Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 08, 1886, Page 12, Image 12

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    8Ba j' iwusafBntWHv < iiuu * * * &aii& * > 'imara ' j
18 tictiOMMENDnD 11Y
I'hj-ildnns , Ministers , Missionaries , Munnpcra
| | of FnctorkhVotkshops , 1'Inntntlons ,
Nurses In noplinls In short , every
body everywhere who hns
; 01 or given It n trial.
FAU.INO cum : ron
o.V jlAilTii ton CUUINO
Prices , 25c , , 50c. and $1,00 per Bottle ,
t33 ? " Beware of Imitations. , ( S3
017 St.C jnrIcsHt.S .IOnlsMo.
Arntolirinlnittfif t'o M il ) l Colle m , J > Mb nlont | r
nK M ID llie ipteltt ircfttmeot o t CHtonte. Ntivoui , SKI *
ud Bioon DimiM thin > nr atbrrl'btilelia In St , Looll ,
u ellj f tpe ri ibow tnd ill old reiMtnti Know
Nervous Prostration. Debility , Mental and
Physical Wc&Knoss ; Mercurial and other AHeo
tloni of Throat. SHln or Bones , Blood Poisoning ,
eldSoreiandXllccrt , r irntfi with nr > rtiitu < i
lirrtii , en UHit-lM-mllM jirloetnlf i. Ktfelr. PUnld/ .
Dlteaies Aflslhj from Indiscretion , Excels ,
Exposure or Indulgence , whisk rrodnc * ioraoorth
followlDf tffccUl UfrouintM. dtblllcr , dlniDCM or llgbt
udltreellre memory' plmplei on Ilii fate , | > htil lde r ,
trcrilon to th KutUtyorirrm&lai. eoufuiloa oridcal , tto. ,
rendering Marrlago improper or unhappy , wo
Mnntneally enrol. ramphleU26 paces ) on l&o above. ieoi
in tcalrd t crelope , fro lo any addrrn. Coniullallonatof-
Ceeorbj mill rrei-.lnTlted mud ililtllj conHJ ell l.
A Positive Written Ouarantoo Elrm ID ertrjea.
tatleatjr. iledlcloo icfll ever jwbtretj mall or urrcsla
nee pxors , FINE PLATES , cieiani doit. ui nut
tlDdlng , iraledrcr QOo. In iiotugocrenrreccr. Orcr flrir
ondf rful | n plcturei , true to Mlo t artlclei on tb < folloirlnj
ubjeeUl wliomar marry , nhotiol. whjriniaDhooil , woman-
U A n | n A A ffl 'rcc.-A ' > ktimorout . i
MMIIIIillllf ! " ' ni'ruacnco cauflni
III U 1 1 1 1 U U U t jtan-
J. ll.UiEVi3.4iCliaUiai ; troot.
PAUL t WlfiT
HUM on any nor ) : nml in nuy
Price $ 2.50
hW N.I ) . Tills Is not a Stylo-
i pencil , but n first class
J iUlloxlblo \ Kola pen of nny do-
ehmlCncuessor point.
Do you want a pure , bloom *
Ing Complexion I If so , a
few applications of Hngan's
ify you to your heart's con-
tout. It dona away with Sal-
IOAYIIOSS , lloduoss riinplos.
lilotchcs , and all discuses ami
Imperfections of tbo skin , It
overcomes the flushed appcnr-
nco of heat , fatlgilo aim ox-
citomont. It makes a lady of
THIRTY appear hut TWEN
TY ; and so natural , gradual ,
ud perfect are its oHbcts.
that it Is iinpossiblo to delect
its applicutlou ,
Chawltcr't Journal.
Wo" were scnoolfcllows , Dolly nnd I ,
At n littlednino'.f school In tlio town close ly ) ;
i carried her books , nnd she held iny hand-
Two Innocent children of God's o Yn band.
Wo would marry when we crew" tip , wo said ,
( irnvo plans for the time-to oomO wo Inld ,
A small boy I , nun B W 6 glH she ,
lu those bjgone daya nil mol nh mol
Wo prow wo were mnrrlrd Dolly nnd I ,
At the quaint old church In. Uie town close by ;
The farm was wirchnsed , the fees were paid
"What n blltho jounn couplol" the nelKh-
bors said. . .
And so we were until the wind ! blow bleak ,
And chilled the roses on Dolly's check ,
Uko the wanliiR tide of n wnvrlcss sea ,
Her llto ebbed gently nh mol uh mol
If you want to know why I otttlmcs sigh ,
Yon must come with me to the town close by ;
Yon must sco thu church where our vows
werosald ,
And the mound that covers the restful ( load.
Kor my love Is sleeping the quiet sleep
That the Shophuid gives to Ills wearied
Anil the world It not what It used to bo ,
Kit' Us sunlight fndrd for her nnd mo.
HONEY rOlfrHE ljV01KS.
Foulard Isle bo much woin this season ,
Glass buttons closely Imltnto carved ones.
1'nilsian modistes have done away with
steels in skills.
The Spanish comb is a favorite adornment
for Incolionnuts.
Some ot the silk fabrics show canvas cf-
leets , Inco stiipes nnd ligure-i.
HoMeiy for children mu t either r.orics-
pond \N 1th the il IMS or ho black.
Duck nndliltoor fancy llucn vests nro
woin with tailor-made diodes.
The Hottest btocrtdes me velvet lilse on
satin grounds with llornl deslmis.
( liilmpo nnd ( Srelchi'ii diesses nro moio
worn than OUT boloru by little gills.
llnlMlltlin ; cloaks which icaeh to the , bottom -
tom of thn slciituu ! woin by small gills.
Fans for ornament , but Incitpnbla of stirr
ing the ulr , aio made of natural lloweis.
1'lastrons of Kngllsh eraim have n high col
lar and : uu tilmmed with Fedora lace.
Flounced India mull dicfbes have Fiench
bodices edged with a lull below the
Capes of lace , jet or peail beads aiu worn
with low-in ck budk'us , making them high.
Shephcidi'.ss hats of Icgltcm nro trimmed
with ilbbon und have a cluster ol blossoms In
A nhllauthioplc yottnirroinan In IJobton
has opened a bathing' establishment lor
hong-walstcd dresses beem Increasing in
I'iuor. tUo best 1'aiis models being In this
1'eail ball buttons are used for thin sum
mer dieses to the exclusion of 110,11 ly nil
A wonmn and a now dictionary nhvavs
try to ha\u the last word. [ Now Haven
Ono of the nnwly appointed dliectors of
the People's bank in Moekhulm Is n
woman. ,
A darling pay rent the mother-in-law that
pays the rent tor her Uaiighlci's husband.
liioston iieacon.
Some of thu caslimeics are embroidered
ttltii plush and chenille , and also withopen-
woik embioldeiy.
cNoi folk Jackets of Jersey cloth In blue ,
scarlet , black , ecru , tan and white will be
worn with skills ot all colois.
Many of the newest lace mantles aie very
lone in tiont nnd without sleeves. They nio
proliibely It limited with beads.
Undorskiits me olten morclv wide flounces ,
attached lo the foundation skht or petticoat.
Tneso may bo kilted 01 knile-plc.iled.
Dog collars woin with low and square-cut
dresses nioelet or satln-covciod.wilh beads
corresponding tt'lth those on the dress.
The newest fancy In iilngo consists of
popuy heads attached to a heading ot bended
gimp , tassels of beads depending tiom them.
Mull diesses have skills with bands ot
deep iiiseillon between elustcis ot tucks.
Tliu bodices have jokes and sleeves ol allover -
over embioidery.
Summer di esses have ono long flouncoof
all over embioidery oor n nnuow embioid-
ered one and ha\01 oifnd bodices with joke
and .sleeves of the aU-zncr.
New materials in tl'io stores are Unversed
in nil diieetions with thicnds ot woistcdor
of wnsto silk , the mixture , of colors looking
ns though it weio due lo chance alone.
Among the new colors in silk nre serpent ,
n peculiar gieen ; pistaelic , almost the color
ot the nut ; opal , translucent gray ; sevies , a
gray blue ; und Jiagdac' , a sort ot brick-dust
tint. 1J ,
Velvet loops in cluster are arranged about
thu throat nnd wrists , nno at the back" of
someof the light mnntlcs. Vests comprised
otloopsof ilbbon oveilnpplnu ; ono another
are among the novelties lor diess eilricli-
When n younc huly hears a gentleman call
ing "hansom" she may adjust hoi glove.- , and
smile Hweelly all to neiselt ; but s-ho hnd bet-
tei liist wait to see whether n cab is coming
lotind the coiner.
Col. Oliver Payne Is s.ild to have clvcn his
sister , the wile of Sccietmy Whitney , a check
for 550,000 , with instructions tlmt she .spend
it iorthoV'ntcitalnmunt of her friends during
her stay In Washington.
A bonnet of lilac blossoms , with analgiotto
of llowcrs in trout , liasn stiap ot ten a colla
vel\et dividing the blooms at each side , and
velvet lonnil thu bilm. 'I'his conliast ol color
produces a singular effect.
The new .spiing tissues have the gieat nil-
vantage of ilianlnioll ; , with pralsowoitliy
dlsrcL'nul "of the right way of tnohlull , " as
milliners oxpiess It , and theiotoio lend
themselves easy to all sorts of combinutions.
A roll of uapyrns was oxlnimed from Ilcr-
culanaeum in the middle of the eighteenth
centuiy. It Is supposed this .shews tlmt the
ancient Heicitlanneum pnpy-rustled lor bon
nets and other necessaries of life as thu mod
el npupy does.
Flounces me still worn abiond in suite of a
btiong attempt to abandon them , 'i hey are
put on in couples , ono over thu othei , at the
bottom ot round hklits. When of woolen
they aiu homnied ; when ot bilk they nio
punched out In lestooiib nnd vandycKing ,
othciwlbu "pinked. "
Tim newest Kngllsh jackets for younc
lilrlsnieof coideU , bioculed orel.isllecoul.
They mo closely littlns at the back , with
loose 1'ioiib , sometimes fastened diagonally.
They have nnmbeis otr pockotb and have
lingo wooden buttons.
A bonnet , the crown of which Is of the
color ot Tuscan stunv , Is coveied with folded
moltii ilbbon of tlio samu uhude , the hi 1m he
lm : edged with large bends termed of small
onesgiotipeu together in a elide. A Tuscan
ostiieli lenthei iinlblie.s tlio tilniinlntr.The
fillliiKsninot brown velvet In a golden tint
tlmt liai monUed tt Ith the Tuscan color ,
An J'l.vcellinit IlctiHon.
With novera\vord aim passed mo by ,
With never a look or a Men ,
Slni .silentlyvent lierwny , and I
As .silently went on mlno.
Xo ono could have dream en who snwher face ,
Asvo bo coldly met ,
That her heart was touched by thefnlntest
trace . "
Of memory or regret.
Nor do 1 think that ono apart ,
Who watched my tranquil brow ,
Would haul guessed that the memory stirred
my heait
Of a faithless , biol > en vow.
And they needn't have guofsed or wondered ,
you see ,
For tills \vas the reason why
1 didn't know her nnd she didn't know mo ,
And 80-bho pashed mo by ,
NT imors.
Awfully bored Aiteslnu wells.
The swallow-'Alf ' "
Knpllsli - nml 'Alf.
Are hattcis nnd hootmakcis divinities because -
cause theyBlmpe our ends ?
J5ggs are eight edits r. tie.0 ! ' In Missouri.
JayCiould could get a bigicci'ptlon thereat"
a fciuall cost.
The glass-eaters of the dlmo muemn nro
most apt to suffer fiom nauu in the itouiach.
ILottcIl Citizen.
Theio's a now ccmctoiy- out \iest tlmt Is
lushing up tiade in lot ! ) by adveitiblm ; bar
gains In mislit gia\cs.
" Mnmnm , " cried n 5-ycar-old girl. "I
started to make uiy dolt a bonnet and It's
come out a pair of pnnlb. " >
Tlio ngltatcc * . condition of labor 14-not
caused y the hlrcd mnn Indulging | ii early
cucumbiirsDilladclpbla [ Heral
An Irishman , , mourning hla t > ifo , tearfully
uxclnlmcd , "y.Titb , &M' the WAS a ccod wo-
mun ; she. always hit me wlrt tue iofl end o'
the moji. "
Theie Is .nU ! to tausoit ofeytaiothj be
tween extremes. To Illustrate mnny n
hnmcly man's hond has been turned oy n
prettj * woman's foot.
It Is boldly asserted that the American hen
In not doing her duty. She stands around
doing nothing and expects the patent Incu-
bntors to carry the heavy end of tin contract.
fPhilftileliilila Call.
J. Simoson Africa announces his wllllnc-
jie-s toinn for wncrnor on the democrntlo
ticket , JJ''fors tno war the democracy would
linvo ridiculed the Idea of going to Africa fern
n candidate , [ Norrlstown Hernld.
"Is there nny wlural to deer ? " nskcd Pro
fessor Snore of hlsclnss In crnmmnr. " 1
think there must be. for there is a nlnral to
beer. You cnn say 'two beers ; ' I've often
heard It , " replied Tom Anjcrry.
In Corcn , so we nro Informed by n returned
traveler , both men nnd women wear hats In
nnd out of doors , varying In width from
three to six feet , under the'D circumstances
tto nro not surprised when \\onro told that
there has not been n theatrical performance
In Corcn for the last four jears. ,
An elderly Indy , who , with her dnuirhtcr ,
hns but iccently letuined Irom n inpld Jour
ney thtough Kugln .d , France , pail of Ger
many and Italv , WPS asked the other dav if
they nnd vlslttd Home , nnd she replied In the
nojcathe. "Lai ma , yes wo did , " said the
daughter , "tlmt was the place , don't you
know , whciovo bouu'lit the bad. stockings 1"
Grnntiriitlicr's "Watch , is
Giandfnthcr's \\ntch \ Isb.Uleicdnnd old ,
Innoci'iit ( | ultool jinscl or gold :
J'oorntid common , nndoin nnd cracked ,
JMucli like ginndtnther's sell , In fuel.
Yrt Its whcur.y voice has n cheerful sound ,
And the child ns she listens In ttouder bound
To Its mystic titles of disparted time ,
Is smiling ns though ut n pleasant ihymo.
What aio the tales thu old wnt li tolls ?
Ot seventy yeais It counts the knells ;
"V IMISluisu e\ery betting sun
Was mniked by labor faithfully douo.
With mlmltho term and clumsy skill ,
And clumsier help when tliu works went 111 ;
i et f-orvlng their time ns best they can
This Is the stoiy ofatch nnd maul
Many n fall hns the old \\alch hushed ,
Many a blow hns the old man crushed.
Meddled with , tinkeied and solely tiled ,
At labt tcjecled and tin own nside
For modem ilvals , nil science and gold ,
Useless and cilppled , despised and old.
bmlera cloud and under a ban
Ihls is thu stoiy otatcli und maul
15nt there's a rcversn to the picture snd ;
Human heat Is they can still make glad.
'I ho watch in its ( tented silver case
Can bi hit ; u smile to the Inir child's face.
I he man's all b.itteted nnd sllvery.too ,
With a iiioial can clierrlmth mo and you ,
"Mink our time ns well ns wo can"
This Is the lesson of watch and man.
Boston has caught the benclit craze.
Daniel Sully ib wilting nn emotlunal play.
Alyia Goodtt-In Ib learning how to play llio
The theatrical linn of Shook & . Collier has
dissolved paitncr.shlp.
JCihvIn iJooth earned 500,000 for twenty
weeks' woik thlsye.n.
Nat Goodwin closes his "Skating Kink"
season In Chicago May 17.
Miss Anderson's leeelpts have reached
nenily S50JOO : ! ( this season.
Gus Williams elobes his season at Havlin's
theater , Cincinnati , in Mny.
John llnzelrlgg has been engaged ns lead
ing btippoit to Hertna Welby.
It is said that the Judlc season ended with
hnanclal lo s to .Maurice ( iinu.
Cliailcs Meiidum icceutly sailed for
England In ( juebtol diamatie novelties.
"Pisslon'bSliv < V'Jolm A. Stevens' drama ,
will Inn en spectacular Felting ncxtbcnsou.
Nato Salisbury has stouped tionbadouiing
and joined the Uulfalo Ulll Wild West show5 !
G.ihrielle du tsauld is a''alii In Janish's sup-
poll , plajinu' tlio ballet-dancer , in "Andion. "
Soilne ) Kyrc goes to San Finncisco to phiv
a four tt'eeks' engagement , beginning ue.\t
The ndv.inco sale in New York of the
Meiningen Couit company amounted to over
Hilly Birch and Bon Cotton have organised
a mlnlbtiel company to ua\elontlio Pacific
About S14.000 tt-oith of tickets Imvo been
nhc.uly sold tor tlio May musical lestlral lu
Cincinnati ,
Kyilc Belle\v will shortly snil for England
and proiii.scs ] to return for the lull season nt
Mndnmc Sembrlch has been slnglnc with success In Uiga , Wiliin , St. I'eteisbuig
nnd Mobcow ,
Celln Alsbor is the name of a now dia-
nintlc star to bo presented In thi.s countiy
shoitly by Lewis Monison ,
] 5ai mini's receipts lor the four weeks ot his
perloi mauces ut the Madison Square , J\Tow
Yoik , fooled up lo S 107,000.
Mr. Lawrence lianctt will bo In a month's
engagement In San Francibco to-monow
night , which will end his season.
Mile. Almco will enter upon a sei ics of rep
resentations of opeia boullo in Engllbh at the
Star theatre , New Yoik , on Mny 31.
Miss Adelc Belgaulo hns been specially
encaged in Fanny D.ivenport's jilacc to play
Fedoia lor a spiing tour in Canada.
Fatlma Al Hassan , a Turkish lady , edu
cated In I'm Is for the stage. Is lecomcd as
being the most beautiful actress In the world.
Salvinl will sail for Italy on the 21st , and
Is not likely to icturn to tills couutiy again ,
as ho pioposes to ictlro to Ills villa in Tus
Air. Max Mareztek Is busily engaged nt
work on the music ol n two net comlu-opeia
which Is to bear thu ti'.le of "Thu 1'eachblow
Vnso. "
Mr. nnd Mrs. John llndcllff ( Pauline lUtn )
have just letuined fiom a pi olitahlo conceit
tour ot Australia nud will bail for England in
a Jew days.
Miss Crnbtice , better known as Lotta , Is
busily engaged designing tlio Imuiturofor
a now biowiibtono house she Is having
built in tliu upper pait of New Yoik city.
D'Oyloy London's "Mikado" lottuned to
Liveinool yesteulnv to begin an engagement
In Ltveipool on Iho 15th , niter which they
ttlll appear nt thu Walnut Thcatie , lleilln.
Kugcnu and Arthur Tompkins puichased
thu Boston Tho.itie. which had been pio-
vlously appialsed by those Interested In the
estates ot Tompkins nnd Hill , iccently de-
censed , nt ? 3Vi,000.
Fanny Itlco has ictlrcd from the "laK ?
Baby" company nnd gone to her homo in
Finnkllu. N. 11. toiestnnd ] ) ieiaio ) for her
pnit ot Sknyslcks In ( ieome'a piny ,
"Stinngo Dlsnpp&uunco. "
Lately , \vlulo the prlmn donna was sing
ing at a rnrls music nail , the cilos ot n baby
caused an uuroar In the nudlunce , while n
L'innt held tliu littlu olfcnder up nt nrm's
leimth. The singer , Intoiruptlng her song ,
exclaimed : "That intant Is mine and wnnts
his snpptr. " after which she sel/ed her off
spring nnd ictlied , but In a few minutes re
turned and finished hei song.
PiotCbtnnllRin Is maklne rapid hcadwny In
certain swtions of Mexico.
The Jewish papcis think that ono of the
needs of Chicago Is n Young Men's Hebrew
Win. Scniboro , who died nt Applcton.Wls. ,
recently , bomicatlicd SW.OOO to tno church ex
tension boaid.
The FhhtPrcsbytoi Inn church of Chicago
gave S7.-MX ) for the support of the rnlliond
clip pet at the services a week nco.
Itov. Dr. Schnlf hns presented to Union
Theological seminary the table around which
snt the American members of the committee.
for revising the New Testament.
The legislature of Connecticut hasTcjected
without debate or comment the petition that
the testimony of atheists and unbelievers betaken
taken In coint the same as that of anyone.
The proposed federation of the Australian
and Tasmania ! ! Presbyterian churches has
advanced considerably , nnd It is expected
UiiUtUe ! ! rst fcdoial assembly will bo held
next July in Sydney.
Chnn lion Kan , n CJilnnmon of Portland ,
Oregon , is n reu'idaily 6i'dr.i9 : ! < l preacher or
the Methodist Kulseopal chinch nnd belongs
to the Puget Bound eonference. Fau came
to this country a coolie.
The Presbyterian clergy of Maryland nro
moving In tlio matter ot obtaining a change
in tlio Etnto constitution , which debars min
isters nud teachers ot religion from liolaiug
seats in the general assembly ,
Tlie proportion nf ministers to membership
In the evangelical denominations ot the Uni
ted States Is said to be , , among Congreea-
tfonallEts i to H'3 , among Episcopalians 1 to
100. among Presbj tcrlaus 1 to 110 , among
.Mcthodbls 1 to H ) , aud auioog JJaptfsts 1 to
1W > -
Miss Catharine LorlllardYolo has given
S75.000 for the erection of a clergy liouso In
the dloccso of New York. It will contain
nn ofllco for the use of the bishop , a hall for
the business meetings of thoclcrcy nnrt sev
eral rcndlnjc nnd lodging rooms for the city
missionaries ,
The annual report of the Open Church ns-
socintlon of the dioceses of Chester nnd
Liverpool Indicates the Incrcnslng success of
the efforts In fnvor of free churches In Lng-
land , nlthoueh It notes thd ff.Ct that ill ii3 ! !
country In 0.000 out of 12,000 of the churches
the rights of the parishioners nre more or less
restricted. It states that changes of opinions
nro ; tnklng plnco In every section of the
country In favor ol churches that open
equally to nil.
The following nro the latest statistics ot
the church of England : Two archbishops ,
81 bishops , 4 stiff rnpnn bishops , 10 retired co-
loninl , whoso services am available on rmer-
cencles , 81 deans. 85 archdcnns , 030 rural
deans , and about U3.000 clergy of nil clnsscs.
Probably one-lifth of thcse-aro without parochial
chial charge , being engaged In education , etc.
Tim total number of benefices is 13,500. The
income of the established church may bo es
timated at 8,000,000 per annum. In Scot
land there are 7 bishops and about 3.0 clergy.
In tlio li ) itish colonies and dependencies and
on mission stations thcronio TUblshouilces ,
some of which nro vacant , nnd about 2,700
rlcrgy. There have been 5 vacancies In
English bishoprics dining the jcar caused by
Charles AVIllaid , of the llyion combina
tion , und Ella Southern \\ero mauled in
llrooklj n last Sunday.
The rumor that Pi In en Albert Victor of
Wales ttould soon many tlio 1'iincess Cle
mentine ot Dcnmnik Is denied.
Miss Franklo Folsom's ginndtathcr , at
Folsomdnle , N. Y. , confirms the lepoit that
thu piesldent will nmiiv In June. Colonel
Folsom hns contributed S2OJO to the tious-
Dr. William A. Hnmmotid , of Now Yoik ,
formerly surgeon-general of the United Slalcs
army , was married to Miss Esther Dyer Chap-
In , nt Providence , It. I. , on Mny 1.
Miss Palms , the Detroit beauty whom Sen-
ntor Jones has been In vain pursuing , will
mniry n Now Yoiker.
It is assarted by several Get man newspa
pers that Queen Victoria is deshous ot bring
ing about n mnirlnuu bet\\een the grand
duke of Hcssoniid the duchess of Albany.
The duchess originally met her Into husband
nt Darmstadt during the autumn ot IbSl.
Tlio New Yoik Moining Journal says that
Katie Stokes , the pi city b.nebaclc rider , who
\\astliocliaim of the clicusringa fo\v yeais
ngo , will bi Ini ; suit against John Stetson , Urn
theatrical manager , lor hieach of uiomisr ,
claiming S")0KX ( ) damages.
Tim model husband has been found at
Heading , Pennsylvania , and his name Is
Kebstock. Ho .sent his wife to Kuropo and
kept her in ItiMiiy until shu ran away with
another man. Then hu a rial mod with her
lorn dlvoico that.shn might marry her new
IOAO , nud , In bidding her good-by , told her
when bho wanted n true lilnd to let him
A young woman nppeaied In couit nt Gen
eva , III. , asked lorn divon'c fiom.her hus
band nnd wns gmnted one , went lo the coun
ty cleiu's ollice witli n , seemed a
maiilage lleonso. nud the two tteio immedi
ately mauled. The v.hole proceedings did
not take moie than twenty minutes.
Thy gossips are busy trying to find a hus
band for tlio s oung Pilncess Louise of Wales.
The Stt'edish papers claim that she Is about
to be betiotlied to the Clown Piinco Oscar ot
Sweden , while another repoit , equallynn-
theulie , no doubt , hns it that tin ; chosen
britlesioom is the eldest son ot the Comtu do
Paris. In any event It is not likely the
inclinations ot tlio young people will have
much weight in the matter. Hojalty has no
business with love.
Two engagements have been recently an-
nnunccd In Now Yoik , that of Miss Lena
Potter , daughter ot the lilght Kev. the As
sistant Bishop of New York , to Mr. Winlleld
Cowilin , and that of Miss Amy Hewitt ,
daughter of the Hon. Ahrnm S. Hewitt , lo
Dr. James O. Gieen. Dr. ( iieen Is tia\oling
with tlio HowltN in the south ot Emope.
Tlicii'isu Wnshlinitflii territory clrl who
seems to have peculiar notions of bleach of
piomlso cases , tor she thre.ituus to sue her
own father lor bieach of piomlse. She ex
plains that the old gentleman llrst gave his
consent to her mm rinse with her liner , and
then willidtcw It , and that In consequence
her beau got tired of watting nnd has gone elf
with another ghl.
Edwin Foncst Is n rcvirallst , nt present In
Pennsylvania bonsts' hu nab been a
gambler , a tobbur and a convict.
1'irst Hinall boy "Say , Johnnie , where are
you in Sunday sclieoli" ' Second snmll boy
"Ob. wc'ie in the inlildle ot theoii inal sin. "
Flist small boy "That itlnttmuchvcio's ;
past redemption. "
An address by a converted dndowas one of
the leatuios of a meeting of thu salvation
anny \Vashlimton last \veolc. The elfect of
hifli collars and iiatciit-lcatlmr shoes upon
thu morals was , undoubtedly , explained in
"Can't yon give us something with a stick
In It ? " asked Mr. SniaitUl last Sunday , put
ting a quarter on thu countcri nnd winking
knowingly. ' Oh , certainly , " said the po
lite attendant , and ho wrapped up a bottle of
mucilage and swept the uoin Into the
A clergyman who was consoling a yotins
\viilo\v on thu death of her husband Mioke in
a \eryseiious tone , remarking that no was
"one ot the few. Such a jenel of n Ulniv
tian you cannot llnd his equal , yon \\ull
know. " To which the sobbing talr one re
plied , with an almost broken heart , "I'll bet
1 will. "
Some ono calculates that wo shall not have
another February containing live Sundays
until llt'O. "It seems nretty haul to have to
wait .so long for live cnurch-golng Sundays
In the month of I-Vbrnaiy. " leplles a country
, 'otith , "but so long us w havu August con-
.aining llvo Sundiivs thu complaint will not
ho 60 gencial. Tliu lishing Is better In
August than In February. "
Tiamp to housemaid : "Clmmo a little 1)1 ) tote
to eat. please. 1 hain't ot nothing lor four
days. " Housemaid : "Certainly , poor man.
Como In and sit down. Hem is a nice niece
ol loist beef lei yon. " "Vou'io mighty
kind , mom , but 1 never eat meat In holy
week. Can't you roll out a cup of ehocolato
a bit ot biolliu shad.and a jilato ot Icucieiuni'
I'm a Htnirln' wielcli. but I can't go back on
my icll louspilnciples under no considera
tion whatever. "
That was a bold but effective move on the
part of a city pastoi a Sunday or two ago.
Ho had home long and patiently with the
annoying demeanor ol his choir , but matteis
weiu not glowing any better , so , Jtiht as ho
was beginning thu bcrmon , ho paused , and ,
looking up to the gallery , lemarked : ' 'When
thu members of thu choir aiu tlnongh with
their discourses 1 shall bo icady to begin
mine. " [ Huston Congiegatlonllbt ,
Eastern colleges are said to bo suffeilng
from depreciated Investments.
A stiong movement Is being madutosavn
Chicago nnlveisityhlch Is closed under ft
The class of 1680nt Cornell numbers eighty-
six men , wlthonuuxcuptlon tliu latgest class
that ever i cached thu .senior year.
Nearly S250,0001ms been subscribed for the
erection of n Ituformed Kjibconal church
chapel and theological seminary at I'hllndel-
phla. The sum ot00,000 { was paid tor the
lot.Tho chair of paleontoloey at Yale , occupied
by J'rof. Marsh , president of the National
Academy of Sciences , Is endowed by funds
from the estate of George I'eabody. who was
the maternal uncle of the distinguished pio-
A petition has been circulated amonR stu
dents and alumni of Cornell , requesting the
trustees of the unlveislty to give a peiihion
{ o Pi of. HoPhrlg , who has for seventeen
yenfa L'l'en at the head ot the Oriental de
partment of tile ttnSvssslty , which has been
The Harvard committee on requirements
for entrance reported last \\eulc that the time
has come when Harvaid should alter the
ilgldrtilu which has made Latin and Greek
essential parts of tlio education of eveiy
voting man who wishes to enter the college.
T\fS > io slblu substitutes occur at once , n
scicntllio bUl > * tltuto nnd a substitute of mod
ern languages , TiiD c uunlttep recommend
the former , one or the other ot the languat'cs
nlwayb being retained. The requisitions In
hlstoiy tor entiaiico examinations sCCiil to
the committee most infaufllciunt.and a knowl
edge of the outlines of univeisnl history and
of thu history of the United States Is recom
mended as essential.
"That tired feeling" from which you
BuflbrsO much , jiarlicnlarly n the morning - ,
ing , is entirely thrown oil" by llood'a
i hi.
A four year old cow In Kentucky la the
mother of ten calves twins , triplets and n
Dttllock county , Ga. , hns thirty-two families
thai contain arfl children. One family ohns
twenty-two , and none less than ten.
A ( Jeorclu man who has just died nt 07
could llftn barrel containing thirty gallops
ofylnsky nnd drink out of the buiiR hole ,
and handle n 450 pound bale of cotton as It It
was a baby.
Four members of a niount county , Tcnnc-
see , family ha\ehiarrlcd within as many
week * . First two sons went olT , then n
daughter , and now the father nged threescoto
A Do Kalb county ( Illinois ) farmer him
gathered Sl''O worth of scalps from the pro
geny ot a pair of wolves which ho carefully
guards from hunters. The county pays 85
lor o\ory welt scalp.
Uartcrvllld , ( la. , IB proud of Joe , a dog of
superior Iiucllleeiicu. lie has been known
to seize an oar ot corn , cany It to a nit hole ,
shell olT a few kcmrls , back oil out of .sight ,
and then pounce upon the nit thus enticed to
destruction. .
David Hell , of I'ellcter's Mill , N. C. , found
avoiy smoil t > carl In an oysler seven years
ano. He wiappcd it In n paper and Inld It In
a tiunk , and tliu Nun borne Jotnnal says that
It has grown trom the sl/oof n KB shot to
thusl/.e of n smalt nmihtc. During the seven
years U has not been wet.
A Ccnlralla. Kan. , paper burst. " Into n piran
of joy over thu ntihnl of a tmiillyut that
pl.ii'o ns follows : 'Thu glorious Mate ol
Kansas leorhnl an addition of thltteen vo
ters In one family Ilioother day by thu emi
gration to Seneca of l.oia ( licmlnhl and fam
ily lioin l.a Cioss , AVIs. Mr. ( iiciidahl is the
happy futhcr ot twelve sons. Two jeaisago
he had but six. A t > alr of twins wore then
born , niul two months ago he recehed n
fin ( her tuinaikiiblu addition ot four sons atone
ono presentation. The four together wclehed
twenty pounds , and. although thuy me now
two months old , they aie as lively as young
crickets , and growing as though deteimined
to prove an exception to the guncinl fatoof
qumlaiplcts of dying eaily.
The Tmtcst Phnso of the
Trouble A War With Hhovols.
The trouble botwcon Peter Cloos ami
the Hurnsluins was ajrain brought to no
tice in n case which was calloil up for
trial buforo Jntlgo Aiulursou at 8 o'clock
Goos' men , it seems , started Thursday
to lay thu foundations for thu hotel which
it in proposed to eruot at Fourtuunth and
Jackson streets , on a portion of the pro
perty which was leased by the
Itarnstoins. After dark last nijrlit
tin * Iturnsluins armed themsulve'j
with shovels and started to
work to till ni ) the trench which hud
been dug. Mr. IJornstoin and Mrs.
liurnstcln nnd their daughter , Hachol ,
worked vigorously and buforo the Gees
party could collect their thoughts , imd
the trench nearly filled. Finally Mr.
Gees , as a last resort , had the father ,
mother and daughter arrested on si
warrant sworn out in Justice An
derson's court Constable Snowdun
tumbled out of bed and brought all par-
tics into court. An hour's wrangling be
tween the Bernstein party and the Ooos
party ensued , and tliun , at exactly half-
past 11 o'clock , Justice Anderson dis
posed of the case temporarily by releas
ing the three IScrnstums under bonds of
! ? 5l)0 ) each.
yesterday afternoon thclcnso was contin
ued , as neither t > ide was ready for trial.
A I'rairio Schooner.
About 10 o'clock yesterdaVi just as
the crowds on Farnam street were await
ing , on the tiptoe of expectation , the ar
rival of the "parade. " a "prairio schoo
ner , " drawn by two hungry-looking
horses and preceded by four .steers ,
passed up the street. The schooner , in
stead of being built in the usual emigrant
style , had more the appearance of a white
tent house on whjculs. A small cook
htovo shot up .smoke into the air through
an opening in the top , while so\ oral dirty ,
shock-haired youngsters peered wondcr-
ingly through roughly improvised windows
dews in thu side. On the side ot the
schooner was the suggestive legend ,
"Bound for the West. " Altogethur the
rig was a unique- one , and attracted no
little attention.
At the corner of Sixteenth and Farnam
the driver was unfortunate enough to col
lide with an express wagon , upsetting a
chicken coop which was in the rear of the
wagon. The fowls escaped , and for a
fuxv minutes the emigrants had a lively
time in running them down.
Police Points.
11. 0. Hnsley was fined $5 and costs in
police court yesterday , on a charge of
intoxication. Ho is a sad example of
what whisky will do for a man. A few
years ago he was chief train dispatcher
on the Union Pacilic , having as liic .sub
ordinates such mun its J. J. Diukoy , the
present superintendent of the Western
Union. To-day ho is a total wreck , with
out moans or position , and with but few
The other cases disposed of by Judge
Stenbcrg wure unimportant and uninter
esting that of It. A. Stokes , one of the
circus managers , who had been.arrested
by tin over-zealous policeman as n sus
picious character. Ho was released upon
his proving who ho was.
A Miraculous Kncapc.
A most miraculous escape was related
by Dr. Spalding to a reporter for the Hiu :
yesterday. Thursday Clyde , the little
two-year-old child of Mr. and Mrs , G.
Hohrbaugh , of 3100 llarney htruct , fell
out of the second story window , striking
his head on a keg of nails which hap
pened to he under the window. Barring
u few Kcalp wounds , the ehlhl was unin
jured , ami Dr. Spalding says that it will
doubtless recover.
German Coffee Party.
About Jifty cotiplo , comprising the host
Ciornmn element of the city , gathered at
the Light Guards hall Thursday and
inaugurated a series of parties whiuh
they intend giving during thu .summer
months. They will bo familiarly known ,
in the German language , as "Ivaflu-
Kranchuns , " The party last night was
enjoyed by all present. The success is
duo to thu following ladies , who had the
allair in charge : Musdamus liolln. Strut-
man , Hiiburman , Stovers , Linholu , Doll-
man and Pundt.
Invalids' Hotel auiIBureicnl Institute
This widely celebrated institution ,
locaU'd at Buffalo , N. Y. , is organized
with a full fatall'of eighteen experienced
and skillful Physicians and Surgeons ,
constituting thu most complete orgam/.a-
tion of medical and surgical skill in
America , for the treatment of all chronic
diseases , whether requiring medical or
surgical means for their euro. Marvelous
success has been achieved in the cure of
all nasul , throat and lung diseases , liver
nnd kidney diseases , diseases of the
digestive , organs , bladder diseases , dis
eases peculiar to women , blood taints
and skin diseases , rheumatismneuralgia ,
nervous debility , paralysis , epilepsy
( fits ) , spermatorrhcri , Impotency pud
Kindred directions , Thousands are cured
at tiioir lioniett through correspondence.
The cure of the worst ruptures , pile
tumors , varicoccle , hydrocelo and
strictures is guaranteed , with only a
short residence at the institution. Send
10 cents' in stamps for the Invalids' '
Guid-Book (108 ( pages ) , which gives all
particulars , Address , World's Dispen
sary Medical Association , liullulo , N. Y.
The plan of throwing a bridge over the
straits of Mussina , that separates Sicily
from Italy , will , when consummated , be
oiio of the most sinking feats of modern
engineering. The place selected Is where
the channel is two and one-half miles
wide anil 801 feet deep , nnd two piers
will support n viaduct ql steel rails to u
height of 828 feet above the water.
Few People Hflcnpo.
The taint of scrofula in ( lie blood. With
many it is hereditary ; but it may also bo
acquired from want of air or lack bf
exercise , from improper food , or any
cause which brings about , weakness of
the body nnd Imparity of tliu Wood. The
disease is char.iclcrlzcd by running sores ,
abscesses , swellings , enlarged joints ,
sore eyes. etc. No medicine hns boon so
successful in curing scrofula , hs Hood's
Sarsaparilla. Thu most terrible running
sores gradually disappear under the pur-
if > ing nnd strengthening Influence of
this great medicine. If you tire a suffer
er from scrofula and demand more evi
dence as to the wonderful SUCCORS of
Hood's Sarsaparilla , send to C. I. Hood
As Co. , Lowell , Muss. , for a book contain
ing many remarkable cures.
The nvcnngn salary in forly-thrco of the
Methodist churches in the Now Haven
district of Now York cast conference is
Aching limbs nnd teeth are relieved by
rubbing with St. Jacobs Oil. Fifty cunts.
Recent investigation shows th6 existing
navy of Gieat Britain cost ? 210,000,000.
and that its present value docs not exceed
No noxious narcotics. Ued Star Cough
Cure purely vegetable. 1'rlce " 5 cunts.
A law thai has been a dead letter for
thirty yearn has bcun revived by the local
authorities of Dover , N. 11. , for the pur
pose of compelling barber shops to keep
closed on Sundays.
Angostura Hitters , the world renowned
appctl/ur and Invlgoialor. Used now over
thu whole elvlll/ed world. Tiy II , but bcwaru
ol Imitations. Ask . \ottr grocer or druggist
lor the genuine attlclc. prepaicd by Dr. J. G.
B. Slotfcrt & Sons.
Plans have been nerfectcd for the erec
tion of a tower 1,000 feet high , to bo com
pleted in time for the international exhi
bition at Paris in 1 89. It will bo made of
structural iron.
No name is better and more pleasantly
and widely known than that of Air' J.
A. Po//.oiu. For Years he lias made himself -
self famous by the elegant perfumes and
complexion powder that bears his name
the lattur haying found its way to th
belles of Paris. Gcrnnvny and London
Everybody admires beauty in ladies
Nothing will do more to produce or en
hancu it than a usu of Mr. Pozzoni'.s pro
parations. _ _
A Baptist missionary in China writes
homo that what an American family
throws away in iv year would keep a
do/.en Chinese families ; and what a
Chinese family throws away in the same
time would not keep a mouse.
PIliES ! PltiBS !
A sure cure for Blind , Bleeding , Ituhin
and Ulcerated Piles has been discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Dr
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment. A single
box has cured the woist cluoniu casus of 2."i or
! M ye.irs standing. No one need btilfcr live
minute ! ) after applying this wondciful sooth
Ing medicine. Lotions and Instruments do
moie harm than good. William- ) ' Indian
Pile Ointment absorbs the tnmois , allays the
intense Itching , ( particularly at night alter
cettlntr wium in bed ) , acts as a poultice , elves
instant relief , and is piepaied only for I'ilus ,
Itchingof private pails , and for nothing else.
Dr. Kiar.Ici's Jfngiu Ointment emus as by
rnacic , Plmplos , IJIack Heads or ( Juibs ,
Blotches and Eiuptlons on the face , leaving
thesicln clear anil Beautiful. Also cares Itch.
Salt Khcuin , SWC Nipples , Hoio IMps , and
Old Obstinate UIccis.
Sold by diugglsts , or mailed on receipt of
50 cents.
Retailed by Kuhn & Co. , nnd Schroder &
Conrad. At wholesale bv C. F. Goodman.
A badge of white .silk was seen upon
the coat of a. Raleigh colored youth. On
ono side was a rtttlu sketch of a barrel
and underneath this inscription : "Moo
Whiskey ami Uetr. " On the other .side
was another barrel and the words :
"Whiskey MoandPucr. "
Kirk'H Gorman Pile Ointment.
Suiocuic for blind , bleeding , and Itching
Piles. Ono box has cured the worst eases of
ten years .standing. No ono need stiller ten
minutes after using this wonderful Kirk's
Gciman Pile Ointment. It absorbs Illinois ,
alia } s the Itrhiiifj ut once , acts as a poultice ,
gives instand relief. Kiik's ( Jerman Pile
Ointment is prepiucd only lor Piles and
itching ot the piivatu parts , and nothing
Eu'iv bcv is wananted by our agents. Hold
by druggists ; sent by mail on receipt of price ,
r > 0c per box.
DH. C. O. BENTON , Pitor ,
Cleveland , O.
Sold by C. if Gooodman and Kuhn & Co.
By the nnrolcs'snuss of the pressman ,
SU.VH tlio San Franciscan , llio music on
the fourteenth page was printed upside
down , and the mistake was discovered
too lao ! to reprint the edition. Our mus
ical readers have the option of standing
on their heads or turning the page over
when they want to play the piuce.
It is believed that over 1,000,000 , is
spent yearly in pilgrimages to Mecca and
Medina. Many ot these Mohammedan
pilgrims travel immense distances. Thus
nearly 0,000 of them are from the Soudan
and neighboring parts of Africa , 7,000 are
Moors , 1,100 Persians , 10,000 Malnvs and
Indians , and some 25,000 Turks or
Egyptians. Those are the figures for the
year 188 ! ! , when there wore no fewer than
OU.OOO pilgrims to these two famous
Killln ; : an
"Lancelot " asked
Brooklyn Kaglo : ,
Klainu , 'liow do the Mrikcr.s 'kill' an on-
' undurrtand it nil. " "
ginuV I can't "Easy
as lying , " replied Lancelot , promptly ,
"you just climb over the tail-board into
the ciib , open the blow-oft" cock by lower
ing the connecting rods until the crank-
pin is level with the cross-head of tlio
fulcrum connections , push in the brass
throttle ratchet till it reaches the crown
sheet which lets the water-glares fall into -
to the lire-box " "Oh , now J Bee , " she
haid joyously , "and , of course , thai puts
out the lire ; but , Lancelot , if I know as
much about engines as you do I wouldn't
stand at the ribbon counter another day.
I'll just go out to wheni the strike is and
bo a president of a railroad company. "
And Lancelot kissed her and said he
would , just as soon ash \ \ now tennis suit
came homu.
A Danbury , Conn. , hatter who sat down
upon a pin placed on a chair by a com
panion of his nsn practical "Jouo , " some
weeks ago , is dying of necrosis , or decay
of tliu backbone , caused by a wound in
flicted by the pin. _
"My attention , after sutfcrlng with conellpa-
tloti for two or tlui'O yenii > , iviu cullej to Mut
inous I.Ivor Itotfiilnior. und imvliu , ' trleJ nlmoft
oiuirtuliiH else concluded 10 | ry lu I rtiai topic
a whio-iflasbfiil and nftonviiuls r'j < ln < 'cnl am
Uosoto R loiibi'oouliil ( n per Uircottoiig ) ntU-r
each mini. I found Unit It bad duna mo to
muub Koo.l tliin I continued U until 1 took luo
bolt 103 ; since llion I huve not < apcrlonco < \ nny
dlllluulty. 1 kcop U In ur lioiiio find won ] I not
be without it , but bi ) o nq UIB for It.hntttw
curort mo. " Or.o. W. BlMi , ujltitant Clerk Su
perior Court , IJlbb Co. , On.
"tlaviiirf 11 icdcnury life for number
of ronra iny bftwola Very lirctMiltr n. |
ray hnblt con&tlpatod. Uy tfcftuUvlco of Ir cndi
J wns Induced to roiorttoSliutoOni I.Ivor IltjfU-
later auil I now enjoy bettor litnllh Ibiin I huve
known for ycaii. " OBCi. W , UOH.UT , Wniur
Vi-p't , I'lillu.
Railway Time Table *
Tlio following N the time of nrnval unit Jo-
Pftrtuioof triilns by Contrnl Stmnlnnl tlrao nt
the loon ) tlc | < ota Trnlmoftho ( i , St. 1' . , M. *
O. arrive nml depart from tlielrdupot. oorner
ot nth anil Webster strocM ! twlnson the . A
* ' 0. . II. A Q. nml K. a. St. J. .V C. II. from the
II. AM.dopot ! nil others from the Union PaolOo.
IlrMiro train * w.ll lento I' . I' , itopotat fl"S- !
I17M-8iOO-8:10-S:50-lito.a-Upij : : : a. m. ,
! ' l-la : > - lW-n:00-aM- ! : : ( 4 : < W0:053 : ! } - -
6:10-7ft : > -ll:10p. ra.
Ix > nvo transfer for Omnlm ntTslS n RI5-0:30 : :
-0:43-11 : iun-ion-MM7a. : : : : ; : m.siusr-ztia
-2:37--3no-3:37-4:37-fi:5)-u : : : : : : 12-7:20-7:50- : :
! - ! - - .
Anlval nml ilcimitnro of u-ntns from the
trnn fcriloiiot nl Council IllulTa :
Ai'T. ' Annivr
CHICAGO , HOCK IfllANI ) fc I'ACIUC. * ' "
. A. M I 1)0:18 : A , M
lIOllftA. > l llfiij\ : ;
C 6:10 : P. M I IITUO : p. M
nP:15A.h : I 1)91S ! A.M. . ,
CO HO P. M I I ! 7:00 : r , M
A ILK ) A. M i AUiU M
II U : < nr. u 110:20 : p. M
A 7(0 ( r. M
cincvno , > iitwAiiKr. : sr. VAUU
n nir : , A. M i i ) u-.n A. M
0014)1' ) . M I 117:001' : . M
A KIllWA. M I ) llUi : A. H
U 6 : < Vi P. M | A f > :40 : I * . M
A 8:00 : l' . M I A 3.30 p. M
sioux cmpAciriu. .
A 7M : A. > i I A 0rM : A. M
A 0:25 : p. M I A S:5Tr. : M
Will Icnvo U. I . depot. Uitfibn , nt fl : < 0--8:33- :
10:15-10:5511. : : m. ; 2:40-3:50-r : : > : M | ) . in.
LcnvoBtoolc Ynrda for Oinnliu ut 7:53 : 10:25 : v.
12:01 : 1:21J-4:40-5:07-0 : : : > . > 0 n. in.
NOTK A trains dully ; ll.ilullr except Sundar :
f } di\liy oxooDt Saturday ; 1) , daily except Mon
day ,
13th St. Cor. Capitol Avcnuo.
Chronic & Surgical Diseaoes.
DR. WcrflENAWIY , Proprietor.
.SKIeen jiaia * lloxnltul mid 1'riruto 1'ractlco
Wnliuvo tliu facilltlus , nppnrntim niul rdncdtca
for ( he succe-sfiil trcntincut ( if ciery fnnn'Of dll-
cu'u ri'miliin cither medical or Fiirglcnl treatment ,
niul Inutu idl to come ntnl luvcEttgatu for tUcmarlvoi
nr correspond \\lth us. Lung Cipcrlcucc In trfnt-
lii" CIIBOB by letter enables us to treat umuy cane *
icicntific.illr \ \ Itbniit Keohithera !
WH1TB 1'OH CIKOUIuVlt onsDcfBrrnltlc anil
lrncc ! , Club Fcer. CiirvaturoB-of the Sjilnc ,
Durxsui op WOJIKV. Piles , TiimorB , Cancers ,
Catarrh , Ilroiichittfr , InlinliitlcmJ.ncctrlclty , J'aral-
ysla , Kiillensy , Kidney , Hje , 11 * , Skill , lllood and , „
all surgical ojicrntlons. "
IIiittorU-H , Inhalers , llrnccs , Trtmsrs , and " '
ill klndn of Medical nnd Surgical Appliuiiccs , mun.
ufactnred nnd for Bile.
The only reliable Medical Institute making
Private , vSpacial i Nervous Diseases
from nhntuvercauseprodiiceilt ( ,
Wo can remove Syiinllltlo i > ul o.i from tUo.tyBtciB'y * * '
ullliont mercury. * t"1
New rcbtoratlvc treatment for lotaof tal power ,
Cill nnd consult us or pcnd name and poft'Ufltco
addrcjn plainly rltton cnclbso flump , and \io
will und > ou , In plain raiM > cr , nr
UPON rmvATie , Srccuir. ANO Nnntucis DisiiAsra ,
SEUINAT > Aims : , Si'ESHAToimiiirA IMPOIKK- _ _ _
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Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute. '
Car. 13lh SI snd Canltol Ave. . OMAHA. H.:3. ' '
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Practice limited to Diseases of tlie
Glasses fitted for all forms of defective
Vision. Artificial Kyes Inserted.
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j. w. varmiumi , BOLI Aoz r ,
ei URUA.HWAY. a. V'
Nebraska National Bank
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Paid up Ooiiital $260,000
SuplusMay 1 , 1886 26.00U
H. W. YATKS. President. , , ' * '
A. E.Tou < s\MN , Vice I'rcalilcnt
W. H. S. llytiiii'.s , Caslile/ ,
" " " ' " " " <
\V. V. MonflB , "JOHN S , Cor.MKs , V
ii.V. . YATISJ , l.uiviiri , Uijpp ,
Cor. J2lh and Tarnam Strooti
General lluukluic Uualnoji T
Sealed Prapojals
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