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TLo Oleomargarine Bill Finally Gomes to a
Vote and Passes.
Ono Hundred nnil Scvonty.qevpn Hep-
rcBcnlntlvcs I-'avorthc Mcnmiro
ntul One Hundred nud One
Oppose It Friends
nud I-'oca.
Pulled Through nt Last.
WA III.NOTOX , June3. In tlio temporary
absence of the speaker. Mi. Wellboin of
'IVxns was designated as speaker pro ton.
Mr. O'Neill of .Missouri , fiom the commit
tee on labor , repoilcd back the senate bill c.x-
tendliu ; the provisions of Ihe eUht-liour law
to letter cai ilcis. Placed on iho house cal
The house then resume 1 consideration of
thcolcomargnilne bill.
Mi. Hatch of Missouri took the floor to
close the debate In suppoit of tlm measure1.
He delivered a long speech , loviowing tlio
history of tlio rcmarkablu contest over this
hill , and defended the committee on agricul
ture ngalnbt tlio attmUs that have been made
upon it by the opponents of the measure.
At tliu conclusion of Mr. Hatch's remarks ,
and after a stoimy stitigglo over a point ol
ruling , tlm IIOIHU proceeded to vote upon the
amendments to the bill. The amendment
wasdlsagrecd to which excluded fiom thu
definition of "bullet1' thu pioducl made from
cream or milk when coloilng matter Is used.
The vcihlago of the section defining olco-
iiiatgailnu vvis changed so that the latter
clause ot it shall lead : "And inlxtuies and
compounds of tallow , biof fat ,
fillet , lard , lard oil. vegetable
oil , annato and oilier coloilng matter. Intes
tinal fat , and oil made in Imitation or sum-
bianco of butter , or when so Hindu calculated
tobo sold ns buttei. " Thu amendment re-
qniiing hotels aiidrest.iiiiants hi the District
of Columbia to placird llio use of olcomai-
gmiiie was rejected > ca , b ! ) ; na > s , 170.
In accordance with an n iecmcnt in the
committee , Mr. Hatch submitted an amend-
mcnt dedal in. : ills opposition lo it however
fixing the late of tax on oleomaigailne at3
cents pel pound. jeas , r. ! ! ) ; najs ,
Mi. Hatch then olTeicd an amendment hx-
Ing the lain nt ? cents pel pound. Agieed to
jeas , 151 ; nujs , 12'J.
At tins point the piocoedlngs wete iutci-
inpted to enable N. L.allace to take the
oath ot oilico as lepiesentatlvu fiom the second
end dlstiiel of Louisiana to ( ill Hie vacancy
caused bv IhuiUa'li ol Mlctmcl Halm ,
-Mi. Hiovvnc olluicd mi amendment ex
empting irom the tax olcoiiiaigaiino when
sold unde.1 Us tine name Kejeoti'd j CMS , ; , i 3
Mi. Mills moved to recommit Hie bill , with
Instructions to the committed on ainiciilluiu
toiepoit it back with an amendment impos
ing a tax on Incomes. Lost jeas , S5 ; najs ,
The bill was llicn passed vcas , 17" : nays ,
101.Thu following Is the vote In detail :
Yias Mesxis. Adams ot Illinois. Allen of
Massachusetts , Allen ot Mississippi. Audei-
bon of Kans is , Atkinson , Daker , Dillentiiie ,
Duksdale. liauy. Dajne , lieacli Dlngham ,
Dlaiid , Doiiud , Doutelle , Diadj , Drown of
Ohio , DIOWII of Pennsylvania , Duchnnan ,
Duck , Hunnell , Diirlclirh , Duirows , Duttci-
w01 th , Djiiinu , Caldwell , Campbell ot Penn-
Hjlvanla , Campbell ot Ohio , Cannon , Cailo-
toii , Casvvell , Claidv , . Comstock , Conger.
Davenpoit , Doisov , Dinelev , Docki'iJ'.JMw-
fioiij FJdic'dgc , LIsbeiry , vL'lv , Krmcutrotit ,
Kvnns. Evcihart , F.UmiiarFelton , , Fleegm,1
Foian , Frederick , Flillei , Funston.dallHigei' ,
, ( Icddes , < : ihsoiviif .Missouri , ( illMllan-Giecn
, ol Noith Caiollna. Giout , Hale , llulsell ,
Hanback Hatch , Hajnes , lleaid , llender-
KOII of Illinois , Henderson ot Iowa , Henley ,
llepbinu , Hermann , Hill , Hiiseli , liiscoou ,
Ilitt , llolman , Holmes , Hopkins , Howmd ,
Jackson. James. Johnson of New Yoik ,
Johnston of Indiana , Kelchum , King ,
Klelnei , La Follelto , Laiides , La Fevie ,
Lindsej , Little , Lomr , Love , Loutltt ,
Lowrj , Ionian , Mat-on , McConms ,
MeCieury , McKunnn , MclUnlcy , Millard ,
Mlllikcn , Molfatt , Moigan. Moiiovv , Monlll ,
Mucllci , Minphy , Neecp , Nelson , O'Donnell ,
O'Fenall. O.sboiue , Oulhw.ilto , P.irkei ,
Pa\ue , Pavson , Peiklns , Pcteis , Peltlboue ,
J'liclps , Pidcock , Piudai , Plumb , Pilcc , Urn-
dall , Keese. Ulce. itlihaidson , Kiggs , Uob-
ritson , Itockwell , Homcis , Kovvcli , livan ,
Savvjei , Scotl , Sjianton , Seuev , Sessions ,
Seymour Miaw , Singleton , Smalls , Son den ,
, 5111 lugs , 8 ilngei , Slahliieckci. Steele , Ste-
TifiPiison , Stewart ot Veimont , btono of
Massachusetts , Stone of KciituckjMorm ,
htrnlt , btruhie , S'vope , Svmes , I" . D.Taylor
ol Ohio , Ike Tavloi ot Ohio , Thomas of
Illinois , Thomas ol Wisconsin , Thompson.
Townsend. Wade , Wait. Wakelleld. Ward of
Indiana , Weavei of Nebiaska , Weavoi of
Iowa , West , \\hitu \ of Peiinsvlvanla , While ,
ot Minnesota. Whiting , Wllklns , Wln.ius ,
Wolfoidand Woithlngton. TotaI-177.
Najs Messrs Adams of New Voik , Bar-
hour Dames , Dennett , Dlaneliaid , lllonnt , of Aikansas , Iheeklmldsu ol
Kentucky , Diovvno ol Indiana , Humes Ca-
bell , Felix Campbell ot New Voik , T. J.
Camiihell ot New Y ° 'k ' , Chandler , Catch-
Ings , C'obb , Collins , Covvles , Cox , Ci.ine ,
Cilsii. Culbeison , Ciiidn , Daniel , Daigan ,
Davidson of Alabama , Dibble , Donghcitj' ,
Dowdney , Dunham , Dunn , Flshei , Ford ,
Foinej' . < iftvilbson of West Vligini.i , ( ilass.
Hmiiiiioud , H.urls , Homphlll , llendcison of
North Caiollna , Hirbeit , Hewitt , llouk ,
llntton , liiim , Johnston ot North Caiolina ,
Jones of Texas , Jones of Alabama , Kclluy ,
Lmilmm , Law lei , Lehlbacli. Llbbej' ,
Louilm , ' , Malinnov. Maillu , May-
biny , MeAdoo , MeMllleii. Mcltae ,
jleiriman , Miller , Mills , Mitchell , Monlson ;
Neal , Neirlev , Noiwood , Oates , O'llaia ,
O'Neill ol Peniisjlvaiila , O'Neill of Missomi ,
Peel , PCIIJKceeau , Sajois , SklmiM , Snj'-
iler. biioouer , St. Jlmtln , Taisnej' , Taiilbee.
.1. M , Taj lei ol Tennessee. Xach. Tavlor ot
Tennessee , Thioekmoitoii , 'lillman , Tucker ,
Tmiiei. van Kiiton. Van Sclmlck , Wads-
woilh , Wallace , Waid of Illinois , Wainei ot
AIlhMiuil , Wellboin , Whi'oli'i , Willis , Wilson ,
AVlsu mid Woodbui n. Total loi.
UVI.MNO HI.KSio ; , .
Thpronsiintoui a do/.en moinbeis ] ) ies-
put when the liuiisu n < et this evening lor
f.imenil debate on the Olnhoiim ! : bill. The
discitaslon was duvold ot Intelest and at 10:30 :
thu house ndjouiiiid ,
n.ATUiiH , : or TIM : MHASUUI : .
Thi ) I'imihIoiiH ol ( liu Ulcoinnrcarino
UilliiH Passed.
WAHIIIVOION , Juno3 , Thouleomargailno
bill as It p isH'd tlio house to day contains the
following feutines ;
Duller N detiucd lo bo a food pioducl made
exclusively liom milk or rream , or both ,
with or without lommon tail and with or
without additional culoilug mattei.
Olcoiimigaiino Is ilelincd as nil substances
mailu ot oleomamaiino , ole , oleoiimigmino
oil , butti'ilnel.udine , suliiu and ncutial : all
inlxtuii's and compounds of olooimiruurinc ,
010 , fdeoimuj.'ailno oil , bultcriuo , l.udine ,
fidno and ueiitial : all lard extracts and
tallow extiacts , and all iiilxliues and compounds -
pounds of tallow , beef lot , suet , hud , laid
\egetableoll , annato mid other coloring
mattei ; intesllual fat and ottal tat made In
Imitation 01 semblance ot buttei , or when to
made calculated or Intended to bo sold us
buttei ,
Special taxes nro Imposed as follows : On
iiianulactuH'is. , &GOO ; on wholesale dealers ,
t-lM ) ; on ictail dealers , SIS. 'Iho existing in-
teinal ic'vcnuo laws , so far as applicable , are
inado lo apply lo Iheso special laxes. Penal-
tiis aio Imposed on any iie'ison who shall
deal in uleumaigarlnu without paving a
( special tax. rroUalons mo made toi the
piopei stamiiluganiTlnUallngof ovcry jmck-
ugo of olcoiuaignilne. A tatjj > ce'uls per
pound la Imposed on all oh'oniijvarlno
iiianiif'icuireil ' and sold , mid a penalty isprc-
BcnbtHl foi thu purchastioi 101 option foi sale
of oli-oinaivailno not branded
or stamped ac
cording lo law.
Weather for Nobr.iblca.
. Geucrally fair weather , tllt'htly warmer ,
Tin : S
The rishertcfl question Coincn Up
nnil U Hcfcrrod.
WAMII.VOTO.V , Juno 3. Mr. Dawcs pre
sented a petition from Iho city council of
( Jlouocestcr , Mass. , which was appropriately
referred , praying for retaliation on the
Canadian government for the sei/ino of
Amcilcan fishing vessels. Mr. Dawos said
the cntlro absence of any armed vessel ot
the United Stales In Ihoso waters lo protect
our hsliGi men hi the excrciso ot law fill com
merce led him lo Inquire whether that ab
sence Mas from any lack of power in the
promts' " ? .
.Mr. Edmunds icpllod that legM.itlnn was
not necessiry , oveepl , perhaps theappiopria-
tlnn of money to enable the picsldeut of the
United htatc , vvtio Is the commnmlci In
chief of our armies and navies , to scud out
any \essol of the United Stales If vvo happen
to nave 0110 that could sw Ini.
Mi. Hale said that the orders alleged lo
Imo been issued by thu Canadian authorities
affecting the hcrrl IP ; hsheilesol the Canadian
people themselves and their business In hei-
rlnits vvllh I he people In .Maine raned to
him the gi.n est matlc'r tint appeared on Iho
IHII Iron. He believed thu people of thu
United Slates geneiallv weio looking with
anxiety to see thcadminis'.iatlon ' como up to
vvlial had hi on the Intention of consiess.
'I he senate then took ui > the bill piov idlng
foi the taxation of lallioad plant lauds , mid
after some delnto .Mr. Hour , not wishing lo
embauass the bill , withdiovvlhls amendment ,
limiting pinch ises under the act to MO acics.
Altci luithcr debate the bill passed I
Mr. Van Wjck called up HIP house bill on
the same stibk'i I , and on Ids motion Hie com
mittee on public lands was disehaiued fiom
Its fuitlier consideration. Ho then moved
thu senate bill us an amendment in the
nature of a substitute to the house bill.
Agieed to. A committee of eonfeicnco was
then onleied into whoso hands tlm bill was
ut once put.
In aecoi dance with a i evolution offered by
Mr. Wilson of Iowa , the piesldent pie tern-
pme ot the scnato appointed a committee ot
live senators to have eliaigo ot the Investiga
tion ot tlio matter of the appointment ot
Indian a/uiits.
'Iho bill to Indemnify HID Chinese foi
losses Inclined by riots at Kock Sinlngs.
Wvo. . h.ivln , ' been brlelly discussed , went
over till to-moiiow ,
Afterun executive session the senate ad-
WASIMNOIOV. Juno 3. Postmasteis S
Heiry , Wlnclicslei , III. ; J. W. Maishall , Me-
Leansborougli , 111. ; J. H. Iteidlei , Mount
Pul.iskn.lll. ; J. M. ( lilllland , Xaslma , la. ;
J. H. Uatckln , Shemndoah.ln. ; C. L. Forbes ,
St. Paul , Neb. ; W. K. Heiisley , rolumbtis ,
Neb. ; F. A. Thompson , JlcCook , Neb. ; A.
Feiguson , Noitli Platle , Neb.
L K. Chinch , of New York , lo bo associ
ate justice ol IMP supiemc court ot Dakota :
W. ll. Dames , ol Illinois , to be associate ins-
lice of tlio suiueme eomt of Ail/nna. Post-
masteis A. Klaua , Jamestown , Dak. ; James
Moian , ji. , W.iukiegan , 111.
iil/alcth in n Huff.
AVASiitMiioN' , Junes. [ Special tclcziam
to the Di.n. ] Miss Cleveland , it Is sild , will
ret inn lo hei home in New York state at the
end of tilts week , and that she will not bo a
fiequenter of the white house hcrjif tor. The
{ .osslps say she has no objection to her new
slstei-In-l iw , but that she is displeased at Hie
way the engagement was undo and the fail
ure of her mother to consult het about the
KeversIiiK Ilia Predecessor.
WASHINGTON , Juno 3. Comptioller Din-
ham , of tlio tieasttry depaitment , hasicn-
deied a decision in which lie holds that under
the act of Juno 1C , ISM ) , the double minimum
excess paid lei lands should bo leturned to purch.isei , and not to Hielinns-
ferec , wheie alranslei made alter the
passage ol this act. This decision loverscs
Comptioller Lawionce , his prede < c sor.
, ' 7 - - O -
, 'i 'Xlioso Union Pacific Uonds.
, NK\v < i"i6HK , Juifc 3. [ Special Telcn'i am to
the 1JE1 The Times this inoiiiiugsajs :
Now that the new boaid ol Hie Paellic Mall
steamslnn directory has been chosen , and its
personnel being Diactlcally unchanged , with
a veiy decided leaning towaid peace with
the transcontinental lines , it Is announced
that there will pi obably bo another effort to
bring about some airieoment toi a renewal of
the subsidy of & 7r > ,000 a month and an ad-
vmico of tatCM. The involved statement of
Piesident Adams , of the Union Pacilie ,
which has been quoted as pi oIng tliat his
company is not gelling icady to issue new
bonds , was supplemented by another state
ment liom Mi. Adams quoted in Wall sticet
\csteiday. New bonds , atlei all , are con
templated , It seems , and the companj this
Is the way the statement is put out in tlio
compan > 's tavoi may have some to oiler
against Ihe Chejenne iVNortheui load , built
mulct a special chancr.
JIloli Hock Island.
CHICAGO , June 3. The annual meeting ot
the Chicago. Itock Island and Pacllicialhoad
was held lieio jesteiday. bhaies to the num
ber of 3.7Vt.j ! ( vveio lepicsented. The follow
ing dlieclois weic elected foi three jears :
lloswell P. Flovvci , Benjamin Diewster ,
( eoigoP. Wright and Homy M. Flaglci , all
being ie-clected oxecot Flaglei , who takes the
place ot A. C. Dulman. Tlio now boaid
elected H. K. Cable , piesldent ; David
DovvsnndA. Klmbilj , vice piesldenls , mid
William ( L Purdy sucietaiy and tieasiirci.
An executive committee vyas elected as lol-
lovvs : llu-h lllddle , clf.ilrniiin , IE. K.
Cable. David Dews , 11. It. Dlshop nnd Deuja-
mln liiflvvstei.
The annual icport of the load shows flic
gross c.u nl iifs lei the \otr unilliiir March HI.
Ibsd , vveii ! SI J.00ii7 | : , operating expenses and
taxes , S'.H.O.b'M ; making net cainlngs
$ lW7IVi , to which was added § 310,000 lor
lands sold.
Alter paying dividends , fixing ehniges ,
etc. , the compain carl led OUT a suiphis of
The Thrifty Northwest oi-n ,
CIIICAOO , Junes. The annual meeting of
the htockholdeis of the Chicago & Noith-
westein ralhoad was held heio tills afteinoon.
D. 0. Mills , John N , Dmke , M.uvln lliighltt ,
N , K. Fall banks , and Horace Williams , whoso
terms as dhectois had explicit , vvero 10-
olected. Peiiy It. Pine was chosen as ill-
rector , vlio C. J. Osboine , deceased. The
bimid of dhectois ic-elected all the olllccif.
'Iho gioss eainlnus ot the Chicago iViNoith-
western tot the fiscal > eai ending May
31 hist will be about ; W.iiOO.OX ) , whieli in-
cliules the estimated earnings of the month
of May just elon'd. The opoiatiug'expwibes
and taxes , with estlnmtOb < it tlioso for May ,
w 111 bu about 1 he Inteiest on the
bonded debt mid sinking funds amount to
ahov.l S * > 7CO,000 , making the estimated net
levenuo S-5,700,000 , fiom which dividends ot
0 pei cent on corn'mm , and 7 pei pent on pro-
fi'iicd. stocK , amounting to 5 * U-U.iooo , have
been declined , leavini : a surplus of Sl'jli5rxK ) ,
exelusivoof the luvenuu deilved fiom the
sale of land.
Tour Miners Killed ,
LIAIIYII.I.K : , Colo. , Juno 3. A eave oc-
cuued hi the Colonel > mines , at Call-
foiula Biilch , In which Joseph Piutti , Louis
Miller. H. Helchcoek and Louis Pietti , tour
mlneis , were cauglit. 'Iho men were vvoik-
Ing in thu slope , SOO teet high , putting in
tlmbei.and a heavy mass ot 010 caved In
upon them , Idling the slope. A gang of 150
men ate woiklng with all cncitxy and dis-
pilr tiling to iccover tlio bodies , but the
water Keeps inslilugjn so fast and Hie ere
keeps falHn ? on them so that It is baldly
possible that the icmaius will bo leached to-
da > ,
And Duddcnslok CSouo Too.
Niw : Yonic , Jnno3. Chailes A. Dudden
sick , the builder of mud houses who was son-
teuced to len > cars linpilbonmcnt and lined
5JO foi iminslauglitur , wts ; parly this morn-
in/ taken to Slug bingprison. .
Grot or ,
Pi n siu'iso.Jime 3. The Amalgamated As
sociation of Iron and Steel workers adopted n
lesolntlon congratulating President Cleve
land on Ida nuniagc ,
The President and His Brito Basking on a
Crest of the Allrghenics.
Ctcryttilng ri.inncd Tor n Quiet
Jloncj moon , Secluded 1'iotit
the Public Gnzc Slghtnccrs
at the Whltn House.
The Honrj moon nt "Dear 1'nrk. "
DEMI PAitKMd. Jnne3.President Olevc-
litiul mid brldo arrived hcie at four o'clock
this nioiiiiiig mid .110 domtcllc.l In out ) ot the
collates attached to the hotel. Vciy low
persons wore here , ns theicwasiio knowledge
that tlm bililnl party would come here.
Piesldcnt and Mis. Cleveland aic sojourning
VPIJ qnlell.v. A largo Inlltiv of visitor aio
looKcd for as soon as it is known the newly
wedded couple aio here.
'llui place ) selected for the pinsldontlal
hone. ) moon Is on the crest of the Alloghcnles.
'llio house Is known as tlio cottage ot ex-
Senator lnIs of West Vhginla. Deei park
Is 3,000 feel above the sea. Tlioeottngo Is
about h ilf a inllo cast of Deer Pmk hotel , In
the center of iiguno upon one ot the finest
of dilvewa > s , In the midst of a gtoup of
collages , among which tlioso of liar-
ilson , tiaiictt , Miss Maty (5arrclt , ( languid
of the lateV. ) . Uanett , and Stephen U.
Elklns aio mostconsplenous. The president
and biidu will llnd abundntusu foi hoises ,
which 1 1 lends ha\e piovlded. The dri\es
area ieatuio of the place. The piesldent
will not bu annoyed by hotel quests , as tliu
hotels at Deer and Oakland do not open
until l.itei In June.
llli : 1'IIIST WUl > Et > V-Y.
Tlie president ami his brldu of twenty-foil )
horns spent the llrst d.iy of their honeymoon
2TOOteetabo\o thcse.i , In one ot the most
beantituland lom.uitlc parts ot Maryland.
Theyaieat a cottage situated about fifty
j aids f torn Deer Paik station and h.i\e , ot
eouise , been the center of lutuicat to all per-
bens living within a i ait Ins of ten mlk-s.
The run from Washington made hi
about six houis , and just at da > break this
morning the tiain stopped at .1 point about
one linndiud j.uds fioin the station and In
fiontot the main diive. When the pai ty en-
teied the house a chcci fid blazhm
biightly on the health and inado a pleasant
contiast to the chilly utmospheieitlujut. .
'Jim house is gimded by twelve dotectlves ,
who aio icqnlied to Know nothing , and the
admonition isliatdly nccessaij , asnotuword
will they nttei on am snbieet. Mi. Davis
said tliat the piesldentliad stilctly eniolncd
seoiecy bcfoio ho would consent to
come lieie , and the company had tiled to
give him as much piivacv as possible. Ho
will not e\en iccelve mill , and does not In
tend to see un\ one dining his stay , llowlll
certainly remain licie until Satnidny and
piobiibly until Monday. The tutu on which
no came is still heie at his service in ease he
should take a notion to lca\e at any time.
The luldal paitj Is attended by a Fiench
maid , the president's \alct and two coloied
servantThcii baggage consisted ot four
laigo Hunks and two bo\e . .Mrs. Cleve
land biought only such Raiments as would
Insure comfnit , but the mcsidcnt brought
\\ilh him .Dishing suit and outfit. Heill
commcnco his
iMSCAior.rvr , SPOUT
to-moirow. Tlie lineal tiont stream in the
Alleghenles is on the piopeity of evSenatoi
Davis , noir by. It is gu.mlcd jealously , and
the president lias been given the prlv ilege ot
using it. It is said that a party will bo heio
Iroin Washington to-moriovv to set up some
amusement , but tlio piesldent explicitly
icfnscs to see any company.
Thcie was no stir about the executive man
sion until nc.irly noon , when the picsidunt
cainooiiton thepoitlco for a moment and
then went Insldo. Two ladles dio\o slowly
by about 1'i o'clock , evidently intending to
call , but changed theii minds when
told that thpy could not apptoacli the house.
Mi. Duvis called at the cottagcabout 1 o'clork
and tound tlio piosident seated oil the poich
Mi. Cleveland sat leading a few feet aw ay.
She. was dressed in a dark silk costume , and
looked extreniPlv Well , At U-o'cloek the cai-
riaee was called and the bnde and groom
took a ten mill ! drive.
At 7 o'clocKillniiei vv as sent fiom the hotel ,
and at 8 o'clock the picsidcnt sei/ed a loin ;
bamboo cane and his tall hat , and , accom-
pinled by his wife , walked around the back
of the cottage and down to the i.illvvaj track.
lie was diessed , as is his custom ,
in a black Prince Albert suit.
Mis. Cleveland was in veiy
good splilts and hoi walk , which is ot a
spilngy. swinging gait. added a giacofnl pose
to hei other chaims , The piesident has ar
ranged lei a fishing expedition to-nionow ,
in which ho will nave the company of ox-
bcnator Davis.
vnw : INO TUB nnviAixs.
WASHINGTON , June 3. Nemly 2,000 pcr-
SOIIH , piineipally ladles , cnteied the white
lioiisogiounds to-ilaj in tlio hope of being
able to inspect the fioial decorations and jui-
ticulaily tliu blue loom , wheie thomariiago.
was solemnl/ed last eveniiis. All , however ,
weiodisippoiutcd and none vveie able to irct
tiirthci tliun the main entianco. Ileie their
niogiess was auested by the door-
keepeis , who Infoinitrd them that the house
was closed foi the day , and I hat ouleis
had been issued by Colonel Lament
to admit nobody except on public business ,
nndiiouuot them wciu able to go fatthei
than the entrance. Insidowoikmcn had been
engaged liom an eailv hour removing the
pl.iiits and all lloial dccoiations and clean
ing up the house gc'iieially. This \\oik con
sumed several houis , but was fully completed
by one o'clock and nothing was lott in the
general npi > eai a'lco of tlio moms to Indicate
that n piesliicntlal wedding had occnucd but
n few houis beloie. .Most of the flowers used
in ! : - .icpoijii'ins v-ess dhiiib ie.l unions
the city hospitals.
OM : or 1111 : I.VST ornci.u , ACTS
DIOV ions to Clov eland's mauiago was giant-
Ing the applleitlon ot the tiicnds of D. F.
Digelovv , tlio detaiillei , foi a pai don. Dlgo-
Inw was teller of the National Hank of the
Republic of this city. Tiuro joins ago Hlge-
low wa bcntenccd to Jivn > eais' impilsou-
ment. Dining his linpilsonment his wife
died , leaving bovrn small childien. .
The Mnxwoll Trial.
Sr. Louis Juno a. The aipnment of
Founlloioy , ot counsel foi defense In the
Maxwell tual had an evident effect upon the
jmy. The defendant observed wlthsatlsfac-
tlon this elfect upon tlio juiy , and he walked
into llio couit loom this luornlntr with a less.
despondent and nioro hopetnl appear
ance , McDonald , ot the piosecntlon , con
tinued his argument this moiiilnc , followed
by Maitln and Caiyer for the defendant ana
state lespoctlvelv , who will niobibly occupy
thu leinalndei 01 the day , all to moiiovv and
Pitt ot bunday.
Another 15oinb Discovered ,
CIIICAOO , Juno 3 , A copper bomb nliout
twelve Inches long , rully charged , and oper
ated by clock work , was loinul nudei the
sidewalk in trout of the saloon nt 54'e
Lakostieet jestcidiy by Lfcnteuant 15owlerf
Thowoiks were going when the ofllcer dis
covered It , but ho llttoa IF\eiy lemieilr nlid
took It to the central station. It Is supposed
by the oflicer that the machine was loft there
by one of the numerous persons of alleged
socialistic tendencies , who for months have
made the Mloon their headquarters ,
A hocomotlro
Bri.T.Aini : , O. , June 3. A } laltiiuoicw&
Ohio local freight eugine'boUer oxnjodt'd tfjls
mornlnt' , killing Engineers Johnston and
Mat Hammond and Fireman John Vainle-
vqort , allot Newark , O. Two bodies were
blown 100 yards. Fragments of the locomo-
motive w-ero blown through an adjoining
housi ) , doing a creat deal of damage The
shock was felt all over town , bieaUng class
In windows senates away.
A Ond Man With A Gnn In Trouble
at I la * tines.
HASTINGS Neb. , June- . C. 11. Tanner ,
v , ho resisted arrest kntti attempted to sh'ooL
I'oltceniaD SchllllniycBtenlny , was brought
into couit for preliminary hearinc llilg
Tanner was out on a tear Tuesday night
and was firlne his revolver. Tim police
Mailed for him and placed him under arrest.
llo broke away from them , how over , and
Malted to tun , when I'ollcnman Schilling
called him to halt , llo did not halt and
Schllllnff tired hH revolver In ( ho air to scare
him and then started lifter him. On comllnt
to the corner of Histlngs nvontio and Second
street ho found Tannorw lilt his rcvoUcr In
his hand and rridy to shoot. As the officer
jumped at him Tanno.i pulled the trlcecr , but
his aim iv as so spoiled tint the bullet Jussed
through one of Frnlim iiron. ' plate glass
_ _ _ _ _ _
Imto lilncoln Newn.
LmrotA' , Xeb. , Juno 3. [ Special Tele
gram to the nnr. . ] 'iho Knights Templar
ictiiincd ntOo clock , and report having had
n glorious time. ,
The I.eailvlllcs again defeated the Llhcoln
club I ! to 'J. Much dissatisfaction was
expressed at somd of tlio partial inlinus of
the umpire , although he Is n leiguc umpire.
Aniontr the prominent state arrivals today
were : M. bavnge , 0. 11. fecolt , Hcbion ; 1) .
11. Jenks , Old ; Dr. Dlnsinoie , ( Jeneral
Cow in , S. W. White , C. C. Illark. Jerry
Dee , Di. F. . A. Kelly , Om.ihi ; John JJagley ,
hntton : J. E. Lomaster , 'lecnmseh ; 11 M.
Wells , Cicte : L. D. tlnvvtlioino , York ; \V. \
W. Watson , Fatibiny ; J. 11. Comptun , Alma ;
J. O. Downs , Hastings.
Dlscunslng null "Cus-
STiioMsni'iioNeb.Jtinon. [ Speelal to the
Uf.n.J The change of our ralhond time card
Is still an exciting subject on our sheets. A
move is on toot to stop all maha dally
papci sand replace them with the Lincoln
Journal whlcli can possibly bo got hero by
ficlght In time to mosorvosomoof Its fresh
ness. An appeal w 111 bo made to the govern
ment to expedite 0111 null set vice In some
wav. Btiomsburg iivos , i hearty suppott to
Omaha dally papers , especially the Hrr : , a nil
aie loth to see U go , but go It must U a
change docs not como soon.
Another Northern Komi.
WAYM ; , Neb. , JnnoS. The Koitheastcin
Xebras-a ! laihoad company was oiganl/cd
hoiejcsterday , and the preliminary pipers
filed with the uoitnty clcik. The capital stock
Is bl.000,000. The Incoipoiatois 1110 J. M.
Whitman , i : . W. Winter. L. K. Woodman ,
John I ) . Howe and 8 L. Poirln. The com-
panv is n limb ot the 'jt. Paul .t Omaha
toad , cicated for the purpose of building
through Ccdai and Knbx counties. The pro
posed 10 id will bo pushed us suon as light of
way can bo secured.
North Nobrnakn Teachers. '
Noitroi.ic , Xeb. , Juno : ) . [ Special Tcle-
giam to the Br.K.J 1'hn Noilh Nebiaska
teachers' association held Its opening session
this evening. Colonel Haves dolhorcd the
addiess of welcome , which was icspotided to
bv Miss Mciath ( , of Columbus. Chancellor
Manatt tlicn delivered an excellent addiess.
About toitv teacheis are uescntand as niauj
more will an ho to-moirovv.
A iTnil Break.
Tnctnisnii , Nob. , Juno : ? . Robert II.
Urown , who was conlinejllln jail heie , awalt-
wlthourciJiemony. ' ' U'ovvn is cltsr/eH with'
forging a deed Tot a li.Uf Rectlon of laiJd. ' A
lowaid ot S150 is olTeied for his captnu * .
Tim itNion-T8 AD'JOUIIN.
The Ijiihor Convention at Cleveland
Closes Harmoniously.
C . .v I.A D , O. , June . The Knights
of Labor convention Is over. The general
assembly at 5 o'clock tins evening , after a
ten dajs' session , adjourned sine die. At this
morning's meeting David H. Gibson of Ham
ilton , Out , Jcsjph B. Buchanan ot Denver ,
Col. , and Ira D. Aulesworth of Daltlmoie ,
wcro elected assistants to the executive
At the afteinoon session an addiess was
adopted , of which the following is tlio sub
stance :
"We , the KnUhts of Labor in geneial as
sembly convened , extend out heaitlcst gicet-
ings to all blanches ot honoiablo toil , wel
coming them in Hie most friend I v alliance In
our common woik. Wo seek to i.ilso the
level ot wages and icduco the houis ot laboi ;
lo piotect iifeu and women In theh occupa
tions , in then Ihes and limbs , and In their
lights as citl/cn . We seek also to secino
such legislation as shall tend to prevent tin
unjust accumulation of wealth ; to icstrict
the powers ol monopolies and coipoia-
lions , and to enact such wise and
beneficial legislation as shall promote.
equity mid justice. Weiecounl/e the sei vice
i endured humanity and the cause ol laboiby
tiades unions , and wo will giadlv welcome
to out ranks any organization icquestlng ad
1 he addiess tlicn refers lo Iho treaty 10-
cently presented by Iho meeting of trades
unions , but bullevlng that the object sought
theioin can best bo accomplished by a con
ference between , committees , action Is de-
lei led until such coutuioncu can bu held.
The address then dismisses ceitaln details of
n plan lei the liaimonlous mingling of lutei-
cst between the Knights ol Laboi and incin-
beisol Iradns unions , and advocating Hiu
principles of aibltratloii whenever Ihcio Is a
demand ot Incicasoot vv ages or shorter boms
ot labor.
The tiades unionists to-night dccl.uc that
the addiess Is niisallsfactoiv to them. Tlie
geneial assembly , bcforo adjourning , issued
mi addiess denj Imr that the Homo club was
enraged in plotting against tliu vvolfaie ol
Hiuoideiand sijlug that the veiy best of
teelini ! prevails among all the delegates. An
nddicss was also Issued to tlio giangc-is , com-
rmrltlnS ! ! ! HiCIll ftll'I aslvlOK tnelr aid.
Povvderly will leave lei Seiauloii to-moirovv.
Thn No\v Ship Which Will Ilovoln-
tioni/o Modern Wnrl'aro.
Ni.w YOIIK , Juno -Special [ Telegram to
the Di.n.1 Mi. Whitney , 1 am told , Is taUing
n lively Inleicst In everything relating to tlio
Destrujer , Iho now war \csscl whlcli Is now
being conslructcd on the Clyde , at the Fnh-
flcld ship building and cngincciiug woiks.
Ho has for soiiio tln'p'bet'ii tiiing to obtain
the plans of this new engine of distinction ,
bntsof.u without suc.i ss. If tliudcslgnci
out the design ( or new vessels aiilhoilzed
by eongicss. The Destrovei Is to bo built of
Vieker's bteel and giianuiteed to steam
tweuty-lwo knots an ) hour , hho is lo befitted
fitted with massive gimfi , the Invention of n
Malno man , throw ing ten elx-lnch round
( hot a minute , and a maxim shell , contain'
Ing100 pounds ot Dlahting ; guletliie , which
can bo hulled oy'ci ' tiUoen hundred ) arils.
These shells aie saiil lo be more cflcctlvo
than d\nunlt and safer lo handle. The
sMidicalo which Is having this vessel built
expects to place her on the market when
completed , w Itcie the highest bidder can take
hei. him vv 111 be able , so her designer sajs ,
Jo sink Iho most povvcrful Ironclad ulloat ,
A Murderer Declared Sane ,
CIIICAOO , June 8. James Daeey , Alder
man ( i ay n or' s murderer , who has been on
trial for insanity , , was this evening pro
nounced by the jury to bo of sound mind. It
is now considered ceitaln that Dacey will bo
hunted on Julj 10.
Yellow' Juck
NEW YOIIK , Juno 3. Piivato advices re
ceived today from Colon state thatjellow
fever is now epidemic on the Isthmus. The
average ) dally numocl of deaths is stated to
bo about forty.
The Bigot Bile of England Ponrcd Out on
' " Homo Rule.
"What the niiRlUh Press Has To Sny
ConccrnliiK lllnlnc's Speech nnil
America's Attitude Thu
Plumed Knight Spcnks
Opposing Homo Rule.
Loxnov , Juno 3. Ono hnndicd non-con-
formtst mhilstcrs of Derby and Noltingliatn
signed an address of coulldcnco In Olad-
stone's hish policy. Kcv. Spurgeon , one of
the signer ? , has willten a second letter In
which he asks If His Impossible foi those
desirous for Iho welfare of and Iho
unity of Iho iMuplie to dovlsc a more ac
ceptable Bclicmc ? " 1 cannot , " sajs Siuit-
ceoti , "look forvvaid with complacency upon
Iho posslbHllvotUlstcihicsbuhigtibaiidoncd
and of an cst.ibllshed Irish Catholic chinch ,
> et Iheso aio by no muuis the gicatest evils
woforsce In the licit future should the sug
gested policy become a tact , "
llI.AlM.'saitUAT SIX.
The Times , coiiimenllng on Itlahic's Port-
laud speech , fcays : "Dlalnu may 01 may not
eatch the Irish vote by a peiformiinee such as
Tuesdaj's speech , and so win the prize which
fully as much on personal as on political
grounds has been snatched fiom him once
and airaln , but wo lefnse to bcllcvu that ho b
Ignorant or that his picsiimptious lant lepre-
senls the honest and Independent rellection
of America. It Is peculiarly advisable that
ho should pose as an advocate of n plan
which ho supposed , quite wronuly , ol couise ,
would place licland In the position of a stale
ol Amui lean union , llo has been conspicu
ous foi some reasons which now
make him a flaltcici of Iho litsh
as In Iho bloody sliht campaign
against southern states frights , and it miy
soutlicin slate would now attempt lo deprive
thu ucgioesof snlliago he would be the lust to
favor a settlement of that local alfuh by
aimed Interfeienco of Hie ccntial irovein-
iiient. His lilstoiy Is almost on a pai with
his reason Ine 'vvhlch deserves to be classed
with Vci noli Harcouit's latest contilhution ,
vvhcieou J i-ckey has something to say. "
iEt.ioious ! nor.
What Leekoy has to say Is contained In
another column of the 'limes in the
term of a letter. This Is a ci'lli-
clsm of Sh William's argument that
the homo Hilo measuio pioposcd by (5lad-
stone was aimed at simply a revival of
Hemy tiiattan's Iilsh paillament. Leckoy
sajs the aigument Is ubsiiid. Orattau's pai-
llameiit , Leckoy poiiteuds , jilaeed the govein-
mentot Ireland In HIP bauds ot the Piotes-
taut gently , who vveio bound to thu Lugllsh
connection by tnu closest tics ot Interest and
sentiment. They weie"addcd '
, Leckoy/'piom-
luent representatives ot piopeily , wnoso
political power It has boon ( il.idstonu s ste.idy
object to destioy. The cllou ot his scheme
would be to shove the government ot Iielmid
Into the hands ot men hitherto the avowed
enemies ot bolh pioperty and omplie.
in , UNI : r\ri.AiNS.
AUOUSTA , Jle. , Juno : i The Kennebcc
Journal tills moining publishes a letler liom
Hlaino denying that in his iccent speech nt
Portland ho hid applied the woids , "Impu
dent , " "insolent' ' ana ' bintal" to
Lord Satlsbmy. Dlalno wutes , " 1
have refened to his loulshlp's declai-
ation that Iilsh might icuiHln
as thev now arc or emigrate , and 1 sild hi-
ierro ativelv , "Is this not an Impudent
propobltlonV Is It not Insolent In Its teiiiis' . '
Doaii-lUidlHa.Bk > u-bhoiLot being biutal in
Its cruelty' ' It is parliament. uy tosavithat
the statement is not tine , but altogctliei tin-
narllamcntiiy to sa > its authoi is irulltj ol
falsehood. Tlie first dcsciibes the thing , the
second assails the peison. My ciiaiacteri/a-
tlon aimed at the pioposltion and not at
Lord Salisbury. „
nncuxns TO UATI : IT.
LONDON , June 4. In the commons this
afteinoon 'Ilcks-Heach ' ( cousoivatve ) )
piessed ( rladstono to hx a date on the second
end reading of the homo mlo bill. La-
bouchcre ( ladical ) piotestod against llxing ot
an caily date , announcing that twenty-
seven suppoiteis ot the mcasnie desired to
speak bcloio avote. . Dradlaugh ( radical )
siippoitcd Laboucheie's piotest.
A 1)11) 1 OH VOTI R.
LONDOV , June 3. ( Special Cablegram to
thoDhi : . ] I'hebt. JamesUa/ettosavs it does
not think tliat the statement utteicd by
Dlaine express Hie Kenulucoiiinion of Ameii-
caus on thu Iilsh question. It adds that It
Is Impossible to lei mnlate a thcmo ot homo
mlo which would besatisiactoiy to the ex
treme hish Amciicans. Continuing the ( ! a-
/etlo sajs : " ( Jladsloiio is engci lo Mialch
eveiy semblance ot stippoit , howevci obsctuo
and tainted , and docs not liesitalo to iccog-
ni/o opinions of tlio United States wire
pullers , thus giving tlio meddlesome tliioush-
out the world a locus stand ! in Kngllsh pol
ities. The seeming ot the Irish vote is tlio
luimo object ot tlm Yankee ollice scckei , and
-aluo has made his bid. "
A Graceful Act.
LONDOV , Juno 3. Tlio Daily Telcgiaph
this moining , commentni ! ; on Piosident
Clov eland's immlago siys : "It was a giace-
ful act on the patt ot Cleveland to show that
Hie piesldent of the United Slates does not
deio ate liom his exalted posllion by mak
ing ills wedding ot Hie plainest and simplest
chaiactci. "
MOM m ; u. , Juno 8. Tlio field battery
hied a salute of loin guns lieio last night In
honor ot Piesideiit Cleveland's maiilagc.
Humor ol' Warlike lalk by American
Nivv : YOIIK , Juno 3. A Dlgbj' . Nova
Scolia , sjiecial to HioCouimciclal Advcitlser
sajs that two ol tlio police ciulseis have gene
to Newfoundland lo watch Ameiican fishei-
nien. Yesteiday a dispatch vas ipceived
fiom St. Johns that American scliooners ,
heavily aimed , wcro in that nelglibuihood
boasting that they would sink any police
boats scut against tliem. Olio Is believed lo
bo Hip New Yoik schooner Henlck. The
Dominion lisheiiucn me claimed lust these
Y.inkco boats may take it into tholi heads lo
piacllcu nioit ) SOIIIQ ol their ciaft. The man-
of-wai DelleiopJmii has been sent to St ,
Johns lo look these combillv n Amei leans up.
Captain Scott , ( ommaiidei in chief ol llio
Canadian tisheiy polhe. bus ictiied to his
homo In Xuwtouudlmid , and Intends send'
ing In his leslgiiatloii shoitly. being dls-
giidicd with his duties , Intoiinatlon lecolved
liciolhlB moining states that 10,00) Dritish
Hoops have been ordoiud to Halllax. Wny
( hey are needed Is unknown ,
A Canadian Vessel Relied ,
CIIICAOO , Juno 3. Thu Canadian steam
baigo XIpigon miivcd heio to dij and Col
lector Secbergcr will not allow her to depart
until Instructions am tecclvcd fiom Wash
ington. The sol/.tuo of the vessel Is duo to
the fact that flic failed to touch al Micklnaw
01 Sheboygan on entering Aiiicrlean waters
for permission to pioceed. us is lequiied
bylaw. The penalty is the fork-Hiiro of the
vessel mid cat go. Captain Conlon H.IVS that
hitreason lei notobojlng tlio law was that
the boat had sprung a leak in a storm. The
men weic iDquhed lo woik incessantly at the
pumps , and to have put in at cltherot llio
ports inenlloned would have end.ingeied the
lives of Iho crew. The vessel airlvcd lieio in
-a sinking condition , 'llio captain icpoiled
the chcumstaiiccs to Hie collector , but the
latter said he could not dcpait fiom thu title
except upon instiiictlons to lhat clfi'ct fiom
No Conclusion Itoaclied ,
CHICAGO , Juno 3. Judge Giesham , In the
United btatcs ciicult court , lendered no de
cision lo-day In the Toledo , Pcorla < k West
ern lalhond foreclosure and sale dccieo mat
ter. At the request of counsel ho allowed
them len dais further tlmo to put in bi let's
bcfoio anivlnu'at a decision.
DoUGLAb AMJ 10T11 at.
Stiff Handlcrg McoT nna Elect Of-
CKPAU FAI.LS la. , JUUG& ( Special Tele-
Rramtothe IH.t : . ] The stale association ot
undertakers closed to-day Its annual meeting
here. About se\cnl-lno members wcro In
attendance , and a number of Intcicstlnc
papers wcro presented. The following
oflicerswcre elected for the ensuing jcar :
J. H. McCnrdv , 0 kaloosi , president ; J. L.
Krlbs , Cedar Uiplds , vice president ; U. S.
Hcndilx , Union , secretary ; M. Miller , Tip-
ton , treasurer ; C. O , Tairj , Manchester ;
Jerome Palmer , Ke'ota ; W. Holipnsacliack ,
Iowa Cilv , cxevullve commlllep , The next
meotlng will be held In DCS Mollies HIP last
week In May , lbS7.
Thn Htnwn ltntrnrIiiniMit. |
Dps MOIM-S. la. , Juuo" . In the Impeach
ment court this moining Jarob HI oh tcstllie'd
tollio clfortsmidc ( obilugnbUt a settlement
of Hie diflicnltlps between Hrowu and Sher
man In Match , Ibt5 , just bejoie Urown was
nut out of ollice. Ho testified that at the te-
quest of .Mr. James S. Clmkson ho tiled to
obtain fiom Sherman a statement of lie
wanted Hrown to do In older to bo restored
to ollice. and that both his own and Claik-
son's elloits to brhiL' about a settlement of
thn liouhle between HID goveiuor
and Auditor Diovvn failed. The
piesldent and book keener of the Waveily
[ tank vveio then examined. They testified to
Hie tact ot a shoitagu In the Inuds of the
hank amounting to fiom ! ? ' > 0CXto ) fcTU.OOO at
the time Diovv n examinrd Iho bank. They
alsotestllled to tlioclrcnmstaiieo that Ihovvn
levelved a loll of bills , amounting to S100 ,
aller Im had e\iimlned Iho b ink. The pie < l-
dent of the bulk , when cross examined by
Nourse , said the moiiov was not mvlin lo
Blown asabilbe. but as compensation foi
his sen , Ices In maklni : the examination.
AscctiRitm Day Cclohrnted.
Di.s .MOIMS : , la , Juno 3. ( Special Tele-
pram lo tlm liir. : . ] The Knlglils Templar of
this cltj celebrated Ascension day with ex
tended ceremonies. Pioceednii ; In a body lo
St. Paul's Kjilscopal cliuich they listened tea
a special sermon by thn rector Di. Van Ant
werp. Then they pnadcd , mounted , to the
residence of Sir Knldit Wesley Itedhead ,
where they took dlnnei. In thu afteinoon
they went to the cometeiy and decoiated llio
giaves of the deceased knlghls , and tills
evening n reception was given In thulr honor.
Many kiiiglits fiom out ol the city joined In
the pinule. whleh was composed ot each
order of Knights Templar.
Orrmnns Cclchrntlng.
Dirmrcjuic , la. , Juno 3. [ Special Tele-
giam lo Iho IJni ! . ] The noilhwestern
Schuster Dezlrk began heio today. Dele
gations arepicsenl fiom Chlcigo , St. Paul ,
Milwaukee , La Ciosso , Galena and many
Iowa towns in lingo numbers , 'llio fes
tivities opened with a piocesslon thiough
thesticctsand addresses in ( ieiinin and
Uuullsli. 'Iwplvohundered dollairf aie ol-
feied In pii/es , besides many valuable
liophies. _
A Fnrfjcr Scntrnocd.'oiti , la. . Juno 3 [ Special Tole-
giam to the Din : . ] Ki list S. Dennet Mas
found guilty ol loigciy to day In Iho dislrict
couit , mid was sentenced to the penitential y
lei twojcarsand live months. He was foi
seven jcais cashlei of a laico diy ijoods
liouso licie , but lost sovcinl thousand dollars
In gimblingand eiideuoied to lecoup him-
sclt by foigeiy. Ho fled lo Canada , but was
lined ovei the Hue and auested at Niugnia
Falls last March and bi ought back foi tiial.
ThV Soldiers' Home.
MAiisHAitMowx' , In. , Juno 3. [ Special
Tclegimn to Hie Urn. ] 'Iho Soldleis' Homo
tiuslees were in session licie to-day. They
decided against Ihe collage plan , and In
lav 01 ol one cL' building toi the Inslltii ;
Hun. They will meet Juno 17 , and piobably
tlicn elect ucommandei foi the Home.
The Juno Kino
Sioux : CITV , la. , Juno 3. [ Special Tele-
eiam to the Dnr.J The Missouri river nt
tins point to day is sevcial feet higliei than
usual , owing to the Juuo ilsc. and is still
ilslng. All the sand bus In tiontof the city
aic coveied.
A Destructive Bln/o.
SAIJM , la. . June 3. [ Special Telegram to
IheDu : ] A hie heio dcstioycd the Union
block , which oiiilnaccd the leading business
poillon ol Iho town. The loss Is in tlio neigh-
boihood ol hixty-livo thousand dollars , with
less than twenty tliousind dollais insuiance.
Yesterday's Kv outs on the Turl * nnil
JritOMi : PAIIK , N. Y. , Juno 3. Foi two
veal o ds , one-half mile : Queen Kll/abeth
won , Daw dlo Colt second , Oiiflammu Ihhd.
Handicap forall ages , mile : Diy Jfonoiielo
won , Hutch second , War L\uIo Hind. Time
Winchestei hiindicap one and Hncc ( sight h
miles : Moumcu won , Teciimnch sicond ,
lllcliniond Tlihd. Tlme-'J : W { .
Ono nnil oiiu-quailei miles : Piiilip Lowls
won , Maimaduko second , Dahama tlihd.
Tlme-2:18. :
Handicap stcople cliaso shoit comso :
Ahraliim won. No otheis vveio placed. Jim
McGowau finished tlio first but was disquali
fied lei going wiong. Time ! I12J. ;
1.A10MA. HACI.S.
LATOVIA , Ky. . June 3. Tlio weather to
day was cool and pleasant ; tiack slow.
'lliicequaitei mile ; Josh Hillings won ,
Aitllian second , J. C. Cnstci tlihd. Time
'Mile : Ilettlo S. won , Stoimei second , Dixie
Hlmjarthiid. Time lfil. :
Onn and one-slxt < 'eutli milu : Sis Illmjar
won , Ascendc'i second , Mahai tlihd. Tlmo
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Mile iiuil one bundled % .udh : Wankeeshaw
won , Kans is second , Keuno third. Time
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TOIMCPO stakes , 1 1-lrt miles : lledslono
won , Llgansbcond.Cliiuccthiid. Time I:1 : ! ) .
Thu Itunu Hall Uccord.
Deliolts. . . 00000000 1 3
Natloinls . '
Kleven innings , llaso hits DciiolU 8 ,
Nation iM ) . Umplio-Yoik.
Knnsas City . 0 0-3
New Voik . 1 3300003 \ - ! )
Pitchers and Keefomid Kicliaid-
son. Fiist biso lilts Kaunas Cily 10 , Now
Yoikll. KIIOIS KansaHCIty 1 , Now Voik
y. Umpire Connelly ,
Philadelphia. . . , 'J 0 0 0 3 0 0 0 0-4
hi. Loiilb . u C " 0 0 0 0 1 0-1
Fiist biso hils-Phlladelphla " , fit. Louis 3.
Knoih Phlladelpliia : ! , St. Louis u. UnipiiC
Athletic . 'J 0 1 0 0 4 3 0 3-1'i
Pitthbuig . . .00000 ' . ' 0 0 3-5
Pitclieis Atkinson and llolfdid. Flint
base hlts-rAthletio W , Pittshuig 10 , Knors
Atlilctics y , Plltsbtng r. Umjiho-innt-
son ,
Ar Niw : YOIIK
Metiopolitai . 30038003 3 12
Cincinnati . 3 030'joi 3 0-u
Fiist base hits MehopoIItan 13 , Clncliuiati
10. Kuois 5 , ( 'iiiclnn.iti f > .
Umpire ( Jnliin.
Diooklvn . 4 0 1 0 3 S 1 0 0-11
Louisvlllo . . .101000000-3
Fhst base hits Diookljn 13 , Louisville 7.
Kuois Louisvlllo ) , liiookl > n 0. Umuiiu
Ar DAi/riioiir.
Daltiiiimo . . 030100100-5
hi. Louis , . . . 131001030-0
Pitilius Kllroj and Hudson , Fijsl base
hlts-Daltlmoii * U , St. LotiH 8. Kuoib-llal-
llmuiu 7 , hi. Louisfl. Umplie John Killy ,
Chicago . 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 0 0
Denton . 0 00000005 5
Pilcherb Claikson and Dullincton. Fiist
base hits Chicago 11 , liintou 5. Kiruis
Chicago 13 , Doaton 8 , Umiilm-Galfney.
( 'Kuox" hats , H. J. SAXE , a-jent.
Van Wyck Outwits tlio Opponents of the
Railroad Land Tai Bill ,
Anil In Certain of I'.issago In iho
House The Oleomargarine Ulll
Doomed to Death lu
the Senate.
Worked liy St rnt PJJJ .
Juno 3. [ Special lo Ilia
Dir..j : Senator Van Wick gave uuinlslakn-
blc cvldpueoto-da , ' of a remmkablotactlclpn.
Ho forced through the seimlo his bill ipqulr-
I nc i.iihoad companies to p.iy a lax upon the
land etautcd them by the govcinmcut and to
compel them to piv the govininneut Hie costs
otsurvohiselectlnimideonvi'vliigHiolnnii |
granted to aid In tlio cmistiuctlnu ot their
Hues. Not oulv did he do this , hut he put Ilia
bill In shai > o to Kimautcu an Imuiediato pas *
Faseb.v the house. This ho ijld by n shicvvd
paillamciitary movement. It 1ms been llio
hope of the opponents ol ( Ids bill that they
could delay It so long In ( ho senate that It
would not bu le.iehed dining this con ron
for consldeiatlon In the house. Just befoio
the main question was ) iut upon llio bill hi
the senile this afternoon , and nftci all the
amendments olleied had been dloscd | of ,
Mi. Van Wjek took up u bill p.nsc-d by thu
house some tlmo ugo , mid slmllai in Its pio-
visions exctipt that It only t'Ml '
Hie Conluil and Union Paellie. llo
moved to stilko out all of the
house bill oxci'ptluc tlio iMiiiellug clmiso and
substlluto the bill then befoio the senate.
'Unit was agiced to , mid ho then moved lo
stiikcoutlliotltlool the hoi'so bill. This was
also iigieed to , the opponents of the senate
bill seeming not to dlseovei what Mr. Van
Wjik was aiming at. These movements
simply put tliu bill hi thu shape of mi
amended house bill , which would lequlro a
confeienco eommlltee. Mi. Van Wjck ,
asked lei a coufetuiice lommltlee , which w'as
ol couiscginnled. and tlio eunscqiieiico will
bu that hlsoiiginnl senate \\lllbooulckly
adopted bj the house. Mi. Ve.n Wjek'swoik
Is HiUMimcuot a good deal ot talk among
the senators to-night. ' 1 ho bill nlll ha\u Iho
elfe'ctol turnli' ! : millions into thu Ucasuiics
ot the slates nud ten Holies annually.
inn oiinuu or
A niecllng ol Speakei Caillslo mid llio
eliahmenot the liouso committees Is called
toi to-moiiow atleinoon to deeldo upiin an
oidei ot business. It will decide to tiistfako
up Hie leeislitivo , executive ami and
tlio naval nppiomlatlun bills. The lattm Ts
the last one ol tlio upniopilaliou bills outsldo
of the rpirutai commillee , mid when Itlsdls-
posed ol Iho Mmrisim t.irltl bill will bo
called up. ' 1 hen will come the light foi con-
siderallou , and Its opponcnls will tiytoltlll
it. Oailislo's1lsll today lo Coveinoi Puttl-
son , ot Peiius.v.'vanla ' , is to make fiee t ratio
ammunition against Handall hi his ovv u ills-
trict ,
DOOMI n IN * iin : si.NAir.
The olcomargaiino bill is H.ild to bo
doomed to deatli in the senate , altliotmli It
was iiassed by Iho house to-day by nouly a
huiulied majorily. Tlie oouents | ) | ot the
miMSuioclalm In it amaioiity of the sena-
lois have pledged themselves to not consider
It at this session , and tlio next session It
will not penult of consulc'iatlon.
Congit'ssmmi Mouison , whoisono of Iho
demociats wiio v died against the oleomar-
gaiiuo bill , taH U vv ill bo killed In the senate -
ate and cannot possibly become a law.
Ho snvs ho has ussiiianccs fiom
a snruclcnt uiimboi ol somitois to ,
satisfy him Hint It will not even bo posslb'o '
to get it up lei ennsldeiatlon. "lu the re-
mole contingency that It hliould pass Hie sen-
ale , " the colonel addul , "theiu Is no dcubt
tliat the piesldent would veto It. Such.dn
enactment is cleaily uiieonstltullonal , midl'
ha\e icasoii to believe that the piesldent en-
teitains tills opinion. "
III.M PVMMJ niorni.i : .
Some of tliu members ot the house commit-
teu on appiopriatlons , piincipally Jtandall
and llolman , liavo been liaviui : a pietiy
lively time diiiinirtlio past two or thiee days
with the civil seivicu commissioneis and tlm
frlendsol civilservieoieloim. 'Ihe majority
of thecommitlee want to leave oil' the leg-
nlai apjuopiiation bills the piovision lor
paying tlio lent of the new quaiteis foi the
civil service commission , whlcli must vaeatt *
ilSiiesout ) ipi.utcisin a goM'inmeiit liuil'llng
In a few dav s. This would leavothu committee -
tee out in thostiiH't. So I.u there has oneu
no satlslactoiy undei standing leached.
wi , suns POSIAI , CIIAMJKS.
Nathan T. Hall has been commissioned
postmastei at Tieiiton , Neb. , and Pha'boJ.
Ashci ill ( iaidiiei Station. Neb
A postolliio has been establihhed at Malta ,
Maishallcoiiuty , la. , and Joseph S. Tioxell
appointed postnia td ,
Special m ill seivlco Ins been diseonlinnrd
at the lollowlng places In Iowa : Cedar
Valley. Cedai county ; DI.IDCI. JIIHJHM county ;
Hentoiuillp , Mills county ; Heels , Pottawat-
tamle county ; Xenioisvlllu , Doom ) county.
Thu postolllco at Tableau. Davves counly ,
Npb. , has been discontinued. Mall goes to
Tlio imstolllce at Cainell , Kcju Palm
county , Neb. , hah been changed to u point
foui and a half miles noithwest.
H Is cneiallj conceded that the remain-
IngdavKot llio s ( sslon of ( ongioss aiu to be
devoted very l.iigcly to appiopilallon bills ,
A delcimlnallon exists among tlio leading
dcmociatlc mcmbcH ol tlio house to get away
as soon as possible. This , they Hiy , can bo
accomplished bv the end ol the second week
In July. It is plain now that if the tarlll bill
Is taken up It will bodiscussed butu veiy few
dajs , and will bo pending when adjournment
comes. Theiu can bu no polltiial 01 othnr
advantage of the majority pirtv in pushing
the meifiuio to a vito and nine defeat , lam
told by ( moot HIM pains ! ikiugmid sciutlnl/-
ing emplojes of the hoit'o that , baiting tlio
piivato pension lillls , less than olio per cent.
nt tlio measuies intiodiiccd in this roneresa
will heomiiu hws , mid Incliullng pensions
lillls limp i rent will be less llmullvu per
cent. Usually the pei ( cut. Is liom Iho to
eight. Hut an usually l.ugo amount ot bills
havobeeu In I > oduu d thin session.
1111 ; riKiiniu ( ( iVdiu.HS.
roruicsslonal liguies say hut Ivvo fifths
and pO'Mblv nor moio than one-louitli ot the
membeislilpol the piesitut holism ol lepio-
senlativeswill bo irtiiiiiod to thu fiftieth rou-
giuis. This Is a good heia'ding ' to the conn-
tiy , lei Hieieaioiuy many men on both
sides ol Hie cli iinhei who have no ImsIuciiH
in congiess. In Hm laiigungo of Hie ht.iiio
thiiy mo icgiikii ' 'Beal vvaimeiri. " Knlly 0110-
thlidofthu uembeisot the honso have bcuit
fallincs at homo and ridiculous In
( ongie.s , Thuv mo icckless , wild
and Ini'xpeiienced , and the worlc
on a number ot meismes has beun dlHgust-
iiiL' . Men votu and tilk upon subji'cU iinlii-
Mllgputly , and havn thiovvn thuh pmtles
lulo eiri. 4iiahhiiif ; sUuitioiis.
Umloulitedly t ! . ! changes In conci ess will
bu moii ) i.uild in tlm i"-ufQ ; ; than In tlio pa&l.
1 hem h is lieen a kind of < int'-n or comtesy
which g.ivn a man at least two tcuil . Tills
Is being disicgaided , As hoou us a man
slums dishonest ) 01 lucompdimcv ho la
palled upon to step aside , and as but fo\v
men aru litled lei tlm position of statesman
them is likely to no ti insltoiy membership
heio af lei.
lei.i HI : riti.i , III.M vniv nut. .
"A veij popular iiieasuie is destliieil todo-
feat on ac ( unt ( if the general disposition to
Inrtlier luue.isu theoxpeiibes ot tlio gnvein *
nient , " bald a membei ol Iho house commit-
leo on appiopilatloiis lMlay. " 1 mean , "
( ontlnued he , ' 'the. Idil to establish fieu urn 1
dellveiy at nil places hiving 10.0JO
Hants.Vould . * "
\Vould \ the liicrc-aso of expijuSo bo ma-
'Yes , ( Oiisldeiable. It would not
only bu thu io4 of ( Millets , but
tlm lopping oil of box lent. Ot
couibu , tlioit\pcnsu would not inn up Into thu
liumliedsof thousands ( d dollars , and won id
not bu a biiiden , but it would bo an Item :
and 1 eau It'll j on them Is a flight on the pait
ol the polith lans ( > n account of llio
in public expenses uhcMdy b >
Hut 1 am Inclined to bellevothat thu
nf this measuio would do the pally a gu l
deal moio good than
(1 (