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The President's Marriage Labor Arbitra
tion Pensions Van Wyck and Dorscy.
Provisions ofdcn. LoRnn'B lmlor nil !
-Knto oftlic Pension 1)111
XIio Union I'ncdlo
The President's Trousseau.
"WAsiitNtnox , Mny 10. [ Special Tele
gram ] "Best Man" Blsscll had nery lively
time ot It when ho was hero last week. Presi
dent Cleveland had put off so many things
until the last moment that ho nearly ran his
"best man" down. One of the first things
Blfiscll had to do was to go around and In
spect suburban retreats whcto the coming
honeymoon could bo spent. Tlio picsldent
thought at Hist the Soldiers' homo would bo
i good place , but Bissell said "no , " and so it
was decided that a summer residence must bo
'lad ' , and "Best Man" Blsscll went and found
( lie. It Is composed of twenty-
line ocres , and tlm pilco is ST ! , OUO.
iocareltillv did "Best Man" Blsscll tty to
.lileld the mcHldcnt In the matter that he has
: l\en hlsoxwi name , Wilson Bissell , and Col.
Lamont'sas the parties puichasmi ! In the
till of sale given when thu S' X ) was
/aid to-day to bind the bargain , but this Ill-
Jo transaction In real estate is not thu only
.hlng Bissell 1ms had to do. Ho had been
> usy In New York ptuchaslng the rest of the
> resldcnt'8 ttoitsscau. Express wagons , on
.he average ot live a day , liavn been coming
.ip to thu white house with bundles lor the
bildegroom elect ,
So It linn Kvcr noon.
WASIUNOTON , May 19. [ bpcclal Tele
gram ] A California- genius named Dr.
Phelps , lias presented to congicss nnd thu
officials of the tieastny department dcslcns
for tjur paper cmrency which aio unlqucaiid
which he is trying to have adopted. The
purpose of the new designs Is to pievent
"laislng" and to enable Ignorant people who
cannot icad to icadlly distinguish one bill
from another and know its denomination.
It Is proposed to make the one , two and live-
dollar bills of one color ; the ten , twenty and
fitly of another color , and the one , two and
live hundred-dollar bills of still another color.
Then the first seiles each have a uniform
style of lettcilng , nnd have bars on which
no the figures and Ictteis telling the denom
ination In bitch a way that it Is Tmcossiblo to
laiso the face value , and any child or illller-
nto poison could icadily learn their value.
It has been along ttino since thcio was a
change made in tlio general design of the
paper or silver cmreneyot the goveinment ,
and tlicpiescnt style has pioum so satis
factory , and people ha\o grown soused to
the conventional green and black that any
new pioiKHltion will bo consldcicd cau
tiously. The bankers and people who handle
n great deal of paper omrency and who have
toconteud with counterfeiters and the er-
tors ol Ignorance have universally endoised
the new designs pioposed , but it will icqniie
nn act of congicss to atithoiiru a substitution ,
ind as congicss will baldly legislate on fi
nance now theio Is no piospect of a change.
After all thowoikln committal's and the
Hurry of the lobbyists over land foifcltuies ,
it comes down to another point of lailmo
when an effort Isnmde to foilelt. For many
years concu-ss has woikcd up bills and elab
orate favoinbleiepoits for foilclting the mil
lions of iincai ned lands planted laihoads by
the government to aid in their construction ,
but theio has been nothing tuither done.
Some influence has repeatedly woiked to defeat -
feat the final consideration of thubills. Thcio
are now on the house calendar bills tavoi-
ably rcnoited , which propose to foiteit seven
ty or eiclity millions of acres of lands , tint
. it Is said by those who ought to know that
there Is not the least show of their passage.
These rcuorts represent the woik ot fifteen
good lawycis for months , and the work has
been repeated every two yeais dining the
past decade. It seems that thoiallioads ha\o
the lands and will keep them , whether eained
or not.
Van AVyck and Anti-Monopoly.
NKW Yoiuc , May 19. [ Special Telegiaml
Tlio Tribune's Washington dispatch of the
political situation In Ncbiaska says :
"Mr.Van Wyck's chances of re-election are
not considered good , although ho may bo
ihoscn to succeed himself in spite of the op
position now organUed against him. "
This admission , coming fiom a paper
which has always opposed Van Wyck , U sig
nificant , The special fuither says : "The
domociatlc ranks aio divided In Nebraska
into fico tradeis and protectlonJRts.tho loim-
erledby Staling Moiton , the latter by Dr.
.Miller , both ot them friends onto , but now
mortal enemy. The republicans , on the other
hand , am confronting the anti-monopoly
ciy laiscd against the railroads and the pro
tection movement , both of which have to
tome extent demoiall/ed the unity ot paity
action. ANcbiaskiin , with whom 1 talked
to-day , eald that St. John was actively al
uoik ii > the state now. Hu has addressed a
number of meetings alicady , and had piob
ably made a still gieatcr number of engage-
inputs to speak In the state in tlic com-o ol
the coming campaign. Tlio antl-iiioiiopol >
question is a less set Ions one piobably in the
coming election than that of piohlbition
still II will be a factor In the contest.
Logan's ArbitrationItlll ,
WABiu.faxoN. May 19. Senator Logan
presented In tlm senate to-day as a sub
stitnto for the labor aihltratlon bill , rec.-ntlj
passed In the house , a bill piovldlng for tin
appointment of n commission of aibltiation
of tivo mcmbcis to be appointed by thu presl
The commission Is empowered to visit any
nlaco whccio contiovcislcs may ailfo nm
may take testimony and hear counsel am
make Its derision at any place It may think
hcM. It siiull luport to congress
the lOMilts ot all Investigations
If. with nil testimony and o\ciy ac
tiun in lelercnco to eachcontio\ersy which
comes bcfoio It , It may lequliu tlio Unllei
8 State nmi.-liaN to sei\o process , and sue )
maishals shall lecolvo the same tees as they
ii'relvo lor like set vice upon PIOCPSS
issued by the United .States commissioners
Witnesses shall also iccehe the S.IIIHJ fees
as when attending beloro United States com
missions , but the cxucnsc of nn >
hlnglit aihitratlon shall not cxceec
31,000. The commission shall possess
all such powers to administer uaths , as be
long to a United States commissioner. It
may , upon any serious difference 01 dispute
un account of wages , oppicssion or wrongs
complained ot by employees or employeis
repair to the place whcia such complaints
ml so , and mal > e full examination and in
vcatigatlonof thu same and lenoit tocon
IHCS.I throucli Urn piesident. The Unitei
blutes commissioner. In addition to the
rustomary oaths of ofll ( , shall , upoi
any case being submitted to thorn
take oath to falily oud talthtully
iieiloim their duties , which oath shall cm
brace the declaration that they aru not poi-
bonally Inteiested in the subject matter of the
contio\eisy ,
Tlio bill amends the act creating a burcai
of labor , so that the bureau shall liercaf toi bo
known ns tlm derailment ol labor : and thu
commissioner , In addition to duties nowic-
quircd of him by law , Is miuhcd to commu
nicate wltii > arous ! lallro.uls and traiibnoita-
tlon companies and with all other
companies engaged In vat Ions Indus
tiloi wheio any great number of
peisons aioemplojed. and as to a certain
number of employes , the manner In whlcl
their labor is poiformed and It * character
their situations , manner of HUng. facilities
for education ot their clilldien , and the iela
tlous of labor and capital generally. Also to
iimko comparative lists ana statements as to
the hours of labor In vaiioui employments
character ot labor and compensation there
for in various Kuroncau commies and rcporl
the result In tabulated and comparative state
pients to the secretary of the mteilor , who
shall rrport It to congress at each session , the
total expenses of tlio pt-ilonnauc : : o
such duties shall not exceed 850,000.
Tjcar. Commissioners of arbitration shall
mid ofilces for tbreo ) cars until remo\cd by
ho president for good nnd sufllclcnt cause ,
v Inch cause shall be reported to tlio senate
with nomination of thu successor of any ot
A blll'was reported to-day from the housa
committee on the electoral count , recom-
iiendlni ; a constitutional amendment crcat-
ng and defining the olllco of second vice
iresldint , holds that In case of removal or In
ca eof death or resignation or constitutional
disability , both of the picsldont and vice
president , the olllce of president shall etc-
iolvo on the second co president of the
[ Tnltod Slates , who shall bo voted for In dis
tinct ballots at the fame lima and In like
manner for the same term as the president
and vice president by rlectois appointed by
; he several states. In case of ipmoval of the
vice president from ofllce , or his death , ics-
gnatlon or constitutional ability , or when
the vice picsldent eseiclscs tlio olllco of picsl-
dent of tint United States , the second vice
inesldent shall lie president of the senate and
10 shall also act as suoli In the absence of theca
\\ca \ president from the senate , but shall have
nooto unless llioscuato be euually divided :
inovlded , however , that the senate shall
choose a piesident pro tempore In tlio nb-
senpoof both vice president and second vlco
president , or when the vice president shall
i-xerclso tlio olllce ot the president of tlm
United States , and the second
vice piesident shall be absent fiom
the senate or when the second
vlcn president shall exercise the olllco of the
president of the United Stales.
1T.XSION 1(11.1. ( .
The full text ot the pension bill , as passed
to-day by the senate , is as follows :
Do it enacted , etc. : That every person who
Is specified in the sevcial classes of enumer
ation in section -I/JO' ! of tlm icvlsed statutes
of the United States and amcndmcntstlieieto
who nerved In the military or naval seulce ,
as mentioned In said .section , for a period of
thieu months during the war of the rebellion
and who has an lionoiahlu discharge theie-
tiom , and who Is or shall become disabled
from any cause not the tesultof his own
fault , and shall be dependent upon his own
oxoi Uons for support or upon thccontilbn-
tlons of others not legally bound theieto , shall
upon making due pioof of the facts uiidor
such regulation ns shall or may bo piescilbed
by tlio proper authority , bo placed upon the
list of pensioners of the United States and
bo entitled to iccei\e a pension during thu
continuance of such disability and depend
ence at a rate portlonato to the degrco of
such disability ; and such pension shall com
mence at the date of the filing of his applica
tion therefor. The highest rate of pension
Eranted under this section , which
shall bo for total Incapacity to pci-
lorm aiiv manual labor , shall bo $24 per
month , which is hereby made devisable upon
that basis for any less degiee of disability ;
piovlded , that no pel son entitled or recelv-
1111 ; Invalid pension under existing laws , or
such as may bo heicafter enacted , gianting
pensions lor disabilities contracted in the
militaiy or naval service of the United States
and in the line of duty , greater than that
provided for heieln , shall icceho ilic benefits
of this act ; but any applicant for such in
valid pension may , by declaration oser his
own signatute , at any time elect to prosecute
his own claim under tlils act or
under the general laws , and his pension ,
when allowed , If piosecutcd under this act ,
shall commence fiom the date of such elec
tion , provided fuither , that no pension paid
under any law hereafter shall bii latcd at less
than § 14 per month.
Sec. 2. That In consideiing claims of
dependent patents the fact and cause of such
and the fact that the soldiers left no widow
orminorchildicn liavingbccn shown , asre-
ciulied by law , It shall be noressaiy only to
show by competent and sulticicnt evidence
that such dependent parent is without
present means of com Tollable support ,
than bis or her own manual labor or the
contiibutlons of otheis not leirally bound tor
his or her sunpoit. and such as may bo found
to be entitled to Si > a mouth under existing
laws as modilled by this section , shall lecelve
In lieu thcieof S12 n mouth tiom and after
tlio appioval of this act.
Sec. it. That In all applications under the
gcncial pension laws , including this act ,
wlieie it appears by reeord evidence that the
applicant was legulailyonlit ted and mustered
into the service , that fact shall be conclusive
of .soundness at the time of his enlistment
except In the caseof fiaud.
Sec. 4. That no poison shall be entitled to
more than one pension at the same un
der any or all Jaws of the United States ,
whether such pension shall have been ob
tained , or shall heieafler bo obtained , unless
tlio net under which such pension is claimed
shall specially EO deelaie.
The bill now goes to the house for concur
WASIIINOTON , Mvv 10. Tlm pension
bill was then placed befoio the senate ,
the ] pending question being that oi
Mr. MePhorson to ippommltto the commit
tee , with injunctions to submit an estimate
of the expenses that would be Inclined by its
Mr. MePhersou's motion was rejected , vcas
14. nays 28.
Tlio question reouiiod , on Mr. Blah's
amendment to Mr. Van Wyek-s amendment
to add to tin ; bill a clause piovidliig that r.o
soldier under this act should iecei\o a pen
sion not less than S8.
Mr. Blair's motion to make tlm Dili lead
"No pension paid under any law to any sol
dier hcicattei shall bo rated at less than 54
a month.
Mr. Blair modified his amendment so as to
Ineiudo sailors , mariners , etc.
Mr. Blah's amendment was agreed to
Mr. Logan then imnpd tlio amendment al-
icady suggested by him to make the mini
mum pension beiealter payable under anv
law not less than SO a month. Mr. Logan's
amendment wasiojectcd. Yeas U ) , nays31.
Th question incurilng on llio amendment
of Mr. Van Wyck as amended by that of Mr.
Blair. Mr. Ingalls moved to lay It on the
table. The motion was agieecl. The amend
ment as amended , was then agreed to.
Mr. Salisbury olioied an amendment pie
vldlng that iio money bo paid on pensions
under the pending bill till provision be made
by law to meet the necessaiy cxpcndituies by
tax on Incomes , specially appliablo for BIICII
On the motion of Mr. Blair this was laid
on tlm table. 1'ea'J , nays V > .
Mr. Logan moved an amendment extendIng -
Ing the piovlslonsof the bill so us to cou-r
men who bad solved tlnuu months.
Ho said ho peisonilly knew many men
who had only seivcd tlneo months who wcro
as much entitled to pensions as If they had
soiml four jours. Tlm amendment was
agioed to by a viva voce vote.
Mr. Butler then offered as nn amendment a
piovislou tor a service pension lor Mexican
To this Mr. Conceroffeicd an amendment
excluding peisons under political disability.
Mr. Blair , in moving to lay Mr. Butler s
amendment on the table , said that the liousi
had alieady imsscd UmMuxlean pension bill ,
which would bo presented in llio senate it
duo time.
The motion to lay en the table prevailed
yeas 25 , nays 17.
Mr. Ingalls In suggesting an amendment to
stnlco out the woid "laboi" and Insert thu
word "oxi'itlons , " ox-presalng a bullof thai
without this I'hango teacheis , merchants
lawyers and others w hoeai ned a ! l\clllirod bj
intellectual nxeitlnn would not ho luitltlrd to
aiiv benefit fiom tlio hi ! ! . Mr , Blair accoptci
the suggested amendment , and It wasngieei
to.After further debate the pension bill was
passed. Yeas ! ! l , nays It , as follows : Yeas
.Mdrlch , Alllfon , , Bowcti , Brown
C'onger. Cullom. Frye , George , Gibbon , Ha'u '
Hampton , llairlfon , Hawley. Hoar , Incalls
Logan , McMillan , Mabono , Mandeison , Mil
ler , Mitchell of Oiecon , Mori III , Pavne
Plumb , ItlddlcbPiKPr , Sawyer. Sow ell , h'hrr
man , Spoouer , Van Wvck , Voorhees. Wai
thall and Wilson of Maryland , S4. ftavs-
Bcck , Beiiy , Blackburn. Call , Cockri-li
F.ustls , Gorman. Giay , Jones ol AiV'ausas ,
Mel'lieihon , Morgan , Siulsbuiy , Vest am
Whitehorn , 14.
The bankruptcy bill was then laid befoie
tliescnito , audntter thu Ineffectual attemp
of Blddlebeiger tosccuio un executive &es
siou , the seiiato adjoin ned.
WAsmyoTON % Kay 19. . Mr. Weaver , o
.Nebraska , from t&c epinmlttco on 'coiumcuo
u'ported a bill authorizing the wnisttnotion o
n bridge across the .Mississippi at Dubuque
Mi , VanKatf'n.f ioni the committee en pul'lk
lands , loyoUed back senate bill foi i
crtaln lands granted to the state of Iowa In
lie construction of railroads.
Mr. Dibble , from the committee on laws
emulating the election of president , reported
a joint icsolutlon proposing constitutional
mcndment creating and dclinlnc the oftlcc
of second vice-president of the United States.
Tlio house then went Into committee of the
vholu on the senate amendment to the post-
olllco appropriation bill ,
Mr. Mlllard briefly advocated tlio foreign
nail scrvico amendment , contending it
\ouldliavoabcneflclal effect on American
Mr. Phelps said the amendment and vote
ij" which It was adopted In the senate \MTO
encouragement to Amci lean shipping. Ho was
Ho was proceeding to make a summary of
ho vote when ho was Intel runted by Mr ,
Blotint with the point that It was not hi
older to refer to thu action of the sonalo.
Mr. Phclps suggested that the gentleman
ihotild be proud that eight democratic sena-
ors had the com ago to vote for the amend-
in-lit. Ho had rend from public prints that
eight , democratic senators had voted to gi\o
now steamships to American commerce and
new ports to Ai.icilcan manufacturers.
Thu senate having performed Its duty , the
house piescnled to ittlicoppoituulty to pass
iiioasuios full of advantages to tlio cotmtiy.
What the country needed was new steam
ships and foreign maikcts that this measure
would glvo them. Thu country wanted its
sea coasts defended. This measuio would
do It by giving thu country a merchant
marine , which was a militia of the seas.
This measure was advantageous ami ought
to bo passed , and It would bo passed unless
the membeis weio filuhteiicd because some
gentlemen had called It subsidy. Subsidy
was a gift or excessive payment.
Mr. Hlscock maintained thattno amend
ment was not subsidy when the gen tie-
man Insinuated that the lobby was
lull of men pushing the senate
amendment. He might as well leport that
as stioiiK Inllueiiccs were at work emanating
fiom thu other side of the ocean to stilkc
down Ameiiniti steamship lines , mcasmcd
by prices which were paid for cariylng our
domestic malison the railioads , steamships
and star ionics , the United States would bo
paying under this senate amendment theory
\ory lowest of compensation. Measured by
the lates paid by eveiy European power , ft
would bo paying a very small compensation
Indeed. It theie was a governmental worthy
of support it was contained In this amend
Mr. Spilngerfavoicd the policy of compel
ling vessels that carried tlm American flag to
cuiry the mails ot llio couutiy at a reasonable
rate and was against the pioposltlon of voting
ing a subsidy into the pockets of Jay Gould ,
Sidney Dillon and Unsscll Sage.
Mr. llolman eainestly opposed the policy
of subsidies and contended that that policy
would not have the clfcct of building Amcil-
cau commerce. Tills closed the geni'ialdo-
tiate , and the committee rose and the house
Telephone InvcHtifjntlon.
WASHING ro.v. May 19. When the tele
phone Investigating committee met to-day
the cliahman produced several telegrams that
passed between P/esldont / Cleveland and
Van Bontliuyseii , relative to the application
to bring a goveinment suit. Van Bcnthuy-
sen , In his dispatches of Februaiy 1'J , last ,
olfeied to furnish a detailed statement of the
circumstances attending tlic making of the
application , and to correct the mistakes into
which tlio attorney general had fallen on
that point. Prhate Secretary Lament , the
following day , icpllcd that the uicsident had
no deslio to express In the matter.
KjTho chalnnan stated by authority of the
piesident thatthls was all of the conespon-
denco which had passed between himself and
Van Bcnthuysen.
After an hour spent In putting In evidence
letters passing between the Pan-Klectrie di
rect ots , published in the newspapers , and
other documentary evidence , the committee
adjouincd until to-moriow.
Tlio Next Now State.
WASHINGTON , May 19. At a meeting
of the house committeeon territories
to-day , an Informal agreement was reached
that tlio senate bill for the admission
of south Dakota as a state should go on the
house calendar , adveisely reported , and that
the Springer bill , providing an enabling act
for the entire tcirltoiy should go on the
calendar , was favorably rcpoited.
Tlio house committee on banking and cur
rency instructed the chairman to foimulato
a bill adding Omaha. Kansas City , St. Paul
and soveial other cities to tlio list ot national
bank depositories.
The house committee on the Pacific rail-
loads to-day lieaid an argument by Van
Wyck and Doiwcy in favor of tlio bill to
authoii/e the Union Pacific to purchase or
lease blanches. The matter was then ic-
fencd to tlio snb-committco which had the
Pacific lailroad funding bill in chaigc.
tlio Union Pacific TJollcf mil.
WASHINGTON , May 10. [ Special Tele
gram. ] Senator Van Wyck , KcDiesentntlvo
Dorseyand representatives of the Omaha
board of tiado made aiguincnts to-day bcforo
the house committee on Pacific railroads in
suppoitof the bill atitlioiUIng the Union Pa
cific to purchase or lease bianch lines. The
arguments had a favoiablo impiession upon
the committee , and the bill was lefcired to
the sub-committco that iccently considered
the Pacific funding bill.
Hunting the Apache.
WASHINGTON , May 10. The following
tclegiam was received at tlio war dopaitmcnt
fiom Gen. Miles , dated Fort ILiachuca , Ari/ .
May 17 , tliionuli General Howard at San
Francisco : "Cant , llatflold recovered all
except two ot the IIOISPS that stamneded dur
ing the light on the 15th , and has been diiect-
cdtoauain begin uinsiilt. My address will
bo at this place until tlio movement of the
Indians are more fully developed.
A New Postmaster.
WASIII.NOTON. May 19. Tlio picsldent sent
the following nomination to the senate to
day : .lames II. Moian , jr. , to bo postmaster
atWankegan , Ills.
Prcllor's niiirdcror on Trial.
ST. Louis , May 19. H. M. BIOOICS , alias
Maxwell , on trial toiitho minder of C. Arthur
Prellur , was brought Into the criminal court
this morning. He professes gicat relief at
having been allowed to make a true state
ment of tlio manner in which Prollcr caum to
Ills death , and tccls confident that public
opinion has aheady acquitted him of Inten
tional cii ! > 'e. All tlio witnesses for the state
were piesent in a body and kept under stiict
surveillance by the sheriff.
L. K. Hunt , piosent ctetlc of the Southern
hotel , was the fust witness of the morning ,
and his examination and cross examination
consumed tlio greater part of the moining.
Ho testified hoas cashier of the hotel at the
time of the murder. Ho Identified the pris
oner as the man who in Apt II , IbSS , icgister-
i-d as "W. H. Lenox Maxwell , M. D. " Iden
tified a photograph as that of C. Arthur
Plotter , w ho arrived at tlio hou oApi II ! ) . His
testimony w as a lopctitlon of the facts so w rll
known oi the intimacy of the two English
men , Maxwell's apparent want ol money ,
tlio dlsappe.uanrc of Piellei , the depaituro
of liiooks lor San Fiauclsco and the discoy-
ciy ol the body in thotiunk , Duilni : tlio
cross-examination the witness admitted ho
had no means ot knowing that the man who
us an alias ; had pone to the mortnio
alter Piellei s body had been placed there ,
but could not Identify it ; could not e\cn
fitutu positively that the remains weio those
of n human being.
Two potters employed at tlio Southern
hotel , identified the bngga'go found In the
rooms of the two men as belonging to Max
well and Preller , and testified as to * Brooks'
great deslro to become closely intlnmto with
Pieller , Tlio U\o men seemed a 1vas 1 on the
best of teims. Mr , Warren , of Worcester ,
Mass. , testified to seeing them introduced to
eacli other on bouul of the steamer Copha-
lonia , and they seemed to bo veiy intimate.
The court at 1 adjourned for one hour.
American Schooners.
nic , May 19-TJio Herald's Hali
fax Special says : ' ! i Is reported the seizure.
of another schooner was made In
the Day of Fundy Yesterday by the steamer
I.onsdownr , but no relUblc. intonuatlon has
yet been iccchcd.
The Brown Impcaqhaant Trial Started
Hourihaa atcl Tuffiold ,
A "Grand lUnlT by Councilman Iiccder
Fire In Dos Alolncs Burled
While KxcavntlnR In
Brown Impeachment Case.
DKS MOINKS Maylo. tSpoclarrelograin.J
The opening of the Impeachment lilnl to
day was quiet , tame mid uninteresting ,
Thpro was nothing of a dramatic character
attending it , and comparatl\cly low vlsltois.
As far as the preliminary proceedings were
concerned theio was no Indication of any
special advantage for cither side. To-mor-
low will bo more pioncrly the opening day ,
as the opening argument on the part of
the state will probably bo begun then
by Colonel J. II. Keatlcyof thoboaid of man
agers. The counsel for the say tlioy
will walvo the rcscived right wlilcli they
feel they have to except to the jurisdiction of
the senate. They say they reserved that
right In their answer , BO that this case might
not bo taken as nn adverse precedent when
the question of jmlsdlctUm was raided In any
other Impeachment trials , but they think they
uro wllllinr to go to trial with the case ns ft
Is. Thi'v say that their principal line of do-
fcnso will bo to show that other state otllccis
have allowed the same irrcgulailtles ns
Brown has.
"For this purpose , " said one. of the counsel ,
"wo propose to put the olllccrs on
trial. " The general sentiment of tlm
senators seems to be , however , that they will
consent to no such proceeding. They say
they will have to waste enough tlmo in try
ing Brown without Investigating other offi
cials \sho have not been accused. It seems
to bo the general opinion that the trial wilt
last at least six weeks , as there are thirty
counts to tht ) Indictment and ton distinct
subjects , on each one of which ho must bo
tiled independent of the others.
iMtocKr.niNGB opiNin. : :
Dis MOINKS , May 10. The Urown lin-
pcnchmcnt trial began In the senate chamber
of the new capltol at 2 p. in. 1'iesldont Hull
presided and all the senators were present
except Knight , of Dubuntio ; llcndri. of Mills
and Keinicer , of Floyd. The scigeant-atr
arms pioclalmcd the opening of the court ,
and Brown , accompanied by Ills counsel C.
C. Nourse , of DCS Molncs : J. C. 13111s , of Dav
enport ; F. W. Lehman , of Des
Molnes , and K S. Houston , ol Buillngton.
entered the chamber and took scats at one
side. The r committee on rules of pro
cedure reported through Senator Konlnson ,
and neaily all of their1 reports weio adopted ,
two rules iielngleft over'for luitlici consid
eration. Theiulcsln general are substan
tially those used In the trial of Andrew
Johnson. The senate In this case , however. 10-
scrves all right to pass upon the admisslbillty
ot evidence. It also adopts the oidlnnry
term of piocedme in lofra comtsof n.coid ,
as they are applicable in tills case.
The sessions ot the court are iixed at pres
ent from 0 till 13 a. in. nnd liom 2. to r . p. in.
After adopting rules' and appointing a
committee to arr.ingctho chamber to suit the
con venlcnco of the court the senate adjourned
till to-morrow at 0 a. in.
Lincoln "Wins.
LINCOLN , Neb. , J Iay 19. [ Special Tele
gram. | The much-talked-about twenty-live
mile loot race between Ilourllian , or Omaha ,
and Tufllcld , of Lincoln , for a stake of § 200 ,
came off at the Diivlhg park to-day In the
presence of a small audience. Tullleld was
in line condition , having been in training
for three weeks , while Houlihan was soft
from want of work , ana it was a foigone con
clusion before the word was given that-thc
race , bailing accident , would bo won by the
foimcr. The match , as Is well-known , gicw
out of the quarrel between the Thuis-
ton and Fltzgciald lioso teams ,
the men being picked as the
best long distance runners in the respective
companies and capable of doing uattlo for
locality supiemacy. Councilman Leader , the
backer of Ilourllian , explained belore the
Ftart that ho had been caught on the bet In
making a bluff , and that lie did think his
man could give Tuflield two miles and beat
him , as the agicement called for. It a match
on even teims was deslicd , however , Leeder
.said ho would match Houlihan against Tut-
hcldforSSO. After a little talk the men got
the word and went oil at a lively gait , Ilou
rllian leadinc. His tactics were to
run Tnlllclcl down In the first
ten miles , and ho made the
pace a hot one. The Hist live miles were run
in 20 minutes and 21 seconds , Houlihan be
ing a halt mile In the lead. At the ten milo
maik which he passed in fi8 minutes and 45
seconds , Ilourllian had Increased his lead tea
a full mile. Fiom want ot training the iapd !
gait told on him more seveiely than it did
on Tullleld , and the latter from that J hue on
began to gain. When seventeen miles were
scored Houlihan sei'lng that ho had
no chance to make up the two
miles handicap In tlio icmaliiing
eight gave up the stmgcle , and the stakes
wcro awarded to Tufllcld. Stiango to say
the lace was HIM on the srjuaio , and , so tar as
it went , ga\o satisfaction to all who saw it.
Houlihan established the fact that ho has
most speed tor any distance tij ) to ten miles ,
but Tullleld's lasting poweis woio too much
for him. J. A. Austin , Uran Knslgn and
John Iloyo olllulated as Judges. Fiank
Howaid was refeice. and Clmiles
Miller was stakeholder. The ofll-
cial time for the seventeen miles was
2 hours and 47 minutes. There was no bet
ting to speak of. '
What was undoubtedly the most slovenly
anil poorly Iplayed game of ball over seen In
the west c.imo oil ycsteiday atternoon be
tween the Lincoln and Topeka teams , the
latter winning by a score oi 13 to 9. The
game Is unwoithy of comment. Thoscoie :
Topeka 0 2 0 0 1 0 a 2 0-111
Lincoln 0 00350100 0
Jim Will Swine.
SiDxnv , Neb. , May 10 , [ Special Telo-
gramj The court opened piomptly at 0
o'clock , Judge Hamer piesldlng. Ills honor
stated the object of the session and appointed
General Moirow , Judge's Heist and Moirell
and William 0. Hiley to defend the case.
The state was represented by II. M. .Sinclair ,
district attorney , Tl 'pilsoncr , Kcynolds ,
was brought to court by thoshoiifl and a dep
uty. A Jury was impannf led. The lirst w It-
ness called WAS Sheriff Uubank , who testified
that ho thought IJoyiiQlils sane ; yet Ills con
tinued muteness madci ijlm feel that a higher
an t hoi it y should bo consulted : thus , his visit
to Lincoln with Judgq/IIamer. Ho offered
other Important testimony. The next wit
ness was cx-Sherllf S. 6 , Fowler , whoso tes
timony was very uiatpilnl. Dr. Mathewson
was next examined.nnd * nld that ho visited
the jail yesterday and this morning. Hoy-
nolds refused to talk. Tiio doctor put him
under the inlluenco of chloroform yestciday
and to-day administered ether , after which
ho giew quite gairolous , spoke about the
crime , and talked other matteis for overall
hour. lie made no resistance to taking med
icine ,
Dr. Mathewson said positively that in hie
opinion Reynolds was sane.
Dr. J. O. Carter next took tlio st-incl and
testified that no accompanied Dr. Mathowson
and icjated tlio same as the previous witness.
His piofesslonal opinion was that Kuy-
nolds was jamming. Ho considered
him sane. Birjilant arguments were madn
by General Morrow. Judges Heist , Noweli
and 11. M. Sinclair. The lattcr's speech was
loudly applauded. Judire Homer dellveiec :
the charge. At 7 o'clock lo-niKUt the Jur\
retuinod. At this hour , 10JO ; ! , they arp till
out. Ills understood they stanu ten in fa\or
of sanity and two opposed. In all piobabllitj
Reynolds will be executed Friday.
The jury In thoifcjjiiolds'cubo ictunicd a
verdict of sanity. The \nrdlct gives general
satisfaction. General Morrow will ask Gov
ernor Dawos for executive clemency nnd a
respite ot Kcynolds for three weeks.
Two Dwelling Houses Destroyed by
Fire In Iilncnln.
LINCOLN , May 10. Two dwelling houses at
ho corner of Thirteenth and G streets , the
iroperty of 11. E. Noble , the photographer ,
were destroyed by llro about 8 o'clock this
nornlng. The loss on the buildings and
furniture Is sr.rxw , fully covered by Insur
ance. A man named II. Waltheis , who was
none ot the houses at the tlmo of the lire ,
nmped from a second story window , rccclv-
ng serious Injuries. Itu Is suspected of In
cendiarism. Ho claims to UP a detective and
'ays that o\crheiilui a plot jcstcutayto
mm one of the nouses , a ncwstiuctuio , lie
w cut thcio to watch , lie fell asleep and did
not awake until too late to escape by thu
stairs. As this Is the thiid ( ho on N Ohio's
iiropcity within six months , Walthcrs * story
is constdcied rather thin.
Burled AYhllo Kxonvntlti'i.
DiiATiitcK , Nob. , May 29. [ Special Tele-
gram.J This aftcinoon , while worklngmen
were excavating for gas mains , ( ! co. Smith ,
a workman , was completely hurried by the
caving in of a tionch. Hu was taken out
conscious , but Injuied Internally. While ho
Is badly hint , ho will piobably reco\cr.
The State Dental association held an In
teresting session to-day with a discussion on
mechanical dentistry , replanting , ululating ,
etc. . In which Dis. Koscinan of Ficmont ,
S. H. King. H. A. Woodhury of Council
Bluffs , A. II. Thnmpsmi of Topeka , A. A ,
Nason of Omaha , nnd Dr. Chadduck of Ne-
tuaska City , took part. This afteinoon the
visiting members wcro shown about the city
In carriages by piomlncnt citizens.
Plenty or Insurance.
Dis : MOINKS , Iowa , May 10. [ Special Tcle-
? ram.J A llro this morning bioko out over
llio hardware store of Dawson , Garner it
Miller , Walnut and Seventh sheets , burning
out the second and third stories of the build-
Ine and damaging to some extent the hard-
vraio stock. Tholoss Is estimated at 510,000.
The following insuianco was carried on the
building : . /Etna , § 2,030 ; Hnmbnrg Bromer ,
82,000 ; Liverpool , London and Globe , 34,000.
On stock : Northwestern. § 2.0DO ; Flicman's
of San Francisco , S2.00J : Washington of
Boston , 82.000 ; llawkeje , DesNotnes , S2.000 ;
Phoenix , § 2,000 ; State of Kcoktik , 52,000.
Io\va Doctors.
Dns MOINI : , May 19. The thirty-fourth
annual convention ot the state medical socie
ty began In this city to-day , with an attend
ance of about 150 doctois. Tlio annual ad-
diess was delivered by the picsldent , D. W.
Crousc , of Wateiloo , which was followed by
scveial papeis on technical topics.
Archbishop Tnsohcruau'a Elevation.
QuniiKC , May 10. Olllcial announcement
was received last night Irom Homo confirm
ing Aichblshop Taschcreau's election to a
caidfnalate. The news was received with
delight by the Catholics of Quebec , who gave
vent to their feelings by illuminating and
decorating their residences , displaying
bunting and holding special services in the
various Itoman Catholic churches. During
the evening tlio Pontiliclal zouaves called
upon his eminence and picsentod him with
an addicss of congratulation. Pyiotcchnlc
displays weie given by different citizens.
The beretta is not expected to arrive until
Juno 10th , when the festivities will take
place. ' Cardinal Taschereau s'ent out a circu
lar letter pioimilgatlng the decision or Tope
Leo Xlll forbidding the use of all sijiiitous
liquoisat bazaars , also foiblddlng holding
bazaars on the Babbath.
Four Ijlves Lost in a Fire.
AKIION , O. , May 10. A disastrous liiooc-
cuned hero this morning , in which tour lives
wcio lost and a number ol' others injuied.
LATIIS : The home ot Mis. Mary Mooney ,
widow , about tlneo miles noith ot Akion ,
was burned to the ground shortly betoie
midnight , and lour ot Mis. Mooney's chil-
dien perished in the Humes. Mrs. Mooncy
awoke in the night choking with smoke and
snatehlng the two vear old baby told the
other little ones to follow her. She fspiang
out of a window with the babe , landing un
hurt. Mrs. Mooney and her brother-in-law ,
Lawiciico Mooney , rushed Into the house to
rescue the cliiklien but weio beaten back by
the Hamcs. Mr. Mooney was tci ribly burned ,
the tlesli hanging in shreds on his hands. It
took but a few minutes longer for the llmnes
to consume the little building and this moin-
Ing the charred bits ot llcsh and larger hones
of the four little ones weie found in the
ruins. Moonoy's Injuries may prove latal.
Mrs. Mooney and two grown daughters aio
wild with gilef. The llio caught Irom an
over-hcateci stove.
A Doincstio Tragedy.
SALT LAKI : , May 19 , Last niulit John A.
Flowers shot his wife in the side , his mother-
in-law , Mis. Decker , in the abdomen , and in
the scufllo , wlillo trying to shoot Lcstci
Decker , ills wife's biothcr , Miot himself in
the head , dylnir instantly. Mrs. Decker dlcii
to-day. Mrs. FJowcis is latallv injured , and
is not expected to live until to-morrow.
Flowcisand his wlte had separated , but ho
visited her last night at her mothers , and on
her icfusal to go homo with him the shoot
ing began.
Sharp Competition In Kn'jlnml. (
LONDON , May 18 : AVard & 1'ayne , of
Sheflleld , one of the laigcst firms of edge
tool makers in Kngland , iccently announced
Uioy would bo compelled to make a reduction
in the \\aires of their employes in older to
compete successfully with Ciciman manutact-
ureiH. The woikman refused to submit tea
a [ eduction of their pay and the linn now
tlneatens to employ Geiman woikmcn in
their stead. The employeis aiogieatly ex
cited over the proposed change.
Iliumln/ / ; Down the AnnrclilstH.
ST. Louis , May 19. At a meeting of the
police board yesterday , a resolution was
adopted instincting tlm chief of pollco to
dlsucrso all unlawtnl asscmhiages of nnaicli-
Ists In which reslstenco of law Is ait\ocated
and aiicst any and all violators ol law by
utteiing Inccndlaiy speeches or Inciting to
LOM > OX , May 19. Dispatches received
f loin Cai > o Coast Castle , tlio capital of the
Gold coast , -\\est Africa , say that a conflict is
proceeding between the liccnuahs and
Adansys , two native tribes , and that In con
sequence the toads are blocked and all trade
with the Intel lor Is tcmpoiarily stopped. The
Uccijuahs icccntly captured lorty-livo ( ier-
man tinders and icllled them all by the most
tcnlblo tortures and mutilations.
Above Llalillltlai.
CHICAOO , May 10. Tiio John H. Jeffrey
Printing company confessed judgment in the
superior court today amounting to SIO OOO.
Tneci editors are all Clilc.tio naitles , Mr.
Jeffrey says thcioaio no other debts and that
the business Is in good condition. The as
sets are estimated at 8237,000 , The trouble
Is said to have resulted from a number ot
stockholder demanding their simics betaken
taken up.
'llio Cyclono's Lust Kick.
DLACHKOOT , Idaho , May 19. A Tiibuno
special says : A cj clone struck this place
this afternoon entirely demolishing the
"Union Pacllio round houso. Tlicio wcro
aoout tlmlj-tnen iualjlo at the time , who fled
to the jilts , baicly escapiiig. Several weio
InjuieiL _
Taxing Telephone Ooiupnnlos.
, UOSTON , May 11" " . Tlio senate jcs-teidaj
passed a bill lalslng the tax of telephone
companies Irom 5 0,000 to 8250,000.
Nebraska U'cnthnr. '
For Nebraska : Fair weather' , no decided
change In tcmneiatuic. ' ,
fc' T1MIJ.
fho FIslicrincH AVnrrlnc nnd the Gov-
criiincnt Consldcrltifj.
roiiTi.ANi ) , Me. , May 10.Tlio excitement
icro over the seizure of the schooner Klla M.
Dougherty by the Canadian authorities Is In
creasing , as la the feeling that the govern-
nont Is strangely silent , A. It. Whltten ,
secretary of the fish exchange , said to-day
hat resolutions In favor of aiming our ves
sels \\lll be adopted at the meeting of the ex
"Had I been In Captain Doughty'a place
with twelve good men at my back that one
ofllcer would never have taken my vessel. I
should have said to him : 'Get off , or I will
ock von with me. ' 'The government I1 ? do-
MR nothing for \\einustsavo : ourselves ,
and wo shall do It. "
Another prominent owner said wo shall
stand for our lights and If the government
will not protect us we will protect ouiselves.
Had Captain Douchty's men been aimed
a capture would never have been
nade. When Cantain Doughty goes
to sea again ho will carry a cannon and
small aims. Atnfullv roptoscnted meeting
) f the Fish exchange tlili afternoon the fol
lowing lesolutlons wcio adopted :
Whorqas , Tlm Canadian government have
aeiml American llshlng vessels , and , as wo
Jellcvc unlawfully , whereby the Hag of our
country has been Intuited. Theielore , ho it
Kesohed , That in the sense of the Port
land fishing cNrhaiicn the president should
liy proclamation decline uon-intoicouisc with
the dominion of Canada In all matters per
taining to fisheries.
Resolved. That whereas , the Canadian gov
ernment has lifted out armed vessels , theie-
foie.o ask oui RO\ eminent to send armed
cruisers Into Canadian waters to piotcct our
Resolved , That wo oppose and piotest
against any appointment ot any commission
to treat with Gieat Britain In lecard to
Resolved , That we call upon congiess to
t.iko Hiicli action as will protect us In
our rights as American citl/ens from
the sci/.iue ot our pioporty while In the act
of trade , by the colonial goveinment , and
demand an Immediate iclcaso of the vessels
under seizure.
Resolved , That whereas our government
has Issued papeis granting permission to our
vessels to tiado in foielgn poits , and whcieas
the vessels holding such penults have been
sclmlo ask our government to
protect all Ameilcan N easels in colonial ports
against Illegal scmue.
Itesoived , That if our government icfuscs
to send immediately armed vcsseK to protect
our vessels , vo deem it expedient to aim and
equip our vessels for their pi election.
Medics In Session.
HI.OOMINOION , 111. , May 10. The second
day of the State Medical association was very
interesting and lanrcly attended. The tol-
lowlng aio the olllccrs and committees
chosen :
President , W. T. Kirk , Atlanta ; first vice
president , E. Wengcr Oilman ; second vtco
resident , W. 0. Knslgu , Rutland ; pcim.ui-
cntsccietary , D. W. Giaham , Chicago ;
urer , Dr. Hay , Chlcaso ; assistant secietary ,
Henry J. Reynolds , Chicago. Chicago will
1)0 the next place of meeting.
The following is thu committee of arrange
ments : K. Ingalls , Ktheildge , Siaikwoather ,
Foster and Lilly , all of Chicago.
Standing Committee on the Practice of
Medicine Dr. Urower , Chlciuro ; A. K.
Vanhorn , Jersey ville ; P. 11. Oylcr , Mount
Surcerv Dr. H. K. Stcelc , Chicago ; C.
Goodbrake , Clinton ; B. F. Crummer , of
Wancn. .
Obstetilcs K. A. Incei.MilI , Canton ; Dr.
Hadway , Joi&cyvillo ; W. H. Cambear , Mor
ton. * * *
Gynacology O. B.Well , Pooila ; . ! . if.
Armstiong , dwaids\iltc ; Cuthcrlne Miller ,
Diugs and Medicines J. ( J Tojmrr , Klgln ;
T. M. Culiinoio , Concoid ; M. J. Mcigler ,
Ophthalmology and Ololegy J. Jones , A.
E. Prince , Jacksonville ; C. rt. Parko , Bloom-
Neciology Ingalls , Cliicago ; William Hill ,
liloomlncton ; G. W. Cox. CKxjtou.
I'ublicatlon-J. F. Todd , Chicago.
Dise.iscs'ot the Throat and Nose B. T. In-
g.ills , Chicago.
Deimotologj Henry J. Hcynolds , Chi-
Diseases of Chlldieu F. W. Jones , Dan
ville ; i : . J. Shipp , Veterabuig.
Phvsiology A. Wetmore.Vatcilon. .
Judicial Committee C. C. Hunt , Dixon ;
A. T. Uarnes , Bloomlngton ; L. G. Thomp
son , Macon ,
Medical and Sanitary Legislation R. M.
Grllhth , Spiingllpld ; J. T. White , Bloomington -
ton ; W ! A. Haskell , Alton ; A. B. Stioug ,
Blogianhical-Hollhtcr , Chicago ; K. 1' .
Cook , Mcnduta ; Ingalls. Chicago ; Jones ,
D.inville ; lialler , Vaiutalfa ; Wonell , Bloom-
IngtonA. M. 1'owell , Hobcrt Boal , Prorhi ;
Guthrlc , of Sparta.
The Inrmablu Insane A. T\ Barnes , of
The annual meeting will be hold , in accoul-
anco with tlio constitution , on the thiid
Tuesday in May.
At C.30 the association decided to ad join n
sine die.
An KnterpriNliiK Koncl.
CHICAOO , May 10. On tlio coming May
SO the Buillngton , Cedar Uapids & North
ern load will , it announces to-day , change
the time of the tialu that now leaves Bur
lington , Iowa , at 7 n. m. The departure will
bo at 8:15 : a. m. so as to connect with
Buillngton'b fast mall , which leaves Chicago
at 3 n. in. This will lulng the
Chicago moining papeis into the towns
on the line between iiiiillngton and
Cedar Falls , via Iowa City , iioni slto seven
hourncailler than at present , ( inneral freight
agents of lines intonated in trufllc through
Iowa , Dakota ami Minnesota held another
meeting to dav , and made an attempt to put
thopioposed Dos Molncs lumber pool Into
opciation. As a losult ol ( hi ) proceedings
Commissioner Caiman was Instructed to go
to St. Louis , if possible Induce the \Vabash
olllciais to ncenpt loss pniccntigo than IB , as
llio load only can led 2 per emit of the ton-
Meanv.hlle , the pool will itmialn in opcia-
NouAT.r.fl , ArU. | May 19. 'I'wo sons of
Ciipt.iin Andiade , while on their wav to tlio
Agna Xiira rnnrli , their home , fiom here ,
were iniiidoied yesleiday by Indians , seven
miles south of here. TJirco lioiges beailng
bloody saddles ran Into Pjanche do
Plattn this moining. Tlm same horses
had passed an lioiu bcfoio , bear
ing t\vo men named .Sullivan and
Moore and a eoinler riding toward Nogalcs ,
tiylng to ovoitako them. All of them me. be
lieved to have been Killed by Apaches Oscar
Dai win and partner , mining near here , ant
also it'porloil nuiuleied. ( Japt.iln Lawton Is
In cln . ( tpuistilt. The Indians have a mini-
tier wounded in tlm lluacomin mountains
mid I/.i\\ton , it is expected , will oseihaul
them thcio.
IJdcotlo Dnolors.
SpiiiNornr.i > , 111. , May 19. Tliu Illinois
State IJcitwtlc Medical society Is holding Its
eighteenth annual coiucntlon hero. Gov
ernor Ojfh'sby dell voted tlio address of wel
come to thu mcmboiri to-day , and then the
piesHlent read tlio annual add less , which
was followed by the iradlng of numbers of
A Bankrupt JJotirrl of Trade.
Bos'ioN , May IP. Tlio Boston boaid of
trade ( lied n petition In insolvency. Liabili
ties Qggiogato S11.2.JO ; assets , 10,40 ? . An
clloit will piobably bo made to tettlotho mat
ter outside the court.
Tallorn on Strike.
I'JTXbiiur.o , May 19.Tlm tallois ! n all tlio
r taMlshtiYrUio. : : Ihocltyaruotit today for
anad\diicoin wajfca.-About JCO men aio
, Not Jnsl Vet. , ay 1U. Tlio report about the
Etcanier La'usJumie Iiavjnjr seUtd a
liv'-'ir Wlndiufl.ic s coii.iu4liou. ; .
Nearly All the Lumbermen at Work on thfl ?
Old Terms.
A Wisconsin Judge Advises ttio Grand
Jury to Investigate the Nature of
Labor S < > ulotlc Hclleotlons
on the llluht Hour System.
TlallrnadlnK the Annrchtsts.
CHICAOO , May 19. [ Special Telegram. ]
The grand jury began work on tlio ilot cases
promptly at 10 o'clocu tills morning. All the
witnesses who lm\o testified bcforo the sov-
rial Inquests on the dead \lctlms wcio pres
ent , and their testimony will bo taken and
considered 111st. Shoithatid reports of their
statements will bo laid bcfoio the jury as
collateral evidence. Other witnesses , whoso
testimony will bcai illicitly on the cases ot
Spies , Schwab , Flclden and Louis Llngg
will then bo heard and findings In these cases
made up. After this the It.sser iascal , who
are charged only with i lot , of whom thcio
are some fifteen or twenty , will iccel\eat
tention. The stale's attoinoy seems to feel
\cry confident that ho can make n veiy strong
case against the aich otfoudeis.
NO noMiis I'ltonucnn.
As far as could bo ascertained none of the
bombs or other Instruments of destination
found In tlic ofllco of the Arbcltcr Xeitung
weio brought befoio the jury.
M. M. Thomson , thu gioccr , who has made
statements concern I in ; tlm mysterious con
versation which ho alleges ho overheard be
tween Spies and Schwab in the alleyway
near the spot where the bomb was thrown ,
hovered-around the precincts of thojuiy
room this moming mil was not called to tes
tify. It Is piobablo that his evidence will
not bo taken till to-morrow. A number ot
repoiters also testified.
NOT MUOH nirrr.nnxcR.
Packets are far liom pleased with the
clght-hour-dayexpeiiment , A movement is
on foot to rcstoio ttio oiiginal order of things.
This will result In a compiomlse , it Is
thought , granting the men ten horns' pay foe
nine hours' woik. Employes say there Is
very little dllleicnco in tlio output now and
when the men worked ten houis.
"The foico. " said one ot them , "has not
been perceptibly Increased , but men woik
hauler and they are fresher nnd have mete
heai t In what tlioy do. Ills tine wages aio
as good peihuus bettci than paid tor simi
lar work elsewheie , but thcio aio huudieds
who go to thoyaidso\eiy moining , perhaps
Irom quite a distance , lunch pall in hand ,
who don't know whether they will find em
ployment or not. Hosts of them get but from
two to fem davs' employment in a week. 1
don't believe the men in the packing houses
will avorajro over 810 per wecK. Olio of the
main objects of the eight-hour day , " ho con
tinued , "was to cieate employment for the
ldln labor. This seems to have failed at the
yawls. Theie appeals to bo as many idle and
short time men now as thcio weie bcfoio the
movement. "
AVe Hoard This Boforo.
CHICAGO , May 19.Special [ Telogiam.J
When the noon whistles sounded to-day sev-
cial tliousand men inshcd fiom the lumber
district across Twenty-second street. They
weio a hungry but happy looking ciowd. The
slilko Is at an end. csteiday afternoon the
workmen showed signs of weakening , and a
few resumed woik. The great tinning point
came this morning. The 150 police wcio on
hand at 7 a. in. but they soon saw they were
not needed. Workmen in ciowds found
their way to the yards , whcio the pioniictom
soon set thorn to woik. Few questions were
asked , and voiy little was said about tlmo or
wages. The men will work ten boms and
receive tlm same wages as when they stiitcle
on the 1st of May. Wages will bo uniform :
Common laborers , 81.MJ ; sorts , 81.75 ; tails-
men , S2.00.
Slioitly after 8 o'clock it was ills-
coveicd that over 00 per cent of the
entile lumber handling force were
in their places at woik and no disturbeis on
tlio scent : . All the police olllccis except those
ot Captain O'Donnell , Horn Twelfth stiect
and lllnman stations \ veioicllcved fiom.
cimiddnty on Twenty-second street. The
forenoon was spent In the yauls and plaln-
inir mills and box- factories in a great icvoal
ol business. Vessels weie lightened of their
loads and left the docks. Heavily loaded ,
wagons weio liuirled thiough the jauls and
acioss the stieels. Thosmoko ponied from
uvciy hugh chimney in sight and blasts oC
steam pipes , the biuol hundieds of saws
and the general whin ami noise of machlnciy
all pioclalmcd thostilke ended.
rV Klerco Charge.
, May 10. Judge Mallory to
day , In lilschaigo to the giand juiy dinwn
to coiisidei the cases against llio paitlclp-uita 1
in the recent labor i lots hcie , dcllvoicd qulto I
a long tiddiess on the subject of strikes , boycotts - '
cotts nnd i lots , lie aiithoii/rd the juiy to ,
Investigate the natuio of labor oiganl/attoiii1 ,
and said tlio oath which binds ofltceis or , '
nipiubeisto icsoit to violence or other unlawful -
lawful means tor the accomplishment of the
puipnsesnf the. oiganlyatlnn. lendeted such
oigani/.alloii unlawful and liable lo Indict
ment. Tlio judge icfeiied to tlio vicious char
acter of many immlgiaiith whoso pernicious
doclilncs poisoned the minds of a largo niim-
bcr of once contented and piospcious labor
ing people to an alaimlng extent. Our
people , ho said , had toleiatcd the iccklcss
and cilmlnal conduct of the nnaiclilstu anil
demagogues qulto too long. f
Itctnrnfiic to Hio Ton-Hour Plan
Sr. Louis , Mo. , May 19 , The luinlturo
maiiufactiulng companies of this city who
on llio ( list ot May adopted the eight-hour
system to glvo itu fair trial to sea It It was
found the business could bo conducted
piolilahly on that plan , Alicia dial , It. wan
lesohed to letnrii to tlm old plan of ton
hours altei the -Oth instant. They will lock
out all employes who should infuse to woilc
on that plan.
Tlio fill iking employes on the .Southern
Baib Wlio company , on a piomlsu to make
up dining the week all time lor > t by the
strike , wcvo taknn back and the company
iijsnmcd opuatlons.
A Ktfiko Declared Off
CiLMiiiiu\Ni : ) , Md. , May 19. At the meet-
Inc of tlm delegates of all coal mines in the
Ciimbciliiiul re ion , held yesteidav at Lena *
coning , the "tilkii was declined off , and the
moil communco woik at once.
CmrAdo , May 10. The stilke In
FoiithweMPin lumber dlstilct has appai
collapsed. All yards aio woiklng to-day
with all the men whom they can pi o vide
wdiktnr. All nlanfng mills Inn a icounied ,
and imilal woikfng ostiihllshmenlB luport In-
cicasc'l Joites ol men at WOIK to-day , Tlio
only faetoiies now Idle aiu the furiilluio
shops and pe\oiat ot them succeeded In 10- ul
htimlng on the tnn-houm plan. jt\
Tlm lUirlliiRton Jlonto Annual.
CHICAGO , May 10. At the annual meeting
ot the Chicago , jJuillnglon & Qulncy rail
way , held liei to day , the follow Ing tllit-etors
weic- elected : John M. i'oiucs. Charles J ,
Paino. F.dwh.-d Banes , FranclR W. Hunne-
well. Pctci Yeddes , Sidney llaitlett , John 0 ,
Gaidncr , T. JelTnrsoii Coolildire , John N. A.
Giiswold , Wilt Dexter and Charles E. I'cr-
Oi.uvr.i.A vi > . May IS. For ten days past a ,
giottpnf Geiman anarciilsts have brt'ii liold i
Ing iuectiiiL'3 on 'ho ' west t > Uo and calling oif
iici.sons of their stilpe to aim with guns end
bombs , To diy Mayor ( J.V. \ . Gaidnor Issued
a proclamation foiblddltig such mcetlncs.
The iioluo will dlnppise all such ciowut
lien-aftci ind tiuust the leaders II nccc'sttiyi.
Conspiracy Nipped.
Spni , * r' v 19. A conspiracy against tlio
lltos of I'llnc" Aii atider nnd Kait\ulof. !
Minister , lu * been UlNmcrctl beie. .