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Ecllvcrcd by cnrrlcr In nnyjiartof tliocity nt
tncnty cents per week.
II. W. TH.TON , . . . Manager.
NIIHIT KlilTOtl , No. 53.
Now spring goods at Roller's.
Water Coolers cheap at Cooper & Me-
Savu money by buying Refrigerators of
Cooper & MetJeo.
Dr. J. J. White has purchased the
Central drug store.
Another circus Is coming. It is called
King , Burko&Co.'s.
Fresh bread , homo made cakes , etc. , nt
llio Woman's exchange this morning.
Leonard & Jewell refrigerators nt
Cooper & McGcc's , No.11 Main street.
The "Quick Meal" is a quick seller ;
come and get one before they are gone.
Cooper & McGeo.
Grand onenlng at the Bankrupt dry
goods store , No. 18. Main street nil day
to-day Everybody call.
The Bavarian band will bo in attend
ance nt the grand opening nt the Bank
rupt store this evening.
Jacob Appcl Is building himself a nice
residence on Fourth street between
Eighth and Ninth streets.
The clerks In the Bankrupt store have
been busy the past week in preparing for
the opening which takes ulaeo to-day.
The ladles of the Baptist church will
give a strawberry festival in a few weeks ,
the proceeds to be applied to repairs on
their chapel.
A grand opening takes place lo-day'at
the Bankrupt storo. An extra forceof
clerks will be in attendance upon all
wishing to < purchase.
The large drinking fountain on Broad
way , near Fourth street , was yesterday
gilded , making the presiding prohibition
angel look decidedly ' 'gilty "
E. M. KisKJngcr , whose claim against
the city has been n frequent subject of
discussion in council meetings , has com
menced suit in the district court.
11. G. Fisher , of Underwood , has re
leased the Chicago creditors of Fisher
Bros , by mortgage , and that linn wijl
thereby be enabled to continue their busi
Services at the Baptist church Sunday
nt lOtfO a. m. , and p. in. Subject for
morning : "The Tolerance of tlio Gos-
pel. " J'orovoningt "Tho Intolerance of
the Gospel. " Seats free.
An invitation is extended to the ladies
of Council BluIVs and vicinity to attend
tiie grand opening at the Bankrupt Store
beginning at 1) ) o'clock this morning and
continuing until 10 o'clock to-night.
lave Costello who takes a "brother-
net" in the Nickel Plate show , that re
ceived an injury of the .spine at Atlantic
Wednesday , was yesterday able to leave
his room at the Revere house and go to
Omaha to join the show.
Services in the Congregational church
to-morrow as usual. Preaching by the
uastor. Morning subject , "Christ , the In-
Biiiration and Power of the Church "
.Evening , "An Anxious Mother. " A cor
dial invitation is extended.
Dr. Montgomery has just supplied his
oftlco with one of DoPow"s convertible
operating chairs. It is a marvel of inge
nuity , and can be adapted to any and
every possible want of the physician and
surgeon , the patient being placed in any
desired position for examination or oper
Leave to wed has been given Shedrick
Mowcry nnd Caroline Hudson. The
couple are only eighteen years old , and
made an attempt last fall to get the need
ed license , but failed. They claimed then
to have the written permission of their
parents , but the clerk found that the
parents bad not thus consented. When
they reappeared with a like request , and
showed lip the written consent of the
parents again ho naturally was suspi
cious , and rotuscd to grant the permit
unless better evidence of the parents'
willingness was presented. Alter some
trouble the matter was arranged , the
parents having concluded it was better
I to let these school children wed , and
have it over with.
The many friends of President Parks ,
I of Simpson college , Indlanohi , la. , will
I bo surprised to learn of his resignation.
Only last Sunday he was hero with Bish-
I op Nindo , working in the interest of the
institution , and there was no intima-
I tion then that ho was soon to sever his
I connection with it. The main purpose
I of his resignation is to accept a proffered
I position as professor in the Gammon
I School of Theology at Atlanta , Georgia.
I President Parks has been the main stay
Iof Simpson college , and during his ad-
r ministration the old debt has been paid
I' off , and the attendance of students more
I than doubled.
I"1 'The ' Nickel Plated circus , which showed
r' hero Thursday , seems to have been prop-
I crly named. It was properly iv nickel
I show. The demand for $175 license ul-
I most paralyzed the manager , and he sue-
I. ceoiled in ranking the city authorities be-
r Ileve that , after all. he did not huvo n clr-
I ' ous nnd menagerie , but only n variety
k ehow , for which the license was only $50.
IBy not having any menagerie , nnd no
I horses , the performance of a few turn-
I biers nnd a decrepit clown was declared
I by the circus manager to bo only a vnr'-
I oty show. The city should not have let
r these fellows oil' with a $50 license when
I a first-class circus has to pay $175. When
I' irshow comes along advertising itself as
I being a complete circus and menagerie ,
I und inducing the people to spend their
I money under this belief , they should be
I made to pay double license , instead of
I being let-oil' with n small one. If any
I fnvors are to be shown , it should be to
I ' .the shows which give tlio people their 50
I ; cents worth , and not to those who adver-
IUse ono thing and show another.
I Substantial abstracts of titles anil rea
I' ritata loans. J , W. & E. L. Sulru { , 10
I c Pearl street , Council Blulls.
I 'Go to Beard for wall paper.
I , The best lawn mower in the market U
I the "Philadelphia , " sold by Coowur &
I MeGee.
If Leonard & Jowett refrigerators' at low
I > prices at Cooper & McGce's.
i -
I Lot us go to Charle U Islor's and get a
L good cigar. No. 403 Broadway.
I. Colonel Weiilner has sold Ins farm and
I rented n farm of Mrs. West in this city ,
I His family will occupy it while he goes
| > West to look up n new location.
I ; Do Viil sells Golden Star gasoline
: < r ranges , best in market , No. 601 B'wny.
I Unbans Corpus.
I - ' S , 1 , King , of Logan , was in the city
I , yesterday to take action in the superior
1 court towards getting John V. Evans re-
I leased on u habeas corpus. The petition
I sets forth the fact that Evans had been
I ; arrested on u charge of larceny , J. A ,
I "lipics. being llu complainant. As a re-
I"itultof the examination before Justice
§ JMcLaln \Vooilbnii > . Evans was bound
I over Thu mutter w.ill bb brought up bo-
I fare Judge Ayleswcrth for a hearing and
I argument to-'Uay.
I , n- Seasonable goods of nil kinds at hard-
I ' -time price * utCoopor & McGee's ,
Grand Opening at Eiseman's People's Store
Which Attracts Everybody at the Bluffs.
Court nnd Society News A ClrcUB l nt-
nlyzeil WcdilliiRfi , Divorces mill
Arrests $ BOOO for In
jury to 11 Spine.
A. Ornml Succcas.
For the past throa nights Eisomau's
People's store has been the great attrac
tion for hundreds of people , the occasion
ot such a rusii being the grand opening.
Tlio crowd last night * amounted almost
to.a eru h , and the scene was more like
the opening of some immense exposition
rather than a merehantilo house. Eisc-
man & Co. , who have already established
their reputation for enterprise , have fair
ly eclipsed all their former efforts.
Their establishment is of mammoth size ,
taking in several stores on Broadway ,
nnd running back on Bryant street a long
way. Arches arc cut between the differ-
cut departments , and thus a number of
\v hat would separately form largo estab
lishments arc thrown into one of mam
moth proportions. Aside from being ono
of the largest houses in the west , the
variety and quantity of stock is fully In
keeping. The goods were arranged with
wonderful taste , necessitating an exnen-
diture of much time and no small ex
pense. It formed n scene worthy of the
llriu and of the great crowds of ailmircrs
which wore drawn thitlier. With attrac
tions throughout every department , with
n score of large electric lights and many
scores of gas jets , with natural ( lowers
scattered throughout the establishment ,
with ladles and gentlemen in throngs
dressed as If in attendance at some
fashionable reception , the scene was one
which might well bu termed brilliant.
.No event of this kind lias occurred in
the history of the city which could equal
it for brilliancy and extent. Many from
out of the city have been in attendance ,
and throughout the city Itself , tlio dis
plays and the attractive features of the
opening have been the constant theme of
The dress goods department was ono
of the most admired of all , the goods
being arranged in pleasing uraperies on
stands , showing oil'to line advantage the
great variety of silks , satins , velvets , and
other goods , Potted plants mid bloom-
ins flowers were placed hero and there ,
giving a bowery appearance to the ultico.
In the notion department appeared the
handsomest line of parasols ever shown
here. There were all the latest styles ,
coaching , Louis XIV. , gondolas , tans ,
browns , etc- . , there being a great variety
of the leading styles and colors. The
display of hosiery was also remarkable.
In prices they varied in lisle thread
from HO cents a pair up to $ : t.OO ,
while in silk hosiery one could
choose anything from $1.00 a pair to
i&lU.OO. & There wore shown longi
tudinal stripes , Egyptian plaids , solid
colors with mace soles , opera tints ,
in endless variety. Many of ( he more
expensive goods were shown in cases.
Then through the other departments
were shown a great variety of goods , the
arrangement nnd display of which were
marked by the same rare taste. There
were many suns , shawls , wraps ami in
fants' clothing. A special display was
made of misses' and children's hats.
White goods , lawns and embroideries
were admired greatly. One show case
contained real laces amounting to hun
dreds of dollars.
In the lower room at the rear were
shown curtains nnd draperies , fancy
table linens , ginghams , muslins nuda va
riety of goods.
In the clothing department there was
not sucn tin opportunity for making fancy
displays , but the quantity ot' stock , the
quality and variety were shown to be
fully in accordance with the other de
partments. Of gents' furnishing goods
there seemed no end , nnd much was of
the finest quality. There was also a com
plete stock of boys' and children's cloth
ing.It is impossible to enumerate , much
less describe in detail. The stock , as a
whole , is larger and better than even this
firm lias carried before , anil the estab
lishment takes rank as one of the finest
as well us the largest in the west. It is a
credit to the city , and will be appreciated
and patroni/ed not only by Council
Binds , but by the surrounding country
for many miles about.
The ABC soap , whose advertisement
appears In another column , may bo
found at the Boston Tea Co.'s store.
Room Mouldings Largest assortment
and lowest prices at Beard's Wall Paper
RuslncsH nt Tlio Bar.
As a result of .circus day and the vigi
lance of the police a number of prisoners
appealed before Judge Aylos worth yester
day morning. Most of them wore
charged with being vagrants. Joseph
Miller and II Merwinshowed themselves
to bo cigarmakcrs , who were anxious to
get to Clarinda , where they had places
waiting for them. They wore allowed to
Thomas Dunlap hailed from Boston.
He had a very poor idea of the west. Ho
had been arrested in Omaha , but was
allowed to go free provided ho skipped
out of that city at once. Ho hurried over
to this side only to bo picked up by the
police , and was told to leave hero or go
to work on the stone pile. He wanted to
get back to the land of baked beiins ,
, John Evans , of Detroit , and John
Paxtou , of St. Paul , were in about the
samit condition , having boon driven out
of Omaha. They were allowed to go on
the promise to strike Sioux City next.
John \\illiums and Joseph Harrison ,
of Youngstown , Ohio , Hud also come
over from Omaha. They were given
work on the streets.
Frank Williams and Charles Loomis
claimed to bu gas and steam fitters from
Ottumwa , who had been to Omaha , und
having blown in all their money there
wore anxious to go back to earn some
John Hoonoy was looked on with sus
picion , Ho had a band bag in Ids pocket
when arrested , but declared that ho was
not in favor of striking , but carried it
simply for self protection , lie claimed
to hive lived in Omaha for sixteen years ,
and watt a lather by trade. He had came
ever to i > eo the circus , lie had carried
tlio sand bag bceauso another lather had
threatened to liok him. Ho was allowed
to return to Omaha.
Olllcer UnthaiiK brought in a young
man whogavo his name as Saml.Nickloy.
hailing from Washington comity , la. , and
who claimed that ho was on his way to
Fremom , Neb. , where ho and his brothers
had some teams at work on a railway
contract. Thu olllcer hud boon informed
by some 0111x0118 that ho was going
through the passenger conches of an incoming -
coming train , and they thought ho acted
like a pickpocket , lie explained that he
expected Ins wife to moot him hero , and
was watching for her. Ho showed up all
right , and was allowed to go again.-
M. T. Kite , a wagon maker from Fut-
ton , Kan. , was lined as a plain drunk ,
Fred Cash , a .young but hard one , said ho
was hunting for work. The judge- told
him ho need look no further , as ho would
give him work on the streets.
Tom Hughes and John Woodward
bcforo the bar for disturbing the
prace. It appears that Hughes went Into
Woodward's saloon and commenced us
ing abusive language , and Woodward
threw him out , and following kirn up
knocked him oil' the sidewalk. Jhoy
wore fined f" > .00 each and costs.
Woodward was also charged by a
painter named Langdon with threaten
ing to kill him. This case was continued ,
and will probably bo dropped , there
scorning to bo little to it.
John Anderson did not prove to be.
much of "My Jo , John. " His wife was
anxious to go to the circus , and he want
ed to go on with his work teaming. At
dinner time she hid the bridles of the
harness , so he could not take his team
out , ami ho got mad and said nho should
n't go to the circus anyway. She throw
an ax at him , and ho smashed a chair and
then slapped her face. Ho then wont oil
and got drunk , while she took in the
show , and at night they renewed thn
war. The judge lined him fj.OO and
costs , and told tlio woman that while she
ought to bo lined also , ho would simply
lay it up against her for some future
Wanted. Insurance solicitors , with
teams , to work western half of Iowa for
Dwelling House Insurance company of
Boston. Krncst I. . . Smith , special agent ,
No. 1150 Main street , Council BUttl's.
Go to Board for loom mouldings.
Hoislcr cells llio best 5c and lOc cigars
in the market. No. 403 Broadway.
A IloylHli Wanderer.
About midnight Thursday night a little
fellow was found at the dummy depot
who claimed to bo lost , anil who could
not or would not givu any information
about himself further than that his mime
was Frank Gibbs , that he was about 8
years old , and that his folks had just
moved over hero from Omaha. Cliiet
Matthews took the little fellow homo
with him and there kept him till yester
day morning. The little fellow then told
him ho lived somewhere near the blue
front furniture store. On taking him down
Broad wa p to that place , ho said lie lived
across' the creek. The boy guided him
then to a house on Mynster street , where
the folks were found , the man whom the
boy called Id's father giving his name as
Bowman. The folks did not seem to be
much concerned about the boy , and in
formed the chie.f that the little follow had
run away to go to the circus , but had
boon brought back and his shoes and hat
taken from him so that ho could not go
out again. Ho got away , however , and
did not turn up again until about 10
o'clock at night. Tlio doors wore locked ,
and sifter trying to get in lie was told to
go around to { ho other door , but instead
of doing so lie loft again and was not seen
until he appeared in the morning with
thi ! officer. Thu unconcern of the folks
and the recklessness of the young lad
were alike noticeable , and served to
rather mystify than clear up the case to
the minds of the police.
Dr. A. P. Ilanchett has taken rooms in
Mr. Ha/.ard's residence , No , 70(1 ( First
avenue , for the summer. OMico still ut
No. 12 Pearl street. Hours 10 to 13 a.
m. , 3 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m.
Beard has an immense stock of wall
paper and room mouldings which must
be turned into eash.sodowngolhc prices
at Beard's.
\\unt It IJucl.
Missouri Valley is urging the voters of
Harrison county to let this people vote on
relocating the county scat , and is evi
dently anxious to secure tlio seat itself.
The following guarantee has boon filed
with the chairman of the board of super
visors :
To the Board of Supervisors of Harrison
County. Iowa :
We , the miiier.sicneil , do hereby cuaranteo
and bind ourselves lirnily , tiy thc'io presents ,
that , in cuse of the relocation of the county
seat of said county nt Missouri Valley , Iowa ,
to furnish all Inilldlnirs' unit grounds for
county purpose's butter than the county no\v \
has , free ot expense to tlio county , by irootl
warranty deeds , anil In case an election Is or
dered on tin ) question of relocating salcl coun
ty seat at Missouri Valley , Iowa , tlio money
for said bnlltling will be placed In the hands
of the board ot supervisors of said county bc
fore the election on said question :
M. Jloi.nuooK ,
11. . Cox.
( ! . H ; MRiAiinr..v ( ,
L. .M. KKI.I.OOO ,
K. W. lllllHAKI ) ,
A. ,
C. H. Du-uit ,
O. 15. DUTTKV ,
F. .M. DANCI : ,
K. .1. CHAPMAN ,
KollKltT McCAUItKN , .
Heisler don'thandlo'any "snide" cigas.
Go to Beard for low prices.
1 sell the celebrated Twin Burner gasoline -
line stove. That double burner boats
them all. A 4-burncr same price as a I- !
burner ; a ii-burner same price as a 2-
burner. W A. Wood , 504 Main.
Mtallt Couples ,
Mary Ann Coon has commenced di
vorce proceedings to separate her from
her husband , William II. Coon. She was
married to him at Magnolia , Iowa , in
1800. She claims that ho has got so into
the habit of drinking as to become more
of a brute than a man , and that lie has
shamefully used her. Mrs. Coon arrived
here from Avoca Thursday to file her pe
tition , and in the evening the chief of po
lice bore was telephoned to by her hus
band to have her arrostcd for running
away from him , and carrying away some
of his property. The arrest was not made ,
it appearing that the woman had taken
nothing but what belonged to her.
Morroll Gump wants to bo sot free
from his wifq , Mary J. Gump , to whom
ho was married at Dos Moines in 1873.
Ho claims that she has deserted him with
out cause.
Me per foot , 18opor foot , 34o per foot ,
Of all styles.
Opera House Block.
An Important Catch ,
Among the tramps arrested within a
day or two Is one who Is looked upon as
an important capture , Ho is the feJlow
who drew a knife and threatened to carve
Oflirer Cousins. Ho answers very closely
the description of a man who is wanted
in Chicago for the murder of a policeman -
man , and for whoso capture there is a
$5(10 ( reward , Ho is being held and in
Go to the N \ . P. Co , fori
Opera House Block.
Wo liavtf a few water coolers which wo
will soil very cheap to close them out.
Cooper & McGeo.
Personal I'nrnuiaphs.
J , M , Metcalf.of theLiningcr &Mctcalf
company , of Omaha , was in the city yes
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Beck now loavd on
a two weeks' visit to their old homo , in
Springfield , Hi.
Colonel Orr and G , W ; Crossbv rfl-
turned yesterday from' Chicago where
they went to sell their cattle.
Colonel Coehran hits employed as fore
man of his 3.000 acre farm in Llttlo Sioux
township , Mr. J. J. Cunningham , of Mo-
J. Woodward and George Hudlo , both
representatives of different eastern soap
manufacturers came in off the road yes
"Cy" Parker , the letter carrier , was
out yesterday after bo'nig-.cenlined to his
homo for the past ton days , which will bo
good news to his many friends.
C. H. AVIiltc , who for a.iong while has
been a driver of the '
1'acilu : Express com
pany , bus been promoted express mes
senger on the Union Pacific. Ho will run
between the transfer and Omaha , begin-
lug to-morrow.
Before buying a gasoline stove sec the
"Quick Meal" at Cooper & MeGeo's.
After a thoiough Investigation wo are
convinced that the "Quick Meal" Is the
best gasoline steve made and shall make
It our leading stove this season. Cooper
& McGcc.
Satisfaction guaranteed with every
"Quick Meal" gasoline stove , or money
refunded , Cooper & McGeo.
Wants a Greenback Plaster. .
Mrs. Katie Green has commenced suit
against the city for damages on account
of Injuries received by her by falling on
a defective sidewalk on East Broadway
on the 20th of March. Shu claims that
her wrist and arm were sprained and her
spine injured. She deems the injuries
permanent , and wants the city to pay
$5,000. Her husband , John Green , has
also commenced suit against the city ,
also claiming $5,000 damages on account
of the injuries received by his wife.
M. A. McPIko , editor ot tlio Cnmbrlu ( Khons-
Iniur , Pa. ) Kractnnn , has been tlio | or.-oiml
frlvivl ol' tlio editor of tlio Olotxi for more tlmn
twenty yonr , unit Is known whurovur ho Is
Known , us ono or tint host men living , llu IN itl o
nn tntltimto fi-loncl of Mr. Cltirk of thu Noiipan-II.
Ho Ims brun ini'nrtnnnto In tlio fuel t lint li Is
1'nm'lvvns niviijfcd with illptitlirrlu , nmlKiontly
dls ro83od. Mr. Chirk Imvlni ; hoar.l or Imou-
Imnlly font him sniuo of Dr. Jo Merles' Dlp'.i-
thorln Cure , It was n o 1 nt once , mid tlio lives
of tlio rort or Ills children saved. I llfis Iroin
Mr. McP.ko uro iinlxinnilo.l In tholr ovpi-tsMoiis
offrrntltude for.llucliiix . KOIDU nioiiisof averting -
ing tlio los-ioC his w.'iolo vroni > of little ami tun-
dor onus. Fivoiif .Mr. Mol'lko's children out of
olitlit < llcd from dlphtlicrlu liofnro hohtid lit ) op-
poitimltyof tishiff Dr. Jotforlos' roinody.
Dr. Jcircrlcs' dlptlionn meiliclno is Infallible hi
nil kinds of soio tlinmt.
' Dyspepsia ! Dyspepsia !
Dyspeptic , why llvo In mlsory , nml dlo In dls-
pnlr with cr.ncoiof the stonmcli 'i Dr. Thomiis
.loTcrlcs cures ovcry cneo of Iniltfesllon and
constipation Inn very short tlnio. llcst of ref
erences Riven. Dyspepsia Is tlio canso of ninety
per cent of nil diseased conditions. Price i
for two \veck3 treatment.
Dnrlnirtho lust six years there 1ms ml boon
dciitn from DIplitlicHa In nny cnio wliuro
CUIIK wns used. Jt hns boon tfio means of f > uv-
Ins : llioisnnils ; of lives nyd mljrlit hnvo suvo-1
hundreds of thousands morpjiliidlspoiislblo In
putrid sere throat , in unuisilifiit Harlot fever ,
chnmrlnjr It In 48 hours toithb > | mplo form. In-
I'alllblo euro for till InllilJumhtory , Ulcerntivo ,
1'utrld , Cimccrons UlomitfonVt' the Womb and
nil Cutnrrlml conditions. * J vj Price t' .
Full printed Instrnctlonspiow to use the medi
cine sent with It. No doctpr VSiiuh-od.
Cnn only be obtained atjhta Olllre ,
No.23 S. Eighth tft..Cbliicil-IIIiillK ( , lown ,
Or sent by Rxprosj on lio.lntor . Price.
NOTICE. Special adfortlssraonti , sush at
LoBtFound , To Iioan , Fo3jla , To Kant , Wantj
BonrdJnff.etc. will bo inserted la tills column it
thclow rixto of TBN OUSTS PE LINE for. hi
nretinsortionuud VLVE CBXId PKIl LINE Car
each gubsoiuont ItHortlon. Leave alvai-tUj
montsat our blUao , No. IS Pearl street , njir
Broadway , Council Itlulfs.
TJT'ANTED Three llrt c'liss dlalnjr room
T Klris , nl > o Itnly couk I'fli'o mil. Apply
in person ai No "M Ilruiidnuy , Council Illutis.
FOH KENT Hy .luno let , two lingo barn" .
KiKjuIro at Klol'ti lintel.
FOH SALE Old nnpors. In qunntltlos to suit ,
ut lleo olllco No. lUTcurl street.
FOIl SALE OH THADK-Slock of millinery
nnd fancy notions. All nunfJoo.l locu
tion. Pnloi $12,000 n year. " 0 , lice , Counel
Uluirs , lowo.
Choice DUpluy of Latent I'al-
teriiH , All GradcN.
Council Bluffs
4OB Broad/wety.
A Select Slock of Choice
Novell leu In.
Omaha Dental Associa'n '
Cor. 10th ami Douglas Stx.
Filling nt lowest price , with paid , ellvcr nnd other
comblnutloni Gold plulo aincontiguous ( ( ium Ti'fth
B ipcclaltjr.
Best Sets of Teertli , S ,
Kormrr price fli. 1'erfcct lif uriJbest material. All
work Guaranteed. ' i
Council Bluffs Office ,
L. W. Tci.usvs , Pros. T. J. KVANS , Vlco-l'roa.
JAUKS N , JJuo\vsCuslilcr.
National Bank
Capital . , . . . , . . . , . , $100,000
Authorized Capital , 260,000
Stockholders Represent 1,000,000
Do a mineral bankingbuslntsa. .
Accounts of biuikd , bunkers , mcrjlinnti.uiiui-
ufacturiTSand Individuals rocoivuJ on fuVor-v
bio terms.
Domestic und foreign c-tchanxo.
The very best of attention itlvcn-to all bul
iifcw commuted to our euro.
We Intend on next 4th of July and Christmas following to , distribute among the consumers of otrr
A. B. C. Soap each time
250 SCWINO MACHINES , 350 SOLVER TEA SET9 , COO 05.ullo li'owcr Lamps.
and other
All of them magntficcntj costly and useful. But at the same time we beg the public to understand
matter what our competitors say ) that we arc not running n gift enterprise. You do not pay us a fraction
of a cent for the chance to get the present. We arc selling our A. B. C. Soap cheaper to-day than wo
ever did during the three years that it has been placed on the market , and consequently you get full valu
in Soap , We are simply
our A. B. C. Soap on the most magnificent scale ever attempted by any one firm.
Three years ago we started out to sell A. B. C. Soap on its merits , to-day thousands of the most
intelligent housekeepers in this and all the principal cities of the Union use our A. B. C. Soap and marvel
why it is not used in every home.
The principal grocers throughout the Union tell us one reason why its use has not become general
is that
Tias not been sufficiently advertised ; nnd another reason is , because many people who have bought it , did
not give it the necessary and intelligent attention it deserves. They did not read the directions , and
finding that it would not wash by laying A. B. C. Soap on top of the bundle of soiled clothes , they fell
back to five cent soap.
Thousands < > . us : "Your A B. C. Soap is all that you claim for it ; it not only gives satisfaction ,
but we find that our most intelligent customers say that u is
and arc enthusiastic and speak in the highest terms of praisn about it. Why don't you advertise it ? "
It is therefore that we are making this extraordinary effort to bring A. B. C. Soap to the notice of
every intelligent person and in order to induce every one to buy it , and continue to use it until they hav
fully tested its merits , we say to them
And send them to us during the months of June or December next , and we shall distribute among yon
an array of presents which , for magnificence and usefulness , surpasses everything heretofore offered by
any one firm.
Send four cents in stamps and we will send you a catalogue , which is now in course of prcparatioa
nnd which will give you a full description of all the presents and the mode
Those who have not used A. B. C. Soap , of course , will ask , "what is it ? "
A. B. C. Soap is our own invention , and all who have used it cheerfully concede to it the merit ol
being the greatest improvement ever made in domestic economy. A. B. C. Soap , and the MODE OF
WASHING WITH IT , is as different from all other soaps , and the old way of washing , and is as
. nuch an improvement over the old system , as traveling by railway is over that by an ox-cart. A girl of
18 , or the most delicate person , can wash
in ono hour , more clothes with A. B. C. Soap , than the most robust , with the hardest work and slavish toil
t \n wash with the best soap , and the old way of washing , in three hours. And withal , A. B. C. Soap is
t\ie \ mildest and sweetest soap ever manufactured. We warrant you can wash baby with it and it will look
* M sweet and fresh as a rose.
Remember , that while ycm can use A. B. C. Soap in anyway or manner you please , it is best to use
{ \i\ccording \ to the directions on the wrapper , which will also teach you the new way of washing.
Remember , also , that in order to obtain one of thesn presents you must save your wrappers and send
. t n i to us V > mail , during the months of June or December next.
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Automatic Engines
Especially Designed for Hunnlnir
Tubular and Locomotive Boilers.
New Massillon Threshers.
Carey and "VVoodbury Horse Powers.
Portable and Traction Engines ,
Factory Mnssillon , 0. Branch House
510 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
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