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Qlr stone's ' Qovornincnt Barely Defeats nn
Anti-War Eesolution ,
Tlie Dntigor of DUnwtroiiH llniitnro
Not nn JI onus Itulc Itut on tlio
I'nrulinse * Sc'lu-inc
Tlio Day of Dajs.
\ftlicflal \ I'inllitincHttiiii Letter to the Jlcc. ]
l.ovuov , Mnieh 20. That there Is n crowIng -
Ing dlHposltlein for peneo was denionstinted
whi'ii last night In the * houso.of comnions It
put the government tei the pin of their collar
to defent the resolution of a pilvalo member
which declaied "that in tlio opinion of this
house It is net Just or expedient to embark In
wnr , conttnct engagements Involving giave
responsibilities for the nation nnd add terri
tories to the empire without the knowledge
nnd consult of paillaincut. " Natuinlly the
coiifeivatlves voted against this icsolutioii ,
lor , independent of theii usual militant pio-
pcnMtlcs the'y weie bound to oppose It tor
its veiled consul o of llielr lat'j proceedings In
liiiitnah. Vet , with thelt support even , tlie
goveinnient succeeded In defeating the reso
lution bj four votes only , and that altci two
hents for It. Piist the question was put that
the lesolution of going Into committee of
supply stand intact , and this was deteated bj
lllivotesto 10' > . Hntwhcnthu < Hcond ! division
was Immediately taken on thu lesolution
Itself It was then defeated by 113 to 103
It cannot be denied that tlio govem
inent tcally gave but a qualllled
opposition to the motion , foi it is virtually
but an embodiment ot the v lows pioinulgatc'd
tiom time to time by old Gladstone
himself. It Is not , perhaps , the Intrinsic
value * ol this lesolution which would cause
mm to re-jolco at its being e-anled , but the
Indication given by the stiong vote in its
lav in of a glowing disposition to pence
among the elcmouacj of Lngland. On this
TIII : IHISH von :
was east solid with the sensible side ns usual.
A lew da > s ago em St. Patiick's day it
was theio was a most linpoitant division on
n motion about tlio chinch ot .Scotland , it
is not easy to make plain tlio meaning of It.
A .Mi. Itaiclnj , n lawjer , intioduccd n bill
which appealed modest enough , seeking
untiling moio , app.iicntlj' , than that the con
stitution ol the chinch of Seeitland should be
eleclaied. Iteallj' , tlio effort wns a move em
the pait ol the laltj of tluee chinches in Scot
land the Kstabllshed , the Kieo Chinch nmt
the United Piesbjtenans tei boil them into
onu and get that seemed against the tast-
giovvlng move lei disestablishment. The
Dlssonleis , tlio Catholics , and even n
great lot ol the people of these
lespeetlvc chinches , opposed this move. The
majoi it j'against the bill In a lull housowas
only twenty-live , and heio again the lush
vote had its ellect , foi all 0111 members op-
poseel the pioposcd measuie.
Peihaps these * matters nio somewhat ehy
chewing 1 en join leadeis. Thej would likely
piefci heailng
on the liisli question itseli. Gladstone's
cabinet is a gieat pu//Io to the piessmen.
Sometimes it is positively asseited that im-
poitaut secessions aie imminent and "will
be * announced foimally in aelaj or two" . Ap-
peaianccs In the house of commons would
bconi to lavoi the foie'bodings , for ono ot the
minlsteis is missing when lie might be In his
seal , and Is peihaps discovered In vcij'lishy
friendliness atteiwnrds with a piomlneiit
coiitoivativo by son.e ente.-pilsing Stanley of
the lobby , who has to leave him to Ids late ,
because lie will not bo drawn clthei to the
lohl 01 to the covoteel communicative
ness IJut in a low minutes afteivvaids
this piodlgal comes to his loosl
on the tieasnij bench and even sits In be
tween llnicouit and Glaelstemc , as 11 to cm
phasi/e his impeiisliable fealty to the cabl
net. The suspected minlsteis joke will
onu anotliei and with tlieii cabinet , and even
with the piessmen , as well as with piivato
mlnlstois , about tlie i uniens piinted conccin-
Ing them , and just when the disceining
vvotld ot tjpo is ii'.idj to jionoiuico ) this ii
loiced hllnutj to halo the appioachingellsso
Itition ol Iliomlnistij up sptings Gladstone ,
lileie > gljplilcked witli nmiles and ciovv's feet ,
to give the He Hat to all Iho Illinois ol SCCOT
sion and to tell the countiy that evei > thing
said nbont the Intentions of the cabinet 01
Its'indlviduarjnicnihcis must bo "icceiveil with
n wholesome ) skepticism. " The gient dangei
of inptnii ! In the Gladstone cabinet is not ,
btiancc to saj , tiom thu homo ride question ,
but on
nn : ; or IHISH I.VMII oims
about which veiy vaiious opinions aies on-
teitalned. Some ot the most ladlcal e > l the
Kngllsli membeis , who do not in tlieii heaits
believe that a laithlng of HiltUh tax should
bo pledged much less pilel leu thoptiiohaso
out of Iho lilsh laiietloids , aio novcitholcss
batlslieel that ono bundled and sKtj millions
would bo well tin own aw a } oven It It eoiihl
eleai thu giound lei the planting ol homo
ruin to lieland. 'Ihoj would glaelly saj let
homo tulobogianti'il to lieland nnd let the
Ilish p.iiliament llx the puiehaso pilecot the
lilbh landhnels. Hut the tmlk of the Knglish
uiomboisnie undei the Impiesslou It would
bo Impossible foi even a fall minded lilsh
piillaiimnt to do the lanilleiiels justice In this
matin , as thu tenantij ot Iteliiul , having
then an eiverwhelmlng voice1 , would barely
consent to ptaiilu pinchasonlno. . Ol tlio
opinions eiutoilalned lij Kngllsli ladleals as
to how lush landloids have In thu past
eatiied anj piesout consideration , 1 might
quote ) a sample : "And how elo jon piopo-o
to deal with tlio landloids : what Is join con-
Mileiation lei theiu1. ' " asked a mild liberal ol the other daj' . "I eoiislelei
( hey ought to bo veiy thanktiil it they aie
not de'clated game , " was the icjilj' ,
Hovvevei , It is reitain the pies-
ent mlnlstiy will stand or tall
by their piegiamme ) , nnd will seek to deal
with the land question contempoiniicously
with the homo lido que'stion.
mi. it.OK HAYS
In lliopiesent paillamcnt will bo when Gladstone -
stone makes his stale'iiient of piopeised legis
lation toi lieland. Ho was asked seine
BpuiiliiL- questions last night about It bj the
late toiy chaiH'olloi , and hu said that he
would oil Moiulaj next name a date. It Is
anticipated It may bo that day week. He
assuie'd the hoiiso that no time was lost in
putting the pieiposed measuius into shape * ,
nnel wo can icadlly believe this , nnd also that
ho himself is vvoi king day and night on them ,
for ho Is a niaivel of indiistij. Indeed theio
mo ninny men in the piescnt paillament
whose individual vvoilc would be a tali avei-
ngofoi tlnco. Hut Gladstonet's woik would
iiiako a decent nvcingo foi both of them.
Those Invoked sentiments of his speech ,
which nro the plnguojnf toiles , nre tjplcnl of
Hm man's life. And ns ho takes up the diop-
jcd tlncneU ol his paienthe i'b and twists
them Into a slraml which ho seen re j Irom
raveling byuh.ud knot nt the end , so ho
nlso iesnme.s the multltniloiis puuio rs ho
Lasiipp'iicnllj neglected and biings them In seemed Impossi-
tils invitation thiuugh llic
public press of views from all quarters on
the Irish difficulty
nsanystatesman of 77 ever gave outlnan
ngo when there Is n disposition In the very
blood of men to run to Ink. Ills love of liter-
ntnrc Is n wild ; tiinnin , and I should not bo
astonished If 1 came upon him one of these
dajs 111 inn gins gsomo old shop full of
neglected lore In Holy Well street.
This Is a regular habit ot ills ,
nnd It would astonish many who try to pur-
zlo themselves as to how ho can conic mound
nil the work ho has In the alfnhs of state , to
have him pointed out to them In one of those
book stores poiliig over mildewed tomes of
did Greek , and keeping the pioprletotlal.Icw
In anxious but reverential anticipation of a
pm clinic .
The St. Patrick's Day celebrations were , 1
believe , n gloat success all thionzh Gieat
liiitaln. Ilwasnpltj that niany disappoint
ments oc tin led from the non-appcarnnco of
expected Irish membeis. Hut tbepartj whip
Issued lot tlie vote on the chinch of Scotland
bill on that daj kept neirly the whole of us
In London. Knw vitti llAiiti.\aio.\ : .
The Defeat of UlndHtono and Homo
Jlulc I'rodlc'nl.
LoNinv , April -"Gladstone la lidlnc ;
straight toi a fall , " tlio Pall Mall Gazette do-
claies this alteinoon. "Ho lefuses , " saj.s
thoGa/ette' , "to modify his lilsh scheme ,
and the lesult will be that tlio countiy will
neitliei have homo into in lieland or Glad
stone. '
' 1 ho Pall Mall Gnretto announced In pre
cisely the suno way that Lout Sali biuy
would "ildo ioi a fall. " At the same time a
tory mcmhci was airaiiginnd tor his delcat.
Tlio tUcl.nation at the time
was Kenoinlly hooted at by other
English pipen , but the Ga/ettc
was entlioly acciiiate then. It Is thought the edltoi has special knowledge that
Gladstone , being convince of Iho absolute
Justice ) and good policy of his Itisli
pioposals , and at the MIIIO time con
vinced that the toiy and ladlenl politicians
have dcteimined to eh'leat them , means to
force tlio issue and biing about delentas
soon as possible , content to saciilico power
in his final elloit at pacihcation.
AVar OlonelH In tlio Knst.
LONDON , Ajuil'Tlieie Is gieat and sud-
deii activity in tlio Ilritlsh foielgn ollice.
Gladstone has spent consldeiablo time theio
to-day confeiilug witli Karl Uosebeiij' ,
bicretnry of foieign all ail s.
I'AttiS Apiil - . Leading rieiicb nevvs-
pipeistakc a gloomy view ol the situation in
the east. Pionch iioiiclads hi > vo been
oideied placed in leaeliness tor immediate
elispaleh to tlio Mediteiiane in.
LOMION , Ajinl - . Sh Hoiace Itnmbold.
Diitish mlnistei to ( Jieece. has been oideied
to join vvitlt tlio othei loielgu diplomatic icp-
iibcntativcs at Athens In sending to tlio
( iicck goveinmont a dual stiong renion-
sliance against Gieeco'b vvni like attitude.
'Ibis lemoiistiance will be tantamouiit to an
ultiniatum , and II Gieecc ignoicd it the
Heels would net toithwllh All the foieign
sqiiadious in the wateis of Gicece aic being
bastilj lemfoieeel.
P.vnis , Apiil ' - ' . The Piciich povptnnipiit
ins given oideis ioi ( lie immediate dispatch
ol the tliinl naval elivision to Levant. The
Iioiiclads Marengo ami Yauban will leave
' 1 onion to night. 'Iho toipedo flulilln is also
mulct oielcis.
Home Uule Donoiincctl ,
LONDON , Apiil 2. A gieat mass meeting
was held this afternoon in Guild hall to
molest ngiinst planting a piiliament to
lieland. Tito lei d majoi picsidcil. Sli .lohn
Lubboe'k ( libeial ) moved the adoption ot a
lesolution condemning Gladstone lei his In
tention ol haiuling Ireland ovoi to Paineli ,
whom ho linioiislv donouncc'd. A woiking-
niaii nieiso nnd olfeu'd an aiiienduiont to
Lnbboclt's lesolution. but ho was howleel
lown and the lesolution can led amid wild
enthusiasm , lint 200 persons In the immense
.uidionce voted In the negative.
Piibteur's Russian 1'ntlonts.
PA ttis Apt 11 2. The majority of M. Pns-
teui's Kussiaii patients will leave for home
to moil ow , tlioir wounds having entliely
healed. Pout whoso wounds have not jet
cientii/cd will lemaln in the hospital lor
several elajs longer.
'Iho situation at Decayevlllo continues
stiaincd owing to tlio stiike. 'the nubile
ce'eiitoi will anivo at Deei/e'villo to mor-
tow to institute | iiocecdlngs against the law
bieakeis. _
Bread Hiots In Italy.
Mi : , VN , April 2. Seiious ilots have oc-
cuueil In conseqiicnco ol icsistaneo to the
Octioi tax on bieadon the pait of woikmen
icslding In the siibnibsanil emplojcd in the
citj' . ' 1 ho police are making most strenuous
elloits In sappiess tliPilisoidcis. .Seventj-
dv o m tests hive nil e\idj been made. The gat
and eh-etiic lamps have been vvicckcd m all
paitsot tlio citj.
TlioTlilid Tinio
LOMIOV 2 In the liein-o of
, Ajnil * - com
mons this evunlng the bill le'pealing the con
tagious diseases act pished the committee
and was tlie thiid tlmu unopiioseel.
The Knw KemuiiiH In PO
15i ill iv , A in II 2. The iciclislag to day , bj
a vote of WJ te > 1 ! ! " , deeldod ill favoi of pro-
loinring anti-socialist law.
Caiileel Ills ISonilsnicn AVIth film.
I > IMMI , N. II. , Apill 2. The piopeity of
nil the lonitec'ii 01 more smctles on thu late
Colonel I lojt's last two bonds ns tieasiiier
of the W. S. He > jt Manntactuilng ceimpinj ,
has been attnche-d , llacli bond is foi sOO.OOO ,
Jami's W. Ge > dlie'v and John O , IMgeily ,
whose names appeal among the signets ,
vi > that theli slgnatiiies aio toi-
geiles. Thu attacliments liavo ipsiilteil
Inclosing seveial iilaces of business. In
M'veial cadi's tlio savings of a lifetime will bo
hvveiit nvvnv. Kstlmatlllg that the stoek-
holdeis will leceivoa'J ) pel cent dividend ,
theio vvotilit lemaln a delielt eit SlOs.OiW , lep-
ip-enllin ; Iho slulnkago ot imipeity , bul
debts and the dei'aleation and iriegulai bus
iness paper of the into trevisiiici.
lej llliiino for All.
SAN Pu.VNCisro , Apiil 2. The Chionlelo's
Foil Howie , A i I OIM , special sajs : IJen-
tenant Palson ariived to-daj witli liftj-e'lght
Apaeho piisonuts , liicludini ; Chiliualma ,
Kiitne1 , Josiia ami Nairn , the weiist of Iho
Icailei.s , next to ( icioniiuo. All aie glad to
get In. Chihuahua hail u povv-vvow
with Ciook this nfteuioon nnd said :
" 1 know who committed maiiv of the out-
luges , but ( ieroiilmo Is to blame foi all. llo
foiled us nil tlio icsenvatlon lij lies. I don't
think Int'll come in novv. 1 hive tin own nwaj
mj anus and am not afraid 1 must die seine
time1. It jmi punish too hard , jou nnd join
otlUcrs liavo families anil love much , so im vt
It. " Ciool ; told him to go back to camp am
Cr.ivvleuel'H Killing.
CITV of Mi\irei : , Apill -Pioslden
DiaIn his message to eongie'as to daj , bajs
regaiellng the killing of Captain Ciowfoul
bj the Mexican soldien , "that the Mexican
foicewas composed ot volunteers fiom Chi
huihiin , who natnrallj would not believe
that the Indians with Captnln Cinwfoii
weio Irienils , lor accordln , ? to the trentj
which pcimlttcd the soldlcts of eilhei lepub
llctocie > ss the trontiei in puiaiiit of hostile
Indians , onlj re'giihu tioopsvveio allowed to
iiio > s" Tlio piesldent e\piesscd H'o'ret n
A I'rlelay
ST. Lous. April 2. - A Pot-nispnlcl
siH-clal fiom LeixiiiL'ton , Kj' . , sajs thatJel
\ \ llson ( coloa'd ) was hanged theiotoelaj
i or the niui dc-i ot Joiinio ban lord , his miv
tres > , Julj : )1. ) ISfil.
AVcailior Tor To-Day.
Mtssoi in i uv Iiieieasing cloudl
njis ! nnd local snows ; winds gcnerallj cast
oily ; slowly ilslnjj tcinporatiiie' .
Tlio Gallant Indian Tighter Assigned to the
Department of the Platto.
The MIllrrltcsMiul Over the "Slottci1"
House Appointments Deter
mined to Defeat O'Neill's
Artltriuloniim Notes.
Gonrrul Crook Transferred toOmnhn.
WASIIINOIOV , April ' . ' . [ Special Tele-
; rnin , | The tiansfer of ( ! rncral ( . 'took fiom
hccommniid of the Ucpaitiuent of Arinnia ,
vhlcli has been o\pcctcd for some time , has
nkcn place , ( iciuinl Crook npplliNl some
line ago to bo ghcn the command of the
Jepartnient of the I'latlo when ( icncml
lowaul should lca\e it. The sccictaij of
sai has sent ( jcneial Miles to the Duiuit-
iient of Arl7onn In the hopp that ho will bo
able to captnie and suppie s the Apache
nurdeieis. His piescnt command , the
Jepaitment of the Mls ourl , will
go to some othei bilgadiei gcneial ,
iiolnbly to ( ieneial Hngi'i , while It
is quito llkelj that Cienetal btanlcy will be
transfciied fiom the Depaitment of Texas to
ho Uepaitnieiit ol Dakota Oiders
jcen Issued by the wai denailment ghlng
lajoi Guneial hcholicld command of the
Division ol the Atlantic , Major Cencial
Terrj thoDhlslon of the Missoml nnd Major
Uoneial llowaid the Dhibion ot the I'acllic.
C = T3 'lilt. Mll.I.Klllll.S riSOllllVO.
Ncbiaska politics In Washington aie at
'overheat. 'Iho state , ns Is genei ally well
itiiown , Is cuiscd Milli two demoeiatlc
losses who aic ctcinally at loggerheads.
Ihcso bosses nro 111. Cieorgo It. Mlllci , editor
ofthe Umalia llc'iald , and J. Stuilhnr Moi-
011 , dull man of the democratic state commit-
ee. The latter 1ms been hero for some time
engaged in the laudable attempt to secinc all
he fedcial pntionage foi his paitictilar
rlcnds. In this ho has bceh eminently suc
cessful , and ns n lesult the ad-
iciunts of Millet aie fiothing at
ho mouth. Moiton made his gieat point
vesteulaj'vhcn ho succeeded In seeming the
ippointiuent of General Vifquain , edltoi of
ho Lincoln Demociat and n bwoin enemy of
Milloi's , as consul to Haianquilln. Ills man
Jeaid was also appointed postmastei at
Oiete , another fiiend at Oilcans and still
iiiothei at Xotth Hend. The uuKindest cut
of all towatils the Omaha cdltot was Motion's
icllon in seeming the i evocation of the noni-
nation of Mlllei's appointee as postmaster at
ICeainej , and the appointment of Watson ,
us own paitlcnlai lucnd , In his place ,
in.n KMisi.n to iihKnvr IT.
The opponents ot tlio O'Neill nibitiatlon
inboi bill lia\o deteimlned to delcat it , If
possible , to-moiiou , and a jilan has been
igiced upon toollei a lesolntion foi the ai > -
l > ointment of a committee of live incnibcis
to Investigate the existing labot distnibances
witha\iow toiupoitlim what legislation , if
iny , is necessaiy foi the ic-stoiatlon of older
n this and other cases. Theio 1 scarcely a
nan in the house outside of the laboi
committee who beliies the bill now icported
meets tlio emeigencj' , but thej" will nuailj all
vote foi it lathei tiian go on recoul against
it. With the subbtituto pioposed , howevci ,
it is believed a way out ol the dilllctilty will
bo alfoided , and those vvho .ire getting up the
commission scheme count upon Its adoption.
Wniner ot Ohio , it Is said will olloi the ie elution -
lution 01 substitute.
A CANVASS emi : itAMntt'prrv niM
A cnmassof the hoiboon the bankiuptcy
bill was completed to d ly. The result shows
17U membc'ta in fa\oi of taking up the bill
lei consUieiation , bO aio known to oppose It
unilei allclicuinstnnces , and 25 nicinbcis aio
In doubt. Tlio position of the otheis or liow
thej v\IU vote has not jet been ascot tallied.
New Kimland Is practically solid foi the bill.
Ol tlio thiitjfouiotcs in Xow Yoik onlj
two aio doubtful Mossis. Pajno and Dowd-
iioy ; the otliei-s aie lei it. The west is about
equally divided , while a decided majoiity
of the soutliein incnibcis aio fiimly op
posed to the meastne. Thn hostility ol
the south Is largely duo to the
fact that the ledeial comtb will ha\o contiol
of all bankinptuj iuatoi ! . fcouthein ho
tllltj to lederal eouits Is explained because
these com Is aic the onlj bauiei which exists
to thocompletodominaiion of the soutliein
deinociats o\ei the negiocs and white repub
licans , and which ha\o to some extent opci-
ated to pievent theii complete political dc
stiuctlon. Tlio position ot the -western meni-
beis Is undeistood to bo about as follows :
Of the Minnesota men , Mossis. White ,
Wakelield. ( illlillan and Strait aie tin the
bill , while It Is believed Mi. Nelson Is in
clined to vote against It. The Nebraska del
egation lavois the measure. Messis. Miuphj- ,
llendeison , Congei , Holmes and fat mule ol
lovvaaie icpoited to bo lavoi.ibly disposed
lovvaid theblll. lessillcpbiiin and Tied
eile-k of tlio same state aie against it. 'Ilio
othei moiiibi'is ot the delegation , Messis.
Wcavci , Ljmaii , Hall and I'lillei , aio In
w r.siinx : i-osi xr ,
Ncbiaska postmasteis were commissioned
to daas follows : O eai I' . Ilanillton , Ai-
moda ; Ad.iIInoM. U. Kehbeig , Cleai Spiing ;
Thomas A. Mitchell , Oichaid. And Iowa
postmabtcisas follows : David M. Tobias ,
( iioshani ; William Coleman , New Albln ;
Jesse U. Oiawfoul , bloan : Adelphla II.
liooic , Sni ) ina.
The < postollleo site at Jcssup , Antelope
coiiutj , has been lemoved two and one-hall
miles southeast.
The postmaster gencial today appointed
T , W. Al lustrous postmastei at Jame
son , Cl.itK enmity , Iowa ; Itnae I ) . Cat-
son at Kiikvlllc , Wnpello county , Iowa ;
Cliaik's 0. Albiight at Llbcity , ( iage conntj ,
rt I.I.I.K wn.r. bi'KAK ON bir.vrir.
Mr. Tnller of Iowa will open the debate
upon the tlher question to-moiiow. It Is
undoibtood that Mr. Puller w 111 make a Miong
sllvei hpeoch. llo will oppose lice tolnago
will t.ivoi pie > cnt limitition , nnd will opjio t
C , C. Woolworth of Omaha Is at the Kbbltt
Indian Coiiiniisslonur AtUlilH impliat- :
iually 'JVntlllcs.
WASIIINOIOX , April 2. Indian Conimis
slonei AIKlns was examined by the telephone
fnvestimating committee todaj- , and 10-
heniaedtho btoij of tlioI'.uiKIectiIcoigaiiiza
tion as hcretofoio i elated. Mr , lEannoy in
( juhed If the wltncbS ie0'auleil It as projiei
foi a incinbvi of congicss to accept n gift
llo had asreed to juy whatevct asscssinent'
wcie necessity to devclopan unknowi > quail
tlty. Mi. Kdtn inauiied if tjio witness had
ovei used his olllcial connection to fuithi1
the Intcteats ot the Pan Klectilc. "None on
the face of God Almiglitj'd earth , " taid the
vvltne s. slappliig energetically tlmbacko
tlio chair upon which no loaned , "and IK
man can look mo in the. faro and siv so.
would cut hand at the wiibt before
would do such a Ihliu. "
11. O. Sei\as of Xevv Orleans then took the
stand and related the well-known circum
stances leading up to the beginning ot th
KOjeriimeiit suit. Adioinni-d until Mondav
Acting Attorney Ueueial CJoodo has 10-
turned the bills of Jrfl Clrandler , Eppa Hun-
ton and Charles 11. Whitman , ot the siveclnl
counsel to assist In the prosecution of the
suit ajalnst the Bell Telephone company , to
Iho fiisl comptroller ot the treasury , with n
statement that the amount called for Sl.OOO
lor each Is In accordance with n contract
tcgularly executed and Is fe > rservIces already
icndetcel , 'the firstcomptroller has accoiel-
Ingly passed the bills and they have been
W \sitnoTON , April 2. Mr. 1'oian of
Ohio otTercd an amendment , tint on the
iroposltlon of clthci pnity to the controversy
0 submit dlffcicncc"5 to aibitratlon the othei
uitj shall refuse , thopaity submlttlne the
noposltlon may icquest a judge of an United
Stalls disttlct comt to appoint nn ntblttator.
foiegardcd the bill In Its piosent shape as
in eiiU'ilii ! ; weds e lei the enactment of such
c-rlslation in the Inline as would ciush out
iignti i/od labm. 'llnoitch oiganl/atlon. and
itgunl/atlon alune , tlio laboilng men of this
niiniij eonld woik out their salvation , and
10 was willing I- ) have tills mtcstlon. nnd all
luesiions ol tills character , to oiganiml
Mi. Dibble offeied nn ninciidment piovld-
ngtliat tlio commlsslonei ot laboi , on the
oqucst of either p.uty to the contioveisv ,
shall oldei an Investigation tobe made. ' 1 hu
juie.iu ol laboi , he said , had becif ignoicd nt
1 pic'at cMiieigincj' . 'Iho puipoit of hh
nnendmcnt was to make the commissioner
H Inboi u tictoiln gatheilng this Inloima-
Ion.Mi. . Neglcvolfoitd nn amendment that the
boaid ol aibitiation .shall Inqniio into Ilio
uactice of ( ot lain lailioad companies of
naintainingncompanjsjstemol lite insiu-
tnco to evade the pajment ot damages for
oss of life thioiieh neijligciiceoiollieivvlse.
Mi. O'Volll de-claied that the Knights of
: .aboi were in laver of arbitration. Ho stood
lero appealing for law , foi justice and lor
ight , tor to d ly the countiy was almost on
the M'ige of a volcano. The people weio
si.mdlnj : idle nnd sutfeiing for the vvantot
food In tlio west on acconntof a sliikc1 , while
roiistitutlonal cranUs blood quibbling on the
looi of the house. llo appealed to the mem-
) eis to stand by tlio committee on labor , to
vote down the amendment * , and to put their
iccls on that class ot men who could suggest
lotldng , who weio meio obstructions mid
Lunacies on theii patty , and who ought to
lave better sense.
The amendments wcio all voted down , but
ho tiist. section ot the bill was modified in
several pniticulais.
The committee then passed on to the con
sideration ot the second section.
Mr. Uieekemldge moved to stiiko out so
nucli ot the section ns gives the board of ar
bitration powei to administer oaths , subpojna
witnesses , etc.
Mi. Law lei said that the opponents of tills
bill bad had three long months to picpnc
something upon the question and had not
done so. lnt ! now thej insulted the intelli
gence of well-meaning niun on tlio pomnilt-
; eo on laboi who had given It theii attention.
Passing on to the consideration ol th-i stiiko
on the Mis-onii I'acllic , ho dcelaicd that
without wishing to become communistic in
Ills utteranccb , he was liee to say that if .lav
tiould was hung to n lamp post In Now Yoik
itvvould bo u blessing to the commiiiiitj'
known as the United States. [ Luughtei.J
Tlio action ot Jay Gould might cost hiindivds
and thousands ot lives tlnoughout the vvcbt-
ein btatcs. Death to n man liUo tills was
nothing computed might occm it
the dlllicultics weie not settled In those
states. Tiicie was no b-xsis in
this mattei. It was justice to tl'o workman.
'Iheio was no liaiiu in this bill , and the dis
cussion ot it had a healthy elTect upon the
eotintiy. It was an honest bill , and it there
was anything vviong with It congiess could
icpeal it at aiiv tinio.
Mi. Hieckeniidffo'fi rjotlon vvni-dcfcatcd. -
Mr. Kellj' otlered an omoiidnient appropil-
atmg 5 > 00UO , ( ) foi the payment ot the expenses
ot nibitration ,
On motion of Mi. Lowiy an amendment
was adopted , jnovlding tliat In no case shall
any witness bo compelled to disclose the
seciets 01 modiico tlio lecouls ot anj laboi
organi/atlon of'.vhich he many bo an olliccr
01 member.
llic second section of the bill was agreed to
witli ceitain amendments recommended bj
the commltteo on labor , and the third and
lomth sections were agiecd to without
While the fifth section was undci consider-
tlon toi the jmiposo ot limiting deb itc , but
beloiea motion to that end could bo sub
mitted , a motion to lake a iceess until 70 : !
was a iced to , the evenini : session being tor
thn consldciatlon of pension bills.
' 1 he bouse , at its evening session , passed
thlitj-live pension bills anil adjourned.
Tlio > fa.or | GoncralH
WAsin.Nfiro.N , Apiil 2. A general older
was Issued by the wai derailment this after
noon , announcing the following assign
ments :
Majoi G-MieiaU. M. Suhoheld to the Divi
sion of the Atlantic.
Majoi Geneial A , H. Teiry to the Division
of tlio Missouil.
Major ( lOiieral llowaid to the Division of
Iho Pacilic.
Hiigadiei General Crook was today 10-
Ileved HOIK the command of the Dcpaitment
ot A ri/ona and assigned to the Dopaitment ot
the Plattc , loimcily coniinaiided by
liiU'adlei GencialN.A. Miles , now in com
mand ot the Dopaitme'iit ot Missoml , has
been assigned to the Depaitment ol Aii7ona.
Kecretary laiinin Iinpro\lnc : .
W vsiuvtnov , Apiil 'J. Dr. Hamilton
qiioiiloiud as to Manning's condition at 11
o'tlock. "llo ontlnues to "
( improve , le-
m.iiked the doctoi , "and Is vtry I'liich ' bet-
tei. We aio gio itlj' encouraged. "
The phjsioians of Secielaiy Mainline rc-
poit his condition lo-ninht as unchanged.
A ZMuch Slnrilod Hcprolmto.
Cine uio , Ajnll 'J. A decieo lor ? 0,000
alimony was today nvv tinted bv Judge
hhepTid to Mis. Maty Woodwoith , ngaini-t
ht'i hn-bind , Di. Wllbert Woodwoith , vvlio
dcscilid hoi about til teen jcais ago , since
which time he mauled , lobbed and deseited
anotliei woman , nnd Is now undoi
the name1 ol Di. William P. Wood ,
living with a thiid who at Indianapolis ,
vvheie helms a laigo mactlco and has iiecn
unaided as an exemplaiv man. His Hist
two wives casually became acquainted in
( lilcago , and one day each eonlidr ntl.illy
sliowed theii husbiud'h photogiaph to eain
other , Woodvvorth Isaii ox-momhei of the
Voimont and Kans is leglslatuies , and w > is
n judge in Michigan.
Tin eo Jjlltlo Konntoil C.ious Are T
I'j VM ) , Tp\as , Apill ii. Novvs was 10-
celved Iicio today ot the binning of Unco
negioehlldien last night In a cabin on the
faun of A Helli'll , about foui miles south of
this place dining thoubseiicn of llulr pat
ents , It Is supposed that a Imtnllo ot clothes
nou the Die became Ignited and bet the build
ing on the. _ _
SUippcil AViih Other Pcoplo's Money.
Ki.NOf.ioN , Out. , April ' . ' . An Investiga
tion Into the nffalis of J , A. McMuhon , a law-
jei of this eltj , who left muldenlv seine time
ago , shows bo has appiopliated monev he-
longing to hli clients , estimated at fc-O.OoO.
Losses In sjieculatlnu : me said to bo the
T\vn lurK < ! H on thn Itocilcw. , Kbsex count ) , Out. . Apill2.
Last evening nsqtuill stiuek the baigo Jiui-
llngton , with the baizes Star of Hopp. ni > d
Vanetta In tow. lioth baigcs weio dilven on
Point Pelle and are total wrecks. ' 1 he cievva
wcio saved , bin had u nnirow escape.
A linttlo In Uruguay.
MOXTKVJDIO , ( via. Ualveston ) April 2.
A. strong gov'einmeiit torco under Generals
Tajaennd Aniblobavo been attacked near
the river Dainan by thu revolutionists , Airc-
iloml anil C.istio. Thu goveiniiunt tiooi-i ]
w we defeated w ith a loss 01 loin huiulted
liaised tlio Jlnfcs on Clifnaincn.
SAN PiixNcitco , April 2. The P.ipilie
Mall has inbed p.v > spngcr into ? foi Chinese
fc-J. * > to SW a head. The lesnlt w III be to stop
the heavj exodus of thlntsc.
It is Only a Question of Time When Pro
ceedings Will Be Begun.
Tvventy-TvvoTnken , With ItiirlliiRton ,
MniHlinlltnun , Sac City niul
Colfliv the rnvorltes
Opiicrnl News.
Strong Pooling Atninnt Ilr-own.
Dl.s MOIVI.S Iowa , Apt II. . [ Special Tol-
rgram ) . 'llic le-poitof the Uiown investiga
tion tommllte'u It 11 been tlic e'vcltlne subject
allelnv. Somtoisnuel le-piesoutatlves alike
say Unit theio isbut ono eotiiso open , niul it it tabling luipcni'liinunt puiici'dlnitt
n.nliist Uinwn , It is enl ) n ipieMioii ns In
when It liall lie iloiu1. ho main ol the , mem-
bi'islnd oNpecte'd to ndjouin witliin n lew
dnjs that their plans foi hoini * woikoulil
bo seilotisly distmbcd it thi'utu le-
qulred to piotinct the session foi
nil Impeachment tiinl , so ono ol two cour-es
meupoii Hist , to neljouin niul let tlio gov-
ei nui call nn oxttn suasion some tltno latoi lor
this tiinl ; 01 scconel , have the nitlclcM of Im
peachment piepaied light nvvaj' , mid then
take a icccss of a month 01 two nnd iccon-
vene. One impel hint point Is the question
ofsalniy. HeingtuidnlKod compensation , if
tlicj weie to continue In session foriinothor
month or two thej would leeclvo nothing e\-
tr.i foi the service , but 1C the govcineu should
call mi extia. session they would be allowed
pay forthetlmc. It Is held bj some that It the
le.lslnttiu > bhoulil taken iccess and then 10-
convcno foi the special puiposo ot ttylng
Urow n , it would bo allowed special compen
sation for the e\ttn woik. It is piobablothat
this coniso will be adopted , as few of the
menibeisarcpiopaied to scttloelown now lor
anothci montli 01 bK weeks' session without
an oppoitunity to go home nnd nriango Uio.ii
w ork.
inn siiowixo AeiAixsr JJKOVVN is so
that the republican membcis feel they daio
not go botoro tin- people w ithont elolng some
thing with ills case , nnd impeachment pro
ceedings scent to be the ono thing necessaij' .
Urovv n himself has ndihessod a memoiial
to the house ot ippiescntatives asking tor
impeachment pieiceedlngs. He claims that
lie 1mb not had a laii tiial befoio the legisla-
tl\o committee , althougli at the beginning
of the investigation a mnjoiitj ot the com
mittee weio piejudiccd in his la\or.
'tin1 findings nre so stroni : ; tlmt Hiownls
condemned on cvciy liand. "It is a very
damaging shovvlne , " said a judgoof tlie su-
piume comt to-day. "It ib a teirible aiinlgn-
miMit , " said anotliei state otllcoi. "Biown's
guilt in taking lollb of money that did not
belong to him is iiiiiiuostionniilc , " Mid n
thiid , and that is the tone of comment that
is lieaulon all sides.
Senator Whiting , who alone dissented
from the othei mombcis ot the committee ,
btated that he sliould file a inlnoilty rc'iott
nejxt Monday if allowed to do so. lie differed
jirincipally on tlio question of whether Shei-
; naii was justified In suspending Urown foi
: he irreguhu teles in his conduct of the ollice
of auditor , but the main tionblo with 'Whit-
ing Is last l.illhen i tinning foi governorhe
ieiC.itedlj ) declaied that lie belle\cd bhei
nan had no right to suspend Uiovvn , ami it
10 weie elected go\crnoi lie would lelnst.ito
lilm. Now ho hates to go back on that
retold , although he gets little biippoit tiom
othoi eleinocuts.
11AMO11NO FOll TlinOI.ninilS' IIOMI' .
Tlielcgislatuio spent the whole daj in bal
loting for the location ot the soleliets' home
without icsult. Voting \\.ib by setiet billet ,
without siieechcb. Dining the atteinoon
scveinl towns in noitliein Iowa weie given
comiilimcntary votes , such as to put them fai
ahead ol any otheis , but the contest was be
tween liiiilington , Maishalltown , Colfaxand
Sao City. Pining the day loity dilfeient
towns wcieoted toi , and when the tvventj-
econd ballot was icachcd , just bc'loio nd-
jouuimcnl tliis evening , but eleven towns
weio voted li/i. On this ballot Coltaxhad
Huilington 27 , Maishalltovvn 7 , bioux ,
Cl'tj 27. 'Ihe highest \otoduiing the ntlei-
noon was on the eighteenth ballot , when Me-
Giooi had fib votes , but dioppod out of tlio
lace immediate * ! } attei and did not appeal
again. JiallotliiK will be lesiimcd to-mouow
morning at 0 o'cloik.
The thiio lilglii'-it Notes on each ballot ,
foi the lust tweho ballots , weie as tollows :
Hallot IJuilington 21 , Mnibhalltown
20 , bae City 10.
btcoml liallot lluilliiKton ! ! ! , Maishall-
town 2.J , bacCity 10.
Third llallot-lJiiilinglon : U , .Mais.ialltown
27. bac City IS.
I'ointh Dallot Huillnglon S3 , Mai lial- !
town2' > . bact'ltj 2. ! .
rilth Ilallot-Hiiiliiigton.TS , Marshalllown
! ? 0 , bac Cit > ' . " ) .
.Slxlli liallot-liuilington : M , = nillto\\n
2T , bae Citj City 21.
be\entli li.illot-lUullnpton 21 , Maisliall-
town 17 , Colfax 15.
KK'hth Ihllot-Iluilinu'ton 2 > , .Maihall > -
town2.ri , SaoCib 10.
Ninth IJallotlliiillngton 2J , Marshalltown
2J , t'olla\21.
Tenth liailot Maisiialltown 21. Uuillnu'-
ton'J ) , C'olla\2J.
JJesenth JJallot lioono SO , Colfas. 27 ,
Twelfth Uallot-roitDodKO 1fJelfei,011
20 , Colfa\ , Uiiiliiigton2l.
OIM.IIAI. 1 1 ( iisi. iivi : woitii.
In the senate this moinliig n joint iciolu-
tlon was Introduced mcmoilall/ing rongie i
against giantlng to the Union I'acllio mid
thn tonoebsions lo.jaiilliigeaiii'cllatloii ot its
Indebtediifss now ask < d.
In thehouso a hill to piolilblt alien mm-
iesdents | tiom aciniilng titlotoieal estate
in this fctato jiassed. Vi as 71 , noes Hi.
ci i HIS riiuoM' .
1'iaiiK .Smith committed sulcido by rutting
his thicnt in the .Mount I'le.isant jail last
night. Last Xineml ui huatteinjted ) to slioot
benntoi Woolson , and n low dajs ago was
tried foi the olleiibo and sentenced to three
jcais In the state nilson. lie wasaijont to
boicmovcd to the penltentlaiy wiiuii ho
killed lilnibt'lf.
.Ti.MCK ; AM ) Till ; J'ACiriCH.
U'Soiuo Onloialrt AVoio Imprisoned it
Would Ilmo a Rood inct. : .
Ni.W Voii ! > . Apiil ' - ' Ibpecial Tcilogi.ini ]
The Woild's Wabhlnglon coircspondcnt
h.ijs : Asblstant .Scciet.uj .IinKs ot the Inte-
iloi depaitnicnt Is looking dpotlall ) aftei the
P.u Itio lailioads , lie has lound a gic l many
cases of rilmlnaliolalion of law upon the
pait of oflld.ilb ot the lallroads , but In a ma
jority of Installers thi e violations of law
aio of such date that the statute of limitation
foibldsnny rnoecution. . Jenkssalil justei-
dav to a I'.illei that lie was anxious to get
hold ot onu well antlicntiintid cast ! not jno-
ttcted ! > } the Miituto ot limitation , llo
thought It ono ot two officials of these loads
could lie. suit to the ) > < iiitenti.U } it would
An Iowa Man Ateniiis ( | , Kulctdc.
Xi.\ > Void ; , Apill'.1. William 0 , Acker-
man , uf llaiilin county , Iowa , atteuiilel | ( sui-
( .ido at Uitf ( Ji.uld Union hotel this inoinin
it is thought he. i an not uoo\ui , u hutoul , i
latal dosu ot laudanum.
ChniiRO of Vcnuo Denied lit the Hnll
Case llo IMcadH Gttlttr.
SofTii At nt'ii.v , Neb. , April 2. [ Si > cclnl
'IVlrnrniii.l The motion for a chnngo of
> emio In the Hall murder case \\as oAcrruled
by Judge Dtoady to day. It was the opinion
of tincomt that the defendant would iccelvo
a fall trial in Xcmaha county , and did not
sec the necessity of seeding tlio chance.
Hall withdrew his pica of not guilty nnd en-
tcroda plea of gulltj to the eliaige of man
slaughter. The case w 111 come up for a hear
ing to-iiuii row nioinlng , when witnesses foi
both sides will bo heard niul sentence of couit
\ \ 111 be passed
Thojiiiylu the I'nite whisky case brought
in \eidlct today foi the plalnllir In the
sumofSJV ) . 11 N uiideistood that the case
will boanpealed.
' 1 lii < case of the Mate against . ) . Collins foi
laicenj.n called this alloriuon. Collins
pleaded gulltj and was sentenced to one
ji'at in the i c.iitentmij.
'lipVct ! ittiuMi'fi Ortloi1
(5onio"sob. ! . Apill 2. fSjicclal. ] TliL'io
lias Just liee-i oisaiiiyed In 0111 jouni : and
mowing citb , P. 1' . Lllls , state oistxnl/cr ,
a lodge ol the Ancl-nt Oidei of United
Woikmeii , with a list of iluutei inc'inbois
made up trom ainoug out best ch s of citi
zens. The ollieeis i leot aio : K 1' . Iteinhaul ,
> I. W. ; IVtei Klniiey , P. JI. W. ;
Thompson , rorcnian ; tee ! li. Adams , O\ir-
scei ; (5 ( co. II. Hair , Itecoider ; James 1
( SlUi-splc , rinanciei ; Oi. 1. S. Co-hlan , lle-
cehoi ; Josciih H. ( lillosplc , ( inldo ; Michael
Monibsej , I.W. ; J..1. K\ansO.W. ; Tutslec" ,
L. I , . Work , John Herch and ( J. C. 1'aik ;
Medical i\aminei , Ui. I. S. Coshlan. The
lodge mec'ts on 1'ilday night ol each week ,
nnd Itnlteslslting bietlnen i'lom Chndion ,
e , \ alcntineaiul clsewheie.
IT'S M-JAHING Till 3 KM ) .
Tlio O\crlnml Unto \Var apparently
Itonolivs a Settlement.
Kiw YOKUApi12.0nuot ! tlir bittcicst
ralhoadiatoAII that the \\estcin loads
ln\oe\ei known has piobably come to an
end. Tlio Transcontinental pool \\nsbiol\cn
on the ISHli of rebinaiy bj the Atchlson ,
Topeki & Santa 1'e announelng a cut in
latc-b between ew Yoikand San Ki-aneisco.
It did this bemuse the othci membeisof the
pool would not allow as laige a percentage
f the lielglit business to the Atchison as it
[ lemanded. All of the lines In the pool met
lie cut , and tlio usult has leen that tnuclcis
iiid tieigl t have gone to C.tlitoini t points at
Atiemelj low i.itc-s. I'oi nassengei lates
lie jniec of unlimited liist class
iikcts fiom New Yoik to San rrancisco
i\as ilJO.2. " , . Tills pilco was cut
.mill the low water maik of S-b-r > 0 was
reached. In i mights tlio pi ice lor cotton
neco goods , lor example , was Sit pel 100
iioiinils tiom New Yolk to ban I'lancisco.
I'ldb late was cut down until it became too
ow to quote. 'I ho piincipal lightois wcio the
Southem Taellie and Atehison. Toiieka & ,
Santa 1'e. Tlio othei lines , noticeably the
Union 1'aellic and Pacilio JIail Steamship
comi > an > , tollowcd the cut. but this was done
note to keep tlio people inloinicd that theio
t\eie such ionics than bo < anso they wanted
o light. 'Iho Atchison ha's been
"oiciiitJltho light tliiotighout the contest.
The lesiilt ot it lias tlio appeaianco ot u vie-
' load. It is nndeibtood among
ailioid men thatl'iesidentStiong piesentcd
ils ultimatum to I'lcbideut lluntingtoii of
he Southern I'uulic on 'iliuisday , and that
lluntington asked until to day to answci it ,
and by telegraph he did answci , and immc-
Ltiatoly his agents ntiniiunccd to bhipp is
Hi it lates would be icstoied to the old basis
attci to monow. The Atchison agents luxe
\etieceUcd oideison thesiibjeet , though
.hey aie expected \eiy soon.
iVnothciumcial lliilic 'J nicer Under
Nnw YOHK , Apiil 2. Aldciman Fullgraff
i\as aiiested this nioinlng on a bench \\ai-
ant by a Cential ollice detective on the
clungo ol biihiiy In connection with the
mssage ol the llioadwaj Suilaco lailioad
iinnuilso , and was taken to the distiictat-
toinoj's ollice.
JX-AIdeiman Waite is In chaipo of ln-
spectoi U > ines and will spend tlio niglii in
home hotel , Kx-Aldeiman Pinisonwas 10-
leased on bail , liisbiothu.AIexandei , jnstilv-
ing in tlio sum ot The penall > lei
the olTeiiso is ten joais iniprisonnicnt 01
XOOOllne.oi both , in tlio discietion ot the
omt. At Distiiel Attoinox .Maitlne's ollice
It was said thcie would juob ibly bo noancsts
to nl.lit.
Alduiiimn I'nlgialT , belore tlio linestl-
giting eommittio to da > , stiennonsly denied
that lie had been paid an ) mone > lei Insole
in la\oi ol gi lilting the li.uulii'e , ( icoige
W. Altn , siicfcssoi toAideimin Jaelini ) in
the jewiliy business , denhd tint he had
gone to the sub tieasiu i to get a MO.Ofli ) lull
changed as had been chalged , 01 that ho
told .iiiuino Hint the "hoodie" was kept in
Jachnc's sale in his stoie A numhd ot
nldeinion ol Ibsl wilt becailed upon to lestlli
to monow.
Xi w VOIIK , Apiil 2. 'I ho giand jmv 10-
tuined lnditunnts ( lot liilbi > i > agiinsl Al-
deinieii I'CMIMIII anil Kiik. KnL was ie-
hased on STi.OOO bail , and 1'eaison
ic < | idid to Imnlsli the sinio bond ,
whltli he is jet iimblo to do. The llioad-
w.U tiancliisit nnestlgitlon loinniitteo was
in session again to daj. Kx-Aldeiman rtill-
giall was lecalled to the witness f-tand and
testlliodns tohls iinanclal condition during
the past lew jeaisat gical length.
Wodnesilnj'is Traccily ,
Tito body of Anilrow IIo.uuloUio \ \ as
inn down by a Union I'.u ihf on ino on
Wodnehilav oM'iiin , is btill \\n\x \ \ at tlio
roionoi'n ollico. : iwaitiniiiituiiiuiit ) His
wife , \\lio is onlj 20 yean of a o ,
bt'on nniised ) of hei lin-jb'inil's death
althon li -lie is in u CM st.itn She linn
twicoviMteil the loom whoieln the hod )
lies , anil ya/os nt the coinso , 6ioinln l >
ila/etl , by sonow , but neither crying 1101
inakini ; an. ) out waul Mgn of htnient
The tiinonil will take nl.ico this
afteinoon , inloimtml being niailo in 1'ios-
pect JIill ceineleiy ,
Twontfivi1 conU will buy a boltlo of
IJul Star Coti li duo It novel fulls to
Hood's Sarsap aril/a
Combines , In a manner pccull ir to Itself , the
host blood purKjIng and strengthening reme
dies of tlio vegetable Kingdom. You will ( I nil
this woiidorfnl remedy cITcitlvo where other
mcillclni'i have failed , Tiy U now. H will
purify jnnr Mnoi ) , icgulito the iliKCstlon ,
and glvo new life anil vlgorto thocntho beidy.
" Hood's hirsiparllla did mo creat gnoil.
I was tired out fromovcivvnrk , ami It toned
inn up. " MliH (5 K. blMMOhH , Coliocs , N' , V.
" 1 stifTcicil th 100 jrars fiom blood pol on ,
I took Hood's harsipirllii and think I am
cured. " Miss. M. J. DAVIS , III uekport , N. V.
lu'ifles l/m Jilooil
Hoods Husiiatllla ] Is liarnctcrl/cd 1 > )
tlncc pe-enllailllus ; 1st , tlm combination M
lemedhl agents ; 2dthe jnoporttvn , aU , Ilia
jnoccti ol securing thu aetlve incillcinil
qualities. 1 ho result Is a inulkhio of um.sxul
streiigtli.'clfcctlni ; cures liltheito unknown.
bent ) for book containing ; additional cv iUence.
"Hood's SirsanarllH tones up my hjstcir. .
puiinus my Mood , fclurpensiiiv ant < tile , and
seems to iiiako IIIQ mcr" J r 'JMQMi'dO.s ,
UcgUtcru ( Decels , Lowell , M..SS.
"Ilond's Bars ip.iillli hctts all others , and
N worth Ils wclKlit In folil " I HVHKJMUON ,
J30 Hank btrcct , New YoiK CM } .
Hood's Sarsapacilla
bold by all drufu'sts. t j iu for 55. Maelr
only by 0. 1. HOOD & CO , l.ov , , 11 , AlsiS.
JOO DoscsOno _ Doair ! ) < .
The Missouri Statesman Receiving Keif (
Orcelit Than Ho is Entitled To. j
Heprcscntatlvo Willis'
or Ills IMucntlonftl Will The
Contest Over Morrlioit'a
TnrlfT aicnstirc.
Nat nn Ofliulnl 1'cnocninVor.
WASH O i ox , April'i tSiiectol.1 HfilHW
jclitatlvo John J. O'Nclll of Missouri'hM
been tlie subject of a greit deal of favorable
comment dm Ing the past few days , gniwlu *
out of his alleged attempt to * > ce re nn under *
standing between Jay Gould and thn Knlffhta
of Laboi. It was said last Monday tbalj
O'Neill had been sent us nn ambassador from
the tucsldont nud ho had urged Gould tV
accept niblttiitlou ns tlio best menus for
miiigiug about a settlement of the dltll-
citltles tietwecn hlsiallioadsuml the stilkere ,
nnd In concessional nnd labor circles hero
O'Neill wns nwnteled n gtoat deal of pralso
foi ids supposed success in Induc
ing Mi. Gould to come to tcims.
It seems , hovvevei , that O'Neill
has been iceelv Ins moio ciedlt than wns duo
htm , nnd that ho did not go as an emissary of ,
tlie ptesldeut 01 nnj one oNo to the scene of
battle. The stoilus to the ellcct tlmttbe pres
ident has been tijiiig lei seine thus to liv
diice Gould to listen to icason nro denied1 at
the white house This does not signify k
great deal , as denials aie maelo thJio to order
upon any and nil snbjecU with the gientest
dispatch. Still , It Is baldly likely that Mr.
Cleveland has taken n hand In this elltUculty
without havingbucnnskcd to do so by some
of the paities Inteiested.
Chaplain Milbuin , "the blind ininii elo
quent , " who has been stailllng the country
by tliovigoi of Ids piajcis In the house of ;
lepiosoutatives lately , Ins boon nsked to
model ate his tone by seine ol the democratic
leadeis , and In all piobabillty will do so la
the future. A gieat deal of comment lias
been excited ovei the action ot Mr. James
of New Yoik , In declining to allow the pub
lication of a piajci In the Kucord last Satnr-
dav. Mr. James , who Is a man of strong re
ligious convictions , wasaskcd his roasonsfor
taking the ceiniso ho did , and whether ho ob
jected to ptajeis In the of the Reo-
onl. James leplled : "Mo , I never objcct'to
piajeis , but 1 do object to buncombe. " Ami
theio aio other deinociats besides James
who sco n gieat deal * of bnneoiubo In these
dlsseitatlyusof the chapliln , antl unless ho
Ismoicearelitl In the Inline , heTis likely to
create n gieal deal of dlssatlstacllon with his
couiso , and peihaps some stionger protests
than have jet been hcaiel.
WlU.tb' MIUCA I ION 11II.I , .
Tlio most Impoi taut movonienl in congress ,
peihaps , foi some time was the action of. the
house on Monday in lefeu Ing the now edu
cational bill to tlio committee on labor. The
attempt was made and sucjeedeel bj' a major-
itv of some tvvcntj-hvo votes , and. with this
majoilly to stait with , Willis and his friends
anticipate that they can pass thu bill In spite of
the opposition. It is lather amusing to hear
the * explanations of men who voted on the
incasiiiu on Monday last. No ono seems to
eleslto to ho rogaided us lavoring
( lie bill because ho voted with Willis.
John II. Long , of Massachusetts , who was
the * most piomlnent man on \ \ Jills' aide , ex
plained his vote by saj lug tha ( ; hi ; oposcd
he summary method ol stiangllng leglslo-
.ion which hid been adopted by the commit-
: ee on education , and that ho did not desire
.0 seem to laver the policy of allow Ing n com-
nitto to deteiinlno whetliei or not n measure
was lit lor discussion. Governor Long added
that ho should novel be willing to icsoit to so
xtiemon coniso unless the mensuio under
consideration was so obnoxious1 to him an to
make it elcsliable * to kill Itbj any means. The
educational bill , ho said , was not so bad as to
wauant this step , and foi this reasori
he voted to bring it bcfoib the house
in onlir that its meilts and demerits might
0 iulh set (01 ( th. He did not wish to bo ro-
aided ns having Indicated Ills com so towards .
the bill on tlio linal vote by veiling to tnko Its
consldeiation avvny liom the commltteo on
dneatlon. On llioolhci hand , Mr. Cannon ,
ol Illinois , who in ly favot the bill , votca
ngalnsl tlio chaugo In coinmlttep , nnd ex
plained hinisell by saj ing Hint ho did not dc-
> lie to adopt this method ot rebuking a com-
nitto which might bo considered deicllct In ,
ts duty. Hobelioved that the for the
liotibo to have pnisneel would liavo been
to have ) Instineteil the committee
to lepoit the bill either favorably
or advciselj' . Ho voted against Vflh
Ils this time , not because ho opposed til * * 1
bill , but because ho opj o-cd the plan to in
sult the commltteo on education. U is not
probable that the bill can ho irichoel at tliln'j
session , even if a lavoiablS lepoit should b - ,
made bj the committee. The bate majority
bj which It wns lemoved liom the charge ot i
the committee on education nnd placed be * f *
fine the committee on Inboi Is not tmlllcUAil , <
to instill'i suspension of the inles nnd thV.
setting apart ol a day for Ils consideration ,
nnd 11 Is new so Intc in thn session nnd them ft
aio MI many ineasuies ahead ot It on the cnl- "
ondai , that 11 is piacthally Impossible to mieU '
It In tl'o ic-gulai of business.
1111 : i.vnirr nii.i , . S
Few things liavo eome up in this ton groan t
vvlilch liavo pioven so lumentablo to the ino-
joilty ei piedomlnaiit paityas tlio contest-1
ovei the Monition taiirf bill. Considerable' ' .
k cling 1ms been worked up on this issued" * wi
and it will bo dillicnlt to hold the vojo to * * * - )
getheron otliui nvittuis without n caucus , . 1V
Althoiu'h theio Iiua been constant
" u castIng - . -
Ing about" , niiet all kinds of hclKM > ics hav ' " *
be-en pioposc'd teiglvotho measure hticngth , " * <
It is wi'akei today than It was bnfeno these i
ovcrtuies were bogtin. Tlio tailff icfofmera
liave pioposcd all kinds ol tiadcs , combina
tions and consolidations , but the t HI Iff bill
standsnloni ) In its weakness. Thoio may be
n miinhci ot cli inges and additions to the
nieasino befoie * It Is lopoile'el , but'none , of
them piomisult the * sticngtli It miisf have be *
loio piss.
TIIH i > i Men it MIO ft IMJ.
"I feel as though we weie em Iliu veiy vcrce
ot seine unusual sensation , " said nil olel ; f
soutliein H'liatoi t'xlaj , "and I nm afraid It
b. somclliing that is geniig lolapi | | < ii to Hie
adiiiinistiatinn am aliaid death or soiuo-
tlhii'4 else will di eirgaui/o alla.irt. "
Tliis seeinn to bo an almost I'ciicral feeling
heie. It piejbiblv iriovvu out ot ( hu illness of
linen mi mbe'is olihocabiiiot. ft has been *
long time * since so laigo a pieiporliortlpf thu 1
cabinet was eiisablcd , and nnturofly the
nppielieiisioir would bo unnccessuillj'giciit.
The laii-'e'eifticesec-kin.constituenc !
ington has foi a jeit be-cn enjoying has al
most oiititulj elisapjieaicel , Theio a 10 not
moio than 1 pei cent as many ollife uekora
hcic now as a jeai ago , and not nifc . , llinii
unc Icjilh as man ) as sis months sinW ; Hi4 ; . ,
01 tlieiu have le'lt. a few of them cp iipaw-
tive-ij satUlicel , Old cltUcns fay tliore tire n / '
moio aspliants heie at this tiihc than
usual tindui past adinlnlbtiations.
Joseph Hall , nuiiia inj ; < ditor f > f .
Lul-.u C'jty Xcvvb. is in Oia-jUar