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    G THE OMAHA BBS , Wfl . lAIAROHU. 1838
Delivered by cnirier In nny ] iart of the city at
twenty cents per wick.
TELEPHONES ! Orricn , No. 43.
NmiiT r.tnioit , No. 21
New sprniK goods at Keller's.
Tlio bonrd of supervisors meets next
Tlio Knights of Labor socialize this
evening ,
On anil after to-morrow n penalty nt-
tnchcs to nil unpaid tnNus.
Two drunks furnished the only business
for tin1 iiolk-o court yesterday.
Work on Ihn now court honso will bo
resumed so soon as the weather penults' .
IVrniit to marry was yesterday glvun
- > ( SrcKcrs Jensen and Jlury Jensen , both
01 this city.
A suit of clothes which had been
cleaned and hung up to dry on a Dnnlap
clothes line , for the purpo = o of _ having
them font to the I Ionic for the Friendless
hero were stolen by some tramp.
All HODH of veterans should meet at
the Grand Army hall this evening to per
fect arrangements for their organl/.iition.
Alnrgo number have already expressed
n determination to join such an organi/.a-
tlon.aml it will doubtless be a strong one.
At lliu close of the Western Iowa busi
ness college last Friday , four boys , Kd-
ward Murphy , Emil Lofturt , Charles
Liuigmado antl William 1'cthybriilge ,
were granted their diplomas , having tin-
ished tlio business course with honor.
The commissioners appointed to ap
p raise the damages claimed by .1. M.
'liillips on account of aehangeof grade
in front of ids property on Bancroft
street , have decided upon their report ,
.but have made it a scaled secret to bo
opened only at tlio next council meeting.
The funeral of the Into George F. Smith
was hold yesterday afternuon , " and was
very largely attended. The Odd Fellows
turned out in a body , Mr. Smith having
been nn honored member of that order.
Many veterans also showed their respect
for their fallen comrade by attending the
Burvlcus. Kov. Mr. Mackcywas the ollici-
atlng clergyman.
Dr. K. F. Hiowcnd , of St. Louis , has de
cided to settle hi lids city and has se
cured nn ollico , room ! ) , in Everett's
block. As a physician and surgeon ho
comes highly recommended and will
doubtless linu tlio lield a prolitnblc and
pleasant one. Among old acquaintances
whom lie has met hero is Guorgo It.
licard , who know him in Michigan.
Mr. F. .1. Day of this city , No. at ) Pearl
street , has plats of and olloi'd for&ilo u
few choice lots in Rapid City , Dakota.
ir.'Jir ! ! : in ; ? liuie city of
2,000 people , on Rapid Ivtni , tlio gulo to
the Black Hills. By Juno 1 it will be the
terminus of the Iremont. Eikhorn &
Missouri Valley railway. Its growth is
unquestionable and presents good
clninces for profitable investments.
The charge against Charles Bare-
bauson , that ho liad disobeyed the ordi
nance requiring the closing of saloons on
Sunday , was heard before Judge Ayles-
worth vcsterday. The evidence showed
that the place was being scrubbed out ,
but that tlio men doing this work abso
lutely refused to sell oven a cigar , and
when llio work ot cleaning up the saloon
was over , the doors were locked again.
The charge was therefore dismissed.
City Engineer Tostevin is preparing
plans for the enlargement 01 tlio city
building by which an addition of twenty-
five feel is to bo added , running back the
entire length of the building. This will
bo two stories in height , to that there will
bo room for offices below mid n largo hall
nbovo. The present building is alto
gether too small , and the improvement is
greatly needed. The council chamber is
BO small now that when thorn is any
business of interest before that body the
citizens have to paek themselves in like
herring. The plans and estimates will
probably J > o submitted to the next mcel-
iug of the council.
Money to loan by Forrest Smith.
Best coal and wood m the city at Glca-
eon's , liO Pearl street. _
For first class Missouri wood call on
Glcason , at his coal ollice , 20 1'earl street.
Undo Hum's Courts.
In tlio United States court yesterday ,
before Judge Love , the case of A. J. Crit-
tcndcn against the Springfield Fire and
Marino Insurance company was being
Before Judge Shims tlio case of the
Iowa State b livings institution against
James Gouldon , Ed. Mott , Chicago Lum
ber company et nl , was being heard , the
plaintiff attempting to foreclose a mort
gage on properly on which mechanic's
lions had been filed for material furnished
in building , and the question of the pri
ority of right boinir involved.
Wo Arc With You !
The only Chicago & Northwestern
ticket ollico has removed to No. 421 Broad
way ( Wabash ollice ) and tickets are there
sold to Chicago and all principal points
cast. J. 0. MITCHELL ,
Ticket Agent.
Ills AVI To.
At an early hour yesterday morning , or
n late hour Monday night , Captain Antler-
eou and C. Martin , of the Merchants'
police , together withOllicer Beswick , had
quite a time inducing u plasterer , Stick
Carl , to return peaceably to his homo on
Hailison street. Carl was ugly drunk ,
but finally ftartud fcr homo. Thinking
that possibly ho might wreak his wrath
on ills wife the oflicurs followed film and
remained oulsido the liouso in readiness
to furnish relief. It was t-oon needed , for
Carl began pounding his wife in such an
energetic manner as to lead her to run
shrieking from tlio house. As ho fol
lowed , ho was speedily taken in haml by
lliu three otlieors , and spent tlio rest ot the
jiight nt the city calaboose.
Dr MuLcod , oculist and inirist , No.
602 Broadway , Council 1Mnil's ,
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J. W. & E. L , Squire , 101
Pearl street , Council Bluffs ,
Personal I'uniKrarilis.
A. U. Slater , of Wnyne , Neb. , was in
the city yc-btorday , en route for Walnut.
Miss Sarah Angoll and Miss Wilson , of
the 1'onca schools , have been visiting ut
A. T. Fliokinger's , und loft hist evening
for Lincoln to attend tlio state teachers'
Miss Zllpha Ilubbnrd and Miss Wright ,
teachers in the Peru normal school , am
in the city the gue.sts of Mrs. E. E. 1 lark-
ness , and will to-day go to Lincoln tr at
tend the btuto teachers' association. Both
these ladies taught in the schools here un
der Prof. Furnain and mnt lioro many of
their old friends.
Mrs. N. Churchill and Mrs. Horace
Smith , mother and daughter cf J. A.
Churchill , arrived in the city yesterday
inoniing from Oakland , , wliero Mrs.
Churchill has been visiting hnr daughter.
After a visit with her son Mrs. C. will
return to ncr homo in Vermont , while
Mr& . Smith will return to Oakland.
Now is the time to buy dress goods
clicau ut E , DowJiiig'e.
Various Items Gleaned From the Stables
and Stock Farms ,
Trnvcrs AVnnts $2f OO For Ilclnc Unt-
tcrcil The WclcliinnBttf r AVnnts tlio
Ilcvcnnc ns AVcll ns the Ofllco
A Joke On An Officer.
Ilorso Note" .
A sliorttlmo ago there appeared several
coinintinicatlons concerning tlio claimed
record of 20 : for Zulu , owned by Colonel
Popplotou. The manner in which this
record was obtained caused two chal
lenges to issue , with big money back of
them , that Zulu could not make any
where near such u record. These chal
lenges have called forth no response jot ,
and the horsemen interested urn wonder
ing ut the silence. The last numbr of the
Chicago Horseman contains a colored
cartoon setting out tlio manner in which
judges lit some of thn tracks make tin
records to accommodate their friends.
His said to have been suggested by tlio
alleged manner in which Zulu was given
n record here. The take-oil' is a merry
one anyway , and there is much truth pic
tured , of course , in the exaggerated form
common lo cartoons. A great deal of sport
is boinv made about the allair , and the
only way of escape seems to DO the accept
ing of some of these challenges ,
and either making the challengers back
the track or else prove by an actual show
ing of speed that Zulu is as fast as is
Colonel Daily's line colt , sired by Archi
bald , standard , No. a , ! ) ! , " ) , is quite ill.
Messrs. J. T. Stewart & Son have had'
dropped at the Maples Stud I'arm the
lirst thoroughbred foal of tlio season , b.
c. , by Vandal , Jr. , out of Ida B. ( by Mon
archist out of Katinska , by imp. Austra
lian. )
The Macedonia Macedonian has re
cently been looking over the stables of
William Tompkin , located near that
place. It says : "We were liivsl shown
the thoroughbred stallion , Inlernational ,
formerly Boss O'Neil. Ho is a bright
bay , 10 hands high , antl weighs 1,123 Ibs. ,
and is as line a built horse as wo have
over fccen. His sire was imported
Intruder , whose pedigree , taken from the
English stud book , proves him to
bo ono of the best blooded horses
in England , and winners of more races
than any other breed. International , on
his sire's side , carries the blood of such
horses as Curler , Orlando , Rataplan , Don
John , Gladiator , ami Touchstone. His
dam was Kitty O'Neal , who was a daugh
ter of HonnioScothuid and Emily Payton.
International's ' grand dam , Lady Bounti-
fill , was half sister to Blair Athol , the sire
and grand sire of the best long distance
horses in England or the United States ,
ami Uluir Atliol sold for more money than
any horse before or since , bringing the
griiat price 01 ? -,90. ' ? . . - . , . . . „
"Wo next passed to the slaSic ot U.L. ,
G. She is by Pat Maloy , ho oy imported
Lexington , dam Nannie White , by St.
Charles , by American Eclipse , she is the
mother of the following colts : Bees
wing , a beautiful chcsmtt sorrel , 0 years
old , sired by Council Blufl's ; Lady O'Neal ,
a dark hay , 11 months old , by Interna
tional ; Mary T. , bay , 2 years old , four
teen hands high , by International ; and
"Lady Tompkin , bright bay , 5 years old , by
Council BluHs. AU the colts show pure
breeding , and wo doubt if a bettor lot
can bo found in the United States.
Lmkboy , brother to International , is
possessed of the Jine.sL marks of speed wo
have over seen , nnd if ho moots no ill
luck wo predict that ho will make a fine
record as soon as ho is put on the track.
Mr. Tompkin contuniplates purchasing a
thoroughbred trotter to add to his
stables which will make his stud com
plete. "
Wo nro not asking 50a on tlio dollar on
the actual cost of a great many of our
goods. E. DOWLING.
Carrying u Concealed Pipe.
Now that the old police force have
dolled their stars the boys sit around and
tell of the varied experiences , not only
'fcssing , but peaching on their follows.
"Did you hear , about Jack catching a
follow at the Pacilic house for currying
concealed weapons ? I guess you news
paper fellows never did get onto that. 1
might as well toll you now. There was a
traveling fellow there who had an elegant -
gant meerschaum pipe , in a case , and ho
had it in his pocket. Some of tlio boys
thought they would bother Jack a little ,
and so they pointed out this fellow to him
and put him on , tolling him he was a con
man , ono of the worst sort , and a shooter.
They told Jack that ho ought to run
him in , but that he must lookout and not
give the fellow a chance to pull his gun.
Ho had a big ono in bis overcoat pocket ,
right hitiuly. Jack managed to pass
along near the follow two or three times ,
brushing sort of against his coat pookot ,
and satisfied himself that the fellow had
n revolver sura. Ho thought that ho
could run him in for carrying concealed
weapons , if he couldn't get anything else
against him. Jack was dentil on con
men , you know. Well , the traveling
man was Just stepping out of the hotel
ollice. as innocent as a lamb , when Jack
thinking it was his last show for nipphur
him , stopped up to him and
asked him ono or two questions , as
to what his n at no was , whcrcQho came
from , where ho was going , etc. The
traveling man , not knowing it was an
ollicor , thought ho was mighty impudent ,
and ho cut him oil'short. . This made
Jack think btill morothat ho was crooked ,
and as the fellow happened to put his
hand in the pookot , Jack made up Ids
mind it was then or novor. Jaok , you
know , is plucky , and ho did not propose
to give Iho follow any bhow to shoot , so
ho grabbed him , saying , "I'll show yccs
whither yccs [ can carry concealed
weapons in the state of Iowa or not , "
and before the fellow know what was go
ing on , Jack iiad the coine-a-alongs onto
him , and had dived into the fellows
pookot and dragged out Iho supposed rn-
volvor. As Jack's eyes rested on the
ciiho covering a meerschaum pipe , ho
willed , and the roar which came from
the crowd peeking from around the
corner drowned tlio travelling man's
cusses , as Jack lot go and began apolo
gising , The gaug had worked Jack for
all ho was worth , and tor weeks it wasn't
safe for any fellow to whisper in his ear.
'Jack , there's a con man. Look out for
him. Ho shools with a pipo. ' "
A fine line of now opera glasses , and
the latest pattern liolosturle baromolorg ,
besides all the new and leading novelties
in jewelry , diamonds , etc. , at C. B.
Jacqucrmm & Co's , No. 27 Main &t.
Tlio AVcl hiuastor'8 Prospects.
The vexed question of the city scales
will soon bo before the council for some
acllon. The city owns a set of scales ,
which are located at the city building ,
wliilo the space between the city building
ami the jail is intended for the market
place. ThiB has been practically uban-
doucd for two veurs past , mid the busi
ness has been mainly done by tlio scales
at the intersection of Main and Pearl
streets. Those scales are said to bo lo
cated on city property , but are owned
and controlled by private parties , The
street is used us the standing place for
thu hay wagons ; etc , Tlio merchants iu
that vicinity have been glad to have the
pcalos and tiie market place there , as they
think it helps trade in that locality. The
official weighmastcr is. however de
prived of the revenues of the office , and
as the city i entitled to 2D per cent of all
ills receipts , the city treasury does not
receive its portion of the bu inc.s. \ \ ith
the new wcighmaster coining into ollice ,
an attempt will be made to have him do
Iho weighing and take the receipts. The
attempt to force the business from its
present center on Main street to the city
building will meet witli much opposition.
It is understood that the private scales
will not bo abandoned without a fight.
Still , it seems that an officer elect should
be protected by the city in nil his rights ,
and llio nalural revenue of the ollico
should bo his. Otherwise it is a farce to
elect a weighmaster.
Wants Pity For tlio Ilnttor.
Justice Sehur/8 court was recently oc
cupied for several days in tlio trial of the
case of the Andersons , charged with hav
ing a aultcd and battered William Trav-
crs. The affair was a neighborhood row ,
occuri ing a few miles out of the city.
Onu of the Andersons was fined $10 and
costs. This has not satisfied Travcrs , and
ho has now commenced a suit in the dis
trict court , claiming 52,500 damages for
injuries dona his body by the Andersons ,
for menial anguish , etc.
Itnolccd For April.
The following arc the companies booked
for the coming month at tlio opera house.
The month of April will of course open
with the Comedy of Errors , but that will
bo presented in all parts of llio city.
The other cnlcrtainmcnls are :
April 5 W. J. Scaniun.
April 7 and 8 Shadows of a Great
April 12-Pair of Kids.
April 19 and 20 Joseph Proctor.
April 21 Saucer's Bunch of Keys.
April 20 Lillian Spencer.
Senator Brlght'B Duelling Story.
Sunny South : Senator Bright , of In
diana , used to loll a good story about n
challenge ho received from Joseph G.
Marshall , a political rival. The parties
went to Louisville to tight , but the diffi
culty was there sotllcd by Gen. William
O. Butler. Pending the settlement of the
affair , the police put in an appear
ance for the purpose of arresting tlio
"I'm looking for Mr. Marshall , sure , "
said the Irish captain ns ho entered Mr
Marshall's room at the hotel , "and I be
lieve tlio mon is before mo. "
Mr. Marshall divined at once flic pur-
posp of this visit , and assuming an air of
indifference , coolly inquired : "What ono
of the Marshalls do you desire to seoV
There arc two of us hero. "
' The OHO who is to lighl Hie jewel ,
sure , " replied llio policeman.
"AhI I undersland. You should see
my brother. Ho is in tlio room at the
other end of the hall. "
"But is ho the Misler Marshall that's a
lawyer ? " inquired the skeptical cap
"llo will probably toll you that lie is a
minister. But don't lot him fool you.
Lawyers , you know , can quote toxls as
well as pruiiCll1'3- " . , . , , . ,
The policeman politely tnaimnu .1. „
for Ids assistance , bowed him&olf out of
the room , and passed on to the room of
llov. Samuel Marshall , an elder
brother and a prominent divine of Ken
tucky. In vain did Iho minister expos
"Your texts don't apply , " said the
plucky Irishman. "You're mo mon , sure
now ! You're no more of a preacher than
I am myself , " and the fellow was hurry
ing him down the stairway when they
met a mutual friend , who explained to
the policeman that ho was badly "sold. "
Meanwhile Joseph Marshall had moved
lo parts unknown , and thus avoided llio
humilialiou of going to the mayor's
A Child Without a Country.
Washington letter : Everybody is famil
iar with Edward Evorct Halo's story , "A
Man Without a Country. " A very vol
uminous correspondence between United
States and Consul Shackclford at Nantes
and the stale department , recently made
public , contains the details of a story , less
interesting , perhaps , but none the less
true , of a child without a country. The
facts briefly stated arc these :
Some years ago Charles Busch , a natur
alized German-American , accompanied
by his pretty , Italian wife , sailed for
Franco to accept an engagement as a
tenor singer in one of the opera compa
nies in Paris. En route , a child , who was
named Charles Herman Busch. was born
to them. The mother died shortly after
reaching Franco , and Iho father soon fol
lowed her. The child , having boon born
on Iho high seas , was literally without a
country. The French authorities refused
to administer upon the father's estate or
provide fa guardian for the infant , be
cause neither of tlio parents was u citizen
of llio republic. Consul Shackolford
could do nothing without permission of
the government After two years' delay
this permission was finally granted. The
American colony in Paris became inter
ested in the child , who is said to bo re
markably bright and preccious , and a
fund has been subscribed sufficient to
rear and educate him until his 10th year ,
when an effort will bo made to appoint
him a cadet at the naval academy at An
napolis. The little fortune of 27,000
francs , the proceeds of his father's cstalc ,
will bo invested for him and placed at his
disposal when ho shall have finished his
A Fly Man Cnuglit.
Dnlroit Free Press : "Ono of the curious
traits about those French-Canadians , "
said a fly man yesterday , "is the fact that
they never die of old ago. Some seven
teen years ago n couple of us wore work
ing a Great Western train , and wo beat a
Frenchman out of $15 on the throe-card
monte racket. Ho was a little , old. wilt
ed up specimen , seaming to bo all of 70
years old , and Im didn't got tlio game
through his head before we jumped the
train at a small station. The other day I
was coming to Detroit from the east ami
when the train stopped at St. Thomas I
got out to stretch my logs , I had scarce
ly touched the platform when somebody
grasped me and'a voice cried out :
' "Ho is da nniiuil Ho bait ma out of
fccftccn dollairo ! '
"I looked around to find that same old
Frenchman hanging to my sloovo. I
couldn't sco that he had changed a parti
cle in looks or grown older by a day.
" 'I want mo foofteen dollairo1 ! ho
shouted as lie danced around. 'Dis man
ho llirow one two thrco cards and ho
tauko ma foeftccn dojlairo and koopt'
"I tried to brass it out , but it was no go
und the result was that 1 had to fork over
the money. Ho stood there as the train
moved all , und slinking his fist at me lie
shouted :
" 'Ha ! I forgot ! Yon doant pay mo no
'nteres' on znt fcefteon dollairc for seven
teen yaarcs ! I see you again mebbo sev
enteen ynares more ! ' "
A Very Successful Case.
First Lawyer "Ah , Dobklns , how did
you ooino out in that case you wore just
beginning when I went east ? "
bocond Lawyer "Gloriously ; it was a
perfect success ; created a great sensation ,
papers full of it ; got lots of advertising
out of it ; I think it , was the making of
my future. " f
* 'Good ! Glad to hoar it , old follow I
know you had stuff in you ; ami , by tne
way. what did they do to your client ? "
"Oli , they hanged him , "
Your system is now more sussceptiblo
to the benefits of a reliable medicinethan
at any other season , Take Hood'Sar-
iaparillu. . . '
ncferrctl' / Him.
Detroit Free Press ; A citizen rushed
up-stairs on the Jefferson avenue side of
Merril hall so fast yifstoVday that a man
on the landing inquired :
"Has anything happened ? "
"I'm getting out of the way of a man
who wanti to borrow money , " was the
reply as ho passed down on the Wood
ward avenue side.
In about five minutes n second man
c.imo rushing up and called to the man
on the landing : "
"Anybody gone"
"Yes. "
"Have on light overcoat and plug
hat ? " ' 1
"Yes. "
"Wonder which way ho went ? "
"Down the other stairs , I guess. Ho
said some dead-boat was after him to
borrow money. If you hurry perhaps
you "
"Oh , it's no usel" calmly observed the
other. "I'm the dead-heat ho referred to ,
and it's evident lie has tumbled to llio
racket. "
A Phitmlclithln dninliorcc.
Philadelphia News : "A man called
about six months ago , " said the pawn
broker , "and handing mo a watch worth
at least $230. asked me to let him have 25
cents upon it. I looked at him in sur
prise and then hastily ran over our list of
stolen watches. It was not mentioned
there. I told him that I would give him
far more than 2. > cents upon thu watch. ,
Ho said he wanted no more , and noticing
my look of surprise lie said to mo'To- :
night 1 accompany some friends to the
thealro. I know from previous experi
ence that I will become intoxicated , and
I will eillicr lose or sell my watch. I now
leave it safe in your hands , receiving for
it 25 cents. To-morrow morning 1 will
pay you 28 cents and got it back. '
"Well , sir , regularly every week , or
every two weeks , thai man visits mo and
leaves his walch in , ny care. "
Thought He wns nn Kplneoimllnn.
Washington Hatchet : Secretary Chase
was nol originally a profane man. Ho
learned lo swear after ho went into Lin
coln's cabinet. Ono day , after ho had
delivered himself rather vigorously , Lin
coln said to him :
"Mr. Chase , are you an Episcopalian ? "
"Why do you asl > ? " was the somewhat
surprised counter-question.
"O , just of curiosity , " replied Lincoln.
"Soward is an Episcopalian , and 1 had
noticed llial you null he swore in much
the same manner. "
The Sisters ot Notre Dame , [ Maryland ,
use Red Star Cough Cure. Price , 25
What Suiikllcr ?
PHtsburg Chronicle : "How could Iho
Oregon sink when she had Ihoso water
tight compartments ? " asked McSwillI-
Ron."Why , it was the water-tight compart
ments that sunk the ship , " icplied Squil-
dig."How was that ? "
"After Iho water gojt in , the compartments
that it couldn't
ments were so water-tight
got out again. " >
Circumstances beyond our control
have delayed the closing.out of our en
tire stock as wo hadjpui'posfid.
The approaching season of sprinpf
trade finds us witli a goodly stock of
Dry Goods and Carpets , some lines de
pleted but cleared of undesirable goods.
Being in the dry goods business wo
know of no bettor place to continue the
same than in Council Bluffs. Wo shall
therefore re-stock every department
with new ami seasonable goods. Our
Mr. E. E. Ilarkncss , is now making pur
chases in eastern markets , und we shall
soon have a
Choice ,
To offer our customers. Our carpet tle-
partincntwill be complete with tlio new
patterns of
Moquette ,
Body Brussels ,
Etc. . Etc. , Curtains and curtain poods
from domestic and foreign markets.
We have already on our tables tlio
choicest selections sf Swiss and Ham
burg' embroideries ever offered in the
city , UHO an excellent assortment of
white ( roods to which we shall make
frequent additions.
Wo thank our many patrons for their
favors and good will in the past , and
wo shall endeavor to merit the same in
the future , by attentjon to their inter
ests , and by good goo'ils und we invite
all to call and examine .our new pur
chases before buying In 'other markets.
Harknek Bros
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Jlorsos and Mules kept constantly on hand ,
for ealo at retail or In cur loads.
Orders promdtly llllod by contract on short
notice. Block sold on commission ,
BHLUTEU & 1IUI.BY. I'ronrlctprs.
Stable Corner Firth Avenue and Fourth St
Council llluirn low * .
Agricultural Implements , Bnggia ; ,
_ Carriages , Etc , iio. : Coincll IlliUts , Icmn.
Corn Shelters , Stalk Callers ,
Dlsollnrrows , Seeders , Corn Planters , Kooil Cut
ters , Kto. Fnctory , Hock rnlls , 1IU.
yog. l.'Ol. mi. IJO-i , 15)7 Mnln St. , Council UliKTiU
DAVID l uiLK\ & Cai
Man ifrs nn 1 JoUbors ot
Agricultural Implements , Wagons , Buggies ,
Carriage , nml nil kin Is nt I'unn Mnc'iltmr.
1100 to llli ) South Mum Street , Council Illutls ,
K.O. ai.KASOV , T. II.DOUOI.V , OKO.R WllltlllT.
l'rcs..VTrciis. V.-l'roi&Miu. Sna&CnunsoI.
Council BluiTs Handle Factory ,
( Incorporated. )
Mnnufnctnrcrs or Axle , 1'lek , Soljo ! ( nml Small
_ llanillca , of every ilo orlptlnn. _
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades ,
Oil Cloths , Ciittnln Fixtures , UpholMciry OooJs ,
Ktc. No. 105 Ilroiutwii- Council lllulTd ,
_ _ Imvn.
_ CltlAUS , T01IACCO , KTC. _
Wliolosnlo Jobbers In the
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes.
Nos. 3Mulu und 27 1'ciirl Sts. , Council
Fruit and Produce Commission Merchants.
No. 141'cnrl St. Council ItliiiTa.
Mnnnfncturors of
Fine Crackers , Biscuits and Cata ,
Conned Dlufft , TOWJ.
CHOCK Mil' .
_ _
Importers&JobbersorCrockry.Glasswara .
Lamps , Fruit .Tins , Cutlery , Stnuownro , llnr
Qooils , Fancy Gooilx. Ktc. Council DluHs ,
Wholesale Druggists , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
Druggists' Sundries , I-to. No. Z2 Mil In St. , anil
No. SI Tcnrl St. , Council Ultills. -
M. E. SMITH & CO. ,
laiparters ana iu ! w C [ Dr ; * ? ? ! :
Notion1 * , rtc. Nos. 112 ana 114 Main St. , Nos. 113
mid 115 Pcnrl St. , Council lllnirs. Iowa.
Wholesale California Fruits a Specialty
General Commission. No. 512 Broadway ,
Council Hind's.
Fruits , Confectionery & Fancy Groceries.
Nos. 10 and 18 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Jobbers in Staple and Fancy Groceries ,
Nos. 117 , 119 and 121 , Main St. , Council liluffs ,
Jobbers of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Also Wholesale Liquor Donlora. No. 110 Droiul-
way , Council l
P. C. DI5 VOL ,
Hardware , Tinware , Gasoline Stoves ,
HcfilgcnUorB , etc Nos. 601 llrondwny , and 10
Main street , Council lllntfs.
Mnnu'nctnrcrs of and Wholesale Dealers In
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
No. K5 Main St. . Council Dlulfs , Iowa.
Jobbers in Hats , Caps and Gloves ,
Noa. :113 : and 311 flroadway , Council niuffa.
HEAVY iiAHnn'Aiw.
Iron , Steel , Nails , Heavy Hardware ,
And Wood Stock , Council niulfg ,
Commission Merchants for Sale of Hides ,
TallowWool , 1'clta.Oroil-sound Furs Council
Illuffd , Iowa.
Wholesale Dealers In
Illuminating & Lubricating Oils , Gasoline
E3TO , , E1TO.
B.Theodore , Agent , Council Illulfa. Iowa.
Hard Wood , Southern Lumber , Piling ,
And llrldtfo Mulctittl SnecliUllos.Wholesalo Lum
ber or all Kinds. Ollico No. 13d Main rft. ,
Council Illuirs. Iowa.
Imported and Domestic Wines & Liquors.
A oiit for St. Gottliftrti's Kerb llltterd. No. 13
Main St. Council Blulls.
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
Ko HDD Man ( St. , Council
Justice of the Peace.
Office Over American Express Company.
NO. 337 Broadway , Council BluiTn.
Hrlclt n.ilMlns nnv hind rnteed ov moved nn.l satisfaction Rimrnnteeil. Trnmo homes moveJ
ouUtlloUlant truoks-llu beit In the worU.
803 Eighth Avenue mil Eighth Stroat , 'Council Blufl's.
NOTICi : . Special ndvortlomont , such n !
I.oet.VouuJ , To lit in , l3 ib , To llant , WAIUI
llonrdlng-.ote. , nlll bo Inserted In this columnnt
thclow rate of TRM CBNH PKU UXK for tuj
CrMlnsertlon nd I'lVK CU.VTd 1'Klt UNIJ for
cnch BUbsoiuont linortlon. Imvo nlvortlis
mcntsat our oiUco , No. LI 1'oiirl street ,
Uroadway , Council llluirs.
FOIt PAM'-OU ! tmpcrs , In iilnntltlos | to suit ,
at lleo ollico , No. 1IVurl street.
IOH HUNT Vivo teem coltnso. Inquire nt
JL1 120 Kourth stioct , or of 5lc.Mlclcn , Hid
I'lutnci' street.
SWAN K WA1.1C1CH , No. ! H Main street ,
( under Citizen's'.O , ical estate nun mer
chandise ovchtuiKO broker * , Our bonks are full
of special bnrgnliK , but It Is Impossible to pub
lish n reliable ! i t from thotnct of so many dally
changes. Wlint wo nsk Is : If you want to sell
nrtradoanythhtf ? In our line , wrlto ns and wo
will pond younplloof harirulns to select from.
Improved or unhuprove.1 , elty or townSEND
property , btoaks of ffoa.H ot nny kind In any
place. II gueh jou have or such yon want let 114
uonrfrom you. Svvun & Wnlkor Council lllnlfi
Manufacturers of all sUoa of
Automatic Engines
Especially Desltrned for Running
Tubular and Locomotive Boilers.
New Massillou Threshers.
Carey and Wooilbury Horse Powers.
Portable and Traction Engines ,
Factory Massillon , 0. Branch House
C ! St. ; Council Bluffs.
Strictly Pure Lead , Zinc and Oil
Are just ns represented , free from ndnltern-
tlon , and the very bott manufactured , a fnet
that can bo substantiated by compari
sons. For snlo by
Dealer in Drugs , Paints , Oils , Etc.
6O7 Main. Street , Oouncil Bluffs.
Hallway Time Table ,
The following Is the time of nrrlvnl an'l
departure of truing by contra ! standard time , at
the locnl depots. Trains leave transfer depot ton
minutes earlier und urrlvo ten minutes lutor :
UEI'AUT-CUICAOO ft KoiiTiivfeaMB .AnlllVBl
9:20 : A. M Jluil nnd Express 8:50 : p. M.
12:40i' : . M Accommodation 4Kp. : ) M.
( i5Ur. ; U Express 9:05 : A , M.
0'30 A. II Mall und Kxprusd 0:50 : p. M.
7M5A.M Accommodation 5 : < 5l > . M.
( iCOP. : M Express 0:03 : A. M.
0:20 : A. M Mull and Uxpruss 0:50p. : M.
CoUP.M : Uxpreas 0OSA.u. :
9:40A. : H MnilandltxprOBH GrXP. : )
6:60p. : M Kxpross 9:05 :
2:15 : p. M.Local St. Louis Express Local
B:00 : P. M.TrnnsferSt. Louis lix. Transfor.3W : r. M
10:10 : A. M Mall and Express fiiOp. : : M.
U:05p. : M Express 0'J5A.M. :
7:15A.M . . .Blonx Olty Mall 8:30P.M. :
CliOrM : gul'aul Express U JA.M.
10:35A.U : Denver Kxpross. . . . . .5:4BP. : X.
2:13 : p. M..Lincoln Pass..Om. & V..2:05 : v. M.
7:60r.ii : Overland RxproBS 8:15A.M. :
LcavoCouncil HluTg-7:05-SiM-U:30-10ii ( : : : : : )
11SO : a. m. ; l:30-a:30-3'JO-4M-5'J5-n : : 3-
8:45-lliG : : p. m. 8undnys-7:05-'J:3 : : < > -ll0--n. : : !
m ; a:30 : : ! : : ! .6:25 : CH : ; U : < 5p. m. LonvoOmu-
iS-7:35-8:00-10:00-ll'Wa. : : : : ' . m : lii-SK- : ) ( )
: i:00-4:00 : : 5:03-0:05 : : : < : -lllln.m. : ) . Sundays
tl.B-7:60 : : su ? 11:00 : n. m. ! 2OJ3:0110:03 : : : -
6:03-3:16-11:10 : : : D m.
Farm at a Bargain.
Well Improved farm of 107 acres for sale ;
2)4 miles from Council HhiHs. AdUiess
Council OlnfTc.
Council Bluffs Bus
Carriage Transfer Co.
Arnd , Props.
Fassentrcrs and baexayo talcon to nnd from
nil trains. HUBSPS , cnirla os nnd hajjwnjru wag
ons maUo connection * with all tr.ilns. Prompt
attention elvcn to n'l ' calls. Special rates to
theatrical troupes und commeiclal mon , Car-
riiiKCH run day and night. Ofllco nt Ogden
House. Telopbono 12S , Also at Ucchtclo'B
Hotel , Leave oidurs on tint lotos ,
Mrs. C , L , Gillette's ' Hair Goods Store ,
No. 29 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Opp. Poslofflce.
THOB. orriCBB. w. n. u. pusar .
Establish * !
I wish to respectfully call the attention of my
liiilvons and tlio public In Ronernl , to inv renio-
vnl fiom tlio old stnnd Nos. 7 nml P , Mnln St. ,
to my now nnd commodious quarters ,
No , 226 Broadway ,
Wtoic I will bo ] ) lon tvl to ven my many friends
\\llh nmr ; < u , now nnd I'omplcUo lUFortmcntot
nil the very
And beliiff locntod In Inrjro qunrtors I nm bettor
tlinn over before iirupniod to EC wo lliu public.
Hespectfiilly ,
Merchant Tailor
NO S28 Brotxdway , Council Bluflfe.
Practices In Slnta antl Federal Courts.
Uooiiis 7 anil S , Sausart iilunlc.
At Homer's ,
No. 1213 Main Street. Cotmuil Uluflk la
"n. RIOE , M. D"
rSNr.RRS or other tuni'iM removed > fltuout
uauuano t10 | itnir0 or at awing of uiooJ.
CHRONIC DISEASES or mi kinds a .PMiaitr.
Over thirty yeiira' nrictcnl oxnorlonoj.
No. 11 Pearl Street , Count U lllutls.
A.C.Iiun.Mi IM. I'roa. I\V. Tui.t.Krs , Vloo-1'res.
JAMES N. UnowxCashier.
Capital . . . :
Authorised Capital . Mov , .
Stockholders Hopvoaoiit . 1,000,000
Do n ( fenernl b.inlilnir buslu 3i.
Accounts of banks , buufcars , merchants , mnn-
ill Rclurcn ; nnd individuals rocolvoJ on favora
ble teims.
Domestic and foreign exchange.
The very bust of attention given to all busl
nosti committed to our cure.
I have a quantity of sound , well cleaned seed
which 1 offer nt reasonable ! HjfiircB. Sceil of the
crop of 1883. Coricfcpondcnco solicited. F. O.
I1UTLVU , Schnllcr , lown. C. & N. W. Hy.
Horses and Mules
For nil purposes , bought nnd sold , at ictnll nnd
In lotR. Seveiity-slv head of the very best
qunllly of mules now on hand. Council lilulTs
Baggages Transfer Line.
'Hits anil bntrgago wngonf ) connect with nl
trains , to nil hottls , losldonccs , etc. Special nt-
tcntlontoCOMMEUCIAL.Mr.N and TilBATllI-
CAL THOUPKS. Prompt attention given nil
culls. Ollico nt Puclllc House , Telephone No
HO ; nlso Telephone No. 128 ut Ogdcn IIouso
H. BEEOROFT , Proprietor.
Rugs , Mattings ,
Window ShadeB.Etc
Wholesale anil Retail.
Spring 10150 Our stock is now complete -
ploto und oontniiiH tliu ncwcHt Uosltriis
anil coloriiifirs In all tfnulfis of ( Jurjiets ,
Curfiiins , Iliifffl , Upholstery Goods , etc.
POPULAR PRIOES-Mull orders at
tended to proiniit.'y ' , Fine Upholstery
Work to order.
1,05 , Uroadway.
Locking Bracket for Fences
AND OTIIint HAILS , 1(01)3 ( , KT < ! .
Anyinut n-aillly taken out or roplncaJ. Tor
] > lcki-tor tall rrnooi.lrnn < irwood , cannot he ox-
colluil I or railing of liny uorl. Tor partloulars
write a J. IICCKMAN , Inventor.
" '
Btuto anil county rlshU for stxlo.
A. T. ELWELL , Agent ,
No. W7 UroaJwar , Council Dlurti.
In Council Illutf havlatr
Esoa/p ©
And alt moacrn lainrovuiaout * , call boy a , flr
lUarui bells , eta , Utuo
Koi.r.15 , 17 nJ 213 , Main Strogt , .
, . , X WO11N , I'roprlotcr