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Promoted to a Brigadier Two Months in
Advance of Howard ,
Slow AVork on Appropriation Hills
Auliay Sharp Will Get n Boodle
Blalr'H Hill Will Ho De
ft jitctl Notes.
The Hancock Succession.
March 3. ( Special Tele-
l Soon after tlio ilcatli of (
Hancock 1'rcsldciit Cle.veland took up the
papers In tlio case of tlto ni > ] ) olntincntsof
licnorals Hovvaid and Terry to tlielr present
ranks. The president very soon learned that
although Hovvaid's commission as brigadier
general antedates that of General Terry In
Hie ni my register , the latter was really promoted
meted soinu two months befnio tlio former ,
and that tlio commission of General Howard
\\asdated back In oulcr that he might rank
as a brigadier from the date of the snneiidcr
of Savannah , December 21,1SOI , in which ho
took a gallant part It was not done to In-
jmeUcncial Teiry In any manner , btit as a
slmpli ) reward for ( Scncml liovvaid's service.
Senator Sabln and .Mayor Straight iccently
called upon the picsldent In Tony's buhalf
and submiltul these facts to his considera
tion , but leained that the incident had
nhcady posted lilm.-cir upon the lads ,
and they came away convinced thathc would
be eoveined by them In making tlio appoint-
mcnt to siicccedCieneial Hancock. Howard
will without doubt be nominated to succeed
( ieneral Pope when that olllccr rcllios one
" A , week trom next Tuesday , and It Is probable
' that ho will bo ouleml to theroinmand of the
Division of the Atlantic , wlilIeUeiioialTcuy
will bo placed In commandof the Division of
the I'acllle , which Isconsldeied the most Im-
] ioitnnt In mllltaiy clicles. Tim probability
Is that ( Jcneral Tciry will bo confirmed at
once , as the military committee Is known to
favor him. .His appointment gl\es general
satisfaction In army elides.
I : I\Y iy APiMioriuATioN' nir.i.i.
The statesmen who uigcdthochangoln the
inks of the house in order that the appio-
prlallon bi'ls ' might got in earlier aie not
vciy highly gmtllicd with the icsnlt. An
examination ol the journal of the house
shows tlmt the appiopilation bills have not
boon In so backwmda state in n long session
for the past ten years as at the piesent time
under the new inles. Only lonrappiopriation
bills have yet been lepoitcd and no action
had on any of them.
A noom.n ron ABI IY : MIAIU *
rjMr. McKenna , fiom the committee on
claims , will repoit the bill for theietlcfot
Abucv Shativwlth a lecommcndatlon favoi-
able to its passage. Abbey Shall ) is the only
survivor of the Spiiit Lake massacre , In
which , it will bo reniembeied , about folly
persons wpie muulered by the Indians. At
that time she was a child of 14 veais , and her
experiences while in the custody of the In
dians WPIO most filghtliil. The bill elves
1101-82.500 , and will in all piobability pass on
the Hist in Ivuto bill day that shall be i cached ,
Abbey Sharp Is now living atJLako Okoboji ,
It is the general belief iicie that the Blair
educational bill \ \ III bo defeated. Its friends
in thohouse aio fewer than they were a few
months ago , notwithstanding tlie action of
thobcnato to-night. The advocates of the
proposition , who place a picmlnm on
Illiteracy , have found enemies In all sections
of the eountrj , and the members have lately
been flooded with newspapers piotestlng
against It fiom .sections in which Senator
Bhir thought himself the most powerlnl.
The north and west have been paitlciilarly
emphatic in condemning the bill , and the
south Is by no means united In Its Mippoit.
President Cleveland sent to the speaker of
the house of icprcscntativos to-day a bill pio-
paied by the secretary of the inteiior provid
ing for icappraisemcnt and sale of a tract of
land In Nebraska belonging to the Sac and
Fox Indian rcseivatlon. Tlio appiaisemcnt made at 5.10 an acie , which Is found to
boexcessive. The bill just picpaicd gives
the hceietary of the Interior authority to re-
apinalsc the l.uul and sell it to the highest
bidder at not less than the appraised value.
Thopiocccdrt arising liom the sales shall bo
applied to the bunt-lit of tlio tribe.
Mr-Tapper , of Usage , Iowa , who repio-
bents the National Piotectlvo Butter associa
tion , went to Now Yoik to-night to confer
with the committee Interested in the passage
ot the bill to icstiict the saio of bogus butter.
Mr. Tupperbays that ho Is confident that a
bill can bo gotten through which
will not only compel the inannfactuieis
of , and dealeis In , this matenal to brand
their waics , but lie Icels ceitaln that It will
bo possible to seem o an act taxing It at the
rate of ton cents a pound.
The sub-committee on tlio Dawes bill ,
throwing open the Sioux icsei vatlon In
Dakota to bcttlcment , have agieed to i eport the
bill bark to the full committee with some
minor amendments. It will probably como
up In the latter commltteo next Monday or
Tuesday , and It Is the belief of the sub-coin-
mlttoii that it will bo ngiccd to and favorably
lepoitcd to tlio house.
In executive session quite n discussion
nioso over an adverse lepoiton the nomina
tion of the postmaster nt Hamburg , Iowa. The
report was advcrbo as tlio appointment was
imidu to 1111 a vacancy created by suspension.
Then there wore mimeiou.s chaigea agaliibt
the nominee. After n good deal of palaver
the nomination was laid on the table , which
Is equivalent to lejectlon.
A favomble lepoit was to-day made by the
house commUten on ways and menus on the
senate bill to extend the inovisloiis of a poit
of entiy to Omaha.
A. 0 , Pinltnml wife , a well-known cltl/cn
of Tlpton , lovui , uio hcie looking at the
Hem j Hindi and wife of DCS Molnc.s aio
Nebraska's Senior and tlio Howling
British Pup That Bothorn Jllui.
AYABiuxfiTOK , Mmch 3. [ Special. ] Tlio
fact that Senator Van Wjck has been exces
sively aiinojrd by a lot of howling dogs kept
by the attaches of the British legation has
been commented upon by neaily every news-
jtapcr In the countiy. The Benator istlll
bullors tiom thoannojaiice , and is banteied
a good deal on this account by his associates
In the bcnate , Hu was asked the other dav
why ho illd not avail himself of the consti
tutional pilvilego of self-piotection and put
an end to the balking buites with a leaden
h'lllet. Senator Van Wyck , who avpreclates
\ciy thoroughly the POM era of the. foieign
diplomatic corps answered that ho would
si ont ( he dog In n moment , but for the fcai
ll'itt ho would he taken to Kngland for trial
bt'foio the senate udjourncd.
i coNvuruTioN : LAID our ,
The cat' itiu sjiucih of Senator intallb In
ll.nbcnatc.ut ) , In which hu arraigned
those of his conrcrei who arc constantly
thrusting the constitution against almost
every measure which Is proposed , tins been
the subject of a great deal of discussion and
the cause ofery many reminiscences among
congressmen dining the past week. A Now
York member , \\hosenod In the senate of
the Empho state , tells a rather good sloiyon
"Tim" Campbell of New Yoik In this con
nection. Ho "aid that some jcars ace the
Honorable "Tim" had n bill In the Now Yoik
senate which ho was very anxious to have
pr.Sjed. The senator fiom the Twenty-llflh
district arose to oppose the bill on constitu
tional ground * , when Iho Jlon. "Tim , " ad-
drcsslnc him , said : "Will the gentleman
from tlio Tvvcnty-llftli allow mo to ask him a
question ? " Thcptlvllego was granted , and
"Tim"continued : "Pliat has the constitu
tion to do wld n question between frlns ? "
Ills appeal was successful , and amid the
lauijli which followed , the bill passed In splto
of tlio constitution.
sn.vXKii HAD ins nnvnxnr.
The probable lejectlon of the nomination
of Judge Mcilick as one of Iho judges of the
supreme court of tl.o District of Colum
bia calls to mind the cause of his
icmoval fiom the bench some twenty
3 cars ago. Kx-Congiessman Spinner
of New York had been appointed
ticasuier of the United Slates , and lie went
to one of the judges to take the oath of ofllce.
The judge , who was a southcin man and a
hcaity southern sjnipatlilrcr , icfic-ed to
administer the oatli because Spinner
was distasteful to the southcin ele
ment by reason of his abolition
speeches In the house. Upon the refusal to
administer the oath the old gentleman be
came \oiy angiy , and went out saving , "Per
haps theio is nothing in the constitution to
compel you to administer the oath to me ,
and , peihaps , congiess cannot compel yon to
do so , but congiess can put you out of ofllce ,
and 1 will see that It does so. " A bill was
Intiodnccd In the house a few days alter
abolishing the supreme comt of the dlstiict
of Columbia , and among Its wannest advo
cates was Mr. Spinner , who had been
sworn in as United States ticasurcr. The
bill passed , the couit was abolished , and It
was leoigatiUed under a subsequent law by
the appointment of men whose sympathies
weie not .stiong enough to Induce them to 10-
fuse tocai iy out the duties for vv hldi they wei o
appointed. The objection to Judge MenIck
among tlie senators Is that ho Is now so old
that lie will icach the ago of rctiiemcnt
within a vciy few
AVAsntxoTox , March y. The chair laid
bcfoic the senate the ptcsldent's message on
the tic.itmeiit of the Chinese In the west ,
which has alieady been published , if was
ictciicd to tlie committee on foieign icla-
tions. Also a mcss.igo tiom the pie-sldcnt
iclatiiig to tlio payment of the claims of the
Chciokce Indians , and the sale of a tract of
land belonging to the Sac and Fox Indians.
Boleiicd to tlie commltteo on Indian alTalis.
Mr. 5110 picsented a petition fiom the
citi/ens ot New Jciboypiavingfor legislation
for tlie legal piotection of young gills. The
petition , which is on a pi in ted blank , with
the woids "New Jcisoy" wiitten In the body
of the piint , uiges congiess to piovidoex-
emplaiy penalties tor seduction with or with
out promise of marriage , and lor the dclilo-
mcntof tlie poisons of girls , with or without
consent , under the aio of at least eighteen
je.irs , in tlie Distilct ol Columbia and all
other localities under tlio jmlsdlction of con-
gicss. 'Iho petition was icfcircd to tlio com
mittee on the Distilct ot Caluinbia.
Mr. Kvaits presented the petition of the
otllcers and trustees ot the savings banks ot
New Yoiu state , piaylng congress to stop the
coinage of the silver dollar. It was icfeiied
to tlie committee on linance.
Mr. Uiddleberger ottered a resolution ,
which was aciced to , re'iuliing each senatoi
to lepoit to the senate the name of his pi hate
secietaiy. In Intiodiicing the resolution
Mr. Itlddlebergcrsaiit that some men weie
holding tickets of admission to tlio senate
lloor who would not bo admitted to the par
lors of a gentleman's icsldcnce. Such tick
ets weie so Issued to people who received no
pay except admission to tlie senate lloor to
blackmail gentlemen to libel them in their
newspapers. .Mr. Itlddlebcigcr said ho knew
of a case In point. We know what had been
said in the house of lepiesontatlves about
Kails being on the lloor of that lieu c. Ho
asked II It weie peniilssab'o ' for him ( Hlddlo-
bcrger ) to state that while Kads had not
been on tlio lloor of the senate ho bad had
three henchmen theie two ieprc enting re
publican new spapeis and ono a democratic
newspaper whoc.imo to sectno inloimatlon
on which to libel senators. Imaginn having
a ticket to the .senate lloor In the pictended
capacity of private secietary to a senator ,
which senator bad his own BOH as Ids pil\ato
becretaiy , who dicw the pay , while the other
creatuio was compensated by u ticket.
Alter the adoption of the icsolution Mr.
Hoar had It lecunsldeied and amended so as
to have the names sent In to the becielary of
the senate.
The education bill was then taken up , and
Mr. Hairison spoke In advocacy ot the bill
and In opposition to Mr. Allison's amend
An amendment offered by Mr. Hoar to the
amendment of Mr. Allison was tigiecd to ,
piovldlngtlMt Ino.ich state havingscpaiato
whltu and coloieil schools , the money re
ceived by such Ntnto under the bill hliould bo
apportioned and applied in thopiopoitlonot
illiteracy of the two races le.siiectlvely , until
an equal sum per capita shall lia\obecn ap-
propilated fiom national and Mate funds ;
andilcclailng the object of the bill to bo to
.secure equal advantages to all chlldien of
w batovcr color or i ace.
Mr. Kdmnnds then moved a substitute for
the amendment as amended. The substitute
is as tollow.s : "And In each btato and teul-
toiy In which thcrohliall be sopaiate schools
lor white and coloied ehlldiun , the money
paid In such btate or teuitoiy shall bo appoi-
tioned and paid out lor the suppoit ot such
white and coloied schools lespectlvely , In the
piopoitlon that the white and coloied dill-
dten between the age-sol 10 and 21 years in
such state or ten I lory bear to each oilier , as
shown by thi ) census of lbb ( ) . Tlio foiegoing
piovislon shall noteifect the application of a
projici pioportlon of Mild money to the snp-
poit of all common schools wherein no dis
tinction of race or color shall o\Ut. "
Mr. Kdimuuls addressed the senate In sup
port of this amendment.
Mr. Logan bald theie seemed to bo a greater
desire tobe consldeied the champion ot some
kind ot a bill that would bo called an educa-
cation bill than to liiuo ono tlmt would pro
duce the icsult contemplated. He ( Logan )
wab as silicon ) n fi lend of tlio colored race as
nny senator on thu floor. Ho ( Logan ) had
Intioduced two of these education bills In
Ibb * , ono In IbsS , and ono In IhSi , Ho had
appealed bctoro the education committee of
the bcnato In older to make some biigges-
tlons , but soon came to tlio conclusion that
what little hu had to say would luuo no oiled
on tlio mind of tlmt committee. , and
thai the icsiilt would bo what it
over had been that the shrewdness
and bhaipnc.Sb of the men on that committee
fiom south ot the line would get the veiy
ad\antages that by this bill they eventually
had got. Foimeily. Logan said , the colored
people of the .south cnvo leprescntation to
congress and In tha electoral college based on
the ihiee-tiflhs principle , iiowwas It now ?
Tlioiepienentation was based on the whole
number ot colored and white people Acnl-
nied man counted the same a * a white man.
On that principle the southern presenta
tion In thueltvtoi at college and In congress
was enlarged , but to wliat end ? When It
came tootlng when * were the colored
people ? Mississippi had n white voting pop
ulation of iftJ.rjbO and a colored \otlng
population of JSOU70-that is to tai\
about 80,000 majority of colored votes.
How many men voted in Mississippi ? Only
ieo.000 , jn t 10XX , ) more Ilian there weio while
uilci * . Wkat that \oto meant and tliowed
Mr. Logan would not bay. He did uot think ,
however , that It was for want of education thccoloied peoplu abstained from votlntr.
They w tie counted w hencver greater political
power would eomn to thu wl.lte men by
couutlu ; ; them ; tliey wcw not counted as
voters. When election day came no man
said to the colored voter , "Stand up and be
counted. "
The same principle , Mr. Logan continued ,
ran through tide school bill as repotted fiom
the committee. What for ? Kor money. For
whom ? Was it for themselves ? Oh , no : It
was the old story , and uoithcin men had
alwajs been found In congiess willing to
legislate on the coloied man for the benefit
of the while man , If money waste
to bo taken from the ticasnry on
the basis of the coloied race , In God's nanio
let the colored people gel tlielr pioportlon of
It. That was the object of the amendment
proposed bv the senator from Iowa ( Allison ) ,
but the bill would accomplish nothing as It
stood because the amount Was too small.
What was § 7,000,000 the lirst year when dis
tributed around among the states ? At pres
ent In some poitlons of Iho south , school
could not bo kept open more than lour
months. The piovlsfon of the bill would
add \ery little to that- Hence ho ( )
proposed to nmko the llrst ) ear's appropria
tion SIOooo,000 Instead of 87,000,000 , incieas-
Ing the amount each i car for H\e j oars and
then decreasing It , until In ten years tlio
amount evpendeil would bo Siw,000,000. :
This amount was cnonnlitoaccomplish some
thing. Decides his amendments Included a
scpaiate fund of 52,000,000to aid in the build
ing of school houses In sections of country in
which the local community mlghtbe too poor
to stand all the expense ot building. SchoolIng -
Ing could not be got without school houses.
Hut the gcneial government should super
vise this thins In some way , Ho ( Logan )
favoied a commission for tlmt puipo e not
to presetIbe what should be taught , or
to Inteifcie with schools , but to
-co wheio the moimy went to.
Thcic seemed , however , to bo n disposition
to pass the bill w Ithont the amendment , even
If it did no moie good than thiowing money
into H pool. 11 the senatoi from New Hamp
shire ( iilaii ) wanted to analgn him ( Logan )
before either the noitiicin or .southorn people
ple for wanting this amendment , ho could do
so. The time would come , Logan said , when
gicat wilteis , oratois , poets and musicians
would be found belonging to the coloied lace.
We should reach our light hand to these people
ple stiuggllng down in the pit ot daikncss
and despair ; wo should llftthein up and give
them a lair and equal chance.
Mr. Hlalr was willing to accept Mr. Ed
munds' Mibstltutoloi the Allison amendment ,
and it wasagiecd to.
Mr. Dolph moved to amend by providing
that the bill should not take ellect till two-
thiids of the states should accept its piovls-
lons. It was i ejected.
Mr. Doliih called up the yeas and nays on
his amendment , and pending the calls the
senate went Into executive session , and when
tliodoois ic-opeiied adjourned.
AVASIIIXCI TON , Maieli 3. The speaker laid
bcfoio the house the message of the picsldent
on tlio Chinese tioublcs and Itwasicadby
the clerk. It was icfeiied to the commltec
on foreign alTans.
Thowajs and means commltteo lopoitcd
bills extending the provlsiohs of Iho act for
the Immediate tianspoitatlon ot dutiable
goods to the ports ol Omaha , Key West and
Tawaia. Placed on the house calendar.
The committee on agi icttltmo lepoitcd the
bill to establish cxpeuniont sta
tions in connection witli the eolleycs estab
lished In the several states. Keleiied to the
commltteo of the whole.
The committee on expciidlhnes In the In-
tciior dopaitmcnt icpoited back thoiesoltt-
tlon diiectiti ! ; tlmt commltteo to investigate
tlie adminlstiation and cxpcndituies ot the.
pension bineau under the piesent and pievl-
ous administrations , and to asccitaln what
foundation thcro is for the statement in the
annual lepoit of Commissioner Ulack in icf-
cience to paitlsan management and extiava-
gance In that buieau in the teim ot otllcc of
Ills ptedeccssor. Placed on he house calen
dar.In committee of the whole , on the pension
apmopiiation bill , Mr. Howard made a satlil-
caranil lionical speech in reply to that dcliv-
cied by Mr. Hcmleisoii some dajs since , ridi
culing that gentleman's profession of lilend-
ship 101 the south , but expressing his admh-
atlon for ( lie manner in which ho had de
claimed tlio old story which was as veil
known to the country as "The Boy Stood on
the Hnming Deck , " or "Maiy Had a Little
Lamb. " [ Laughter. ]
Alter considerable further debate , pending
fmther action the committee lose.
Mr. Hragg repotted the army appropriation
bill liom the military committee , and it was
icleiied to the committee of the whole.
The house then adjourned.
The Pacific llallroail Debts.
WASIIIXOION , March 3. Stoiey , attoincy
for the Union Pacific lallroad coinpanyniado
a statement to the house committee on Pacific
railroads in icgaid to the indebtedness of
that company. He lavoicu some such pro
vision as was incorporated in tlio Hoar bill
a fixed annual payment to the govcinmcnt.
Instead of vailablo poiccntage. Stoiey
dwelt at length upon the Importance
of bianch lines , saying tlie stocks and bonds
based on them amounted to $30,000,000 cash.
Besides the.-o stocks thu company held a
number ot other secinities that it would bo
willing to tin n over to the goveinmcnt.
Tw ccd , counsel for the Central Pacific mil-
road comnany , also explained to the commit
tee the financial condition of that company.
tlio Pension Ollloo.
WASHINGTON , Match 3. The senate com-
mittecon expenditures of public money met
to-day to make ainingements.lor beginning
its Investigation of the charges by Com
missioner ol Pensions Black in his annual
icpoit to the effect that the pension olllco
had been conducted as a political machine
under the republican adminlstiation. It was
decided tor the piesent at least tlmt the in-
\estimation should be. conducted by the full
committee , instead of delegating the work
to u.sub-committee. Hides go\einlng the ex
amination of witnesses were adopted and It
was agreed thaticncraiiilack ; should be sum
moned to appear betoro tlio committee next
Wednesday as the lirst witness.
Hamburg's Hiispoudcd Postmaster.
AVASIIINOTON , Maich si. The nomination
of the postmaster at Hamburg , Iowa , a "sus
pension" case , was leaclied to-day , and the
papers upon which thu late Incumbent was
suspended were laid betoio the senate ami
read. They weioolumlnous , and the
chaigcs aie said to have been tiiviul In their
natmc. Thu case went o\or.
Senate Hills Introduced.
WASHINGTON , March f ) . Senator Sher
man Inlioduccd tlie following measure In the
senate to-day :
An amendment to the ingcnt dellclency
appropriation bill , appiopilating S'-Kti.uUl to
pay tlio salailcs of postmasteis and late post-
masteis , which have been adjusted and al
lowed under the act of Maich 'J , Ibb3.
Tlio Maokln Case Again.
WASHING-ION , Match 3. Aigument in the
Mackln-Oallagher Chicago election case was
concluded In thesuineme. . court of the United
States to-day. Assistant Attorney General
Jlowiy appealed lor tlio government , and
JudgoShcllabargcr made the closing argu
ment for Mackin and Ciallau'her. A decision
In the case Is not expected for several weeks.
Postmasters Continued.
"WASIIIXOTON , Match 8. The senate made
the following continuations to-day :
Ueoigo H. Paul , postmaster at Milwaukee
( Wib. ) ; Thomas U. Coon , lOatmasterat Kll-
bouinu City ( WIs. ) .
In Aid of Homo Hitlo.
AMIANV. March 3. A grand demonstra
tion was held hero this e\enlng , presided
over by Governor Hill , in aid of the Irish
parliamentary fund. The governor entered
tarty , accompanied by Alexander Sullivan ,
cx-piesldent of the national league of Amer
ica , who made the speech of the evening.
About 32,000 was subscribed by those present
toward the parliamentary fund.
Bodlca Hurucd to Cinders.
UTICA , Jf. Y. , March3. A Irelght train on
the Ontario & Western railroad , which went
through a bridge near Fish Eddy , Delawaie
county , last night , carried down with it two
eonductois and two brukcmcn who weie i id-
Ing In the caboose. Their bodies weie buined
Interest Taken in the Hawko Divorce Suit
at Nebraska City ,
lilac Spring on llio Doom Gold I2x-
cltcmcnt tu Uutler County Judge
Mitchell's Successor Blaze
nt Kearney.
The llnwko Divorce Hnlt.
Nr.nnASKA CrrvNeb. , March a ( Special. ]
Among the 120 cases that will occupy the
attention ot the district court In this city at
Its next setting , which commences on the
COlh of this mouth , none perhaps will draw
more attention than thu ono docketed Wil
liam Hawkos Sadie Haw Ice , application
fordlvoice. The high standing socially and
othciwlsc of the plaintllT's ' foimer ciiclc ,
the lepoitcd dlsinhciltaiiccby tlio father of
the son on account of this maulagc , together
with the prominence of tlio defendant as the
dhoieud wlfi'or oncot Omaha's piomlucnt
meichants , Mr. A. ( Gladstone , all tend to the
diaw Ing of public attention to this now phase
In the life of the two pitndpals In the com
ing suit.
The readers of the Ur.i : have already been
Infoimcd that on Febiuary 3 , lb > 0 , William
Hawkc tiled his petition In the dlstiict comt
of the county , piaylng for a dUoico on the
ground of extieme ciuclly. Since that date
conjcctuio after conjeduic , icpoit followed
by lepoit , have been put ulloat as legaids
what course the defendant would take , some
saying the breach would bo bildged over , while
others ! m\o gl\cn It as their opinion that the
piayer as applied for In the plaintiffs peti-
tlllon would go before the court without any
contest on the pai't of the defendant , but to
day surmises , lepoiis and conjectuies asre-
gaids the action of the defendant received a
check In the tiling of thu defendant's an
swer to said petition fordlvoico In tlio dls
tiict clerk's olllco of tlio county. The answer
conipnses about live pages of legal cap. The
defendant , in answerdenies that she has ever
been guilty ol extiemo ciuelly , or that the
plaintiff has over since tlielr marriage con
ducted himself toward her as a tine and faith
ful husband. The answer then goes on to
chaigo Iho plaint ! ! ! with the excessive use of
Intoxicating liquors , and that his conduct at
such times tended to destioy her peace and
happiness and Impair her bodily health.
"And that tiie said plainlllf had ever since
said man iage gi ossly.crnolly anil wantonly re-
tused and neglected to provide the defendant
with suitable and proper clothing ; that never ,
at any time since said man Iage , has ho given
deloiidant any aitlelo of clothing ; that de
fendant has been forced 1o sew and embroi
der to cam money to puichaso her wealing
appaiel. " Alter ictuting the chaiges
made by plaintift In his petition to
tlio effect that she had at divers
times lefuscd to pieparo his meals for
him , Mis. Hawko concludes her answer as
follows : "That the plalntllf , utterly icgaid-
less of the duties and affections of a husband ,
has lett their home williout any cause or pro
vocation on defendant's pait , and has left
the defendant penniless and homeless , and
without one morsel of food. That she hits'
donated her cntlic time , energy and labor for
the comfort of her husband and the happi
ness of their homo ; that she did the cooking
and washing for their household , and built
the homo files , and waited upon the plaintiff ,
and blacked and polished his boots. Where
fore the said defendant prays that the .said
plaint ! ! ! may recover nothing by his said
suit , but that the said action may bo dis
missed and that said defendant may havs
judgment and her costs In this action most
wrongfully expended. "
Colonel F. P. Ireland will look after the
Intcicsts of the plaintiff , while Hon. John
Matson will appoir for tlio defendant. Pub
lic sentiment seems to bo in the majority on
the side of the defendant. It looks now as
though the case will bo hotly contested.
A Boom on the Smiling Blue.
BLUI : SritiNGS , Neb. , Maich 3. [ Special. ]
An enthusiastic meeting of tlio business
men of Cage county was held In Blue
Springs last night. The Immediate occasion
was the report of a citi/cn's commltteo just
re tinned fiom Omaha , where they have been
for several days in confeienco with the
officials of the Union Pacific railroad , arrang
ing the details for the establishment of a
large flouring mill and several other 1m-
poitant branches of Industrial cnteiprlsc ,
among which may bo enumerated a large
planing mill , sash , blind and door factory ,
loundry and machine shops , etc. , all of which
will bo commenced immediately and pushed
to completion as fast as men , muscle and
money can do it.
Butler Couuty'H Bonanza.
DAVID CITY , Neb. Maich 3 Uutler county
Is all excitement over the repoitedgoldlind In
the bluffs lour miles north of heic. Messrs.
Applcdlck and Itisedorf , the men who own
tlio land , have been workinc ; the bluffs forever
over tlneo months , and It is said that some of
the "oro" has been sent to Omaha lor assay.
The vein opens out at tlio base ot the bluff
and runs In horizontally , the specimens ol
gold beliiK found In a gi.uilto rock , mixed or
layeied with quait . Mr. Appledlck fays the
\eln which ho is now woiking is six feet deep
and lour feet across and has been followed
Into the bluff lor unite a distance.
Bcmnlns at
HASTINGS , Neb. , March ! ! . [ Special Telo-
grain. ] The icnialns of Congressman James
Lalid's brother , A. W. Laird , who was killed
Friday evening near Albiujucique , N. M. ,
weio [ nought heic to-day and will be Intciied
In the Junlata cemetery to-morrow. Con
gressman Laiul airived hcio last evening.
The verdict of the coioner's juiy states that
joung Laird's death was wholly thu result of
nn accident. He had been visiting an Indian
village near thu Atlantic & Paclllo Junction ,
and on leturnlng at nliout 8 o'clock In the
evening , In attempting to board a freight
train whllo in motion missed.his looting ,
and was thrown under tlie wheels.
Judgn Slltcholl'a Successor.
LINCOLN , Neb. , March 3. [ Special Tele
gram. ] Ciov. Dawes to-day appointed M. L ,
Haywood , of Nebraska City , as Judge of the
second judicial district , to till the vacancy
caused by Judtfo Mitchell's death.
Ni'.niiAsicA CITY , Neb , , Maich 3. [ Special
Telegiam. ] It being rumored on thosticets
that M. L. ifoj ward had been appointed to
fill the vacant judge's chair , ( lie HIK lepoitcr
approached that gentleman as to the truth of
thojepoit. Mr , Hay ward stated ho had been
officially notified of his appointment and had
accepted the trust.
Overhaul Their County Hccords.
NEUIIASKA CirvNib. , Maich 3. [ Special
Telegram. ] A large mass meeting was
held hero this evening , at v\hlch
a commltlce of thlity-bix were ap
pointed two delegates fiom each ward
and precinct who are to meet with the
county commissioners on the 10th of this
month for the purpose of considering the
appointment of borne experts to examine the
county's oQidal books for the past teu yeais.
The meeting met In accordance with a call
signed by seventy taxpayers.
Seven Buildings Burned.
KKAIINKY , Neb. , March 3. [ Special Tele
gram. ] Acry destructive fire occurred hero
this morning at 4 o'clock , icsultlng In the
destruction of Iho Amei lean house and six
other frame buildings in tlio same row. The
loss aggregates 510,000 , half covered by in-
suiancc. The heaviest loser Is C. J.Alex
ander , landlord of the hotel , who lost all the
furniture In the hotel. The Iho originated
probably In the oil room of the hotel. The
stocks of goods In the buildings other than
the hotel were saved.
Terry Succeeds Hancock.
WASIIINOTON , March 3. The president
sent the following nominations to the senate. :
Brigadier General Alficd II. Teiry to bo
major general , vko Wlnlleld Scott Hancock ,
decea ed ; Lieutenant Colonel Alexander
Chambers , Twonty-llrst Infantry , to bo col
onel of the Seventh Infantry ; Joslah T.
Child of Missouri , to bo icsldcnt and consul
general of the United States to Slam.
Fatal Ilallrnml Accident.
Fnr.MONT , Neb. , Match.1 ? . Conductor Hall ,
In chaigcof aficlght tialn on the Klkhoui
Valley road , was killed while coupling cars
at Hock Cieck station yestciday. Ills ie-
mains weie brought to this city.
Tlio Sun ItinlstH on Friendship Be
tween ( JlcvRlnud and IHn Cohorts.
Nr.vv YoiiK , March ! ! . [ Special Telegram. ]
The Sun this moinlng prints a long ed-
Itoilal under the heading oP'ThcPicsUtent
and the Democrats , " I'lom which the follow
ing extracts mo made : "The time has come
for plain and honest speech. The hope of
bettering a bad condition of things by patient
forbearance , by appiobatlon for all that
could be appiovcd , and byadesho to avoid
eveiy cause of probable dlillculty , has In
duced the dcmociats to withhold tiuth that
can no longer be piopeily concealed from
public view. Candid consideration of them
may possibly piovldo a lemcdy for the exist
ing evils. A year has passed away since
Cleveland was Inaugmatcd as president
under cheoifnl and oncouiaglng auspices.
Tlio paity was united and the out
look was satlsfactoiy when ho en-
teied the white house. The situation to-day ,
as compaied with what It was on the 4th of
March , 1885 , Is sadly altered. It is not neces
sary to Inquho into the causes which have
biought about this chango. The fact exists
that tlicie Is no coidlal confidence , familiar
communication , or political cohesion between
the piestdent and the democrats In congiess.
They have been drifting apait gradually until
It may be said the line of sepaiatlon between
them has become broad and maikcd. The
piesldent's want of experience In national
atlalrs and his slight acquaintance with
public men , aio doubtless icsponslbie
for some ottho cnois Into which no was un
consciously misled in tlio beginning of Ills
new cares. In a limited redistribution of
pationago the president lias suffered as all
hlsplcdecessorsof late years have sulleicd ,
by either wilful or accidental deception.
Discovery of tills practice made him suspi
cious in other cases , and by slow degiees a
mutual distiust has giown up which now ap
pears as threatening danger to the democ
racy. „
A scries of singular successes In his brief
earcei has undoubtedly pioduccd a belle ! In
the president's mind that his whole course
has been acceptable to the people , and that
however politicians may disagree witli him ,
ho Is always sure of that support. This be-
llet strengthens the sclt-asscrtton which
seems to be natural to his character , and is
liimly and bluntly maintained against
arguments and mild piotestatlons when dlf-
feicnces aio discussed. Hence it is giatity-
ing to know that a confeicncc between ac
credited lead cis and the president will soon
take place , at which the point of disagiee-
ment will be frankly discussed and with
hopes ot-a clearer iiiidcibtaiiding. Whoever
Mauds In the way of haimouy will ceitainly
bo tlio loser in the long run. Tlio dem
ocracy can lorgive much , but ticachery they
will notfoiglve.
The Steamer Saxon From Now Vork
Wrecked In Cnlcos Passage.
HALIFAX , Maich 3. The steamer Beta ,
which arrived today , brought fiom'fuik's
Island the second engineer and several
of the ciew of the steamer Sa\on.
which was wrecked on the even
ing of Febiuary 4 , In Calcos
passage. The steamer was bound fiom Now
York to Cane Haytion with an assoitcd
caigo. On the litth day out she struck on
Ulicli's Lookout reef , and on the following
day broke In two. The liist and second
engineer and lour men took to a boat and
reached the shoie in safety. Another boat , in
which were two of tlio eiew , was swamped
and both men weio di owned. Two otherti of
the crew by the aid ol a plank swam to a
schooner , leaving Captain Wyinan and lour
others on tlio wieck , Ono ot these , the chief
mate , a son of tlio captain , attempted to swim
to land , but became exhausted and was
drowned , Tlio stevvaid became cra/cd and
leaped into tlio sea and was not atteiwatd
seen.High winds and lough water piovented any
attempts at rescue ot the remaining sui-
vivois until Monday , by which time still
another of tlio men had been washed away
and tlio captain , becoming delirious ,
had died. Wlien the weather modciated the
wreck was boaulcd by men fiom the land.
Theie was but ono flieman and the icnialns
of thecaptaln to lemovo tothoshoie. Besides
Captain Wyinan and his son Frank , Second
Mate Poteison , a seaman named Johnson and
two otlieis whoso names are unknown , weio
diovvncd , making the whole number of vic
tims six. The steamer registered 8.K
tons and was owned by Biemer ,
Bennett & Biemer , of London.
The Beta also biought iiom 'Pink's Island
live men belonging to tlio baik Noithein
Otieen of Yainiouth , which was wiecked on
the 15th of Fcbiuary ,
Hupturo Between British > lnsonsand
Tliolr llllnolH Brotlu-on ,
LOXIJON , March a. The Prince of Wales ,
as grand master of the British Fieo Masons.
has withdrawn the patent of appointment
Iromthfl icpiesontativo ot the Giand Lodge
of Kngland at the Guild Lodge of Illinois ,
the latter having hcvciod fiaternal lelations
with tlio KltL'llhh Lodge of Montieal.
LONDON , Match 3. Bra\ton Jllarr of IJI1-
nols , delegate to the Giand I.odiro of Masons
of Kngland , has icblgned.
Churchill Decries Gladstone.
LONDON , Match 3. Loul Itandolph
Churchill spoke at Manchester to-day , lie
sild that Gladstone deluded thu countiy with
false issues. There was an imnciatlvo nece.s-
blty for the establishment ot a Ihltlsh unionist
pat ty , which would nnlto what was beat in
all parties and cieeds.
Winston "Will Shako With Iho Sultan.
CONSTANT INOCI.E , March 3. Winston ,
United States minister to Peisia , will have
an audience with the .Sultan on Friday , and
will leave forTeheian on Saturday.
HU Brother.
William Tucker , a yonn man from
West Virginia , nirivcd in Omaha. 'yes
terday in faoarch of his brother , Thomas
F. Tucker , who came to this city over a
year ago. When last heard from , about
four mouths ago , Ilionms was btill in this
city , ills name , however , jlocs not ap
pear in the city directory , and no trace of
him can be discovered , His brother is at
tlio Kagle hotel and will continue the
search ,
Inllroads Rlotlnc on
Ctitrxoo , III. , March a [ Special Tclo-
pram.J No change In passenger rates to St.
Paul or Council Bluffs was made > esterday
by any lines Interested In that business , but
the opinion picvalls that rates will etgo
considerably lower than they now aio befoio
the war is over. The Uock Island feels rather
sore over the continued efforts ot the St. Paul
and Illinois Central loads to puichaso tick
ets of the Bock Island Issue at scalpers' ofllco
at i educed rates to find a pretext for cutting
rates still further. In older to get even and
piovo that tickets oxer competing Hues aio
being sold at ov en lower tales than the Illinois
Central claimed to have bought
over the Bock Island from scalp
ers , and official of the Bock Island
went the rounds of the scalping offices jcs-
teiday and succeeded In uurohaslng a ticket
over the St. Paul fiom Chicago to St. Paul
forS8.80. St. John ot the Hock Island had
an aflldavlt made by the party pin chasing the
ticket to piovctho genuineness of the Irans-
lion , which he sent to the St. Paul people , to
gether with a note advising them in accoid-
ance with their policy to meet the Bale ot any
ticket sold by the scalpers with a similar rate
over the counters ot tlielr regular offices , they
ought to make at once an open rate to SI.
PaulofS8.50. St. John has not > el decided
whether to adopt the SS.r.0 . late as the basis of
the rate to all points west and noith of SI.
Paul and Council BlulK
It Is gcncially admitted that the present
policy of the loads Inteiested In SU Paul
business is calculated topiolong the Mar In
definitely , and that It would bo far better If
the waning roads would at once reduce rates
to St. Paul or Council Bluffs to about 55 or
less , as this would bring matteis to n focus
and hasten a speedy settlement of the exist
ing dinicul.lcs.
It is stated the St. Paul and Noithwestern
aio now considering tlio advisability of
hoitcninc tlio running time of their
trains between Chicago and St. Paul
from eighteen to fourteen hours. If
this Is done the Bock Island will
have no other , nlteinatlvo left than to
meet the shorter time by its compctitois with
a coircspondlng icductlon of r.ites. Under
these clicumstanccs It Is claimed the only
way out of the existing complications is al
lowing tlio Bock Island adillcientlal late.
This no doubt will bo the ultimate solution
of the problem , but before it is done the St.
Paul and Noithwestern will make a deter
mined effort to bicak up the commission sys
tem which they think is icsponsiblo for the
piesent tionbics. Tlio Bock Island Is so
stiongly In favor of the system that it will
not abandon It without a scvcio struggle.
The Sunset's Earnings' .
Nr.w YOIIK , Maich 3. The Southern Pa
cific company did not begin opciations until
Maich 1. Its fiscal year ended December III ,
IbS" , and the following is the company's
statement for the ten months : Gioss eain-
Ings , S'-4rr3S75 ( ; operating expenses ,
811.fiC9,040 ; net earnings , $ iuOI : ) , , ' > ( l ;
add tlio icntal for leased lines ,
SJir > ,937 ; makes a total ol S13,720lli ( ! ;
deducting fiom this amount the Inteiest on
tlie bonded debt , sinking fund , taxes and all
other expenses 'and chtirgosrSU-40700. ! nmi
construction and Impiovements S"3iy ; ) ,
leaves ancfprolHof S1,7S,4SO. ! ) "The Pacific
system of the company contributed to the
gioss cainlncs above , mentioned $ l7l jii7 , ( ;
to the opeiating expenses , S7i93.5S7 ! : and to
the net eai nings , 5(1,8 ( 1,000.
The Central Traffic Meets.
CnicAflo , March 3. The general ajrcnts of
the passenger dopaitmcnts of the lines mem-
bcis of the Central Trallic association met
to-day and had a dcsultoty Inteiclmngo of
opinion regarding the pi oposcdagi cement of
the new pool. Some slight modifications not
affecting the main points weio agiced to.
Tlio choice of aibitiators was so amended as
to omit Commissioner Fink , tor whom Hugh
Iliddlu was substituted. As hcietoforc , the
Chicago A : Atlantic was not represented.
Another meeting' , In which both the soncral
managcis as well as the general agents shall
participate , will piobably bo held on the
18th lust.
An Agreement at Fifty Off.
CiucAno , Match 3. An Infoimal meeting
of the lines that composed the Pacific Coast
association was held heic to-day. The pics-
cnt dlbtuibed condition of the Transconti
nental freight tiallio was fieely discussed ,
and it was agieed that for the piesent tlio
chief lines .should ad in unison and bill all
freight at CO per rent nil the old tariff. For
some time past they have been engaged In a
sciamblo for freight , each road taking what
It could get and at whatever rates obtainable.
Good Out Tor Canned Goods.
CiiifAOo , March 3. Trans-continental
freight lates fell down to 37 } < f cents on all
classes to-day , where tile foimeriatoon
class was S5. The canned fiuit trade Is In
gicat nwltement at this icmaikablocur. It
Is said that Chicago jobbeis ot gioceiios have
ordcicd Immoiiso lots to bo shipped on tlio
7.K-cent late , and that mailed prices lor
canned fruits will undergo a decided reduc
The Cut Goon Deeper.
Ni'.w Yonic , Maich n. On all giades of
freight lor whlcli the transcontinental tariff
Is SU'iOand upwaid the. Northern and Union
Pacific loads to-day niadoa cut of 50 per cent ;
also , a coirespondln ? icductlon on glides on
which the transcontinental tail It' is less than
Sl.OO. The "Sunset" to-day included In Its
75 per cent rate another SS grade.
Tpylnjj to Form n Poorla Pool.
CHICAGO , Match 3. Tlio lines endeavoring
to f 01 m a Fcorla eastbound ticlghl pool In
connection with the now Chle.iiro eastbound
pool , devoted several hours to Iho eonsldeia-
lion of tlio form ol agicemcnt. Though tint
meeting was haimonious no conclusion was
reached. Adjoin nmcnt was taken until
_ _
Heavy IlnslnosH Failure.
Nr.w YOIIK , M.ucli 3. The Post's spedal
liom Boston says : F. W. Nlekerson & Co. ,
luigo impoitei.s , West India tradeis and com
mission merchants , who have been In busi
ness between forty and ntty years , annouiico
their failure to-day , assigning to Joseph B.
BuRscll.a confidential employe. Liabilities
are SfiOO.OOO diiect. and 3800,000 Indliect , and
their nominal assets aio good. The firm Is
agent of the Boston & .Savannah . Steamship
company , which Is not affected at all , Tlio
Kiisttin steamship linn lunnliiL'to points In
Ihupiovlnccs Is owned In imit bvtlin
firm and is thcrcfoioatledcd by tlio falluio.
The cause of the assignment Is the general
dulliie.-s in business In which Iliu Him is
engaged. The linn is composed of Frank
W. Mckcrson , Allied Nlekeison and 1C I La-
nlak C. Crosby.
A FlrohiiK's AVork.
.v , Kan. , Maieh H , J. C , Grail's
lively stable , Sixth and Commeicial streets ,
burned last night with twenty-two
and fifty vehicles. Loss S.W.OOO ; lus-.iied.
Tim stock of Donald Bro's , diy goods , In the
adjoining building was damaged to the ex-
Kent of frW.fJU ) by watei ; Insuied. Incen
diarism Is suspected.
Murders liy the Apache ? .
TUCSON , Aiir. . March 3. Don Cailos
"Vilosto , editor of Fionleri/o \ , of this city ,
has iceclsed adviu'S fiom .Sonora of the
killing by Apaches , near Eumpae , Monte-
ziinia district , of one American and one
Mexican ; also the woundlngof an American
and a Mexican. The names weie not Jeaincd.
'Iho Indian * also look their houes and
Lively Discussion of the Majority Report
to Impeach tlio Clinton Jurist.
A Dozen Member * Ventilate Their
Idons ou the Subject Kor and
fl Other Specials.
Judge llnyes' Impeachment.
Dr.s MOINKS , Iowa , Match a [ Special
Teleitram.J Tlio house devoted Iho whole of
to-day to an animated debate on the question
of Impeaching Judge Hayc * . The ca o came
tip under a majority lepoit of the judiciary
committee , iccoinnicndlng an Investigation
of the chaigcs against him with a view to
Impeachment. The minority report lecom-
niends dropping the subject without further
action , Alieady It Is appaient that whatever
is done will have to bo done as a paitlsan
measuie. 'Hie commltteo reports were made
on party Hues. The debate to-day as inado
on paity lines , with ono exception , Major
Thompson , n lepnbllcan , opposing the Inves
tigation , but In general none but
republicans favor the Investigation and none
but democrats oppose It. The action of the
democrats Is In strange contrast to their
couisoa month ago. When Auditor Brown ,
n icpnblican , was tinder criticism , they were
ravenous for an Investigation , even though
It lead to impeachment. Now , with a demo
cratic judge undei Hie , they are solidly op
posed to any Innuhy Into ills conduct , and
tight it inch by inch.
Tlio prosecution was led to-day by Bcpic-
sentatlve Weaver of llardln county and the
deienso by Colonel Keatley of Council Bluffs.
Tlio former , In his opening speech , said thera
weio two { impositions which , If true , would
justify impeachment. Fhst , that Jiulgo
Haves conuptly abused the dis
cretion vested in him by as
sessing punishments. Second , that
ho exceeded the jurisdiction of his office. Ho
is cluuged with n coirupt combination with
the district attorney to charge and collect
fees moio than should have been charged.
He Is clmigcd with dlscouixginLr : a plea oE
guilty. I such plea Is given , lie rcnuois
judgment forS100 and costs. Attoinoy lor
the accused objects. Hayes scratches out Iho
judgment. Tlio plea Is cnteicd not guilty.
Nodcfcnso Isoircicd , and a line of S.'i is Im
posed. It is further charged that in eveiy
way possible ho has biought his influ
ence , by leason of his high olllce , to bilnp :
the law Into dlslavor. It becomes Judge
Hayes , If ho believes the law a bail
one , and ought not tobe cnloiced , to fcsljm
his olllco and not use It lor the purpose that ho .
has. He should ticnt the law against selling
Illinois as he would the law against larceny ,
assault and battciy , or any other .statute In
our code. Ho might make the line light for
the fiist offense , but It one should bo aiiested
and biought back time and again , week after
week , ho would bo n strange judge , Indeed ,
who would let him go on Ills own recogniz
ance. Alohas so used his dfcciotion that wo
must believe he has used his power to shield
the criminal Instead of punishing him , and
as such ho should bcanswciablo to the high- tribunal in the hind.
Mr. Kent ley followed Mr. Weaver , saying
that ho rccognl/cd theimpoitaiicenndgravity
of the duty of the house at this stage of the
pioccedlngs. Ho coincided with his oppon
ent ( Weavei ) in totting aside all vnrtlsan
feeling. It has been claimed here , ho con
tinued , that In uiglng the rlghtfnlncss of the
majority lopoit , tlmt theio Is no bound to tlio
rights of this house In detei mining whether j
Hayes should appear befoio the senate and
answer to tlie chaigcs In the memorial. Ha
( Keatley ) stood etlrely : uninfluenced by
any body or peison. Ho had never mcb
Hayes but once , fifteen years ago ,
and knew nothing of tlio charges
until reading the memorial. Ho wanted to
dlschaign his duties In a conscientious man
ner and with that end In view had given the
subject carelul study. He would ask the In
dulgence of tlio house as to time. Tills body
owed it to itself that befoic voting articles of
impeachment to the .senate lo take time for n
most thorough Investigation. Theio Is no
countiy under the sun having a coint of Im
peachment llko our own except among Kn-
glish speaking people , i'ho matter of Im
peachment was not of rapid ijiowtli , but of
slow grow th. Aseailyas 1H13 the Impeach
ment ol public ofliccis was known.
The cntlio afternoon was consumed in thlb
debate , both sides making very earnest'
speeches for and against a luither investiga
tion. At 0 o'clock tlie question was left pcnd.
Ing , Messrs. Ball , Itanck , Cialg and Thorny
son of Linn having spoken against any
1 mther Investigation , and Mcssis. Sloioy ,
Finn , Dobson and Bedmon In laver of It.
Tim house adjoinned with tills as the first
order to-monow morning , when , the dcbato
will be icsumcd.
In the senate tlie Oatch bill to exempt fiom
taxation homesteads to the value of $1,000 wai
laid on the table when up for engrossment.
The commltteo on constitutional amend
ments repotted In favor of unlimited womait
sufliage. A hill was intiodiiccd to foibld
employers liom compelling employes to lake
wages In anj thing else than current lawful
money. _
An IJ\-Banlcer Under Arrest.
Ii:8 : MoiyKf , lown , Maich a. ( Special
Telegiam.J An Odeholt dispatch tajs that
John Wright , a foimer Odcboltbanker , who
failed In the fall of IBs.1 ! , was Indicted by the
gland jury at the piesent lorn of tlio district
comt on a cliaigo of ombc/rUng tlie funds of
1) . 1) ) . Osboino & Co. Deputy Sheriff Myrlclt
was sent to St. Louis w Ith a icrjtilsltlon liom
( lOvciiiorLauabce , whcio hoaucbled Wright
and ai rived at Sao City tills morning with
his prisoner. The accused will piobably glvd
ball for his appearance at the next term
of the district comt. Wright was on trial
last Riimmei nn a slmllai ehaigo piefened by.
another ciedltor , and was acquitted. Hu ban
iccently been canvassing foia.St. Louis Ilfo
insurance agency.
The Hlol ISHIIO Kulsed.
OiTAWA.MaichO. Mr. Laiindiy , of Mont
Magny , has put the folloulii nolle o of a
motion on the older calendar for Friday
next : "TJiatthU house teds it Its duty lo
expiess Us deep regielthat tlie sentence of
death passed upon Loul * Urn ) , convicted ot
high tieason , was allowed to bc > caiiled Into
execution , it Is understood that the motion
l.s bulng made nt the Instigation of ( lie uov-
einment whoaio said to bo coin Hug defeat
on this issue.
The Tjondoii .Socialists.
LONPO.V , Maieli it. Btiins , Ilyndman ,
Williams mid Champion , socialistic leadcit ) ,
were again bcfoio the police comt today ,
and altprfmtherhc.iling weio committed for
trial on Ilinchaiguot indtln ( ho sulijicts of !
tlio queen to riot. Tlio defendants weio per
mitted toturnlsli ball for their appealauce.
"Wrntlier I''or To-dny.
Missouw VAU.IIV ; Cloudy weather ami
local snows ; slightly vvaimer In noithern
pottlon ; btiitionaiy tjinpeiatuiu in soulhuu.
Coughs , Colds iinil Koro-Throal yield
rcadilv to I ) . II. Douglus.s & Sous' Capg ,
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