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A Thief at live Years Old-Soiling a Gold
Watoh for 25c.
A llumnno nml Sensitive Judge on
llallronilltiKChildren A | ) nin Nul-
sauce Slio Wants tu Do-
conic n Maid Again.
Two little ragged urchins , John Little
and Halph Stewart , one 7 and tlio other
9 years old , were arrested Monday
nigitt for stealing n gold watch from the
pocket of Frank Austin's vest , which ho
had hung in a tree while playing ball on
the University ground. By persistent
questioning the young Arabs aekuowl-
< dged taking the watch , and said they
had sold it to a lad named Dcnliam for
twenty-live cents. Captain Sowdery , of
the night torcu , limited up the Denham
boy and recovered the watch. Yester
day morning the kids were examined and
tlusoli'cnse fairly proven against them.
On account of their extreme youth , how
ever , Prosecutor Stearns and Judge Par-
eons vtcro both inclined to be lenient , and
discharged the boys un the understanding
that their relatives will keep thorn out of
mischief in the future. In passing on I he
case Judge Parsons took occasion to
make a few comments on what he called
the "too prevalent" practice of railroad
ing young boys to the reform school. The
latter institution , ho said , was on a par
with the penitentiary , and his experience
had been that it did boys no good to in
carcerate thorn there. In the case of the
Stewart lad , \\-ho is but 7 years old , thn
law culls for a sentence , or virtual sen
tence of fourteen years , which is moro
than many hardened criminals receive
lor aggravated oll'enses. The statute pro
vides , the jiulL'o continued , that before a
boy can be sent to the reform school ho
must be convicted of some oflenso , and
then , on being taken before the county
court , a guardian will bo appointed , and
n day set for a hearing as to whether the
case demanded such punishment. In a
number of instances which had como un
der his observation , this statute had been
totally ignored , and boys fairly rail
roaded to the school without a hearing ,
or a scrap of the pen to show for what
they were committed. Such imprison
ments arc illegal , and if the lads under
going them had any friends able to pay
tlio expense of habeas corpus proceedings
they could bo taken out. it was the
knowledge of these facts , Judge Parsons
said , that made him very alow to send
young lads to the county court for com
mitment to the school unless he was well
satisfied that they were incorrigible. In
the case in hand ho thought humanity
called out for n return of the babes to
their friends , a sentiment in which Prosecutor
cuter Stearns , and m fact , every one in
court joined.
A meeting of citizens interested in
pushing tlio work nt the test well m the
salt basin wa hold at the Commercial
hotel parlors lost evening. The impres
sion had become widespread that there
was too much delay in boring tlio experi
mental hole , and there was a strong
opinion tnat Messrs. Mason , Towlo and
the other gentlemen who are to lease the
basin should come to tlio front with
money enough to push the work more
rapidly. A request was sent to Commis
sioner Scott to bo present , but ho ex
cused himself on the ground that ns ° n
state ollicor ho was only interested in the
boring of the hole as .1 t6st , and ho pro
posed , so fur as ho had a voice , to make
it thorough , without regard to the inter
est or business ot any one section. At
torney General Loose appeared before
the meeting as the legal representative of
the board of public lands and buildings ,
who hnvo the work in charge. He said
that the well was now down 18'2 feet , and
no bed rock had yet been struck. The
absence of rock , strangely enough , Had
delayed the work. In nearly every other
well bored in this section rock has been
struck nt tin average depth of 100
fcot , and Contractor Bullock pro
vided only enough of the lirst
or seven man pipe to go down the maxi
mum average. As tlio drill kept pene
trating the earth without hitting rook ,
moro pipe was needed , and Mr. Babeock
had great ditliculty in getting it. In ad
dition the drill can work much faster in
rook , so that the absence of it was also
another cause of delay. A strong arte
sian stream of water is now flowing from
the pine , but has not thus far interfered
V/iih the work.
At the conclusion of Mr. Loose's ad
dress the gentlemen who had gathered
to condemn the work and suggest moans
for its moro rapid promotion , quietly ad
journed with the belief that things were
In us good shape as could bo expected.
The time of the district court' was occu-
Siod yesterday In hearing the case , of
ames K. Dothcll vs H. S. Sanborn , for
damages on a breach of contract. Ban-
born , it scorno , was n wholesaler of boots
and shoes in this city , and Botholl was
the owner of 100. acres of land in the
southern part of the state. An agreement
was madu to trade the land for the stock
of boots and shoes , but the bargain was
not completed , and now BotVicll asks
damages for n non-fulfillment.
Perry & Harris appeared by counsel and
filed a confession of judgmont'in favor of
tlio Derby Silver Plato company lor
Kmonfl W. Smith put in an application
lor a divorce from his wife lillie J. on
the ground of extreme cruelty and de
sertion. Ho married the woman nt Ash
land in October , 1881 , since which time
she has been making life u burden to
him by throwing butcher knives , etc. , at
him until the 1-lth of May last , when she
quietly departed and went to join the
great majority.
Appeals were filed by J. H. Wallace ,
Thos. Cotlleld , L. Lcavitt , John U. Allen ,
L , U. Leayitt , ugainst the price set on
their properv ! by tlio right of way ap
praisers tor the Missouri Pacific.
The Superior Cattle company , doing a
business near this city , has tiled a peti
tion asking the court to grant them re
lief from a dam built and maintained
across Oak crock by Charles Hordmun to
tno great damage of surrounding prop
erty.Perry Johnson , having deserted his
\\lfci whom ho was married nt
Ottumwa , Iowa , in December. 1881 , she
wants an absolute divorce with permis
sion torcsumo her inaidon name of Mary
A. Hay.
John J. Butler vs. Thomas and Alva
Kennard , is the title of a case in which
the plaintiff claims $150 commission
for selling n certain piece of real estate
for defendants , and which they refuse to
imy.busan S. Flower vs. L. W. Billiupsly.
administrator of the estate of John Stahl
et al. , is likely to bo a novel and interest *
lug litigation. The plaintiff claims that
Ktnhl , during his lifetime , bought a cer
tain piece of land from the B , & M. ,
which ho afterward sold to her , agreeing
to satisfy the payments us they came duo.
Stahl died , and there is now duo on the
Jand nearly f 000. which defendant refuses
to pay ; hoiicn suit.
Charles Thomas , un African man and
brother , appeared before Prosecutor
morns yesterday and made complaint
ugainst llio proprietor of McLain's res
taurant on Twelfth street for uolation
of the civil rights act. Charles alleges
that about a month iigo he was at work
Ul the otllce.of the New Republic , grind-
ing at the press with a white man , nnd
tlmt at dinner time Editor Walfonbarger
gave thorn two meal tickets and sent
thorn over to McLain'B to got fed. The
proprietor accepted the white man's
ticket and had n dinner served to him ,
but would not let tlio African gentleman
rntor the dining room because no was "a
nigger. " Chailcs has just recovered
from his astonishment attho outrage and
is seeking to have the heartless abrhlgcr
of Ills rights punished.
Governor Dawcs has received from
Peter Kohls of Cedar county , an affidavit
to the ollcct that while , boring for an
artesian well in township 3J ! , raugo 2 , that
county , ho struck a good vein ot coal at
a depth of 450 feet. Being on the hunt
for water , however , Peter kept pushing
the drill down , and at GOO foot got a line
artesian stream which flowj full and
strong. He started a second well about
200 yards from tiie first nnd when clown
KMfeet ) ran into a twenty-six inch strata
of coal , which in quality is superior to
tlm original vein. Peter is confident that
this last vein will pay foi working , and
is desirous that the governor should send
an expert to examine it in order that ho
may claim the $1.000 n-ward oll'ered by
the state for the discovery of coal or iron
in paying quantities.
Lincoln's city council is entitled to the
distinction of being the most unruly
municipal legislative body in the west.
The member * chat with themselves ami
outsiders in tones loud enough to smother
the business in hand , and pay about as
much attention to the feeble taps of the
presiding otllcer as a healthy hog would
to a woman with a willow switch. Mon
day night , for instance , while Mr. Brock
was in the chair , Councilman Dean was
obliged to explain two or three times the
demand for grading certain streets sim
ply because some ot the councilmen were
not paying attention to his first state
ment. If Mayor Burr could engage John
L. Sullivan to arm himself with an elm
club and preside at a few meetings it
would have a good oll'ect in bringing
some of the offenders to u realizing sense
of what they owe their constituents and
brother membors.
Charity lodiro No. 2. Kebccca degree ,
I. O. O. F. , will give a lawn sociable at
tno homo of Col. L. C. Pace , Twenty-
sixth and T streets , this evcniiiir. All
Odd Fellows and their friends will find
tlio latch-string out.
The Hastings Manufacturing company
is a now corporation formed to make and
sell the New Method combination fur
nace ami water heater , under the Campbell -
boll and Prior patents. The capital of
the concern is $12OCO , and the promoters
nro M. K. Lewis , Seymour Rogers , T.V. .
Townsund , Win. Kcrr , C. K. Lawson.
Win. H. Jones , J. B. Heartwell. J. G. S.
Clolland , J. L. Townsend , L. B. Palmer ,
S. Alexander , F. S. and E. G. Lewis.
Lieutenant Henry D. Styer , Twenty-
first infantry , came in from Fort Steelc
yesterday and quartered at the Commer
cial while he was hunting up Colonel
The only original and genuine St. Pat
rick O'Bannon O'Hawcs is in Lincoln
conferring with the state authorities
about the collection of the $18,000 , which
the auditor of the United States has de
cided that Nebraska is entitled to.
Secretary of State Roggon lias invested
in a type writer , the business of his office
having grown beyond the capacity of the
export engrossing clerk.
Mr. Campbell , the Union Pacific en
gineer , who has been busy attho capital
for nearly two weeks , making a copy of
the plats of the road , has completed his
work and gone home.
At the request of the electors of the
section of Northwest Nebraska sot apart
by the last legislature as the county of
Blaine , Governor Dawes has appointed
William Schlingmuu , J. O. Barton nnd
D. C. Dale , special commissioners , and
M. C. Lyons clerk , for the purpose of
forming a permanent organization. The
northeast quarter of section 28 , township
23 , north of range 23 , west of the sixth
p. m. is designated as the temporary
county scat.
The discharge papers of throe convicts
were signed yesterday by the governor.
Alvin W. Lucas , who was sent up from
Brown county in September , 1881 , for
horse stealing , gets out to-day ; Alex.
Hiakcy , Otoo countv.manslaughtor , com
pletes a. five year's sentence on the 22d ;
and Wm. Raymond , of Lancastorcounty ,
will be discharged on the 28d attcr four
years' imprisonment for horse stealing.
Thomas Lawrence , the man that was
shot at "Irish Ann's" bagnio Sunday ,
had recovered sutlicicntly yesterday to
bo taken to his homo nt Crcston , Iowa.
Ho now persists in the statement that no
was shot by a man but refuses to give
any particulars.
Minnie Hinkle , the German girl who
came from Hastings Monday with the
negro Thomas Manley , on a matrimo
nial expedition , was induced yesterday to
abandon her dusky lover and make a
complaint for seduction ugainst him.
Minnie was taken homo by her father
and Tom was sent back to Hastings for
J. H. Clapp , Blue Springs ; H. C. Brod-
hall , Wahoo ; T. A. Scovillo and wife ,
Valparaiso ; Dow Hofileman.Custor coun
ty ; O. Townsend nnd wife , Beatrice ; Wil
liam Neville , Phxttsmouth ; G. J. Rail-
sliok , H. Wiggenhorn and C , Thompson ,
Ashland ; Gus , Valparaiso ; T. Mur
doch , Oumha ; C. J. Erickson , Omaha.
North Carolina Gems.
Raleigh ( N. C. ) News : No state is so
well known us North Carolina in con
nection , with gems and precious stones.
, Thuir variety is , like that of all other
products of earth and water , wider here
than In any other state of the union. In
the western counties new discoveries are
constantly being made. Dr. C. D. Smith
ol Macon has done a great deal toward
the discovery of gems in all that section ,
nml has been very fortunate in this re
gard. Ho has now scored n real triumph ,
for he has found spinel , which ho is as
sured is now in the United States. Yester
day ho showed n reporter two handsome
specimens of that gem of nn orange-
yellow color , They nro singularly
transpraont , extremely brilliant , and are
perfect stones in every respect. Held in
the sunshine they scorn to contain all the
fires that lend brilliance to the lire opal.
They were discovered in Haywooci
couidy , and Dr. Smith will explore that
locality for moro. Ho also exhibited
handsome specimens of blue nnd straw-
colored'bery , the stones being perfect in
shupo and superb in color. Blood-red
garnets from Burke ho nho exhibited ,
which have a strange beautv all theii
The bulk of the San Luis valley plant
ing is done , nnd tiio crop is in tlio ground
In unusually good order. The acreage of
grain in the valley will bo fully four
times , it is said , what it has over been
In tlio next thirty days there will bo
50,000 now acres planted to alfalfa in the
different parts of the state. When this is
done the acreage of the plant will be
greater than in any other st-ito or terri
tory of the union.
The largo Italian ironclad Italia latolv
made a run of forty-seven and a half
miles in two hours and twenty minutes
This moans an average speed of close on
eighteen knots an hour.
A cud , Mr , Wedgwood , the ctymolo
gist , tolls us , is not the remainder of ca
dot , as the dictionaries say , nor a do
seondant of the Scotch caddie , but moans
tlio devil , and is good old English.
Grave robbing on a systematized basis
seems to havo" boon going on for some
time at the Wayne county , New York ,
alinshouse , and a thorough invostigatior
is to be made by the district attorney.
How the Gates of the London Tower Are
Made Secure ,
Ancient Mllltnry Costumes That
Alnko Modern Military Men
"Laugh Illght Out
lit Meeting. "
Tlio time honored ceremonies that nro
atill observed when the Rates of tlio
Tower of London are locked flavor of
feudal times. Tlio queen's keys nro dtv
posited when not in use in the residence
of the deputy constable of the fortress ,
which stands near the walls of tlie White
Tower overlooking the court in which so
miiny executions have taken place.
QTho keys are carried by a member of
tlio corps of .yeomen of llio guard , or
Beefeaters , ns they are commonly called.
The Beefeater is accompanied by nn
armed escort from the main guard , whoso
duly is in part to protect the guard house
in which tlio Kohlnoor anil other jewels
of fabulous value are located.
When the clock on the white tower
begins to chime n quarter to IS. says
Chambers' Journal , tlm word 'koysl' ut
tered in a stentorian tone by a sergeant
rouses the soldiers , who are usually
slumbering with much apparent comfort ,
on the wooden guard-bed. In a few
moments they are transferred to the ex
terior of the building , fully accoutred ,
and accompanied by u youthful drum
mer , who bears a rather dusty lantern
which he has hastily lit. The captain of
Ihu guard marches off the little party
towards tlio constable's house. There
the soldiers are met by the warder , sus
pended from whoso hand , as he descends
the stops.thu queen's keys jingle merrily.
At this juncture the sergeant com
mands his subordinates , whom ho has
halted for u moment , to "present arms" ;
and tlte Beefeater takes post a little in
advance of his protectors , who forthwith
set oil' in the direction of the gates. The
lirst suntry to be passi'd stands expectant
under the veranda at the entrance to
the guardroom , whore is also the whole
guard not elsewhere engaged. It has
been "turned out" to do honor for the
keys.Vhen the sentry sees the escort headed
by the lantern coming very near to his
post ho calls out : "Halt ! who comes
there ? " The advancing party is brought
to a standstill by this summons , and the
warder , who , as a rule , is enveloped in
the folds of an antiquated-looking cloak ,
replies in a kind ot sepulchral toiio of
voice : "keys. "
"Whose keys ? " inquires tlio soldier ,
who is meanwhile standing with his
piece at "port , " an attitude preparatory
to assuming that of the "charge. "
The warder answers : "Queen Victor
ia's keys. "
But oven now the escort is not per
mitted to proceed on its journey , for the
obdurate sentry coming down to the
charge , makes the demand : "Stand ,
Queen Victoria's Keys. Advance one
and give the coutcrsign. "
The password , being well known to
the warder , is of course given , and the
sontrycrios :
"Pass Queen Victoria's Keys. All's
well. "
After this dialogue has como to a term
ination the Keys are conveyed past the
guard-house , being in their transit sa
luted by the assembled guard , which is
then "turned in. "
Before the Beefeater and the escort
have marched twenty yards further ob
structions appear in the forms of the vig
ilant sentinels at the Jewel housu and the
Traitor's gate , which hitler was once
used for the admission of "traitors"
brought down the river from Westmin
ster. In succession each of the. soldiers
challenges in the same way as his com
rade at the main guard.
When the Heefeater has satisfactorily
answered both men , the party moves on
ward for a little distance , and is a fourth
time brought to a halt by the sentry at
the By ward gato. The sentry hero hav
ing been satisfied as to the character of
the escort , it passes on , traverses a cause
way leading across the moat , and reaches
the Spur Guard. There , of course It is
stopped by a sentry belonging to that
body ; and the Keys are eventually sa
luted by this soldier , ns well as by the
guard of which he forms a unit.
And now , after all these impediments
have been overcome , the Barrier Gate is
at length approached , its custodian hav
ing boon appeased in the stereotype man
ner. The Barrier Gate is the outermost
gate of the tower , and it is necessarily
tlui lirst ono to be locked.
The warden , who marches a littlp in
front of the escort , when ho is within
some fifteen or twenty paces from the
gate , halts. Then the men composing
tlio escort advance , and , under the super
intendence of the sergeant , line the sides
of the road , facing inwards towards its
The Beefeater , with considerable sol
emnity of demeanor , now walks up be
tween the ranks , selects the appropriate
key and locks the gato. which in the
meantime has been closed by a corporal.
This operation accomplished , and hav
ing given the gate a shako to assure him-
nolf of its being properly fastened , the
Beefeater resumes his position ti few
yards away , passing as before the linen
of soldiers. Arms are presented to the
Keys , both when they nro proceeding to
the gate and when they are retiring from
it , by word of command from the scr-
eoantjfor the oflicor remains behind with
the main guard ,
The party is now rearranged in the
prdor of march , and at ouco retraces its
Etops to the next gate to bo secured , the
ouo at the ttarbican or Spur Guard. On
the outer side of tlio ditch , this portal is
exactly opposite the Uyward gate , which
is situated on its inner bam ; . Having
passed tbo ns yet open gate , the soldiers
are again drawn up in lines , and it is
closed and locked ; and us the key is
withdrawn from the look all present say
or are understood to say : "God save
Queen Victoria. "
The Spur guard is turned out to salutoj
nnd the Keys and their escort retreat
across tlio moat to the Byward gate ,
where precisely the same ceremony takes
pluco. This completed , the throe chief
gates of the tower Imvo boon made fast
for the night.
But there exists a fourth gate , which
may bo accurately described as n "baok"
entrance to the fortress ; it stands in the
vicinity of the ancient drawbridge , in
the eastern portion of the outer wall of
the Tower , The cato in this somewhat
rcmoto region is looked in a slightly less
formal style than the other or "front"
gates ; and the men of the escort soon
step out smartly on their return journey
to the main guard. Thcro they nro hailed
by the sentry as at the outset , and to the
echo of his final "All's well , " the
queen's keys are carried into their quar
ters.No ono , however high in rank or
authority , can enter or leave the tower
after midnight. But the sergeant in
commune ! ot the spur guard is author
ized to admit residents ns far as his
gimrdhauso , where thcro is a waiting-
room for the accommodation of such
belated persons.
At 5 o'clock in the morning the sor-
gcant summons his men to open the gates
of the tower. The ceremony , though
essentially similar to the midnight one ,
is perhaps a little moro hurriedly per
formed. _
A word to our Jaily readers : If you Imvo
been wanting to RIVO him a present , ami
have not been able to decide what would for'ona 'of. the Komlou
Trouser Bireiahero advertised to-day by
( J. W. Simmons & Co. . .Boston , It takes all
.the bacgliiessbut of the knot's , and no ive-U
dressed man can dp without one.
. _
| f. <
"Without n Countcrtmrt In America
Their Alms'ilotliols niul
SI n\in fee in cut.
There is a plutso of club life in Eng
land which has * practically no counter
part either in this city or m this country.
In point of comfort , luxury and adorn
ment , some ol tlio hew York clubs which
provide for the wealthy of the trades and
professions and llio dovotces of idlessc
yield to none 'of' ' ' those in the English
metropolis. But of clubs for the benefit
of the uiechnniCi ; the clerk , the trades
man's assistant. , scarcely anything is
known on tins slue of the Atlantic. Tlio
unmarried man of small means can sit
in his bedroom and rend a book ; ho can
take a walk , or ho can devote himself to
tins maintenance of the saloon-keeper.
Within these I mils is comprised his
choice of employment for the greater
part of his leisure hours. Free libraries ,
provided in a charitable way , are open
to him to some small extent , but in the
control and management of these he has
no voice.
Thcro are now many scores of working-
men's clubs in and around London , and
hundreds elsewhere throughout the
kingdom. Numbers of those are larger
aim moro developed though many are
smaller , than that at Kingston , a London
suburb on the hanks of the Thames ; but
as a typo of the institution this will servo
widl enough. Tlio building is a sub.slan-
tiul three story block , with a broad on-
tianco into a largo hallway running
through to the rear. On ono side of this
hall is a bar .where strong waters and
malt liquors and ellcrvoscent draughts
and "tho cup that cheers but does not ,
etc , "aro to bo had with light refresh
ment. There are a lecture-room , sub
committee roonfs. a largo library and
reading room and accommodations on
the ground lloor. liclow , in the base
ment is a little alley. On the second
lloor is a theatre seating over < 1GO per
sons , with well arranged stage , and
dressing and green rooms. Above this
again is a billiard room with excellent
billiard and bagatelle tables. In the
roar of tlio building is a large lawn.
The activity for which this building
forms a centre it would be impossible to
properly describe in brief. There are
billiard and chess club. " , which pluy
tournnir.uats constantly and give vajuable
prizesthcro arc bicycle and athletic and
cricket clubs ; there is a boating club ,
with a tine boat holism and a fleet of
skills , many of the members of which
arcs lirst rate amateur oaismen , and thcro
is a swimming club , the members of
which are always racing or training for
races among themselves or with other
clubs. There are amateur theatrical
companies and musical and orchnscal
societies. There are facilities for cards
and dominoes and checkers , and the
skilled in the mysteries of these are con
stantly visiting other clubs around the
great city to contest with them in
these games , or receiving visits in return.
There arc courses of lectures , and courses
of instruction in languages and other useful -
ful branches of knovcjedge ; there are siek-
bcneiit and building societies ; there are
discussion classes'atid ' mutual improve
ment societies. tl'Tliore are garden par
ties for danciiigjandjmusic on the lawn
all through the Bummer , and balls in the
theatre throughout iuo winter.
The ailairs of the club are managed
entirely by tire members themselves ,
unmooring botWocu'Vix and seven hun
dred , and thoraunual subscription is
§ 1.00 , with subscriptions ranging from 23
cents to ! } 2.fiO to suoli of tliu subsidiary
clubs as each mumbur may wish to join.
The ollVct of tin's institution in kouping
men out of the vym shops find innocently
and wholesomely employed in their spare
time may lie imagined. The members
have no desire to'emnd and loaf aio'ind
street corm.r.s or in" bar rooms. Or shout
themselves hoarse at anarchist gather
ings. They hayo. constant and interest
ing and exciting occupation for their
leisure hours , and they consequently got
as much or more enjoyment out of life
than their wealthier neighbors. There is
a variety to suit every taste , and no one
need complain that ho cannot find con
genial recreation.
Srme , but not very many , of the-o
workmen's clubs are run en total absti
nence lines. Others have a membership
conlincd to particular political shade ; of
thought. But in all the purpose and the
rrstilt are similar. The question , "Is life
worth living to the laboring man ? " is
solved ell'cctually and dec sively.
Jeff Davis * Book Pell Flat ,
Carp's Letter : Applcton , the publisher ,
thought the story of the war written ny
Jeff Davis would bo a great jiit. It
would probably bo full of gossip and
personal reminiscences , and coining from
such n classical scholar as Davis ought to
be well written. Ho wrote to Davis and
asked him if ho would write such a book ,
and Jell'Davis jumped at the chance. A
short time after this a largo roll of man
uscript was expressed to Applcton. It
was the book from Bcavoir. On reading
it the publishers found that it was utterly
unfit for use. It read like a school-boy's
Fourth of July oration , adapted to the
south , and was full of blatant eulogies
and secession sentiment. It was heavy ,
argumentative and unreadable. The
publishers were in despair , and they
finally sent a man to Davis' home and
told him to write the book for him. Jell'
Davis dictated n large part of it , and ,
after six months' work , the man came
back with the manuscript , which was
published. It was a crude work and Jeff
Davis insisted on its being as it is. It
fell lint upon the country and was a finan
cial failure. Davis could not understand
why this was so and ho thought perhaps
it might bo because the book was too
dear. Ho thought it ought to bo distri
buted moro widely , and no wrote to the
publishers not long ago and asked them
If they would not got out a cheap edition
in pamphlet form. They replied this was
out of the question , that the booK would
not pay , and they would have nothing
moro to do with it.
Making n Loan.
Wall Street News : The agent of a platu-
glass insurance agency in a western city
received n call a few days ago from u
tough looking stranger , wno didn't
waste any time asking for a loan of ton
dollars. ,
" \ \ ell , th's is 'cheek ' and no mistake ! "
exclaimed the
"Beg pardon , tir ut it is straight bus
iness , I'm ' a trump.1' I'm a night-hawk.
I oiin break 100 ipliitiV-glass windows in
this Mate in the ni'xPmonth and not got
caught at it. You oan easily figure tlio
cost to your company ) "
" 1 want to borrow- that sum , sir , on
my note of hrfnij.'duo three mouths
hence. " ' ' '
Ho not only got'it.'liut ' tno agent gave
him a second-hand suit of clothes and
said lie should bo pleased to hear from
him by mail. o r
- i'i *
Pleasant when -iyour cold goes. Hod
Star Cough Cure drives it away. No nar
cotics ,
The Marino band in Washington is re
hearsing Alcndelbsolm'd "Wedding
March'r and "Hasto to the Wedding.1
The latter is dedicated to Mru. Grover
Cleveland ,
An Elkhart , Ind. , farmer dug into a
large mound on his farm and found the
skeletons of twenty-two bodies that had
been buried faeo downward , and the
skulls of all hud boon crushed in at tlio
Suburban property is increasing in
value very rapidly in Washington , and
the town is gradually crawling up on the
hills. Houses worth fiO.OOo , $30,000 $10 ,
000 and upward are being built in the
suburbs. . , _
Thero'nre seventeen lawyers at/Algona
sud-uat u democrat amoii'g the number.
Pennsylvania's Lumber King Gives an
$8,000,000 , , Estate to Hia Nephew.
Hundred Workmen to He Cnrcd
For How Ills Vnut For
tune Was Made.
On Tuesday , May llth , John Dubois ,
the lumber king of Pennsylvania , lllcd in
Clearlielil an absolute deed convoying
all Ills property , valued at about $8,000-
000 , to his favorite nephew , John K. Dti-
hols. The deed bears date January 17th ,
1S8-I , so Uiat , although for more than two
years young John Dubois lias been in his
uncle's employ , taking orders from
whatever superintendent ho chanced to
bo working under , ho has been tlio actual
owner o.f the entire property. Nobody
knew it but himself and his uncle. The
senior Dubois , who is 77 years old , has
been ailing lately , and decided to nv.iko
the deed public. The only consideration
in the deed is that John K. Dubois shall
pay all debts and Pill all contracts his
uncle may make till the day of ills death.
His purpose in making the deed was to
make sure that his business should go on
in single and absolute ownership , just as
ho had conducted it for tlio period of
twenty years , after his death , and that
the 80 J workmen in his employ should
not bo distress d by the stoppage or em
barrassment of his enterprise. The deed
makes no mention of any of the other
heirs , of whom there are a great many ,
John Dubois being tlio only bachelor in
a family of fourteen. It is left entirely
to the conscience of John K. Dubois
whether any ot them shall have any
share in the estate pr not. Tlio young
man is about 23 years of age and unmar
ried. Ho educated at Chester Mili
tary Academy.
1 ho 1'itlsburg Dispatch siys : that John
Dubois stood easily at the head of tlio
lumber business of Pennsylvania. It is
drubtful if there is any man between
Maine and Michigan who owned more
t mbcr land and cut more t'mbcr than ho
did. Every year he cut and .sawed about
! ) D,000,03i ) feet of boards , enough to build
tlio dwelling-houses of u town of 10,009
puoulc. He owned at the time of Ids
death iW.OOO acres of land in one con
nected body about his Town of Dubois ,
on which lucre is standing about 850.IM.O-
OOJ foot of v/hito-pine lumber , besides
many million feet of hemlock. About
8.0CO acres of it is underlaid with a valu
able vein of coal , being on the western
side of the Ueynoldsvillo Ij.'isin.
Besides his largo buildings inPittsburg ,
John Dubois hau a one-fourth interest in
a tract of 70,000 acres in West Virginia ,
which the ax has never touched , and
large real-estate interests in Ilavro do
Grace and Williamsport. At Dubois ,
whore ho has lately lived , he had mill
improvement ! ! worth $750,000. When he
wont there , ten or twelve years ago , there
were only three houses in the town. It
now has 7,000 population.
John Dubois began life with almost no
capital , and was a raftsman on the Sus-
qtielmnna at the ago of 17. His inventive
genius helped him greatly. His mills are
full of his devices. Whenever ho found
an impediment in his path ho invented
something to overcome it. Ho recently
recovered $30,000 from the Baltimore &
Ohio railroad company for the use of Ins
patent for deep-water foundations. The
automatic dam which hears his name is
well known. Ho owned about fifty pat
ents altogether. He owned the line hotel
and half the property in tlio town of Du
bois , and had just completed a new opera
house , the linest in the state outside of
Philadelphia and Pittsburg.
Ho got the lirst large start in his for
tune by investing in cheap timber lands ,
and the secret of his large profits in recent -
cent years lias boon the perfection of his
machinery and the variety of his product
which enabled trim to use up all the tim
ber lie cut and avoid waste and middle-
men's jirolits. Ho manufactured houses
nd shipped thorn all lilted and complete ,
o that a hatdict and nails wore all that
were required to put thorn together at
their destination. A rough pine log
brought Irom the woods to ids mill , over
Ins own line of ra.lroad , eanio out at the
( iiid of the works in the shape of boxes ,
boards , laths and barrel heads. Every
scrap was turned to profit. There was
no waste except splinters and sawdust.
His works at Dubois had a capacity of
85,000 feet of lumber , 0,003 boxes , ij.OOO
barrelheads , and 00,000 shingles a day ,
besides a hemlock mill with a capacity of
40.000 foot daily , and a large tannery and
machine shop. Ho had a farm of 1,000
acres , employe J 800 men , and knew everyone
ono of them , Ho had been seriously ill
for several months , anil recently hail Dr.
Aynow , of Philadelphia , taken up to
Dubois on a special train. Ho staid
thirty-live minutes. Though a man of
warm heart and genial disposition , Mr.
Dubois never married. Ho never used
liquor or tobacco.
Hulford Sauce. The most delicious rel
Two residents of Webster county , Neb. ,
have rows of lightning rods on their
houses that cost $700 each.
Henry A. Mott , Jr Ph.D. , F.C.S. , Prof.
Chemistry , New York Medical college
and loto Government Chemist , says : "My
investigation of Allcock's Porous Plaster
shows it to contain valuable and essential
ingredients not present in any other plas
ter. Thqfa ingredients are so perfectly
proportioned that the Allcock's
Porous Plaster will not cause blisters or
excessive irritation ; and I liud it superior
to and moro cflicienl than any other plas
ter. " Imitations and counterfeits of this
valuable remedy are being ode rod for
sale ; so when purchasing Allcock's Porous
ous Plasters do not fail to see that the
registered trade-mark stamp is oneacli
plaster , as none are genuine without it.
Investigation has shown that the air in
the houses of parliament is dangerously
contaminated by sewer gas.
When lUby wu rtck , ire s ve ber OattorU ,
When ilie ITU Child , aho cried for CutorU ,
When tba bocune HU , ih clung to CattorU ,
Wlita Uo bid Children , ib c re them CutorU ,
Flax has been gown in eight counties of
Nebraska by way of un experiment , to
see if it will not bo more prolilablo than
PIL.ES . :
A. sure euro for Blind. Blooding , Itchln
and Ulcerated Piles has boon discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Dr
Williams' Indian 1'ile Ointment. A single
box has cured the worst chronic cases of 23 or
SO years stnndin : ; . No ono need suffer live
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
Inij medicine. Lotions mid Instruments demote
mote harm than good. Williams' ' Indian
Pile Ointment absorbs the tumors , allays the
Intense itching , ( particularly at nlirht after
Dr. Frazler's ilairic Ointment cures as by
made , 1'imples , lilack Heads or Grubs ,
Blotches and Eruptions on the face , leaving
the Bttln clear and ucautlful. Also cures Iteli.
bait Ktieum , Knro Nipple * , Sore JUlpa , and
Old Obstinate Ulcers.
. Sold by Urugi'lsts. or mailed on receipt of
CO cents. . .
Hetallcduy Kuhn A Co. . and Schroder A
Conrad. At wholusalo by 0. 'F. Uoodmau.
lilfb In the Paris Sewers ,
is possible , for a short time to the robust ,
but the majority of refined persons would
prefer immediate death to existence in
their recking atmosphere. How much
moro revolting to be in ono's self a living
srtrcr. But tins is actually the case with
those in whom the inactivity of tlio Hvor
drives the refuse matter of the body to
escape through the lungs , breath , the
pores , kidneys and blndder. It U aston
ishing that life remains in such a
dwelling. Dr. Piorco'a "Golden Medical
Discovery" restores normal purity to tlio
system and renews the whole being ,
No fewer than 100,000 shade trees now
make Washington glorious in fresh , green
and fragrant blossoms.
"For economy anp comfort every
spring , wo use Hood's Sarsnparilln , '
writes a Bufl'alo , N. V. ) lady. 100 doses
Ono Dollar _
A Georgia hunter. C3 years old , says
that .since lie began hunting he has killed
Ull ) deer and 18i alligators.
Itotiton'R llnir Grower.
All who nrn BAhl ) , all who are becoming
BALD , all who do not waul to bn hnld , all
who are troubled with DAXDUtlFK , or
1I'CltlNO of the scalp ; should use Bmiton's
Hair Grower. KIOIITV I'KII Ci.vr : of those
usliift It have grown hnlr. It never falls to
stop the hair trnin lallllitf. Through sickness
and fevers the hair sometimes tails elf In a
shoit time , and although the poison may
have remained bald lor years. If you use Hen-
ton's Hair Glower aocurdliiK to directions
you are .sure of a growth of hair. In hun
dred * of cases wo have produced a coed
growth of Hair on those who have been bald
and clnzed for years wo have fully biilistan-
tinted the following facts :
Wo grow Hair In SO cases out oC 100 , no
matter how lorn : bald.
Unlllto other preparations , It contains no
sugar of lead , or vegetable or mineral
* poisons.
It Is a spccllio for falling hair , dandrulT ,
and Itching of the scalp.
The Hair Grower Is a hair food , and Its
omposltlou Is almost exactly like tlio oil
which supplies Iho linir with Its vitality.
When the skin Is very touch and iiard , and
the follico Is apparently ellectuallv closed ,
the single strength will sometimes fall to
reach tint papilla ; In such cases the double or
triple strength should be used In connection
with the single , using them alternately.
Price , slncle hticimth , SI,00 : double
strength , S2.CO ; triple stii-npth , 8:1.00. : If
your druggists have not got it we will send U
iirepati'd on receipt of piico.
Cleveland , O.
Sold by C. F. Goodman and Kuhn & Uo.
Tim city of Guatemala contains (50,000 (
inhabitants. Last winter a French opera
troupe played a two months' engagement
to crowded houses every night. Guate
mala has elcctrio lights , telephones ,
street cars and good hotels.
How It Was That Flro Portlnnders
Get 915.OOO.
Mr. Uiifas F. Bacon hold one-lifth of the
ticket which drew the capital nrlzo of ST.5,000
In The Louisiana State Lot y Drawing of
April lIHli. Homo of his filonds suggested
that they purchase some tickets in the Louis
iana State Lottery. They purchased nnc-
lifthol ten different tickets , paying there-
for 310. When thev got the tickets , each se
lected two tickets liapnazard , and If either
ticket drew , tlio amount was to bo divided
between them all. On Wednesday last a tnl-
ogram was received , stating that ticket No.
25.244 had drawn one-tilth of the capital nrlzo
of § 73,000 Portland tMe. ) Argus. April'Jl.
Some vVest India negroes carry a
snake's poison under their linger nails.
A single scratch from a poisoned nail
will cause death in a few hours.
Two and a half million pounds sterling
bus been the average value for the past
three years of the Kimberly diamond
mines in South Africa.
Prepared with upoclal rcc rd to healtli.
No Ammonia , Umo or Alum.
Patent Upright Piano ? are concerted to
bo the host in the nmrket lit ; i moderate
'price. 0,000 now in usu. Remarkable
for their ilurabillly. unil capacity for
standing In tune. Endorsed by Rive-
Kiii" , Sherwood , Boscovitz , Leibling ,
Eddy , Prntt , nnd other eminent members
of the musical profession ,
1305 and 1307 Farnint St.
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital , . , . . $250,000 ,
SuplusMay 1 , 1885 , . . , , 25,000 ,
U. W. YATKS , President.
A. E. TOUZAUN , Vice President.
W. H. S. HuoiiK3 , Cnshlor.
W. V. Mows , UJoiw S. COLLINS ,
U. W. YATW , JjKWM s , UEKW.
Cor. 12th and Farnara Streets.
General Ilauklnir Buatuon 'I'ruaiiJtoL
Boy al Havana Lottery
( A
Drawn at Huvnna.C'uba , way 1,10,20 , 1680
Wholes $5.00. Fractions Pro rata.
Tickets iuFiftUi ; Wholes fS | PrucUonlpo B
Subject to no manipulation , not conliollcd 'jy
the imrtlos | n IntercutIt U the tulrosl tblnir 111
the nnturo of cUauuo In existence.
For ticket * apply to SUll'rfKV & OU.liit ! < llroad-
way.h. V. Cit > - : M. JtHTKNS & CO. , C.1S M i |
Uieut Kansas City , Mu. . ui'Lui * iw
The Great Southern Remedy for all
Tlierrnr very Tew Trim do not know of tills
llltlc liinti prim Inn ulnnifMilp of our mountain *
niul lilllM lint very lew reiillr.o tlio fuel , Hint
Hie Illtlfl purple berry , ulilih unmnnyofiis
linvoenlen In mml every Rlinpe. therein uitln-
clplo In U liuvln < n wulcifill rfli'cl on Hit
liimelv lr. ) miner's Huckleberry CordlM Is
tlioiniKAT KOUilllin * xmiKliv llml irVnres
tlm llttlu one Irclhlnc , nnd cures Ilurrliu. a
UyixMilery niul Crump I'olle.
When It lirohilili > ri-cl tlmt nt tlilsi-c.iKnnof Kiuldrn niul ilnrRcrun nttarkn r lli
tHiwpIs ro fa frriupnt , mill \\c lirnrof o ninny
dpntln uccnrrliiE before pliyMcliiii rnn Lw
rallr-u In , It Is Inmortnnt tlintrtiTV honir-
liutd slKinl.l prnvlde tlpm. : elvr.i wllli . ninn
Bpc-pJy rnlli'f , n ilovoof vrlilcli will relieve Ilin
pain nml save nuirh nnxlety. Hr. Illcscri'
IliirlilrherrvCordlnl Inneluiploremedy wblcu
uny clillil M plenn'il In take.
I'rlce. M cents n boltle. Mnmifnctured by
WAM'KIl A.TAYtOll. AtlMittt. tlu.
'I n > lorV thiTiKrllrinrdy : of wwrrt linni
nnd .iliillrlii will rino LMiicli * , 011111) nnd C'uu
miniptlnn , I'rlregM'H. anil II n linttle.
lor Rnlu by tlio II. T. ClarUoUrtig Co. , nnd nit
CAPITAL PRIZE , $850,000 ,
VWodn licrohycortlty that n-o auporviao the
rrnnccmnnts for nil the Monthly and qimrterly
of Tlio Ixiil9ltirm Stitto Lottery
Company nnd In voronn mnnn re mid control
the UnnvlnRK thomtolros , anil tlmt thp 9111110 nro
conducted with liiniesty. fnlrnosa and la good
fnllli toward nil inirtlos. nnJve authorize tlio
Company to USD tills oortlfloato. with fito-slmUm
ofour Blennturni nttnolioJ In Us ndvnrtUmcnt
We. the undersigned Hanks nnd Unnkora , will
pay all Prizes drawn In The Louisiana State Letter -
tor IPS which may bo presented at our oountorj
J. It. OOMiSBY ,
Pres. Louisiana National Bant
Fres. State National B
Pres. NowOrloansNatlonal Bant
Incorporated In 18GS for 25 years by
lainro for Educational and Cuarltnblo purpoioi
with n capital or $1,000,000 to whlah n reserve
fund of over $550,000 has since hucn added.
By an overwhelming popular vote Its 1'rtuichlsn
was mndo n part of the present Stnto Constitution
adopted Documnur&l. A. D. 1S7V.
Its grand Aliixlo number drawing takes plnco
monthly. It never sen Ion or postpones.
Look at tlio following distribution :
193d Grand Monthly
In the Academy of Music , Now Orleans.
Tuesday , Juno inth , 1883
Under the personal supervisor ! and manage
ment of OF. \ . G. T. UiJA.uitKOA.iiD , of Lou
isiana , nnd UKJT. JUHA.I , A. EAULY , of Vir
ginia.CAPITAL PRIZE $150,000.
Notice , Tickets are SIO only , Halves , S3
Fifths , $2. Tenths , $ !
1 OAPITAI. J'IIIZE or f50000. ] . . . $ irAOM
lUllANDl'HIKBOr 60.000. . . . 60.000
IGltANI ) I'lllZEnr al.OJO , . . . 20,030
liLAIUin I'JU/LSOP 10,000. . . . 20,000
4 IAH(1K I'ltl/.ESor .000. . . . 20,000
s.01'iuzEsoF 1,000. . .
60 " fiOO. . . . 85,003
100 300. . . . 00,003
200 200. . . . 40,003
COO 100. . . . 00,093
looa M. . . .
100 Approximation prlzcsof $200. . . . $20,00)
10J " " 100. . . . 0 ,
IB " " 75. . . .
8,270 Prizes , amount Inar to . 523.W3
Application for rate * to clubs should bo randa
only to the ofllco of the company In Now Or
leans ,
For further Information write clearly , virlntr
full address. POSTAL NOTK.4 , Bipreis Money
Orders , or Now York Uxclmng-o m ordinary letter -
tor , currency by express at our oxporuo ad
dr ° 580dl
Nuw Orleans , La.
Washington , D. 0.
Make P. O. Money Orders payable and addrow
tt'tflstorod ' letters to
Now Orleans , La.
Iteccntlr Uullt. Nowljr FurnUlicd
The Tremont ,
J. C. HJT/.aKHAM ) & SON , Proprietors.
Cor. Cth nnd I'BtS. , Lincoln , Nob.
HnliisH.W iioriUjr. utrcot earn from homo to any
purtof Iho city.
Architect ,
OWcc3-33.U'and ! Itlclmnls Illock , Lincoln ,
Nob. I'.lovutoronlltli Btioct.
llreodt'r of lln-cdornf
( jAi.i.uu-A v CATTI.K. SHOUT Uoit.s UAITI.U
F. Al. W < KD3 ) ,
Live Stock Auctioneer
Huloj imuU < In nil iiurtB of tlio U. H. ut fillr
rut us. jtooin U.SIiUo Illock , Lincoln , Kob.3
GolUnniy mid Short Horn bulls fpr sulo.
Farm Loans and Insurance ,
CorrosiimiclciK'u in rcgnrJ to Jonn rollcltoJ.
Uoom 4 , UIuhiirdH Hlock , Lincoln , Neb ,
'Public Sale ,
Denver , Col , , Juno IDHi , tSSU.
40 lioii'l of SlumBhort Jlorm. Duti-s fcCritlck
vlinnk , 2yourld8 , weighing IBM ) ; bulU untl
helium. Addronii 1'lold und Farm , for futulop-
U04 , lunvrr , Col , C. M. llrunsoii , Lincoln , Nov.
Col. F , M.Voodc , Auullonuor ,
When In Lincoln stop ut
National Hotel ,
And KCt u gOOX | uinuer rur > > 5o ,
You are ullowtxj afrt trial of thirty data of tbo UM
of Dr. l > ) > ; ' Celebrated VoiUIj Uelt llli fcleclrla Hu < -
pensory ApplUueca , fur the fix-edy rrllvf OtlBk'A |
mnneutouteot AVriviui DtMHIv. loxsof Vitality i > D > l
M&nliaod , ftnd oil U ml red troubliM. AIM for i' ) u >
otbcr dUoasei. Complete rwtoratlon to Uruliji , Vlcur ,
and llauliood frauruntard. o rUk la Incurred. . Illuv
( rated pmnntifct In nalt < l tnvtlni * inMlcd fieeIjyiuv
iicwlng VUliTAIU OJiliTCO. . Blarvbull. OtlBk'