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Tricky Jay Gould Qualifies His Sunday Tel
egram to His Man Hoiie.
He Merely Gives Asaent to Whatever the
General Manager May 800 Pit.
Two Conferences Hclil Yesterday
H Without ItcHtilt Another Ono Ar
ranged For To-liny Situa
tion Alone thr * Ijlnc.
A. niflnppalntmont to 1'owderly.
Niw YOIIK , Mnrch 20. The splilt of ex-
nltntlon vvliich filled the henrLs of the execu
tive bonrd of Iho Knights of Labor thl.s
morning soon changed to grave anxiety.
When Wm. O. McDowell called nt ( iould's
olllco nto o'clock this morning hu was not ns
favorably Impiesspdwlth his leceptlon as ho
was the reception nccorded him nt Gould's
house Sunday. Gould gave McDowell lo
understand thnt there had been n misconcep
tion of his telegram to llo\lo which was
f.ent Sunday nlKht. McDowell nt onceic-
turned to the Astor House mid conferred
with the Koneinl executive bomd , mid two
of the members ntonco retmned with Mc
Dowell to Gould's olllce. Tlm confeienco
there wns short nnd nn adjournment wns hnd
until 3 o'clock this nlternoon , the hope
being cnteitnlncd tlmtnt thnt hour Powdcrly
mlcht bo well enough to attend.
At3:20 o'clock , however , Messrs. Turner
nnd McDowell entered Gould's ofllco without
Powdcily. At about 4 o'clock the conference
ended. Subsequently Inquiry nt Gould's
ofllco wns miswered by thu following state
ment , of which Gould wns the nitthor :
"Powdeily hns evidently misunderstood the
meaning of the telegimnthat was sent Sun
day night to Hoxlc. Our position is thnt
tills strike hns been in n condition for nrbl-
tintlon nil the time. We hnvo hnd nn agree
ment with tiio workmen for some tlmo that
all thodlffeicnces were to have been sub
mitted for arjdtiation before any stiiko
should be icsoi ted to. Manager Hoxio hns
tlio matter In hand. Ho has full contiol nnd
the matter must bu.settled with him. Wo nro
just wheie wo were bcfoio Sunday's confer
The gentleman who loprcscnted .Jay Gould
nt his olllce said : "Thoconteienccsof Sun-
dny weio between Gould nnd Povvderlyns
citizens only , It being distinctly mid often
stated that neither gentleman wns acting
olllclally. "
Gould this afternoon sent the following
loiter to Povvderly. who make.s It public ns a
mutter reteiied to in nn inteivlew with
Gould. The letter is market ! "Peisonnl" :
To T. V. POWI > IIU.Y : : Ksq. Dear Sir The
pnpeis this moining published thu tallowing :
" , lny Gould hns consented to our pioposition
for mblliatlon , nnd .so telegraphed Vice
Piesldeut Iloxie. Order the men to
lesiima woik nt once. Signed , T. V.
Powdorly , Grand Master Workman. "
Thuy published nn Interview with you
which leads ono to think thnt thu ofllccrs of
your order in St. Louis mny misconstrue
your methane Into n consent on thu pmt of
this company to contorm to the icqiilre-
incuts contained In n letter from the secie
tnry of your order dntcd Philadelphia , Mnrch
B7 , which in my letter to jonof the snmo
date 1 declined to consider , You will ic-
niombcr that atom confeienco ot Sunday I
snkl to you thnt the position of this company
wns unchmigcd In this icspeet , nnd the
whole matter wns lull in thu hands of the
first vlco piesldcnt nnd general
manager , with the instructions
contained In my telegram to him which was
written beroio my interview with you mid
lead to you nt the time. The telegram stated :
"We see no objection to aibltrntu nny dltl'er-
cnces between the employes and thu com
pany , past and lutuiu. " While I feel confi
dent tlmt your undci.standing ot this matter
Is the same as my own , 1 wiito you this in
oidcr that there may ho no mound for misun
derstanding hcicrenlter.
Very lespectfullv. , ! AY Gotn.ri ,
PiesidentMlssouiI Pacific Knlhoad.
When this vvns leceived by Povvderly ho
wioto down these notes which were taken
tothucoiifoiencc nnd lean to Gould : "Do I
umleistaml you fiom your letter of this date
that your company refuse mbltratlonV And
must I so telegraph Mmtin lions V" When
the committee ni lived nt Gould's
olllco ho had gonu out , but they weie received
by Second Vlco Piesldoiit Hopkins , who
made this answer to Powdoily : "You may
say distinctly to him , no , wo do not. He h
not so to understand that letter , but ho It
simply rufcrii'd to Gould's wilttcn coimnimi
cation to him , which ho Is piei nied tocairj
out In every paitlcular. " The commUtci
then loft Gould's olllco nml retmned to tin
Abtor house , nnd this evening the following
letter wns sent to Gould'a house by bpecia
messenger :
ToJny Gould , Ksq. Dear Sir I rogiot ex
ceedingly that my sickness to-dny hns piu
vented mo tiom keeping thu ( mingcmeni
Hindi ) by my nssoclntes with yon forf ! o'clock
tills atteinoon. Our proposition that thu men
should it'turn at once to woik on tlionirieu
muiit that nny complaints they might have
tiliould bo submitted to nibltintlon , wn <
made In pcifect good Inlth. nml
when , nftcr icceipt by yon of oin
letter of Siituidny night and our conteicncc
of Suinlnv. you mndu n telegraphic ouler to
General Mnnau'Ci lloxlu eonlaineil In yom
letter ol thu same date , In which wns used
the following InnzunguVoheuno \ objec
tlmi toiubltiatlng any dilfcicnces between
emplojes and the company , past or futuio , "
woncc"iitvd your niipioval of the general
pilnclphiot mbitintlon In equal good fnltli
nnd nt once Issued our aider for thu men ti
leturn lo woik. Wo mo notpartlculnrln tlir
ndjiistment ot the pie. entdlllienllie.shethci
tliunrhltratois nnpolnted by your comiiaiiv
shull bu mimed by Geneial Manager Ilo\U
or jotirself. or whether their number shnl
consist ot tlnee , live or seven. In case thoj
consist of three , my nssoclntes hive nattier
mo. If sickness pi events , one ofthuothei
membeis will take my place. In cast ) tlmj
I'unslst of live , W. O. McDowell would hi
associated with me. In rasohuvnn , wo uouli
add n thlid nnae. Wo can liuaglno iu
jrientor mlsfoitiino for your company thai
that thu lnuuc.sslon should go loith , not onlj
to the iiiembeis of our organkatlon. but to tin
community at laige , v\lio u Inteiests mu stil
fcilnpas , the lestilt of thepiesent condithn
( if nllalis. tlmt n break has occulted betweci
the inlvrt'sts w hlch jou ropiesent mid whlcl
1 icpicsuiit by teason of n technicality
Tla : Kentlcmnn who waited upon you In
foinu mu that In case 1 wns unabh
to meet with you this afternoon nt H o'clock
I wns to meet > on to nioiiow moining at li
o'clock. I hope to be nblu to keep the engngc
nienl nt that time. Alter tlm lecclpt of you
pmonul letter to mo mid lending the Intei
vievr with > ou publlbhed In the evening pa
pent this euininf , thu following tele ian
was sent to eacli of the following gentlemen
Messis. Daly , lions mid Houx nt Scdalin uni
Fott Woilh :
"JJKW YOIK : , Mnrch 0. Complication
lm\o allMm since mornlnjt as to the methoi
of mbitintlon. Another confeieuco will b
held to-moiiow , " T. V , POWIIBHI.V ,
Grand Mnster Woikuun.
Tlie conference this morning amounted t
nolhinft because Povvderly could not bo there
At the morning conference there wore pies
cnl M cssrs. McDowell , Ilnyej.Qould , Hopkin
nvt 9ape , and at the afternoon eonlVtenc
WOM Mcests. T rnort Mi-Dovvcll and lieu
3'ov Jerly tbl ? evening nald ; " 1 lave ai
reason to believe that Arthur has Issnotl
nn order to the Knights of Labor who belong
to the llrollicrhood of Engineers to leave the
Knights. I do not think he has done so. If
o has , It Is done simply ns a mnltcr of dls-
Ipllnc. "
'ho ' Greatest Stock Jobbing Scheme
on Hccord Hot-IIcadod Irons.
CHICAGO , Mnrch 29. [ Special Telegram. ]
Minding to the strike : "This thing hns
con the most gigantic stock jobbing opera-
Ion on record , " snld Manager Wicker ot the
Chicago freight bureau to-day. "Tlio trouble
illdn't begin thnt wny , but thnt Is whnl It has
esiilted In. Jay Gould has worked it very
line. He held off until lie got Povvderly just
ivhero ho wauled him , nnd until Povvderly
conceded everything. All of the old hands ,
loth Knights of Lnbor nml scabs , nro tore-
urn to work , nnd everything Is to bo n-s It
ivns befoto the strike , except thnt
hose men who destroyed
iroperty mo not to bo returned to their
) lnccs. Matters in dispute between the
Knights nml loads are to bo settled by n com-
ulttco of fifteen. In this arrangement Gould
ccognl/es thu Knights. Hut Povvderly mndo
Ms concessions a little too quickly to suit
lould. Sntuulny Gould would do nothing-
Monday morning It isnniiouncud thnt ho will
arbitrate. Ho wanted nt least onu day , nml
ie got It. Ho has mnnnged the matter with
consummate skill , nnd you mny test nsstucd
10 hns his stocks in just tlio shnpe ho wants
Jicm. "
"What effect will the ending of the stiiko
inve upon Chicago business ? "
"Xo paiticular or appreciable effect. All
of thu loads mo now carrying nil sorts of
rulght. Ihislncss hns been light , however ,
iiespecttvu of the stiikc. Shipments and
ecelpts of grain linvo been .small for the past
ten days. The weather has been very line ,
iind fanners nil over the west have been too
busy to go to market. The endlni ; of the
strike will not result in a Hood of business
which will bmdcii the roads , but on the con
trary , they can handle their business with
case. Tlie committee of mbltratlou Is rather
unwieldy. "
'Ono ' danger still icmnins. " said a lending
railroad man. ' 'That Irons Is lor wnr nil the
time. At Plttsbtirg mid at other places there
Is a stiong element that will declnio Itsulf for
the leader whoso platform is 'strike , ' mid
those men will follow Irons. It remains to
bu seun whether the Knights of Labor will
plit. I don't think the order is stronir
enough to stuvlvca division , but In case thnt
Is done the sentiment of the 'public nt largo
will be with Povvderly nnd against those rnt-
lo-bralncd fellows who resemble soclnllsts so
tclosoly that you can't tell them apait. The
couit of public opinion generally settles all
of these these things sooner or later , nnd
Irons will find the decision ngnlnst him. The
only present danger Is from Irons and his
crowd , who may take a hostile nttitudo at
any moment. "
Gould's Telegram Misunderstood nnd
1'ovvdcrly'u Order Olsobcycd.
ST. Louis , Mmch 29. The news
telegraphed liom Now York last night that
Grand Master Woikman Povvderly hnd 01-
deied the strlkeis on the Gouia system of
rnlhondsto resume work immediately , nend-
ingmbitintlon , was lecclved by the knights
hero with incicdiillty , some even going so
far ns to sny that they believed the telegrams
foigerles. After the lirst surprise occasioned
by tlie intelligence hnd passed , general sntis-
f act km wns cxpie&scd tlmt the stiiko was not
to bu piolongcd , mid that tlio men would bo
allowed to go back to work. Tlieabsencool
lions , chairman of the executive committee
ot district nssembly 101 , will delay to some
extent the resumption of traffic upon thu
roads , for the other members of the commit
tee state that the men of their assembly will
not go back to work until they have eithei
met in executive session and voted
upon what they call the request
of Povvderly thnt the strike bo oidered
off , or Irons himself shall Issue such an or
der. Iteferring to Povvdcrly's ouler to the
knights , now on a stiiko In the southwest
members of the committee sny thnt the gram :
master has exceeded his authoiity , nml tha
said order cannot bo enforced until endoised
by their vote. This will necessitate the transaction -
action of a largo amount of lotttlno business ,
for the executive committee of each nssemblj
must meet mid vote upon the proposition.
The lesiilt of these votes must ( hen commit
nlcnted to lions , who , if n mnjoilty nro In
laver of leturniug to work , will endorse
Powdcily's order of Inst night to that effect
The stiiking Knights of Labor on the
Missouri Pacllic iotvvithstandlngPowdeily's
ilhect order to them toictnrn to woik this
nioiiilng , have not yet done so , and nro
awaiting olllcinl instructions from Chnlunmi
Irons of district assembly 101. Powderly's
dispatch Instructing the striking Knights of
Labor upon thu Gould southwest system to
icttirn to woik Immediately wasiecelveda
thuhcadqunitersof the executive committee
ol that assembly nt 2:30 : this morning , nm
the members of the committee at once tele
graphed to lions nt Sednlla to letnrn to St
Louis at once. lions , it Is expected , will ic-
tinn to St. Louis nt once , nnd upon nulving
them will piesido over thu meeting of this
committee , which will tliyn comply with
Powdei ly'h order to declare the stiiko onaed
.1. .1. McGniy , judgoudvoeatoof the Knights
ot Labor , was seen tlilsmuinlng by n icportcr
nnd in ieply to mi innuhyof the icpoiterns
to how tliu ouler of Powdeily would lu
obeyed , said : "If lions iccoivcs it eailv
enough ho might pitta cypher dispatch on thu
wiies , nnd by 1 o'clock uveiy man could bo at
woik. "
"Will the men go back lo work on Povv
' ' . "
"No , sir , not until other matters nrcnibl
tinted upon , mid then , no matter how this m
hltratlon results , all men must bo taken back
without nny disciiminntion being showi
iigninst any lor uclng leadcis , or for any
other cause. "
"Hut will not the lefusal to obey Povv
dcrly'b orttcis bo violation of the laws of the
knlghtsV1 ,
"Itwill not. You see , ho might be nils
taken. We want arbitration tin t , before wo
go to woik. All the men mo ot thu same wa ;
of thinking , 1 met them at Marshall , Texas
1 know their sentiments , "
"What nro thu questions you want nibltra
tlon nponi" '
"Wo have nsked thnt truckmen end un
skilled Inboicis on the Gould southwes
svstem receive 51.60 lor tun hours work
They have leceived 51,15 , but have hoictoforo
only made nine hoins time , getting actuallv
only Sloy. % Next we hnvo nskcd thntap-
picntlro boys , who have continued ns sue !
bliieo ibSJ , but mo really joiuneymen now
hhnll have their wngcs raised nnd baiecog
ni/i'il ns journeymen. Some me iccolvini
only S' ' , and they nro dolii ? ns much woik ns
others who ncelvcd SJ.s'i. The luldgi
building matter was nnd U the mo :
MM ions. The men engaged In ( ha
branch of business might i > e ( out on Mundnv
and nut teach their destination until Wed
nesday. jet thnt tlmo was not allowed them
Wo nsk thnt full time be allowed them
whether In shop or on the road , out no time
wns nskcd for nltht ; travel. "
"Then you want those questions sntllcd bj
your demands being granted In whole or in
pmt before you will retiun to work ? "
"Yes ; mbltriUlon first , and then a wiltten
nsieenifiit that all men shall bo takcu back
w-Uhoul disciimlnatlon. "
IlD detailed thu mode of arbitration pro
posed , and wild : ' -We alull abide by the de
cision of the utbilrators on the questions , no
matter What thcau decisions may bt. "
"And what about the Hull matter ? "
"That w 111 have to go to tlio com ti. "
KK.V YOIIK , Mnrch ai-Tho following
. lie-stum from Gould lo Uoxlc. Menu tu hay
wen misunderstood by Powdcrly.
vorthropetitloh :
"II. M. Iloxle , Ocncrnl Mnnnccr , St. r-
n resuming the movement of trains oii the
Missouri rnqlfic , nnu In thq employment ol
nbor In the several departments of the con >
i\ny ! , you will give prefercnco to our late
miplpycs whether they nre members of the
{ nights of Labor or not , except that you will
lot employ nny person who has Injured the
company's property during the Into strike ,
lor will wo discharge nny person who Ims
nken service wltli the company durlntr the
ntostilkc. Wo see no objection tontbitrnt-
Ing nny < llfferences between the cmnloycs
and the company , past or future. Hoping
that the nbovo will bo satisfactory , I remain
yours very truly , JAY CJoui.n , President
In an Interview this morning , Gould said :
"Tho nbovo tclocram to lloxlo was prepared
jeforo my conference with I'owdely yes-
Iciday and was not the result of anything
1'owuprly said. In It Is expressed the stand
which the Missouri Pacific has taken from
the beginning , that Is that the company Is al
ways leady to arbitrate any dllierenccs they
may have with Its employes. 1'owderly
seems to have assumed Irom that telegram
that 1 bait agreed to the plans submitted by
the oxecutUo board of the Knights of Labor
Saturday , providing for the appointment of
an ntbltintion committee , tlueo membeis of
which mo to bo appointed by myself mid
thice by the Knights ot I/ahor nnd those
jointly to choose a .seventh member. Now 1
most emphatically deny that theie wns any
thing In my telegram to lloxlo or thnt there
wns nnythlugsnid ttthi ! conference yesterday
fo warrant any one bcllexlng that I fora mo
ment assented to such a plan. I will appoint
no membeis of any nibitratlon committee ;
tlio whole matter rests In tlio
hands of Ilo.xlo nnd if ho can
airnngo u basis lor nrbltratlon , which will
Inclildo both sides of tlio question , 1 Will
have no objection , but the whole matter will
have to bo ui ranged with him. 1 am now
piepnrlnc a letter to I'owdcrly which will
clcaily set loith my position ns nbovo oiil-
Hned ? '
The joint executive committee of assem
blies 101 , IU nnd 17 , In session tills mom-
linr , lw\o just issued tlio following nddiuss :
To the Knights of Labor of the Gieat
Southwest Fellow Woikmen Wo congrat
ulate yon one and all on your manhood nnd
fortitude dining our late great struggle for
recognition nnd rlelit. Now , ns wo accept
mbltratlou ns Just , let us not domenn our
selves ns men devoid of dignity nnd man
hood. Every mnu retain to his Dost and his
duty wit.i quiet sobilcty. Let us exhibit the
same zcnl for tlio uphiilldlni ; of tlie business
ot tlio west that wo hnvo just shown in piov-
Ing thnt labor is king.
Signed by Executive Hoards of District As
semblies 101,03 and 17.
It is stated that this addi ess was sent to
thodiffcicnt halls where the strlkeis were
hole' ing meetings , that It was joxouMy re
ceived , nnd thnt the men started for their
homes to change their clothes , proiimntorv to
going to work , but this is not vended. It Is
also stated that an addicss hns been tclc-
ginphedtonll points on the .southwest sys
tem.Nr.w Vonic. March 29. It wns reported
this morning that the strikers would not cote
to woik until they received positive and
otlicinl notice tiom lions , chafimnn ot the
executive committee of assembly 101. Po\v-
deily wns called upon this moiniiiR nnd
found sick in bed. when asked nboutlt ho
bald : " 1 have received no word thnt the men
will not obey orders. If they have not heaid
tiom lions , it is because there lias been delay
In delivering the telegram wiiicn wo sent
last nlirht. The men will ceitalnly go to
woik and Irons will certainly give them the
oiders. "
When asked why McDowell came nway
from tlio incetlnc with Gould so soon this
morning , ho said :
"Oh , lie only came back for soinopapcis ;
that's all. Ho Is down theie now. "
McDowell went to the Astor house for the
second time , and back , llnvcs nnd Uailoy
went with him to Gould's ofllce , wlicie they
me now discussing tliu situation. Gould has
delayed sending tlio letter tol'owdeily which
ho haspieimrcd , as It is now thomrht that
a peisonal interview between him and the
gentlemen can be auanged for this nfu-i noon.
The confeienco between the general execu
tive bo.ud and Gould ncMourned till I ! o'clock
this afternoon. No business of impoitanco
has yet been done , so Hayes says.
SII : > AI.IA , Mo. . Mnichau. Chairman Irons
nrnvcd hcio tills morning. Ho is perfectly
non-committal , mid ictuses to talk about the
situation. Hosentwoid to Superintendent
Sibiey not to inn nny trains until the settle
ment ot the strike was continued. Of com so
his request wns ignoied , mid up to 10 o'clock
lour Heights hnd been sent out.
Niw Yoniv , Mmch i-U lloxlo has tele
graphed Gould stating that the men ha\o not
icsumed work this morning , ns they weio or-
deied to do by Powdeily.
Sr. Loris , March .S' ' . The situation in tlio
Missouri Pacilieyaids this moining wns one
of quiet ness nnd order. The crowd pi esent
was small and undemonstrative , nnd no In-
tcrlcience wnsoffeied with running of trains.
Ono fielL'ht train Marled out soon after 10
o'clock , and another lollowed about an hour
later. Neither of them excited any pniticu-
lar interest. Up to noon none of the strik
ers had picscnted themselves nt the shops
or ymds to icsmuo woik , and pioba-
bly none will to-day. It is stated
however , on the anthoilty of the committee ,
tlmt the woikmen willietuin to work to
morrow , and that they mo under , or will be
placed under instructions to that effect this
Sr. Louis , Maich 29. The situation in the
Kast St. Louis ymds this morning was one
of disorder and nt times it looked ns though trouble. Largo ciowcls
conciegatcd nt the railway denot nnd In the
Mil Ions yards , nnd when one effort was made
to ntait n freight train In the Vnndalla ynul ,
a crowd swaimed around It , diow
the coupling pins nnd other
wise ohstiuctcd Its movements to such n de-
gieo that the train was abandoned. In the
Indianapolis & St. Louis mid Louisville iV :
Nashville ymd ell'oi Is were made to mnko
up trains , but ns fast us thecms weio bioiiglit
into position tlioy weio uncoupled by
the stilkcis , nnd finally the attempt
to move them wns abandoned.
In the Wnbash yards the deputy marshals are
now mnklng up n train , ami it will bo bent
out soim'tiimi this atternoon , No ellorts
were made in other yards to move trains , nnd
piobnbly none will no until ndcqunto piotcc-
tlon isnftouled by thostatoauthoiitics. His
lopoited that Shenff Itoprinuet of St. Olalr
county , who was present this nioinlngniiil
wns totally unable to control tlio Miikci.s , has
appealed to the governor of Illinois for mill-
tmy aid , but this has not been vciihed.
The slilkeis linvo received no specific In-
Muiftlons ns jet In leumd to it'sinniiiK work ,
but they say it will bo impossible lor them to
letnrn betoro Wednesday moining. Wnr-
i , nils were hwoin out this morning at tliu In
stance ot the special attorney of the Missouri
Pacific road against ,1. J. McGary. judge ad
vocate of Dlstiict Assembly 101. 0. M. Chose
mid it man named Ilunlsctts , inufer the charge
of telony , but for the specific oiTcnsn ot ol > -
pti noting trains mid trespassing upon the
siopcrty of tlm company. i = t c
Sr. Louis , Mmch S ) . When Powdorly'
telegram unnouncing tlmt complications had
nriscn was received the executive committee
wns discussing the question of ordcilng the
men to return to work to-monow morning ,
but their plans were nrrostcd nnd the com
mittee adjourned for the nluht.
KANSAS CITY , March i9. ! Four freight
trains nrilved from the cast to-day. Two
were started cast and one west , nil under
guard. As the last train wns pnsslngtho switch
the stilkeis threw the switch , overtuinlim'two
cnrs mid blocking the main track. They
permitted the track to bo denied , after whleli
the train was sidetracked ,
A-i CHIRON , Kansas , March 29. The Mriko
situation hero to-day was very serious , Tlio
stilkers , not bntislicd with killing engines ,
tmnpeied with switches and soaped
the duel : . The shciitr ami n posse of depu
ties manned a train nt 0 o'clock
this morning and ran the gauntlet , bare ! }
escaping a misplaced switch , mm
sent it safely west Wai rants nro out for
about 100 strikers. The sheriff lias disci
pllned a force ot deputies mid thinks he can
make the nriests.
CHICAGO , March 29. The Inter-Oceaifa
Springfield , III. , special savs : Advices have
been iccelvcd hero dining tlie day from Kasi
St. Louis giving accounts of the operations o !
a mob of railroad strlkeis and roughs at thnt
place. Sheriff Itopuqnet of St. Clnlrconntj
telegraphs the gorauor tor aid. In
qulricd were sent by wire tot
particulars of the situation. am
conflicting statements came back from sev
eral dliretont naitles of whom Inquiry hn <
been made. A delegation of prominent rail
road oftlcluU came up fiom Enst St. LouU
to-night to have a consultation with the gov
KAXBAS Cm- , March CO. TheMlssour
'nclfic strikers nro still ont. having received
10 otders to resume work. The company are
inning freight trains , however , under police
pcctcctlon. TUrco wcroscnt out this morn-
liff. . . -
Tlio President Has fcot Interposed.
WASHINGTON , Mnt'cllJO.Tho \ statement
vns published hero this' ' afternoon In effect
lint President Cleveland hnd been In tele-
rrnphlc correspondence with Jay Gould con
cerning the labor tioublcs In the southwest ,
trying him nol to stand In the way of mbl-
ration. It rau bo stated on good authority
lint the president has had no communication
vlth Gould or anyone else concerned In rcla-
lon to the labor troubles.
Tlio Grand Trunk Trouble.
LONDON , Out , , Mmch 2'J. ' The employes
ol the Grand Trunk railroad hero hnvo de
cided to reject lllckson's pioposltlon for n
> artlal restoration of the reduction of wages.
ind demand n return to full pay. It Is stated
hat the employes at nil other points in the
Grniul Trunk system nro working In unison
with those nt London on this question ,
The Gross Dank Kxolmngca Fortlio
Imht Week.
BOSTON , Mass. , Mat ch 29. The following
tnble , compiled from special dispatches to the
Cost , from managers of tlio lending clearing
lmn es In the United States , shows the gross
! > ank exchanges nt each point for the week
ending March 27 , In comparison with the
conesponding week in Ib&'i :
UrltiBh Grain Tratlo Review.
LONDON , Mmch SO. The Mark Lnno Ex
press , in its review of thu British grain trade
for tlio pnst week , says : Mild , spring
weather has prevailed nttd fall sown wheat
has a healthy appearance. Trade In wheat
Is somewhat wenker. bales of English wheat
dining ctho woelcw'ore 70,000 quarters at
SOsOd , against § 2COZ , quarters at 32s7d
during the corresponding period Inst year.
There Is n Dragging sale for Hour.
Only a hanil to mouth imsiness Is done In
loieign wheat , and prices are unchanged.
American mixed corn is cheaper nt 20s 3d.
Onts. benns and peas are in buyers' favor.
Twelve canrocsoC wlientnrilvcd ; live cargoes
weio sold , one wns withdrawn , nnd six re
mained , Including two ot California. Trade
lorvvmd has been ol small volume. The mar
ket to-dny wns very slow. English wheat hnd
a downward tendency. Flour vvns steady.
The Visible Supply Statement.
CHICAGO , March 20. The number of bushels
of grain In stoio In the United States and
Canada on Maich 27 , nnd the increase or
dccieasecomputed with the previous week ,
will ho posted on 'Change to-moiiovv as fol
lows :
Wheat 40,773,070 Decrease 701,335
Corn lO.TJHVisi Incicnse 01,33. !
Onts 2,55'J.i. ! ? . ! Inciense 11)8 ) , ( 1
Uje 51VJJH Decrease 3 , > .OI7
Bailey. 1,039,2. ? ! ) Decrease. . . . 05l < ' 7
The amount in Chicago eluvatois on the
dnto named wns :
Wheat 13,001,410
Coin 3,4w,701 :
O.lts riOO,4S2
Hvo 230,405
liiu ley. 112,8bO
ElKln Dairy Market.
CHICAGO , Mmch 29. The Intcr-Ocenn's
Elgin , 111. , special bays : Butter to-day
was very Him nt nn advance of lc over last
week's prices. Itetrular sales , 2.1,180 Ibs nt
! 'OJ < 3i0 : c. Cheese was Him ; no sales ; full
cream ? , lUu ; skims , 4 ( > e. Piivatosalesof 35- ,
.WOlbsof butter and 1,3-T > Jbs ot cheese weio
repoi ted. Total sales aggregated Sl8,3b7.
Another Credit Mohllicr Scaiidnl
Nnw YOIIK , Mmch 20. [ Special Tele
gram. ] It is fieely declared by Wall tfcicol
men who claim special knowledge ot * the
matter thnt mi ollielal Investigation Is to be
made by congress of the circumstances con
nected with the menus used nfevv yem.s ngo
by the Xotthein Pacific Itnllioad company to
piovent aforfeltuiu of that company's land
grant. It is alleged that sovcial liundiou
thousand dollars were spent In Washington
in quarteiH wiieio It would do thu most good
to prevent ad verso act Ion by and
now oiio of the men through whose hands
much of the "boodle" passed , has decided ,
for some tea son or other , to lay thu whole
matter bate. Ho is credited with the posses
sion of convnicitig testimony. Men of
standing are declared to bo Involved In tlio
meshes of what mny turn out n scandal
scarcely less noteworthy than wns the Credit
Mobillor. Something dike 8500,000 is snld to
have been spent In congress.
I'nrncll Approves ir.
COMJMIIUS , Ohio , Marcji 2fl Patrick Egan ,
president of the Irish National Lcauuuof
America , having announced to the country
that he did not countenance the IiUh Parlia
mentary A id associationof which Major John
Byrne of Cincinnati , and Etigeno Kelly of
New York , are the founders , and the picsl-
dent of thu Columbus brunch of the lengito
having stated that Mr. Kuan's condemnation
was authorized by PanicI ) , the Catholic Col
umbian sent thu following message :
COI.UMIIUS , Ohio , March so. Painell , Lon
don Do you nppiove tlio Pnillamcntniy Aid
The following nnswer was received this af
ter noon ;
LOXUON , March20. Catholic Columbian
Another Overland Cut.
CHICAOO , March 29. Theio was another
drop In transcontinental passenger rates to
day. The Atelilson , Topekn & Santa I'o an
nounced a tinough rate from the Missouri
river to San Francisco of SO net or Sio from
Chicago. Thu round trip rnto fiom Chicago ,
peed lor ninety days. Is M. It is expected
that to-moriow the Union Pacific and Den
ver & Itlo Grande will meet thu cuts.
Another Democrntlo IMuiii.
WASHINGTON , March 20. [ Special Tele
gram. J The postmaster general to-day ap
pointed J. II. Moorhdad postmaster at Bar-
uia , Xtb. '
The EOUEO Ohampion of tlio Education
Haul Oats a Clover Shine.
Members Voted IVIth Him to Secure
Ills Fnvor Three Members of
the Cabinet On the Sick
lilst Notes.
Kdncntlon Hill In the House.
WASHINGTON , March 20. [ SpcclnlJ Tclo-
nm ] The friends of the bill to distribute
S77,000X)0 through the country In nld of no-
tlonnl education , to dny gained a victory In
the house which they are disposed lo rogmd
ns nn indication of the success of their bill.
For some time they lia\o boon engaged in
confcriing upon the best means to bo adopted
to accomplish this icstilt , nnil to-day tlio re
sult of these conferences wns mndo known
when Mr. Willis , of Kentucky , offered n now
bill , similar to that which the committee on
education hns resolved to strangle. Mr. Wil
lis asked the house to refer this bill to the
committee on labor , and the house so re
solved to lofer It by aolo of WO to 115. Mr.
Willis piofesses to see In this vote nn Indica
tion that the bill will pass , lint there were
so many considerations which led np to
the icsnlt thnt it Is difficult to see whcic-
tn he hasps his hopes. There Is no
doubt , however , thnt the gentlcmnn liom
Kentucky used his power nschalimnn of the
committee on ilveis and hnrbois with good
effect , and tlmt ho Intimated to several who op
posed him some clays URO that it would bebet-
etr to side with him than to votongalnsthlm.
In fact one man at least who \oted with him
to-day told one of his colleagues that his de-
slic to scenic a good appiopilatlon for 0110
ofthehaibois in his distilct influenced his
course to-day. Aigieat many who acted
with Willis undoubtedly did so because they
desired to have the bill repoited back to the
house in order tlmt It might bo fully dis
cussed nnd parsed or killed on Its met its.
It Is n fact woitliy of notice thnt all the mem
bers of prominence on both sides voted
against him except Ulngluy , Long , Turner
and Hammond , Four members ot the labor
committees were ngalnst Willis , mid all
the members of the committee on ways nnd
cans except four , nnd of the fifteen mem
bers of the committee on appropriations only
live supported him. The bill cannot bo
reached nt thlssesslon unless the rules mo
suspended nnd a dny set npart for considera
tion. Two-thiuls ol the house will be neces
sary to accomplish this. The Iowa nnd Ne
braska members voted ns follows : Messis.
Conger , Henderson nnd Murphy with Willis ;
Mesers. Fuller , Ficdeilck , Holmes , Hall ,
Lyman , Weaver of Nebraska nnd Dorscy of
Nebraska against him. The others weio
absent or pahed.
The announcement this evening that Sec
retary Lnmnr wns caused a lluttcr ot ex
citement in official and political clicks.
With Secretary Manning and Attoincy Gai-
land , this makes three members of the cabinet
III. Secretary Lmnar , It Is well known , is in
very frail health , being woin out , nnd his
deathas alsothntofSecietaryMannlng , would
cause no surprise here nt nny time. The ill
ness of Attorney General Garland Is stated
to be of a nervous character , nnd to bo due to
the Pan EleUlc Telephone agitations.
Tlicie Is a glowing feeling that the cabinet
will soon be partially dissolved , nnd Presi
dent Cle\elnnd Is icportcd not a little wor-
lied over tlie outlook.
Secretary Mnnning continues cheerful , nnd
if a strong will mid good cnro will biing him
out , ho will get well. His physicians and
friends mo simply awaiting the pnssngoof
time and the possibility of another stiolcc.
The longer he escapes It the more probable
nnd rapid his iccoveiy. In fact , his future
depends on tlio next two dnvs. If he should
bo visited by another stioke of apoplexy for
that is tlie diagnosis ol ills case ho has not
one chnnco In n hundred tor liis Hfo. If he
cscnpcs this dieadcd visitation , coed nurs
ing nnd plenty of rest may restore him to
good health. That is the way matters stand
with iclation to his illness. It Is believed
Mnnning will never resume the duties of
seeietaiy of tlm ticasury.
In the supreme court of the United States
to-day n decision was iciideicd In the case of
John W. Hobbs , assignee In bankruptcy of
C. K. Peek , appellant , vs John A. McLean
nnd William Hnrmon , appellees , liom the
circuit couit of the United Stntes tor the
soiithoin distilct ol Iowa. This is a contro
versy between the nsslgnco In bankinptcy of
Peck. leprcsentlng the general creditors ot
the estate , niimbeiing fifty-three merchants ,
mnnulacturcis , banks mid otheis , with
proven claims aggregating SM.OOO , mid
McLean nnd llaimon lorn lund now In pos
session ot the assignee , amounting to : ! 5OOU.
The couit below dcciecil the lund to llmmon
nnd McLean , complainants , liom which
decice thensslKiico appealed. The supicmo
court of the United States nlllimcd the de
cision of the couit below.
Congiessmmi Minphy ol Iowa Is confident
thnt tlio llonnrplii canal bill will uass. A
canvass hns been made of the house , nnd
dlicct pledges for the bill have been made by
1M membeis. Ho counts upon the votes of at
least 200. The Jlcnnopln hcheino hns been
woiked systematically. The organisation ot
Its promoters wns peilected last sninnicrand
work hns been going lorwmdexerMni'c , The
uiembcrbhln/iniio house wns divided up , nnd
each member lmn been pereonnlly seen nnd
argued with.
TUB cAMrmi.i : < -wn.\viii CONTEST.
Iy ! the house committed on elections It wns
determined to-day thnt mi clfoitBlmll be
mndo on next Monday to ngrce on n repoi t
on the Cnmpbell-Weaver contested election
trom the Sixth lown distilct. No Indication
hns been given ns to what the rcpoit will be.
E. P. Peck of Omaha Is In the city.
John II. ISolnciknnip 1ms been commis
sioned postmaster at Itiuila , lown.
The postolrlco ut Milton , Saundcrs county ,
hns been discontinued. The mall will go to
Ithaca. The postoflico at War Honnct , Sioux
county , hns been discontinued , nnd the mall
will go to Foit Hobinson.
The postoflico sites nt Ncsbit , Koyn Palm
county , Simeon , Cherry county , and nt Tien-
ton , llotehklss county , have been removed
short distances.
Colonel Hendeison mid Mr. Conger Intro
duced In the house to-day thoconcuuunt
resolution of the lown leglslatuio asking foi
liberal nppioprlntlons for a national board of
The house committee ou commerce hns
reported favorably IlepicsentatUo Lymnn's
bill for nbildge ticross the Missouri nt 01
near Council HlulTs.
Nebraska's congiessmcn will pool their
efforts In the direction of securing public
buildings for Nebraska. They will make a
hard light liist tor ono at Hastings , then for
one In tlio third district , and so on.
Senator Mamlerson ocpuplcd the ptr-al-
dent'u chair for n shott time In the senuto
to-daV dining the temporal j1 abbeiico of Sou
ator Sherman.
Open Incentive Sessions Hocclvo a
Slight Forward Impulse.
WASHINGTON , Mnrch 20. Indirectly the
question of open executive sessions received
n slight forward Impulse In the secret session
of the senate this afternoon. A consider-
nblo number of Internal revenue collectors
nominated to placesIcrcatcil by suspensions
were confirmed , nnd mnong the number wns
[ he collector ot Intcrnnl revenue for the dis
trict ot Vermont , Senator Morrlll , who repelled -
polled this case , moved thnt the Injunction
of secrecy bo removed from the leport of the
llnnnco committee us nn net of justice to OK-
Collector Stearns , late collector , nnd the
motion was cnrrlcd. Sherninn then
nskod thnt the s.ime net of justice bo done to
suspended collectors In Ohio. Then someone
ono nsked why not extend the conitesy ro
the entire list ot suspended collectors.
Another asked , "And why not to nil other
suspended officials'.1'1 These "why nots"
were not niiswciccl , but some of the more
conservative senators , without stating nny
objection to tlie proposition , thought the
revolution wns moving too mpldljvnnd to
check It n motion was entered to reconsider
the vote by which Mori ill's motion wns
carried. This put the question over for n
Tiio reports in the Vounont case , which In
Its general leatures Is undeistood to bo sub
stantially like those made In n majority of
internal levoiuie collectors , Is said to declnio
that the committee has teamed from authori
tative soniees that there was no other reason
for the of Stearns than that ho was
n icpubllcnu or for the appointment of his
successor thnn that he was n demoeiat. The
collectors continued nro chiefly in Illinois ,
Pennsylvania , Ohio nnd West Virglnln.
Under tlie present Intcipietntion of tlmiules ,
which nemly nil the senatois mini it is a
wrong ono. their names cannot be made pub
lic until nttcr two moio executive sessions
shall hnvo pnssed.
The Injunction ot secrecy wns removed
from the. conospondenco sent to the sennto
In secret session between the secietnry of
state on one hand mid tliu Chinese minister
nt Washington and tlio American minister nt
China , respectively , on the other , with ie-
gmd to Chinese immigration , The corre
spondence Is voluminous , nml it wns fully
intended that It should be given to the in ess
to-night , hut bv some failure of the machlneiy
of the executive session , 01 some Inadvert
ency , the motion to rcconsldei the motion In
icspect to the Vermont collector was made
to cover tlio Chinese matter as well , and thus
( lie coiiespondenco leinalns locked up.
EJWASHINOTON , Maich V29. After routine
moining business , Mr. Logan's army bill wns
placed bcfoietlic senate. Mr. Logan sent to
the desk and had read a letter fiom General
Sheridan favoring the proposed incicnsc.
Mr. Logan lavored it.
Mr. Plumb opposed It. lie thought It sing
ular that while wo were so thoroughly at
peace a moasuio of this character should bo
intioUiiecd ,
Mr. Dnvvcs fnvoicd the bill.
Mr. Teller saw no necessity fornn inoicasc.
Violence In the states should be put down by
the people of the states.
Mr. Logan defended his position on tlie
bill. As to one ot the arguments advanced
by the senator liom Kansas ( Plumb ) thnt be-
cau o InboieiH weio pooily paid soldieis
should not be better paid than atpiescnr ,
Mr. Lonran thought that a veiy poor argu
ment. It wns very singular that men of
wealth , and bankers rich enough to bo baldly
able to count their money , weio
nhvnvH found to bo the filcnd
of tliovoiklngmon. . [ Laughter In
the galleries. ] This was nil rignt lor the
rich men to do. but when anything was .said
for the woikinginen by those who had the
actual oxpei lenco ot woikingmeii , thnt wns
altogether Improper. It was only the bankets
nnd lich men who weio to hnvo tlio right to
spe.ik lor the worklngmen. I was bi ought
up to labor on a tm m nt C > a month , said Mr.
Logan , nnd when any man insinuates that 1
am not n tiiend of the poor man , it is utterly
Iteferiing to the suggestion thnt nn In-
cicase In the nimy was wanted for show
"lorclicus" Mr Logan icpelled it. People did
not want nny "show" about It. They hnd
"show cfictis" in tlie
mid enough .sennto
[ laughter ) , and while the senatorial ciicus
was on hu did not know nny moio active per-
foniieisthmi tl Ohcnntors who w < > ie opposed
to this bill. [ Ilencwed laughter. ] In con
clusion Mr.Lognn said icpuhlicanism wns be
coming n power the woihl over , nnd tlio
United States should bo picpnted to say to
the liist Kuropean power that attempts a
loothold in Ameilca , Lay on , MacDufl , and
damned bo lie who ( list ciies hold , enough. "
[ Aiiplansu In the galleiies.1
Alter an executive session the senate ad-
joiuncd. _
WASHINGTON , Mmch 2 ! ) . In the house to-
dny the following joint it-solution wns of
fered by Mr. Helmont :
liesolved. Thnt the sum of 5117,713 bo np-
piopilatcd to pay thu Chinese govcinment in
consideration ot looses unhappily sustained
by ccrfaln Clilnc * > o subjects by mob violence ,
nt Hock Springs , Wyoming , bnhl sum being
intended tor dlstilbution mnong the snll'er-
uih nnd their legal ieprcs < Mitatlve- the dlt > -
ctetlon ot tliu government.
Itesolvcd , That further lestiletlon of Chi-
nei'so mid Coolie immigration , if it shall he
found expedient nnd necessary , can bo most
piopcily nccomplishcd by iiiodflicntion ol tliu
existing tientie.s
A bill was intiodticcd by Mr. 11111 to en
able tlu > people of Dakota to form a constitu
tion. Also , to establish thu tcirltory of
noitli Dakota.
A bill was iutioduccd by Mr. Willis of Ken
tucky to aid in the establishment and torn-
pormy suppoit of common schools' . Mr.
Willis moved as nn amendment to lefcr thu
bill to tlm committee on labor.
Mr. Miller moved as nn amendment to i li
fer tint liill to the committee on education.
Lost liritolill.
Mr. Willis' motion wns then nsticed to
lift to llii-whlch lelcrsthc hill to the com-
milieu on labor.
Mr , O'llmn nsked unanimous consent to
otter tor Immediate consideration a picamblu
with inference to tlio lecunt Cnimlton out
rage and n resolution that n committed of live
members bo nppolnU'd by the speaker to In-
vestlgntu thu facts mid rupmt , by hill or other
wise. such measuu's as will check 01 piuvent
in the liituiu wanton mid barbarous deatiuu
tion ot human life.
Mr. ( lagan ot Texas objected m the giotmd
thnt thu subject was ono over which con ie-s
had no power.
The hoitbo then adjourrd.
Judgment For Itotli
WASHINGTON , Mmch lifl. The biipiomc
court of the UjiUed Stntes to-day alliimed
the judgment of The couit of claims In suits
between tlm Union Pnclllc liallioad compiny
nnd the United Stntes growing out of the
chaigca made by the rallioadfoi tt.inspoiting
malls nnd government employes accom
panying them , and on the pmt of thu gov
ernment In refeiencn to Its claim tor live per
cent of the amount of earnings ot the load
under the net of IbM. The couit of claims
decided that the rnllioail company wns entitled -
titled to &iU10lM ! l"r M-ivlces lendcied the
government , nnd thnt the United Stntes on
thuli counter claim wns entitled to recover
S4lSTt > 07 and gave ludirmunt In laver ot tlio
United Stntes lor the dlltciniict . Kiom this
judgment thu United .States appealed.
Senate Confirmations
WASHINGTON , March 2i > . The sennto con-
fumed thu lollowlng nominations to-day ;
Wm. L. Alien of New York , consul guneial
at Homo ; T. Kmncll ol Connecticut ,
consul ut Llveipoul , vlcti Stephen J'ackmd ,
suspended. _
Hccretnry .tlannlnc'ti Condition.
WABIHVION , March W. "Spcit-tni v Man
ning hnd a good night'h lesl , " said Dr. Lin
coln at noon to-dny , "and ho is very much
Improved , though not out ol dancer.1
1 1 i -
Stcinltz tlio Vidlor.
NEW Onj.KANs , Mnrch CD. StOin'tz won
the chess amu ttnLiyu \ \ winning the
match. Tlm came wns played inpldly , nnd
ZuUejioit Mslmied utter vlghU-en moves
each Imil been uiadi\ each playui having
tlihty uiiuutos 111
Tbo Military Force of the Tiuy
nt Work Suppressing Strikes.
The City of ClintIcrol n Vast Military
Camp Citizens Up In Arms to
Resist tlio Hloodthlrsty
1'lllrmcrs ,
llloody Work or Socialistic ) Mot ) .
CiiAm.Kitoi , Mmch SO. Tlio city Is to-day
n vast mllltniy camp , from which flying col- *
limns are operating In all directions' . It l 'f ,
believed now that the worst Is over. Tho'
government hns nutliorlred the peaccnblo In-1"
habitants of the city to arm themselves , muK
to use eveiy means In their power t6
defend their domiciles. Theio is a ,
moio confident feeling. The clvlfl
patrol nnd tioops mo ovei mastering. ) '
Iho rioters. Thomlnoialn the Flcueisnndi , ,
Borinago dlslilel.s hnvo gone oat on a strike
nnd hnvo destroyed the residence of Iho J
mine manager by dynamite. In these dls- '
tricls thcio hnvo nheady been several con-5 <
filets between the strlkeis and troops nniUl
many have been killed on both shle . Ito-1
Intoieements have been sent to thosccnox
fiom Mons. i
Butissm.r.s , Mnrch 20. The ilotors last.
night attacked and burned the potteiy main. '
nlnctoir nt Handler , near Mono , They sue- :
ceeded In resisting the getisd nrmes.who sholr ,
mid killed three of the btilkcrs. The eltl/onsg
of I'lcuers. seven miles noitheast of Chavlo-
iol. have armed themselves with pitchforks , '
clubs mid puns mid have thus far
succeeded In defending their town fiom pll
. lniri . . . . > . . They diovn out an mmv ot ilotursby-i
main force , dispersing It utterly , Vlgllanco
committees nre being ( ormed by the el 11 wns
in other places threatened by the .strlkeis.
The burials of the iloter.s who weio shot by
thu troops are proceedlnir quietly. At Ver-
viers thu socialists mo pivatly enraged bo
enuso of thu eneigctlo action of the military
In siippiessins thodlslmbmices. As nn net
ol lovuiigo they tin eaten to raid the exten
sive cloth \\oiks which mo n conspicuous
llpiito In that town.
MONS , Mmch 21" " . Three hnndied strikers
mndemi ntttek In Mnuemont collieiv to-dny
nnd weio filed upon by troops. The num
ber ot killed nnd wounded Is loin teen.
Cn.vniinot : , Mmch 20. The strikers
stopped woik nt ltc.snl < c colllciies to-dny. ' ,
They were thiiee ordeied to dlfipeise , but
i el used to do so , nnd begnn to throw stones
nt the troops. The latter Hi ed upon the riot
ers , klllinc nnd wounding seventeen. . *
PAIMS Mmch 2 ! ) . Several French newspapers - '
papers accuse Piince Blsmaiek ol having Incited - j
cited tlie liots In Belgium , mid vvmus llcl-M
glum to beware ot him.
BiU'ssni.M , Mmch 20. The mlneis ntAn-
tolug , tlneo miles southeast of Tournnlf'
struck to dny nnd went i lotimr. J'hey Ioiiucd > .i
Into n body nml nmiehed towmds Touinaf ) *
for the puipose of looting the place. Tioopa
sallied out liom thnt place to meet themand
a conflict lollowed , In which many pel sous '
wore wounded. Tlio Milkers nru spieiidlng
in thu coal mining dlstiictsof Boilnage , ami
thoaiithoilties theiu fi'ar tiouble. The mln-
eis in that dlstilet icceive but three dolltus a
week. Several anarchist leaders were ar-
icsted nt Oimlciol to-day.
linrssm.M , March 20. Laicoycr , the leader
of the socialists , has been aitested. It has
been moved that the ilots weio not duo to po- .
lltlcal causes. Ol ninety persons ancstcil '
licreln connection with the disturbances one-
hall mo old convicts of the worst kind. The
entile icscivo lorco hns been enllcd out.
With those additional tioops the mmy will
number 02,003 mun.
Dlts of Information On the E
Political Situation.
LONDON , Mmch 29. Thoio wns n session
of the cabinet this afternoon.
Gladstone ami Lord Hiintington , who was
secietniy for wnr in the last liberal cabinet ,
interchanged communications to-day 10-
gaidlng tlie Inttei's nttitudo towards tlio pio-
mici's pioposcd Irisli policy. It will bo
icmembercd that tlio conservatives at one
time made ovciturcs to Loid llaitliiKtou
looking to a fusion of tlm whigs nnd toiles 111
n now paity that It wns claimed would cnsily
contiol ( lie political situation on any Irish
question , lie , however , though a whig , Is a
.sincere admiier of fJIadslono , nnd has al
ways refused to either lollow or lead nuy
opposition to him , and has never In piactico
can led his ( Hirelings turther than absten
tion Irom support. It Lord Haitingtoa
should either tnko n place in tills cabinet or
openly pioclalm himself as n suppoi'cr ' of
tlie picmlei'H Iilsb ptoposals , his aid would
moio than coiiiitcihalance tlio effects of Mr. '
OhnmbeiIain's .secession.
Mr. Cliambeilaln'n pei.sonnl followers aio
nrcliig him to maKe use ot the National
Liberal federation to discover the views ot
thomajoilty of the libeial paity throiigliaut
( iicat Uiitain towaulsiMr. Gladstone. ' * liisli
] ) ollcy.
At Hirmlncham iiimors are circulated that
II the piescut political crisis icsulls In n new
election Loid liandolph Chuichill and Mr.
Clmmbeilnin will take tlio stump on thohnino
platform. It Is also stated tliatln the snmo
event tlio lliii'iiugliaiu liberals in .lohn
liiight's distilct will leqticst tlmt veneiiiblo
statesman to lethe In tavor of the younger
HmMi.vnuAM , Maich 20. It Is Blnted that
nil tlio membciH icpreseiiling the woiking-
men in the hoiisu of commons oppose Clwin-
bcilain's attitude ! towmd ( jhdstono.
Tliu 1'rotomlonlhtn Tighten Their
Grin on the TImmL of COII I'CH .
Xiw : YOIIK , Mmch 23. [ SpecInlTulemam.J
The Tilbuno's Washinglon special says :
Thtiio Is good lenson to bellovo that the dem
ocratic members ol the ways and me , ins com
mittee me by no means united upon any pto-
crnmmoot tmllf iclorui , The ovcntsof the
last ton days have convinced Mon Ison that n
taillt bill iiamcd by Hewitt and hlniBelt will
never pass tlm house. In casting about for
means to bavn nfiagment tiom the wreck ,
something that will bcivo In the south nnd
west until after tlio congiesslonnl elections
next Inll , .Morrison has fixed his eye on a bill
fiamed by Hewitt nnd Assistant Secretary
Kniichlld to simplify the ndmlnlstinllon of
the customs laws. This measure , known us
"tho ndmlmlstintlon hill , " has boon under
cor.hUlfiatlon'.by aKub-commltlcu for neatly a
week mid about one-half : ot It has been
puhbcd. Ills expected that shortly tlm sub-
committed will ho discharged nnd the bill
taken In hand by the full com.mlttco with a
vlowtou speedy topoit to tlm house. Upon
this bill Moulsou has determined tol'iuten ns
a rider his scheme of taiilV uiforin. llnwltt
iHOppobedto this plan because ho believes
that the it-Mult will bu the saeilllcu of tlio "ail-
mlnlstiiition bill , " the p.xs agu ol which hu la
Piixlou tosccme.
AsHcnildy I'l'occcdln ts ,
li. < MOIMS : , louaMaioli S'.i. Tha ten-
ate spent the gieater pnitof the session on
the geneial nppiopihitlnn bill * , gianting the
lollowlng sums , ns ri-cnmrnendcd by tlio
cninmlttci ; ; l''or the Independence Insane
hospital , 5i51,000 ; tor thfi dent and dumb ln >
hi i tutu , l-l./0 ; inr I lin u ilcultmnl rolh-go.
g5Koa ; for the blind collect ! , SlO.-iW ; j0 tluj
nnimnl schools , S' ' .i'iO ,
In the h'm ' e the bill picihlhiting mairia c1)
that coii,1114vai : dulcatcd i > u Hiu
thlid leiidlng. A k'gali/.lngatt roi thtoidl ) >
nances of ijowihVcbitir ; : county , was
passed , The hinsi ( ( [ 'uiit ' llie nCteinouu oil
Iho bi'iiHtu hill piovldiug ffirth" flection xnd
comjiciunllni ) of tcmnty iittontc ) s Tim bill
allows the board iif snpe.-vltoi * to Ur. < uui9 ,
langlng liom iaw to bl/,00. Ttin bill was
parsed. !
A Huln KS
PEOISIA , MKrciis1. ! * Suhnolly <
insets ,