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Secretary Manning Sends in His Resigna
tion , But It is Not Accepted.
Dnti Tclln ( . .roverVlmt Ho Thinks
About Oppressive TnrlfTM , Cur-
i cncj- Chaos u ml Mnn j Ot her
Giivcriiincntal Ocfeuts.
Secretary InniiliiK'H Kcnlcnntlon.
AV'Asn.Noro.v , Juno 4. The following self-
explanatory coricspondcnco Is made public
this evening :
WASIII.NOTOX , .May 20 , 18W. My Dear Sir :
1 ha\u decided to jilaco In your hands my
resignation of the olllce. which you did mo
the honor to ask inn to accept fifteen months
ngo. .My IC.ISOIIM for this decision are botli
public nnd personal. Since tliu partial i e-
co\ury of my health lias permltcd me to ic-
licet uHin | tlio demands of thu public service
to which I had given , pei haps too fieely , all
my Hticugtn , and upon the condition1) of ro-
Hiitiiliig my laboi.s at your tilde , I have
not for a moment questioned
vhat must bo my piesent dtitv.
Tlio full recnvery of my health
Is piouoiinccd to be an affair of weeks , nnd a
longer period of lest , especially dining the
hot months , Is pieseiibcd , or nt least advised ,
ns a prudent regime theieafter. Compliance
with this advito would not bo'piacticablo
wuro 1 to lesuiue now the general direction
of the treasmy dep.titment. nven if abating
ftomethlng ot the eneigy which it seemed
needful to expend In tliu first year of my
work. Supervision at a distance would bo
moieof a liiudr.inee than help to the acting
secretary , lint It Is not bclittlni : that n de
partment of the government ho ditllcultnna
imiioitant should bo ndminlstuicd by aeon-
vafeacent , .studious of pairylng Its dally ex
actions , nor that the watchful contiol ol its
enormous Influence or the direction of its
fiscal policies , e\cn under your wise lead.
should be attempted by any ono concerned
about husbanding his strength. The reforms
In our llscal policy which you h\vo main
tained , and which have been framed and
commended to the wisdom of the legislative
branch , aie lefoiniB necessaiy to our safety ,
binding In honor , obligatoiy in the traditions
ot democracy , .set down w Ith pi omlsea in our
statute books. Our piesent tnilfls aio a need
less oppression Instead ot an easy buulen.
Our curiency Is chaos , in which wo piocnio
from forced puiclmbcs of one of the precious
metals a mechanical Increment under the
coinage law so ill judged and untimely that
It hlndei.s the opening ot our mints to the
natural nnd unlimited coinage of both metals
nnd thn lice expansion of our gold and sliver
coin along with the growing needs ot a
mighty people. All our needful customs
levenno might bo collected by strictly icv-
BIIUO duties upon a few scom of aitlcles , in
stead ot cxtiuvagunt or piohibltoiy duties
upon mine than u thousand aitleles The
mere machinciy ot the admliiisti.itlon , by its
own mass and complexity , bicaks down and
crushes out the cntei prise it assumes to pro
tect. A better etiriency than clsewlieic ex
ists might bo had by a lew lines ot lepnaling
and empowering legislation , followed by two
or three years of callable administration of
the treasury , and joined with the pic ent
saiaclous conduct of our loielgn policy by
thu .state deu.d tmeiit. Undci the operation
ol the currency and tarifl laws now in
lotce , which yon and the Koitj-nlnth
congiess were elected by the people to repeal
mid iclorni , thubmdened Industiles of our
country nio plunging heavily along a merry
road towaid foreseen dangcis. We talk o'f
aibitiatlng our i elective hliaio of disaster
instead ot knocking off our self-imposed
letters nnd leleasing general piospeiity.
This is no ) , in my deliberate judgment , a
time when the president can delay to pro
vide or alfoid to witli the actual as
well as head ot the treasury department.
The hscal policy of the federal government
In respect to a debt so large , n taxation' M >
pervasive , anda cuneiiey which is univer
sal cannot fall of , v beingtiie
. .chlpffactor < , in Uie'- . national
, and Indlvidual'wcll being. Your ow l 'duty ,
to whlelryon tiavo' addressed yout > elf with
fciich clear and tinflincliine purpose , the duty
of c&ngrwts lirtho pi-emlses , and 'tlio laws
which may yet be enacted for the guidance of
the tieasury dejiartmeiit. will leqnlre that you
bo assisted in their admlnistiatlon by 'an
oillcer capable of full elllclency and uuvailed
I ' clicnnihpectloii. I'crmit me , tlierefoie , with
out hesitation , to accept my temporary disa
bility ns a summonsto stand aside and make
way for one immediately capable ot fulfilling
every lequiioment of tlio public service.
Very respectfully yotns ,
To the .
ricaldcnj. _ _ _ _
lie ICutiucstH Tluit tlio Matter Ito Ic-
1'erriMl Until October.
KxKrunvi : MANSIO.V , Washington , June
1. My Dear Mr. Manning : 1 have iccelved
your fetter in which your icsignation Is ten
dered us secretary ol the tieasiiry. The sen
timents tlioiein contained aie entiiely In
ku'plng with the devotion to public duty nnd
loyalty to the inteiest of the govcinment
which have chaiactoilzcd your iclutions to
thu piesent admintstiation. I am not MII-
pilscd , tbougli much impiessed , b } the con
cern which j on evince lor the coirection of
abuses and thu imiugnutlon of lotorms to
which , In your letter , you allude , and which
have been so often topics of our anxious con
sultations. I have hoped that the day was at
hand when the patty to which we belong , In
fluenced lamely by faith and confidence In
you and In thu wisdom of your views , should
be quickened in Its responsibility and led to
more haiinonlons action upon the Impoitant
questions with which JOH have had to deal.
In eoiihldei ing your pioposed icslgnatioii , 1
bhould bo stiongly inclined by my pei.sonul
legaul and liiendbhlp , and by tliu status of
youi .soi vices to the country , to beg yon at
once ninl entiiely to abandon ) otn Inclina
tion to lellnqnlsh your pat t of thuaidiious
duty , lint I am convinced that 1 should
not do this , and that In all I und ask
1 should have much at heait your welfaio
and Kilety. You have placed yonrieslgna-
licui in my hands. .Responsibility licit ! be
gins , and I know that tint iChponslbllUy will
be met ami the wishes of tliu people of the
land Inlly answcied when 1 ask yuu to po-.t-
pone , toi awhile , any InsKt.inco upon the
acceptance ot j our resignation , and that j our
final conclusion thereof may be delayed until
the effects ot and freedom
from olllclal cato upon your cmiditluti may
be better tested. I thcrcfoiucainostly lequesr
you to aeciipt n li'i\o of itbauuco
until the 1st ilay of October next , when , If
yon ilcslie It , thu question of your leslgna-
tlon may be resumed , with pctluips bettea-
means of judging all the facts and probabili
ties which should bo considered iu Its deter
mination , Hoping that you will consent to
this suggestion , and dusting that . \onrun-
confuting progress tmninls icstoratloii to
health may continue , I am
Killlifully your fi loud ,
T. > Hon. Daniel Maniiln ? , Secietaiy of the
Seoietaiy. Manning has ueceptcd the presi
dent's suggestion , and will allow hi.- , resigna
tion to lie over until his leave of abeneu
sh.tll have oxplied , Assistant Seeietaiy
I'alichild has been i emu v ted to act as secru-
tmy until that time , and bus consented to
do so.
Seeietarynnd MD . Manning , aeoompanlt-d
by .Mr. Joseph . Miller , couimUiloiicr of
Internal levenne , and Mrs. Miller , will leave
Washington to-iuouow. at toi noon for Hot
Springs , Va.
Killed n Follow Convict.
. JOI.UT , III. , Juno 4. This afternoon John
O'Urien , a thico- ) ear coin let fiom Decatnr ,
while working In the stone yatd , made an
attack upon AFa I'.nU ? , an eiglit-year con
vict from Galcmi , Mllliii ; him Instantly. He
bent 1'aiks over the head with an lion she\el.
Thu origin of the tiouble l not known.
Train "U'rccltorn'
WISDKAI.I. , I mi. , Juno 4. The night after
the arrest of the train wreckers an incen
diary lire Minted in J. 1' . Hutchlsou'.s no
goods stoie , causing it loa * of STA 1. on
which there wan fjQ.OOO insurance. Hutch
Isou has been prominent se.uc.ltli : ! , ' for
train wrtrleis. . . .
How Mr. nntl Mrs. Cleveland Spent
the Day.
linn : PAIIK , Juno . [ Special Telegram
o the HKI : . ) The collage up in tlio giove
lack of the hotel , In which the president and
ils bride are spending their honeymoon ,
s In a state of slee. An army of newspaper
men arc entrenched in the lliltlmoro & Ohio
lepot , 200 yards from the cottage , and In full
\lewofit. An army of Baltimore & Ohio
letecthcs are seated n touches and tree
stumps within one huudrc.l yards of the
: etta c , and thus far only ono person
ias.succeeded in getting to the collate , that
icing ex-Senator HriiryO. Davis. Mr. and
Mis. Cleveland remained in tliu cottage In
) b curllymostof tlio morning. Mrs. Clevc-
aud , diesscd In a pietty wrapper , appeared
on the porch about 10 o'clocK and sat there
radlm ? the paper , thu mall bilng taken from
ho nostollice for the first time this mornlnc
by the piesidont. Mrs. Cleveland seemed
amused and Inteipttefl at the cordon of news-
gatheteis and detectives mound her.iuul once
> v twice she laughed without having appatent
MUSH for milth. 'J'ho president came out for
a few minutes after Ids luldd ictlied , and
lid not appear to notice what was golne on
ibout him. At 1 o'clock Mi. and Mis. Clcve-
and walked over to Senator Davis' cottage
'or lunch. The bildo woio thn same diess
she wore during jestviday , of peail-colorcd
cloth with blue stripes and tailor made coat ,
rliopicsidont wore rray pantaloons ami a
jlaclc in luce albeit. Nuoni ! ventutcd to in-
tiudeon thn ) ) alr , and they walked slowly
over the half-mile of tanli.ulc work between
the houses. Senator Uavls and his wile
weie tlieonlv coninaiilons of the President
and Alls. Cleveland at luncheon , and about
4 o'clock the senator's b.iy team and double
seated drai conveyed the paity up the bioad
road to O inland. They tinned at the edge
of the town nnd came back. The only In
cident which has oectiried to show any at-
emptat courtesy was thu sending of a liaml-
some basket of 11 out , to the incident by Dr.
McComas , of Oakland , who In leturn was
conllally thanked by the president. It is
irob.iblc that thn piesldent will not lettiin to
Washington until the latter part of next
week. He issal-ltobe studylm ; the Cana-
Han fishery question hero with a view to
aklng some action thereon.
Tlio DiesUteiit 1ms e.\pie s.'d lilt.self . to the
effect that ho Is delighted with Ills visit here.
I'ho president and Mis. Cleveland toso about
J o'clock. Shoitly alter , the uiesldent , un-
iccompanied , studied along the paths back
) f the eottago. At 10 o'eloclc bicaklast was
served. During thn meal ex-Senator llcniy
C. Davis called at the cottage und lemained
in hour. Subsequently the picsldcnt took
ho liesh air on the porch. " Ho was
Kireheailed and woio sllupcis. Ho had
lecn meditatively pacing ii | ) and down
; hc | ioich with his hands behind him but a
slioit time , when Mis. Cleveland appeared
and walked by his side. About 'J o'clock the
iresldent amflds wife went to ox-Senator
) avis'cottage to luncheon. The discussion
of the lepast occupied about an hour , nt the
expiiatlon of which the piesldent and his
witoietuined to the collage to dress for a
di i vo. These regular di Ives will be u Icaluro
of their sojouin heie.
Tlio Presidential We Iditi Cnrtl.
WASHINGroN , June 4. About a thousand
caids announcing the marriage of the prcsi-
lent were scut out fiom the while house to
day by mail , messengers anil otherwise. Tlie
caids aie exceedingly simple and plain , en-
raved In heavy lines on lull-sheet line
taper. They icad us follows :
31 r. Grow Clcvelwitl
Mlt-t / Ydiicc
Married an Wednesday ,
. /line Second ,
Eighteen Hundred and ll
JU.i'ccutlrc Mansion
TlieannoniiceiilBiiis weie sent to members
of thetjabinct , Justices ot the supreme com t ,
sonatiiy > and leiucsenUUives in congiess ,
iiiloiiAtluCjOrji lieutenant , trcucial ot
the unuy. admiral of the navy , and peisonal
tiicnds of the pu'fiidnnt and Mis. Cleveland
in Albany and , Uutlnlo. Rev , Win. Cleveland ,
. - MIHS Cleveland aio now the
only guests at the White House , and will
probably icmaln some tlmo longer. Mrs.
Cleveland's relatives who attended the wed
ding left for their homes last night.
DIIH : : PAIIK. June 4. The president and
.Mis. Cleveland did not make their appear
ance until noon to-day , when they walked to
Senator Davis' . They will diivo thisntter-
noon. The president read the newspapers
this morning nnd small mail. He did not no
tishing to-day. _
The ChicaRO Police Gratified Over
Itau'8 Arrest In Oniiilui.
CHICAGO , Juno 4. [ Special Telegram to
the HIK. : ] Tlio police aiu hlalily elated this
morning over the attest of IJaltha/ar Iau ! ,
which was successfully effected last night at
Omaha. Hols wanted heioon the ehaigo ot
complicity in the bomb throwing of May 4.
He is ono of the men taken in alter the Hay-
market liot but impiovldontly released bv the
police , who have been hunting him since.
Kvidcneo implicating him in the dynamite
plot lias been accumulated , U is .said , and an
indictment found. He lived at 41S L.mubeo
Micct and roomed with u lupoiter named
MulKnpf , who is also missing and Is said to
bo wanted. It is known that
Itau and Mulkopt , with their laiidloid , S , W.
Luther , weio ml intimate with Spies and
other anaiclnst leadcis , but what additional
eliminating evidence the police may have
gathered liom the Incaiceiatcd men aud the
lupcis found in their dens , is not known ,
U.ui acknowledges that bo was nt the meeting
on Dc.splalnc * sheet , but disclaims any con
nection with its conduct or knowledge of the
bomb thiowlng. It has uceu definitely as-
eei tallied that Itau is not thu man who thiovv
the bomb at tlio Haymaiket meeting.
he was one of tliu associates ol Spies , Ploldon
and Schwab theio is no doubt , and it Is also
ccit.iln that ho w'as one of the orjanUeis of
the meeting in Haymarket squat D , and u
prominent rind rablil anaielilst. Kan will ho
bionght back to Chicago in a tew days. Di < -
tectivo Jim Uonflelir leaves fo-night tor
Omaha lo take clmigo ot thu prisoner. De
tective Honticld H.ilit llau had been lndictt".l
toi conspliacr to inuider.
The Itntn Wnr.
CillCAfio , Juno 4. As a result of the pas-
Miiger wai between the Hock Island , St.
Paul , and Xoitlivvesleni , Arbltiatoi Wll on.
of the ChloKO , St. Louis & Missouri Iliver
passonger'assoelatlon , Issued a clicular to-
diiy aiithoil/inglho useof the cut rales$7
Hist class and -"ibccond ( class , Chicago to
t'onnell Uliillri nH u basil for coiibtruetiug
tales fiom Chicago to points beyond Omaha.
Whole the totals t > o obtained aio lower than
thu picvallimr rates through Kansas Clt ) anil
other Missouri ilvor points , tln-ir n o by such
routs forthiough tickets liom Chicago Is mi-
thoii/od. Tliln circular ininclp.illy effects
rates to points In Colorado , Utah and Cull-
f 01 nla.
VAXVVIU' : : , Ohio , Juno 4. The national
bank iccelved , yesterday , by the United
States expiess from the Union National
liaiilc of Cincinnati , a package purpoiting to
contain SlO.cxia , but when opened it was
lonnd to be filled w Ith cotton , pasteboatd and
lallroad advertising bills. The package
should have icached Ynuvvcit Wednesday.
The money clerk at Cincinnati , who iccelvcc
It , bays 1m sealed It with green wax. The
way iilll for the run of Tunsdav night had the
pauUago marked "short. " When rceelvet !
thu package was sealed with red wax. The
delay of twenty-four hours In the transit Is
not > et explained , but will doubtless ulvcn
duo to the loubcry.
A 1'lnoky Conductor.
EAU CiiAiiiK , Wls. , Juno 4.-i"est > riliy , oti
the Lower and Ynllpy division ot Die Mil
waukco ro.-ut , Conductor Sslnvaru'u train
was boaidcd by KAUK ot foielzn luboicrs
ami a row about tickets .ensuing , the ; ; ang at
tacked thn couduc.tor wltii revtilveni. The
conductor and two brukctuen weio Uadlj
( irttlsed. but they cleaned ther crowil uuu
be ; tra ! of the gait it
Bold Attempt to Secure the Payment of the
Confederate Debt ,
A Partisan's Efforts to Help the Bill
llcnnts ns n LImmicraiiff An
Oinalm Kdltor Dupcit
Capital Notes.
Pay the Confedprntc Debt- .
WASIIISOTON , Juno 4. [ Special Telegram
to the Hm : ] Dining the campaign of l U
It was intimated by republicans that If the
brigadiers of the .south we IP again Installed
In their saddles by a vote of the people and
l\en the power , not two ycais would clap'e
befoio a movement would bo begun for the
liquidation of the debt Incinred in the south
In sustaining its rebellion against the fedeial
government. Democrats In the noith pooh-
poohed the piophccy and declared It a earn-
paign He , a scaicciow , a scheme to frighten
weak men. But the wisdom ol the asset lion
has been aheailynsseited. Maj 1 Iastscaicely
mote than n year since , a democratic picsl-
dent was Inaugurated , and when the deino-
latlcpaity had but the lower house of con-
It oss and the executive , Mr. .Menlnuui , a
'emociatlc ' member from Xevv Voile , intto-
[ need the followtin ; bill :
' Be It enacted , etc : That all claims prc-
entcd by nnv iioison , corpoi.ition or assoeia-
lon against the United States for loss or
Ininaeo resulting liomthe lute Insunectlon
ir tebelllon against the United States , which
lalms will requite judicial decision before
heir final determination , be , and they are
icieby icfeired to the court of claims , which
hall have full power to hear and detcimlne
he same in nccoidaiice with its inlo and
Section 2. That this act shall take effect
mmedlatoly. "
No attention wns paid to it at the tlmo of
ntioduction because , doubtless , these who
now its meaning were so Inlly In sympathy
vlth Its success that they did
lot want to impair the chances
f its passage by calling attention
o It During a meeting to-day of the house
ommlttce on war claims , to which the bill
vas icterred , Judge Fulleiton , an eminent
awyerof Jfew Yoik , made a icquest to bo
icaidon a measuie before It. The icqucst
vas granted. Judge Fulleiton had not
poken a docn sentences till it flashed on
he committee hi ; mission nnd the scope of
he bill above quoted. It meant the payment
by the govci nnient of the 0,000,000,000 out-
tanding confcdeiate bonds. So eloquent
vas the argument entered Into , and so
niqne and interesting , that the committee
did not Interrupt the speaker for overall
lour. Judge Fulleiton contended that in the
list place the iederal govern-
nent had no right or autlioiity to
say that a so\eicign state could not
mil should not pay one of Its obligations ;
.secondly , that the confederate states did not
paiticipats In the ratification of the nmend-
ncnt to the constitution which forbids the
layment of their obligations ; and , thirdly ,
n arrogating to itself the authority , the gov-
M-nment ale assumed the lesponslbility of
lie debt and must pay it. Judge Fullerton
; ave practical illustrations in his argument ,
exhumed laws and went back into ancient
ilstory the urlnciples for which ho
"oimht. Some of the members ot the com
mittee began asking questions , when the
awyerdeclated that the young men before
ilin would live to .see the confederate debt all
idjnsted and paid by the fedeial government.
Ho declined it an honest debt that
he bonds were bought in good faith by Inno
cent pmchaseis. and that no govcinmcnt
xnildcxiiit which stood uiion tlio basis the
cdernt government baa taknn. He asked tote
) o allowed to submit a biief In the cabC , and
ils u-quest was granted.
The matter created a sensation. Many of
the northern democrats are much embar
rassed over the appearance of this subject nt
this time , and are charging to-night that
Indgc Fullerton was hlied by the lepubhcau
concessional campaign committee to raisn
the question at this tlmo for political pur
poses. But the lie Is given to this theory by
llio statement of Judge Fnllerton that ho rep-
ic.scnts the bondholders and that the measure
which he advocates was introduced belote
there was a icpubllcan congressional com
i.\cnrA9i.\o : THK Ai-iMiornrATioy.
The commeice committee in the senate Is
having a pietty hard stiugglo with the liver
and haibor bill. It is going tinough it very
caieftilly , item by item , and tlio Indications
ate that the river nnd harbor committee ot
the house will Imidly know their olfbprlng
when it gets back to them. The senate com
mittee has a double reason to make a thor
ough oveihauling of the bill. Unoot these
reasons is the tact that It finds many ques
tionable featuics in the bill , and another Is
the tact tnat the modest senators themselves
have added nearly two million dollars to the
demands of the bill in the way of amend
ments which hu\e been proposed by the
senatois since the bill came fiom the house.
It can led some 815,000,000 when it came
fiom the house , nnd to add $2,000,000 to the
total would bring the bill up to such a large
Hum that theio will bo gioat doubt abfmt the
possibility ot the piesidenl's signatuiu to it.
Mis. Xettlo Sanlord , of Iowa , has resigned
her position in the ofllco of the fotitth auditor
ot the tieasuiy. and will soon leturn to her
native state to become associated with Hon.
1C. N. Capln In the publication of the Mai-
shall County News at Maishalltown. Her
Iowa fi lends in Washington have tendeicd her
many expressions of logictatherdepartnio ,
and hlnccio wlbhcs torher piosperlty In the
fntine. Among other testimonials of their
leaped M u beautiful silver tea hcrvlce pro-
Minted byI. L. McCiceiy on behalf of lady
tilcnds am ) suitably liihcrihed.
AX OMAIIA IDIIOII : iit'rr ! ) .
F. II. Trnsdell , who until lecentlv was a
conesimndenl here , nnd left this city alter
committing n number ot forgeries , including
the iianiit ol u Nebraska statesman In con-
esh , has imposed uiion a piomlnent Omaha
ncwspapci editor. The unhonoied draft has
boon lutmncd tioin Baltimore. Tiusilell Is
hilpposeil to hi ) yet In or near Omaha. Ho U
wanted in Baltimore , Washington , Indian-
apolls , Cincinnati , Chicago and other cities
for obtaining money under false pretenses.
TUB OHIN'KSB"lNni\IMFini ) .
The Semite AiithorUo llio I'ayinciit of
Hook Sl > rtiK8 | IJOHKCS.
WASHISUTOK , Juno 4. Jn the senate to
day Mr , Ingalls olleied a resolution which ,
on objection by Mr. Beck , went over till to-
nuiiiow , calling on the secietary ot the In-
teilorto Infoim tlio bcnnlo whethereeitain
riiculaia hud beeu Issued by commissioners
of thngeneial land olllcn , wlh , ( tln'japproval
ot the fai'oietaiy of the Intel lor. Tlie resolu
tion recites In full the recent circular to reg-
istcu-iand iccelvcrsof land olllccs tatlug no
: iew applications for entry under pio-cinp-
tlon , timber ctiltuio ordcssit land acts would
be leeched pending legislation by
on llio icport of those acfs. The lesolutlon
llii'ii inoceeds todliect the bccretary of the
inteiicr to Infoim th < j senate by what act it
was claimed cong ) ess delegated to thecom-
misblonur ot fhe fi'licial land ollic.oprti > the
hecietary o | the Interior , or thosu < ) icei.s )
jointly , the power to suspend by oveeutive
ord-irtho opciutlon throughout the United
States of pic-cinption , timber culture and
dc-seiHand acts , and to ditny to thuctti/cns
of the United States theli lights under said
On motion of Mr. l-Mmumts the Chinese
indemnity bill was taken up , but informally
laid libido to penult the consideration
of the consular and diplomatic
apuoinnHon | ; bill.-f In thaconrsoof > the do
bale Mr. Allison atliiUntcd uiuehof : thudlfli-
culty ari > inK In the mattei of "under valua
tions to the M.-mmlilB bctnecn consuls whose
eouuiena.ition ia received Uiron h fces. This
matter , thouzht , deser\ed the attention ol
the stnte depatluicnt. At 'J o'clock the mat
ter went ox-cr.
Tim Chinese Indemnity bill . was thei
placed before the. senate auJMr.-
took the floor. lie araucil strongly affalust
the bill. HP denied that wo were required to
extend to the Chlntwe'br any other foreign
ers any gieater redrrta for wrongs limn
given to the cltUensottlic United States.
At the conclusion of Mr. Cockrclt's
speech the bill was bronchi to a vote and
passed. Yeas. 0 ; nfcfB'To.
Thcsenatoisotlnifiln the negative \\croJ
Mcsois. Beck. JJorry , CockroII , Coke , Kustls ,
( Seorgc , Hum , Maxey , Mitchell of Oregon ,
and vest.
The bill untliorlres the president to as
certain the actual los es snstaliiPd by thd
rhliiamen by llio riot at Hock Springs.
Wyo. , in Scptiiuber,18S.1 ! , and to pay such
osses. The amount appioprlated by the
bill for that purpose Is S1M,000.
The senate then resumed consideration of
tlio consular nnd diplomatic appropriation
Jill , but without tiiiUhlng It ndjotirncd till
to-morrow. _ ,
The House I'rocecdliiKS.
WASIII.NOTO.V , Juno 4. The speikerlald
> efore the house a communication from the
secrctaiy of wariecommendliiK that 550.00J
of the amount appropriated by the act of
farcli 3 , INSII , for armament of formications
iu appoitioned and. in.utu available for the
. onstinctlon of kjiin-i ,
Mr. Boutelle Introduced a bill relating trt
duties on lisb. Hefefred. Hi. Boutelle .says
n icterence to this bill that the so called re-
allatoivpiovislon recently adiled by congress
o the shipping bill , however piopcr and in ti-
labie , will not bo reararded with much
ooneein by Canadians as they do not rare
uiueh for the pilvllcgo of purchasing bait or
supplies In our polls. He proposes , there-
"oie , to deal with the fishery question piac-
ically bv teriuiUating the fieo importation of
ish and increasing 'the Imnoit unties on all
isli , tlinseompellln Cinadlaus topavmoio
or the privilege of selling tish In the United
Statc . .
At Its cvculnr session the house passed
vpiiteen iiension bills and at 110 : ! ! ad join tied
intil to-morrow.
The CoiiRrosslonnl liiVPNtlRatlus
Committee Makes Its Keport.
WASIIINOTON , Jmlc 4. The icpottof the
lommlttec on Indian ! alfalis on Its Invcsliga-
lon of the condition of the Indians In the
.ndlan tcriltory and other reseivatlons , was
ubmittcd to the senate to-day. Touching
lie claims of thn Creeks und Scmlnoles In
Oklohamannd pretenses of the right to entry
ipon theip lands by bands of colonists ,
ho committee unite In the conclusion
hat the United States has no rlnlit to dis
pose of the ownership in the soil in that
ceded tract without further agreement with
hose tiibes. exeunt for the purpose of settling
otherfricndly Indians upon these lands , and
ho duty of preventing any intrusion upon
hese lands , which Is a distinct treaty obllga-
on , Is only increased tiust which wohavo
accepted to settle fiiendly Indians theie.
tegardlng leases of lauds for grazing
mrposes made by various tribes , the tenort
says that the decision of the president , that all
such leases were otho'elfect In law. has lett
tlio subject to depend pn a question ot law
rather tlian fact , as to wliloh the committee Islet
lot icqiiired to express Its views. Tlio h\e
civilized tribes , tlio. committee says , are con
spicuously In a < l.vanco ot all other North
Ameiican Indians in every respect , and that
ho wilder tribes can po brought up to the
aine standard by the influences of education
and icligion. J
Ordering Vessels Ftclcnaod.
WASHINGTON' , June 14.- Acting Secretary
'alrchlld to-day telegraphed as follows to the
: ollectorof customs atilveyVcst , Fla. , In 10-
atd to tho.sei'/.nteottheSpaijish vessels 1'aco
tnd Isabella tor alleged violation of the ens-
.om laws : f.v ,
"Iteloaso the Spanish schooners 1'acojond , ,
biibella unless tprfelted'uudnr srtution 4Tr7 ,
andicleaso the ear o unless forfcitcd-imder"
bectlon 4.'I77 revised MatiUes. Fishing hi thn
vaters of the United ! States .does not entail
he fbifeltuie of foreign vessels. "
' Ilouso Uuslncss.
WASHIXOTON , June 4. A meeting of the
chiilrmen ot the house committees was held
n the speaker's room' this afternoon , to ar
range the older in which public moasuics
now on the house calendar should bo called
ip for action. Over some discussion of the
ncsent condition of the business of the
louse , the meeting authoii/od the speaker to
ippoint a sub-comuilttcn of MX others besides
ninself to assemble next Tuesday night and
arrange an order of business.
Wonts to no Kvcuseil.
WASHINGTON , June4. At a nicotine of
.he democratic congressional committee Sen
ator Kcnna asked to bulelieved ot the duties
of picsldcnt , and expressed the wish that cx-
Jongie.'sinan I'hil Thompson bo appointed
issKtant secietary.
x Hopes' That It Will I'USH the
Nnw YOUK , June 4. United States Sen
ators tt'amer Miller and 3hcrman , of the
senate committee on ngnculture , had a con-
'crcnco this evening with .suveial lopiesen-
: ativi's of the Now York butter and cheese
lade , who are interested In the oleomar
garine bill. The bill comes before the
senate on Monday. Swverat gentlemen ox-
iircbsed the wish that it might be i el cried to
; ho committee op. ayrfeiiltuie instead of tlio
llnance committee. Senator Miller promised
: o try to accomplls'i ' this end , and added If ho
failed , ho 'would do his utmost
to obtain a favorable icpoit liom
the finance committee , of which ho Is also a
member. ScnatorMIIier stated that an etlort
liad been made to influence the cattle breed
ers against the bill on the alleged giound
that Its passage would reduce the pi Ice of
cattle S3 and 1 r > er head. Beef fat was not ,
IIOWOMT , used In the niunutactuio ot oleo-
maigarlne. The senator Is saiignlni ) that the
bill will bo passed by the senate
nsltlms alteady been by the house. It is
said to bo Uvoicd by Senators Moirlll , Hawley -
ley , Cameion , Allison , Sawyer , Palmer ,
Five , Blair , Sowell. Cullom , Jones. Black-
bin n nnd Sahln. It Is opposed by many
bonthein members.
Alurdnrod hy \Voumii. .
CIIICAOO , ( Juno 4. The Dally News'
Lltchlield , ill. , special says : A family qinr-
rel between Mrs. Case Sffrphcnson and Mis.
Aichlbald Strauss resulted this afternoon in
minder. The two.womeu had a quant- 1 this
mom Ing , when their husbands were absent.
On Strauss' ictiiniiat noon bis wile Informed
him that she had b6on Insulted by Mrs.
Mephciison , Slrnustf'went ' across the street
to the Stculunuon refldence and Innulrcd
ot Mis. Stephunsoni for her husband.
She ordered hiul ( off her ,
and then started 'Into ' her house , haying :
"I'll ' shoot you.F StlKlng a hhotgun the
woman emeiged fron" thu house just us
Strauss reached the gato'oii ' fits return home.
She ral&wt the wpaponjUi her shoulder and
Hied , the contents of to * gnu finding lodge
ment In StiaiissMiraIn | Bhe then went Into
the house , remarking ? "J'vc killed him. "
Tne woman was nirestpd nud is now In jail
awaiting a preliminary ) tilal. It Is stated
that the atlulr grow out ; ot jealousy on the
iiait ot Mrs. Stophensoh , who suspected her
husband of being on ( intimate terms with
Strauss' wile. A teje-ram has been dis
patched to Strauss' father , who lives in
Itcynoldsbuigh , Ohio. '
Hnln In Texas.
( lAi.VKStoy , June 4. Up to inldnK'lit last
uiglitthe News lecelvcd specials liom the In
teilor showing that good rains had fallen
last cveiliHg In eighteen counties. It has
mined alpng tlie fc < u valley and a few good
bhowerbaro reported wesPrrttjan Antonio.
The rainfall covers an area of "about 400
square miles. . "
Homo Kulo for Scotland.
GLASGOW , June4 , The Highland reform
league , at a meeting held here last nigh ,
adopted a resolution ; favoring home ride for
Scotland aud Uioestabliehment of u bepaiate
Scutch legislature.
Dullness Kalliiret-- .
NKW ; VOP.K , June 4. Total . -nuinber of
business falhnia llnoajthout tliu , 'U ill tot
States and Canada i isr. . . . ' . .
Opinions of tlio New York Press on tlio
K. of L. Situation.
Powdcrly Itcatnn by tlio Hot Ilcndu ,
Whoso McllioilH Arc Ijlkoly to
Disrupt llio < ircat Labor
Prophosylns the KnlRlitV Downfall.
Nr.vvYoiiK , Juuo2. [ Spatial Telegram to
he UiiKl Tlio Sun , this mornlnir , says : "So
t seems that a , power snpuilor to Mr. Pow-
lerly's is i Islng among the Knlslits of Labor.
Ills Idea has been to keep the organization in
larmonyllh the society of the day ; In
itlicr words , to let It eiow np with the coun
try. Hut now that he has been outvoted , an
ittcmpt at conducting the order on a more
nilleal plan may bo looked lor. What will
> e the cfTcet of this new departure" Judging
'rum what wo have ahcady seen , It cannot
'all to bo disastrous. "
The Tiibnno says : "It is the opinion of
naiiy of the wisest members of the Knights
of Labor that the election ot extremists and
opponents of General Master Woikman Pow-
Icrly to the executive committee sounds the
death knell of the organization fiom
which they had ho ped for great icMilts.
I'lio most obvious effect of the election
will be to Intensify the antagoitliiiu between
the Knights of Labor and the tiudes unions ,
and the effect of these elections Is to destioy
whatever was accomplished by the decision
'orbtddtng strikes or boycotts without the
consent of the executive committee. It is
,1110 the force of this judicious decision lias
been alteady lessened by the amendment
conceding to district assemblies the power to
ot for themselves In cases of cinerirpnoy. It
s not difficult to see that cases ot cmoigoiicy
will often , but with the executive com-
iilttce In full control of tluxe who favor vlo-
cut measuics there Is little loom to hope that
the conduct of the oiKanl/ation will in this
respect bo impioved. Mr. Powdeily's com-
uentsnpnn the elections , \\lilch weie gi\en
.o tlio piess on Wednesday night , do not in-
lieato much confidence that his principles
will ultimately piuvall. Theiiuestion now Is
whether ho will consent to ictaln his position
t the oiganlzatlon is to becontiolled by men
lostllc to his piinciplcs. "
The Times says : "Powdeily went to the
onvcntlon confident of success In his
but though he is not willin ; to admit It , it is
ilatn that he has been ovei ruled and de
bated by men whoso policy it Is to rule or
iiiln. While the convention was In session
disclosures were made which showed that
ccitnln men inflicted with socialistic notions ,
who had founed what was known as the
Homo Club in this city , weio Intent on over
throwing the conservative's policy ot Pow-
dcrly and controlling the older for their own
aggrandisement. Notwithstanding the expos
ure of their ehaiacter and their plans , they
practically determined the final action of the
Convention. Tim lestilt Is pen haps one
that was to bo looked lor , but
nevertheless It is one to be
deplored. It only shows thjit the labor
forces of this country me not in a condition
to bo organized on a rational basis and con-
luctcd with pitulence lor the attainment of
legitimate ends. The etloit brings into ac
tivity so much self-seeking ambition , and so
inuityof the baser weaknesses nre
tlio" Inevitable Tesult.s. Theconso -
quettcV'ls that what 'is called an ot-
ganl/.ation seems likely to fall Into tlio
chaotic elements out ot which it wns oiigln-
ally formed , and by its own internal conflicts ,
to destroy its power. When woikmen's 01-
ganlzations become opposed to each other ,
ind divide within themselves , they cease to
be a power. "
The Woild say.s : "Powdeily seems to nave
lost his command of the Knights of Labor.
.lie is entiiely too uonseivative to suit the hot
heads , and he has been practically howled
out. So much the woise lor the Knights of
Labor. "
1'owdcrly in Satisfied.
PiiTsni'itd , June4. Inan interview on
the i esiilt of tliu Cleveland convention tonight -
night , Cenciul Master Woikman Powderly
tated that e\crythlng ho asked was
grunted. Said he : "We had no law
to limit the indiscriminate use
of the boycott , the entcilng into ot Ill-advUed
strikes. Now we lm\c given to the executive
committee or boaid the power to inteneno
and ascertain the cause and effect ot tlie'-e '
moves befoio we sanction them. We icsone
the power to strike and boycott because an
instance may aiisc when both aio impeiativo ,
but they aio the last resorts and me
subject to limitations. Thcio was no neces
sity ol hiich strikes as the btu outbreak in
the southwest. That was without the consent
of the executive boaid , but thcie was no
legislation to enable it to act.
Whisky Steady.
CHICAGO , Juno 4. The executive boaid ot
the Westcin Kxpnit association held a ses
sion heio to-day. The io olutlon adopted at
the last meeting limiting tlio running capac
ity to b5,000 , bushels per day was rescinded
to-day. It was decided to call a meeting ot
the limning bouses for Juno 17 , nt the ( Jiand
Pacific hotel , to perfect the organi/atlon of
tlio American piiichasing and leasing com
pany , The capital block of 8t00,000 ! will bo
divided out pro rata , aecoiding
to the capltlty of each hon-e. Tno
amount to bo operated lor the month
of June Is tiS per cent of the business and an
assessment of Scents per bushel on what is
mashed. A resolution was adopted that in
view ot the fact that the board ot manageis
have to-day adopted a moaMiio which will
make a continuance ot the pool eutliciy pos
sible , that the sccictary ho diieetcd to notify
all membois that prices must be maintained
to the full htandaid , Anv cut liguies must
bo Immediately abandoned.
Pi ITMIUUU , June 4. The demands of COO
biickmaUers of Allegheny county lor an ad
vance of BO per cent | n wages , has been
granted and n threatened Milko averted. Tlio
strike ol the Westmorland county coal min
ers lias been bioken and a ceneial iPMimp-
lion is expected in a few clujs , The strike
affected over two thousand men.
A Political Cutthroat.
Boo.viviu.i ; : , Jnd. , Juno 4. John S.
( ientiy , while under the Influence ot liquor ,
got Into an altercation with Dr. Ageo ycstri-
day , nml cut the latter' rf tin oat. Agro died
In live minutes. A political dinputo was thn
cntiMi of the murder. Ageo is a biothcr ol
the lieutenant governor ot Xetnaskn.
Gold in .Missouri ,
LOUISIANA , Mo. , June 4. Gold has been
discovered within n mile of this city on a
tract of land belonging to .Samuel Kirn , A
bample of the ere was .sent to the assay office
nt Denver and u ceitllieate has been leturned
showing its value to bo SS pei ton gold s7 ,
Murdornd hy IndluiiH.
TUCSON , AjU. , Jnn 4. A rouiler has just
airi\rd , from Vall's lanch , cast of Koit
Lowe ) , with intellUeiico that the Indians
killed Dr. Clinton Jl. Davis yesleiday alter-
noon , Ho had gone out to that section fiom
adtho. lie came tram Iowa with \\iluand
lamily on aislt to his bi other.V. . C. Davis ,
ot Ynt nii , Theie were ci lit Indiana In the
pirty. - . -r . _
A Hint 10 Arlhiii' .
KKW Yoiuc , Juno J. President ArTinrr
received n box from the White House con
taining a piece of the wedding cnk-i- .
Nelirusku nthcr.
' OMAHA , JUno . ' 5. Weather , tor 'Nebraska .
.Cicnerally fad weithfr , neatly hUtl.ouary
' '
Oranccntcn Attnok Cnthollcs With
7'iitrtl ncsults.
Hr.t.rAT , Juno 4. Orange workmen em
ployed at Queen's Island ship yards to-day
attacked the navvies employed by the harbor
commlsslonets. nnd after overpowering them
and beating them badly , drove them Into the
water. It was with great dlfllcnlty that the
Injured , exhausted and struggling navvies
were rescued. The orangcmen made the as
sault because tliu navvies. It was alleged , had
previously attacked some loyalists for
aspersing the homo rule movement.
Intense excitement prevails among the local
Catholics In consequence of the attack. The
Orangemen nnmbeiod 0,000 and the navvies
100. A repetition of the hlstoilcnl ilotsls
feared. Policemen , fully aimed , aio patrol-
Inc thn city , and the military are
held in leadincss In the bar
racks. Tidily Catholics were Injuied
and twelve wore tnUon to hospitals. The
body of James Curran , one of the liavvies
Mho was missing fora time , has been rei-ov-
ered. Hevis the solo support of his widowed
Yesterday's HVOIUH on the Turf and
UuiatiToN HIIACH , June ! . For maidens ,
tlueeiuaiteisof amlle : Una Bwon , Change
second , Tj phoon thltd. Time 1 : lo/ .
For beaten horses , tlure-quaiteis of n mile :
Maryland won , Santa Claus second , Soph-
ratio third. Tlnio-llfiV. :
Selling allowances , ono mile : Pope IA-O
won , Montauk second. Utunswlcic thlid.
Time 1:14. :
Mile : Valley Foigo won , Aleck Anient
second. Miss Daly third. Time 1:44K- :
Handicap , one and one sixteenth miles :
Vnlletwou , Windsall second , J. II. I ) , third.
LATONIA , Ky.Jnno 4. The weather to-day
was lovclv , tracK fair , atteudaiieii good.
Mile : Hottentot won , Chill second , Kacer
thlid. Time 1:18. :
One and one-eighth miles : Lcanian won ,
WnuKesha bccoud , Kansas thlid. Time
l.V.i. :
Tniee-fouillis mile : Kovcngo won , Fe-
doni second. Lead thlid. Time 1:20. :
Dynamite , who aNo ran. fell on the tar tnin
and was killed. The jockey was not seriously
hint.Fiveeighths mile : Jacobin won , Donuy-
Inook second , Linda P.xyno thlid. Tlmo
1 : in.
For three-year-olds , one and one-fourth
miles : Masteipicco won , Uoa < 5 second , Lom-
sllpper third. Time U:15. :
The Itaoo liall Uocord.
St. Louis . oioooooo o l
Philadelphia . 0 0200000 O-'J
Fhst base lilts St. Louis 5 , I'hiladelnhiaO.
Kirois-St. Louis S , Pliiladelphia 5. Umpire
Cm iv.
New York . t 0431001 0-10
KansasCitv. . 0 00100001 1 !
Pitchers Conwav and Welch. First base
hits New Yoiki ) , Kansas City t > . Kitors
New York 4 , Kansas City 4. Umpire Con
JJoatoil . 0 02002000-1
Chicago . 0 0 0 S 0 0 0 1 x 10
Pitchers Day , liadbouin and Flymi. First
base hits Boston 7 , Chicago 18. Knois
Boston 7 , Chicago 10. Umulie Gallnoy.
Baltimoio . 0 00000321 5
St. Louis . 0 3 1 1 3 1 0 1 1-13
"Pitx-heis Henderson and Carouthcrs.
First base hits-BnlUmoio V , St. Louis 14.
Kriors.JSaltlmoio . (5 ( , St. Louis 4. " Umpire-
Cincinnati. ! . 0 t , 7
Brooklyn0 0 0 0 o o o 8 4-l'J
Pitchers' Mnllivne and llaiklns. First
base hits' Cincinnati S. Diooklyn 14. Knurs
Cincinnati a. Brooklyn 0. Umplte Brad
Athletic . 'J 03100201 8
Pittsbuig . o a a 4 i : i a 2 x us
Pitcheis Mathews nnd Calvin. First
base hits Athletic 10 , Pittsbnrg 10. Errors
Athletics 10 , Pittsbuig C. Umpire ( junl-
son.AT Nr.w YOKK
Metiopolltan. . . . 'i 3
Louisville . o o l o 0 i a x 7
Pitehcis Mays and Itainsey. Fust base
hits Metiopolitaii ! ! , Louisville 7. Knois
Metiopolitan 0 , Louisville C. Umplic
_ _
Friday Cholera.
Lr.nAXo.v , Tenn. , June 4. Jim Baxter
( coloied ) , was l-anged at HiJ : ! this morning ,
toi the minder of Mrs. Lane , an old lady , tlio
5th of last September. Baxter , accompanied
by another man , demanded money ot Mrs.
Lane , who said she had none. Baxter then
pushed Her over and dealt her a blow with a
a rock winch subsequently killed her. The
accomplice made a confession.
WiNcnisni : : : , Va. , June 4. West Honesty
nnd i'abby Banks wcio Imnged nt ( > : ' . this
mottling lor the munlerof Joseph McCaul.
eighteen yoaifl old , on the night ot November
14 , 1HS-1. Dining a huge dfinoeiatic pioees-
slon the pilsoncis walked thiongli the
stiects making threats that they would
crack the skull ot some demociiif beloiu
inoinlng. They met MeCiaul altlie month ot
an alloy. Oneol them stincic linn on the
headwllha rock 01 some other weapon. Mc-
( iaul , who del ended himself as best he could
with u light cane , got away and went to Ills
boarding house , wlieiu ho was iound dead
next morning.
Nr.w OKI.KA.NS Juno 4. A special from
OpuloiiMix , La. , to the Tlmes-Demociat says :
Alfred Taylor , ( eoloicd ) , aged 21 , was
hanged heic this altei noon lor assaulting a
white- woman In Febmary last , lie ( un
tested lils innocence to the last. At 10tl : ;
a. m , , thn blackcap was placed on his head ,
and his exclamation. "Oh , Loul. have
meicv , " was inteiinpied by the tailing of
thotiap. He fell lx feet and hltt neck was
bioken , death being almost Instantaneous.
Inside of liltcon minutes the body was cut
down and tinned over to his trlemts tor In
\Yitli Ills Jlothcr-ln-lnxv.
ivos Neb. , June -James toi- !
don , n Inimci llvlni'iin-ir town , has elojied
wlttihis matlinivln law , taking all imitablu
stock and household goods and leaving Ills
wife ne.ulv ileititutc. 'flic latter appears to
bo glad of tlio liddanco , as both abused her
.shamefully. Them Is no anxiety to captmo
the inmvways.
Commissioner Sparks nnd the Sccrotiry Ro-
vcrso Their Kecont Ruling.
Jlcprcaontattvo Purvey nnd Oilier
AVcstern CoiiBrcn iiiim liuliRiinnt
nt tliu Issuance ol * the Mnmlnto
and Carry The If Point.
The Onlor Hnrokcit.
WASHINOTON , June 1. A rlrculnr Issued
from the department of the general land
ofllco to-day , signed by the commissioner nnd
approved by the seeietaiy of the Interior , r j-
voltes the nnler Issued to rejfistius and re-
eels era on Juno ' . ! , directing them to rcoclvo
no filings or new applications lor entries
under the pre-emption , timber enltunt or
deceit claim laws until August 1 , IS1 , theio
being a question as to thn locality of the
older. The older was Issued owing to tliu
unusual mimbcr of entries being nudeIn
anticipation ot a repeal of the laws.
( ioiti for hjinrkH.
WASHINGTON , .luno 4. [ Spi-clul Telegram
to the Hni.J : Tliu weste'in anil noith western
members and senators are \oiy Indignato
o\cr the Issuance of the following order :
"To registers and lecelvers : The inpealof
tlin uio-iMiiptlon , timber culture and desert
hind laws , being now the subject of consid
eration by confess , ; \ll applications to enter
lauds undnrMild hiw mo nerebv suspended
liom and after this ditto. until the 1st day of
August , ltN , ami you are dlieeted to lecclvu
no filings or now applications for entry
under said laws ditrtn- ' said timo.
Wvt. J. Si'AiiKS , Commissioner. "
Keprcsontatlvo Dorsoy lim : prepaid ! n resolution
elution of Inquiry to Intioduco Into tlui
liousc to-day , asking by what authority a
bureau olllcor of the Government could sus
pend and annul the laws of the United
States. After consultation with Secretary
Lamarthis nioining , Mr. Dorsoy was told
that the secrctaiy had under consideration ,
and would decide to-day whether or not he
would revoke the ouler of Mr. Sparks.
Unless ho does so , a resolution will be In-
liodueed In both houses of cnngiess on the
leasons demanded. Tliuio Is but one opin
ion In rcleicueu to ( no older , and that Is that
it Is simply infamous ami outiiigcous , trans
cending the power of even tlio piosldcnt.
The Nebtaska delegation in congtess Is
unanimous qn tnls opinion.
No Verdict Arrived at ni Yet A l > ls-
agreement Proliaulc.
ST. Louis , June 4. At ! ' : : ; o to-night Clo
ver concluded the closing .spoeeli foi the Mate
In the Maxwell case and a few minute later
the juiy retired. At 11:15 : p. m. Judge Van
Wagoner sent a deputy" sheriff to
the v jury room , to asceitaln If
the jury had airioed1 upon n vet diet.
On thoicturn ot the deputy ho whtspeied a
few words to the judge , wlieranpon the latter
adjourned court- until to-mouow morning.
The fact that ; the jury wore out nearly two
horns without finding a veidiet leads many
to believe tliatrthey will fall to agree.
The DrsfrueUvo FJnmoa.
PiTTsiiuno. .Juno 4. A conflagration is
raging at Scottdnlo , 1'a. , that threatens tlo :
dcstiuctlon of the whole town. The build
ings aio mostly frame and the flumes aie
spicadlng in all directions. Aid has been
trlcginphed torfiom this city and -engines
will bo dispatched at once. Intense. oxcitp-
inent pievalls and all ofloii.s" to tituy the
flames have so far been fruitless.
A Slouv City ICntorprUe.
Sioux CITV , la. . Juno 4. [ Special Tele
gram to thn BII : : . ] Ills probable that another
extensive packing house will bo established
here dining the piescnt season. The line in
the Missouri liver since yesleiday morning
lias been about tour toot ,
Thaypi- County News.
Hr.i.HON , Nub. , Juno ! ! . - [ Correspond
ence of the Br.i : . ] ( Jonorul John M.
Tliayer addressed the G. A. 11. post at
this jlnuo ) last niilit. { Addresses wcro
nlso inndo by Colonel E. M. Cowiill nnd
Ciitiin ] ) : J. II. Stickel. A largo iitulienco
trreeled the sKonki'r/i. /
'J'hero is every indication for : i good
croii thiongli this seetion.
Tlie school census of Tlmyor cn'tinty
shows 2,011 innlu , uiiil , ! ) ( foinnle Hohool
children , : i pain of ! )11 ) .sincu last ycnr.
A iHihtolheo IniB been established : it
An fuU'hinri well will soon bo sunk at
Tin ! niiKtli-ilruudcd ho dlscuse is fast
Scarlet fovnr has broken out In this
The Hock Island prospects still keep
The now town of Oldowti is having iv
largo him ! boom.
A new paper , the Colored Adroe.atc ,
will FOOII bo started in Oinului by JMr. J.
C. llubbiird.
A now furry car train from Council
llhill's to this ijilv lia.s buon jmt on Ihis
week , .starting from the Uliilln at 7.05
o'clock a. in. It brings in the wagons of
gardeners , llorists anil fruit growurs m
tin d aronnil Council HlnlTs to this oily ,
nnd is known us the "inarkel train. "
C. 1) . Kolloy. of North Platto. luis been
. ,
sold on fen .years tm < > Loiter l-.ils , of
North Pintle , will ns Lst Mr. Kelley In
HID Mtlu of this land.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Ta. prepared from Barsnparllla , Dandelion , Is Ilin best blood purifier before thn puMli * .
Maiidr.ikc , Dock , ) 'ii."U | r\va , , liinlcr | Her- It eradicates every humility , and cures Scrof
rics , and other will-known and \alualilo vcge- ula , Halt Klieiun , Holly , l'niilcs | | , all llumorx ,
t.iblo rciiKMllea. Tlie comliliutlon , projinrtfun ) ) . ] ! , lllliniisiiCHS , Hlc ) ; Headache , liull-
and reparation arc peculiar to Hood's Sania- Ccctlon , Ocncnil Debility. Oatarrli , Jthcumt- :
parllla , phlng It rurativo powi-r not possc 8Ct llsm , Kliltiey and l.lvci Oiini'lalJits. ' It over
by other medicine ? . It effects remarkable comes that cxticino tired feeling , and builds
cutfs where others fail , uji the .system.
" [ cimilJcr llooil's K.irsaiarllla | the bopt " Hood H.irf > np.irllla was a ( Jod-prml to me ,
nicOlchio Ie > orused. It uhc.s mnaiiaiipclltu for It cured me of ilyriicpsla un < t liver com-
and refreshing sirup , and Kccj.s tlm voM out. " pl.ilnt with which 1 h.iil snIVi.ieil i'O jc.tra. "
J.8. 1'oao , IDG Sjittico titrud , 1'ottl.iiiJ , Me. J. It. lliuiNur.cK , Kouth r.iil.iburi ; , X V.
the Blood
" When I Sought Hood's Barsap.irilla I marie " Hood's S.irsap.irllla talics less time and
a good Investment of one dullar In medicine 'liiatitilytofhou It ! ) iffcc tllu.n any oilier prep
for tlio first th'io. It lias < lrhcu oft rlieuma- aration. " tins. C. A. IlumuiiD.N. Chill , N.Y.
UMII and Improved my appctlto o much that " Jly wlfri had vciy poor health for a Ions
my lioartlhig mlstrosj siyn : I nm t K < ( [ i It time , mftcrhi fiom hidl Ci > tloii , poor apro-
locked up or hn will bo obliged tu raise my tlte , nml consliint lic.idaclie. Hhe tried cveiy-
board with c\cry otlicr bo.inler that takes Ihliii ; no could bear of , but found no relief tilt
Hood's Harnaparlllx" TnyitAS Iuuuu. ) : , she tiled Jiooil'ii Harsaiiarlll.i. Hho H nmr
M Tlllaiy Street , IlrooUjn. N. Y. taKIni ; tbotblnt bottle , aud nevcr _ felt belter
" I find Hood's Karsaparlll.Vlhuhrst remedy Iu her life. AVe feel It our duty to rccinumci.d
* < Jinj.ure blood IVvct used. " M , II. BA.VI rn , It toocry ono \\u Know. " I.OU K Sotei
ticket agCr.trr fr It. 1W. . Uound Urook , N. J. VII.I.K , Mutolaml , Coal ; County , III.
Hood's Sarssparilla Hood's Sarcaparilla
Sold \j \ U druenUU. H ; tlx Jur fi. P.JS'liy kit ilrnrtlil ; > . f ll li fur fii 1'tcparrd
\ff \ C. 1. 1IUUU * CO. , Ai jllKoarln. Lonrll , \i \ ] II. 1.11001) J. < ; O. , > jiotl.rc.-ul < , l.oyi-iri.VM. ' '
' "IOO , Dosou One Dollar . too Dos's Ono Dollar