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Arrival of May Firat and the Demand For
Eight Hours ,
A Prediction thnt Just nnil Fair Do-
ninnilHWIlt McrtlVith BUCCCHH ,
Wlillo Hxliornllnnt Ones
AVI 11 bo Denied.
Tlio Grcnt Day An lien.
CHICAGO , April CO. fSpccIal Telegram. |
To-morrow Is tlio day fixed by tlio labor
unions to Inanimate thu chalices In tlictr
working hours fiom ten to eight , for which
they have been diligently prcpaiIng Tor sov-
cralwcelw past , Tlio Indications are that
thnic will bo tioublo In many cases. Hut the
outlook Is not discouraging to cither cm-
ploy tir or employe1 , and thciu Is c\cry reason
tob'jllovo that In neaily every case the ques
tion at Issue can bo settled and tlio now sys-
tcrn imt to the test at least \\llhout intciiup-
tlon to business , If both ships proceed In a
business HLoway. Wlicro othci Issues aio
diaggcd In , as thuy scorn sure to bo In seine
rases , It Is Impossible to guess \\hat the outcome -
como \\111 be , bat liiilmo Is most piobablu.
The movement was begun In this city by
the Tiades and Labor assembly In a spirit of
reasonableness and fullness , and on their
paithas been so conducted to thopicsent mo
ment. Thcv asked simply and only foi a 10-
dnetton of horns or woik. They ippicscnt
the 1:1 eat mass of the organised tradesmen ol
the city , and nciily , If not quite , all the
English speaking unions.- They have stead
ily icsistcd e\ery suggestion of n demand lor
Inci cased pay , or lei ten hours' pay forctiht ;
hours'work , and lime urged their follovvcis
e\ery\vlicro to abandon for the time behu
every other Issue but the reduction of horns.
They lia\o In most cases been mot by the
employers In a splilt of fairness and their
negotiations ha\o been can led on without
dlstuiblng the general peace and quiet , and
many employ uishi\o shown a disposition to
give the eight houi day n , and to adopt It
if the icsult should show that they can af-
toul It , 01 that other people ongagad In the
same line of business In other cities \\otild
make the samoelloit. In manv cases , hovv-
OVPI , the concession b.isbeen , and will be ,
successfully refused by employcis. This Is
duo In cvciy Instance clthci to a lack of tlio
proper organl/atlon of the trade or clso to
the coupling of tlio movement with otlici
toioign issues or unfali and unreasonable de
Almost ov cry tiado union in the city and
throughout tho-countiy pleilged tliemsehes
to stand lor ciglit houis , and doiuind that
only. And on this understanding the move
ment was set on foot by tlio Tiadcs and
Labor federation , and May 1,18b0 , named as
the date on which it should bo cnfoiccd. As
the tlmo drew near , however , tiado alter
tr.uto and union after union began to break
the line and toaiy the demands. Some
associated the sight hour cry with other do-
niaiids , and many of them coupled the re
quest lei short horns with the exprcsse.1
determination to accept nothing less than the
ton hours'pay. Every union adopting such
a comso Is acting indirect opposition to tlio
piInclplcsot the movement , and the Icadcis
arc , as a inlc , lirmly of the opinion that this
coiuso Is the gicat and only dangoi to Its suc
cessful termination.
'llicio aio about 123 loon assemblies of
Knights of Labor In this city , embracing an
Immense numbci of tradesmen and laboiera
who are In favor of the movement and aio
picpared to suppoil it. Most of thcso aio un
known to the public , owing to the fuct that
they have not been advrtlscd , because the
nicmboisdo not wish that theli cmploycis
should know lor tlio pressnt that they have
been oiganl/cd. Alter May 1 , howovei , they
will uiako know n the fact by holding meet
ings in support ol the eight-hour dem uul.
In trades unions there are two elements :
The ( ieiuiau and Bohemian- , whoso unions
aio mostly amalgamated uiuloi what Is known
us tlio Central Labor union , and the English
speaking element , compilsing Americans ,
Irish , Knglisli , etc. , who aiocmbiaccd by the
Trades and Labor assembly. The Qci mans
and .Bohemians aio the moio ambitious In
their demands. KiL'ht horns' \\nrk for ten
hours' ] > ay , and stilko and boycott till It is
conceded , Is their platfoun. This com so of
action Is not approved of by the inoro coolheaded -
headed and sagacious of the leaders , who aio
in favor of equalizing the payments all over
the United Slates , and do not wish to handi
cap Chicago luanufactmers by demanding
inoro than Is asked for in other cities. To
this lattei pilnclplo tlio Tiades and Laboi as
sembly is committed , and Schilling and
other lenders aio earnestly and stienuoiisly
mhlsing tlio men not to exceed it.
Tlioiifmmls of Mon Out.
CHICAGO , April SO. The Times tomorrow -
row , suinmailzlng the labor situation , will
say : "Twenty-live thousand is a fall esti
mate of the number of men who qultvvoik
josterday ( Fild.iy ) and walked out of the va-
ilons shops and factoiles In Chicago because
emplojeis would not consent to an olght
hour" working day with ten hours' piy.
How many will do so to-day ( Saturday ) Is , but the prospects foi a icpetl-
tlon of yestculay's performances aio
exceedingly brilliant. The trades most
atfecte'd aio the fuinlttuo inamifactui-
CMS , the lumber Inteiests In nil
theli nuincioiis i-.imlllcatloiis , and the iron
men , With furniture people It was practi
cally a gcncial lockout all ovci the city , and
all the 7WO men employed In the vailons
Chicago factoiies aio today Idle and \vill
probably continue so for some time to come.
The refusal of the manufacturers to giant the
demands was the icsult of a meeting last
wcpkwhen the manufacturers' association
was formed and an executive committee ap
pointed tn take charge of the business of the
various members , It was then decided
that If the men demanded eight hums Ktlday
every factoiy should shut down until this
committee shall decide to open them , and
upon teims that that body should dlctato to
the men. Thisagiecmeut wascairled out to
the letter , and to day ovciy furnltiiio factory
in Chicago Is practically In the hands of the
executive committee.
A somewhat similar situation exists In the
lumboi trade , including planing mills and
bofaetoiles. . Xo conceited action was had
by the employers until Kilday , but all but
tluee lofnscd the demand of the men , and In
n meeting af lei wauls decided to stand by
oiui tuiothei and not take their men back ex
cept at the bosses' terms. The number of
men In this trade out of employment In consequence -
sequence can only bo appioxlmated , but 8,000
is a low llguie.
With thn lion men the Idea of only run
ning eight hours could not bo en lei tallied fern
n moment by largo concerns with expensive
plants , and In consequence all who were
walleu on refused the men's demands , ami
with the exception of the idling mills , where
no tumble Is anticipated , the majority of the
largo Iron vvoiks of Chicago aio closed.
The rallio.ids have , \vltli one exception ,
temped tioublo , but theli time will come to
day , and It la le.ucd Us extent cannot be
Tliu packers will probably escape without
serious trouble. Employer * are somewhat
disposed to yield In pitt , while the men are
not anxious to strike. It depends a good
deal on what Armour will do. Kv cry busi
ness In the city Is moio or loss Implicated ,
and the general unrest among working men
Is exactly balanced by the anxiety amongst
emplojers. _
The Men's Dnniands in Chicago
CIIICACIO , April 30. The car shop emplojes
of the Soutlt and West Division railway
companies niado n demand jcstcrday foi the
uloptlon of the eight hour system. The
South division company has in-anted It. This
compiny lalsed the wages of their employes
15 per cent on April 1 , and there will bo no
reduction made. The superintendent of the
W est division compiny has not jcticturncd
n reply to the men. Ilo says his company
will follow the majoiity.
Thu Pallor Inrnlturo manufacture ! s a so-
clalton to-day resolved not to accede to the
demeiidsortho Upholsleis' union , foi an In-
cioasq ot 'JO per cent on hlio work and the
adoption ot the eight hour svstem wlthUu
hour pay.
Umc'Aiio , Apill 30 : This aftci noon dele
gations ropiosenllng between twenty-live
and Hfty thousand men employed by linns at
lho stock yards will make a demand ot the
linns that they adopt the eight houi 13 stem.
Iho linns to helsited am Armoni te Co. ,
FOVVIOI ios. , 7S' . K. rairtunk. Untcly , Nel
son , MOM Is , Jones and Stiles. It is only
within the past few da ) s that the uiuht hour
question has been agitated at tlio stock yards
and ( hull deslic to adopt tlio now labor
day has only been fuinud within the last
week. 'Ihoy belong to no union. Sydney
Kent told his l.fiOO employees vesicular that
alter May lirst they need only work eight
liomsadav lor nine houis pay. The conces
sion caused those employed by other houses
to demand that eight bouts bo a day's vvoik.
1'aik Uros. A. Co.'s fiunltniu fartoiy Is Idle
this momlng ; r > oj employes struck for eight
bouts a day at ten boms' pay. Tim Him
would not agieo to tlio demands. Tlio St.
Nicholas Toy company inlouued its 150 em
ployes that It would not grant ton hours' pay
lei eight boms' woik. The lleiecules lion
vvoiks will Inamiuratu lho eight-hour system
with ton houis' pay beginning to nionow for
one month.
The Immense lion vvoiks of Ciano JIios.
Manuractiu lug company eloso down to moi-
lovv night tot suveial weeks , lho company
intimates that It will inaugurate the eight-
iioui system , and deems the shut-down nec-
essaiyto airango for the now older of af-
faiis. Uoss & Phillips' ManufactuiliiK
: ompany , owning extensive planing mills ,
have airangcd lei the elght-lioui woiking
day w 1th" all its employ es on a basis of eight
liouis' pay , beginning to-moirovv.
The committees lepresenting 2,000 men
employed In the Clilcago lolling mills , after
consulting with the mill owners , reported
back to tlio men that they had decided for
tliiiiuescnt to continue working on the clgnt
hour plan.
Emplovcs at the extensive coal docks and
jards at south Chicago stiuck lei an Increase
ot two cents pci ton lor handling coal. The
men wciu paid the advance.
Tlio freight haiidluis on the Buillngton
and Alton loads have stopped woik owing to
the to accede to the demand toi eight
liouis. AH soon ns the tielaht now on hand
is elcaicd up tbo house will be closed.
At . ' 5 o'clock tills attei noon : KO employes of
Iho Union Uriss Mannfaetmiug company
quit work , 'I hey demand piirht hours work
and eight houis pay , which the company re-
All the plumbing shops in the city have
conceded eight hours woik at nine hours pay.
Tliocmplovesof 11. K. Poholoand William
( iltfelt. fuinituro nnnufaetnreis , ll'nnon In
nil , struck to-day for eight hours' woik and
ten hours' nay.
One bundled and fortv sowing machine
makcM ol the Juno Manufactnrlngjcompany
also stiuck on a similar demand.
The Excelsloi lion vvoiks and the Link
Belt Manul.icturing company , employing
' ! 00 men , will shut down to-morrow
Indefinitely , owing to the condition of the
labor situation.
The propileloi-s of evervono of the ninety-
three lumberyards in Chicago received to
day a circular fiuiii the Lumbci men's union
demanding substantially ten liouis pay for
eight hours' work , commencing May y. A
meeting was at once called at which eighty-
four liims were repiesentod. All of them
had been taken by surpiise , not having had
any Intlnntlonof the movement. A com
mittee was appointed to meet daily and en
deavor to .settle the problem by mutual con
cessions. According to a statement made
by the chairman of tlio committee a geneial
sti'ko in the lumbci yards would involve at
least l'J,000 men.
The Chicago & Alton freight handlers did
not , as at lust repoiled , strike to-day. The
men decided this evening to join the eight-
hum movement. Should the company not
comply with tholr petition to-morrow morn
ing , they will make no move tovviud going to
woik- until thov hear fiom the company.
The St. 1'aul men continued their woik to-
dav , and at 4 o'clock wcro Intoimed by the
local agent that the company would nnquall-
tiedly refuse to accede to theli demands. It
Is not known yet whether the men will go to
woik In the morning or not.
The Northwestern freight handlers have as
yet no icply , but expect ono to-morrow.
Theiosrcms tobo little doubt but that It
will bo In the shape ot a refusal.
The Grand Tiunk ficlght hindlcrs Imvo
made a demand foi elcht hours and no re
duction In wages. They are pi6mlsed an
answer at noon to-nioiiow.
INDIANAPOLIS , April HO. The Woodburn-
Saiken Wheel company , employing 500 men ,
this ov ening notlhed the men that the com
pany could not at this tlmo entertain a propo
sition lor the eight-hour system with ad
vanced wages. The works shut down to
night and will not reopen till Wednesday ,
when thoempiovi's may como back at the
present rates. The company Isillinz to
Inauguiatc the clght-houi plan with eight-
houi wages.
PiTTsnuito , Pa. , April 30. The movement
of laboi unions In this city for a icductlon of
working hours is confined almost exclusive
ly to the building tiades. The laigcst loeal
liulustiles lion , coal and glass , aio not be
ing disturbed by the demand , Plumbeis ,
uncle la ) ers , hod cairlcrs , and plasterers hav o
settled with their employ cis on n nine-hour
basis. Stilkos will bo Inaugurated to-
mono w or Monday by the caipen-
tois and cabinet makeis. The foimci want
ten hours pay foi nine , houis woik , and ttio
lattei an advance ot0 per cent in wages and
I'luht houis. The emuloyoiH have infused.
ISakeis to-moirovv will demand a reduction
In houis , and If not planted will icluso to
goto woik Monday. Kmployrs of Stein &
Co.'h planing mill , Allegheny City , demand
eiL'lit liimis work with ten liouis nay , and
w 111 stiiko to-morrow nlglit If lofuscu. btono
cutteis decdMl ! to strike tn-moirovv for wirht
houis and J.CO pei day. Theio are -100 stone
cutteis lime.
_ _
Call for n Ij.ibor Couforcnco.
PJTTSIIIIJIO , April 30. The Commercial
( in/cite will publish to-mono w a circular
which it Is claimed has been sent to the
leadeis of the vailous labor organizations
tlnonghout thocouutiy. It is signed by the
secietarv of the Fedciatlon of Trades
of Noith America and the genera !
olllceis of othei unions , mid calls
lor a conference at an c-.uly ilate , suggesting
May in at I'hlladelph ! i , of tlio executive ofll-
ceisof all national and iiiLeiimtloual trade
unions in the countiy , and .sajs thu object Is
to ilev Iso wajs and means to piotecttho or
ganizations tiom the "malicious wonc of
an element who openly uoast that
trades unions must bo destroyed.
This clement Is doing Incalculable iujuiy by
aiousing antagonism and dissension In the
laboi movement , and rats , scabs and unfali
employes aio backed by this element , and
this clement , without iiuthoilty from thai
body. umthe Knights ot Labor ns
an Instalment through which to vent their
spite against trades unions. "
Tlio Tlihcl Avenue Strike.
AI.HANV , April SO.'i'ho rallioad coinmls
slon has made two icpoits on the Third ave
nue rallioad stilkc. The majoiity icpor
holds that thi ) company was J ust I lied in re
slstlng the demands of Us employes tor the
discharge of eeituln othei omplove ; that the
light to hlio and discharge Is Inherent In the
emploH rt but io thU-vaso it was cxcrclset
with harshness ; that the temporary stoppage
of the service on account of the strike can
not justly work a forfeiture of tlio charter ;
Ihat the stilkcrs are blamcablo for ordering a
tie-up In the city. The minority holds that
the \iolatcdHscliartcr in not running
HIP cars as often as required and that it treat
ed its men with bad faith.
In and Around I'lttsburc.
riTTsmuio , April fW. A general strike of
cabinet makers for an advance of SO per cent
in wages and a reduction of working hours
from ten to eight , has been ordeied for to
morrow by the Allegheny county union ,
which embraces some ! ! 00 members In the two
cities. The mannfactureis refuse to grant
the advance. All caipcnlcis In Allegheny
county stilko Monday Tor nlnu hours as a
day's woik. Tliu coal miners at Impel ial ,
Pa. , inaugurate n stilko to moiiovv for an ad
vance of half a centpei bushel. Scott Haven
minors pniplov en In Scott's mines expect to
ipsume woik Momlay. 1 he strike at Brown's
Wayne 11011 and steel mills has been settled
and woik was icsumcd tills morning.
The St. I/o n IB Strike.
ST. Lot'is , April no. The general executive
) imd of thu Knights ot Labor met In exccu-
tl\o session jcsteiday and weio In communi
cation with the citizens committee in the
ilteinoon. Their \vllllncrucss to end the
sttikc , piovlding assmanco could bo had that
, he agreement ot 1835 hetvv eon the ralhoad
in el Its employes bo observed , was cxpiessed
by both the gcneialboaul and the joint executive -
cutivo bond. The piopositlons submitted
jy tlio rill/ens wcio discussed until a late
mm tills m 01 ill ML' , and an nuswcr will bo 10-
: iu ned to-day. It Is goneially expected the
iioposltlou will bo accepted and the strike
declaitdoll within a lew days.
The tinbor Arbitration mil.
WASIIINOTON. Apili,0. : The house com-
ultteo on laboi to day heard Itepioscn-
atlvo Springer in suppoit of the labor
aibltiatlou bill Introduced by him last
Monday. The members of the pom-
nlltco seemed lavorablo toward an
aibitratlon commission , hut the matter did
lot go fai enough to indicate what action
will bo taken. The opinion was' expressed
by the committee that tlm piincip il teatmcs
of the Spiinger bill could bo Incoipnrated in
lie bill now on the house caleudnr to provide
for the establishment of n derailment ot
agilculturo and labor.
Boycotting Condemned.
Nr.vv Yoiuc , Apilio. : ; The grand jury ol
ho com t of general sessions , was discharged
o-day , but not until the foreman handed
itecorder Smith a mcscntment condemning
boycotting. The piesentment seveicly con-
lemns Police Justice \VIIde \ , who , when n
lumber of bov rotters were auested and
irought before him , discharged them on the
jround that they had not violated lho law.
The police captains contessed tlmt they vvoio
lovveUess to leliuvo boycotted linns fiom
ho nuisance so long as tlio police judge
ailed to commit piisoueis.
Men Wait Till Monday.
WASHINGTON , Apiil SO. Tlio stiiko lor
eight boms work pel day will probably bo
naugurated here Momhy by the workmen
of all trade * . SevPial meetings of emnloyers
ami men have been held the past week , and
> oth sides aio drlei milled to push the fight.
The employers have lei med au association
to icslst tlio demand. Should there not bo
uiagieemcnt beloio Monday 10,000 men will
Street Car Men Baited.
NHW YOIIK , Api 11 30. The nipmbers of the
executive boaid of tlio I'mpiiu Piptectivo as
sociation woio required to funilsh 81,000 ball
pach to answer. Surety was found for all.
1'ho Indictments were presented yesterday
igalnst them lor conspiracy , and to day they
leaded not guilty when ariaigned in court.
The trial has been llxcd for May 3.
Nine Hours a Day.
PiTTSiiuuo , April bO. Norcioss Rros. , con-
ti actors liavim : charge of the building of the
now county buildings , notified their 800 em
ployes this moinlng ttiat bcttlniilng to-moi-
low nine hours would constitute a day's
work instead of ten.
Coal Miner's Strike.
CnAui.r.sroxV. \ . V. , April 80. To-mor-
low all miners employed In the Kanasaw
coal icglon will stiiko , as the employers have
lolused to glvotho price demanded. This
will affect about 5,000 mon.
Will Shut Down.
CHICAGO , April 30. It Is stated that Nel
son Morris and Ainiour < te Co. , two of the
largest packers , decided to shut down If the
demands of theli men for eight hours aio in
sisted on. _
Stone Cutters for Nine Hours.
Prrrsnuuo , Pa. , April SO. The stone cut
ters and nnsoiis of Allegheny City \\n\o \ \
joined the movement for nine liouis woik.
It thoiMiiployers refuse to maiitthe demands
a strike will DO inaugurated to-moiiow.
Blatant Socialists Arrested.
Nr.vv YOHK , April 80. Adolph Schenck ,
who was chairman of tlio socialist meeting
last Filday night , and Itlchaid Ilrauschon ,
who made an Inflammatory speecli there , wuio
attested to-day. Indictments have been
found against them chaiglng them with
conduct likely to lead to a breach of the
peace. _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The StniKulo in Other Cities.
Nr.vv YOHK , April SO. The Wood Turners'
union , which Include meerschaum and ani-
bci woikers , held a meeting to-night and
were unanimous In favor of eight houis.
The piano makers discussed the question ,
and will determine to-moriovv whether to
make thu demand or not. Should
theio bo n stilko It will affect 2,500
men. A general meeting of luinltuio
workers will bo held to-night , itcpoits
wcio read to the elleet tlmt 150 shops had
agreed to contonn to the olght hour demand
to bo madu to-moirovv.
SYKCUSK , N. Y. , April : o. 'Iho bricklay
ers ot this city will stilku to-moirow unless
their demands lot a icdiictlon to a day of
nine hours Is complied with.
Sr. Louis , April :50. : Furnltiiio inanti-
faetuieis have formed an association and
unanimously resolved to opciato the faetoiles
on the eight-hour system alter to-morrow
on a basis of olglit-hoiu wa os.
Mn.wAUKKr , Mnv 1. At a meeting last-
iim to eatly this moinlng : i,000 employes of
the lingo Mllvvankeo blow cries decided to
strlko to-day unless wages aio lalsed § 10
per month. The companies have alieady
made largo concessions , and it Is expected
they will not accent the terms pioposed.
JKIISKV Cm , April 20. A general strike
Is threatened among machinists In this city
on account of the rejection of the demands
for more pay and less tlmo. There are about
thirty shops in this city , cmplov Ing about 300
men each. It Is expected a strike will bo in-
numiratod to-moriow.
Dunois , Pa. , April SO. The officials of
the amalgamated mlneis and laboiers asso
ciation , Issued a clicular calling upon 0,000
mlneis In the Clcarheld icgion to quit work
to-night unless all operators sign the scale
adopted at the Columbus convention at once.
PjIlt.ADl.MMUA , Apill 80.--TI10 AlllSOIl
car woiks shut down and locked out IKK ) em-
plovcs. The men , a week ago , demanded
an incicaso of wages. The company granted
an Incicaso of 0 to 10 per cent. The men to
day notified the company that the increase
was not satisfactory. The company lui me
diately shut down ,
Charity Is Not Business.
LONDON , Apill SO. The caolo rate war con
tinues with unabated vigor , The reduction
by tlio Commercial Cable company to meet
the drop to sixpence of the Associated com
panies Is commended by the News , but Is the
basis of a savage attack in the Standard. The
rate iixed by thu Commercial company Is a
Ehilliiig. and at that the management ex-
prr es hope that the public will support it ,
as liio company was tlio hist to give thu pub
lic low cable rates. The btandaid bays the
Commciclal company may bo sure the public
will do notlMng Of the sort , becausH charity Is
uot business.
ilr. anil Mrs. Shellonborgor Arrested
for Their Daughter's Murder.
The Stop-Mother Believed to Have
Been the I'Mond Who Commit *
ted the Dcetl Tcrrlblo
Stories of Cruelty.
A Fearful Crlino.
Nr.unA < 5KA CITY , Neb. , April SO. [ Special
rclrcram.J The coroner's jmy who was 1m-
taiicllcd over the dead body of llttlo Mag-
gto Shcllenbcigcr met this morning at the
'aim'house In pursuance to thp adjomnmeiit
of last night. Tlicy were In session late tills
evening , many witnesses being brought be
fore them. Hut nothing of IIPW Impoitaiico
vas brought to light , except tlmt on the re-
cxamlnatlon of tlio body ono moic cut was
llscovpied on the neck , making the in all.
Dark and ugly bruises wcro also dlscovcicd
on tlio back , chest and limbs of the
lltlo glil , evidently made by the stiokcs
from sonic heavy stick. Kvldenco was
elicited , showing that the farm belonged to
daggle and her In other Lee , the only two
Ivingclilldien of Mt. Shellcnbeiger's first
vlfc. Witnesses pioud that on two occa
sions Magglo had tiled to make hei escape
from the house , and on being caught and
asked her reasons foi netlng so ansvveicd she
lid not want to live with her step mother , as
she scolded her so. One ot these occasions was
nit a few dajs ago , and after stay Ing at a
armor's' house , some ton miles from her
ionic , in company with her
brother , n lad of 13 , her father
caught them in the morning , and made them
valk the cntlro way back ahead of him and
ds companion on horseback. On being asked
> y tlio latter why the llttlo dilution could note
> o taken on the holies with them , ho lopllcd
o the elfect that walking was coed enough
for them , rcfeiilng to the little , tlicd-out
chlldien wiiom ho vvas drlvlim along the
road like so many catt'p. It was also shown
hat Masglc , though , as some of her iclativcs
estltied , of a sickly tcmiieiamcnt , was
nailo to do all the haul housevvoik , getting
ircakfast early In the morning and then
calling hpr parents when It was ready , scrub-
> ing the lloois and such work as a strong
lousemaid would bo expected to pciform. As
his testimony was being given many of tlio
urois'pyes gllstpned with tears of soirow
ind sympitliy for the pure and fragile llttlo
foi m that now lay cold in death bcforo them.
The lestlinoey of Mr. and Mis. Shcllcn-
jergerwasconllictingas to the tlmo wher
they hcaid the gurgling nolio , as they de
scribed it , Mr. Shcllcnbeiger saying that
when ho and his wife entered the house
from the barn ho had n bag
of potatoes on his shoulder , and seeing the
tiap door open that Jed to the cellar ho at
once went down.Vhcnabout stepping elf
ho last step onto tlm cellar iloor ho first
icaul this noise , as though of running water ,
but in fact the life blood of hlslittle daughter
is it came spouting fiom hei sevPied neck.
A light vvas then called for , with the remark
that there was something in t lie milk pans ,
which wcro arrangcd'iidong the opposite side
of the cellar to tlio box where MaggTe was
found. With tlio flight in hand no
says ho moved towards the spot from whence
: ho nolso came , ' 'and then discovered his
laughtei , the blood still oozing In spurts
from her ghastly neck , her eyes wide open ,
ind a slight pulsation noticeable in her
throat , showingsho was yet alive. Yet no
3lfoit vvas made to bring back to life that llt
tlo sulfering heart ; but , with a ciy of "oh
God , Minnie I Magglo has cutlhcr throat 1" ho
dashed wildly to the cellar steps , cilling to
ds wife to tell Joe , who was stllT
it the barn , to go for help. This
was done , and tholfo icturucd
to the house. What occurred in the next ten
orlonger minutes is hard to sav , but no of-
loit by tlio husband and wife was made to
jrlng the dying girl up stalls or oven move
her until n neighbor , Mr. Oclke , airived ,
when the body , now dead , was bioughtup
and placed on the bed.
Mrs. Shcllenberger , In her evidence , says
[ his nolso this gurgling nolso was hc.iid by
tioth as soon as they stepped through the
front door , and a query passed between them
asiegaids what It was. In this , as well as
other points too long to enumeiatc , their tes
timony seems shaky. County Attorney John
C. Watson placed Mrs. Shellcnbcigei under
rigid cross-examination , and bioko her evi
dence in several points.
The jury , after \ Iqwing the premises once
more , adjourned this afternoon at i o'clock
to i o'clock to-moirow , some thinking it best
not to bo too hasty In icachlnir a verdict ,
wldlo others strenuously advocated that a
verdict should bo i cached then and there ,
and that the public would expect ono without
hesitancy. On i caching the city an houi latei
tlio jin y found that what had been expected
of them had not been fullllled , tlio streets
being spotted with groups of earnest and
sensible men whoso only query was : "Has n
verdict been reached" " and who , on learning
the lesult , could not lefraln from expressing
Indignation tlmt quicker action had not been
taken on this most hclnlous of crimes.
It vvas then that Sheilff McCullam , taking
In the position In which things might go , at
once pioccedcd to the comt house and swore
out wairants chaiging Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Shellenberger with thovvlllul and malicious
minder of Magglo Shcllcnbergpr , In the
meantime Leo Shellonborger had ai lived In
the city to procure a coffin and also to pui-
chase a lot In the cemetery. It was while
driving from thu latter place to thoundci-
taker's , and while crossing Tenth and Main
sheets , that his team wis checked by Sheiiff
McCullam and Leo Slicllenbprger stood ar
rested as the accused miudcrer of his child.
It was but the work'of i moment and ho was
under guard on his way to the cell In the
county jail , tils steps being accompanied by-
sobs and moans which catno fiom his quiver
ing and oxclted lips , aiid which lasted long
alter ho had been placed In his cell.
Thoshcjill thenat6nco proceeded to the
farm and arrested Mrs. Shellonbeiger , who
arrived at the Jail about 0 o'clock. When
arrested she still wpio the stoic expression
which her face has wtorn over since the
tragedy. She was ihadcj to change her outer
clothing in tlio picsence of two lady attend
ants before leaving ho Ijouse , but no signs of
any blood could be found on her clothes.
Just before starting for jail she kissed all In
the house , and then asked if she
could see the baby. Going Into
the adjoining room whciu the body
lay , the sheriff removed the cloth , when she
patted hpr on the head and then as iced If she
could kiss her , which she did , remarking ,
"As God Is my judge , I don't know how this
was done. " On being told by the sheriff thai
the people thought It was murder , she replied
plied , "It I was guilty of this act I wotilt
coutcss it and thus save my husband froir
this shock. Hut I am not , and don't knov
how It was done. "
At this wilting the court house yaid li
thronged with men anxious to get the lates
news. It stems to be tlio general theoiy o :
the case that the uiuidei was commuted by
Mrs. Shellcnbergcr , and her huttbaud had n <
> art In the act , but Is simply accessory after
ho act In not divulging nil ho know in his
cndea\ors to shield his wife. Of course this
s nil theoiy , but it Is the popular OIIP , and
vhlch Is gaining ground fast.
Coroner liiown has done all In his power
0 bring the guilty ones to justice , and has
llsplayed much tact and zeal In getting the
haln of testimony together. District At-
01 ney Strode has been telegraphed for , and
vlll arrive hero this evening.
Di. Watson , ex-coroner , before the jury to-
lay pronounced the cuts on the girl's neck
noli as she could not make herself , and cor
roborated Dr. Larsh In all points.
Kxtrn guards have been placed in and
iround the jail , and every precaution has
won.made against escape \lolunce. . There
s in ensofecllng existing against the woman
o night. The luucrat will take place to-
uoriovv and the sheriff will accompany the
athei to the church.
V Southern Coimrcssmati Who Still
Bollc\cs In Si'CPsHlon.
WASHING lo.v , April ro. ( Special Tele
gram. ] 'Iho New Yoilc World's Washington
ncclal to day quotes Congiosmui Singleton ,
of Mississippi , us sayliu : "It is not within
ho power of the people of tlio south to krep
cff Davis caged and piovent Ids being hon
ored by those who made him tholr leader In
Ml. It Is natural ho should bu given the
ovation ho was. Hut If ho siya anything
hat Is unpatriotic hoshouldbe hansrcd befoio
ic gets out of town. It mav bo the means
> f starting tlio icpubhcan piuss at tliunoitli
n saying that the south Is still In rebellion
nd the Confcdoiato lla is floating fiom the
itaffofcvciv building. Mr. Davis is , pei-
inps , one of the most patriotic and sincere
iicn in the southein states. Kvciy pilnclplo
10 fought for ho still entertain * . Ilo believed
11 the right of secession In 1801 , and so ho
oes to-day. Hut , In truth , Jellcrson Davis
vas never as gieat a secessionist as I was ,
ud I am yet enthusiastic in the opinion that
vhcn a stain voluntarily comes into the
inlon , It has the same right to go out. Tbo
ninclples for which the south fought aio
hch principles still. "
MASK Blili. .
The First Tjcncue Gaino Kvcr Played
in Kaunas City.
KAXSAS CITV , Apiil so. About s.coo pco-
> lo witnessed the fust league game over
ilajedhcre. Both the Chieagos and homo
cam were In good foi m and played an ex-
itlnggamo. Thu homo club held tlio lead
rom the second until the ninth inning ,
vhcn the game was tied until tlio thlitcentu.
vhen the visitor scoicd a inn and won ,
Cansas City 5 , Chicago 0.
ornii : : OAMI.SISTIHDAY. .
Other games played by leullng base bill
ilubs of the countiy yestciday icsulted .is fol-
ovvs :
At St. Louis St. Louis 8 , Dptioit 0.
At Oincinniti Cincinnati 1 , Louisville 7.
At New Vork-Iloston'J7.Now Voik 10.
At Philadelphia Athletics 7 , Ualtimoio I.
At Washington Philadelphia 12. Nation
als 3.
The Grecian How.
Loxnov , April 0. An Athens dlspitch
says : The foielgn ininisteis heie , on re
ceiving the icply ol Greece to the ultimatum
of the powers , referied It to their respcctlvo
governments , trom whom they will await In
structions bctoieanswering it.
ATHKNS , Apnl : ! 0. Greece in reply to the
ilUmatum of the powers ordering hoi to dis-
iim within eight day s , points to the fact that
sheJmd notllled the powers picvious to the
receipt of their ultimatum that she had ac
cepted the counsel of Fiance , thus giving
formal assurance that she , yielding to the
lesiroof thopowcis. would not disturb the
> eace. Consequently shn will not retain
armaments , but giadually reduce thPin.
Giceco trusts , tlm answer reacts , thnt the
ultimatum of tlio powers will soon be. m-
; aidcd as having no hut her object.
The government has ordPicd the disarming
of the tour stcaniPis which wcio being tilted
out as ciuiseis. The order foi the dispatch
of the gaiiIson at Athens to the front has
been cancelled.
LONDOX , Mav 1. A dispatch from Berlin
to the Standaul says : The poweis have de
cided to reiciet Giecce's icply to tlio ultl-
natiini , and Insist upon an unconditional
lisarmment. The fleet remains in leadi-
for action.
ness _ _ _ _
For and Against Homo Rule.
LONDON , April 30. Gladstone denies the
story that ho has decided to join the Itomnn
latholic chinch. It is stated that Morley ,
chief secretary lor Ireland , In a speech to bo
lelivcicd at Glasgow , will announce that the
government has decided to abandon that
'eatuioof the home uilebill which excludes
Irish representatives liom Westminister ,
fho Dublin Nation , the oigan of the lord
mayor , denies that Irish-American dyna-
inlteis will continue to wiong England un
less the absolute separation of It eland and Diltaln is attained. At Ueltast to-day
two anti-homo rule meetings were held , atone
ono of which 0,000 poisons were present.
Both llbeialsand conservatives attended. At
botii meetings icsolutlons condemning Glad
stone's scheme and Moiloy's threats were
unanimously adopted.
The Maiquls of Itlpon supported Glad
stone's Iiisli policy at Manchestei to-night.
Mi. Justin McCaithy , at Hastings , said the
moio tlio Knglisli studied Irish history the
moio they became convinced tlmt gianling
liomo rule to Ireland would make hci n
lilcnd , i.ot a foe. Ilo emphatically denied
that the question was ono of Catholics
against Piotcstants. Ulster , he dcclaied ,
really did not deslro to maintain union.
'Iho Austrian minister's Absence JUv-
Apiil 80. The Ficmdenblatt ,
commenting on the absence finm Washing
ton of liaron Von Schacler , the Anstilan
nilnlstci to the United States , and the intci-
enco deduced theii'iiom that Austila meant
to letallato lor the ICelloy alfali and lomaln
uim'piescntcd until It should bn adjusted ,
sajstho reason for llm baron's absence IH
simply to enjoy a dosiied tuilough on ac
count of ill-health. Ho will spt'iid his vaca
tion In r.urone. and II his health poinnts ,
will letnrn to Washington after the oxpli.i-
tlon of tlio furlough. Otherwise , his suc
cessor will bo appointed to continue the rej-
resentatlon of Austria at the American cap
ital. The Kremdeiiblatt says In conclusion ,
that the lelations of Austria with the United
States aio not of the most cot dial nature.
Morley on the Irish I'rohlem.
LONDON , April 80. Morley , chief secietary
for Ireland , addressed a iaigo meeting at
( Jlascow to-night. Ilo ridiculed the pie
posed county boaids. In rpgaid to separation
he said \vould bo impossible for I Iieland to
sopaiato against England's will. Thii gov-
eminent know the enormous ! dlfllculty ol
dealing with the constitution , hence had
formed a flexible plan capable of adaptation
to a variety of cliciimstanccs. Coeicion was
not strong enough to quell , though It might
intimidate the lush people.
Turkey Thanks tlio Powers.
CONSTANTINOPLE , Apiil so. I'lio poito
has thanked the povvcis for their elfoits to
cause Greece to disarm. The prompt and
unconditional dlsaimament alone , says tne
note of thanks , could induce the poito to dis
pense with the demand for compensation lot
the enormous saeiilices Tin Key has beoi
compelled to make In the maintenance of s
war footing to meet the tlucatencd attack o
That Itohol Yoll.
LONDON , April 80. The Daily Tplegrapl
u-foiling to the Montgomery sensation , says :
"Wo think It would be better if Mr. Davis
allow ud the past to sleep as Lee ami IJcnja
mill did. "
AVcnther Tor Nebraska.
Fen SFAIU OFNLUIABKA : Warmer , fal ;
weather ,
A Homber of the Pacific Railroads Coin-
mittco Talks About tbo Matter-
A Favorable Koport Iho llcsult or n
Belief That tlio BUI Will Tro-
vcnt the Present Question
able Operations.
The Government ana Pacific noiuls.
WASHINGTON , April W. [ Special Tele-
jiam.J Thoblll ippoitedby tiio house com-
nlttcoon Paclllc mlhoiils on Monday last
tas called for considerable advciso comment ,
vhlch seems to have oilglnatcd with persons
ulercstcd In tlio manipulations oC stocks.
1'ho committed icpoitcd the bill unanimous-
y , and the most outspoken opponents of the
' .icHlc ralhoids In congicss iinltu In endors-
uglt. Colonel Webber , of the Thlity-thlrd
Now Yoikdlstilct , who l a membci ot the
ommlttce , makes the following statement In
e aid to the committee's action : "Thocom-
nltteo have been engaged for ncaily four
nonths In hcailng aigumcnts , studying the
ilstoiy of Paclllc lallroads In theli iclatlon
0 the government , and tn fi.uulng a bill to
uectthogiavudlfllcuUics tlmtsunonnd the
ituatlon. It Is n vast question , Involving
lie settlement of a tiansactlon cxeeed-
ug In amount over ouo hun
ted millions ot dollais. Such litigation bu-
ween the companies and the government ns
mvc come bcforo the comts have gem-tally
> ceu decided against the goveinmeiit. Thu
riiuiinan act , irom which so much was u\-
iccted , is practically a failure , except so far
s it has established , by a close questloivtho
ight of congiess to alter , amend or icpeal
liocxlstlng laws affecting the companies ,
. 'his Jud eThurman himself admits. The
urns actually icpald to the government aio
initially rtlmlnished and the debt Isgradually
and ceitainly Increasing becanso there is not
ullleient received iindci the existing law to
ucet the luleicit. Thu icason for this Is
argely owing to the tact th it the companies
ccep the books. They can ciedltan undue
piopoitlon of fiulglit money to tlio blanches
ivei which the government has now no cou-
lol , and upon which it has now no lien.
. 'Ho companies can pay to Individuals and
avoicd coipoiatlons oulsidu the govein- system , jet within the private ring ,
arge sums of money on various pretexts ,
nd thus diminish the net earnings of which
lie Tluuman act seizes a peiccntaKC. To be
uro these questionable opeiatlons
night bo hunted down , but any plan
nvolving a sciutlny of tlio accounts
mil veiilicatlon of e\pendduies invites a
oiitluual litigation not agreeable or prolit-
ibloto the government. As lat as past cx-
leilencedemonstiatcs , theie may bo many
ithci devious ways which the necessities of
lie companies the Ingenuity of their able
nanageis will discover to ictaln the ad
vantages which legislation seeks , by virtue
of a plan based upon pcicentaso of the net
earnings. And although the penalty-sections
01 non-acceptance of the committee's bill are
based upon the Thai mill act increasing the
icrceiitago to10 per cent of the net Gainings
t is the only dliection we can move in
hould the companies i eject tlio plan of set-
Icment It Is useless now to liud fault
vithwhat lias heietofoio been done. This
ongiess is not responsible foi it. The
upioiiiG court has decided that the iutcicst islet
lot payable until maturity of the bonds ,
ho avciago date ot which is
607. Tlio piacltcal question now Is
inw to get our money without
eleasingauy existing secuiity 01 adding to
our liability. Wo have got to pay the. bonds
> sued by the gov eminent when due , and
pay inteiest to maUtiity , which , by some
seemingly Incxcusible blunder , vvas Iixed at
iper cent without tlio option , attached to
ho issue of every othci government bond , ot
calling In belorn the outside limit of cxplia-
lon. The committee , In theli bill , extend
lie time of payment lifty-nino years fiom
he date of inability of the existing bonds
eleven ycais hence , making a seventy-year
extension Irom Octobci 1 , IbbC , adding prac-
ically the inteiest at 0 per cent to Ib97. and 3
) ei cent aftei that , and dividing the sum
iropcily found into 110 pirts and icqniilng
icnil-aunuat payments commencing October
1 , 18SO. The advantages to the goveinmeiit
aider this plan aio thcso : Fixed dcli-
ilto payment , iirespc'ctivo ot what the
companies cam , and icgardlcss of book
accounts between the main and bianch lines ;
laymcnt of 311,000,000 bofoio the tlmo ar
rives wlipn , undci the supicmo court de
cision as to the existing law , wo can enforce
ho payment by foieclosuro ; the Immediate
orcclosnre upon default of payment of anyone
ono of the Installments , iusteid of being
obliged to wait until 18U7 , dining which tlmo
the companies can Etilp tlioh loads of theli
substatico and leave tlmm on out hands , with
v prior liicumbiancoequal to that
of the governmental lien ; the iccclptof the
nterost ( which wo now do not receive ) and
apaitof the prlncljiil each six months , and
the ultimate extension of the lion of the
government ( which wo do not now possess )
) vor all bianch tines now existing and hoio-
tofoio acquired , and of all piopeity and
assets of the companies. The claim that
the additional sccuilty upon the blanch lines
> s ot llttlo 01 no value Is no aigument against
[ ho lact ( hut wo got all lho eompmlns own.
No plan can secnio moio than that. "
THK iioous inn-run HIM. .
Friends ot the hill to Impose a lax on olco-
maigarlno aio vcty sanguine ol the success
of their measinu to night. The action of the
housetoday , wheieby a pioposltlon to set
ap.ut May 1'J foi Itsconsldciatlon was adopt
ed by ft majority of about four-llflhs 91" . tlio
members present , Is looked npon ni nn mm-
cation that the bill wilt certainly pass. The
only anxlctv arises from the fear tlmt those
intnubors favoring changes In tlio lax on
whisky and tobacco may succeed In nrncml-
Ing the olcomaigarlno Dill to such an extent
as to cndanecr Its chances In the sotlato. The
Chicago picking houses have representative !
hero , who am working vigorously to create a
sentiment In opposition to the bill , They
have been able to secure some suppoit from
the labor organlratlous , on the gionnd tlmt ft
tax of 10 ccntsa pound on bogus ( t * " "LJL-3 ' "
entail hardship on poor people , vvll
polled to buy the stuff In place of biijj . ,
advocates ot the tax , however , ate cowuiPiit
of their ability to mister the opposition' '
A rr.vv ciiivai.s.
WllllamS. Dull has bupii commlssloncu
postmaster at Wllsonsvllle , Jfooj William F.
llaslor at Hooper , Neb. , niidJolin L. Loitf-
glow at Four CoinciN lo\\a.
The slto of the pojtiilllco at lorileUN- ) ,
D.xwes county , has been lomoved to n point
seven miles southeast , and the slto of the
poslonice at White Uabblt , Dnvvsdn.county ,
to a point tince miles west. * $ Jfr3J ?
Tlio President Voloi-s tlin Immmllnt
Transportation Hill.
WAMIIMHON , Apill 80. Tlio president
has vetoed the hill to make Omaha a port of
cntiy. In his iiii"sio the president gave ns
his reasons for declining to uppiovo the tilll
that Omaha was named In the act ot Juno 10 ,
IbbO , as one ot the places lo which.luipol ted
nicicliaiidiso might bo Immodiatcly shipped
alter entry at thupottof aiitval. That proviso
vise of that act decl.ucd Its piovlslous shonltl
notpxtcnd to any plaeci at which theroaro
not necessaiy olllcois toi tlm appraisement ot
merchandise and the collection of duties ,
and tlio pilvllego vvas withheld by the treas *
my depaitmcnt beeauso thoio Wcro
not any such officers theie. And , theio-
foie , If the legislation pioposed should
become opeiativo the pi Iv lieges would
still DO subjected to the pun Iso attached to
the law ot IbiO , and sueh newly granted
pilvllpgos would bo liable to Immediate with
drawal by thu scciehuyoftho treasury. Ilo . . .
cannot see , Ihoictoiu , no say \that anything * j
Is gained by this legislation. If clrcumfitnnt ,
ces should wan ant such a course , he says , :
the authoiity which withholds such prlvl-
Ipgpscan conlei the samp without the aid oC
: v new statute. This pioposltlon Is sustained
by thu opinion ot the attorney general ,
dated Fctnuary , IbSTi. It the design
ot the bill , tluivpicsidcnt says , Is to ro-
sloio to tlio pity named lho pilyllegea
DPI milled by the law or ISiO , it seems to bo
putlielv unnrccsMuy since thopowcrtif such
restoration K now fully xpitcdln the treasury
dcpaittnent. If the object sought is lor tlio
imvllegcs cntiiely ficc liom the operation ot
tlio piovlso , tlio language ot thb bill does not
accomplish thoicMilt. lho government has
not now at Omaha tlio necessary o Ulcers foe
tlio appraispiiiunt of nicicliandlsa and tlie
collect ol t duties vvhlcli , byjfiuoh provisp , '
aic neeessaiy in ordoi to eeiire to any nlaco S <
the advantages ot imnipdiato transportation. , .J
In tlm abspiico ot sin h olllcci the pioposeA
legislation would bu IHIJ ; atoiy and InoperA-
WARHINOTOX , Apiil 30. T o conference
rppoit on thu Indian appiopridtlon bill .WAS ;
submitted by Mi. Davvcs and concurred'fn by
the senate. 14 *
After tlie passage of sevmalP private bills
the postofllcoappiopriatlon bllliWas takou tip
and air. Hnlo resumed reiiiaiksfbii it fM
running debate followed , cluri iff" which
question vvas discussed nom a tarilf point o
view. Mi. Plumb Dually secu 'cd an under
standing that debx e on the bills ,
should cioso at 1 o'clock Monday. '
The senate then adjoin ned till Monday.
Mr. Hatch , on bchalt ot the 'committee ' ou
axiiciiltinc , called up tlm icsolutlon Bcttiuii
apart May lit lei leconsideiation of the bust-
lies presented by that committee. The chlet
nieasuio upon which action will bo asked
was the olcomaiKiiiino bill. In response tea
a question , It was stated that though the bill
wasaiovpuuo bill , tlio committee on agri
culture would attempt to contino the amend
ments to the subject matter of the measure.
and not allow them to extend lo a tux on
spiiltsand tobacco. Adopted.
The hon-io then went Into committee ot
the whole. Mi. Mills In the chad , on the liver
and harbor appiopilation bill.
Mi. Waine.i , ol Ohio , oileifid an amend
ment providing foi an appinpilation lor ( no
Immovcimmtof the Mississippi river , to bo
expended undci the diicctlon oT thu secreta-
tyolvvai instead ol the Mississippi river
commission. I
Mi. ilupbnin of Iowa thought the Missis
sippi ilver commis-ilon had wasted enough
money , ami It was now time for congress to
retrace its steps. ' '
Mi. Warners and various Jollier amend
ments vv ere i ejected.
A number ot amendments wcio agreed to
lupienslng the number of places wlieie pre-
Hmlnaiy snrvovs may bo made ; and then Mr.- ; ?
La , Kolletto of Wisconsin movcrt o strlko out | i
tlipcntlio spction having rcleruiico tothla < * q !
subject. No quoium voting , the committee
lese and the house adjoin ned.
Congressmen and I'olophonc
WASHINGTON , April : ! 0. Spanker Carlisle * |
wa befoio the telephone coiumltteo to fey , jm
lloiecelvedalettoi liom IIairlsvKogers advising - . ,
vising him that the HogciH Telejihono and Cjf
Telegraph company had elected him * ( ( Jariij
llslo ) a dlicctoi and placed 8100,000 htoclf to ? '
his ciedlt for such occasional services as liq , , |
might find It convenient to ron'dflr. To thlSi . !
lettc r ho h.ui loplkrl tlmt so lone as ho wasV
member ot congress ho would not bq Inter- :
usted I in any company or pnlPimlso concein- <
Ing which con icsslonal aeyon might bo
iiep'rpsontallvo Itandall hidnofocollectlon.f- '
of lecolvlng cltliei letter or stock from'
Itppicspnl.itlvo Ilovvltt te.stlliod that he had
bi'Pii solicited to ombaik in the Pan Electric
and had been olloiod a tenth Interest , but de
clined ' ' J4
AVant IliH N'oinlnalloiiVltlllavvH. . ' ' t *
WAain.vaio.v , Apill 8J.-l'i
inn ( iieen , consul ( ' at K'amiyowa , hayo. '
asked that his nomination Do withdrawn.
Is prepared from Sirsiparllla , Dandelion ,
M.mitr.iko , Dnclr , Pljislssuvva , Juniper licr-
rles , and other well-known and valuable vege
table remedies. The combination , proportion
anil prcpiratlon are peculiar to Hood's Harsa-
parllla , ulv Ini ; It curative power not possessed
' by other medicines. It effects remarkable
cures where others fall.
" I consider Hood's Barsap.irllU tlio host
medicine I ever used. Hglvcsmoanappetlte
and refreshing Bleep , and keeps tlio cold out"
J. 8. FOGO , 100 Spruce Street , 1'ortland , Me.
Is the best blood purlflei licforo lho public.
It eradicates every linpinlty , and < urea Bcrof-
ula , Hilt Itlieum , liolls , riniplcs , ull.jrumors ,
Dyspepsia , Illllousncsa , Hick Hcadulio , luik-
Kestlon , ( Icncral Debility , CatarrhJ Illieums-
tlsni , Kidney and MverCoiujil.ili4s.Mt over
comes that pxtreaio tired feeling ) ' pd builds
up the system.
" ' .
"Hood'aRnrsiparlllavv.isaUoa-ficiidtomo ,
for It cured mo of dyspepsia uiul liver com
plaint with which I had guttered 20 years. "
J , II. HoiiNUiiCK , South Fallsburg , N , Y.
Purifies the Blood
" \\licn I bought Hood's Harsiparllla I made
a good Investment of ono dollar In medicine
for the first time. It lias driven oil rheuma
tism and Improved my appetite go much that
my boarding mistress says I must keep It
locked up vj she will bo obliged to raise my
board with every other boarder that takes
Hood'a Sarsaparllla. " TIIOJIAM IlunniiLi
W Tlllary Street , llrooUIyn. N. Y.
" I and Hood's .Sarsaparllla the best remedy
for Impure blood I ever used. " M. II. lUiTrn ,
ticket aceiit , I' . & K , KJ. , Hound lirook , N. J.
' Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold bjr all drucditi. f I ; U for ! ' > . Vfopatcxl
LU. . 1. HOOD d. CO.Afotliccarlci. I.ov.tU , Man.
IOO Doses Ono Dollar
"Hood's Sarsaparilla takes less tlmo and
quantity to show Its elfect lliin any other prep
aration. " Hits. O.A. IlumiAnn , N.CJilll.N.Y ,
"My vvlfu had very poor health tor a long
time , Buttering from Indigestion , poor appo-
tlo | , and constant headache , Slio tried every-1
tblnu we could hear of , but fouudlio relict ttlQ
she tried Hood's Harsnparllla. [ 6ho it tfovff , >
t iking tlio third bottle , and never ( dt belter
lu her life. Wu feel it our duty ti recoimncn/l
It to every ono wo Know. " Gr.olaE BOMS
YII u ; . MurclauU , Cook County , | U.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Solil lijr all drucgUU. pi ; lx for 3. I'tcnte4 |
1 } V , I , HOUI ) i. CO , AputliCi&rlci , J-oncll.IJu : ,
IOO Doses Ono Dollar