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Rtrikers All Anxitus to Return to Work on
. the Old Terms as to Time and Wages ,
The Anarchists Deal a Fatal Blow to tlio
Interests of Labor.
The Ohio Mllltln Called Out in Antici
pation of Trouble on Sttmlny Uits-
incss llooinliiK at Chicago
Ohcr Interesting XCWB.
Tlio Situation fit Clilcngo.
CmrAfio , May 7. [ Special Telegram. ]
Passenger trains filled with passengers nnil
ficighi trains loaded with incrclmnillso were
blockaded by switch tenders on tlio Chicago
< fc Western Indiana road this morning. Uc-
forc 8 o'clock four passenger trains and half
ndozcn engines had accumulated at tlio
Forty-ninth street crossing , where there was
a crowd , but no onu to turn the .switches. *
Homo .soil of trouble exists nt the Fortieth ,
Forty-third ninl Forty-seventh street cross
ings. This blockade afl > ct.s not only the
Western Indiana , but all of Its track tenants
the Grand Trunk , the Chicago it-Eastern In
diana , Hit ) Wabash , the Louisville , Now A I-
bnny & Chicago and the Chicago it Atlantic.
The striklnc switch tenders belong to the
Western Indiana and number nbotit thirty.
Their wages nro from SIX ) to S10 a month.
They demand a ralso of S10 all around. This
the company refused ix week ago , when the
trouble lirst began by the dlf-eontontcd tend
ers making the demand. A llttlu before 12 a
train load of Wabash men went down and
tiio tending thu switches under police protec
tion , and the blockade Is raised.
The Chicago , 15 ill-Hunt mi & Qulncy ran out
a freight train at ! > o'clock last night and this
morning Is securing all tlio freight offered.
3lr. 1'otter feels sure that business will now
go on with little or no delay , Notice was
posted In their freight houses this morning
that all old freight handlers who reported
for work buioro U a. in. would bo taken back ,
but that those who.remiitned out after that
liour would bo paid oil for good.
this morning In the way of fresh evidence
concerning the dynamite outrages. Something what the police already have
as tending to prove the anaiehlsts were bunt
on mischief , caino to light this morning. It
was repotted at the central station that early
Tuesday'evening , an hour or so before the
anarchists were to assemble at Hay market , a
mnn purchased nineteen boxes of cart
ridges from a hardware dealer on Mil
waukee avenue. The locality mentioned
Is known to bo thickly inhabited by anarch
ists , and the police consider thu circumstance
significant enough to call for an Investigation
In view of tlio subsequent events. It Is their
belief that the man who bought these carl-
ridges was an anarchist and that In accord
ance with the plan of armed resistance , bul
lets wcro Intended for the police. Detectives
feel assured that wholesale assassination was
Intended by anarchists and that the princi
pals in tlio plot were the trio under arrest
and I'arsons , the fugitive.
At 8 o'clock this morning , an old-fashioned
shell , about four inches In diameter , was
found In under a pile of lumber in Charles
Helta's lumber yard , North Canal street. It
was of tlio kind which Is exploded by percus
sion cap and the cap was on ready for use.
was the only 1 > lg shop In operation In the
paralyzed lumber district early this morning.
Stillness and Idleness were everywhere else.
On the surface theru was no signs of disor
der or anarchy anywhere apparent. SlcCor-
inick's factory is ( Hied with hands to-day.
Nearly the entire force of 1,500 went to work.
Busses which brought the north side contin
gent niado their appearance for the lirst
time since the rioting began , bergeant Ku-
rlght and thirty-live ollicers guarded at the
gate , and thcro was no attempt at interfer
ence by the strikers.
Armour's glue factory , at Tlilrly-lifth street
and the river , was set In operation at nine
o'clock this morning. Employes , number
ing several hundred wcro glad to get back
on the old terms , namely , ten hours work
for ten hours pay. Ollicers wcro Di'oscnt to
ctub any violent demonstrations , but none
were made.
LumbermenIt is bellcved.aro getting ready
to ivMimo operations on Monday. It is said
that the executlvu committee of the Lumber
men's exchange will ISMIU orders to that end.
At Pullman to-day all the shops are closed.
There Is the utmost ipilet and no apprehen
sion of dlsoiiler. Nobody knows how soon
tlio differences will be settled or how long
thu lockout will last. Everybody at Pull-
niaii Is living in one of the company's houses
and consequently Is paying thu Pullman com
pany rent , even when ft is paying no wages.
The Aibulter Xoitiing , thu incendiary an
archist sheet , notwithstanding the arrest and
Impilsonment of the editors. ijiiles fc Schwab ,
and its temporary suppression by Mayor liar-
lison , made lt appearance. In the streets this
niornliiL' . A copy of It was posted up on thu
door leading to thu oIlU'u at 107 Fifth avenue.
Olllccr Dower came along and nabbed this
copy and took It to thu police headquarters.
Thu tone of to-day's paper Is comparatively
( viiioAno , May 7. [ Special Telegram. ]
The leporters visited to-tfay all thu yards In
the city and found everything quiet. Thu
roads aru receiving more or less freight , ami
nru experiencing no tumble iroin strikes.
Thu loads have notified striking freight
handlers that they will have until to-monow
morning to return to work , and if they do
not let urn by that time their places will bo
Illlcd. At all railroad freight houses more
business was being done than since thu
freight handlers \\eiit out. At all thu Northwestern -
western houses and thu St. Paul's houses u
great deal of freight , comparatively , was be
ing handled , ( lieatciowds stood about , hut
there was no apprehension of trouble. The
St , 1'aul Is boarding and lodging its new men ,
and special police mo stationed right In the
freight house. At other freight houses about
the same condition of affnlis existed ,
now men bolng at work. About sixty Im-
iioitoil freight handlers went to work at the
Fort Wayne depot. These , In addition to
the remnant of the old employes that ro-
ina'ni'd with the company , comprise a corps
of seventy-live freight handlers which Is now
actively engaged at the freight houses of thn
road. Many of tlio old hands have applied
for their former positions , but they aio not
being taken back in yet. Tlio regular workIng -
Ing force of thu road Is about 125.
t'hu AibelterXeitung made its appearance
oneo morn this morning , but it no longernre-
Mints the bold appearance it did in the days
ot Its glory. It comes out In very small
quaito A single sheet printed on both sides
and its laiiKiinuo Is much milder than
hitherto. Ono misses the blood-stirring and
tiautlu appeals of Spies and Schwab agaliibt
law , capital and order. The sheet contains
simply a whining appeal to thu "working-
men of Chica o'1 for Ipiids. Hern anil there
"tall" words but altogether
nro Interspersed a lew ;
gether it is pretty tame. Early this morning
Iho bhect was ported on doorposts of its Issu
ing olllce and was scanned with visible dis
gust at its mildness by a fuw foreigners.
Eight carriages contained all the mourners
that followed Olllccr.Ocagan to his grave tuis
noon. Deceased was thu only ollicer killed
outright bv the explosion ot the dynamite
bomb Tuesday night , and was the lirst victim
of the anarchists boino to thogravu. Ho was
a man of gigantic stature , weighing almost
8X ) pounds , and thu casket In which
his uody icpo/srd was OH' thu largest
size made. At his la'to homo
l street tbe scene ibis after
noon was sad beyond words. The body was
nltlred In the uniform of n police ofllrcr. It
rested In a rosewood casket heavily Inlaid
wllh silver. Many floral offerings testified
the esteem and respect In which the deceased
was held. These were all the gifts of per
sonal frlend'J. The face of the dead ollicer
was lifelike , and nothing , save an abrasion
on the forehead , above the right eye. Indi
cated the terrible manner of his decth. A
detail of police from tlio Dcsplalnes street
station acted as pall bearers , all of whom
participated In the riot In which ho lost his
lire. Xo other police ofllccis wcio present.
It was said that the exigencies of tbo occa
sion would not penult Deagan's brother
ollicers to turn out In greater numbers. All
of Ihem present shed tears. When they look
the last look at tboir deceased comrade they
plopped n moment to read the Inscription ou
the casket. This was :
.Matthew-Joseph Deaian. Horn October ? P ,
ISM ; died May4. lisa. Uest In peace.
Dece.ised was married when only 10 years
old. ami leaves one child a bov amid U , and
a widow. Ills parents arc still llvlnc.
I ho funeral services were held at St. Fran-
els'clinrch , corm > r Twelfth street and New-
berry avenue , Father Schafers olllclatlng.
Mas * was not celebrated on account of the
lateness of the hour at which the remains ar
rived at tlio church , and tlio services wcro
brief and simple. No funeral .sermon was
preached , and no ono of prominence In mu
nicipal aifalr.1 was present. Only one ollicer
beshlfcs the pall bearers was In the church.
Tito Wnll of nti Organ.
CHICAGO , May 7. The Arbcltcr Xcitune
made its appearance again this morning ,
though in a very reduced form. The old paper
was a lame , prosperous looking fo'lo sheet ,
while to-day's Issue Is a ten by twelve hand
bill. Thn leading article lo day Is addicsscd
to worklngmcn of Chicago ami after relating
the dllliciilties they had In publishing the
paper , owing to the arrest of all printers and
editors the article ' 'These
, says : twenty-two
printers were arrested on a ridiculous charge
of murder , people who did nothing but their
work , mid lor which they were paid. Hall
was refused for them. On all sides there
was a .systematic attempt to make thu reap
pearance of the paper impossible.
You see , then , worklimmcn , that
the ruling class understand better
than you the value of labor organs' . We will
show you that although the recklessness ot
some may temporarily confuse , it cannot
disrupt our workmen's party. Wo there faro
appeal to you , workingmeii. Von will see that
tno workinginen's fmovementis Impossible
without nil organ. We shall continue the.
fight for freedom and right that tills paper
has always conducted. Forward , and un
hesitatingly forwardIn suite of all chicanery
of tlio ruling class. Again , worklngmcn , tlo
your duty ; we will tlo ours. "
In another part of the paper Is an article
which directly charges that the dynamite
which the police found in their building , was
brought their by tlio ollicers themselves.
They say "after tlio police arrested tlio edi
tors they carefully searched the building but
found nothing. A shoit time alter ward they
i--apuearcd and arrested all connected with
the paper , and behold they also found dyna
mite. They nro also said to have found a re
volver and an old lilc. Indeed I Dreadful I
andtlils lind Is said to prove the printers
are murdoiers. "
The writer then goes on to say the whole
tiling Is a conspiracy to suppress the paper
forever. In a conspicuous part of the hand
bill Is printed the contents of the New York
Volks XcItuiiK on the arrest of Schcrk and
Brounscliwelg in that city.
at Cuiinuings , the location of the Calumet
Iron and steel works , this morning , but It
was feared tliat trouble would occur dining
the day. The fear Is based on a report tha't
the Calumet Iron and Steel company is
colng to brina ; some new men to the mills.
The strikers say they are determined that the
'new men should not go to work. Dav < Scott ,
station audit , was driven out of town last
night by a mob of striKors. Tlio company
filed a bill and the leading strikers have been
enjoined by tlio circuit court to keep away
from the company's works.
Yesterday afternoon Daniel Dun bar , of
Pullman , ono of the team selected to row at
the spring race of that club , went , out in a
shell for training practice on Calumet lake.
A tierce squall blew up aud all sight ot Dun-
bar was lost. A rescuing party went out. but
were unable to lind him by nichtl'iill. This
morning his boat was found bottom side up
ou the west shore of the lake. The body was
not recovered.
Fielden , tlio socialist now under arrest ,
was trealed by Dr. Dexter this morning. The
doctor states , from the course of the bullet.
Fielden evidently shot biniselt while carry
ing Ids revolver.
The western railroads aio resuming opera
tions this morning on nearly the same oasis
prior to the strike. Ou all roads freight
trains are being run out without molestation.
In all freight houses increased forces of men
are at work , and tbe < [ iiaiitty ! of treight
being offered and handled Is very largely In
creased over that of any former day. The
olllcials of the Burlington road this morning
notified Its old employes to return to work or
take their absolute discharge from the com
pany's employ.
The body ot the young ollicer , Miller , who
died last night , will bo sent to Oswego , X.
Y. , where his parents reside.
Tlio blockade at tlio Fortieth street crossIng -
Ing of the Western Indiana road was cleared
at I0io : : o'clock tills morning. Up to that
hour eight engines and two trains had been
stopped. Special Ollicer Billiard of the Wa-
basil road , took down lifty special ollicers
and .soon learned them to throw switches ,
thus starting trains. _
ilcriorted Capture or Anarchist I'nrs-
onn Snltl to bo Itatlly Woumlctl.
CHICAGO , Slay 7. A rumor In In circula ;
tlon this evening that A. It. Parsons , an- '
archlst , associate of Spies and Fielden In the
horrible massacre of Tuesday night , has been
captured In the southwestern part of the city.
Lieutenant Shea , of the central police sta
tion , declates that the report Is untrue. Tlio
.statement Is that Parsons has n painful shot
wound on his left thlirh and showed no re
sistance when arrested and that Parsons
sought shelter at the residence of a farmer
friend , who. fearing consequences Immedi
ately gave him up to the police.
HtrikoH in Now York.
Niw : YOIIK , May 7. The strike at the
Brooklyn sugar rellnerics still continues ,
The strikers have adopted n plan of going to
the houses of men wlo : have taken their
places and terrifying their wives with threats
auainst the lives of their husbands. Ono of
them was arrested yesterday.
Joseph O'Donnell , John Hughes and
Joseph Downing , members of the executive
committee of the Knights of Labor , have re
signed. The cause of the resignations was
that the members of Assembly No. 75 wcro
not b'atlslicd with the sottlcimmt of the strike
on the Tliltd avenue road. Tlio resignations
were accepted.
Three hundred builders and laborers In the
employ of McrU it Sons , at Port Chester ,
struck work for nine hours work per day , ex
cepting Saturday , when they demand eight.
Tlie linn stopped woik rather than aectdo to
the demands.
The Illoolrnde nt
UAWUNS , Wys. , May 7. No freight Is
moving on the Union Paclllc. Tbo yards
are full of perishable uoods. Kvorythlng is
very quiet. A notice was passed this mornIng -
Ing notifying brakemcn that they discharged.
Cheyenne leports trains being made up there
for the west , The engineers will pcihaps
refuse to go out with green men.
CIIKYKN.NK , Wyo. , May 7. Tlio brake-
meiih1 strluo all oloni : the line of Hie Union
Paclllo has ended. Thu last obstruction at
Laramle and Ilawlins has been removed. All
tlio men offered to ret urn to work aud most
of them have been accepted by General
Superintendent Dickinson , who Is at Ituwl-
The Old Hates Good
CIIAUI.KSTOK , W. Va. , May 7. At a mass
meeting of tlio miners of the Kanawha dis
trict , held at Coal Valley last night , it was
decided that the miners would return to
woik at the old price , two cents per bushel.
It Is said that the mlhers In the New river
district will also return to work at the old
i ales.
Pears Among Thorn That Their Eoform ( ? )
President May Veto Pension Bills ,
Congressional Honesty Impeached
Republicans Indignant Demo-
crnts KcnroU The Hills "Will
bo 1'nsscd Over the Veto.
WASHINGTON , May 7. [ Special Telegram. I
There has been a great deal of comment In
congressional circles to-day over tlio an
nouncement that President Cleveland 1ms
called upon the pension committees In con
gress for papers In all cases rcpresenlctl by
bills which have been passed and aru now
before him for signature , and that ho in
tended to veto all of these which have been
rejected by the pension olllco for any other
reason than a want ot jurisdiction.
Yctir correspondent asked Colonel W. W.
Dudley , ex-commissioner of pensions , this
afternoon , what ho thought of the deter
mination of the president. Colonel Dudley
icplicd that very few cases were rejected by
the pension ollice lor "a want of jurisdic
tion. " All casjs , In fact , containing sulll-
cicnt merit to pass congress were those which
lacked the required testimony to war
rant allowance muter existing laws. In
very many instances it was plain
that the claimant was entitled to a pension ,
but on account of death of witnesses or In
ability to find all of those required by law ,
Hie olllco refused to allow pensions. Those
wont to congress. There the cases are ex
amined with"ureat care. Tlfty are first re
ferred to stib-commlttccmcn , who examine
every available piece of testimony , and , In
many instances , the applicants themselves.
Ifoport Is made , and this , with a revic.w ot
thu testimony , Is laid before the full commit
tee ; so that It Is almost Impossible to get a
fraudulent case reported favorably. Then
the testimony is often opened upon the Hour
of ttiu house or senate , and Is always
liable to be. The reason these bills are some
times passed so rapidly Is because of a con
sciousness of members on the floor that great
care and judgment has been exercised in the
committee. The same procedure In each case
Is gone through by committees In both houses.
Colonel Dudley thought that If the presi
dent executed his determination several hun
dred pension bills will bo vetoed. Great in
dignation Is expressed by icpiiblicaiis. ami
fear by democrats , on account tlio president's
action , which is nothing short of a veto of
the honesty of congress , Individually and
collectively. The democrats real I.u I that it is
fatal to tncm for the president to veto just
measures for soldiers and their widows and
orphans , and at the same time Insult them ,
and those who have In the name of justice
worked for them , while republicans declare
that the proposed procccduro is simply out-
raucous. No such reflection was ever cast
upon n const-ess by a picsulent , and ills
probable that the. bills , when vetoed , will bu
taken up unit passed by a two-thirds vote.
Paid Patriots nml .Deserters Should
Ilnvo tlio licncflt of Tjicir
WASIII.VOTOX , May 7. [ Special. ] Gen
eral Bragg , chairman of the house committee
on military affairs , Is turning out some very
plain and hard-spoken comment on bills
which he reports to the house , asking for the
removal of charges of desertion against mili
tary records. General Bragg believes that if
a man , through cowardice or anything else ,
commits an act in the army which makes a
defect in his record , he ought to bo willing to
hear it. Of course , the object of men in de
siring the obliteration of the charge of
desertion is to seeuro pensions. The Bun
correspondent is informed that not
more than one in fifty of the bills introduced
to correct military records are favorably re
potted , and not ono In a hundred arc passed ,
so strong Is the feclinc against interference
with the ollicers who have matin up the rec
ords of tlio F oldlcrs. Following is a sample
of General Braug's comment upon this ques
tion , the .same being from one ot his reports.
on a bill :
"Isaac Williams Was enrolled March 2 ,
1ST5 , to servo onu year in Company ( ! , Fif
teenth Illinois volunteers , and on thu muster
roll of said company for March and April.
1S 5 , lie is reported absent sick ( since ) April
15 , lS r. , Goldsboroiigb , N. C. On the roll for
May and June , 1ST . " > , be Is reported present ,
anil on muster out roil dated September 10.
1605 , bo is marked 'deserted at Fort Leaven-
worth. Knns. , July 18 , 1ST . '
' This is a pretty poor record to liuvo
.patched up for a pension. It is just such a
record as a largo majority of the 'substitutes'
who were bought during the Inst years of the
war niado. It Is not assumed that this 'patri
otic soldier , ' who waited till March , 1HI5 , to
enlist , belonged to tbo class named , hut the
time of enlistment and the historical stir-
loundings of the time call back the remem
brance of substitutes , who mustered courauo
eiiouKh to bo 'put In 't when they were told ,
'You am sickly , aud not fit for duty ; got sent
to hospital and you will soon get out' But
tlio course of this soldier's lite ( If we did not
know that ho was a patriot , burning to de
fend the flag of his country ) might justify a
suspicion that ho had thu qualities of the
class , If ho did not belong to It.
"Ho enlisted In Illinois In March , 1605. was
sent to his regiment , which was on Sher
man's march to tbo sea , aud found It at
Goldsborougli ; this would consume , several
weeks of time. As early as April lie got into
hospital In North Carolina , and rejoined his
rciriment in Washington at tlio time , of the
gi-and review. Perhaps ho was suffering
with chills In North Carolina was the reason
he could not comu on with his regiment ,
Piospeots of battle , however remote , gave
some people chills. Fiom Washington to
Fort Le.wmworth ho pushed bravely to the
front , fearing no danger. When ho reached
Lcavenworth ho took Hick again , or , us he
.says In his application to the war depart
ment for relief , on the Iflth ot July. 16T5. 'lie
went home , as bo was In bad health and un
able to do duty. '
"Tho committee sympathize with this
'noble patriot' In the hardships lie has under
gone and tlm sufferings and privations lie
endured In the suppression of the rebellion ,
which , but for him , perhaps , would have suc
ceeded In overthrowing 'the best government
tlio woild over saw ; ' but cannot see their
wny clear to make an ofliclal record state
what lib admits will bo an untruth , 'that ho
did not desert. ' but they sincerely recom
mend his ease to thu tender consideration of
all the 'benevolent associations' of his coun
try , and especially to the politicians of his
town , who may crown themselves with
never-ending popularity If they will all 'chip
In' and give tills man what ho evidently
"Tho committee , however , in tlio language
of a celebrated 'country squire , ' 'notwith
standing all the mitigating circumstances of
the case , find tlio prisoner guilty , ' and report
adversely. "
WASHINGTON , May 7. After routine busi
ness was disposed of the housq went into
committee of the whole on ilia private calen
dar , A bill which gnvo rise to a most Inter
esting discussion was ono paying S200 to W.
F , Haldlman , The repoit states that dining
the war , Haldlman. then a boy 13 years old ,
desired to join an Ohio regiment ,
but was refused muster on account of his ago
and size , He , however , purchased a uni
form , and served In the regiment a year , act
ing as bugler and performing scout duty.
Ho is said to Imvo performed gallant &er !
Mr. Bracrg ( Wisconsin ) in a sarcastic
speech , opposed the bill. Ho ridiculed thu
idea of a boy too young to bo
mustered in , fulfilling scout duty and doing
gallant service. Ono of the most glorious
memories ot war was that of noble women
who became nurses in order to allvelato the
sufferings of the soldier , but now these
women were founa coming io the war
claims .committee , begging that their
gratuitous services should bo coined
Into dollars and cents. That knocked
all sentiment out of the thing.
Ho wanted some of tlio rich memories of the
war preserved. He did Hot want them all
broueht down lo dollars and cents.
Mr. Weaver of Iowa admitted that war
plelutcs wcro very deceptive , but ono moro
deceptive than tlio of a dead drum
mer boy , was that which depicted nn
olflccr with opatiloltes , leading a
charges sword In hand , singing out
"come on , men. " If there was a humbug In
American military history , It was that portion
tion which represented a commander leadIng -
Ing a charge on the enemy's works. As a
rule , they wcro where their orders and rules
of war requited them to be-ln a safe place In
the rear , while the private soldier did tbo
lighting , shouting and dying.
Afte.r lengthy erosS llro between Mr. Bracg
and Mr. Johnston , a vote was taken on tno
amendment to the bill , but a number of Its
opponents refrained from voting , and tlio
committee , being left without a quorum , rose.
The housoat Its overling session passed fifty-
ty-livo pension bills , and at 3 o'clock ad
journed till to-morrow.
Projector the Rollol'or Fcmnlo Vic
tims ol'IMormonlsm.
WASHINGTON" , May 0. Mrs. Newman ,
representing the Industrial home , an Incor
porated Institution of Utah , addressed the
senate committee on education and labor to
day advocating appropriation for the sup
port of that Institution. She is endorsed
by the Utah commission , by Chief
Justice Xauu and his associates ,
by ox-Governor Murray and the gentile
clergy of the territory. Thu object of this in
stitution Is to lit for self-support such of the
women and girls of Utah as wish , or can bu
induced , to escape the evils of polygamy. It
Is proposed tn teach the duties of domestic
service and such of the trades and professions
ns women aru fitted for , aud , by means of
butcaus of information , to find employment
In the states for graduates of thu Institution ,
and to supply them with the means of get
ting away. Mrs. Nowiiian mitdu nn eloquent
address , depicting forcibly tlio horrors of
polygamous lite , as described to her by
women who had sulfercd them , and stated it
as her belief of the intelligent Gentiles ot the
territory that I f opportunity of escape were
afforded , many Mormon women , who nro
now in a condition of slavery , would bo
The Friends of the I'lunicd Knight
Stand by IIIiji Bravely Xho
Cnmimlgii Opuuecl.
WAPHINOTOJT , May 7. [ Special Telo
grain , j Many statesman and politicians here
are talking about what they term "Iho meas
urement of words between Blalno men and
their opponents. " In the selection of a chair
man and secretary of the republican congres
sional campaign committee , the other day ,
General Golf , of West Yliginla , who was
chosen chairman , ami Representative Me-
Pherson , of Pennsylvania , who was selected
as secretary , aru both , strong Blalueadvo
cates , and were urged by the iriciids of the
plumed knight for.thc Iposltion. For chair
man , tlio name of Itopresentatlvo Harvey
Dingham , of Philadelphia , anil ox-Commis-
slone.rof Pensions ; W W. Dudley , of Indi
ana , were used. Botlrof there men are op
posed to a renominatlqn of Mr. lilalne , and
were defeated for the chairmanship. Other
names were used by anti-lilaine men against
Mr. MePhcrson , but they too wore defeated.
It is said to bo the design of tlio Blalno
men to put as many oC their friends Into con
gressional fields as 'possible this fall , with a
hope of controlllng lie next bousu of repre
sentatives if is it republican. The campaign
for Ifc'&S thus open's , '
Captain Sntiiulcr . of Now York lix-
plaiiifl His Item arks in Savannah.
W.VSIIIXOTON , May 7. [ Special Telegram.J'
Captain S. M. Sounders , the Now York
gentleman who was present at the recent
banquet to Jell Davis ig aavann'ali , Ga. , and
who was reported to have offered n toast to
"ex-President Davis , " is In the city. Ho
says he miulo no further allusion in his re-
maiks to .Mr. Davis titan that the latter In bis
private relations has preserved an unsullied
reputation for truth and Integrity. These
sentiments from u northern man on such an
occasion called , forth a torrent of applause
which an Imaginative 'reporter printed the
following day as the result of a glowing
eulogy to the late president , of the southern
Clarence II. Grcnthouso Nominated
an Consuf.
WASHINGTON , May 7. fSpecial Telegram. J
Clarence 1 ! . Greathouse. formerly editor of
the San Francisco Examiner , will be nomi
nated early next week as consul general to
Yokohama , Japan. The present incumbent
Is Warren Green , son of ( lie president of the
Western Union Telegraph company , whoso
record slnco reaching his new of duty
has been of so unsavory a character as to re
sult In a withdrawal of his nomination to
avoid a rejection by the senate.
Movements of Statesmen.
WASHINGTON , May 7. [ Special Telegram. ]
Congressman Holmes of Iowa has been
called home by the Illness of his wife. Sen-
tors Allison aud Wilson did not accompany
cither of the concessional dining parties ot-t
of tlio city to-day , both being very busy with
their ofliclal duties. One party went to New
York as the cueiits of the Ohio society , and
the other to Lochull , Pa. , as the guests of tbo
venerable ex-Senator Simon Cameron. Sen
ator Mandcrson was detained ut home by
illness in his family.
Hit vine nt the
WASHINGTON , May 7. John S. Williams ,
third assistant auditor of the treasury depart
ment has submitted a report to the acting
secretary of thu treasury of thu operations of
his olllru from April HO , 1S8. " > , to May 1 , 1880
being tlio lirst olliclal ycar.ot his service. It
shows there has been a .saving of SI I110 I dur
ing the year for compensation to clerks , and
It IB estimated that SiW.ooawlll behaved by
the reduction of tlio clerical force the next
fiscal year. _ _
Over Zealous Customs OlHocrs Ar
rested in Montreal.
MONTIIKAI , , May 7. For some time past
the customs authorities have understood that
the firm of Patterson , Kissack & Co. wcro re
ceiving goods at an iindcr valuation. Several
times they attempted .to gain access to the
books of the firm anil. obtain necessary information
mation but failed. ThH morning they niado
another attempt and u Struggle ensued as the
firm had taken legal advise and were In
formed that their boolaj could not bo forcibly
taken. ' ,
During tlio altercation revolvers were
drawn , and the police wtirq culled In , who
nrre.sted custom olllceju"
They returned to the , store subsequently
but were again balked by the linn , who had
locked their books In the safe. Officers then
seized stock which Is vnlnod at Snfl.OOO. Tno
firm have taken legal proceedings against the
custom house authorities. Thu linn state
that they aru Innocent of any wrong doing.
It Is said the chaigo against the linn is of a
very burlous character.
No Harm Done.
PiTTsnuiiaWhy 7. Considerable excite
ment was occasioned In tlio lower wards'of
Allegheny and some parts of this city to-day
by the distribution ot anarchist circulars In
largo numbers. The circulars were printed
in German and English , and urged thu work-
ingiuen to IOVOIIKO thu killing of McCor-
mick's men , 'nn'd to burn , Dlllauo and destroy ,
and to cat. drink and bo merry. Thu circu
lars were distributed so early that no suspi
cion of their character was enlet tallied until
thousands of copies had been given out. In
this city there urobcvcn groups of anarchists ,
with a total membership of not moro than
A Harmless Duo ! .
JAWS , May 7. Henri UocheforU editor of
L'lntranslueaiile , and PoitalU , fought a duel
with pbtols to-day. Four .bbots werq liicd
by each , none ot which dun.- any harm.
Difibronco of Opinion at Kearney Ecsnlt in
Legal Warfare.
licenses Granted tiy tlio OutoliiK (
Council Tcmpcrnnco lci > iito
lO.xcltott anil Kcmly to Ap
peal to the Co lifts.
KriAiisr.v , Neb. , May 7.-fSpecal ! Tele-
gram.J During the latter part of last week
the temporauco people of this city became
apprehensive that the old city council were
intending to grant liquor licenses , thus cut
ting off the hearing and tiling of remon
strances. Accordingly u temporary Injunc
tion was granted bv the distiict court pie-
venting the council fiom Issuing llcens to
two persons who were ready , until May : > .
In tlio meantime remonstrances w'ura Hied
by thu temperance people. The bearing was
set for Mayft and was not finished until to
day noon. Four counellmcn , Hensclmotcr ,
Tuttle. Wilson and Kills , cave Mayor Cone
a petition asking for a special meeting to bu
called at once. He wanted time
to consider and consult with the city
attorney. The mayor then left and the coun
cil was called together by one member , Scely
and Jenkins being absent. The city clerk
wasalso absent and Councilman Wilson was
elected clerk tire tern. Tlio council , thus
consisting of ( lie four lirst mentioned , held a
special session and granted licenses tu IJully
Winters and S. Weible. Thu licenses were
neither .Muncd nor Issued by tbe city clerk
and are without his seal , but were issued by
John AVHson clerk pro tern. Omvu doubts
are expressed as to timlr legality. The two
siloon.s are nosv running. The affair has
caused much bitter teeiing among citizens.
some siding with the four councmiicn and
others condemning them. There is strong
talk of coniinenclliLr an action against tbe
saloon men for selling without license.
n City Waterworks nnil n
County Court at n Cost of $8OOOO.
Yoitiv , Neb. , May 7. fSpecial. ] The
specifications for tlio York waterworks are
printed and aru now in the hands of bidders.
The system consists of an engine , engine
house and thirty-six wells In the center of
the city , near thu public square , and a standpipe -
pipe 100 feet In height on cast hill , near the
collcso , giving a diicct and Indirect pressure.
The city is to have five and three-eighths
miles ot pipe laid on all the principal streets.
The Hpeeilicatlnns call for a system witli a
capacity of 1,000,000 irailons of water per day.
IMds are to be In on or before May -i ( . The
estimate places the co = t of tlio system at a
liguru not to exewd SiiO-lK ( ) . The plans and
specifications adopted by tlio city council
wcro drawn oy A. A. IJichardson , civil
engineer of Lincoln. The bonds , to tbe
amount of SuO.OOO , were voted nt the regular
spring election , and as the majority for them
was only seven votes it is tcarcd tnat the op-
ponontsof the measure will yet apply to tlio
courts tor an Injunction to restrain the city
from issuing the bonds until the legality of
the election has been tested.
The board of supervisors at their meeting
last nlithtnwnrded'thc contract for the erec
tion of the court house to David IS. Howard ,
ot Lincoln , at $49,1)30 ) , that bolus the figure at
which the contract was let to Ilutcliinson &
Collier , of tills place , two weeks ago. These
gentlemen failed to come tn time and Mr.
Howard was sent for and the work awarded
to him. Everything Is now rcady tq proceed
witlrtho' work except sllrhlng tlio necessary
papers and tiling and approving the con-
tractor's bond , which will bn'dono at a spe
cial meeting' next Thursday.
1'rofcssor Hnrshbargcr While Drill
ing Ills Class is Hiully AVouiuIcd.
HI.OOMIXOTO.V , ! { eb. , May 7. Professor
Harshbarger , teajher In the academy at
Fianklin , while ( trilling his class In military
tactics last night met with a painful if not a
fatal accident.
Alter the line had been formed he slopped
ten paces to the front and cave orders to aim
at a button on his coat and lire. Imme
diately after the firing be was heard to ex
claim , "My ( Jod/boys , 1 am shot. " . He was
assisted to tlio dormatory nt once and Dr.
Finley was Mimmoned , who" found that a
number of wads nail pierced his clothing , one
of them nip-ruing the .stcrnium and dancing
to thu right causing licmmnthagu of tin :
lungs. Ho Is in a critical condition , but re
covery Is hoped for.
- The Trouble Settled.
VAMIXTINI : , Neb. , May 7 , [ Special Tele
gram. ] Kverytblng Is now quiet at Ifosc-
butl agency. The band encaged In tno trouble
and who denied the agents authority was led
by CiowUog , the Indian who killed Spotted
i till *
Flnjjors Crushed.
O'Xr.iu , , Neb. , May 7.- | Special JTcIe-
giani.J Tliis atlcrnoon Norris Pender , a
brakcman on the west bound freight , had thn
fingers of his left hand badly mashed while.
coupling cars at this .station.
nritisli Authority .Displays Ita Oltl
Disregard for the Itl htH or
HALIFAX , N. S. , May 7. Two or three
American lishlng. schooners have appeared In
tlio basin at Dlgby within the past day or twofer
for the purpose of buyini ; bait. In response
to a telegram the Government steamer Laiids-
downo went there tills morning and idvinir
chafe to the David J , Adams , of ( iloucester ,
overhauled her and took her back to lIgi > y.
She will bo taken to St John to-night under
scl/.nro for violating the fishery laws.
What St. Ijouls Wants.
ST. Louis. May 7. ThoKait.St Louis city.
council has determined upon making a vig
orous light acalnst thu St. Louis Dridgo com
pany. At this morning's session of tno city
council an ordinance repealing the ordinance
granting the company the right to erect an
eastern approach to the bridge over Crook
street , and ordering the company to pay
within thirty days 870,000 on judgment
obtained awUnst the city by Crook street
property owners , was passed. Unless pay
ment ot the above amount Is made , the city
will order the removal of the bridge approach
preach , The company refuses payment of
this bum on the grounds that the present
company Is not bound by the charter of the
former company , which has been merged
Into the present company.
Gene Up for l''ivo Yonrs. ,
BI.OOMIXOTO.V , III. , May 7. At 4 p. in , the
jury In the case of The People vs. Dr. Harvey
L. Harris , on trial for tbo killing of his pro
fessional rival , lr , Uarton , at Scabrook , last
October , returned a verdict of guilty. The
punishment is live years In thu peniten
tiary , Thocaso has been on tilal for two
weeks , and has excited gieat Interest. The
jury was out twenty-eight hours. Harris
bhot and instantly Killed Harton , but claims
it was donu in hot blood , and that Barton had
struck him In the face unprovokedly.
The Kx-Bciiiitor Itecovcritif ; .
UI.OOMIXOTOX , III. , May ? . Kx- Vice Presi
dent David Davis * physician said to-ngU ! !
that the crisis was safely passed and that his
patient would soon iccovcr. The virulent
carbuncle from which ho has been suffering
seems to imvu reached its climax , and the
pain has disappeared.
A Soldier Murdered.
Four SULLY , Dak. , May 7. John Murphy ,
of company D , Eleventh Infantry , alias J. J.
Harrington , was murdered last night by some
ouo unkuqwn.
Biislncsti Failures. .
Nnw Yoitic , May 7. The total number ot
business failures throughout the United
States aud Canada during tbo last sovcn days
was 104
Oroccn Kvltloittlp in Knrncst Hopes
oT Non-ltticrrniitton by Utissln.
ATIII : : * * , May 7. The soldiers at the ganl-
son hero received with cheers' orders to
march to the frontier. Tcwflk Boy , the
Turkish minister , when ho departed took
with him all the members of his stair on the
Turkish legation and caused all of his and
their personal effects to bo removed. The
secretaries of the other foreign locations re
main. Two iKxllalllons of Iho Athens garri
son have already started for the frontier.
The soldiers went out with great enthusiasm.
They will embark nt Lniirliini with outers to
avoid blockade stationed to cover other
water routes.
The popuiaco are enthulastlc over the vtros-
poet of war with Turkey. Soldier * ate p.v
ratling tlio streets , slngluc patriotic songs.
They ore everywhere cheered. A lariro mini-
Iwrof soldiers remain here.
Tlio foreign squadron has returned to Stula
bay.Tho freok ! llccl left Salamlsand Is believed
to have gene to I'atls. It Is not believed
that Itnssla will takeaiiy share with the
other powers In the ulterior woik of Coerlcon
against ( iiceec.
ATIIK.VS , May 7. The government lias pent
a gunboat to Constautlnoiilu to take away
from the Turkish capital , Conduriott , the
( Ircek minister. Greek troops aru being hur
ried to thu front with nil possible speed.
All foicicn ministers have embarked on
vessels of tlielr respective nations to dcpait
I rom Greece. Thu powers have ordered tnelr
cot ) to blockade the Greek ports.
Soldiers at tbo garrison hero received with
cheers orders to march to thu frontier. Tow-
ilk Boy , thu Turkish minister , when ho de
parted to-dav took with him all members of
the stall1of the Turkish legation , and caused
alibis and their personal clients to be re
moved. Thu secretaries of other foreign le
gations remain. Two battillons of the
Athens' gan Isou have already started for the
frontier. The holdicrs wont out with great
enthusiasm. They will embark at
Laiirium , In order to avoid the
blockader * stationed to cover other
water routes. The. ponulaco Is enthusiastic
over the prospect of a war with Turkey.
Soldiers ate parading the streets , slimlni :
patriotic songs. They aio everywhere
cheered. A largo number of soldiers
remain hero. Tile foreign squadron relumed
toSudabay. The Greek licet Sahimls ,
and it is buileved has none to Paros. It Is
not believed here that Hussla will take any
share with tlio other powers in the ulteiior
work of coercion against Greece.
ATIIUNS. May 8. Turkish troops nrd massIng -
Ing at I'revisa.
Great Meeting at the Auailemy of
Music O'Donovan ilossa.
Nnw YOIIK , May "T The Irish homo rule
meeting at tlio academy or' music to-night
was a great success. Among those on the
platform were Kugeno Kelly , ex-Postmaster
General James. Governor Hill , Mayor ( Jrace
and Governor Leon Abbott of New Jersey.
Later , Senator John Sherman , Congressman
Grosvenor. Congressman liutterworth of
Ohio , and General Stewart L. Woodford also
arrived and were escorted to seats on the
Mayor Grace was made temporary chair
man , and spoke briefly of the objects of the
Ucsolutlons wcro passed eulogizing Glad
stone and Parnell , congratulating Ireland on
her coming emancipation , ami congratulat
ing Kngland on thu progress in public senti
ment which had permitted the introduction
of a home rule measure in parliament.
After the resolutions passed , U'Donovon
Kossa demanded au amendment and pro
tested against praising Gladstone. Ills voice
was'drowned In hisses and groans , and. on
advice of Governor Hill , ho subsided. The
resolutions" will be presented to Messrs.
Gladstone and 1'arnelf by J. J. O'Donoghuu ,
who will sail with them for Liverpool to
morrow. .
Destructive Storms.
FOIIT SCOTT , Kas. , May 7. The most-
severe storm of thu season passed over this
city at noon yesterday. The rain fell in tor
rents. About one o'clock Larfib's ice dam
broke aud an Immense body of water rushed
down the valley. The live year old boy unit
infant of Mrs. Brown were drowned , The
damage In the city and vicinity amount to
several thousand dollars.
Si'iiixoFir.i.u , Mo. , May 7. Tbu heaviest
rain storm ever known struck this section
yesterday , doing a vast amount of damage to
property in Iho surrounding country and
town. The rain was preceded by hail. Jor
dan Creek overflowed thu lowland driving
: : o or10 families from their homes. About
half a mlluofthu Gulf railway within tlio
city limits was completely submerged and
lialns cannot pijss. Three of the city's
bridges were washed away , and the base
ments of a number of business houses filled
with water. Some smaller dwelling bouses
were washed away trom their foundations
and it large amount of lumber swept away ,
The- total damage- thu city is estimated at
875.000 , . and in the surrounding country at
Ohio Militia in Arms.
Cot.i'MiiL'b. Oliio , May 7. Governor For-
akcr to-night , at the request of. the mayor
and jiollcu commissioners of Cincinnati , and
as he Is required In Mich cases to do by law.
ordered to report at Cincinnati to-morrow
the Third , Seventh , Fourteenth and Seven
teenth regiments , Ohio National guards in
anticipation ol'.thu labor outbreak on Sun
day. Thu militia are preparing and will bo
on the road by morning.
TRiiicranco Mooting To-night.
At\\r. \ C. T. U. Buckingham hull tonight -
night occura the regular Saturday evening -
ing temperance meeting conducted by
the Omaha Itofonn club. Kvoryboily is
invited. Following is the programme :
Scripture Heading and Prayer
S. L. Baumister
Miss Blanche Sylvesteraud Mr. ,1. Watson -
Address Ktiv. Mr. Hitler
Solo Mr. It. J. Spoerrl
Address Mrs , M. K. Itoberts
Solo -Mrs. Howvcr
Itcmarks by members aud others.
Organist Miss Dlllraucu
The High school nnil Commercial college -
lego nines will pluyumutch giimo of biifiol
b.tll on the H , it M. grounds at U o'clock-
Ihis forenoon.
Tlio "Bnckoyes Abroad" Enioy Themselves
All the nistliiRUlshca Men of Ohio
Scon or Hoard Krom-Sneooh by
John Sherman No "OflToti-
stvu Partisanship. "
A Festive Occasion.
Nnw YOIIK , May 7. The son's and foster
sons of Ohio , resident In this city , celebrated
the founding of the Ohio Society of Now
York bv a banquet at Delmonlco'a to-night.
The leaders In the movement wcro General
Thomas Kwlng , General Henry L. Huinctt ,
Colonel W. L. Strong , General Waiter
Swaync , General Thomas T. Eckcrt , Colonel
T. W. Moulton , Homer , AI-
gernbn S. Sullivan , Whltolaw Held
and others of national imputation.
Unlike the similar organization , "Now
.England society , " which Is composed or sons
.six of states , the Ohio society Is mudo up.of
natives of ono state , Brst born of American
republic. The large banquet hall was filled
to repletion. More tban SM people were
present and talked over times when the
Buckeye stain was the homo of the
Indian and buffalo , and the site of
many u log cabin long since made famous In
song mid story.
All political differences were forgotten ,
all sectional disputes were overlooked , and ,
as John Sherman and , Iou McDonald nhook
hands In tlio ante-room , beloro di liner , all
present considered that they had need
to leel proud of n state which "sits
In tlio center , " belongs to no section
and is a bond of all. The hall was plainly
but. pietllly decorated. Among those present
were Congressman Jacob Itoomerls. A. 0.
Thompson , , lumps K. Campbell , 11,1) ) . Pavny ,
C. W. Moulton , Joseph K. McDonald. Lev !
1' . Motion , Clmiles II. Giosvenor , W. W.
Klstbuig , John Llttln and W. C. Cooper , ex-
governors of Ohio , It. M , liishop , James M.
Ashley and Charles Foster , Judge Upton ,
U. Lawrence and . ) . H. Brady , Leon Ab-
botl , governor of New Jewry , Alexander
Sullivan , of Chicago , Stewart L. Woodtord ,
Stephen U. Elkins. A. J. C. Foye , Wallaro
Sbllletto , General W. B. Ha/.en , Win. Henry
Smith. Hugh J. Jewett , Colonel Wm , Linn
Tidball. A. I ) . Jullleard , Homer Lee , Wm.
Perry Kngtf , BcnJ. Harrison , Parker I landy ,
.1. A. Hostwtck , ox-Postmaster General Thos.
L. James , Cyius Butler and Mayor Z. K.
The following cablegram was received from
Hon. S. Cox :
General Thomas Kwlng , 155 Broadway ,
New York-Ohio Is full of civil and martial
honors. Her sons are peers without thu her
aldry. Her daughters peerless without the
harem. Fill the golden born.
Mr. Homer Lee , secretary , read a number
of letters of regret fiom invited guests ,
among which were letters from Chief Justice.
Drake , ox-Governor Hoadley , General Durbin
Ward , Murat Halstcad , Judge Thuniian.
Chief Justice AVallc , . Judge Carter , General
Hchenck , Senator Jones. William D. Howell ,
Itlcliard Smith , General Sherman , Lieuten
ant General Sheridan and Senator Allison.
Afteranpropriatoreinaikson the reunion-
General riiomasEwing , president of thu so ,
ciety , said :
Gentlemen , I now have the pleasure to pre
sent to .you a typical Buckeye , tlio 'architect
of his own fame and fortune , who stands be
low only one man in the republic in otllclal
station ; and below none In the respect of. Ills
countrymen , "John Sherman. "
Senator Sherman was < enthusiastically and
vocifcrouslyre'celvcd. Ho spoke at length in
nlianpy vein , rovlowlng'tliD history of Ohio
mid bur prominent mcii. He was followed
by .Senator Pavuo , ex-Governor Bishop ,
General Benjamin Harrison , anil others.
The Knees at Brighton Beach.
Biuoiiro.N BKACII , Jlay 7. First lace , for
maiden fi-yeatvolds and upwards three-quar
ters of a mile Fleetwing won , Stclmo second
end , Ganly third. Time , l:17tf : >
Mile- General 1'rlco won , Compensation
second , Joe Shelby third. Time , 1 : ! . %
Mile and an eighth -Lord Beconsliclu won ,
Winlicld second , Selllah third. Time ,
l : MX.
Seven fmlongs George Singcriy won ,
Hazard second , Judge Gilfllth third. Time ,
Illicit Love niifl Suicide.
ST. I'Atn. , May 7. It Js rumored that P.
Woerner. and a domestic In his family com
mitted suicide. Mrs. Woorner charges her
husband and the girl witli being too Intimate.
The girl's name Is Kato Werner. Doth toolc
prussic acid to avoid public disgrace. Tlio
1 girl died about ft this morning. Woerner
swallowed poison while the oillcors were
actually taking him to prison.
C. K. of A.
Last night : i mooting of about twenty-
five Catholic ladies and gentlemen met , tit
the purchasing agency rooms in Hush-
man block to inako arrangements for the
holding of thu first slate council of tlio
C. K. of A. , which is to take place in this
city ou the 1st of June. It IB intended to
prepare a banquet for tlio delegates ,
which may bu attended by residents
of tlio town. ' There will also
bo : i literary and musical onterlainnicnl ,
which comprise some of the most talented
people of tlio city. Committees wuro un
pointed to inakn arrangements for tlio'
event , and tlio following ollluors were
elected : L'rchidont , Mrs. Dr. O'Uourko ' ;
vice president , Miss K F. IMoCarnoy ;
si ! rciury , Miss Katie Murphy. The next
meeting will IK ; hold at thu Bumopliico on
next Tuesday night.
A 1'alii fit I Cut.
Ed , Phillips , employed on Stanley's
bridge force , mot with a painful accident ;
while at work on a bridge on the licit
hlnc railway j'ustnrtluy afternoon , lie.
was trying to raise u pfoco of timber liy
the iiM ) of an ad/u when the bladu slipped
from the timber and was imbedded in
Phillips' left leg , just below the knee , in-
illiitiii" u very painful wound. Ho wont
to his homo in Council DlullH last night
for tx few days rest.
Is prepared from Barsnp.irllla , Dandelion , Is tlio liest blood purifier before the public.
Mandrake , IJock , PJpitlasewa , Juniper Ilcr- It eradicates every Impurity , and cures Scrof
rlcs , and other well-known ami valuableTcgo - ula , Halt Itlicum , Ilolls , I'lmplcs , all Humors ,
tnblo remedies. The combination , proportion Dyspepsia , IllllousucE.i , Kick Headache , Indi
and preparation are peculiar to IlooU'g Bars.v gestion , General Debility , Catarrh , Itlieuma-
parllla , giving It curative power not possessed tlsin , Kidney and Liver Complaints. It over
by other medicines. U cltccts remarkable comes that extreme tired feeling , unU builds
cures where others full , up the system.
" I consider Hood's B.irsapnrllla the best " Hood's Barsaparllla was a ( lod-scnd to me ,
medicine. I ever used. 11 gives me an appetite for It cured me of dynpcpsla and liver com
and refreshing sleep , and keeps tlio coltl out. " plaint , with which I linil gullcrcd 20 years. "
J. 8. Fouo , 100 Spruce Street , I'ortlanil , MB. J. 11. HoiiNiiucK , Boutb Fallsburg , N , Y.
Purifies the
" When I bought Hood's Sarsaparllla I made " Hood's Parsaparllla takes less tlmo and
a good Invcstiac'tit of ono dollar In mcdlcliiu quantity to show Its cdect than any uthrr prep
for the lirst I . U has driven off rheuma aration. " Miis.O.A.IliiiiMni ! , N. < : hlllN.y.
tism and ! m ; , ! iiy appetite so touch that " Jlyvlfo liad very poor health fur a long
my boarding m. .ticss fcays I must kt-cp It time , sutlcrhig from Indigestion , poor appe
locked up or she will bu obliged to ralso my tite , and constant headache. ha tried everything -
board with every other boarder that takes thing \vc could hear ( if , but found no relief till
Hood's Sarsaparllla. " THOMAS UUKIIKLL , she tried Jlood'u H.irsnparllla. She Is uow
W Tlllary Street , Brooklyn , N. Y. taking the tlilnl bottle , and never felt belter
" I find Hood's Harsnparllla the best remedy hi her life. Wu fuel It our duty to recommend
for impure blood I evur used. " II. II. DAXTKII , It to every ouovo know , " droncis Scum.
ticket agent , I' . & It. ltd. , Hound Jlrook , N. J. VH.I.K , Morchnd , Cool ; County , 111.
i Hood's Hood's
Sarsaparilla Sarsaparilla
Sold l > y all drugetitf , fill llz ( or ( i. l.'uiuutcl Soli ) Iall'drugglili. . fl ; ilx fur fJ. l'r pif <
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