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Discussing Postoffioe Appropiiatioms
Senator Mamlerson's Bill ,
Tlio Conj rrsslonal Imbor Committee
Claim the Credit of KmtliiK tlio
Stilkcs Cnptiiriiiu tlie Next
ConjjrcsH A ScrnpHouIc.
Tlio Appronuhlnt ; Marriage.
WASIII.VOIOW , May 20. fjjpcclal Telegram -
gram ] President Cleveland was a great deal
worried vvkoii the newspapcis llrst began to
talk about his uppinachlng mairlage. Ho
could not understand why a private and per-
eonal matter like that should attiact so much
comment. Finally , ho got used to tlm gossip ,
huwuvor , and now ho takes not a little
amusement from tliu ncw.sptpcrs which re
fer to tlio nlf.ilr.
A few da > S4io the ptesldeut dlicctcd Sec-
rctaiy 1/iniont to be 'ln a sei.ip book of the
clippings accumul ited fiom tlio press on thu
subject of the maitlago , sajlng It will bean
tmteitninliu voliimu In fututo jcari. The
becielaiy was astonished to no liiuded at the
Name time almost n peck of clippings the
Ptesldciit had selected himself. Already an
immense setup book lias been undo , nnd hun
dreds ot papois contain ing marked articles
aliout the marrlago reicli ( ho vvlnto house.
Publishers vvho want their pipeis leprcscnt-
cd In thu sciap book should send marked
Under tliu piosent iciilnio at tlio Indian
ofllcu tlm dishonest tiadurs nnd agents are
having a haul tlmo of It. A lot of tides nnd
practices Imvcb en established which makes
Irregularities with tliu agents , etc. . very dan-
geious. For many jcais then ! have been
frauds in the. Indian t-eiviec , and inuiy In
justices havu been Imposed upon the Indians ,
lot it isdllllciilt to swindle the government
without doing wrong to the Indians. This
Is all being broken up by the lotatlon of
clerliH , the fieqiientand iirugulat lnsicctlons ] ,
nnd tliu changes made In thu olllces gen
erally , Coiiimlssiouei Atkins has made a
study of tliu olllces under him , and it will
borem.iikiihlo If uu > thing ciookcd Is going
on nnd he doesn't find It out.
AIMtAlll Ol' I.HdlSl.ATION .
The constituents of a largo numbei of tlie
repic" < entatlvos In congress are urging the
eloso of tlio session as boon as possible1.
"Tho business men ot tlio county , ropic-
< outing all p.utlos , " wiitos onu man , "havo
long since eoiuu to the conclusion that tills
congress Is entirely Impotent for good , but
all poweilul in Its ability to Injure and par-
nlV7e the business untciiuises ot tlie country ,
'llio agitation of tiio tailff is making capital
ists cow ai til } , and money is piling up In idle
ness. "
Said an eastern member to join coire
spondent : "It pcoplo would only telleet
upon lliueondltlon of niTatrs in IMS I andcom-
pate them with thosuot to day , they could
readily teall/o what damage has been done
to business by tinkering. It is the teat
that almost anv tiling may bo dotiu
totltu laws that nukes tumble.
KKIIITINH civil , sr.isviri : .
The attempt of the committee on appropii-
ntlons to add n lidui on thelt bill in reg.iid to
thu paj incut of thcsalailcsot tlie civil ser
vice commissioner s , it is thought , will not
avail much. Tin ; ihlcr is In the slinpj ol new
legislation , and under llio new rules B not
admissible on appiojiimtlon bills , liesides ,
us It is thought to be an attack on civil set v ice ,
It stands veiy little show ot passage. Tlm
nrdei pioposcs that no part of the appiopiia-
tlim shall ho paid until the ( ommlsslon coitlfy
to the entite list ot cligibles which havu
passed , and also that the ago limitation shall
be rcmov eu.
Civil Service Commissioner Kdsterton ,
sneaking about the "riders" sild to-nleht
tliat ho was gieatly surmised at the gieat ig
norance shown by a largo numbei of mem
bers In icgatd to civil Hoivloc. TMio opposl- *
tion to It come.s fiom a t'.illuro to receive ap
pointment tor somu trluud or constituent
whoso appointment would bu a disgrace to
tliugovirnmcnt. Slid he ; "They will not
boic.tsoiublo and listen to the right of tliu
question , but oppose the law because they do
not get what thoj want. The best way would
ho to have the papers and letters , etc. , of
theli filcud or candidate for examination
photogiaphcd and shown as tliosu of u
pattlot wishing to scr.o tlio government , If
thu pictuics did not makii a number of mem-
beis ashamed I should bo gieatly mistaken.
The ceitifvlmr to nil the names ot thosn who
passed nsellglblo foi appointment Isconttary
to all rules and law of competllho examina
tion. " Mi. IMgcitou did not think the riders
vv ill pass.
pass.Nr.iiKAsu.v IN covonnss.
K. V. Kobcrtson , a Kearney baiikei , is hcru
witli Ids wlto , seeing the sights.
Mr. Doisoy was tlio only member of the
.Nebraska delegation which voted today
against tlm subsidy clause In tlio postollleo
apmcpiiatiun bill In the house.
Tlie siilhcommlt eo ot the house comuntteu
on Paeillc laiiroads , having In cliauo tlio
TJnlon Paeilie bill , Introduced by Mr. Dorsoy ,
h.isagiecd to suggestions Irom the Ne
braska delegation and the Omaha board of
dado Iho lust of next week as to the best
manner in which to get the meastno botoro
tlio house. It the Pacific scveuty-
jear extension bill Is passed , It Is
piohablo the Doisuy bill will not bo
e'alled In the house the
up , as former mcas-
ino contains biilllclunt Uglslatlon on tlm
point aimed nt tlm Union Paeillc bill , but If
it cannot bo passed on Juno 5 ami 8 , which
dajs havu been Ret np.ut lot the mcasuru
fiom tlio committee , thu Dor-
bcy bill will bo then taken up. It Is not
thought theio will bo much delntc on It.
Changes have been ordered In the tlmo
Blicdulo on tlm star mall ronta fiom Ton-
Imssun to Fall mount , Iowa , as follows :
LeavoTeiilmssen Tuesdajs nnd 1'rldajs at
Sa. m. . airivoat Fall mount by 12 m.
Leave I'alriimuiit Tuesd.tjs and 1'iliiaj.sat
1 p. m. , airivo nt Toiiliasson l > v r p. m.
Itcpioientilho Uuuity and otlici mem-
borsaro iecel\lns petitions fiom thu liotids
ol ti.uh1 In cities having a lai o intoiest In
ioiIc and heef packing In opposition to
iho liill to tax nleomuiguiliii' . It Is biiguuste'd
that ImaidbOf d ulu not dheetlv Inleiostiul
In tliusiliot ) the'oiralof paeKlng establish-
mentrt , Hhouhl iiend counter petltliiiib In f.i-
voi of the bill. Mr. Doisoy Mt > sSpc.ikci Car
lisle will not i tile tliat tlio oleum luerlnu bill
miiht ( ome fiom tlm commltteuon.ijsiiml
meant ; becausu It is a bill lo ra so icvenuu , ns
lie cannot i.llotd to do so ,
\VOIlAlll.i : Af"llON Pt'ItP.
nopiesi < ntali\e3 of the Umaha hoaul of
> .rado ilnlihed ( hull work hem to-nUht and
\\illht.iithiiiiiulo-iiioiro\v. They have been
iissuiud that ilmhousnaud hcnnlueommlttees
tvill leiiort the L'nlim Paclllu bill favoiably.
Lieut. 0. A. Clarke , of Iowa. Is onu of the
ollloers abo.nd tlio missing United States
man-of-war , Nlpiic. Mutters.
W.vsinxoiov , May 20. [ Special Telo-
p-am.J-Tlio committee which has been west
examining Into the laboi tumbles in thai
bcctlou is pietty well pleased with the insults
of Its luquliles on labor. Its members t.tUo
n good deal of cicdlt to thcmsclvos for hav Ing
biought thestilko to an end throivh their
piclllc rccomu.endations , They bellnvo thai
troubles generally In thlbllno aio now practi
cally nt an end. A laigo piopoitlon of the
( diking workmen In all paits of the countiy
liaxo letuincd to vvoil ; , tno majoilty of
them , of course , having lost tlmo and money
vvlthuut accomplishing anj thing , and only
a sni'ill proportion having gained something
In leduced hours of labor. The anxiety In
uonicss ; toi the adoption of some genera ]
IVbtom of nibltnitlou by which labor tioublcs
"enoraliy , may oo pacifically adjusted seems
fo hr.vo laigoly dlsaiipeared. Congioss Is nn
Impulsive body , anil now that the immediate
ace'd foi aminsmoof this kind has been re
moved , It will piobahly forget nil about the
labor troubles and set to work discus ing tar
iff or bomo other abstract measure of this
chai ucter.
SO MAY IT lir-
TliedcmocraticpartyUgoliijjtoffct foolel II
It Is not wry careful. Cmgiej man Moriisou ,
Vtlioclalmsu place as a leader. Inaicrcntlntcr
\levv , expressed thu opinion that the rongios-
icmul Unlit fall was not toin ' to bo much
of a tattle , ami ( hat neither iildc was likely
to make much effort. If hi * suggestion
should prove to bo the basis lor a campaign
cry of the democrats , they will wake up in
November to find the republican house elect
ed. Kcpubllcans nrc scttlngto work to make
nvcry thorough nnd vlizorotisc.imp.ilgn In
spite of the belief expressed by Mr. Morrison
that It Is not going to be much of n shower.
They believe that If they can carry the next
house It will bo recognized asm expiesslon
of disapproval by tliu pcoplo of the demo
cratic administration , and If earnest and sj s-
tcmatlc elfort will carry U they propose to eto
WARIIIXOTON , Mnv 20. Mr. Mandernon
reported favoiably from the committee on
military nlTalrs the bill to authorlro the
Cheyenne & Northern laltway company to
build Its road across Fort Kusscl and Fort
Lirnmlo military reservation. On Mr.
Manderson's motion the bill was taken up.
Mr. Ktlmund'.s motion , to amend so as to
provide thatlf the rights so confeired bo not
exercised and tlio road bo not built within
three jeais , the pilvllege granted ny the bill
shall cease and terminate , was adopted.
' 1 lie bill was then p issed.
The Stalcn Ishind bridge bill was then
tikou up and laid befoio tliu senate , and Mi.
Mcl'hcrson resumed his speech airainst the
bill as rupoited , and In support of his amend
ment providing foi a tunnel Instead of a
hi idee.
feenatoi Mandeibon , from the committee
on military adults , tenoited t.uoi.ibly the
bill which recently passed thu house , ni > -
propiiatlng SIM ) , ( 00 foi the construction of
additional qunrtoisnt thu soldluis' homes nt
Hampton , Milwaukee and LoiVMivvorth.
lir.MlllVlVd I'l'Ill.lO I.ANIIS.
Uepicsontatlvo Paysim of Illinois has me-
paied u repoit on the bill to pievent aliens
Irom acquit Ing leal Cbtatu in teirltuiles of
tlio United Stales.
The repoit sajs that the bill has for Its
basis the ptopositlon that Ameilcan boil
shill be owned by Ameileans , FO far as con-
gioss can contiol It. The committee on pub
lic hinds In this congress , as In the hist. Is
thoroughly eommittul to the poliej of so ad-
mlnlstui ing out public laudsjbtom that the
agilcultuial lands of the nation shall bn
paitod with , without cost , to bo held in small
tracts bv actual settlers only , for purposes of
cultivation by the ownei , securing thereby
the tin 1ft of the citi/.cu and economy
In his management , which ovvneishlp
alwajs stimulates , 'ibis policy , the report
submits should becomoa national one.
The bill which tlio icport accompinles pto-
pobcs that no alien or foreigner who has not
declared his Intention to become u citl/on of
tlio United States , nor any coiporatlon , one-
tenth ot vv hosu stock is owned ( ii contiollcd
by aliens ot foreigneis , shall have the right
to acquire estate in any of the territories
of the United Status.
The bill has been agreed upon by the com
mittee and will piobably be teportcd one day
tins week.
i in : STATIIN ISLAND nnmnK.
Alter fmtliei debate on the blaten Island
bridge bill , an amendment was olleieu by
Mr. Vest and agreed to , authorizing tliu scc-
ictary of war , it ho should dom any altcia-
tlou ot the bt idgo necessary or the entliu re
moval of the bridge necessary to avoid ob
struction to commerce , ho may older its al
teration 01 lumoval at tlio expense of the
owueis , and If tliu biidge bo not finished
within two jeais the right to build shalj
Tlio MePlicison amendment , tor a tunnel
Instead otibndgc : , vvas iciectod 0 ,
n.ivs 10.
The senators voting In the alllrmativc
weto : Messis. Boiveti. Hampton , McPhei-
boii , Plumb and Sow ell.
Altci tuitlici debate and voting down of
some nmcndiiicnN , thu bill was passed witli
viva voce vote ab tcported tiom tliu commit
tee , with the solo addition of Mi. Vest's
Tlio b.inki uptcy bill was then laid before
thu .senate , utter which an adjournment was
( fc
WASHIVOTOK , May 2a. Mr. Ilolman , fiom
the comiiiltteeonappiopilHtlmis.iepoited the
executive legislatlvo and judicial appropria
tion bill. It was rcfcnod to the commlttco ot
the w hole
The house then wont into committee of the
whole on the bcnato amendments to the post-
ofilco appioprlatlon bill. The amendment
setting aput 540,000 of theappiopiiation lor
the Cbt.tbllshmcnt of a free dollvcty svstcm
In cities whcroitls not now established was
concuircd in.
Thu iimendmcnt was rejected which author-
I/es tliu postmaster geneial to contract foi in
land and totelgn steamboat bci vice. Also an
amendment IncicaMng by SSO.OOO tlio apnro-
priatloti tor railway postollico car service.
'Iho amendment was coiicuucd in In-
ciuaslng from 'i'll.T1 ! ! to SSVU.OJO Iho ntipio-
piintioii for necossarv and special facilities
In tiunk Hues , vvhon it can bu combined in
ouu route.
The fotelgn mall service having bjen
icached , Mi. Blount , of Cicorgh , moved non-
cnncuuouco in It. Buuows. of Michigan ,
olfeicdan amendment providing tint n sum
not exceeding 5-100.000 ot the amount heieln
appropriated bhall bo expended In pimcnt
tg existing Amc'tican hteamshlp lines lor tlio
traiibpoitation of foieuin mall accoiding to
the schedules hcictoforo lu lorco nnd so
much of thu balance as may bo rcquiicd Miall
bn expended In Incic.isim : tliu ficquencv of
tlio pobtal hcivlco of biicli btcambhlp lines
and In the establishment ot postal beiv Ice by built and icglstcied steamships
between tlio United States and bitch poits uf
tlio foicign count lies herein named.
Alter fuithei debate the committee of thu
whole rejected ( oO to 1-42) ) thu Butiows
amendment to the nostollico bill. The com-
mlttco tlion non-concurred In the scnato
StOO.OOO amendment and repotted Its action
to the house. Thu house continued by motu
than a two-third vote tlio action of the com
mittee In injecting the so-called subsidy
amendment to the pobtollico bill adopted by
tlm benato.
WAHiu.x'orov , May SO. Thn vote confirm
ing the action of the commlttco on totelgn
mail MM vlco was > cas 17B , nays W. Tlio an
nouncement of the icsult was iccolvcd with
npphui'.o on tlio demoeiatlc bide. The bill
nnd anumdiiiunt will now bo sent to the senate -
ate and then lo thu confcionca committee.
The house then adjourned.
toxitg nuttermn.
WASIIUNOTOX , May 20. [ Special Tclo-
giam. ] A bold scheniolson fool to give
FdciMth to tlm Moulsson tariff bill. It 1ms
been arranged that when tlia bill to tax oleo-
mniKnilno and all li'illatloiH of butter and
cheese Is called up In Iho house , Spcakci
Caillslu will rule tliat it Is a ineitsmo to lalso
lovcnuo and Is a subject vvhhh imiit bo
treatid bv the committed on wavs or means ,
orcomo In asaiiiundntKiit to the taiilf bill.
The oleomaigaiino tax bill Is Intensely popu-
lai nnd tills inllng Is Intended to help Monl-
On tlm Apnulio Tinll.
WASKI.NOTON , May 20. A telegram vvas
lecehcd at the war department this moinlng
fiom Ccn. Miles , dated Foit Huicl.ula , May
Id , statlngtliat Lieut , liiown , I troop , Fourth
eavalrv , struck tliu Indians Sunday evening ,
the Uith liibt , , eaptuilng se\cn Winelicstcr
rilles. ammunition , saddlns and a fnw horsos.
Tliulndluis then turned westward again.
They am being followed by Lawton'.s and
Hatlield'scommamlb They wiuu near Santa
1 laibam and Bueim Vista jettciday ( Mou-
daj ) .
AKroonient Abrogated.
CIIICAOO , May iO. Thoagreemont between
the membcis of tlm Chtfago , St. Louis and
Missouri Itlvcr Passenger Assoulatlon.ln con
junction w ith the St. Paul road and the North-
wcAtcrn , fixing thu maximum rates of conv
mission , has be-on virtually abrogated by the
withdiawal of thu Itock Island and St. Paul.
Ador Juno 1 , the Hoek Island , Mr. St. John
of that road bald to day. would pay the high/
cst rate U lound other lines paying.
West XfYlcuu Aimohes.
LONDON , May 2a Later advices from Cape
Coabt C.xstlo , West Africa , say that the forty-
llvo traders mUidercd by Uecquahs vvero na
tives , belonging to the ( iamin tribe , and not
( iermaiis , as the hrst dispatch stated. The
natives in KUor Tniinn district , Hast Africa ,
have murdere'd Mlssiouafy Iloughtou and iih
wile , u i'.u L.uuoo
Frclglit Ilntcs from Chlcnco to Omntin
nnd St. Paul Cttt Itlglitnnd Licft.
CiiR'Aoo , Mnv 20. [ Special TclcErnm. ]
Tl.o AVcstern Freight association is contin
ually getting Into deeper water , nnd it Is
thoueht to bo only a question of time when It
will bo entirely broken up. The Hock Island
has joined the Missouri Pacific and bt. Paul
A Omaha roads In refusing to make any
more icpoits to Commissioner Falthorn and
consequently balances cannot bo figured outer
or evened up , Tno pool has been In exist
ence a vear , and by the action of the St. Paul
In refusing to pay Its balances on revenue
from Omaha dressed beef transportation has
been vlrtuilly Inoperative. IS'o settlement
between the members over has been made ,
nnd unless some compromise Is icached
there Is a possibility of the rates going to
pieces and thumyh rates to Omaha becoming
completely demoralized. It Is believed
by some that It is not so much
the desire nt the Hock Island to break up the
pool as to cut the ( load lock nnd bring about
the settlement. Theio has been several
attempts to do this before through meetings
ot the mnnagcis , but without avail.
of rates between Chicago and St. Paul is
also being violated again and Indications
nru that another wai In noithwcstc'in freight
rates will be Inaugurated. St. Paul Is repelled -
polled to bu cutting ilom rates lioin St. Paul
A tcmpotni v ngt cement for the milntcnauco
ami Minneapolis to Chle.iL'o and Milwaukee
dom 10 to T } cents. A slmillar cut Is also
being made tiom all Interior towns In
Minnesota and Dakota on milling tianslt
Sunset Cox to Olllolntu as a Turkish
Ccnniis Taker.
CoNvrANTiNoiM.r , May 'M. United States
Minister Cox had a three hours' interview
with the biiltan .vestcrday. The minister
picsonted to his majesty gifts sent by Presi
dent Cleveland , consisting of a thousand
views of the sceneiy In different parts ot the
United States ; portraits of celebrated and
typical Indians ; copies of the last census re
port , etc.
The sultan was well pleased w Ith the pies-
cuts and icqiicstcd Mi Cox to thank Piesldent
Cleveland tor the "unique and valuable
gifts. " His majcstv said ho had recently 01-
duted taking ot a Turkish census nnd asked
Mt. Cox to co-opetato in the woik by giving
the benelit of his American experience. This
ho promised to do , provided his health , his
duties and his government permitted him.
Mho sultan expressed lit mselt as gieatly In-
teiestcd In the pie icss of Amciica and
oideied that Mi. C6bo shown his nrivuto
giounds nnd c.irdens. The sultan will give
n banquet to Mr. Cox on the 20th instant.
Dentil of Col. John n. Folsoin.
HUITAIO , May 20. Col. John 13. Folsnm ,
Riandtathci of Miss Franklo Folsom , died
jesterday at Folsomdale , Kilo county , lie
lias been an Invalid foi seveial jcais.
[ Col. Folsom was the lather of Oscar Fol
som , a noted lawjor ot liiillalo , who was
Piesidoiit Cleveland's partner , and whosu
daughter , Fiankle , is soon to become Mrs.
Clevcl mil. Ho was also a brother of the late
licnj. H. 1'olboni , one ot Nebraska's ploneeta ,
w lie died at Tekamah Nov ember 20th. ISS'- .
Tlie lattei was a membci of the tetritoiial
Icgislntmo In the eaily dajs , and reptesentcd
Unit eountv. The estate of the two biotliets ,
Benjamin U. nnd John U. , consists mainly
ot Omaha property valued nt half n million
dollars , In which each had an equal Interest.
Tills estate now goes to the holrs ,
and as Miss Fmnklo Folsom ,
tlio president's Intended , was the favorite
grandchild , It Is expected that she will
iccclve a largo sh.uoof It. Mr. N. It. Fol
som , of Tekamah , Ben Folsom , of Omaha , and
Mrs. Helen Feiils , vvlfo of the propuetoi of
the Planter's house In this city , arc also iela-
tlves of the deceased colonel , and v.lll
doubtless como in foraslmro of tno cstate.J
Mcctlna of-Old Bottlers of Illinois.
CIIICAOO , May 20. The old settlers of
Illinois had a reception and banquet at the
Calumet Club house this evening. Fully
150 poi sous wcro present , nil of whom wcro
residents prior to 1S40. The committee of
arrangements , with tlio dates of their airlval ,
Is as follows : Silas B. Cobb , May , 1K ;
Horatio (5. Loomls , May. Its I ; Arthur O. Burley -
ley , May , 1B.T5 ; Frcdk. Tuttlc. January , lb.0 ! ;
Marcus C. Stearns. Aiicust , 1W1 : John Went-
vvntth , October , INiO ; Fred C. Walker , June ,
lb.57 : John M. Van Osdel , June. 1S3T ; Jerome
Beecher , July , IbJb ; Fiankiln D. Gray , Sep-
cinbei , 1W9.
The Anarchist Organ.
CIIICAOO , May 20. Tlio center ot attrac
tion around tlio criminal court buildIng -
Ing this morning was the num
ber of printers employed on the
Arbeiter Zeitung previous to the bomb-throw
ing. They vveio called to testify as to who
wtoto and sot up the "Hovongo" clicular ,
which Incited ilot.
It Is highly inobablo that Officer McNulty ,
ono of thu policemen shot in the haynmrktit
i lot , will die. This morning the hospital au
thorities icpoited him dcliicous and the pros
pects oi sav Ing his llto row. McNulty vvas
shot In the leg.
Disarming Irishmen.
LONDON , May 20 , In the commons this
evening , John Morley , chief secietary for
Ireland , moved the second reading ot the
arms act. Ho explained that the act was in
tended to restrict tlio possession , cairylng
and importing of arms. Nobody in pro
claimed dlstiicts could carry arms without a
liiunse. After some debate the aims act
pissed a second reading by a vote of UlC to
Ait Incendiary Printer.
CHICAGO , Ilk , May 20. John A. Henry ,
\\holsemplojedona moinlng papci as n
compositor , and whoso Inccndlaiy uttcianccs
si niu thu iiuest of Spies and othoi an.uchlsts ,
have given him an uncinlnblo loputation ,
was uiiostcu while engaged In dlsdlbutlng H
call foi ndoiiionsdatlon which It vvas in-
ti'iidcdbhould taku place on the lalco tiont
Sunday afternoon next.
The Smallpox I'lu uo.
Moxinnu. , May 20. Two patients sutler-
Ill'fiom ; smallpox have been removed to
the hospital fiom St. Jean Bapthto ward.
Smallpox existed In St. Vincent do Pain vil-
glue liu seu'iul ilaifc , and now It has ap
peared In the house of onu of the olllccrs of
the penitentiary , ( iinvo fcaiH aio enlei-
talned of its spreading to the inmates ot that
institution ,
Coal Minor : ) Organizing.
ST. Louib , May 20 , Coal minors aio airiv-
ing In this city from various paits of the
country for the purpose ot attending tliu na
tional convention and forming a national
assembly. The Knights of Labor have made
complete arrangements for the meeting. The
convention will last thieo dajs , beginning
to-day , sessions being strictly societ. The
Hist day will bo devoted to initiation ,
A Missing Maij-of-Wnr.
Niw Votuc , May 20. There Is a feeling of
alarm in naval circles In regaid to the Uulted
States man-of-war Nlpslc , which sailed for
Hampton Itoads fiom Moiiturdlo seventy-
three dav s ago , and has not g icu been heard
from. The ordinary time ib > tko passage
under Ball is forty daj s.
Greek Politics.
ATHHNS , May 80. Steplmnopulns was
to-day elected president of the chamber of
deputies. Ho was the nominee of Trlcoupls
and wus elected by n majority of sixty over
the candidate supported liy Delyannls. It Is
now certain that Trlcoupls will form a min
A Murderer Dies Easily.
IloispoUT , N. Y. , May 20.-LouIs Wlllet ,
alias Charles Crosby , vvas hanged in jail al
Kingston at 0 o'clock this morning , for Iho
minder of Edwin Killaud oil Jatuiaty 7.1&4.
Willett died easily.
The Tirst Day's ' Proceedings Oonn sol on
Both Sitlci Opon.
Colonel ICcatlcy Matccs a Strong Open *
Ing Speech Quotes Precedent
and Cites Authorities The
Statutory' OfTonsc.
The OpeillnR Day.
DKS MOIJ.T.S , Iowa , May 20. [ Special
Telegram. ] Colonel Kcalley , who opened
for the state In the Impeachment trial , gave
a sttong ninl clear statement of the caw.
Ho spoke about Unco hours , showing sub
stantially what tlm board of managers pro
pose to prove and how they proposed to do It.
llu said that the duty which dovohed upon
him was an arduous one , nnd ho felt lie could
not < lo the matter justice. But the duties of
the mauagciscio to protect the people and
give the accused ox cry oppoitunlty to bo
heard In his defense , for the reason
that this trial Mould bo n pre
cedent lor the future government
of llko Investigations. It should bo-tho
duty of the court to conduct the tuat , consid
ering nothing except the subject matter ill-
icctly Involved In the case. Coirnptlon In
olllco Is u dlseitsu that should be stopped , no
matter how many tender hc.uts may ho
biulscd. Justice nud duty must picvatl. The
nmnagcis hope that In tins case every fnct
beating upon the guilt or Innoconcu of the
defendant will bo biought forward. It Is our
duty In Jhusenting this casu to cite some
uilo 01 comuion law that governs sucli cases.
CJUOTI.SO i'itr.cniiNTs. :
Ho then rca d from dlflcrcnt authorities tlio
rules and precedents applj Ing to cases of Im
peachment ; refoucd to Komrxn and ng-
llsli parliament ; cited the rulings of
Jtulgo Story. The Ihst impeachment in the
United States Vvas that ot Samuel Chase.
Theio weie eight charges against him. Tills
occurc-d in Ibus. > iotono cliaigo was statu
tory. Ills answci docs not appear in the
published icport. The sneaker also referred
to tlie impeachment of I'lesldent ilohnson ,
Judses Peck , of Missouri , and Cox , of Minne
sota. The constitution of lo\\a provides foi
impeachment for misilumcanor , but not for
lelonv , but the purpose undoubtedly was to
amplify .tud enlarge mallcasanru in olllco.
Thepiovision Is for tlio piotuctlon of tlio
state , although the icsiilt merely de-
pi Ivcs the guilty party fiom hold
ing office. If tlio .senate luids the
defendant is guilty , that Is all that is re
quited. The icasoiiablo doubt docs not enter
the case as In trials for fe'onv.
The malingers claim that Mr. Brown did , In
receiving tiotu the banks of Waverly the sum
ot $100 , become liable to Impeachment ,
and that nloue is sulllclent foi com ictlon ;
claims that tiu liaa b < uu guilty of misdemeanor
meaner and should be icmovcd fiotn ollice.
bPnrn-v INQ TIU : orFKNsi : .
Mi. Kcatley then read the bovcral articles
of Impeachment .iud xelcrred to tlio law upon
which they worn drawn ; said tliat no iccords
had been Kept of tlio amounts drawn ,
especially in the insurance departments , and
that all these facts \\ould dining the
ttial and of his iccolvini : and exacting fees
and applying them for his own petsonal use.
violated tlie cede and should bo punished by
law , and he would bo deemed guilty ota mis-
demeanoi in any court and eeilalnlv is in
this instance. Ho stated further that during
his entile term ot ollice Mr. Brown did , with
one exception , etiminally and carelessly neg
lect and tail to perform his duties and make
his reports according to tlip requirements ot
law. Ho fiutl.or claboiated tlio sev-
eial specifications nnd counts of
tlio Indictment and laid particular stress
upon tlio tact that It was not necess.ny tint
ollicial conduct should bo fclonl/ed In order
to icndct an olticcr liable to impeachment.
Ol'ENIXO FOIl Tlin'l ' > F. KNBi : .
( ? lv Ing way to Judge Nourso , the latter did
little moio In his opening than to endeavoi
to made a tavoi.iblo impression for the ac
cused , dying to awaken sjmp.ithv for Brown
by compiling him to Paul making his de
fense before the king. Mr. Nourso said that
It had been icpoited that there wcrebeveial
political Issues Involved In Biown's actions ,
but ho wanted to say that the onlj political
question at stake with Binvvn was whether
ho should be compelled to bow down to King
Biircn the FIrbt. Judge Xourso then briully
outlined Iho coutso ot defcnbc and rested till
The Boodle Alderman Sentenced.
Niw : Ycwif , May 20. Alderman Jachno
w as this morning sentenced by Judge Bariett
to nine jears and ten months impiiaonmcnt
In "Sing Sing. "
Tlio court of over andtcimlncr was filled
this morning with spectatoih anxious to hear
Judge Bariett pionounccbenteneo upon Al-
ileiman Jachnu , convicted of brlhety In con
nection with the Btoadway rnlhoad finn-
chlse. Jaehno was In attendance , guaidcd
by a deputy sheiKT. His lace wasialonnd ]
his 01 cs had a woiry look. After thu judge
hail taken his seat tno district attorney moved
for Bcntenco to ho passed on the piIsonor.
( icnotal Prjot , ot the Jachnu counsel , made
a motion for the aircbt ot judgment upon the
following giounds :
1. Tint the indictment was Insufficient In
2. 1 hat the count In the Indictment upon
which the vculict.isietnrned Is iiibiilHclcnt
to sustain the verdict.
8. That because In law theio can bo no
judgment upon nn indictment and veidlct.
Counsel moved for a now trial upon two
groundh : Misdirection ot juiy In mutters of
law , and against the evidence. 'Iho motions
\\eio both denied by tlio judgu. Counsel
then took an exception to the dental
of each motion. Jachno then tstood
up for bcnttiice , and In reply to
the usual questions of tlio cloik , gave Ifis ago
asiiOjearsand resldenco. 13 Vnndam ( .licet.
HoulhObald ho had learned tlio jcwelrj trade.
Ho was asked what ho hud to my why judg
ment should not ho pronounced against him
aecotdlnc to law. Ho made no icjily , but
kept his P.JCS lixed upon the mil In front of
him. The judge then sentenced thu prisoner
tonlnojeais and ten months lutlioMato
prison Ho bald tbo Pi it-one j had been
convicted after a t.ilr ( rink Ho had had
uver > advantage that a defendant could have ,
nnd nblo counsel. Ho liad the hcrvlecs of
tw o of the most eminent mcmbeis ot the bar ,
ono a veteran of the cilnfinal bar noted for
power and foico aud nptlier of equal ability
vvhoso services vvero exci ready at the 10111-
maud of thu poor , tlio unfoitunate and tlio
ojiprcssed , The case > vas.n sad one. It was
a hnmllatlng spcctnclq tlutt a man who was
holcucd to public olllen ; li | this city should
ha\o so holnoubly bedajed his
trust as the prisoner had. It was
humiliating to the pcoplo of this cltv.
btato and country that Mich a spectacle should
bo presented In a fiee eokcrnment , as tint of
a person l > etra > lug hs | dust as the prisoner
had. It wab bad to H ssa wan with advanta
ges In the position In which ha now wa . "I
could not bo unmoved at tlio spectacle of youi
weening vvlfo and bjokun heat ted mother ,
but llto saddest thing of nil In vour case is
doubt which pen ruled luaiiy coed and honest
minds of join conviction , 'ibero was not a
doubt In ) our cull t. It was universally con
ceded when the oxldcnco was In ilir.t tbo
case against j on was clear , convincing and
overwhelming , "
. "Doubt seems to have aiiscn from lack of
faith In the elllclcncy of our grand jury HJS-
tern , the /.eal of our public niosccutor and the
clllcleney of our polfco. These doubts haxo
been dispelled by youi conviction. It teaches
an Important lesson. The majority of our
pcoplo In public life have not their price.
Let mo again say again at this point that
vour offense vvas not technical btibury ,
but stupendous bribery , for the further-
anco-of a btupcndoub transaction. Have the
peordo of this , city ceased td lemember the fate
of 'Iwucd , Genet. Crowley. Flh and of
xv araV The i > eoplo aio not nil honey combed
with corruption. According to the testimo
ny In jour case , the two only hoiiPbt men in
the boaid were biieetcd at by you as dudes.
Our worthy bherilf ( ( irant ) u-fused a piof-
foiecl bribe. It U entlidy imiuatciial , as was
suggested , vvlictlicrtlicy expected a reward or
not Grant to run for major and 0 Connor
forgovcinor. "
Half nn hour after the sentence hnd been
parsed by Jndgo Barrett upon .Inehno , Judge
Daniels granted n stay ot proceedings.
Good-Kyc , .Incline.
NKW YOIIK , Jlay 20. An application for
a stay of execution ot judgment In the
Jnchno bribery case was argued before Judee
Daniels in the supreme court this afternoon.
General l'i > or argued fornstay , and Assist
ant District Attoiney Nlcol opposed It for
the people.
Judcc Daniels dented the motion nnd
Jael'iio will bo taken to blng Sine In the
morning. _
lion. Mayor IlnrrlMon Pnmtors to Iio-
cal Crooks nnd Ijon.rern.
CincAtio , May 20.- [ Special Telegram ]
No.xt to belnp cursed with the anarchists , the
members of the Cltl/on's association hive
decided that the latitude given by Mayor
Ihuilson to the prize lightots has bccomo n
crj Ing abuse. The city is at piesent a para-
dlsj foi professional pugilists and tlio spott
ing element which follows In thcli wake. It
is cited that § 15,000 v\ns icceived at tlio re
cent bloody glove liclit between Mitchell nnd
Uuikc. It iciiulrcd the piescnco of llfty po
licemen to keep tlio crowd In contiol , al
though tlio rltv hnd not lecovorcd from tlio
cllX'cts of thoiiot and tlio police worn being
held In ie uiv eat nil tlio stations. Tlicionic
at present In thu city , amuiu tlio pugilists ,
Sullivan , Dempsey , Hmku. Milch-
ell , Tommy Wancn and Glover , to
gether vvitli their trainers and lesser pugilists.
A match is advertised to occui slimlly be
tween Sullivan and Mitchell , which the
cltl/ens' association will attempt to prevent.
Tito most beiloits toituio is contained in
the intimation that onlx * two local "sports"
"rarson"Davies and Ilke McDonald , the
Rambler , both potent "bosses , " can give ex
hibitions. " 1'nt" bheedy , the gambler , who
was to exhibit Sullivan , ehlnis that tlio
picbent move is made against him , mid that it
was actuated by Mike McDonald.
vinruous M'bini.iV. :
Shcedy saj s in nn Inteix low : "I have been
at every entertainment In Uattcrv D , and
thcro was never one theic that a man did not
get knocked out , while 1 have never given a
Miowwheie a man got as miieli as n black-
eve , except at one show In Now York , wheio
Mr. Mike McDonald hliusclt was the rclerco ,
nnd the man sat on his knees foi10 seconds
instead ot ten. Had lie decided in n fair-
minded mannei there would have beuu no
brutality. They claim that I do not clvo
value at my shows ; that I charge
S'J and SJ ! ferments , nnd ? 30 and SIO for boxes.
M ) prices In New i'oiKnro just the home as
they are here , SI and SLSO foi tlie best scats.
There never was a show In Intterv D except
under tlie management of Mr. Davlcs , but
one mulct the management of Mr. Smith ,
who owed Mr. McOonild ? ? , " > 00 and got the
hall so he could pay him back , but he had to
pay SIOJ a night for It. I should think the
Citizens' association is above being made a
cat's-paw of by dying to pievcnt mo fiom
giving a show. "
In any event , as the city authoiities do not
seem inclined to pi event tiie exhibition , the
Citizens' association lias decided to uudei-
taku it In the courts Tliu association has ad
dressed a letter to tliu mnor diluting ins at-
tmitlon to the brutality ot tlio exhibitors.
Tlie latter declines to say anything upon tlie
subject. Tlio slate's attoiney says ho will
act If called upon to ptepaic a bill foi an in
junction. _ _
Colonel Iilttlcr Lillys Out Governor
Oglcsuy niul Civil Service Kcroriu.
CHICAGO , May 20. Fully a > 0 delegates and
other proiriinent Illinois icpubllcans vvuio in
attendance upon tlio bcssion of tlio Illinois
republican state cential committee to-day.
Chairman Jones ptcslded. Goveinoi OglcsDy
made a speech , dcclailntrthat the icpubllci'ns
had accepted tlio defeat on the national
ticket in 18&4 , and charged that tlie democrats
had shown that the reins of government
should be handed back to the icpublicans.
Ho spoke ot the tout made by Jcllcison Davis
through a portion of the south.
"It we show a siuceie icgaid for laboi and
tlio laboring men of tlie land we will bo vic
torious in IhSb , " was the concluding icmark
ot the speaker.
Colonel Abuer Tajloi , Colonel Dastman.
Isaac Clcmoutb and otheis spoke of the senti
ment in their lespectivo congressional dls-
tiicts. Colonel John I. KlnaKct < < poke lei a
late convention.
Ono ot tlio speakers mentioned Genenl
Logan In connection wttli the piesiucncy.
Tlio name was received witli gicat applause
among the delegates.
CincAfio , May 20. The speech which pro
duced tlio most excitement was that of Col
onel David Littler , who Is tlio Illinois mem-
bei of tlio republican national committee.
He gave ( Jovei 1101 Ojjiesby a ftcvuie scot lug
for his alleged timid couiso in relation to la
bor outbreaks , and denounced In stioug
tcnrs the civil senlco leform law. Ho said
tlio republican party should piss lesolutions
on tlio Inboi and stilko question , and pro
claim that tlio majesty ot the law must bo
piescrvcd and that all w ho doty the law must
be minishcd. It should advocate the Inctcasu
and bcttci suppoit of tlio militia , to
the end that every citi/en. high [ 01
low , bo ptoteeted In the employment ol
life , liberty and property. Ho would charge
no dorclection of duty on anv public oliieial ,
but It lie had becncovemor liu would have
put In foico piomptlv every power at his
command to stamp out defiance of law. Ho
believed In the light given to stiiko foi
higher wages , but not In allowing strikeis to
practice Intimidation and violence , 01 rte
tialn under red Hags and to practice the
devilish ptlnclplcs It svmboiirc.s.
( ini.Vfi roil civir. SKitvirK.
Sncaklm : of civil seivlco Colonel i.lttlei
said : There In anothei hithjcct Idesuoto
icfer to , and that Is the hvpocrlsy and cow-
aulico ot members of congrosf , 1 mean dem-
ociatsasweil as icpubllcans , witli loterencu
to the contemptible ( iud fiaiidulent eUll--ei-
vlco law , as fnteriucted by the piesent ad
ministration , 1 believe It to be tlio duty of tlm
next stalacoiiventiontotakobold gioundand
dcchuo that that Internal law , uniepuhllcaii
nnd un-Amcilcan In Its practical ojiei at Ion ,
must bo repeaU d. Whatls tlio uui of ti.ving
to deceive the pcoplo of tlio country ? Tliu
law lias tended to tuin out tlie honest men
and kcepbooundrcls in ollice.
lieloio adjoin niiig , the commlttco llxcd
tlm date of tlio nest state convention as
Wednesday , September 1.
Ciiif'Ano , Mny 20. [ Special Telegiam.J
Tiio Mail says this nfteinoon : "Tlm Mall
can say with almost positive assmanco that
the newspaper ropoits to the effect that Mr.
T. .1. Totter , vice president and geneial man-
ngei of the Clilcaco , Uurllngton ami Qtiincy
load , Is about to .sever Ids connection with
that coiporatlon to accept the piesidoncy of
the ' 'lleo Lino" load , arc without founda
tion. Tlio repoit that ho lia been tendered
the lattei position Is no doubt Into , but dur
ing the past llvo jcais Mi. Potter has had
similar offers , Homo of them being rjulto as
Important and tempting , so fni nssaiaiyand
other inducements mo concerned , as the ono
now made , all of which weio declined by him ,
IteporU of serious dissatisfaction on Potter's
iiait with the treatment ho has received by
Ids hitpcilois , and of discord existing In the
"Q" management aio idl gossip. It Is Im
possible to conduct the nffniis ot agicat coi-
par.ition llko thu Chicago , limlnigton it
< > uliey [ and alwavs have haunonyy ,
but iuajn who know i'ottcr well ,
know that ho \ c"ld not long retain a ) > osl-
tlon whciohib huboidn ! ? 3 vveio permitted
todlbregaid hlsaiithoiltv. 'liic-MnJl knows tlie most pleabant relations exist bci cgn
I'otter and 1'iesldont I'ci kins , nnd that the
former has thfltontidcneo of the latter to tlm
veiy fullest extent. Knowing these and
other facts the. Mall tecls instilled in its as
sertion Unit tlio repoits published nro without
substantial foundation , "
Mrs. PciuUecou Killed.
Nr.w YOIIK , May 10. Jiliu Allco 1'cndle-
ton , wife of the United States minister to
lleilln , George H. 1'endleton , was thrown
from hut cat dago In Central imik this after
noon and almost Instantly killed. Mrs. 1'uu-
dlctuii was 01 } care old.
1'rcllerV Slnyor Mntcns to Some A cry
Onmnttlnc TcHliinony.
ST. Louis , May 20. The first wit
ness In the Maxwell murder case
was a barber , John I ) . Arino , doing
Business at 15 North Broadway , near the
Southern hotel. Ho testified that Maxwell
came to his shop between 0and T on tlio even
ing of April 0,1SW , his beard and hair both
very long , and ho asked to have the latter
Lrlmmed ami the foimer shaved olf. He < < ald
lie was going Into tlio country for adav or
Lwo and would return , Counsel for the pris
oner on the cross oxnmlnatlou of witness
tried to show that Maxwell had o\ lured no
uneasiness but the questions icsultcd In
showing that Ihs coutiarv was the case.
Samuel A. Hughe1' . n ticket
agent for tlm San Francisco railroad.
Identified the prisoner nsthemnn to whom ho
hat ! sold a ticket to ban Friinel co on AinllO ,
tlio number bcliuSr > iT. Thowltnoss Identi
fied tlio ticket , which boio hlssiunatnrc.
Geoijce J. lies * , of Hc < s * Culbeison ,
pavvuhiokeis , j-xld tlio prlsouei wanted to
boriow S.J5 ona vv.itrh andcluiln on thi-iid or
Itli day ot Aptil. He also tiled to "Jell Hess
ollii'i trlvnl nrtlchis , s.vjlng ho must havu
monev. The Monday after Kisler Sunday
tlip piisouei called ii nlu. puiehascd n lluto
nnd some dhinouds , juv init for them witli n
5:110 bill , vvlilili ho selected from .1 loll of scv-
cM.U of thusamudeiiominat on. The witness
noticed not hint ; miusuai In tlio prisoner's
talk or actions on his second visit
SJT. Lotus , May 20. Hcderiek Hiegoi.
trunk maker , testified that tlm utlonei had
bought from him a canvas covcie. I tiunk nud
ii.ickliiL'easo on Monday , April 0. In paj-
Ing lot them ho exhibited n large loll of bills ,
mostlj of largo denomination. Later In the
day ho ietuined to tlm stoio nnd bought two
large it link stiaps. The stinps taken fiom
atound thu dunk In which 1'iellui'sbody was
foundwcio identified as those sold to thu pt Is
onor.Vltnesswns shown two tiuuk bo.itds
found in the packing case , and asked It they
vvero paitsol the tiav. Ho said tlmy vveio
not , but vv cio piece's of the top of another
tiunk. 'Iho packing case had no tr.iv. Tlio
/luc trunk , In which Picllei's body was
lound , was brought bofoio thu witness , vv lie
was asked to tell , as an expeit , whether the
trav had ever belonged to It.
Mr. Knuntleioy , counsel lor the defense ,
objected to expeit testimony on the point ,
but Ids objection was ovcirulcd and thu wit
ness answered that it was. An exception wus
taken to the lulinir.
The point was an nuimpmtiutouc , as the
day and paitltlou weio found in the packing
William Fprje , the Southern hotel porter ,
rcco ui/ed the trunks biought tiom Heiger
as tlw-e he hail carilet ) to the ptUonei's
loom on the b.imo day they vvero bought.
\Vhenhoenteiedtlio looms the /Ino tiunk
was hi the mlddlo of tlm lloor and clothes
weio scatteted about and heaped
In piles. Ho lilted one end
of the /inc tiunk to seu it it was packed
and thought It weighed 100 01 1W ) pounds. , v
heavy weight lot a dunk ot that she. 'Iho
witness , at tlio prisoner'H oide-t , cariiod
down tlie canvas loveted tttinlc , leaving the
others. Maxwell bald ho would be back in a.
day 01 two.
Louis P. DulT , Int dealer , testified that he
litd sold Maxwell a hat on Kastcr Monday.
Mixwel ! wanted one to ni.iku Him look llko
a Yankee , and was very iieivous.
J. A. W. leino , dtuggist , testified tint
Maxwell came into his store on sijvetal occa
sions. About I p. m. on Kistct Sunday ho
cimo Into tlio stoto and ptnchasud lour
ounces of chlciotoini and .some catholic
acid , aiid after u little cliat ho went
away. About U p. m. ho icttuned anil
asked for another foui-ouneo bottle of
chloroform. Witness had only about that
quantity left and gave only two ounce's , and
utter tearing the wet label from tliobnttlo
with tlio reimuk that lie. being doctor , labels
vvcic not uccebsarj , led tliu stoio in gieat
baste. Ho had pievlously stated that he was
in a great hurry , ar.d had Insisted that ho
should bo waited on quickly.
On cioss examination Iho witness stated
that when the defendant came to the btoio
the second timu ho siid lie had accidentally
Knocked over thu ( list bottle of chloiotorm
and spilled Its contents and wanted another
suuply as quickly as possible. Ho did not
appeal to 1)0 ) excited , only in a hitiiy. The
case was then adjo'tined until to-nioitow.
Hunting Tor Parsons.
PiTTsnuiia , May 20. A registered letter
was sent fiom Coal Valley , Fiidny last , to
Mr * . Lucy Paisons , Chicago , wife of the
noted auatchist. It was thought befoio that
ho was In hiding vvllli Mends in tlio Mouon-
gahela Valley. Following the clue given by
the lettei , a detective has been for several
dajs looking for him In Coal Val.'oy. ' His
efforts have been unavailing , except that ho
Is now convinced that Parsons is not fai
fiomthcie. The detectlvo has been woikiug
up the case nnd 1ms almost positive ntoof
that Parsons Is clthci In the valley 01 at
MonoiiKalielaClty and is now keeping close
guaid at those places.
CIIIPAOO , May 18. Tlio Daily News is In
iccclptot inioimation. which H deems posi
tive , icspi'ctlng the wheicabnutsof the fugl-
tlvoniinidiint I'ai-ous. Tlm slieiilf atT.dla-
hasse , Floi Ida , tele taphed last Tuosd iv that
i'.iisons andacoiiipiiilon liailgiino through
Tiliaiiassce and was bound either foi Cedai
Kejs 01 Tampa , and was mippose-d to be
heading foi Cuba , as f-teaineis leave both
jiorts mentioned lei Havana. A icturn telo-
giam was sent toi a desciiption ot Paibons.
and the desciiption telegraphed back tallied
pteclSely with that ot Paisons. ' 1 ho anar
chist was iceo ni/ud at the Htatlon called
lialdwin , but was not appichended. If Par-
i.ons bailed on Weducbduv tiom Cedar Keys ,
It is thought ho can boappichcndcd.
Sti'lUcs and StiilccrH.
CIIICAOO , May 25. About Zl" gas fitteis ,
plumbei snnd steam litters cmploved by K.
Uaggott struck to-dav , beeauso ho Insisted
upon three union cab littcts working In coin-
jinv ) with Ihrcu non-union steam fitteis.
'I hi' stilkctsbay tlioj aio nctlng in ntcoid-
nncu witha foimal agreement between tlm
' ' steam litters'
gas titters' , plumbers' nnd
unions. Mr. Ilaggott at oneo began 10-
ei lilting a toicu ot non-nnloii vvoikmon.
Thu wholesale mniiulactuiing Clotlilens' as-
bochitlun to da > resolved that , commencing
nuxt v\eeli , tlio ( iCO cutters cmpiovcd by thu
members of the ahMiciatlon nliuil IM given
vvoikattho into of ten hours' pay for iilnu
hours' work. Tor some time past tlm cutters
have been locked out , owing to tlio l.ito
htiiko of the tailors ami talloresscs. Piu-
vlous to the lockout the tailors had been
louipoiaiilv eoncuded ten hotus' pay foi
woiKing er'ht hotus.
Tlio ProMij torliui ( iciiornl Assembly.
Mix.viiAroMH , Minn. , May 20. Tlio Pics-
bvterhn geneial assembly of the Noitlmrn
chinch convened at 11 a. m. In the now West-
mlustei I'te. bjtcrlaii chinch , admlinhly
udaptcd In sUi < and nrrangcmont for thu
meeting. Itev. Ciavon , I ) . D. , of Newark , N.
J , , opened tlio assembly with pr.ijei. assisted
in the .set vices bv Itcv. McLeod , of Indian-
nixtlls , and Mr. Jolinnon. D. I ) . , tomlgn mis-
smnaiy nt Allahabad. Tliu election ot mod-
oiatm OCCUH this atlei noon. The prominent
randldntes nio Maiqiilh , ot Chicago ; MoiU-
loit. uf ( Mnclnnnil ; F. Sample , of Minne
apolis , and Swift , ot Allfl'hcny , Pa.
IJoor Cialiig Down , us Ustiul.
CHICAGO , May 35. Tlio leading binwers of
Chicago and Milwaukee , whoaiocomblned In
the Northern ] ) nn\ois association , Imvohe un
a icdiictlon of the price ot hcei , vv hlcli Is said
to be the lirst step of pro-ai ransed plans to
smicc/u out llio small ny. Dtnlnc tlm past
j car a do/en small bicwing com cms ha\n
stalled in thlh city , and , ictuslng to join the
association , have set theh own prlco on theii
iiioduet , Menibets ot tlio association will
Itereaftcr chai < o Si ( per banel Instead of
& 7.20. The cost of iiianufaetuio Is said to bo
but S .W and it is expected that the piico
will BOOH go below S .
ToMnsioxidiu : May ao. Fiedtrlck
Lutlejvvhlluona v ibirto--ljs | biotherut n
nclghboilng lanelie , a short tliSt.l ! < o from
here , was Itlllcd by Icdlans yesterday. A
wood rorder known us "Dutch Cliarloy , " en-
caccd on tlio same ranelio , wan wriously
woundtd. Harry , a brother of the muulcied
man , escaped.
A Mexican , who has Just arrived fium tlic
Whetstone mountains , notilud tlio bhorill
thatthe ApachiM hail kitltd thtiu Mexican !
Wing-Shooting Contest Won by Budd , of
DCS Moincs ,
[ 'rppnrnrntlons for .71 in ItcynoUlu *
Uxccittlon Iowa Doctors Dis
agree A ToiiKh Customer
town Doctors Dlsnurro.
Drs MOINIIS , lown , May-0. Thcro was nn
ncie.iscd nttcmhnco and Interest in tlio
meeting of the State Medical association to-
liy. Quito a little tinny was caused When
he name of Dr. Hclnrch ! , of Iowa City ,
vas offered for admission as n delegate from
lohnson county. One inembei nt once rojo
and picsuntcd a protest from the board ot
icalth asking that lletnilchs bo not admitted
Mtlmut Invcsttgattun , but that his
mme bo read lo tlio committee
m ethics. Ilciiinchs was accussd by the
loard of health with unpiofcsslonnl conduct
n analysis while hn
v\as a professor In the stito niuveislty , and
hero has been a splilted light between thorn
over since. Hovvover , Iho association con
cluded to admit llelnrlchs , thouijli there
vvero nearly thirty vote's cast against It. A
tumhei of papcM vvero read dutlni : the day
in professional Hiibje-cls. and Piofcs'or
almei , dean of the medical dopaitment ot
ho Unlve'isity of Michigan , madu a shmt
address to the association. Resolutions weio
in.tnlmously adopted sustaining thu uctl'iii
of tlio Ame'ilcati Medlenl nstociutlon with
efereiiro to the Intetnntlonal medical con-
giess to bo hold In tills counti > lu Ib37. The the American society was the only body could
iroperlv lepieseiittlic medical piife < * slon of
he United States at the International con-
The Hcj nolds llniiKliif ; ,
LINCOLN. N'eb. , May 20. ( Special Tele
gram. ] At 10 o'clock tonight Governor
' ) awes had not taken any action looking to
the icprlovo of Hoynolds , the Cliojcnuo
: ounty muidoici , nnd tlio chances are that
10 will be hanged to-morrow. When the Bii : :
epicsontntlvo Inteirosated the goveinor on
ho subject to dav , ho was given to under
stand that the case as presented up to daln
lid not warrant executive Intcrfcioiice.
hough a demand might bo made at the laic
uomeiit that It w oitld bo Impossible to Ignore.
A drunken tramp was collated by the no-
Ice to-night and when near the station
uadu a desperate light , knocking one officer
senseless and cutting nnd slashing a number
ot othei policemen nud lircmeu who nt-
cuipted to eoiral him. llu vvas finally fe-
cutcd bv roping and pounded Into hiibtnls-
siott. He was tlio toughobt eiistomci tint
ever stiuck this city , and succeeded lu ntali-
ng a lmpiusslon , on his atihal. .
To be HIIIIK Prhlny.
SIDXKV. eb. , May 20. [ Special Tele-
; ram ] Pioparationsate now completed for
.lio hanging of Jim I'euiolds to-morrovv.
fho execution w ill take plaeo between S and
I o'clock in tliu nttuinoon. Thn gallows la
blxtcen feet bquaic , ciojs-bciim 111 teen feet
ilgh. Thu diop w ill be ' oven feet.
Your coticspondent had a long interview
with Itcynolds to daj ; his actions do not Inr "
dlcato iho least excitement. Ho refuses to
talk about the ei line , but simply on general
ualtcis. His spliltua nd\l.ser IB the Rev.
l.csliu btevens , of tlio Afethodist church , but
o-moitow Tntlier Harry will probibly assist. ;
Kvory comfort will bo bestowed on thepr 8-
oner during his last bouts. Ho Bio lit soundly
ast night. Shciill "I' has enclosed the
ail with Ivvoutv feet ot hoaul fence to keep
ho execution fiom cuilosity bcokors.
A DIanly Sport. '
Drs MOI.M.S , Iowa , May 20. [ SpecialTelo-
jram.J A contest foi the championship of
: lie United States In wing shooting , live
blids vvas held hero to day between J. Stlco
of Jacksonville , Ilk , and C. W. IJudd ot this
city. The trial was with fifty birds , and was
won ny Budd , with a score of 47 to 41 by
btlco. Bund missed three In the lirst ton ,
but shot the last lortj birds Ntralsht without
a miss , making , it is claimed , the best record
ot the kind In the country. Ono month ago
[ Sudd won the championship medal fiom
Stico at.Jacksonville , and now holds it fiiib-
iectto challenge once in thirty days fora
xcai. It is not belloved that any furtho i at-
icinptvvlll bo inndo to take tlio medal away
fiom Build aftci his unequalled record In to
day's mateli.
A Ilraknmnncltillnrt.
Dr.Moi.vns , Iowa , May 20. [ Spechl Tel
egram.J Joe Indcealfcr , wlio resides nt Polk
City and who lor snvcial ye-aie hns been cm-
iiloyod as a brakcman on the Chicago &
Noithwcbtein , muta tiaglcdcath at Marshall-
Low nto day. He was at his post whllo tlie
ti.iui was passing , at ! ! o'clock this mornlnz ,
and lell undoi tlio wheels. Ho was almost
Instantly killed. His body was terribly
cinshcd and mutilated and the rumalna pto-
hentcd a ghastly nppcai.incp. ,
On Parsons' Trnolc.
CIIICAOO , May 20. The Daily News Is In
recelntof Infoimntlon which It deems posi
tive , respecting the wlicieaboutsol the fngl-
tlvonnaichlsr , Paisons. Thn .sheriff at Tal
lahassee. Fin. , tole iaphed hibt Tuesday that
Parons and a companion had gonu through
Tallahassee and vveio bound either lei Ccdai
Kcv s 01 Tampa and w eio supposed to bo head
ing lot Cubi , nsbleamcis leuvouoth tliu potta
mentioned foi Havana. A icdnn tclegiam
was sent for Iho desciiption of PaifoiiH , and
on lereplhm telegiiipliud IMC Ic ihu de
scription tallied piecKelv w II h lluiL of ] 'nr-
sons Tlioamuclilst was iceoKiil/ed atasta
tion cilled Baldwin , but was not npmchcnd-
ed. If Paisons sailed on Wednesday liom
Cwlai Kojs , It Is thought ho can ho uppio-
I'roshj tot tans in Crmnoll.
POMh , May 20.Tho Piusb.vtoilau
trcneral assembly of tlio northern chinch con
vened at 11 a. m. in the new Westminster
Presbyterian chinch , which was ndmliably
adapted in sl/o and airangemcnt for the
meeting. Mr. Craven , I ) . D. . of Nowaik , N ,
J. , opened the assembly with pnncr , assist
ed In his bcrvlcos by the ilcv. Mi. McLeod ,
of Indianapolis , and Key. Mr. Johnson , D.
D. , toielgn mlsslonaiv to Allahabad , IndlH.
Tlm election of n moderator will icciir tills
alternoou. The prominent candidates aia
Itev. Dr. MaiqiilH , Ciilca o ; Mi. Monfoit ,
Cincinnati : F. Sample , Minneapolis ; Mr.
Swllt , at Allegheny , I'a.
Illinois DootorH.
Si'inxoi'iKi.n , Ilk , May 20. The Illinois
State Kclectlo Medical boeleiy to day elected
olllcois as follovvb : Piesldunt , H. U. Cable ,
ofAuioia ; lirbtvlco president , C > ius Pcarce ,
Tajlorvllln ; second vlco piesldont , H. K.
Mouls. of Chicago ; densmcr , It. F , Bennett ,
of Lltrhheld ; iccordlng hecrutaiy , D. A.
Cashman , of Chicago ; corresponding Eecro-
taiy , 0. V. Mabsey. Athens : committee on
eiedcntlals , Dts. J , Scudder Uavih. of Sniing-
field ; J. d. Hemls. of Chicago , and J. Tildun ,
ot Litchliuld. Spilnglield tvas fixed upon as
thu plaeo for holding the nuxt annual meet-
Injj , on the thlid Wuduesday of May , Ib37.
Bmull-pox Itnln | ; : ,
SAN FiiAXciHfO , May i0 ! , The bteamer
San Pablo airlvod with House Hong dates
to Apt 11 21. ami Yokohama to Mav.r > . Dur-
j > i A prll thciu w eio oer WOUO cases of small
pox atJKpaii. and moio than 3,000 icsulted
Atuither Now
I.NS , Mnj ro The ValvN dnlstiylias
reblijiic I. M. TilcuupU has ab'ioJd to r nu
uuw ministry.