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State and National Bureaus and
Their Work ,
Uow Tlicy Arc ( Jntherctl nurcnu
Clilcfn ns Socialists Hy Cut-roll
I ) . Wright , U , 8. Commis
sioner < > r Ijnlxir.
Fifteen of the United States have bu
reaus of statistics of labor , with similar
Unties ; they were established as follows
and in tlio order named ! Massachusetts
bureau of statistics of labor , ISIJ'.I ; Penti-
ftylvaltia but can of industrial statistics ,
18 ? ' , ' ; Connecticut bureau of labor sta
tistics , I87U ( discontinued 1875 , re-iwtab-
hsheil 168. " ) ) ; Ohio Durean of labor stalls-
ties , 1S77 ; Now Jcrsoy bureau of Mtntistlcn
of labor and industries , 1878 ; Missouri
bureau of labor statistics and inspection ,
1870 ; Illinois bureau of labor statistics ,
18711 ; Indiana bureau of statistic * anil
Keolouy , 18711 ; Ntnv York bureau of
labor statistics , Ib83 ; Michigan bu
reau of labor and industrial
statistics , 1833 ; Wfsconslh bureau
of labor statistics , 1883 ; Iowa bureau of
j-tntiilies ot labor , IBM ; Maryland bureau
of .statistics of labor , 1831 ; Kansas bureau
tif bibor and industrial statistics , 18M , In
addition to these , thu United States gov-
eminent has a bureau of labor , which
was organized In January , 1885. The
fttato bureaus are located at tlio capitals
of the ntatea named , and the United
.States bureau nt Washington. The
duties of these bureaus are well defined
in this organic law of the United States
bureau of labors They "shall collect in
formation upon tins Miibjuct of labor , its
relation to capital , tlio hours of labor.
and the earnings of laboring men anil
women , and the meantf of pro
meting their material , social , intel
lectual , and moral prosperity. "
While the laws creating tlio various
state bureaus express their duties in
ditl'eront phraseology , the lancua < ; e of
tliu United States Jaw covers tlio whole
Held. The publications of those dill'erent
otlleus are becoming widely known for
the valuable contributions they make to
economic science and literature. They
) are ( list nctly American in their charac
- * ter , no other government as yet having
established like olliccs , although nearly
ail the countries of civilisation have
tmrcuiH of Htatistics , and some of them
make original investigations , but not on
. very lirnad basis. Dr. Ktigol , ( late
Chluf of the Hoyal Statistical Uuicau of
I'rtissia , and at the time the most distin
guished statistician of Kuronc , ) once
remarked to the writer that liln ambi
tion would be realized if ho could accom
plish in ( iermany what was being done
by Nome of tlio American bureaus.
There are three kinds of statistics :
1. Those gathered from olliulal sources
nnd through ollicinl entries , 'like tlio
statistics of immigration , rcvenucs.births ,
deaths , marriages , taxes , etc. , being the
result of the routine entry of successive
and well defined transactions.
'J. Statistics resulting from enumera-
don , like those gathered under census
51. Statistics resulting from original in
quiry and investigation.
It will at once bo observed that the
'alter olass of statistics , covering econo
mic conditions , wages , and all the facts
relating to the environment of any class
or of all classes , is the most dilllcult to
obtain. Labor statistics belong to this
latter class. While there are three kinds
of statistics , there are two grades or
qualities belonging to statistics :
( n ) Statistical aggrogatcs.
( b ) Statistical averages.
Aggregates are easily obtained under
the. and second classifications of
kinds of statistics , and the value is in the
aggregation. Statistical averages are the
results ot representative facts , and are
used where aggregates cannot bn used ,
because not obtainable. There are also
many U.SQS to which statistical averages
uro put whore aggregates hnvo no moan
ing , as , for instance , if the distribution of
population is to be ascertained , tlio num
ber representing the total population is
divided by the number of square miles in
u given territory. The result is the aver
age population to the square mile , and
an averiigo expresses a fact that cannot
bo expressed by an aggregate. So it is
perfectly legitimate , in taking a given
number of acres under cultivation , al
though thcro may be half a dozen diner-
out kinds of crops cultivated , to divide
the total value of all crops by the num
ber of acres under cultivation , and the
result secured is the average production
in value of the land cultivated. This
average value of production is then
easily compared with averages derived
from other lands ; but if the average pro
duction in kind is to bo found , then ouch
crop mint be calculated by itself.
So of wages. Individual statements
are necessary for the production of aver
ages. These -averages must relate to
\hvisious and subdivisions of labor ,
although tlio political economist would
not hesitate to take the whole volume of
wages paid in u country , divide into it
the whole number of people to whom the
amount was paid , and use the quotient as
the average wages paid to everybody at
the time tlio calculation was made ; and
yet this average may not bo the truth in
any one instance.
Labor statistics , especially as to wages ,
must bo expressed very largely In aver
ages. Tills is the result of two canaesi
i-irst , aggregates have but little signili-
. canco in sucti statistics , and , secondly ,
the cost necessary to secure aggregates
would bo onormoust In fnot , a bureau of
labor , to secure aggregates , would hayo
to make a complete and p'erioot enumera
tion iiiv h direction of Uesircd tatistics ,
This in an impossibility ; BO the. bureau *
ncus : HID ? I-- - _
( Sort Io substantiate his notions , or , aa ho
prefers to call thorn , theories. The sta
tistician abhorn averages but is obliged
to use them , because lie can secure little
else , and because , in tlio line of his work" ,
they are often the most significant. It is
faccii. then , that the bureaus of statistics
of labor depend for their statistics upon
original inquiry or investigation , and
that they are obliged to depend largely
upon statistical averages.
How do the bureaus conduct their orig
inal inquiries or investigations ? There
are three ways or methods open to thorn ;
First , the method of securing Informa
tion by the use of uniform schedules or
blanks ; sent to parties from whom facts
are expected ; second , through public
hearings ; third , through the efforts of
speclalagents , using prescribed forms of
inquiry , for tlio purpose of facilitating
tabulation and for securing uniform in
formation as to scope , form of ox pros-
Klon , etc. The first method named has
been proven to bo of little uso. The
second is that adopted by legislative
committees , and as a rule simply results
in bringing together a mass of incon
gruous statements not easily classified ,
and , in many instances utterly
incapable of classification , This is
the reason why the mvcstl <
gallons made by legislative committees
relative to tlio labor question have ro-
suited in voluminous reports of testi
mony , unaccompanied bycrystalized and
classified reports by the committees. U his
leaves , then , for the bureaus but out
practical and , at tlio same time , useful
method of securing information , and
this is by the employment of spccia'
agents or exports to make personal calif
upon the parties from whom information
is acslred. The experience of seventeen
years In this countiy proves this to be
the on trustworthy method open to tlu
bureaus , except , of course , when It Is ae-
8i red to collect official statements
and from ollicial sou tecs ; then
a upeoial letter or blank Is useful
and usually accomplishes the desired end.
The point to bo aimed at always in the
collection of labor stntlMics is the truth ,
and tin- result * must bo fearlessly slated ,
without regard to the theories of the men
who collect the Infottmitiou. The good
work of the burea'ts in this country in
this direction has been marked , indeed.
The gentlemen in charge of them have
recognized that a bureau of labor statis
tics cannot solve social and industrial
problems nor bring direct returns In n
material way to the dti/nns of the coun
try , but that their work , on the other
hand , must be classed ainotigodtteational
efforts , and that by judicial investigations
nnd tlio fearless publication of the re
sults thereof they may and should enable
the people to more clearly nnd fully com
prehend the conditions surrounding
them. Tim dilllcultlcs in the way of .se
curing such educational results are great
indeed. Opinions and theories may
stand in tlio way of perfect work ; yet
opinions and theories must bo put to one
stile In bureau work. They belong to the
peculiar ami legitimate work of tlio eco
nomist and not to that of the statistican.
The work of tlio bureaus naturally and
legitimately belongs to the h'storlcni
method of study. .Seiontilic statistics are
those which tell tliu actual truth , not
the n which simply establish our own
theories. A careful examination of the
reports of the various bureaus of the
United States proves conclusively that
the men in charge , us a rule , recognize
the fact. The critics of their work are
usually men who dislike the results
thereof and linvo no course open to them
to methods or men. So far
there has been no .successful attack upon
the work of the various bureaus and this
is because the conclusions stated by the
0 Ulcers in charge have been simply sta
tistical deductions and not opinions , not
theories , but the results of actual invcili-
gallon , and , as already staled , so far
there luis been no successful refutation
of any of the important statistical deduc-
tions'of the older bureaus of the country ,
cxeopt , may be. in two or three instances
and then the ofllcor.s themselves have dis
covered tlio error and frankly staled it to
the public.rsKS
rsKS or Tin : IIUIIKAUS.
With this brief re\ew of the character
of the work of the bureaus , their uses
may bo readily seen , legislatures are
using them wherever they exist to carry
out .special investigations , to make dis
tinctive inpnities on mailers coming up
for legislation , ami . o long as polities do
not enter into tlio administration of such
offices , so long as governors will look to
the interest of education and not of
politics , the personnel of the bureaus will
bo kept outside of political lines.
The newer bureaus of the coun
try suffer most in changes , but
the opinion is gaining ground
that permanence in the administration of
u statistical otlice is necessary to its suc
cess. The newer bureaus are , however ,
doing most o.xccllent work , and that
which legitimately belongs to them , that
is , in ascertaining all tacts relating to
the industrial , educational , moral and
social conditions of the people. That this
valuable work is done .so well with gen
erally such poor financial resources as
are given them , is greatly to the credit
of the various otlices. Some of the
bureaus are well oquiuped , but as a rule ,
they do not have half money enough to
cnaulo them to do their duty satisfactor
ily. An improvement in tins direction is
being made.
The ollicers of the various bureaus are
working , through an annual convention
to be held in Trenton , N. J. , this week , to
simplify and unify methods , to eliminate
faulty presentations , ami to dignify a.s
well as popularize the labor statistics of
the country. Their mission is n grand
one ; their integrity in tlio work is unas
sailable , and tlio results they bring out
constitute a most valuable series of con
tributions to social science. The popular
education of the masses in the elementary
facts of political and economic sciences ,
and in the principles of social science is
the greatest educational end of the
day. The bureaus of statistics of labor
are in the line of facilitating this
grand work by their faithful investiga
tions into all the conditions where facts
should be known , and into all causes of
bad conditions of whatever nature , and
by their fearless promulgation of tlio
results of such investigations. To attempt
to turn such a sphere of labor to base
purposes is a crime not easily punished
by law , but which can bo punished by an
unwritten law which reaches the violator
through a degree more to bo dreaded
than any merely judicial order or sen
tence ; the sentence public opinion passes
upon the man who prostitutes the cause
01 humanity.
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. _ - . ? -tO. Wilto rorcirctimrg .Auonts
wimtLHl lii every city. G. W. 8IM.MONS Jfc CO. ,
Uoitou , MfBj.
I'l ' . \IClilUOtjQUtU. .
ful Jini'tHjeuco cauelu ;
I'remmturo Decay , Ncn
voua l > eMUty. IAJM Man.
, iini , i hU fellowUutrertri. Addmi. *
_ i , U. KtKVKa.u ClutUn > trocl. How York CUr.
AccounUof llinter , Mtichniuandciboriiollcltcd.
Collections 1'romiitlr Mado.
S. A. KEAN & CO. , Bankers ,
( Succcttort to Preston , Kean It Co )
UuDlclpul , It. ft. , I.ocul and other ItuuiU.
bvud fur H t .
N-W. Cor , 13th anil Douglas Sts.
nns. nth street.
ArrOllNKV AT IA > T ,
Falconcr'fc Illock , Ijtli ana OouirUi.
(5Eoiun ; s. SMITII.
iSCC l < nrnnm Street ,
Commercial LAW mid Moreantllo collodions i\
specialty. Over Mcrctinnt's National llnnk.
Lot ; s D. HOLMES. .Ions T. Dtt.t.oM.
Rooms Band li ) , Kicnzor HlocU , Opposite Post-
.A.ttornv at , I-i fw
llooms M and 27 , Unmtm Niitlonnl Ilnnk nulld'ff.
O. S3. IIOlTitlAX , M. ! > . ,
Pi.jSician and Surgeon ,
OFFICE , H.W. Cor. 14th and Douglas.
Onico Tclcnhonc 4 Co. liesKIenco Telephone 1U ,
\ \ . .1. OAIBmAITII ,
Surgeon and Physician
OFFICE. N.IV. Cor. 14th and Douglas St ,
OfDoo Telephone 405. Hesklcnco Telephone 503
Physician and Surgeon.
Itcslilcnco , No. 1407 Jones Street. Office ,
Wlthnoll IHucl ; , Tulvpbono , rosldcnco , No. 135.
onico , 612
Ofllce and Hcsldcuco , 724 N. 18th St.
II. A. NVOULEY , M. I ) . ,
Omcc 1419 Uodfro Street. Telephone 433.
llcsldonco 171" Capital Avo. Telephone 519.
mi Dodo St. , 1st door wort of P. O. Take do
iitor to rooms 13-13 third floor. Telephone No
llcsldoneo,023 N. 20th street , Telephone No. 33
Physician and Surgeon ,
Telephone 689. Odlco 313 S. 14th at 1
R. W. COXNELL , M. D. ,
Homccopatlilst ,
Office , 313 S. 14th 8t Telephone 533.
Chronic Diseases
The EYE and EAR
Catnrrh , Ilronchltls , Astlinui , Consumption
llliounmtHni , Neuralgia , IMr.tlysH , I.lver Com
plaint , Kldnoy UUousos , Cuturrti ol tliu lllail
ilcr , Inipotonco , Syphilis , fJonoirhoen , Gravel
Stricture , ( ! lcet. Dropsy. Nervous Affections
Kjillopsyor Kits , Skin Ulxonius , Salt Rliouiu
AVjInd , Tumors , IHtnafliiil Female UUoiiso . In
trontlM ? the eye we employ no Imrdh remedies.
Tnpo worms lomovod In tlneo hours llino.
riles uiul FistuhH cured without cuttlnpr. burn-
In ? or tying. and cures ( rnnrnntoed. Oflicu cor
ner 12th and Howard. Oniithn , Nub.
Correspondence solicited.
Lady Doctress& Mid wife
M yours practice. Women * ' and chlldrons *
diseases u specialty. 1Q1S Harney Bt _
J. 0. WIIINXEIWY , L > . D. S. ,
1314 Fnrnam Street.
A. KALtSll.
Fine Suits to Order
English and French suiting , pants patterns ,
chnntTullorlnjr ostntillsbmont south or Fariiam
st. 400 different patterns of goods to pelnct
Irotn. Call and examlno Roods. Hopalrlai ;
neatly done. iJIO B. IJtli struct.
_ _ _ "frESTAURANTSt , , .
The Wdms Restaurant
Is the Tory best outing hnuso la the city. Tr/il
and you will bo satisfied.
lillUof f ire on t'jo Amoloan and Hirop oim
ftti.A ? s-50 commutation ticket for tl
Tickets for 21 meals M.51) ) .
Hoard hr the week $3.33. Moala,23o oaoh.
16th Bet. Douglas and Dodge Sts.
Omahn , Nobniska.
Tliqmamifacdii'prs of the Fischer Pia
IIOH , lutlii'i1 and four BODS , nil practical
jiiiuio makers , rank unioncr tliu weiilth-
lust and most responsible Mount's in tlio
country. These I'uvoritn instruments
have Btooil the test of nearly halt'a
century's trial In the drawing room ,
tlio school room anil concert hall , earn-
iiif * sutih a world wiilo reputation lor
durability and general cxrullcncu as to
create a iiPinunil which has increased
year ijy year until it has now reached
the remarkable number of 5-tOO | > or an
num. Parties in quest of a thoroughly
well made instrument , at u moderate
price , should examine the old reliable
time tried Fischer Piano , bo.fore pur
803 and 1307 , F arnam Street , Omaha
s & Hill
Of ICO ncros oncli , nil leaded for 5 yours ,
tintl iiaying good hi interest on tlio In
vestment , all line luml. Kvory farm has
clear nuinlnir water , rich soil , front 80 to
120 ncros of breaking , meadows , oto.
Of thosn fnrnis would m.iko a ntcuhnmo
and whether imrtios wish to live on them
or not , would bo first-olos ? pronortt &
own , anil every ncro will lucrosiso in
valueat lonstSOD per cent within the next
G or 0 years. These farms arc all within
n short drlvo of Omahn , nnil can bo
reached in from a 2 to 4 hours' drive , and
will range in prieo from $3,000 to $0,005 ,
To look nt these farms , if yon i\ro look
ing either for : \ homo or for : i safe and
profitable ) investment. Apply to
IS & mil , Real Estate , 1408 Farnarii
. if. ' ;
Houses and Lots We Have in >
And the 10-acre tract adjoining it , 233 a
fine lots us unn be found in the city , all
of whieh wo desire to put to drawing in
Wo therefore make this general oll'or to
people wantlnc homes :
You can select your lot , got up plans
and spocilications for your house , make
us a small cash in hand uaymont , merely
sufficient to insure a fulfillment of your
part of the agreement , and we will build
yon a house to suit you , and let you have
all the time you want.
Build houses ranging in value from
$800 TO $3,000.
OR IF parties prefer , they can build
heir own houses , and we will furnish the
money to pay for same at 8 per cent in
Please Remember
That both the red and grcsn car line
now run to within 4 blocks of
That this addition lies on the side hill
Sloping East
towards the river ; that it affords the
Of tliu city and vicinity to bo had from
nny point ; that thcro is to bo but little
cutting or grading ; that the profiles' are
made , ami the grade can bo established
at any meeting of the council ; tlmt the
licit Line railway runs within two blocks
on the west side ; that the finest
water in tlio city is obtained there
that it is tlio healthiest place In or about
the city of Omaha ; cool in summer and
warm in winter ; that so far the addition
s settled by only the host class of people ; f
that it is near business , schools , store * ;
etc. , anil is in all respects amost , doatr
able location for pleasant homes ; that
our prices , terms and conditions are the
most liberal over offered by nny person ,
linn or syndicate ; Unit tlioy tire plain ,
fair and simple , easily understood , nnd
easily carried out ; that wujromploy only
first-class workmen , use llrst-olass ma-
orlannd only do first-das : ) work la .
building ; that full and complete satisfac
tion is guaranteed in every case. .
By all means if you want a htimo , lee
at jt v , tl
Before investing elsewhere , f
Call and we will take you put to Bccklt.
The poor man's paradise. Read this for it may ' * *
be the means eventually of your making-
Is an addition of 800 lob , cnch 50x120
feel , located in the wooded hills on S.
13th street , about 14 blocks from the
Union Pacific depot , and is : i most
charmine and romantic ocution.
Thirteenth street is graded its full
width to within 3 blocks Of
Park Forest
_ * r2 tnrfe w
"Talk of these lots. Fifteen or twenty
houses have boon already built thoroi
many more will go up this summer.
100 lots hnvo been sold and 100 of the best
ones yet remain to bo sold. These uro
the cheapest uiul best lot * in the market
and we oflor tJigni'for a short limo at
$25O to $300
Each , on payments of
$5 Down and $5Pev j
Mouth , at 8 Per ,
Gent Interest , >
To those only who want tUoin ffij ]
We JliakQ these llboraTprlecS anil
to give all poor men a chunoo'tb g t'
These lots will inoroaau 200 'to 800 ptfr
cent in a few years , ami it la one of th
opportunities of a lifetime to g'flt this
kind of n clianoo to aocuro , n IIOBIB.
Thcso terms will only hold good for 'fc '
few daya , anil are oflorod with a view ot
clearing these all up without any delay
BOGGS & HILL , Real Estate , 1408 Fartiam st.
In our aildltlon on Upiior Farnam , Douglas and Dodgro , wo have abput-851
remaining unsold.
Is rapidly becoming very valuable , and
Bright in the heart of the fine residence
part of the oily. Wsxtcr , gas , pavements
and street cars are now either there or to
bo planed there soon.
Those Additions
Arc now surrounded with elegant resi
dences nnd high-priced real estate , while
the threu best and most prosperous
btrccts in the city run through both addi
; v
There Can '
Now bo no question as to the future of
these loin , and parties purchasing nt tlw
low prices at wiiinh wo are offering thorn
cannot fail to realise a largo prpllt'6 1
their Investments ,
Prices Will Range
from 1,500 to
per lot , according to location , and the
yots will sell very rapidly at those prle
A very largo list of Heal Estate of all kinds scattered through the city , county and
state from whichmlght bosulcoted many most excellent bargains.
Vt'IJ I.VVITinil : ! ATTENTION of thom scukin investment and can as
sure inn chasms they will liud it largely to their interest to will on us before invest
iug elsDwiiero.
HOUSES WILL. ISC iiUII/r for all wanting homes on the most reasonableI I
Hill ,
Real Estate , 14O8 Farnain St.