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The Ward Primaries Hold and Candidates
For Oounoilmen Selected ,
Tlio Bad People Who Ilavo llcou Ar-
rcHtod DurliiK the Month Nuws
From the Courts Itnllrorul
Notes Iiucnl Matters.
Candidates Tor Cotincllincti.
Whisky and beer flowed freely In cer
tain quarters , last night , for It was
the ni ht of the democratic ward
primaries , and there was work
to bo done. Candidates nnd
their friends were busy nil day , and
worked llko t'trers ' during the two hours
that votliiK was going on from C to 7
o'clock. In wards however
some , , every
thing was quiet uml peaceful , but in the
First and Third the fight waxed hot.
Gangs of men wore constantly moving
from one polling place to the other and
crowded around the ballot boxes to help
thulr friends and discomfit their enemies.
Strange to say , however , few tistie en
counters occurred , although hot words
and cutting remarks were numerous.
The First ward primary was held at the
Shivin house on Tenth street , and hero
the heaviest voting was done , 727 ballots
being east. The three candidates for
councilman were Thomas J. Lowry , Wil
liam Nevo and Kichard Kngelmann , hut
: \t \ the start the first named took the lead.
The voting resulted in : Lowry151 , Neve
21 ! ) , Kngeinmnn 07 , a majority for the
former of 175. The delegates elected to
the city convention were : Charles Met * .
William Siaulding ) , P. C. llafe.y , Charles
liramlles , A. G. ISuchannn , John Kane
and P. Desmond.
There were only two candidates for the
nomination in the Second ward Patrick
Garvoy and Henry llornbergor. The
primary was held at lleimrod's ' saloon ,
Thirteenth and Jackson streets , and wns
quiet hut closely contested. Out of a to
tal of 324 votes cast , Harvey received 210
and Ilornborgor 103. V. S. howls , Jo 1m
Miilionoy , Louis Iloimrod , F. J. Dorklcy ,
George V. llines , Eil O'Connor and P. J.
Harrcttwere selected as delegates to the
city convention.
Aflairs were rather warm in the Third
ward from the opening of the polls until
tiie closing. The votes cast numbered
U8. and were put in with a rush after 0
o'clock. Patrick Ford , the present coun
cilman , was a candidate for rcnomina-
lion , s
47. The delegation to the city
is composed as follows : Joe Tcahon ,
Henry Parrisli. Julius Meyer , P. Ford.JP.
H. Geary , Fred Kohlmoyer , and August
There was only one ticket in the Fourth
ward , and the primary was therefore
quiet , 122 votes being cast. Joseph Gar-
ncau , jr. , was selected as nominee for
councilman , and the following are' the
delegates to the city convention : J. II.
McShane , Samuel Shears , A. J. Potter ,
W. II. McCord , J. J. O'Connor , A. E.
Uoggeshall , and J. C. Pontxcl.
A largo vote was also cast in the Fifth
ward , James Uolan receiving 1)1 ! ) votes ,
Thomas Falconer 120 , and Kdward Davis
118. The following delegates were elect-
od-j\ Thomas II. Dniluy. Gus Carey ,
Geprgo Winheart. James Douglas Wil
liam Solvers , John Cumininirs and 11.
The Sixth ward cast the smallest num
ber ot votes of any in the city , but the
conteat was the closest. H. II. Lucas re
ceived 50 votes , James Stephen son -11 ,
and ! ' . K. lirnytou 10. The delegates
elected to the city convention are : Au
gust Cloves. Andy Smith , A. F. Wolf ,
Otis Carmichael , B. A. Hall , Henry
Hitter , John Buliek.
The ArrcHtH hy the I'oHce In March
and the Offences.
The police court record for the month
of March was completed yesterday by
Clerk Pent/.cl , showing the total number
of arrests by the force to be 500 , classified
as follows :
Jltiblicry 3
Burcliiry 2
Assault with Intent to kill 1
Vo nti : ry 1
Assault and battery IT
PiiRltlvo from jiiHtlco i $
Disturbance of the peace 01
IJeframllin : hotel a
Keening opium joint 1
. ! Prostitution int )
Peddllnj : without license 2
Selling liquor lo minors 1
Obtaining money undur false pretenses. . . 1
Inmates of disorderly house 7
Vagrants and suspicious characters 127
Intoxication ill
Hoys t-ent to reform school !
larceny 12
Commuting nuisance ! i
Total Hoii
DlHtrlot Court Notos.
Ilonry Lago has begun suit in tlio dis
trict court against James C. Mitchell and
others to have his title to two lots in the
city confirmed la opposition to tlio claims
of ownership of Iho said lots by the de
fendants ,
A transcript of appeal from the verdict
of the police court in the case of 1'ctcr
Smith was filed in tlio'district court yes
terday afternoon. Smith was convicted
February 11 of soiling liquor to minors ,
anil was lined $25 nnd costs.
E. K. Athorlon , the fast racer who de
feated ( irogg at the exposition building
Wednesday , commenced n suit of attach
ment in .Justice llelsloy's court yesterday
against Albert Finch. The defendant , it
U claimed , pocketed $50 , the forfeit
iiionoy on the race , because , as alleged ,
Atherton and his parly were not on hand
at tlio stipulated time , 3 o'clock In the
Tiio case of Laing vs. Nelson is stllljpn
trial before Judge Novlllo in the district
Culled It n Drnw.
Local sports are deeply interested in
tlio recent contest between O , H , Smith ,
thu Omaha pugilist , and Jaok Keofo , of
Philadelphia. Smith was badly winded
in the fifth round , nnd received severe
punishment in the sixth. The referee
declared tlio light n draw. Keofo appealed
to the crowd in the rink , which cheered for
him loudly. Smith then mounted a chair
and said Keofo had won the light. Kecfo
said if he hadn't ho would ligjit another
round , and started towards bmith's cor-
Jior. Mayor Cleland , in the gallery , pot
excited and saw visions of blood. Ho
said the match was only permitted by
Biillbninco , and called to the chief of
pollen and marshal to arrest Keofo. The
ollieers approached as ordered , but u
general yell of protest caused the niiivor
to again mount his forum mul modify
his ordor. Kccfo is at largo ,
'Iho result Is about as anticipated , A
number of local sporting men laid bets
on Smith's success , but the more t'onser-
I\yatlvo placed his chances for the best ,
| < Ut a draw. Smith has many admirers
vim l > ojievo that with proper training
_ uandlinz ho could easily down
White Cedar Piling 1s bettor than oak
or bridge or foundation work. It lasts
I longer in or out of the ground and can
I bo furnished and driven lor one-third loss
fcosjbyl ) . Sopor & Co. , 1020 rarnam
itrcet , Omaha ,
. -
* -4
The Missouri Pacific Scuds Out Its
Frst Train Yesterday
A tndn of thirty cars of freight was
sent out over the Missouri Paclnc railroad
ycstrday , the first since March 5th. It was
sent to St. Louis and other points south ,
and consisted almost entirely of merchan
dise. The whole thing wns done very
quietly , and not the slightest resistance
xvns encountered from the K. of L. men.
The Missouri Pacific local agent reports
that ho is receiving largo quantities of
freight daily.
W. A. Deiiel , superintendent of the
Union Pacific at Cheyenne is in the city.
The election of directors for the Union
Pacific which took place in Boston Wed
nesday , resulted in the selection of Col-
Eato lloyt , to take the place of Hugh
Kiddle. The election for president took
place yesterday.
Many land-exploring tickets arc being
sold to the west.
The Union Pacific express was again
late last evening.
The low rates seem to have partially
demoralixed some ot the travel-loving
public. Kver since the cut , people have
been making a grand rush west , but now
many have changed their minds anil are
going cast. To Boston the i" to in $2(5 ( ,
nnd many are going to sec the "hub" and
surroundings while they can do so with
out material damage to their bank ac
Three ftcrmans , "right from the old
country , " wont into the baggage room
last evening before the Union Pacific
train sturtcuand managed to talk Kng-
lish onougli to make one of thn clerks
understand that they wished their trunks
cheeked to San Francisco. "Well , say ,
do you talk Dutch , or what ? " nskcd the
clerk. "Yah , yah , Teich , " was the an
swer. "Well , mine chiminey gracious ,
'Tcich' it up a little so that 1 ean under
land what you want , " said the cleric.
Two of the Germans were resuscitated
jy the liberal use of smelling-salts ( lim-
jurgor cheese ) , and the other was borne
carefully out of the room to the car ,
; rciit fears being entertained as to his
iltimato recovery. All of which goes to
show that foreigners cannot stand Ameri
can puns , oven though English is to them
: m unknown tongue.
The St. Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha
railroad company has had considerable
trouble in the past few days as regards
[ ho ferries at Sioux City and Covington.
J'lio river at theso'points has been lower
this spring , with the exception of a few
days following the breaking tip of the
eo , than was ever known before , making
ferriage bad. To-day , owing to heavy
winds , no boats were run at all.
"Victor , the Illttc Stocking , " nn Un-
( Iiialilled SUCCCHB Last Evening-
The opera house was filled with an
appreciative audience last night to wit
ness the lioston Ideals rendition of ' 'Vic
tor , the IJluo Stocking. " It was the first
time tliis opera has been given in Omaha ,
and it mot with the great success which
it merited. It is bright , sparkling and
pure , abounding in clever dialogue and
charming sittiation. The sccno of the
play is laid in Paris , in the year of the fall
of the Uastile. The plot , while not com
plicated , possesses enough interest to absorb
serb the attention of the audience. The
interest centers about two characters ,
"Victor Delmar , " a loiter writer or sec
retary , and "Fanehcttc. " During tlio
progress of the opera the fact is dis
closed that instead of being a mere street-
singer , as she appears , Fanchettois really
the daughter of a French nobleman , who
considers himself a poet. The noble
man brings one of his poems to Victor
for revision. The poem is full ot loyalty
to the king , but Victor , who is an
ardent friend of the people , changes
its sense completely , and after passing
through his hands , instead of being a
royalist song it becomes a republican
street ballad. The marquis , of course , is
brought into disfavor witli the king and
is ordered to the Haslile. However , ho
escapes to London , taking "Funchotto , "
whom ho in the monntimo recognized
with his daughter with him. While ho is
absent Victor is elected a general in the
army of ( ho republic and saves him from
imprisonment when lie returns to Paris.
Fanchette also returns and the course of
true love , which had been clogged by the
discovery of her high birtli , once more
moves on serenely.
As "Fanchctto" Mile. Zelio do Lussan
made a great hit. She has a fine , well
modulated soprano of excellent timbre.
In addition to this she possesses a pretty
face and exquisite figure , which together
with her piquant acting makes her ner-
formanco altogether charming. Mr. Mc
Donald as "Victor" displayed his voieo
to perfection. His talent , however , seems
to bo limited to his singing , ns he does not
excel as an actor. Miss Agnes Hunting
don both sang and acted well and re
ceived deserved applause. Uarnabeo ,
Mor.scll and Frothingham , the universal
favorites , easily maintained tlieir repu
tation. As H whole the company was ex
cellent , and showed the results of care
ful training. The chorus sang in har
mony and in time , and aided L'j' ' Miss
Lussan , in the last act awoke the audience
to such enthusiasm as has seldom been
scon in Omaha.
To-night "Tho Maid of Honor" will bo
presented , with elegant costumes and ap
propriate scenery. This is more closely
allied to grand opera than almost any
operetta on the stage. It has been highly
commended by tlio critics and will doubtless -
loss draw a crowded house. At to-mor
row's matinee "Tho Musketurs" will bo
produced ,
At Creltihtou College.
It is a pleasure to the students of
Croighton college to have distribution
dayeomo. This was the ease ] Wednesday
when the boys were summoned to tlio college -
logo hall. Recitation and song turned
the troubled thoiu'hts of the /onions stu
dent into moments of jollification , as each
manly scholar executed his part of the
exercises. It is whispered among the
Btudunts that they will bo
called upon to give a seiontilio
exhibition before long , but when they do
not know. Tlio leaders of each class are
striving hard for first place as the year
draws to a close , especially in tlioso
branches for which a medal of consider
able value will bo given , General satis
faction was oxbrossed by the president
yesterday at the close of the
exercises. The folk wing students
made a good nverago of notes :
Henry Malone 85 , Thomas Hitsscll
1)7 ) , John Whulon 01 , Frank Hurnos 83 ,
John 11. Fumy 05 , Ed Smith 85 , Francis
Fauforlik 81 , John Uronnau 81 , Hen
Hello 88. Joseph McCarvillo 03 , Chas.
NenieU 85 , Taos. Lyman 01 , Joseph
McCarthy 07 , Hartwell Murray 01 ,
Michael O'Connor 83 , John O'Neill 01 ,
Hiehard Pureull 83 , Arthur Hertel 82 ,
Thos. Uurko K ) , Francis Furcy 80 , Fran
cis Gallagher Si , Harry Galla
gher 81 , Henry Hennenliofer 83 ,
Bert Minor 85 , Robert Kecd 81 ,
Chas. Smith 80 , Thomas Swift 80
Heniurd Wittig 02 , Nat Field 87 , Charles
Howard 87. Ed Lyman 00 , Frank Loyctt
100 , Cor. Murphy 00 , Michael Mcohan 81.
Joseph Not-h 80 , John Palmer 01 , Ed
Powers 60 , Harry Perkins 80 , Leonard
Schlobci 83 , Chas. Heaton 81 , Win. Forn-
dran 01 , Joseph Faufcrlik 8iJ , Antoro
Horeik 80 , Uert Murphy frl , John Mullo
Dr. W. C. Spaldm-j lias taken , charge
of the social column of the Sunday lie-
publican. '
Evangelist Bitlor at the First M , I ! , ( Jhurch ,
Shows How it Should be Done.
What tlio April One .Reporter Saw
The Iicngiic IiivcfttlKating n Wo
man's Wronjjs A Ilcad Alan
Identified Itrlef Mention.
The Itcvlval.
At a few moments after half past seven
Wednesday night , a procession of seven
Chinamen , headed by thohalf-Anglociscd
leader of the celestial race in this city ,
San Goon , passed up the nislo of the
First M. E. church. They had come to
attend the revival , and as they pushed
their way up front , ttieicrowds which had
already gathered parted , and allowed
them to take n scat in ono of the first
pews. The Chinamen were not the last
ones to arrive , for up to eight o'clock or
after , people came pouring in , until the
spacious auditorium was filled. KVcti
about the reporter's stand the throng
pressed and took seats , hardly leaving
room for the scribes to apply elbow
The meeting was opened with prayer ,
followed by Miiging. Then Rev. Ir.
Hitler , the evangelist , advanced to the
front part of the platform and began
"A revival , " hs said , "is a sort ol
growth. Wo have got to learn how to
conduct it ; to understand the methods of
one another. 1 have got myself fairly
before you , and I think you understand
mo ; now I want to understand you. I
want to hear what you have to say. I
would like to have about twcnty-livo
minutes given up to the audience , so that
200 people may relate personal experi
ence. Ho brief. Don't ' waste time. Talk
from the depths of your heart. It will do
you treed , and will help the sinners. Oh !
brethren , 1 believe wo are going to have
a greater revival hero a greater out
pouring of tiie spirit than you have
any idea of. God grant it"
The singing of "I Will Follow Jesus"
came next. Then the Rev. Hitler called
upon the recent converts as well as the
oliler Christians to tell their experience's
Rev. Mr. MeCaig spoke rather beyond
the limit laid down by Mr. Hitler.
"Hrothrcn , I want to say , " ho concluded ,
"that my heart has never gone out to
wards men as it has since I have lived in
Omaha. My son } has never yearned for
the salvation of sinners as it has since my
stay here. "
Rev. Mr. Phplps spoke briefly. "Glory ,
Glory , llallelujan" followed , one stan/.a
of which was so inspiring that Mr. Hitler
asked the privilege of singing it as a solo.
It must be confessed that the evangelist
is not a great singer. Hut what lie
lacked in technique he made up mcnthu
siasm , and th audience responded
bravely with theechorus.
A very red faced young man , who said
that ho was a sailor , had run away from
homo when 10 years old and had followed
the sea for eighteen years , stood up in
the rear of the house. He had been con
verted since coming to Omaha some
months ago. " 1 have been as hard a
man in my day as any man could bo , " ho
said , "used to think of nothing but whis
ky , cards and all things wicked used to
give myself up wholly to the ways of the
world. I am chanced now. 1 have an
old Christian mother who has been pray
ing for me all these years. I gbt a" letter
from her to-day Goil bless her. Ono of
the struggles 1 have had within tlio past
few weelis has been against the use of to
bacco. 1 am coming out a conqueror
and 1 thank God foi it. " Loud cries of
"Amen ! Amen ! " from all parts of the
house showed the brother that ho had
many sympathizers in his . struggle
against the use of tobacco and other sins
of the flesh.
"Perhaps you want to hear from anoth
er recruit , " said a blind man , rising to
his feet. "I have served two enlistments
in tlio United States army and was blind
ed in one of thorn. A few nights ago I
was converted in these meetings and re
ceived my sight again my heavenly
sight. "
An old lady perhaps seventy-nine or
eighty years of age said that she was
proud to bo member of the army. " 1 am
a Methodist and 1 am jilait of it. 1 hliall
follow the path until the great captain
shall call me homo. "
A stanza or two of "Ho Lcadcth Me"
was sung. An elderly gentleman in ono
of tlio front pews told how his faitli had
been strengthened. His feeling was that
the present revival was going to reach
out and embrace many houls who had
never before tasted the righteousness of
An old gentleman with long gray
whiskers asked the privilege of relating
his personal experience in song , llo
sang the old familiar stan/.a beginning :
' 1 rest , 1 rest
Supremely blest ,
Without a care to canker. "
His singing was not perfect by any
moans , and rather amused some of the
more worldly minded. One of tlio China
men in the front row appeared particu
larly amused , and grinned audibly. Still
the singing continued , growing bettor
toward the end , until most of the audi
ence wore rather sorry when it closed ,
The vocalist then brielly told his exper
ience and his faith ( hat the Lord was about
to shower down a great blessing upon
the people of Omaha.
All over the house men and women of
all ages arose and hriolly spoke.
The evangelist , warming up , jumped
to his feet and advanced to the edge of
the platform. "Now I'm going to ask
something , " ho Mild , " \vhich will roach
a good many of your hearts. 1 want all
of you hero who have once enjoyed the
sweets of salvation , but do not enjoy
thorn at. the present time , to stand up
now. You nay , ' 1 undcr.stand the lan
guage of Canaan , but 1 don't enjoy tlioso
gnthls as 1 used to,1 There are many of
you hero , who have backslidden. Let us
toll Him about it. Wo will pray for
you. "
Slowly people arnsn in difl'uront parts
of the house until perhaps twelve or fif
teen had berne testimony to bavin" wan
dered from the fold , They were invited
to stand , and Mr. Hitler led in an earnest
prayer that they might bo brought into
the light again ,
More sinking followed. The Christian
portion of the nudionco began to move
lioro and there throughout the house ,
exhorting the sinners to rouont. The
ovangoliht nervously flitted from ono
part of tlio house to tlio other , shaking a
hand hero , dropping a word there , and
over and anon , praying with some strug
gling penitent. He nervously rushed to
the platform , nnd mounting a chair
called to all who were trying to turn to
Jesus to make tlio first stop in line and
kneel at the altar , or take a front seat
where they could bo prayed with.
Quito n number responded some ton or
twelve and nearly all professed con-
Torsion before tuny turned away.
Among them was a Chinaman , who , as
the ovangclist announced , "had found
Jesus since ho entered the houso. "
The services were closed with the sing
ing of the doxology , and the fourth nit'ht
of Mr. Hitler's work In Omaha was at an
Small Roys and Dignified Men Alike
Subject to 1'racUcal Jokex.
Wednesday was pre-eminently the day
for the small , boys. The irrepressible kid
arose early in the morning and began to
lay traps for the uuwury to fall into.
With a sly sardonlccvn demoniac
when ho found a victim smile he started
out in the morning bant upon deceit.
Horse cars were stopped by him and
after two minutes pataout waiting the
driver was solaced by the remark that it
was the First of AprD People kicked
hats placed invitingly irpou the sidewalk
nnd , when they found the hat was filled
with brick , had a gcntla reminder for the
rest of the day in their toes that they
were April fools. Dignified men stooped
down and picked up bright look-
ins quarters only to- - drop them
with scorched fingers in time to
hear n hearty cry of "April Fool" and
KCO a dozen heads disappear around the
neighboring corner. Early in the morn
ing the swirit of fun scorned to bo infec
tious and the practical jokes were by no
means confined to the youth. Hartoml-
ors took pleasure in giving their regular
customers nauseous mixtures instead of
the matutinal.cocktail which tlieir stomach
ach craved ; smokers found nails and
pieces of wood In their cigars , and those
unfortunate enough to UMJ chewing to
bacco got frequent tastes of quinine In
stead of the much beloved nicotine. In
fact every variety of chestnut was
brought back from the dim. ugos of boy
hood and iitili/.cd for all it was worth ,
and ingenious minds Fct themselves to
work inventing new "gags. "
Perhaps the most sport was had at the
coroner's ofiieo. The body ot a man who
had been killed by nn accident had been
brought in , ami 'as usual there was n
great crowd of morbid curiosity seekers
anxious to see it. A mail would rush in
hurriedly and exclaim : " 1 hear you'vo
got a corpse in hero. Let mo see it now
Unit's a good fellow. "
The coroner would smile sarcastically
and quietly remark : "I guess you've for
gotten that this is the 1st of April. " That
would be sullicirnt and without making
any further inquiries the man would rush
out. vowing vengeance upon the person
who had played an April fool joke upon
The fun , however , was all good nn-
turcd and no one seemed to take ollbnso
at being sent upon a fool's errand.
An Interesting Case.
The Law and Order League yesterday
took the girl , Louisa Mercer , who
it is claimed , was enticed from
her homo in Council Hlufl's , out o
the house of Mrs. Frank. Agent James
of the league , has been working untiro-
iimly on the case for the past few day * ,
and has discovered evidence by which ho
thinks he can prove- that the young
woman was allured from her homo by
promises that she would be taught Urn
dress-maker's art in this pity. She has
respectable parents living in tlio Ulufi's ,
who arc greatly grieved over the course
into which she has fallen. Up to about
a few weeks ago Miss Mercer worked in
a hotel in Council Hlufi'Sj and two weeks
since was brought to this city. In work
ing up the case , Agent James was ren
dered valuable assistance by Chief
Mathews , of the Council BluQ's depart
It is stated by those who have known
the girl that tlio woman who brought her
to this city is not entirely to blame , and
that this young lady was. . not as innocent
when she came fo this city as she might
have been. The Mercer girl declares she
doesn't want to go back to her parents ,
but will leave the city as soon as possible.
A Glided Me ltd Sharper.
Hobbic Hros. , the ticket brokers , came
very near being taken in last night by a
slick rascal whoso namoiifi unknown. Ho
entered their ollico evidently in a great
hurry , nnd asked lor a ticket to a western
point , which was furnished him. In pay
ment he laid on the counter what was
supposed to be a live-dollar gold piece
and hurried away. After ho had been
gone a tew minutes Mr. llobbie discov
ered that the money was simply a now
nickel , without the "cents , " which had
been gilded. An officer was at once sent
to the depot , and after a short search
captured the man as he was boarding the
west bound train. When accused of the
crimp he ollered to settle with Hobbio for
tlio ticket and upon doing so he was re
leased and went on his way rejoicing.
The Dead Man Identified.
Andrew Hovamlo was the man instant
ly killed at the east end of the Union
Pacificjyards Wednesday evening by being
run over by a switch engine. Benjamin
Johnson came into the coroner's
ollice yesterday morning and identified
the body that of a black
smith , Andrew Tlovnndo , living
at the corner of Seventh and Jones
An inquest was held in the morning , at
which the facts as given above were de
veloped. Tlio Kuddest'part of the tragedy
is that the wife of the unfortunate man is
to bo confined shortly.
Ahout Two Murder Cases.
District Attorney Kstello returned from
Lincoln yesterday afternoon whore ho
argued the motion in the lialhird murder
case before the supreme court. The ar
guments , he said , lasted for about live
hours , and were full anil comprehensive ,
but just when the decision will bo ren
dered is uncertain. Ho is of the opinion.
however , that lialhird will not be granted
a now trial , Mr. Kstollo is suH'ering
from a severe cold and exhaustion , and
fear.s that ho will bo unable to argue the
motion in the Lauer ease on Saturday ,
the day on which tlio hearing is bet in
the district court. In that case he will
ask for a continuance.
A Now Industry.
Tlio Omaha canning company have
perfected their organization by the elec
tion of the following officers : S. 11. II.
Chirk , John A. MeShano , Dr. J. R , Conk-
ling , John T. Hell and E. L. Stone , directors -
rectors ; W. G. Shriver , secretary ; E , L.
Stone , treasurer , A contract has boon
made with Mr. Leo Hird , of Minneapolis ,
Minn. , as superintendent of the works ,
which are to be located on the west side
of the Missouri Pacific track , a mile west
of the city limits on the extension of
Lcavonworth street ,
Wanted to exchange for stock of Hard
ware and general merchandise , r > iJO acres
of fine Thayer county ( Nali.hind ) ; live lots
in Genoa ( Nob. ) ; good store building
( best corner ) ; good dwelling ( best loca
tion ) in Essex ( Iowa ) ; also 'eighty acres
one-half milo from town of E.ssex ( Iowa ) ,
needed in blue grass For further par
ticulars , address John Linderholm , Cen
tral City , Nebraska.
ITnclo Sum's Money.
The receipts of the internal revenue
oflico for the month ending March 31 ,
were as follows :
Collections on list . S 31.01
KKT stamps . 6.3 4 1.1B
Spirits . ll'JNJUK )
Tubieco . 101.1S
Special tax. , . &UVJO
Total . SW5.5U.ia
TThen Hrti ? WM Mck , vrp p T her Gutoria ,
When elie ITU a Child , site cried fpr Cutorto , .
When sLc became Miss , ho clqag to Castorfi ,
VVUou ( ho Lad Children , ahe TO tlieia CMtoria ,
Acquitted orv I2vldenot ! lYotn Germany
Some days ago , it may bo remembered ,
Michael lluss , a llohcmian who had just
come to Omaha , was arrested at the
instance of Michael Hlplc , a follow-coun-
tryman , on a charge of obtaining goods
under false pretenses. The story told by
Uiplo was that Huss had been entrusted
by his ( Uiplo's ) relatives with sonic goods
In the .oid country to bring to America
and deliver to lliplo. When lluss came ,
however , ho did not have the goods , say
ing they had been taken away from him
in Hamburg. KIple did not believe the
story nnd had lluss arrested. The case
was continued in police court until 3-cs-
tcrday , when it was called for trial. In
Iho meantime u letter had boon received
from Hiple's mother in the old country
saying that the goods she had sent by
Huss had been returned to her by . the
custom ofiicials , ns the duty had not been
paid on them at Hamburg. This corrobo
rated lliiss' story , and ho was accord
ingly discharged by Judge Stcnberg.
lUplo , however , was not satisfied , and
wanted to settle the mutter by n light In
tlio police court. A personal coiillict was
with difficulty prevented by the ofiicers.
Ic ! Narrowly Missed It
"I came pretty near seeing snakes last
night , judge , " faid a man arraigned in
police court yesterday morning. "A little
and I would have had to tackle the jim-
jams. Send me to jail and let me sober
up. I'm a total wreck. Heaven knows
what's going to become of mo. "
"You're sentenced to ten days in tlio
county jail , " said Judge Stenbcrg ; 1
guess that'll ! ! Itn ntltillnrli . "
"Say , pard , " said tno prisoner , ns ho
took nis scat , "say ' pard ( addressing
Court Ofllcor Whalen ) , can't you got me
ono drink of whisky before I go up on
the hill ? "
The "cold tea" nourishment was given
the poor fellow by Officer Whalen. and
then , after solemnly pledging himself to
temperance for the rest of his lite , the
unfortunate who had so narrowly missed
"seeing snakes" was wnisked oft" to the
county jail. _
Conic ( Jill end Voto.
The republican primaries for the pur
pose of electing delegates to the city con
vention will bo held this afternoon
from 5 to 7 o'clock at the following
places :
First Ward Commercial Hotel , Ninth
Lnd Leavenworth streets.
aSecond Ward Corner Thirteenth and
vcavonwortli streets.
Third Ward Northeast , corner of
Twelfth and Dodge streets.
Fourth Ward Police court room , city
Filth Ward U. P. I3akery , Sixteenth
Sixth Ward 2210 Cumiiig street.
Uy order of the committee.
JOHN" S. WOOD. ATico Chairman.
T. K. SuunouuuGii , Secretary.
nK Their Facilities.
Moses Itausmger , representing the
lirunswick , lialkc , Callender company ,
the largest manufacturers of billiardjtablcs
in the world , arrived in Omaha yester
day and will take up his residence here
as manager of the firm's branch in this
city. It is the intention to increase the
facilities hero , and plans have been
drawn and a now building will bo built
by the company on South Tenth struct.
Mr. Honsingcr has previously bo-en located
in Chicago and is an expert
State Arrivals.
At the Paxton H. A. . Dowin and wife ,
Kearney ; 15. A. Wiekham , Council BluH's ;
Goo. L Woolsoy , Nenraska City ; Mrs.
Fred J. Fox , Croighton.
Mrs. G. H. Kleoberges and children ,
San Jose , California , are stopping at tlio
W. II. Coatcs , the popular East Saginaw -
aw , M icliigan , drug man , is once more in
Omaha , and hangs his liac on a special
hook at the Pa.xton.
At the Millard Mrs. L. Franklin , Lin
coln ; F.K. Shepard , Council lilulls ; W.
II. 15. Stout , Lincoln ; Dr. Helen Uodcl-
son , Lincoln.
Justice Leo Helsley was taken serious
ly ill yesterday afternoon and is at pres
ent confined lo his room.
The furniture- tlio Kmmt'tt ' house was
transferred yesterday from Mrs. Kichard
to Mrs. Grady.
Yesterday was pay-day at thn military
headquarters , and the boys were consequently
quently elated.
Three new brick buildings on Fifteenth
street , nearly opposite the Exposition
building , are nearly finished.
Sergeant James Dchtnoy of the military
headquarters , left the city yesterday ,
it is whispered , on a wedding iri | > .
Mr. O. H. Simons , an electrician for the
Western Union , is in the city , looking
after the interests of his company hero.
The board of trade room have been
removed to rooms in the Imposition
building , Fifteenth street , and have very
co/.y apartments.
The ease of Edholm & Erickson against
Ilosno was on trial before Judge Wake-
loy yesterday. The suit is brought to
recover possession of a piano.
The leading members of the "Hoston
Ideal Opera Troupe , " are at the Paxlon
and Millard hotels , while the lesser lights
are .scattered about at tlio difiorent
smaller hostelries ,
Two drunks , ono fined and the oth r
committed in default , and the case of
Philip Sinister , lined i ? . ' ) anil costs for fast
driving , constituted tlio business in Jnclgo
Stcnberg's tribunal yesterday morning.
Special Agent James of the Law and
Order League , filed three complaints
yesterday in police court against Green
& .Mohiifion , of the .saloon under the opera
house , foi bulling liquor to minors.
The election of officers of the Swedish
Library association will bo hold at Cen
tral hall to night. All members are
requested to bo present. Guslav
Lindquist , corresponding secretary1
DTho gas company made out its bills
yesterday , the of April , at the rate
of 81.75 and S ' .OO pur thousand foot , for
the first time since tlio new gas ordinance
was passed , or before , for that matter.
"John Doe" wns arrested lasi , niynt ;
drunk , Ho was plum full , inside , of
liquor , and the ollieials at the police sta
tion wore not in a position tosay whether
it was from the "primary" cause or his
books that filled the "tank" with a cold-
cream thickness.
The express companies carry u great
deal of bullion from this city to Now Or
leans , and some to Now York. Wells ,
Fargo & Co.'s to-day took out ? : iiOUO
from the Omaha smelter to the United
States mint at Now Orleans , and the
agent says they average nearly that
amount every day.
Owing to the muddy state of the streets ,
teaming has been carried on at rather a
disadvantage lately , and especially along
the river front. At one time yesterday
four wagons loadiwl with coal were stuck
in the mud near the Omaha Coal com
pany's yards , taking quite a while to bo
extracted , and then at the expense of
several wheels , whippletrecs and axles.
fJF. IJ. Whitney , the popular agent of the
Minneapolis & Omaha road , who is to
remove from this city , was prufcnted
last evening with an elegant gold chain
and diamond locket by EOIHO of his
friends and admirers. Iho presentation
was made under the auspiees of the new
ly organized ledge of the O. O. O. P. ,
.tho fcpeech being made by Col. Frank1
Mr. William Chambers , inspector for
the purchase of cavalry horjfw in the
division of the Missouri , has been ordered
to proceed to SU Louis , to report to the
depot quartermaster on April 12 , to In
spect mules to be purchased for the de
partment of the Missouri and the east. D
Everybody in the Union Pacific headquarters -
quarters will remember Mr. Uyron D.
Hunt who held a position in the general
freight ollico. up to lust year. Mr. B , is
now In San Francisco , with the Central
Pacific , and is engaged at his old pastime
playing ball , under the iianio of "Cnte. "
Hols connected with the Knickerbocker
club , and at a recent game so distin
guished himself ns to win the plaudits
not only of these who witnessed his
playing , but from the local press as
well. _
Public sale of Short Horn cattle at Lin
coln. Neb. , April M , 1880. Fifteen cows
and heifers and twenty bulls. For cata
logues apply to Col. F. M. Woods , Lin
coln , Neb. , or Williams Ji Lacy , Laconn ,
Iowa. _
A III tile Hlnzc.
A small blaze in n shed in the rear of
the Euroucan hotel on Tenth street was
extinguished by the lire department
about 11 o'clock last evening. Tlio shed
was used as a stable , and two horses
belonging to a man named Itodriuk nar
rowly escaped being roasted. The loss
was slight.
Prepared with special regard to hcul : ! . .
No Aiimonln ) , l.lmc or Alum.
ST. i.ouis
Best Goods in the Market
- III.
-a , .
Ask for our goods and Sec that they
bear our trade mark.
I3lh St , Cor. Capitol Avonuu ,
ton run TREATMENT or AM.
Chronic & Gurgcal Diseases.
PR. fVlcWJETiAMY. Proprietor.
Sutcen years' HuMiital mul J'rlviilu iTnrllco
-We linvo tlio fndlitlt'- | > | ritti : anil rt-innllra
for IhoHiicci's-ful treatment of c\oiy form of ills-
cnu rrqulrint , ' cither incilinil or f tirtlc ; < il treatmc-ul ,
mul hultoall tocomuiiiul lnvcctlntiifi.rtlu'insclrra | ;
or corrc'8 | > oiul with us. Lang oxpvrlrnco In trrat-
I licensed by lo'.tor enabled im to treat many casca
BClnilifiaiUyvltlmiit M'eiiiL' tlu-ni.
WHITJ ! FOIl CIROt'l.AK < > Deformities nnil
llraccH , Club F t , Citrralurra of the .Spine ,
DianASEa op WO.MKN. I'K | | , Tiim m , Cancers ,
Catarrh , BroncliltlH , Initiation , Klcctrlcltjr , 1'unil-
yeln , Kiillciisy , Ivlihicy. Uye , Ear , bkln , illood anil
all xurKicui operations.
lulti < rlcH , Inhnlorn. UriKTH , Trusfru , ntid
Ml klnilfc of Medical mul Surgical .A pittances , man-
ufucturfil mill for pule.
The only reliable Medical Institute making
Private , Special $ Nervous Diseases
A KI'li IAI/1 V.
from whntuvur caiini > produced , siicci'taf til ly treated.
\\V can remove Byphilltlo poUou from thu nyttem
without mercury.
Now rcMorative treatment for lo s power.
Cnll mul consult us or pcml namu mul po t-oft'ieo
address plainly written encluto eUmp , mid we
will Ei-nd yon , In plain wrapper , our
tires 1'mvATB , SPECIAL ANO NJIIYO : < M
cv , rivi' , ( loNnnmiinA , OI.BKT , VAUIOOCKI.B ,
SrjuoTiuiK , ANI > AM. muKAKEs of Tin : OENITO-
tlniNAiir Or.uAKS , or tend hiulory of your case for
an opinion.
lYrnonn unable to vlult us mny l > n treated at Uirlr
liomi'H , by rorrwpondcncc. Sleillclncannil Inslrir
moiiU fcnt by mall or cipiefuSIX'UHUIA' I'.U'K
Jl ! ) TltOM OIWIillVATIO.V , no marks to Imlicat *
contents or ficnilcr , Ono pcrmmal Interview pre-
feired If convenient. Fifty roonii for tlio necom-
'noilatiim of paticntf Hjml : r.nd attendance at
reasonable pilcea. Address all 1/cttcra to
Omalia Medical and Surgical Institute.
ar. 13thSt and Caollol Avp. , OMftHA. H'B.
Architects and Building Superiofs
OMAHA , NEB , and DES M01HES , IA.
Oflico , Cor. Hlh unil Kiinmm Streets , Itoom I J
Gr.onci : HIIHM.NCIIIOI' with i' . M. Ellis. _
Or Hi 11 Mquor ilulill , i'utlfit ly
Curi-il Ity AilmliiUlorliiK Dr.
lliiluov' Uoldeu MM'filli' | .
It cau bo Riven Inn cup of cotJic or Ira wllhout
the knowledge of tiie peison Inklni ; II. Isiibsuliilely
liaruili'M , nnd will offset a permanent ami ipcriljr
cure , whotbvr ilia patient In a moileruto drinker A
vi alcoholic wreck. It | jm been elven In tliou-
n nd of cases , and In every lusuncoftptifect cure
baa followed. II murr full" Tlia syalcm once
Impiequated with llm Hpei-l.'lo. it becomes an ullei
luipimlbility ( or HID liquor nppetlte to exist.
KHHN fc CO. . ( ! or , I.llli mul Doualan , uud
JHlh tV Ciiniliii : Hi * , , OnmUu , Neb. '
A. i ) . rovnu : A ; inn ? . ,
( /'uiinrll IlliiU , I > MVH.
Call or writf for pamphlet coiiiultiiiie hundreds
t/t # * from tinbc't - women und men from
ril tvrltol tbvcountrv
O1ST APRIL 1st ,
\\u will oun | our
Horse and Mule Market
Cor. Howard and Htli Sts.,0niato , , fiet.
With eeroral car ] oa < J .of goon fjck. unJ will VcCn
rui. tu'tly ; r > Luutl a full umortiuvt .01 KUAt 1 uuu
iJlUViNU 11UU = I.S 111 tar luU oral ru'all.
S , W , Cor , 16th and Faraam.
Properly for sale in every part of the city
Call and Examine
Our List ,
Eefore Buying Else *
Gentlemanly Salesmen with Boggles ,
00 Full lot , -t-rooin house , Konntzo
! 5d add. , easy terms . § 1,900
17o Lot on l.'Hh street , -i-room
house , $ ! K)0 ) cash , balance $ : . ' 0 per
month . S.L'OO
183 li-room house , Shinn's add. ,
city water , etc. , f.JOO down , bal
ance good terms . 2,500 ,
228 Fine residence , good location ,
in Hanscom Place , easy terms. . . 3,000 ,
231 0-rooni bouse , ! blocks from
street cars , $1,200 cash , balance
long time . 2,200
201 2 lols and o-room cottage on
Park avenue , $1,000 cash , balance
1 , 2 and a years . 4,000
280 O-room house in Shinn's add. ,
$700 cash , balance monthly . 3,500 ,
28i ( J lot , C-rooni cottage , South
Omaha , $800 cash , bulanco $23
per month . 3,000 ,
200 2 houses , 4 rooms each , $500
cash , balance 1 , 2 and 3 years. . . . 2,200 ,
292 5-room house ingood'loeation ,
$700 down , $000 1 year , balance
3 years.
21)1 ) Corner lot on Farnam street
very cheap. house , i cash 20,000
80 ! ) 5-room house two miles from
postollice , good improvements ,
full lot . 1,700
310 Cottage of 7 rooms , a very
nice place , $1,200 , cash , balance i ,
S and a voara . 3,000
320 G-room cottage , grounds lOOx
241. nauseam Placo. terms easy. 5,000 ,
3'J9 2 muses , one ( I rooms and 0110
8 rooniH , lot ( iOxlOS , barn , etc. ,
$500 down , balance monthly.
This is a very good investment ;
will pay 13 per cent . 3,000 ,
30'J ' 2 houses in Oak Knoll , easy
terms ; very nice places . 7,500 ,
195 House , U rooms , good improve
ments . 3,000 ,
Uargains in South Omaha.
Acre property N. W. of the city 3 miles ,
lo $100 per acre.
80 Choice lot , llanscom . $1,000 ,
UM Lois in Meyer , Uiehards & Til-
den's add. , each . $200 to 800
llJS-Clioieo lots in Hartlott'ri add. ,
each . 1,800 ,
195-23 feet on Farnam . 5,000
203--2 lots in Polimm Plane , eni-h. . 050
201 15 lots in J. 1. Kedick's subiliv.
caeii . $1,800 to 2,000
21(1 ( Corner lot on Farnam . 5,000 ,
228 Six lots in Hanscom Place ,
each . f75U to 800
- li ( lots in Kediek'u Grove for. . 21,001) )
252-Lots in Kced's add . 2,00 , ! )
21)0 ) Lot in Hawthorne . C..O
291 2 lots , Iteod's add. , eaoh . 1,800
313 Lot in Cumiiig , $50 cash ,
$5 per month . 250
31)2-1 ) ncrn.GiMi's add . 1,700
Cheap lots. oa.\y forms , in
Plnco Some of the building leNin
in the oily , in roach of nycry ono. Small
pa.yinonls down and balance on Jpng
Three lots near Loavouworth ami
Park avenue , ? ! JOO and $ IUIK ) . CJood
Uoii'soof II rooms , hath , oily water , S3
line lots < > iJ\it. ; each , barn for It ) ,
oarriiigi'S , oto. , trees in.\ard. a line place ,
$9,00(1 ( cash , baliiniio 1 , a , U and ! years.
Aero lots ijtfO1) ) to ? 10D , i cash , balamm
1 , Sand a years. Como and lake u ride
ever the smoothest road loading out of
Aero lots $ i5U to'j'ja. ' Very nice.
City lots $ 150 to S'JIIO. ' Thia is undoubt
edly the liiiost building placii abuiit
Oniaha. If you want u lot to build on.
call and get the bust tornis ever ofl'ereil
in Omaha
Thornburg 1'lace lots , ! ? UV , ) to fW ) .
Tlio eheapesl loU ontlio marki-t IUIM than
ii miles from the po > tolllcii. Tcrins can '
bo made lo suit purchaser. Small pay
ment down andtu.pcr mouth.
WEST SIDE. ' . '
l/js ( ' 1')0 ' ) to $ 'XW ' , 2J inilos from | i"t -
ollico , the jnnciion dupot of tho. Hi-It Line
and MisMiun i'm-ilic lluilroad's ; i.-f locatc-.d
onVtsl \ fjldo. . . .
C. E. * .
'i ;
h and Farnam , Qqiaba ,