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The Divine Injunction to bo Enforced by
the Omalm Sabbath Association ,
Pulpit Conshlprnlion of the Law of
God Concerning Uic Hnblmth
and the Manner In \ \ lilcli It
is Uutlilcssly Vlolatcil.
Sonic time ago , the attention of Bishop
Worthington was directed to a number
of cases in which the Sabbath was violat
ed by a number of the working people
of this city. Ho brought the mutter to
the attention of the ministers of the city.
Tlio result was the formation of what is
now known us the Omaha Sabbath asso
Tlio object of this pocicty for the pres
ent , in advance of the adoption of the
constitution , which took place yolcrday
is" to discourage work on Sunday
where that may bo done by solicitation
and argument. Later on , it i.s proposed
to utilize the law to enforce the Sunday
observance , especially with those upon
whom other argument fails of ell'ocl.
At a recent meeting of thli association ,
it wns determined that the ministers on
Sunday would ] ) i each on the subject of
Sabbath violation. Dishop Worthinglon
was out of towns Rev. Juo. Williams had
previously set another .subject for consid
eration ; Kov. Air. Dotwiler had surren
dered his liulpit to another , and Nov. Mr.
Copeland had not been apprised of the
datn of consideration. Among the ser
mons delivered were those outlined be
low :
Pulpit Opinions.
Ucv. Mr. llarsha look for his text the
ninth verse of the fourth chapter of He
brews : "There remaineth , therefore , n
rest ( or keeping of Sabbath ) to the people
of God. "
The idea of the discourse is that the
Sabbath of the present is the typo of the
Sabbath rest in heaven. The essential
elements are the same in each. Rest js
the Sabbath of the body , but activity i.s
the Sabbath of the soul. This is true of
our present Sunday. The tired body
needs refreshment and repose. But the
soul lias oblivion enough during the
week. On the Lord's day. it should bo
filled with inspiration , with contempla
tion and praise. It will bo the same in
the Sabbath rest of heaven. The mate
rial part of us will have rest from the
toils of earth and will bo transformed into
the likeness of Christ. The spiritual part
of us will have an eternal employment of
contemplation , progress , communion and
Rev. Willanl Scott took his topic : "Sab
bath Observance in Cities , " and after an
introduction concerning the origin and
intention of the day said : Can this ideal
Sabbath bo secured in a city such as
Omaha ? Why not , if it was once ob
served in Jerusalem ? The dillicultics in
cident to city life arenotinsnrmoiintabel.
Toronto , Canada , has : i population of
120,000. Montreal i.s still larger , and is
two-thirds French Catholics. But these
cities have Christian Sabbaths. There
are no secular papers issued. Groceries ,
bakeries , markets , museums , barber
shops and saloons are closed. Even
drugstores have only a private entrance
open forca&cs of necessity. No teams or
street cars are in motion. No cabs are
rim. Milk men linihh their rounds be
fore service time. Only one man at
tends the telegraph ollicc. The streets
uro empty except at church time. Edin
burgh , Scotland , hrs 228,000 population ,
and has nearly the same Sabbath
order. No cars are run and few
carriages. The cab stands are va-
> cant. The castle 'soldiers attend
church. No bootblacks are busy. Each
policeman is oil' duty two-thirds of the
day. No liquor is sold either hero or in
any part of Scotland. No excursions leave
by rail , though sometimes a steamer goes
'down ' to the harbor. Only drug and
imilk stores and a few shops are open.
Even London is better than Omaha.
No Sunday papers are issued. There is
! no Sunday delivery or general collection
iof mail. A hot breakfast cannot bo got-
lien before three o'clock. New York has
no crying of Sunday papers , yory little
labor awltrading : no processions except
funeral , with subdued inuslc'and before
churches no music at all ; no base ball and
no open theatres.
WIiatDinaha shall bo on the Sabbath
is largely what its better people allow it
to bo. Jt may bo made as orderly as
Toronto , or allowed to become as dis
orderly as San Francisco. The remedies
for what it now is , are a Saturday half-
holiday for all employees ; payment of
wages on Monday or during llio week ; as
little work on the Sabbath as possible ; no
Sunday papers or delivery of mall ; no
public games in the city or suburbs ; and
I closed .saloons and cigar stands. Most of
| ( -'the to-called "necessities , " of our Sunday
.are only conveniences by which the day
Us robbed of its intents and wo of its
J The text the Rev. Mr. Siuirrill took was
, the fourth commandment , to remember
; J hoSabbathdayandkeop it holv. His line
of thought was that the commandment is
[ not arbitrary but was found in the need
iof the human constitution. Humboldt
had said that it could be shown by scion-
Allio analysis that a man needs on of
iBovonday as well as lie needs the rest of
'night ' , and furtiior , that this law of rest
on the ccvonlli day is founded on the
'needs ' of the constitution , and it has ex
isted for all time. This rest is just as
( necessary for the moral welfare of the
teoul us well as the physical health of the
body. It was given to mankind in the
beginning in IhoUurduuof Eden. It was
ratified on Mt. Sinai and endorsed by
Christ himsolf. He removed the tradition
iof the Plwrrialoal Sabbath and restored
that which the church has long boon
encouraging of iwt anil holiness ,
Mr. Slierrill cmphabixed his remarks by
quotations from the bible , showing that
the law of industry nnd rest and holiness
with regard to the Sabbath uro just as
much in force in the lllth century as they
liuvo been iu any time in the past.
Two Omalm Dotcotlvos I'roouro Hvl-
Uoiicn in an Interesting Divorce
TwoOnwIn dvtoctivcs Imvo just ro.
turnctl from jJiibuquo , lowu , wlicro they
ettyo ov'.doncolu ' u ilivorco suit , peuUIng
in the tllsirlct court of that city , wJiioli is
of inoro than onllnnry local intorcsst. The
pluiulili' in the cuso was Mrs. Annto
Lani-NVdrtliy Gibli5 , tliotlufciulaut Ailri.'tii
II. ( Jibbs , n resilient of Onml.a.
v Sonin twenty-two years afro , Mr , Uibbs
was ami-null to Miss Langworthy who
Wisthon livliiR in nulnqtio. Her par
ents , who wcro qitlto wealthy , dccitlctliy
, r > oiiuoscil the nritch , ami threatcncil before -
fore the nuptials wcro consumniatctl to
ioyoimKlii'lyif ' sl' ' pcrsistod
s tl ' ol > ro.\Uvis suitor. ThU
ittler the hilv i liowuvcr , from
lnj ; out her parposo.
n ycsrsor llini'cabouts , Mr
Mrs , , tilbbs.wlilcil in Diibiiqu.o. It
1 $ snhl ihttt lliclv aiarripd ! Ic ( was not n
V rV' happy one. However lhat tnav Ui ,
cerUlu it
left Ills wife and c.inio out to Omnha ,
wlioro ho has since been engaged in busi-
ncsH , part of thu time In the Union PncUio
headquarters. It is nllogcd ihnt ho has
totally failed to provide lor the support
of his wife during the past four years ,
though he has kept up an occasional
correspondence with her.
Some months ago Mrs. Gibbs' father ,
Mr. Langworthy , who was declining in
years , determined to have hh daimmcr
procure a divorce from her husband ,
liven after nearly a quarter of a century
ho was rcaily to take her back as his
daughter and settle upon her n goodly
portion of his handsome estate , pro
vided the obnoxious ties wcro dissolved.
Ills lawyers entered into a correspon
dence with the Omaha Detective agency ,
as n result of which two experi
enced men wcro employed to work
tip the case. For two weeks , ( hbbs was
"shadowed" by the detective' ' , who were
positive that a little close watching
would reveal evidences of Oibbs unfaith
fulness to his marriage vows lav ) or
night the ' 'shadows" never left his track.
The every movement of the suspected
mail was noted down. Finally the de
tectives succeeded in catching Mr. G. in
a liasou with n married woman who
passed under the name of MIN. Fannie
Kraft. The pair were traced to an as
signation house on Davenport ctrcot be
tween Twelfth and Thlrlcenth , where
proof positive of the husband's guilt was
discovered ,
The evidence of the detectives was In
troduced at the trial in Dubinnie , and as
a cosequonce of it , tuo courj entered up a
decree granting Mrs. Gibbs u divorce
srom her sjiouse. She is once more
heart and fancy free , and has been
taken back into full dauglilcrhood by
her loud father.
Kot- Sale or Trade.
Forty sections of extra choice western
agricultural lands ; twelve hundred and
eighty acres of York county. Neb. , land ,
divided into ten very desirable farms.
For particulars address the owners ,
HoriuNs & COWAN ,
York , Neb.
An Intcreitlnj ; Interview AVitha
Manicure An Opera I Ion.
"JJello D'llull , Clovnhmd , Ohio , " was
tho'namo which a reporter for the HBI :
found on the Millard register Saturday.
Ho had learned that the lady was ti man
icure , aud having u curiosity to see and
interview ono of these artKts , whoso
business is to beautify the linger
nails of humanity , the newspaper man
sent up IMS card , lie was shortly ush
ered into thu presence of the lady , and
was most graciously received by her ,
Madame D'llull readily consented to an
interview , and propose to supplement it
with a practical operation upon the lin
ger nails of the scribe.
"The work I have to do , " she said ,
"is apparently easy , but at the same
time , it requires no little skill anil ox
periencc. Taking care of Hie linger
nails is as important a , detail of the toilet
as taking care of the teeth or hair. People
ple are beginning to realize this. I Jook
lorward to the time when you men will
say not 'what pretty teeth she has , ' or
'what handsome eyes she's got , ' but 'oh
the beauty of her linger nails. ' No. J am
not joking. 1 mean exactly what I say.
Now I'll show you how my work is done.
Put your lingers in this cup of warm
water. "
The subject obeyed.
The water was pretty warm , but as the
operation was not under his direction ho
could do nothing but follow instructions.
Pretty soon the manicure allowed him to
withdraw his lingers from the now tepid
water , and commenced to work upon the
nails with knife and scissors. Carefully
she pared the edges to symmetrical curve ,
at the aamo time cutting out the cuticle ,
so as to fully display the "crescents. "
This accomplished , the inside of the
edges wcro thoroughly scraped and
cleaned so as to remove every particle of
foreign substance.
"Now"satd the manicure "tho
_ , , next
stop is to polish the nails. You see , I dip
them in this red liquid , ( no , I won't ' toll
you what it i.s that's a secret of my own )
and then anoint them with ( his "salve.
Then I rub them thoroughly with this
pink powder , using a chamois skin pol
isher. Then they are thoroughly washed
in cold water , and again burnished with
the powder and polisher and , there you
are. "
The operation wno over , and the news
paper man arose from ttio chair with llio
sense of having as nerfcct set of linger
nails as ono could dcsiro. The operation
had taken something over half an hour ,
but had been PO neatly and cxpcditioiisly
performed that the time seemed very
much hhortor.
"Yp.S" said Madam D' Hull , "I find
plenty to do both among the ladies and
gentlemen. My customers among the
gentlemen are generally substantial busi
ness men , who arc careful in the details of
their toilet , No , the dudes do not form a
liberal class of patrons , contrary to gen
eral impression. They are not educated
up to the proper standard yet. The
profession off ho manicure was llrst in
troduced mlo America from Franco ,
about eight years ago. Since that time ,
tin ; sphere of the pj'ofuaMon has been
rapidly enlarging , until : it present there
is scarcely any city in the United Stales
without its one or two manicure parlors. '
Wnonyou come to Lincoln , stop at the
Commercial Hotel , if you want homo
comforts. C. W.JCrrciiKN , Proprietor.
Federal Court ,
U. S. court convened yobtord.iy
Judge llrawer presiding , The work of
the ilny consisted in the disposition of a
few unimportant equity matters. The
court horn is without a jury fund lor Iho
pro.sont session , no funds having been ah-
.signed for llio department of jus
tice in Nebraska. The jurors
who have not already reached
the city have be'iii ' notified
of the condition of ull'aH's ami will save
the department additional expense by re.
maiiiing at homo. There will bo no
money available for jury purposes in
this district until after the no\t appro
priation which will not be made until
about the hiht of Juno ,
More Paving.
A petition has boon presented to the
city council , asking thorn to order Far-
nam .street payed west to the city limits.
When tldti is completed , which un
doubtedly will bo this season , the lots on
Ji'A'ln street , only ono block bouth of
Farnam will soil readily for .f',503 to
$ y,00fl , each , Now I * ttio time to buy. G.
K , Mayno is olll-iin" .tu-m tvt 1,509 ruch.
Decoration Dny ,
The Gr.uid Army post ? . are tailing stops
to luvnugn for an appropriate ob.'orvantio
of Memorial d-iy , M-iy .10 , which falls ou
St : rlay this year. Custer post had
planned to observe the day in a great
manner hy dccoral'mg the gniVfw of the
dead heroes without any public demon-
itralinn , out ns they huyt boon invited
by Omaha po l to join in a programme
of public observoncn , this plan will
iiionublv ba adopted. A meeting will
bo hold OIR evening this week to complete -
ploto the arrangements.
" " "
F.M ,
khileclsand Building Superiors
OMAHA , NEB , and .
OJHcff , O > r Ntj ; and y.rpnm trci > t lloora ! >
Oeoauc JIUM..34/W nUU r , M. Kills.
Purest nml stronppit Natural Fmll Flavon.
Vnnllla , I/mr.n. Or.itiRe , Almond , liosc. ctn. ,
ilavoras cldlcntelynml naturally as ttio fruit.
cincAoo. sr. Lotnr.
1503 .Uisr ulv
Practice limited to Disease of
Glasses fitted for all forms of defective
Vision. Artillcinl Kyea Inserted.
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
Ml Work.
10CO rarunm Street , Omaha , Nob.
Lincoln Steam Dye Works
W. D. HOHERTSON , Prop'r.
Offlco No. 1103 O St. , Wotlts S.i ; . Cor. V. & Otli.
r.lncnln , Noli. Gems , ' Clothing' ClcuncJ and U
( Successors to J. 0. Jacobs , )
At the old stiiiiO , 1407 Fnrnnm St. Orders by
tt'lcgrupli bulIclteU and promptly iittonduJ to.
Law Reporters and Copyists ,
Stuto Agents for Nebraska.
Typo-wrltcr supplies and paper kept In stock.
Send for catalogue.
Best Goods in the Market
kford , III.
Aslt for our fjooils autl BOB that the
lieiiv our trade mark.
l.llh St , Cor , Capitol Avenue ,
Chronic St Surgical Diseases.
PR. McMENAMY , Proprietor.
Hlxtci-u ) iivu' : Hospitalunit 1'rivutu 1'ruUico
W l.ivii | HIP facilities , npparatuf anil remedies
for thiiiiirrrtrfnl treatment of c\cry form of dis
ease ri'nulrlnj ; i'ltlur medical or nirilcnl ; trentnunt ,
ami iuvilu nil lucumo anil liivi'tllguti ) for tlifmsdu'a
urcnrrwpnnd us. Long experience In treat
ing emeu by letter enables im to treat many cases
edinliflrslfy without nccliie them ,
WlttTK KOll CIHOUI.AU on Deformities nnd
Ilriuri , Club Feet , Curvatnrrs of tlio Spine ,
l'siu. ) i'8 01 * WOMES , 1'llca , Tuinarj , Cancers ,
raUrrli ; Hrcnchitis , InhaUtlnn , Electricity , 1'nral-
y , ' . , KplitlJiy , Kidney , 12 } e , Car , tikla , lilood am }
nil surKici.i 'jiirrnlloiiB.
llnltet'lPH , Inhalers , ItracPH , Trussi-s , nml
nil kudfi : uf .Medical und iiurtjlccl AppUauccg , uiun.
ufrictuieil ami for eali .
The only reliable Medical Institute making
Private , Special t Nervous Diseases
rA ' .
fiom white vtrtaueoliroJncciI.eucccesfully treated ,
\Vo can r.'iaovc fiy killtio j > otou ! from the 6j6tcm
-.iHI'.oat luer.ury.
New reitorati > otrnlmrnt for \oe \ > \ltalpower ,
Pull an > l consult u or vend iiamo anil pobt-olllro
r.ildrost plilnly written cuclr o itamp , and ve ,
ulll ICDI ! yon , In l.ilu ) ! wraiiprr. oar
t'los riu/iiB , Si'iiciii , AMI Nisntoiii TJIDUISEB ,
HKUI.IAI , WKiKNLtf , SrEi * TonmiKi JsirorEK.
rr , Si niu.ia , OoKonimu'.i , GLKKT , VAIUCOCKLE ,
fllUjlfftK , AND Alt , lllM'AFEt or Tllli GEN1TO-
t'ntMAiir OnaAX ? , or tend hlitory of jour caec for
an opinion ,
I'erionj uniblc to vlitt in may bo ttcntei ) at tlielr
r.otiuj , by cnircfpundcnce. iltilicintd a a Iiutru-
menU eat by mall or cxpres SUC'OItEJ.V PAt'R
KU J'UOH UD8I.HYAT10N , co marks to ImUcaU
ronttnli or icndtr. One pcrioni Interview fto-
ff-r i | If eonnlont. . Fifty roonu for Hie arconi.
inodttloa of ptticuts Hoard and attendance at
> iUci. . Addrcn all Letteri to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
This map represents Solomon's addi
tion to Omaha ICO acres platted in one
ncro lots. The land Is one mile from city
limits , ono-quartor mile -from deaf and
dumb institute , IIfteen 11111111(03' ( drive
from postofllco , near Bell railway. The
boulevard will be completed this sum
mer , it runs near' our cast line. Land
contains ICO aero lots , which I offer for
sale without rescvcrvo at f J3Q to 5300 per
aero , on very easy terms -one-third oash ,
balance five years' time , 8 per cent inter
est , or ? 50 cash , balance $10 per month
with interest. Hero is the best oppor
tunity to secure homos at a small outlay.
Heally less monov per ncro than parlies
are now selling Mnill town lots live lots
to one aero. Heal cstato dealers are now
platting out town adjoining us on the
south and also west of the above lines
live lots to one arro.
Remember , that you can sub-divido
yoiirnero lots in five town lots nnd soil
them at once at a iinmlsomu advance.
Tlit ro i.s no doubt you can double your
investment inside of sk months. The
above land joins Tuttlo's addition west.
1 oiler 23 acres of tin above land with
three story brick dwelling , 10 rooms , 32 v
G2 feet , soft and hard water supplied
through pipes forced by wind mill , brick
bainGJxlOO feat , one frame barn 3.2x100
feel , mill house , grinding mill , corn
fihellcr , haV.scales , 14-foot wind mill , ice
house , now woll-illlcd with ice. one-acre
chicken house and fence , with other outhouses -
houses , etc. There is now on the above
28 acres 1,000 cholcj fruit trees three
years old ; 0,020 grape vines , four years
old ; 5,003 raspberries , aho goosubcrric. ? ,
currants , blackberries , btr.iwborrie.s.etc. ,
etc. Also a good half mile race track now
complete , The improvements cost over
$ . 0.000.
For furt'ior ' particular ; : call at
1509 Farm St. , Omalia , Nefi ,
? J. I. E >
I. I D ,
- H
GROSS ASSETS , DECEMBER 31st , 1885 150,820.30
A certificate of membership in this Association turnishos belief ! t at the lowcs
Men and woman , batwecn the ages of 17 anil G"5 years , who are in good health ,
may bucnmo members.
There is no changing from one class to another , and assessments do not increase
with advancing ag .
The Company lias a guarantee fund of $11.030 paid up in cash , which is an ad
ditional security to that furnish jd by any company in the united Slate- . .
It has a Reserve fund which provides for a non-forfeiting policv and a paid-up
policy. .
'Hie Company is located in the 'West ; its business is confined to the healthy West ,
and applications from persons residing in malarial districts ace not accepted , which
will insure few as-'ossments , and a consequent exemption from any onerous liability.
A local Advisory Board , composed of not less than live lending citi/.uns of each
vicinity , may b3 formed , who may act as advisory counsel in the sottlemunt of claims
by the death of mem bora and as to the admission of applicants to membership.
A member who lapses his certificate may re-mstato the sumo at any time upon
satisfactory evidence of goo.l health , by the payment of all delinquent dues and
( isc.t8inents.
.Noinstirancs company in this or any other country lias over failed by reason of
of the death-rate experience The failure in each instance has been caused by pecu
lation or speculation. The safe guards introduced render both impossible in this
Our business is confined to the endowment for old age , and the payment of the
widows and orphans after death.
The policy is more liberal , and the plan more secure , than any company in the
United States.
Co-opor.itivo Insurance Companies existed in England 200 years before the stock
plan was thought of , and the same companies exist to-day , some of them having
nearly one million members. When managed judiciously , they cannot break. We
guarantee every promise wo maked with ? lGOo03this being in uddjlion to the $100-
000 provided for as a Reserve Fund which is a more liberal provision and oiler than
ny other company makes.
The Strength of This Association Consists of
The cost of life protection in tins company is less than any company in the
United St-ites , The company Ugood and payments prompt.
This Association is now entering its third year , and has a largo membership ,
which is constantly increasing.
At do'itli or maturity of endowment the member receives his interest in the
Reserve Fund in addition to the amount due on the policy.
All policies bacomo non-forfeiting after the third year to the extent of the mem
ber's in the Roiorvo Fund.
AGENTS WANTED in every town and city whore not supplied in all of the
states west of the Mississippi river and north of Kansas. Good reliable canvassers
can obtain most favorable rates by writing to the company.
The Western Mutual haseonsolidatodtho mombnrshipof the "Nebraska Mutual , "
' 'Farmers' and Mechanics' " and "Lincoln Mutual , " and with its own members insure - -
sure s perfect protection.
"Wo regard the Western Mutual as one of the very best lifo insurance associa
tions in tnis country , and expect to see , at no very distant day , it covering the entire
fluid of the he.ilty West with its active , gentlemanly agents. " Daily Express , March
- 28SJ , '
LINCOLN' , February 1 , 1888. )
It is hereby certified that the Western Mutual Benevolent Association Insurance
Company , ot Hoatrieo , in the State of Nebraska , has complied with the insurance 1 _ w
of this state , ami is authorised to transact the bnsmes- life insurance m this st ! l t
for the current year.
i ' j Witness my hand and the seal of said of said office , the day and
! SKAL , { yi'ar Urot above wiittcn.
< - , ' ' II. A. BABCOCK , Auditor Public Accounts.
Omaha National Hank : the company's financial agent , at Omalm , Nebraska.
Refer by permission to'ilon. J. 11. Millanl , Omalia , Neb.
.All coininunioatioiid .should bo addressed to
" " " " ' i i. l i . I11 > " N " " " "
"T t 51V "C3T"Tv"T"
v J \ i I \ / 1 r * i I T , ti. . j " * > fi. ,1,1 -Nl .
Secretary and General Manager , BEATBIOE , NEBRASKA.
General Affcut. Oinco , Ilooiu 10 , Creitflittm Block , Oinulia , Neb.
Full Assortment for sale to the Trade by
QEO. DUItKK , Manasrer ,
REFERENCES : Merchants * and Farmers' Hunk , Davlil Clty NVb. ; Kearney .
Bank , Kraimiy , Nob. : Columbus State Hank. Columbus. Neb. ; lii'h Hank ,
. . ; O maha National llanlf.Umahii. Xvb. , , . . . . .
\Yill i > ay cujjtouieis , ' Uiall with bill ot lading attached for tNyo-tUIrds value
Fine Business Lots at the South End , and
In Uic north end of this Town. Two and ono luilf miles from Iho Omaha pos
ollicc ,
Thes © are Quarter te@ L ® ! §
( Tnklt.3 Into consideration thu streets nncl ullcjsnnd ) are soUl
One Quarter Down ,
Ilnlntsccln 1,2 nnd 3 years at 7 per cent. ,
The Finest Suburban Lots
Around Omnhn. 2"jO foot above the Missouri Itlver. Non hero clso nbout Oin nm are loc.ttocl such uaml-
poino nttcs for Modest , Mc'llmn ' orKloir uit home * .
Investigate this anil secuio some of tills flno property.
Before a Higher Appraisement is made.
DON'T liKT.IKVE a wonl of his until von have thorouahljr Investigated It.
That this property Is only two anil ono b-ilf allies from Om.ilia'4 uaslucii ccatcr ,
Tbnt tlio nltltuilo la high.
That the location la beautiful.
lhat rauplo trees uic pi intod on c.icli side of the streets.
That each lot contulns H.TO ) sqnuro feet with 23 foot alloy.
That the stioets aro80 nnd 100 feet wlilo.
That thcic uro elx dummy tr-ilns each Tray , beMdai tlio ro ulir trilni.
Uhal tlio ticut cars run to within ono half mlle uf thcro.
That the flticcu.-ir.i will inn thcro this } car.
' 1 hat the pi Ice Is onu tltlnl less 111:1:1 : : lauekcd for property the ninn ; ilUtinco In otucr Jlrjctlani.
0 hat the Juts nro ono thlul larger than most nthi > ri.
That they uro bickoil by n nynillc.ito roprojentlnis $15,031,00) .
Tlinxtlioro ulro > dy boon expends J between tl.OJJ.Oll an 1 ! ? , ) H')1. )
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