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CAPITAL 1'IUZE , $75,000
Ticket * only S3. Bhtires in Proportion ,
li'Woilolioronycortlly that vo supervise tha
Rrrmiffomcimfnrall the Monthly and Quarterly
Jnilnirs ) of The I/onlslnnn 8tato I/ottory
Company and In ncrann irmnnpro nnd control
tbo Ira ) lii5 ) thrmaolvo , nnd that thcfnrnoarn
conducted with honesty , fairness and In Rood
Jnlth townnl all ititrtlo ? , and wo authorlro the
Compnnrto UEOthl corllllcato. with fnc-slmlioj
ofour Blirrmturoi attached In Its advnrtlsment
Wo , tlio'vndonlffnod nankg and llimltors , will
tiny all Prizes drawn In Tbo Ixnilslnim stnto Lot
teries wlllcli may bo prosonto.l at our counters
Pies , Louisiana National Bank
j. w. Kmmirrn ,
Fres. State Rational BM.
Pres , HewOrleansNational Bank.
Incorporated In 1868 for US years bythotogU *
btttiro fur Educational and Charitable purposes
with u capital of $1,000.000 to which n reserve
fund Of over ( .ViO.UJU has sluco been added.
BjrRUQVortvholniliiK popular vote Its franchise
was maun a part of t ho present State Constitution
* doM Uccumbor.M. : A. L > . 1H7J.
The only lattorv over voted on and endorsed
by the-Dcoulo ot any state.
It nornr scales or postpones.
Its arand Blnglo number drawings take place
monthly rand the extraordinary Uranlnirs regu
larly every three months liisteml of
ally as norotororo , DCKlnnhiK March , issrt.
Bin Orand Drawing , ChiM r. . In the Academy of
Music. Now Orleans , Tuoaduy , May lltli , 133 }
lt d Monthly Drawing.
100,000Tickets at Vivo Dollars Each. Fructlous
In Filths , In Proportion.
Application for rates to clubs should be made
onlr to Uiu olllco ol' tbe company In Now Or
For" further Information write clearly , win ? '
full addt osi. I'OSTAJ. NOL'ES , Exprcis Money
Orders , or Now York iKxchanifo in onllnnry let
ter , currency by o.turesa at our oxpcnso ud
New Oi leans , La.
Wasblnaton , D. 0.
Make P. O. Money Orders payable and address
rcKlstorod letters to .
" * Now Orlouus , La.
Absolutely 1'nro and Unadulterated.
Anil nil Wasting Dlseniest
lror &alo by Druggist ? , Groccra tind Dealers.
Prlco * Ouo Dollnr per Itottlc.
eilM bottlef , nn4 nont ffonln * ei *
u alute , aj tlia ntmu of fumpanr llown In bottle.
C3l'er oDlfftRtortlio Itnrky JUoutilalni feirepl tht
Terrltaritti ) , unfttlo to rrocura Hfroui llielr tlekr § ,
r ( ili&\e tUUUaifU tent , lit plain r * t , unonrkeiJ.Kx *
j.rBM chtrgei prtjulj , ty rriuiitliif tlx Dcllorilo
The Dutfy Malt Whiskey Co.DaitImorcMd ,
Stint t trt it amp /or tor t'vfoili g rotttmptiem Form-
ttlatc9nttttlng priHtlpallv vj raw btffittaiaml ottr wAi *
ley , Enuatfyraluallf Jmligttt0Mt D
rtcoitfTitfr&talt'tutla \ Viitattt , Jtcan
i - < riti by 9
A'Bpothovcn Sonata , a llnch Cbomatlo Phan-
Inslo , can only bo fully approclatod when rend
orcd upon ono of your pianofortes ,
KicuAiiuVAQNKH ,
1305 and 1307 Farnam Si ,
and Jal ! Wark.
1020 Faraam Street , Omabti , Neb.
r'lu > mdW.nn. C Uau. tie.
if ( < . LYQN.AHEALY , Chicago
It Comprehends Interesting Metropolitan
Mows from All Sides.
Tlio Kiitlmslnsm of tlio Revivalist
Luck nml Confidence In ft DOR
AUnrdcti Oily Altlormnn on
tlio Anarchical Strike
in Clncnco.
_ PrnctlcnllyKiilci1. _ ( _
Tlio Union I'nctlic brakemcii's strike U
practically broken. At 11 o'clock yes
terday the freight trnlns began to move
out of Lanmtlo , with some of tlio old
brakcmon on board , protected by .several
deputy United States marshals. Depu
ties were also scattered through the mob
on the platform , fully prepared to quell
any trouble. No demonstrations were
made. By to-night nt the far
thest freights will bo moving out ot find
beyond Laramie with nocustomod regu
larity. Ono passenger train moved
through that place yesterday without being -
ing interfered with by the strikers. Tlio
men tlioro are weakening and arc ready
and anxious to bo taken back. Gen.
Supt. .Smith , however , has determined to
adopt no half way policy with the men ,
and lie sent out instructions to all divis
ion supcrintcmlcnts not to take back
.those of the men who were engaged in
the troubles. Ouly those who were not
engaged in the demonstrations against
tlio company , and who were retained
from workinir through fear , will be
taken back. This will throw out about
125 men most ot them brakcmon ou the
Wyoming division
A telegram received from Laramic yes
terday state tliat.Noasliam , the prominent
K. of L. man from Denver , is in the city ,
and has , it is understood , ordered the
strikers back to work. Wllkcson , chief
of the Urakemcn's brotherhood , passed
through Omaha yesterday and will meet
Ne.ishtun in Laramic. In that place tlio
strike is nioro seriously felt than in any
other. Tlio rolling mills have shut down
on account of tlio hick of coke.
At Uuttc , Montana , and Englo Rock ,
Idaho , the trouble has also been serious.
Yesterday however , ovcrj thing was re
ported quiet. Two brakcmon at Dry
Creek grow obstreperous and drew load
ed revolvers on a trainman. They
were promptly arrested. At Biulc ,
the smelting people , and in
fact tlio best classes of citizens
generally are in sympathy with the Union
Pacific , and say that the company nmi > t
not give in to the strikers even if it takes
thirty days to settle tlio trouble.
Yesterday a telegram was received from
Division Superintendent Dorranco at
North Plattc , stating that the men ou
the western Nebraska division were com
pletely broken down and asking to betaken
taken back to work. Between North
Platta and Cheyenne , that gentleman
says , the freight business is fully resumed.1
Between these ( joints everything Is
cleared except nine cars of stock and
twcnty-onu cars of "dead freight. " On
the Nebraska division Iharoifiavo been no
acts of violence on the part of the strikers
and no outside assistance has been re
quired in starting the trains.
From this brief review of the situation
it will bo seen that the company so far
has decidedly the best of the fight. As
already intimated , it will rid them of a
very objectionable cla s of men on the
Wyoming division , and to these the com
pany will show no mercy. Already , on
all except the Idaho divisions , all of the
brakcmen who will be allowed to return
to Nyork , have done so. On the Idaho
division notices liavo boon posted up
ordering such of the men as desire rein
statement to report for Uuty before 9
o'clock Saturday morning.
The strike is not without its ludicrous
fiidq. From a telegram received from
Assistant Superintendent Dickinson , it
appears that he had three or four men
arrested in Laramie Thursday afternoon
tor pulling pins from the freight cars.
When arraigned before a justice of the
peace , those men perjured themselves ,
and not only bticccoued in clearing them
selves but swore thatMr. Dickinson him
self had done all the pin-pulling ! They
oven wont so far as to swear out a com
plaint against him on these grounds , but
upon examination the justice concluded
that the charges were false and released
Mr. Dickinson.
A Gambler Tells of His First mid
Only Mascotte.
"I am not much on superstition my
self , " said an Omaha gambler to a report
er the other day , "but I do believe there
is something in 'hide. ' Furthermore I
believe that 'luck' influenced
is by cer
tain circumstances or combination of cir
cumstances. At the same time , as I
hinted before , 1 am inclined to laugh at
those foolish little notions which some
sporting men entertain , about picking up
a crooked pin , meeting iv cross-eyed ne
gro , etc. "
"Four years ago , " ho continued , seeing
that his auditors were getting interested ,
"when 1 was playing bank in Denver , I
had a small dog. There was nothing ex
traordinary in his appearance ho was
nothing but a common mongrel cur yel
low at that. Mlsfortuno had made him
still uglier in one of uis numerous
lights his oars had boon chewed ofl' , and
a goodly section of his tail was missing ,
Whore I picked him up I don't know , i
found him following me one day , and
taking a strange fancy to him I pelted
him and allowed him to remain with mo ,
Ho proved to bo my "Maseotto. " 1 found
that whenever the dog was sitting under
( he table , cuddled up at my feet ,
that I could play a btrong game ; in
fact that 1 never came out the loser. On
the other hand if the cur was away for
some reason or another , my luck would
turn , and the tirst thing I know I would
bo dropping heavily. Ono day 1 ran
across a man whom I had known for ten
years or more. I entertained a strong
dislike for him , and I nave no doubt but
that ho did for mo. At any rate wo f re-
quently ran across each other in the dif
ferent wostcra towns , and when wo met
as opponents across the table the fur was
bound to ily. For a week wo were pitied
against one another , each plaving with
the avowed intention of breaking the
other up. I was for bcvon nights steadily
the winner , and cleaned him out to the
tune of $4,000 or STj.OOO. The next night
1 sat down with the intention of winning
the hist cent ho had. But my old luck
scorned to have left mo. Everything
turned in my opponent's favor.
I grow restless , and glancing at
my foot noticed that Jack that
the dog's name was not in his accus
tomed place. I played on , and growing
rccklcss.found before I loft the table that 1
hud lostiflCOJ , When I got homo that morn
ing , I found the dead body of Jack under
my bed. Ho had boon poisoned , end as
I lirinly believe to this ; day , by my enemy.
Yes , I played on for three or four days
more , managing to drop every cent I had
won. My luck imd.gqmptatoly deserted
mo , mid it was weeks' audiuonths before
it returned. And that is the sloiy of my
lirst , last and only 'Mascottoi' "
Work on the Barker building oil the'
corner of Fifteenth and Pnruojii ifrcots' .
has n ached the tirst story.
A Lnrao Audience Ycsjordny Even-
ItiB "Tho Conversion of Saul. "
The audience at the Christian church
Thursday was the largest gathered dur
ing the scries of meetings , and the Inter
est Is evidently rapidly increasing. The
discourse by Hov. K. C. Barrows was a re
view of the conversion of Saul , and the
course pursued was in many respects far
from tlio boatcn track of theologians.
Saul was an honest persecutor of Chris
tians , following his conscience and strong
In tlio religion of his fathers. All the progress -
gross over made in the world Is made by
getting away from and beyond tlio teach
ings of our ancestors. Our ancestors of
a few centuries ago were pagans' . Saul
had a double experience. Ho was
permitted to see Jesus that ho
might bo a minister and a witness , " erin
in other words , an apostle , but it was not
necessary to sen Jesus in ordror to become
a chrisU'in. When ho mot Jo.sus in the
way ho foil on his faco. in accordance
with oriental custom , and asked what to
do. Jesus sent him to Damascus to learn
from a man what ho "must do. " There
nro no conversions without human
agency. Although not instructed by the
saviour to pray , some fasted and prayed
until Ananias came to tell him what ho
"must do. " The apostles never taught
an alien slnnor to pray for pardon until
he had first entered the kindgom of favor
by faith , repentance and baptism.
Ananias , finding Saul a. believing peni
tent , told him to "arise and bo baptized
and wash away his sins , calling on the
name of the Lord. " Acts 22 , 10. The
speaker sketched the life and labors of
the great apostle to the Gentiles , closing
with a pathetic description of the closing
hours of his life and his oxcoution by
order of Noro. The speaker hold the
rapt attention of his hearers , and many
favorable comments wore made at the
close of the sermon. Rev. Barrow will
preach every night until further notice.
"What lie llns to Say About tlio So
cialistic KiOtH.
Alderman William Wlialon , of the First
ward , Chicago , is in tlio city , en route ,
with liis wife , to San Francisco. Ho is
spending a day or so with a number of
friends , and will shortly resume his
journey to the Golden Gate.
Speaking of the riots in Chicago Mr.
Whalen said this morning that in his
opinion the worst of the trouble was
over. "I do not believe that there will
bo any more scones like those of Tuesday
night , " ho said. "The police have
the situation well in hand. Ono
thousand special policemen have been
sworn in , and under Chief Eborsolo will
bo used to good advantage. Yes , Kb or-
solo is a good man , of course , though I
do not think ho is an Austin J. Doyle by
any means. Still ho understands what ho
is about. "
"The fact is , " said Mr. Whalen , in re
plying to another question , "tho Chicago
city government is partially to blame tor
all this trouble. It has been allowing
these socialists to hold their secret revolutionary
utionary meetings , have their red flag
processions in broad daylight , and in fact
has given them full swing. If she had
squelched all tids from tlio first , these
scenes of terrible bloodshed and carnage
would never have been enacted.
Socialism has boon allowed to grow and
ilourish. whereas it ought to luivo been
stamped out from the beginning. Yes ,
Chicago has learned a terrible lesson ,
and from now on all her efforts \yill bo
directed toward tearing out socialism ,
root and branch. "
JIo Bought Two Tickets.
Wm. Dysart of Waterloo .didn't go to
the Nickel Plato circus. William came
in on the early morning train with his
girl , Emma , and took a stand at the cor
ner of Fourteenth and Douglas waiting
for the parade. During the delay the
peanut vender , the gas balloon shark and
numerous other fakirs got in their work
upon William until the clink of the silver
dollars in his capacious pocket was
an unknown quantity. William
feared ho wouldn't have money
enough to get into the circus if he didn't '
escape from the fakirs , but he couldn't.
Einnia stood there munching a stick of
barber polo candy , toying with a balloon
and blistering her nose in the summer's '
sun , and William's heart wasn't hard
enough to break her dream of peace by a
request to move on. Just as ho had re
solved to attend to Emma's wants at
any cost , his soul was gratiiiedby the ap
pearance of a peddler selling tickets to
tlio show. Ho yielded up a sil
ver dollarfor two tickets. and.
assuming the air of a bondholder , re
solved to spend the rest of his Mirplus
lucre to gratify Emma's appetite for
sweetmeats , and lie did. At 2 o'clock a
disconsolate looking couple wore seen
picking their way through the crowd
around the circus tent and heading for
the depot. The young man chitchedncr-
vousiy in his hand two advertising cards
of u Fifteenth street restaurant. The
young man was William Dysart.
Welcome , Sir.
A laboring man opened the door to the
reading room of the Y M. C , A. n few
days since , and after looking in a mo
ment said : "I guess yon don't allow such
as mo in hero , do you ? " "Why , sir , are
you a 'dead beat' or a 'crook' ? " ubkcd
tlio secretary. Ho straightened up to a
full six foot two , and fired back with a
vim these words : "No , sir , I'm not , but
I'm an honest laboring man that earns
my bread by the sweat of my brow ;
that's what I am , sir , " and started to go.
"Hold on. " the secretary said , "give mo
your hand. Wo not only allow you to
come in hero , but we invite and welcome
you with all our heart. Wo delight to
honor the honest laboring man. Wo invite -
vito you to come often and brln your
friends. All men are welcome hero ex
cept 'dead beats' and 'cranks. ' These
wu havno use for. " This gentleman
now visits the rooms frequently. Wo
have soyoral times hoard it said that the
poor man witii common clothes was not
welcome in the Y. M. C , A. room. The
secretary says that if you belong to that
class to como and try thorn , ana if they
don't give you a cordial welcome , then
judge them us they deserve ; but try them
Moderation in Reducing Hour * of
To THE EDITOH : On behalf of the car
penters of Omaha , wo thank you for the
article headed , "A Word to Working-
men. " It takes in entirely our views of
the shortening of hours of labor. Wo
desire moderation and have the welfare
of the city at heart , desiring only that wo
may increase in our welfare and prosper
ity in common with other citizens who
may bo more wealthy , as on them our
welfare , and in a measure also the future
of the city depends. All we want is just
and equitable rights. Hold to your opin
ion that a fair compromise could bo made
to accede nine hour * with ten
hours' jmy. and so it would end this mat-
tar amicably. Everything at the present
time justifies shorter hours us a fact
ucccdcd by all deep thinking men , as a
step in the right direction , aud should be
treated in a generous uud patriotic spirit.
It was rumored yesterday that
a boy had been. run
O70r and seriously injured lihortly
after the uarade , but nothing of
the particulars have sa far boon ob
Fine Business Lots at the South End , and
Beautiful Residence Lots !
In the north cnil of this Town. Two nml ono half miles from the Omaha pos
office ,
1,000 SLOTS
These are Quarter Acre Lots.
( Taking Into consideration the streets and allcis ) , nnd nro sold
. ' One Quarter Down ,
Balance In 1 , 2 nm ) 3 rcnrs at 7 per cent.
The Finest Suburban Lots ,
Around Omnha. 550 foot nboro tha Missouri Ulvcr. Nowhcro else about OmaUa nro locatcl such hand-
dome alto for Modest , Medium orKloaunt homos.
iDTCittgato this > nil itscuro tome of this fine proptrty.
Before a Higher Appraisement is made.
DON'T liEMKVE a word of bis until von hnvo tboroughlr Inrcttlgatod It.
Tlint this property Is only tire and ono bait miles from Omalm'a business center.
That the nltltudo Is high.
That the location Is ticnuttful.
That maple trees nro planted on ouch nldo of the streets.
That each lot contains 11,000 tqunro feet with SO foot allay.
That the streets are 80 nnd 100 feet wide.
That there arc- six dummy trnlns each way , besides the roirnlar tralni.
That tbo street can nin to within ono half mile of tlioro.
That the street cars will run there this year.
Tlint the price Is ono third leas than Is asked for proparty tha stmi dlstinco In other Jlraelloai.
That tbo lots are ana third larccr than most other * .
That they are backed by a syndicate representing 110.0)1,033.
Thauthcro has already boon expanded botvroon tl,033,0) ) uiiJ 5T ! ) W ) I.
That there Is n line system ot waterworks , furnishing pura sprhu wator.
Tlint the railways iilicontor tlioro.
Thnt South Omaha Is n town of Itself.
That It has Its own postoOlco.
That It has Us own railway station.
That It has Its own newspaper. _
In Fact
It has everything to make the property the very best paying Investment In Ilcnl-r. tatn today.
Look Into It. Examine It Carefully
-Don't Buy a Lot.
< " Until yea are convinced that there Is no posslblty of Incurring a loss. The bandsoino rcsldencollots arc
ono mlle this sltlo ( directly north ) ot the UNION STOCK VAIWS whore are located tbo Dressed. Eeet ,
aaa. a.
VThlch In ten years will bo the TjAHQKST INDUSTRY In the west and will miiko property worth per Too t
what Is now asked for n lot. The drainage of the above Institutions Is perfect and flows south from tbo town
Any real osUtto agent will soil you lots. Man with horse and carriage nt tbo Cloba-Journal office , at the
"Buinmlt , " South Onmlm , has maps nnd prlco lists and Is alwnys ready to show property. For further In
formation maps , prlco lists und descriptive circulars , address ,
M. A0 UPTON , Manager
Omaha , Nebraska.
n A
Iull ) Assortment for sale to the Trade by
CM W V E ai IXt Va > i \ = t > ? 3 ELuV
Oneof thG Best ari'l Larryest Stocks in the U.8.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator
S. W. COI6. l th AXI > FAK.\AM , OMAHA.
Property of ovorj' closcriptlon for silo : in all parts of the oity. Lunch lor sale In
county in Nttbrnikii. A complete set of Abstracts of Titles of Douglas County kept.
Maps of the City , Stuto or county , or any ether information dusircu furnisnuu
frco of cliargo upon application.
GEO. BUHKK , Manujfer ,
REFERENCES : Merchants' nnd Farmers' Hunk , David Oily , Neb. ; Kearney .National
Bank.Kearney. Neb. : Columbus State Hank. Columbus , Nub. { McDonald's IJank , North
i'Jatto , Nob. : Omaha National Hank. Omaha. Nob.
Win pay customers' draft with bill of ladlim attached for two-thirds value of stock
WmNliE !
Khcae VITAllTvT ! f lllug. Drain IIIIAINKU and
PSii\lffit3ilr : Power ' fiSiWfttWA8fe. !
- U ? r'2riKJ'irtu ? , . 1B.l.uJte
ucctiABfullr lotroclucad bcrv. AMwwlenfiialo&seaai
SSswSSSS JJffiiilfeKS
J Mar
lionfofllee orty mall ) with Mix tinUuLht doctors I Jll K *
C1VIAIX AtiENCV. No. 174 Fultoa Street New York.
Rooms 12 and 13 Granite Bock ,
Plani for Cltlpa
and Tuws < rti epeolalty. Plans , Kstimates uml
B jrnciitlona for 1'abllo and ether Engineering
works furnlsliod. Burvoyii and Uoport made
ou I'ubllo Iraprovomonta.
ANUIIGW BosAWATKU. ilemborAmorlcar. Soolo
Uly Civil I'-iitfluocri City Kng-lnoor of OiuuU *
ta U CuiusTiE. Civil isiifflnocr.
The OHvlnnl ad Only Ornulne.
U ji B lUtle. n.winorwurtilf Imlutl'n ,
lallipcouklt to LADIES. Aik jour Uruultt M
'Oblth uler'i Emu * ! ! * o * k BO tbrr , er [ LiloM .
W DI tot putloulus in tttttr by rtturm ma
old by Ilrn t.l * nrrr hfr . i'k ' ' "Clilcht *
' I'cnnjroral 1'IIlfc Ttkt BB ttbu ,
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
Horn ' Klcctra.UacnelU belt.
TftMcombined. Ou&raoUedtbf
oulooo la ttio world KirucrtUni
cootluuous EttctrtoJS Itagntlli
nt , Eolentltlc.l'OHerful - , Durable ,
- - -
tr , Norroni nnrt Phr
rrematur * Decline In M nKrrnrs nf Vonlh , nnJ tin )
nmold miseries roiuHlnj from imlKcreUon and ox-
costcs. X two * for oyor mm. yowne , mM > 1lo-isc1
nml old , . Itcontilns lUprr crl | > tlon < for nil acute an > l
chrontcd | ci c'cachoi. ot which Is Invaluable. M >
Jound tiytho author who o oTn rlonro Mr It yatnli
* uch nMirotmbly noror Dororpfell tothn lot of miy
imjuclnni * Opnirc9. bound In bountiful Kronen mat-
' /i. rmbowod covers , fc ! ! it.iniiirnntocdto | ho r > finer
work In orcry fonnw-mpchnnlral. lltornry nnd rtr.if ov
rlonal-thfinanr other worn In thu country forll.M.
orthe money will bn refund In every Innnnco. Prhu
onlr II by rnll , postpaid , lllmtr.itoil sample , rtU.
B ndnnw , Hold medal awardsd tha author rirttia Na
tional Modlcal Association , to the Hon. A. ] ' . limoll ,
and njjiwlato oinoors ot the boird the reader Is ro-
Ih 9cl nroo7u'f0s [ worth more to too yoimunml
mldrtlc-nosJ men of this BOnnratinn than nil thozoU
jouru nun h T boon fatnl
The Hctcnco at T.lfoUof irOMerTnlu * thunul
motllcnl norni published In lm country for the pill
fjtiTCiin. Atlnnts Constitution.
The Science o ( UoU niimorb nnd milorlr troU-
| io on nortoul nnd phjelcaf dobllltr. Datrolt Vta )
Addrenlha Ptnbour Madletl Institute , or Or 7. It ,
| * arkar.No. luUtlnot > itntt , Uotton , Mn s..wbo our
beooninltodonitlldUMir qulrlniikll lanJeiporl-
onoo. Uhronlonnd obslunt * UUomuj Unit Imvo but
tled the ( kill of nil pthorutirslcmus n speclnltr. Hue
trontPd miccosifiillr wllhoul on i nsUncnot fallura
Mention Omaha IJrfo.
Best Goods in the Market
III. '
, .
Ask for our jroocls and sec that the
bcai * our trade mark ,
Cure without modi-
A POSITIVE ; clno. I'utonted Ucto-
borlO , 1870.
Ono box will euro
the niost obtlimto cnso In four days or loss.
No nauseous doses of cubebs , copnlbaor oil of
Bonilalwood that are certain to piodueo dyspon-
Bla by de trovln r the coating of the stomach ,
Price 81.50. Sold by all druwijlsts or mailed on
receipt of prlco. For further particulars sent
forcircular. P. O. Box l.TO.
j. c. .UL Nco. . ,
t > 3JohnBl. , Now York.
Ur tlio Liquor ilnblt , I'oslllvly
( 'urccl l y Adntiiilstrrlng- .
IBulnos' ol < loii HjM'Cillr- .
It . .mi be given Inn cup of coiruc or tcnnltbont
tUeUnowlcilKCof tbe person Inking It , U absolutely
barmleas , and "ill cDuct a pcnnaiicntr.nd upecdy
cure , wlictbfr the pntiont li n moderats drinker or
\n nicouollc wreck. It 1ms been given In tliou.
: ii.id3 of cases , and In every Instance fterfpct cure
bos follow oil. It novrr falln The cyatcin once
Imp cgiintcd with tliu HpocISc , It becomes nu utter
Impoiallilllty for tbo liquor appetite tooxlnt
FOR s.\rn v ronLowiKo DiiuoaisTS :
KUHN Ac CO. , Car. tStli and Itiuclnn , and
18th iV C'uinlnc SIH. , OninbUi Neb. '
A. 11. FO.STKR A : Itlt\ ( ,
Council niufTn , 1'nra.
Call or write for pamphlet contulnlne bundreda
0 ? tertlincnlal > from the t ) . : t vtuuiun und rueu treat
alt rsrts of the tountrv. „
Tea nro allowed a freeMai of thirty dai/.i ot the me
of Dr. Dye's Celebrated Voltaic Belt wltn Electrlo bun-
pcnsory Appllnncea , for the speedy relief nnd per
manent euro of A'crroiM Debility , loss of Vitality nnd
Mantumd , aud nil kindred troubles. Aim for innuj
other ( llTCasc. ? . Complete restoration to llealtb , VlKor ,
nnd Manhood No risk Is Incurred. Ilium
tratod pnrnphl tln ttfnlfit enivlnpc mailed frrc , by ad
dressing VOLTAi O UEI.T CO. . Mur.boll. Mlcb-
U.SB OK MOII : : AT WIIIII.I > AM : riiicii ,
1 I'AV nil ejpi-i" ! rlmrKCs to all | lnH vlililn 3OD
nlle . l.Ofn'onrrlflins to nelcct Irom Sendtwoccin
itamp for Illustrated ciitnloiruo. Mention this jui per.
s : . _ . Is will bo received by thk
O city of llustliit'ti , Nobrnskii , until 10 o'olo n
a. in. Alny IS , USD , lor the ItiriitMilnsf.orcctlcir
nnd ciimplutlon of u bvtloin of wntcr works too
tln > c'lty of Hasting * , NebniMcu.
S ilil hyriluni ol wulor works to bo furnished
nnd built hi iiecoidance uith the | ) liun mill
Kijclllcatoiiri | ! on Illn In thu olllco ol the City
Cioikortlio clly or Hnitliijrs Nebr.iiku.
1'iopositU will tioiocclreilon a'iy or nil of the
1st KnrnlsliltiK and conipli'tlncr open well , or
lshlinranil coinplotlnir tubular well symrni.
" ( I FiiiiiNilnirninl coiiiiktlng | ccfjlno hoiiBO ,
boiler hoii'O and staeX
lid Tin iihlilnt-- and complctln ; ; foundallon
and lin-oof stand plpii.
4lhKiiiiilshln and complotinar Btanil pipe.
Mh Kiirnlshlnif nnd setting up inacbliiuiy und
holler * .
-riiinislilnj ? onHl Iron plpo aud Epuclul
7tli rurnlshlng kitlamoln plpo.
fth-Kuiiilchlim liyili nuts , K'atos and Riito
boxes ,
Uth I'm nulling lead nnd oakum and o.Tcuvut-
luff , anil I" ) liwplpos , hdr.uit * , Bines mid Kiitu
Tlio contract price of Raid pyBtom of wutnr
uorliH complolod not lo exceed the sum of
olKlily thousand dollura.
Hacli proposal limit be ncoompanloil with a
Kood and Hiilllflent bond In the sum ot oiitithou.
sund dolliirn on each of the Items bid on , as so-
cjiity lor tliu llllhuof a ( food novuptiiblu mind
tliounm of which eball not bo lo. 3 than lull
amount of contract prlco.
The City Council icscrves tlio rlglit to reject
any or all bld or any parts of bids.
1'ruposaU should be addressed to J. D. Mines ,
City Clerk of Hastings , Nebraska , und marked
"Proposals for Water Worlts. "
Ily unlor of the City Council of Hastings , No *
braska , this 2Ulh day of April , A. O. 1830.
Hidden may submit their own plans and
specifications with methods for obtuliunii iiiimp *
luff and storlux the nooosmiry wutor supply , but
In ovcry case the plan of pipe , hydiants , valtes ,
Aa , to icumln tbo same an per plans und sped.
llcatloria now on Illu In the olllco of tlio Clly
Clerk with Ilia undorBtundlni ; that the CliyCoun *
ell will not pay f r any plans and specifications
furnished by bidden ) .
8. BAMUni. AI.BXANIKlt , Mayor.
J. D. Ml.Nfcs , City Clot a. aprdlflt
rotaloguosnurt I'rlrcjon application. Ho4dby
all the best Carrlnnn ) liilliUjn < uiid Dculcro ,
CnUlu Addivu. COO CIN ,
CVEk 400,000 IN USE.
n lmt BldlDC Tcblcle made.
vitUtmn per on A o. Tbe - _
g to the wol curt. liqaiUy
vrll Bdapll-d la rouub couolry road , und
line drive * ulcltic . Alunururlurcd und bold lif
I1 leadlaK CarriiUio Uullder * and Dealer *
IH mMVffotf
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago
Tfi p only rend lo tnkn for DCS Momm , Mar-
Im Itown , Ceilnr . , Clinton , DIxlo. Chlciura.
Milwaukee nml nil point * onsU To the people o {
Nobrnskn , Colorado , Wj-omlnf , Utah. Idaho
Noviulu , Oregon , \Yn hlnrton anj California it
offers superior mlrnntncrcs not posMblp by nnf
ether line
Among n row of tlio numerous points ot supo-
rlorlty unloved by tbo patrons of thu rend between -
twoon Onwliu undCblcaro , tire Its two trains a
dny of DAY COAUHKS which nro the durst thn
liunmn nrt nnd Ingenuity onn orcato. It * I'Aln
ACi : St.KKl'INQ OARS , whlcn nro model * nf
comfott nnd oIi'Rnnoo. Its I'AKLOU DRAWING
KOOM OAKS uiuunmsstHl bynnr.nnd IMvrldo.
ly coiotirntod I'AluYTIAL DINING CAHS , liiu
equal of which cannot bo found clflowhoro.
At Council Illuttrt the triilnn of tha Union PACV.
flo Ily. connect In Union Depot with thereof Ilia
Chicago A Northwestern tty. InChloilffo tha
trnlin or this line mnko oloso oonnuotlon wltii
thosoof nil custom linos.
For Dot roil , Columbus. Indianapolis , Cine In
nntl , Nlnimrn Fa IN , Iluffnlo , Plttaburpr. Toronto
Montrnnl , lloMon , Now York. PhlladoluMa. Unl-
tlmore.WiishliiRton nnd all points la the east , * jic
tbo ticket agent for f lokon via the
If you wlshtho host accommodations. Allttoket
donor * Jluni > Korinn Gen. I'ass. AtronU
inn n
Chicago Milwaukee & St. . Paul
The SliortLine j
and Best Route
From Omaha to the East.
Chicago , Minneapolis. Milwaukee ,
St. 1'anl , Codiir ItupidJ , Diivjnporc ,
Clinton. Dubu < iuo , Uockfoid ,
Hock Island , Fruoport , Jimosrlllo ,
Klein , Madison , La Crosjo ,
lU'lnlt , Winonn
Audall other Important points Cast , Nortuu.u
and Southu.ut-
Tlckot onico at 1401 Fnrnain sti cot , ( in I'axton
Hotel ) , nnd at Union 1'aclllo Depot.
Pullman tflcoporri find the Finest Dining Cm
In the Woild in u i mi on the main lines of the
CiiicAooMit.\vAUKii&Sr. : : 1'Attr. ituiiWAr.iitui
ovury attention Is paid to imisoiigurs by courte *
ouaumployos of the company.
II Mir.LKii , Uunuml Manager.
J.F. TUCKUII. Assistant aoncrnl llfinaoror.
A. V. II. CAiii'KNTUit , General Piwaougor al
Ticket Affont.
QKO. K. HKAFtouD , Assistant Oouorall'nssoB
Eor and Tlckut Acont.
Urrenion of Ita control position andclo'n relation to
El I principal lines Cant anil vfoft. at Initial anil If r-
ziilnal points , ronstitutnt the most Important inl&
continental UnU In tlmt nvHtain of throtiili trnntpor.
Cation wblrh lilTltus anil ruoliltnlrs tra\el unit ttAllIa
lietwpon rltle of tht Atlantla nnd I'acino C'oailn it
is also the favurltu nnil lipit mute to nnd fioin point )
Ka.Rl , NnrttioBot anit BouthonNt , and currLeponulntf
points West. Northwest and Bouthwebt.
The Croat Rook Island Route
Guarantee IU pttronn that cn o of personM Been ,
rlty nlToicle.l by a w > MJ > IhoroUKlilr bulliitml raail.
, . . . , .
. , , . . _
l > nt. Rninntli trnr > u. r\T .lAtirltinnii utf > l .nil „ >
t rnl operation if all Ha tialnt. Other tncclallllt
M * route nro Irnntten nt all connecting uolnu
union Dq > ot . und the ilnturpoBscd comforts aad
luiiirlesor Its I'.utBontor l jnlpmcnt.
The Kmt Kjir K Trains botwfen Clilrdpo pj
Penrla , Council 111 I Ufa , Kanwu ritr.t avrnwnrth niij
AtrhUuTi ar compoifd 6f well VdlHIIXlrt. llnsly ur *
holntroj VAT CoaolKx. JlntnlUcfnt I'ullrunn I'uIaA
BlecptMHor ttio IntoHt ilcHln ( , and euiniituouN IJtnlnflr
Caw , In which elahorntolr cookfi ] inenlsnrtt lefmnelr
tnten Hct cenCI > leit n and KuiiMsG'llymiilAlihlaoa
are aUo inn ( ho Oclubralrd llecllnlni ; Chair Can.
The Famous Albert Lea Route
I ; the direct nnd f rorlto line between Ohlcnirnand
MlnilfopollsandSt I'nul , wliein connectloninrelnad
In Union llepota for all polnln In Ihn Trrrltaile * and
MrllUh I'roilmoj. O\ci lliU route Vnn Kiprea *
Tralnn nro run tu the watetlni ; iilncvn , runinii- ; -
Boru. plctuic 3nno Inrnllilps , arid bnnilnK > " > Hrlilnl
( Jioiiihljof lawn nnd Jlliinomln. It in ulcu tlio niOBt
drilrnUIn rnutn to tliu rldi hent llclds nnd puitorid
lanilint Interior D/ikoli
HUM anoilii-i DIIIKCT LINK , via Bfnjen nnd , K K.
linker , hut iiiun < > | ienud l > . 't\rit-n cnii Innntl. IdnlmN
ntml sand Lnrnteito. anil Council Jiluire , KanetiCltr ,
WuiloapollsniiilNt I'.iul and intc-rinedU.e lioliili.
1'nr di'tallmt liifonnatlon tua .Mapi and I'olilari ,
olitnlnililo , n > vi.i | nt lioltcU , at all principal TlcVoi
Ollkci In thu Unilod Utatca mid C'auaCai or by id-
R. R. CABLE , E. fT. JOHN ,
I'nc't ' ' '
A : Otn'l Jl'n'r ,
_ _ _ _ _
Esmlend , France & Germany.
Tbo8tuamshlp9of tills well known line uro
Inillt of lion , In wntor-tlKht coininutinonta , and
niu fiinilslHxl with every ioiiilsllii | to miik.i the
putriiuro both sulo anil uurei'iiblo. Tlioy uurry
tliu Unitoil Stilton nnd Dunipniui mtilN.nnd lonvo
Now Vork Thursdays nnd Baturduys for I'lv.
mouth. ( IlNUO.\Cl.orbiiUf1l'AUI8 ) ) ! ( mid HAIL
( he KteamcrH leave Hamburg
Woilnosdavs ami HundayH , vim Hnyro , taking
rasnirursut tioutlimnploit uml l.oiulon.
Kant oublii $ V ) , fUJ and fT5 ; SUHirn o f3\
Hallioad Hclicis iroin riymoutltlo lirlbtol , Car *
illir , l.uiKldii , or to any place In Ihn Houtli oC
1'iiKliiinl , I'HUK. HtooriiRO liom ljuropo only
f25. Bend for "Tourist ( liiiclti' . "
01 I ! road way , Now Vork : WiitliliiBton and Lit
Bnllo ts. CblciiRO , III.
Red Star Line
Carrying the Holfliim Koyal and United Statol
Jlull.eullliijf ovt-ry l-'utunluy
Betwiftn Antwerp & Now York
Salon from $0) ) to (10) ) . Kxcurslan trip from
till ) to $160. HeconiJ Cubin. uulwuid , i
piopiilil , ! ' > ; oxfiiNlon. f'.O. BlooniKd l > asiijii
at low laics. 1'otor WilK'lit & . Sons , Ocinorul
AHOIIIH , D5 llroadway.-Now i'ork.
Oiniiha , NubnuKu , Frank P. . MoorosV . , 81 , It
& V. ticket
( BuoooBsors to J. O. Jacobs , )
At tbo old stand , KU7 FarniunSt Orders by
tcU'triiipliRollulUid aud promptly atecu | u to.
Telephone No.aiA
_ _ _
W. . HOHEKTSON , Pron'r.
Olllco Ko. 1105 O 81. , Work * S.R. Cor. F. & QUi.
Lincoln , Nob. UonU' Clothlujr Cl ganed and It
palied. _
Allf ltrilM. . | K m > lk > U < aa4quickcuril. TrUl ; | > U . .
UK. 8 ai ) uinp c e U v fllcol
Dr. WARD & CO. . M