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A Review of the Local Happenings of a
Day ,
Amusements United States Court
A iMnirs Mnritnl Jlclntloni llnll-
rontl Notes Hcvlvnl News Tlio
City In Gcncrnl.
ClmrlcB rinRwItz Writes " .Inkcy Kin-
stein" for M. It. CurtlH.
Thcro was no mistaking the solid
Ilclirow cast of fcatm-s : Oi " . I > . Curtis ,
y6stcnlay ns ho fingered water
cressus in the MHInrd bull'ot apartment.
They were intulligont and Denial us
usital and the cyus Npaikled merrily
when thcscrlvonur'ssalutation was made.
He has "llcshcd up" Foinowlnil since last
liuro and scums In excellent health. His
appearance at the lioyd this reason \\ill
enable him to present his niiw phi ) ' of
"Spot Cash , " which stsmiia to have been
remarkably successful in the cast.
Mr. t'uitis , in the matter of now iilays ,
is like Mr. llarrett. The latter , although
posseting strong plays , yet never hesi
tates to make nso of anew one when it
strikes his fancy. Mr. Curtis' big suc
cess has been Sam'l 1'osen. He is now
producing his .second one , and .still has
in preparation a third one , which lie will
produce in San Francisco , sometime next
month. This is by a former resident of
Omaha , Charles liaswlt/ , brother of Sum
and Henry Baswitof this city. The
name of the niece is "Jnkov Kinstein or
Life on the Head , " and of course is sup
posed to depict the joys and sorrows , the
trials and tribulations of the Knight of
the grip. It is an old subject , but it is
understood to have been handled in a
rcfivshing manner. Mr. Curtis is pleased
with it , and will produce it in San Fran
cisco on Juno Till.
The author , Charles Baswitz , was for
merly in the employ of S. P. Morse , Wil
liams and other merchants of this city ,
lie is now in ch.irge of the tobacco de
partment of a wholesale house in Spring-
Hold 111. , to the salary of which position
he will hoon ho able to add a royalty of
ubout $150 per week.
Prof Kennedy found homo trouble in
securing subjects for his experiments.
Finally the ice was broken by a coal-black
negro , who stumbled up the aisle to the
stage , amid the laughter of the audience.
Several oilier men and boy.s followed ,
until the subjects for the mesmeric ex
periments numbered four or live. The
results attained by the professor were
wonderful. One of the best mesmerised
subjects was the negro. The professor
handled him like a child , making him go
through with all sorts of contortions , at
will. He made the darkey turn his coat
Inside out , thinking it already reversed.
He made him sit down in u chair , and
Ihe negro was powerless to arise until
assisted by the mesmerist. Ho gave the
subject a long broom telling him that it
Was a banjo , and made him sing a song.
to an accompaniment wliich tlio negro
imagined thai , ho was playing. Then
several doctors were united on the stage
and the darkey was again placed tinder
mesmeric inlluencc. The medics were
then civcn needle and thread and were
allowed to sow through the ears anil ,
checks of the subject who did not wince
once duriiig the operation , but went on
lingering his imaginary banjo.
The last experiment , was most ludi
crous of all. The professor asked the
darky if ho would not like to cat some
ice cream and cake. "No , sah , " replied
the subject promptly ; "I'so done got to
go now. My gal , she wants to see mo ,
and I UuMi't stay no longah. "
"Sit down , " btornly commanded the
The darkey mecUly dropped into his
scat and was again put under the inlln-
cnco The professor then placed before
him a plate of cornmcal , telling him that
it was ice cream. Tlio negro foil to de
vouring it rapidly , uttering exclamations
of delight all the while. Ttaw potatoes
ami onions were placed before him for
cake , and lie devoured them cheerfully ,
apparently with the greatest zest. Sud
denly the professor brought him out of
the trance.
Tlio darkey fell to blaspheming and de
manded an explanation ot the stranga
predicament in which he found hUnself
his mouth full of cormneal , raw onions
and potatoes. When told that ho had
been mesmerised , hn shook his list at the
professor , and left the stage amid the
cheers of the delighted audience.
The untortainmcnt as a whole is by far
the best that has been given at the Pee
ple's this season.
MrsSclilafT Wniita to Know If IIo's
u Married Mini ,
Some time ago there came to this city
a party named James Newman. Ho had
boon among railroad men for a long time ,
and liad but recently acted as Hroman on
the Chicago & Alton road , and resided at
Illoomington. liurbank , the Sixteenth
street saloonkeeper , was one of the
men with whom ho worked and to whom
ho frat ! applied in coming to this city.
Some time ago lie left the city , gem < to
Illinois , where ho has since been. What
ho has been doing them is not known ,
butsonio of his acquaintances assume
that his conduct probably warrants sus
picion from thu fact that information is
bought of him in the following telegram :
IJi.ooMiNoro.v , 111. . .May 8. 'SO. To Win.
O'Connor , caioV. . M. Hayes , U. 1' . Shops ,
Omnlm : Is .lames Xuwmnn mmi led ? 1C
so , have his wile uus\\or this liiimirliik'ly.
.Mils. Sm.A.r-1' .
Newman's marital obligations in ( Ids
vicinity arc not well known , but the fore
going will probably bring the matter to
the burfaco. Ollioer O'Hoyle is looking
up the case and will probably learn all
the essentials.
\ ICall JSotoH.
* Assistant Superintendent DIckinson.of
tiu ) Union I'ueilio , telcgranhed to General
Superintendent Smith yesterday that
tlio " 'cruel war' is over and the strikers
are the sickest lot of men Hi the United
States , " Kvorythinir is running smoothly
to-day , and no further trouble is antici
General Manager Callaway has gone
to Chicago.
( jonoral Freight Agent Milllgan , of tlio
Ht. Joe A : Grand Island road is in Omaha
h. 11. Knrlv is snu'oring from a severe
nttaok of neuralgia of the stomach.
Thomas Dick , traveling auditor of the
Union Pacilie on thu Kansas division , is
in thu city ,
Yesterday n corps of Union ! Pacific
Bngincers worn at work on the track on
Loavcnworth street , between Tenth and
Kleventh streets , straighteningonu of the
sidu tracks , taking out one of the switches ,
byway of preparation for running a
switch up to McC'ord , llrady A ; Co.'s , at
tlio corner of Tuirtuoiuh and Leaven-
, worth streets.
Jon Hooy. formerly a well-known per-
ponago of Chinese e.\traction. about the
depot , yesterday dropped in upon
thu old haunts. Hu used to be tlio
ngont of some of thu Chinese
companies , but in the changu of circum
stances ho lias drifted north and south
tiasl and west Ho is now on ids.way to
the P.icllio cqast , but expects eventually
to return -fuller , and make his. homo
ilakolu Omaha ,
Tlio Hevlvnl Services rtt the Christian
Church Air. Harrow' * Sermon.
The discourse of Hcv II. C. Barrow last
evening was of unusual interest. The
text was Acts 8-1 ; "Tnoreforo they that
were scattered abroad went everywhere
preaching the word. " What is said of one Is
said of all ; all wore preachers ; all did not
formerly occupy pulpits , but each in
their own way preached "tho word. "
"Philip went down to Samaria and
preached Christ unto them"1 and in Acts
U-13 wo have a model report of the result
of a series of meetings ! "When they be
lieved Philip preaching the things con
cerning the Kingdom of God
and the name of Jesus Christ , they wore
bapti/.ed botli men and women , "
_ A11 -nice/1 , meetings held upon the
i\ow Testament plan can be reported in
precisely the same language , substituting
the name of the preacher and tlio place
where thu meetings me held for Philip
and Samaria. In the conversion of the
Ethiopian eunuch , God employed as
agents an amrel , the Holy Spirit and a
preacher. The angel and the Holy Spirit
wens sent to the preacher to direct him to
the man to be converted.
"Preaching Jesus" to the eunuch led
him to ask , "What hinders mo to bo bap
tised ? " This inquiry was the result of
preaclmiji Jesus , and if JOMIS is now
preached in the same way , thu same re
sults will follow. Those who fully and
faithfully preach Jesus , announce Ins last
and only oiler of pardon to the whole
world , "Pivaeh the gospel to every crea
ture , and ho that helluveth and is bap
tised shall bo saved. " This will account
for the inquiry of tlio ouiiueh.
They came unto the water , went down
both into it , he baptUed him , came up
out of the water , and the eunuch wont on
his way rejoicing. This is a model conver
sion , left upon record as a precedent for
our guidance. Those who believe what the
Kthuopian believed , confess as ho con-
fessi'cl , the divinity and sonship of Jesus ,
and do what he did , and for the same
purpose , havu thu .same grounds for ro-
jolcmgthat ho had.
These services will be continued
through the week.
The Aim of tlio Itovivallflt anil People
of St. Mary'n Avcimo Con-jro-
Kntloimt Church.
Gospel services were continued yes
terday in the St. Mary's avenue church ,
conducted by Itov. W. M. Wellman ,
evangelist. There were present also the
pastor , Uev. Willard Scott , Hev. J. L
Mailc , Rev Gco. E. Albrecht , Rev. G. A.
Taylor and Messrs. J. K. Johnston , and
E. C. B. Uarker , evangelists , who were
passing through the city.
The meeting opened with "Marching
to Xion , " and prayer was cfl'ered by Mr.
Albrecht. Mr. Williams' sermon was
from Matt. vi. 83 : "Seek ye first the king
dom of God and His righteousness , " em
phasis being laid upon tlio latter clause.
Many are seeking the kjngdom of God ,
but uo not desire His righteousness. A
religion which has any hope of the future
is now possessed of some of the righteous
ness of the future. Only the pure in
heart and life shall sou Grid in peace.
After the sermon a testimony meeting
was held , at which twenty gave expres
sion to their experience and confidence.
The spirit of the service was very ten
der and several announced themselves
for the first time as Christians.
The meetings will bo continued each
evening of this week until Saturday.
"Progress" Progressive.
For several weeks back there has boon
a paper published in this city called
"Progress. " It aimed to be friendly to
the Knights of Labor , though it hardly
slated that it was authorized to speak for
them. It yet persisted in pajinir a great
deal of attention to labor matters of
which not n little was devoted to the or
ganization in question. It is claimed that
a line at the head of the editorial columns
in which only friendship to
the order was intended to bo
expressed , was considered as capable of
misleading unwary people , and its re
moval was demanded by the knights
through a letter sent the publishers a few
days ago. The latter promised to comply
with the demand , but , if reports be true ,
they not only struck out the line in ques
tion but also that setting forth that Kcv.
W. E. Copclandyas the editor of the pa
per. The latter line was struck out and
Mr. Copeland know nothing of the fact
until last week's paper appeared without
his name appearing. The removal of his
name was followed by the dispensing
with his services at fifteen dollars a week.
It was also followed by thu retirement of
the solicitor for advertisements. John
Hannon. The ofl'onso committed by both
editor and solicitor is probably that they
arc mombtT.s of the Knights oi Labor. D
IIospo'H Omaha Kvhlhlt.
One of the finest and most cleverly ar
range exhibits now in the opposition
building is thu first one on'the left side as
one enters the structure from the west
door. It is that of A. Hospo , the well-
known music and art dealer of Omaha.
Mr , H. has aimed to lay before the phar-
maccutial convention a full line of drug
gists art sundries , vases and mouldings in
wliich ho does a jobbing business. In
making a complete , handftomo and tasti
ly arranged exhibit , ho has certainly
succeeded most admirably.
In the way of art supplies there are
tube colors , brushes of all description ,
pasudlcs , palettes and general artists'
materials , together with a full line of
plaqnos'of all shapes anil colors. The
oils and varnishes are of thu bust grade ,
being put up by Mr. llospu himself for
the liner trade. Another attractive ) fea
ture of tlio display is thn Terrahno ,
vasmvaro , manufactured in Mr. IIo-.po'.s
establishment , of which thorn if a full
and elegant lino. There is also a beauti
ful display of moldings , ranging in price
from-1 ? ! down to four cents pur foot.
There are other features of the exhibit
which will pay those in attendance upon
the convention to note carefully. It
should bo borne in mind that Mr , Hospo
is the only dealer in this line of artists'
bimtU'ies west of Chicago.
United States Circuit Court.
Yesterday Judges Brewer ami Dun-
dy occupied thn bunch , but rendered no
decisions save in a fuw minor motions ,
In tlio case of thu United States against
Charles Dorsoy , defaulting receiver of
public monies at Bloomington , in this
state , thu responsibility was cast upon the
bondsmun. Thusn were Jno. M. Lucas ,
Thos Malally , A. F. Smith , S. Shujihord-
son , Sanford R. Ryan , Daniel Fuller.
James K. Kennies , Edward Arnold and
Ferris P. Williams , and in default of ap
pearance , judgment was rendered against
them in thu bum of1,411. .
Yesterday at 5 o'clock , Deputy
Marshal Showaltcr brought to this city
a man named llowu , from Jackson ,
charged Jwlth selling liquor to the
From Among the Head Men.
Yesterday Boiler Inspector Jenkins
jhowcd rt reporter for the BUB an en
velop which had oneo boon while , but
which showiul badly the eflects of water
stains. The superscription had been
writttcn in purplu ink , but hud bo spread
that thu original color of "tho envelope
had almost disappeared. The 'edges of
the covering wns frayed and badly worn. .
The letter was from u brother of the iu-
fipcctor , written from Croyden , ono of
tlio suburbs of London. It wns dated
March Oth and was yesterday received
hero. The interval had been spent down
among the fishes in the shipwrecked
Oregon , and the delay sustained in tran
sit to this place. The letter refers among
many other things to the kind of wooden
pavement which is most successful in
Three Slmrpcr.s Itnn Out.
Monday evening about 8 o'clock , Duff
Green , policeman at the Union Pacific
depot , noticed several smart looking
chaps hanging around the waiting-rooms ,
evidently looking for a victim. They
bore evidence of tho. stereotyped "onii-
dcnco 010.11 , ami whsfi followed iniulo a
Mft.Sly line for the dummy , which
was about leaving. Green was joined by
another employe of tlio road ami both fol
lowed the gang to the other side of the
river , and saw them take their tickets
and travel towards Kansas City. Both
of the ollicurs then returned to tills city ,
This morning , Charles Mack conduc
tor of thu dummy states a man named
Albert Bagler found evidence of the call
ing of the gang , in one of the closets of
the car , in tlio shape of menlo cards , bo
gus checks and llash rolls which had
been dropped behind ,
The Chiitiuiqua.
Tlio following 0 is the programme
presented at the meeting of the Chalau-
qua circle last night ;
Selection , Misery's Pear Tree
Miss Minnie Wood.
Selection. Hlmiuuclc MI-ssAlted.
Ulnvi lixciclbo F. 11. Itutulay.
belcctloa , 1'lnntiiiL' of the Apple Tice. . . .
.MIssMivy Kltch.
Selection , Tim Sycamores..C. l'Ilnttisun. ' .
Ul.xss KxuiclbC , Parliamentary 1'iactlco. .
U. P. Scuaul.
Selection , The Talking OakMIss
MIss Kinnia Fitch.
Selection Under the Willows
WillowsMiss McDonald.
Answcis to roll call. Quotations about
ticcs. Watch\\ord , "JJo prompt nt eight. "
Army Notes.
Col , Henry has received an ofler from
Mr. H. T. Clark to locate the riilo rangoon
on his property at Hellevue. It is quite
propablu that this will bo done , provided
a suitable tract of land can bo obtained.
Col. Henry said to-day that if Fort Omaha
were moved at all , it would probably
bo to Bellcvue.
Capt. Valois , of Fort Robinson , has
been granted a sick leave until further
notice. ,
Capt. Reed , commandant of the post at
Rock Springs , is in the city en route to
tlio west. Lieut. Goodin is also in the
city on route tb his post ,
f An excellent photograph of the now
rifle range which has bson constructed
at Fort Sidney , under the supervision of
Gen. Miles , has been received at head
Western Homcopiitlilsts.
Drs. Dinsmoor and Wood of this city ,
have returned from Galesburg , where
they lii'.vo been in attendance upon the
convention of the Western Academy of
Homeopathy. For the ensuing year thn
following ollicers were cluctcd : Presi
dent , C. II. Goodnvin , St. Louis ; vice-
president , C. M. Dinsmoor , of Omaha ,
Nub. ; secretary , C. Burger , of Boonoville
Mo. ; provisional secretary , J. 11. Miller ,
of Ab'nirdon ; treasurer , G. W. Foote , of
Galesburft ; board of censors , W. John
Harris , of St. Louis , A. C. Cowperwaitis ,
of Iowa City , O. S. Wood , of Omaha , J.
W. Wheeler , and A. S. Everett , of Den
ver. The academy will meet in ono year
in this city. _
The Cable Koad.
Mr. S. R.Johnson , ono of the leading
spirits in the cablu railway enterprise ,
upon being questioned by a reporter for
the BKE , said that tlio company in all
probability would not accept the latest
proposition of the council to build a
special roadway beside the viaduct. "I
think wo shall find a way to get out of
the dilliculty without buing obliged to
accept any of the propositions of ilio
city , " hubaid.
"How ? "
"That I am not pronarod to tell you
just yet , " replied Mr. Johnson , smiling.
"Wait and see. "
Impersonating an Ollioor.
was arrested j-cstcrday by Ollicer Cur
ry on a charge of impersonating an of
ficer. Ho has several times entered dis-
i ( ir houses in the city , and repieson
ing himself to be an oflicer on the polieo
force , has ollbrcd to remit the lines of
the inmates provided tlicv would .submit
to his desires , He carries on his breast a
gold badge , something after the imttern
of a detective's star , which ho points out
as a proof of hit ) position. Tlio badge
contains thu inscription in neatly engraved -
graved letters , "O. C. Bannister , invent
or of the Rocking Grate. "
A Double Track.
The street railway company was en
gaged yesterday in laying a spur of track
running from the Capitol avenue line
north cm Seventeenth .street to Cass , con
necting on that thoroiighfaro with thu
Saundurs street line. When this piece of
traoklaymg is completed , the red line
cars will run tip Capitol avenue , down
Seventeenth and up Cass to Eighteenth
street. Coining down town the cars on
this line will run as heretofore.
Fred Ames * Other Purchases.
A I5ii : : reporter was Informed by a lead
ing real estate man of this city that Fred
Ames , the Union Pacific director , who
has purchased the property on Douglas
nc-ar the Savings bank , has not confined
himself to that purchase in this city. The
real estate man claimed that ho knew
whereof he spoku and that Mr. Ames had
made purchase of i-ovoral nieces of prop
erty in the city , u knowledge of which ,
for good and prudential motives , ho was
jet Keeping from the public.
Called to Now York City.
Mr. E. Brandcis , ono of the firm of
Brandcis & Son , the dry goods mer
chants on South Thirteenth Dst. , left
last evening for Now York City , in re
sponse to a a telegram from their buyer
in that city , who has about closed a deal
for ono of the largest purchases of dry
goods over brought to Omaha at any one
time , Their buyer evidently does netlike
like to take thu solo responsibility of
purchasing such a largo stock. It will
lie a biir advertisement for Bnuulois &
Son when it arrives.
Police Court. .
Mattie Wilson , Hattie Payne and Clara
Thomas , arrestei ! for lighting early this
morning , were lined $5 and costs and
committed in default. Four cases of in
toxication were tried , and Nelson Moran.
Carl Wcbtrum and J. Jankofbky were
fined the usual amount. Several men ar
rested for vagrancy wcro discharged.
Not Caught.
Marshal Cummingsyesterday received
a telegram from Chief of Police Eborsold ,
of Chicago , in which ho says that Batloy ,
the Y. M. 0. A. young man , has not yet
been arrested , though all of the incoming
trains have been carefully watched. Bat-
Icy will bo romouibored as the youth who
skipped out on Hiir.tJsy with $ . ' 00 belong
ing to Mrs. Wood , of Twenty-fourth and
FariKun streets.
coirio to Lincoln , stop at the
Couuncrcial Hotel , if you want homo
oouiforts. O. .W. Itrrc imN , Proprietor ,
3ho Fftinllr Market Basket Prices
And Varieties.
Gradually the range of varieties in the
fruit and vegetable markols is widening ,
nt the same time lhatthe scale oi prices is
being lowered. The thrlftj'honsowifo has
no trouble now in selecting material for a
wholesome bill of faro. The following
are the prevailing prices : ,
New caulillowcr is ono of the delica
cies at present obtainable , though scarce
selling at from 20 to Slccats per he ? ' . ! .
Onions nl'o selling at ) CO cents a pock ,
wlillo yellow Salt Lake onions bring 40
cents ,
Parsley is sold at C cents a bunch
Parsnips nt 2o cents a peck.
New hot-house radishes CO cents ad
Lettuce live heads for a quarter. Spinnach
sells for 80 cents a peck. Now green
onions , tlircu bunches for a dime. Water
cress 5 cents a bunch. Pic-plant 5 cents
pound. Oyster plants , three and four
bunches for 25 cents. Wisconsin cran-
bcnics , 10 cents a quart. Turnips SO
cents n peck. Rutabagas S cents per
pound. Carrots 25 cunts a peek. Salt
Lake potatoes , 05 to 75 cents per bushel.
Nebraska potatoes , from 50toOOteonU.
Fresh peas are In the market , sulling for
12J cunt.s a quait. Homo grown aspara
gus , thrcu bunches for i5 ! cents. String
beans sell for JJ3 cents a quarter of a
New California oranges from 25
to10 cents a California seed
less oranges sell from -15 to 75 cents a do-
en. Lemons bring from 25 to ! )5 ) cents ,
the outside price being for very choice
ones. Bananas are worth from 25 to Ii5
cents a dozen. Strawberries can bo pur
chased for 1/i / to 25 cents a quart. Pine
apples are worth from 40 to 00 cents
White fish and trout arc selling for 15
cents a pound. Salmon steaks are worth
25 cents a pound.
Fresh codlish is to bo purchased for lo
cents a. pound , while halibut steaks are
worth 25 cents. Eels are worth 20 cunts a
pound. Flounders mo worth 12 cunts ; i
pound. Striped bass arc so scarce as to
bo unquoted. Sea porch are woilh 12Jpa
pound. Salt codlish tongues sell for 12
cents a pound. Fresh lobsters are just
cojning in for the season. They sell at25
cents pur pound. North river bliad are
now to bo purchased ; they arc arriving
in liner condition than this market has
over seen them. They sell at $1 each for
roe and i'n cents each for bucks.
Fresh perch are now in the market ,
and sell at 125 cents a pound. Fiosh
catfish also on hand , selliing at 15 cents a
pound. Bull'alo is jiust in season ; irosh
caught , 10 cents a pound. Pickerel are
now in the market , fre.sll , and sell at 18j
cents a pound. Fresh mackerel are
worth 15 cents apiece. Fresh pike M'll
lor 15 cents a pound , as do ajso black
bass. Croppie and porch retail for 12 }
cents per pound.
Frogs' legs sell at40c per dozen.
Spring lamb is just being placed onthe ,
market. The hind quarters bring
§ 1.50 each , the fore quarters § 1.25.
The best cuts of sirloin soil for 15 cents" ;
rumps and upper part of round steak at
12 } . Rousting ribs , firm and jniey. can
be boutrht from 10 to 12 } cent' ' . Veal is
extremely scarce and comes high , from
15 to 20 cents , according totho
of the part. Sweet broads can be pur
chased at 25 cents a pair. Corn beet is
selling at from 5 to 10 cents , according lo
cuts. Prime leg of muttoircan be had for
12J cents ; mutton chops 12J to 15 cents
H.un is worth 12 } cents in bulk. 20 penis
sliced. Pork , 10 to 12cents. . Sausage ,
10 to 12 } cents. Venison , rich and juicy ,
can be purchased for 20 cents.
mjTrnii AND KGOS.
Butter , from 20 to 30 cents a pound.
The latter price is for the best creamery.
Eggs bring 15 cents a dozen.
To Keep Off a Bust.
Boiler Inspector Jenkins has boon in
office three months. During that timu
he has inspected fifty-three boilers , giving
them not only the hydrostatic , which is
required by ordinance , but also tlio ham
mer test. His aim is to leave nothing un
done to ascertain the exact condition of
the boilers ho examines. The ordinance
requires that owners of boilers shall noti
fy him of the fact of their rcadness to
have him conic and make examination.
But thus far thu owners have displayed a
tendency to pay no attention to thu law.
Instead of being notified hu is compelled
to run around and find them. This , however -
over , ho proposes to do if necessary , and
hereafter inspect on an average of about
twenty-live boilers per month.
Another Sower.
Ono n.ilu of sewer work was com
menced on Sixteenth street yesterday
It will run north from the main
sewer which cros os Sixteenth at Niche
las. Part of it will bo of 18 , part 10 , and
part 8-inch tilo. Thu work will bu com
pleted in about a month , after which the
htrcct will bo pared. The contract has
been let to Mount & Grillin.
ncrka'N Opinion.
Judge Burkn proposes to pay the
greatest attention to the case of Taylor
v.s. Croft , the money lender , which he
has taken under advisumcnt. He will
deliver his opinion on Friday at 2 o'clock.
The boat club will soon havu two now
single sculls.
Tlio Ladies' Musical sociotv meets on
Wednesday afternoon , May 12 , at Mey
er's hall.
Constable Edgorton and S. S , 1'oikor
are making arrangements to establish anew
now detective agency in this city.
A now btono Hag sidewalk is about to
bu laid on Hftconth fctruot in front of
Frcn/.er'b block
There will bo a meeting this
afternoon , at 2 o'clock , ot thu assurors of
the city in thu olllco of the county com-
There is not the slightest evidence hero
that there has been a .strike in thu country ,
to judge from the hundred of brick and
frame buildings which aru being erected
throughout the city.
A manure pile near the corner of
Eighth and Jones streets is complained
of by the residents in that locality , and
the police have orders to arrest any per
son caught dumping refuse matter there.
Nellie Potter and Lnlu Blanchard , resi
duals of that unsavory corner of Seven
teenth and Hartley known as "Murray
Hill" have been arronted'by ' the police.
who are determined to clean out that
locality ,
The NIcklo Plato circus returned to
Omaha yesterday and will open a
show at the corner of Clark ami Eight
eenth btrccts. The circus went as far
west as Grand Island , and struck a snag
in the railroad strikes which injured its
business , so that it lost heavily.
The law partnership which has hereto
fore existed" between Milon S. Lindsay
and Robi. W. Patrick has been dissolved ,
Mr. Lindsay retiring on account of the
failure of his health. Mr. Patrick will
continue the business at the old ollico in
Paxtnn building.
A line of sewer was being laid across
Sixteenth btrect near Izard ycstorday
when an excitable genius took it into Ins
head that some railroad company was
trying to btcal a march , and lay a track that thoroughfare The police
were summoned , a binall squad going at
once to Iho b'ccnir of the work. When
they discovered Iho Into fatato oi afTairs ,
they 'left iu di ust. . . . , /
. ' , * ' / >
Hal ford Sauce kciit by A l Kroccis. ' Ask
'forlU . , . . . " . . . .
Personal Paragraph ) * .
Mr. and Mrs. M. B. Curtis are regis
tered at the Millard.
James Young of Fremont registered at
the Paxton yesterday.
Jno. T. Alallaliou npd O. I' . Ayer , of
.Kearney , are at the Paxton.
11. B , Holsnian , of this place Is attend
ing court in Guthrlo Co. , la.
James Young , ono of the proprietors of
the Eno hotel , Fremont , is at the Paxton.
Attorney Wliccdon of Lincoln * vr.s in
town vestorday in f.ttlT.uanco upon the
VuitC ! States circuit court.
Captain T. W. T. Richards returned to
this city yesterday after a sojourn of
three weeks on the Pacific slope.
Ex-Congressman E. K. Valentino of
West Point , came into to town yesterday
and registered at the Millard.
Gen. John M. Thaycr and wife arrived
from the cast ycstorday and left im
mediately for liomo on the west-bound
P. P. Pomeroy , late of the St. Paul
Globe , a bright and genial journalist ,
has lately been addud to the stall' of the
Herald of this city.
L. Bi Wood of this city has gone to
Canada in the Interest of Ids now anti-
freezing lamp , wliich ho hopes to Intro
duce upon a number of railroads in this
country before long.
John H. Kimball , "of Wcstlield , Chnu-
tauqua Co. , N. Y. , writes May 20 , 1835 ,
that he was suffering with rhuumatie fe
ver , and had constipation so bad that
many times ho went twelve days without
an evacuation. Given up by physicians ,
he , as a last resort , took Brandreth's
Pills , two every night for buven weeks.
No.v ho is an entirely well man and
never uses any other inedictno for him
self or family. Ho will answer any in
A bun owned by John Bartlclt , of Old
Colony , Mass. , has adopted an assured
method of paying her board. Nearly
every day she comes to the house door
making a peculiar noise , and , on being
admitted , goes to tlio lounge and deposits
an egg. Having thus put the family in
the actual possession of thu "spot cash , "
she again finds the door , and , by a pe
culiar note , asks to bo let out , eoing about
her business apparently feeling that she
has made adequate return lor her keep
An Excellent Caterer Rewarded
5fr , Leutz , a restaiiiant keeper at No 8
Williams Comt lor nineteen je.Ub past , and
caterer for the well-known bheiman House
In Court Square , was in no p.titieular need
of the money which he iccehed tor one dollar
lar suunt in one-Hfth ot ticket .No. 25vii4 , in
theApill di.nvinp ; of tlio Louisiana State
Lotioiy , but he will make Kood use ol It.
lie Is an old member of tliu Society of Klks ,
and a past commander ol Postal. G. A. K.
iinitoii ( Mass. ) ( "onuncnlal und Slii } > i > linj
LM , ApiiliiU. _
On the eastern bank of the Rio Gr.indo
river and about six miles fiom Las
Cruces , N. M. , is a colony of people
whose , customs , history and religion are
the most peculiar to bo found in the
country They call themselves "Faith-
ibts ; " have a bible written by one of
themselves ; havu anew calendar in which
the days. Sabbaths and holidays , an ;
changed , and the months are called
signs ; eat only two meals a day , whilu
fish and flush are forever forbidden as an
article of Jood.
Purely vegetable , prompt , sure , safe ,
Red star Cough Cure. Twenty-live cents.
Mrs. Patsoy Brainier , a respected col
ored woman of Now Orleans , dropped
dead in church Sunday night , while dress
ing some candidate for baptism.
By the agency of the "Freo and Open
Church Association" forty-six- churches
of the English establishment were during
the year of 1885 made free.
The tusk of a mastodon of immense
size was unearthed last week near Dal
las , W. T. It is said that the country in
that section is rich in geological treas
A British export has a list of sixty-
three vessels in the British navy , about
half of them in service , which no thinks
.should bu "sold , broken up or blown up ,
but in no case rewaired. "
The Baltimore American has , in its
career of thirteen years , been defended
in fifty-five libel suits , and in only ono
has it ever buffered a verdict lor damages ,
and in that ono case the damages were
A woman of Southington , Conn. , killed
a hen , and in opening it was amazed to
bco a a six-Inch biiako run out of its
Vail has beautified its city park by
planting 2CO shade trees.
I'ropnrcdwllh Pieclul ] rfsnrd to licalU.
No Ammonia , I.lmu or Alum.
Omaha D ental Associan
Corner 10th nntl Douglas Sts.
Dr. Haugliawout.Pres ,
Kliiodcnllntry ut reusonulile rales , licit ecti or
teeth H , perfect lit and buht niulerlal.
Cold 1 illlnt' . Uold I'lult'i and Continuous Gum
Teetu u epotlultv.
1509AIEWr. . - ST.
1'ractico limited to Diseases of tlio
Glasses fitted for all forma of Hefecllvo
. . Vision. Artificial Eyejj Inserted , - ,
Qneoftlio Best anti Zictryest Stoctes in the U.S.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator
Pronorly of uvory description for sale in all parts of tlio city. I.amN lor sale in
county in Nobra ka. A complete sot of Abstracts of Titles of DomrltH County kopl.
Maps of tlio City , Sluto or county , or any oilier information ucslroil fttrnlshuil
fruo of charge upon application ,
Ona nUUKK , Maniurcr ,
UEKEKKNOES : Merchants' and Faimeis' Hunk , D.nlil City , Neb. ; Kearney National
JJankKearney , Neb. ; Columbus St.tto Hank. Columbus , Neb. ; McDonald's Bank , North
Platte. Neb. ; Omaha National Hank. Omaha. Neb.
Will pay customers' draft with bill ot ladlni : attached for h\o-tlilrds value of stock.
Patent Upright Pianos are conceded to
bo the best in tin- market at a Moderate
price. 0,000 now in use. Remarkable
for their durability , and capacity for
.standing in tune. Endorsed by Rive-
King , Sherwood , Boscovitz , Loibling ,
Eddy , Pratt , and other eminent members
of the musical profession.
1305 and ! 30 ? Farnam Si ,
OVER 400,000 art. IN USE.
r.nvtcut ItldlliK Vclilclo mndo. liUmuetn
with oca poreoaiiattvo. TboHprlncN Irnnlhrnand
Auorlcn according to the nelght they carry , l.qually
trrll nrtniitrd to rough country rnnd * fitiu
npotlrivi'MctcltiDB. jlluniilnrturcilniulhulilliy
Ul Ivadluu CorrliiiD Guilders uiid Dealers-
Best Goods in the market
d , III.
ABC ! for our goods ami sco that tl > o
bear our trade mark.
Lincoln Steam Dye Works
W. D. UOBERTSON , Prop'r.
Oflico No. 1101 O St. , Worlts 8.13. Cor. F. 4Dili. .
Lincoln , Nob. liontb' Clothing Cleaned mid It
I3lh SI , Cor , Capitol Avcnuo.
ron TIIF TitriTMi.hT or AM ,
Chronic & Surs [ 9' ' Diseases.
DR. MoMfiHAMY. Proprietor.
huiecniuuV Hospital and I'lhutu I'rattico
Wo have tliu fotllltics , npparatu * and remedies
for the tncct fnl treatment uf uu-ry form of din.
ra-o rtqiilrlnj ; clllur nuillrnl or enrglcal trrntimut ,
and InOlonll tocoincniul liivietlfcitufur tin mschi-K
urcorrctpund in. Ion osicrUnio ] In trint-
iiiL'tuefu hy letter cnnblca ua to treat many cajci
ecrdilincalfyvithoiit tve\ny \ thtm.
WHITE i'OIl CIKCUliAK on Deformities and
Ilrncc * , Club Feet , Curvature" of thu Kpluc ,
Iiai.A8E > or VOUKV. 1'ilm , Tnmorii , Canccru ,
Catarrh , Urunchiti * , Innal.ition , Klcclrlclly , I'urnl-
yelii , Kpllopey , Kidney , Kje , J ar , bklu , lllood and
all eurglcal operation * ,
IliilTi-rlcn , InliuliTM , nrncrt , Trusses , nnd
.til IdndH of } lcdlcal aud Surgical Appilaucu , man
ufactured and for talc.
Ihe only reliable Medical Institute making
Private , Special ' 8 Nervous Disease :
FA hi'iri.\i/ir.
from whalocrcannoproduced , encccetfully treated ,
tVo can renioio Syplillitlo pouoa fruui thotjttim
without mercury.
New rebloratl e trratment for lee of vital iiower.
Call and coneult ut or tend name mid poct-onice
aildrcs plainly \\rlttcu cncloso utainp , uude
ullUindou , In plain urappir , our
I'roN I'ltit ATB , SriciAL AMI Ntmotn DUHASES ,
or , Sirimu , noNonuitcKA , CIELT , YAUICOCEIK ,
hriuouite , AND At i. DitrixEs or TUB GKSITQ.
OIIINAKI OIIUANS , orteudhUtory of ) our cato fur
eu opinion.
I'crsone unable tel tt us may be treated at Ihelr
home * , by cot rccponduicc ileditlneii and 1 nstru
meut. tent by mall or vxtirci * SIX UUKLY l'A ( R
El ) FHQM OlISUtVA'llON' . no marki tolndlpall
contints or nender. One pcrsounl Interview > ire-
fcrrcdlf tomcnieiit. Fifty looma for the accom
modation of pailuitf UyJiJ and nttcndauto nt
reasonable piIcci. Addrect all J.cjtciu to
Omatia Medical and Surgical Institute.
Cor.'iaihSU.and CapUolAte OMAHA. N.-s. :
Scnlcd Proposals
Will lie riioolM'd nt the ollico of thoohlof on-
uinoor. I'lilon I'uoltlo Hiilhvn.v. nt Oninhn. until
Ki'ldny evening , May 18th , lei the ginilliitf , pllo
lirldidiiiriuul tuiL'U-liiylnjf of nboiit lorty iniloi
of thp C'ltL'joiino iS'mthcin llalhvny fiom
Choji'tino norlliniitil.
I'rolllci tuid i.nai'lllc.ittoimcuu bo scon nt the
chlcl viiKlncpr i ollico In Onrthn , or on the
uoiknltcrtholOth Intl.
Intl.S. . H. CAI.bAWAY , .
mjMoml.'i Gcncrnl Mnuuiror , U. 1 > . liy.
Kailway Time Table ,
Tlio followlnp I tlio time of nrnvnl ami do-
parttitoo ! trains by Central Slniulunl tlmo at
the Incut depot ) ! . Trains of tlio C. . St. 1' . , M. A
O. nrrlvo mid ilop.irt Irom tliolnlouot. corner
ot Htli iiiulVobtfr stroolM ; trains on the II. &
M. , C. . II. & Q. unil K. C. . St. J. & ( J. II. Irom tlio
U. &M. depot : nil others from Iho Union I'aoino
l'U"0t- '
IlrMpotinliut wo ! ictiVQ r. l1. depot nt O.Mj
H7:3o-8:00-S:40 : : : 8r)0--1110cW-lliO : : : ! n. in. . 11
ItoOlKWfiOBiWaiOO II 4 : < W-5UJ--BM : :
0:10-7:00-11:10 : : : p. ra.
Leave tranilor fur Omahfi nt 7li : II 8:15-0:30 : :
-i:43-ll ! : 10a-i-iO'l7 : : H'l"'n. : : m. ; ; i:3r-3l3- : :
2:117nW : : : t:37 : 4:37 : 5:5J : U : 12 7:3J : 7:50 :
Aiiiriil anil ilmiiutuii ) of tiulus from the
trniiifcnlonot nt Council Ululfs :
R 7:11 A. M I : ! " i , M
It H.IA. : ! M I H 5 : Up. M
CliIUi- : I 117:10 : p. M
ll ! > : r > A. AI I I ) 9:1 1 A. v
C : ! . M I 117OJp. : M
cnu\ao , nimuxaroN t QUINOV.
A tLBTiA. M AWM.'l \ . M
n ClQp. : M I100p. :
A 7(0 : P. M
Jl Pl" : > A. M | D : l."i A. M
C 0:40 : p. M I II 7.UJP. M
A 10:03 : A. H I I ) li.SlA. M
C 8:55i' : . M I A 5:10 : l' . it
A 3:00 : p. M I A ! 1:30 : rM
A 7o : : ; A. it I A : : A. M
A 0:331' : . M I A 8:5)r. : ) Jt
Ucp.ut. SOUTIINVAHI ) . "Arrivo
DepiuU NOKTinVAHD. Arrive
A.M. ! P.M. I C. ST. 1' . , M. .V O. | A. M. p. M.
B:16aj : I yioux City i\iuui4 : .1 5:153 :
I 6M5u Oakland Acc'oinmod'ii10:30a | :
" ' '
IK'pnit. IJAbTWAUn. Airlvo
A. M. I 1' . M. C. . II. & 0. I A.M. I P. M.
U 20 6:1)0 : ) . . .Vmrmttsiiuuth. . . . ! ui-'o I 7 II )
Will leave U. 1' . dnpot. Om ihn , nt fl:10--3JJ- :
10:4&-10:5Tn. : : in. ; S40 ; .1.60 3i" : p. in.
ieavo8loolf Viirds for Oniiihii nl 7:510:251. : : .
ia:01-l : : l-lIO-ri:07-n : : ) p. in.
NOTK A trains dully ; II , dally except Sunday :
0 dally oxcout Saturday ; U , dally except ilon-
National Bank
Paid up Capital $250,000
Suplus May 1 , 1885 25,000
II. W. YATIS , President.
A. E. TOUX.AMN , Viuo Prusldont ,
\V. H. S. lluoiir.3 , Cashier.
W. V. Mown , JOHN S. COLLINS ,
11.V. . YATIM , Li\vw : S. Uiii : : > ,
Cor. 12tb and Farnara Stroola.
General IluuUlmr Uushum Tn
. . . ! Ht. .
{ .IHHAt ISTIIilt til.
lii-luntl > ri'llctctbtj
liiotlulllit lillm LM , |
iiiul liifiirti * r.iiiifurl-j
nlili * > lii'p. Utwjil by ;
h'.l tioiitliu rmrlilnic tliodlionMiillrort. rclm-
DIB n > nm , faillltnui fie Jf P B ISG1 WT
iraotorntiun , and Ki'ri'.l'lt tju < * kt K. SL-
i > ri Ultlirrrciii > iltr r > ll , t IrUI rcixliirri ( lit ninlp
rptlfftlorlt. In iadlKtr , Ilrrrl anilut-ttr.riilllAKetr , > fl.
IroftOc. nJ OI.IHM "f drujitUli ut li mull Tilal ;
fno fur > tumi. | llr. U KIIMIHUN.SI. I'nul.ill
PoMer & flte
Law Jlonortors and Oopyiots ,
Btalo Auoats for Xcbnilci.
Typo-wilU'r suppllos iiiul pnpor kept In btoclr.
bond lorentilloKUO.
State Agents
's Pianos
Omaha , Neb.
frs , " U " " Jf JL U JuuJti " T ?
[ Kinim cly.'umfin CO daj > CV lir.
IIuruc' < lru-Muenillelltl | .
' J'ru . combined. UuiiranUt dtto
only bm > lulbo world ( ftiicriUlnij
- ucunliuuou * t'Uflrtc tf Maynttfo
? - rurrrut , Ixliullllc.l'owcrlul , Humble ,
Comf"rr Liu end 1 CIiLllvu. Avoid frautlr.
cm rw ( ) ( > Ocur l. htnd Mump for paini > LltU
Al > > l.Ut : 1'JtlO lll.l/lt } ftlll lllrtKAbl.'H.
* * " " " ' " - . " '
"t i'- ,