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The Military Hold Complete Control at
East St. Louis Sunday.
People Prohibited From Crossing the
lllvcr No KITort Miulo to Move
Trains To Prosecute tlio
Murderous Deputies.
A Quiet Sunday.
Sr. Louis , April 11. The day 1m been
ono of absolute quiet. General Hecsc , with
his foi ce increased by seven additional com
panies , which nirlvcd latu last night and this
morning , lias been able to systematically
cover every point In the city , and any fear
\\hlch nmv have been felt from tlw torch of tlio
Incendiary has almost ceased. The funeral
of three victims of tlio tragedy of 1'ilday
Drlscoll , Washington and Noncr occtmoil
this morning fioni St. Paliick's Roman
Catholic church. Mass was celebrated caily
In the foienoon , and about 0:30 : o'clock the
funeral column pioeoeded to the cemelri' .
In the altcinoun the funeral of Major Jtyclc-
ninn and Mis. 1'felll'er , two other victims ,
occui icd.
11 ivlng received Infoimation that a Itirgo
crowd ot peoi lo Iioni St. Louis contemplated
dossing to Kast St. Louis dm Ing the day ,
General 11 otolssuula , puicmptoiy ordr ( to
prevent unyoiip cro a'ng to this slile ot the
rlvo * . elthei b , , b Idgcor firrhs , unless pio-
vldul with passes ot the bildge company or
i'loin tlte military. This was not to Include
rn/ through passengers on rallioad trains.
Tlio oidcr was is ) ucd only to cover .Sunday.
None ot tlio umils centering hum made any
teiloiis clloit to move tinlns to-day. Ar
rangements will bo actively entered ujinn to-
inoriowvlicn It Is expected a f.ilr test will bo
made ot this Inclination ot the uien to icturn
to woikhen alloided protection.
Mr. Unlley , and other members of tlio gen
eral e.\ectiti\i ) boaid , as well as prominent
local Knights ot Labor , state qulto
emplmtlcally that the deputy sheriffs
wlio thed on the people In St. * Louis
Fildnyvlll bo piowcntod to tlio full extent
of the law , that plenty of money will bo
loilhcomiug for that puipose , and that the
best legal talent obtainable will be employed.
J. rge amounts of money aie coming heio
noio mllovo whatever distiess may exist
among tlio striking knights.
Gould Agnlu Interviewed.
Nr.w VOIIK , Apt II 11. In an Intcivlcw
Avlth Jay Gould which the Tribune will pub
lish to-moi row , Gould , icfenlng to an Intel-
view between himself and Powderly , quotes
the latter as saying of District No. 101.
Knights of Labor :
"They arc outlaws. They aio 0110 of tno
woistset of men lever saw. When I was
out there among them , 1 was leally afraid for
niyllle. They have bioken the laws of the
older. They have begun the strikes without
authority , and to-moiiow I Intend to issuoa
cliciilarrightunr myself and placing those
men In their ti tie light. "
"What will bo tlio outcome of the South
western strikes ? " Inqniied the Tilbuno ic-
poi ter.
"Thoy will bioik down through their own
weight. These organ i/ations , through their
boycotts and their Mi Ikes , will make thetn-
solvcs so unpopular , that public opinion will
no longer suppoit them , and their powei will
bo gone. "
Tlio Fires mid Mob Fury Subsides
Somewhat by Day.
EAST ST. Louis , A pi 11 10. At 5 n. m. the
fires \\ero got under contiol. Fifty freight
cais , the scale houses and lumber yaid wcie
completely dcstioycd by lue. The round
house and shops weio paitially sa\cd. No
. rallioad oftlclals weio aiound to direct troops
whcie they weie most needed. The tires
were all incendiaries , Marled about 9 o'clock
last night. .Lame ciowds of strikeis and cit
izens collected In gionps all over the city ,
still dctciinlncd to liavo icvcngo for yeMer-
day's massacie. Public sentiment
Is running high. The firemen
and cnginccis weio sent from
tit. Louis to help extinguish the Hie , but the
hosowas cut and the men Intimidated and
they ictinned without assisting.
ST. Louis , April 10. The following mes
sage was bent at 0 o'clock this moinlng :
"S-r. Louis , April 10.Tp J. W. Vance ,
Adjutant ( icncial. Last St. Louis : Your 10-
qucstforald ot ouriiio department was ic-
ceived at 3-li : a. in. In response to an alarm
at 11 o'clock Inst evening and to the lequest
ot Mayor Joyce , tineo cnirines and one truck
went to ICastSt. Louis and I quickly followed
inysclticnialnlng there until 1 o'clockhon ,
being unable to laid the mayor or any of the
authorities able to piotect us and alter 10-
pented cutting ot our hose nnd continuous
Intimidation of our men , 1 oideied their re
turn. Immediately on receipt ot your telo-
giam , loideied Assistant Chief Grass to 10-
poi t to yon In peison , to place several engines
at your disposal with the t-eivlco of himself
and boven men , lie will see you befoio the
lecelptof this , and if neeessarv , will ha\o
nlic.uly f mulshed you the aid yon icqucst If
you can niolccthls men and imichlneiy.
ISiisneil.J D. It. Fii.v.vcn , Mayor.
The Kxecutlvc lioaid of the Knights of La
bor , v lion the news of tlio shooting readied
them , piocccded at once to Kast St. Louis ,
and con leu I'd with a number of citizens ,
and got the geneial opinion as to the tetrlblo
affair ; After advising oveiy one against vlo-
Icuco the board rotmncd to this side and pro-
paicd the tollowlng telegram and sent It out :
"Tho following ndvcitlsemont appealed In
most ot the leading pnpci sot tlio 7th lust. :
Louisville , t Nashville Kalhoad Co. , Olllco
ol Agent , Apill'.i. Xotleo : Ton good men
iiom hcio wanted as deputy marshals In Kast
tH Louis , to piotect Louisville .t Nnsli-
vllle emplojos. 1'ivo dollars per day and
boaid will be paid , Also a number ot plat-
1 01 m men can hoglen employment. Only
men who inuo plenty of gilt and inenn bust-
V ness need apply. Apply at once to J. S. Gcn-
ung , agent.
"llo\v \ well this ndvcitisemcnt has been
nnsweied Isneon by Iholrwork ot to-day In
Kast St. Louis. Six mon and ouu woman
weiu mnideied ty 'those who had plenty of
gilt nnd meant business. ' Jy ! yom action in
lefuslng peacetnl negotiations hollcitcd by
the boaid for aibitratlon. you alone must be
responsible to thn woild tor the lives of those
innocent people. "
( Signed ) JOHN AV" . HAYES.
My Outer of the lioaid.
TI1K DAMAOK 11V Tllin.
HAST ST. Louis , Anill 10-8 : : n. m The
city has been In a .stato of panic during the
cntlio night owing to the numeious lucen-
dlaiy Hies , but with the picsonco of the
ndlltaiyhlvh Is guaidlng all main lines
of thu tiaok diverging fiom the railway
depot something like oidcrappeais topiomtbc
for tlio day. It Is not possible at this hour to
inoio than appioxlmato the tlnmajo by the
night's Hies. They \\eioallcontincd to rail
road piopcrty , The olllccrs bent with tioops
icpoit that about twenty to thlity
caw In all weio dostioycd. These weioloaded
with merchandise and coal , The gicatest
damage orcuued at the ShoitLtuo yards ,
about ono mlle fioiu the icluy depot , wheie
piobably liftet'n ciirs woio dcstiojcd , and the
flames fora tlmu thioatcned the destnictlon
of one or two hundied cais In thoimmediatc
vicinity. The ynuls were unpiolected by
thopiebencoof an activoilcputy orolllccrol
any kind , and until Company 1) , of rhanv
palgn , nitlvcd at the : eue , the luo was per
milled to bum at its will. Two members ol
this company weio found who could Hit
nnd inn a locomotive and .1
twitch cntjlno being placed al they buccccilcd in dinsslut ]
away from the burnlngctrs fully 100 box and
coal cars. Three commutes of troops from
Greenvlllo 1'nrls and Champaign , arc now
stationed at the Louisville , Nashville & Cairo
Short hi no yards. The main body ot troops ,
beyond a few sentries , stationed at the rail
road switches , remain In the vicinity of the
-clay depot. No serious opposition of any
iliaracter beset the troops.
The first companies to arrive in the city ,
ivcro Company K of the Klghth regiment ,
rrom Nashville , and Company 11 of the Fifth
'loni Dccatnr , and were temporarily
'iiartcrcd In the branch ot the Young Men's
Christian Association building near the. relay
ilcpot. The crowd offered a llttlo wouly op
position but noUilnir further. The troops
ifler divesting thcm&clvcs of their
: lothlnc. bags and blankets. lett
o take their allotted stations ,
ivlncliuront tirst conllned to the switches
near the depot. The troops ariested ono
man In the Cairo Short Line jards , who re-
"uscd to quit the premise' ! , caily tills morn-
ng. Ho was turned over to the local author-
ties. Col. Klley Smith Is In command of the
'orccs on the ground , eight companies In all.
lo has his headquarters at tlio Mnrtello
lintise , Immediately opposite the relay do-
not , whcro Adjutant General Vance Is also
itaylng. Hrlg. ( Jen. lleece , commander of
lie second brigade , arilved this morning ,
but will not assume command unless other
tioops are ordeiedheie , which , at present
; Iocs not appear prohibit1. The troops on the
grounds number about 300 muskets.
Till ! STlllKKItS 0.1'IKT.
10:10 : a. in , No disturbances of any char
acter oceuired since 5 o'clock this motnlng.
iVt a few of llio railroad crossings and street
orners then1 have been small gatherings of
illscontented men , but they mo quietly dls-
iiei.MMl by sentinels. The sheriff has dls-
ulsscd all his deputies with the exception of
Ineo or four men , depending entlioly upon
.roops. Under llii'Irjirotection all platioim
men and yardmen of the liurllngton road
mvcrctuincd and a freight tialn lett this
Morning without molestation. Two fieliht ;
rains nirlvcd over the same load this morn-
ng. A jioi lion ol the men employed In the
Chicago & Alton and Ohio & MUsIssIppl
eturned and aio handling without dilliculty
all Height offered , 'llio incoming passenger
trains over all the loads without exception
anhed close to Fchedulc time and weic .sent
over tiiobildgo into the city. The transfer
company also sent over to St. Louis a train
: > t twenty coal cars. The biidgc company
'ias ' all Its twenty switch engines lully
jiianncd , and but lor the absence of their
van ! I switchmen would be able to handle
both height and passenger trains without de
lay. The snperlnloiidentof the bi idee com
pany stated this morning that had
'loveinor Oglesby sent a small
body of tioops hero when tiist
icqucsted , none of tlio men would have boon
intimidated and would have remained at
their posts. A few railroad oftlclals haveic-
malned hero on duty , but In the contusion
and nlaini occasioned by the tires last night.
there were very few people In authority who
could even culdo the tioops to the scene of
tlio burning cais. but for which llttlo of thu
railroad pioperty would have been con-
iMriiisoxnn ci.r.rtus itEScrnn. Manager Stone , of the Jiurlincton
road , who remained on tlio scene , personally
dispatched all men in his employ al S o'cloolc
yesteid.iy and In the capacity of deputy
sheiiffs went to tlio Louisville & Nashville
freight depot , where forty unarmed clerks
weio Impiisoncdaud weio atraid to leave the
building to encounter tlio angry crowds
which remained in tlio vicinity. They found
no difficulty In leaving tlio scene under the
guidance ot these aimed civilians. Doth the
shciill and mayor hold the views that the
piesencoot : the soldieis was all that was
10 inired to restore peace and older. City
authoi ity is confessedly weak and the senti
ment of the community is illustrated some
what In the fact that some the strikers ar
rested a lew days ago by the sheriff , when
released on ball , weio sworn in as city po
licemen , and came in conflict witli the state
olilcois represented by the deputy sheriffs.
In thisciisls there appears to have been no
alteinntivo than the ono resorted to , that of
ordering btato tioops to the scone.
Mo anosts have occuncd since the ono
mentioned eaily this morning and the stieets
of the city and paiticularly the railroad yaids
have been hhoin of the cxcitemont which pic-
vailed all yesleiday aftoinoon and night.
Tin : CITY cjuir/r.
1:30 : p. m. Tlio city remains quiet. A
walk thiough the business and lesidonco
streets ; gives the impression that it is dc-
scitcdand dead , except that now and then
sullen men aroto bo been at the stieet cor
ners. watching at a distance the movements
ot tioops. The saloons are closed and nearly
every stoie , with windows nnd doois bailed.
The troops have now been distributed In
platoons anil companies , nt the principal
yaids and shops , and In the vicinity of llio
large elevators on the levee along the Missis
sippi river.
vinwiifo TUP. IIUIN.
From peisonal suivoy of tlio yards this
moinlng in which tlio Incendiary lircs of last
night occimcd , tiui following is a hummaiy
of the destruction in tlio Caiio Shmt Line
yards : Two empty bo * cars of the Burling
ton load were binned and ono caboose car
and six box cars ol tlio Caiio Short Line load.
The pi onoi ty was completely destroyed , only
the tiucKs lemaining. The track scales , and
scale house of the Call o load W < TO also burned.
In yaids of the Illinois HI. Louis toad near
the rolling mill , fourteen box eais , tlneo of
which were loaded with oak btldgo ties and
ono with coal , were completely bin nod. Some
further damage occnucd In the Cniio Shoit
Line \.nil ? , fiutlicr out , hut its c\act character
has i' 'jet been learned.
12r ; i,1i. in. The strikers had approached
near the relay depot in squads thioughout
the foionoon and watched the movements of
thntriops. Some ot these , known to the olliclals as lendcis of the violent sec
tion , have been pointed out and placed nndci
ancM , Seven or eight of these men are now
under armed guaid near tlio relay depot.
Shortly after 12 o'clock a stilkcr named Alex
ander Sweeney was challenged by a sentry
named Kent , a piivato In company 0 , Kittli
Inlantry. To the Injunction to "move on , "
ho diow a lovolvcr lemarking , "you
aio too pretty to shoot , " tinned o
walkawav.lmtieturned nnd turning abruptly
tiled at Kent. The latter simply clubbed his
musket , knocking away the lovolver , and
took the iimu in charge. Ho was placed
nmong the others aricbted. The alfnlrcieatc < l
no especial excitement , although the bhol
was hied diiectly in line of the tioops ami
clvllllans about tlio depot. It tiansplicd thai
a young man named Andiow Jones , a Knighl
ot Labor , was shot yesteiday nnd is not ex
pected to II vo through tlio day. Ho will
nmUo the eighth ono killed so far.
Up. m , Kverythlng lemalns quiet up to
this hour. The chliit diead Is the nlgnt. To
Piotcct miles of rallioad cais , will icqulro , in
tlio opinion of the commanding olllueis wlu
Imvobcen overtho giotinil , a laiger force of
tioopsthan b now on tlio giound , as ovoi
now the squads aiu widely separated and li
very small iletachmonts. This hotels of the
city and all the propiletois of shops have
been wanted not to entertain or haibor any
of thaboldlura or non-bUikcrs.
The body of J. K. Thompson , who was she
by an Kast St. Louis deputy shciift ycstcrdaj
forenoon on the bildge , and died last evenIng
Ing at 7:20 : p. m , at the city hospital , was
taken to the morgue to-day. Dr. Dean , In his
statement to the coroner , says that ho asktu
' 1 hompson to make n statement ot the occur-
lenco , so that It could bo used In ca&o of his
death , but the wounded man would notmako
any. Thompson was a Scotchman by birth
andlmdlUed InSt.Louisbiitslxmontlis. Thli Stone , general manager o
llio Chicago , Ituillneion & Uiiincy load
called at thu morgue and Identlucd the boil )
as that ot the ilngtcadcr in the stiiko across
the ilver. He said ; "IiecognUo him as the
man I Mopped In our yaids last Wednesday
leading a gang of 200 stiikcrs. "
A QUIKT Nianr.
Itcpoits tiom every portion of the city
show that absolute quiet prevailed Satuida ;
night. The sheets were tlesei ted and there
were noariestsof ticspassois upon raihoat
The night was stormy ,
Ten Firemen Killed.
LAWiir.xci : , Mass. , April 10. During the
llio at 1'cmbcrUin Mill this afternoon the walls of tlio building tell burying tci
liicmun , killing them all.
Death of Ex Ml ids tor Welsh.
riiu.Aini.i'iiiA.ApilI : 10. John Yv" . Welsh
; \ mlnUtvr to Kn lunU , died at II o'clock this
The Two Reports On the Morrison Tariff
Bill to bo Made To-Day.
Thu Kcpubllcans On tlio Committee
Assert Xhnt the 1)111 Is Horner
or Party Necessity nml
is Un-Aincrlcn.ii.
Fnvorlnjr the mil.
WASIU.VOTO.V , April 11.-Chairman Mor-
Ison and Mr. Hewitt , of the committee on
vaysand means , have completed the repoit
of the majorltv of that committee to nccom-
inny the tarllf 1)111. It will bo reported to the
umso to-morrow. Tlio following nro the
ulnclpal features of tlio repoit :
The rate of duty or tax on Impoitcd goods
subject to duty is as low as 5 on some nnd
ilghcr than 200 per cent on otheis. The
average rate for the fiscal yeurlSSS llttlo ex
ceeded 47 per cent , or 840 of tax on S100 worth
ot goods. This Is the highest into paid In
any jear since 1803. nnd above the average
ate of the war period , from 1S03 to 1833.
After quotations from Piesldents Aithur
indCleveland , setting forth the necessity of a
arlff revision , the report continues : The
reasury receipts for the fiscal vear ISSfl were
" = 3X1,090,700. The increased receipts from
customs and Inteinal Uixcs , the pilnclnal
sources of revenue for thn months-
of the fiscal year 1SSO already passed ,
over the receipts of the same months last
car , justify the estimate that the iccelnts
or tha piehent fiscal year will exceed
335,000,000. Nor may our annual treasury
receipts bo expected again to fall below that
sum without reduced taxation , Inasmuch as
, heso receipts result chiefly from tlio taxes on
irtlcles of necesslly nnd comfort to bo con
sumed In continually increasing quantities
with our ever growing population. The ex
penditures tor the lineal year IBSi , including
lenslons nnd the legal requirements of the
nibllo debt , weio 5303,830,070.54. Neither
; ho nclunl needs of an economical
ndmlnlslration of the government ,
lor tlio patriotic expectations of
ho people , justify any increase of this
enormous annual oxpendiluip , nnd we may
safely estimate the annual suiplns to exceed
830,000,000. The reductions to lesultfiom
the promised bill are within this estimated
urplus and llttlo exceed 524,000,000 on the
basis of last year's Importntlons.
Kefcrenco Is made to Secretary Manning's
views , as expiessed In his first annual re
poit , touclilngllio ill effects ottho mnintaln-
nnco of wa r duties , pointing out inequalities
( n the present law , and favoring the admis
sion , free of duly , of raw materials , of which
hoicpoit says : "These views of Secretary
Manning as to the existing condition of the
customs service and tariff taxation , are not
paitlsan , but are in accouUmee with the views
iressed on congicss by his predecessors
Secrolarles Folgci and McCullough. Itistho
puiposo of the bill icpoited to correct the
same of classifications , rid cuslom laws of Iho
complications of which the secietary com
plains , and so change these laws for the
Setter that they will bo capable of being
ndministcicd with impartiality to all our
Some ot the materials upon which great in-
dustiics are built , such as wood , salt , hemp
nnd wool , arc plncvil on tlio tiee list. In tlio
past twenty yeais wo ha\o obtained from the
tax on Impoitcd wood an amount estiiualcd
nt less than S' 0,00 J , 000 to en courage the fell
ing of our trees and destroying our forests.
In a much shot ter pei loil wo have given moro
than 35OJOOU ( acres of land In the bonntv lo
encourage the planting ; of other trees , llio
tax on Imported salt is icmitted to those who
catcli and Irade In llsh , nnd to those wlio
pack meat , for foreign markets. It is be
lieved this tax should bo remitted to all. Af
ter a century of ialhuc to make hemp either
n profilablo crop or a successlul industry
through piotectlvo taxations , further efforts
should bo abandoned.
The pi Ice of wool lias been downwaid for
nuinyjeais. It declined when the tax was
highest and protection llio greatest. It has
been shown by statements of wool-growers
that the duty linpoaedby ( lOncinlGarfielil'BRS-
soclates , successors and school ot economists
did not promote tlio giowth of sheen hus
bandry , and it is proposed to remove it. For
the last vear tills dut > on imported wool was
53,101,20.11)0. ) The spccilic duty imposed on
woolen goods , says General GainVld ( ticat-
ing of the tarilfcommisslon scheme ) asnearas
possible equal to the duty put upon wool which
entuied Into the manufacturewas Sll.fiOO.OOO ,
This , with the 8ilOi,20j.OG : equivalent duty ,
is to bo lomoved nnd the duty ot 35 per
centum advaloiem on woolen poods , as a
protection to manuiaclureis ngalnst foreign
compctilioii , lemains and will yet bo a needed
Other articles , tlio rate on which are so lo
be reduced , ns cotton yarns , threads and
coarser cotton cloths and sugar , aio
now dutiable nt unnecessaiily and
unreasonably liiuh lates. These will
find compensation In the burdens
of tixatlon sought to bo icmedled for icduc-
tlons Inr gieater than any pioposed by the
bill. Woget from the duties on cotton goods
510W)0.000. ) Thuiateson goods from which
wo collect 52,103K ( ) , ) of this amount aio
BliL'htly reduced , while the i ales on which
wo collect the other SS , X,000 , aio un
Siurar , with the present low piico , Is loft
al the high but ie\cmio rate , equiva
lent to CO pr centum , At tlio
present higher late wo celled on sugar moro
ilian ono-louith of all llio lovi'iinu derived
fiom customs. With the still existing high ,
It not unwuriantiblo , scale of cuuentoull-
nary expenditure , and one-half of the
money obligations ot the late civil war
ycl to be paid , the high rate of taxation must
bo long maintained. And In submitting tha
pinposen bill , directing tlio costof thoslielter.
of pait of the lood and of all Iho clothing of.
the people , it lias been the elfort of your com
mittee to adopt such rati's of taxation nswill
ho peimanentnnd as will only need to bodl.s-
tuibcd by an unfoieseen national ememency
nnd at tlio same time to exempt the ncccs1
saiy nrtlcles fiom taxation , and thereby pro
mote domestic industries. All that congiess
can do in tlio absence ol aKcncial revision of
thu taillf , with n now nnd slmplo classifica
tion , Is to ptovldo for o.ieh canso of com
plaint as It ailscs. In the bill pioposed the
most piessing and piomlnent of gilcvanccs
nro dealt with.
A limitation orS500 has been Imposed upon
thu value of went lug apparel nnd other prop-
city which may be brought In fice of duty by
passengers , excepting tomlsts anlvlng
In the United States from nbioad.
This provision , taken In connec
tion with the proposed sections
making it a crime either to gl\o or icccivo
any money tor the passage of baggage
thiough thu custom house , will , Ills bolie\ed ,
bilng tonn end the gteat abuse in icgaid to
the oxcesiive amounts ot baggage hiaueht In
free in competillon with tlio merchandise of
importers wlio have to pay duties ,
The Minority Ropdrr ,
The teport of the icpnbllcan minority ,
which has been prepared by Representative
McKinley of Ohio , begins with the statement
thai the substitute agreed upon by the ma-
joilty , Is a now cii'ntlon and embodies little
matter that was included in the original bill
as intioduccd by the chairman. After recit
ing in detail the vulous articles which it Is
pioposed to place upon the free list , and the
reduction to bo made on manufactured goods ,
the mlnoilty report says :
Nothing is moro unsound and fallacious
( linn to assume that n ie luctloii of dutits It
demanded w 1 en the average ndvalcrem re-
1 orls Miovv a high p r cntnge. In times ol
business ilopu'sslon nud lowprlcosjjia adva
loreius , corresponding with specifc duties ,
show Incieised percentage over periods ol
high prices , because the Riven specific duty li
nlxrgcr percentage ot the low value than
it Is of the high 'one. Thorn is no
attempt In this bill fo "equalize the duties
upon Imported goods uixin nny just principle
or to make equitnblo Tcdnctlons throughout
the tariff list. Of thlrt.v-brib or inoro aitlclcs
dutiable at from 10 to SX ) ) Jer cent , not ono Is
dealt with In this bill , while other articles ,
upon which Is Imposed K duty from 1 to ' . ' 0
perccntnro cutdown ortmnsfcircu to the
free list , . '
The fico list Is peculiarly an assault upon
the agricultural Intcrestaof the country , seek
ing out from 4,000 articles In the tariff their
leading products to bo dihcn out by ruinous
competition from abioad. The first effort In
the direction of frco tnulo is aimed at the
organized farmers ot the country who are
removed from centres of tmde , busy on their
farms and plantations , unused to tncctlne
committees of congress , and unadvised that
their Interests wcfe to bo dealt nn
unfriendly blow. They nro to bo the
lirst victims of Drltish policy , through
the njcncy of the American congress. Flax
growers and spinners of America protast
against tha unjust and unreasonable action
of the committee In taking flax from the du-
tlabln list , nud at the convention held in Chicago
cage In Febiuaiy , 1BSO , declnied that the re
duction of dntv on foreign fnbilcs would be
disastrous lo llio domestic Industry.
The committco have accepted and adopted
the sect utary's politic creed "that the first
duties lo bo safely discarded aio these upon
niatoiials u'.ed by nur manufacturers , " and
Its free list discards , saltlumberliemp and alt
libres. The second stop will bo to discard nil
duties , upon Impoitcd articles competing
w itli our own , and then , nt least dtitls will be
cvled upon ai tides not produced In the
United btates , among which are tea and
coffee. We must dissent wholly from this dec
line nnd its conclusions nnd insist that , the
rue method of levying duties upon Impoils
to iniso the requisite invenuesfor the govern-
nent , is to impose upon these Impoitcd
nrtlcles which compote with the produces of
our own Industries and labor ; and while
such duties will secure the ncccssaiy rovc-
iiies , they will , at the same time , cncouiac
loiito productions , create n home market , and
'urnlsh omplovment for American woikinc-
.11011 , without increasing the bindcns of the
The mlnoiity declare- that the bill Is born of
larty * necessity. It1 Is hero because
ho democratic party is in control.
I'ho people of the countiy are not asking
for it. It is In icsponsoto no public sentl-
uent or national requirement. In the judg-
uent of the minority , it will increase , rather
than diminish our customs iccclpts : that it
will answer no sentiment for the reduction
ot the surplus ; it will help no American in-
erest It will cripple , If not destroy , all it
A Big Demonstration by Chicago
Imborcrs In its Favor.
CHICAGO , April 11. Fully 8,000 woiklng-
nen crowded Into the great aimory of the
Sixth cavalry on the lake front last night ,
nnd possibly 4,000 more gatheied lu front of
.ho building. The occasion had been advcr-
Jsed ns an eight-hour demonstration under
.ho auspices of the trades assemblies of
lilcago. A laigc procession ot the nssein-
jlagocamo in organized bottles , preceded by
Ifoand dinm , and carrying huge tianspar-
cncles. Few of tlio men ; wore any regalia ,
mil apparently no attempt nt display was
made except in nutnbere. Neither was
theio anything lesembllng a procession.
The vaiious unions came trooping in
from all directions and"lirst come liist
serVed w as the utlonsto the seats within.
Neveithelcss excellentorderwas maintained.
Hats weie promptly removed at the first tap
of Iho chairman's ' cavehapd two or thico
hundred of the men's $ lveaand , sweethearts
who occupied tiers of scats In tlio place of
lionor weio shown marked'consideration by
tlio abandonment ot pipes and cigars In their
vicinity. Thcie werciijbt to exceed it do on
police to be seen In or about the hall. The
Interest centcied in the.hdnsnarenclcs'niid
ns union nftcr union nt inegnlar Intervals
marched Into the hall and the crowd caught
sight o tthe tnoltoes , the speakers'voices were
lost In louuds ot cheers that weio lonewcd
again and again. "Eight Hours ana No
Drones.oik Eight Horns Only and
Uoom the Labor Maiket , " and "Oppose Child
Labor , " were fair samples. Among thn tiades
loprescnted were carpenteis , plaslcicis ,
clolhlni ; cutters nnd cigar makeis ; but n lontr
list of others were not tar behind in point of
mnnbcis. Gcorgo A. Schilling acted ns
chaliman. Itnngcd about him on the plat
form were Iho leaders of local unions and
men prominent In the labor movement.
Among the latter was Judge Illchard I'ren-
deicast , of the state bench. Alexander Sul
livan also occupied a scat on the plaitonn.
The addresses of the evening weio delivered
by Thomas K. Hall , who spoke of the prog
ress of the eight-hour movement ; w. X.
Sailer , on the economic beniing of tlio
movement on society , and L. H. Sawyer , on
its material advantages to the wage woikors.
The crowds on the outside wore field together
by speeches Iiom Illchard Powers and several
other Knights of Labor. Just ns the over
flow meeting was fully under head-
wav , them emerged from the
hall In which the eight-hour demonstration
was being held a file of men bearing a icd
flag witli n German inscilptlon which had
been can Icd Into tno hall during tlio pi ogress
of the meetiiiK , concealed. Sam Fielding , tlio
anarchist , dellveied a Imiansuo to the ciowd ,
which nnmuered aboutl.OOO. Tlio speaker's
nccrowlfo sat at his feet. The ciowd was
composed laigcly of the foreen ! element and
the two men who bore the red flag could not
sneak Knglish. Fielding was succeeded by
Parsons , tno noted anarchist , who violently
assalle/1 the Knights of Labor , after which
his hearers matched to the hall of the
International society. The eight-hour meet
ing was prolonged to n late hour and
but low icleicnces weio made by the
sneakers to tno existing railway stiikes , nnd
then pilncipally lo point a moial In their ar
gument lor thu masses to organl/o till slilkes
should bo made piactlcally Impossible and
sleady work at leasonablo pay could bo ob
tained by measaiessuch ns the geneial adop
tion of tlio elsjht-hour syslom.
Though Iho slilkos were practically lett
untouched by thu speakers , an oxpicssion of
locling of the multitude was Riven In tlio fol
lowing , which was adopted by acclamation
amid tno wildest enthusiasm :
Itcsolvcil , That Hits mass mcctiiiK of clli-
zeus ot Chicago denounces the poilldy of Jay
Gould In bioaklng- his ngiccmont with tlio
Knights of Labor losoltlo of the
present stiiko In the southwest by aibltra-
tlon. In his letter of Sunday , March 'JH last ,
toT. V. Powdeily , grand master woikman
of the Knights of Labor , Gould stated in sub
stance that the grievances of tlio men now on
a stiiko on the southwestern rallioad system
would bo submitted ( o arbitiatlon. Tills
letlor was written tol'owdcrlv nt tor two In
terviews on that Sunday nt Gould's hoiisa ,
nnd as pait of the ngreement between Gould
nnd the Knights ot Labor , In accordance
with lids atireemontMirand Master Work
man Powdorly ti'lcgrnjiheil the mon on fie
strike to icturn to woik nt puce. Gould next
day , by falsehood and-double-dealing , violated
lated this plainly for tlio purpose ot do noral-
i/Ing tlio Knights of Lupor. Wo therefoio
declare that the conduct 'of Gould In till1
matter Is base In the extreme and wo call
upon the public everywhere to tamillarlio
themselves with the faotfl in tlio cabo am
judge- who Is to blame for tbo continuance o !
the strike , Gould or the Knights of Labor
Some of the city najiers estimate that the
gathering nninbercil between 15.000 nnd 20,000
men. It wsn nrobaly the largest labor demon
stiation over held In this city.
JIo Ijoves the World Mor < ) .
NKW Yonif , April 11. Joseph Pulitzer , oil
itor of the New York World , yesteiday for
warded to the secretary of state his resigna
tlon as representative In congress from the
Ninth district of Now York , statlnc that I
was impossible for him to perfoim the duties
peitalnlng to the position without neglecting
his newspaper.
Wants Cheaper News.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , April 11. A Mandai
( Dak. ) special to the Pioneer Press Bays
The Pioneer Publlahlnc company 1ms sued
the Western Union Telegraph company fo
56,000 damages for raising rates mi newri dis
patches contiaiy to the terms of a coutiac
made in 18S1.
Weather for To-day.
Missouni VAI.I.KV Increasing cloudlnesi
and In southern poitlau local lalns ; wliuls
geueially warmer , souihcily.
'ho National Capital's ' Press Prophesies the
Fall of the Democratic House.
lo Needs n Tnrlfr-Itcrorin Orator For
Ills Bill A Queer Humor About
lltncHs Xn
tionnl Ncxvs.
A Divided House.
April 11. [ Special Tele
gram. ] Nearly all of to-day's local papers
) rophcsy the loss of the next house of rcpre-
ontatlvcs to the democrats on account of the
list in bed condition of politics throughout the
Country and the dissatisfaction of the party
vltli the present administration. The pres
ent house has 1S1 democratic members , of
Uiom 103 are fiom the south , : w from the east
mA 14 from the west , constricting nil the
ate slave states south , New Kngland , Now
lork. Now Jeisoy and I'ennsylvanla east ,
nd the rest of tiio states west. The dividing
Ine between the panics runs now as it has
or years , cast and west , the democrats car
rying the house because their members from
ho north outnumber tlio republican members
rom the south. Foimcrly this same line was
Irawn in all Important votes In congress ,
attcrly , however , and especially now , the
luo is purely Imaginary , and , if drawn at
ill , is rather north and south than cast nnd
west , thus tending to dtvldo both paitles In-
itead of welding together the discordant elc-
incut in each.
It Is the programme In the house on Tnes-
lay to antagonize the special uidcr of a
month ago to take up the Kt-acan Ii4ter-stato
comtnerco bill with tliollurd-Uomcis contest-
id election horn the tenth district of Ohio.
The opinion booms to mcvall that the cffoit
will fall. The antagonism w 111 bo largely ono
) etwccn the tariff rolormers and the antl-
ailff lofonncis , but there arc those of the for-
ner class , It Is rcpoited , who will oppose tlio
seating of Kurd because the majority of the
committee on elections eleven out of flf-
een , which Includes four democrats have
eportcd against the seating of Hind. If It
becomes apparent that It will hurt Hind's
chances befoio the house tlio scheme will bo
abandoned. The light , If it ensues , Is ex
acted to bo n terrific one , and will
show the strength of tno Monlson tailff
bill tolerably well. The assistance
of Hurd Is very much deslicd by Morrison
and his followers before the tariff bill Is
laken up. There aio no tariff reform orators
In the house now. If they should succeed in
seating him , It is the intention tocall up tlio
tariff bill next week. This morning's Post ,
which is Morrlbon's organ , says : "Mr. Frank
Huid is to bo seen dally aiound the house.
Ho Is deeply inteiested In his contest with
Mr. Komels , which will probably begin on
the floor next Tuesday and continue for
several days. "
The results of last Monday's clecllons in tlio
western states are received dlffcicntly by
classes of people hero. The republicans are ,
of course , jubilant over tlio sweeping victo-
lies they , won almost everywheie , moro
especially In Cincinnati and Indianapolis.
The anti-administration democrats leceived
the news witli a placid calmness that was in-
teuulxed with a soit of "I-told-you-so" ex
pression of countenance that shows that the
antls are not wasting any great amount of
; riof over their party's defeats. The admin
istration democrats , on the other hand , 10-
ceived the news with rod-hot wrath. They
say the party has been betrayed and defeated
the old fogy antls because Pics id en I
Cleveland is honestly cudeavoiing to carry
out the platform which these vcrybouibons
and fogies passed at the national conven
tions of 18SO and 1834. The administration
democrats , however , console themselves by
saying : ' 'Well ' , beual , wo can stand it it the
bourbons can. Wonic not all ofllcc-seekeis ,
while they are , and If the party coes out of
| ) owcr In 18S3 wo will not bo any woiso off
than wo have been , while they will lose oven
what llttlo hope they have now of getting
Into office under tlio government. " This
sortot talk can bo hoard wliei over tlio friends
of tlio president congregate , and it shows
that throat-cutting time in the parly Is close
nt hand , If it has not ahcady nulved.
A cunious SUTICIO.V.
A cm Ions suspicion has taken possession of
many men heic , who aio accounted to bo
\eiy"lly"in icgardto everything concern
ing tlio administration , in rogaul to Secieta-
Manning's Illness. These astute gentle
men asseit that Secretary Manning is not
now , and never has been seriously 111. They
say that I'lesldont Cleveland and Manning
quairelied in regard to the hitter's manage
ment of the tieasury and ho has shut himself
up at his residence , and will never again assume -
sumo charge of the ticasuiy department.
These suspicious men aio all democrats , and
may know moro than Is given out to the pub
lic. A few days will show whether they do
or not.
ANXIOUS ADOUT Tin : I'ltusimsxr.
Since Secietary Manning's mishap , many
of the Intimate lilemls of Piosldent Cleve
land arc becoming very anxious In icgaid to
his health. The piesidcnt Is very much of
his secretary's build and temperament , and
the habits of the two men aio precisely alike.
They toll and work all day at tnolr desks ,
cat abundantly of the heaitlost food ,
but take no oxcrciso whatever , or
next to none. The consequence Is that both
have gained heavily In arvolidnpols since
they came hero , and that , theieforn , what has
happened to the secretary may also befall his
chief at any moment. Close obseivcrs who
have resided hero and this includes
many ot our most eminent medical mon = ay
that In a malaria-ridden city men cannot
sately pciform the f > amo amount of bialn
w'oiktlmt they can elsewhere , unless they
aio extremely careful as to diet , oxoiciso , and
other matters esteemted to bo necessary to
the enjoyment of good health. Hence this
class of people hero are Indulging In doleful
prognostications in rcgaul to thu health of
the picbldent.ttml are constantly advising him
to take better caio of his health , In older that
ho may be spared to fill out the full measure
othlstcim , It Is to bo hoped that ho will
heed tlio advice , for wo want no moro accl-
aomiAJf ON TOP vr.T.
Notwithstanding all that has been Bald
against Senator Gorman nnd his methods ho
Is still evidently on top. Of tlio appointments
already made in Maryland Uonnan has te
emed throe of every four , nnd the plums he
gets for his friends are all ot the very choic
est , while he graciously permits the other fae
tlon to gather only the unsound , sour nnd
gnarly specimens. This man ( Jorman'fi In-
lliienco with Cleveland will bo better under
stood when the fact Is recalled that It was
through his unscrupulous manipulation ol
the "count , " which took place In Now i'oil
city after the election In IS sl , that socurei' vote of the Kmpirocity to th (
democratic candidate and thus made Gro\oi
Cleveland picsldent of the United States
The facts In ioaid to this stupendous piece
of rascality have only becomu known withli
| hu l.iit tluco uKmlus , , and tuuy bhpw Urn
the Introduction by Uonnan of his Maryland
tactics Into the Now York count cheated
James U. Ulalno out of enough votes to se
cure his apparent defeat. Therefore Gor
man is paramount to nil others in Inlluonco
wlUi tlio present administration , and
will continue so to the end.
His unsavory henchman , Eugene
Hlggins , will also stick , ripsplto the curses ot
Cleveland's wannest friends and of the
protest of the more decent portion of Mary
land democrats , nnd there will bo moro lllg-
glnoses appointed if Senator Gormau de
mands It.
Within the last foity-clght hours It has
leaked out thai llio democratic delegation in
congress from Lonlsanaha\o been negotiat
ing with Morrison , who is anxious to secure
their support for his ( Instructive tariff reform
bill. Herctofoio the Loutsann democrats
have icscntcd all frco trademcasurcsln order
to retain the protection to their smar grow
ing Interests which the lopubllcaus secured
lor them years nco. Moirlson ottered to
leave them about one-half the piesont pro
tection If they would vote with him as to the
lest , but they demanded that It remain as It
is , promising that If no change Is made they
will vote to cut down protection on all north-
cm Interests generally , and to help cut off
all protection to tlio wool growers of the
west nnd north. Now will the democratic
wool growers swallow this attempt of their
southoin brthrcn to sell them out In ex
change tor n llttlo swectenlngi1 Nor la this
nil. The rlco growers of the south are also
cndcavoiing to make the same kind of a
trade with Moirison offering to nld him In
making a raid upon all northoin Industries If
ho will only permit the protection the icpub-
llcans throw around the ilco interest to re
main untouched. Those facts are commonri-
cd to the caretul and prayerful consideration
of democratic wool roweisof Ohio , Indiana
and other shcep-keoplng states. Their
southern brotheis are trying to rob them.
The remedy Is In tliolr own hands. They
have only to vote with their real filcnds In
the future , and tlio pestiferous Moirison and
bis free trade gang will bo rendered unable
to further piosnciito their raids upon the pro
ducers of wool In the fiituie.
Among the anti-Mormons hero there Is no
satisfaction over tlio appointment of West to
the governorship Utah. Speaker Carlisle
Is the influence which secured West's success ,
and the fact that the Mormon's like It is re
garded as a bad sign. One of the Salt Lake
gentiles said to-day : "Of course , wo aio dis
appointed. AVe aie afraid of the new man.
Ho may bo all right , but things are in such n
condition in Ulal ( that thciowillbo a great
deal of anxiety until wo know ho is. The
fact that ho Is Speaker Caillslo's choice does
not reassuio us. Cailiblo has presidential
aspirations , and the political influence of the
Mormons is very gieat nnd reaches In a great
many directions. What a man with that
soil of an ambition will do , one can never
tell. I suppose ho controls \Vest \ , and ho
certainly has the chance of making an excel
lent deal with bitch a factor. Will wo oppose
the continuation ? Oh , no ; wo will take
what we can get , and tiy to get along with It
as best wo can.
WASIIIXOTOX , April 1L At 1:30 : p. m.
yesterday , tno Washington territory admis
sion bill was passed without substantial
amendment yeas 3D , nays 3.
The senate then adjoinned till Monday.
The democrats voting with the icpubllcans
in the affirmative on the Washington leirl-
tory admission bill were Me.ssis. Butler ,
George , Jones of Aikansas , and Morgan.
The negative votes weie all democratic ,
among them being that of Ilcaist , whoso fust
vote was cast on this bill. The bill as passed
authoiI/.es the inhabitants ot the tcrittory of
Washington and tlio adjacent pait of the tei-
ritoiy of Idaho to form abtiuetroveinment
with thu name ot the state of Washington.
It piovldcs for a convention to formulate and
adopt a constitution which shall bo republi
can in form and not lepngnanr to tlio consti
tution ol the United States or tlio pilnciples
ot the declaration ot independence. The poi
sons who shall bo entitled to vote for mem-
beisol Hie convention aio desciibed by the
hill to bo the qualified electois icbident with
in tlio said boundaues.
Bills weio passed authoiizlng tlio construc
tion of bridges as lollows : Acioss the Missis
sippi ilver near Allen , Illinois ; across the
Mississippi river near Kcithsbing , Illinois ;
across the Illinois anil Dos Molnes ilveis by
tlio New York and Council Ultilfsrailioad
company ; acioss tlio St. Ciolx liver at some
accessible point between I'lOscott. Wlbcou-
sin , and Taylor Falls , MInncsola : ncioss the
Mississippi liver at Wlnona , Minnesota :
across the Mississippi ilvor at St. Joseph ,
Missouri ; acioss the MlssomI livernt Council
BlnlR Iowa ; across the Missouil liver near
Chambcilain , Dakota ; acioss tlio Missouri
river nt Piei ic , Dakota.
Tlio IJoliamion Case.
WASui.N'n-ir/N , Apiil 11. [ Special Tele-
gram.J Attorney Geneial Leese , of No-
biaska , Is heio to aigtio the Bolmnnon case
betoio tlio supiemo cotnt ot the United
Providing for Possibilities.
Dmuixau.VM , Apill 11. Itepoits aio In
circulation heio that if Gladstone's lilsh bill
Isiojccted Loid Salisbury will bo called upon
tofoim a mlnlstiv to continue- until next
year and tliat Chambeilain and Lord 11 int-
ingion will consent to this , provided Loid
Sallsbmy agrees U Intiodnue no contentious
schemes This aiiaugoiiiiint is bald to ha
based upon the anxiety ot Imth parlies lo
avoid nn elcllon at the pio.sent time.
Protest luc Orangemen.
Duni.iN' , Apiiljll. Tho.oiangemcn of Ar-
maiigh made a pnbllo demonstration \ester-
day against Gladstone' * ! moposal , They
adopted resolutions denouncing lliepiemler ,
and declailng their allegiance to tint muplic.
Its victims to ho miserable , hopeless ,
contused , and depressed la mln J , very Irrlta-
tie , languid , anil drowsy. It li a dlscaso
which docs not u t well of Itself. It requires
careful , persistent attention , ami a remedy to
throw oil tlio causes and tone up the dlgcs-
tivo organs till they perform their duties
willingly. Hood's BarsaparJlia lias proven
Just tlio required remedy la hundreds of catcs.
' I have taken Hood's Barsaparilla for dys
pepsia , from w tilth 1 ha > o sintered two years.
I tried many other medicines but none proved
to satlsfaclory as Hood's Barsaparilla. "
THOMAS COOK , Urush Electric Liyht Co. ,
New York City. ,
\ Sick Headache
"For the past two years I have been
nraicted with set cro headaches and dyspep
sia. I was Induced to try Hood's Saisapa-
villa , and luuo found great relict. J cheerfully -
fully recommend it to all. " Mus. li 1' .
AN.VAIII.LNew Haven , Connt
Mrs. Mary C. Bmith , Camtiridgcport , Ifasi. ,
and kick head
was a sufferer from dyrpepsla
ache. Bho took Hood's Karsaparllia am' ,
touud it the best remedy the ovur used.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
.Fold by all dniprfsig. l i .Mx foi5 , Ma-Vi
.only by 0.1. HOO1J ft CO. , Lowell , Mass.
IOODosos Ono DoUar.
Gladstone's Scheme Keccivcil With Unbiased
Disfavor Except-By Farnollitos ,
Chntnbcrlnln Causes n Tremendous
Sensation by n Personal Thrust
nt the 1'rlmo minister The
rttbtlo Opinion.
The World Ills Audience.
LOKDON , April 11. [ Special Cablegram. ]
KnglMuncn of all paitles agree with prldo
liat no paillauientary incl dint anywhere In
lie world was over moro dramatic than
I'hursday'p. Gladstone pioduccd his homo
rule scheme as upon n stage visible to the
mlvcrsc. London was seething with cxclte-
nont. The house of , commons presented a
poctnclo without pieccdent. The country
vas ono with Intcicst , sin passing In lutonslty
nothing remembered by this generation ,
thulstono's speech , by general consent ,
hough wanting In some of his highest
oratorical qualities , was n masterpiece ol
ucld exposition. All concur that thu scheme
vhtch was developed by him Is. whalovor
else may bo thought of It , n gtoat off oil of
: onstructlvo legislation , a work of unequalled
lower. Hut the most devoted Gladstonolans
ire alleged to admit that the speech ami
clii'iuo have fulled nlllco to conciliate
ho opponents for homo inlc , to
mlto the liberal party , or to con
vince English opinion. Its solo success
s with thu Parncllltos. During the gieater
lortion of the speech they alone cheeied.
Vuncll's approval of the scheme , though
liiallficd , Is sulllclant to Induce himself and
ilslollowciB to strain every cffoit to secuio
ts acceptance. In no other quarter what-
cvirc n the iccoptlon of the proposals ho
Iccin > d cordial. Uvery linportnnt jouinal In
Condon Is dead against it , the Dally News
i.xc'pted. And even that journal discusses
t despondlngly. Tlio two most powerful
.ouinals In Gieat Britain , outside of London ,
110 thoMriHiester Guardian and II.o Scotch
nan. Both con luinn Iho measure , liotii ic-
jrard It ns equivalent to n separation. Hath
nedlctits lejcctlon by Iho counlry. Such
novlncial papers ns adlicro to Gladstone
cmper their suppoit with conditions and
vllh diMimnds for the modiilcatlon of vaiious
'catines of tlio scheme. All three
ot Glalstouo's recent colleagues lock
in attitude of uncoinpiom s'.ng hostility.
I'loveljan spoke on Thuisday ovonlin : amid
continuous lilsh interruptions , but when ho
sat down the house felt that the question had
) ecn taken once for all beyond thu region of
ncro peisonal and party attachment lo
Gladstone. Chamberlain , I'll day night , In a
pcech of oxtiaordlnary acutcncss and power ,
closed evciy door to compromise. Ho do-
iCilbed Gladstone's bill as embodying the
nnxiinum of ilslc nnd llio minimum of ad-
vantage. He objected to tlio toimiiiaUon of
lilsh rcpicsentalion at Westminster because
solo icpicsentallon at Dublin could mean
only a parliament with ordlnato nnd equal
authority with Iho Imperial paillament. lie
objected to the surrender of the right of im
pel ial taxation to Ireland. Ho objected to
he surrender of the appointment of judges
ind magistrates. Ho objected to many other
lungs , and insisted that the scheme , as a
vhole , was one far ultimate separation , not
ionic rule. Dining his tilt with Gladstone
Chambeilain caused n tiomcndoits sensation
by iclciiing to the premier's sentiments
owaid the United States during Iho war of
ho rebellion.
Sir , " said he , " 1 remember that tlmjo
vhen , In its greatest crisis , whnn it was In
ho most loirlblo moment ot Us fate , my
right honorable friend counselled dlslutcgr.v
ion of the United Slates. "
Mr. Gladstone "I did not counsel It. "
Mr. Chambcilaln "My right honorable
'riend says he did not counsel It , hut he guvo
he weight of ills gieat name to the statement
.hat they had become separate nations. I
laio say my light honorable liiend him
self would admit that , in that view of the
itnntlon ho mad o a mistake. "
" Hear , hear , " said Gladstone.
" Ah. " said Chambeilain , syllabic by sylla-
> lc , his linger levelled nttlio prime minister's
) o\ved head , "aio you certain lie Is not mak-
ngu mistake nsaln ? "
It was n toiiiblo blow. The torlcs , of ;
coinso , yelled like madmen. Fiom the lib-
eial benches niose sevcial ciles of "shame , "
lliccted nt Mr. Chambcilahi. The latter ,
lowever , had ono moio shot lo deliver. Lev
eling his linger again towauls the front
bench , almost Inarticulate with passion , ho
demanded what should hava neon said of
dm , if , like some scivile pattlsans who dis
place political life , ho had lenmlned on Hint
jcncli nielonding to sui vo Ills country with n
Ho In his mouth. This was aimed diiectly at
Sir Wllllnm Voiiion Hnicouit , nnd pioduccd
another sensation.
Loid Harilngton'ssuccch dealt still heavier
Lilows to lliopioposal. Never has ho spoke
with such decision ol purpose , such anthoilty
such weight. Ills final sentences canled
dismay into tlio ministcilal lauka. lie sepal-
alcd himself on this question absolutely from
the party , accepted thu probable necessity of
ihoenfoicomunt ollnw in lioland , cxptessod
llio belief that the people of the countiy ie-
qnlied their icpicsentntlvcs to dink all minor
dllfcienccs and to tuitions one man in do-
lenso ol tlio einplie inheilted tiom their loio-
lathers , ills speech has miulo It impossible ,
hunculoith , to put a homo uile plank Into n
Hbeial jilaltoim.
Thus far not ouonon-oUlclal membri of the
house , whoso Buppoit means anything , has
defended Gladstone's pioiiosal , Pai-
nellltes oxceptcd. The gmicial opinion
Is that Gladstones bill olfeis Painell moio
than was asked , and cioalos not nu'iely an
Irish paillumenl , but an lilsh stalo. ills pai-
llament would have powcis nominally limit
ed , bntpiautlually unlimited.
"Sombcrncqulsccnco , " sayn tlio Times , "Is
the base of ny > pmbatlon to which
Gladstone's most tiled nnd Inlthlnl followeis
can attain , while nctlrii nud cncigctlc com-
mendatlon Is licely meted out by the stanch-
osl lepiesuntntlvesof eveiy shade of liber
alism ,
That , I nm bound to say , however dUa-
gieeablo the tiuth may bo lo believers In homo
rule , is an neciiinlo summniy of the opinions
iixpiessed by nuiuly oveiv llhcinl , with ono i |
gteat o.\ecition. Mr. Gladstone alone , ornl-
most nlono , letnlns lieait and hope , nnd still
looks confidently fonuud to winning over
tlio country nnd con feu lug legislative Inde
pendence on Iielnnd.
Forstei's death , coming ns U ( Ires , In the i
cilnisot tlio lils'i ' question , is tell ns n na
tional calamity.
Fulliiro ,
IJinrioi. , 1'a. , April 11. llogers Uios. ,
flouring mill piopiletois , have failed. Thu
estimated liabilities aio S' W.OW , gyi.OOO at
which are in moitgugcs and over Sl'XJ.tus ' in ,
notes. Ot th j luttei amount 8GOooniuo sa\ >
ings of poor people wlio placcil all their
nioituy In'tho Hands of the film , and lu
many casca the1 iboilng people , who had
Implicit umildcucu In UiiUiuii , iiluccd their
untlio savings In their hands. .No rstlmato
o | Hie assets U obtainable , but the piopeity
is my valn.ibli ! , o I it U not bullcu'd that
tlio It as of tlicmulitoii willboeiy heavy.