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    8 TBOil'OMAHA DTAlJUi : BEE , TI1TJKS DA SEARCH 11 * 1836.
elting and Hose
And every variety of materials for
Steam and Gas Fitters and Plumbers , Ele
vators and Factories.
© m-d. St. ,
Tlio Delicacies Now Obtainable In tlio
Jjociil Marts 1'rlccs nntl Varieties.
White fish and trout soiling for 15conls
u pound , uru toothsome food at present.
Fresh codfish is to be purchased for 15
cents a pound , \vlnlo luilibut steaks
and eels are worth 25 cents : i pound.
Flounders are worth 12J cents a pound.
Fresh mackerel brings 15 cents
apiece. Smelts , are plenty and
ani selling for 12J cents a pound.
SJonncd perch have arrived in sen-
: > n and sell at 12J cunts per pound. Iler-
'rhigs ' are also just in season and are
worth 10 cents a pound. Striped bass
arc so scarce as to bo unquoted. 1'ickcre. .
has just arriving and sell at 10 cents per
pound. Sea perch are worth 12Jc a
pound. Salt codfish tonguus sell for 12
cents a pound.
Oysters , of standard quality and size ,
nro selling at-10 cents a qt. The selects
brmp CO cents a qt. Cans 20 to10 cents ,
Thorn have been no matonal changes
in the line of meats.
The best cuts of sirloin sell for 15 cents ;
rumps and upper part of round steak at
12 } . Roasting ribs , firm and juicy , can
bo bought from 10 to 12J cents. "Veal is
extremely scarce mid comes high , from
15 to 20 cents , according to the choicencss
of the part. Swept breads can be pur-
cliascu at 25 cents a pair. Corn beet is
selling at from G to 10 cents , according to
cuts. Prime leg of mutton can bo had f or
12i cents ; mutton chops 125 to 15 cents
Ham is worth 121 cents in bulk. 20 cents
sliced. Pork , 10 to 12 } cents. Sausage ,
10 to 12 } cents. Venison , rich and juicy ,
can be purchased for 20 conts.
Chickens are worth 15 cents a pound ,
mallard ducks 70 cents a pair.
Rabbits , dressed , are scarce , but can bo
purchased for 15 cents each.
Butter , from 25 to 85 cents a pound.
The latter price is for the best creamery.
West Point butter , of the finer brand ,
sells for40c. Eggs have iv standard price
of 20 cents a dozen.
New cauliflower js ono of the delica
cies at present obtainable , though scarce ,
selling at from 20 to 35 cents per head.
Onions are selling at SO cents a peck.
Turnips are wortli 20 cents a peck.
Rutabagas 8 cents a pound. Cabbage is
bringinp 1.0 to 15 cents a hoad. New Cal
ifornia cabbage 5 cents a pound Potatoes ,
best varieties , are wortli 05 to 75. Salt
Lake potatoes are selling for 85 cents a
bushel. Sweet potatoes , are 25 cents
for four pounds.
Carrots are worth 25 cents a peek.
Oyster plant soils 4 bunches for a quar
Parsley is sold at 5 cents a bunch.
Parsnins at 25 cents a peck.
Celery sells at 00 cents a dozen. Now
hot-houso radishes 00 cents a do m. Let-
tuuo four heads for a quarter.
Now California oranges from 40
to 00 cents a , do.-.on. .Bana
nas are wortli from 85 to 50 cents
a Raisins can bo had
for from 10 to 85 cents a pound ,
dried currants 10 to 15 cents a pound.
Candied citron is worth 40 cents
a pound. Figs arc worth from 20
to 25 cents a pound , cooking iigs 20 cents
n pound. Cranberries are selling for
from 8 to 15 cents a quart. California
pears are wortli 15 cents a pound. Good
Persian dates are wortli 15 cents a pound ,
anil IJlaok Fard dates 20 cents a pound.
Hickory nuts are worth W ) cants a peck ;
shell barks and hazel nuts are bulling for
75 cents.
The Paving Contract ! ! .
To the Editor of the Bui : . A communi
cation in your issue of 1 DM arch from a
Sun ml urs street property owner , reflect
ing on thu chairman of the committee on
paving and a member of the board of
public works , deserves the following ex
phuiation at our hands :
The gentleman desires the privilege of
paving with Trinidad asphaltum , and
has asked that the city council order tlio
advertising and receiving of bids for this
class of inuU'rial. Wo would respectfully
sttito to tlio gentlemen of paving district
No. 51 , and to all the other paving dis
tricts in the city that them is on nio in
the olllue of the board of public works a
bid from the Harbor AfephallPaving com
pany on two distinct spot-ideations of
thuir own , at a losspriuo porbquaro yard ,
on a live or tun years' guarantee , than
tlmt of Murphy , Cruightom & Co. for
same material ; ami that they have given
their bond in tlio hum of $2,000 that they
will enter into contract to do the work
should the property owners in any ono
district select thuir material , hciieo no
action of tlui council was needed in tlio
matter of Iho petition. If a majority of
the properly owners in any ono paving
distiiut ( lobini a pavement of Trinidad
asphaltum , as per their t > puclal bidsNos.
3 or 3 , wo i > eo no reason why they should
not get it. Respectfully ,
Chairman of Committee on Paving ,
.1. E. llousi : ,
Chairman of Heard of Public Works ,
Tlio IliiJIard Case.
The case of Thomas Mallard , charged
with the murder of Henry Vorpoorton
f last March , will come up in the supreme
court for hearing , on a motion for a new
trial , on March 80. In the mcantimn ,
Jiallurd is growing more and more hope-
( ul , and has changed wonderfully from
the broken-down , dospo-.dcnt man that
ho was MX months go Ills cell is con
stantly filled with books and papers fur
nished him by the kind-hearted ja'.lor.
Police Court Points.
W. M. Wii-ks was lined the usual
amount in police cour * yesterday for
tliT.ukunnoss , I1J3 ttory waste the elU'.ct
tluit ho was aslant driver on the Unit
cd States muil-wagou , and that
he and the driver , disregarding their
duties had taken "just a drink too much. ' '
Itaforc they knew it , they were botli roll
ing drunk , and the mail-wagon was not
driven to the depot , until too late to
throw the mail into the out-going trains.
The driver managed to elude arrest , but
Wicks was less fortunate , and was cap
tured by the police while in a bad state
of intoxication. Yesterday morning ho
fined $5 and costs by Judge Stenberg.
lie was somewhat more fortunate than
the driver himself , who was lined $50 by
the postal authorities for his dereliction.
Sadie McBride was sent up to the
county jail for another thirty days term.
Slip had again been arrebteti for disturb-
injf the peace.
John A. Ramsey , who had been ar
rested for "boating his board bill" was
discharged , as _ there were no grounds for
a criminal action against him.
Fred Pratlon paid a line of { 5 and costs
for intoxication.
How the City's KGVCIIIIO Is Swelled
by Police CourtFinoi.
"There are thirteen proprietors of
gambling establishments and 105 women
of the town who will be called upon to
liny lines into the city tieasury during
month of March , " said Police Judge
Stenberg to a reporter yesterday. "The
amount paid by the gamblers ? It is
$27.05 per month. Formerly there were
only four establishments in the city
which paid a line of this amount , the
other and smaller ones being allowed to
escape with a fine of $12.55. Lately ,
however , I have made the line a uniform
ono of $37.05.
"The numncr of gambling establish
ments appear to have increased since
Mayor Boyd issued his "closed-front
door" order last summer , when there
were but seven houses paying a fine ? "
"No , there are really no more estab
lishments in the city now than there were
then. The fact is that a number of pri
vate poker rooms have been running hero
for some time without paying a fine. The
proprietors of these have been brought to
time , and are now required to pay a
license the same as tlio men who run the
big games. These little poker rooms
catch a good share of the trade nnd there
is no reason why their proprietors should
be exempt. Yes , they are scattered
all over the city , and some of them are
patronized by highly respectable men
who don't care to play at an open board ,
with chances of meeting anybody anil
everybody. There are a few more of
these private joints which maiingc to run
without contributing to the city treasury ,
but it won't bo long before the pro
prietors are brought to grief. " :
White Cedar Piling is better than oak
for bridge or foundation work. It lasts
longer in or out of tlio ground and can
bo furnished and driven for one-third less
cost by D. Sopor & Co. , 1020 Farnam
street , Omaha.
Railway Notes.
The cut in passenger rates has caused
a large increase in the trallic of the
Union Paeilio road , and every morning
and night the west bound trains are
heavily loaded with passengers , a largo
number of whom are of the emigrant
class. Yesterday morning an unusu
ally largo number of passengers
went out on the overland ,
most of them destined to points on the
coast. The latest "turn" of the Union
Pucilio will catch a good many people.
That company now oilers tocarry pas
sengers to Los Angelas , Cal. , via San
Francisco , and return without extra
charge. Heretofore passengers holding
tickets to Los Angclos have been obliged
to pay local faro from Sacramento to San
Frant-ihco and return , if they desired to
visit San Francisco on route to Los An-
J. 11. Green , traveling agent of the
Union Pnoifio returned ye.itorday and tolls
proudly of 452 passengers whom' ho lias
booked for the Pacific slope during the
pafct two weeks. He says that ho deus not
carry the si-alps of his victims at his
bolt lost people might imagine that his
labors as a passenger agent were confined
fcololy to dead heads.
Wanted to exchange for stonk of Hard
ware and general merchandise , 500 acres
of line Thayer county ( Nob.lnnd ) ; live lots
in Genoa ( Neb. ) : good store building
( best corner ) ; good dwelling ( best loca
tion ) in Ehsox ( Iowa ) ; also eighty acres
one-half mile from town of Essex ( Iowa ) ,
seeded in blue grass For further par
ticulars , address John Linderholm , Cen
tral City , Nebraska.
Commercial men take notice G'd Centr'l
Hotel , Kearney , Neb , , has changed hands.
T. C. ISralmmi , Prop.
"Wanted to Die.
A notorious woman named Fannie
Smith , living on Capitol avenue botwen
Ninth and Tenth , concluded that slio
did not care to live any Jongor , and look
a heavy dose of laudanum Tuesday
night. Medical assistance was culled
in , and by hard work the
woman's life was savrd. Yesterday shu was
able to sit up and play cards , and it is
safe to say that she will bo herself again
in a day or two. She has made up hnr
mind to abide in this vale of tcar.sahilo
If alee & Palmer.
That Is Iho linn name of llio gentlemen
about to open a horse market in this city. .
Workmen are busy completing the
building at Fourteenth rind Howard and
will havo. it ready for occupancy about
April 1U.
Alleged Fernery
A warrant was issued yestrcday for tlio
arrest of John L. Standish , who is
charged with defrauding the Cozzens ho
tel. According to tlio blory of the night
clerk of that hostelry , who appeared be
fore Judge Stcnborg yesterday , Standish -
dish came in about 11 o'clock one night
anil presented an order fora night's lodg
ing , signed by Charles Johnson , of the
Union Pacific headquarters. Standish
was accommodated with the best there
was in the house , but a day or two subse
quently it was discovered that ho was an
impostor and that Johnson had never
signed the order. It is also charged that
Standiah has forged a number of other
orders upon business nion about town ,
signing the name of Mr. Johnson to them.
Absolutely Pure.
Tlile powder novorvanos. A mnrvnl ofptirt-
ty , strength nnd wliolesomonoeB. More ccon-
nomlcat than the ordinary kinds , nnd cannot l > c
Bold In competition with tlio multitude of low
test , short weight , n'.um or phosplmto powders.
Sold only In cans. HOYAL BAKING I'OWDEK Co. .
100 Wiill St. . Now York.
OH APRIL ' 1st ,
We will open our
Horse and Me Market
Cor. Howard and 14th Sts. , Omaha , Neb.
With povcral rnrlomlsof Rood stock , nnd will keep
rcnituimll on hiinil u full iiHsortnicnt of DllAPT uud
llOllbES In cur lulu or nt retail.
13th StCor.Capitol Avenue ,
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. McMENANJY. Proprietor.
Vrhuto 1'ractlca
Sixteen jours1 llnsiilial mid
Wulmvu the facilities , nmmrotue mid remedies
for the successful treatment of every form of ills ,
case ruaulriiiK cither mrillcal or surgical treatment ,
mul Imita all locomoaud iuvcetlgatu for themtclvca
or correspond \\ltlun. Long experience in treat-
lilt , ' cafes liy letter enables IIB to treat many cases
BclentlIIcully without Bcelnt ; them.
WItlTK FOU CIUOUIAU on Deformities nnd
Ernccc , Club Feet , Curvatures of the Spine ,
DISEASES of WOMEN , 1'Iles , Tumors , ' Cancers.
Catarrh , lironcliltls , Inhalation , Electricity , rural ,
yels , I.'pllciiey , Kidney , Eye , Knr , Skin , Ulood and
all Mirglcal operations.
Hut lories , J nliulern , Timers , Trusses , and
nil Ulnds of Medical and Surgical Appliances , man
ufactured and for vulu.
The only reliable Medical Institute making
Private , Special $ Nervous Diseases
rA Bl'fcCIAI/l'Y.
from whatever cause produced , successfully treated.
Wo can remove Syphllltlo poison from the system
without mercury ,
New restorative treatment for lots of vital power.
Call and consult us or send name and poet.ofllco
address plainly written er.closo statnp , uud wo
will send ion. In plain wrapper , our
SEMINAL WCAKNESS , BrcsuATonniintA Iin'oiuN.
cr , bvi'iuus. UoNomuiLKA , GLCET , YAUICOCELK ,
UiiiNAnv ORQAMS , or tend history of your case for
an opinion ,
rersous unable to \ Ult ns may bo treated at their
homes , by correspondence. Medicines and luttru-
raenU scut by mill or cxprcus 8UCUUELY 1'ACK.
IJI ) FitOM OIlShUVATIUN , no marks to Indicate
contents or sender. One personal Interview pre
ferred if con\cQlent. Fifty rooms for the accom
modation of patients. Hoard and attendance at
reasonable pitces. Address all Letters to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute.
Cor. 13th St. and Caoltol Ave. . OMAHA. NF.B. '
OQico , Cor. HlU und Kiirnum SUeofs , ItobuilO
GfOUCE Buitu > auor witlil' . M.
S. W , Cor , 16th and Farnam.
Has the largest list of property , the
cheaest and best , the easiest terms ;
no matter vhat ? kind of property you
want , by all means examine his list
before purchasing elsewhere ,
In every desirable addition to tlio city. Gen
tlemanly salesmen with bugtjics
A lot on 10th , bptwcen Douglas and Dodge , a
bargain it taken at once.
Foil SAI.I : No. IM. Lot fronting two
streets , two good houses only 0 blocks
from court house , $5,000. Easy terms.
175. Lot 00x184 ; house , 8 rooms ; S. 13th
near Center St. , $3,200 , ; easy terms.
183. Six-room cottage , full lot , line view ,
beautiful location , Shinn's add. , $2,500 ;
G1SV 101111S
203. Two lots in Reed's First add. Four
large houses. Will pay 12 per cent , on
the investment ; $15,000. ,
200. Lot 100x140 , four-room cottage , S.
15th &t. , next to llartumn school , $ .2,600 ,
on monthly payments.
215. East front lot , house 8 rooms , in
block 8 , Ilanscom Place , $3,200 ; easy
218. Full lot , brick house 7 rooms , Ilar-
ncy , near 25th. ? 0,000.
222. I'ir.o location in West Omaha , 7-
room cottage , large barn grounds 201x
124 , comer "on three streets , $0.500.
223. Corner lot on Cnicago bt. , line loca
tion , $0,000.
225. Two full lots , elegant residence
property , furnaces , everything .strictly
first-class , good location , $11,000.
200. Full lot , two cottages , Shinn's add ,
202. Cottage of five rooms , full lot Shulls
add , $ lt'00.
310. Nice lot , cottage 4 rooms , Prospect
Place , $1,500$200 down , $ -JO per month.
339. Two lots on 20th st. , 4 gooil houses ,
$0.500. This is a bargain and a good
841) ) . Half lot on Webster st. Two good
houses , $0,000. ,
352. 1 < nil lot , 2 brick houses , ono irame
house , S. llth St. , $8,500.
358. Full lot , largo houso"on Farnam
street , $8,500.
350. Full lot , 9 room house , furnace , gas ,
water , sewer , Farnam St. ; $10,500.
SCO. Full.otBrick house , Omaha View ,
$1,150. $150 cash , $10 per month.
300. Two full lots , two story liouso , three
miles from postofficc , $800 , $100 down
$10 per month ,
309. Lot 00x213 , two now houses , one 8
rooms , one of 0. A nice place to live
or a good investment. Howard near
20th : $7,500.
870. Elegant residence property on Cap
itol Hill. House of 15 rooms ; $8,000.
390 Lot 00x138 , house 0 rooms. S. llth
St. ; $2,500.
893. Full lot , two story house , 7 rooms ,
fruit trees , barn , etc. Shinn's add ;
399. Two lots , good , 4 room house and
stable. Lowe's add ; $2,000. Easy
411. Elegant residence property 8 room
house , lot 75x140. $7,500. Virginia ave
105. Lots on Georgia avo. , between Leav
onworth and Farnam , $1,800 each. Ea
sy terms.
171. Lot facing Hanscoin Park on Park
avc. , $1,000.
170. Nice lot in Ilimpbaugh Place , $1,000.
177. Three nice lots in block fl. Ilanscom
Place , $1,350 to $1,500 each.
183. 132 ft. square cor. , Harucy and 20th
fat. , $20,000
197. Lot , 00x181. 13th st. , near Center ,
204. Lota in Colfaxst. , between Leaven-
worth and Farnam , $2,000 each.
208. Aero lots in llimobaugh's add ; $150
210. Corner Farnam and 28th streets , GGx
132 ; $5,000.
228. Half dozen choice lots in Hanscoin
Place ; $750 and $800 each.
234. Three lots in Marsh's add ; $775 to
$1,250 each.
239. Lot in Clifton Place ; $1,000.
100. Two good lots in Dwight & Lyman's
add. for $750.
258. Mice lot in Denise add. ; $800 ,
207. Lot in Arbor Place ; $100 ; monthly
270. Lot -1 , block 270 : $000.
21. Three nice lots in block20 , Ilanscom
Place ; $750 each. Tonnsjmsy.
i.liOO. .
! 0fl
311. Two lots in Lake's add.$1,175 and
812. Six lots in block 14 , Ilan&com Place ;
$725 to $875 each.
318 , Choice lot in West Cuming add ; $250.
814. Full lot , Howard , St , near 12th ;
830. 100x140 ft. cor , Michigan and Georgia
ave - , $3.000.
835. Eight lots in King's add. ; $550 each.
310. Two nice lots iu Kirk wood : $150
Walnut Hill-Lots $300'to ' $900 each , on
easy terms.
FOR SAU : 10 acres within 3 miles
of the P. O. Nice house , largo
orchard , line location. Only a stone's
throw from Ambler Place where $8,030
per acre is asked. Will sell the 10 acres
at $550 per acre.
Twenty-five acres between Cote Brilliant
and Hyde Park , $150 per acre.
OHCIIAICD HILL .Tho most desirable rosi
tlenco portion of Oniului. The best lo
cation , with a splendid view of tlio
whole city. Prices low and terms easy ,
If you buy a lot before looking at
Orchard Hill you will regret it. It costs
nothing to take a ride out there to ex
amine it. For beautiful residence
eights or for safe investment buy in
Orchard Hill.
BEAUTIFUL aero lots in Belyedorn $300
to $350 each , which will bo worth $1,000 ,
inside of a year.
FOR anything in the real estate line call
on C. E. Mayno.
I HAVE a complete sot of abstracts of
title for .Douglas county.
AiibTKACrs made on short notice and at
reasonable rates ,
MONEY TO LoAtf on real estate at the
. lowest rate of Interest ,
. . ' ' . O. E. MAYNE , " . . .
s Progress
Can bo realized best by ilioso who cnu recall to memory tlio old sites
which hnvo been selected for the magnificent structures recently completed ,
The first selected by the ambitious fathers of our Onto City , for the ercci
tion of a more elaborate temple of justice , and not a stone was left unturned
until their ambition was gratified and they completed the noble and hand-
Which is elevated to that point that its towering eupalo can bo seen for miles
nround , to say nothing of the mechanical skill that is displayed both inside
nnd out , composing designs purely now and original , with points that aro. to any , if neb surpassing all others on the continent. The next step on
foot , was taken to erect an
And the site selected on the northeast corner of loth and Capitol Avenue ,
which stood for many years unoccupied , and was merely a resort 113 a child
ren's playing ground. This most beautiful piece of mechanical skill is strik
ing to the pride of every heart in the Gate City , and well wo can fcol proud
cf this bestowing feature to our city , as it is equal to tliat of any in the larger
cities east. These features show what enterprise can do for a once called
"small western town ; " and now with the site which has recently been the pur
chase of Hon. Win. Paxton , on Farnam street , between 15th and IGth streets ,
adjoining the site of the old court house , with a view to erect his new hotel
which when completed promises to eclipse anything in the hotel line on the
American continent. Mr. Paxton is a worthy citizen and deserves praise for '
the interest he takes in beautifying the city. Last but not least was the es t
tablishing of
Who now occupy 1119 Farnam street , the land mark so long recognized as
the stand of the popular grocers , J. B. French & Co. The Parlors have re
cently completed extensive improvements which beautifies the rooms so that
they are equal to the neatest in the west. The Parlors also deserve credit for
the progress they have made in winning the many hard fought battles of com
petition , and in dressing the people of Omaha with such exquisite taste , and
saving them from 50 to 100 per cent on each purchase. The Parlors are the
gossip of today , and not only a thing of the past. Should you meet a friend
" who appears more neatly clad than the majority of men seen on the streets ! :
him where he buys his clothing , you will find him ready to say ,
Where can be found the leading styles received daily in springfall , and white.
§ 9.80 That was made to order. . . . $20.00 $10.10 That was made to order $35.00
10.00 do do . 23.0 ! ) 18.40 no do . ' . . . . 40.00
12.00 do do . 25.00 20.70 do do 45.00
11.20 'do do . 30.00 21.80 do do 50.00
And many others made in the most exquisites taste , and my suit came from
those quoted in the daily price list of
AT $ 9.70 That was made to order. . . . $20,00 $1(1,80 ( That was mndo to order. . . .fi5.0 :
10.-10 " " " . . . . 22.50 19,0' ) " " " . . . . -10.00
12.00 " " " . . . . 25,00 21,00 . . . . -15.00
15.00 " " " . . . . 30,00 25.00 . . . . 00.01)
And many others as neat as the neatest , together with those beautiful pat
terns and cuts in
S 2,80 That was made to order $ 0.00 S 4,80 That was made to order . $10.00'
3,15 do do 7.00 5.20 : do do . 11.50
U.GO do , do 8.00 0,10 dodo do 18.00
4,00 do -do 9.00 7,40 do do 10.00
It is needless to say that mail can. bo suited both in style and pockctbook
no matter what his tastes may demand , or what the size of his pockctbook is
: . . 1119 FARNAM STREET/V