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Chicago Lumber Dealers Uneasy Strikers.
Evidently Backed Up.
Chicago Workmen Generally Hcturn-
to Work on Old Terms Trades-
Unionist * In Session Trent-
li\K With the
Slluntloti in Chlenco.
CHICAOO , May 18. [ Special Telegram. ]
If thu pollen linil positive information that
armed rlotciscro eipectcd ntany hour they
could not bn betterpiepared for Instant duty
than they nro to-day. Along Twenty-second
street , tun entlru lumber district Is under
guard. From Blue Island nvcnue cast to thu
ilvcr tlicro Is not an cnti.inco or crossing
where there is not ten policemen within pistol
tel shot innjje. Thu propriutois continue to
sit In their olllces and smoke , but they do
not t.ilk freely or laugh loudly. The situa
tion grows more severe to them each day.
Yesterday they told a reporter that they
were going to send lor Michigan men to put
In tlielrjaids ; to-day they hesitate to send
for the men. One pioprlelor with big Intci-
ests , .said he foiled the result of putting Im-
poitcil men hi the yards. Thu present police
force might guaid them by day , but It could
not guard the houses In which they would
sleep nor the notes of lumber piles bv night.
Itenctlon on the part of the woikmcn yester
day , and thu Indilfetenco to-day asto whether
they got woik nt all or not , make
the ymd owners feel that the lumber shovers
nnd Imndleisnio backed by other foices far
inoin numerous and dangerous. The extra
largo guard of police present constantly
where thcio Is no immediate sign ot danger
would indicate that the olllccrs have a simi
lar appiohunslon. If such fear exists In po
lice rlielc.s , knowledge onvlilclt It is based IB
routined to those who will not talk about It.
Kldlnir tin ouch the Bohemian territory ,
north of thu lumber disti let , last week ono
could see nnd talk with croups of men who
then claimed that they were very needy and
must return to work nt any price. These
m otips of hungry people lm\e disappeaiuu.
Some of those who began work last week
have quit. Tlic conclusion Is that they Imvo
leeched aid for their present needs from
some souico. This adds strength to the
theory Unit thu lumber Inboiers have friends
outside. The number of men actually ut
work In the yanls to-day Is not sunicicnt to
do nny satisfactory amount of business. A
canvass of the ymds shows that tliev avci-
nge from 10 to 30 per cent of their old time
foree. The planing mills aio all sending out
smoke nnd doing little work , such as the
limited work in theyaids demand.
The buttcrlne men , with Armour and
I'lnnkington at their head , aio making des
perate etlorls to piuventtliu passage of any
1)111 by congress taxing tliat pioduct. Iteso-
lutlons Imvo been lushed through the boaid
ot trade of Chicago , Milwaukee- . Kansas Ulty
and other points piotcstlng against any tax
being Imposed , and Aimoui A ; Co. Imvo se
cured 11 letter fiom Dr. Itancli , of the .state
boaid ot health , which , tlm thm cl.ilms ,
( shows thnttliciols nothing harmful or dnlc-
tcilous In the composition of oleomargarine ,
orbutterine. Mr. Webster , ot the In m , ad
mitted this moining that ho had seemed cor
roborative testimony liom Dr. DoWolt nnd
other physicians which would bo written up
J in connection with pavts ot the original
document and published In all the Chicago
pipers , when it would bo forwauled to
Washington and laid before the congies-
.slonal committee. Mr. Webster would not
furnish n complete copy of the letter but of-
feied Ills extracts wltli the other testimony
w lilch ho claimed wou'd show the public that
butterlno Is as pine as butter.
Assnlllng Uio Knights ,
l'iiii.A.i > ii.i'iiiA. : May 18. Ollicers of twen
ty national trade unions mcthero with closed
cloois this afternoon to take united action , It
. was stated , to resist encroachments being
' made upon open unions by the Knights of
Labor. Thirty-two associations were rep
resented by delegates or letters ,
nnd claim to linvo a total membership
of 1507,730. Aropicscntatlvoof each organl-
7aton ! piesontcd Its gilevance. At the close
of the evening session , which continued
until after midnight , the M-cietary stated
that the i evolutions had been adopted , de
claring that , In view of the succesi that has
attended theelfoitsof the national nnd Intei-
natlonal unions In the past , they should
htrletly picseivothcirdistinct nnd Individual
, autonomy.
that It was not deemed advisable for any
tiadus union to berontiolled by or to loin
the Knights of Labor In n body , bellovlnir
that tiades unions nio best ( ] ualllud to regu
late thnir own Internal tiadd n'lnlis. ' 'Iho
resolutions further declaio that It is
the puipnso of n ceitain clcmint of the
Knlglits of Lnboi to destioy tiades unions ,
nnd that this element makes It a point to en
cioach upon the mission nnd pieiogatives of
trades unions , creating antagonism nnd pro-
viking dissension In the labor movement , to
the delight nnd .satisfaction of the capitalist.
The conference , however , concluded thai
Borne conemtcd plan of action was absolute ! }
necessary to picvent the continuance of this
destiuctfvo policy and to establish harmon
ious and fintennd lelatlons between all the
unions blanches of organized labor
nnd a set of terms was diafted with
this object In view , to bo piesonted
ns n treaty for the consideration
of the Knights of Labor , wliich will meet
next Tuesday at Cleveland. The nature of
thuteims was not disclosed. They will bu
Mihmlltcd to thu general executive boaid ot
I1" " the Knlgins of Labor on Monday next by the
I'- *
Starved into Siibmlsulon.
I'lTTBUUito , May 18 Keports from the
Cumbciland coal region nru to the effect tlm
the gientbtilko has been hioken. At Frost
burg. Md. , a laigo number of Illinois rcturne <
ton oik this moining atthooldiate.s. The
Cumberland nilnois will piobnbly go In to-
TIIOV. N. V. , May 18 Thoglils In nil fac-
toiies of this city except the stilklns laundi >
( 'lils , went to woik this moining.
Nivv : Voiuc.May IS. The Hronklyn sugar
woikeis' stiIKo has been declared at an em
and thu union is dissolved. One of tlu
Btrlkcis nlso assaulted Kudo , president of
thu oiganlzntlon , last night nnd attempted t (
Ci.sriNNATi , Ohio , Mny JS : Tlio lemaln
ing tioops ordeied hero by the govcinoi ns i
means ot piccautlon against vloluneu in von
nectlon with Hut lecent MnUes wciomdeicc
nway to-day. Strike bltii.itlon is vacillating
While some classes ot men aio ictuiiiln ; , ' to
work others hold out nnd otheis come out.
Among thu last named mo thu pinning mil
hands who have been niganl/edunddenmm
right houi.s woik with ten hours pay. Tin
Giocer'.s association gianted the leijuesto
tlio cleiks to close nt 7 p. m , except outsat
thu "Western Union.
r Nr.w Vouic , May 18. Tlio trial of the sul
of James 11. Guodsell to recover StiiO.oOfl
damages from the Western Union telegiapl
comjuny , and vvhleh has occupied a juiy h
i. Judge O'Goimnn'hromt duiln- , ' two week
If past , was this nfleinoon elosed byavoidlc
' forGoodsoll ngaliibt ( ho Western Union fo
t/uinll amount , to which was added Sl,7iiC ,
lor counsel. Damages wore claimed bj
Goodsell tor n bieacli ot contiact , thuVest
r.n union having lulled to make good the
eontiaot which Gopdsell held with the Allan
He A : I'adlio lolcgiaph company , which tin
IYCMUIU Union absorbed.
Howling Anarchists.
CUVKI.ANI ; > , Mny IB. 1'or ten days past .1
group of Herman nnarcnlsts have been hold
ing meetings on the west sldu nnd calling 01
prisons of their stripe to mm with guns tuu
bombs , To dny Mayor (5.V. . Gardner Issued
proclamation foibiildlng such meetings
Jl'ho police will dUpeibO all such ciovvd
lieronftor and niiest the leaders if necebsaiy
The Accused Makes n Btntcmcnt
Which SCCIIIH Highly Improvable.
ST. Louis , Mny 18. The Post-Dispatch
irintsn statement made by II. M. Brooks ,
nllns Mnxwcll , now on dial for tlio murder
ofG. Arthur I'reller , which will constitute
ils own defense and which will bo urged by
ils attorneys In trial. In a word ho will
confess the killing of 1'rcllcr by accident
vhlle noting ns his physician , nnd that be-
ng excited nnd frightened lie "concealed"
nstcnd of making known the fact of his
lcathv llo declares he has always wanted to
ell the facts , nnd only lefralncd by advice
of hlrtattorncjs. Tlio follow Ing Is Brooks'
slntcmcnt :
1'rellcr was suircrlng from prlvale dUense ,
'or which I had previously pic cribed. mix-
ng tliu medicines myself trom bottles In my
nediclnuchest , which I carried with me , but
ils ailment had reached Ilia stage when it
was necessiiy for me to make certain Inv esti-
: atoits. ! I was obliged to use n catheter , nnd
n using a catheter when the pails were in-
lamed 1 had previously applied chlofoim. I
\plnlned the process to 1'ieller and told him
what 1 should nave to do. He was not only
willing but was very anxious for me to treat
lim In that manner.
Urooks then tells of the puichaso of the
cliloiofoim , which was spilled In the sink on
Sunday nflcrnooil while ho was
washing the Instruments piepnratory
to the opoiatlon of his going to a ding sloie
and buying mote , denying incidentally the
statement that he thcio had shown evidences
of huiry nnd excitement , nnd continued :
About r > p. m. we began the operation. 1 ad-
inlnlsteicd chloiofoim in the usual way ,
liolulng a saturated cloth to his nose. 1'ieller
passed tinough the stage all light. It
took seveinl moments. 1 don't know exactly
liow long. Then ho cntcied the second
stage , and here the teniblu result came. 1
illscovered too late that ho was dvlnir. Imag
ine my honor when this I act dawned on me.
Iwns wild with flight , but had presence of
mind enough to cut thu .shht ana undershirt
from the body , and ceding : i wet towel 1 beat
him aiound the neck and shoulders for half
nnhourmoic , I did not give up till I was
ready to drop from exhaustion , and my ef-
loits weiu not icla\ed until ho had "been
dead for some time. All the clothes ho had
on nt the tlmuweion shirt and undeislilrt ,
Ue had Rtilpped for thu operation.
What did I do when I saw my filend was
dead ?
What could I do ? I didn't know what to
do except dilnlc , and I drank ficelv. I
drank everything I eould get wine , whisky ,
everything. What weio my thoughts ? I
hadn't any. All I lemembcrls that 1 diew
on a pair of drawers , tlio fust tha' fell Into
my hands , and put the body Into my tiunk ,
fiom vvhleh 1 bad icmoved overj thing.
What w as done besides this 1 Imvo no recol
lection of. Liquor nnd constcniHtlon had
possession ot mo nnd I knew only that my
iecllngs wete those ot thu utmost honor. I
remained In my room that night , the same
room In which tlio lomalns weie , nnd it
would be n lie toi me to say I slept , tor I did
not , nnd I was glad when morning came.
What I did alter leaving my loom jou
know , for it has all been punted. "
He says he supposed the post moitem ,
when the body was found , would disclose the
nature ot the operation and cause of death.
Accenting to his own Moiy , the cutting
elf of 1'icller's moustache , inscription
about tlio "tiaitor" found In the trunk and
all other queer Incidents connected with the
tiagcdy aio to be nttilbutcd to ins liquor and
fear , and his craved condition niter the fa
Havltifr Probably Killed Five Persons
She Commits Suicide.
CHICAGO , May 18. A Special despatch
from Joliet , 111. , says : The double suicide of
Mrs. Black ami Albert Wylei , at Fiankfoit ,
hasiecnllcd to the nalghbois circumstances
which point toward n career ot ciime on the
pait of the dead woman. When only 10
years of ago she man led n man named
Schlotman , and two yeais later their first
born was found in n well. In 18C3 John
Black and wife came from Germany and
were hired by Schlotman. The families became -
came quite intimate , and In n shoit time Mrs.
Black died suddenly. Schlotnmn's death
followed soon alter. Block was In Michigan
at this time and the widow sent for him , and
In a short time maided him. Last Christmas
Wylcr was hired , and two months later
Black died. All these deaths weio
mysteries and doctors ah\ays c.dled , but ar-
livcd to late to do rnythlng. No suspicions
were entertained on account ol the wealth
and icbpectability of the lamlly. A shorl
time since the widow's son discovctcd illicit
icliitions between her and Wvlcr. and a
family council demanded Wjler s discharge.
The widow refused , nnd on Sunday evening
came tlm douhlo suicide or perhaps minder
nnd sulcido-by the one to whom these tacts
Huso Bnll Gnmcfl Yesterday.
The follow Ing Is tlio iccord of games played
by tlio leading base ball clubs of the countiy
yesterday :
At Chicago Chicago , 7 ; Washington , 0.
Game called at the eighth Inning on account
ot lain. 1'itcheiB , McCormlck and Dally.
Fust base hits , Chicago , C ; Washington , 10.
Kirois , Chicago , l > ; Washington , 11. Umpiie ,
At Baltimore Baltimore , 0 ; Cincinnati , 4.
Pitchers , Klroyand Mullano and Keenan.
First base hits , Baltimoie , 8 ; Cincinnati , : ! .
Kirois , Baltimoie , 1 ; Cincinnati , S. Umpire ,
At Uetiolt-Dotrolt , 1 ; Philadelphia. 0-
Kle\en innings. Pitchers , Baldwin nnd
Casey. Base hits , Dotiolt , (1 ( ; Philadelphia ,
a. Kirorb , Detiolt , U ; Philadelphia , 0. Urn-
base 1
rors. _ . _ ,
James Connolly.
At St. LouKs-St , Louis , 14 ; Boston , 8.
Pitchers , Sweeney nnd liulllnton. 1'iist base
tilth , St. Louis , 18 ; Boston. 14. Kuois , St.
Louis , 4 ; Boston , 0. Umpiie , Kagan.
At New York-T-Metropnlitans. II ; Pitts-
buig , 4. Klrnt base lilts , Mctiopolltnus , 18 ;
Plttbbmg , V. Knois , Motiopolttiuib , 3 ; Pitts-
buig , 8. Umpiie , Kellv.
At Philadelphia Athletics , II ; Louisville ,
0. Pltcheis , Atkinson nnd Ile.sker.
base hits. Athletics , 11 ; Louisville , 12. FA-
lore , Athletics , V > ; Louisville , 9. Umplio ,
Council ,
The Broadway BniTuoe Itoad.
AI.UAJ.-Y , N. Y. , May 1H , Jmlso Parkei
has appointed John O'lironclialinian ! of the
deinoeinllc state committee , iccclvcr of the
Jlioailuiiy railroad. Deputy Attorney Gen
eml P bt has been sent to Now York to serve
upon James 11. Richmond papeis In thu hid
which Is about to bo begun by thu Mate tc
wind up thu altalrs ot tlio Bioadway corpora
tlon. _
An Attorney Arrested ,
DKsMoixis : , la. , May 18 , [ Special Tele
gram. . ) An Ottumwa special cays : B. W
Scott , ajouug attoiney who located then
last March , was nuested to-day on the char0'i
of ombei/iing the funds of nil eMatont Conn
elton , 1ml. , and taken back to that place by ;
Ruing the Knights
Piin.AnKi.i'iiiA , May IS Bralg
proprletoi of thu Summeidalo mills , whose
emplojcs have been on a stilUo binco May H
biought action against live Knights of Labo
toiecover damage lor conspliacy to Injun
hU business. _ _
A 1'anio In the Oil .Mnrlcct.
PJTTSUIMIQ , May IS. The panlo on the
oil uxchnngeito day was caused ! iy the fnlluu
ot Crniif it Dowrie , one of the largest ol
1 unsof the countiy. The miotatlons in ol
dropjwd liom 70 > j toCO'g. '
Protcatins the
HALIFAX , N. S. , May 18. H. M. S. Emer
aldnrihed hero to-day from Bermuda. Shi
will leave In a few dajsfor New 1'ouiuUaiu
on lisheiy protectlftll bualness.
Nebraska Weather.
Koi Nebraska : Kalr weather , nearly sta
tlonary temperature.
Ohnrnctorlitio AVay of Bcttllnjc n
Dispute In Martlnsvlllo , Vo.
MAnx svii.i.n , Va. , May 18. ' [ Special
Telegram. ] Xo greater tragedy has
occurred in Virginia In a decade than
hat which fills this town with gloom
nnd excitement. In a light ; last evening on
ho crowded street many snots were flred ,
and as a result Jacob Terry , a yo'ung f ,
s dead nnd the life-blood of his two brothers ,
J. K. Terry nnd Benjamin Terry , Is fast
ebbing away. Colonel II. D. Spencer , n
imminent business man and manufacturer ,
farlton llrown , proprietor of Brown's
obacco warehouse , B. L. Jones , a saloon-
< c < > per , R. L. Gregory , hotel clerk , nnd Handy
Martin , a negro , are all dangerously wound
ed. All parties nro prominent in business
ind well known In southern Virginia. On
Saturday night an anonymous circular was
sstied ami posted up nil over the town. It
seriously reflected on W. K. Terry , n young
justness man , nnd his father , the late Wll-
lain Terry , prominent citizens. Ycster-
lay moi nine Terry telegraphed for
ils two brothers , J. 1C. nnd Benjamin ,
living nt AiUcn Station , twenty tulles
away , they arrived ntl p. m. , and. after n
hi let consultation , went to the printing ofllco
Hid demanded the author of the caul , The
punter told them It was Colonel D. hpencer ,
j member of the town boaid , nndonn ot the
leading bus'ness ' men. Last evening , soon
after tlio tobacco factories had closed for the
day , and thosticets were llllcd with opera-
llvesreturnlng liom their work , the Terry
biothers started In the direction of the Spen
cer factory , When nbout half way they weio
met by Spencer , with his brother and beveral
friends.V. . K. Teny addressed a few words
to Spencer , who told him not to shoot. Just
then some one Hied n pistol. The scene that
followed beggars description. Forty shots
were tired. W. K. Teiry was shot from the
lear , the ball entering near Ids spine nnd
lodging In his right breast. JnkoTcny was
shot through the abdomen nnd fell dead.
Ben Terry was shot through the neck nnd In
the body. Spencer was shot In the hip , and
Ids buslncssjiai tner , Tniltou Blown , received
two balls in the groin and Is thought to bo
fatally wounded. K. L. Jones , saloon keeper.
H. L. Giegoiy and Sandy Martin nro nil
seriously hurt. Tie ! last two were hit by
stray balls. The Tonys aie well known , and
occupy a high social position. JSonool them
aie married. William Terry and Tarlton
Brown are mortally wounded. Spen
cer and the other paitlcs will probably re
cover. All business houses in Maitlnsvlllo
are closed to-day.
Noxv York Dry Goods Market.
NEW YOIIK , May 18. Dry goods cxpoits
and domestic cottons the past week
ha > o been 4 , : ! 9 packages , making a total for
cxplicd portion of the \ear b7OCG packages ,
compaied with 7000 ! ! lor the same time last
K'ar , against 65,005 In 1S8J. and .VJ,704 in
ISS'l. For Tuesday and the chaiacter of con
suming demand theio has been a tail- busi
ness , but solely ot nssoitments and quanti
ties nccessaiy to meet current iciitincmcnts.
Argalu blown 30 Inch sheetings has been ad
vanced to Cc.
Burned to Death in a Cornfield.
NEOI.A , Iowa , May IS. [ Special. ] A. M.
Coouiod , living one mile south of Neola , on
the John Lconaid place , lost a child by burnIng -
Ing to death while binning stalks , Sunday.
Her father was within a tew hundred yards
planting corn In thu same field , but did not
sec anything vviong until the child was
burned to a crisp. The child was nine years
old. The mother Is In a critical condition
from the shock caused by the death of the
Louisville Uncos.
LOUISVII.T.I : , May 18. The weather to-day
was waim , track last , and attendance large.
Half Mile Prodigal won , Jacobin second ,
Laredo third ; time , 0:49.
Milo and MI IHshth Enduier won , Porter
Aste second , Kntrina third ; time , 1:57.
Louisville Cup , Two and a Quarter Miles-
Lucy B won , Punka second , lilsh Pat third :
time. lOS : > 4x.
Mile and a Quarter Test won , Conkling
second , Soveieign Pat thiid ; time , 2:10. :
Mile and a Sixteenth Mny Lady won , Jim
Nave second , Fablus third ; time , 1:50) : $ .
Return to Old Rates.
CHICAGO , May 18. The Picture Fiamt-and
Moulding Manufactur is' association to-day
decided to letuin to the plan of ten hours pay
lor ten horns woik. On Miy 5 the associa
tion conceded to employes ten hours pay foi
woiklng nine hours. The claim Is made thai
factoiles In other cities am as n rule working
on a ten hour basis , and that Chicago inanu-
lactuiers being buidened with the difference
In wages , have found themselves unable U :
compete. About lWO men aie employed by
the mcnibeiii of the association.
An Old War Horse.
CHIOAOO , May 18. A special dispatch
fiom Spiinglield , Ills. , savs : William M ,
Spilngerwas nominated for congress this
nitei noon lor the seventh consecutive time ,
Spiti\omM : ) , May 18. The democratic
congiesslonal convention lor the Thirteenth
district met In tills city to-day nnd nominated
Hon. W. M. Spnnger for icpicsentatlvo In
coneruas by acclamation.
Cutting Frolcht Rates.
CHICAGO , May 18. IJeprcsentatlves of lines
Interested In freight traffic to Iowa , Minnesota
seta and Dakota , met hero to-day and were
kept busy all day discussing nvaiietyol
matters. Including the cutting of live stock
latcs , which were supposed to have been re
stored on April fitli. ' An adjournment was
had until to-monovv.
Illinois lioinoopnthlsts.
CHICAGO , May 18. ThoTlility-lirstannua ]
session of the Illinois Homeopathic Medical
association began here to-day. About 100 01
thcSM members nio in attendance. To-day' *
proceedings consisted cntiiely of readlnp
nnd discussion of papeis on piofcbsiona
topics. _
Another American Cardinal.
BAI.TIMOIU : , May 18. Archbishop Gibbons
this moining leeched an olllciul coininunlca
tlon liom Caidlnal Jacobin ! , the papal sccrcr
taiy of state , infoimlng him of his elevation
to the cniulnnlatu by the pope.
A .Sanitary Conference.
Si'iiiNfJi'ir.i D , Ills. , May 18 , The snnitarj
conference to bo held In this city Friday no\i
piomlscsto bo well attended , judging fion
ilio insponses received by the state board o
The CnpsUcd Ada.
Nr.w YORK , May 18. It has now bcoi
leal ned that only two of the six men win
were on board the cat boat Ada , which cap
sized in a scumll off Coney Island , Sunday
were drowned. The others weio picked in
by the yacht Xcphj r.
An Outrage on Colorado Bottlers.
Br..VKii.MAV , Neb. , May 13 , [ Kditor o
the Chicago Tribune. ] Can you not ca )
attention to the outruyo about to bo per
pctratcd on settlers on public lands ii
range 11 and 42 , west (1th ( p. in , , In casteri
Colorado , adjoining tlio Kansas stati
line ? Settlers by the hundred arc oecu
jiving tilt-so lands , and the bill ( No. 721
"to establish a national livo-stouk high
way , " fathered by Senator Coke of Texas
has already passed the senate and nevis
is before the house. It sets aside for tei
years Uie o lands for n cattle , trail , t <
drive the deadly Texas cattle over , IOHY
ing in tholr path thoToxas fever , is tho'
have always done. There are settlers b'
hundred there who are to havathof
propei ty confiscated. If you can cal
attention to this steal of 300,000 acres o
public lands for the bonuht of the cattl
kings und the destruction nnd apprd
priation of the lands ot the bottlers fo :
this base purpose you will do a publii
service. 1 have personally been over th
land a great amount of it and knov
that those men who Imvo taken this lam
nro poor men and took tie ) land to
hompb. TJIOS. 0.
General Vlfqualn and Collector Jordan Con
firmed bj the Senate ,
Subsidizing American Steamers
Plain Talk from Senator Coke
Oinnlm Fort IJlll-Olhcr
Important Matters.
WASHINGTON , May lb. Mr. Halo presented
ho memorial of the United States and Hnuil
Steamship company , 1'acllie Mail Steamship
Ine , Now York , and the Cuba Mall Steam-
hip compiny , the lied "D" Line steamers
nd the Now York , Havana & Mexican
lall Steamship company. In picsentlng the
nemorlnl , Mr. Hale icmnrked that It denied
quaiely what had been stated in certain
newpapois ; namely , that attempts had been
nadu to impioperh' influence congresM In
aver of what is called subsidies. Mr. Halo
vishcd to say In connection w Ith the recent
action of the senate. In icgard to foielgn
nail , that if this great effort to revive Ameri
can commerce ever prevailed In congress it
vould not bo done by the Influence of any
lobby. It could only como about because the
\mcrican people were becoming moio and
more Intcicsted In the subject and sooner or
later congicss would have to icspond to the
> opular demand.
Mr. Gibson rewoitcd favorably from the
committee on commerce , and on his motion
lie senate at once passed the house bill sup-
ilying the deficiency appropilatlon of Srt.-tOU.
: o carrv on to June , iSbO , the examination nnd
survey"regaidlng tlio depth of water , etc. , nt
South Pass , Mississippi river.
At 2 o'clock the pension bill was laid bc-
"oro the senate , but was tcmpoiarlly laid
nsido to permit Mr. Coke th nddiess the scn-
atu on the house "labor nibltratlon" bill.
Mr. Coke bald ho would vote for the Dill
after one or two amendments should have
3cen made to It. Ho believed it piovldcd n
possible remedy lor tlio diflienlties with
which the bill dealt. That icmedy was vol
untary arbitration to be agreed to by parties
immediately conceincd. It was a peaceful nnd
reasonable mode of .settling the serious dif-
reicnccs that fionitlmeto tlmeniosobetween
large corpoiatlons and their employes. The
nubile Interest was the hist consideration.
Mr. Coke recognl7ed the absolute necessity
of restraining the lallroads. No one , bo
sr.Id , could read the histoiy of railroad de
velopment without a feeling of piolound in
dignation nnd disgust that a sjstom which ,
like tlmt of lliu nulionds which had be
come so indispeiislblo a necessity to
civilization and should be an Insttumcntallty
in the hands of a lew Individuals lei the
systematic lobbery pf the people. It was to
pay dividends on wateied stock that wages
on thorailioads were s < mce/ed down. The
ovll would never coriect Itself. The state
govciiiment and thu United States govern
ment , while uniting ; to protect lallroad pron-
eity , as they should piotect railroad property
and the Inteiests of tlio public from assaulter
or damage , should also unite to ciush out the
practice which lea to tlio labor diflienlties
that had become so serious a teatuio ot the
ralliond problem.
Air. Logan , without committing himself to
support 01 otheiwiseot the house bill , would
nt the pioper time submit a substitute
The bill provided .arbitration , but when ,
niter trouble had ailsen , and nftei nrbltra
tion should bo appealed to and decision
leudered. there was no means of putting the
decision into effect He would pioposo that
a commission , to bo called commission of
arbitration , should bo selected by the piesi-
dent ; that the men should bo selected , pait
ot them from tliclr knowledge of law and
part for tlicli knowledge ot tlio labeling in.
tciests of the countiy and liom
among those Intcicsts ; commlsslonois to
bo live in number ; to have power to
examine witnesses , etc. lie would provide
that when decision is made It should no tiled
In the United States dlstuct coiur , placed on
rccoid theic , and become a decree of the
court which would hucuio a method of infoi-
mation for decision. Under the house bill
that could not bu done. Ho would also make
It the duty ot the commissioners to examine
all questions of contioveisy aiising between
coiporatlons and their employes , nnd make a
report to congiess. Ho would erect the
bureau of labor into a department of labor
and require the commissioner of labor to
communicate with nil corporations , to ascer
tain particular as the numbei , chnractei and
compensation of employes , prices ot food ,
rent , etc. , and to submit comparative state
ments , so tar as practicable , similarpaitlcu-
lars relating to labor in Kurope.
The pension bill was then laid before the
Mr. Cnllom thought it the duty of the
co\eminent to put on pension nil soldiers
who wc-ie unable to take caioof themselves
without lerjuii Ing them to piovo that their
disability vas inclined In the sen ice. It
some .such bill as this was not passed Wo
would lind the old soldlcts In the poor
houses of the country.
Mr. Ingalls said that notwithstanding the
oxtiava ant eulogy paid to the demociatic
senators by the senator from Indiana , ( Mr.
Vooihccs ) Mi. Ingalls had always noticed
that whenever a proposition to liberali/o pen
sions was made , the senators on that side
of the chamber ahvavs got out their slates
and penclN and began Imputing how much
the pioposition would eost They had not
been In haste to ask whether the proposi
tion was just. It them weio nny veteran
foldleis ot the icpubllc who were liable
to become inmates of alm&housus or
dependents upon public chailty ho ( Ingalls )
did not pioposo to irffjuiro how much It w ould
cost toieliuvotlieni. it would bun national
scandal and dlsgiaco for a nation ns able as
this , with uncounted millions lying in the
treasuiy , to penult those who had served
under Its Hag to become Inmates of the poor-
The question then aio o as to the precise
meaning of ceitaln piovlsions ol tlio bill , but
without acting upon Mi. Mcl'heroon's mo
Thu penato went Into executive session ,
and when the doors reopened it adjoin tied.
House ,
WASIIIXOTOX , May 18. The committed
on tcirltoilcs leporled adversely the bill
to regulate the nmmilacturo and sale of In
toxicating diinks in teultorles. Laid on
the table.
Mi. Ulount , fiom the committee on post-
olllcesaml postioads , reported back the post-
ollicu npniopriatlon bill with senate amend
ments , it having been refened to thu com-
mittcuot tlio whole.
Thu house \\ent < into commltteo for the
purpose of consideilng tlieso aniunel-
Mr. Hlount addressed Ids icinarks to thai
clause known as "subsidy amendment" nnd
made mi argument In opposition to It. An
oppropiiatlon ot § 500,000 , ho contended ,
would not seem o any advantage In the way
of additional mall trios but
would Imvo n contrary ellect. Un
der theclauso the postmaster general would
bo icqulred to contract , ICat all , for not less
than three nor mote than live veais , nnd this
would act as an absolute Inhibition upon nny
other company than the one holding the con-
tiact fiom attempting to the same
line. The Incicaso In the numbei ot dnvs
would bo stopped , and while the contract
was In force any Increase of foreign postal
servlco would boinovcnted. Ho went onto
3uoto from statistics to show the differ-
nco in pay which steamship companies
received under tlio present law for carrying
malls fiom that which they would lecelvo if
proposed legislation weio enacted. As an in
stance of the evils which ho maintained
would follow such an enactment , ho stater
that malls carried by the Oriental nnd Occi
dental lines nt a test of 35,000 would have
to bo carried at a cost ot SloyV-iO. ( He denied
the conectness of thodeckmitlon that the do-
ellnoof Ameilcau commerce was duo to the
lact that the United States lefused subsidies
to Its steamship companies , and asserted that
the decline was attrlbuuibo to the narrow
minded policy which forbid American citl
zens from purchnsinguhips abioact.
Mr , Iti 's opposed the foreign mal
seivico amendment , and said that i
the cgcntlemen wUhcd to build in
Ameilean commerce by giantlng sub
tulle * , let the transaction DO called by its
right name , but the goveinmcnt should not
; rant subsidies under the pretence of paying
fair compensation for transportation ot
Mr. Gucntlicr said that the npproptlnllon
lid not rlso to the dlcnlty of n subsidy. It
was a gut puio nnd simple. It was charity
to the I'ncltle Mall Steamship company , n
correlation which congiess should not touch
w Ith n ton-foot pole.
Pending fuithcr discussion the committee
rose and the house adjom ned.
Patents Issued.
WASIIINOTOX , May 18. [ Special Tele-
tram. ] Patents w io to-day issued ns fol-
ovvs :
William . Harbor , llutliveii , lown , dust
protector for the attendants of tlucshlng ma
chines ( icissuo ) .
David llavvkswotth , Plattsmoulh , Neb. ,
dnvico for destroying vegetation along lall-
way tiacks ,
Albert T. Hess , DPS Molnes , lown , clcctilc
annunciator nnd the alarm.
Thadtlcus . Hlnes , Tnnia City , assignor
> y mcsno assignments , of two-thuds to.i. C.
Jeralemon , Toledo , Iowa , cutlery scouicr.
Judsnn Hughes , assignor by mesno assign
ments , to V. Dek Martyr , riemont , Neb. , hai-
ness pad press.
Anion Nlles , Malison , Iowa , Ironing mn-
Jens M. Peterson , Cicston. Iowa , machine
for fitting band saws for blazing.
William A. Shatpo nnd J. A. Crenshaw ,
Tama City , Iowa , sldngllni ; biackct.
U. Specs. Tabor. Iowa , end-gate bingo.
Kinest K Sturgcss , Meclmnlcsvllle , lown ,
OMAHA vouT or nx-inv nn.t. .
Senator Manderson suld to the Hm : cones-
poiidcnt this afternoon tlmt the scnntu com
mittee on commeico , to which has been ic-
lened the ine-ident's veto ot tlm Omaha port
of cniiy bill , was looking Into the mciits ol
the mc.isuiu and would nrilvu at some con-
elusion about It soon. Tlio committee will
receive In foi mation upon the subject from
the treasury dcpaitment , nnd If It Is found
Hint thu statistics nnd gcncinl facts demand
It , it will lepoit the bill back with n lecom-
nicndatlon that It bo passed over the veto.
C. C , Woolvvorth. C. E. Yost and Chris
Ilnitman , of Omaha , nio In the city. Com
missions weru to-day issued lor the follow
ing Nebiaska postmastcis :
Edgar C. Stanley , at White Itabblt ; Ar-
Ihur King , Western ; Lewis II. Sawyer.
South Bend ; Chas. S. liiown , O\erton , and
Coniad llav , nt Polk , Iowa. Postollico site
at New land , Worth eountv , Iowa , has been
changed to a point one mile boutncast.
Senator Dawcs has amended the bill
which passed the housotlio other day glvln g
live vears extension of time within which to
pay for lands purchased in Otoo Indian res .
ervation by IncludingllmOmnharescivntion.
Mr. Dorsoy tried to f-eeuie this amendment
on the floor of the hous-e at the time the bill
was befoie that body.
Gen. Miles Recounts the Tlccontnnt.
tlcH With the ApnchcB.
WASHING ! ox.Mny 18. The following tele
gram wasicccived at the war department this
morning through Picsldloand San Francisco
fiom Gen. Miles , dated Nogalls , A. T. , May
10. "Captain Ilatfield , Fourth cavalry , struck
Gcionimo's camp jesleiday moining. At
fust ho was quite successful , captuiingtho
camp and hoises and driving the Indians
some distance in the Conona mountains ot
Mexico. About noon in moving live miles
from camp thiotigh a deep canon ho was
attacked , tonght two hoiiix lost two soldiois
killed tluee , nnd wounded many ot his
hoiso.s and mulcts , ilo reports tlio Indians
nn ) seventy strong , and seveial weio killed.
Other troops are In close proximity to the
hostilos. Ills impossible to give tlio exact
number of hostiles with Geionlmo. Our
tioops and Mexicans have fought them 11 vo
times w'ithln the last twelve days , although
at some disadvantage , not without loss to the
Indians. It icquiies nine-tenths of the
command to hold In cheek the laigo bodies of
Indians on the icsoruitions nnd piotect ex
posed settlements. "
Native Vintntje.
WASHINGTON , May 18. The National
Vlticultural association assembled to-day
nnd the commissioner of agricultino deliv
ered the opening nddiess. In the course of
thonddresshosald : "Wo me livals and suc
cessful conipetitoisln the greatest maikctrfcf
the world with nluioat cveiy other product of
Industry and skill , agiicultuial and mechani
cal. Wo also want to bo , In the ciuso of tiuo
tenipciancc. , Wo want to furnish the nation
with the cheapest , most wholesome and bene
ficial bcveiage puio wine fiom the grape.
Ameileans ought to diop false pride , which
caused them to think that tlioy ought to have
something "tar fetched anil deal bought"
when nt the festive boaid. They should en-
couiago homo Indiistiics , dlscaid
French tables and Ficnch pilccs lei
homo products when thorough tilal
has proved Amcrlran pioducts su
perior. Pait , at least , of the imported
wines aio Infeilor in puiitv and quality to
our California product. Pait ot the Cali
fornia wines nro pine and infinitely supeiioi
to tlio detestable concoctions that beai for
eign bi.inds and aie maiKed with prices that
nio at once n means ot , deception nnd a
soiiicc ot fraudulent income. . It is the state
ment of .M. Giraid , chief of the municipal
laboratoiyot I'm Is.tliat forty years ago seven-
eighths of the bi.inds manufactured weio
jnne , but tlmt of .10,000,000 gallons now pro
duced annually not 1 per cent ot It is liom
giapes ; giain , beets , potatoas , etc , , being Its
principal soiuccs. In vluwot this statement ,
this ( act , as it Is rccogni/ed to bo what lolly
it is to disci liniimto against native piodue-
tlon nnd endanger public health to giatify
sentimental i collections of the vhtues of
pilmltlve cognac.
An K\nnnncr Resigned.
WASHINGTON , May IS. Daniel H. ( Jallatin ,
of Iowa , first assistant examiner of the pat
ent ofllce , In the division of pneumatics , has
Mr. Gallatin , who resigned voluntailly , Is
thu present commander ol post No , ' . ' , U. A.
it. heie.
Conliimatlons Gcncial W. S. Itosecians ,
legistci of tlio ticasiny. Consul : Victor Vll-
qualn , Nebraska , at Haiinnqullla , Huiveiy-
ois of customs : Koheit C. .loidon , poit of
Omaha : Hans S. lieattle , poit of New Yoik.
Silas W. Unit , naval olllcerol eustoms , dis
trict ot'Novv Yoik ; L.iwieiire Ilnulgan , ap
praiser of mciehnndlsc , poit ol St. Louis ;
IMwnid it. Fogg , lecener of public moneys ,
Heatilce.Neb , : KdgnrS. Wlleon. leglster or
land otllce , Cheyenne , Wyo. Postmasters ! ,
Iowa : H , C , Kvans , Hloomtield ; A , L. Doui-
naid , Mnrengo ; S. 11. Chase , Osage : \V. T ,
bharp , Uiookljn ; K. 1) . Fenn , Nevada.
Consider , Old Dos , Consider.
WASIIINUION , May 18 , One of the topics
consldeicd at a cabinet meeting to-day was
the seizure of Ameilean fishing vessels by
the Canadian authorities foi alleged violation
of the custom laws.
HAI.IKAX , N. S. , MaylH. A telegram from
Dlgby hays an order lor the s.ilo of thu
schooner "David J. Adams" bvthosheilff
has been icccived. All lish and other per
ishable articles are to bu sold nt once.
Decoration nay in Now York ,
WASHINGTON. May 18. The piesldent will
leave Washington the ! Xth ) Instant , for
Hrooklyn , w hero ho will review the decora
tion parade the following morning , and re
view thu Now York city parade In the after
noon ,
HllnolH Medics In Session.
nr.ooMixoTON. May 18. The thlity-slxlh
annual convention of tlio Illinois state medical -
cal society began Its sessions hero to-day
withseventy-hvo plijslclans present W. A.
Jijid , of ( julncy , Hindu a hhoit address and
was followed by Mayor Momas , who inado
an addiess of welcome. Several napcnupon
technical subjects followed.
Telegraph Operator Shot ,
CINCIKNATI , Ohio , May 18. Last night
Joseph Kecgaii , a Haltlmoro & Ohio tele
graph operator , while walking towards his
homo , was shot and Instantly killed by Geo.
\ \ ' . Taylor. Tnjlor haij been drunk nnd she
nt another man and Keegan was hit by the
bullet. The luuiduicr was ancstcd.
Olndstonc's Will Iitxvv.
LONDON , May 18. Mr. Gladstone , In the
commons this afternoonmov ed ( tint the house
lovoto four nights out of five Riven to parlla-
ncnt business every week to debate on the
ionic rule bill. The proposition produced n
sensation. Excited discussion nt once fol-
owed Gladstone's motion , During this both
ihlcs to the controversy revealed tliclr post-
Ions. Hicks Ucnch ( conscrvallve ) sild his
tarty wanted to pledge that the debate bo
Inlshed Friday next. Gladstone answered
.hat his reckoning extended the debate far
bevond the date fixed by the opposition.
Aftcra long nnd waim discussion the motion
was can led.
Sitpiortoirtof Olaitstonn are dally becom-
ng more hopeful that thu homo rule bill w III
) c passed bv paillamnnt. Nine members of
ho house of commons who had htthci to been
opposcil to thu honiuiule measure Imve bcn
coin cried since Satmday , and It Is expected
that other members will soon signify their
adhesion to the bill.
They nro Trained Soldiers.
LONDON , May 18. The Irish National
caguo has icccived fiom the Sixty-ninth
Now York leglment and the Clan na Gael
society ot that city offers to equip , transport
and maintain In the Held 10,000 men to sup-
1011 home iide in Ulstei against any and all
ojalist opposition.
A French KaUo.
1'Aiim , Mny 18. A tienty was signed at Jo
hanna , ceding to Franco the entire group of
Islands nnd Islets fanning tlio territoiy
known asComoi's Isles , and situated on thu
Mozambique channel.
A Temperance AVar in Ontario ,
OitANnnviM.K , Out , Jiay IS. Two moro
dynamite explosions occurred hero last
night , one nt the ofllce and another at the
residence of Pollro Magistiato Mom00. The
oflice was completely wrecked , nnd the ad
joining piopeity damaged. The house was
badly damaged but foitunatety no lives were
lost. Tlio Indignation of citizens is very
cicat , ns this is the thiid nnd most destruc
tive explosion since the initiation of the Scott
liquor act. Tlio cause of the otitnuo Is the
action of Monroe in strictly eufoicinp the
temperance law. No one has been arrested
for the crime ns yet.
Ohio's Squealing Democrats.
CINCINNATI , May 18. A proclamation ad
dressed to the people ot Ohio nnd signed by
twenty democratic seuntois is pub
lished this morning. It consists inilnly in
an argument to prove the unconstitutionally
ot thocouiso pursued by the icpubllcan sen
Cot.fvinus , Olilo , May 18. The leglslatuio
adopted icsolutlons to adjourn ut U p. m. to
The Wealth of President Cleveland's
IJridc The Date of the Woil-
Buffalo Correspondence of the New
Yoik Morning Journal : In absence of
fresh novvs from Miss Folsom's party in
Kurope the wealth ot the Folaoms con
tinues to bo u topic of conversation.
The Folsoms have for many years
ranked among thewoaUhvaml influential
people of western Now York. The father
of Mi6 > Frances Folsom , the latc Oscar
lolsqn.iirjvasrfUPt a .imidont man in
linnnuial , nml uied poor , but ho
was an exception in n largo family.
iie.nj.imin Folsoni , the HullUlo nttor-
ncy , who is novvin Europe withMist > Fol
som , has already inherited : v quarter of a
million of dollais , and will doubtless re
ceive a largo acdition to his fortune from
the estate of his father and other rela
tives. The senior Benjamin i'olsoin ' was
for a quarter of a century or more a resi
dent of Attica , N. Y. , where humudc a
lanro fortune as a lailrnad contractor.
\Vesteni investments made him n mil
lionaire or nearly so , and Benjamin Fol-
soni , Jr. , received at least one-half of
the estate. He is a bachelor of quiet
though retined tastes , and the present
European trip is being made largely at
his expense.
The father of the lamented Oscar
Folsom is still alive. His wealth is about
a half million , and Mi s Frances Folsom
is ono of his heirs. This popular young
lady will bo rich in her own rigjit in a
few years. In fact she und her widowed
mother already enjoy a portion of the
wealth wliich Colonel John B. Folsom
has willed to her.
Mr. Cleveland recently described him
self as a poor man , and in comparison
with the average monibur of the Folsom
family ho is poor. Aliss Frances Folsom ,
his intended bride , is already the virtual
possessor of a larger estate than Mr.
Cleveland has ever been ublo to accumu
The president's wedding , according to
tlio latest ropoits , will occur lioro on
June IS. The latest advices fromEmopo
aio to the cflbct that Mrs. Folsom was
suflbring a ritlttpso of the roinan fever ,
but that if she is able to travel there will
bo no dulay in thu date of the wedding.
On tlio other hand , if the wedding should
bo postponed on account of Mrs. Fol-
soul's illness , it will occur within a week
after her ruturn to America.
Pongee silks this week. Falconer.
My stock ot lumber is selected with
special rofeicnco to lint-class tradu.
Finu : W. ( JitAV ,
Otli and Douglas.
Bargains in Ladies' Muslin Underwear
ut Falconer'b all this week ,
IIowo & Kerr buy from the best maun-
facturorsaiidgnaranteoto make the vnrv
lovveit pi ices. 1010 Douglass btrout , post-
ollico block ,
Special Sain of Line Linens all this
week at Falconer'b.
Inquiry Being Mrulo Into tbo Sanity of
Jim Reynolds.
Iowa Oil must bo Inspected In Unrrcls
Against I'ulillc Policy I'ol-
Boning a Stranger A
Crazy .Man.
Nebraska Dentists In SOSBOM. |
HKATIUCK. Neb. , Mny IS. [ Special Tolo-
pram.J Thu tenth annual meeting of the
Nebraska Dental society commenced hero to
night at the ollico of Dr. 1. W. Fuuck. The
members who have nnlved aio Dr. A. O.
Hunt , professor ot the lovva college of den
tal suigeiy ; Dr. J. J. Wllley , president of ih *
society ; Dis. J. W. Chaddock. Nebraska
Cltv ; A. Foucs. Amom ; G. M. Fnnck , Marj -
\lllo ; F. L. Brown , Hastings ; King ,
Kiemnnt ; , ! . N. Hopper , Contial City ; A. Ii.
Thompson , Topeka ; A.V. \ . Mason and G. W.
Weit/ , Omaha ; H. A. Woodbury , Council
IfluirsjJ. Y. Slijker , W. G. Uuins. J. S.
McClcary nnd 1 , W. Funeke. Uuntrloc. A
number of other memneis will bo hero to-
diess of welcome by Mayor Kietslnger. The
convention holds until Friday. Reduced
rates have been seemed on the railroads nnd
at the hotels. _
A Crazy Man In Papllllon Poisoning
n Stranger.
PAt'iw.iON , May 18. [ Special. ] .lohn Ar-
buthrott , a handsome , well-dressed young
man , was arrested lieio ay the sheriff this
moining. When taken in charge ho was so-
llcltlngthcloan of a revolver , with which to
kill an Imaglnaiy cnoiny. His chief cinzo
seems to bo fear of lynching by a mob.
Aibutluott linlls from Ada , Ohio , which
plnco ho says ho left a month ao , in order to
keep the mob from Ivncidng him. HU rela
tives have been telegraphed tn , nnd If no
answer is received the lunatic will bo cent to
the state asylum.
James Young an \cd i here fiom lown last
Satmday and went to woik on the Missouri
Pacific grade noith ot tow n. Salimlny night
he wasclven a bunk with two companions ,
who , It is alleged , administered p > lson to the
stranger dm ing the night , and llicn lied with
out waiting for the lesult ot their work. A
doctor was cilled and Young's life was
saved. The railroaders would doubtless
have lynched the poisoners If they had been
Is Jim Iloynolds Insane ?
Sinxr.v , Neb. , May 18.-SpccIal [ Telo-
giam.j Sheriff i'ubank arrived to day with
Judge Ilamer , of Keaincy , Drs. Mathowon
and Cartel of Lincoln. They examined Jim
Reynolds , whoso hanging Is set for Friday
next. Theio aio doubts as to his sanity.
Dis. Mnlhowson and Caiter examined htm
this nftcinoon , and the lesult willbu made
known bofoie the shcillf's Jury to-morrow.
The general belief Is that HeynoHls Is leign-
Ing , nnd that fear nnd cownidlco lender liiin
helpless. Ho has remained mute since his
trial In December. Tlio crime was the mcst
biutal that ever , occuried , hero. The sheriff
has been instructed to mnke all necessary
pieparatlons for the hanging. It will bo pri
vate , nnd will occur in the jail yatd.
Coliiinhus Novvs.
CoriT.Miius , Neb. , May 18. [ Special Tele
gram.J A valuable team owned by Jno.
Stcvvait , of this city , inn away this afternoon
nnd collided with a trclght car , killing ono
hoi so Instantly.
nuocnns SKI.TJ OUT.
D. D. Wadswoitli & Co. , grocers , this cltv ,
sold their stock to day to a Jno. Schuman ,
of Coining , Iowa , who will continuo the
business heie.
Stole Pocket Knives.
PAIMU.IAN , Neb. , May 18. [ Special Tele-
ginm.l Uurglais cnteicd ISoennaii & Hnr-
lan's hardwaie stoio last night and stole SCO
woithof pocket knives. Noaircsts.
Brown Iiniioaclnnent Trial.
Dr.s MOINIJS , May 18. [ Special Telegram. ]
The Brown impeachment trial , which be
gins to-moiiow , has brought half of the gcn-
cial assembly back to town , niostof the senn-
tois havlnc nliendy m rived. The senate
committee on rules have been In session all
day , and have decided , in general , to tollow
the moueof pioecduiii In the Impeachment
ol Andievv Johnson. They recommend two
sessions dally , from'J to U , and fiom 2 to 0.
They leave the senate to bo its
own judges of thu ndmlsslbility ot evidence ,
pioviding that the questions arising on tins
account .shall be settled by a majority vote ,
or , if discussion Is necessaiy , the senate shall
reiliu lor that purpose , and then decide.
Colonel Keatley will open foi thu state and
Judge Nouiso lei the defense. Most of the
witnesses have been summoned to appear
next Monday , and little iiioio than thu pre
liminary woik will bu done this week.
Against Pnhllo Policy.
Iis MOIM'.O , Iowa , May 18. [ Special
Telegi am. ] Justice Brewer , In the
United States clicult couit , decided
today In favor of the Wabash rail
way in thu suit brought against It by tlio DCS
Molnes k Fort Dodgu laihoad , asking for
Sf.00,000 for n bicnch ol contiact.
Befoio the Wnbash built Into Des Molncs
from Wnukce , on the north , it was arranged
to use the Foil Dodge line Irani that point
pnjmga iieicentagu theiofor. Afteiwaida
the Wah.ish built Into the city and the other
load himight milt for damages. Judge
Hiowcr dQcIded that such ncontiact was void ,
as against public policy ,
Inspecting Oil ,
Dr.s MOINKF. May 18. [ Special TeJcuram.J
Attoinoy ( Jeiieial Baker deridesthat , , un-r
dei the new law legulating the Insficetlon'Of
oil , all oil must Im inspected In'bands and
not in tanks ns heretofore. This , the sUto
boaid ot health decides Is liupractlable , and w
It Is piobnblo tlmt the old method vvill bo con "
tlnucd. * ,
That eitrcmo tired feeling which. Is so dis
tressing nnd often FO unnccomitublo In the
spring months , In enthely ourcomo by Hood's
tSarsiparllla , which tones the vvholo body ,
purifies the blood , cmcs scrofula and all
humors , cures djspejisla , creates an appetite ,
rouses the torpid llvtr , braces up the nerves ,
nnd clears thu mind. Wo solicit a comparison
of Hood's 111.1 with any other blood
purifier In ( ho n.r.rUrt for purity , economy ,
strength , ami mcdldn.d merit.
Tired all the Tlmo
"Itail no ajipctlto or strciifth , and felt
tired M thu time. I attributed my condition
to scrofulous humor , I had tried several
Kuids of medicine without beiitflt. Hut as
soon as I lud taken half a bottleof Hood's
Sarsajinrllla , my ai > j > ullta was restored , and
my btonuclMelt better. I have now taken
ncnilythrcobottles , and I ncvcrvv.issowcll , "
Miss. JKBSIK. F. IOI.UIAHI : , I'nscoag , It , I.
Mrs. C. W. Marriott , Lowell , M.i s , , was
romplttely cured of sick headache , which Mic
hael 1C years , by Hood's Barsaj'arllla. '
Everybody needs and should take a good. tejj
( .Iirhismcdltlijc.fortwoioasons : iff , '
Ut , The body Is now moro susceptible toi
benefit f i om mtdk luo than nt any other season. $
2d , The Impurities wlikh have accumulatej ; > ) (
In the blood should bo expelled , and "
tcmelvcn tone and sticngth , hcforo t
trntlng effects of w arm w cathrr are fclQ
Hood's Barsaparlllals the best spring l
cine. A slnglo trial will comlnoo > du ot Its
supeilorlly. TaUoltbtfo-C It IstooUt" .
The JScat Stirltw Medicine
"I taKe Hood's Sirsaparllla for a
liicdltlno , and I Aud U just the tiling.
up my t j stun and mikca mo fuel HKo a differ.
ent rnniu 11 ylfo takes It for dyspepsia , and
she derltcsgreat benefit fiom It. tilio says It '
Is tl'iu best lurillcliio she ever took. " 1' . 0 ,
TuiiNnt , Hook & 1/uldcr No. 1 , Huston , Maes ,
"J.ast tiirlng I was troubled with
caused by my Mood being out of oilier
bottles of Hood's f irsaiMrllU cured inc , I
can recommend It to nil troubled wllh Alice *
lions ol the blood. " J , BCIIOCII , 1'coi l.i.lll
Bold by alt drucgliti. f ) ; ( Iz fur fl. Prepared KuM by fill ( Irucgltti f I ; < lx for f ) .
lij U. I. HOOD i. CO . i.o' , l.owcll , Mam. by C. I. HOOD 4. -Apothecaries , I
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