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An Interesting Legal Tarn to the Sloman
tlnlfronil Notes nnd I'crsonnln Mrs.
l''rnnk's Case .Turtle Me-
Cullocli'H Predicament
Police Matters. T
, The Sloman Failure.
There nro no especially new develop-
Hi cuts in tlio Slotimn failure. Receiver
& A. Slomun h working away at the ac
counts , trying to get them into satisfuc-
lory shape for a scttlomcnt , Slowmtin
JJros. nnnoitnco thnt they will secure
every nicklc of thulr indebtedness in
A very lively and thoronglilv interest-
ine huv suit will grow out of
this failure. The papers will 1)0 prepared
nnd thi ) CUM ) will be lilctl at as
early a day sis possiblo. Tlio action will
bo brought by Sloman Itros. against
Hntdfitrcut's local agency on the ground
that a false "call report" Issued by tills
company was tlio cause of the failure.
Morris Sicilian , who claims that the af
fairs of the llrm have not been correctly
shown up In tlio local papers , says
that the trouble all are so over a
personal quarrel between himself and a
gentleman connected with Hradstrcets.
nnd that a day or two thereafter , that
agency sent out a "call report" which
as aliened , waM totally false in many
particulars , and overdrawn in others.
This "call report" alarmed the eastern
firms doing business with Sloman liro.s.
nnd caused them to swoop down upon
the Omaha Imiihu. Sloman Bros , kept on
meeting these claims as fast as they came
in , until thi ) pressure became too crcat
iml they were forced to succumb.
One of the doeuments to bo produced
in evidence was shown to a reporter by
'Morris Slomau yesterday. ltis ; a cony of
rating sent out by llradstrcet on April 7 ,
which speaks favorably of the firm.
Mr W. O. Taylor , manager of llrad-
streets Omaha agency , was questioned
yesterday afternoon concerning thn state
ment of Sloman that the "call" report of
Dratlstreet had been made upon false
grounds. Ho stated that early in .March
.Morris Sloman made a statement to the
agency that the linn was in debt but
$14,0K ( ) . Upon this statement the agency
gave the linn a favorable rating. Later
it was discovered that the tirm'fi liabili
ties amounted to live or six times the
amount stated by Morris Sloman , and ac
cordingly , on March 80. tie rating of the
tirtn was withdrawn. Mr. Taylor says
that the rating of Sloman Itros. should
have been withdrawn in January when
Samuel Sloman left the Iirm.
The Council Meeting ,
The council met in regular weekly ses
sion Tuesday night with a full board of
lilennen present. The following business
was transacted :
From the mayor Approving certain
ordinances passed at the hibt meeting of
the council.
Same Vetoing ordinance appropriat
ing certain property for the opening of
Seventh avenue. Referred to delegation
from the first ward ,
Same Thomas Allen , llcnvy Wells
and Frank Haspcr as special policemen.
Commissioner of public works Ap
proving grading , contracts of Stuht &
llamcl. Approved.
Same Iteeeoincnding acceptance of
the bid of WolHlians & McEwtui for the
construction of street fountains. Public
property and improvements. .
Samp Claim of Aaron Hopl for street
sweeping. Finance and claims.
' Sumo -Reporting estimate 6t paving
inspectors. Approved.
Same Final estimate of C. D. Woolworth -
worth for crosswalks on Farnam. Ap
Same Estimate of Chas. Gardner for
sidewalk construction. Approved.
From city treasurer in regard to ten
ders for damage in proposed changes of
From John Curry Tendering resigna
tion from the nolico force. Accepted.
From 0.15. Willard , of Loup City In
viting the council to attend celebration
at Loup City on Juno -Hli in honor of
railroad at that point. Accepted.
Of property owners calling attention
to the fact that the Tenth street sewer is
insulliciont in si/.e and asking for relief.
Delegation from lirsl ward and city en
Of Usher & Russell asking for location
oL water hydrants near their foundry ,
i'iro and water works.
Of property owners asking for nxtcn-
fiion of city limits ono mile .south and ono
mile west of Okahoma. Judiciary.
From Ohio Street Lightning company
of Canton , Ohio. Presenting proposition
for the lighting of certain parts of the
city with gasoline lamps ; 'MO lamps
to bo furnished at ifl'J each to bo lighted
805 nights in tlio year. Gas and electric
Proposition from S. K. Rodgers in re
ference to the extension of Park Wiltlo
avenue. First ward delegation.
Of II. Koiint/o Asking for location of
firu hydrant near Urownoll hajl. Granted.
Junction of 1'iiiroo and Pacific streets , iu
UIQ idiapo of carbago and offal , be
abated. Delegation from I't ! > tward.
Property owners Ahking for lilling of
tllny way , consisting of lots ! i anil , In
block 10'botwi'on Sixteenth anil Seven-
tdonth and south of Castollar street. Second
end ward delegation ami city onginee'r.
From James Gilbert , city gas inspec
tor That tlui most fi'iisiblo i > lan of num
bering the street lamps would bo to have
nn iron band or cornice placed on the
dome of the lamp at an angle of15 deg.
The cost to bo about fit ) cunts per lamp-
Public property ami improvements.
IJy Goodrich Tluit the city cngiucnr ,
city attorney ami city treasurer oo in
structed to prepare an ordinance provid
ing for the issuance of bonds for tlio pay
ment of paving Jackson. Jones , Twelfth ,
Lcnvonworth , Fourteenth and I'lirnam.
IJySchrocdor That the Union Pacific
fallroad bo required to have a ilagman
jit eald crossing until at least U or 10
o'clock p , in. Adopted.
By Goodman That the chairman ol
the board of public works bu allowed if.'J.I
DOr month for horse biro during the sum-
moV months. Finance anil claims ,
IJy Ihiiloy That the city clerk bo in
structed to iuvito proposals for city ad-
VoHislng for the next libcal year.
Adopted ,
IJy Ualloy That the telephone bu
j-enioved from the mayor'sollico and that
the sign "Mayor's olllcn" bo removed
front tlio the entrance to the city hall ,
Adopted ,
IJy Goodrich That the committee on
lire nnd water works bo instructed to pro <
euro u suitablu lot for the building of u
hosu house lor No , U company. Adopted ,
Grades and grading Recommendinc
the narrowing of Twenty-third street
noutli \Vcbitor. . Adopted.
Siuno Recommending tlio adoption ol
tho'ordlnanco extending Twenty-eightli
fchvet through McConmck's addition.
Police Recommending the discharge
'of John Currio from the police force foi
insubordination. File ,
Snmo Recommending that the eitj
abate the nuituuco existing iu tin
shape of three houses at the corner of
Fifteenth and Izard streets. Adopted.
Same Rccomn.'cuding adoption of resolution
elution sending polic" uian to sulphur
springs on Sunday. Adopted.
Same Raising salary of Cnnilng street
jailor to $ . ( ) prr month , Adopted.
Paving , Curbing and Guttering Rec
ommending that tlic protel against pav
ing of Leavcmvorth street be placed on
file. Adopted.
Sumo Recommending payment of bill
[ if J. 1C. Riley from re-curbing and gutter
ing fund. Adopted.
Public Property anil Improvements
Itccominnnding that the mayor's appoint
ment of G. C. Whitlock as inspector of
buildinirs bo approved. Adopted.
Councilman Lee stated that it was a
matter of congratulation to the council
tiiat they were able to meet all the claims
against tlio city for the last mouth of the
lical year. Such has not been the ease
before for fifteen years and the fact re-
Heels credit upon the management of the
excellent city council.
The city auditor reported the following
balances in the various funds for the
month ending May ai , 1880 !
( tciieral fund . $13,4Si.80
Library fuiiil . 'Jrw.5l :
Water tout . 11,0'W.tK )
.link-men ! . ii.riU.T7
Police . 1t.-.l..VJ !
Holler Inspector . 1'J.Wl
Cm bin j ; nnd guttering . 13,151.0 ! )
Providing for the transfer of certain
funds to the general fund and from the
general fund to the police fund anil lire
hind. Passed.
Providing for the payment of liabilities
incurred during the month of May , 1880 ,
amounted to $18O.Ci ( ! ! ) , from llio several
funds as folloxvs :
( icneral fund . S11,3G9 05
Police . , a.OM si
Klrc . : u > r > 83
CiirliltiR , cutterlni : . 47 81
The ordinance was passed.
Establishing the , grade from Twenty-
sixth avenue to Howard street. Passed.
Establishing grade of Thirty-sixth
street trom Loavoiiworth to southern
corporate limits. Grades and Grading.
Creating paving districts numbers 07 ,
OS. ( ) and 70. Passed.
Establishing grade of Twelfth street
From Pierce street to Williams street.
Grades and grading.
Ordering the grading of Woolworth
street irom Twenty-ninth to Thirty-sec
end avenue. Passed.
Changing section ono of chapter six
teen of Cliaso's compiled ordinances.
Section one of the ordinance is as fol
lows :
Any person who , within the limits of the
city snail keep or maintain or shall be an in
mate or in any way connected wither
or shall in any way contribute to the
support of any house ot prostitution or other
disorderly house , or shall knowingly lease
any building , place , lot or premises to any
notorious prostitute , or any other person lor
the purpose of being kept or used as n hotiso
or place of prostitution , shall ho deemed
uilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction
ticicof shall be lined in any sum not less
tnan S'J5 nor more than SW , and In addition
theieto imtybc Impliosiied not to excecdteii
The ordinance was introduced by
Councilman Ford and adopted unani
mously after considerable discussion.
Providing for the removal of garbage ,
dead animals and other refuse matttcr
and to prohibit the depositing of manure
and other refuse matter iu thu streets
and alleys in the city of Omaha. Passed.
Changing grade of Davenport street
from Ninth to Eleventh street and ot
Tenth street from Capitol avenue to Chicago
cage street. Passed.
Changing grade of Sixteenth street
from Nicholas street to north line of lot
18. in Horbaoh's first addition. Passed.
Declaring necessity of changing grade
of Fifteenth from Jackson to Jones
Street. Passed.
Declaring necessity of extending Twen
ty-eight street through McCormiek's ad
dition trom the north line of John I.
Redick'ssubvision to Farnam street. Ad
How a New York Drummer Was
Drugged and Ilobbnd.
"That diamond ring has a history , "
said a traveling man in the Pnxton
rotunda the other night , displaying a
well-sized " " his little .
- "spark" on finger.
"I was robbed of that ring two years
ago on the tram while going from Now
York to IJnft'alo , in the slickest manner
imaginable. It won't take buta moment
to tell the story , and I'll just relate il to
yon. It may prevent your being caught
in the same trap some time.
"I fell into conversation with a passen
ger on the train , a nice appearing.gentlc-
manly young fellow , who told me fliat he
was gome out to Chicago to establish
himself in business. I noticed that he
took good care to size IIP my ring and
scorned to take an especial interest in it.
Finally , a hour before the train was duo
at liuIValo , ho got up , wont to the water
cooler and took a drink. Very cour
teously , as I thought , when ho came back
ho brought with him a cup of
the refreshing liquid and offered itto mo.
Of course I thanked him ami drank it.
I thought it tasted rather queer , but said
nothing. Pretty soon 1 began to grow
drowsy and putting my head on a folded
overcoat , fell back asleep. I know noth
ing more until I awoke in Buffalo. The
very first thing I noticed after
I fully roali/.cd that I was in
the laud of the waking was that my
$ .700 . diamond ring was gouo from my
linger. And the nice-looking stranger
was gone from my sldo. In a moment
then I realized the truth. The water
which had been offered me had been
drugged by the polite young man , and
then I had been robbed. To cut a long
story short , Mr. Thief was run to the
ground within twenty-four hours by an
experienced detective , being captured in
a little town a few miles from Buffalo , at
which station ono of the passengers had
seen him get off. The diamond ring was
found in his possession. Ills full con
fession of the crime exactly corroborated
my first suspicions. IIo is now "doing
time" in Sing Sing. "
To Swell In tlio Exposition IIuililltiR
'at ' tlio June Festival ,
TttesdayCthero was a Qjolni Erohcarsal
at tlio exposition building of thy local
chorus of the Juno festival The attend
ance of singers was smaller than usual
owing to other engagements , but the
orchestra had a good representation.
Conductor Pratt was present and led the
work ,
The parts rehearsed were those of the
"Messiah" and the ' 'Hymn of Praise. "
In the former , especially , tlio chorus dis
played most satisfactory ability. It was
rendered with intelligent and forceful
effect. With the other piece , there was
not displayed the same proficiency , but
another reliearsal would servo to equalize
the standard.
There seems to have been made a mis
take in placing the orchestra upon a
platform of nearly the same level as that
of the singers. In some instances a
number of the latter are hidden by the
musicians in trout , while , for a largo part
of the audience in the front rows the
orchestral and not the vocal effort will bo
that to reach the cars. It is , of course ,
advisable that the orchestra should bo
well nmler the direction of tlio conductor ,
but that effect might bo secured and still
have the orchestra in position where they
would not be really the , principal fea
ture of ilia occasion to u largo part of
the audience.
There will bo another choral rehearsal
on next Tnosday night , about forty in
number from tlio singing societies of
Chicago will bo present. On Wednesday
morning there will bo a jqiut rehearsal
of all : ho participants , including the
Chicago orchestra , which will bo about
thirty strong. Agents arc now working
tip a patronage in the state , nnd a large
attendance is expected ,
To no Advanced by tlio Stnto Conven
tion of the A. O. It.
The state ofllccrs of the A. 0,11. , have
issued a call for a state convention ,
which will bo hold at their hall on Thir
teenth and Jackson Blroots on Monday ,
Juno 21. The convention will bo a very
important one for the order and its
spread in Nebraska , anil it is expected
will bo attended by delegates from all
parts of the state.
A great Impetus was given the society
throughout the United States by the atti
tude assumed by IMshop Ireland of Min
nesota at the national convention lately
held there
Steps will bo taken by the delegates at
the state convention here , to largely in
crease the membership and more
thoroughly establish it in inlluence
throughout the state.
It is expected a grand reception will bo
tendered the delegated after their labors
are over by the mum bora of the local
division and their lady friends , particu
lars of which will bo auhounced later.
Jtail Notes.
The followlugself-explauatory circular
was issued yesterday.
To Atjoiits anil Cnitncctlni : Lines : Mr.
W. F. ( iilllltts Imvlinc icslmii'd his position
as assistant general lieiu-ht uncut ol the
Union I'.ieilie railway company to accept
other service , all communications with ret'-
ciciico to west-bound transcontinental
iiolghttranic. Includlne all ft o in lit destined
to points wcstot Wyoming , lipietol'oro sent
to him will , until fuithcr advised , be ad
dressed to THOMAS 1. KIMIIAI.I. ,
' ( Soncral Trnlllc Manager.
Thursday evening the Union Pacific
will send out an excursion train to Loup
City , where the citizens of that growing
burg are to celebrate the opening of the
Lonp Citv branch.
The Union Pacific sonic time ajro
ordered twenty now engines from the
lialdwin manufactory in the cast , and
one of them , numbered 817 , rolled into
thu yards yesterday ( at an early hour.
Tlio Grand Island train was delayed a
few minutes this morning by cattle on
the trncic near Klkhorn. The delay
enabled No. 1 , westbound , to pull
out , and permitted the suburban
to pull in along the regular platform.
This latter train has been compelled ,
heretofore , to unload its passengers out
among the tracks in the depot. It is com
mented on that llio management should
cither build a new platform or enable
the train in question to reach tho'old one.
The train carried about I'-Vi passengers
between Grand Island and Omaha , > nnd ,
about the same number going west last
night. This number , it is thought , will
increase with the country.
The first class faro from this city to
Chicago is now $11 ; second class , it is
only $8.
.I.R.Manchester left yesterday for
Wahoo , and will go thence to Lincoln ,
from which point ho will join the oscui-
sion to Loup City at Valley this
evening. _
Police Court.
Judge Stonburg had the pleasure . 'yes
terday of hearing a Rohomuin case.
Leopold Karish was accused of robbing
Jacob Kusok of a roll of monpy ; amoiint ; %
ing to some $15. Hotli were boardinglit , '
the same house. The only cvidence'that
Kneek could bring against Karish was
the fact that the latter had been scon in
the room shortly before the money had
been missed. Judge Stenborg helil'that. ' .
this was insufficient and case was 'Uis'-
" * " * "
missed. .
Six vagrants were discharged , two of
them being sentenced to twenty-five days
on a bread and water diet and then given
ten minutes to leave the town. Six men
arraigned for drunkenness were dis
charged. ' - i
Francis Tuller , n man living on Cum-
ing street , Dhad been arrested Tuesday
for disturbing the peace , lie plead not
guilty and was held for trial. Tuller bore
a black eye as tlio result of a blow which
the officer had given him with a club. IIo
was fined $5 and costs.
The Rulilc Case.
The man Norelia , about whom so much
has been said and written in thq past two
weeks , in connection with the Ruble mur
der , turned up yesterday in a most unexl
pected manner. His correct name is
Francis Norolius , " and he is a Swede ,
working for A. G. Willis , of this city.
Norelius , however , is not the mysterious
man in blue , who was seen with Ruhlo
on the day preceding the murder. IIo
was confounded with him on account of
the fact that ho registered at the City
hotel tlio niirlit before the murder , imme
diately before Ruhlo and his friend , the
man in blue. The matter was called to
the attention of Norelius' father , who
lives Din Crawford county. Yes.
terday the sheriff of that cou
nty , Mr. L. IJ. ' Moony , arrived
in Omaha and took Norolius to the pojico
court , where a satisfactory explanation
was made.
Pythian nml i'yUnicorns.
f Tuesday Pythagoras ledge of the
Knights of Pythias was instituted at the
ledge of the homo organization , on Four
teenth street between Douglas and Dodge.
The members composing tlio now lodge
are all residents of the southern part of
town , and the meeting place of the same
will bo located there. At present , it has
membership of twenty-two , but that
number will bo greatly increased in a few
weeks. The work of the institution lasted
until about t ! o'clock this morning. The
ollicors elected are :
I. S. llascall , C. C.- , Charles L. Connor ,
P.P. ; Morris Morrison , V. C. ; Howard
M. Lauorbaoh , T , ; John P. McManus , K.
of R. S. ; J , P. Hrowington , M. of F. ; W.
D. Scott , M. of 15 ; George U. Strycr , I.
G. and M. Arnout , O. G.
A Disappearance ,
It was reported yctterday that
Mrs. I'nuik , whoso prosecution by the
Law and Order league has attracted t > o
much attention of Into , had sold out and
gene to Canada. According to the host
advices him has sold out her establish
ment on Twelfth street , she lias not
renewed her bonds in the liluffs and
film is not at present in Omaha , Those-
who know her well say that sheleftTues ]
day for her old homo in Canada , with
the intention of outwitting the league.
The inmates ot her Twelfth street house
say that they do not know her where
abouts or her intentions.
Foes of tlio Flames ,
Chief Uutler of the fire department ar
rived ycstorduy'from Cleveland where ho
had been in attendance on the meeting of
the executive committo of the national
association of chief lire engineers. There
were in attendance Cliicfs Cleary of
Memphis , Cronin of Duffalo , Sweeney of
Chicago , Butler of Omaha , Connefi of
Muskegon nnd Hills of Cincinati. T hey ,
bet the date of the annual convention tor ,
the August 8-1 , at Providence. Tlo ) at
tractions besides the transaction of busi
ness will bo tno reading of papers -of in
terest generally to tire lighters ,
Judge for an Hour. ' '
BYesterdny Judge McCulloch Jm 10
heavy weight removed from Iii3min"d _ , "
IIo wanted to get married and ypf could ,
not Issue n license for that piirposgJoixiiflL.
self. So ho bethought him to petition the
comipissioiiertto | commission a judge es
pecially for that puri Sc ' The idea was
a happy ono and wns approved by the
county board , who accordingly appointed
Gco. Gurley. the judgedcKrk , with bonds
at $50,000. Th's marrmi'o'.liccnsoismoro
weighted witn rc.sponsiblln'y than any be-
Jforo issued in this community ,
Tlio C. K , ol'A nntiquct ,
Tlio grand banquet given by the Cath
olic ladies of Omahain honor of the
Catholic knights of AmtVlca who are
holding a state council hero this week ,
took place at St. Philomena's hall Tues
day. The reception flwto everything
that might bo desired , the hall being
crowded to overflowing Jjy fnost represen
tative Catholics of urn < 5ity and state.
Although the bishop Who was expected
to preside was unable to bo present , his
place was well filled by Father Seh.iflcl ,
the Vicar General who was * accom
panied on the platform by Revs ,
rather Jcanotto , McCarthy , Mc
Donnell and other local clergy
Among ( he most notable Catholic citi
zens present were Dr. O'Ronrkc. John
Rush and Mrs. Rush , J. Mnlvahill and
wife , Jas Drennan and wife , Mr. and
Mrs. C.McDonald.Mr. Gibhon.Mr.Dillon ,
Mr. nnd Mrs. R. O'KcHle , Mr. Conshalin
Smith ; Miss Dillon , of Lincoln ; Mr. . ) . T.
Moriarity and Miss McCartney , Gon'l
O'Brien and Mrs. O'Brien , Major McMa-
lion , Miss O'Brien , Mr. Taggart and
Miss RobertH.
A sumptuous supper had been provided
and , after the guests had done full jus
tice , Father Shaffcl iu a few words apol
ogized for the absence of the bishop and
noticing the great growth of Catholics in
the state during tlm last twenty years
exhoited Catholics to steadfastness ,
charity , sobriety and other virtues. The
chairman's speech , wldoh was well re
ceived , was followed by addresses by T.
Brcnnan , secretary of C. 1C. A. , lion , John
Rush , Mr. Minahan and Dr. O'Ronrkc.
The intervals were occupied with
instrumental music by Hoffman's orches
tra and vooal by Miss Fannie Arnold , the
latter singing several selections with her
usual taste and finished execution.
After a most pleasant ovoningat which
all seemed supremely happy , the pro
ceedings were brought to a eloso by an
an eloquent apostrophe to "Woman , " by
Mr. J. T. Moriarty.
New HulldiiiRfl.
Plans have just been completed by
Mendelssohn & Fisher for a new six-story
building to ho erected on the southwest
corner of Fifteenth and Harnoy for
Frank Ramgo. The structure will bo Gu\
1W ! in ground dimensions , of Chicago
pressed brick and very ornate in details.
Jt will be one ot the finest business
blocks in the city.
The same architect are drawing up plans
for a four-story building to bo erected on
thu corner of fifteenth and Howard , for
Mr. Harbaugh.
Attention Mt. Calvary Cuinniandnry.
All sir knights ot this command and so
journing knights intending to accompany
Mt. Calvary commamlery , 1707,1C. T , on
its pilgrimage to Beatrice , Neb. , to par
ticipate in ascension day services with
Mt. Hermon commanduvy , 1707,1C. T. , on
Thursday , Juno yd , are."directed to report
at the asylum , Sixteenth street and Cap
itol avenue , at 7 o'clock a. in. .sharp , on
that day. Sir knights being accompanied
by ladies should bo at the IJ. & M. depot
at 7:30 : a. m. sharp. By order of your
, .jJ' He's MonejVCarrlor.
i There is a letter carrier on the Omaha
fowrce ho is $00 poorer-yesterday than he
was a couple of days ago. His name is
Jablcschnech. He also misses his son.
Bolli disappeared ivboot the same time ,
UndHho young man seizodithe money be-
fore'he went -iwav. lUihfts been learned
that ho wont to Chicago and intends to
use the $00 to have an excellent time.
Ho ad ins ; Toward the Ijoup.
A largo number of Omaha's-business
men have accepted the invitation to at
tend the excursion from this c.ity to Loup
City , in this state this evening.
' 1 'to ' excursion is gotten up in honor of
the extension of the Union Pacitio to that
place , and is intended to advertise the
Wonderful resources of that country.
"Uncle Sam's Hliekols.
The increase of business during the
past month at the postollice has been
about 20 per cent. The sale of stamps
amounted to $9,240.00 ; of envelopes to
$1,048.23. The number of postal
cards disposed of was 11,408. ! ) The
business of the ofiicn on May of last year
amounted to $ iifiiu.07.
COOacres land in Thayer county , Neb. ,
to sell or trade * for merchandise. Address
John Limlerholm , Oil S. 10th St. , Omaha ,
A Murder.
Word reached hero yesterday that a
wealthy farmer named Hunt , residing
near Woodbine , la. , was murdered at an
early hourjyesterday and his body thrown
in a well. No further particulars could
bo ascertained ,
Opolt's Hotel , Lincoln , Neb. , opened
March 10th , first class in every respect.
The Waif.
Tlie little boy Mathers , who was found
in the Union Pacific depot Tuesday after
having been deserted by his adopting
father and told to look about for his step
father , was fortunately recognized by ono
of the mail drivers at the depot and car
ried to the place where his stop-mother
Gives Up llio Quill.
J. D. Kvnns , easliior in tlio ofl'ico of
tlio collector of internal revenue , Is in
Sntton making arrangements to transfer
his family from that place to Omaha. IIo
has sold tlio Sutton Kegistor , of which ho
wits proprietor and editor , and will locate
within a week.
Tlie Next Gninc * .
The next base ball game in the Athletic
park occurs Tuesday between the Union
Pacillcs and the Leatlrille Nines , Tlio
Union Pacifies will ho doubly
strengthened for the contest.
Trinity Cathedral.
Ascension day ( Thursday ) union f-orv-
ices. Morning prayer ; ! * . in , ; celebra
tion of holy communion , 10 n. in. , with
sermon bv Rev. K , T. Hartiel , acting vcc-
tor in cha'rgo of the Cathedral congrega
tion ,
County Cash.
The county commissioners yesterday
Isstipd warrants to bd drawn upon ho
.treasurer . to the amount of $18,070 , to pay
'for bonds hold by llio Omaha school
Judge Herka , Tuesday about 8 o'clock ,
married Wm. Fuks to Natalie Wiig.
George W , Bruce has been appointed
substitute letter carrier nt the postoilice
iii this city ,
" 8dney | O. Stagg and Miss Lulu C. 1'eJ.
ton'were quietly married Tuesday after- tlio residence of the bride's father ,
Mririf K. Felton.
Mr. J. B. Biley , of Flnttsburp. N. Y. ,
who bas just been appointed by President
Cleveland , inspector of Indian schools , is
a Wotlior of Mr. J. E. KHoy of this city.
' 'H-.iC. Terry , wlio is accused of passing
'a foj'ged check on JamesStophcnson was
, brouRjit * into police court yesterday
Hw-waivcd examination and was recom.
ailtled to jail witiyot | bail. He will prob-
"aljiysecuro bonds for his release.
The ladies of the First Uaptisi cuurcb
will give a missionary tea in the church
parlors 'J Unrsdnv evening , Juno 0 , from
G to 8 o'clock. A good supper and pleas
ant evening assured to all their friends
who attend.
. , .
f t v < i < Tiit t It jr ! t V hill ) I'U4I\U
offerings of Mr. Evcrs , superintendent of
carriers , who lias won increased respon
sibility because of his parentage of a girl ,
Personal 1'nrncrnphs.
Charles Met ? went west yesterday.
J. F. Allard , of Bradstrect's has re-
tinned from a pleasant visit to Kansas
Juan Hoylo , of Kearney , passed
through this city on his way homo from
J. E. McClurc , the well known agent
of the St. Paul road , arrived yesterday
t'rom Kansa City.
Major Davis , of the Wahoo Independ
ent , wont homo , loaded yesterday .with
miscellaneous purchases.
Will McMillan went west on a tour
througli the state yesterday , intheintcrest )
of llimobaugh & Mcrriam.
Dr. Galbraith went to Lincoln yes
terday as didialso Dr. Graddy , { to attend
the meeting of thu state medical society.
Rev J. S. Dctwclter went to Central
Cityt yesterday to attend the state
Sunday school convention which will con
tinue iu session until Frid.TV
Absolutely Pure0
This powder never viirlos. A mnrvcl ot purl
ty , tronith ami wliolcxomonoss. Jloro cccm
omtcal thitn tint onlimirv Muds , iiiui cnnnot bo
sold in competition with * the multitude of low
test , ghmt wclitltt , nlum or iihosplmlo powders ,
sold only In onus , liov.u. HAKINO POWDER Co. ,
408AVnllSt..Now York.
13th St.Cor.Capitol Avenue.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. WScWIENAMY. Proprietor.
Sltlecii j'car "lli)8ltal | nnd 1'rlvatc 1'ractlco
Woha\o the facilities , apparatus and remedies
Tor the successful treatment of every form of die.
mse requiring cither medical or surgical treatment ,
imd inut all tpcoruoatid Invcstleatcfor thcmsclvca
or correspond ulthiis. Long experience In treat-
lug ca&es by letter enables im to treat many casce
Eclentiilcally without ncoinc them.
WHITE FOlt riHCUlAH on Deformities and
Brace * , Club Feet , Curvatures of the Spine ,
DISEASES or WOMEN , I'llec , Tumors , Cancers ,
Colnrili , BronchiU * , Inhalation , Electricity , Paral
ysis , Epilepsy , Kidney , Eye , Ear , Skin , Blood aud
till surgical operations.
Hnttcrlos. Inrmlern. Ilracfs , TriiRirs , and
all kinds of Medlcnl nnd Surgical Appliances , mnn
ufactnred and for mile.
The only rollablo Medical Institute making
Private , Special i Nervous Disease ; ,
from whatevercanseprnduced , successfully trciiteu
Wo can remove Syphilitic pblsou from the Byetcir
without mercury.
New refclorative treatment for Iocs of vital power.
Call nnd consult us or send name and post-olllco
address plainly written enclose stump , and we
nill send 5011 , In plain wrappir , our
uro.s I'IIITXTH , Si'tuiAi , ANU NKntoiid DIBUASCS.
CE , tirrniMs. OoNtmnmnt , GLEET , VAIUCOCELI ! ,
UitiNAiiY OmuNS , or tend hUtory of your case fur
nn opinion.
Pcrnons unable to visit us may lie treated at their
homer , by coircfpondence. Ilrdiclncsand Instru
mcnti tent by mall or express KKCUHIiLY PACK
ED FHOM OBSERVATION , no marks to ImHcnti
content" or sender. One personal Interview pre
ferred If convenient. Fifty rooms for the nccom-
Mocjiillcm of patients Board and attendance at
reasonable pikes. Address nil l.cltcis to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
Cor )3thSt ) and CaoltolAve. . OMAHA. Nl-B. '
State Agents
lino/nrUrn oPionno
Omaha , Neb.
Fine Business Lots at tlie South End , and
Beautiful Residence Lots !
In llio north cut ! of this Town. Two mid one hnlf miles from the Omaha
office ,
These are Quarter Acre Lots.
( TnkltiK Into contldcrntlon Itio streets and nlleja ) , unit nro sold
One Quarter Down ,
Ilalinecln 1 , Snncl 3 ycnm nt 7 t r cent.
The Finest Suburban Lots ,
Around ninnlM. S.VI f cot nhoro tlio Mls rmrl nivor. Nowhere clao iibrat Om.iha are localol nch Inn *
fomo niton for Modest , Medium orKlrgunt homes.
liU nud rccuro some of this line propartr.
Before a Higher Appraisement is made.
110NT : VI ! n word otlils until yon Imvo thorouRhlr Investlaiito 1 It.
Tlint this rroporty Is only two nnd ono hntf miles from Oranlm'a biuinoii contar.
Thill the location Is bciiutlful.
Tlnit ninplo trees lire planted on each i > ldp of the 'IfcH.
That cnch lot contains 9,09. ) sqmiro foot wltli 2J loot alley.
That the streets arc BO nnd 101) ) foot wide. '
That there nro six dummy trains each way , besldos llio rnjulir in ! it ,
That the street cars run to within ono half mile of tlierj.
Tlmtttio street cars will run there this car.
That the price Is ono third less ttrm Isnskod for properly thJ siin illi'.THCJ In ofjjr i
That tlio lots nro ono third larger than most others-
That they nro backed by n syndicate rcproscntin St'J,1)lH ' )
That there lias ulrcndy boon orpou.lad but. teen $ ! , ' ) ) ) , ) ) ) an 1 > ! .1).D ) .
That there Is n line system of watortrorks , f iirnlslilni ; pufo 3ir.u ; ! > Jr.
That the railways all center there.
That South Oniiihu Is n town of lUjlf ,
That It bus Its own postollicc.
That It bus Its own railway stutlo.l ,
1 bat It bus lt > owu ncn spupar.
In Fact
lias CTcrythlnR to make the property tlio very best pay Ins Investment In nonl-H'tato today.
Look Into It. Examine It Carefully
Don't Buy a Lot.
Onlllyou are convinced that there Is no po slblty of Incurring n loss. ThohimNonu rajilcnc5lots | ] nra
one mile tills eldo ( directly north ) of the UNION STOCK YAHDSlierc are located tlio
Im.meaa.ise Dressed. Ece ± ,
Which In ten years will lie the TiAUOKST .INDIJPTItV In tlio wcu and will imiko property worth per foa
nbatlsnowatkcd for n lot. Tlio druliuiire of the above Institutions Is perfect and Hews south from tliulowu
Any real estate iiKcnt will pell you lots. Alan n lib horse and carrlnjjo ut the ( lloba-Jcnirn il oflleo , nt tlio
"Summit , " South Omnba , has maps and price lists and la nlniiys ready to show property. 1'or furthorla.
f 01 million lnups , prlco Hits und descriptive circular ? , nddies" ,
Omaha , Nebraska.
One of the Best and Largest Stocks in the
United States to Select From ,
GEO. BDKKR , Manager ,
UEFEHENCES : Merchants' ami Farmers' Hank , Davlil City , Nob. ; Kearney National
BankKearney , Neb. ; Columbus Stnto Hank. Columbus , Neb. ; McDonald's Uanlc , Norlli
i'lattc. Neb. ; Omaha National Hank. Omaha. Neb.
Will pay customers' dratt with bill of ladins attached for two-thirds value of stock.
Display at their warerooms , 1305 and 1307 Farnam Street ,
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to bo found ai
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , including
" *
"j ' " ' "
- - -
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , while the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal Interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects In materials or workmanship.
1306 4. 1307 FARNAM STREET
g , W. COK. 15tli AX rAKXAJI , OMAHA.
Pro of description for sitlo in all parts of lh city. Lamti toi t sale In
mcrly every
county n Vebraska/ complete set of Abstracts of Titles iJoUL'las . Cou kop .
ps of the Citys Stnto or county , or any ether Information desired .funilsucJ
jco charge' upon apphcaliou.