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IHLi 1/LiVmb L/iH iilllJlUli 11
The Annual Eeport of Oity Attorney
Gambler * , Toughs nntl Suspicious
Character ; ) Ordered Out An In-
sanc Engineer A K.of li.Man's
Opinion on the Strike.
i An Official Statement.
Mr , Connell , the city attorney , has filed
his annual report with city clerk , The
following is n summary of the report :
At the time of making my annual re
port , ono year ago , there were pending
against the city 1US snits.lnrolving claims
amounting to the sum of ? Mtli7.43. ! ) ! Of
tlio 188 Biiitfi then pending , but 48 re
main , involving In the aggregate $05-
317.67i. The other actions , tie in num
ber , involving claims aggregating $013-
0J,77 , have all been disposed of satis-
fnclorily to the city by compromise , dis
missals or judgments in favor of the city ,
at a total cost of $ ia'J5U.l)0. ) In other
words , 00 suits pending one year aco. in
volving ? OIJ)7.77 ! ) ! ) have been finally dis
posed of , nnd the total amount of judg
ments in all of said actions is only $12- ,
25D.OO. A largo portion of th'o suit. ' )
which were thus disposed of , wherein
judgments wore rendered , were In the
nature of appeals from awards for land
taken for opening and extending streets ,
concerning which no controversy existed
us to liability. The amounts of tlio judg
ments in such case ? , without exception ,
were satisfactory to the city.
During the past municipal year , 103
nctloiiH have been commenced against
' the city , involving claims iggrcijating
I' .S220.in3.01. Of those. 10 actions aggro-
Kaling$7,080.G5. have been disposed of by
the rendition of judgments satisfactory to
the city. The total of such judgments is
Amount of claims disposed of by
jiiilj-'mfiits In favor of the city
duritiL' the past municipal year.35,2j7 03
Amount or claims disposed of as
per my reporter April7th , 1SS5. . . . 55,184 00
Total 141,441 02
The above total of $141,441.02 represents
the amount of claims actually wiped out
of existence , nnd for which , the city has
not been held liable to the extent of u
The total number of suits now pending
is 140.
. The amount involved in all suits now
. Bonding is $273,428.01.
A list of all cases disposed of during
the past municipal year and of cases now
pending arc made a part of this report.
While the number of pending cases is
large and the amount involved is some
what appalling , there is little cause for
fear as to the linal outcome.
I am confident that with the facts care
fully worked up and presented to honest ,
intelligent jurors , such as we have been
favored with in the past , the judgments
in the future will favorably correspond
with those heretofore rendered ,
i In my report a year ago , reference was
made to the fact ( hat during the two pre
ceding years not a case has been lost , nor
a judgment rendered adverse to the inter
ests of tlio city. It is now with especial
pride that I advert to the fact that during
the past year , the third of my services as
leeal representative of tlio city , not a vcr-
jlict has boon returned , or n money judg
ment rendered , which lias not been in
favor of or entirely satisfactory to the
While I have endeavored faithfully to
do my part , I rccogni/.o that the result of
I't city litigation is largely , if not mainly
.duo to tlio intelligence and fairness of the
'juries ' who have served in the district
court during the past throe years. Re
spectfully submitted ,
W. J. COKMKLT. , City Attorney.
The Notorious Pcto Rush to bo Driven
Out of This Gtty.
The notorious Pcto Rush , known
throughout the western country , as gamb-
blor , blackleg and crook , has como to
town and has been as promptly ordered
, by the authorities to leavo. Ho was ar
raigned in police court yesterday.
The police , it seems , had arrested him as
a suspicious character , and had found on
his person , a long revolver , 43-calibro ,
ready for deadly work. Judge Stonberg
eentonccd him to pay n iino
jot $20 and costs , ordering him besides to
leave town at once.
' ' 'Polo1' ' is an old timer , and has figured
In n number of local criminal episodes.
On ono occasion ho had trouble with a
cnttlo man at tlio road house four or live
years atro and shot at him , narrowly
missing killing him. On anotiicr occa
sion ho robbed Anna Dickinson , at Dint
time leader of tlio demi-monde hero , of
"about $700 worth of jewelry , and so all-
terrible was his name that the woman
never dared to prosecute him. She went
to Council Binds anil remained in go-
elusion there for a time , preferring that
to appearing as a witness against Hush.
Hislatest break for notoriety was made
at Sioux City when lie shot nnd nearly
killed his adversary in a drunken quar-
Bol. "i'eto" is very indignant at being
compelled to leave town , but will proba
bly submit , gracefully or otherwise.
, U. O. Hasting , another gambler and
Auspicious character was ordered to leave
'town at once. l < mnk Raymond for bo-
, t f ngan Inmate of n disorderly house , was
I mid ? 5 and costs.
K Jack Burke. P. Raflbrty , D. W. Rood ,
I-Jtwn Boll , and John Drano , arrested for
I intoxication wore released. J. W.
I Ewoll was fined $5 and cost for a similar
1 p ollenso.
{ Lottio Coombs plead not guility to n
charge of drunkenness , and will bo al
lowed a trial.
' An IiiHniio EiiKlnocr.
' Mike Farrell who lives at the corner of
Tenth and Pacilio streets was arrested
'ycbtordny i and lodged in the county
* J U pending an investigation into his
'fitmity. Farrell is nn old Union Pacilio
I engineer and ran on ono of the regular
1'trains until about a month ago , Ho then ,
I It Is said , began to act in a strange man
ner nncl was relieved from duty because
the officials were afraid to trust him with
, fin engine. He has not resorted to any
acts of violence as yet , his mania taking
the form oi smashing chairs and wash
'tubs. Yesterday when the police wont
-to " Ids house he had taken the stove down
nd was boated upon the lloor
playing with its legs , Furroll is a pow
erful man , and it took the combined
strength of Officers Moystn , Carroll ,
O'Grady ' and Tnrnbull to get him from Ids
Mouse to the patrol wagon , Ho fought
desperately and with only the strength
Which an insane man possesses , His rel
atives wish to send him to an eastern
ncyhun. Dr. Tildon and the commission-
i of insanity will investigate tlio case
day. Farrell was n good engineer
tt was ono of the most popular men
iHHi'thu road , His friends hope that
i disease may bu nothing but a tern
ary aberration , and that liu will soon
from its enecls ,
'I A Card.
it May Concern : Inasmuch
' 8a/fit / | ( Impression to some extent prevails
; ? Ul | vi the paper called "Progress" is in
way connected with the order of
Knights of Labor , oillolally or other
d is endorsed thereby , it be
necessary , iu Justice to nil con
corned , thnt an official statement by the
order bo made of the facts as they exist ,
viz : That the paper called Progress is in
no way connected with the above named
organization , nor Is said body in any
manner responsible for anything appear
ing in its pages , nor has any person or
persons ever been authorized by the
order in this city to use its name in con
nection with any enterprise of a personal
character or otherwise.
By order of
Of the Knights of Labor of Omaha.
HE rouxn'ins OMIE.
A Detective Establishes Ills Faith In
"Dreams ? " said an Omaha detective
musingly , as he throw a long spiral coil
of tobacco smoke from the clear QHavana. .
that rested between his lips. "I Imvo al
ways had faith In dreams sincea little
occurrence that happened to mo when I
first entered upon my career years ago.
Some people believe that a dream is al
ways fullillcJ by opposltcst Don't be
lieve it , my boy , don't believe it. 1 am
convinced ttiat more often a dream finds
exact realization either in part or in whole.
Let me lull you a little Jstory Got time
to hear it ? "
"i'os , " said the newspaper man , "go
ahead. Tell me about it. "
' It happened some ten years ago , " said
thu detective , dexterously throwing his
little finger against the ashy end of his
cigar. "I was then living in Alton , III. , or
rather was visiting thcro , resting up af ,
tcr n hard winter's work. The month
was May and the weather was simply
perfect. I spent most of my time out of
doors , hunting , fishing , and having
good time generally. Yes
I was better looking then than I am
now , and I used to bo quite a favorite
with the girls. Perhaps I am yet I don't
know. Hut that's neither hero nor there.
Ono of the young ladles with whom I
became acquainted was a fair being
whom I shall call Ida. Pretty ? Yes.
Take my word for it a more charming
creature never lived. She was beautiful
in form , face , and , as I thought , in intellect
and character. About her past history 1
never learned much , except that she was
an orphan , had been born and raised in St.
Louis , and was living with an aunt in
Alton , an old , ugly , peevish vixen , who
always reminded mo of a horrible
"Ono morning , in May I shall never
forget the date , the 115th of < ho month
the quiet little town was startled by the
news that a terrible tragedy had been
committed. Ida's aunt had been
found murdered in her bed that
morning. My professional instincts
were aroused at once , and I hurried to
the house where the murdered woman
lay. Ida admitted mp. I expected to find
her in spasm of agonies , or at least terri
bly wrought up over the awful occurrence
which had bereft her of the only rela
tive she had in the world. But no , she
was strangely cold and calm , and even
smiled as she gave assent to my request
to bo lud to the room Where Tier mur
dered aunt lay.
" 'You. too , arc curious , ' she said.
Well , ' I'll ' show you the way , ' and she
tripped lightly through the hallway lead
ing mo up a pair of backstairs. I did-
not know what to make of ho girl's
strange conduct. 'Something wrong
here , thought I to myself. 'Wonder what
it can bo. Perhaps the poor girl's grief-
is of that kind which is not characterized
by tears or sobbing. " Still the circum
stance lingered in my mind , and I could
not rid myself of it , try as I might.
"Tho old woman lay upon the snowy
sheets , which were torn and scattered ,
showing that a terrible death struggle
must have taken place. Her throat was
cut from car to ear. I don't need to
dwell iipon the details of the horrible
airuir. The coroner came , hold an in
quest , and went away. Every witness
who could possibly throw any light upon
the mystery was examined. The city
and county authorities took the matter
up , and oil'ered largo rewards for the de
tection and arrest of the assassin. Detec
tives were engaged to work upon tlio
case , but wore compelled to give it up
after weeks and months of hard worK.
Every scent was a 'blind' one. Not even
a motive for the act could bo satisfacto
rily established. Certainly , though the
om woman was rich , she could not have
been killed for her money. She never
kept any ready cash in the house , nil of
her valuables were found undisturbed.
Revenge , jealousy , a sudden quarrel were
motives entirely out of the range of fact
or theory.
"I set to work upon the case , quietly
and without being retained by any of the
parlies interested. I studied long and
deeply upon every phase of the myster
ious murder. I lay awake nights evolv
ing now theories , and spent the days in
trying to confirm or disprove them. Hut
though mylaborswnr hard and conscien
tious , and wore , -believo. . shrewdly
conducted , ono month from the time the
murder was committed , i found myself
no nearer ti solution than 1 was when I
began ,
"One night , I think it was the twen
tieth of Juno , I had n dream , I had re
tired to bed early , tired out with hrnd
work. In my sleep I saw a vision it
must have been a dream , of course ,
though it was far moro realistic , The
door of my room opened , and I saw a
figure in white advancing to what seemed
to mo to bo a bed iu ono
corner of the room. Slowly the figure
came on and in ono hand I could
seu a long , sharp knifo. The moon had
been behind a cloud , but just then it
burst through and shed its bright light
upon every object in the room. 1 looked
again at the figuroand , as she turned , her
long locks a-shimmcr in the moonlight , I
could sco that it was Ida. Horrified , I
watched her advance stealthily stop by
stop towards the bed. With ono bound
she sprang upon her victim , and with a
dexterous cross-thrust of her knife , cut
the old woman's throat from oar to oar.
Ono convulsive shudder and the whole
thing was over. Assured that her work
had been thoroughly clone , Ida turned
away with that strange , odd smile which
hnd so struck mo the first tlav of the mur
der , and tiptoed out of the room. I
awoke with a shudder , but mv strange
dream haunted me , and I slept no moro
that night.
"Tho vision rested uneasily on my
mind the next day , Strange fancies
took possession" ' of mo , which I vainly
tried to shako oft' . The next night the
ylblon was repeated with all its iiitonso
realism. Every night thereafter for a
week I was visited by the same awful
dream ,
"I won't give you all the details of tlio
closing up of the case , To cut my story
short , 1 managed to secure entrance un
observed into lila's room , examined every
trunk , box , receptacle in ! ho room , look
ing I hardly know for what , My labor
was after a time rewarded. In tlio bottom
tom of a largo box used for storing rub
bish I found a long blood stained knife
and a nightgown , whoso snowy folds
were crimsoned hero and there with
blood. Then my suspicions were con
firmed , i made up my mind to go to
work upon the theory that Ida had nuir
dored her aunt , having already secured a'
good groundwork of evidence. While I
stood there , still gazing at the bloody
knife and garment , the door opened be
hind mo , 1 glanced over uiy shoulder.
There stood Ida. The smile on her face
was gone , but in her eyes there was a
maniacal light. She sprang at mo with
abound , and hissing into my ears'You
think you have mo , ' tried to wrest the
knife trom me. Shu scumod possessed of
a demon's strength , und I can tell you
that thu struggle that ensued was a tough.
ono. I believe that if assistance had not
como just then , she would have bested
mo. She was taken out of the room a
raving maniac.
"Tho rest of the story is soon told. Ida
in her ravings the story of the
crime in its every detail , and thcro was
no longer nnv doubt in my mind , or that
of any else , b'ut that she had murdered the
old woman. Prosecution of course was
out of the question. The girl was taken
to the Jacksonville , (111. ( ) insane asylum.
No , slio is not alive now. She
died after three or four years confine
ment , never having recovered reason in
the slightest degree. I maclo inquiries
afterward , and found on both her father
and mother's side the taintof insanity ex
isted : that furthermore she herself had
once before been In an insane asylum ,
but had been discharged cured. And
now .you know why 1 have faith in
dreams. "
Worship In tlio Jewish Synagogue.
To THE EDITOR : Sir Whilst on my
way recently to the synagogue I was
asked the frequent question , "Rev.
Rabbi , do you admit Christians to your
synagogue ? "
The questioner on tills occasion was
ono of a party ot ladies , and personally
known to the writer as a person of both
culture and intelligence. Now , if this
question were not ono of frequent
occurrence , and asked by parsons who
occupy honored positions in society , and
known for their literary accumcn , I
would hardly deem it necessary to write
in your widely-read columns the follow
ing information for the benefit of your
readers :
"Tho Jewish synagogue has ever
been open to worshippers of
every denomination. It is true
that there were ages called in history ,
dark and drcarv when the Jew could
not worship according : to the dictates of
his conscience , and was compelled to
resort to caves and caverns where their
religious meetings wore held , even as it
was with the Christians prior to the ,
reign of Emperor Constantine , who were
not openly permitted to exercise their re
ligious convictions. But those days ,
thank God , are passed ! No moro is the
human mind shackled and hampered by
the "anto-do-fa , " of the bigot , or the fan
atical mandate of the prejudiced heathen.
Thoi disciple of every religious denomi
nation , especially in this land of liberty ,
can openly follow out their religious con
The Jewish people in this synagogue
worship the lather of the Universe.
In the synagogue will bo heard prayers
offered not alone for the Jewish congre
gation , but also for all members of the
human family , inespectivo of creed or
faith. .
The welfare of the federal , state , and
municipal authorities are earnestly and
devoutly implored. In our reformed
synagogues I doubt whether there ever
was ; i service where the rabbi would of
fer a slur against another denomination ,
which would ring hardly upon the most
oven orthodox Christian oar. ( Wouln
that my Christian brothers of the cloth
would do likewise. ) And I believe that
my earnest inquirer alter the religious
truths of the ' 'mother of all Christianity"
would benefit greatly by attending to
lectures at the Jewish synagogues , and
am assured that the visitors would not
alone leave the Jewish shrine enlightened ,
but will eventually eradicate from their
hearts the pernicious hereditary preju
dice , unfortunately prevailing uniongsj
the ignorant and unenlightened masses.
Not alone are non-Hebrews permit
ted to visit the synagogue , but are cor
dially invited. RABBI BENSON.
Y. SI. C. A. Notes.
Fifteen were received into membership
at the monthly business meeting of the
assocation Monday. If over mem
ber would induce a friend to join during
the coming mouth our membership
might be greatly increased. Let us keep
the ball rolling and at least double the
present membership.
The young men's meeting Thursday
night will commence at 7:45 : , to allow all
who desire to attend the meeting at the
exposition building. All young men are
cordially invited.
Because of the revival meetings now
in progress it has been thought best to
postpone the third entertainment for the
benefit of the building fund. It will bo
given later , as originally intended.
Rev. Mr. Bitlcr will give his special
private talk , for young men only , next
Sunday afternoon at 8 o'clock in tlio ex
position building. Admission will bo by
ticket only. About 10,000 will bo issued
and are already being distributed by
members of the association. Any not re
ceiving ono will bo supplied by applying
to the secretary. It is intended for every
young man in the city to receive a ticket.
The noon-day prayer meeting is now
hold from 13 to 1 o'clock , to allow all an
opportunity to attend during at least
some part of the hour. The attendance
is Increasing so that now the meeting is
hold in the largo hall. It is hoped this
may continue until the hall is filled every
day. All will bo welcome to como at any
time and remain as long as convenient.
The would-be senators continue their
delincrations of important measures af-
ecting the interest of the states they represent -
resent as well as that of the whole coun
try. Last evening occurred the election
of olllcoiv ) for the coming session with the
following result : Mr. Littlofiold , presi
dent : Mr. Kroegan , president pro torn ;
Mr. Soldon , secretary ; G. A. , John Chap
lain ; C. Bohmanson , sorgeant-at-arms.
As a special order , a measure concerning
postal telegraph came up for consider
ation by the body. A lively discussion
followed , in which Senators Rich , Ru.stin ,
Solden , Bui-bank and Litthtlield took ac
tive parts. _
Another Injunction Suit ,
The suit brought by Bronnan & O'Noil ,
to enjoin the mayor , board of public
works and city council from letting the
contracts for curbing on the streets when
paving is to bo done , to Murphy.Croighton
& Co , , came UP in the district court yes
terday. City Attorney Council filed an
answer to the original petition , and the
plaintiffs were given twenty-four hours
In which to reply. In considering the
merits of the different kinds of paving
material the board of public works madu
a scale of the various degrees of excel
lence of thu stone used for that purpose ,
Granite was given the head of thn list ,
and thu tcale was graduated down to
Nebraska limo stone , which was placed
at the bottom. After careful deliberation
they determined th-it Colorado sandstone
was the best material which could bo
used , and concluded to adopt it for pav
ing purposes , Breunan and O'Neil
bill on that material was , it is stated , til )
cents , while that of Murphv , Crelghton &
Co. was 00 and 01 , On the Heron stone ,
however , thu plaintiffs put a lower bid
which they think entitles them to the
P. S. Barnes , WeeningVater \ ; C. P.
Stacey , Dos Moincs ; A. G. Kendall , St.
Paul , and Wijllam P. Truosclale , Peoria.
Ill , , were registered at the Millard yes
Wanted to exchange for stook of Hard
vBvwt yvvu y. j wun aiUi u utl liUlllj
( best corner ) ; good dwelling ( best lopu-
tion ) in Essex ( Iowa ) ; also eignty acres
one-half milo from town of Essex ( Iowa ) ,
seeded in blue grass For further par
ticulars , address John Linderholm , Ceu
tral City , Nebraska.
From the Onto City to the Golden
Onto Army Nate * .
General Howard was busied yesterday
packing up nnd making-final arrange
ments to take liis departure from Omalia.
Ho loft last night for Simr Francisco ,
via the Union Pacific , on ho 8:20 : over
land. The party consisted of General
and Mrs. Howard , Harry- , , John and
Bessie Howard , and Lieutenant nnd Mrs.
Groblojand child , who will bo acnom-
panled by Mrs. Wlllard. Lieutenant
Cliaso , who is absent on n month's leave ,
will follow upon the expiration of his
time. General Howard's son Chancoy ,
will remain here , being in charge of the
Douglas county nurseries.
General Crook will arrive In Omaha to
take charge of the department of the
Phttto about a week from next Saturday.
Tie is now at Fort Whipplo , Arizona.
During the "intor-rcgnum" General
Terry , at Chicago , will command the
department , through Assistant Adjutant
General Hreck.
Gen. Howard received yesterday n
copy of the committee report on Senator
Manderson's bill to sell the present silo
of Fort Omaha. The report among other
reasons for removing the post , says that
the area of the grounds of the present
site is too restricted for olHcicnt military
movements , especially artillery drill and
target practice , the close proximity of
the population of a largo o.ty rendering
IHciont target practice dangorou1 ? to hu
man life nnd objectionable , in a military
point of view on account of the efl'ect
which such a location lias upon
thu morale , soldierly conduct und
olllciency of tlio troops. Tlio area
of the present site of Fort Omaha
cannot bo economically enlarged by se
curing additional grounds contiguous to
the fort on account of the high price of
such lands. * * * The fact is , the fort
is being rapidly swallowed up in the
commercial maw of a great city. * * *
Your committee are reliably advised that
tlio value of the land , 80 acres , ombraccd
} u the present reservation and the build
ings thereon \vouldMiotin value a 111111
suiliciont to purchase In value from 800 to
500 acres desirably located , upon sv rail-
w.vy within ton miles ot the city cf Oma
ha , and that the surplus would go far to
ward the purchase of the needed material
for and the erection of the necessary
buildings to accommodate the required
military force at this point. "
Intelligence was received at army head
quarters yesterday that a laundry used by
tlio soldiers at Fort Stecle , was burned
down last week.
The first and funniest of the farcical
pieces that are now making the public
laugh , "A Bunch ot Keys , " will again bo
at Boycl's opera house oil Friday and
Saturday. The prime essential in these
entertainments is a. taking subject to sat
irize , and in this instance a popularly
appealing ono was found in the American
hotel. The company is substantially the
same that has appeared hero on various
occasions. Reserved seats go on sale
Thursday morning.
The charming Aunio 'Pixloy ' is an
nounced to appear at the Boyd next Mon
day. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings.
Tlio Mapleson opera company will sing
"Carmen" at the opera liou&o en the 23tl ,
with Minnie Hank in the title role.
Insulted \Vonivni :
Dcynis McCoy was arrested to-day at
the instance of Edwin * Stevens , who
charges him with having entered his
house last night and havinfj' ' talked iii-
sultingly to Mrs. Stevens. Mr. Si > is very
angry at what ho terms McCoy's out
rageous conduct , and is determined to
have the fullest legal revenge. Tlio two
men were both in police court this morn
ing , with their respective WIVM , and it
was only with the greatest difficulty that
they were kept from lighting it out then
ana there. The trial was Bet for April 15.
Public sale of Short Ilorricattlc at Lin
coln , Nob. , April 14 , 1830. Fifteen cows
and heifers and twenty bulls. For cata
logues apply to Col. F. M. Woods , Lin
coln , Neb. , or Williams & Lacy , Lacona ,
Iowa. _
Brought 111 in Back.
Patrick 1'ord , Jr. , son of the councilman
from the Third , returned yesterday in
company with Ofi'tcer Richard Burdish.
The latter captured him in Denver.
Patrick , Jr. , was sick of going to school ,
it seems , and determined to see u little of
the world on his own hook. Accordingly
ho pawned his gold watch and chain lor
§ 15 , secured a loan of f10 , nnd purchasnd
a ticket for Caljfprnia. His fond parents
headed him oil' just in time , and for a
time at least , Patrick , Jr. , will have to
remain in Omalia.
EOT mm
Prepared with tpeclal regard to hcallV.
Mo Ammonia , Ijlmo or Alum ,
srr ,
Practice limited to Diseases of the
Glasses fitted for all foniia of defective
Vision. Artificial EyesJ Inserted.
TUo Original end Oniy Ucmilne.
Btfa ltd tlwiri Relli'ili. Ignore of trartklru ImlliUoaJ.
ludlipcciitu u LADIES. A U jour I > runrrl t for
"Cklchotcr1 * Knell * ! ? ' ' " "I = otUcr , or CcW. I ; .
) to ui fcr pkrllcuUri in fitter br return mau.
C'lilchcatcr Clicinlfal Co. . .
( Sold br DruisUU cvrrjulicro. Ail for "Cblclie * .
tvt > t EnalUU" I'eniiirorul 1'IIU. TUta
i You are allowed afrte trifl o/IMrtu clatu of the W9
of Dr. Dyc'a Celebrated Voltaic Belt wltn Llectrlo Sus-
isory Appliances , for the speedy nllef end per ,
.ncntouroof AVrtwu. VMlltv \ I' oli/i/and
tthood. Una oil Ulndrsd troublss. -
W. D. ROBERTSON , Prop'r. '
Offlco No. 1103 0 St. , WorU - S.E. Cor. V. k tb.
Lincoln , Net ) . Gents' Clothing Oleuntd und Ito
GROSS ASSETS , DECEMBER 31st , 1800 100,826.30
A certificate of membership in this Association furnis lies benefit at the lowcs
Men and women , between tlio ages of 17 and 05 years , who are in good health ,
may become members.
Thcro Is no changing from ono class to another , anil assessments do not increase
with advancing ago.
The Company has n guarantee fund of $100,020 paid up in cash , which is an ad
ditional security to that furnished by any company in the United Stales.
It has a Reserve fund which provides for a non-forfeiting policv and a paid-up
The Company Is located in the West : its business is confined to the hcalthj West ,
and applications from persons residing in in ilnrlal districts : ace not accepted , which
will insure few assessments , and a consequent exemption from any onerous liability.
A local Advisory Board , composed of not less than live leading citizens of each
vicinity , may bo formotl , who may act as advisory counsel In the settlement of claims
by the death of members and as to t'io ' lulmisaio'.i of applicants to membership.
A member who lapses his cortllioato may rc-iustato the aamo at any time upon
satisfactory evidence of gooJ health , by thu payment of all delinquent dues and
.Noinsuranco company in this or any other country has over failed bj- reason of
of the dcath-rato experience The failure in each ins tanco has been caused by pecu
lation or speculation , The safe guards iutroduce.l reader both impossible in tins
Our business is confined to the endowment for old age , and the payment of the
widows and orphans after death.
The policy is moro liberal , and the plan moro secure , than any company In the
United States.
Co-operative Insurance Companies existed in England 200 years before the stock
plan was thought of , and the same companies exist to-day , some of them having
nearly ono million members. When managed judiciously , they cannot break. Wo
guarantee every promise wo makcd with § 100,000 , this being iu addition to the $100-
000 provided for as a Reserve Fund which is a more liberal provision and oiler than
any other company makes.
The Strength of This Association Consists of I
The cost of life protection in this company is less than any company in the
United States. The company isgood and payments prompt.
This Association is now entering its third year , and has n large membership ,
which is constantly Increasing.
At death or maturity of endowment the member receives his interest in the
Reserve Fund in addition to the amount duo on the policy.
All policies become non-forfeiting after the third year to the extent of the mem
ber's interest in the Reserve Fund.
AGENTS WANTED in every town and city where not supplied in all of the
states west of the Mississippi river and north of Kansas. Good reliable canvassers
can obtain most favorable rales by writing to the company.
Thu Western Mutual has consolidated the mombnrshipof the "Nebraska Mutual , "
"Farmers' and Mechanics' " and "Lincoln Mutual , " and with its own members insure -
sure s perfect protection.
"Wo regard the Western Mutual as ono of the very best life insurance associa
tions in tnis country , and expect to see , at no very distant day , it covering the entire
fieid of the healty West with its active , gentlemanly agents. " Daily Express , March
2 ; 1386.
LINCOLN , February 1 , 1880. )
It is hereby certified that the Western Mutual Benevolent Assocfatipn Insurance
Company , ot Beatrice , in the State of Nebraska , lias complied with the insurance law
of this stata , and is authorized to transact the business of life insurance iu this sL t
for the current year.
/ - j . Witness my hand and the , seal of said of said oflico , the day and
j SEAL. { yi > ar lirst above wiitten.
( , ' H. A. BABCOCK , Auditor Public Accounts.
Omaha National Bank , the company's financial agent , at Omaha , Nebraska.
Refer by'pornrssion to Hon. J. H. Millard , Omaha , Neb.
All communications should bo addressed to
OLrvEiR. o. s iBiisr ,
Secretary and General Manager , BEATRICE , NEBRASKA.
OTIS HAYNES , Agent at Omalia.
One of the Best and Ziforgesb Stocks in the U.S.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb. Elegant Passenger Elevator
OEO. BUKKE , Manager ,
REFERENCES j Merchants' and Fanners' Bank , David City , Nel ) . ; Kearney National
Bank , Kcaniev , Neb. : Columbus State Bank. Columbus , Neb. ; McDonald's Bank , North
1'Jatto , Ni > b. ; Omaha National Bank. Oranlm , Neb. , . . . . . , , . ,
Will pay customers' Uratt with bill o ladlne attached for two-thirds value of stock.
Best Goods in the larle
o oft ford , III.
Ask for our goods and see that th o
bear our trndo mark.
- " - And others uffcrlnif from
. ncryou * debility , eihau tlns
Icuronlo dt ta o , preumturo
" .decline of jrounic or oia yra
lIpofltlTtly cuitcl bjr Dr.
j iloirie't f mou lltolro.
HiKiictla llilt. TbounaniU
to In theTJuloii hate been cured.
Jt. - VITAJnntantljr felt. J'alenl < land Bold 1O
eaia , Wlivltf family can wear aame bell. r.Ietlrle
huipen.orU.freovrilhmalebelts. Arold orthle Im.
--F and hoKU3 companies. Klectrlo X ru ea ror
Office , Cor. HtU nnd Farnara Streets , lloomll
QEORO& Bi Bills ,
I3lh St , Cor. Capitol Avcnuo.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. MoNIENAMY , . Proprietor.
Sixteen ycam' Hospital unii 1'rivutu I'imtico
We Imvo the facilities , apimrntua and remedies
for the succeeiful treatment of e * cry form of UU.
rase requiring cither medical or 6iirlcal | ; treatment ,
and lovltoairto como atulltmetlgato for themselves
or correspond with in. Long oijicrlcuco In treat
ing ciues by letter enables ua to treat many caic *
sclentiflfalfy without erelnt ; them ,
WHITE I'Oll CIIIOUI.AH on Deformities nnd
Itruce * , Club I'eet , Curvatures of the Hplno ,
DISEASE ! o - VOMEN. I'ilei , Tumors , Cancers ,
Catarrh , Ilrnnchiltt , Inhalation , Electricity , 1'ural.
yule , Epilepsy , Kidney , Eye , Ear , bkiu , Ulood and
all surgical opcratlona.
Ilutiorlo , Itilialora , Ilraccs , Truuci , nnd
nil Kind * of Medical aud Surgical Appliaucca , mim.
ufacturcd and for enle.
Tha only reliable Medical Intltuto making
Private , Special i Nervous Diseases
from whatevercumeproduced , euccesefully treated.
Wo can remove Syphilitic polion from the eyttcm
without mercury.
New restorative treatment for Ioe of vital power.
Call and consult us or tend name and i > o t-oinco
addrcn plainly written cnclotc etainp , and wa
will send you , in plain wrapper , our
UfON I'fllVATll , fl'ECIAL ANU lUBYOtfa DlsBAStS ,
cr , SVI-IIILH , < ; oNomtini4 , GI.KEC , VAIUCOCKI.E ,
UniKinv OaoANE , or tend UUtory of your case for
an opinion.
Persons unable to \ If.I us may bo treated at their
homci , by correspondence. Midlcint * and Inttru *
incuts sent by null or express SUCUIIKIiY 1'ACIv
ED FROM OBSEUYAT1O.V , no marks to Indicate
content ! or acnder. One pemoual Interview re
ferred if convenient. Fifty rooms for tlie accom
modation of patients Hoard and attendance at
reasonable pilcef. Addrees all Letters to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
Car. 13lh Stand Caoltol Ate. . OMAHA. li'f.B.
C. E. lYM
S , W , Cor , 16th and Param
Who are now investing in real estate
For Home
Or Speculative Purposes
Arc Hocking to those choicest sites ,
. T | " ! PTr T1
Orchard Hill
The reason of this is because thcso
places return more on the investment of
the rich , and afford a better homo for
the poor man than any other property
near Omaha.
Look at tie
Orchard Hill ,
Near the horse cars and on the Belt line ,
with all the advantages of tlio city , but
without its oxpcnso and disadvantages ,
beautifully opou and shaded lots ruu be *
$450 and $650 ,
10 percent cash , balance in monthly pay
Situated upon an ascent and upon the
same plain , which has made Ft. Omaha ,
the prettiest parade ground in the conn
try , and with an unobstructed view , sells
in aero lots at
Only $350. .
Onc-quartor doivn , with deed , balance
n three years.
Is Hko the famous suburb of Clifton , Cin
cinnati. It is beautiful in itself and
gives an entrancing view of the valley of
the Missouri for thirty miles , And yet it
sells iu
$850 to $350 ,
Ono-quartor down , balanoo in 8 years
These two delightful sites make up the
most nttrucllvo places about Omaha.
They are reached by the most LI3V1SL
ROADS AND DRIVES and will soon bo
encompassed by tha proposed
Lots are selling In tlioso places daily
and but fuw remain. If you want to in
vest don't delay. If you want to buy for
a homo imiUa hnsto. He2 mu before it is
too lute.
I Imvo properly in nil parts of the city
nnd my lUU urn the largest and most
complete over ma-Jo iu Omuliai They
comprise houses , lots , and till kinds of
good * which will ho sold oruxchangcd at
the lowest and most satisfactory prices.
C.-E. MAYN F ,
IBfh 2titi Farnar.ii Omaha ,