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Strikes Ending Everywhere , and the Men
Anxious toEcsumo Work
I'roscctitltiK tlio Anarchists I'owclcr-
Jy's Views on Drunkenness nnil
ItoyuotthiK Special Assembly
of ( lie Knights to be Held.
CIIICAOO. Slay 8. [ Socclal Telegram. ]
Tlicro Is the usual every tiny activity about
must of the freight depots In tlio city this
nioniln ? . All of tlicui are open , nnd all
business is being taken care of , though some
of them me short handed. Tim places of the
old inun who did not report nt the huur
named In the notice posted yesterday , nro
being Tilled up as fast as applicants appear.
Six of the old hands returned to the Hurling-
ton this morning , nnd others to the North *
western , Alton , and the Fort Wayne. Two
hundred employes of the I'lttsbun ; , Fort
Wayne it Chicago round house weru granted
an mlvmiroof tweiity-llvo cents n day , and
returned to work this morning.
James Dejnck , a Holicmlnn nnarchlst , and
carrier for the Aibcltcr Xeltttnc , was arrested
at his homo on Center avenue tills morning.
Two dangerous looking pistols were found
on him , and his house was supplied with
anarchist literature. The police" say they
have evidence to convict him of shooting
Into the patrol wngon lilted with police dur
ing the riots. Henry Dojuelc , a brother , anil
F. Movnk , n locksmith , wcro also arrested.
McCormlck's reaper factory started tip as
usual this morning with n full torcc. ami
lllnman street police claim to have Identified
many of Monday's rioters among those who
have loturned to work. The thirty-live po
lice on gunrd nt MeCormick's gates had
nothing to do. As n precautionary measure
McCormlck has twenty-llvo sixteen shot
Winchester rifles , twenty-live tloiiblo barreled
shotguns , nnd5,003rounds of ammunition
In n store which can quickly bo put into the
hands of the police and his private watch
man In case of nn outbreak.
Armour's glue factory was running with a
small force under police protection. A move
Is on foot to start up nil factories In the him
ber district next Monday on the ten hours
basis. Captain Cohen ami a strong force of
watchinon nro still guarding the yards
against Incendiary fires.
Officer Jncoo llansen was this morning be
lieved to bo in moro immediate danger of
death than any of the surviving haymarket
patients at tho-county hospital. Olliccr Tim
othy Flnvln is next to llnnscn inpolnt _ of
dnnger. Ills shattered leg was amputated
jcsterday. Since then his chances of recov
ery have Increased. The bullet wound in his
back makes his condition moro crit
ical. Charles Schumnckcr , the
young socialist , cannot possibly
recover. Ills agonies nro so terrible that he
Is kept constantly under the Influence of opi
ates , and his cot is surrounded bv a scrron to
hide his sulTurlngs from other patients. Ilu-
dolph Krnegor , the socialist , first known as
Labbi'lhardt , who put a bullet Into Ofllcor
Madden and got two In exchange , remains In
a comatose condition , and Is expected hourly
to die. Oflleers Mike Madden nnd Lawrence
Murphy , it Is thought , will pull through all
right. Murphy was only married a few days
before the riot , nnd his young witc Is spend
ing her h onuymoon beside his cot.
A Most Fortitnnto Mistake.
CIIICAOO , May 8. Information was re
ceived at the police headquarters Into last
night to the effect that llerr Most , the nn
archlst , would arrive In this city this morn
ing. The dispatch stated ho boarded n Pan
handle train at Cincinnati , nnd would reach
Chicago at 7:15 : this morning. The authori
ties immediately determined to arrest him as
BOOH us ho arrived. Detectives were iln-
Iniled to make the capture. A good dcscrip-
lion of the noted anarchist was obtained.
Rally this morning olllcers boarded the train.
The conductor pointed out the person sup-
nosed to bo Most , hut the detectives failed to
rceognlzo him from the description they had
of him. The cilfforonco was so great that the
officers know at once they had been misin
Mayor JlnrrlKon'R Reform.
CHICAGO , Mny 7. Mayor llnrrison vcfuscd
saloon licenses to two plnces which bocnmo
notorious on account of recent murders. Ono
wns Charles Xeph , located nt 123 West Lake
street , and the other Thomas Grief , who has
been riinnlnir a resort lor communists nt Mo.
51 , same street.
The wounded officers nt the county hospi
tal are doing as well as could bo expected.
Flavin is very low. but Ills condition is not
worse than last iiiuht. Jnko Hanson Is some
what Improved. The doctors nro undecided
whether his wounded log must bo amputated
or not. They still have hopes of saving It.
is'els Hanson Is very low , and his condition
is btill rcparded ns precarious.
"Honoris fiom nil police districts tills morn
ing , " remarked Chief of Pollen Kbcrsokl at
lOiiM ) o'clock , "aro , that the night wns ono of
extreme quiet. There wns no largo nssem-
binges to disperse. A few minor distur
bances occurred this morning but nothing of
n serious nature occurred. "
shows further improvement to-day.
Twenty old freigltt handlers of the Illinois
Central reported for duty this morning nnd
all roads nre handling freight In large quan
tities. The Lnko Shore road Is worKine
, again with a Inrgo foivo of police In and
nbout the freight houses who permit no
crowds to gather nnd compel nil Idlers to
"move on. "
The petition fora writ of habeas corpus In
the cases of Mrs. L. M. Holmes , Adolpli
Fischer , nnd a man named Uzlcrs , employes
of the Arltelter Xeltung , for release , was
culled before Jtiduo 1 toners In thoelretit court
jlils mouiln ? . The state's attorney stated ho
onld not now divulge ( lie character of the
nvUloncnho had ngnlnst thesepeople. . Ho
wns willing that Llzlers should bo released
nnd Mrs. Holmes should bo admitted to SWO :
or § 1,000 although she was probably uuilty of
ineparlng someof the inflammatory articles
Intho papers. As for FiM-her he held evidence
that ho had personally thrown the deadly
liomb or wasa paity to it. This produced a
Hcnsatlou in court. The jndgo accordingly
admitted Mrs. Holmes to li.ii.l ordered Llzler
released nnd ordered Fischer's retuui to Jail
for ono week.
CHICAGO , Mny P. IVler LolsocKln , a Pole ,
was held to thu criminal court to-day for in
citing some lumber strikers to riot yesterday.
Tim police ralded 71 West Lake Mi out to-day
and discovered a lot of bloody bed clothing ,
indicating tlmt quite n number of wounded
annrchUts hail been harbored In the place
after thu flight on Tuesday night.
CHICAGO. May & Several employes of the
AibeiterXcltung wcieln attendance In Judge
linkers' court nt 10 o'clock n. m. to-day.
Wnen the socialists. Adolpli Flbcher , Gcihan
Lt/iertuul Mary L. Holmes weie brought ii )
on a wilt of habeas corpus. Slates Atfonuu
Grinncll informed thocouit that lie had sulli-
rleut evidence- against Fischer , but that
| t would never do to doveloix ) this evi
dence hi Urn preliminary heating , -as
It was ot a very'impoitnur diameter. He
oven refused to divulge tlio nature of It to
the newspapers and said to snow1 his ham
would jeopardize the cnso ; not only of the
prisoners but also the case.s of those
other socialist still nt large. "I linvo evi
V deuce , " ho said , pointing nt Fischer , who sat
with eyes cast down , ' 'that tlio man sitting
there at least assisted in throwing the bomb
Sensation. ) If ho Is not the
irlnclpal , ho Is at least an accessory. "
.Irlnnell said Mr. < t. Holmes was doubtless
ono of the writers of tlio Inflammatory
editorials In the Arbcltcr Xeltung , but ho
Iocs not Hue to go Into her case to-day , and
wanted a week to Investigate. In the mean-
Imo hu was willing she bo rclenscd under
SW or § 1,000 ball. Kate Knno said she
appeared for Mrs. Holmes , and desired
nn Immediate trial. Judge itogcrs snld :
The amount of S500 Is small ball under
the circumstances , but , under the suggestion
ot Mr. Grinncll , I will make It that amount.
The person who sneaks through aji editorial
s as responsible for good or bad as ono who
nets , but whether she Is entity of
writing Incendiary editorial ? , 1 do not
iiiow , ns 1 did not read the language
and could not determine if they wcro Inilam-
untory. " Attorney Solomon said with re
tard to Fischer that ho wanted nn immedlnto
tnnl. Jlo wns entirely Innocent of any crlmo
nnd had n family to support. Judge KodRcrs
said that In criminal cases , and especially In
ono of such great magnitude as the present ,
Iho couit must rely very largely upon the re
presentations of the state , and It was the
luty of tlio courl to give the state every op
portunity to InveStluato this great cilme.
\ \ hue he learned tint the prisoner at the bar
and his associates did not bpllevo In nnylnw.
itlll justice should bo administered nnd
Inw. Ho would accept the suggestions
of the Htnto'.s attorney nnd would post
pone the hearing until a week front next
Wednesday. As regards the support of the
man's family , the same hands which have
jone down so deep Into their pockets to ro-
llovo Urn suffering families ot thu policemen
would see to It that Fischer's family did not
Patriotic Address Delivered by Archbishop -
bishop Glhhons.
BAT.TIMOIII : , Mny ! ) . At meeting to-day of
Iho now church of the Holy Cross In this
city , Archbishop Gibbons took advaiitaco of
the presence of a largo number of foreigners ,
ind spoke forcibly on tlio shins of anarchism
that have iccently been developed in Amer
ica. In his losnnrks upon loyalty to country ,
ho said :
"The government of the United Slates Is a
lovornmcnt for the benefit of the people.
Tlio eltlzensof the United States enjoy the
amplest liberty , built Is liberty of law , of
order and authority. Liberty without law
degenerates into license. Wo have no stand-
imr armies In this country , nnd lam glad ot
It , for such armies are n great drain upon
the resources of the country , and necessarily
condemn a largo number of men to a life of
forced idleness. Tlio strongest force of n na
tion lies in tlio laws of tlio laud judiciously
administered , and these laws nro upheld
and sustained by healthy nubile opinion.
The strongest bulwark of n nation Is found
in tlio Intelligence , virtue nnd patriotism of its
nation nnd adopted citizens. So long ns they
love their country and cherish her institu
tions , nnd are ready lo die for her if neces
sary , wo will have nothing to fear from nn- , .socialism and nihilism. Socialism
Is a foreign plnnt , n noxious exotic which
crows only In dark places , nnd withers and
decays under the genial sun and atmosphere
of the United btntes. "
The archbishop concluded his remarks by
exhorting' the congregation to love their
country and her institutions , and to do all
In their power to promote her best
interests , to avoid dangerous , forbidden soci
eties , to beware of demagogues , nnd not to
surrender their liberty to nny mnu or class of
Freight Handlers About to Abandon
Their Strike.
CHICAGO , May . Nearly all the freight
handlers employed or on strike hero werp
present at a meeting of the freight workers'
union to-night. The meeting had no sooner
been called to order than n communication
received fiom the switchmen's union wns
read , wherein that organization absolutely
refused to uphold the. freight workers in the
present strike or even to countenance it. The
reading of tills communication wns
followed by n warm debate which
brougnt into view general sentiment
that tlio popular prejudice against
strikers has been Intensified by the tragedy
of Tuesday night , nnd has made the prospect
of success exceedingly doubtful. Many of
those present openly declared It their wish to
abandon the principle for which they wont
out ; and return to work. This feeling
resulted In tlio appointment of a committee ,
which Is requested to cull at the ofllces of all
the roads to-morrow and negotiate for the
most rnvornblo settlement possible. It Is
stated that , failing any better concession on
the part of the roads , tlio committee will
authorize Iho discontinuance of the strike , on
ono consideration that nil tlio men bo al
lowed to return. A freight worker present at
the meeting said liobclluvod the strike would
be at an end to-morrow morning.
Excellent Atlvlco Given , to the Knights
of Labor.
CHICAGO , Mny 9. The Dally News will to
morrow morning publish tlio full text of a
secret circular from Grand Master Workman
Powderly to the district assemblies of the
Knights of Lnbor to bo read during tlio pres
ent week. The circular contains n call for a
general mcetlni : of assemblies to take place nt
Cleveland , O. . Mny as , at which matters relat
ing to Intcit'sts ot the order will bo canvassed
and action taken upon them. Also in'the
circular Powderly takes occasion to rebuke
the tendency to drunkenness iiiKomequnr-
ters , nnd adjures members to forswear thoin-
temperate use ot intoxicants , lie leads quite
n temperance lecture , pointing to tlio fact
that drunkenness Is n great incentive to
riotous methods , lie deprecates all talk of
use of violence and Illustrates many abuses
to which the boycott Is put.
" 1 hnto tlio word boycott , " ho
sayp , "and foibhl its use except
as a last resort and then only upon
the consent of thu general assembly.
Powderly then announces that hereafter ho
will rccuivo no committees and answer no
letters addressed to him Dcmllng the holding
of the meeting nt Cleveland. Ills mall , hu
says , conlnlns 400 letters dally , nnd ho has
ii.OOO on baud thnt nio not nnd never will bo
lead. Ho must have time , he says , to perfect
his plans for the good of tlio order.
Klva OllluerH Have Died Up to the
CHICAGO , May 0. The day hns been one
of marked quiet throughout the entire city.
No procession occurred nnd the police were
not oven called upon to disperse any Inrgo
assemblages. Olllccr Timothy Flavin died at
the county hospital last night nnd Ulllcer
Michael Sliechan died nt his homo this after
noon. This makes live police officers dead
ns the lesult of Tuesday evening's outrage
nnd others nro liable to dlo at any moment.
Kruger , the boelalist , who wns
shot by onicc-r Mndden Wednes
day limit , died tills morning , nnd
tlm death of Frank Lnnnls occurred nt No.
3i07 Wentworthnvc'imodining thonfternoon.
Ho wns a recognized member of the com
munists , nnd was wounded In Tuesday
niuht's riot.
No work was attempted nt any of the rail
way freight houses , but tlio companies will
give notice to-morrow of their ability to han
dle nny quantity of frolulit offered. It Is
hinted tlmt the stiikerson the Illinois Central ,
Michigan Central nnd Dnltlmoro & Ohio
loads have announced their Intention tore-
tuiu to work to-morrow ,
< " ! oiio to Glory.
GAI.VESTO.V , May 0. A special from Wax-
aliachlo says : George Young , the ne ro
wlfo murderer , was executed hero to-day In
the presence ot 5,000 persons. .Young wns
cool and collected. Ho made a speech , de
claring hU Innocence , and exhorting all to
profit by liis fnto and s > nun bad ways a'Hl dis
solute habits. After hanging cloven minutes
life was declared extinct , and his body was
cut down and dellveicd to friends for burial.
The execution passed oil quietly.
A Failure/
Niw YOIIK , May 0. The platio makers
who were demanding ten hours pay for eighl
hours work , assembled to-day to listen to res
olutions by their grand lodge , declaring their
strike to bo a failure and ordering their men
back to their shops to-morrow morniu g.
lo Stands Firm as Gibraltar Against the
Assailants of His Policy.
Political Ultterncss nnd Unco Hatred
Aroused by tlio Home lltilo Meas
ure Tlio Orcck Question May
Create Serious Complications.
Standing Up for Homo Uulc.
LONDON , May " . " -Special [ Cablegram. ! It
nay bo stated on very good authority that
the cabinet council recently held resulted In
i decision on the part of the government note
o mrko nny ofllclnt conciliatory overtures
for the support of the malcontent liberals and
ndlcals. The government will , therefore ,
jczln tlio parliamentary strucglo over the
ionic rule bill to-morrow with hands en-
: lrely free. Of cotnse , whatever concessions
Mr. Gladstone may have made thus far In the
way of modifying tlio clauses ot the bill ac
cording to the advice of those whoso criti
cisms were In the spirit of friendliness to tlio
main object to the measure , will hold good ,
ut nny attack upon tlio bill wlileh Is mndo
In a wholly antagonistic spirit will bo
joldly met and opposed , tt Is not unlikely
that so mo further modillcntlons of the origi
nal draft of the bill will bo consented to in
course of debate In order to meet the wishes of
sucliof the supporters of the government ns
liavo not yet had opportunity to consult Mr.
Gladstone and who will therefore express
their views In parliament.
Ono of the propositions which Mr , Glad
stone has been asked by the adherents of the
government to consider is Intended to solve
tlie difficulty which has existed In respect to
Irish representation In the Imperial parlia
ment. Tlio plan is for the Irish par
liament to appoint a delegation of Its
members to meet a similar delegation from
tlio imperial parliament , or , If preferred , for
the Irish parliament to have power lo send
nt any time a delegation to sit In the Imperial
parliament itself. Mr. Gladstone has , up to
this Urn , declined to favor either oE these
plans on account of his belief that , when the
parliaments wera thus united by delegation ,
consideration of Imperial nirnirs would be
necessary ; whereas facilities for such dis
cussion would bo crude , and no logical voting
ing arrangement could bo devised. It is
thojuht , however , some proposition of this
nature will ultimately bo agreed to by the
premier , and that it will meet the approval
of the majority of the party.
llnrtngton nnd Chamberlain the most
prominent seceders from among Mr.
Gladstone's supporteis , held : i protracted con
sultation last night presumably for the pur
pose of agreeing upon a course of concerted
action against the home rule bill in tlio com
ing debate. As the decisive moment grows
nearer , party bitterness intensities , nnd
hardly anything could bo more venomous
than tlio language ot some of the journals
which are active In opposing the measures
under public discussion.
Mr. Tyndnll writes that Gladstone Is guilty
of a treasonable surprise : that ho Is trying to
drug and debauch the nation ,
Vanity Fair which has been the organ of
the English advocates of armed Irish pro-
tcslant rcsUtanco to home rule says :
It is time to stop talking. If the people of
Ulster are handed over to Ford and Egan
nnd torced to liaht for their skins like rats in
a pit , any nblo bodied Englishman Is a
coward if he stands by and sees this crime
committed. Kncland Is still worth living in ,
but so sure as Irisli-Aiuerlcan reprobates ore
allowed to plant themselves in power on our
very coasts , so sure will England become n
nniuo of contempt.
The St. .lames Gazette says :
Ulster must bo ready to resist any attempt
to place the province under the rule of a for
eign government composed of Amerlcan-
Irisli Jacobins and priests hungering for
spoils and revenge.
A coodly proportion of the provincial
papers Inuulgo in similar statements. Al
though Lordwolsuley refuses either to con
tradict or to explain certain statements at
tributed to him. it is well known ho shares
the hostility of tlio bulk of the nrmy olllcers
against Mr. Gladstone. This feeling is not
duo solely to distrust of Gladstone's Irish
policy , but Is partly occasioned by resentment
for what they consider Ills policy of sacrifice
and surrender in Afghanistan , thu Transvaal
and tlic Soudan.
The Orangemen In London have agreed to
raise a special fund to bis devoted ' "what
ever purpose the position of loyalists In Ire
land mny render advisable.
The great dninrcr of the Tureo-Groek situa
tion Is that the Turks njay glvo the Greeks a
bad whipping. National feeling throughout
Kuropo would bo excited by such a struggle
almost beyond restraint , especially In holy
Kussia. Greece and Itussla are closely allied
In religion , politics and ultimate- designs
against Turkey. It would take very llltlo
fighting to rouse nil Jfiissia to action
nnd render the Intervention of the c/.nr's
government inevitable. Kusslan interven
tion would bo moro likely than not to work
tliocommenccment of complications through
out Europe. Austria could not very well remain -
main a passive witness of the rearrangement
of Turkish frontiers. Her military nnd politi
cal interests in liosnla and ller/.egovlnn for
bid. Tlio east is like n vast powder magazine
Greece is tlio chnnco spark that may light
the blaze.
Ureeoo Tor War.
ATHKXS , May 9. A demonstration meet
ing was held to-day in Constitution square.
Warlike speeches wnro mndo nnd n resolu
tion wns carried , amid wild excitement ,
favoring war with Turkey.
AVII1 Help Greece.
LONDON , MayO , Turkey and Greece nro
hurrying troops to the front. Several
Kuronenn papers nre of the opinion that Itus-
sia will secretly support Greece , i
The Entire ChlncRO Quarter , Com-
lirlKliiK Sixty AorcH , Conmunod.
SAN KuAxcisro , May 0. Advices received
by steamer Alcmeda to-day from Honolulu
plvo account of a disastrous conflagration
which occurred tthero April 18. A Jlru.started
In the coot house of the Chinese quarters
nnd soon got bovond control. Efforts were
then directed toward staying the progress of
the lire by blowing up the buildings. It wns
not until eight enure squaies , comprising
sixty acres of the most thickly populated
Chinese quarters , were destroyed that the
lire's advance wns stayed. About bO.OOO people
ple , mostly Chinese , were left homeless. The
loss Is estimated at S1,60UOUO ; insurance ,
S'Jt'0,000. Only two lives were lost.
A Giihan Imdy Kills Her Husband
and Xlien Herself.
PATHIISON , N. J. , Mny 0. Perlko Fernan
dez , a rich Cuban , of Hawthorne , N , J. , was
bliot in the right breast , lost night about 12
o'clock , by His wife , Hello. The woman then
placul the pistol to her temple , blowing her
brains out. Both nrd dead , No cause is
known for the deed. Mr. Fernandez was a
member of several New Yoik clubs.
Hiri.n , Quebec , May A A lire broke out at
an early hour this morning In Alderman Lau-
dry's bakery , and spreading rapidly , soon de
stroyed all the houses on Lake and Duke
streets , and on Main street as far as Poutln's
fitono block , at the corner of Main and Sildo
streets , where It was checked. The area cov
ered by the lire Is about ten acres , and 1M
families were buriied out. The new post-
olllee , a haudspmo structure , costing about
25,000 , wns destroyed. Other losses ro esti
mated at 100,000 , ou which there is au lusur-
aiico of § 23,000.
Vonoo Itolfns , Again.
DES MOINKS , Iowa , May 0. [ Special. ]
The promptness with which the civil authorl-
Ics checked the recent attempt at rioting In
his city Is the theme of very general com-
ncndatlon. The mayor , police force nnd
county ofllcors worked'In harinoy , and wcro
ircparvil to do deadly execution If a riot
was begun. When the excitement wns run-
ilng high , there was some talk ot calling on
ho governor for tlio intlltln , but ho very
ivlsely discouraged any resort to force ,
lie told thoslierlff that Chicago had put down
ts riot without the help of the troops , and ho
lopctl that they would not bo called for tin-
ess absolutely necessary. This put the police
force upon their mottle nnd they wcro dctcr-
iilned to do credit to their calling. As the
sheiilt's posse and police were arranged , they
could have withstood an attack fiom fifty
: Imos their number. Springfield rifles , re
volvers nnd Goo rounds of ammunition are
.ho tokens ot rn.iard which the slier lit and
ils force have waiting the mob
if they over try to break Into the
lall. There Is n little talk that
If the rlolcrs became saturated with Honor
Ihoro may bo some disturbance. But unless
theie are some very reckless leaders it will
not bo attempted.
The experience which the city has had In
tlio enforcement of prohibition suggests the
lined of great caution in selecting the peace-
officers. One Indiscreet man like this Con
stable Pierce can do an Immense amount of
Injury , nnd Involve not only his own , but the
lives of many other persons in jeopardy.
Tlio prohibitory law Is of course largely an
experiment , nnd Is slowly working out Its
own salvation , probably after some ex
perience the minor defects can bo cured. It
has been very successful since the Clark
supplementary law passed the last legislature.
There is not a saloon in the city now openly
selling liquor , nnd the snmo tiling la true of
most ot the cities of tlio state. Sioux City is
an exception , ns the people tlioro nro generally -
ally opposed to euforcument , thinking It
will injure their business , and they
wouldn't do anything to check the
boom which the young city is having. So
they have licensed tlwsaloons at $25 a month.
Tins means that while licensed to sell tin-
prohibited bovcraacs , tlio clty'autliorlties will
not Inquire if they sell oilier drinks , provided
they pay their license promptly. A similar
arrangement will probably be mndo In some
other river towns , out through the interior
ot tlio state the law is being very generally
and labor agitations In other cities lias been
felt by capitalists here. Uulldors especially
have been kept from carrying out plans they
had formed , fearing that their work might
bo Interrupted at nny hour ; Hut the carpen
ters and joiners of the city have shown a
very wise appreciation of the situation , nnd
taken a very commendable course. At a
meeting of the union lust night , represent
ing nearly 1)00 carpenter and joiners , they
passed resolutions denouncing the Chicago
riot , nnd declaring that they would not nslc
for nny chnngo in the ten-lioiirsystem during
the present year. They say that this eight
houraultatlon Is hurting- them moro than
anyone else , that contractors are afraid to
undertake Improvements , and they nro there
fore llkelv to find themselves without work ,
long before tno full Is over. So they have
taken this action as an organization , to let
builders know that they' ' can depend upon
them to stand by them , In nny work they
may undertake. The effect of tills action by
the carpenters is very salutory and reassur
ing , and does much to relieve the anxiety
over the building outlook. It is probable
that either trade organizations will follow
their example.
Tirn riiii/UArmoNic SOCIETY ,
which is the old staiidnrd musical organiza
tion of tlio city , is foaling very goud' over
the prospect for a brilliant close of
its present season. Their annual
May festival occurs tp-morrow afternoon and
evening , with Tlilnioro ns conductor. Last
year Theodore Thomas conducted , nnd this
year a still irreater success Is assured. The
Philliiiriuonic chorus will bo assisted by
Glmoru's : full band and soloist , nnd the sale
of seats Indicates packed houses nt both con
TUB iniowx iMrr.AriiMENT.
The attorneys for Auditor liiown have filsil
their answer In the impeachment case. It is
longer than the indictment , nnd that was the
longest paper of the kind on record. The
answer will cover more than' fifty pages of
typo writing , and If tlio senate can wrestle
a conclusion out of the two voluminous doc
uments before fall , It will have to work
with remarkable dispatch. Tlio ceneral sen
timent among members of tlio republican
state central committee seems to favor a
moderately Into convention some time in
Auzust. A conference of the committee will
bo held in this city In a few days to deter
mine the precise date.
The Unrepentant Hob AVoejiH for the
"Mlslit Have neon. "
IIo.Mr.iivir.ii- : . , Mny 8. On his return
from Savannah , Jeff Davis stopped hero
long enough to receive the greetings of the
people. Some ono in tlio crowd cried , "We're
proud of tlio man who always did his duty. "
Mr. Davis answered : "I always tried to do
my duly , and If tlio people of the south think
I did my duly , Iain satisfied , and I don't
care what the Yankees say. 1 have nothing
to ask from them , not oven a pardon , for lie
who ask.s a pardon must profess repentance ,
1 have not repented. The only thing 1 am
sorry for is tlmt wo did not succeed.
An Autor'fl Suicide.
Kr.wAinc , N. J. , May " . [ Special Tele
gram. ] Just before the evening train on the
Pennsylvania road arrived In this city last
night , a handsome young man , apparently
about SO years old , was. walking up and down
the platform. Ho did not seem excited , and
attracted no particular attention , but
Just ns the locomqttvo came thundering
up to the Ntntion the man lumped
from the platform directly on the track. Tlio
engineer tried to ruvrreo Ids locomotive , but
was too Into nnd the man wns ground to
pieces under the wheels. Jly a letter found
on his perMm the suicide was identified as
Frank Clements , n missing actor of the
Modjeskn troupe , for. whom bcarch has been
made by his friends since last Sunday , No
reason can lie given for the rash act except
that he has been on a prolonged debauch.
The Murderous Deputies.
ST. Louis , May 8. T. E. Hewlett , leader
of the deputies who fiied on and killed sev
eral of the mob In East St. Louis about a
month ago and who has been held in the city
jail on the charges of manslaughter and
being n fugitive from justice , was yesterday
allowed to furnish ball in the sum of S5WK ) .
Immediately after the < bond was approved ,
Hewlett armed himself ns n inenns or defense
against possible attack by sympathizers of
the East St. Louis victims and boarded n
train nt the union dejot for homo nt Meri
dian , Miss. The other deputies furnish bail
next week. to
I'hrco Children Duriiod to Death.
JACKSON , Minn. , May'6. Frank Henoit's
farm house , twelve nilles west of Jackson ,
burned yesterday about noon , Nothing was
saved In the house. Three children , aged 1 ,
il and 5 years , perished , in the flames. The
father was carrying the mall nt the time and
the motlicr working In a distant part of the
farm. On seeing the house burning she came
running to the liousu and would have rushed
into the tire had she not been restrained by a
neighbor who arrived nt the moment. The
mother will lese her reason.
Tlirco I5oy Drownod.
PniivADKU'iiiA , May 0. Four boys were
in a row boat on Wissahlcken crecK this
forenoon , when the boat pitched over the
dam at Kivcrslda , wheie the creek empties
into the Sknylkill river. Patrick Hroderlck ,
ngcd 15 , Jnmes Ahenrn , aged 14. nnd William
Hynn , ngod 13 , were drowned bofoio assist
ance could bo brought to them , Pat Fuery ,
aged l-l , was. rescued.
Everything Destroyed.
Piui.ADKi.i'iiiA , May 0. The Philadelphia
-Maritime Exchange Sltni&l Station on capo
Hcnlopcn , took tire lust night and every
thing -was dubtroyed.
Many Important Bills to bo Considered
Next Week.
A Proposed Constitutional Amend-
incut An Iowa Man PctltloiiH Con-
Kress for $2noo to Take Him
West A NCAV Centennial.
IMnko Itnsto Slowly.
WASHINGTON. May 8. The president tc
.lay returned to Iho homo of representatives
without his approval the bill entitled , "An
act Incru.iblng tlio pmislon of Andiew J.
Hill , " on account of nn error , the veal name
of the beneficiary being Alfred .1. Hill , in
ferring to the settled polley of congress in
granting pensions to persons whose claims
mvo been rejected by tlio pension bureau , the
president says :
' 'The policy of frequently reversing by spe
cial amendment decisions of the bureau In
vested by law with the examination of pen-
tiiou claims tully equipped for .such examina
tion , and which ought not to ho suspected of
iny lack of liberality to our voternn soldiers ,
Is exceedingly questionable. H may well bo
doubted If a committee of congiess has n bet
tor opportunity than such asrency to jiidno of
[ ho merits of such claim. If , however , there
is nny lack of power in the pension bureau
fora full Investigation it should bo supplied.
If the system adopted is Inadequate to do full
justice to the claimant It should bo corrected ,
nnd if there Is n want of sympathy and con
sideration for the defenders of our govern
ment the bureau should bo rcorcniilzcd. A
disposition to concede tlio most goucrons
treatment to the disabled , aged nnd needy
nmong our veterans should not bo restrained ,
nnd it must bo admitted In some
cases 'justice nnd equity cannot bo at
tained without the charitable tenden
cies of the government in tnvor of worthy oh-
lects and Its care Indulged under fixed rules.
These conditions sometimes justify a resort
to special legislation , but I am convinced
that tlio interposition by a special enactment
In the granting ot pensions should he rare
and exceptional. In the nature of things , If
this Is lightly done and upon slight occasion ,
an Invitation is offered lor the passage of
claims by congress which , upon their merits ,
could not survive the test ot examination by
the pension bureau and whoso only hope ot
success depends moro upon the sympathy
often misdirected than upon riidit nnd jus
tice. The Instrumentality devised by law for
the determination of pension claims Is thus
overruled nnd discredited , nnd there Is clnn-
3cr [ that. In tlio end , a popular prejudice will
l > e created against these who arc worthy
and entitled to the bounty of the KOV-
crnment. There have lately boon presented
to mo , on the same day , for approval , nearly
J-IO special bills , granting and Increasing
pensions and restoring to the pension listthe
names of parties which , for cause- , have
been dropped. To nld the executive duty
they were referred to the pension bureau for
examination and report. After the delay
absolutely necessary they have been returned
to mo within a few hours of the limit con
stitutionally provided for executive action.
Two bundled and thirty-two of these bills
nro thus classified : Eighty-one cover cases
in which favorable action by tlio pension bu
reau was denied by reason of insulllclcncy of
testimony filed to prove the fuels alleged.
These bills 1 have approved on the assump
tion that the claims were meritorious and by
the pastfige of the bills the 'government has
waived all proof of facts. ' Twenty-six of tlio
bills cover claims rejected by tlio pension bu
reau" because tlio "cvldenco produced tended
to prove that the alleged disability existed
botoro tlic claimants enlisted. Twenty-one
cover claims which have been denied by such
bureau .because the evidence tend
ed to show that the disability ,
though contracted In the service ,
was not incurred in the line of duty. Thirty-
three cover claims wliich have been denied
because the evidence tended to show that
tlio ( Usability originated after the soldier's
discharge from the army. Forty-seven cover
claims which had been denlntl because the
general pension laws contain no provisions
under which they could bo allowed , nnd
twenty-four claims have never been presented
to the pension bureau. I estimate the ex
penditure Involved in tlio hills nt more
than § 33,000 annually. Though mv concep
tion of public duty leads me to the conclu
sion upon tlio slight examination which I
have been able to give to such of thOo bills
as uro not embraced In tlio first class abovii
mentioned that many of them should bo dis
approved. I am utterly unable to submit
within the time allowed mo tor that purpose
any objections to the same. They will , there
fore , become operative without my approval.
It. A. ScliclIInius AskH Congress Tor
tftJ.r.OO to Take Him West.
WASHINGTON , May 0. [ Special Telo-
envm. ] lloswell A. Sshcllhaus , of Selma ,
Van Huron county , Iowa , has addressed two
long petitions or letters to Han Hill , his con
gressman , asking him to have congress ap
propriate 5JW)3 ) to enable him to remove
west and secure homes for himself and fam
ily on tlio public lands , Sehellhaus says :
" 1 base my petition on the peculiar circum
stances of my unfortunate condition and
upon the broad principles of humanity and
justice. Justice because an Injustice was re
flected upon me and my father in
IBOl-Cj , when my father was thrust
from Ills official position ( I'oslma&ter nt
Ureneta.Clark county. Missouri , and I was his
deputy ) driven from home his property con
fiscated nnd his family reduced to poverty
Why ? llocnnso ho and my brother boldly
maintained the. .supremacy of the civil over
tlio military rules. From this injustice I
btlll sulfur moro than most others , because 1
run physically disabled. "
Tlio writer enters into a long and technical
argument to hhow that congiess bus power to
muU'o this appropriation and seems to
think ho will get It , hutlio Is much
mistaken ns he will find out soon.
Ills petitions arc signed by n number of
lending clti/.cns of belma and Koosanqna
who evidently enjoy tlio joke. Among tlio
signatures are thosii of lion. K. A. Duck
worth , L. 1) . liotchkiss and Uoorgo F ,
An Important Decision on tlio Addi
tional liounty Act.
WASHINGTON , " May 8. Scconn Comp
troller Maynard has rendered an Important
decision under the additional bounty net of
July 23,16 1. The decision Is to the effect
that every soldier who enlisted after April 14 ,
IbOl , fora period of not less than two years
ami was honorably discharged lifter tcrving
two years for the purpose of enabling him to
accept u commission , Is entitled to the addi
tional bounty of 8MJ authorized by the thir
teenth section of that net , provided ho was
not entitled to any gieater bounty than S1CO
under tlio law existing nt tlio date ot the
passage of the act , and provided his claim
was filed in time. This decision Is not ap
plicable to any claims for Mich additional
bounty which were not filed till niter July 1 ,
IbS ) . tlio time lor filing Mich claims having
expired by limitation on that day.
The bill granting the Kansas City , Tort
Scott & Unit railroad the right otvay ;
through Inillan tenltory passed.
The military academy appropriation dill
passed , and considerable progress was mabe
on the army appropriation bill.
Itnmors were current ngaln to-day that
Commissioner Spin Us had been called upon
to resign , but they could not be traced to any
rellablo source.
A Proposed Constitutional Amend
ment Another Cololirntlon.
WASHINGTON , May 0. [ Special'IVli rnm I
Tlicro is a prospect of passing n joint .L-SU- .
Intlon proposing nn amendment to in i-on-
stltutlon for tlio beginning of the Mieccsslvo
, administrations upon the COth ot April in
stead ot upon the 4th ot March. The amend
ment Is received with favor both In the sen
ate nnd , although the first congress as
sembled on the -itli of March. 1TS9. H did
not get n quorum until Anrll mm Wash-
ngton was not Inaugurated until
ho 30th ot that month It
Is proposed to extend President Cleveland's
term until April : , 185H.
Speaking of this matter to a prominent
Icmocrntlc member of the house ho said to-
lay there was a general feullng In both
branches of congress that the one hundredth
anniversary of our government under the
constitution should bo celebrated , and that to
lo It by opening a permanent exposition
would undoubtedly merit the approval of nnd
nld from congress.
Democratic Falsehoods In Ucgnrd to
Ilia Oniiitt | > cU * Weaver Contest ,
WASHINGTON , May l' ' . [ Special Telegram. ]
The democratic newspapers of DCS Molnes.
lown , containing n telegraphic batch of false-
mod In regard lo the Campbell-Weaver con
tested election have caused great Indignation
lere among icpublicnns who are minted ns
mvliifotcit for Weaver. The malicious
falsehood Is generally attributed to Weaver
and ha * damaged his reputation very much. '
The facts nio : The democratic rebel crew
voted for Weaver and the republicans for
Campbell. Tlio result was n fore
gone conclusion , ami boiico hut little
nterost wns manifested in it. Weaver is
nklng tills undcih.inded means to down
Campbell and keep him off tlio truck this fall ,
or ho fears him moro than nny other man in
Iowa , and Is very anxious to have him kept
ml of the race , fenrliiK 'that it nominated
Campbell will beat him.
JCho Interstate Commerce Hill Will Ho
Toted on To-Morrow.
WASHINGTON , May 0. The senate has
innnlmousdy consented to devote to-morrow
nnd Tuesday to discussion of the Interstate
commerce bill and to vote upon the measure
jeforo adjournment on Tuesday. It Is the
inderstnmllng that tlio general pension bill
will bo next taken up , ami that the bank
ruptcy bill , open Mission resolutions , Chinese
restriction bill and 1'ncllic railroad debt ox-
enslon bill shall follow In their order. It is
lossible , however , that not moro than one or
, wo of these measures will bo disposed of
during the coming week.
The appropriations committee has the atcrl-
culture , pension nnd District of Columbia
appropriation bills under consideration , and
is sub committees have imido such progress
that one or more ot them may bo brought in
speedily If desired , but HOIK'are likely to bo
reported or brought up for action this week.
They Gagged Him at Lust ,
WASHINGTON , May 9. [ Special. ] A little
secret , but n very significant one , politically ,
ins leaked out here. These who have fol-
owed tlio recent movements of Jeff Davis
luring his tour in the south bnve noticed
.hat in his journey from Montgomery to At >
anta ho was trotted out nt every stopping
ilaco by his follow traitor , General and Ex-
Senator Cordon , of Georgia. They have
ilso noticed that whenever and wherever
10 presented him he announced that tlio arch
traitor was too weak nnd exhausted to make
a spcccli to his admiring brother traitors.
I'hoseeiot that leaked out had relation lo this
'net. When the democratic leaders hero
cnllzcd how old Jelf was ever
lastingly smashing the prospects ot the demo
crats the greatest consternation wns mani
fested by them. Hurried consultations were dutm-miiicd that old Jelf
must be. muz/.Icd nt all .hazards. The wires
were loaded down with'messages ' to Gordon
: o inu/ ! the old imbecile , "for God's sake ,
nnd for tlio party's sake. " And it was done ,
ns the result .shows ; but it was done too Into
o save the partv from the effects of old
Jeff's rashness. The hiss of tlio traitor has
jecn heard by every loyal man in tlio Union.
The Labor Question.
WASHINGTON , May 9. [ Special. ] Moro
las been said hero during the week , and
nero Is being said hero now , about tlio labor
strikes nnd the riots growing out of them
: han of any other or in fuel nil other subjects.
It is the unanimous opinion of the great
.hlnkers in both parties that the labor iiucs-
.ion Is the most profound and serious ono
: hat congress will have to worry over fiom
; his time forward. How to avoid strikes and
low to treat strikes and riots when they can
not bo controlled , are the serious aspects.
How to employ reason instead of weapons of
destruction , is the issue , and congress , nil
concede , will have Its hands very full of It
"Tills question will undoubtedly figure
prominently In the npnroachlngcampaigns , "
said an old senator , "and thorn is one thing
the masses should look to the defeat of dem
agogues. Tills is a time which will try
patriotic men's souls. Wo want only those
who have the honesty nnd courage to vote
against capital or labor unflinchingly , as
duty demands. "
They Feel Hotter.
AVASIIINOTON , May I ) . [ Special. ] The
thoroughbred democrats nro foeliiiir much
better toward the administration since the
laying of the beige ugnlnst the treasury de
partment employes. Theru urn nbout fifty
clerks discharged every week at the treasury
now. Few of the dismissals are mentioned
in t ho local press , because there Is no avenue-
of publicity of tlio fact except through the
dlblodgcd employes , nnd ns a general rule
they don't caiti to say anything about It. The
employes retained have been instructed to
makeno comment upon this matter. At the
present rate of dismissals few republcaiifl
will bo in the department three months
WASHINGTON , May 'J. [ Special. ] There Is
talk nbout leaving the tnrllf bill rest just
where It is until tlio next session of congiess ,
nnd It Is likely that it will bu done. It is
plain that tlio bill cannot bo passed , and tlio
situation resolves Hi-elf Into a question of ex
pediency : "Is It bettor to permit Iho demo
cratic house to defeat the tariff bill , or will it
ho better to let the bill remain ns it is during
the campaign , as an earnest of a desire to ful
fill tlio pledge bo made in the platform nt
ChleagoV" The latter Is generally accepted
ns the better pnit of wisdom , mul so It will
probably be.
fired Feeling I
That extreme- tired feeling which Is BO dis
tressing and often BO uiir.ccouutablo In the
spring months , Is entirely overcome by Hood's
Barsaparllla , which tones the whole body ,
purifies the blood , cures scrofula and till
humors , cures dysier | > sla , creates an appetite ,
rouses the torpid liver , braces up tlio nerves ,
and clears tlio mind. Wo solicit a comparison
of Hood's Sarsaiiarilla with any oilier blood
jmrlller In tlio maiki-t for purity , economy ,
strength , and medicinal merit ,
Tired all the Tlwo
"I Jiad no ajipetlto or strength , and felt
tired all tlio time. I attributed my condition
l.o scrofulous liumor. I had tried several
Mnus ol medlcliio without benefit. Hut as
soon as I had taken half a bottle of Hood's
Sarsaparilla , my ni'jictlto ' was restored , and
my stomach felt better. I have now taken
nearly three bottles , aud I never was so w nil. "
Mas. JESSII : F. DOUIIUIIK , 1'UECoag , It. I.
Mrs. J. "W. Manlott , Lowell , Mass. , was
completely cured of sick headache , which she
liad 10 years , by Hood's Sarsajiarllla.
THE /-DAVID / - j , ADAMS ;
The British Minister Rends Congress o \it \
Stiff Lcotnro on the Subject. ]
Hon. Saokvlllo AVcst Puts the Art-
_ inlnlstri\tlon on the Hack null
Sneers nt the Senator From
Maine Ills VIcwH nt Length.
West Interviewed.
WASHINGTON , Mny . Tlio Post tomorrow
row will publish nn Interview with Hon.
Snckvlllu West , Hiltlsh ministerIn regnrd to
the sclzuio of the United States fishing ves
sel Adams by Canadian nuthorltle ? , In which
ho says :
" 1 have no official correspondence upon the
fisheries question this year. You BCO , that
matter Is In the hands of the Dominion au
thorities nt Ils present singe. They corres
pond directly with the c-doiilM o'fllco In Lon
don nnd it Is not until some acnton Is taken
by the Imperial government that I should bo
called upon to net In the matter wjtli the
United States. 1 do not apprehend
this question Is going to cause any serious
iillfciences between the two countries.
Of cour&o the seizing of tlio Adams nt Dlgby
will increase the unpleasantness which Is felt
on both Hides. Kvcrything might have been
avoided had congress taxi'ii the ndvieo of the
administration nnd appointed a commission
to Inquire into the whole dispute. Hut It
has chosen not to do .so , led by Senator Fryo
who really does not seem to cure what ho
save. Congress has denounced the treaty of
1S5I ; It has denounced the llsherlcs
treaty of Ib71 and has substituted
nothing , leaving us to fall back upon
n miserable old treaty of 1H18. Instead ot
progress , thoio hiw been retiogresslon In this
matter , nnd we nre now acting under a
treaty made over sixty years nuo. The ques
tion a now is the interpretation ot that
tieaty. Canadians may Interpret ono way ,
Americans another , while tlio Im
perial government mny understand
It in a way of its own. Kv-
orytldng appears now to depend upon the
way in which the Hrititdt government may
Interpret this treaty. Tills seizureof tun
Adams will bring up the question and possi
bly decide tlio interpretation. It will como
before a mixed court , part Hritish citizens
and part Americans. 1 don't believe tlioro
will bo any retaliatory action taken by
either country. That system Is tno old and
has gone out of use , nnd it lias been found
always to operate against retaliation.
About Distinguished People.
WASHINGTON , Mny ti. [ Special Telegram. ]
Mrs. Judge llowell and Miss L. Ilowell of
Iowa are at tlio Kbbltt house. Friends of ;
Senator and Mrs. Van Wyck expect their re
turn homo from Nebraska to-night. First
LieutenantJoseph M. Cnlllf , Third artillery ,
has been detailed ns professor of military
science and tactics of tno state university o
Iowa nt lown City , July 1 , relieving First
Lieutenant Kdwnril C. Kuower , Third artil
lery , who has been ordered to join his bat
Mycr.s IJoiits the Kii llHlinmii in a
Three-Quarter 7 > ! llo Kiioc.
NKW Yonic , May 10. Thirty-live hundred
persons to-night witnessed the second race
between Myers and ( Jeorgo In Madison
Square Garden. The dlstnnca was three-
qinrteis of a mile , rind ( ho men started at 11
o'clock. Hotting at the time wns three to ono
against Gcorgp , with few takers. George nt
the start went off to a lead of about elclit
yards , which he increased idler the llrst lap
to fifteen yards. Tills ho held until the last
lap had been entered upon , then Myers broke
away and flitted past George.
Mvcrs crossed the line in 8 minnles , 15'.J-5
seeo'nds , with George seven yards or 1 3-S
seconds behind him.
Much Feeling In Gloucester , over
Seizure of the "David .J. Adnins. "
GI.OUCKSTI'.U , MASS. , May 9. There is
great excitement hero over the seizure of tlio
schooner David J. Adams at Dlgby. People
feel Indignant that nn American scliooncr
Kiwuld tie seized for endeavoring to make '
purchases when Canadian vessels nio at
pri'.Mint in this port lilting out.
Tlio American fishery union will do nil In
its power to piotect tlio rights of tlio Ameri
can vessel. Aflidavlfs , with nil the evidence ,
will bo submitted to the United Stntes
HIust ITnvo Their Pound ori-'lcsh ,
CHICAGO , Mny U. The Union Mutual LI'o
Insurance company ot Maine to-day ngrccd
to relinquish its claim upon Iho property oC
tlio Chicago unlveisity upon condition Ih t
the trustees of tlio university raise by sub
scription SfiOO.OJO in cash before the l liC l
April , 16S7. Tills hum is lo be used paitlyfor
the purpose of lifting the insurance- com
pany's mortgage which , with Interest , now
amounts to 8200,000. The balance- for cur
rent expenses nnd to furnish to the Indtltn-
tlon nn endowment of Sl.W.OOO. In addition
to tlio 8WO,000. n fund of 510,000 , to bo paid
tlio Insurance company , an rent , must bu
secured by the trustees before August 1,1W3 ,
the AimruhlHtfi ,
CHICAGO , May H. The anarchists niadoan
attempt to hold meetings in several of their
customary assembling places hut were In
each CIIEO dlspoiscd by the police. At ono
place twenty men were found by a detnll o
police. They snld tlieyweio the "llod Cnr-
rleis' Union" nnd wanted to iirgno the point
with the pollen lieutenants. The police were
in no mood for an argument and niter search *
I ngoveiy man present ordered them tore-
urn to their homes.
Cntloi-H on SlrlUo.
PiiiiAniii : > niA , May 0. It has been de
cided to-night that all cutlers In the employ
of wholesale houses should go out on fitilko
on Monday for eight hour * work nnd ten
hours pay.
Wholesale houses employ some 000 cutlers ,
nnd Ihii withdrawn ! of these men fion : diN
feicnt houses on Monday will throw out oc
employment between 7,000 nnd 8,00 , ! ) persons ,
Everybody needs and should take a good
i ; ; medicine , for two reasons :
1st , Tlio body Is now moro siiEccptlblo to
benefit from niedlclnotlmiint any other season ,
2d , Tlio Impuiltles which hr.vo accumulated
hi the blood bhould bo expelled , nnd the sys
tem given tone and strength , bcforo the ] > ros-
trallng effects ol warm weather nro felt.
Hood's Bnrsaparllla Is the best spring medi
cine. A tliiglo trial will convince you of Ita
superiority , Take It licfoic It Is too late.
Tito Jicut Sprlnu HctUclHO
"I take Hood's 8 < rsap.irllla for a spring
medicine , and I find It just tlio thing. It tones
up my system nnd makes mu fcul like a dlllcr-
cut man. My wlfo takes It for dyspepsia , and
shoileilvcs great benefit from It , Bhosayslt
is the best mcdlcluo shu ever took. " F , 0.
TimNint , Hook Ki Ladder No. 1 , liostou , Mass.
"Last sprint ; I was troubled with bolh ,
caused by my blood Icing out ot order. Two
bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla cured me. 1
can iccommcml It to nil troubled with alk-c-
tlons of the Hood. " J. Kcuocn , re-orb , 111.
B la by all druggliU. fli lx for 5. Sold by all dniEsUU. fl | li for I5. ? 1'repaua
b0.1. . HOOD. & CO. , Ajx > ticcarle ! , Lowfll , Man. l > y U. I. IIOOl ) & CO. , Ai'otliccarlci , Umell , MMv
, IOO Doses Ono Dollar IOO Doses One Dollar