workmanship.
130S 4 1307 FARNAM