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The Nation's Bachelor Executive Joins the
Banis of Married Men.
The President and Miss loUora Wedded
Under the Moat Favorable Auspices
The Magnificent Decorations of the White
Hens < ! Given in Detail.
Dr. Sunderland , Assisted by Cleveland's '
Brother , Tics the Nuptial Knot.
A Dpflcrlptloti or the Magnificent Cos-
tunic or the Itfiilo anil the To I-
IctH oT the I/nillcH All
the Particulars.
WAsiuxciro.v , June 2. [ S pedal Teletrram
to the Uir.J : At halt past 0 o'clock this
evening n lingo crowd of people moved about
Immediately In front of the whlto house , in
eager expectation of seeing somebody or
.something In connection with tlio president's
maniaco. Their curiosity was gratiliedby
tilovv degrees. At that hour the mumboi.s ot
of the marine tmatd were airiving , and only
those who had been In the house all day
weropiesent. The Itov. Dr. Suiulerland did
not como till 0:40. : Five minutes latei Secre
tary Lamat's carriage diovo up. There was
nn almost deathly silence without and with
in. The ceiemony was to take place In ten
minutes , and only one ot the seven membeis
of thucabinet weie preseut. The swelling
now d of spectators began to glow neivous.
They feaicd theie would bo a disarrangement
and disappointments. On came tliu speeta-
tois by palis , ttlos , squads , crowds.
The assembly numbeicd n thousand
people on thu outside of the executive man
aion. They moved inonnd , speaking in low-
tones , but they weio not permitted to enter
under the poitlco in fiont and leading to the
main enhance. The air was warm , tlie sky
clear , and thu sun was beginning lo sink outer
or sight behind thu hills in Vlr.
ginla. At eight minutes to 7 o'clock
UP UASIII'.S A OAltlltAflK ,
In It are Postmaster and Mi.s. Yilas. Scarcely
do they alight bufoi o another car r iago r
up. A large , smooth-faced man jumps out ,
and the carrlago drives on. It Is Mi. Hlsscll ,
I'lesldunt Cleveland's old law paltrier. In
rapid succession , and In older , n number ot
oairlages containing beerctailes Hayaid ,
Whitney and Manning , the latter two with
theh wives , arrive. Secretary Manning cntci.s
tliu whlto house at six minutes to 7 o'clock.
Ills wife and his olllco messenger assist him
towalk , his recent illness luulngJiad a tell- .
Intellect upon him. All are present now ,
and tlio little flutter caused by tlio arilvals
has uuictcd , Theciovvdvoutsklo listens and
ga/esas ono man. Scaicely a noise Is lieaid
anjwheie. The membeis ot the Marine baud ,
with tlicii blight red uniloims trimmed in
gold , peep out ol the windows , which aio al
most filled with palms and fcins , ananged
very effectually to shut out of view the inter-
lor of the house while having the windows
raised. It is thice minutes to 7. Tnu main
door opens , and out walks a Fii'.nch coiffeur
and his wile. They have anauged the toilet
of Mr. Cleveland and Miss Folsom. Sono
one pulls down the blind at thu incident's
loom up-stairs , and simultaneously tlio uas'is
turned down In Miss I'olsom's room. A
rnni'ncT ( iiAii : : or OASMUUT
is flashed upon the whole lower portion of
the house , and Insldo there Is a scene equal
to the grandeur ot a rojalpalaco upon thu oc
casion of the man higoot a ciowned head. It
Is 7 o'clock. Theru Is a r ustlo inside. ' 1 ho
band begins Mendelssohn's grand wedding
maich. Onu minute later the music closes.
Grovei Cleveland and Fiances Folsom stand
befoie Dr. Siindeiland In the blue room. Sui-
roundlng them nio thlity guests. The pic
ture Is exticnicly beautiful. Five minutes
latei It Is Mi. and Mis. Cleveland , and they
are tecuvlng the congiatnlatlnns. Thu can
non at Foil Mejei , tlio navy yard and ar
senal begin lo
111:1.011 : roiini TIM : AXNOUxcr.vij-Nr
of the culmination ol the event. The bolls
ring and the people dispciso fiom the center
ol atttactlou , So a piesldent was married.
"Tills icmlnds nioof the time when poor
Picsldent Garlleld was sick , " said ono of tlio
risheis at Iho white house this moinlng.
"Newspaper men , newspaper men , nothing
but newspaper men. All wo want Is a bulle
tin every half hour , " It was so. The laigo
corridor at the whltu house.was filled all day
with roriospnndcnts , male and female , alt
watting for news or Incidents. ( Julio a nuiiv
bei of people came and went , but no one got
In the
About 12 o'clock u man appeared ut the
door. Hit was dressed In a black suit with
largo rolling collar and wide cravat. Ho
worn a slouch hat , and when Major Dlnsrnoio
opened the door tlio said ;
"I am a poet , and have como with the
laldidodc. "
"Don't want " said
any. Ulnsmore ,
"Hut 1 have written It especially for this
occasion , and you rnubltake It. MUs Folsom
wants it. "
" .Vo , bho don't , " said Dlnsmoio.
"Hut , " continued tliu fellow , "I know sun
dot'A , Tlio iir t line goes :
"J.iuly fair , be.ititleous maid , "
' Tliot'h enough , " Mild Dlnsmoic.
"Fiilii'stone. Iho New York belle , "
continued thn man unabaslied.
"At thy feet a flower I've laid , "
"At the phico wheio Cleveland fell. "
llo had haidly got out the last line uofoio
an olllcci had liin. by the back ot the neck
and walked him out of tlio whlto hoiibo
giotinds , poem and all.
i.uooixa IN UTIIXSII.S.
At 10 1 ; o'clock an expir-ss v\atr ; > n drove up
to thodooi of Iho white house and the ex-
prcsbinun lifted out a gic't box marked
"lirom Cleveland , Whlto House. " On the
lever oshio was "Tillany t Co. " It con
tained the satin boxes for the bridal clo. ;
This was. taken Into tliu house , and then a
Mini ) box came out ol the wagon , and then a
largo banel. I'lih was marked "tilass. " "It's
tlio iilamoiid necklace , " remarked ono of the
foiiespoiid' > nts. TcU'giams came pourlns In
and wen : at once to Die nupcr part ot the
liousu AH .hlnlliue.Giover Cleveland was
lltlug in his lllinxiy. busy w itli his mall and
jupers. Secretary l.amar arid Actln < Secri > -
rv FilrcUild cillcj at tbe housa hot ween
1 anil 2 o'clock , and both had an Inter
view. About ' ! o'clock there was a burst
of laughter from upstairs anil someone came
down and said they wore
and that (3ro\erwonld not rehearse and Miss
Kllzabclh had to take his place. Miss Foi-
Rom seemed to enjoy this part of the pro
gramme highly. About 4 o'clock a largo
number of correspondent ? assembled at the
whlto house and wore shown through the
rooms prepared for the ceruuonv. Just
when all were assembled In the corridor tlio
Xcvv York confectioner drove up In a car
rlago. llo had with him ono ilo/en boxes
about 2 feet by 8 Inches. In Ilicso was
the wedding cake. Out Jumped the man ,
and ono by one ho carefully lifted Iho cake
and carried each box himself to the pantiy.
At5BO ; o'clock the doors of the white house
were closed to the public.
fcT.vuTixa ox Tiir : TIIIP.
While the guests were enjoying themselves
around tlio supper table the president ami
bis bride were hastily cnsconscd In travel
ing .suits , and just befoiu 0 o'clock .slipped
out by a rear entrance to the while hou e ,
untcied a carriage and were rapidly rtilven
lo the northeastern vait of the city , where a
special train awaited them on the Baltimore
As Ohio. The train consisted of tlnoo coaches ,
ono being the magnificent pihatu car of
President Cartctt , ot the. llaUlmoic
& Ohio railioad. Quickly they enteicd
the car and , unaccompanied by any
one , started for Deer Park , Md. , vvhoru
they nio to occupy the cottage of .Sen-
atoi Davis of West Virginia lor n few
days. The special has the right qf way and
will mn wild to ili destination , imiKlnsrex-
tiiionlinary tlino and'anlvliig there near 2
o'clock to-night. A horde of newspaper cor
respondents shadowed the president and his
bride , and succeeded In detecting their move
ments'and followed them , leaving at 10:10 :
Tito Ceremony anil All Its Accom
panying Details.
WAsirr.Nino.v , Junu a. Other \vcildliigs
theio have been at the white house , eight In
all , but never before to-day has the highest
dignitary in ( lie land bowed his head within
Its historic * walls to receive the blessing ol
the chinch on his union in the holy bonds of
mntilmony. Fiom itho very dawn of the
wedding day the city seemed alive to the ap-
proachihg event. Little knots ot idlcts talked
It over on the sidewalks in front ot the
hotels. Sedate matrons gossiped as
they passed alone the streets and
bevies of laughing gills chatted
and speculated about the coming
momentous ceiemony. Manywcio the oni
ons glances that sought to pleico the draped
windows of the whlto house , and
wcio the comments and speculations ot
loitcieis who gathered early in the afternoon
within the gioiinds. Llttlo or nothing In the
appearanio or the mansion 01 its surround
ings Indicated to the casual p issei-by that the
much talked of event was at hand. Thn still
and muiky ha/.o of the eaily forenoon had
now wholly given place to clear skies
and warm southerly brewes , while
the yellow , slanting sunbeams flit
tered tniough the follago of the
paik ami made flickcrm ? pictures upon
tlio velvety turf beneath. The great fountain
did IU bust to nttinct attention , spouting itt )
cooling spray to tlio voigo of Us giaiiitu
basin , and the lloweiiug sliiubs and foims
oftioplcal green filled the marginal gaps In
the picture. The scats In the paik acioss the
avenue wore occupied by lawn-clad maidens ,
while half the } oung loyeis In town , moved
by the common sympathy which stlr.s roman
tic susceptibilities of sixty mil
lions , took winding walks in the
line of their evening piomciiado ,
and peculated upon the emotions which aio
supposed to fill the hearts ot biiduarul gloom.
The successive ariivals of guests were
watched with interest , and their names weie
whispered by the more knowing to their
companions. Suddenly tlio strains ot the
wedding match floated thiougli the opened
windovvs , and them vvas a general exclama
tion Iiom the outside ciowd.
xrrn sinvrcr : : rm > irinux. :
Then theie came a tautal/.in ! ? hush vvHliin
the walls , which was soon ended by the
stialns of thcliildal Chorus fiom Lohenjriin ,
and It was thcicby known that Hie ceiemony
was over. Ono by ono the lights spuing
uu at the windows , and the gieat biirneis on
the portico cast tlielrelTiilgonco over the pave
ments. Tlio scene resembled a summer night's
festival , and the ciowd gave itself up to the
enjoyment of tliu delightful music. With
short Intermissions the line orchest.'a ' rcn-
dcicd the following solcctions :
Invitation A La Valso Weber
Spring song Mendelssohn
Komancc UilghtStar ol U.opo..Kobaudl
'Mosaic Desiioo Soii a
1111 : nur.sis AIIUIVI : .
About half-past slo'clock the wedding
cuosts began toanlvc , tlieii caulaes diaw-
Ing up to the main door on Pennsylvania
avenue. Tim Hist uiuval was Kccielaiy
Laniai atOi7. : ; llo was closely followed by
llov. Dr. .Siindeilaud unit wile , and dining
the nest few minutes theiu came in quick
succession Postmaster ( ieneial Vllas and
wile , Mr. Wilson S. Hlssell , and
Mis. Kndlcott , Secretary Hajaid , bpcielaty
and Mrs , Whitney , and Secictaiy Manning
and his wife. Itmuovlug their vvtaps In the
.state dining room , all tlio guests puxcedcd
to Mm blue loom , wheio they weio icielveu
by Miss lioso Cleveland.
Tlio following is a complete list of those
nicsmit : Mis. Folsom , mothei ot the hilde ;
Itov. Win. Cleveland , tlioiiresldeiit'shiother.
Miss Cleveland and Mis. llo > t , the
dent'ssisteis ; Tlmias F. lla > aid , secii'laty
ot .state , and Miss Hayaid ; Daniel Manning
secrctaiy ol the ticasun , and MH , Manning ;
Wm. C. Knditotl , of war , ami
Mih. Kndlcott : Wm. C. Whitney , secictaiy
of tlm navy , and Mis. Whitney ; Wm. V. \ i-
las , postmaster geuoial , and Mi . ; I
j'lllis , i i. , .in * ) , illinium , iuil * ui s lltlll-
dleston.of Dctioit , Midi. : Mr. and Mis. Har
mon , 01 Hobton. Mass. , relatives of the buii | > ;
Miss Nelson , ol Now York ; W.S. Ills-sell , of , N. Y. , the pipiident'K former law
p.utner ; Dr. and Mis. liyion Snndeiland.
Attonioy ( ieneuil ti.uland , althougli Invited ,
was not pirsciu ,
For a levy minutes- the gursts chatted
gaily , but tlio conversation was quickly sus
pended at-7ir : > p. m. , when the selected 01-
i'hesli.1 tiom the Marino band , stationed In
the corridor , stiucl : up the iamlllarstiains ot
Tin' wiiiii.\n : MAICII :
from Moiulelst > ohn'9 "Mid = nnuiier Night's
Dream , " ana all cues weio tinned to Iho
door u ay to catch the first gllmpsoof thecoiu-
Inc hiIdoand groom starting from tl.ovvnnt-
oin conidor on tliu uj'pcr ' floor. The inci
dent came slowly down the western stalicaso
with hh bildo leaning on his arm. They
wire unaccompanied , oven the luido'
mother awalllni : lier with the other cuests.
Parsing through the ccnti.U corridor , the
brldu and groom
uNTtfjii : ! ) Tin : ni.i'i : IIOOM
and took a position near Its southern wall ,
which wai completely hidden r'roiu sight by
n mass ot noddli.g palms tropical grasses
and an enuless vaticty of choice ilowcrs.
The costal chandelier pouiifl a Hood of mel
low radiance upon the scone , and the color- ,
of the masslvo banks o ! sc.iilet bozonias and
rojal l.trqnimot loses , mingled with the blue
and silver tints of Iho tu-scoed walls and
ri'illng. gave a warm and cov ! > ing touu to
tlm whole Interior. The delicate ivory
shades af
i UK isitinh'sWF.pruxn oovv.v
found an cxqnliito Rctilnu'in tlie mrv > oof
crimson roses liumediateiy boyond. The
nri'sldent vvas In full evening dies , \\niia
tin n down collar , whlto lawn necktie , and
whftovtuds. A hush fell upon the
as Dr. Stumer land stopped forward to hlspo-
sitlon fronting tlio weddiinr couple , with
Key. William Cleveland , the president's
Inotiicr , at his left hand. In a distinct voice
and with dcllbcrnlo utterance the doctor
began tlio simple and beautiful \veddlngscr-
vice as tollows :
"Forasmuch as wo are assembled to observe -
servo the holy rites of marriage , It Is needful
wo .should seek the blcssliikr ot great ( ! od ,
our Father , whoso Institution It Is , nnd there
fore I beseech you now to follow mo with
rovorcnt hearts In prayer to him :
"A Imlglity and everlasting ( led , Father of
our spirit ? , framer of ou r body , glvo every
good and perfect gift. Thou ] Mho canst
see the end from the bozlnnlnir , who know-
est what is best for us. Thy children , aim lias
appointed the holy rite of marriage to bo sa-
crcdly observed throughout all generations ,
r oral d now , we beseech Thee. Thy servant ,
onrclncf magistrate. Kndow him plentconsly
with 'Ihv srnxco , and ( ill him with wisdom to
walk In Thy ordinance. Ho vciy nleh to him
In the midst of many cares and jjravo re
sponsibility , day by day. May'rhylavvilliect
him and Tny strength uphold him , and. be
Thou iorcver his sun and shield. Ho Thou
graciously pleased to look down upon this ,
Thy daughter , oven us Thou didst favoi tlio
chosen I'chccca nnd many noble women
that have niloined the world.
May she Indeed boa precious boon of good
to her husband , cheer and help him contin
ually. gltted with the beauty of the Loid and
shedding the sweet Influence of a Christian
life upon tliu nation In whose sight she is lo
dwell. Wilt Thou approve what these. Thy
servants , como lo do in Thy name , by Thino
authority nnd under the law. s of the land In
which wo li\e , and graciously assist tnem
this man and tills woman who aio hero to bo
united in tlio bonds of holy wedlock , accoul-
Inrr to tlie institution of Thy word. Merci
fully bu pleased , Almighty ( Soil , to vouchsafe
to each of them Thy grace , that they mav
well and truly weigh the unfailing % -ows
which they aie now about to make to each
other in thcpiesunco of this company and
before Tnee , nnd that thuy may bo enabled
hereafter at all times to so live together as to
reioico In tha solciunlatlon of tills union
with joy unspeakable and full ot glory
through Jesus Clnlst our Lord. Anion. "
Addressing the company Dr. Snnderland
said : "Man Iago Is honorable among all men ,
in that a man .shall leave his father and
mother nnd shall cleave unto his wife and
they twain
snAi.r , nr. oxr : rr.nsir.
It was constituted bj our Creator In the first
paiadlse. It was confessed by patriarch and
iu lest , prophet and apostle. It was confirmed
by the teaching and adorned witli the pres
ence of the Redeemer , and lias been lionoicd
by tlie faltlitul keeping of all jrood men and
women since tlio vvoild began. It is not
theiefoio to tin undertaken llgbtlv or unad
visedly , but soberly , discreetly and In the tear
of Cod. Into this holy estate this man and
this woman came now to enter. If any now
can sliovvj list cause why they maj not bo
lawfully united In m.tiiiago let him newspeak
speak orclso liereaftorfoioverhold his peace.
TO mi : nnmr A > 'n oncost
If you desire to bo milted in marriage , you
will signify the same by joining \our right
hands. " [ Gioom and bihto joined hamls.j
"tiiover , " said tire minister , "do you take
this woman whom you hold by the baud to
bo your lawful nnd wedded wife , to live to
gether after God's oidlnalicc ill 'tho ' holy
estate ot wedlock ? Do you piomisu to love
her , eliei Ish , comfort and keep her , in sick
ness and health , In joy and soriow. and for-
saklm : all othuis cleave only unto her so
lone as you both shall live'.1'1
O1IOOM rtllMLY "r 1)0. "
Dr. Sumlerlaiid Frances , do you take this
man whom you hold by tlio hand tobcyoui
lawful wedded liusb.uid , to live together after
Cod's ordinance in tlio holy estate of wed
lock ? Do you promise to love him , honor ,
comloit and keep him , In sickness and In
health , In joy and borrow , and loisaklng
all othois , cleave only unto him so long as
jou both shall live ?
This biido responded In
" 1 do. "
"In token ot the same , let tlio wedding
rhiK bo passed. " ( The groom placed the
on the bride's tingcrj.
Dr. Siindeiland , solemnly For. as much as
( irovci and Fiances have lieu ; agreed and
covenanted to live together after CJod's ordi
nance In tliu holy estate of wedlock , and have
confirmed the same by giving and taking a
wcddlugllntr , now , tlioreloie , In the pics-
enco ot this company , in the name of the
rathcr.and of the Son and of tbo Holy Ghost ,
1 pionoiiucn and declaic that they me
Ht'siiAXD AX win : .
And what God hath joined together let no
man put asunder. "
Itev. Mr. Cleveland then pionounced the
following benediction :
"God tlio Father , God the Son , and God the
Holy Ghost , bless , preserve and keen you.
The Loid mcrcltully till jou with all tem
poral and all spiritual blessing * , and grant
that you may so live together in this vvoild
that In the world to como jou m y have lllo
overlastinir. Amen. "
r i.xDinrxa : : COXOUATUI.ATIOXS.
At the conclusion of the ceremony Mrs.
Folsom , showing traces of deep emotion , was
tlio first to tender her congratulations to tlio
novvly married pair. Shu was followed by
Miss Cleveland , Itov. Mr. CIov eland , and
other relatives and fi lends in turn. While
the conu'iatiilatlons weio In progress , the
baud , under the leadership of ProlessorTousa ,
perlpuned the .bridal ( 'horns and Much
1 1 oni Lohengiln , and , to this music , the pit's-
ident and Ins wife led tiicway Intothostately
east loom. The udornmGiiti of this noble
hall weio in keeping with Its majestic pro
portions , and Itsamplo spacu and brilliant
illumination allordcd an oppoitunlty torn
fitting display of tlie ladles' toilets.
i in : nnrmi's rnsrmii : .
The brldo woio an enchanting wedding
dicss ot Ivory satin , simply garnished on
high coisage , with India muslin crossed
In Gieclan tolds and can led In exquis
ite tails of simplicity over the petticoat.
Tliu 01 ango blossom guiiiituic , commencing
upon tlio veil In a supcib coronet , is con
tinued thioughout the costume with artistic
skill. Ilei veil ot tulle , about live jardsin
length , completely enveloped tier , falling to
thocdgo ol the petticoat in fiont and extend
ing the entlie length of her full court train.
She canied no llovveis , and woio no jewelry
except an engagement limr , containing a
sapplilic and two diamonds ,
01111:11 : TOII.KTS.
Mis. Folfom woio a superb diess of violet
satin , with garnltuio In whlto lille , with
ciysUill/ed violet drops In pendants every-
vvhcie. Miss Cleveland woio nil exquisite
dress , a combination of Nllnk'ieen and cameo
pink ilitchesbo satin , with silver ornaments.
low corsage , garnlsliL'd with pink roses , shoit
sleeves , deml-lencth gloves In light tan. She
rallied a fan of pink cm lew leathers. Mis.
llojt. the president's sNer , wore a dainty
costume , en train , ol China ciop'i In robin's-
egg blue , mmt oflectlvely gaiultiiied with
i aio old lace. Her flovveisvvemla Franco roses.
Alls. Manning's diess was white
.satin , flounced acioss the trout witluluchcsse
laiv , ttimmliigs finished with sea pearls.
sqnaii ; neck and elbow .sleeves , diamond
onutineiils. Mi.s. Kndicott vvme. satin , with
silver and whlto Kipplilie , diapcd In black
cliautilly lace , red pompon in hair , and diamond
mend ornaments. Mrs. Whituov vvoru n
bodlcoot violet , with whlto satin and tulle
skills dimmed with violets , diamond orna
ments. Mrs. Vllas' dress was llglit blue silk ,
with long tialu , strewn with daisies ol sil
ver , iront ol crystal , and point lace ami
pen I dimming , low neck and elbow sleeves.
Mrs. l.aiiiont woru nn ivoiy tinted
dic < s ileml-traln , witli panel of
crystal and peail on the lett side
oii-klii , sqiiam neck corsage , edged with
crystal , and jet liluge , elbow sleeves and
beautiful roisago bouquet of jacqueminot
ro.-es. Mis , llogei.s , cousin of tliu hi ide , was
diessed in a co tumo of cameo pink , witli
brocaded fiont. Mi.s. Cadman , iclatno ot
the bi Ide , wore a while satin diess en tialn ,
with black lace diapetlcs and jacnulnilno
roses. Mi . llermoii woio a satin ilrrss of
light oiango. MUs Nelfon woio a handsome
uo-tumc ot corn-colpicd satin , with oveulress
of whlto antique lace , cut pompadour , witli
low coinage and elbow sleeves. Her flowers
weio jacqueminot io es. Miss llnddleston
was dic.'sed In pink. silk , with hluo trimmings.
Mrs. Siinderland's dress was cray satin ,
trimmed with lace , long train , siniaie neck
and elbow sh-oves.
. M'ltirr. ttousi : M'.COIIATIO S. . -
The decorations ot the n < cpeiiUVi } niaivKloir
to-night wcro ot an elalrate charactefrand ,
in Iho language of cue uf ( he oldent cm-
ploye ? , it never iircs ntetl u Imiidsomer ap-
The varlom public g-irdens In the
uitv.and many pilvato confer vatoiics heio
and in other citlrs contributed their choicest
plants and dowers to lend their beauty and
trajn-ani'o to the si-one. Of course the blue
room , wheio the ceremony w.u perlornied ,
occupied Iho principal attention of the deco
rators. Their work was certainly well done ,
It was transformed Into a
A stately group of tall , exotic plants ex
truded along almost the entire south end of
the room , concealing the windows and south
doorway , and rising toj within a few feet of.
the cclllnir. The larger plants included
cugcnlas and srecas , ntid amone the smaller
oneswerocrooiKmantutlms ( and aspidistras.
The follago plants vyero Interspersed with a
largo variety of flowering plants , such as
mcdlnella. magnlllca. twgonias , hydrangeas ,
loses and late ( lowering nzallag. To the right
and left of the main entianco from the corri
dor wcro two croups of flowering ) > cllargo-
Ilium ? , fuelling , orchids and palinn.
Tlio center plant In each group was
royal phoeulcophoruiu-seehalaruni. On the
right and left sides of the room were also
two large grottos of plants In full bloom , con
sisting mostly of roses , begonias and h > d-
rangeas. Tvvii laigo kentlas-b.ilinorcamui
In thcso groups , with thflr long leaves ,
formed an arch which stretched almostacross
the roonj. In the hearth under Iho east mantle -
tlo was a lloral arrangement representing
it cheerful blazing lire. It was composed of
begonias , rhiiblas nnd centanlas. The floor
of the hearth was laid in moslacs of coletis-
althoinantlicias. On the manful above was a
solid bank ot cut pausles In vaiious bilglit
colors , in which was written with white flow
ers the date of the occasion. JuneIb80. . Tlio
letters vvcro bordered with black patisles , and
tlio edge of the mantel vvas toimed of golden
selau'inelle. The west niautcl sustained a
solid bank of loses , In which none but the
choicest were used , commencing with deli
cate pink at the cud , and grovvliigdarkcr and
richer towards the tenter , where it was Inter
woven with whlto moss and hybrid roses.
The mouogiam "C. F. " over the main en
tianco fiom the botridor was a bcaiitltul flo
ral scroll , in which the mottoo "K Pluilbus
Unuin" was Inteiwovon In Immortelles.
The decorations ot tliu private diiilns room ,
where the weuding collation was served ,
wcro also of an elaborate character.
The main table decoration vvas a full
ringed tlnee-niasted ship composed ot pinks ,
con tain uagann , lospsaud pausles , displaying
tliu word ' 'Hymen. " It rested on a mirror
reprcscntlni : lake shored , which were com
posed of dilfeicnt varieties of selacir.ellas The surrounding
land was represented by bankg of jacqueminot
roses. Thel national colors hung from
tlio main mast and two small white
flags with the monogram "C. F. " in golden
letters hung fiom the other masts. At either
end ol the table , resting on minors , weio
handsome vases containing long stemmed
hybrid roses. The miirors woio festooned
with asparagus tenutsslnus Inter
spersed with loose roses. In cor
ners of the room and In the
windows were gioups of palms ciotons , cal-
ladlnms and some plants in bloom. The four
handsome sideboards were suitably decorated
with tlio choicest foliagn ami flower inn
plants , and tlie mantel was a solid bank ot
loses. The east room and ml and giecn
parlors were decorated In the style usual
at receptions and state dlnnui.s. The east
room presented a particularly grand appear
ance , with gioupings ol' tropical plants
masses ot exotics and brilliant illumination.
Festooiisi of s nllBK tvvero siraceliuly sus
pended fiom the lance cltaudclicis , nnd tieau-
titnl garlands ornamented the tour piers ,
uion ) each of which was continually dls-
plajcd a laigo lloral 'shield , composed of
choice wliite and reel roses violets and crys-
anthemums , ropicsunllng the nation's colors.
To the usual decoiationi of the main corridor
woio added tourastra groups ol palms and
foliascaud ( lowering plants.
run WIIDDINO sui'i'nit.
Fiom the east room the company pro
ceeded , otter a season of promenading 'and
conversation , to tlie. family dining roonrot
the mansion , vvhero the wedding supper was
After { ho guests proceeded to the dining
loom tlieio vvas no formaloidorobsoived ,
but a collation vya servwl nnd the gtiestn.siri
at small tables , 6r slowly pioieaaded.lhu | |
room as they dismissed the. menu , and chatted
o\oi the event of the tev on I rig. Thoelegantly
designed souvmlrs ot satin boxes , contain
ing dainty pieces ofbiidal cake and each one
beating the hand-painted monogram "C. F. . "
weio iccelved witli great admiiation. While
the oichestra vvas playing one of its happiest
selections and the guests were gathered
about the tables , the bride
QUIETLY surrrr : > AWAY
toiler room and changed her -wedding dress
for a heavy ciay silk funding diess * . She
then returned to the company and was soon
atterwaid joined bjtliu , president , who had
In the meantime changed ills diess suit tor a
traveling costume. This was about 0:150 :
o'clock , and the president and Ids bride said
a hasty "good-bye" to tholr friends and left
the housii-through tlio pivate exit from the
red room Into the south ground. A closed
cairiago awaited them , and as they enteied
and tno horses started off , a shower of rice
vvas tlnovvn on Iho eairiage , and their friends
waived them a final "Godspeed" Iiom the
rear porch.
inn tuiKjuiToUR iiKPoin IH& : urr.
It was expected that the picsldent would
try to slip away unobserved , and in ouler to
prevent tliis.a number of ne.w.spapei men sta
tioned themselves near the south entrance to
tlie grounds with can I ages convenient to fol
low the president in case ho should make his
exit by that gate. This was lenorted to the
president , so ho Instructed Ids driver
to go out of tlio grounds by another
and almost jiinnsed route. and
in that way ho avoided the reporters alto-
eetlier. His carrlago was diiven diiect to
the Baltimore &Ohlo railioad station , wheio
a special tialn was In waiting to tike the
piesldent and his brldo to Deer Park. They
vveioescoiteil tlnougli the station and Into
thocarpiov'hled lor tliem without ntti acting
attention , and the tinin proceeded to Its des
The president and bis ; bride were wholly
unaccompanied ou this journey. They will
piobably remain at Deer Paik about a week ,
duilni ; which time they will occupy a small
cottage attached to the hotel , Which has not
yet opened lor the season.
The guests began to leave the whlto house
soon after the piesidcnt's depaitino.
The liist one to leave was Sec-
ictaiy Hayaid , who smilingly stood
on the poitlco tor porno ttino before
hiscarii.iKO diovo up. The carriage of Dr.
and Mrs. Siindeiland vvas the next to ctiivo
up and vvas immediately followed by that of
Secretary and Mis. .Manning. The tecietaiy
did not look veiy well , llo appealed lathe ;
weak , and seemed hardly able to walk. Ho
was supported to his c.iiringo by Post
master General and Mr. Ills-
sell. The other guests lingeied
avvlilln and the oichcstia continued
to play enlivening music until neatly ton
o'clock , by which time all of the guests took
their departure. Ciowds ot cm Ions sight
seeis remained near tint mansion until IIICIH
arations were Hindu 'h > close lor ( ho night.
Tin * wedding presents vveio many , but thuy
were not exhibited , nor will any list bo fur
nished. This is In deference to tlio wishes ot
the picsldent.
to his bride was a handsomu necklace , com
posed of usliiglostrinir of brilliants. The
presents fiom the cabinet olliceis and their
wives , were mostly urtfclcw ot jewel ly , though
theio wcru suverar beautiful Piesents of sil-
veivvaro. J
KiitiNO THK r'JtEsnw 'TiAr. HAi.tnr : .
Just as the weddingl caiemony began tliu
piesldentinl salute was llred by a hatteiy of
aitlllery near tlio river and the chime of bells
of the Metropolitan M , K. chinch pealed
toitli Mendelsidlin'H Wedding Maich , and
bells In other cliuichoii joined in the happy
The gentlemen present at Iho wcddlnt. '
vveio not fortunate unowh to receive a saiuto
tiom tliu biidti , wlioconnned her
OtlierwUc the Ceiemony vvas orthodox. In
form. The executive mansion will bo opened
to-morrow , and photographers have already
received permission to perpetuati > , plctorall/ ! ,
the elaboiate decorations of tliu interior. Ar
rangements for tl o day's uvent woio under
the control anil personal management of
Colonel LainonU and they vvotked so
smoothly and sat sfaetorlly as to earn for
him universal cuhimendation and compli
' The Queen BcirilH Congratulations.
> LON'DOX , June'4. The uneen lias s'unttho
following cable message to President Cleve
land : '
Pray accept itj hcaitfelt copgratulatlons
on > our inirriaev and rny best wIs'aes for
jour happjiifss. '
The Cholera.
HOME : , Junu 2. Tlilrty-tvvo new cases of
choleni and twelve ciiAths tiom the disease !
vvuje reporte from Vedldcoy esterday.
St. Paul's ' Epistle to St. John , the First
The Town Uotula Cutting I'rlccs In n
Lively Manner A Probability
oCIlottom PrlccN Itolng
ICcnolicd Quickly.
AGrcixt HatoAVnr.
CtitcAoo , Juno 2. [ Special Telegram to
the UniJinking : ] by tlio speed with which
passenger rates to the Missouri river and the
northwest have been tumbling the past two
days , It will taKe but a short time for them to
reach bottoi.i. The Indications now arc that
bcforo the end of this week tickets to St.
Paul , Minneapolis and Omaha will bo sold
for 51 or less. So far only the Hock Island
and SU I'.uil have bcou engaged In the late-
cutting business. Matters have assumed such
shape , however , that other Missouri river and
St Paul lines cannot alfuid to remain ncutial
any longer. They wilt have to meet the rates
made by the Kock Island and Milwaukee &
St. Paul If they mean to uct n share of the
business. A meeting of the Missouri liver
lines was to have been held jestculay , but It
dht notcomo on" .
It Is understood that Arbitrator Wilson lias
bcou authorised to meet the cut rates forollier
loads If ho llnds It necessary. Guucial Pas
senger agent A. V. 11. Carpenter ot the Chi
cagoMilwaukee &St , Paulhas Issued acatts-
tic reply to the letter of Uencial Passenger
accnt Ilannegnii , Informing him that the
-Burlington , Cedar Kanlds & Northern , In
order to protect the Albeit Lea louto , had re
duced lutes from Notthwcstcin junction
points to Chicago to the bamo rates as made
by tUo Milwaukee & St. Paul ftom SU Paul
and Omaha. Carpenter says the St. Paul
will endeavor to stand up , notwithstanding
It Is confronted by such Knock down
talent as Is combined in the Hock
Island , Burlington , Cedar Itanlds & Noithern
and the Minneapolis and SU Loul.s olhcr
wlso known as the Albert Lea lonle. His
company Inaugurates no wars upon other
roads , but ho sajs that It will endeavor to do-
tend Itself when attacked by making several
parts ot its road woik tiarmonlously for
mutual protection of tlio whole. Late hibt
ovonlng Assistant Gcneial Pas > eiigcr Agent
Miller ot -Milwaukee &St , Paul tecelved
instructions from Milwaukee to continue class limited rates trom Chicago to St.
Paul and Minneapolis at 510 , but make the
second class into < H..r ! , also to make the
class rnto to Omaha ST.'J. > . second class rate
W.'X > , the rates to go into olfect this morning.
A.\OTIIIII : cur.
CIIICAOO , Juno 2. [ Special Teleuiam to
tlio Utn. : ] The passenucr late war in the
northwostaiid houthwcst is getting sharper
than even heliovois In : i passenger latu war
expected. The piedictlon that fifty cents
will , befoie Satuniay , be the piice of tickets
for riding 250 miles either to the northwester
or southwest of Chicago will bo moio than
verified. It may bo tlio fmuio to-moriow.
The Hock Island this moinlnu took down
lti seven dollni sign and nut np in its pkcc ,
"First-class , Chicago to St. Paul , 51.23. "
[ fills will make the St. Paul and Xoith-
wcstem first-class iate to Omaha , S-t.W ) . The
Hock Island will como back again with the
same first-class rate to St. Paul that the
Chicago Milwaukee & St. Paul , and Noilh-
vvestcrn railroads maKe sccood class to the
.Missourisrlver. Commissioner Wilson will
Ihcn-authoilzoliis southwestern association
ilojnakjthe-Hnif tign res.
Cjiic'xoo , Jime.2. TlmJlock Island road
thin morning Is selling first-class limited
tickets' from Chicago to St. Paul for S4.25.
The Noith western anil St.Paul roads in ic-
lallation announce n 5-4.50 late fiom Cliicago
to Omaha and the same rate to DCS Moincs
and Cedar Hapids.
1 ! IT
WASIIINGTOX , Juno 2. After routine
business the Northern Pacific forfeiture bill
was placed bcfoio tlio senate , then formally
laid asldo to permit Mr. Drown to speak on
banlauptcy. Mr. Blown said tlio bill would
Involve the putting into Involuntary bank
ruptcy ot poisons who should bo thitty days
behind inpayments. What would ourconntry
merchants say to this ? They were usually
more piompt in their payments than the city
merchants , yet countiy inoichants weie
sometimes unavoidably behind in payment
for more than tliiity days. The people ol the
United States would not stand .such Iniqui
ties as this bill.
The consideiatioii of the Xoilhern Pacific
foiteituio bill was then resumed.
The question pending was on Mr. Van
Wyck's proposed amendment , piovidlng lei
the foi teituro , not ot tlio lands ot the Wallula
blanch alone , but of lands appcitalnlng to
such blanch mads us have not been com
pleted at thetiinuot tlio nassngoof this act.
Mr. Call said tlio bill as icpoilcd to tliu senate -
ate evaded the gieat question which the
vmbllc opinion ot tlio United States was
toicing on congress. The ilctcimiiiation ol
our people was that all unearned
grants be foi felted. Some tidily million
acres of giant to tlioNoitlicin Pacific had not
been earned and .should be forfeited , ami
between thirty and toity millions of dollars
beyond the cost of the load would bo made by
the proicctois of the Northern Pacific enter
prise. Mr. Call said ho had been Inloimed
that an oiler ot thicc hundicd million dolluis
bad been made by an Kucllsh syndicate for
tlio land giant. of the .Noithern Pacific on n.
basis of Si50 per aero.
Mr. ( ieoigo slated that the whole cost of the
Noithcin 1'acllie was estimated by the com
missioners of lailroads at % 7r..000,000 , while
tlio whole land giant ol r-.OOU.lKK ) acics at 84
per acio would make ? lfW,000,000 which
would leave fctU.OOO.ODO tor the piojcctois of
At 2 o'clock unfinished business , the tail-
road laud taxation bill , was placed bcloic the
Mossis , Dolph and Plumb supported the
bill. The senate adopted an amendment
pioposcd by Mr. Plumb on behalf of the com
mittee on public lands , piovldlng for the le-
payment in pi oper eases ot tliu cost ot sm-
voylns topuieliascis.
.Mr. Kvarts submitted an amendment to ox-
cliido uiibiiivojcd landi , which was
agieed to.
Mr. lloai's amendment , horelofoio still-
milted , was then bionght up lor lonsldeia-
lion. It piovhles that not mole tlian ( iio
aeies ol land , sold under tliu piovlshms ol
this act , shall bo pinchased by aiiyonopni-
MIII , or nhall tlicicalter be acimlicd or ovv ned
or held In tiust loranj oiiopiiison , and any
tltlo or Interest ncqulicd In violation tlicicot
sball bo tm lolled to llio United States with
out any otlici act , 01 entry , or piocess what
ever. After debate , without action upon tbo
amendment , the .senate went into executive
session and boon adjoin ned.
WASIIINOTOV , Juno 2. The house went
Into committee of the whole , Mr. Spilnger
of Illinois , in the chair , on thuoleomaigailno
bill. Mr. Wellborn of Texas , In opposing
the bill , ( ocpiossed the Idea that had the tonnd
crs of tlio government foicacen onoot the
boyerolgn povveis delegated to the ueneral
goyernmcnt that ot taxation ultimately to
bo employed ns a means ol piotectingouo
American industry ngaliibt another Ameil-
can liulustiy , despondency , If not dcsjiaii ,
would havestaggeied their eneigies. And
jet this v , as tlio substantial puiposo ot the
vicious bill now under coiisidei.ttlon.
Mr.O'Feirall of Virginia said tlioaigumcnt
nmdo Uiat thp pabsago of this bill would tend
to a reduction ot the tarllt taxes was the best
argument which could boolleied why the
democrats should favor It , and had only
strengthened him in his advocacy of the
measure. It was. a proposition to build un
one honest industry at the cxpensoof afiand-
nleiit and dishonest one.
On motion an amendment was adopted In
serting I he vvoid "knovviiiKly" In the clause
imposing a penalty upon every person who
purchased or receives for sale uny oleomatga-
rinofrom any manufacture ! who has not
paid the special tax.
Mr , Hammond I of Ccotgla , attaeKed Iho
bill , and especially the "inloiniei1 wtion ,
'which , ho bam , would placu a mineral , or hM
deuly ) , In every communltv In the country.
Iio would not \otc for such n mensurc.
Mr. UreckcnrldRoJ of Arkansas said
nothing Imjircsscd him morotlmn the neces
sity or having n conservative body at the
oilier end of the capital , than the case with
which the gentlemen hail ilddon down every
constitutional barrier , and ( locked together
In Ill-assorted numbers to the support of this
ulll. It was the most astonishing and odious
nieasuro ever presented to congress.
Mr. llolman of Indiana ) spoke In favor of
the bill and advocated the repeal of the to
bacco tav.
Mr. Morrison of IHinoKI called attention
to the fact that oleoniarcarlno could not bo
taxed unless it were sold , and It would not
bo sold unless It were u ed for food , and who
would consume the food , the well-to do or
the poin'i' The gentleman ( lloliimn ) said
that by way of relicvlngngilcnlturc the to
bacco lax should bo taken olT. This \ear the
tobacco tav would vlcld tlio government
! > 2ii,000.030. When that was tnkcn elf thn
government cTonld spate nomoio In the pres
ent condition ol the countiy.
Mr. McKimiu lavored the bill anil Mr.
Lawleroptiosed It.
Mr. Itaync said that there wai nothing In
Iho bill which puncnled a poor man tiom
buying olcomaigaiiuc without the payment
of any tav , U ho wont to the manufactory
and pinchased olcomaigarine that was not
produced In imitation ol butter.
Mr. Scott entered Ills' protest azalnst the
resolutions ot the assemblies of western
Ponnsjlvanla iiiescnted jesterdayby Messis.
Negley and Cnitln boins legauled asrcpn'-
sonUng the Keiitlment ol the wage woikeis
of the stale ot Pennsylvania , The telegram
presented mlsrepiosciited the vvago woikcis
of Pennsvlvanln. It did not speak their tiuo
sentiments and convictions.
Mr. Henley sustained the constitutionality
of the bill.
Mr. McMillcn moved to sit Ike out the
clause which piov ides that one-half of the
lines aim penalties imposed by the act shall
co to Iho informer. The house would not. In
his judgment , do Itself justice if It enacted
such an obnoxious piece of legislation. The
pending motion was agreed to Til to 2T1.
Then , In accordance witli arrangements
made this afternoon , the commute rose and
rupoi ted the bill to tlio house , with Iho un-
dcistandlng that the vote should ho taken to-
moirow. and that ati oppmtltnlty should ho
glvon to allow mcmbeis to nuss upon the
question ol leduelng the late ot tax Imposed.
The house then adjourned.
A JPcorlu Boolc-kcppor Gets Awny
VVItll $180,000.
PnoniA , Juno 2. fSjiecial Telegram to the
Bin : . ] The failure of the Meichnnts
National bank here continues to be the ab
sorbing topic of convcisatlon and how J.
Kinlcy llookc could have succeeded In get
ting away with so nincli money inaslioit
space of time , Is a growing wonder , llo was
but book-keeper and consequently should
have no access to the funds. So far as the
books of the bank have been inn over they
show that he has succeeded In taking
SIUO.OOO and Iho end Is not yet. As the
books of the bank were examined about IU-
teen month1 * aso by the bank examiner and
oveijthiiig was declaied fitiulght , the sum
must have been absoibcd since that time ,
which seems almost Incicdlble , as the only
way In which ho could get the money
was by deliberately stealing and then falsify
ing the books so they and the cash
would tally. llooko was generally
regaidod as a fast man and that was the only
reason ho was lemoved lioiu the position ot
book-kcenci some months ago. Ho took his
dlHinisMif&o haul that tlio board of ditcctois
icconsidcrcd their action and allowed him
to reinaltrtwo-tnonllis louirer , which proba
bly cost tbo boaid several thousand'dollars ,
llooke was In almost c\cry enterprise that
originated In Peorla in the last decade. lie
was a heavy "bull" In the w'heat pit and It Is
asseited gambled heavy In private houses.
The statement of tbo bank's allalrs has not
yet been issued , but there is no doubt that
cveiythlns will bo paid in lull. The caplt-tl
was taw.OOO , consequently tlio stockholdeis
aio responsible for $400,000.
Anil Got the Soft Side of : i Cell in
the Penitentiary.
Nr.w YOISK , June 2. Heir Most , tlio
anaichlst , was to-day sentenced to the peni
tential y tor ono yeai and lined S3 00. llraun-
schvvelg got nine months and vvas lined S-'iO.
Sclienck vvas sent to the pen lei nine months
but not fined. Recorder Sm > lb , In scn-
toncning Most , expiessed deep icgiet that
the law would not penult him to Impose a
heavier sentence. Ills crlnuts , ho said ,
deserved the punishment awarded for capital He also told him ho was the
irreateit scoundicl he had ever seen at
tbatbai. Braunschweig , the iccoider said ,
was almost equally guilty. Schneek , lie
thought , was thn dupe ot liiscompanloim , but
hoiiesoived punishment to warn him and
others against following tlio teachings of
such men as Most. Xonc ol the prlsoncis at
tempted to speak a weld In comt. They
will bo traiiHterred to lilackwcll Island.
The American School of Opera.
CincAoo , June 2. Mmo. Fmscli-Madl ,
directress of the Amei lean school of opcia ,
wlilrii Is the liist branch of the national con-
seivatory of music of America , Is beginning
a tour of each state for the pniposo of heal
ing voices and passing on candi
dates tor admission to the con-
seivatory , In which Instruction under the
best teachcis Is liee , owing to the muniti-
cenco of Mis. Jcaiictto M. Tliinber and olh-
ei.s. Mine. Fm.scli-Madi will hold an oxam-
Inallon In the central miisle hall in Chicago
to-morrow and Kililay. The examination is
supposed to bo primarily lor residents of Il
linois , but any Ameilcan-boin singc'iKCMU
piesent themselves lor examination ,
Tlio ISIooiI Rii//.lorH ol' tlio Kami ,
Uin.i'Asr , Juno ' . ' . Canvasseis havn ob
tained th'j Damns of 1,200 volunteers in the
CooiiKtown dlstiict , Tjronocounty , whnuie
ready to join an Ulstci aimy to icslst homo
rule In Ii eland.
A Settled Strike.
Pirrswno , Juno 2.-Tho stilko of Iho
stone masons ot Allegheny county , lei eight
hours has been settled on u nlneliouibasis
at ( lie old wages. Woik was resumed to-
Dentil of Henry Jlavomnjnr.
HAIIYI.ON' , L. 1. , Juno ' - ! . lleiuy Have-
nmyer , the sugar rellncr , died suddenly at Jils
homo nearheio this moinlng. llo partici
pated In thodecoiation servicei , acting with
tlm Old ( jiiaid : is an esccnt to Picsldent
A Itill Appr.uvt'.il ,
N , Juno 2. 'I'ho pii'jlilent ap-
piovcd the act amending the actgiantini ; the
right ot way foi nnillioad and toll-graph line
through the lauds ol the Choctaw and Chick-
asoaw nations ot Indians to the bl. Louis .t
San l'iancl'ico railway coinjiany.
A 1' orzor Hun Down.
OTTAWA , Out. , June 2. Thn mlnlstei of
justlco gianted a vvairant of oxtiaditlon In
the case of Mai tin Van Fleet , who Is now In-
eaicorated In the county jail , ll'j was
convicted of loigeiy and idlcring forged
paper In the city of Xor.valk , O.
A Hem l-'or Seoretary .Manning.
WAIIIXCIOJuno 2.It is unikistocd
that hccrctaiy and Mis. Manning leave
Washington Satnutay .itlcrnoon for Hot
SpiliiL'H , where they piobably rerialn a
( In Honor oTllio ihtad Suohoiu.
Niw : i'ottK , Junu'J.Tlui mayor to day or
dered tliu Hugs on the city hall to be placed
at halt mabt In rusp' t to luomcnioyof : John
.ui , il i-i" . , .Imiii 2-VcMerday
twoi-nildrc'ii tH.lo'i iiu to a widow named ! , < ( - vvi'ii ; bained to death vv > i.K\ >
tu Ji''iu u inv wiUi
The Baptism of the Railroad and the Subso-
qucnt Big Blowout ,
IJcntrlcc Knights Tcmplnr to Cole *
brato Ascension Dny The Ijoyftl
IjCRtou Moots nnil Kleom Oftl-
ccra A Deceiver Suicides.
lump Oltj's Gnlft Day.
Loin-Cm , Xeb. , Juno 'J. [ Special to the
Hr.t.J : To-monovv's sun will ilso on a Joy
ous community hero- the dawn of an epoch
which tliu people ! m\u anxiously waited lor
u iniiubor of jearsIt uiiirks tliu formal
opening of Iliu Loup City branch ot tliu
Dnlnn Ptti'llle railroad , uu event of Incal
culable liupoitaucu to tliu city anil county.
For the past ten dajs committees 1m vo '
boon diligently ut woik on upiogrummo to
fittingly celebrate the urilvul of tha tlrst
ti.iln mul to entertain guests fiom contiguous
cities. A huge delegation Is uspeoted from
Omaha , Including mciiibeis of thuelty coun
cil ; : \1M ) fiom Fioiiiont , Columbus and Grand
Islunil. Following Is tliu piograUiiuo of tliu
celebration :
Minute KUIIS will lie lired at sunrlso by
Captain Wliiklcumnbattriy.
Pioeesslon will loim ut ttio depot on Col-
oi.ulo avenue on tliu in rival ol the train :
delegation iiom north | uit of county will
lorm onlWost avenue ninth of ( Iniud Central
avenue ; delegation trom east nart of county
will loim ou Grand Ccntiul u\cnuc cast of
Kast aveiino ; delegation from south purl of I
county \\lll ioiiu on l ast avenue south of
Colorado liven no ; delegation tiom the \\oat
part of county will tonn on West aveiiuo
south of Colorado avenue. The ling Mufllu
battalion nntlei coiiimand of Major 8. 1' .
Neptune will lorm on Humes stive t south of
Colorado avenue. School chlldicn In charge
ol their respective teachers will lorm on
Giand Central avenuu west of West nvcnuc ,
Will march In the follow Ing oidui :
Silver Comet Hand.
City olllceis uiiil spealeis In carriages.
( iiovvthof Cltv , Illustrated.
Mcmbeis ol the Choir and Silver Coi net Hand
In eanlagp.s.
Occupation ol Huslness Men , Illustrated.
Guests tiom nbtoail.
Itag Mullln Uatt.ilioii , Major. S. P. Noptuuo ,
Delegation of outlying precincts.
School Chlldien.
Procession to stall Irom dupot and march
cast on Colorado avenue to Kust avenue ,
tlienco not tli to tiiand Cenlial nvenue ,
thcncu west to Went avenue , thence Mouth to
Water street. thence cast to East avenue ,
thence noiih to Colorado avenue , thence
west to West , avenue , thence north to the
Onuuival nt the siouuils the following
will bu can led out : II
Music U ) the ll.iiid ,
M usle bj HID gi.ind chorus of singers.
Oration * will bedi'llvi'ii'd by General J. C.
Covvln. A. II. Counci , .1 M. rimj er , George
L' . Smith , Hon. ,1. M.Thiiiston , ! ' . ( ! . liaiiiur ,
Aaion Wall mid othci prominent tipoakeib.
.Music by the band.
Music by the band.
Alteinoon untertalumcntH will bo made nn
ot racing , base ball , games , catching inched
nigt1 , clliiiblnn greased poles , Back racs.s ,
wheelbairovv Juces around the i-qnaio , and
otner jrostlmcs-tou numerous trrmcntloii. * *
A grand Rliootlng match will bo one o < Uio
leaning irutuii's ot the day.
Gi and display of Ihewoiks and illumina
tion ol theeltj in Hie evening.
Nebraska' * Loyal Legion.
LISCOI.X , Juno U' . iSpcciiil Telegiam to
the Hri.j : : At the banquet and legular
montbly meeting of the Jjoyal leulon. last
evening , the following olliceiH , erse many
of them a % > weio present , vveio duly' in
Commander , Colonel J. W. Savage ,
Omalni ; senior vice commander , Captain J.
W. Uioatch , Omalm ; junior vko commander ,
Goneial A. Cobb , Lincoln ; iccoider , Major
J. M. Drown , Omaha ; leglstiar , Captain W.
Jl. Jjams Omaha ; tioasnier , Lieutenant
William Wallace , Omaha ; cbancullor. Cap
tain J' . 10. Mooie , Omaha ; council , Lloutcn-
ant K. S. Dudley , Lincoln ; Captain 11. K ,
Palmer , Platt.smouth ; Major Cliuich Howe ,
Aubiiin ; Kusign W. II. Micliael , Grand
Island ; Captain G. M. Dumpluuy , Pawned
The Knights Templar of this city leave
Ibis nun ning at 8 o'clock via the Union Pa-
cllic to attend AM'i'iislon day wer vices at Ho-
atnce. Bishop Woithlngion has chaigoof
thoservhes , and dellvein tlio bcimon. About
0110 bundled people will U'avuheio. The
KnlKlitri will attend in fid1 nnlloim.
As ltnlmatedtheoclois | labtniglit g ( t in o
a vvi angle in living to adopt u new constitu
tion , instead ol the old ciinibeismmu thing ,
The \otn ftodd : .U for to 15 a ? < In t ,
and , not lecciving the t\\o-tiiluls majoii y , It
was lost , and will have logo ovei till ibunoit
Ascoiislon Day.
DKATP.ICI : , .Juno 2 , [ Special Telegram to
the HKK.J The Mount llcnnan Commatid-
cij of Mcatiieii lias ovcty aiiaiigement com
pleted lor caiiylng out AhceiiHlon day exor
cises on Wednesday- The dlireieut commlt-
tcc.s of aiiaiuement ; < ! woio appointed thrco
months ago , K ) they have had plenty of time
to do tholr work well. Oiand Commandoc
15. U. Wai ion , of Nebraska City , ai rived this
afternoon. A special tialn Iiom Omalm on
the JJ. itM , Is to niiho heio at 110 ; ! ! a. in. ,
and a hpecial on ( lie Union Paulllc , Iiom Lin-
col n , am vis at K ) o'clock , Tholoieiioon vvlllbo
spent In leculving the \Kitliii ; knlchtA trom
Omaha , Linooln and Ti'cnmwli. Tim e\n-
I'lwis ol tbo iilU'iiioon aio Asccii.-.loii dav ox-
eii'tsiM , condiK-ted by Itev. tieoige Woitlilng-
ton. ol Omalia , an uddii'ss hv Cliiulcs K.
Ciclgblon , ol Lincoln. Ihun iiilgiiniaguh \
thu leildente.s ot . ) . < ! . Pollock , 11. ! ' , Cook
and S. ( / . Smitli. TlifM ! gi'iitlemiiii auipie-
pat ing elegant lelieihiuents and cntiulaln-
ment. Overioit ) caiiiiigc-s have been en-
gau'rd lor tliiiairomodatinn ol visiting ladles- ,
Aiiangemeiits aio imido by the Mount
Ilciman eomiiiMiiili'iv fin a hanniiet at tha
link , .it noon , 1m . ' .01 jieihone. 1'luiy jmvo
in lactHp.ued no pains to make tliu uiralr u
A Dead Dcuiilvi'r.
DAKOTA Onv , Neb. , .Juno ' - ' . - - Kit Pilt-st
was found In Urn io.ul about til leun miles
from licie dead , havlii' , ' shot liimsnlf tliioiiKh
the heart. Ho vvub attested week tor
bastanly on complaint of White , a four-
ti'nncaiold gill , and huloio committing
hiilclilo had been | o ben tliu till to ( ompro-
nils' * the case. In'io ' tailed , imd while
on his way hnnui tiliot hlmsell , He vvaH a
mauled man , twunly-tlirco yeaifl old.
Nr\v Ijiunl Orilorg ,
Nnnni Pi.A-rrh. Neb , , Juno ' . ' . - [
Telegiam to tlio HKK.J Tlie folluvving tele- has just b ; on tei'clvi'd by the leglater
and receiver : , 1) , O , .linin 2. Allow no
moie pinvmption , tlmbw uiillino or de ort
land nlliiL's or untiles null ! Inilber oideis.
Ciiciilats by mull , WM. A. J , HI-AIIKS.
Slate KxniuliiarlniiN for Tcnoliors.
r , Neb. , Juno ' 4.-Speclal | t > the
UIULTlio ] state Hiieilntiiilent | has ap
pointed examlnatloni , foi btalo Die
and Mate liistgrado toitlllcales to be held at
tlilh place Ai ust K ) , 17 iind 18-1 m mediately
alter tliu i-losu ot tliu suinmtr tcttu of tliu
I'ti'inont noi mul.
Uun.iln County .Solilinr.s' Itcnnlon.
Sirii/io.v : , .NVo. Juiiu a. iSjieclal to th
HII.JThe : : soldier * reunion of Hu
couniyj vv as declilcd to-day to be la-Id In
Jon , July 'Jaiid y. The cltl/eus. of
haviialsoiaUed money lor the puinoso ot
cik'biatlui : on tlWUd.of July. In