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Ihe Union Pacific Sees Now Life in an
Auxiliary Bill.
llio Sonntor to Lend In the Hcroulcim
Labor of tlio Seizing tlicOrcnt
Komi on tho\ergo of
Uniikrii | > tcy.
Senator Van Wyck'n Itctnnrko.
A special meeting of the board of trade
wns hold at their rooms yesterday after
noon nt 3 o'clock. The attendance ) com
prised the following members : A. J. Pop-
pleton , John S. Brady , Benj. Galla
gher , W. J. Uroach , George and Joseph
Barker , Champion S. Chase , H. C. Patter
son , Robert Easson , Frank Colpetzcr , G.
M. Hitchcock , W. A. L. Gibbon , T. L.
Klniball.P. C. Ilimobaugh , P. O. Hawcs ,
Edwin Davis , Max Mycr , II. G. Clark , E.
lloscwatcr , 0. II. Hallou , C. E. Mayuo ,
J. A. McSlmno. C. L. Erickson , H. F.
Smith , J. H. Millard , N. 1) ) . Falconer ,
Samuel Rees , Dr. Conkllng , C. F. Good
man , I1 C. Hruner and others. Each of
these had been addressed n postal card
by tlio Hecretnr.y of the board , notifying
them of tlio meeting , but not one of them
bad received it.
Max Mayor called the meeting to order
nnd said it had been suggested for the
purpose of rendering assistance to the
Union Pacilic road to build branch Hues.
Ho then introduced Senator Van Wyck ,
who had been telegraphed nt Washing
ton , and who had come to discuss tliu sub
ject , with them ,
The senator was received with
cheers. Ho said , u.3 ho under
stood it , it was a business
gathering called for the purpose of hav
ing free and frank interchange of opin
ions on a subject which was interesting
to Omaha. Nebraska and the Union
Pacilic roatl. It had been thought not
only by the Union Pacilie , but also by
many persons who have the good of the
country at largo , that it was not altogether
n benefit that the fund uecumulatingtakon
from the Union Pacific , put in the treas
ury ami drawing mcagro interest , should
be allowed to remain there , but that it
ought to bo used for the bcnelit of the
road and the country in general. The
matter had been considered and it was
not now doubted that if this was done it
would be to the advantage of the govern
ment , and it had bcon suggested that this
monov , therefore , which was tied
up under the Tliurinan act should
bo used for the benelit of the
road and the security of the government.
For this purpose , ho hail introduced a
bill in the senate , of which they all knew ,
for the purpose ol utilizing llieso funds
and it was only natural that it shoulil bo
referred to the Thuriuan committee.
Since that time it had been suggested
Unit instead of using tlio money "of the
sinking fund , the company could use its
credit to build roads. That , ihe senator
thought might bo the easier means , would
tit least invite less opposition anil leave
the money in the treasury. From a liastv
consideration , ho thought it might bo the
best , at least the most easy to pass , as al
so lor the credit of tlio road.
In 1878 , when the country was shocked
with the monstrous injustice and rob
bery of the Credit Mobilior.
congress experienced : i spasm of
honesty , such a spasm as set
the seal of disapprobation upon public
robbery , the law as passed that the Union
Pacilic should not bo pcrmttteil to issue
I now stock or make mortgages or pledges
on the property or future .earnings of the
company without the consent of con
gress. 1 hereafter the earnestness of con
gress relaxed , anil the managomcntfailed
'to notice that there hnd been power above
'them. Jay Gould , for whom there was
no law , paid no attention to tlio restric
tions previously mado. Ho made the
monstrosity ofjtho Credit Mobilier even
rnoro monstrous. Instead ot being gov
erned by the law , bonds were issued , stock
sold , worthless hues wcro bought , and ho
almost succeeded in bankrupting the
road. 1,1
DTho question now was , can anything bo
done ? Tlio people are willing to do any
thing in tlioir power to assist. They nro
not opposed to railroads , but they are op
posed to the manner in which railroads
nro run. It was from that stand
point that I drew my bill. The
Union Pacifio and the people
nro now counseling. They are inclined
to take tlio people into their confidence.
The Union Pacilic is on tlio very verge of
bankruptcy. If taken to-day it would
scarcely bo worth its first mortgage. Wo
nro told it is not safe to intrust congress
with the management of the railroads.
/ Hut what reason is there for this fear ?
The Union Pacilic , with all that has been
done for it by Omaha , Douglas county ,
Nebraska , and the government , ought to
bo the grandest property in the country.
Who 1ms boon running it ? It has not
been congress , nor the state. And yet
wo are told the only railroad are Goiild ,
Vanderbilt , and such railroad mon are
the only persons to run the roads. Hail-
roads ouglit to bo modest. The people
will bo with the road , and in favor of
this billif it bo based upon jiisticc.nnd as
such , it ought not to favor any capitaliza
tion beyond the cost of auxiliary lines to
= actual builders. That question is the
great cause of the labor troubles which
are now occurring everywhere. A rail
road cannot bo sustained in this manner
any moro than can the farm worth $10,000
upon which the owner gives n
mortgage of 1)0,000. ) For the first year ,
while ho is spending his $10,000 , he is
successful , but when lie comes to pay his
interest on the watered valuation and his
annual payments , ho fcols befoio long
that it will be n blessing when the time
comes for the mortgagee to tuko the land
from oil'his hands. Take the Union Pa
cific and place its value in the millions ,
and whore has the money gone ? Into
the pockets of Jay Gould , aim , of course ,
the result is very html on us. With ref
erence to the arrangement that can bo
( made in this caso. it ought to represent
- . only the dollars that are the actual value
of the roads secured. No moro roads
ought to bo built which do not recognize
this fact. There seems to bo no objection
to tlio plan proposed because the credit
of the Union Pncilio road is still worth
something. If confidence can bo aroused
in thin scheme , the interest will bo in the
roads which are to be built , and the per
sons who have the money to spend would
Lo the most intiirtistcd.
No matter ho\ good or how perfect
this bill may bo , it will bo opposed.
There are influences oponlv and secretly
which will work against it. Other rail
roads , too , will antagonize it boeaiiho
railroads are sometimes like cannibals ,
ready at all times lo grind one an
\ other to ( lust. Them is a road on the north
roail on the south , Ther are two cor-
' tllY1. 1'0118 ' m I'1'3 ' ' stllt ° i each of whloli is a
bujuigcrous antagonist , and each is striv-
bur * 'or a putronagu which must Injure
Ajn Pacilic. They have no tender
-j jO Kols"of mercy , and it was therefore
[ p incumbent that something should bo
[ I done to overcome this great rivalry.
f If Omaha and Nebraska wanted some-
\f \ ' thin ! ; dona for them which did not exactly -
\ ly justify his own method of having it
L \HOUO , as the reurcsoniat.lvo of each , he
was willing to help them in tlioir own
Vay , Their proposition was bettor than
uls. and ho would gludlv introduce their
bill. The bill should distinctly state , for
the salto of anything hereafter , that any
lease or purchase should bo upon the act
ual cost of tlio road leased or purchased.
Mot withstanding ( hut , herctifor , ho might
muko some strictures , ho * was yet glad to
stnto that the ninnrtgoment of the Union
Pacilic nt present seemed to ba in the
hniuls of people who were disposed to
secure the confitlcnco of the people , nnd
thnt not ho nlono but nlso others whoso
duty hnd been to criticize the road hnd
been impressed with this fnct.
Tlio senator tlion nnswcrcd n number
of questions : Tlint the petitions now in
circulation wcro the best means of bringing -
ing the bill into notoriety ; that it
might bo reported as a substitute from
the committee now considering his own
1)1111 ) ; that it would bo advlsablu to have n
bill similar to the ono under discussion
introduced in the house also ; that it would
bo advisable to have llio Nebraska dele
gation support the document , and finally
tliat the only opposition ho anticipated
was from the other roads nnil that was
The bill was then reported to a com
mittee wnich conferred with the son.itor
and finally reported the same changes sent
nt > to read as follows :
TIIK nn.u
I3c Itenactcil by the snnato mvl house ot
representatives of the United States of Amer
ica , In cotiL'tois nssuinliluil :
Section 1. That the Union Pacilic Hallway
company Is hoic'oy aiithorl/cd nnd cniiow- ]
ncd for the purpose of constructing branch
lines , fceduis and extensions to enable It to
secure nnd hold the trnllic and business natu
rally tributary thereto , toorganlzc or cause to
bo organized , railway companies , under the
laws of the sovoial states and territories into
and throituli which It may Muslru to build and
opcrntusncli branch linus , and to extend
such feeders and extensions ; and to aid .such
companies so oiR.inlzcd , anil companies here
tofore orKanlznil for that purpose and their
successors , by subscription to the capital
stock , and to guarantou the lirst moiUaso
liondsof snltl companies : 1'ruvlded , however.
that such stib-icriptlon and Riuirnntec of lirst
innrtgnKC bonds .shall In no case or under
any clrcumst.uiccs exceed the actu
al casli cost of the roads of said
companies and provided further that this act
Rliall not authoil/.n the gtuuantco of any
bonds Issued prior to Its approval , and the
said Union Pacilic railway company U hmo-
by authorized and empowered to operate and
contiol the roads of said companies so aided
or built as aloicsald , and their successors ,
either by purchase or lease thereof ; but In no
cabu nnd under no circumstances , shall such
roatls be purchased or leased by saitl Union
Pacilic r.ilhvnv company , except upon tlm
basis of the actual cost thereof. And provided
further , That such aid by guarantee and
subscription shall not bo furnished , and such
lease or purchase shall not bo valid until the
same shall have been ratillud by two-thirds of
the stockholders of tlio said railway com
Section 2. Congress reserves to Itself the
right to alter , amend or repeal this act when
the pn'illc ' Interest shall require it ; but such
repeal shall not effect the validity of any ac
tion taken under the power of this act prior
to such repeal.
An Omaha iMnty Queen's AUrtrcss.
The following is a copy of the address
composed by Julia Del.inoy , aged 14
years , the May queen chosen from the
fifth C class , Hnrtman school- , the teacher
of which is M. L. Alter :
Kind friends as we've decided
To pass a pleasant day ,
And as you've kindly clioson
To nialco mo "Queen of May , "
1 think it i but luting
That I should tell to you
llo\v very much I love yon.
And how 1 thank you , too.
And so , my Httlo comrades ,
When all Is bright and ay ,
With the birds sweetly sinning
The flowers blooming by the way ;
When from tlio leafy tree-tops
Their little volce.s rin * ,
Anil through the dales and valleys
Their colors thickly spring.
When all around is-joyfnl ,
And all is glad to-day ,
Let its bo merry , alao ,
And enjoy our first of JIay.
Let us join our gladsome voices ,
* " Xct us dance and play and sing ,
And nil bo gay and nappy ,
Like' birds , to greet the spring.
! V.
And vhen we're old and feeble
When bome are far away ,
And ne'er again we'll meet hereTo
To join in snort or play-
Perhaps the gladdest momenta
That wo shall ever know ,
Will be those hours of Rpring-tlino
In the happy long ago.
And now my little comrades ,
Kind friends , and teacher , too ,
I'll trouble you no longer ,
But bid you all adieu ;
And in the year before us ,
Mv wish is but to say
That wo shall all bo happy.
And have many a uiciry May.
Moving for n Now Trial.
The district court room was crowded
yesterday , on the occasion of the ar
guing of the motion for a new trial in
the Lauor case. When the announce
ment , however , tntit Lauer himself would
not be brought into court , many people
lelt the room.
The defendant was represented by
Jndgo Tlmrston anil Judge Savage , the
state by Gen. Cowin and District Attor
ney Estollo. Mr. Tlmrston made the
opening speech.
Judge Tlmrston addressed the court
for about two lionr.s , basing his argu
ment principally upon two errors in the
court's ' instruction to the jury. Ho styled
the verdict n tribute to prejudiced pub
lic opinion , and took occasion to declare
that many of the Indies who nttcnde'd
the trial , by nods and smiles , curling of
the lips nnd twinkling of the oycs. in-
llucnccil the jury in their conclusions.
In the afternoon General Cowin replied
at length to Judge Tlmrston * s aduross ,
and took occasion to make a scathing re
ply to fiomo of his opponent's insinua
tions. District Attorney Estello closed
tlm argument for the state and Jud < ro
Savage for the dofi-nso. Judge Neville
took the matter under advisement nnd
promised to rentier n decision on Satur
day. _ _ _ _ _ _
Mutt Glair , hitherto city passenger
agent for the Mock Island road , has been
appointed traveling ngont of the road ,
which will take him out on the road for
three weeks in the month ,
A very interesting service for tlio deaf
mutes of the city nnd neighborhood will
bo given in Trinity cathedral , Omaha , on
Friday uveniug. Tlm Hov. A. W. Mann ,
himself n deaf mute , will interpret n ser
mon by himself which will bo read by
ono of the cathedral clergy , A collec
tion will bo taken for the douf mute mis
John M. Rose has lilod , a petition in the
district court asking damages in the sum
ot 5700 from C. E. Mayno. Koso alleges
that Mayno sold him iv lot representing
that there was a house upon it , but that
a part of the house wns upon another
lot , tho. property of another individual ,
and that ho was greatly annoyed in get
ting tlio ownershiu of the property.
Wherefore ho asks damage ,
Mention was made in the UEE yester
day of a letter received by Marshal Cum-
niiiiff ! ) , purporting to huvo been written
by Mrs. Mary Hell , a woman in Chicago ,
asking if her husband , George Hull , was
in jail here. Judge Stenborg
yesterday discovered that Boll
is serving outn sixty days' sentence
in the comity jail for nn
attempted confidence trick , Ho is a hard
citizen , and Jndgo Stenborg thinks that
the letter signed "Mrs. Mary Moll" was
written merely to secure his release ,
Tlio Ilnnlons.
"Fiintasma , " or funny frolics in Fairy
land , Invented , arranged ana i > roduce'd
by the world-famous Hanlon brothers ,
will bo the attraction at lioyd's opera
house on Friday anil Saturday evenings
anil Saturday matinee. Reserved seats
go on t > alu to-morrow morning at the box
Reduced Hours Asked of the Canfield
Manufacturing Oompany.
A Woulil-Ito Diamond Tlilof CiuiRlit
The Ijnuor Case An Unloaded
llevolvor City Matters or
General Interest.
The Brnkcinon'fl Strllcc ,
The situation with regard to tlio Union
Pacific brnkoincn's strike was unchanged
yesterday , except that the men
on the Nebraska division west
of North Plntto went out in
morning. DThis stops the run
ning of nil freight trains between Nortli
1'lalto nnd Hawlins , Wyo. West of the
Intter point , tlio freight trains nro run
ning as usual. All passenger trains nro
running on schedule time. No special
acts ot violence arc reported , though yes-
torclay the strikers did "lio up" a passen
ger train at Eagle Hock.
The conductors of the road arc still
loyal. A telegram was received yesterday
from the chairman of the executive com
mittee ot the order in which ho stated
that the conductors would stand by the
road through any and every uinurgoney.
tiunprnl Tralllo Manager Kimbjtll said
yesterday that in his opinion the
strike would soon become general over
the road , extending oven , to tlio eastern
Nebraska divisions. "Tlio whole trouble
originated , " ho said "with those roughs
on the Wyoming division , who want the
earth. It the brakemen on the othyr
divisions go out , it will not bo because
( hey nro dissatislied , but in support of
the strikers on the Wyoming division. "
Girls Strike.
Eighteen of the sixty seamstresses em
ployed by tlio Cunliohl Manufacturing
company struck yesterday on account
of a disagreement between themselves
nnd Mr. Canlield. The girls have been
working by the piece , and going to work
in the morning , sometimes as lute as 8
o'clock. The day before yesterday Air.
Canlield said he would not stand it , and
they must get to work at 7 o'clock. Half
the girls said they wouldn't ' do it. They
took executions also to the fiwt that they
couldn't liavo a full hour for dinner , because -
cause while the proprietor did not insist
npo i half an hour's work during noon ,
he sot the machinery going , and these
who wanted to bolt their food could com
mence to work at 12iW : , and continue un
til G o'clock , thusJpuUing in ten and one-
half hours.
At the Christian Church.
Owing to more favorable weather and
increasing interest , the attendance was
larger Tuesday than on Monday night.
The discourse by Hov. K. U. barrow was
from Rom. I 10 : "bor 1 am not ashamed
of the gospel of Christ , for it is the power
of God unto salvation to every one that
belicvefh. "
The power of God , said the speaker , for
the accomplishment of His purposes , is
exerted through agencies ot His own
selection. Ilis power to bring the sum
mer storm is only present when certain
thermal conditions exist. His ppwer
for the reproduction of grain
is placed in tlio germ ot
each kcrnal , to bo developed
by conditions of his own selection , and
is nowhere oho found. If yon plant a'
locomotive it will not produce a stalk of
corn , for in no part of this mighty piece
of mechanism has God placed Ids power
for this purpose.
The gospel is tlio power , not a power
of God to save men , lienco noth-
in" can bo substituted for it.
Gal. 1-8. "TJiough we , or an angel from
heaven , preach any other gospel unto
you than that which we have preached
unto you , let him bo accursed. " What is
the gospel ? It is : First Something
that can be preached ; second , believed ,
and third , obeyed. TliospeaKcr read from
1 Cor. 15-3-4 , that tbe gospel is the death'
burial and resurrection of Christ , for
our sins. This is God's power to save.
Education rarely reforms men and never
purilics the heart. The gospel has in it a
power , God's power , to purify the heart
and lift man and women from depravity
to holiness. Can wo preach tlio
death , burial , and resurrection of
Christ ? Yes , it has been preach
ed for more than eighteen
centuries. Can wo believe it ? Yes , mil
lions have died us martyrs rather than
renounce their faith. Can wo obey it ?
Yes ; Rom. 0 , 8 : "Know yo
now that so many of us as
were baptised into Jesus Christ
wore baptized into his deatli ; therefore
wo are buried with him by baptism into
death , that like as Christ was raised up
from the dead by the glory of the father.
even so wo also should walk in newness of
life. " The speaker empliatix.od the expres
sion "buried with Christ by baptism1' ' and
compared the desire of bereft friends to
bo buried with their loved ones , to the
desire of their behoving penitent to bo
buried with Christ by baptism.
These services will bo continued each
evening through the week.
Where Gninhriuus Tjotlfrc/il.
The workingmen in making their ex
cavations for the foundation of tlio now
Krug building on the south side of Fur-
nam street , between Tenth nnd Eleventh ,
have disclosed to view something which
hus been unknown to nil save tlio early
comers to the city. They are the beer
vaults of the old Krug brewery. They
are of brick of small dimensions , and
feebly lighted , nnd now while not look
ing like a collar , can hardly bo appreci
ated as beer vaults. Especially is this the
case when ono considers the space now
required to accommodate the lager now
consumed in Omnlm. Yet , here was
stored some ot the beer made in the first
brewery in Omaha. The latter stood
above them , and in connection with it
was a saloon in which Krug , tlio pioneer ,
still in our midst , disposed of his simple ;
beverage. His brewing of those days is
not wtiat it is at the present time , and
some os tlio good livers of these days
yet remain to toll of the ollccts. jolly and
otherwise , the early beverage had upon
thorn nnd the generation. The vaults
will bo visible , perhaps , for. a few days ,
nnd tlion will disappear , as has so much
they hauo contained , forever.
An Unloaded Itovolvor.
Mrs. Sarab Bernstein nnd her daughter
llaehaol wore arrested this morning on a
charge of "threatening to shoot. " They
had sonio trouble about a lot on Four
teenth and Jackson streets , which i3 now
occupied by them ( the Uornstcins ) , and
which Peter Gees has Inased in order to
erect a hotelcr , Yostday Goos" work
men tried to roughly put the Bernstein's
moveablos off the lot. llnchaul pointed
nn old , rusty , unloaded revolver at the
laborers , and they ran like a pack of
scared wolves. Mr. ( Joos immediately
caused the arrest of Uachaol and her
mother. Mrs. Benibtoin retaliated yesterday -
torday by having Mr. Gees and some
of his workmen arrested for trespass ,
The trial of both cases is set for to-day ,
Plead Not Guilty.
The man Barbbcr , accused of forging
pension papers , was arraigned in the
United Stales' court yesterday , Ho
plead not guilty.
, 4
Stray Leaves Front tlo Importer's
Note IJooIr.
It is rather surprising' , to note the
wide variety of conceptions which exist
in the minds of the outsiders regarding
tlio size of Omaha , " roma ed a traveller
the other day. "Conilnp into Omaha last
week , I made inquiries ofcdiflcrcnt people
ple whom I mot as td the size of tlio
place , The answer I received indicated
that your city might havoa population
ranging anywhere from H,000 to 160,000.
Ono travelling man f rofai Boston who had
never been in Omaha before said that ho
understood it was a city of about 10J.COO
inhabitants. Another man from Chicago
who had heard a good deal of the place ,
but who had never been hero , suggested
that it had about ! > 0,0.0 ! peoplo. Another
man stated that it was nearer 150.UOO. A
man from Minneapolis turned up his nose
when I put the question to him , and paid
that Omaha had not boon over 40,000.
The candy bov who cnmo along just then
wont him 10.00D lower , placing the esti
mate nl 80,000. , 'I ought to know1
ho said , 'because I run into Omaha twice
a week. ' I grow tired of asking ques
tions nnd decided that the only thing I
could do was to wait and see for myself.
My candid , unbiassed opinion is that
your city contains at least 73,003 souls. "
The statement was made in the Bnu
that the orderlies in the army headquar
ters were unable to realize that the quiet
unostentiou.s individual whom they found
seated in the chair of the commanding
general the other day was ( Jen. Crook.
This does not apply to Sergeants Dolunoy
and Boso , both of whom are "old timers'1 '
in tlio military service , having fought
under Gon. Crook in his Indian cam
paign of 1870. The general was glad to
meet his old comrades and greeted both
of them with hearty warmth.
Tlio New OitrbliiK lo Cost $3OOO Loss
than Before the Injunction.
There was a spaelal meeting of tlio
board of public works yesterday. The
bids upon stone for curbing were oponod.
Colorado sandstones and Mankuto lime
stone were bid upon , the latter by J. E.
Hiloy at 0 ! ) cents per linear foot. This
was tlio lowest by 15 cents , but as only
25,000 feet of it could bo secured , when
nearly 00,000 are required , the ligtiro was
not considered. Upon Colorado sand
stone Kiley's bid was ! l ( ) cents ; Jas. Fox ,
§ 1.05 : C. 1) . Woodworth , 85 } and 80 cents ;
and Murphy , Crolgliton & Co. , 81 and 85
cents per yard. In Districts tf5 , 49 , 4118
to 05 inclusive , Woodwortli's price
85J cents : in districts fiU to Co inclusive
80 cents per yard. In districts U513 Is
exclusive , Murphy , Creighttm & Co.'sbid
was 84 cents ; in districts 05 , 5U and 56
the bid was 85 cents per linear yard.
These figures are considered remarkable
for two reasons. They are lower than
are these of thoj Union Pacific
agent of the sandstone , himself ,
and about ! ? ! J,000 loss costtto the taxpay
ers than were MurphyCrcighton ( & Co.'s
bid before Brcniian-O'Neill
the - injunc
tion was granted. The .tcontract was
awarded to Murphy , Crelghton & Co.
"Wanted to Steal Dinmoiidt ) .
Jack Bird was ono of the prisoners
brought before Judge Stenberg yes
terday. Ho was arrested for stealing
a ham from a down town.grocory store.
The judge gave him ten days in tlio
county jail.
Bird confessed to a Ninfh street sport
ing woman yesterday afternoon that ho
was just out from a iivmyenrs sentence
in Joliot. and had just 'consummated a
scheme to break into Annie Wilson's
mansion thaf night , and steal all the diamonds
mends ho could find. The woman whoso
name in May Brown , at once informed
the police , who speedily captured Brown.
He was caught making away with a stolen
ham and locked up on that charge
Peter Nolan , Hugh Bums and Thomas
Thompson who were caught drinking
liquoi from partially empty beer kegs
yesterday afternoon , wore lined s5 and
cost each. None of them could pay , and
they wore taken to jail. Ella Jones paid
a line of * 5 and cost for assault upon
Minnie Francis.
Several vagrants who were supposed to
bo implicated in a highway robbery on
St. Marys avenue Sunday night , were
given bread and water sentences.
Wncnyoti come to Lincoln , stop at the
Commercial Hotel , if you want homo
comforts. C. W. KITO HIK , Proprietor.
The IlliiRtrlniiH Dcntl.
Both Ouster and Omaha Posts , G. A.
R. , propose this year to take part in com
memorating Decoration day. Each has
taken the first stop by agreeing upon thes
matter , and last night , Custor Po bt , at it
regular meeting appointed the following
executive committee to act in the promi
ses : D. A. Hurley , A. Alice , Jno. II.
Fleming and P. O. Hawcs. This committee -
mitteo , it is expected , will act in har
mony with a similar committee from
Omaha post to make tlio commemora
tion worthy of tlio great day. A citizen
remarked yesterday that the tendency of
the people was indin'orcntisni in the matter -
tor of these celebrations. That they wore
becoming less worthy of the colouration
and more difllcult to bo arranged , lie
claimed , also , that ono of the G. A. R.
posts took but a passive interest in the
celebration and no thought it would bo
but a short time , unless .something should
bo done , before the occasion would re
ceive but passing attention. Ho would
like , ho said , to .see such a celebration as
they had eight years ago when the whole
town took part , the buildings wore dee-
orated and tlio occasion was one which
has not since been equalled.
Mourn Not Cor ( for.
The following lines worn written in
memory of the late Mrs. John G. Smiley ,
whoso funeral took place Sunday after-
Mourn not for licr who calmly sloops '
Beneath the soft green sail ;
You rather should relolco than weep ,
llerspliitiswithUod. t >
No more shall grief and. ' bitter tears
PiMtub her peaceful breast ; ,
Alter her tolls and sorrowsjiero
JIow sweet to bo at rest./
A pilgrim at her Jo.irnov'H'eml
Across life's di'.soit hands ;
Has gone to join the pilgrim's friend ,
lioi no up by anguls liuuds ,
To join that shlninc ,
In brighter worlds above ;
TO sing tlio never censing' 4011 ?
Of joy and peace and love 1
Where pleasures are nlt'piiro ' and true ;
Untarnished all by sin , '
Where , though she rannot como to you ,
i'ou yet witli bur mar outer In.
if To Span the Tracks.
Phil Armour , the gentleman \ylio for
nearly a quarter of a century has hold
down tlio tripod of the postmaster of
Council Binds , is now a frequent visitor
to this city , and is likely to bo more fre
quent in the near future , Ho is the man
ager of the works of Raymond & Campbell -
boll and will superintend the construc
tion of the Sixteenth street viaduct , the
contract of which has boon awarded to
his linn. The work must bo done by the
1st of September but Mr. Armour says
ho is determined it will bo ready for URO
before that time , thus enabling people to
enjoy the advantages of unbroken road
way to the south before the fall ,
C. B. Persons will assume the position
of day clerk of the Pnxton. .Mr Charles
Ross goes on as ntgiit cleiki
Tlin Court HOUHO Addition ,
The county commissioners have boon
requested to furnish K. E. Meyers , the
architect of the court house , with plans
of the ground floor , elevator , etc. , of the
building , that ho may prepare plans fpr
the talked of rultfltlonnl story to bo placed
under the building.
The commissioners propose to adver
tise for plans by which this work can bo
best done. A premium of $800 will bo
paid to the architect of tlio most suitable
plans. If the commissioners nro con
vinced that the plan is feasible they will
submit the proposition to a vote of the
people this fall.
The Cnso Acnlnst Kilo.
Some days ago a complaint was filed
with the county commissioners asking
the impeachment of Constable Kilo for
drunkenness and actions unbecoming an
ofilccr in his position. The commission
ers set 2p. m. yesterday as the time for tlio
hearing of tlio caso. At that hour , how
ever , it was discovered that Kilo had
novnr been legally summoned to appear
before the board , and .the case was ac
cordingly continued.
John I. Blair.
The eighty-four years which have
passed since Mr. John 1. Blair was born
have loft him in the possession ot a halo
and hearty condition not often gained by
mortals. This distinguished gentleman
was among the early projectors of the
Union Pacilic , andgavoof his own moans
$1,000,000 toward building it. Ilo is now
in attendance upon a case before the
United States circuit court.
A little mistake was made in Monday
evening's paper in tlio article headed
"Young Folks Frolic , " The occasion
was in nonor of Miss Li//.io Bushy , who
has just returned from Colifornia.
Prepnred with Bpcclnl recant to hcah
No Ammonia , Llrao or Alum.
* > T.
13th St , Cor. Capitol Avcnuo.
Chronic 6t Surgical Diseases.
DR. McMENAIVlY , Proprietor.
8UK'fU jcura' Hospital anil I'riv.tti ; rrattlco
Wo huvo the facilities , npparatu ! ' nnd remedies
for the eutcchsfiil treatment of o\ cry form of ( Ha-
cn c runulrlii } ; cither medical or surgical treatment ,
nnd imitonll to come ami Investigate for thuraEflves
or correspond \\ith . Inn experience In treat-
In ? catcb by letter enables IIH to treat mauy cases
tclcntill cully without Heclntr them.
WRITE Foil C1RCULAH on Deformities and
finice.- ' . Glut ) Feet , Curvatures of the Spine ,
DISEASES or WOSIKN , I'llcs , Tumors , Cancers ,
Catarrh , Bronclniif. , Inhalation , Electricity , Paral
ysis , Hpllcnsy , Kidney , Eye , Ear , Skin , IJlooil and
nil surgical operations.
liiittcrles. Inhaler * , llraccs , Trusnefl , nnd
nil kinds of Medical and Surgical Appliances , man
ufactured and for ealc.
The only rellztalo Medical Institute making
Private , vSpecial i Nervous Disease ; ,
from whatever cause prndncn ] , successfully treated.
Wo can remove Syphilitic poison from the system
without mercnrv.
New rcstbrati\o treatment for loss of vllnl power.
Call and consult us or nend name and poet-ofllcu
address plainly written enclose stump , and wo
will send yon , in plain wrapper , our
OniNAitv OIUAN , or tend history of your case for
an opinion ,
Persons nnnblo to vlfit us may bo treated nt their
homes , by coircfpondence. Medicines nnd Instru
ments Bent by mail or express SECUHELY 1'ACK
KI ) FUO.M marks to Indicate
contents or sender. One personal Interview pre
ferred If convenient. Fifty rooms for the accom
modation of putluitH Hoard and attendance ut
reasonable pilccs. Address all Letters to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
* -
State Agents
[ o'sPiaoos
Omaha , Neb.
and JsiS Work.
1020 Farnam Street , Omaha , Nob.
Lincoln Steam Dye Works
, W. D. KOIJEHTSON , Prop'r.
OHlce No. 1105 O Bt. , Works S.I ! . Cor. I' . & Oth.
Lincoln , Net ) . Gents' Clothing Cl caned und It
Best Goods in the Market
, 'ffockforcZ ,
Ask fof our froo(3 ; ( anil see that the
bear our trade , mark.
Fine Business Lots at the South End , and
Beautiful Residence Lots !
In the north ciul of this Town. Two nnil ono half nillca from the Omaha peg
offlco ,
These are Quarter Acre Lots.
( Taking Into consideration the streets nnil nllcrt ) , nnd nro sold
One Quarter Down ,
Balance In 1 , 2 nnd 3 jrcnr > nt 7 per cent.
The Finest Suburban Lots
Around Omulm. 250 feet nhovo the Mlinnurl Hirer. Nownoro otso nbout Omnrm tire locato.l such hinl-
foino rites for Modest , Medium orKlcgant homes.
Investigate this and secure sonic of tills Hue property.
Before a Higher Appraisement is made.
DON'T 11KL1EVK n word ot Ills until von Imvo thoroughly Investigate. ! IU
Tlint this rropcrtr l only two and ono linlf mlles from Omaha's buslncji cciilor.
Tlint the altitude Is high.
Tlmt the locntlon Is bountiful. ; '
Tlmtmnplo trees nrc planted on cnch side of the slrnoli.
Tlmt cnch lot contains 0,000 squuro feet with 20 foot iilley.
Tlmt the streets nro SO nnil 10) ) feet wide.
Tlint tlicro nro MX ( tummy trains cncli wny , besides the regnlir train ) .
Tlmt tlio street curs mil to within ono hilf : nillo of thoro.
Tlmtthc street cnri will run thcrollils jcnr.
Tlint the price Is one third less than Isitskeil for properly the sum iliumcj In ether direction ! .
Tlmt the lots nro one third larger thnu most others.
Tlmt they nro backed by n syndicate representing $13,011,01) .
Tlm-tlicro bus already boon expended botwaon JI.'JJWJ ' ) and IJ,11)l ) .
Thnt there Is n line system or waterworks , furnishing pure aprhu water.
Thit ! tlio railways all center there.
That South Onmlia Is n town of Iticlf.
Thntlt lias Its own postolllcc.
Tlmt It hns Its own nillway atntloa.
lhatltlmsltsowuuuirsp.ipcr. * . , ,
In Fact
It 1ms everything to malic the property the very beat pnjlng Investment In nenl-cjtato to.lijr.
Look Into It. Examine It Carefully
Don't Buy a Lot.
Cntil you nre convinced tbnt tlicro Is no pn slblty of Incurring a loss. The hand. o'no rcsliloiico lots nro
ono mile this side ( directly north ) of the U.sio.v STUCK YAUDS where nro located the
Im.rn.onse Ecc ± ,
clrin.g' and.
Beef Canning1 Ssta t
Which In ten ycirs will bo the I.AUnEST INDURTIIV In the wc-stnnrt will muko property worth per foot
vfhnt la now ueked fern lot. The drutnnKO of the above Institutions Is perfect and flows south from the toira
Any rcnl estate agent will fell yon lot * . Man with horse nnd currlnito ut the ( Hobo-Journal onica , nt the
"Summit , " South Omnhu , has mnpa and price lists und H nhv.iya ready to show property. 1'or further In
formation mnpj , price lists nnil de.'crlptUe chcuhrs , inUlicjs ,
Omalia , Nebraska.
Full Assortment for sale to the Trade by
S. XV. COK. Ifllli AND fi'AKMAM , O.HAIflA.
Property of every description for sale in all parts of the city. Lands lor sale in
county in Nebraska. A complete sot of Abstracts of Titles of Douglas County kept.
Maps of the City , Slate or county , or any other information desired furnished
free of charge upon application.
Oneoftfifi Best ctn'l L rr/ast Stoc'os in the U.S.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator
OtiK Oil MOItK AT 1VIIOI.CBAI.K 1'lt If K.
I 1'AY all oipron charges to oil polnu wltliln 3U )
mllei. MHWcanlnKii to wlctt from. Bend t o nut
tttuip for Illustrated catalogue. Mention tlili paper.
' Sealed Proposals
Will be received at tlio olfice of the chief on-
Kinorr , Union I'liclllu Uuilwiiy. nt Omulm , until
Friday ovcnln ; , ' , Muy mh , fur tlio iru link' , pllo
IH-MKIIIK nt"l tiHcU-liiyliitf of about lorty imos !
ot tlio Cliuycnno & Northern Hullivny Irom
Clinjrnno northward ,
J'lotllcsund Epoelflcatlonsoan ho seen nt ( lie
thiol oimlnccr it ntllco In Omnlm , or on the
\torkultvrihoIOtlihiEt. . , . . , .
„ „ „ „
m)5tomlr > General Miinugur , U. I' , lly.
1503 IF'.A.IRlSr.A.l ST.
Practice limited to Diucascs of the
0 Jnsscs fitted for all forms of defective
Vision , Artificial Eyes Inserted.
Red Star Line
Carrying the Deljflum Ilnynl rm < ! Mulled State *
MullBiilliui , ' ovur
Between Antwerp ft New York
finlon from f (10 ( lo (100. Excursion trip from
fllU to flbO. Hfcoiid Cuhin , outward , MJ :
uroiuillc45 | ( ; excursion. t'JO. Slccrauu passuifo
ut low rules. I'dtcr Wii lit & Hoiis , Ucnerul
AKCIIIS , W llroaihvay. Now Vork.
Onmlia , NuhrusLu , Frank E. Moores , W. , Bt , Ii
& 1 * . ticket agent.
ITAMTV U lolllcy. Ilraln UIIAINPU and
AdopU < l by all FrtneU riiyiiclani and fcelnK rapidly &m
luccewfullf Introduce * } Lei . AUwfiVenunf lo * : ajii
drulni ii clucked. TIIKAUII _ rirlnif ix _ _
per ami mdicl tn or intnt < ( Ar. | r ItUK * Uoniult
K ) noftlcoofbv mall ) with tlx eminent cloctont'HICK
CIVUl AUEfiCTf. Mo. 174 FultoaSU fttNftW.Ulfa
I * ? !