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An Unscrupulous Lawyer Uses Law and
Order League Ammunition.
A Quiet Hut StiRRCStlvo Movement liy
Lending Directors An Intercstliij ;
Sultlo Ooiiunorolnl Travelers
State Capital Notes.
* rrnou TUP. nr.r.'s LINCOLN HUIIEAU ! .
The Law -and Order league has been
put toiimmy uses since its'forniatlon last
fall , by people who hnvo no connection ,
< even of the most remote nature , with It.
The power of the organization in prose
cuting minor offenders is well known ,
nnd us a consequence there are many tin-
scrupulous persons who , In ordur to en
force tlio prescribed classes into certain
lines of action , do not hosllato to use
thuir fctir ( if the league as a club , threat *
oning openly in some instances to set the
olllcers sifter thorn unless spccilicd de
mands uro compiled with. The latest ef
fort of this kind is that of a young lawyer -
yor , who sees in it u butter unil suriT
, motliod of collecting bad debts than by
the old warrant course. This lawyer's
n\mu : is Johnson , and nls shingle , an
nouncing "collections a specialty. " hangs
on tlui door of room 25 , in the Richards
block. Some weeks ago Mrs. Smith , u
dressmaker , handed to Johnson for col
lection a bill against ti young sporting
woman , who had disputed the account
Johnson made two or three demands for
the money , and linally sent the following
note to her by a messenger :
"Miss May : L'ay the bearer of this ? 5 ,
and $5 each succeeding week until your
bill is paid in full. Do tlds or I will put
the Law and Order league after you at
once. 1 will bo-put oil'no longer.
1) ) . F. JOHNSON. "
The young woman was plucky and
bounced the collector. , warning him that
if he eamo around again she would hand
him over to the police. Yesterday the
matter-win called to the attention ot the
law and Older people , who Vigorously
dcuouneedJohnson's , unauthorized effort
to use the organisation as an agency for
extorting payment of old debts.
"Do you know , " Miid a gentleman welt
up in railway muttons , to the Biu : roprp-
hontntivo yesterday , "that there is a big
lien on the Union Pacific nest ? " The
Ilii : ; man allowed that he didn't , and the
pcopor into the railway hatchery contin
ued : "Well , there's something going on ,
sure. The Union Pacific people have a
good railroad and telegraph line of tholr
own from Valley into Omaha , haven't '
they ? Well , what does the Omana.tfc Re
publican Yulloy railway company , which
is a branch of the Union Pacific , want to
cover the HIIIIIO ground for ? Messrs.
Adams , Atkins , Ames and Dexter got
together in Boston recently , and as di
rectors of the Omaha ( S : Republican
Valley road , amended the articles of in
corporation so as to give them the right to
build and operate a railroad and line of
telegraph from the point of inaction of
that road with t10 Union Pacific near
Valley station , eastward through the
counties of Douglas and Sarpy into the
city of Omaha. The right to build to any
point in said city , and to all villages and
towns adjoining , as well as to operate
such spurs , branches and extensions as
the directors may doom advisable , is also
Htipulated. Now what does it moan ? Of
course as long as _ the present managers
of the Union Pacific retain control of the
road tioy | can got along without two
lines of railway and telegraph running
into Omaha. But the main line is heav
ily in debt , and the time may come when
the creditors will foreclose. If , in such
an event , the property should pass into
other hands , it would bo very handy for
the stockholders who own the securities
of the branch roads to have an entrance
of their own into Omaha. The Omaha
& Republican Valley branch is now well
connected with the Kansas system , by
way of Maryvillo , and is no mean prop
erty. I only give you these hints as my
own , and for what you tnink they arc
worth. "
A little later , when the Bin man
readied the state house , Captain Wintcr-
Btcon , the deputy secretary of state ,
handed out a copy of the amended arti
cles of incorporation of the Omaha & Re
publican Valley road , in which the inten
tion to build and operate the above men
tioned railway and telegraph lines from
Valley to Omaha is stated. There is
nothing in the paper beyond this , but
what there is sot the scribe to thinking
that his informant had been guessing
pretty close to the truth.
A law suit involving many points of
vital interest to commercial travelers has
boon commenced in the district court for
Lancaster county. In October last
Messrs. Cloutman & Bingham , boot and
shoo dealers at Boston , employed Alon/.o
P. Chapman to soil their goods in Ne
braska , Kansas nnd Dakota. A contract ,
to run ono year , was stoned , giving
Chapman exclusive control of the terri
tory named , and guaranteeing him a
commission ot C per cent on all sales ,
two-thirds to bo paid in cash on his sight
drafts. Chapman now comes into court
Wvd Alleges that on the 17tU of February
defendants discharged him and broke
the contract y putting ft wow
man in the territory. Chap
man claims that ho was averaging
$10 peiO day in cdmmisslons , and
says that by tlio neglect of the defendants
to forward him nionoy as agreed ho was
compelled to lose thirty-five days' time ,
lor which ho asks judgment of $350.
During the lifu of the contract Chapman
sold goods to the amount of $1'J-150 , on
which his commissions wore $1)73 ) 75. Of
tills ho has received but : J800 , leaving u
balance due of $172.70. Plaintiff also
claims 0 per cent oi\ \ sales made by the
man put In his territory , which would
give him $750 moro. The total amount
alleged to bo duo , including interest , oto. ,
is il,772,7 ? ' 5. Chapman is well known in
Lincoln , having made this city his head
quarters , and has many friends who
tnink ho has been .shabbily treated.
nitiKi' MKNTION.
The livQ stock sanitary commission
have gone to Red Cloud to investigate
some alleged cases of glanders in that
Low May , of Fremont , appears before
the Nebraska public ill the now role of a
linanOioi1 , being the principal stockholder
nnd promoter of the now bank of Rush-
villo , which was incorporated yesterday.
The bank has a capital of $10,000 , , of
which Low holds $ ol)00 ) , his brother Jake
§ 100 , and II , A. Cliamborlin ? i,000. Rush-
villo is ono of the prosperous towns in
Sheridan county ,
Mr. Hullook , of Chicago , tlio gentleman -
man that has the contract for boring the
test well in tlio salt basin , is on the
ground , superintending the starting of
the Work
Old Pat Klnncy , ono of Lincoln's
original characters , was out on the war
path yesterday morning and used Ida
lists in a loose nnd lively manner on the
First National bank corner. As every
body knows Pat , no exceptions were
taken to conduct that would have in
sured almost any other man a severe
Street Commissioner IJyor has marked
Ins appointment to ofllce by rescuing tlio
cross walks from the muddy sloughs in
which they have been lost all winter.
In the matter of licensing auctioneers ,
the state supreme court hold yesterday
that municipal corporations , while they
have a right to fix the license fee , ctin
uot put it to a prohibitory liguro. This
-ap , - < - * <
upsets the decision of the district court
-which , on the appeal Of the "Waugli case ,
hold the other way.
The Landholders' bank , of Hebron , wns
incorporated yesterday. The capital is
? 25OUO , held largely by J. H. Bowdlo ,
Kdwnrll Lavin , C. L. Richards , A. O.
Rintt and George W. Loebert.
An action hits been commenced in the
district court by Mary Blakeslco to re
cover from Mary L. Stcelo and others
$500 alleged to bo duo plaintiff on an
unsati iicd note and mortgage.
A painter who had been employed by
George Sohcrcr to put a spring-like tint
on his house , fastened himself to a line
gold watch Monday afternoon and went
cast to look for another job.
Billy Anderson , the humpbaokod har
ness hustler , was assessed $10 by Judge
Parsons yesterday for indulging too freely -
ly in the flowing bowl.
Oflicor Sp.wdery waq called over to
Meyer & Missloy's store Tuesday evening
to arrest a burglar that ono of the clerks
had found in the cellar. The dry-goods
men neglected to close llio cellar door ,
however , ami while they were telephon
ing for llio police the unbidden guest "lit
out" llio back way.
Thursday of next week , April 23 , will
bo Arbor luy. ) Tlio date having boon
fixed by Hie legislature at jts last session ,
there will be no proclamation of the event
by the governor.
The members of the fire department
arc advising tlio adoption of the Game-
well , or some similar bov alarm system.
They justly ohiiin that under the present
district messenger box service false
ilarms are too frequent. Councilman
Urock has expressed himself in favor of
any and nil changes that will improve tlio
elliuiency of the department.
1'ostolllco Changes.
Postofllco changes in Nebraska and
Iowa , during the week ending April 10 ,
1880 , furnished by Win. Van Vleck of the
[ lostolHeo department :
Established Butterfly , Stanton county ,
Daniel II. Kern , postmaster ; Mars , Knox
county , Charles Joerisscn.
Postmasters appointed Gardner sta
tion , Platte county , Phcbc J. Ashcr ;
Gordon , Sheridan comity. JMattic Mar-
man ; Hamburgh , Hod Willow county ,
W. Stockton ; Leo Park , Valley conn-
: y , Benjamin S. Silly ; Longwood , Ouster
county , John E. llohmnn ; Pclla , Lancas-
: cr county , Cornelius Van Diest ; Koek-
ford. 1 * urnns county , Mrs. Harriet J.
Rexfortl ; Star , Holt county , G. W. Da
mon ; Wells , Webster county , Ym. . II.
Holininn ; Wlllowdale , Antelope county ,
Tames Bailey ; Yutiin , Stumdurs county ,
Win J. Parmentcr.
Established Benton , Dallas county ,
David O'Bryan , P. M.
Postmasters Appointed Beacon , Ma-
liaska county , E. 11. Crandell ; Crescent ,
Pottawitttamio county , \ \ arrcn Hough ;
Irwin , Shelby county , E. J. Trobridgc ;
Percival , Fremont county , Jerry H. \ \ il-
tiams ; Soldier , Monona county , Mrs. J.
M. Carritt.
A sure euro for Blind , Bleeding , Itch in
and Ulcerated Piles has been discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian remedy ) , called Dr
Williams' Indian 1'ilo Ointment. A single
box has cured the worst chronic cases of 25 or
80 years standing. No ono need suiter live
minutes after applying this wondoifiil sootli
ing medicine. Lotions nnd instruments do
more harm than pood. Williams' Indian
Pile Ointment absorbs the tumors , nll.iys tlio
intense itching , ( particularly at nicht after
getting warm In bed ) , acts ns a poultice , cives
instant loliet , ixud is mopared only for Piles ,
; of private parts , and for nothing else ,
Dr. Fra/.loi's Matrlo Ointment cares ns by
uazic , Pimples , Ulnck Heads or Grubs ,
Blotches and Eiuptlons on the face , leaving
thosKin clear and ocaittlful. Also cuiesltch.
Salt Uheitin , Sere Nipples , Soio Ls. \ \ . and
Old Ob.stin.ito Ulcers.
Sold by druggists , or mailed on receipt ot
GO cents.
Retailed by Kubn & Co. . and Schroetcr &
Coinad. At wholesale by C. V. Goodman.
A Useful Attendant.
Wasp : Berry Wall may bo the king of
the dudes , but the emperor of that frater
nity is certainly a Boston exquisite now
at the Palace. This hot-house flower of
modern "sassicty" is followed every whereby
by a solemn footman who has never been
known to open his lips.
The other day an acquaintance of the
Bqstonian met him on Market street and
said :
"By the way , my dear boy , what on
earth do you keep that servant tagging
after you for ? lie doesn't ' seem to bo 01
any use. "
"Yon are very aw much mistaken ,
old chappie , " drawled the dudo. "I aw
I couldn't get along without him
couldn't " and ho lookout his
, really , cig-
arcttn case. "Light ! "
The man stepped up and unbuttoned
his coat.
"Donchor notice his vest , dear chap
pie , " said the lu-lu. "It's made of sand
paper. J use him to scratch matches on. "
CiTho "Exposition Unlvorsello do 1'art Cttl-
luairo" awarded the highest honors to
Angostura Bittern as the most eillcnclous
stimulant to oxclto the appetite and to keep
the digestive organs in goodoidcr. Ask for
the genuine aulclo , manufactured only by
Dr. J. G. B. Slcgert & Sous , andbowaro of
notations ,
The Force of Habit.
Chicago News : "The force of habit
is a wonderful thing , " said the phil
osophising passenger who expector
ated upon the llooiv'now just to show
you I'm ' ft photograthor out in the
country hero a piece , and the ether day J
was called out to take a negative of a
dead man. At my suggestion his re
latives propped him up on some chairs
so that his position would bo somewhere
near natural , and then stood back while
I took' him. After focusing the lens 1
stepped out , looked to see that every
thing was all right , said 'now , hold still
a moment , plonso,1 and made the ex
posuro. Right there was the fimt laughter -
tor that had been hoard in that house
for two weeks. "
Tfhcn H by nu nlok , we E TO her CsitorU ,
When iho wftj a Child , elio cried for Co-toria ,
When she became Miss , ibe clang to CaatorU ,
Whw ili luil Children , lUe gate them CaetoiUs
Deadwood is now the only nrommcn
city in the Ulnck Hills with a rcpublicaj
The Great Invention ,
Without JTorm to T.lHltlOor HANDS ,
and particularly adapted to irarmt'/fmulc *
No family , rich or poor , should be without It.
Sold by ftU Qrocera , but bcica re ot Tils' ' 1ml
Utlona , 1'JSJ.jKZfyx is manufacture !
only by
. . *
Ho "Extensively llovlovrs City Matters
anil ImproTomontB DnrUic the
Pnst Vcnr.
'Tho ' following is the full text of the
Mnyor's message dclivorcd to the council :
Gentlemen of tlio Olty Council In nccord-
nnco wlthnn cstabllshcil custom , I tnko this
occasion to communlcnto with your honor
able body nnd present jou with reports from
ho several departments , giving an account
n detail of tholr operations for the jmst year.
Durine the ve.irs 18S3 and 181 , the clause
In our chfiTtcfprohlblUng the mayor and city
council from incurrliiL' nny liability In ex
cess of the amount autliorl/cd by law was re
peatedly violated , nnd an Indebtedness uas
: rcatPd for which 8100,000 In bonds were
issued. The amount ( S103,5W.r ( > 0) ) icallzed
from the snlo of tlioso proved Insufficient to
pay said Imlebtcrincsvtiul the sum ot § 2:1.000 :
was taken Irom the general fund to liquidate
the remainder. For this reason but little
Kraillng and oilier \\oik , the laymcnt of
which lias to be made fiom the general fund ,
was done the past year.
There Is nlvtnysn disposition on the part ot
the council to contractor ami do moio work
than there are funds to pay for the same , aud
to this I especially dcslio to call your alien-
tlon. On the 10th and 30th tilt. , clnrlim tlio
absence ot the mayor , special meetlncs of tlio
council weio ctlled , conliacts for pavlnc
woroeiitcicd Into and approved lor about
Sir.,000 In excess of the nmotint of of
honds Noted lorsuch puinosos. InttpedunuGr
tlio present nssussetl valuation ot the elty
butw8.oooof tlio SW.OOO paving bonds voted
can at picsont , be l sueil.
Our total bonded Indebtedness Is but SCC7-
PM , which Is very small for a pity the si/o ot
this. On .July 1st next tills will bo reduced
by the pajmont of 8100.000 school dlstiiet
bonds. Funds are now In tlio hands ol the
boanl of education for this ntupo c. M\o
poi cent city bonds will sell for : i or 4 per
cent picmium , and we ci'ilalnly have just
cause to foul sallsllcd with our linanclal
standlnt : . Five liundicd und twenty thoit-
Band dollars ot our Indebtedness 1ms boon
spent for pavlni ? and se\\eraco ; nnd Omaha ,
instoadot bolnc. as she wns In 18S1 , cclolua-
ted its the muddiest city In the Missouri val
ley , is to-tlay the best paved city ol 70,000 in
habitants In the United States. So far our
public works have been done economically
and well , and thuio lias been but little fiaud
or peculation. Theto ate three dilleront de
partments to which all wotk is subjected bu-
1010 payment is made : The boaid ot public
works , tlio city council , and tin1 mayor ; and ,
althoiiL'h It Is almost Impossible , alter lmIng
passed the inspection ol all these , that any
ci tor should occur , or that the city should bo
defrauded in any manner , still It behoofs
the council to he on the aleit to pi event tlio
wily schemes of the designing In their laids
upon tlio public trcasuiy. Every citizen Is
Inteiestcd lu having an honest and economi
cal admlnlstiatlon ol the city Koxoinmcnt ,
and wo can congiatttlntn om solves that wo
liavo until the picsent escaped the bauctul
influcnco of imps usual to clues.
Under the direction ot the street commis
sioner since April 1st , 18S5 , ovei SU.OOO lias
been expended. All except 52,000 of this
amount was paid out for lepair on stteets.
While this sum may scorn large , it does not
exceed the amount annually expended bo-
loiootir stiects were paved , when our city
was not half Its present sbe. I would ad
vise , howevtsr , that tlio disbursements tor
this purpose bo kept at the lowest possible
limit , as the work done is mostly of a tem
porary character.I'or.icn
I'or.icn roncE.
At this time I will only speak In a general
way of the police force of the city. It Is
comuosed ot but thitty men , which number
is coi talnly Inadequate for the proper protec
tion ot our citi/ens. I would advise that It
be incieased ns tast as tlio provisions ot the
chaiter , limiting the inalnleimiicn ot the po
lice depattmont to 3) ) mills on the dollar.
will pei mi t.
KIT ho duties of policemen nio pnctiliar , and
but few men arc , in all respects , lilted for the
position. A policeman should bo a man of
true com age , not msli. of good judgment ,
self possessed , temperate , keen and observ-
unt , with good memory for Jacts and laces.
A commanding olllcer cannot bo successful
unless thobu under him have conlidonco iu
his ability ; and in order to have an elliciont
police force the inaibhal must liavo the re
spect nnd confidence of his men. I would be
glad if the law could bo so amended ns to
place this branch of government under the
conttol of nboaid of police commissioners ,
so as to make it ontlioly non partisan. There
should also be a scale of wages incieaslng in
propoi tlon to the time sctved , making It au
inducement for deserving men to leniatu on
the foice.
oun runi.ic SCHOOLS.
Our public schrols aioconductcd by a board
of education , oiitltcly separate Irom the city
government , and the mayor and council are
only called upon to provide means for their
suppoit. From what I learn , I judge the
sama high standard for which they have long
been noted has been fully maintained. Ac-
cotding to the trcasutcrs report , the total
amount of money spent in this department ,
lor the past sixteen months , has been S'-M'V
537.20. Of this amount S20 , 000 was paid for
InteiCbt and § 45.000 expended for buildings.
school house sites , curbing , guttering and
paving. The pay loll for teacheis' salailcs
alone exceeds the sum of 8100,000 per annum.
Although our school buildings are veiy com
modious and superior In style and character ,
they are not adequate to our picsent wants.
On the 1st of July next 5100,000 of school
bonds will be paid , thus reducing the oxpouso
for inteiest , SlO.OOO per annum.
I'IKK .lii'AItT.MiNT. : :
The city hns just reason to feel proud of Its
fire dopai tmont. It is composed of men who
thoioughly understand their calling , ready
at all times to respond to the tap of the bell.
For Intoi mation in icgnrd to the number of
fito and losses dm ing the past year , i refer
you to the toport ot the chief , which Is here
with submitted. Tlteie is ono statement In
that ropott to which I especially desire to
call the attention of all our cltUcns , and that
Is that duiing the past year tlio sum of S202-
O73.b0 was paid In picmiums to lira Insur
ance companies. This shows conclusively ,
to my mind , that most of the prop city Is In-
suieil lor too gieat an amount.
The health of the city depends in a great
measure upon Its supply of water and Its
system of sewerage. It Is gratifying to know
that our city la tree from the odious gases and
odots that In most other cities are emitted
fiom sewers at e\ery corner of their sticets.
According to the icport of the sewer Inspector
specter there was but 82-J31W , Qxpeiulcd , lor.
SHM lie ? an < Un keeping our system In good
working condition. This Is certainly a very
small sum. There can bo no doubt that the
Wai Ing system ot sewerage Is , lor sanitary
purposes , the best ever dovlscd. It Is not in
tended for stoim water or wnato water from
elevators , anu In tl0 | business poitlon ot the
city other means will have to bo provided tor
the ovcillow fiom the latter. Ono hundred
thousand dollars in bonds have been voted
i or sewerage purposes , nnd 1 would advlbo
that the Wailng system bo extended as fast
as possible. Aside Irom Its being the health
iest , It is the cheapest system extant.
I would advise that special legislation nnd
consultation bo had with the waterworks com
pany In tozard to the supply of water for
thatpattof our city In the vicinity of Hans-
com pa i It , as well as other extreme sections.
The difficulty Is not duo so much to nlova-
( ion as to distance from the distributing
point and the InstillielPnt sl/.o of nlpo. This
diminishes the velocity. I think , oventuallv ,
In order to obtain proasmo lor fire bcrvico In
thohO poitions of the city loteiied to , an
ntixllkuy system of stand pipes must bo
erected on the hills. Fire hydrants liavo
alie.tdy been located In poitions ot the city
\\hete , owing to distance , elevation , and
sumlliicss of pipe , they mo of but little use
for fire iuotcjtfon , I WQHld suggest that
hereafter bofoio any nydrants nro lo
cated the committo on flro consult with tlio
city engineer and the chiot of the lire depart
ment , iu ouler that they may bo placed piop-
etly and at points where they will ba of least
expense to the city.
The board of public works have the gen
eral gupciintondonco of" all contract woik ,
the care of paved strewts anil tlio supervision
of all other publlo woik done by the city , To
them are wo largely indebted for the good
and substantial character of our public im
provements and tor the faithful manner lu
which all work has been executed.
A suggestion made In tholr leport , "That
an Inspector bo appointed to Inspect all ma
terial before It coes on the sticets , " Is a good
one. As also , "That a machine bo purchased
fur tlio puiposo of testing all cement Used. "
Tlio report ot the city engineer Is very vol
uminous and gives lu detail an account of all
contract work that comes under the jurisdic
tion of the engliH't'ilng department. Ac
cording to this icport it will bo scon that our
city has about nlno aud ono-lmlf miles of
paved streets , one and three-quarter miles of
paved alleys aud twenty-two miles of sewer
age.Tho pavements already contracted for the
year ISsO will dost , inclusive of intersections ,
about S&O.QOO. Ab soon as possible , after the
next levy is made , if thu assessed valuation
of the city will penult , the council should
provide for submUllng to the voters of the
city a proposition toot < 5 an additional S50-
000 In bonds for pavinc purposes , and to pay
tlio 815,000 excess already mentioned.
Contracts hatchedlet for an Iron viaduct
on Klovcnth strecK ( oter the Union Pacific
nnd 13. AM railroad tracks , which will cos
about S'tf.OOO. llio council lias authorized
tho.constinotion of a viaduct , to bo built Of
wood , on Sixteenth street over said railroad
tracks , which Is designed to cost about SSO-
OJO , and this viaduct la now being advertised
Under the chaHcr ; provisions must bo
made In preparing the next levy fora general
assessment for the \iaduct fund covering
one-fifth of the cost ahd damages of i-nch of
these viaducts. This will require about $ X > , -
000. Theio will be expended during the jcar
1S30 $050,000 for grading , paving , sewers ,
curbs and viaducts. Of this amount , the city
will bo H'quitcd to pay about one-third.
The manner in v * nleh the condemnation of
pi o port v for public use has been acted upon
by the picccdlng councils has , accoidlng to
my judgment , been Irregular and Illegal.
Alter appraisers have been appointed aud
have muilo their icport to the council , an or-
dlnanco should bo passed authorl7liig and In
structing the city tieasuier to tender to prop
erty owners tlto amount ot assessed damac.'S.
This ordinance should also contain n sccllon
ilcclarlnz such property vacated and ded
icated to the public use , to take effect vthon
the above conditions \\crocompiled with.
The past year has been ono of great pros
perity , and the ptospcct of continuous or still
intthor advancement Is most fluttering.
While lam In ta\or of liberal expeudltuios
for public imtmemcnts , and opposed to any
nniiow-mlnded policy In this icspcct , tlio
people's money should not ho spent unless
necessary lor the public good , to the end that
taxation bo as little burdensome as possible.
The nllalis of the city should bo managed lu
the same eaiuful and economical manner In
which prudent meii conduct their own busi
In conclusion I dcslte to assure you that
yon will lind mo luady at all times to cooperate -
ate with you In all nieasines lorthc good of
the city , and If nny dilTeienco of opinion
should arise on niv pail t will always discuss
the Issues In a spliltot faliness fiee from
bias ot any kind ; and my action shall al
ways bo guided by the consideration ot the
best Interest ot our rapidly giowlug motto-
Tills morning after the nbovo was pi luted I
iccolved a copy of the annual leport of the
city attorney but too late to niako any note
of It except to say that 1 consider It a very
satisfactoiy and lavoiabloshowing.
Veiy icspectfully ,
JAMIS : E. Uoii > , Mayor.
She hns tlio complexion ol a poach-
Po//.oni's Medicated Complexion rowdo ,
did it. Sold by ull druggists.
Supreme Court Decisions.
The following opinions wore handed
dowu by the supreme court justices yes
terday :
Webster vs Wray. Error from Hitchcock
county. Koversed. Opinion by Cobb , J.
1. In an action against a third person
on a simple , non-negotiable contract , it
being alleged in tlio petition tlmt one of
tlio parties to the contract acted as the
agent of tito defendant , in making said
contract , although ho did not higu the
stuno as ngcnt , or name the defendant : is
his principal , evidence will bo received to
show that btich nominal party to the con
tract was authorized to make the same
for the defendant ; that ho in fact did
make tlio simo : for him , und upon such
proof , the defendant will bo held.
3. .No party can bo charged , ns princi
pal upon a negotiable note , or bill of ex
change , unless his name is thereon dis
closed. ,
3. An exception , to this rule , arises
whore oilicers , , or , clerks in banking
houses , or other persons who are per
mitted to act as suclit receive money or
securities over the bank counter , and is
sue therefore , drafts , bills or negotiable
certificates of do'posit. In all sttcit cases ,
the banking house is'ullimnlely liable , al
though sucii draft , bill or certiticate , may
bo signed by such olllcer. clerk or per
son , without disclosing the name of the
banking house.
Tootle , Hosea & Covs Jones. Error fiom
llailau county. Kevcrscd. Opinion by
Ueese , J.
1. Tito order of a justice of the peace ,
or a county judge , in the exercise of the
same powers nnd jurisdiction , in setting
aside a judgment rendered in the absence
of a defendant , when made under tlio
provisions of section 1,001 , of the civil
code , should bo made conditionally
only , m tlio first instance , and cannot bo
finally made unless the conditions of the
section nro complied with by the party
seeking to open the judgment. If notice
is not given to the pmintilT as required ,
the application should bo overruled and
the original judgment be allowed to
stand. The giving of the notice is juris-
2. An application to sot aside a judg
ment , under the provisions of section
1001 of tlio civil code , is a recognition of
the regularity of tlio judgment and a
waiver of any objection that the judg
ment was prematurely rendered.
a. Where a judgment of a justice of the
peace , or county judge , is taken on error
to the district court and reversed , and
the original case retained for trial in that
court , bticlt judgment of reversal is a
final judgment , nnd may bo reviewed by
the supreme court , without waiting for
the final disposition of the original case
in the district court , liauks vs Uiii , 5
Neb. , 240.
llorso vs Hitchcock county. Injunction al
lowed. Opinion by Maxwell , Oh. J.
1. Whcro an unorganized county is
attached to an organi/cdoncfor election ,
judicial and revenue purposes , and tlio
proper oilicers of the organized county
levy taxes upon the property in the unor
ganized ono , and prior to the time such
taxes become duo tlio unorganized coun
ty becomes organized by tlio election and
QualUicution pf .tuc.i > iv } ttr officers , such
taxes nro. to bo paid to tlto treasurer of
the new comity. F. , E. & Mo. V. H. U.
company vd county of Brown , 20 N. W.
il , , 104 , adhered to.
9. It is the duty of tlio clerk of the new
county to take or procure n transcript of
all deeds , mortgages , judgments : and
lions of every description , upon real or
personal property lying and being in the
uowly organized county.
3. Pica of former syndication. Hold :
Not sustained.
4. A mere taxpayer cannot , in the first
instance at least , institute proceedings
ngainst tlto county clerk of the county to
which tlio now caunJ.V was attached , to
compel him to furnish a transcript of
deeds , mortgages , judgments , oto. State
vs. Sovereign , 17'.Nob. ' , 1TJ.
State ex icl Van Valm vs Bloom , Man
damus. Wilt all&wed. Opinion by Max
well , Ch. J.
1. Money can bo drawn from tlio
treasury of a school district only by
orders on the treasurer , signed by tlio di
rector , and countersigned by the moder
ator , .
ADoil vs Van OStrnml. Error fiom Yoik
county. Alllrmed. Opinion by Maxwell ,
Ch. J. ,
1. Wliero Btoekjs btkon up under the
herd law and notice served on the owner ,
ho lias forty-eight hours after receiving
tlio notice to poy tlio , damages anil costs
and take his stockia\vay.
2 , There is no provision in tlio statute
for adding to the damages claimed , after
tlio service of notice ,
8. A took up certain stock of B nnd
served n notice on Ji , stating the amount
of damages claimed , About thirty-four
Jiours afterwards 15 went to the residence
of A , their farms adjoining , and tendered
to A the amount of damages stated In the
notice , and demanded his stock. A
thereupon demanded an additional sum
for keeping tiie same since the time of
notico. This was refused. About 9
o'clock p. m. of the same day , anil before
proceedings in replevin were instituted ,
A wont to the residence of 11 and notified
him to take away his gtock imd nay him
( A ) the amount first claimed , Held : That
A did .not thereafter wrongfully detain
the stock ,
llowcrs vslllce. Enor fiom Franklin county ,
AlHrmed. Opinion by'Maxwell , Ch. J.
1. When by the verdict either party is
entitled to recover money from thead -
verso party , the jnry in their verdict must
assess the amount of recovery.
2. A verdict in an action to recover
money , was in tlio following form : "Wo ,
the jury , duly impaneled and sworn , do
say that wo Und for the plaintiff. " Held :
Not to authorize n judgment for any sum
Cahlwell vs Lincoln. Error from Lancaster
county , llevcrsed. Opinion by Maxwell ,
Ch. .1 ,
1. While cities of the second class , hav
ing more than 5,000 inhabitants , have au
thority to impose atavon any occupation
or business within the limits of the city ,
yet such ordinance must bo so framed ns
to innko such taxes uniform in respect to
the classes upon which they nro imoscd ,
nnd such taxes must bo reasonable , con
sidering tlio nature of the husincss , nnd
not so high as to prohibit the carrying on
of the business.
2. The power to impose taxes is derived
alone fiom the statute , and must bo ex
pressly conferred , or bo necessarily im
8. Tlio right to recover under the
statute , illegal taxes paid under protest ,
held applicable to a business tax collected
under a void ordinance ,
O'Hilon vs O'Urlen. Error from Dodge
county. Afllrmed. Opinion by lleese , J.
1. An application to modify a decree
of divorce is a special proceeding within
tlio meaning of section 531 of the civil
code , nnd an order made therein , nflV-ct-
ing a substantial right , may bo reviewed
on error. In such case it is not neces
sary to a review , that the error com
plained of terminates the notion , or pre
vents n judgment.
2. In such case where the divorced
wife seeks a modification of the decree
for alimony , alleging that lite decree wW : *
obtained by the fraud of tlio husband aud
his agents , the district court has author
ity to require the husband to pay into
coutt a reasonable sum of money , to en
able her to prosecute lior notion.
CruttssWiay. . Error fiom Hitchcock coun
ty. ItevoHcd unless 505 icmltted. Opinion
by iteofo , J.
1. The rule laid down in former deci
sions , that a motion for a now trial must
bo in the court below , in order to entitle
a party to a review ot the ease by petition
in error , whore the alleged errors occur
red upon the trial of the cause , ad
hered to.
2. In an action of replevin , wlioro the
verdict is in favor of the dcfonduntwhoso ,
ownership is special by reason of chattel
mortgage or other lien , the measure of
his damages , in case a return cannot bo
had , is the amount due him upon his hen ,
if within tlio value of the property , as
found by the jury. But such damages
should in no case exceed the value of the
propoi ty.
Most complexion powders bave a vulgar
but Pozioni's is bcauti-
gar glare , a true -
her , whoso ciTects nro lasting.
A "Rut Orcmatcrt by Electricity.
Electrical Review : A vat while at
tempting to escape from human enemies
in tlio electrical light station at Heading ,
Pa. , a few weeks ago , jumped directly
Irom the floor onto ono of the brushes
and was thrown back to tlio ground. Ho
lay motionless , apparently and certainly
dead , but without even a hair turned.
One of the employes was sent with n
shovel to gather it up , but as soon as the
shovel touched it the rat fell to dust with
a little cloud of particles arising from the
spot where the body had seemingly lain.
There was no vestige of hair , "flesh or
bones remaining.
Absolutely Pure nnd Unadulterated ,
-4 < l all Wasting Diseases ;
Till : ONLY
Tor sale by Druggists , Grocers anil Dealers.
Price , One Dollnr per Battle.
Sf Soli 01 u la eM 1 botllet , and none gennlno ti
re 11 lucli at livar our Ira I e.marlc I ifoel cltlio bid cliemlit ,
a , above , and Ilia nama ofromtiany blown lu tottle *
Q * rerioniea9torili Koc y llountaliii ( except th
Ttrrilorlo ) , nnal > l < to procur It from tliclr dtalera ,
LIJUiAVHjJJ t'2fcQ'mJj tJli.lfljA -U"H3iJifdJ V.
l > reaa cliarg i firrj ) . , reuiittlns UU liollari t fc
The Duff ) Malt Whiskey Co. , Baltimore , Md.
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital $350,000
BuplusMay 1 , 1885 85,000
H. W. YATKS , President.n
A. E. TOUZAI.IN , Vice Prcsiilont.
W. Ii. S. HUGHES , Cashier.
PlUECit >
W. V. MOICTE , UJbiiN S. Cor.UNs ,
Cor. 12th and Farnam Streets.
General Banking
Or llio Mquoi' HIiilill , 1'oxlllioly
Cured l > y Ailulliiislci-Ini ; l > r.
IIlllllL'M' UOlllcll NlX'l'lllC.
It can bo given In n cup of cotrco or ten without
the knowledge uf the penon taking It , Unbsclutcly
laariulcs ? , nnd will C'fioct a pi rnmncnt und Hpeoily
cure , \Uicth r the patlont li a mod&rata drinker erin
in alcoholic \\rack. U IJBS been vlveii In tliou.
riv.ida nt c eg , and In every Itistanceaperfcrt cure
has followed. It nu > cr fnlK The sybtem once
Impipgnntcd with the Hpeclftc , It becomes an uttet
Imposilblllly for the liquor appetite to eilst.
KUHN & CO. , Cor. 15th itpd Donf la , nnd
ISIh tc Cuinluff Hi * . , Oniahn , rVcb.l
A , U. FOHTI'.Il & ItlW , ,
Call or write for pamiihlet cootalnlnK liundroda
rH tastlmonlals from the beet women and men f nxn
til cr.rtaot tlie countrv.
O.NE on MUIIK ATnoi.r.BAi. . ? :
I I'AY all eiprert cbaigts to all | K > int within 300
mllca. I.OiiUcarriacrs toiidfct from hondtnoccnl
( tatup forlllustratt lcutaloi-uu. itintton tU ! i > ai r.
OneofthG Best awl Largest Stoclss in Jbho U.S.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator
GBO. 11U1UCE , Manager ,
JtRFEIlBNOES ' ' , D.ivlil , Nel . National
: Merchant * and Tanners' Hank City > ; Kearney
Jlnuk , Kenrnov , Neb. : Uolnmbtit Stnto Hnnk. Columbus , Neb. : McDonald's Dank , North
1'latte. Nob. ; Onmlm National Hank. Omnlia. Xcb. , , ,
Will pay customers' dmtt with bill o ladlim attached for two-thirds value o stock.
Short-hand Institute
The largest , best and cheapest short-hand nnd
typp-wrltliiit school In the west.
Lrnrn this vahmblo m t niul soouro n lucrative
position. Bhort-Imml tnuxht by mall to those
% \ho cnnnot nttciid the Institute ,
Wohuoponliimd a lull supply of I'llmnn's
shovMmml tout Imolcs , ulso typo-\riltor supplies
Tor pnitlculius sand for circulars to
Valentino's Short-Hani Institute
1118 nnd 112. ) 0 atioot Lincoln , Neb ]
Rooms 12 and 13 Granite BlocK ,
Onulo Systems nnilSo\vornqo ; Plans Tor Cities
and Towns n upcoinlty. I'ltins , I'tlmi\1os nml
Specifications tor Public nml other Enirlnooiinir
uoi-ks furnished. Sinvoyd uutl Itcpoit made
on Public Improvements.
Aunuwv HOSEWATEII , Stomtior American Socle-
Gty Civil Engineers. City Knglncor or Oniuhu1
xo. U. CiniiSTii ; . Civil
The OriRiiinl and Only Genuine. "
SftfB aoiS &lwayn Ktllable Tleiran of worthlrim Itnlutloai.
IcJIipfni&ble to LADIESt Ank your I > ru22lat nr
"OlilchMttr'n EnallilT' Mid Ukc 10 other , or (7itlo ( = .
( Itanipii ) to ui for pcnlealnri < n tttttr bj trturn mitll *
ChlohMtcr Cbrtnlral Co. .
ere , I'hUada. , {
bj DrnecUtu CTery where. A > for "C'lilcbc * .
' . tiiclltt" I'cnnr rural I'll ! * . TU Euoltir.
Commission lercliants
Bonn ! of Trndo , Clmmbcr of Commerce.
Chicago. Milwaukee.
' . C. MILLER , Western Business Solicitor ,
W. F. E'BCK : ,
Local Buslnoss Solicitor. 1SO4 Doug
and JsH Work.
1020 rurnum Street , Omaha , Neb. .
Milwaukee & SL Paul
The Short liine
and Best Houto
From Omalia to the Bust
Chicago , Minneapolis. Milwaukee ,
Pt. 1'iml , Cedar KnpldSi lajnnorr ,
Clinton. Dubuque , Itockford ,
llocklsiana , Krooppit , .1ano vlllo ,
Klffln. Mndlson , LaCroaso ,
Ik'lolt , Winona
Andalt other Importuut points East , NortUoaj
aud boutheast.
Ticket offlco at 1JOI Farnam sttoot , ( in Paxton
Hotel ) , nnd at Union PncifJo Uopot.
* ) ' 1Ul""U-5.lte5id ituartljB.finoat-DJnlnfr Cara ,
in thoWoildnroiun on the iniilii llne 61 tny
CiucAao.Mir.wAUKisB tc ST. 1'Anr. IUILWAV , and
every nttontlon Is paid to iiassonirors by courts'
OUB employes of the company.
It. Mir.LKR , Oonorul MnnaKcr.
J.V.TUCKBII , Assistant General Manajror.
A.V.II. OUIPENTER , Qontral I'aasonsor an !
GEO. 1C. llnAFFOHD , AssUtunl Qouerall'assoa
Ber nnd Ticket At'out.
ISxhansteAVItilltT , Nnrrom nn < i Phplcal nobility
rreraRture Deollna In Man , Krr0rs of Voutli , unil tin
untold niisorlci roiiilllnglrom Inillacretlon ami ox-
cutset. A book for cyory m n. jounj , mliliiln-njoil
end old , Hcontnliu ! Si prosorliiilona for nil ncuta uml
ilirnnlodueiiboi.cuclinno ot wlilcli In Inviilnniiio. Hi
lounJ by lliouiuliorwhoJU uvporlnnco lor 21 yointt
tucliuBprolmliljr never pnrurotull In the lot of Hiir
iihyslclani ; ) piiKci. liounil In beitutlful Kroncli nmj-
Ilncinbos30 < 1covcri , full L'lltiVuiirnntee'lto ' bo.illnor
work In evoryion M-rneclmnlc l , lltor.iry imd prnfaj.
rlonul tlmnur.y oilier work la thin country fort.i ! ) ,
vrthamoney will ho refund In overInntnnce. . Prbj
onlr il by mull , inisipulil. Ilhi'trnto.l cample , Gil
Pentlnoir. Holdinojulawarded tlioauthorIj tha .V. > -
tlonul Medical Aiioclatlnn.tu tlio lion. A. r. Ulsaell ,
unit atgnrlnto oiflunrs of the board ttio render Is ra-
BpoctfullxrefcrrBil. .
' 1 ho Sclenco of Ilf * j worth moro to tb o youu an1
nlUdlo-auoil inon of tliu Renuratlon than all tliDRol I
mines of California and Uie ellvcr mlnej of Nevada
coinbliiai ! . H. KOlironlolo.
Iho Hclenca of Ulo points out the rocki and quick-
Bands on which the coiirtUutlon uud hope * of miny
H yountfrnun hiire boon fntally wrecked. Monchostor
' '
I'ho'bcloncu of Mfoliof greater ralua than ull th
medical works publisheil In this country furtUjjuit
HI years. Atlanta Conntltullon.
' /hoBclencoof Ufoli o saporb nnd mustarlr troit-
l o on nervous und physical doblllty.-DotroH KOJ
* 'ildS'rcnthe Paaboly Modlcat Institute , or Vt Vf , IL
Parket.Ko.4 Uullnnch street , liaiton. Miss. , nao may
teconiultuJon ull dUaascj requlrlaj > kll land orporl-
cncu. Clnontound ubilnutu filsen ot thatnnrubaf *
tied the iklllof nil oluari > uy tcUnj spoclatty. Hucb
treutcd mcccaslullj- without au i njtanca ot fullurj
Mention Umaaa 1)30.
Alif , eij < tl < c . r mtrUMc ail ijulck corn
UEM. btndt laup fMriealcd rartleulari. Add.til ,
Dr. WARD & CO , , LOtlblAMA , HO.
The Croat Hock Island Route
Onarnnteri It' patrom tbut nonso of personal L. _ ,
rltjr nflordcd bjr u olld , thoroughly llallaateil roa3-
u ( J , smooth tracks of cnntlnnoui .teel rail , substan
tially built cul tern and bridges , railing alorlc ai near
iwrrectlon an human skill can rank. It. the rat
and that incllntr discipline which Korerns the pra
tloal operation of all Its train. . Otlior specialties of
nli ronto ai TruniCwi nt all connecting nolnti In
Union Uenots , aud the nnninuiud coiurorts aud
luiurlci of Ita I'ntionger equipment. i
Th Fast Kipri > i Tralni Imtirron ChlcAco anil
jsjafe sff pfefe : ,
lioMtcrcd Dnr Coachri. tlnenlflcent rullinan 1'alaua
Cnli.ln which elaborately tanked mpatai.Vfi'icliu'ralr
oatun. Hctwoen Uhlcneo and Kantim City nnd Atrhliun
nro also run tlio CeltbraUd llocllnlnK Cbalr Curs. "
1 The Famous Albert Loa Route
Jf tbo dlroct and laroHta line between Ohlcajtoand
tlmnuapolii nndst. 1'anl , wluro coiinortlontarumada
In Union UepjH for all points In tbo Territories and
nrltlah I'rovlncoj. Oier thli route Faat Exprcra
Trains are run to the wivtcrlnir places , Biininirr ro-
ports , plcturcsiuo locnlltlus. ami buntlnR and flihlne
eroumlaoc Iowa and Mlmioota. It li also the moil
jloslrablo route to the rich wheat Heidi olid paitoral
lauds ot Interior IHItnt ,
Btlll another UIKLOT LINK , rla Be men and Kan.
' , hns tJicn opened tctcn Clnrlcnntl , Indian.
ui uwuiivu mini iiinnuu fvt atnii anu roincrB.
obtainable. M troll aj ticket ! , at all julnclpnl Ticket
Onicui In tlao UultLd m&ua olid Cauaiai or bj ad-
I'rsa't & Qcn'l M'R'r. Gcn'l T'tt A Pa
Potter & Msgeafh ,
Law Roportora and Copyists ,
State Agents for Nebraska.
Typo-writer euppllcs nnd paper kept In stock ;
Bond for catuloffuo.
Red Star Line
Carrying tlio Belgium Royal and United States
tIullealUnf every Saturday
& New York
Salon ftom $00 to 8109. Kxcurslou trip from
? 110 to $180. Second Cabin , ollttfard , $ fc :
proimld , sM5 ; excursion , JW ) . Btcorngo imsaiigQ
nt low rates. 1'otorVri lit 4 ; Sous , uutioral
AKonts , 63 liioaawny. Now York , .
Omnha , Nubniskn , Frank E. Mdorcs , W. , St , L
& P. ticket neent.
3aclcet Corziparxy.
England , France & Germany
Tlio steamships of this well hnoiyu IJno nftt
built of lion , In wiiter-tl ht couipartruenta , und
uro furnished with ovoiy lonuUlto to tnako tlio
, mosi-otetBiro ! : ft'iajfc ? .ll- 5'i55/fttr -
the United Stales
nnilKnrnpnan mnllj.ttrtil loiivfl
Now Vorlt Thursdays and Saturdays for Ply
mouth. ( LONUONChorbouffl'AHia ) ( and HAM.
ItGtufnln ? , the Btenmers Ivnvo Hamburtr on
Woduosdaytt nnd Sundays , via. Havre , taklnar
imHsuiiKcrsatBouthanipton and London.
J'irst ouuln $ V1 , JOJ and $7S ; Btourago f 23.
Jlnilioml tlclicts from 1'lyinoutti to Ilrlstol , Cixr-
illtr. London , or to uny place In the Bouth ot
Kntflund , I'ltliE. Btuuiugo fiom Kuropo only
U'5. Bond for "Tourist Ou/uttc. "
O , H. UIOHAUD & CO. ,
Qonoiul I'ussciiKer Agents ,
61 Jlroadwny , Now York ; Washington and La
BulloEts. Clilciwo , III.
" Mniiiullo Hill. Thouiandl
tito In tlio Union hut o been cured.
- - . . . . . raloniedaurl gold IU
yuaitfvholo family can wear pamu belt. IClcrtrlo
nuinenaorlt. free vs lib mule btlts ATOld wortliltsslni *
Itatlons und bogni companion. Ulrclrlo Truaaea for
Itupturo. 7OU Lur dln'tiD * Hcnd stflinifur ) | > ainjlilitt ,
- / " " .
fill Impruuouco caumuj '
l'rem turo DePty , Icr
. , . , . rows PeUUty.i MtMin.
n.ooil , lnitrle11nviiinovcryknf ) nriiuody
IHKIlto hU ttllo 'huCerurtf. 'AdJiOii
S , 11. HUU via. : Cliathan treot. New York City.
You are allowed ft free trial oSthSrtv < lav > ot tlio ute
ot Ur. Uyr'a ( Xlctirateil Voltalgllult with klectrlo bun.
pcnsory Appliances , for tbo [ n.i'dy relief nntl PCT.
inancntcoiuot AVrroui JttlUlt/ ] . loud ot Vttiz/ffv / and
Manhood , anu all kindred troubles. Alee for nmn/
other diseases. Completa rcatoratlmi to Health , VlKur ,
fxnil tlnntiyod iruuruiuueil. f-o rink li Incurrud. Illus.
tratod pamnhlot In * tatf < lruvttaiiem&llnl ttfflry. Od'
Oxoe sins : V01/rAIOU121.Tt0. ! , Wui ihull.liilcU
OLSCO F .3aiTu .as4 : s-r.
Practice UinUcil to DiseiiBeB of the
. Glasses fitted for all forms of defective
' Vialou , Artificial Byes Inserted.