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DjtAHA.OFFicr.Mo.M4 ginFAmmt ST
NEW YonKOmcr.ltooM M.TrununB litm.ntNa
OrncE , No. 613 FOUHTEKNTH St.
FtiblNhcxl every tnornlnc , exert Simdny. The
only Monday morning paper published In the
Ono Yeftr.lO.C | T1irp i Months .
BlxHonlliS . 6.000no | Month . 1.00
Inn WEEKLY DEE , Published Every WcJnosday.
TF.nJis , rostrAtn :
Ono Vcnr , with premium . . . J2.00
Ono Ycnr , without premium . . . . . . . . 1.2S
BU Montli" , without prcinluin . . . j
Quo Month , on trlnl. . . . . . . . . 10
All crnnmunlcntlotn relntlnjf to ncirsnmlndl.
torlnl mutter * should bo addressed totliohni-
-ion or MIL UKK.
AllbuMneeilottcMnnd remittances should bo
. 'odrcetcd to Tnr. Ilr.u I' COMPANY ,
MfOMAitA. Drnftn , check1 ! mid poMofflco oidora
f * to uo mndo payable to the order of the company.
AMONG the multitude ot claims now
before congress there arc fully 1,500 that
nro of n strictly private character. It
would seem that such matters should be
adjusted by the court of claims.
TUB forest products of the United
State. , arc north w > ilay not less than S800-
000,000 , which is n good deal more than
tlio value of the metal and mineral out
put of all our mines of coal , K'ld , silver ,
copper iron -ui'l lead , all put together.
Tltls is conclusive proof of the value of
tree planting.
Tan Mississippi legislature has passed
an act taxing whisky drummers , but ac
cording to a recent United Slates supreme
court decision such a. law is unconstitu
tional. The Mississippi legislators evi
dently do not read the newspapers , other
wise thny would have- known of the
Michigan case in which the decision was
Tin : Connecticut legislature 1ms again
defeated a bill designed to prevent the
acceptance by members of free railroad
pusses. A similar bill would meet a like
fate in the Nebraska legislature. The
average legislator in any state is not
generally known to refuse anything , and
believes in taking advantage of all the
perquisites within his reach.
OUT of 7,000 bills and resolutions intro
duced in the house this session only about
a dozen of any importance have been
passed. There is a great waste of time
and money in the introduction of useless
bills , which as a rule nro Introduced for
political effect or to satisfy the cranks.
It costs a congressman nothing to intro
duce a bunbombo bl ) ] in order to make
his constituents bcliovo that ho is a great
SKCUHTAUV MANNING is reported as no
better. His case is said to bo a clear one
of collapse , the result of overwork and
worry as head of the treasury depart
ment. In Mr. Manning's instance , to
the enormous routine work demanding
bis attention was added incessant and an
noying applications for ollice , which
made heavy drafts upon precious time.
Combined with this was the opposition of
a largo and inllncntial portion of bis
party ( o his financial policy. Ho wonder
ho succumbed to the strain. Nerves of
stcol and brains of crystal would yield to
such a pressure.
Tun screams for havmony in the ranks
of the Nebraska democracy would bo
heartrending if the public wore not per
fectly aware that they are all for ofl'ect.
The peace wanted is that which reigned in
Warsaw after its sack and the victors bold
undisputed possession of the inins. . So
farns the patronnsfciiwMlSng bosses of
Nobi'ttskivn ) concerned their only desire
for harmony is of the kind which results
from iv prostrate rival. All the cant
about democratic principles , party loy
alty and support of the administration
has no other basis than the attempt to
whip into line all opponents of boss rule ,
UNnnit a recent decision of taosuprcmo
court United States
, commissioners arc
permitted to charge docket fees. This
will nmkqlhat oflico in some cities worth
from 5,000 to $10,000 a year. This is
only in keeping with the rule in all de
partments of the federal judiciary ser
vice to roll up fees to the highest limit oi
the law. The clerks and marshals have
for years pursued this nlan with so much
patriotic enthusiasm that n suitor , who
has once hud experience with costs in Un
cle Sam's courts , never forgets his bill ,
There are costs In every direction anil
point of the compass ; costs before
bringing suit , accumulating costs
"during its pondage , accumulated costs
during its prosecution and a mountain ol
coats tit its termination. The excessive
fees of the federal courts have bccomo n
positive scandal , and the result Is the
movement to reduce thorn and to make
the fee-paid ollicials salaried instead ol
dependent upon their collections. When
the compensation of ofllcors of the law
depends upon the fees there Is a constant
tendency to bleed the suitor for the bone
lit of what his pookctbook holds , This i <
why the dread of beginning action in the
/odiirnl courts on account of e.xpeusr > i :
is so general.
to tlmt slnion-iinro organ
of rrtiMibllcmiism , the Omahn llejntblican ,
which Is oondiiotod by a ( jrcoloy roptibll
ran tintl nn Andy Johnson party bolter ,
Senator Van Wyck was the only inombui
of his puny who voted against the K < 1
nnuulf ) resolutions , Senator Mitchell ol
Oregon anil Hiiltlloborgcr of Virginir
\n\\\t \ \ him company. As n mutter of fact
th'i J'Mmuiula resolutions were noi
titloptud by the caucus. They were noi
intulo a party issue by n party vote bcfon
tlio question of their dual adoptior
waa rcnohoil , Senator Van Wyck ex
orclsed Ids right as a man ii
Voting according to Ins conviction !
tigntiiHt the trivial issues which the Kit
nitinda resolutions vainly attempted U
raise. ' 1'lioy were valueless as campalgi
material , and useless from any standpoin
Of party expediency. They nltirmedln \
could not bu maintained , nnd they sottlct
nothing but the inability of ( ho senate tc
cross-examine the executive upon matter ;
which lay within ids own province to do
tcrmmo. Mr , Hoar and other senators
whoso republicanism no ono will < jucs
tion , openly declined to bo bound by tin
resolutions while voting/or their passage
Senator Van Wvck , with his two ropub
Henri ussooiatcs , preferred the mort
liovwst course of Jlatly dvclinlng U
either their form or substance
The Engilah Commission a Failure.
Advocates of railroad commissions ns
adjusters of the difTcrenccs between the
railways and their patrons are constantly
pointing to the English commission ns a
successful example of the practical oper
ations of such a body. As n matter of
the fact the English railroad commission ,
though endowed with much greater pow
ers than those of any in this country , has
failed to solve the problem for which it
was constituted. A bill lias recently been
introduced In parliament to supersede it
by another commission , with arbitrary
powers of regulation , whoso every order
will have the force of a judgment , and
from whoso decisions concerning
rates , fees and tolls no appeal
can bo taken. The commission proposed
Is to bo in oflect a court of llnal resort ,
composed of profoundly learned judges ,
with most oxtunsivo powers , holding of
lice for life , and so liberally salaried that
there shall bo no ground for suspicions of
corruption. An important clause in tlio
bill requires the railway companies to
submit within a year a revised specifica
tion of their rates and charges and a re
vised schedule of maximum rates and
charges. Advisory commissioners are to
bo appointed to hear complaints , confer
with the railways , and publish results.
The whole design of the bill is to give
the greatest publicity to all the till'airs
nnd methods of the railways.
It is evident that the iiresont law in
England fails for the reason that every
like law In this country lias fallen
short of success. The commission Is
powerless to afford the relief dosired.
It can recommend , but it cannot enforce.
On this account commissions htivo stood
in the way of securing redress because
they have been used and are used ns tx
sop to public sentiment and their ex
istence proves a barrier to effective legis
lation lo remedy the evils which are the
outgrowth of railroad mismanagement.
A commission like that projected in
England to replace the ono now vainly
struggling to satisfy both the railroads
and the public is less n commission than
ii court of the highest jurisdiction and
supreme power over all questions brought
before it. It would bo free from the
many objections now urged against ex
isting commissions , but the great cor
porations of England are hardly likely to
pcrjnit its creation.
llussin Intriguing.
There is a growing feeling of anxiety
in England over the signs of Russia's
stealthy advance in Central Asia toward
the Indian frontier General Alikhanon" ,
the llussian fire cater , whoso name was
so prominent in news from Afghanistan
a year ago , lias made an imposing entry
into Pendjeh , and has assured the natives
of Russia's protection against all ono-
mics. This is the same Allkhanoll who ,
only a few months ago , was announced
as having been removed from his com
mand for cruel treatment of the people of
Werv. It appears that the old Muscovite
trick of disgracing in public but rewarding
in private , military ollicers and diplomats ,
whose xeal has mndo them particularly
obnoxious to England or Some other great
power , is still being played with skill and
vigor. Alikhanoft' evidently retains the
support and confidence of his own supe
riors and there are other signs than his
own actions which indicate that ho may
soon have another opportunity to win
new laurels upon the field of battle. The
work of delimiting the Afghan frontier is
at n standstill owing to the convenient
illness of M. Lcssar , the young Prussian
diplomat and engineer , who figured
so conspicuously in London lu = *
spring. It is ajj fjnii" Bjgll f0"r
M , l < ess r to "become ill again
under such circumstances. Ho had a
very Important and convenient illness
something over a year ago when Sir Peter
Lumsden and his assistants of the British
boundary commission were waiting to
begin work on tlio frontier , nnd Russia
was preparing to push the line far to the
south Ijy BOiz'mg the Pendjeh oasis. At
last accounts General KomarofT was ex
pected to arrive at Pendjoh soon. This
is precisely the move lie would make if
another grab for Afghan territory were
England is not idle. The railroad
toward Quotta and Candahar is being
pushed steadily forward and the depots of
Illndostan are daily sending hundreds of
tons of material to aid in the construc
tion of this important line of military
supply. The British government is de
termined , if brought face to face with the
possibility of war for their Indian posses
sions , to meet the issue fully prepared.
Russian ambition and Russian intrigue
combined , nro rapidly paving the way for
future trouble in central Asia. When it
will break out depends entirely upon the
private whim of the White Tuar.
Gcronlmo's Surrender.
Goronimo and his Apaoho bucks have
mot General Crook and they are his.
The hostile Chiricahuas have sur
rendered unconditionally and are now
in custody. Dispatches from Fort
Howio announce that the Apache war is
ended. This result is in a great measure
due to the olleet of the lamented Craw
ford's last campaign in which lie pur
sued tlio Hying Apaches to their lair in
the mountains of Sonora and made them
sue for peaeo , But it la due no loss to
the active endeavors and clear head of
George Crook who alone has tested the
value of Indian scouts in u half dozen
campaigns and made savugo auxiliaries
the backbone of Ids various expedi
tions in Arizona and Mexico.
Now that Goronimo has scrrendored
without conditions , General Crook will
be able to dispose of Him according to his
deserts. It is snfo to say tlmt ho will not
bo again returned to San Carlos and sub
jected to the effects of a divided authori
ty , civil and military , It is equally safe to
say that Crook will llatly decline fu
ture responsibility for the conduct ot
hosliles not placed under his
complete control. Having captured
the renegade Indians his duties will
end after ho has turned them over to the
Indian department. Geronimo and his
bucks should bo put whore they will
novoragain trouble Arizona. A hemp neck
tie or a cool cell on the Dry Tortugas would
be an effective settlement of the Indian
problem so far as they nro concerned.
As for General Crook liu should bo re
warded with the command of the department -
. ment of the Platte , Having wound up
thoApacho onuipalgn he can safely exchange -
change the climate of Whipplo Barracks
for the more salubrious utmosphnro of
Omaha. Ais friends will bo glad to meet
him utid welcome | im ! to the ctmimnud of
n department in which ho won bright
laurels and where his naino is held in
honor and respect.
THK insurance tax of the country Is an
enormous ono when the full extent is
taken into consideration , It is estimated
by insurance companies that in tlio United
States last year dwelling houses were
burned at the rate of ono every hour , with
an average loss of $1,890. Barns and sta
bles , fifty per week. Country stores ,
three per clay , with n loss of $110,000 per
week. Ten Jhotcls burn weekly , with n
loss per year of _ $4,000,000. Every
other day a lumber yard goes
up in smoke , each representing
$20,000. Forty-four cotton factories ,
the loss in each case bolng 528,000 , ; forty-
three woolen mills at $ io,000 each , and
forty-two chemical works at 827,000
each , were destroyed by lire last year.
Forty-two boot and shoo factories were
consumed , tlio loss being $17,000 each.
Theatres were lapped up by the llames at
the rate of five per month ; nvorago loss ,
$10,000. Only about half as many court
houses were destroyed , the cost of each
being about $20,000 , !
ix , when asked if any
of ills recent prayers , especially that of a
few days ago , when ho referred to
bucket shops , stock gambling and other
kinds of gambling , were made with ref
erence to any member , lie replied : "Not
atiill. But when 1 speak as the chaplain
of the house to the representatives of the
people , I feel that I am addressing the
nation. " This is a clear case of hedging ,
and is no doubt the result of Mr. Morri
son's intimation to the chaplain that his
remarks were altogether too pointed , anil
were considered personal by the congress
men whom he hit below the belt , as it
A CHICAGO paper prints a copyrighted
cablegram under date of Paris , March 20 ,
bcginningjwith : "Count do Lcssops has
returned full of vigor and enthusiasm in
behalf of his pet project , tlio Panama
canal. " Then follows u column inter
view with the count. In the same paper
wo observe a brief uncopyrighted cable
gram of the same date stating that do
hcssops has returned to Paris and is sick
m bed. Wo bclievo the latter statement ,
and at the same time we suspect that llio
copyrighted interview is a product of
home manufacture.
Sosn : weeks ago we were impertinently
admonished by the Herald to stop talking
about the rights and wrongs of labor un
til wo had "composed the differences ex
isting in our own office. " There was no
occasion for this gentle hint nt that time ,
but wo are warranted at present iu kindly
suggesting to our cotompornry that the
differences in its oflice with compositors
may need composing.
SKNATOII VAN Wvcic's bill creating ad
ditional land districts in Nebraska has
passed the senate. The Omaha llcpubli-
can may entertain its railroad constitu
ency by questioning Senator Van Wyck's
republicanism , but the people of Nebraska
are well satisfied with his efforts iu their
WHAT is being done about the Omaha
exposition ? If the exposition this fall is
to bo a success , active work must begin
at once. We have a line building and an
organization of business men. It is high
time that stops should bo taken to arrange
for the details of the great show.
11ms broken loose again. His latest
story is about "an unheard of number of
mpuntam lions in the Big Horse moun
tains.1 ' That Lander correspondent is a
Rooky mountain liar.
THERE is some considerable talk about
increasing the governor's salary. If wo
raise the salary wo ought to raise bettor
governors ; but the salary should never
bo increased to $5,000 unless wo can get a
guarantee that we can secure a $5,000 ,
THE Now York Morning Journal has
reached a circulation of 170,431. , It will
touch 200,000 , this year. It is the greatest
marvel in American journalism. Its im
mense circulation , acquired within thrco
years , shows that the li'cly little paper
is appreciated by the public * ,
ONE of the most prominent railroad
men in the country , Mr. Wicker , of Chicago
cage , lias got Jay Gould down Hue. Ho
says that Gould's course in regard to tlio
strike lias simply been tlio most gigantic
stock jobbing operation on record.
ALTHOUGH there is very little concern
shown by the business men of Omaha in
tlio approaching city election , they will
discover after tlio election that the coun
cil can do more mischief to this oily than
any congressman or senator.
Mn. HASCALL must feel highly gratified
nt the support which ho is receiving from
the bright young statesman who despises
licchol und wants only honest and up
right citizens to represent him in tlio
council. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
WE STILL want a market house , a great
deal moro than we want u panorama ,
Wo want cheaper food for workinpmon
and more direct barter between the pro
ducer iind the consumer ,
HAUSIONY in the democratic 'party ia
what Dr. Miller now wants , and it onlj
remains for the balance of the party tc
glvo in their unconditional submission ta
the bosses.
TUB democratic primaries on Thursday
afternoon promise to bo very lively , The
candidate who 1ms not some contractor
behind his back is in u very bad way.
lif it will satisfy the Jiepublican to have
1'ierson kept in Irons a few months , we
presume the United States attorney oughl
by all means to accommodate its editor ,
AccoumMi to our dispatches Jay Gould
believes iu maylng hay while the bun
shines. lie using the present &triko as a
huge stock jobbing operation.
"To bo or not to bo , that is the qucs-
tlon" with n good many candidates foi
the city council.
WHAT lias become of the Onmha
Northern railroad scheme ?
IT was the fashion years ago for the
great statesmen of this city to emigrate
jo the south I'latlo region just before n
senatorial vacancy occurred south of the
Platto. This is prptiabjy the precedent
upon which the Spqond nnd fifth wards
nro trying lo supply * cotincllmon for the
First and Third. '
Secretary Whitney'Is k ncjihow of the In
ventorof tlio cotton-Kin- '
'Secictnry Kndlcolt doty ? not snoiul much
money In society entertainments.
Attorney General GArland Is as quiet as n
telephone when the whb has been discon
Secretary Bayard's homo Is now presided
over by his third daughter , MIs3 Mamie
IJnynrd ,
Secretary A'Has Is said to bo about as dIsgusted -
gusted a man as ever left a lucratU o law prac-
lice to take an ofllcc.
Secretary Jtannlnc's paralytic attack will
probably Incapacitate him for active life , and
ho will Very likely icslgn at an early day.
Secretary Lamnr has icsumcd his habit of
horseback riding , lollio gicat Inconvenience
of n host of politicians , \\l\o \ can't catch him
on the load as they could In the ( Alice.
It Is whispered In the corridors of the In-
trilor depnitment tlmt Mr. Lnmnr Intends
tills spilng to have his Imlr cut short , lie
has nhays worn long hair , much lo the dis
gust of Hie barbers.
Seciclary I.nmar Is the only member of ho
cabinet who Is not keeping house , lie 1ms a
suite ot six looms upon the sixth llonr of tlio
Portland Flats. The 1'oithuid Flats building
has the general appearance of a RIcat ship , '
and Mr. Laniar ll\cs in the bow ot this slitp.
Xew York Journal : There Isn tendency
among high public olllcials cabinet olllccis
paitlculnily to overwork themselves. Sec-
ret.iiy Manning' ! * sudden attack was a warn
ing which that distinguished gentleman
should not disregard. A similar wanting
came to Mr. Ulaino , and he piofltcd by It.
The strain upon a cabinet olllccr's mental
and nervous system Is ery great greater
than people have any idea of. It is a penalty
of power.
Tnlkluir run ! Voting.
Omton llcmlil.
The light to talk Is tv Uoit-glven right In
women , though St. Paul placed some limita
tions on It In his time. But the right to vote
Is confuted legulnted by constitutions
and statutes.
Ho AV11I Die Otic of These Days.
Clitcauo Kcm ,
The gentleman who writes all the smart
things for dead people to say will die one of
these days himself. Ho should write up a
batch of cute sayings to bo used on himself
alter ho Is gone.
Mark Twain us a Knight.
Clilcaaa Times.
Iilaik Twain Is to bo the candidate of the
Knights of Labor for mayor of Hartford. If
anyone laisea the objection that Mark Is not
aKiilghtof Labor , hej lias never teen him
struggling over a brand-now joke.
Important tj > Nebraska.
SI. I'atil Pfyntei'iPrai.
The bills ropoited from the house military
atrahs committee'for strengthening Nebras
ka foils aio importantim vluw of the settling
up of the legion along the border of the
Indian country and the necessity for protect
ing settleis. Foil Niobrnra Is on the right of
tliuSioux rpsi'rveandlFoif Robinson Is on
the loft , and the Elltliotil' Aralloy ralhoad
will give the needed iftjcess'to ' the posts.
Cowants With Plstola.
3M > ilc Itcultter.
Especially would we'Impress ' upon young
niuit that It Is not ovldende ot courage to
carry a pistol. It is , If 'anything , a want ot
courage. Theio have bfeon many men killed
in this country because the men who shot
them dlti not have the courage to retrain
ficnn shooting. They were geared' 7rnj [
therefore li d , It is m- ft pmotlc'0
uro to nothing as regards courage , but It Is
not a gentlemanly pastime.
The Tone Mnstor.
San Fiancisco Ncwi Letter.
Wonderful music there was one day ,
Chopin to listen , Liszt to play.
Said Chopin to Liszt : "Kam would I learn
If the ear may , through music , the colois dis
cern. "
Then Liszt struck clear fiom the highest
Thn song of bright hkics the summer brefizo ;
And Chopin cried out with keen delight :
'U sco soil azure and glbtoning white. "
Then Liszt sinotu slowly the deep bass
And summoned theshadowy trooping hordes
Ot doubt and despair that icnd and pcfe
The soul in dink homs. "Away with the
blade ,
Awful vision I" cried Chopin. It passed ;
And away from the bass Liszt's lingers Hew
Then a witching , palpitant , brilliant strain ,
Which thrilled and kindled and thrilled
agnin ;
And Chopin cried quick as tlio melody sped :
"Mine eyes lest on roses and cheeks tliat arc
red. "
And so by his wondrous , exquisite art
Liszt touched , through both eciibes , the ono
human heart ,
And showed as a rose might , transformed tea
a bird ,
That sound can be seen and hues can be
Nebraska Jottings.
The Blair Canning company has pur
chased the machinery lor its factory.
B , & M. oncrincors nro Betting grade
stakes north of Broken Bow , Ouster
The now church of the 'Seventh Dny
Adventists of Tekamah is gradually as
Dakota City distributed goods to the
value of S3.500 among the poor of tlio
town this winter.
The latest figures on Mnthowson's de
ficit places it nt $ ia,000 , Norfolk will forgive -
give him if ho returns.
Two railroad thugs enticed u lamb into
Gothenburg last Wednesday , drugged
him with liquor and robbed him or a
watch and ? UO. The robbers escaped.
Samuel Kline , of Fhittsiuouth , Is .suffer
ing trom a painful hole in his shin. A
pistol dropped out of his hip pocket and
shortened his footstopf.
Tlio live people of Oyloridgn ] will vote
next Tuesday on the question of "blow
ing hi1' $500 on a cemetery' Tlio doctors
ant shouting for the plant.
A Museutino capitalist with patent
machinery , is negotiating1'with llio Fre
mont board of trade to 'start ' u factory
there , Ho is also negotiating with par
ties in Lincoln. i
Oliver Jackson , of' Knox county , a
grandson of Andrew Jnckson , of demo
cratic fame , marketed'a load of hogs at
Creighton 11 few days 11 0 Hhat uvcrugud
123 pounds. , *
Says the Tecumseh Republican : "Tho
bccr-giizdlng , whisky-soaked , llannol-
mouthed galoot , who said tlmt we wore
in the linbit of working in the printing
olllco on Sunday , is respectfully informed
thai lie is a liar of the lirst water , "
A Miylook in Brown county recently
took a chatlol mortgage on u well , and
now the debating boeieties nro wrestlin"
with the question , "What will become ol
llio hole in case of foreclosure and re
moval of the well. "
An nttorney in Hartington haa turned
lee o on the beardless editor of llio Non
pareil and hurled him inlo court on a
charge of libel. The ethics of the profes
sion and public opinion compels the al-
tornoy lo prove that ho is "a man" at the
expense of the editor.
At Nebraska City the town cow is a sa-
crrd animal. The othcir day she was in
sulted by the stuclou while she was quietly
E in the graveyard and rubbing
nor old coat off onto the tombstones. The
owner of the cow licked the nian-wlth-
thc-spado and essayed to teach him a
thing or two.
K.I' . Saundora , of Brownsville , has had
considerable experience in the newspa
per line in Nebraska. Ho has had an in
terest in and helped to start sixteen dif
ferent papers in the state , but at last has
bccomo weary of newspaper lite and is
now spending his millions at u country
villa near Urownsvillo.
Judge Lucas , of McCook , treated him
self to a hot bath ono day last week , and
was splashing and scooting nronmi Wiion
an explosion occurred. llio Judge sailed
through a window In dishabille and
landed in a snowdrift. The simplicity of
his altlro attracted as much attention In
the front row as n Hlack Crook show ,
but the bashful judge covered his naked *
ness with a blush and ran for cover.
At Atkinson , ono day last week , while
Geo. W. I.usk was driving out In the
country , ho heard a rumbling noise nt u
distance , and after driving about a milo
further ho came up to a spring resemb
ling an artesian well more than anything
else , out of which the water spouted at
least two fcnt nbovo the surface of the
cround , This spring is situated about
twelve miles northeast of Atkinson , and
Is quite a sight
V. W. Rrldwoll , the York school tcache'r
who eloped with Miss May Wellington ,
a pretty young gill , daughter of a
farmer , was overhauled bv the authori
ties in Denver last Saturday , The sheriff
of York county hurried after the truants ,
and has doubtless returned with them cro
this. Uridwell claims that no charge can
be maintained against him , as ho has not
married Miss Mayand his conduct toward
hnrho likens to tliatof si loving brother.
The romantld side of the pedagogue ,
however , is likely to receive a warm wel
come from old Wellington's boots and his
big son. _
loxvn Items.
A largo opera house will bo built in
Sioux City this year.
Fort Madison is soon to have a new
pottery establishment.
Farmers in the vicinity of Paulina be
gan seeding this week.
The new $10,000 school house to bo
built at Algona tills year will accommo
date GOO pupils.
Congressman Strublo has offered a re
ward of $1,000 for the capture ) and con
viction of the men who fired his liouso in
Le Mars.
George Foustor , the Carroll crook who
induced his wife to forgo her father's
name to sundry notes , which ho cashed ,
was captured near Manning las > t Friday.
T. 12. Miller , an Ackloy saloonkeeper ,
was lined $000 on Tuesday for the illegal
sale of liquors. In default of payment
ho will bo imprisoned in the county Jail
for 180 days.
While on their way to n , wedding party
near Wall Lake last week , Mr. and Mrs.
Gnbul discovered that their little baby
was dead , it had been wrapped up too
closely and was smothered.
A farmer of Sheridan township , Carroll
county went hunting last week , his gun
being ' 'loaded ' for b'ar. " Ho captured
his gatno , however , and that evening ho
had a new son-in-law , and an hour : later
the son-in-law was a father.
In the casn of W. 11. Whitsett against
the Hook Island Railroad company , tried
last week iu the district court at Osku-
looaa , for damages iu tlio loss of a leg
while in the company's employ , llio jury
found a verdict for the plaintiff , and
awarded him $8,000.
Two "Bohemian oats" swindlers , named
L. P. Walters and V , G. Tuttle , were ar
rested at Chariton , and made to disgorge
two notes for $100 and SlfiO each , given
by John Funk and W. T. England. They
were released on personal bonds of $1,000
each , and Skipped the country.
Fourteen years ago Ijouis H"o |
I'aullna jjcpoiitj
, , „ a QU O
111 _ . . . , a.nd shortly afterward the cashier
skipped , leaving the depositors out in the
eold. Last week Mr. Iteseno was notified
that payment was being made to old de
positors and ho would receive what was
duo him.
On the 10th of March P. N. Baxter and
Miss Sarah J. Gibson wc.'o married in
Sioux City. Ono week after the bride
filed a bill for divorce with the judge that
tied the knot , charging her husband with
fraud , obtaining money under false pre
tenses and larceny of goods. VYtir fmts
were sworn out for his arrest and put into
the hands of Shcrilf McDonald , who as
certained that Baxter had left the city ,
going ( iivect to Valentino , Neb. The
telegraph was brought into use , and-ho
was arrested there , and nn effort made to
hold him until an olllcer from that city
could get there.
A watch factory will be established at
Grand Forks.
rhoro nro only thirty-one families of
Indians living on the Turtle Mountain
It is asserted that tlio Northwestern
road will bring 70,000 immigrants into
Southern Dakota this season.
It is reported that Sitting Bull will not
probably bo available for exhibition in
llio cast again unless lie can bo em
balmed. His age is not extreme , but his
health is failing.
One of the candidates for justice at the
recent election at Carniigton announced
that if elected ho would marry couples
for $1 nnd wait for his pay till the liist
child was born. Ho was elected.
The extent to' which the loan business
has been carried on in Dakota is indicat
ed by the statement that in ono county
the past few years 0,000 mortgages have
been recorded , representing over S500.-
The Dcnth of Illnmnrclc.
Detroit Free Press : "Mavbe you know
my boy Shake ? " queried Mr. Dander as
ho entered the Central station yesterday.
"I think I have heard you speak of
him , " replied the sergeant ,
"Shako vhus as sharp as a hoo. Ho
Mibscribcd mil n shporting paper und
knows all about ( rnmcs. Shake is goue
again. "
"What's the matter now ? "
" \ hall , ti butcher eon my vhay ho puys
himself a plauk bear a low days ago uiid
puts him in a shed. Last full , after some
thieves shteal my rihickons , 1 jiuys myself
a bull-dog. His naino vhas Bismarck.
Yobterday Shako says to niu :
" Tndder , 1 like to take UUmarok out
on a hunt , '
" 'Aln fair , vhas it ? '
" 'Only a Icodle vhays. I like to see ii
ho knows wild game.1
"Dot feoomt , nil right to mo. sergeant ,
id 1 tells Shako logo along , In feotteon
minutes I hear soouh awful howls und
yells ash nefer vhas , und vhon I goes omit
py dor pack vhay my hair slitands oop ,
Shako find put dot dog in mil dot boar.
Ho says ho like to see if Bismarck knows
n bear from u lion. "
"Did hoy"
' ' 1 pclief ho did. Ho makes n shump
for dot hear , nnd dot bear make a sliumi )
for him , und in ono minute Bismnivk
vims dead. More ash feefty boys vhas
aroiuult dot pen , und vlien I goes for
Shake ) oaforybody runs avay , Sergeant * "
"If i catcli Shako yesterday I doan'
know vlmt I docs mlt him , I vhas so mudt ,
but last night 1 fools potter oafcr it , und
if ho comes homo now I forgives him. If
you sco him toll him elot. May bo ho likes
to train our Bismarck to catch wild game ,
und ho doan' ' know about bears like an
oldtman. "
The Yale professors say that about May
15 Fnbry's comet will bo only 15.000.000
miles from the earth , nnd on Juno 1 Bar
nard's will bo distant 85.000,000 miles.
Both comets will appear in their greatest
brilliancy about May 1 , and will be plain
ly yiuible to the'naked eye.
Klmbnll , Gliojrcnno Count- . With n
Splendid Iiocntton and Brilliant
KtUDALL , Neb. , March 20. [ Corres
pondence of the Bur. . ] The year 1830
will see the greatest Immigration to all
parts of western Nebraska over known
In the history of the state. Hero in Cheyenne -
onno county , wo are not lonesome for
any lack In this direction , The Incoming
tide of actual settlers is already well un
der way. It Is estimated that 125 cars of
emigrant movables have been received at
the six railroad towns in the county , and
thirty of them were unloaded at Ivimball.
Cheyenne is tlio largest county In the
state an appropriate tltlo now applied
to it is , "the biggest and best. " It is 107
miles from east to west , and about seven
ty miles wido. Eighteen miles from the
south line and twenty-two miles from the
west line , on the ( main line of the Union
Pacific railway , is situated the town of
It lias a beautiful location on the south
slope of the valley of the Ledge Polo
crook , a never falling mountain stream
which flows through the countv from
west to oast. Potter , eighteen miles east ,
is llio only other town in the county with
in thirty-live miles of Ivimball. Cheyenne
county will , without any doubt , bo di
vided this fall into six counties , which
will leave Kimball very near the center
of a county about thirty-live miles square.
Tills cannot fail to give our town tlio
county seat of as suggested "Kimball"
The country surrounding us Is of the
beautiful rolling sort. It is an astonish
ing fact , remarked upon by all now com
ers , how little waste land there is within
the boundaries of "Kimball" county.
The soil is an excellent rich , black loam ,
deep enough in all places for agricultural
purposes. In the Ledge Polo valley the
soil is just sandy enough to raise tlio
finest vegetables in the world.
Kimball was platted one yoavjago. On
Juno 20th , 1883 , the first store was opened
by Randall fc Co. Now , the following
business enterprises are in healthy opera
tion hero : Shoofor Bros , carry the larg
est slock of general merchandise and
linvo an immense trade. They handle
lumber , hardware and agricultural im
plements on an extensive scale. Capital
Invested in slock , building nnd magnifi
cent residence , about § 00,000.
C. A. Schooley has invested nearly
$1,000 in bulldliigs.and . runs Hotel Martha.
Randall & Co. carry a stooK of general
merchandise. N. E. Gnsmann handles
groceries , drugs , hardware and feed.
Has a big trade. Menyes & Ynmayon
are opening a mammoth lumber yard ,
and will build it und slock it at oneo , a
complete furniture store. Goo. A. Hoag-
lanel , your wholesale lumber dealer , has
oponc l iv big yard Ijore , with Gustavo
LI mi in charge. James M. Bourse , a re
cent arrival , carries a good block of
drugs. There are live land agents , fifteen
carpenters at work , one doctor ,
meat market , shoo shop , jewelry
store , eto. Ton buildings are in cousro
of construction. Do/ens more to follow.
Tlio Observer , published weekly , makes
a public oiler to answer all innuiries fiee ,
and to send tlio paper'which publishes
all the immigration news , to any ono
three months for 25 cents.
A Woni ) TO THE wisn.
The final summing up is : Kimball is
situated in the centre of over 3,000 miles
of rich agricultural country , and is tlio
only town in said agricultural country.
This whole tracl is being rapidly settled
by responsible and influential families
Irom llio east. Kimball is the only railroad -
road ccnh-o nn-l - trai - -poVnt for all
these ' oplo. It will be a town of 1,000
inhabitants before January 1. 1887. If
you want a free home or : i location for
any ot the following business enterprises ,
actatonco : Flouring mill , canning fac
tory , bank , hardware store , agricultural
implements , barber shop , harness shop ,
livery barn , more stoics. Wo can sup
port enterprises of all kinds. Woynn "
lawyers , land agents , carpenters p.ncl men"
of all legitimate trades Tiel vocations.
Wholesale ( .tores coi''u just as well flour
ish hero us not. Last year demonstrated
bevo.ni1 successful contradiction tlio
fact that the soil will raise as good or
bettor crops of all kinds as in tiny other
part of the state. The country is rapidly
scttlintr , and Kimbull will bo llio town.
Dr. Piorce'8 "Favorite Prescription"
perfectly and permanently cures these
diseases peculiar lo females. Itistouio
and nervine , effectually allaying and cur
ing those sickening sensations that affccl
liic stomach aim heart , through rellox
action. Tlio backache and "dragging-
down" sensations all disappear under
the strengthening effects of this { > reat
restorative. By urtitrgislii.
Lieutenant General "Phil" Sheridan is
a domestic man , fond of his cbildiun ,
three bright little girls , with wtiom liu
may frequently be seen walking on pleas
ant afternoons in Washington. "Jjittlo
Phil's" hair is quite gray and his inns-
laehojs almost white , but ho wears a red
necktie. Ho also wears a sack coat , u
tall silk hat , carries his cano in his coat
pocket with a jaunty air. and looks like
tlio bravo beau pabrour that lie is.
And All Itoliliifj nntl Scaly Hkln und
Sonlp Discnncs Cured by
"PSOHIASIS , oo/oma , totlor , ringworm , llcliou ,
prillitiiR , scnHl lit-nil , inllk trust , < liuiuruir ,
binbors" , bnUtsis' , giouuis' uml wii liorMO-iiiiii'
Itch , unu ovcrr itpuulos ol' Ittlilnif. burning ,
Bcnly. pimply humora or tlio skin and sculp
\\lthloMioi lnilr , nro r ° iltlvtly unictl ly Cut 1
cnrntlio emit Bkln tu 0,11111 ! Ciitlunru
an oxniilsltu Mtlilbpniilltlcr "Alcinnlly , nn 1 Cull'
( Mint llebolveinllio nuiv blood pinllliT tutor-
niilly , vrlivn pliyslclnns mid ull olliui'iuiiiodiiw
1'uil. ,
I , John J , Case , D. I ) . P. . Imvint ; tunollcrd
clontUtry In this comity for tlilrty-llvu ) t > : tr. < unU
buliiii uoll Unoivn tullioubUiKlB liocibouts : , ullli
uvlcn' to liclpuny who lira nllllclo I utl liuvu
been for tlio past IMulvo ycius , testify tlmt tlio
ituinpdiot amid I'foriiih's ,
Uiitluum mo of or
scaly bkln. In clslit duvs , nttur tlio dontoiti with
lioiii I had coiibultud KIXVO mo no lioli | 01 en-
couriwoaioMl. JOHN J. CASK , ! ) . U. 8 ,
Nun to u , N. J.
Your Cntlcurn Kriin/nllcs pjilonnod
tlorfnl rnio In-t tuinmcron onn ot UIII-CIIHIOIII
01-9 , nti old frcntlutiiiui of tovonty yoius ofniro
wlio fuHVi-pil with u t'oiirl'iilly di lru-tlny criip
tlon on tils hcHil an.l lace , und n ho had trio'U ul
ruiutillos and doctots to no ptirposo
J. K BsiiTii & Co.
Toxiukntia , Ark.
Jioui2 woxinciu-'Uh YJST.
II. I' . Curpuntoi , lltiniloison , N. V. , on rod of
psoriuslBor lopiosy.ol' tutnily jonrs' Hundliiir ,
by Cntlcuiii llnincillo-t. llio most ondfiliil
cu iu on ircpnl. A iliibtpunlul of fccuhw U'll
lioin him dally rhytitulaiii nnd Ills iilcnJb
tliniifrhl ho inu t die. Cure t > noin to 1'Ofoion '
jiibllcn or Hi" poiieo und Jlondoison's ino t
prouilnuutcItUouH ,
Arc sold liy nil diusrifista. 1'rlfo ; rutlcurn , M
CIH.J Itosolvriil ; { 51,00 , Soap , * : , I'l-fjiaiul by
tllO 1'uriKH UltlXl AMlCllKilJCAI. C . , JSuMOII
Send for "How lo Cure Skin Diseases. "
' -l'll'V tlio complexion und &kln by
the Cntiutiru bonp ,
tlioMilo , ururops , sliooltni ; mul tluitp
imlns , iliuiiiinulu , luniriiig-lK , und
t.ciiiiiu puliis , und c\fry oxlrrunl
iiuliiunil uclio curort IT tl > Q Cullrnia
Aiill-l'uln 1'lusior. % A no v nnd por-
iniiuciil ami ptnlttt atitldolu to jiniii. ' 'ic.
r ; : '
25 26
for |
* 7 > RCEN I BOTTLES nro put P for the n
< % < Jcommoituionot ( all who iloslro a BOO
and low vi'luol
Cough. ColdandCroupRemedy
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017 HI. ClmrlosNcfit.LoutMo. .
Aregnlirgrtduttaor two Wcdlcairollrtni , hatbetnlooftr
enRiRfJ U IhtfpreltUrifttnifDlof CHKOMIC , Niavoui , Him
ana luojn Diiii.ti tti n nr other rhrileliQ InBl. L uj.
jolty papcri ihow tndall oldrciMtattVnotr.
Nervous Prostration. Debility , MenUt and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Aflec-
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Olscasos Arising from Indiscretion , Excess.
Exposure or Indulgence , which rrojne , om rih
follcF-lm eDccli i netiouiiicii ditillllt , Jlrant. , at llthk
Mdiltritlltemoniorr , pimple , on tb hw , ph l ldecay ,
rrnlonlolh. i l < lor fcmilel , conrn U nt I0t. , , Hi. ,
rtndorlna Marriage Improper or unhappy , aia
Illftrllri fnrrlopc , freeto anjr adJreil. ContultallcVatoN
Be or If mill tree. Indlcd and ittlellr nOd nlUI.
A Poslllvo Written Guarnntoo dnn in .T.I-JM.
raMc cue. Wcaiclo lent crerjwbict bj mall or itrcaii.
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contcnir.tnc nurrl n liouM rrid It T'pflar dlll .
tame , paper coret , S3o. jtdJnti aabo P' . UUtllrr
Warranted toulvosntUfno-
tlon on uuy oilt mid Iu any
Price $ 2.50
Lincoln ,
Solo Whotcgnlo nscnts for
N. W. Tills U not a Stylo-
grnph ponoll , but a first class
iloxlblo gold pen of any do-
sited Oneness of point.
I PAT ill ciprcki clmrera to nil point * within 800
mlle . I , OH' cm rluuri to wlcct from , Brnil two cent
ftampfor IllUKtrateucatalotfuu. Muntlon tlilfl pa- ) .
( Vhoio VITALITY Ii folllili. . llrain
gXHAUKT UorJ'ower.J.'Mli. th
. . . . .
Lri > KIII Vl.U HI f - > > *
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