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The Switchmen's ' Strike in Chicago Assum
ing a Dark and Serious Aspect.
Governor OKlcsfoyTnllcH to the Strikers
and IH Applauded Ho "Will
Call tlm Mllltln if
The Strike In
CmcAdo , April SO. [ Special Telegram. ]
The situation In regatel to the Lake. Sinn o
switchmen Is a erlous one , and It looks to
night as It the matter could not bo settled
\v Ithout the calling out of the troops. Town
of Lake oniclals have demonstrated tlielr
Inability or unwillingness to afford the rail
way piopcr piolcctlon. and the strikers , fe > r
the past two davs hav e been complete urns-
teisol the situation. Not a cat of freight lias
been semi out or icceived. This morning the
Mi Ike'ia , the curiosity seekers anel the sympa-
thl/ei.s vveic early distributed In groups about
the Lake Shore tiacks at Twelfth street ,
Fonr.h and Pinty-thitel sticets. This morn
ing the strikers' safety committee , looking
after the piotoctinn e > f the company's pioper-
ty , weio alsei scattered along the line. The
sun was scatccly tip bufoio the men began to
ciovvel foith liom box cats anel shanties llko
cat.s In seaich of their moining meal. They
had been on watch all night. Some
time during the nicht a "scab"
was hanged In elllgy at the coiner of Itoot
street at the tiacks. It boio this inscription :
"The icmalns ot a scab. " The men came up
nt daylight and viewed It , uttering cries ol
derision. It wasa very lagged , dirty elllgy ,
and was suspended fiom n convenient lamp-
jiot. It diew forth many gibes and jests.
Tneio was a futile attempt to pull together a
train e > f refiicerator cais at 8,0 : o'clock. En
gineer Wcavci pulled engine r & out of the
lonnd tionsoat Hoot street , and twenty armed
police sat on the tender or walked on either
f > ldoacuanK The engine slowly steamed
up loFeuly-filth stieet , whcie a number of
ictilgeintor cais and a caboose lay Hide-
tracked. The stilkets and their sympa-
thl/eis gatheied about the sccno about a
thousand stiong , anel sevcial of the men
icmonstiateet with Engineer Weaver , but
without avail. Eluding it Impossible to iu-
llucnce the engineer , the stilkcis lan to the
cars and quickly pulled the keys out of the
eltavv-bais to disable them so that no train
could be iiiaile up. The caboose sat on tlio
opposlio siele of the track. It was un
coupled anel pushed away by Itself.
While thostilkeis were working llko Her
cules with theirslioiildeis against the caboose
pushing it away , a diminutivebiakeman
who was iccognl/ed as "a scab" appeared In
the door and vehemently denounced the
ciovvel. A htalwait striker stepped up anel
told him if he did not go about his business
bo would bo : oiuhly dealt will * The little
brakimiun icfused to move on. The stalvvait
icllovv hit him a gentle tap and leLt him un
conscious em the hack. Later ho was
revived with water anel cairied away.
In the midst of thu trouble Conductor
Geycr , who was to take charge of the train ,
appealed at the window of the caboose and
blandished a pistol In the lace of the crowd ,
tlncatcnlng vengeance on any wlio attempted
to molest him on tlio company's piopeity.
Alter waiting lor a few minutes it was de
cided to inn tlio enslno back to the round
house anel make no tinthcr attempts to move
trains.'iTlie stilkeisgieeted this , which they
call a-victory , with lusty shouts and cheer * .
Govcinor Oglcsliy has arrived in tlio city.
It isinmored that ho came hero at the request
of the .sherill and of tlio manageis of the
Lake Shoio load , which expect serious
tionblu betoro the strike of .switchmen
is ended , llo was closeted with Sheriff
Handled anil one or two other county
oflicials fiom 00 : a. m. until after 11 o'clock.
Amuiig those who weio with htm nt the con-
feicnco tills morning weio President Newell ,
of the Lake Shoio , Mui.shal I'lold , N. K ,
Fuiibanks ami other piomincnt business
men wliohavorailioae ! Interests. Theio was
a minor In circulation to the effect that the
company will emlcr conductors and biakmcn
to maka tip their own tiains , and considera
ble nnxMy is manifested by the tialn men ,
who de ) not want any tiouble , but say that
they w 111 not elo unj thing of the kind.
Ily Associate 1'iuss.
Citic.voe ) , 111. , April 20. The hake Shoin
lallwny made another unsuccessful attempt
tomovoa li eight tialn this moining , anel
were again pieveiited by the stilkots. A
tialn was started at Kennty-fouith street , anel
the ciovvel took possession of It and at
tempted to run the caboose , which was at
tached to tliu tialn , In which was the con
ductor anel two biakoniun , off the tiack. The
biakumen and conductor inshed on to the
platfoim and waincd the ciewdaway. ) One
ol thu men was about to tlnow a coupling-
pin at Iho brakenien when the conductor
elrcvv a icvoher. Tlionovvd lushed at ono
of tno bmuomcn mid bustled him. Someone
hit him upon the headknocking him senseless.
At this tlmo the cieivvet lotl the calaboose and
went up to Kenty-lifth Mieet , where two cars
standing on the sldo track weio moved down
and detailed In liont ot the engine. At Km-
tv-tldiel htteet ( ieiieral Superintendent
Wright gave up the attempt to move a tialn.
Thociowel gave a che-er , Illtcel tlio cai out of
the tiack anel muvcel It back to Its foimci po
sition , icpalicelBovcinl switches which hail
been hioUen , ami the engine moved back to
the louuel house.
i in : o'TiriAT.9
In ncontciencu to-day between Governor
Oglesby and public and railioad oIlieiaK heio
the tact was levc.Ucel that Supcivlboi Slmt-
feuel hail e'ommunlcaled that he was unable
with his police toicu to cope with the Mi Ik-
eis. Ho nail only forty men , and only a few
e'otild bospaieel , besides , they vveieeif hiielt a
class as not to bo thu must efficient In a set-
vicu ot this kind. Ho could call In the special
police , but ho did not know thu extent ot his
juiweis In this iliieetlon. This muinlng hat-
tie was being imiede'd by btilkfit > , and
he was pow cries' , to lament It.
Suggestions vvcro olle-rcd as to tlio best
coin 10 to puisne , the geueial opinion being
that the blicilff hliould make nji a po o to
jneseivo the peace1. All of tlio gentlemen
seem appieliensivoof serious double' . The
geiveinoriee-elved a telegiam tiom Hrlgaeller
Iti'oco at Kuj > t St. Louis. It reads us lollowb :
"Tliu situation is unchanged. Tito Milkcis
are ktlll dellant. Tliey bay they will hold
out. A number ot shots were tiled at the
sentries during the night. Two men of com
pany seven , Eighth icglment vvcro tired on.
and returned Iho hie. One shot passed
thtough the cap ot ono and another through
if 4 the cape. "
oni.Ksnv AnwiKSsis : mi : STIIIKKIIK.
Covciiioi Oglc : > by visited the. seems of the
strike this afternoon In person , 'Iho gov-
emorairlved at Foity-llist Mreet In a special
train at 3:115 : ] ) . m. ( icneral Superintendent
Wright , Division Superintendent Anu > dcn ,
Ynnlinaster Jetncs and General Freight
Agent Ulodsett , and other olllcials. were on
thu train. The govcinor got out on thu plat-
f01 m and was boon suiiouiided by a crowd of
JUU or milic. llu mhlsed the men to pre
set vo peace , and endeavor to havn
wages advanced In a moio quiet
way. llu said strikes weie lutilo
to utfeet any permanent change In the condi
tion'c ( affairs , llo reminded them that the
eovcinment was organUcdcby the woiking-
men to piotect property anil lives , and It
would mo. lore-o If neeessaiy toellect that
purpose , llo f m ihcr said be wns tholn&tiu-
nient of the state to u .u tbat. uovver , and
while lie dcploicd the necessity that would
compel him to call out the militia , vet it
might be his duty , and if it was Ids duty UH
voulil certainly'do TsO. llo then vmitun to
picture the scenes of bloodshed which would
lollow such action , and called on the men to
avoid the lexs of a single life by using a little
forbearance anel returning to WOIK. Tlio
speech was not received favorably at llrst , be
ing Interrupted by such cries as "You're
wrong there , Uncle Dick ; that ain't what wo
no driving at. " But when the governor Un
shed the cio'.vd broke Into cheers , which
ivcro kept tip tilt tlm train pulled away. Dur-
ntr the speech engine 111) ) steamed out from
thu round house , but after a conversation
with the slrlkcis the engineer took it back.
A conference tasting over an hour and
mlf was held this evening between the exec
utive committee ot the Switchmen's union ,
consisting of three persons , ami Sheriff Han-
chett. The committees stated In full detail
.heir sldeot the ease , and endeavored to show
the sherlir thattheiu was nei le.iMm why ho
should side with the railroad authorities
ir take active measuics to assist
lie tallroad companies In moving
Ihelr tiains. The .sheriff on his patt suggest
ed measures towaid acomptomise , but noth-
ng on that line was definitely settled except
ing It waS afterwnids amecd that the sheriff
should see the lailioad oniclals to-moiiow
with a view of arriving at some basis tor a
settlement of the dllllcultles. The sheriff
says that ho was vuiy much pleased with the
conductor the committee whoconfciied with
dm , but ho feltunablo to give any opinion
as to whether his conierenco with the
rallioad ofilclals will bo likely or not to 10-
sult In a final settlement of the strike. Ho
was askeel whether bo would relics o the town
if Lake authorities to-moitow tiom piotcc-
llon ot lailioad propeity , and atisweied
liositlvcly tlmt he wemld not elo so under the
.present clicumstanccs , but ho did not know
what ho nilulit do should the
eem to justlty It aftci tei-morrow.
Governor Ogleaby to-night said : "The
only understanding ailived at thus far Is lo
'cave Iho wenk ol pteseivlng peace In the
muds of the sherltl and police authorities ot
[ 'lilcagu and the teivvn ot Lake. Fiom what
have seen I am ot the opinion that tlm
strlkets and their sympathl/urs can bo con
trolled by civil powois. The lailioad ollicials
v\lll \ to moirow tiy again to inn the blockaile.
In anv event I shall remain in tlio city until
to-moriow night at least. " , April SJO. The switchmen of the
Lake Shore load hero aie quiet , llieie Is no
ocal can o tor trouble , atlel If n sti iko occurs
it tills point It will go under orelets Irom
'Jlilc.i'0. About one linndied switchmen aio
n tlm Lake Sliniceniploy , The avow a do-
, ci initiation to go out in a body the moment
oieleisaiu lecolvcel.
Tlio General Tie-Up In Now York
Nnw Yonic. April 20. The rallioad com
missioners had a late session last night ,
vvliicb did not end until ! ! o'clock this tuoiii-
Inc. Commissioner O'Donnell made an ol-
foit to bring about a piopcr undirjlanditig ,
and his eiuleavots vvcio finally succevisfnl. A
iotig consultation was held , in which the
counsel for the Kmpiro Protective association
took part. The Thiid Avenue company
igain leluscd to submit to aibltration the
points of dilleicnco which had been made
manifest betore. the commlssioneis. The ex
ecutive committee of the .Empho association
lulinllted 'hat ' the * other loads weic not backIng -
Ing the Thud Avenue line In the stanel taken
by the latter. As a lesiilt of this the com
mission agreed to countermand tlm oteler for
i "tlo-up , " and tlmy Issued an oieler diie'ctlng
icsumption ol tiallleon nil surface lines ex
cept the Thiid Avenue at 4 o'clock this
Tlio tie-up on the street car lines has been
parity unloosed today Hiiel cars on all loads
aio limning- , all but the Thiid avonnu load
sending out the tegular number of cats. The
latter toad inn a number of cans with now
liiveis and conditctois , but the cais weio
Idled with policemen. All along the 'onto
they were saluted by jeois and yells ot the
ciovvds which collected at diileient points.
At Paik How , tlio end ot the
jomncy , the sidewalks were lined
with people , but no one inteiteied
to oppose tlio progiess ot cais. The lailroael
commlssioneis were at Murray Hill hotel this
moining. At noon they went into session to
consider the case of the Thlid avenue lino.
CommissionedO'Donnell was told the Third
avenue company was running twenty-live
cais to-day. He also btrteel that the loael was
willing to submit the matter to arbltiutlon ,
and It was thought this would lead to a settle
ment of the dllllcnlty , and tlm company's
cars will bo miming befeno night.
Olllplals of thu road letuso to bother with
any conferences betoro tlio laihoad commls
sinners. They bay they will light to the bitter
end now. The .situation is hourly growing
critical. The men ate becoming exasperated ,
but hope the laiheinel commissioners wilt bo
able to aibltiatc. Tlioy hay the stiugglo is for
life or eleath now , and they aie icaily lei
peace or war.
Alter iho conference with thcstato railroad
commlssioneis and strikeis committee to
night , Mr. Lantei bach sab' ' : "Wo icluso to
dischaige the " 00 men wo nave cinplojed
since tlio btiike began , anel wo lefuso to take
back any moiostiikeis than will complete
our neccssaiy woiking foicc. As lo hours
and wages we will meet the elcumnd.
The Knl lita Ignored.
AUOUSTA , ( hi. , April 20. Two weeks ago
the executive committee of the Knights ot
Labor piescnteda petition to tlio president of
the cotton mills , setting foith ccitaln conces
sions which they woulel llko to have niaele ,
Including the submission of chaises to the
boaiel betoio the ellscliaigo ot any Knights of
Labor ; also an advance of iiltccn per
cent in wages. There ate eight
mills , employing about " ,090 hands ,
most of whom are knights. Tlio picslelonts
to-day Issued a circular to their employes ,
ontiieiy ignoring the knights. In which they
say , among other tilings : "Wo decline most
positively te > iicogui/e any outside interior-
enco between our employes and ouibolve * .
Wo shall , however , bo glad to iccedvoniid
fniilv consider any communication fiom our
employes as such , but wo will not allow any
outside pintles to manauo ourallulis ,
Tliu knights met to-night and elecided to
notlty the picsldents that they wemlel
tieat only thiough their executive boar d
Tlio Ht. LoulH Strike.
ST. Louis , Mo. , April 20. It Is gencially
conceded hero tlmt the Knlshts of Labor
strike , solar as the business of the various
roads centering In this city , and Last bt.
Louis Is concei tied , Is gradually losing Us
effect. Tlio Missouri Pacific and lion Moun
tain roads have lulls' icsnmed freight trutllc.
Two .sentinels patiolllng thu lalhoael
ynuti In I'ast St. Louis were lltcd upon bolero
lore da > light this morning by unknown per
sons. Neither ot them weio lilt. They 10-
tuinedtho lire and provcel as bad marksmen
as their assailants , who ese-aped.
The Post-Dispatch's Little Uock special
states that Deputy Sherlll Williams , wlm was
assaulted anel badly beaten by strikers whllo
gitaieling the lion Mountain railroad urojiei-
ty , received a check forgtoj tiom Juy Gould.
Tnllora Rtrluo Tor iliglior AVagcs.
LYNriinunn , Yu. , April 20. The jouinny-
men tailors of this city stiuck for higher
wagesto-day. Everything is epilct.
Two Hoports Presontoel.
WASHINOTON , April 20. The leportof the
majority of the house ways and means com-
mlttco on the rubolutlon to termlnato the
Haavvalan tieaty begins with the statement
that the objector the tieaty was. to secure
closer commercial ami political legations with
the government ot the Haawalau Islands ,
and ends by lecommeudlng the adoption of
the icsolutlon , ns U deies not pievent the
aelmlnlbtiatlon from negotiating tor * such a
modification of the existing tieaty as will
moio equalize the benefits tote derived by
t\\ogo\enuiients irom their commercial relation
lation- . The report of the minority says ,
resetting they are tumble , to unite either In
the lecommeiuhitions or the report of the
majority , content themselves by expressing
thuii dissent tiom each tide1.
io , April SO. A tumor was current
toduj that thu Buillngtoii hadjealkd a meetIng -
Ing e > f thu lines iiHejesteil in iioitliwet > terii
Height Jiallle , but the leport was not verilied.
llatcs ivutalu
The Objects of the Knights of Labor aa
Stated by Powderly ,
Tlio General Master \Vorkninn Frank
ly Ansvvcrs Mirny Questions Pro-
ponnilcd by tlio CoiiRrcs-
slonnl Committee.
I'omlcrly ns a AVIlncss.
WASHINGTON , April 20. Giand Master
Woihman Powderly and Ilajcsand Tinner ,
of tlm Knights of Labor , airlved in Washing
ton tills morning and were at the capital at
an early hour. Povvdeily rcpahed at once to
Ihc room of the nppiopriatlon committee ,
where ho had a short chat with Randall.
The special committee of the house to In-
qulie Into the labor tioublcs of the southwest ,
leld Us first public session to-day. Among
those piesent In attendance were Mr. Pow-
dcily and Haves , Turner and McDowell , of
Iho executive committee ot the Knights of
Labor. Major Svvaync appealed as counsel
for the lallwajs. Powdorly was the Hist wit
ness. Ho repented at lengtli the stoiy and
ilstoiy ot the recent tioubles In the south
west , but piesented no new featuies In the
"While I was In the west , " said Powderly ,
" 1 beaid from the men of little abuses which
I do not think the manager of the Missouri
I'aclllc load knows anything about. Along
; bo lion Mountain rallioad they have a sys-
: em of taking twenty-live cents a month irom
the wages of a man who receives a dollar a
day , and fitly cents fiom the wages ot a man
who iccclvcs S3 a day , and so on In proportion
tion , for what they call a hospital fund.
Then the men claim that as soon as tltov arc
taken sick they aie dlscliaigcd and are do-
nled the right of entering the hospital. Then
there aio Instances which can bo proved
where the men have made contracts to buy
land of the company on regular yeaily In
stallments , nnu vvheic , having paid all but
the last installment , they weio dischaiged
horn employment. In that section ol coun
tiy it is ( litleient trom the cast. Men cannot
go Into tlio next town anil get situations , and
the consequence has been , In at least one
pat tlcular , that a man have been obliged to
remain idle so long that he lost his piopcity.
Tlio men claim that theio were buveral In
stances ot that kind. "
Cliaiinian Can yon have witnesses called
betoie the committee to show these lacts.
Powdeily Undoubtedly , it I amcoiiectly
Buchanan In your inquiries you have
found that these causes ot discontent existed ?
Powdcrly Yes.
Cliaiimau Will you state the puiposo of
the oigani/ation of thu Knights ot Libor.
Whether Its pmposes aio the protection of
the inteiests ot labor , and whether it Is
peaceful in all its actions ?
Powdeily The aim ot tlio organi/ation of
the Knights ot Labor Is to beneiit the laborer
and to secmo a better feeling between him
ami Ills ouiplojer. All our methods are
peaceful. We never counsel aii.vtliing ot a
violent natnie. Mcmbeis ot thu oigani/ation
may , once in awhile , commit an act ot vie
lence. Wo can't help this. It is a matter
beyond our control , because when the
leel that they have endiued wiong theio Is
no law which can piopeily lostialn them.
Chairman Do 1 understand that the
Knights ot Labor , as an oigani/ation , do piO-
tcct labor , not only on the laihoads but also
in mines and factories' *
Powderly We attempt to do that. Our
association is Intended to bo a national one.
We aim at having oiu membeib study the
conditions by which they aie Miironnded
not only their own conditions , but also those
for whom they woik.
Chaitman In order to pave the way lor In
telligent action ?
Powdeily Yes , sir. I have claimed that it
is no more than right foi both to meet on
equal terms and have a thoioiigh undei.stand-
ing of the wants ot each oilier. And itbcenib
to mo that until they do that they cannot
piopeily lixtii ) their dllleiences.
Chilli mm 1 do not ask yon to divulge any
ot thesccietsof the Knights of Labor , but
yon have stated that the obccts of the socie
ty are to motecl the labor of the countiy so
lur as possible against exactions or incorpoi-
a leel capital.
Poweleily To protect not only the labor of
the countiy , but lo piotcct tlio uianufactuieis
as well. Woelesiie that the inaiiulactuieib
shall be in hiich a condition that they will bo
able to pay good wages. We hav ono euiai rel
with legitimate enterprise. If you discover
tliat membeisof the Knights of Labor alonir
the ralheiads have violated tlm. law ol the
land , or its own laws and tlio committee
will discover that fact we will bo as icaely
lo assist In punishing them as we aio In up
holding then rights. When 1 said 1 was will
ing to expose eveiything in connection w itli
tlio oigunlzation of those who manage the
railioaels , or if onomaii in paiticular , would
do the same thing. 1 spoke lulily and truth
fully. 1 believe that the law of the land Is
higher than any oiganUation. and when men
violate the law of tno land cither ns Knfulits
ot Labor , or as private cltl/ons , or as mem
bers of coipoiatioiib they sliouhl bo punished
for It , unet that his connection with an oigan-
l/atlon should bo no shield for him. And I
have thought , on tlio other hand , that a man
who violates the law , and is woith millions
ot dollars , should sutler the same as a poor
man. 1 have made that .statement , and the
people have seen tit to see In it an Invitation
toanaichy. It that is anaichy , in thu name
ot ( Sod , what Is law ?
Bums Tlio country generally , and I
doubt not properly , seems to place a good
deal of conliucnco In your Integrity , jour
intelligence and your patriotism. Being
disposed to consider the question practically ,
1 ask if you have given thought to Iho < im- _
tlmi lor legislative lemedy lor the evils to
which you have allueled ?
Povveleily I have never worked it up
piopeily , I have thought it over , but hav o
not lollovvod it to Its conclusion ,
limns Will yon bo able , during the sit
tings of this committee , to gho us your
views on the eiuestlon of the lemoily for the
vvieuig ?
Powderly How long is the committee
likely to sit ?
Chairman About two months.
Powelerly I think 1 will bo able , because
In that time yon will have an official dcclaia-
tion fiom the chlet men of om oiganUation
on that point.
Bums 1 would suggest further , that It
may bo well to cjiislder what , In jour judg
ment. can be constitutionally done , and what
might be done1 , and what ought lo bedone by
amendments to tlio constitution.
Poiv elerly I shall elo s.o , and I thank you
for the suggestion.
At this point the committee adjourned.
A Itnnk
Wir.MAMSPOiiT , Pa. , April 0. The City
National bank of Williamsport closed Us
dooib this muinlng. A statement was placed
on the door saying an examination ot the ut-
lalis of the bank will bo made and n state
ment of the condition published in a lew
days. Tlio causu Is bald to be a defalcation
amounting to about ? > -JOOdO , together with a
iiumbei of heavy losses. Thu stockholders
atuiesmmsiblo persons and my Its deposit-
orb will bo paid in full.
New York Dry Oooels Market ,
Nuw You ic , April 20. The exports of do-
mebtlc cottons for the past week liaye been
U.WS packages , and lor thu expired portion ot
tliu j ear OT.TIH packages , against 57.491 pack
ages for the same tlmo last vcar. The mar
ket was quiet and Iho chief business vvitb
agents was reached tlaoiiKli deliveries In ex
ecution orders.
Death of a Prominent Chicagoan.
CHICAGO , April 20 , Julian Itumsey , ono
of Chicago's oldest and most prominent
citizens , died 'ibis moining , aged 03 , Itum
sey lias been mayor of.tho city , treasuicr of
the county and piusldent of the board of
trade. _ _
Nclirnskn AVenUier Iiullcatlons. .
. For the State of Nebraska Fair weather ,
etatlouaiy teuiperatuie. .
Consolidation the Atchlnon , Topokn
& Santn Vo nnil tlio Gulf , Santo
PC & Colocmto llnllroaels.
Nnw YOIIK , April 20.1 [ Special Tclceram. ]
Tlio Tribune's Boston special says : George.
Sealoy , president of tlio ( Jtilf , Colorado &
Santa Ko railroad company , who was ie >
cently clectcel director In the Atclttson , To-
ieka& Santa Fo company , makes the fol
lowing statement in rcgaid to the consollda-
Ion of nil Interests of the two companies :
I'ho stockholelcro of the Gulf , Colorado it
Santa Fe , have now constructed and have
under construction In all 1,000 miles of main
track load. When completed It will reach to
\connectlon with the AlehUon , Tokeka A :
Santa Fe company in Indian teirltoiy. '
These 1,003 miles of road , w Ith all the landed
inteiests In Texas , extensive whaif
fiontago and tciinitial facilities In Gal-
vcston , are to bo put into the Ateh-
soli system as common proncity
upon the basis of 53,000 stock pur mile , or
58,000,000 ste > ck , for which the stockholdeisof
the Gulf , Ceilorado it Santa Fo take In ex
change 88,000,000 stock In the Atchlson
company anel become jediit ovvncis of the
cjiiimon piopcity. An exchange of about
SUOn.ooO stock has been maelo and the
ienialnlngStCOJ,000 : will bo dellvcied within
the next twelve months , In which tlmo the
connection of two loads w ill be made. The
total bonded debt of the Gulf , Ceiloiado &
Santa Fo Is limited , not lo exceed 512,000 llrst
mortgage and 85,000 second mortgage bonels
Lo each mile ol main hack. The consolida
tion will give tlio Atchlson water connection
fiom New York and the cast via Galvcston
to tlio Pacific , asshort as the Southern Pacific
via Now Orleans. The eainlngs of the Gulf ,
Colotaito it Santa Fo for the liscal j ear be
ginning Januaiy 1st to elate have been 500.000
a month Incieaso over the coiicsponding
months ol last year. , '
WASHINGTON , April SO. Tlfe senate went
nto e\ecut 1 v e session at 13 M p. m. , and when
the doors icopencd the senate aeljouined.
Mr. Itccd , of Maine , addressed his remarus
to Mi. Tucker , Inquiring when the Utali bill
was to be repoited by the judtelaiy com
Mr. Tucker replied that the bill was being
consleleicd by the committee , and when a de
termination was irachcel the bill vvoulil bo ic-
potted adversely or favoiably.
Mr. Itied .suggested that the bill had been
in the committee along time anel it was a
mcasuie in which the countiy was much m-
teiestcd. Could the gentleman give no other
ansvvci' '
Mr. Tucker " other . "
, ( diyly ) "No answer.
Mr. Heed , ( with equal elriiiess ) " 1 am
soiry for it. "
'Iho house went into committee of the
whole , Mr. Wellborn in the chair , on the
liver anel haibor bill. Smooth progiess was
made on the bill until tin obstacle was
icached In authorizing the sccietaiyof war
lo accept for the United Status from the Ma
rine hospital at Erie , Pa. , thu lltle to the pen
insular , Piesejnu Isle , at Erie.
Against this proviso Mr. Hammond
iKud the Dolnt e > t order lhat It had no place
in the ilvei and liaibor bilL
Aiginnents In support of the point weio
piesented by Messis. Hewitt and Springer ,
while Mes-iis. liaynoauil Scott took a dilloi-
ent view ot lliec.ise.
The point was llnriiUvf overiuleel by the
chair , who was bntistieei'that the possession
ot the peninsular by the United States was
an element in the work of Impioving the
haibor ol Erie , anel the * motion lo strike out
the proviso was rejected by the committee.
A number of amendments were offered and
objcclcel to , anel thu committee lose anil thu
hou e aeljouined.
The Statement JMiielo That His Case
is Positively HopclcsB.
Nivv Yonic , April20. [ Special TelegiamJ
The Wotld says cv-I'iesldont Chester A.
Aithurls a vciy sick man. It may not bo
beyond the simple tinth to say tlmt his case
is hopeless. It ceitalnly is not to say that
many ol his most intimate irlends never ex
pect to sco him out of Ids house alive again.
Tills is Maitllng news , but it cannot bo gain
said. For several week's the Inner cliclo of
friends , at the eaincst solicita
tion of tlio family , have been ictl-
cent legaiding the cx-piesidetit's
condition. The faintly physician and at
taches of tlio house haye been under strict
command to deciovo the public icguiding
General Artlnn's health , and they have done
so and continue to elo so , against tlio better
judgment ol many filends , who secretly be
lieve that the American public have the rlelit
to know the condition of the man who has
been their inesldent and who is ono of the
most populai clti/ens of Now York. Theio
seems to bo little teason to doubt that the
seat of Geneial Arthur's tioublo is in the
kidneys instead of the liver. His friends
say ho Issuffeting cither fiom Blight's dis
ease or diabetes , the weight of Intoimatlon
being on the side ot the foimcr malady.
A Damaging Flood ,
PiiT.srnu : > , Mass. , April 0. At six
o'clejck tills moining the village of East Leo
was Inundated anel devastated by the bieaking
away ot a dam nt Mud Pond resci voir , Moun
tain lake , two and one-half miles fiom the
village. Thu pond covered many acics of
swamps and was Incionsed fiom Iho original
s\to \ by extensive elams built by a club ef
manutactuior.s asuMoiago place lor water ,
'iho bodies thus tar iceovcied and Identified
aio Mr.Mille anel vvite and three young
dunghteis ; Mr. King ami vvlluand their son
andwlte. ICIuvon bodies have thus far been
lound and several persons aie missing.
Hist Leo village ree'Clvcel Us lint news
ot the nccliianl when the ) Hood came pouring
down the bticets , the water being Ms leet
deep and blinking with it tices , poittons ol
houses , fences , wagons , and every loim ol
movable piopeity. The people Heel to the
blope.s eif the valley , along which thotoncnt
insiicel , and saw houses moved and toppled
about likochlps on a rivei. Tlio tlood passed
F.ast Leo and went on down the river , ele-
Mioylnggaidcns lawn ? , tcncets and doing
thoiiianels ot dollars' \voith of damage. Much
stock , besides pionerty. Is lost. The scene is
ono of terrible desolation , anil tlio town of
Leo Is wild with excitement.
The disaster Knows a great many hands
out ot employment and literally paralyses all
thu I'ast Lee liidustilert. Tlio loss.on prop
erty is fully S'JOO.OOO , w'hlto the expense of
lonalrini ; loads and otlmr costs that must
fall on tlm town will leach S'20,000 more ,
Charles King , before rciiortcel dead , is alive
but badly injured , and It it , thought ho will
iccovcr. _ _ _ _ _ _
Tlio Mont real' Flood ,
MoNTituAi. , April 30. The water kept go
ing down all last night anel to-day Craig
street Is almost fieo ot water. On St. Fran
cis Xivler stieet the flood lias receded almost
to St. Paul street and tlioto Is a fall of at least
two feet In the level ot water ; 7,4 families
were Hooded out. making ( lie total In the dis
trict atfecleel IIO.OOO peisons.
The following is a fair estlniatn of the dam
ages ; Wholesale dry goods , S3.V,000 ; ictall
dry goods , 575,000 ; wholesale motoiles. S230-
OOOjietall giecerles. ) 8200.000 ; wholesale hat
ters , S100.000 ; wholesale ftirri > 'is , Sl&O.OOO ,
and other losses apgiegato a total of Slotu
000. The streets ore now fieo fiom water
and the Hood Is falling steadily.
A Sight to Drive Oio .Mail.
WnusrKit , Dak. , April 20 A prairie tire on
Satuulay consumed tlio dwelling and farm
buildings of Mis. Dolllimer. When the buildIngs -
Ings caught Mrs. Dollinger and her mother
rushed to tlm barn to save thu stock. The
loof fell in and the mother was buuied to
death , and In attempting to srivo her the
daughter was bo badly burned that she will
die. Her sou came homo nt night , and the
" ' which greeted him eudaugeia his
A Proposition That an Intor-Stato Com
merce Commission Investigate Strikes.
Weaver Loses Lots or Sloop Over Postmasters -
masters to llo Appolntcel , for Ho
Has Pronuscel Too Much
Capitol Notes.
The IntcrStnteCommerce Hills.
WASHINGTON , April eo.-tSpcchil Tclc-
gram.J It Is piobablo tlmt thu house will
lake up tlm question of the regulation of
liter-state commerce at an eaily day. There
are four bills now befoie the house h.ulne
this object in view. The IhM is the time-
lionoied Itutgan nieasuio which the member
riom Texas has attempted toiorco thiemh
thu house for years without success. It has
jecn repented favoiably fiom the commerce
committee , but It Is not llkelj to pass , for
many leasons , the principal one of which is
that membeis em both steles know It is Impos
sible to secure the acquiescence of the senate
In such ladlcol legislation. The 1m-
[ ircsslon .seems to bo that one e > f the other
three will bo substlttied for the llc.igan
measniv. They aie known iepectlvely ns
lho Cullom bill ( which has nlieady passed
Hie senate ) , the Uaker bill and the Jtcibiun ]
bill. They mo Identical In many fp.itincs
and ditler only in detail. Hacli ptopo-es a
commission with advlseny povveis , lo which
shall bo refeued all mlsuiulur.standlng.s be-
Lvvecn the i.iilioaels and snippets. The Cul
loin bill Is most likely to bo taken up because
Its endorsement by the Inmso would be the
most certain way In which to secmo
caily legislation on this subject. I'cpiesen-
latlvo Maker , of New Yoik , has picparcel an
amendment to the Cullom bill which ho has
submitted lor nppioval to his associates , and
which piomlscs to meet with very genctal
suppoit. It is designed to be Inseited In the
bill alter the clause defining the duties ot the
commission , anel leads :
Said Commissioner May , in like manner ,
investigate any dilL'icnces , disagreements ,
contioveisies or disputes that imiv at any
tlmo exist or aiho between any lailioad com
pany or corpointion and the employes thoicof ,
met in case any diffeiences or ellbagieement ,
Involving the hours e > t or the compensation
for labor by the employes ol a lullioad com
pany or corpoiatlon , .said commission shall ,
immediately upon tlio icceipt by them
from a duly lecognlzeel lepiesentatlve
ol such employes ot any such lailioad cot-
poiation or company if a statement In writ
ing ot the elilleienccs existing and of the de
mands or leuucsts maile , piocceel to investi
gate anil detciminu tlio same , exercising
theteforall the povvei.s conteiieel by section
seven of tills act ; and the de
cision or awaiel ol such commission
shall relate back to tlm dale
when such dlffctcnces arose , piovtded such
employes shall not , pending such investiga
tion , by striking 01 otlteiwise , prevent tlio
usual opciation ot such lailioad and tlio
piosoctttton ot the business tlieicof as fully
and lieely ns it no dilleiouces existed.
It is pioposed to ask the opinion of the
Knights oC Labor on tlio amendment bcloic
nbmitting it to n vote of the house.
General Weaver has been making his boast
lho past lew days that he has a cle-ar field in
the Sixth Iowa district that .since Juelgo
Cook moved out ho lias no opposition. Ho
thinks the opuosllion have no other man
competent for the position , and that ho will
liavo a "walk away. " The Dostolllco ques
tion , however , troubles him , and lie dreads to
meet some of his betiayed suppoitcis , whom
ho paid off with biokcn piomises , and their
name is legion. There are soveial appoint
ments yet to make , anel be will allnw the 10-
pnbllcan incumbents to hold on till utjor the
election , If they will keep quiet and not get
him into tiouble. The Giiiincll ol-
lice has beitliereel him no lit/lc / , and
he has permitted tlio republican theio
to hold over since last December , when
his commission o\piied , latlier than face the
stoim lie will bring about his cais by the
selection of ono ot the number ho lias piom-
ised the ofllce. The Newton appointment is
another ono in which ho tears lo make a
choice , though a man named FJovveis Is
booked as the lucky one. Other oflices not
jet tilled are thorns in the flesh to him and
loses him much sleep , and all because ho lias
made a half eloicn times as many piomlscs
as lie has oflices to fill them with.
NOIISOX : 01111:11 : IOVVA jiivtniip. ; ;
JciiyMuiphy's attempt to inn the ncnne-
pln canal by wind instead ol water piovod
the death of It. You know Jerry never
did take water when he could get anything
Ben Ficdcrick looks ele'Jected and wocbe-
gene since the now congiessionnl appoition-
nicnt in Iowa.
If the republicans of the Flist Iowa dis
trict will look up Hen Hall's vote wltn the
icbcl brigadiers , and lor the big giabs that
have nhcaely gone tlnongh the house and
with othois to follow , they can easily con
vince the people of his district that ho Is not
the piopcr peiaon to icpicsont them , He is
no gooel here.
vviinxnv's ANoi.o-riioniA.
It begins to look of. though Secietary Whit
ney was not only bent on bieaking down the
American naval const. ! uctois , llko John
Itoach , but that ho was anxious to ignore
American dcslgnois and American Iron man-
iifactmcis. Some time ago It was Mated that
ho had contracted with a Uiltlsh Hun for
piling the lion plates with which the new
American men-of-war now undeigolng con
struction are to bo sheathed. It Is now stat
ed that English naval deslgncis hnvo been
employed to draft designs tor the otheiwar
crulsois. In a woid Mr. Whitney seems to
constantly on the qut vivo lor opportunities
todegiadoaiid destroy all American con-
Mi uctois , and to deprcchito them and their
piodticts In thu eyes not only ol our own people
ple , but also In the eves of other nations.
Why Mr. Whitney takes this cottite , or
what ho expects to icallfco for hlmselt per
sonally , or for the country at laige , no ono
hoie < seems able to guess. One thing ho Is
ceitainly doing , and tlmt Is ho Is bringing
odium and width upon the admlnlstiatlon.
During the past few yeats theio has been
developing all over the countiy an Intense
feeling of Americanism not political nor of
a know-nothing natitie , but an oainest de
termination that American Inteiests of all
kinds shall bo pictened and tosteied by the
people and the government wheiever and
wueiiover It can bo consistently done ,
Senator Mandeison ptosentcd In the sen
ate to-day a petition signed laigely by citl-
reusof Estelle , Hayes county. Neb. , asking
congress to pass the lilalr educational bill.
"There Is the smallest variety of campaign
speeches in congress this session that 1'vo
seen for many j ears , " said a member ot the
house to-elay. "Usually a gieat many differ
ent kinds of speeches are dcllvcicd during
the Hist session of a congtess for the
purpose of Hooding the districts with lltera-
tuio during the approaching campaigns , but
silver has so far pioduced the text lor neaily
every speech. A few got out some political
matteib during the debate on FlUJulm Porter
ter , but they wei.o all who ejepaitcd fiom
bllver. I am tohP'thcro will not bo much
luteicbt in or aebatc on the tariffbill. . That
nay be , thouah , because the understanding
s that Mr. Kand.ill Intends to kill the bill
when It first comes up by having the enact-
UK clause stricken out , "
The people hero takolno Interest In tlio In
vestigation that Is to be made by a special
committee of the house Into ( lie labor strikes
n the west and southwest , ns iio ono can sco
what Is to bo gained by a concessional In
quiry. It Is not proposed nor anticipated
hat any action will bo taken by congress on
the Information piocured by tlio committee ,
and many piononnco thu Investigation ono
ol Miovv and domasoguery only.
Patents weio Issued today to tlio follow-
ng : Homy A. Adams , Cedar Rapids , la. ,
lammock MippoitChailcs ; 15. Hint , , assignor
toE. S. Ulid , Slonx City , la. , two , sus
pender buckles ; Benjamin C. Ihowncll ,
Center Junction , la. , sulf-cle.ulng bieaking
, > ln\r coulter ; Stoddait N. J. Dobson , assign
or to Dobson Patent Tanning Pioccsscompv
ly , Lincoln , Neb. ; John S. Kbeihait , La-
I'oi to City , la. , combined chimney ami ven-
llatorAudiuvv ; J. ( irush and J. 13. S. Case ,
Dcllance , soot accumulator ; Kdw In G. Hast-
.ngf , assignor ol ono half to J. A. King , Ne
vada , la. , ditching and tile laying machine ;
Austin MeNally , Cascade , In. , wtench ; Phil-
: lp Meyer , Fulls City , Neb. , liaiiow ; Paul
rt.unscy , Montc/uuia , la. , holder for envel
opes , etc. ; Daniel Itlauson , Moutlcello , gate.
A I.U.MllKIt SYNinfA'li : .
Information iccelved heiofrom Louisiana
and Mississippi shows that n combination of
lumbeniien fiom the noithwest have pur
chased about l.noo.OOO acies of the best tim
ber land of those states in the belief that a
gieat piolit can bo made now In handling
ioiithcm yellow pine as in while ptnotiom
the noith , w hlch they say Is growing scarce.
In the cxecntho. session of the seuato this
ifternoon the nomination ol thu postmaster
atMaishalltown , Iowa , was lojected. This
makes two Iowa postuniHteis whos-o coiilirm-
atlons have lately been rot used by the senate ,
the other ono being at Webster City.
HIS CI.AIVI msA t.r.o wii : ) .
The dciedation ) clainfol James Carollns ,
of Klehaidson county , amounting to V 10 ,
nis been disallo\ved by the sccietaiy ol tno
ntcilor. _ _
NonilnntionH and Conflmrmntlons
WASIMNOION , April CO. Nominations :
I'ostmasteis Fiank Ohiulda , Wilmington ,
111. ; Baiclay P. Smith. Dead wood , Dak.
Conlinnatious : Postmasters J. A. Smith ,
Ficepoit , 111. ; C. G. Il.ienaucr , Highland ,
lll.jS. D. li.udebaugh , Uibana , II1.J. ; D.
Wutoiman , Itockioid , III. ; C. F. Collin , Ho
mer , 111. ; J. M. Ke es , liichl.uul Center ,
Wis. ; S. Clmmbeilaln , Wiuipttn. AVis. ; D. E.
Cialg , Foil Atkinson , WIs.
Sinvevor ot Customs F. J. Phelps , La-
ciosse , Wis.
Consuls S. 15. Miller , of Davcnpoir , Iowa ,
at lAilpsic ; C. P. Kimball , ot Chicago , at
William Havard to belregister of the land
oflico at Pueblo , Col. ; J. ll. Davis1 , Imliaii
agent at Omny. Utah ; J. C. Uieckeniidge ,
sm voj or general ol Washington teiiitoiy ; J.
Muellci , ot Cleveland , consul at
KianKtoit on the Main ; F. S. Manstiekl , of
Texas , sccietoiyot legation at Japan.
Colleotois ol Intel nul icvonne O. A.
Wells , Thlid dlstnctof Wisconsin , J.M. Mor
row , Sixth Wisconsin ; A. 0. Parkinson ,
Second Wisconsin ; li C. Wall , Flist Wis
The nominations of John Wainer , no st-
niasteratPcoiia , III. , and William T. Hull ,
postmaster at Uelolt , Wis. , have been with-
diavvn at their own icimest.
Pioceedingtothecaleiulaiol eon ruination' ' ,
the honato dlMioscd ot a consideiablo iium-
Imrot cases. Among the continued Is Xach
Moiitgomeiy , to be assistant attoinoy geneial
lor the interior Uepaitniont.
Of Interest to AVlusky Men.
WASHINO-ION , A pi 11 'JJ. Congiessman
Ualluiwoith and Di. Hush , of Chicago , viee-
piesidcntof the Whislcy Distilleis' assocla'
tion , appealed bolero the .senate committee
on linance this moining to advocate the MM-
ate amendment to the bill lelating to the
taxation ot fractional paits ol a gallon ot
distilled spirits. Ciiblitnir , chief ot the dis
tilled spirits division ol the inlei nal icvenuo
buican , wasalt-o ] ) iebent and tavoied the
passage ol the house bill without amend
ment. The house bill places a tax upon any
fractional put of u gallon ot .spirits , while
( lie senate amendment exempts tiom taxa
tion any lnictiunal p.ut ot a grllon which
does not excucil ono per centum ol the con
tents of the cask or package.
The * Military
WASHING-ION , Apnl 20. The older will
shoiily bo Issued bv the war depaitment us-
slgnlnsr Brigadier Potter to the com
mand 01 the dcpaitnionl of the Missouri ,
with Iieadiiuaiteis at Foil Lea veil vvoith ,
Kan. , v leu Brigadier ( ioueial Mile. " , tians-
feiied to thodeiuitmcnt ol Arbona. and as
signing Hiiuadierlieneial Hnger to the com
mand ol thu duiiaitment ot Dakota , with
hcailqnaiteih at Foil Snelling , vice Malor
( Jeneial Teuy , placed in command of tlio
division of tin : Missouri.
Tlio Army Dill Moilincil.
WASHINGTON , April " 0. Mr. Logan lopio-
duccd In tbehcnato Ills bill to incicaso tlio
clllciency of the unny with the sections
.stilclcen out w hicli inoviilo for the incieaso of
tno number of men , lolatlng to the jiay of
chaplains , and authoil/lnir commlbsioncd of-
JIcoiH to make deposits ot money with pay
masters. _ _
A Call for Rondw.
WASIIINOTON , April 'JO. The house com-
mltleo on foreign alfnlru to day agiecd to te-
poit favoiably tlm Belmont Chinese Indem
nity lUiolntion and the Mouovv Chinese bill.
Favorable lluporl Miulo.
AVASiiiNoroN , . ' .prllKO. Tno seeielniy of
the treasuiy this uttoinoon Issued a call tor
t-10,000 : i pur cent bonds , tlm call to niatnio
_ _
Alel Sent lownToriuuIii SufTprers.
Cr.nAnllAi'iDS la. , April ! iO. This city
(0 it 5UX ) in money ami supplies to the Coon
The Bids Oponocl for Building York County's '
Court House and Jixll.
An Onkilnlo Hilitor Arrested for M\ir-
tier Itolmnnu Secures n Now
I < lfb Tlio Snprcino
Court's Work.
York's Now County
YOHK , Neb. , Aprlieo. [ Special TelesiamJ
The bhlsjfor the eiictlon of the now court
bouse of York county were opened by the
board of supervisors this afternoon and
were constricted In .secret session. There
weio Iho complete bids tiled : K. K. Alien , ot
St. .Jo , SGO.OOJ ; 1) . K. llownid , ot Lincoln ,
S.VJ.OOO ; J. F. Cuusund , of Mncolii , SM,000 ;
W. U. Tatvln , of Lincoln , § 57,700 ; llutehln ;
son tt Collier , ot this city , SM.OOO ,
and S.M.OJO without jail. All the above
bids are for complete jail and coutt house ,
futnlshed throughout and steam heated. The
boaul postponed action until to-moiiowanrt
allowed thu blddeisto mnko aseai.ito ) bid on
thucomt house , without jailor jail iKtuics.
Tho'bulldlng has four fronts and Itsslzo
Is 70.\100 feeL Fiom the giound to the base
of the to\\crls 120 feet , and the towci Includ
ing the statue is lllty-nlno feet. Messrs.
1'lacoy it Ciay ! , of Lincoln , ate the uiohl-
tccts. Tlio lirst and basement lloois ate to
bo divided by two main conldois cloven feet
wide , extending at light angles fiom the cen
ter out. In the basement the lloor will bo
level with the grade tine , thu height of
story ten tect and aiiauged a3 fol
lows : Commencing at south en
trance , the county judgo's ollleo wilt
bo at the left baud , with main ofllce ,
private ollleo and vault , eacli of the two
apartments cntcicd fiom the main ofllce.
Acioss the main corridor mentioned , Is the
county suivojor's , ho being provided with n
main ollleo and vault. Adjoining the snr-
vojoi's ollleo and accessible fiom and at the
cast end of the main , east and west corridor ,
the sheriff is piovhled with a neat
ollico , which Is dlicctly opposite
the Jail. Tlio latter Is aiiaitucd with six
double steel cells , basket enhanceetc. . , In
the most appioved manner. Opposite the
jail , and on the northwest corner ol the build
ing , Is located tlm boiler and tncl looms ,
ficsh water , cistern and closets , each of the
latter occupying onc-louith of the lloor space
of the basement. At the boiith end of the
main noitlt and south couldoi , llieicnio two
stonostuiiwuy.s leading to the main lloor.
Theio Is also one hioad stone staltway on
each side ol thu building , leading to the main
lloor. The latter lloor beingoccunlcd in full ,
by the following olllcesi iCounty : clerk ,
clicuit and district cleiks , ticasuror and
iccoidor , each oftlcer occupying one-
fomth of the lloor space of this
lloor , being piovuled for alike.
Any ot the last mentioned offices may bo en
tered troin cither of the miiln corridors. At
the south cud of the main noith and south
coiridor thoio Is a lame , double stairway
leading to the scco id or couit loom floor , at
the head of which aio located the following
rooms : Giand jury loom , county superinten
dent's loom , two petit jmy rooms , clicuit
judge's private olliec , lawyei'b consultation
room , also witness loom. Access to the
latter four looms Is had only tlnougb a
pihato hallway , leading fiom the bar to the
last mentioned loom. Thu main coiridor on
this iloor is 11 feet wide , and leads to the
laigc and commodious couitioomJOtO ) feet
in the clear.
An nrtltor Under Arroflt.
Nom-oi.K , Xeb. , April 20. [ Special Tele
gram. ] The town of Oaicdale is excited over
the airest ol a prominent citizen on a charge
of murdci , the prisoner being F. L. Putney ,
editor and proprietor of the Jouinal. The
win ant was \\oin out by a woman named
Ilairlet Andeison , living near .Ncligh. Some
time ago this woman gave blilli to an Illegit
imate child , the body of which was after-
waids tound In the rhcr. She chaiges that
Putney was piesent at the birth ol the child ;
tliathuagiecd to iilaco It on the doointop oC
sonic one , and that Instead it was tlnown
into the river. Putney denies nil knowledge
ot the woman and cannot account lor her
motive In chuiglng him with disposing of the _
iniunt. The Him of Holmes & White , ot
this city , 1ms been selected to piosccnto the
case , which comes up lor hearing to-mono\v.
IJoIiunnii's Attorney Vicloriotin.
Xr.miABicA CIIY , Neb , , April iiO. fSjieclal
Telegiam.l Uohanan has just icecived a
me.sstro iiom his counsel that the United
States supiomo eouit had overruled Attorney
lie.ncnil Loose's motion to tluow JJolmimn'B
case out ol couit , and have oideied the case to
bo aigucd on Us merits. In an Inteivluw
with Hon..T. C.Watson , one of tlieeouiiEols oH
the .state , the Ur.u icporter l&Infoimed that
in all piobablllty the nextsteji taken by the
piosecntlon will bo Iho Illlng of a motion
asking that the ease bo advanced on the
docket. This no doubt will bo done and the
case aigned fiomo time this tall , liohanan
takes this ntnv luasu of life as but the fore
runner of the good icsult ho expects to obtain
In this t.
com _ _ _ _ _
Van Wyolc Clul ) In < 5ujo County.
W MoIll : , Neb. , April 'JO. [ Special. ] Tlio
faimeibol Sicily aio wldoawakc , and they
iiioposo to boiecognl/ed in our next logisla-
tuie , The lutmciH met at the Kdiool house
April 17 , for the pmpoMJof orgitHl/liig : a Van
Wjc (1llb' | The hon&o was called tooidor ,
and ,1 , W. Hiidcnthul was elected ptOhhlent ,
Tint extreme tired feeling which Is BO ells- r.vcrjboely nccels anil sliould take a good
tressing and often MI unaccountable in tlio sn lug medicine , for tu o reasons ;
spring months , la cntlicly overcome by Hood's 1st , The boily Is now moio susccptlblo to
Karsap.iiIlia , which tones the vvliolo body , licneiit ( i oin nipilk liiu tlian at any other beason ,
purifies the Mood , ctnca sciofulx ; and all \ , Thu linjiuiltlus which IKIVO accumulated
liumors , cures dytpcpsla , creates an appetite , In the blood bliould bo cxpcllcel , and tlio sys
rouses the torpid liver , braces up the ncrvcg , tem given lone and Mrengtli , before Iho pros
ami clears the inlml. AVe solicit a comparison trating effects of warm weather mo felt.
ot Hooel's Sarsapaillla with any other lilood Hood's SarsnpaillU Is ( lie best spring medi
purifier In tlio market for purity , economy , cine. A thiKlo trial will convince jou of Its
strength , ami nicilt. tui , < eiiorlty. Tuko it btfoio It U too late.
Tired all tlio Tlmo The Jicbl Spring MrillGlno
"J had no appetites or strength , anel Iclt "I UiKo Hood's Barsaii.nrlll.i for a spring
tired all tlio tlmo. I attributed my condition incdldiio , anel I mid It just the thing. It tones
to sciofulous humor. I bad tried several up my s j stem ami makes mo feel like a differ
Kinds ol medicine without benefit. Hut as ent man. My vvlfei takes It for elyspepsla , r.uel
soon as I had taken bait a bottle of Hood's blio derives ( ' benefit from it. Bliosayslt
Birsapurllla , my appetite was restored , anel la the ) best midlclno the ever took , " ! > ' , 0.
my stomach felt better , f have now taken U'UKNi'ii , JIoolc ; Ladeler Ko. 1 , Jost6n ! , Muss.
neai ly three bottles , and I ncv cr was so w oil. " "Last sjiring I was tioublcel vvilli bolls ,
Jilts. JES.SII : ! ' . DoLiniAiii ; , I'a&coag , It. I. caused by my blood bolni ? out of oieler. Tv\o
Mrs. C. W. Marriott , Lowell , Mass. , was bottles of Hood's S.ereaparilla cured mo. I
completely cured of elck hemlaclic , vvblcli she can recommend It to all troubled with : itfcc- 41
bad 10 years , by Hood's Barsaiiarllla. tlons of the blood. " J. Seiiocn , i'corl.i , 111.
Bold by all druggttU. SI ; Ur fpr'iJ. ? Ticparcfl all ilrufi l tt. SI-six ; for ? 5. Prepared
ty 0.1. IIOOI ) & C ( ) , ApotliLcarici , I.ovtetl , Mati. l < y U. I. HOVl ) & CO. , A-wUiccarlM , Ixiwell , Mill.
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