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ilHM'UUvlTi '
Kcclf e the Story.
Unlit Malaria anil IKIUMiniatttmi.
Moutlis ngt 1 had occasion to publicly
testify to thu rnro curntlro properties of
Swift's Spccllln In tl.o truatincnt for
rheumatism , from which 1 had suffered
for fcoyornl years. 1 am again constrained
to testimony to tlio virtue of this
famous nicdicinu in thci treatment of tut *
other and quite a different disea'o.
During my Into visll to tlio North Ivns
stricken dawn with malarial fever , and
nt times "my recovery was extremely
doubtful. At this period of my sickness ,
however , a copy of an Atlanta papur
came to hand in whicli was a certificate
from soinii person who had used with
success Swift's SpcciHe in a .similar care ,
Having a bottle with me , I immediately
commenced taking it , and f am proud to
say that good results followed at onco. I
then procured a few bottles from Boston ,
and continued to take three doses daily
until frccoyored my health perfectly , a
result largely dun to that valuable prcpa
lion , S. S. S. Gratefully ,
Atlanta , January , 1880.
iHtcrcHtlng Texa * Girl Cane.
Tlio Swift Sprcillo Co. , Atlanta , Ga.
Gcidiemcn : In answer to your inquiries
as to tlio health of my little girl , 1 state :
Her health is Rood. For ten years she
has been afllietodwith diseases of the hip
joint , and although she has been rendered
permanently lame , her _ abscoi-hos have
healed and her health is good. I have
every reason to believe that she owes her
restoration to the use of S.S. S. , by which
her blood has 'been purillod and she in
vigorated. In all she has taken some
fifteen bottle ? , and is still keeping up its
mo. 1 charge nothlii" for saying that 1
have great faith in S. S. S. , and to its
healing and blood rrrifying properties I
attribute the restoration of my little girl
to perfect health. Yours truly ,
A. I * . BOYD ,
Editor North Texan , Paris , Texas.
January 23 , 1883.
Illoud Poison.
Three years ago I contracted blood
poison. I took mercury and potash foi
nix months without any benolit. I then
took Swift's Specific , and it soon drove
away every symptom of the disease. I
recommend S."S. S. on every occasion ,
as it is really a boon to humanity , am
every one suflering with blood poison can
take it with great confidence.
PHOK. EmviNBAAit , ayi E. 32d st.
New York , Jau. 13 ,
From AlnlMiiim. '
I have been afllictcd with rheumatism
over three years. Two years of the time
I could not walk a stcj > could not oven
stand on my feet. My joints were all
swollen and some of them rimuiiig sores.
1 conimnnced taking S. S. S. , and in six
weeks was walking. I consider that I
am cured of the worse case of rheuma
tism that I over heard of , and Swift's
Specilic did the work. IKK I'lturrr.
Salem , Ala. , Jan. 21 , 1880.
Wo know the above statement to bo
true. We gave him the medicine ( S. S , S. ) .
Thu day wo gave it to him ho actually
could not stand upon his feet had no
use of hia limbs whatever. We make this
statement cheerfully , ad the result of our
own observation. ADAMS Bitos. &Co ,
Dealers in General Merchandise.
Salem , Ala. , Jan. 21 , 1880.
Wonderful Ellcc-tH From Ono
I have for the past five years been
suffering from what the physicians told
me was malarial poisoning. Have taken
a great deal of medicine for it , many
times going through a regular course as
prescribed for mo , feasting on quinine ,
etc. , but got no relief , i have now taken
one bottle of S. S. S. , and I have no moro
chills and no bad feeling , and am free
from the disease. It has helped my ap
petite greatly and built mo up generally.
JOSEPH ANDEUSON. ! ! 33 Third Aye.
New York , Doc. t ) , 1883.
Suffering Humanity for 10 $ earn
, a period of over
Cleanses the system of the baneful effects'of"
And gives the victim a new lease upon life.
s. IEcariiStatement. .
I have been troubled with eczema of
my face for tlio past three years and a
half. My entire face was covered with
it , and it rendered mosocon.spieudu.sthat
it was unpleasant to appear in public. . 1
consulted the ablest physicians in the
city , among others a celebrated specialist
in diseases of the skin , who treated mo
during tlio first winter without the slight
est perceptible benolit. I then tried the
sulphur treatment and various adver
tised medicines with little or no effect. I
visited several springs , including the Hot
Springs of Arkansas , during the succeed
ing two years. At the latter point I
placed myself under treatment of one of
the lending physicians. Although my
general health was greatly improved , the
bpnngs failed to accomplish the object of-
my visit. The eczema , still clung jo mo ,
and was a great source of Inconvciilonea
and discomfort. After returning east ,
fully convinced that I wouldjiudnorcm-
ftdy , an acquaintance , who said that she
herself had been raised trom bed and
cured of scrofula by S. S. S. , so strongly
udvibcd mo to try it that I began , with
little faith on. my own partanulittlo en
couragement from others. I have taken it
lor two or three months , mid the result is
that the disease is practically cured , there
being but slight traces of it left. Swift's
Spceille is certainly a wonderful remedy ,
and I feel very grateful that I ever found
it. 1 boliuvo it will benolll others , and
am ready to answer personally any in
quiries in reference to its efl'oct upon mo.
Mus. K. IIEAIIX , ! )0 ) K. Uth St. N. Y.
Doc. S3 , 168 > ,
Itlooil I'oUoii Itclloved.
Three years ago I was alllieted with
thai most horrible of diseases , blood
poison. In vain I sought help from tlio
medical profession , changing doctors two
or three timed , The mercurial remedies
used soon i\ut \ mu on crutches and
brought on untold pain. I could see my-
uolf failing every day. My weight was-
reduced iroin 150 to J17 pounds in six
weeks , I could see no use of living , sit
uated a.s 1 wasr uud was so desperate at
time ; that I felt like taking my own life.
Friends interfered and urged mo to go to
Hot Springs. I started , but on my way
met a friend who pqrsundud mo to stop
with him and to try Swift's Specific. I
had no faith in patent medicines , and at
llrst would not listen to such advice. Hut
mv sufferings were so intense 1 finally
Yielded. Attcr the first bottle I felt a
great change , and by the time I had used
one do/.iin unities I was like myself once
more. 1 otill felt soiuo pain in my limbs
and .so continued the use of the medicine ,
mid to-day one would never think tluit I
had been such a wreck and ( uiroil by that
wonderful remedy. It stands at the head
of all blood remedies , and Is a blc&ing
to all mankind. .1.11. HUOWN.
HoriirrsvlHi' , Steubcn Co.N. Y.
Nov. 80 , 1685.
t'nlarrli ami ISIood Taiul ,
I have been a sufferer for many years
from catarrh nnd blood taint. After the
application of all tlio known remedies
for such dUvnses , I found myself last
summer on the very verge of the grave ) .
Nothing.M'onicd to do mo good. As a last
icsort 1 uommeicud ] tuklugS. S.S. , and
have taken in all eighteen bottles. Ba
ton 1 had taken the bccond bottle I felt a
decided improvement and am to-day en
joying most excellent health , better than
for many vears. Mus.K. J. COSNAIIAN.
lliehmond , Ya. , .lime 39. 18S5.
KlittiiimUUiu ( furcd ,
For thirty-live years I suffered from
rheumatism. I haui tried every known
treatment , bnt got no permanent good
effect. Swift's Siivcillu bn cmv.d me en-
tiroly. O. F. Kuss. With Howe Scale Co.
Albany , N. V , , Juuu 20 ,
Little Girl and Scrofula.
My little daughter Manda was affected
with scrofula since birth. The glands of
the neck were enlarged and fearfully
ulcerated , and for a long time had an
offensive scrofulous discharge therefrom.
In March last I commenced giving hoi-
Swift's Specific , and by fho time she had
taken the third bottle she was entirely
cured. For four months past she has not
had ; isymptom , and health is
sound and perfect. I. II. STUICKLANI ) .
Atlanta , Ga. , Dec. 0 , 188B.
[ Mr. Strickland is a Methodist minister
who is well known in this city. ]
Malarial Fever Cured.
In the fall of 18811 was taken with a
case of malarial fever which prostrated
mo in both body and mind , I was drugged
alter the old. fashion with mercury and
other mineral mixtures , but with no good
.results' . My.haaltli was shattered and my
energy gone. My logs and foot would
hWell and I had what everybody thought
was dropsy. These symptoms alarmed
me1 , and I was ready to grasp at any
remedy suggested. A friend advised mete
to try Swift's Specific. I procured throe ,
bottles aud commenced tits use. The
swelling soon subsided. I have taken the
three bottles , which have made u perfect
cure ami 1 feel like a now man to-day.
There never was a more meritorious med
icine offered to suffering humanity. It
has wrought wonders tor mo. JONES ,
Lccbburg , Lee f\i. , Ga. , March 11 , U85.
Cancer ol * the Womb.
My mother , Mrs Feathers , has had a
cancer of the womb for many months.
Last , winter tlio doctor told us Ft was can
cer and could not bo cured. Five different
physicians in private practice have said
the same thing. Wo took her to the
woman's hospital of this city , aud there
they repeated the sumo Mory. Dr. Km-
mett told us it was cancer , and nlio must
die. Wo then took" her to the Now York
College hospital , and they told us the
same thing there , Unit she had rancor
and could live bnt a very short Urns. She
was then carried to my house , vrhqru she
awaited patiently the cowing o ! death as
her only relief. Wo saw llto advertise
ment of the Swift Specific Co. , and us a
"drowning man grasps at a straw , " wo
wnnt to tlio ollicfi of the company and
the physician told me to try it , that it
could do her no possible harm and that It
would euro her. She had lest a great
deal of flesh and strength , and It scorn-id
folly to give her medicine after what wo
hail been told. However , wii commenced
the S. S. S , , and kept It tin a month before -
fore we began to see any improvement.
From that time on her general health im
proved and she was fqou raised from
bed. The discharge increased so much
that It frightened us , but wo kept on , and
thu cancer came away in great sloughs
and lumps. For two months mnt tljorti
has been no hcniori hiL'D : , no sign uf a
discharge. Thank Gaifj mv mother is
Well. MllS. ItEIII'CCA Ci\MKll.
DPC. 7,1883 , 375 7th avemio , Now York.
Cu of Catairrli.
1'rof , W. 1 * . Johnson , principal of tbe
public bcheols in Henton , Ark. , under
date of March 17 writes : "This ccrtllica
that 1 have been a buffcrer from ratarrh
for nearly eighteen years , being a pgrtion
of tlio. time incapacitated from attending
to my business. Tried a number of most
eminent physicians ' north and .south ;
spent over ? 500. 1 was partially deaf , u
quantity of bones resembling fish finales
came out of my nose aud head , and I was
at one time reduced to seventy pounds.
Ten bottles of S , S. S , cured mo tound
and well , and j aia so to-day. It is the
Lv t brood purifier 1 Uuve ever used , "
) t
: ni9i
Blood Poisons and Skin Diseases ,
Endorsed over the whole American Continent !
We do not think there is nnoticr | preparation which can bring forward such in
dorsements. Wo do not claim 'olir remedy to be a specilic for all duicaEes.bnt wedoknow
it to be a remedy for diseases of thu blood. It has been established beyond all doubt
that scarcely any disease can lind lodgment with tlio olood in good condition. To all
these wo say : If broken down in health , or your malady can bo traced to a bad
condition of your blood , take our SPECIFIC and you will not bo disappointed. Our
preparation removes the aceuminuhiti'd poison of ages from the blood , and wo boldly
assort that ninety per cent of all di&eas-es spring from pome corrupting influence of
this , "the fountain ot all life , " and wo further assert that the proper vegetable remedies
arc cures for blood diseases.
Wo would again call your attention to the fact that in ! almost every instance
whore SWIFT'S SPECIFIC wns resorted to , it was nfUr all remedies of the
scientist had failed. How much. more potent the SPEttafIC would bo could man
be induced to avail himself of its powers before ' 'every ow'br treatment had boon
tried in vain , " and the system impregnated with mineral iwus ] !
W invite eyory one who has any blood or skin disajiUib correspond with us.
1 his costs you nothing , as we have two physicians of Gpiation , experience , and
ability to nttcnd to this correspondence. Thcso letters ajtaU'kopt strictly -private.
* * * ,
idi it
In calling the attention of consumers to the counlcrfeUs'frauds , and imitations
of SWIFT'S SPECIFIC ( S.S.S. ) , wo may bo permitted to say thai a remedy which
has no merit is never counterfeited. It is the valuable nftdiSlnos only which are a
prey to pirates and thieves. Remember , that SWIFT'S ' SPECIFIC is prepared and
nut up only by this company , in oval-shaned , amber-colored botlles. and each boltlo
has a strip over the cork with the signature of 0. T. S\vifLa\nd \ .J. . W. Rankin' , Sec-
letary SWIFT SPECIFIC CO. fell )
BEWABD will bo paid to any Chemist who will find , on analysis of
100 bottles S. S. particle of Mercury , Iodide of Potassium , or
any Mineral substance.
Wo have reduced the roots and herbs of which .SWIFT'S SPECIFIC is pre
pared to n fchapo to readily yield their virtues to boiling water , in order to accom
modate those who can not take medicine containing spirit. Wo give three processes
for preparing It. Knch consumer can take choic6j they are all equally good , but wo
recommend Process No. 1 to these who have been worn down aud poisoned witli
Potash and Mercury mixtures. Price , CO cents per package.
IiUci-Cbtliitf Treatise on "Rlooil and Skin DUcabcs" mailed free
lo all ajiiilirauts. it should lie carvl'iill ) ' read by all.
NJTHT YOHK OFFICE : 157 West 3d Street.
Nervous Debility Cured.
For several years past my wife's health
has been exceedingly feeble a general
break-down of the nqrvous system from
malaria. She was greatly reduced in
flesh. No remedy seemed to do her any
good In the spring of 1833 I induced
her to try Swift's Specilic. The Iirst
bottle gave her hope , and twenty bottles
produced wonderful results. She gained
thirty pounds in llcsh , and it renovated
her , whole system. It is certainly the
greatest tonic in the world.T. .
T. J. IlicciiNS.
Indian Springs , Ga. , Nov. 8 , 1881.
IMnlnriul Poison Eradicated.
I have for live years been suffering
from what the physicians told mo wns
malarial poisoning. Have taken.a great
deal of medicine for it , many times
going througn a regular course as pro
scribed foi mo , but got no relief. I have
now taken one bottle of S. S. { ? nnd have
no moro'chilla and no bad feeling , and
am free from the disease. It has helped
my appetite greatly , and built me up
generally. JOSEPH ANDKIWON ,
8C3 Third Avo.
New York , Dec. 0 , 188o.
I have had salt rheum for a long time ,
and have suffered much from the effects
of the mercury which I have taken for its
relief. 1 have traveled all over the United
States and Europe , and have never found
anything to benefit mo as S. S. S. has
done. My mercurial rheumatism is all
gone , and my salt rheum is nearly so. I
was also affected with malaria , and S. S.
S. lias relieved mo of it , after having
tried quinine and everything else I could
hear of with no permanent benefit.
S. K. KEI.SKY , box 07 , Salem , Mass.
January 11 , 1830.
Terrible Case Cared.
In 1873 I was poisoned by contact with
poison oak. My face nnd neck swelled
terribly , and tlio itching and burning
sensation was almost unbearable I tried
both the homeopathic and the allopathic
treatment , but both failed of a cure. I
went under treatment of one of the most
distinguished phvsicians of Now York
City , then to Dr. Aguew , of Philadelphia.
: uid these failed to effect a cure. I tried
Hot Springs , Ark. , and Blount Springs ,
Ala. , where I found temporary relief
only. For two years I suffered on , and
alternated between comparative relief
and sufferings that seemed beyond my
power to bear. It seemed no matter what
I did , as if it were impossible to rid my-
helf of the poison. In 1884 , in October ,
ivl.en in desperation , but having very
littjo faith in it , I commenced using
Swift's Specific. Attcr I had taken a
number 01 bottles I felt that my diges
tion and general health was improved ,
but so far as I could tell the poison was
still in my system. After I finished
the second dozen bottles I began to see a
change for the better. Ncarlv every sign
of my dread affliction had disappeared ,
my skin was clear and in its normal con
dition , and again I believed that I was
forever free from this terrible allliction.
I have now completed my forty-eighth
bottle , and feel free again , with no sign
of any eruption but a few pimples , which
I believe to bo the last faint signs of the
result of my terrible blood poisoning. I
cannot say too much in praise of tlio S. S.
Mobile , Ala.
Of the mineral Poisons.
Potash Victim. Cured by S. S. S.
A Rualncis Mail's Opinion.
Two years ago I took S , S. S. for a
casn of rheumatism , which had been
atllicting mo for ten years. I have waited
this long before writing in order that I
; nuld bo sure that I was cured , and that
there would bo no return of the disease.
The cure has bean complete , and I never
fall to recommend Swift's Specilic to
those who suffer ns I did. I know I
can not say too much for it. One should
a'ways bo proud of the bridge that tako.s
him over the streamH. . J. GUNNING.
Chicago , 111. , Nov. 1,1885 ,
Treatise on blood and bkin diseases
mailed frco. The Swift Specific Co. ,
drawer 0 , Atlanta , Ga. N. Y. 107 W. 23d
Mercurial rheumatism inado mo a crip
ple. After trying the springs two years ,
ami the mercury and potash treatment
until 1 was a skeleton aud unable to do
anything , I was prevailed upon to take a
course of S. S. S. After taking three bottles
tles my appetite began to improve , and I
gained flesh rapidly. When I hud taken
twelve bottles I felt as well as I ever did.
It is now twelve months since I took S.
S. H. My health and appetite aru good
and lam able lo attend to all the busi
ness I can get. CIIAS , tttuu.
Hot Springs , Jan , 1 , } 888 ,
It wns a wise measure in establishing
the homo for disabled Confederate sol
diers , near Richmond , Va. Some time
ago the Swift Specific Co. received a re
quest fora donation to the inmates , which
was sent. Colonel James Pollard , super
intendent of the home , writes under dale
of Deo. 25 :
"Your medicine has created quito an
excitement in our home. The inmates
who have boon using it have found great
Richmond. Va. , Dec. lo , 1885.
I hereby certify that I have taken two
bottles of Swift's ' Spccitio and have do-
rlvrd considerable benefit therefrom , and
would be glad lo obtain some moro , for
1 believe it will cure me.
Jonx A. T. Ewmo ,
Room No. 4 , Coehran Uullding.
LEK CAMP , Sounr.ii's HOMR ,
Richmond , Va. , Deo. IB , 188,1.
I hereby certify that I have taken three
bottlrs of Swift's Specilic for secondary
blood poison , and have derived great
benefit. It acts much bettor than potash
or any other remedy I have ever used.
H. F. WINKIF.U ) , M. 1) . ,
Formerly of Sussex Co. , Va.
A Totnl Wreck.
In 1801. I contracted blood poison.
Since that time I have suffered tortures
from an affection of the skin , rheumatism
and ulcerating sores. During those long
years of disease L underwent treatment
at the hands of leading physieans in Nor
wich , Hartford , Providence , Boston and
Chicago. Failing to get relief nt ono
place I would go to another , but mot
with the snmo treatment and effect every
where. The quantities of mercury and
potash I have taken have not only done
mo no good , but I believe it has done
much harm. 1 have been taking S. S. S. six
weeks , nnd it is hard to believe my own
feelings , though the fact that it lias done
more for me in that short lime than alt
other medicines have in twenty years is
plain and undeniable. Six weeks ago 1
was a total wreck , without hope. Now
that I have taken fourteen bottles of S
S. S. my rheumatism is among the things
of the past , and the scars only show that
I was diseased. When 1 began taking
Swift's Specific there was a large eating
ulcer over my right eye which alarmed
me greatly , and no ono who saw it
thought 1 would ever get well. Like the
other , it is gone , nnd I thank God for the
creation of the Swift Specilic Company
and their great , remedy.
1) . Iv. W. Biu GS , Brooklyn , N.Y.
Nov. 18 , 1883.
Father and Child.
Two years ago I contracted blood
poison , and after nine months of treat
ment by physicians with no benefit , I
have been cured by Swift's Specific.
When 1 began taking S. S. S. I had run
down in flesh from 181 to 132 pounds.
There were three largo sloughing ulcers
as large as the palm of my hand on my
leg and one on my head. Now they are
all cured up and 1 have regained fifteen
pounds of mv lost llesh. I am feeling
thoroughly well and paining every day.
Swift's Specific has also cured a child of
mine of "king's evil" or scrofula after
two doctors said it must die. It had
largo swellings in its nccK , sore eyes , and
a chronic discharge from ono oar. It was
the cure of the child which led me to take
it myself , and for the peed of others I am
only too glad to have them referred to
mc'tlmt 1 may tell what this wonderful
medicine has done for mo and mine.
C. VAN HOESEN , M. 1) . , 1C1 West St.
Now York , Dec. 20,1885.
Your most valuable medicine , Swift's
Specilic , has done mo so much good that I
feel like saying this for the benefit of
those who Buffer as I did. I was poisoned
by poison oak , and saw not a well day
for six years until I used Swift's Specific.
In the six years I used almost every kind
of medicine , but none had the desired
effect. After using six bottles of Swift's
Specific I am restored to perfect health ,
with not a sign of that awful poison left.
A Coppersmith's Sl.ory.
I am a coppersmith by trade , and dur
ing a scries of years my arms ( being bare
when at work ) have absorbed a wonder
ful amount of metal poison. Having
u scrofulous tendency irom my youth ,
the small particles of copper and brass
would get intu the sores , and by this pro
cess the poison was convoyed into my
blood till my whole system became in
fected , I was treated with the old rein ,
edles of mercury and iodide potassium.
Salivation followed , my teeth are all
loose In my head , my digestive organs
deranged , and I have ucon helpless in bed
for over u year with mercurial rheuma
tism. My joints are all swollen , and I
lost the use of my arms and legs entirely.
My sufferings became so intense that it
was impossible for mo to rest. The doc
tors advised me to go to the city hos
pital for treatment. This I ponld not
bear. A friend , who has proved a friend
indeed , urged mo to try Swift's Specific ,
believing it would euro mo , Others dis
couraged mo , but I secured a few botlles ,
and have now taken two do/.on bottles.
The first effect , of the medicine was to
bring the poison to the surface and I
broke out all over in running sores ,
They soon disappeared , and my skin
cleared oil' . My knees , which had become
twice lhiiirnaturalslxohavo resumed Iheir
usual si/.e , and are Mippln as of yore. My
arms and hands are all right again , and
can use them without pain. 'Jliu oiiliio
di.scafco has left all parts ot the body save
two nlcer.i on my wiifets , which uro lienl-
imr rapidly. I am weak from long con-
finuuienl , but I have the use of all my
limbs , Tills medicine is bringing me out
of the greatest trial of my life , and I can
not ( hid wordy an Ilk-inn t to express .my
appreciation of Its virtues , and the grati
tude I feel that I ever heard of it.
Pi7f E. LOVK , Aujjiibta. Ga.
Hereditary ISIood Taint.
Mr. John I'ulmor , Gr. , who is now 7J1
years old. has been buffering with a fttsir-
lul hereditary blood taint irom his early
boyhood. Mercurial rheumatism ensued ,
and lie became help'c . I fcccuraii
for him elx bottles of the S , K. S , , which
has almost iomovc/d the iiolson from iii.s
urslein , and iiiiirnly unroii the rheuma
tism. TliKO , J. JMiitKir , Cuthbcit , Ga.
About twenty years ago I discovered a
little sore on my cheek and the doctor *
pronounced It cancer. I have tried a
number of physician * , but without ro
colving nny permanent bcnofit. Among
the number wen * v"u ° r two specialists ,
The medicine they applied wns llko lire
to the sore , causing Intense pain. I saw
a statement in the papers telling what S.
S. S. had done for others similarly afflict
ed. I procured some at once. Before I
hndused the second bottle the neighbors
could notice that my cancer was healing
up. My general health had boon bud for
two or tlireo years 1 had a hacking cough
and spit blood continually. I had a severe
pain in my breast. After taking six bottles
tles of S. S. S. 1115 cough left mo "wid I
grow stouter thin I had been for several
years. My cancer has healed over all
but a little spot about the si7,0 of a half
dime , nnd It is rapidly disappearing. I
would advise every ono with cancer to
give S. S. S. a fair trial.
Mus. NANCY J. McCoNAuaiiBV , .
Asho Grove , Tippocanop Co. , Ind.
Eev.enm Coiuiuorcd.
WATKINSVIUX , Fob. IB , 1880.
Gentlemen It is duo to you to say that
1 think I am entirely well of eczema after
having taken Swift's Specific. I have
been troubled very little in my face since
lost spring. At the beginning of cold
weather last fall it made a light appear
ance , but went away and has never re
turned. S. S. S. no doubt broke it up :
at least it put my system in good condi
tion and I got well. It also bencfltted my
wife groatry incase of sick headache , and
made a perfect cure of a breaking out on
my little 3-year-old daughter last sum *
mor. JAMCS V. M. Mourns-
A Little CSIrl's Aflllellnii.
Miss Jcsslo Wagner is the daughter of
Mr. D. R. Wagner , of the firm of Messrs.
U. R. Wagner & Co. , merchants in Water
Valley , ftfiss. . Ho writes from his homo
under date of Oct. 10 , 1885 , and says :
"Our little girl. Jessie , was taken with
scrofula about six years ago. She was
then only 0 years old. Wo tried all the
best physicians in our town , ns well ns
these atHotSprings and Eureka Springs ,
Arkansas ; in Philadelphia and Now York
City , besides the virtues of numerous
other springs which wo visited , and did
for her all that affection and money could
do for about four years , and with all this
wo barely managed to keep her alive.
She was the most afilictcd child I over
saw. She had abscesses on all of hoi-
joints and on her neck , nnd small pieces
of bone worked from them for moro
than two years , and her elbow and hip
joints stiffened. After trying , as wo
thought , almost everything , and appar
ently without any permanent cllect , in
our despair concluded to try Swift's
Specilic. Strange to say before she had
finished the first bottle wo saw u quango
for the better. Her appetite began to
improve and her eyes to brighten. Soon
she ceased to complain of the distressing
pains which had made her life miserable
for the previous years. In ten months
after she began to take S. S. S. all the ab-
cesses had licalcd up , and she now had
grown much taller and improved in
weight 20 percent. Now , with the ex
ception of a stiff elbow nnd hip , she
is as well as any one. No one who
know her condition thought she would
over got over it. Wo attribute her recov
ery to Swift's Specific entirely , 1 have
seen it tried with "several others horc ,
aud always with good results. "
A Wondrous Change.
1 have been nfllicled with scrofula from
my infancy , and in consequence have
always been a frail and delicate creature.
1 might truthfully say that 1 was laised
cliicfiv on mercury and potash. These
remedies for the time being would dry up
the fearful ulcers with which I suffered ,
but they would return with greater vie
lence. I was the merest shadow as to
form and person. My digestion was all
deranged , and my existence was most
wretched. At last a great tumor came
0,11 , my neck below the left ear. It in
creased in s'r/.o until mv head was forced
to the right shoulder , " In March , 1881 , I
was induced to try Swift's Specific. My
system responded to the medicine
promptly , and 1 began to improve from
almost the firstbottle. The fearful tumor
lias all disappeared. From a frailo little
gill 1 have developed into as healthy and
robust a voting lady as them is in the
neighborhood. Swift's Specific , is tie (
only remedy that has ever given mo any
permanent relief , mid 1 tun in bettor
health and weigh more than I ever.did
boforo. My old friends scarcely recog
nize me Eince the wonderful change has
been wrought in my appearance ,
LaGnuigo , Ga. , May 11,1&81
' A Desperate Case.
I have been suffering with scrofula for
the past four years. For two
years I tried various remedies pro-
hcribcd by a number of the
best physicians. They treated me for
what they called a fa.tty tumor on nock.
Tins proved a delusion , us the rising ,
which had assumed a foartul shape ,
broke and commenced to discharge
freely. In 18b'3. being convinced that
the allliction with which I suffered was of
ti scrofulous uat'tro. ' I , was induced to
try Swift's Specific. I was growing , ij 's-
porato , anil wanted a speedy ctire , njid
as the S. S. S. did not not us promptly jus
1 thought it should , 1 was easily persuad
ed to quit it and try another prupiu >
lion. That did me no good , and 1 dmiigcil
to another containing potash and inev
cury , and that cnmo near wrecking niuj
My life was despaiied of , Almost di.s-
hearkened of ever .seeing a well day
again , 1 was Induced to go back to
Swift's SpeeiliqIt was my only hope.
In December , 18X4 , 1 commenced a royin
lar course. It was some time beforeiny
system yielded to its influence , but when
it did I began lo improve at once , I hud "
become .so weak I could scarcely walk" ,
but under the influence of S , b. S , my
general health has greatly improved , and
I feel ns well us well as I ever fell in my
life to-day. The scais alone remain to
toll of my former sufferings , every other
evidence of the disease having disap
peared , and I can honestly say that S. S.
S. bits saved my life.
Atlanta , Ga. , Sept. 8 , ISftfi ,
A Itlolher'tt < jrnlllndo.
Gentlemen : I want yon to know what
your medicine has dona for my little boy ,
For moio than lour years IIP has beuji
suffering from scrofula. 1 have worked
hard to get him cured , but nil lo no pur
pose. All of my hard earnings during
these four yenrfc , and what I had at the
time wo coinmoncod his treatment , has
gone to the doctors ami druggists of this
city , and when I gayo them all up two
months ago my son was pah ) , weak , and
could hardly walk. He could i nt play
with other children'and had no appetite
at all. 1 began jriv ing him Swift 'i Spe
cific , and very s-oon bis appotilo cam
back. His cheeks begun to brighten up ,
and now 1m eats well , has gained lle.sli.
his c.hcekj are ruddy and ho romps aim
plays as much ns any child on the stroou
I cannot tell you how grateful 1 foci , .fur.
1 Know your medicine has saved his llfo.
None but thu ni'.thor of a hio ! child iui ;
know how thnnl.fill I am and I wish every
mother in the world could know of your
valuable medicine. Very truly yours ,
Mits. K.vri : MUI.CAXY ,
1111 K. i/Ut t. , Now York , N , Y
.N'o\a , 1833. .
. -A