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Oharlas L. Baum in Iho Piold as a Oandi *
date for tbo Legislature.
tltulgn Coljb nn Interested Observer
Ills Interest In Members ofljCK-
Islnturo OnvarncU br His Ijovo
of Senatorial Honors ,
IntOM Title nsr.'s LINCOLN nuiiRAu.1
To thp list of nsplranU for t > olllic\l :
honors in Lancaster county , as published
in the Hun Tuesday morning , must now
bo ailclcd tlio nnmo of Charlua I * . Bnuui.
wlio , under the handling of his brother
Nlmrod , the close companion of his limit-
ng nml fishing tours , has entered the
race for a seat in thu legislature. It la
not many ycar.s since , that lintim , acting
as the banner bearer of a strong opposi
tion to the ring , was elected to the legis
lature in the lace of violent abuse by u
paper controlled by the man that now
stands at his buck. Thcro are men , still
influential in politics , who remember the
sudden and surprising clwngo in tone on
the part of that paper that followed n
certain siifowalk conference in which Mr.
llaum and Ids present political gtildo
were participants , ami which is supposed
to have had considerable to do with mak
ing them both look at n flairs of state
through the samecye-glasso' ) . And these
men are uncharitable enough to insinuate
that from the alliance then formed has
mining Mr. liuuni's hopes of again repre
senting Lancaster county in the legisla
ture to the satisfaction ot his newspaper
Meantime Judge Cobb looks on ask
ance , ills chances of climbing into a
seat in the United States senate hang on
a slender thread of circumstances which
ho is justly foartul may bo broken by the
rude jostling of the local place-hunters.
It is not Judge Cobb's intention to en
courage any of his Lancaster county
friends to become candidates for ollico
ssido from the legislature. On the con
trary , ho will oxmx'fuly ' discourage it.
With his friends ho" would much prefer
to be in a position to say to delegations
in the stale convention from other coun
ties :
"Send men to the legislature who will
fete for mo for ITnitod States senator and
I will give vou aid in thu nomination of
your candidates for other places. "
It may bo on acoount of tills that Sec
retary Hoggon is so outspoken in his
declaration that ho is not looking for po
litical preferment. Mr. Koggen says ho
has becii in the harness long enough to
learn that the profit is light and honors
empty , and ho proposes to enter some
business this winter at which he can at
least earn something besides a more liv-
inc. lie is known to have some idea
ot organizing a stock company
to build a hotel on the plan of the Paxton -
ton at Omaha , and stands ready to pay a
good rental for such a building and run
ft himself , lloggen , in the role of Boni
face , would bo popular with Ncbras-
Jiang , and the house in which hoinbtallcd
himself would do well. There are con
tingencies , however , in the event' of
which , the genial secretary of state might
cast his good resolutions to the winds ,
and boldly proclaim his desire for the
gubernatorial chair , or somethingof that
sort. For instance , if Mayor Burr should
insist oil making his forlorn hope light
for Governor Uawes' place , Mr. Hoggcn
might fool called upon 1o destroy him ,
bv shying his own castor Into the ring.
Tliis would bo done , of course , to clear
the roaJ for Cobb , not thatRoggeu loves
Burr less , but' Gobbmore. . The prob
ability of such a slaughter being neces
sary , however , is very slight , as it seems
to Go pretty well understood in the Cobb
camp that Burr realizes that ho has no
chancp of success , and will not start in
the race.
The board of manajrors of the State
Agricultural society hold a meeting in
this city yesterday , at which a resolution
was adopted calling on the members of
congress from Nebraska to render every
possible assistance toward scouring the
Immediate passage of the Scott bill to
regulate the manufacture of bogus but
ter. The action of Dr. Billings in regard
to hog cholera experiments was warmly
endorsed. Considerable time was occu
pied by Mr. W. L. May , of Fremont , who
explained his proposed fishery exhibition
at the next state lair , and asked the man
agers to provide a suitable building. At
their previous mooting the board appro
priated $500 for this purpose , but the
plans of the structure , as presented by
Mr. May , call for an expenditure ol
$1,200. It scorned to bo the wish of all
the members to do whatever is necessary
toward making the exhibition a pleasing
novelty , and the matter was referred to
"Mr. J. 1) . Macfarland with power te
ant. This will assure the erection
of the building , as Macfnrluni
is known to favor the project. Mr. May'f
wish is to have the exhibit placed neai
the hcadmiartcr's building , where it will
bo accessible to every visitor , and to make
it complete in every feature. Ho wil
have living specimens of all procurable
fish , us well as the nets , hooks and othoi
doviccs used to catch them , and arrange
the whole so that It will not only bo pleas
ing to the sight but instructive to the
mind. Mr. May's position as vice prcsl
dent of the American Fisheries ussocla
tion. gives him unusual facilities for oh
mining a complete collection , and whoi
he left the BKK man yesterday , it was hlf
avowed intention to labor unceasingly
until the fair opens to that end ,
A sneak thief invaded Braknmar
Moore's room at Mrs. Farrell's boarding
house on ( J street about d o'clock ycster
day morning , and stoln a suit of clothes ,
Moore awoke just as the thief was leaving
ing , and , without waiting to dress , gave
him a hot race to Tenth street where the
stolen clothes wore recovered , The sigh
of Moore flying along the street with hii
white night garments lluttonng in tin
wind , was the basis of a first class ghos
story until the police report knocked tin
romance out of it.
James Allslmp was nssosscd $9.70 It
police court yesterday for being drunl
and disorderly and using abusive lau
guago toward inolTbnsivo people.
A largo gang of bridge carpenters won
sent to Ashland yesterday to work on tin
bridge across the Platte on the B. & M
cut-olV between Omaha and the mail
lino.The union clgarmakors employed
.his city have adopted thu elght-h
Dohodiile. As the men are all working 01
the "ploco" system , there is no objectioi
by the manufacturers.
Major Franklin , acting as agent of tli
St. Louis Tent company , tins leased t
the G. A. II. reunion committee BOO larg
tents for use at the reunion to be held u
Grand Island this glimmer.
The Plum Creek bank is a now fmancir
institution in Dawson county , in whic
John 8. Stuckoy , George B. Dan and A
11. Stuokoy are the controlling spirit *
The capital is * 30,000.
Ex-County Treasurer Graham bccam
the owner yesterday of the Majon
building , at the corner of Tenth and <
streets , The property changed hands a
Clerk Johnson , of the Commorcir
hotel , has gone to Now York to moot
young lady whom Dame Humor says i
Travelling from England to keep a matri
inouial cngagomontTaado with Mr. Jo hi :
son some years ago.
The furniture in the option Miop of II
Jones & Co. , on Tenth street , was yaukc
out yesterday by Mr. Thoma ? Lowery ,
who Is a silonl partner In the firm. Busi
ness has not boon profitable , and the
ollico will be closed to-morrow.
Henry Clmuncoy , late head waiter at
the Paxlon , has taken charge of the
dining room at the Windsor ana put in anew
now crow of servants from Omaha ,
making a revolution in that
part of the business , that will bo appre
ciated especially by traveling men , with
whom Chauncny h a universal favorite.
John VanValkonburghsupremo grand
chancellor of the Knights of Pythias , for
the world , went through Lincoln yester
day on his return from the California
coast , to his homo in Indiana.
J M. Garrett , Aurora ; M. J. Moore ,
Hastings ! J. II. Campbell , Omaha ; John
Slownrt , Kearney ; 1) ) . L. Barlass , Hast-
Ing'ijJos. Spotts , Milford ; II. T. Jones ,
S. C. Bnrllngcr and J. P. Dunham , Seward -
ard ; John Cagnoy , T. J. Sullivan and E ,
Toomey , Plattsmouth ,
Lavcrs of stone containing some of the
upposcd human footprints lately found
tear Lake Manngva , in Nicaragua , have
been sent to the Vienna Natural History
nusoum. The stone is a volcanic tula ,
md thu impressions are extremely sharp
ind distinct , and , if genuine footprints ,
n-ovo the existence of man in Central
America at a very remote period.
Safe to take , prompt to cure Hod Star
tough Cure. No opiates and no poisons.
Dominion exports state that in a low
caw the United States will have a moil-
ipoly of the trade with the Spanish West
miles unless Canada is placed on a
uore favorable footing.
PILES * . i riljKB ! i ItiR3
A sure cure for Blind. Itlcedln ? , Itchln
nnd Ulcerated 1'ilcs has been discovered by
) r. Williams , ( nn Indian lemody ) , calluil Or
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment A slngla
> ox 1ms cured the woist chronic cnsei of li'i or
JO years standing. No ono need sutler llvo
nlnutos after amilylns ; this wonderful sooth
nc medicine. Lotions and Instruments denote
note hnrm tlmu good. Williams' Indian
. 'He Ointment absorbs the tumors , allays the
ntcnso Itching , ( particularly at nielit after
; cttinc ; warm In bud ) , nets as a poultice , gives
iistaiuu'llcf , and Is prepared only for Piles ,
telling of private parts , and for nothing olsa.
Dr. Frazler's Maulc Ointment cures as by
maelc , Pimples , Ulaclc Heads or Grubs ,
31otches and Eruptions on the face , leaving
lie sicln clear and uca.utlf.ul. Also cures Itch.
Salt Uliciim , Sere Nipples , Sore Lips , anil
Old Obstinate Ulcer * .
Sold by druggists , or mailed on receipt .of.
GO cents.
lietallcd by Kuhn & Co. , and Schrooter *
Courud. At wholesale by U. F. Goodman ,
A citizen of Millviow , Va. , killed a six-
'oot moccasin snake last week that had
v wire collar around its nock , to which
was attached a button with thcso words :
'Don't tread on niol" As this was tlio
motto of the famous revolutionary "Cul-
icpper Minnto Men , " and as tlio button
wvs probably from ono of their uniforms ,
: ho question arises as to the probable age
of this peculiar serpent.
Oarsmen , bicyclists and all athletes tcs-
, ify that they derive benefit from St. Ja
bs Oil.
* * * * Delicate diseases or cither
sex radically cured. Send 10 cents in
stamps for IJOOK. Adilre-ss , World's Dis
pensary Medical Association , Buffalo ,
It is said that shingles can be made
Ire-proof by setting the butts into a
trough of water in which half a bushel
each of lime and salt and six pounds of
potash nave been dissolved.
Purify 1'otir lUopd.
Among spring preparations , do you
neglect that which is most important to
all your own body. During the winter
the blood absorbsmanyiinpurities.which ,
if not expelled , are liable to break out in
scrofula or other disease. Tlio best
spring : medicine is Hood's Sarsapavilla.
[ t expels every impurity from the blood ,
and gives strength to every function of
the body. Sola by all druggists.
Sylvester Haws , who makes as good
boots as any other shoemaker at Cazeno-
via , N. Y. , if not better , is 80 years old.
Ho was the tax collector last year.
Angostura Bitters are endorsed by all
the leading physicians and chemists , foj
their purity and wholesomeness. Beware of
coumeolts and ask your druggist and
grocer for the genuine article , iiroiwred by
Ir. J. G. B. Sleuert & Sons.
The wci'.ther of late has been so excep
tionally severe in the south of England
that largo numbers of returning song
birds have been frozen to death.
In making the assertion that Pozzoni's
medicated complexion powder is entire
ly free from injurious or deadly poisons ,
wo do it upon the authority of a tnoroncli
chemical analysis. It is one of thooldesl
face powders in American market , ami
is used in the fnmulius of some of our
most prominent medical men who have
personally acknowledged to the proprie
tor that they not only considered it harmless -
loss , but esteemed it highly beneficial in
every respect. Sold by all druggists.
Berlin has of late years boycotted
French .styles to such an extent that only
n dozen Parisian modistes and cooks are
to-day doing business there.
Hungarian grass is a warm-weather
plant , and delights in a warm soil. I
should not , therefore , bo sown until tin
season is well advanced. A bushel o
seed is about the proper proportion for
nn aero. It grows very quickly , and killi
out thu woods as woll.leuvlng the groum
clean when cut oil * .
Falluro of clover seeding on sandy soi
is often duo to lack of potash , Wooi
ashes in such case are quite as helpful to
the clover crop as gypsum , nnd whenever
over both can bo had they should bo sowi
together. Leached ashes are also good
but need to bo applied by the wagon-lout
to oll'cct much benefit.
In January , 1885 , his big scholars gave
a Wilson county school teacher a duck
ing. Ho has just received f 3,000 dam
ages. Tills was in Kansas.
Tk * Orettort "Medical Triumph of the Age
Loir , ofuppetlte , IIowcU coittre , 1'Bln la
the bead , wltb a dull eniatlon In tbo
back part. 1'oln nnrler tbe ( boulder *
bUde , Fullneii after atlrjtn wltb ndl -
Inclination la exertion of bodr or mind
IrrilKbllltirof temper. LotTiplrlti , wltb
feeling of having neglected come dutr.
WemrlueM , UlulDBia , riutlcrluK at tbe
Ileari. Dot * before ( bo eye § . Headache
oror tbe right eye , Iteilleinoui * , with
Mtfal tlrcami , UUhlr colored UrlacsBud
' TCTT'S nu.8 are especially adnptm
to cacti eases , ono doio effecta lucb a
change of feeling as to astonish Um sufferer
They Increase tbe > ] cause the
txidy to 1'ake ou rieittttbiu the itcm U
nourished , andbj-lnclrTonlo Acuoa OB
Itonovatw tha body , makes healthy flash.
treaxUieni the weak , repairs tha wastes ol
Vie system vritb pure blood and hard muscle ;
tones the narvotu system , invicoratcs Um
- ' ' ' the Tlgor cf manhood.
. .r\ile. \
iurr rS ( . . Now York.
A Motlnl Nobraskfi Pftrtn.
Ynnktown Prossi OeoRro Kohls , ti
resident of Cotlnr county. Nebraska ,
nnd the owner of 1,600 ncros of
nml in that county Cand in Yankton
county , Dakota , is laying out n largo
amount of work for the sonson. Ho will
raise 500 acres of corn , 200 of oats , 80 of
flax , 40 of millet , 100 of wheat. His
wheat is uu and looking well. Ho lias
20 acres in timothy , clover nntl red top ,
which lias furnished hay and pasturage
'or eighteen years. Mr. Kohls works
'rom eight to ton teams through tlio year.
llo lias besides 47 horses , 1 Normal stal-
ion worth $1,000 , ICO gratlo cattle , 100
logs , mostly breeders. Ho has 1,200
acres enclosed with wire and board fences ,
30 acres of hog vasturo. 10 acres of wal
nut trees from 12 to 15 years old , 1,000
ipplo trees from which ho lias sold fruit
for several years. Ha will break 80 acrcM
of now ground this year anil sow it to
tlax. Mr. Kohls has n artesian well on
Ills farm oOO feet deep , which spouts wa-
ler lift unit font Itiirli through a two Inch
| ) ipu. In sinking tills well coal was struck ,
ami Mr. Kohls is now sinking u second
prospect hole , which is now JtUO foot , nnd
lie is duily expecting to tap tlio coal vein.
This coal Hud is near St. Helena. Mr.
Ivolils iias resided on this farm twenty-
live years.
Condition of Llvo Stock.
From the latest report of the depart
ment of agriculture at Washington
[ April ) the condition of horses la shown
to oo good. They linvo passed tlio winter
and entered the spring in bettor condi
tion than usual , both in health and llesh.
In thu western and northwestern slates
the condition is reported exceptionally
Honoris relative to cattle show good
condition , many of them relatively nigh
condition , in nearly all the northern
states , from the Atlantic const to the
Missouri river , while it also ranks high in
Nebraska ami Dakota. Some Now \ork
returns are exceptionally low , though an
average condition exislh there. The con
dition in Ohio , Indiana , Michigan , Wis
consin , and Minnesota is high. So much
has been said of losses in cattle in Kan
sas and some other western ranges that
the actual per centago of lo s to the
whole number is extracted. Colorado
lost G per cent , Arizona 5 , and Kansas i ) ,
wh lo California , Orepon and Nevada
lost 4 per cent , Now Alcxico C , Indian
Territory 0 , Wyoming 4 , atiU Texas 0 per
cent of the whole number. Taking the
southern states of Tennessee , Arkansas ,
Louisiana , Mississippi , Alabama. Florida ,
Georgia and South anil North Carolina ,
the average for the whole of these states
is over OJ per cent. The total number
of cattle is reported nt. 45,510,030 head.
Of thcso 1,059U57 have died , or an aver
age of 4 per cent for the whole country.
The condition of sheep is generally
good. The average loss from exposure
and disease is 7 per cent. Texas and
Arkansas show tno greatest losses 13
per cent , The southern states previous
ly mentioned show losses of from 10 to
12 per cent. The whole loss for tlio
country is 3,1)13,740 ) out of an aggregate
of 48,8J3,831 , , head.
Hogs arc reported generally healthy.
Swine in the west are reported in good
health and vigorous. The greatest per
cent of loss is in the bouthcrn states , that
in Florida reaching 23 per cent. Illinois ,
Iowa , Missouri , Kansas and Nebraska
have suffered the most severe losses
north , the average being nearly 1(5 ( per
cont. The whole loss out"of 4J,0'J2,043 (
swine is 5,892,447 , head.
Observations of Tree Iilfo.
The department of agriculture in its
forestry division has prepared a sclieitulo
for observations of tree life , and , accom
panying it , of weather conditions , for
tlio purpose ot aiding an interest in for
estry work and to arrive at certain re
sults explained on the schedules. It is
desirable that these schedules should bo
noted by a very largo number of
persons , and 'everybody interested will
bo welcome to apply to the department
for the blanks. As the season is rather
advanced not all the points rcquircu may
be taken this year , but even a partial
report will be acceptable. The schedule
may bo obtained by addressing thp com
missioner of agriculture , Washington ,
P--u- _
Potatoes Again Single Eyes.
John Rhodes in Frairio Farmer : The
potato is not a seed , but a part ot the root
of the plant , and the future crop depends
much more on the soil and cultivation
necessary to produce a vigorous plant
than on the size of the piece planted.
Still there is no getting around the fact
that a largo piece planted will start much
more vigorous sprouts than little slices ,
In patient experiments in growing pota
toes for tlio last twenty years my greatest
blunder lias been in cutting sets down to
finale eyes. I was taught to do so anil
only abandoned it after repeated proofs
of its fallacy. Much of the trouble comes
from dry ground , which extracts tiio
moisture from tlio cut side of the plant.
where there is no skin to retain natural
juices. Result : The set curls up , looks
like a dried peach and docs not grow.
But the most mischief is done by heavy
rains and wet ground. Cutting n potato
induces decay. A large part of the skin
( nature's protector ) is gone , hence a largo
portion of the sots rot , and the f ow which
do grow are so injured in vitality as to
produce tiny spindling plants , a sine and
easy prey to the voracious bug , The
smallest whole potatoes are worth more
than the largest cut down to single eyes
to plant FJeaso pay no attention to tlio
theory that the whole potato will send up
multitudes of little sprouts from oachoye.
It will do no such tiling , but will only
send up such sprouts as it can vigorously
support ; the rest of the eyes remain dor
mant. I like largo , whole sets best when
they are very cheap. I want to ask read
ers to test by planting cut single eyes ,
side by side , in alternate rows with uncut
small potatoes. I plow deep , spread with
horse manure , hog manure or ashes ;
work \yith sulky cultivator four Jncliot
deep , and cover with soinn tool , ono drill
at a time.
Hints and
Different breeds of sheep should not bo
kept together , as the same conditions are
not equally suited to all.
Keep no moro animals than can be
comfortably accommodated ; otherwise
they prove an expense rather than profi
By using comb foundation the lauor ol
the uees will bo materially lessened , as ii
requires as much work to produce wax as
honey ,
Now is an excellent time to push the
young piss , as they grow very rapidly
after the weather begins to become warm
If allowed plenty of grass , or other bulky
food , and a mess of ground eaU , scalded
at night , thpy will require no other 1dm
of grain.
Ono bushel of salt , two of hrao , ant
five of good earth make an excellent com
post , but should bo In bulk for three or
four months under cover.
A Connecticut farmer states that ho
keeps fodder best by salting it. Ho salts
it after it is thoroughly dry. and llnds the
stalks frco from the mold , while stock
eat it with moro avidity.
The early lambs will begin to reach the
market in Hay , but advantage should betaken
taken of the short time intervening to
allow them plenty of grain , and thereby
force thorn as rapidly as possible ,
It is unjust to make the pig a synonym
for all that is filthy and low. Ho is nat
urally a neat animal , and is entitled to a
clean bed instead of being required to
live in a manure pit and wallow in tlio
Flour of sulphur sprinkled over the
backs of animal ? troubled with llco or
woodtlcks , will1 soon relieve them of thcso
inploosant parasites. Several applica
tions may provn necessary before eradi
cating them. . ,
A colt thoroughly accustomed to halter
before it is weaned is half broken. The
taller may bo placed upon it any time
after it is ti moiUn old , as nt that ago
everything is how to it , and it is more
tolerant ot handling.
When prices go below the point of
profitable production on any grain or
stock abandon it to
iring it up agaln'in ' a year or two , and
the man who fcee s right on is pretty
sure of two or three years of good prices.
Hy feeding rich fodder 1-year-old sheep
willlncroaso in weight moro rapidly than
when older. While they will fatten also
it this ago the llcsh is not esteemed as
when older , as it is more watery. Lambs
: aken very j'oung and fed hign are fat
tened and made palatable , but when fattened -
toned for profit , as well as other animals ,
should bo matured in growth first.
Cabbage seed varies considerably in
size. Experiments matlo at thti Agricul
tural experiment station in Geneva , Now
York , during 1885 , have shown no per
ceptible dlllercnco in the results from
larger nnd smaller sectl. Sort ! gathered
before fully ripe seems to produce fuller
leads than that fully matured. These
liints prove of value to the Jiardenor who
; rows his own seed.
Americans probably invest moro money
11 farming tools than any other people
ly $ the census of 1880 the value of agri
cultural implements made the previous
year was $08,000.000. Ten years is a long
, ifo to the average farm tools , and many
are worthless alter three or four ycar.s
use or rtibt. It is probable that the entire -
tire amount invested in farm tools now in
use is nearly or quite $1,000,000,01)0. )
If cabbage is properly set out it sutlers
little by tno operation , and alter ti few
lays growth will generally bo more rapid
.linn one not transplanted , lint so often
s this work poorly done that it is worth
while to grow some of the late , largo
varieties by sowing scods in hills tlireo or
four in n place where the plants are
leedcd. As soon as they got large
enough all but the best are removed anil
transplanted elsewhere.
Do not be in too much hurry to get in
jeans , melons , squash , or pumpkins , as
[ rests often occur in May. The frosts
may be only slight , but such tender
plants are very easily injured Egg
plants should not bo set out even when
the nights arc cool. Sweet potatoes do
not endure frost , but should be transplanted -
planted as easily as the temperature of
; he soil will permitas they require plenty
of time to mature largo tubers.
An old farmer has said that corn meal
fed to animals the lirst thirty
days of their going to grass
was worth ? 3 per bushel it carefully fed ;
that animals thus fed would gain fifty
pounds the first thirty days on grass if
led one quart of meal daily at night and
what hay they would eat , while thu same
animals , if turned out and not fed any
thing but grass , would lose fifty pounds ,
thus making a clear gain of 100 pounds
in the animal iii the first thirty days at
When two or tJircc different kinds of
gra.ssos are sown , together for pasture
many vacant sll'accs may bo filled up , us
each particular ? variety will { ind the kind
of soil best adapted to its 7igorous
growth , the consm/uonces / being that the
sod will bo the thicker.
Good seed , pfopc'rly planted , starts out
a vigorous , health- plant , and sends it
into a strong and rapid growth the season"
through , thus ift a largo measure insuring
a good crop. It is'rtot ' enough that u part
of the seed bo gooil while a portion is in
Where the stalls are on the ground
concrete madij ) oithe bust water , lime
and clean , sltarpsund make a substantial
and durable Jloortit''must ' have a de
scent of twoj on three inches , with tlio
same side descent for the gutter , which
should bo at least a foot wide.
Grass will not injure a pear orchard if
fertilizers be used upon the grass , but
the peach orchard should bo kept clean
and well cultivated. Orchards are in
jured , however , when stock have the use
of the grass for grazing , the constant
trampling of the orchard being detri
In a good crop of corn not planted too
thickly the weight of grain and cob will
exceed that of fodder when both are dry.
In drilled corn the reverse of this is true ,
mainly because corn in drills is usually
too thick and there is too large a proportion
tion of stalks without cars.
When bees are swarming it is tlio old
colony leaving the hive and abandoning
the stores to the younger members. The
old queen goes with them , and they seek
a now locution , with nothing fora begin
ning except what honey they fill them
selves with as they take their depar
Barnyard manure may be imitated by
thoroughly composting with a cord of
seasoned meadow muck or some substi
tute , 05 pounds of crude nitrate of soila,3 ,
bushels of wood ashes , 1 peek of common
salt , 10 pounds of fine bone meal , 2
quarts of plaster and 10 pounds of epsom
The ground for celery must bo very
rich , and should bo made ready a month
previous to setting out plants , as Jt serves
to give better results , the manure being
less heating , and danger from drought
partially avoided. The finer the manure
the batter , and it should bo rich and free
from useless materials.
Keep the temperature of the hot-bed
not over 85 degrees. A lower tempera
ture is best in warm weather , but tbn
heat should depend upon the kind of
plants used in it. Tlio bud must have
plenty of air , must not bo kept too moist ,
and the plants should bo thinned out as
soon as they become too thick.
Both red and black raspberries are in
clined to grow too many canes , and will
boar better if part rpmovcd. The side
shoots of red raspberries may bo used
for now plantations , but with black caps
new plants are better derived from roots
which forms the tips inserted in the grass
grown the previous season.
In making compost thu principal ob
ject should bo to have the material in fine
condition. As compost is usually a mix
ture of quite a number of materials , and
also best when jpcr/qctly decomposed , it
serves bettor for y iing plants that are
tender , and is ] ! muqh superior to stable
manure for use jn 1)40 ) flower garden.
Most crops , excepting clover , derive
their food mainly 'from ' the lirst five or
six inches in depth-of soli. If wo can
keep tlio surface ! fuhilo nothing moro is
needed. I'ulyori/.imj the subsoil by the
subsoil plow is uspiu.l mainly to enable
it to hold morofimoibturo and to open it
so that roots may go down in search of it.
The success o failure of a farmer gen
erally hinges upon' his skill in manag
ing hired help. ' hq.farmor who is a good
judge of human nature can get along
smoothly with his help and get the most
labor out of it. f Scarcely any two hands
can bo managed alike successfully. Ono
is ambitious while the other is indolent ;
some are pleasant and agreeable , while
others are petulant and ill-natured ; a
fnw are found who work will interest ,
while many only try to kill time and se
cure their wages. Goods hands save up
their earnings and so have sufllcient cap
ital to secure homos for themselves ,
while the poorer class of laborers remain
witli us.
When Baby wu nick , if e care lier Cutori * ,
When sha was a Child , sha cried for CutorU ,
When she became lilts , sbe clan ; to Cantoris ,
Wb a ib * bad Children , sbe garo Uiem CMtoria ,
In the KtArkoo region ot Hassls ,
quinine IB consider * * ! ot no account for til
enroot chUte and f v < * . Tbo Khatfcoo
doctor catebM & tneea of Uro orate , peen
whiskey orer tbcnj until thty become
hUartouily drunk , and tten nuts them In
a hot oven. After wing ; reu dried , thty
nro pulverized , shells nnd all nnd adminis
tered In drachm dose * . Whcro the crabs
moat nbotmd In this country , In the wntcti
of the Knitorn shore of Maryland and th
Eastern shore ot Virginia , Uie Inhabitants
hare long since Abandoned the nso ot
qulnlno and mnslbly reeoit to pre
vention in the nee of pure whiskey. In
the malarial eocltonfl ot tlio greAt
AVeEt , Southwest aud South , this once
'atncd remedy is iiow looked upon lui wort ethan
than the disease. In territories where the
Virgin Eod Is Cret broken , the timlnrifll
poison oxudltiR therefrom spreads pcsll-
lcnc far and uenr. Yours ngo In the
homes or the lirst settlers , an nclmlxture ot
whiskey nnd qulnlno wnstho fiuorltccJoso
for the chills , but after years of doslne In
tills crude manner , qulnlno 1ms long since
been given up aud whiskey only remains
In the finale , for family , nnd medicinal uco.
Experience tnught these Bottlers long ago ,
thnt tbe nmuunt ot quinine required to
drlro out the innlurlnl poison In the blood ,
left In its plnce , if not n worse poison , n
condition ot the system made worse Instead
ot better. The effects of tlio nulnlue wcro
clcnrly defined In long continued hcncl-
aches , disordered stomachs , olouOcd
mental fRmiltlcd , disturbed Bleep , nnd nior-
bld nppctlto.nurt the only virtue dlf covered
In its use they thought attributable to tbo
whiskey In the mixture. The medical ,
profession has very gratefully modified Its
belief In quinine ns n specific , Galllnrd'a
Medlcnl Jonrnnl , October. 1883 , con-
tnlnlnft an article liy | L. D. Ander
son , M. D. , Norfolk , Vn. , In which the
learned doctor xtsca ils emphatic Inn-
gunno : "I hope I moj bo pardoned for
Baying thnt the present empirical use of
qulnlno Is worthy ot the darkest period of
the dark nges. It U a blighting shnino nnd
dlsgrnco to our profefcf'on. " The people
exposed to nmltrla now fortify their
systems against the approach and inroads
ot the dlneaaes prccectlluK from It. nnd by
the use nf pure unadulterated Btlinulnut
ward off nttnck. Now that DntTy's pure
malt whiskey IB the only absolutely pure
whiskey , frco front fusel oil , us has been
tested by chemists , It Is the rccogn'zed
cure In mnlnrlal attacks nnd so recognlzrj
by the people und the nieijlunl piofeulau.
Or tlio Liquor llublt , I'ositHcly
Cured by AdmltilHtri-liig ; Dr. ,
Hnliic * ' tiolilpu Htiocitlo.
It tnn ho Riven Inn cup of coffcn or ten without
the knowledgeot tbo person taking It , UnbMlutcly
barinlciM , nnd "III efTvct a permanent r.nd npeuily
cure , u liel'.ivr the patient Is n moderatqtirinkcr erin
in tticunullc wreck. Ii 1ms been Riven In tliou-
no.irla ot caics , and In every Instance n yerfcet cure
has folloueil. It nrvor lalH The system unco
Impfcgnnted u Ith tue .Spcci- ' becomes nn uttot
Impossibility for the liquor appetite to cxlnt
KUHN & CO. , Car. tSth nnit Daasla * . and
18th Onmlnc gin. , Omaha , Neb. '
A. D. 1'OSTKR & lino. ,
Council ninfl * * , loirn.
Call or write for ptmphlet contnlnlnjr hundreds
c' testimonials Jrom the bct women anil men ( ram
oil rarle uf tuu countnr-
By reason of Its central position nnd close relation to
ail principal lines t Mt anil West , at Initial undUr.
tnlnal points , constitutes the most Important tnlit'
continental llnlc In that pvstom of throuich trampcm
tatlon which InTltes nnd facilitates travel anil traffic ,
jotHoencltlos of the Atlantic and Pad Ho Coasts It
la Also the faTorlte and best route to and from points
I * xt. Nnrthea t and Southeast , and corresponding
points West , northwest and Soutlnrnt.
The Croat Rock Island Route
Guarantees Its patron * that tsnse of personal secu
rity afforded by & sollit , thoroughlr ballasted road'
bed. smooth tracks of oAntlnnous lifel rail , substan.
tlallr built culTerta and bridges , rolling stock as near
perfection us human eklll con make It. the safety
appliances of patent buffers.platforms ana air brakes ,
and that exacting discipline which frovenin the prac *
tlcal opiratlon of nil Its trains other specialties of
.his route are Transfers at all connectlnk- points In
Union Depots , and tTm unsurpassed comforts and
luxuries of IU Passenger Jlqulpment.
The Fait
Peorla. Com '
Atcnlaou ar
tiolBtered Pay V > U GIH.B. namunctuit ruiiman I'aiALit
Sleepers of tha latest design , and numptuoua Dlnlnc
Cur * , in whlcn el her tclrookwt meals am leliiurelr
eaten. HetweenChlcneo and Kansas City and Atrhlsi/a
re also run the Celebrated lUclloinr fhalr Cars.
The Famous Albert Lea Route
Is tha direct and favorite line between Chicago anil
Minneapolis andftt. laul , where connertlons aromado
In Union Depots for all points In the Territories and
Iirltlsh 1'roTlnres. Orer this route test Kipress
Trains are run to the watorlnir plures. nunmer resorts -
sorts , plcturesiiuo Inrallilcs. and buntlna and tlshlna
of Iowa nnd Minnesota. It ! also tbu must
Ettnda route to tlio ncli wheat nelds aail pastoral
jsnf Intel lor laknt %
HUM another IJIUKCT LINK. TliBensca and Kan-
knkee , h&a been openvd betwtvn Cincinnati , Indian ,
unolls and Lafarelte , and Council Bluffs. Kantai CltT ,
Uinneapolls ami Bt. I'aul and IntermedLito polnla
tor detailed Information sen Alaps and Folders ,
obtainable , ns well as tickets , at all principal Ticket
Olrlces In tuo Vnltcd States and Canada i er bail -
IVjo't & Qcn'l M'K'r , Oen'l T'kt 4:1'aim. Arj't
Enclind , Franci & Germany.
Tlio etearaeblps of tills well known Jlno are
built of Iron , in water-tight compartinontfi , and
are furnished wltb every roqulslto to innko the
jiasguiro both safe and eirrocable. Tboy carry
the United Stulos nnd Kurnpnan malla.and Icavo
New York Thursdays and Saturdays for Plv.
ranutli. ( LONDONCl.erbou8rrPAlUS ) ( and HAM-
KctufninK , the Btoaroora leave Hamburjr on
Wednusdaya and Bunduys , via. Iluvto , taking
pnssciiKorsat Boiitlmmptou and f < oiidon.
First cabin $5U , fliJ and J75 ; Stooraso fit.
llallroad tickets from PlyinouUi to llrjstol , Oar-
flllT , London , or to any ptaoo in tlio South of
England , t'ltlCH. Stoore.KO from liuropo only
Qonoral Pansongor Afronts ,
61 Broadway , Now York ; WoaUlnglon and La
Sullo St3. Chicago. 111.
FilKBlLm sWlVKUiLK .V VI- "
f f r'lrht i1 Mi qaiok CUTM
W. 8 Bd&urap ror cUcdr > arUoul r . Iddtctf.
(11 * 11 If Eta I STHBi CL'Kfl
n v UU | | | | li""tloi""vt"Ahe
. , ,
HO I n IIIn fy ? ? % $ < $
inhftlfttioothqa roaeluniT Uift disease olraot. relax-
as tuo spasm , facilitates frae fttDK
expectoration , and KVKKCTrt VJ K C
b re all etft r rsw 4trt fsU. A trial tenilart * tfcea .
isrplleal of IU UnotJUU.dlrwt aad n , , r-ft Illoi
" 'cs&Oe. aa4ltl.UU | uf or br cull. Trial
ge fri for sump. Uf. U M 111 V KB i K.M. fc I.BlDa.
Tbe Orlirjiinl and Only O uolue.
Bah anil alwars Bcllable. D < war of vrorllilrx ImluUws.
Ic61 > poiu t > i l LADIES. Ask jour l > maTtrlst *
"I'bUte.Ur'a EngUJ1 ao < i Uk po otl > tr. r ACIOM u.
( umpi ) lu ut for i trtleulu * fn Ulttr tor return mail *
NAME PAPER. OWcheMtr Chemlral Oo.
aSlt Maolaoii h < iusre , I'bUudjk , I'av
old br DrufirUt' evtrrwlifiM. Aik for "Cliche *
tor' * lluuUsb" I't Ta ibs .
Rooms 12 and 13 Granite Bock ,
Plans for CitlM
ana Town * a jppefulty. J'latu , 4otlumlc : s anJ
6iecllieuttoii8 | for 1'ubllo and other Ko lnuvrlUi
works furnlnUod. BOrvu a nnd Hoport ruad <
opl'ulillo luiprovomvuts.
ANDIIEW UoaiwATEit. Member American Soolo
Oty Civil Enirinoors. City Engltioer of Omalin
no. It CintibTii ; , Civil
tiDtostls will bo noMvoJ tiy tlik
cltr oHlfiMlnirs , Nobrngkn , tin il 10 o'olncn
m. May 18 , issfl , for tlio furnhlilnn. erect lor
and completion of n T tom of ntcr works fee
the citsof llnstlns.o , Nebrnokn.
SMil prstcm of wntor work * to bo furnlsliotl
nnd built In neconlnnco w | Ii the plnns ntul
nccincatlons on nio In thoolllco of tlio City
/lork oftho city of Hn < tlncNobrmkn. .
rropoinU will lie rocol % od on any or All ot Iho
follonrlitR Item * .
1st Kitrnlshlnif nndcomplotlnff oi > rn well , or
'iirnla.hlnir nnd completing tuliulnr well srctctii ,
" < 1 Ftirnl < hlt)7 and completing orglno liouso ,
> ollor 110110 ana Hnok.
! kl Ktnnlllilnff nnd completing fountlntlon
nnrt ln ) oor Ktaml pino.
4th KurnlshliiRnnil comiilctlnp stnnil plpo.
Bth 1'iinilslilim nn J setting up tuiiclitnury ntiil
-Kurnlsliliiff cast Iron plpo and special
Mlnp * .
7th KiirnMiltiK knlntnoln plpo.
fctli I'.nnl lilnjf hjdratiLo , Kiitos anil Rnto
10x09 ,
9th rnrnlshlnploa'l nndonktim and c.trnnt -
nir , nnd layliiK P'po.s ' li > iln\nt < , Kales and gate
Tlio contract pneo of pnlil system of wntor
\orka completed not to ovcood tlio sum of
eighty thnuxiiml dollars.
Knch proposal must l > o accompanied with n
Rood nml surtlclcnt lioutl lit the sum ol ono thoti-
f\nil dollar * on rarti or tlio Hums bid on , us * o-
jjrlty for tlio Illllnirof n Rood acceptable iximl
ho sum of which Rliull not bo loss thnn full
iniount ot conttact prlco.
The City Council tuscrvei the rlRhl to reject
nny or nil bids or nny purls of bldi.
Proposal * should bo addressed to .1. I ) . Mine * .
Ulty Cloikof HiistltiKS. Nohrnska , and marked
Proposal' for Writer Work * . "
Ily enter or tlio City tVnincll of Hastings , No-
bra kii , tlih'J3tli dnr of April , A. 1) ) . IBM.
Hidden < nmy submit tlioli- own plain nnd
speclllcntloimvltli methods for obtaining pump-
ntr nml Morlnir tlio mnwsiiry water supply , but
n every cneo fie plnn of plpo , hydiant ? , \ ales ,
to. , to ronmlii the ruinous pur plans nnd spool-
Icnttons now un Ilia In tlio ollico of tlio city
Clerk with tl.onmlerBtnnilliiiftliiit the City Coun
cil will not pity for nny plims ntul spcclllcntlons
"urnlslioil Dv lilddci- " .
a SAV.UKI , AI.BXANnKll. Mnyor.
J. D. MINK * . City ClorK. njiKBUWt
Short-hand Institute
Tuo Inrffost , best nnd clionpo > t short-hnnd nnJ
yjio-wrltlnp school in the wcs > t.
Lent n this vnhntble art anJ secure n luornttvo
position. Sluirt-lmiul tinmlit by uinil to these
vlio cannot nttcnd the Institute.
Wo keep on hand a lull supply oC I'itmnn'a
sliort-haud text books , nlso typo-wrltor supplies
For pitrtlculai-s scnit for cirutilnri to
Yalontins's liort-Haad Institute ,
liiotltlS ntut 0 O str ot Lincoln , Nob.
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago
Th o only road to tntce for DCS Memos , Mar-
hnl ItownCedar Rapids , Clinton. DUIo. Chicago ,
Milwaukee and all points oust. To the people of
Nebraska , Colorado , Wyomlutr , Utah , Idaho
Ncvada.OrcRon , Wa > ( liln ton nnd California It
offers supei lor advantngcs not possible by any
other line
Among : n few of too numerous points ot supe
riority onjovod by the patrons of this road bo-
iweon Omaha and ClilciiKO , nro Its two trains a
dny of DAY COACHl'.S which lire the finest that
human art nnd ingenuity can cieuto. Its I'AIi-
ACK SLKEI'INO CAltS , whion nro models oC
comfort nnd ologranco. Us PAltLOU DHAWINO
UOOSI CAltS unsurpassed bv nnv. nnd Its wide
ly celebrated PALATIAL DINING CAltS , Iho
equal ol' which caunot bo found ulbowhuro.
At Council niulfs the trains of the Union Pnci-
Oc Ky. connect in Union Depot with tlioso of the
Chicog-oi Northwestern Ujr. In Chicago the
trains of this line make close connvotton with
those of nil eastern linos.
For Detroit , Columbia. Indianapolis , Cincla
natl , Nhwara Falls , lluffalo , I'lttsbur ? . Toronto
Montreal , Hoston , Now York. I'hlladulu'ila , Hal-
tlmorc.Washington and all points iu tbo oast. aaif.
the tlckot UKOiit for tickdts vln the
If you wish the host accommodations. All tlokot
It .
Genera Manazor. Qen. Pas . Ajont.
Idlcap Milwaukee & St. . Paul
The Short Line
and Best Route
From Oinaha to the East.
Chicago , Mlnnuupolls , Mllwnukoo ,
Bt. Paul , Cedar Uaplda. Dai juport ,
Clinton. Dubuque , Itockford ,
Hock Island , Freeport , Jnnosvlllo ,
KlKln. JI ml I son , LaCiosso ,
Ildolt. Winiina
.Audoll other Important pulnts East , Northaai
and Southeast
Ticket ofllce nt HOI Farnatn snoot , ( in Paxton
Ilotol ) . and at Union 1'acino Depot.
Pullman Sleepers nnd the Finest Dining Carl
in the Woi Id tire run ou tlio nmln lines of the
every attention Is paid to pnssoturors by com IB-
ous employes of the company.
It MH.LKII , Qonoral ManriRor.
. J. F. TUCKKII , Asslntiuit Ooacral Manager.
A. Y. H. CAUIT.NTEU , O iLral Pasaonifor ami
Tlckot Aijont. n . . , _
QEO. K. iiKAvrono , Aaslstant QoaoralPassaa
eor and Tlokot Altoat.
Cure without modi-
A POSITIVE i clue. Putoutad Octo
ber JO , 1 0. ,
Ono box will cure
the roon obtlnuts OAM ID fourdftyg or less.
Allan's ' Sol ubleMedicay Bougies
No naueeousdosos of oubobs , copaiba or oil Ot
B&adnlwood thnt lire certain to produca dyspon-
staby doi ti-oyiiKf tlio ooutlnirs of the stonmcli ,
J'rloo 1.W. Bold by all dru lsU or mnllo < l on
receipt of ptloo. For further particulars eut
rot-circular. P. 0. Bo * ISO , /t TTD D
7. C. uXjXj u T CO , , IjN lt\
v w * * *
KJ John RL , Now Yort
. * . IMti '
. .
Mlul o ( Ik , i t VI MJ A hi < r > is > MM a 4.1 u.
t Un U " . < U til uuww 4ilukl J'J
f j.urfnuk J ur irarf ordmttuiM U.
uu ( uuJtf IIR I u t IJLGH.Iitua * .
J. \7UPfZS''AlUt , COLS A3EUT ,
Ziaw Reporters and Copyista ,
Btuto AgoM.8 far Nebraska.
Typo-Writer lupijl enil paper kept in Ktitck.
Bend for tAtuloyua.
Royal Highlanders , ! i
Dt'l'PUN CASTM ! , I
"t win In n condition ofcroat debility , oomequont
i pen n broken down Monmch , d jupopMi and innlirU ,
ompilcnteil with kUner Irritation , \tlicn mjmoillrnl
ttemlant illrectcil mo to tnkc jour Incompnntbla
; ocn llfcf Tonic. lt effect trns si in pi 7 innrirlou" ,
'ho power of illsosllou win qulckljr restored , tlio khl-
ncy Irrltntlon Ynnlslicd nnd rapid restoration to licnllli
"Other prei'irnllons of Coca Imd boon tried without ,
ho sllulilot ctToct. "
Prof , Giis , Ludwlg Von Seeger ,
'rofr ser of Mcrtlclno nt fie llornl irnlrcroIlN
ItiHrltt of tlio llornl Auntrluti Onlorof tlio Iron
"nitrn : Knlclit Comnmmlrr of Uitt UnjHl Hpnnlih Or-
or of thu Ucd IMKC : ! ; Cliovullor of the Legion ot
lonor. , etc , vtc. , rn > a. :
"MinilO CO.'S COCA 1JKKK TONIC should not bfl
otifomuln ! with the tumle of Irnihr cure-nils. It I * In
lopeuvior tlin vninl a patent remedy. 1 am thor-
uiKhl ) comurHiit vrlili Its motto of preparation niul
.nmTlttoha tint onh u icKlttni'itA phnrmnroutlcal
troduct , but also wnrtnjr of the tilKlt coniniemUlloim
t h'urccelved In ullpiirtsofthoorlJ. . U contalni
Mpncunf lleof , Com , Quinine , Iron , nml Cnllsnrn ,
vlikh ni-c ill oH od In pure couulno Spanish Imperial
Cruwn Hherry. "
Invittimhle to nil whn nrorun down , Kerrous ,
eptlc , UlUous , Mnlirio us or mulcted with wcu
awara of Imitations.
Her Majesty's Favorite Cosmetic Glycerq
Used by Her Itoynl lllgtincft * the Vrlneen of W le
nnd the nobility. For the t-kln , Complexion , Krup
liin , Clumping. nonichm'M $100. Of tt
n the lie t Harviparllln In tlio murkoU
Railway Time Table.
Tno following Is the time of arrival and de
parture of trains by Central Standard time at /
tlin local depots. Trains of the C. . St. P. , M. A I
O. arrive and dopnrt from their dopot. corner 1
ot IHh nnd Webster streets ; trains on the B. *
M. , C. , B. & Q. nnd K. C. . St. J. A C. B. from tlio
B. & M. depot : nil others from the Union PaolQo
BUI-DOB TRAINS. leave U. P. depot nt < JTS :
117:35-8:00-8:10 : : 8:60-1110:00-ltW : ) a. in. , B
1:00 : 1:20 : 1:60 : 3:00-3:00 : : 4OJ : SOJ iJ3
0:10 : 7:00 : 11:10 p. m.
Leave transfer for Omaha at 7:12 : n 8:15 : 9:80
fl:43 : 8 10:35 : 10:37 : UJT ; .J m.i:37 : ; : 2:13 :
2:3733:37 : : : : 1:37 0:5)-uw : 7 0-7:50-
Arrival and < of trains from the
transfer Jotiot nt Council Illuffs :
B 7:13 : A. M I D :15 : .A. .
nnir > t. M I Il5Di- : : ) .
CO:4Ul' : . M I U7tXp. )
II 0:15 : A. M I 1)0:15 :
CU:40r. : M 1 I17:00r. :
A VMKiA. M i A 0:16 :
Ii CWp. : M I UOUiOf. M
I A7U : > I' . U
n 0:13 A. M I u 8:15 A. n
C0:4)r. : ) M ] 11 7OJp. M
A10OJA. : M I Dl ! : 5A. M
C 3.65 r. M I A 0:40 :
A 3:00 : r. M I A 0:30 :
stoux cixv t PACinu.
A 7UO A. JI I A 0:35 : A. M
A (5 ( : 3 P. M I A B:5) P. X
Will leave U. P. dopot. Omaha , nt 0:40 : 8:3 : *
10t5 : 10:55ii. m. : S:40:506rij : > . m.
iCB.voStock , Yurds for Omaha at 7:55 : 10:23i.
13:01-.1:29-4:40-5:07-0 : : : : ' . > OB. ra.
NOTE A trains daily : B , daily orcopt flunflay J
dally except Saturdays I > , dally except Mon-
ONLY 81 1JY MAIL , I'OSTrAIl ) ,
. . ,
75xn nst itVlt lltT. Nflrrofli nnd Physic * ! Dabilltr
rromitureOeollnoln ll n. J r/-or of Youth , tad till
nntola iul : rj roiulilnif from InllncroUon anil o -
reue * . A boon tor oyor mun , roung , miiirlU-accd
ndold. ItcontllnsUnscrluUonsfriilli4inil ( unJ
rlironleulReHstu , enrnnf.p of wnlrli Ij InvulunUIo. itii
founil brtliauulliornbnsa eximrlanca fur 31 renriiu
tuch us prohubly norer l > ufor fell to the lot of uar
jjn7 lcUiu : AiMKB5.Uound ) | In tfiiarniitlfiil Vrenoh miu-
> A. iJUibosso < leer Mi fii'lt. ! iniaranlecd t
work In ororr , llterurr nd urof >
donal thhnunr olhcr work In this cnii'itrr farlliH
orthe tnrmorwlll tarofund In evorf Instance. I'rni
nnlr II br mull , postpulrt. lllimtr.ue I mi'nple , ii ) > ,
Bendnaw. ( Jold medal awarded tusiiuthor hr tin Nv
ttonal Medical Assoclntlnn , to tlin Him. A. l' IIHioll ,
and uiiiriiliite otrtoon of the boird tha ren'lcrls rs-
ipnctfully ruforr.i . . '
Tliebclennuof Ut > \ * worth more to till Toutufunl
nililille-nueil mon of tliln uunurntlmi lUjti nil tin gull
mines orCiilllurnUuii'1 ' the ailTeruilnai of
comblnBd. H. K. Chronlolu.
Tho8 lcnroof I.lfu point * out the rocks < i
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