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Chicago Anarchists Likely Boon to Adorn
the End of a Hope.
Explosive Material Continues to Bo Found
By the Police.
A Special Grand Jury to Bo Impanelled
at An Early Day in Chicago.
Cleveland AnnrchlHts Turn Hill-
Htlckers Statesmen With One
sided Vlcwn Grow Had. VI-
olcncc Injures Lmuor.
The AnarchtatH Ulcoly to Swing.
CnifAfio , May 0. [ Special Telegram.- !
Theio has been a decided Impiovemcnt in
the condition ol nlTaiis in Chicago diirlni ; the
day , and pcojilo's apiirehenslon of future
tioublcs Is Kiadually bclnt ; lessened , The
cause of this feeling is due. moro than any
thing else , to the determination and activity
which has been displayed by the city author
ities since Tuesday's massacre by thoun-
nrehlsts. The piompt action of Uiecoionci's
jury , In holding Iho socialist Kang for mur
der , has also had a most salutary elfect , and
their adlieients have been keeping very
quiet. Any plotlln they may bo engaged
in , Is done In secret. In alt the freight depots -
pots lylni ; south of llaulson street , an elToit
was miido to lesnme ojiorations to-day. It
was not a vciy successful one , not on account
of Intel feicnco on the jiait ot strlkcis , for
very few of them weio to bo found in the
.vicinity , but because of the Inability
of t' o companies to obtain men
to take the jilaccs of the
old hands. The tow stilkeis who were found
In the vicinity wore very quiet. They
seemed dlsphited and icfused to talk about
the situation or their Intentions. When the
icpoitor asked them about their meetings to
day and their opinion ot the situation they
replied by asking Him if ho wished to join
tholr oiganl/atlou , and when Informed that
ho din not belong to their calling they said
that what they did 01 were going to do or
what they thought was of no In
tel est to anyone outside of their ovv n associa
tion. The whole appcaianco of things in
that vicinity looked very much as If the back
bone of the stilko was bioken , and as If most
of the bojs would bo glad to letimito their
places so iccoiitly vacated by them it they
could only do so without appealing to do
violence to their feelings of sell icspcct and
The socialists have really helped the capi
talists , anil damaged the cause olmaiiy vvoik-
ingmeii who have ju t gilovauces. Kvciy-
thing was e\tiemoly quiet aiound the may-
oi'.s olllce , it being in marked contrast
with the Dtistlo of the jiiccceding day.
The niayoi was late in airiviiig. having been
extiemely fatigued by the jiiessuio of tlio
excitement under which he has labored since
the tumbles bewail. As on tlio day jucvlous
he was constantly visited by piomlncnt citi
zens , w ho nave odv Ice , but there was nothing
amounting to a demonstration dining tlio en
tire day.
When Interviewed by a reporter this aftci-
noon the maor said ho had been talking
strike until ho was sick of it. Ho had spent
two hours this moinlng In ildlng about tlio
lumbci dlstiicts and other places where thcio
have been disturbances , and Ids pioclamation
seemed to Mmvo boon obeyed. Thcio were
no cio.vds , and eveiythliig was quiet ,
llo thinks that the shooting Tuesday night
has led the strikers to sco that it is useless tor
them to act as they have been doing. In fact
the backbone of the btilkc is biokcn. The
police aio aloit and leatty for r.ny emergency ,
and In a slioit time the fiouhlo will bo over.
In view ot the declaration ot the state's at
torney in effect that ho has discoveied and Is
in possession of ample evidence Implicating
theconspliatois , Spies , Fielden and Schwab
in thu wholesale slaughter of Tuesday niu'lit ,
Hie situation has assumed a sciious aspect
lor thcst ) notorious anaichists. It Is the gen
eral emphatic opinion among leading mciu-
bcisot the bar that tholr ciiiues aio well de-
llncd , and , under the mo tclrcumssect Intei-
pretation ot the law , are punishable
by death. With such opinions it
is moially ceitaln thnt the hanging of tlio
tiio of exponents of Nihilism Is a matter of
the near tutiire. The question of their doom
Is agitating the Iciral minds of the bar , and
methods pieserlbetl tor their punishment me
mimcious. It was lecommended bv some
that at thooidoi ot a Judge , a special mand
jmy should bo impanelled and the ca a pro
ceeded with without delay. In times like these
it was constuied that the sooner nn example
was made of such bleeders of crime anu
iiiuidci the moro ellectlvo it would bo In sup-
jiie.sslnj : such men In the future. In con
vening with loading lawyers legaidlng the
possibllltvol the Imnglnc.ot thu trio many
jiointa of Inteicst ' .veio developed.
"You may ie t assured , " bald the gentle
man , "Hut tlto time has como when thu city
of Chicago has an oppoitunlty to display ac
tion In the tieatnient and disposal of a n.ost
daugeious class of cilmlnals , lepiescntatlves
of a class of ilotois and ineendliules whose
power menaces at all times law , , aider uml
jiiosperity , Thu piumpt action of the local
olllcfals in the eaptuio and holding ot Spies ,
Schwab ami Fiilden. Is commendable , but
should only bd considered an initiatory step
to the disposal of tltcM ) HcmU on the gal
lows. "
"Do you think It Is possible under the
inesenl laws to cany their jicn.ilty to that
"Theio can bo no doubt about it. It is a
well known fact that these men aided and
vvcrolnstlgatorbof a liot movement which
resulted In immeions muidei.s. Viewed fiom
tlu statntoiy point of view , they vverti aeces-
hory. nnd are amenable as principals. Kvl-
deuce against these men would bo cumula
tive , and If they weiu ucee-ssoiles to the vil
lainous ulnt that icbidted In tlm death of n
number of Innocent parties , the guilt would
boin piopoitlon as the Injmyto life was
gicat 01 small , "
"Ci.uld the jiicvions speeches of men
booifeu-d In evidence against thrmV
"They would ba Important lavtors In tlio
rase , and would bo acceptable In delinliiir the
position of dolUnco to law and disregard for
human | ifo which the speakers so frequently
ev Inccd. " _ _
llio Situation In Chicago.
CIHCAOO , May 0. [ Special Telegram. |
There has been no nppaient Impiovcment in
the Industrial situation within the past twcn
ty-four houis. The thousands of stiiKers In
the southwestern section of thu city still
persist in dcfylm : the law. There were three
outbioaks yesterday at the coiner of Eigh
teenth street and Center avenue , hi which
the jiollco onicera weio subjected to a heavy
llio of bullets and stones , fiom an ambus
cade , The shooting was ictuincd , but with
no elTcct save that of scattciing the iloters.
Tliofiltfatlon in the lumber dlsti lets this
moinlng was much the same as it 1ms been
fclnco the bojinnln of the week. There
ate enough of wasowoikers willing to leturn
to woik to btait up in full ojioratlon every
Inlll , factory and yard In the district , but
ovvlnctotho hostile incendiary attitude of
the aniuchUts nnd socialists , the peaceably
Inclined aio afraid to resume operations.
J'ropiictors aud uiauufactuiers nio as much
afraid as tlio employes , nnd no attempt will
bo mada to start up until the excitement sub
sides and im > j > orty and life can bo protected.
Fully three-fourths of the entire force went
Into the McCormlck factory this morning
which Is a larecr number of men than have
been at work there since Monday. Sergeant
Knrlght and thirty-five police were on nuard
at the gates. No crowd ot rioters were col
lected. Kdward ( } lss6w , a Bohemian , was
caught throwing stones nt the police and ar
was posted In hand bills throughout the dls-
diet In English and German. Its warning
seemed to have the desired effect , for no
ciowds were congregating along the black
road or anyvv hero else , excepting that trou
blesome sjot ) at Eighteenth street nnd Center
avenue. The crowd of nihilists there this
morning was much smaller and quieter tliau
Armour's glue factory at Thirty-fifth street
and the river was this morning at a stand
still with ten policemen on hand to protect
the pioperty trom the ilot"rs.
Last night was one of comparative quiet
hi the dlsoiderly districts. The socialistic
1'oles and llohemtans In the vicinity of
Eighteenth sticct aud Center avenue con
tinued theli liotons conduct until very late ,
and the police weio kept liom firing Into the
crowds by the jiresenco of women nnd chll-
dicn , although the htttei wcie as dlsoiderly
as the men. Women In a dellcato condition
were caught hurlUK ! stones , and infused to
move on when oidcicd to do so by tlio police.
The women also acted as sjiles for the men
by paj Ing frequent visits to the police sta
tions at Twelfth street and lliuman street.
After nl ht tall the Hohemlans adopted the
tactlc-s of jicltlng the jiollco from the windows
dews oC their dwellings , llundieds of
shots were ftred by the police ,
but generally they fned high.
THI : KtiuATioN' ox Tin : HAIMIOADS
Is still very bad. The most encouraging
tcilturo Is the attitude of the switchmen , who
resolved not to Intcrfcio In the strike of tlio
freight handlcis. The jirojierty of the roads
involved in the present tiiimoil Is gmudcd
byolllceis. Thus far no serious tumble has
oeouircd , the strlkeis contenting themselves
with lighting their emplojers with strategy
known only to hue diplomatist ? .
A jiarty of police fiom the Ea t Chicago
avenue station made a search of the anarch
ist hall over the saloon at lO ) JSoith Wells
stiect this morning and seized about a dozen
bt-uul ot rllles of n vciv voneiablo pattcin.
None ot the anaichists weio about , so no ar
rests wore made ,
All thoemplojcs at Pullman are still out.
Xo dlstmbaiicc of any kind has occuircd
Along Desjilalnes street nnd In the vicinity
of the hay maikct at Handolph sticot. the
scene of Tuesday night's riot , quietness pie-
vailed this moinmg. There was veiy little
of the excitement of ycsteiday. Maiket
square was filled with fanners' waionsand
the ovvneis were engaged In the peaceful
woik of selling produce and vegetables.
There were no big crowds on the streets and
the ' ' ' on" without
jH'ople were 'moving any
oiduis tiom tlio police , who were still patrol-
ing the sidewalks.
THIDIAD : : AND vvorannn.
Tlio county physician , Dr. Henotin , in a
leport made at midnight , said lie had ex
amined thirty-nine wounded ofliceis and had
been noli lied ot nine more whom lie vva's un
able to icacli , but would see this morning.
Of the wounded examined by him he believed
eight or ten are liable to die. Two aie
ahcady dead. Of the anarchists ono Is
dead , six dangerously or fatally hint , and
thiitcen iiioro'not scilously wounded. ,
Up to 0 o'clock this morning no Impoitnnt
airests had been made by the poliro in con
nection with the dynamite outrage. Par
sons was still at largo. His wife was taken
Into custody last evening but pioved of little
value as a means of apprehending her hus
band. Alls. Paiaons Is imbued with all the
mad ficnzy of socialism and boasted that her
zeal would Induce her at any Unto to will
ingly die for tlio cause. The jiolico turned
her loose alter a while. Meanwhile she will
bo closely watched and should she undertake
to communicate with her anarchistic spouse
It will be a signal tor his speedy captuie ,
THI : SITUATION ivimoviNd.
There Is a gieatcr feeling ot confidence
njiparcnt this moinliiK in the ability of the
auilioiltles to preset vo the peace. Tlio outlook
continues threatening In ceitaln qmutcrs.
usd llio jiollco expect that they may bo called
upon 10 dlspoisogatherings in ceitain portions
tions of the city , but the arrest of a fovv
unaicliisth yesteiday induced the feeling that
tills element will no longer j > rove tionblo-
some. in view of the tact that the police
now bellovo that all the leading Instlgatois
In the lecont tionbles have been catted with
one notable exception , Parsons. Tlio collec
tion of evidence against the conspliators is
jnocccdlng rapidly.
A I'ACToiiY nisu.Mii : : .
At the Deeilng haivcster works the situa
tion Is somewhat critical. A committee of
Rtilkeiswas appointed at the meeting held
last night to watch the gates and dissuade
nnvnnu Irom going to work. Tlio company
pllejcd an advance of Illtcen jicrcent , and
01110 men wanted to back at thcsoilpincs ,
but weio not permitted to do so by tlio stilk-
ets. At 0)0 : ) tills morning bOO men weio
tumped about the gate- , but no ono went In.
At 7 Mr. Dcering appeared and invited nil
thu Dceiing men to go back t ° woik , at
which tlio eiowd yollcd "Eight hours ! Eight
houis ! " Mr. 1 leering said ho would give
eight hours after the rush is over , ami by 7:80 :
over Iho hundied men icpoited for woik.
At least six thousand nienaioont In twelve
bilckyauls and soveial factories will bo
closed. Tioublo Is feaied.
Last night vvanants for the arrest of four
of thostilkinc svvlt.'hmen employed by tlm
St. Paul and Foil W.vvno ro.uls , charged
thorn with obstructing United Status mails.
One man was ai jested last night by a deputy
marshal. The others have not been found.
The fund for the benelit of the iamllles of
thu dead and wounded police has swelled to
8iS.OOO. D. V. White , a Laekawamm rail-
loadotllchd who was In thu city , subscilbed
s 5.000 , while the Now Yoik board of trade
telegraphed a Mtbsciiptlon of g.WO. Tlio po
lice lahltd the hall of anaiehUts at 10. >
NoithVolIsttrtet this moinliiz and sni/eda
few muskets tonnd tlieie. Olllcer Madden ,
who was shot last night , Is still living. His
condition remains critical.
This morning all men at the Pullman
w01 Us and all In tlio paper car wheel works
weio still out , The localitv was quiet and
dlsordeih are not appicticndcd.
Tlli.llUlil : ! ( : > I'lllNIT.liS.
A wilt ot habeas corpus has been sued out
In the case of twenty-live compositors and
employes of the Arbolter Xeltung , They
will h.ivu a hearing In the criminal court at
o'cloik this afternoon. Four impilsoned an
archists , August Spies. Clnis Spies , Sam
Fielder and Michael ochwab were photo
graphed by tlm police to-day.
Two Foi t Wayne raihoad switchmen ar
rested jesterdav weio taken bcioie Commis
sioner Hey no this moinlng and charired with
delaying United States mails , The cases
weio continued until Saturday next in 500
bonds each.
Detective.- ) inspected tlio house at 823
Heiny sticct and found lifty rounds of am
munition , two lilies , a svvoui , bayonet , re
volver , billy and a quantity ofanaichlst
llleratuie. The occupant ot the house , ( ins-
tavo Mange'is said by tno ofllccrs to bo a
moulder of bombs. Ho was arrested and
taken to the central station. The police
madostill uuotlier raid this afternoon at 71
West Lake street , seizing o.nd carrying away
a lot of led ( lags and banners , some or them
cmbljuoned with tlto most rabid threats
acnlnst the constituted authorities.
Tlio yardnu'.stcrot tlio Northwestern ra'l- '
roadsays ; to-day a ciovvd of men came into
the i arils ajul compelled a few switchmen
woiKlng to leave. Tlio double was caused
by the f relgtit handlers.
Fully tliice-fouiths of McCormlck Har
vester works' employes rcjwrlcd for duty
this morning. The proprietors of the Deer-
Ing works decided at 10 o'clock this morning
to grant a working day of eight hours and an
advance of 15 j > cr cent on former pay. The
: ncn return to work to-morrow morning.
A report was received from the county
hospital this moining that Ofllcers Barrel ,
ilavon , Miller and Jacob llanscn were be
yond the hone of recovery. The remainder
of the wounded men are restlne easily , and
will probably iccover. Emll Lutz , 0110 of
the civilians shot , is In a dying condition.
An Incendiary fire was started In the lumber
yards near North avenue brldjro this morn
ing. A can containing explosives to which
n fuse was attached was found In ono of tlio
yauK continuing the \lovv that the hand of
tlm Incendiary Is at WOIK. It was turned over
to the jwllcc. The police raided Iho socialis
tic headquarters at As Claybom n avenue this
morning , but found nothing beyond red
Hags and an incendiary banner.
Anollleer of the police department said
this afternoon that It Is lirmly believed that
Stango wns tlio man who threw the bomb.
They are trying to find Burnett , so us to
lully Identify Stance , The police decline to
say anything regarding the man named Car
penter ai rested yesterday.
nn.VTit or opFirr.n \mir.TT. .
Olllcer Uairett , wounded Tuesday night ,
died at 11HO this foicnoon , making a total ot
three deaths to date among the Injured police
Freight Trains IJlockcd Dynamite
Found In n Ijiimber Yard.
CHICAGO , MayO. 11 j > . m. About eighteen
Rwitehtemlcis of the Western Indiana road
at Foi ty-lirststreet and Grand Crossing quit
work this atteninon , nnd virtually blocked
freight trafllc on the Western Indiana , Wabash -
bash , ( Jrand Tiunlc , Chicago & Atlantic and
Eastern Illinois railroads. Several attempts
wcio made up to to-night to move irelidit
trains , but they were only partially success
ful. The strlkeis claim to be getting S-15
per month , and walking twelve houis a dny ,
ami ask for § 10 per month advance.
A vvoikmen in the lumber yard of Cook ,
Halleck A : Gammon , North avenue , to-day
discoveied In a lumber pile a tin coffee can
tilled vvlth some liquid , the nature of which
Is unknown. A fuse was attached to the
mouth of tlio can , and jilaccd as to he easily
lited. This Is neai vvheio the Incendiary
lumber jard lire broke out last night.
Olliccr Oeoigo Miller died at ( lie county
hospital at 10:50 : to-night. This Is the third
death amongst the police as a result of the
The Alllltla Succeed In Iteatorlng ; Or
der at Buy View.
Mn.wAtmnK. Mav 0. [ Special Telegram. ]
All Is quiet in this city this moinlng.
Tioops continue to guaid tlio tlncatcncd es
tablishments at Bay View and on the South
Side. No riotous assemblages have been
repotted thus far this morning. Tlio trouble
Is believed to bo over.
The uirest ot socialists who have been in
strumental in iiigingou the riots has been
continued this afternoon. In the houses of
two ot these was tonnd a number ot guns ,
pistols , and a largo amount ot ammunition
concealed in the building. Gov. Kusk in-
loimod Alderman Hudlnski that the latter
will bo hold icsponsiblc for any trouble
\\lilcliniayliereatteraiisofiom the doings
of Poles who have been piomplcd to Iho act
by Umlinskl's advice.
Mn.wAUKKn , MayO. To-night tlio situa
tion as icgaids labor riots remains as during
the day with every indication that all
tioublo has como to an cud. Two more
deaths , maklmr six in all , have oecuned Irom
wounds received in jesteid.vy's fiiiilade at
Bay View. The aiiest ot sevcial socialists
has been ctfectcd to-night , ana a quantity of
ammunition , puns , pistols , etc. , found in
their residences have been confiscated ,
Iowa Coal AVorkera Take a Sensible
View of Matters.
DBS MOINUS , Iowa , MayO. f Special Tele-
cram. ] The uneasy tooling among labeling
men has manifested itself among tlio mlneis ,
of whom there Is a largo number In this
vicinity. They held a laigcly attended meet
ing hero to-day , at which they wisely decided
to settle their EI ievanccs by aibltration , and
will piobably avoid a stilkc. Thoio aie six
teen mining companies located heic , employ
ing a laige number ot men , and their dispo
sition of the labor question is waited with
much inteiest. Tlio operators say tlioyaro
in a good position to stop mining , if neces
sary , aa orders are ueneially Idled and they
are better piepaicd than usual for a stiike.
All Trouble In AVyominK 1'ractically
at an End.
Ciir.Yr.XNK , Wyo. , May 0. [ Special Tele-
giam.Tlio ] stilko has had Its back broken.
Tialns are running out of tills city castvvaid
and will bo running on the whole line
to-morrow. The only tioublo icmaliilng Isnt
Laramtn CItv which Is the strlkeis' stiong-
hold. Ono hundred and thiity deputy maisbals
tiom Chicago and St. Louis are on duty thcic
and fifteen at liawliiis. The strikers have so
many sympathizers at Laiamlo that tiains
aio crippled by pins fiom coiijilcts stolen
and air brake hose cut. This will bo pie-
vented lineafter. Loss to company about
SI , .WO. No violence has been leported thus
Statesmen of a Bnmhro Turn of Mind
Grow Sace.
WASHINGTON. May 0. [ Special Tele
gram. ] Statesmen here , from every pint of
the country , picdlct that the labor dilllcultles
have not icached their climax : nnd that there
is something moio tenlblo to como than 1ms
jet developed. They largely believe that
there will bo much blood shod and destina
tion otpiojicity hctoio tlio tumble Is over.
because they regard the demand for eight
houis woik with ten houis pay as unicason-
nblo and believe both sides aio determined to
win. There nro no liulicitloiis of violence
Strike of Coal Miners.
PiTTSiiuiin , May 0. One thousand eoal
mincis employed in the mines atom ; the
Panhandle raihoad struck this morning for
the Columbus schedule and Bciiii-monthly
pay-days. They also refuse to load coid for
i ho eastern markets until the strike In the
Tldid district is settled.
Four hundred men at Hcnd's mines are out
for an advance. Rend lefuses to concede
thu advance because all differences were re
cently settled by arbitration. Seventy-five
ncgiocs ore still worklns and others will bo
Imported. _
EvontH In Detail.
CHICAGO , May 0. The icjiort jnlnted here
this forenoon that the switchmen on the
Northwestern road had cone out is olllclally
denied , The men aio still at work.
Iho Incendiary organ , the AibciterXcltung ,
Is pioparlng to issue an edition to-day.
Twenty iloters In the Twelfth sheet dis
trict weio arraigned this morning aud held
until Saturday on 5300 bonds each.
Tlio St. Paul road Is working with a full
force , without molestation. Owing to the
partial ciippling of tlio western lines the
load has an unusual amount of trclght
Strikes In Detroit.
DKTJIOIT , Mich. , May 0. Two hundred
employes ut Murphy's chair factory , 100
at tlio Detroit Cauiago wood woik
shops and 60 coopeis lesumed work this
moinlng. Between 400 and 600
painters struck this morning for nine hours a
day at U'n hours pay. Only 100 of
the 075 employes of the Pullman car works
returned to work thb morning when the
company scut them home.
The Street Our Strike.
New YOIIKMayO. The situation of the
Thiid avenue strike is unchanged. The
strikers did not return to work this morning ,
because the teiins proposed by the company
vvt'io not -
Statesmen nt Washington Discnss Inter
state Commerce and. Temalo Suffrage.
Mr. Incall's Frees fits Mlml on Short
linuls A Vote to Ho Taken on
Tuesday Pension IiCKlsln-
tlon Other Matters.
WASHINGTON , May c. On motlnn of Mr.
Sherman , the ? senate agiccd Unit tlm antl-
Chlncso Immigration bill niul tlio bill to In-
duumlfy Chinese subjects for losses bv llio
Hock Springs riots , shall bo mnilo special or
ders for Monday , Muv 10.
Mr. Uullom called up tlm Intor-stato coin-
incrcu bill.
Mr. Fiye called up the Statcn Island bridge
The chair stated that the senate had already
given unanimous consent to continue the
consideration of the commerce bill during
the morning hour anil throughout tlio day ,
fiom day to day , until disposed of. Tlio com
merce bill was thciefore laid before the sen
ate.Mr. . Uutlor opposed the bill.
Mr. Wilson ( Iowa ) olfeiednn amendment
piovidlng that tlto piovision oC thu bill
against receiving moiu tor shorter timn for
longer haul should 'not be constuied as au-
thoti/lnc aiiyrallioad company to charge
as much for snorter as for longer hauls. ' Ho
did this , ho said , to picvcut the companies
iroiu holding that thu bill gave them an Im
plied authority to charge as much lor n haul
of 100 miles as for a haul of 1,000 miles.
Mr. J n trails said the Ion ; : and short
haul clause , as now amended , was like n
crowbar thrust Into the vvoiks of a watch.
Mr. Cnnulcn's amendment , Mr. Ingalls bo-
lleved , was In such absolute hostility to the
Interests of the west that if the bill became
law which ho ( Inpills ) thought doubtful
there would nnvcr bo a bushel of grain nor a
pound of beef or poik brought cast from
Iowa , Kansas or Ncbi.isku. Mr. In-
palls said that the senator from
West Virginia , Mr. Camdon. lived on
the line of raihoad that was directly Inter ,
estcd In the short haul clause , and those voting -
ing with him wcie also Interested In It. The
direct olfeut ot the Camdcn amendment
would ba to make producers ot the west pay
short haul rates on every pound of freight
brought to the seaboard. The senator liom
West Virginia , Mi. Camdcn , was too astute
not to know that tact His design was to
compel the men who raised the ceieals of the
west pay local rates all the way to the sea
Mr. Hoar said he could not votefortho Ions
and short haul clause as amended by Mi.
Camden. It would Btiiko a fatal blow at our
foielgn commcicc.
Mr. Allison said that under the provisions
of the bill , as they now Blood , It would bo
practically Impossible Idr tlio people ot Iowa
to get their ceieals to market llo thought
the tntioductlon ot lout ; ami short haul ques
tion Into the bill was a mistake. In states
that wcic said to have laws on that subject ,
lallroads paid no attention to the laws. Not ,
only would the people of Iowa , under this
iron clad provision , bo unable to send their
produce to fie east , but they could not got
troin the past anthracite coal of which they
used n eoiisjdeiablo qinntlty. Jlr. Allison
would prefer a bill den tine u commissionbut
without this Ions and shott haul
clause , at least for a year or two ,
until time , and experience in the vvoiklng
of the commission should show what was
best to bo done with that . .complicated ques
tion. The iiroposed'nnangement would , ho
feared , bo aery serious embanassinent to
the commerce of tlio country with Its many
ramifications. The gcnorafprovisions of the
bill , however , met Mr. Allison's heaity ap-
pioval , andhcoxpicssed the hope that the
scimto would adhere to them.
Mr. Cullom said in his opinion tlio enforce
ment ot the bill , as now amended , -would ic-
qulro that Hie ncaicr a person lived to the
scaboaid , the cheaper he would "et his tians-
poitation , and this rule , if rlcidlv enforced ,
would dratioy the commerce of the west.
Not only would it hurt the pioducer ot the
west , but \ery seriously also the consumer of
tlio east , llo hoped the senate would ie-
considcr its action in agieeinp : to the Camden -
den amendment.
A running debate occurred between
Mcssis. Hlalr , Call , Brown. Vance. 1'latt.
Hoar , McMillan. Kcnna , Aldrich and Coke.
The latter said ho would vote for the hill
as amended. Ho was unqualifiedly in favor
ot .Mi. Caiuden's amendment.
.Mr. Wilson's amendment was agreed to.
A great number of amendments were then
submitted and oidercd printed. Among
them the following :
JJy Mr. Kdnuimls Piovidin ? that when
ever any common carrier shall violate or rc-
fuse to obey .any leoulrumcnt of the commis
sion , they may have right to apply to the
United btatesclicuit comt for homing on
slioit notice In the matter complained
of without formal pleadings or
pioceedlngs necessary in oulinaiy
equity suits. Tlio amendment turlhcr autlior-
i/es tlio comt , if it finds tlio company guilty
of disobedience , to cause it to ioiMtasum
not to exceed SMX ) a day , after a day to bo
named by ( lie court. This Is now the pend
ing amendment.
An amendment submitted by Mr. Morgan
niovides that If two or more IICISUIIH , with
intent to prevent tlio increment of any loco
motive , car , passengers tiom ono state to an
other , or to or from any teiiltorv or loroi ii
country or Indian tiluo , shall conspire , agice
or unite together unlawfully to pi event tlio
movement , loading or unloading of such
locomotive , car , etc. , or to put in peril the
poi sonal seem ity of any olllcer or employ oof
any rallioad company , they shall
bo guilty of conspiracy , and on
conviction shall bo punlshul by
imprisonment of not mme than six
months , or by a linn of not more than 009 ,
or both , as court shall decree.
Mr. Miller , tiom the committee on educa
tion and labor , icported lavoiably the bill ap
plying to letter cairicis , the provisions of
section 1733 of Revised Statutes.maklng eight
hours a day's woik.
Jt was unanimously agreed that the vote
ho taken on the Intet-stato commerce bill bo
fem adjoinnnicnt Tuesdav next.
Alter an executive session the senate ad
WASHINGTON , May 0. In the morning
hour Mr , Hatch called up the bill to cieato a
derailment of agriculture and labor.
Tlio house then went into committee of the
whole on the liver 'and haiborblll. Mi.
Evcihaitof Pennsylvania and Mr. Stone of
Missomi opposed thd 1)111. ) The committee
then lose and reported , the bill to the house.
The only amendment ? icported fiom the
committee upon which n separate vote was
demanded was that directing the secretary of
war to negotiate forUho purchase ! of the
woiksof the Monongaliela Navigation com
pany which was agreed'to ' 124 to 43.
Undcrniraiigeiiientinadofn tlio committee ,
Mr. llolman of Indiana offered an amend
ment providing that tlm money appropriated
for the Improvemcnto'rthelovt or Mississippi ,
except Eiirh as is resulted to protect the
works already in progress , shall be expended
In continuance ana completion of the \\oiks
on 1'liimb Point and LaKn I'lovldcnco
reaches , agi eed to yeas 1 ) , nays 113.
Mr. Hepburn , of Iowa , moved to amend by
providing that the appropriation for the im
provement of the lower Mississippi river bo
expended under the direction ot the secretary
of war without intervention of tlio Mississip
pi liver commission. Agiccd to yeas 120 ,
nays 107. %
Mr. Hepburn also offered an amendment
providing tliat tlio improvement of the Mis
souri river Irom Its mouth to .Sioux City ho
conducted without the intervention ot the
Misouii liver commission. AgieedtoVTC to
71. The bill then passcd-jwxs 14a , nays
An unsuccessful attempt was made to
bring up the electoral count bill , and the
house then adjourned.
The majority of the house judiciary com
mittee In rejtortin ; adversely upon the pro
posed woman biufmge amendment to the
constitution submits but a formal lepoit rec-
ommeudingjhat the proposition llo upon the
table. The minority report , which Is signed
by Messrs. E. IJ. Taylor , Hciiburn , Caswell
and llanncy , commcnla upon this fact , but
says tlio Impoitanco of tlio question of
woman suffrage is foiclnp full discussion
everywhere , and the silence of the commlttco
will nave no tendency to withdraw It from
public attention. In a government by tlio
people tlio ballot 1 ? at once the badeo of so v-
erelcntv and th6 means of cxoicislng power.
Women mo people , and , wo submit , thatthoy
are neither morally nor Intelligently incapa
ble , mid that no necessity for their rtlsfran-
chiscmont can bo suggested. On the con
trary , wo bcllcvo they are entitled to immedi
ate and absolute enfranchisement ;
cause their own peed demands It , Give
woman the ballot nnd she will have addi
tional moans nnd Inducements for broader
nnd bettor education , including knowledge
of affairs , which she will not fall to avail her
self of to the utteimost , and which she
will add to her mean * of protection for her
person and estate. Thohlstoiy of women Is
for the most part a history of vv roug and out
rage. Created the equal companion of man ,
she early became his slave , nnd still Is In
many parts of the woild. Man has not been
consciously unjust to woman In the past , nor
Is ho now , out no believes she is In her tiun
sphere , not icall/lnc ; that ho lias fixed her
splieie , and not God , as lie Imagines. Yet as
man advances , woman Is elevated , and her
elevation In tin n advances him. No llbeity
ever given her has been lost or abused or 10-
gretted. Whcro most has been given her , she
has become best. Liberty never degrades.
Slavery alwavs docs.
Second. Woman's vote is necessary for
good of othcis. She Is the enemy of forelcn
war and of domestic tin moll. She Is the
fiiend of peace and home. Her Influence for
good in many dliectlons would he multiplied
It she possessed the ballot. She deshes the
homes of the land to bo nine and sober , and
with her help they may become so. We do
not Invite women to the dirty pool of politics ,
nor docs she intend to enter that wool. 1'oll-
tics Is not necessarily unclean , if it Is un
clean , she Is not chargeable with the gicat
crime , for ciiine It is. Politics must bj purl-
tied or we aio lost. Hut it is sometimes
said that women do not desire the
ballot. Some may not ; many do not ; per
haps a majority do not , tint such indltleienco
cannot alfect the light of those who aio not
indifTeient. The conservative woman who
feels that her present duties aio biudcnsome
can boar them when she leali/es what she
can accomplish for her country and man
kind by the ballot , and she will as reverently
thank God for the opportunity , and will as
siduously dlschargo'lirr new obligations as
will her moro ladical sister , who lias long and
wearily laboied and leivcntly played for the
coming of equality of i Ighls , duties and hopes.
Wllili HE ArETo" THEM ?
Democrats Opposed to Grantlnu Pen
sions Threatened Action or
the President ,
WASHINGTON- , May 6. [ Special Telegram. ]
Thedeinociats seemed to have t.iltcn an
other move In logaul to the pension bills
now pending beloro congress. The latest
news In lecaid to the mattei is that the picsi-
deut has sent for all the papers in the cases
of pension hills which have passed conciess
and that thcio is likely to bo a number of
vetoes from the white house in icgaid to
many ot them. The piesident has sent to the
pension bmeaii , to General Black , and asked
him for all the papers in the eases
which had passed congiess last night.
The clerks In the pension department
were kept busy all nlirht copying the recoids
so as to have them ready foi the president in
a day or so. If the president finds that calls
for pensions have passed congress when
they have been icfu'sed at the pension de-
paitmentasnot woi thy , then ho intends to
veto each bill so discovered. Nearly all the
cases have been so refused. Hence the haste
In pi opaline ; the iccords. Tno democrats
now nay that very fovv moro 'pension bills
will pass conciess , and that hundreds of
those alioady passed will bo vetoi'd.
wonuinn AHOUT oovnnNvinNT mornm-i- .
The o\lstins : labor tioublcs was the topic ot
discussion at the cabinet meeting to-day , in
the ot which the ilots in Chicago , Mil
waukee and clsewheio were lefened to with
the view ot taking such piccautlonaiy nicas-
uieslortho protection ot government prop
erty as may bo found necessary.
TO THE ljANI > 01 ?
A Good-Hearted Senator's Way of
Tain INK ttic Apache.
WASHINGTON , May 0. Senator Fair of
Nevada , has wiltten a letter to the secietaiy
of the Interior , setting foith n plan for the
settlement of the Apache question. This Is
tor the government to purchase South Cata-
llna island , which is situated in tlio Pacilic
ocean , about tvventv-hve miles southwest of
Los Angeles , and place the Apaches theieon.
The climate Is mild and salubiioiis , and the
fishing excellent. The soil is feitilo ami land
could po pin dinted at the juice of 5 .00 or
S4.00 per acre. Ot coinse the Indians might
obji ct to going , but on co put them ho thinks
they would have nodealie to leave and would
lequhe no guards.
A Texan Promoted.
WASHINGTON , May fl. Tlio piesident sent
the nomination of James 11. M. Lcary ot
Texas to bo associate justlco.of the sunieme
comt of the tciritory of Montana , to the senate -
ate to-day. _ _
Gor. OuIcRUy Prohibits Importations
From Certain DIsttloiH.
Si'niNoi'ir.i.D , 111. , May 0. ( lovcinor
Oglcsby to-day Issued a juoclamation pro
hibiting the Imjioitatlon of cattle Into the
state from the tcnltory lying west of the
thirty-sixth i > aiallol and west oltho Missis
sippi liver , and that poitlon lying cast
of the Mississippi and south of the thlity-
fiflli paiallcl , between the fhstdayof Apiil
and the fliiit day of November , except upon
conditions jnesciibed by tlio state board of
live stock commissions. According to these
conditions the pioolamation does not pro
hibit thu cariying of cattle through the state
on lallioad ti.iins , nor the shipping of them
In for immediate slaughter , but jiiohlhlts
their importation tor feeding or gnulng
I5nso HiillGumoH Yesterday.
CHICAGO , May 0. The National League
hall season opened here to day with the Do-
holt and Chicago teams. Six thousand spec
tators were on hand when the game opened.
A featnro of the game was the batting of
Kynn , ono of the now Chicago jilaycis , who
In four times to bat made two Mnglo and ono
double , and luoiight In a 11111 on each.
ThololIowliiL'ls the lesultot the vaiious
games ot base ball plajnd by the leading
clubs of the coiintiv :
At Clileago-Dotioits 1 , Chlcngos 5.
At Hrooklvn Uiooklyns in , Ualtlmoies 13.
At Now Yoik Metioplitans i.1 , Athletics
At St. Louis Kansas Cltys I , St. Louis 3.
Tlnce innings.
AtPittsburg Plttsburgs 0. St. Louis 0.
At Philadclphla-Philadelpldas 13 , llos-
tons 4.
At Now Yoik Now Yorks 7 , Washint'-
tons ! . ' ,
Condition UnohuiiKCd.
ULOOMINOTON , 111. , May 0. Judge David
Davis Is In about the same condition us yes
terday. His physician said this evening that
ho was doing quite well to-day. Theio Is at
least no Immediate dancer. However , the
members of the c.vscnatoi's family man i lest
a good deal at anxiely.
A Settled Strike.
CiNNCiNA'i i.May , 0. The sti Ikoof the fi eight
handlers Is at an end. It Is gcncially under
stood that an advance of fifteen to tw enty-livo
( units per day has been given to the men.
Work was icmuucd on most of the roads.
The HtHko'a K fleet.
DKTIIOIT , May 0. The .Evening Journal
Mnskegon special says : The Muskcgon
Slilnclo and Lumber company's mill , the
laigest on the lake , shut down this morning ,
owing to the blockade by tlio Chicago strike.
NoliruHku Weather. . ' ' .
Fair , fli litly warmer .weather , vailablo'
wluUs , gcjiuialiy shlttiu ' to southerly ,
Imml , ns Ufiual , the Cnuno or tlio
Trouble Tlio Indiana Ilcbot
Analnst the Aeont'a Author *
Ity Pence Itcnchcd.
A Compromise Iteaohcd.
VAMINTINK , Neb. , May 0. | Special Tclc-
Giam.J Information has just reached hero of
a serious disturbance at Uoscbud Agency
three days ago. A band of Indians are living
upon land which Major Wright , the agent ,
considers unfit tor cultivation , llo ordered
the Indians to move upon tillable soil , or go
without their farming Implements. Tlm In
dians refused to move , nnd came to the
agency hi lorcc , fully armed , and demanded
their Implements or they would take
them by force , A council was
held. The agent icfused their demand
unless they complied with his orders , which
they refused to do. The acont left thi coun
cil room , beingfoiclbly followed by alamo
number ol uniuly Indians Into his pilvato
olllce. On his attempting to leavoho was
solved by the eniaucd Indians who lineal-
ened his lite If ho did not leave the roseiv.x-
lion. Tlio police came to the rescuo. Knives
and jilstols weiodiuwn on all sides and for
the moment It looked as if u hlo : > dy conflict
would ensue as the uniuly Indians
openly delicti tlio police , but vveie
dually Induced to desist by prominent men
on n promise of ci > mpioiiifsc , the agent civ-
Ing tnem their Implements and being com
pelled to civ e them u feast of a bariel ot su
gar and other provisions in projioitlon. This
news hns caused much uneasiness among
the now settlers , as they icall/o tholr power
less condition if nn outbieak should take
No Hope of Ills llccovcry Drink In
directly the Cause.
VALKNTINK , Neb. , May 0. [ Special Tele-
gram.J Tlio jiarty sent out In seal eh of .1. J.
McColllster , the mlsslnc surveyor , ictuincd
to-day , having failed to find any clew to the
missing man , although caieful search was
made by sis men over the section whcro Ids
hoisoand Instruments weio found last week.
AU hojio of his being alive is now given uj > ,
as ho had been dtinking heavily beloro
starting on his trip and was lost on the
Houdman cieck , seventy miles southwest of
here , and not within thiity miles of any hab
itation. The supposition Is ho was drowned
in Uoaidman cicck.
Nominates Candidates Tor State Olll-
ccrs Denounce Fusion With
Cr.nAii RAPIDS , May 0. The straight-out
gieenbackstito convention met hero to-day
and nominated J. O. Sauks , of Dallas , as
eecretaiy of state ; L. F. Kllsworth , Maliavv.
aska , tieasmer J. V. M > ers , Lynn , auditor ,
and J. W. Uiown , Cuss , attorney gcneial.
The jlatfonn denounces fusion with dem
ocracy as being treachery to juluclple ; dc-
cl.ucs picsciit labor disturbances call for the
icoi aiii/ation of tlio. greenback paity ; de
mands vigorous enfoicement of law for tlm
unlimited coinage ot silver : anaigns both
old pai ties lor lalthlcasncbs to their trusts ,
Music H.ith Charms.
Tis : MoiNi-f : , Iowa , May ( ) . [ Special Tolo-
gram.J The State Music Teachers' associ
ation closed it.s annual convention hero to
day. Pnpeiswero read during tlio day on
dilTetent phases of musical Instruction by
Piot. Tom Waid , of. Des Moines , Willard
KiraL'slI , of Qrinnell , and I'rot-Softon. of
Cedar Ilaplds. The next convention will be
held liiGiinnoll in May , 1M7.
Iowa DcntiHts Consult.
IOWA CITY , Iowa , May 0. To-day's ses
sion of the State DentuI society was laigcly
devoted to clinical opomtions and discus
sions. Dr. W. 11. Atkinson , of New Yoik ,
lectured on embi j ology.
Gov. Foriikcr Speaks Very Plainly
About the .Secession Ijcndcr.
COI.UMIIUS. Ohio. May 7. A dispatch fiom
the south published this altcrnobn attacks
( lovernor Foiaker slunply on account of Ills
icmaikson Jell Davis ut the recent Grand
A i my encampment in Cleveland. Uovoi not
Foiaker bus received a Inigo number of let
ters icspectini ; this matter. Ho said this
evening :
"So tar as vv hat I said Mr. Davis is
conccincd , I liiivo no apologies to make.
Much ot the feeling that seems to have been
aroused Is due , no doubt , to the taut that only
misleading extiactsot my icnurks seems to
have been published In eastein and southern
papers. 1 should not have said a woid about
Jell Davis in the .sense used in speaking
about him , only , as I consider him , a veiy un-
impoitant man. I retened to him , as
von will see , only In Ids relation to
the people of iho south who were
lionoiing liim. Iiespect the soldiois of the
south tor their heroism and bi.iveiy anil
never have any tumble getting along with
them. Hut I tlospiso such men as Davis , who
has biought so much misery to his country
nnd shall never hcsltato to .say so ,
whatever otheis may lesont. This man
Jell Davis , who talks about llbeity
repiescnts only human slavery , the dogiedu-
tlon of labor , tlio tieason of secession and
icbellion , the honors and inUmiicsol Libhy
and Andeuonvllle , all , In slioit , that is most
malicious , vicious and damnable in
hiitoiy. To talk of him as an Illustiions
statesman , who Is to bo honoicd witli Wash
ington in history , is to insult ovciv senti
ment of ioynltv and decency In tills gicat
country ho wickedly did so much to destiny. "
Kansas Visited hy a Water Spout
Alothnr and Child Ijost.
SAOK UITV , Kan. , May 0. Tlio Iieavlust
lain and hail storm over known In this pait
ol the state struck hue to-day. F.lghty per
cent ot all the exposed window glass
In town wns bioken. On the
Atchlson , Topeka A ; Santa Fo road near
Floicucoh'Uy-four windows In the U.diloi-
nlaexpress tialn were bioURii , The inin
which followed the hail flooded the country
for miles. The damage to fiult and glowing
ciopsis very huge.
KMi'oni.v , Kas. , Mav 0. A water spout
passed down Jacob'H cioek today. The
wllii and jouiidcst chlhlot It. it. Jacobs , u
tanner , were diowned , Thorcstol the fam
ily , the father , his brother and another child ,
weio saved after n teuiblo stingijlc.
Centennial Anniversary.
SAVANNAH , ( la. , oMay ( ) . The featmo
of to-day'b le.sthlticH In connec
tion with the Chatham' aitlllciy centenni
al was the unveiling ot bron/o tablets on n
monument toGi'ncial Nathaiinlid ( iiceno of
the i evolutional y war. The oration on tlio
occasion was dellveied by Colonel K. K.
Jones of Augusta.
After thu oiatoiy a Baluto ot thlitecn guns
was hied by the Chatham uitilleiy tiom the
bamo gun they used at the unveiling of the
monument over lilty jears ago. In thu
course ol the nrlng calls were made for Mr.
Davis , In response to which ho lalscd
amid tiemondous checilng and spoke at
some length. In the conihO ot his
addiess.Mr. Davis paid H handsome compli-
meilt to tlio Dubiiuo | Drum toips , lecallhig
his remembrance of Dubiumo when it was
the homo of the Itcd men. They had been
received heio , he bald , with a waim , hearty
The Urlcklayors to Consider.
The resolution ndoptcil ut the mooting
of the contractors Wednesday night , witli
reference to asking tlio bricklayers to ap
point H committee to meet u similar com-
mittco to urbitrulu the question of wages ,
was handed to the olh'ccrs of the union
yesterday. To consider tlio < iiius > tioi ! pro.
posed a meeting of tlio union is called to
take place .tills morning , Ut 8 o'clock , nt
the rooms of the association , corner of
Faurtccijtli and Douglas streets.
The Broach Between Turkey nnd dreoca
Widened War Impending ,
Greece's Ilrply Uns tlsn otory For *
Ambassadors Withdraw
From Athens Gladstone
Hrpcao "Warlike.
" , May 5. The Oioek cabinet met
this afternoon and framed reply to the col
lective note of the povvcu. Kcprcsontatlvos
of the powers consider it Inadequate , and
foreign ministers will leave Athens to-mor-
low morning.
LONDON , May 0. The lirlllsh corvctto
Caijsfoit , Is In leadluoss to take on hoaul
Sir Hoiaco Humbold , the 1'ngllsh minister ,
and itiocced to Malta.
A Turkish gun boat has anlvcd at Piraeus !
to convey fiom Athens Towblk Hey , icpic-
sentatlves of the norte. Gioat evelte
ment pievalls hcic. Soldiers of )
the gairison have been summonetl
to the luiracks and have reported that they
vv ill pioeced to tlm front to-moriow. Several
memnois of the chamber of deputies who are
olllcers in tlio army have been ordered to the
fiont. The guucial commanding the Uicclc
tioops on the liontier telegraphs that the ? (
Tin Us mo massing and ho lias oidcicd aj
similar niovemout on the pal t ot Ids t loops A
ATIIKNS , May 0. The otllclal journal oS.j
the mlnistiv sajs : "As long as the piessuro'j
of the ultimatum of the powers is allowed to.i
icmaln , Giccco will not dismiss a single
soldlet 1 loin the aimy now mobilized.
Mr. Gladstone Talks Up.
LONDON , May 0. Mi. Gladstone , in the ,
house of commons this aftcinnon , stated that *
unless Greece compiled with the terms of the
collective note , the powers would foithvvltuv' '
take stops icqulstte to compel compliance.
Coiisoivatives calculate that eighty-seven
libcials are pledged to siippoit Haitlngton.
Proparlnji Tor the Inovltahlo.
LONDON May 0. At a meeting ot the
Scottish Amicable Life Assinancci company
to-day It was stated that company ImdE
ceased to loan money ou thu Irish lands , the )
fiitmo tenuie ( it whicli is now in suspense ,
and that on account had been stated to meet
possible losses.
Hank of Ireland stock Is quoted at 'J 10 , the
lowest point yet touched.
A Massacre of Frenchmen.
LONDON , May 7. Olllcials ot the Ficnch
Now Hcbiidcs company on Ksphltu Santo"
island have been massacred by natives from
pott Stanley. Tliogoveinorof NewCalcdonht
dispatched a tianspoit with troops to the
Island to lender any assistance lequlicd.
They Want "War.
LONDON , May 0. The Dally Telegiaph
sajs : Orange societies thioughoiit Ulster
continue to make picparatlons for lighting/- !
Promises of hell ) have been received froinf' '
ICnirland , Scotland and the colonies. Ittf \ \
alleged that 100,000 troops can be lalspd Inf
li eland.
Cholera In Venice.
IloMR , May 0. It is olllclally announced ,
that choloia has ajipcared in sVenlce and \ 1-
cen/a. Scveial cases , and some deaths at )
.these places arc rcpoi ted dally. <
tloflfny iriloVant8 To. '
LO.XDON , May 0. In the house of commons
Mr. Chamberlain gave notice to-night Hint
ho would move the i ejection of the land pur
chase bill. ,
Cholera Sconi-RO Approaching.
ROMU , May 0. Ten cases of cholera have
been reported at Venice. A sorlous out
break is announced at liari.
The Races at Brighton Ileacli.
UitioiiTox UCACII , May 0. Weather cleat
and track cood. I
Five furlongs Dahaltiah won , Fleetwlng ;
second , Peiformcrthlid , Time , 1:01.
Three-quaitcrs of a mile Endeavor won , i
Miller second , Donald A. thlul. Time. 1:17. : '
Tliicoqnaiteis ot a mile Valley Foigo
won , Witch second , Brunswick third. Time ,
Mile Eastoi Sunday won , Tattler second ,
Kqmuloi thiid. Time , 1:14K. :
Milo and one-quarter lulimdor won. Bo-
ncro second , Hititon thlul. Time , Sj'.iO.J-j.
SofjlallHts' IfarmluHii Oocuimt Ion.
Ci.r.vr.i.ANi ) , May 0. The Incendiary cir
cular which was Issued lir Chicago calling on
socialists to kill the police , was extensively
cliculati'd heio last night. One copy wait
posted to tlm door ol the central police sta
tion , while olhcis wcie tacked up on
chinches , manufactories and public build
ings. Theio mo 500 socialists heio and all
aio bald to be in a state of feimcntntlon.
Ono Smith J/CSH.
Nr.vv OIIIIANN , May 0. AV. P. Gicen who
\\asslioton his Cicediiiore plantation in St.
llcinaid jiaiisli by itobert Smith ( colored )
died last night. Kuriy this moinlng a mob
took Smith fiom the parish jail and hanged
Ciiniiiiicham VH. Ross.
Tlio Kansas ( Jity Times 1ms the follow-
to say about u series of interesting racosj
"Fred Ciiiiningham tlm well-known ,
Kansas City long distance runner , is
matched for a bones of races witli D , J ,
Uoss of Omaha , for fcsrx ) u side for cnoli
raco. Ono race is for 880 yards ,
ono for 1'JSO , yanls nnd one for
1,700 yards. The first race of 1.7UO
Yiirdsisto take jilaeo in Omaha Muy
211 ; the bcconil , of 860 yardn , In KUIISIIM
City.Iny ] \ 'M , uml tiio third , of 1'JJd
yards , in St. Louis , Juno 0. ' Whltliold of
the Western Sport is to act or niinio the
referee , ,1. ( J. Pent/.elof Omaha is to act
as stakeholder. Thu winner hikes 05 and
the loser 115 per cent of Iho gale money
alter tiio expenses are deducted. Thu
articles of agreement have been drawn
up and signed and the sluko money de
posited. " _ _ _ _ _
Synagogue IMiiHlo.
Tlio following is to bo the programme
of music nt tlio synagogue this
evening :
God of llio Fnthciless-Qimitette Weber
Choir . '
Divine Love Duett Maltha
Mis. K. 1' . Dav ,
Mi. WallerYlll5liiH. \ .
Teach Un , O , Loid liass solo , tenor
solo and quartette. . , . . . .C. K. Horn
Sweet and Low Quartette Itarnahy
Choir. . ,
Miss Itolh'.clilld. Oiganlst ,
Mr. Ad. Mt-jer , Dliectorof Choir.
Nebraska Knights .Templar ,
Tlio grand uommamlory of the Knights
Templar of Nebraska , in annutil conclave
at tlm asylum of Mount Tabor coinnmn-
ilerv , at Fremuiit oloetod tlio following
ollloord for the incoming year : Sir
Kdwin K. Warrou , grand commimder :
Sir Cltsirlos. 1' . Noedliam , deputy grand
commaiKler ; Sir John J. Womplo ,
cniud genenilibsimo ; Sir I'M gar S. Diut-
loy , grand captain genorsilj Sir Henry
M. lilake , grand ] > relate ; Kir Henry
Gibbons , grand senior warden ; Sir Bax
ter Niciidemus , grand junior warden ;
Sir James H. Franco , grand treasurer ;
Sir Wm. H. Hovven , grand recorder : Sir
Kdgar O. Salisbury , grand sUinUaw
bearer : Sir Alfred \ \ . Wlilto , graml
sword bearer ; Sir Cliurlos M. Carter ,
grand vvarde1 | ; Sir William F. Heikci ,
gniutl oaptaiu of tlio gualU .