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Senator Van Wyck's ' Excellent Measure to
Secure tlio Honest Settler ,
Positively HcqulrliiB Confirmation of
nn Kntry Mndo at Any Time
AVIicroNo Kvldonco of Fr.iwl
or Dishonesty Appears.
Senator Van AVyck's Tmnd Bill.
WAHIIINOTON , Feb. 23. [ Speclal Tcle-
g-im.J Senator Van Wjck to-day repoitcd
to the senate1 , fiom the commlttco on public
lands , his bill to confirm entries of lands
herctofoie made under the land laws ot the
United States. "Thu purpose of this nicas-
me , " said .Senator Van W > ck to the Hnr.
eoncspomlent to-day , "Is to bccuio beyond
question cntrks of public lands made by
honest scltlcis dining the administration of
the general land ofllcc by pun ions commis
sioners. Consldcrablo apprehension exists
among Betllcr- * that under the rulings of
Commissioner Spaiks they may bo deprived
of their holdings by reason of the fact that
the founiila they pin. sued may hiuo the effect
of cancelling claims which weie taken in
good faith under the law as liiteiptoted by
foi mcr commissioners. 1 do notbclloNo any
Injustice would bo done an honest scttlei by
Commissioner Sparks , but 1 pioposo to CIJH-
tnll/o ceitalnwell recognized piinclples of
practice Into a law that \\111 place beyond the
possibility of non-conlliinatlon an cutty of
land made In good faith. "
The report ol the committee , as picscntcd
by Senator Van Wyck , is licicwlth given in
lull :
Much anxiety Is natmally produced among
these Intoicsted when congicss changes , ic-
peals , or modifies a law , Icst the proposed
changes will disturb rights ahcady sccuied or
Initiated under the law fought to bo lopealcd
or modified. In Midi cases congress by the
changing or icpcaling act piotocts all lights
recognized under the law cbanged or ic-
So , too , in administration of the laws. Any
change of construction or ruling by the exe-
cutho departments should equally piotect
rights or claims Initiated or begun under the
rules and i emulations In foico at the time the
claim or light oilglimted.
This bill seeks to piotect all entiles ot pub
lic lands subject to entry under the land
laws of the United States , when made in
good faith and without fraud. The law , in
fact , is what the executive department , for
the time being , says and decides It to be.
The cltl/en does not deal with congicss ,
but the ofllccradiiilnlstcilng the law , and ho
is only responsible , and must bo consideied
to have obojcd and conformed to its piovl-
Blons , when ho does what the olliccr In charge
prescribes as being ncccssaiy. The govetn-
ment must bo lesponsiblo when the agent or
olllcer makes the leqiiliemcnts and the cltl-
7cn obeys them ; any othci tulo would bo
absolute Injustice.
Such , also , is the view of the land depait-
ineiit as to the light of the citbon and duty
of the government , as appeals by the letter of
tlio commissioner , made uart ol the icpoit.
Department of the Interior , ( ieneialLand
Ollico , Washington , D. C. , Feb. 11 , IbbO-Sir :
lain In rccilpt , by your icteienco , of a copy
ot scnato bill No. Iil9 ! , "toconihm entries of
lands hcictotoinmado under the laud laws of
the Unlfed States , " and requesting an cx-
piesslon of my views thereon.
The piuposo of the bill appeals to bo to pro-
vldo that wheio entries of land have been allowed -
lowed under i ulings and decisions ot the laud
depaitment in loico at the time , a subse
quent change of ruling shall not bu deemed
to affect the validity or mich foiiuci entiles ,
but that tlio same siiall bo adjudged In the
bamo manner as It the uillngs had not been
Ihavo the honor to Infoimyott that the
principle of the bill is welliecognlzed in tlio
practice and decisions of this ollleo and dc-
jiaitmcnt. It has Ircquontly happened In the
history of the land depaitment thattiillngs
upon vatlous points ha\o fiom time totlmo
been changed , and that entries which have
been doomed permissible at ono pcilodlmo
been deemed not permissible at another
pctlod , and in the same manner entries dis
allowed at ono tlmo have been consideied al
lowable at another time. In bitch cases , how
ever , the gcncial rule of tills ollleo and dc-
paitment has been that a change ot iiiling
does not affect rights acquired or cases de
cided under previous iiilings. This rule Is
subject to necessaiy exceptions and might
not apply to a case where action should lm\o
been taken outside of tlio limitations ot exec
utive authority 01 where wrongs have been
done which It may bo within the powei of
executive alsciutlon to remedy.
The only i tilings made by me , changing
previous rulings made under a different con-
Mructiou of the law In lospect to the admls-
Rihillty of entries upon publlo lands , aie the
following :
I have held , with tlioconcinrcnco of deci
sions by the secretary of the Intei lor , that a
section of land to bo subject to a timber cul-
ttno ontiv must bo "devoid of timber. " Pie-
vlous rulIngH had allowed .such entries to bo
made upon sections not < lo\ old ot timber.
1 ha\u held thatauoison who has made
and pel fected a pio-emptlon claim Is not entitled -
titled under the law to afteiwaids commute
a homestead ontiy , slnco the commutation
ot a homestead Is equivalent to a pio-omp-
tlon , being in iact and In law the change ot a
ImmustiMd ontiy to a pre-emption , and the
pre-emption laws icstilct eveiy pci.son to ono
mc-empllon cntiy. This rule Is now befoio
the beeiotary on appeal for Hind decision.
bhonld my iiiling boalllimcd by him It Is
not expected to aflcct eases In which such
entileseio piovlously allowed.
Thoio is , tlieieloie , no reason why any
person who Incoodlalth madoan entiy In
accoidanco with uilos established ana In
Joicotttthotimoof Ids ontiy , sliould have
any iipmohenslou that his entiy will bo dis
turbed if ho has complied with the law since
theentiy was made , if ho has not compiled
with the law , that , of. course , is another
I do not suppose that it is Intended by the
bill ineseiited to conllim entiles not made in
good tallh , nor these whcieln the laws have
not been compiled with , butsimplv to declaie
valid such entiles as mny ha\o been piopeily
allowed under i tilings anil declMonb as they
existed nt the tlinu the cntiy was made ,
leaving tlio adjudication of all oihci qucs
lions to tlio usual couiso of pioccdure undei
the laws.
1 see no objection to the pioposltlon as
nboui Mated , out icspectfnlly biigirest that the
bill as diawn mny perhaps bo llablo to n
bioador construction. If , thcrofoie , the
senate it , of the opinion that the pioposctl
nieasuuiof legislation Is neeossniy , 1 iecom <
mend that the bill bo amended as Indicated
in the inclosed copy.
copy.WM. . A. J. SPAIIKS ,
Hon. 0. II , VAvWvrK , Commissioner.
United btatcs Senate.
With the amendments Indicated In the
body of the bill the committee recommend
that the same do pass , f Wouls to bo strlcKci ;
out aio enclosed In brackets ; words to bo In
BeiU'dme in Italics. ]
1 Mil to confirm entries of lands
imutettticftvf/icitmtl / lava of the
lie It muctcdbu the Senate nnd House oj
JtcirfiiMHi' < otic / ITnltcil Ktiitcs oj
Amrrkti in Conuicss assanlilal , That an )
unliyo/ public luml wbjcct to cntru hereto
tofoio made under the land laws ot tlu
United Slates , in confoimlty wltli the nilu *
regulations and decisions of the general lam
otiico and the inteilor depvtmcnt at the time
Mich entry was made. iJiaU Ic < KiJiuyt ( ( < Z ( i
the Mime tncntnrr [ is hereby con firmed to tlu
extent and shall bo txjrferted anil proceed tc
patent the samel us it said rules , regulation !
mid decisions had not been reversed or modi
lied : { ' ( Orifice ? , That such entiy must have
been made In good faith , ami no chruees ol
fraud have been made against the same ; ami
in casu any chaigcs ot fraud have been 'iiadc ,
, * ucchnrves [ theyj shall bo ln\cstliattd ; in
Ihc same manner and with the same effect as
If the rules , regulations and decisions under
which tie ! entry was made had not been mod-
Hied or reversed.
The bill was placed on the renato calendar.
Senator Van \Vjck liitcndn to give It earnest
attention , and Is confident of securing Its
early passage.
WASHINGTON , Feb. 23.-Among the bills
reported favorably fiom the committees and
placed on the calendar was one by Mr. Van
Wyck , fiom the committee on public lands ,
toconllrnienhlesot public lands made under
the public land laws of the United States.
Among the bills Introduced and refcircd
vvns 0110 by Mr. Kdiiiunds to facilitate the
admlnlstiatlon of laws in Alaska. Mr.
Kdmtinds explained that persons appointed
to ollico could not give bond in the tcnltory ,
and the bill was Intended to aid such persons
to give bonds In the states from which they
wcic appointed.
Mr. .Moigaii nffeied a preamble and lesoln-
tlon , which , at his icqtiest , woto oidcied
minted and laid on the table lei the pic < icnl.
Tlio ptnposool thu picamblc and lesolutloii
Is to show that the senate judiclaiy commit
tee has not the nutlmiity to atialgn the attoi-
M ey genoial , as it did In Its recent lenoit and
uccompaiiv Ingicsolutloiib 111 iciraid to the
refusal of the attoiney gencial to ti-aiismlt to
the committee ceitaln papcis In icgaut to the
lemoval of an olliccr , which had been asked
lor by that committee. Tlio picamblu sajs ,
leleiring to tlio lecont judiclaiy comiultteo
resolution : It said lesoiutions aio adopted
us being lute upon the tacts and as a matter
of law , they will theieby announce the pie-
judgment of the maioiity ot this body , with
out any dial uccoullng to law , that the attor
ney general ot the United slates is guilty of
and condemned lor wilfully commit
ting an ollcnso In the conduct of
his office , which Is In violation ot his olllclal
duty , and Is subversive ot the fundamental
piinclples of tlio government of the United
States. The iitloiney geneial , It ho has In
fact wilfully committed any offense that Is In
violation of his olllclal dutv.and issubveislvo
ot tlio fundamental pilneiples ot the govern
ment of the United Ktates , Is only amenable
to the condemnation ot the senate when the
senate Is sitting with the clilel justice of the
United States as a coint ot Impeachment to
hear and decide upon aitlcles ot impeach
ment presented by the house of icpiescuta-
Mr. Dolph , from the committee on public
lands , lepoited a lesolutloii calling on tlio
sccictaiyot tlio Interior tor full Intoimatlon
concealing the selection , suivoylng and
p.ttentiiigof the land given In aid of tlio
construction of the Noithem Paciliciailroad.
The lesolutior. was agreed to.
Mi. lloai called up the bill appiopiiatlng
S2oO,000 for the election of a monument In
Washington city to the incmoiy ot Oeneial
All. Plumb thought tlio bill ought not to
pass. Howassuto that ho voiced the wish
of thogicat soldiei whose fame the proposed
monument would commcmoiate , when ho
( Plumb ) said that no such monument was
necessaiy. No monument had been elected ,
or thought necessaiy , to tlio memoiv ol
Lincoln , tionciai Ciiant's fame did not de
pend on a monument.
Mr. Iloai wassuieMr. Plumb was as sin-
ccio as anjbody In his icspcct lor the giea-
memoiy which It v\as pioposcd to commem-
oiate , but , Mr. Hoar said , all civill/ed na
tions honoied their great leadeis by the eiect
tlon ot monuments. Mr. Hoar biiclly but
waimly eulogized the niemoiy of Giant.
This bill , All. Hoarsalu , had tlio suppoit of
our most distinguished volunteei soldier
( alluding to Uenoial Logan ) .
The bill was passed , Mr. Hoar saying that
the committee on libiaiy would consider the
mattei of an appropihuo monument to the
memory ot Lincoln.
On going to the calendar , among the bills
postponed to a later day was the woman suf
frage constitutional amendment , Mr. lilair
saying that although It was a veiy Impoitant
meastnc. It could not bo discussed undei the
llvomlnuto into.
The education bill was then placed befoio
the senate , and Mi. Gray took the lloor in
opposition to the bill.
Alter a shoit executive session the senate
adjourned. _
WASHIXOTON , Feb. 23. On motion of Air.
Forney , the icsolutlon was adopted giantlng
leave to thecappropilatioiis committee to sit
during the sessions of the house.
Air. Moirlson , from the committee on ways
and means , tcpoited a joint lesolution direct
ing the payment of the suiplus in the ticas
uiy on the public debt. Kefeued to the com
mittee of the w hole.
Air. Howllt obtained leave to lilo the views
of the ndnoilty.
The icport which accompanies the joint
icsolutlon says : On January 80 , li&O , as
Miovvn by the official statement of the assets
and liabilities of thotieasuiy of the United
States , theio was In tlio tieasury and In
United States deposltoilcs , Including the
amount held lei redemption of United states
notes and not Including minor liactional sil
ver coin classed as assets not available , the
sum of s < $17y.Cb9bG2.2l $ In excess of all other
liabilities than for the icdcniptlon ol said
United States notes. It is believed that this
Rtini is hugely In excess ol the sum requlied
lor the puiposc for which it is hold , and that
a considerable ) pait tlieicof sliould bo applied
to vim payment ot the interest bearing debt of
tlio United States , now payable , to the end
that public moneys shall bo used to lighten
public burdens and not unnecessary held to
line the agents and lopicsentativcs of the
people into Impiovldent and wasteful c.\-
Air. Weber of New SToik , fiom the commlt-
tcoon lailvvays and canals , lenoited a bill
lp tlio permanent iinpiovomcntof tlio Kilo
and Oswego canals , and to sccino licedom of
the same to. the commeico ol the United
States. Keleircd to the commlttco of the
Mr. Tucker , liom thocommllteco on ju
diciary , icpoited a bill piovldlng that no
poisons will bo hold to answer lor any cilmo
whcrcot the punishment may bo loss of Ufa
or llbeity , except on piescntment on an In
dictment ol a grand jmy , except In cases
ailslng In the land or naval loices , or In the
militia when In actual scivlco In tlmo ot war
or public danger. Placed on the liouso cal
Aih Kllsbury , fiom the committee on In
valid pensions , inpoited u bill gi an ting pen
sions to all invalid holdleis or their widows
or their children who aio dependent on their
dally labor lor support. Ucteired to the
committee of the wholo.
Air , Buchanan , from the conimmlttco on
claimlepoited n bill foi the lellofottho
sinvivoisof the exploring steamer Jeannette ,
and the widows and childien of these who
peilshed in the expedition. Placed on the
pi ivato calendar ,
Tlio Measures Introduced ly tlio I jaw
Mnkcra Yesterday.
WASHING rex , Feb. 2J. Among the bill's
Intioduced In the senate to-day weio the
following :
Uy Senator Wilson of Iowa For a public
building at Foit Dodge ( Iowa ) , It appiO'
pilates 5100,000 for the puiposc.
Uy bcnator Call Providing that in oil
eases of homestead cntiy whom the homo-
Pleader or his widow orchlldien lesldcd upon
and cultivated the land for live yean > patent *
theiefoi shall bo granted although final pioot
was not made within the time icquiicd by
law , and such pi oof may bo made nt any
tlmo and a patent obtained for the same.
Uy Senator Vim Wyck Authori/ing the
use of the piocccds ot the sinking fund flo
ated by the Tlun nun act in theconstiuctlon
ot branch railroads and telegraph lines. II
cicates a boaid , to consist of the secretaiy of
the tieasurv , the sccielaiy of the luterloi and
the president of the Union Pacific and Kan
sas Pacific rallioads , which shall conveit Into
money tlu ) seem Hies now on deposit in the
ttcasury as a sinking fund to pay the maturity
Indebtedness of tliesocoiiiiuinles , anil usathc
same to consttuct branch lailioad and tele
graph lines to connect with the Him of sale !
companies. It piovldcs In detail for the
manner of construction , rates to bochaigcd ,
and tor other matters connected with the
construction and operation of such loads and
lines. _ _
] f you buy linnbc ? anywhere without
fhsogottin < j Hollands pru-.os you will
Mr. Henderson of Iowa Argues a Matter of
Interest to Maimed Veterans.
Citizens of Iowa AYnnt Judicial Boun
daries ClmiiRcd Sioux City hand
Ornnt Porfeltnro Itcportccl
Adversely Notes.
for Pension Tncrcnsc.
WASHINOTON , Feb. 23. [ Special Tele
gram. J Ueprescnlatlvo llcndcison led an
Important discussion before the house com
mittee on Invalid pensions to-day. Hender
son's bill to tncicaso the pensions of those
who have lost an arm or leg Was under con
sideration. 'Ihcio Weio also piescnt lepie-
sentatlvcs of the United Slates Maimed Vet
erans association , who argued for the pas-
saieoftho ; bill , which piovidcs lhat in all
cases vvheie a hand or foot has been loit pen
sions shall bo 535 a month ; wheio a leg Is
amputated at the knee 01 the aim at the elbow
joint , or so neai theieto above or below the
joint as tobo equivalent to amputation at
the knco or elbow joint , S-IO a month ;
where amputations have been made
at the shoulder 01 hip joints , or near enough
theieto to disqualify the soldier from wearing
an aitttieial limb , the pension shall bo S-fli a
month. Within the past month the membeis
of congicsa have been flooded with letters
from maimed soldleis asking for the passage
ol this bill , and It was at this instance that
Colonel Hcndcison a foitniuht ago giiangcd
for a hcaiing to-day. All tlio bills that have
been Intioduced containing these provisions
ask for atiearat'cs fiom 18ro at adecieascd
rate , but upon consultation It was deemed
best not to fcatuio upon the com
mittee , although all recognized the justice
of It.
A laige number of petitions fiom clti/ens
inlei estcd have been lecclvcd by Rcpiesenta-
five Frederick , asking that theie bo a new
division of the uoitheiii judicial district of
the state of Iowa. The petitioners ask that
the boundaiics of the judicial districts In
Iowa may bo so changed that the counties of
Cedar , Johnson and Tama may bo attached
to the J oithcrn district , and that theieupon
a new division may bo cieatcd In the noi th
em district , consisting of the counties oi
Jones , Cedar , Linn , Johnson , Iowa , lionton ,
Tnma , Grundy , Hardiu , Uutler , Brewer , Clln
ton and Blackhawk , and that the place foi
holding cotnts lor said pioposed divisions
shall be Cedar laplds ! , at such times as may
be fixed bylaw. It is icprescnted that all
of the counties named have dlrecl
communication by rail with Ccdai
Ilaplds , which enables the citizens of those
counties to leach Cedar Uaplds in from ono
to three boms time ; that the establishment
of the division proposed would greatly faclll
tate the transaction of business in thoUnitci
States courts for that division , and wouh'
gieatly add to tlio convenience of citizen1
aggiegating 200,000. The pioposed changes
In boundaiics between the northern am
southern dlstiict , they say , would still leave
the greatci pait of the population and bus !
ness ot the state in the sonthcin distiict
The petitions have been rclouedto the housi
committee on judiciary , whcic action will b (
Air. Plumb , fioin tlio committee on public
lands , to-day icpoited with an advcis (
iccommendatlon the bill to resume to the
United States certain lands granted to the
state of Iowa to aid In the construction of ;
lailioad in that 5tate. The lands aie those
granted by act of congress appioved Alay 1ft
1664 , and embraced In the alternate .section :
given to aid Iii the constuiction of a lalhoac
from Sioux City to the noi th line of the state
of Iowa , and now held by the Sioux City A
St. Paul Railroad company. The refusal ol
the commlttco to make a favoiable icpoiton
this bill will bo a gieat disappointment tc
many thousands of lowanswho have repeat
edly petitioned for the forfeltuio of these
E-A member ot the liouso committee on pub
lic buildings and gi omuls said to-day that All
Conger's bill appropriating $150,000 jor the
Impiovomcnt of the DCS Aloines govcinmen
building would probably not bo tcported ,
since the advlsoiy board of the committee
had ictuscd to act upon it. If theie is no re-
poit. of comse it will die in tiio committee
Thcroisa possibility , however , of the bll'
being staked out by its fiicnds. The south
cm clement on this committee is veiy strong
and while small towns , bomo less than 10,000
people , are given money lor buildings , the
noithcrncis aio icfuscd It , no matter \\o\\ \ \ \
good a case they piescnt.
Tim oA5Uiiiii.i-wrAviu : : CASH.
Judge Hants , counsel fortSovomor Camp
bell in the Campbell-Weaver contested elec
tion from the sixth low a district , Infoimee
yourtorrespondent to-day that by airangc
mcnts cnteicd into some time ago the case
should coino up before the commlttco on
elections for aigument on Thursday , bu
that Weaver had not yet filed his hi let. Tlu
aso was theioby delayed. Wewcr hccms to
bo fighting for as long a stay In his seat ai
possible by delaying by all sorts ol subter
fugcs consideration In the committee.
j'ATiiNis TO wisiiiix : : iNvr.Nious.
Patents vvcio to-day Issued to the follow
ing : Joshua O. Benstcr , Duncan ( Neb )
windmill ; John ( i. W. Fleming , Emersoi
( Iowa ) , btovo hood or heat collector ; Uoiace
( , Council lilnilt ; , headscicon ; licorgi
AI. Weeles , Stuait ( Neb ) nnd E. O. Fisher
Atlantic ( leivva ) , plow ; Marquis F. Seeloy
Ficniont ( Neb ) , gialn elevator ; William A
Smith anil J. II. Hughes , Woodlawn ( Neb )
liamo couplings.
Itepiesontatlvo Lyman introduced Into tin
liouso to-day resolutions of the city council
ot Nebraska City , and the board of trade o :
that place , the commissloneis of Otoo county
etc. , in favor of the linpiovomentof the Mis-
souil ilvor in the vicinity ot Nebraska City ,
and on the east side of the tivcr in Iowa a
an expense of 5,000.
Another impetus seems to have been giver
to tlio woman sulliagists In Iowa. To-day i
laigogilst of petitions asking uongicss t <
submit the question to a vote of the peopli
weio presented in the senate by Air. Wilsoi
from the cltUens of Knoxvlllc , Wintcrset
and other places ,
Senator Wilson introduced a bill to-da ;
appiopiiatlng 8100,000 lor a govcinmen'
building at Fort Dodge ( Iowa ) .
Porter Fiedcrick of Iowa and 0 , J. Brovvr
ofNebiaska have been appointed postollici
Inspectoral a salary of § 1,200 a jcar for si :
months and 51,000 , a jcar thereafter , and 81 i
day expenses.
of Whisky Men.
PEOIUA , Feb. 23. A meeting of the whisk ;
pool was held hue to-day. There was a laic
attendance but nothing of Importance w a
deuic , the meeting having adjomned to awai
theuuival of Spellman of the Kntcrprls
ellstllleiy of Pcklu , to whom much ot th
recent trouble in th pool Is attributed
Another session will bo held to-morrow.
AVImttho Home Committee Hns De
cided Upon for Its Itchabtlltatlon.
WASHINGTON , l"eb. 23. The members of
the ho'use committee on naval affairs held an
Informal meeting yesterday , at which the
question of rehabilitation ot the navy was
discussed and an Interchange of views on the
subject was had. So far as can bo learned It
was the unanimous opinion ot those present
that the navy sliould bo reeonstructeel. The
commlttco will merit to-morrow and will
probably agree upon n report which will ! > o
presented to the house without delay.
The recommendations will involve the
expenditure of eight or ten million dollars.
They will recommend the completion of
tbo monitors already begun , and a liberal an-
propilatlon for ; naval ordnance ; they will
advise the construction of fiom fifteen to
twenty torpedo boats , and n laruo expendi
ture for torpedoes , anil w 111 provide for tlio
construction of six or seven steel belted
crulscis of5.003 to O.OOJ tons. These ciniseis
aio to bo the main reliance ol the navy.
Tholrfeatuics arc swlttuessand the power of
their ordnance.
Theio Is n difference of opinion as to
whether this woik should bo done In the navy
yauls by the government or by contract , and
both plans will probably bo given a tiial.
AH ordnance work will bo done in the raids , not all , will be done In Wash
ington. The constuiction ol oulnaneo will
bo almost the exclusive work of tlio Wash
ington yard , and It will bo the aim to have it
thoroughly equipped. The commlttco will
recommend a veiy [ perfect toipedo sjstein.
The boats used are not expensive' , costing
about Si.0,000 . each , ami aio consideied veiy
elle'ctual as a means ol defense. The com
mittee elo not favoi the eonstiuctlon ot heavy
lion-clads , which aio consleleied less seivlee-
ablc than modern last ciulsers armed with
powerful oidnancc.
Tlio Cabinet Considers Promotions.
WASHINGTON , Feb. US. The cabinet meet
ing to day was mainly devoted to the conslel-
cratlou of the general question of promo
tions In the anuv and navy , paitictilarly as
to the wisdom of giving inefctcnco In such
matters to ollicctssoon toboietiieel , and who
in tact aio unlit at the time of promotion for
active service. Tlio geneial sentiment was
adverse to such promotions except in espe
cially meiitoilous cases.
The Suit Against the Telephone.
WAsniNeiroN , Feb. 23. Solicitor General
Geode said to-day that nothing had been
settled w ith regard to the tlmo and place of
filing llio suit against the Bell telephone com
pany. It Is expected the pfocedlngs will bo
instituted bcloio the close ot the piesent
w eck.
A Very Pnvornhlo Showing Presented
by tlio Farmers' Review.
CHICAGO , Feb. 2J. The following crop
suiinuaiy will appear in the Farmeis' Uc-
viovvthis wdckliom the numerous letuins
made by its coiiesnomlents : lletinns from
tlio wlntei wheat fields aio almost uniform-
ally good. They piescnt an outlook very
nearly as lavoiablo as these sent earlv In
18b5 w hen the prospect was exceptionally good
for a large field. The snow has enthely dls-
appcaied fiom the llejels. enabling veiy clear
iindeistandinir as to the condition of the
plant , and liom neaily every county in Ohio ,
Indiana , Michigan , IllinoisAlissomi _ , Ken
tucky and Kansas , it Is ropoited looking
strong and healthy. The utter disappearance
of the snow coveilng , is the only serious
menace now tlueatehlng growing gialn , anel
wltlianotliergeneralifall of snow the out
look could hardly be better than Is piesented
In the icpoits of our correspondents. A pro
longed season ol some cold weather , with
tlio fields still unprotected , would undoubt
edly cause damage which might completely
chang the tenor of the repoits. The latest rn-
poits from California , Oregon and Washing
ton tenitoiy are generally moio lovoiable
than at the same time last year.
. Grain in Sight and Store.
CHICAGO , Feb. 23. The following figures ,
taken from the official statement of the boaid
of traele , show in bushels the amount of gialn
In sight in the United States and Canada on
Febuiary 20 , and the amount of incicase 01
decrease over the preceding week.
Wheat 62,771,787 Dccicasc 700,595
Corn 8,875,071 Increase C.s9bSO . ,
Oats 2,003,223 Increase 128,200
live C91,8'K ' ) Deciease 8,5'JU
Bailey. 1,50 ,853 Decieaso 89,029
The amount in Chicago elevators on the
date named was :
Wheat lUtfi.OGO
Corn. ' . " . 2,751,520
Oats 879,979
Hyo 279,80. !
Bailey. 1 ,2U
Weekly Dry Goods Review.
NEW Yewic , Feb. 23 , Exports for domes
tic cottons lor the past week have been 3,110
package * , and slnco January 1 , .11,038 pack
ages , against 3l,8j for the same tlmo last
year , and l8.CVj7 in IfcSI. In all depaitinents
of commission tiado there has been more
doing , and in icccipts and shipments of
goods there has been moro activity. Cotton
gooels continue veiy strong , and agents aie
not disposed to make conliacts more than
thirty days ahead. Agents have advanced
Naumkcag and Andioscosgin sattecns } { c
The National Eelitorlal Contention
and "What It Is Doing.
CINCINNATI , Feb. 23. The editorial con
vention was in session to day. Piesldcnt
Ucibert made the annual address , urging the
Impoitanco ot giving the association a per
manent basis , and suggested the appointment
of standing committees on ad eitislngand
legislation , and also advocated the adoption
of n professional code ot ethics. This evening
a reception was given by the president ami
OACcutlvo comiultteo nt tlio lUiinet house ,
at which the Floilda delegation caiiicd
off the honors of the evening. They
had bi ought with them from Floiida
a largo lot of oiangos , w ith spiaR and twigs ,
ami when tlio delegates cnteied the pailoi at
half past six thu milt and blanches weio
handsomely arranged on tables , Interspeiswl
with branches of Spanish moss. The Floildu
delegates had , they said , adopted this method
ot showing the country that the recent 10-
noits of heavy damage from cold weather to
Florida oiango groves weie not true.
The coiibtltution comes up for debate to-
moi row , the ooject being to perfect the or-
ganUatlon begun last year at Now Orleans.
The question of lepit'sentation was decided
by allowing nonq to vito ( who were not icgu-
lar rcpioscntatlvca of state associations ,
though visiting Jounallsts ( weio invited to
puitlcipato In thodlsciiPsioii. As to voting ,
the > question vvaa whether a short delegation
wouldbopcimittedto cist the ontlio vote of
a sfato allowance. It was decided to give a
vote only tei the accredited delegates present.
The at avals to-nlzht make the attendance
about 200. _
Our Minister a Gentleman ,
SAN Fii.vjfcibco , Teh. 23. Assoclatcet
press Yokohama private advices state all the
icports chaiglng liK-Governor Hubbaid ,
United Status minister to Japan , with con
duct unbecoming an Ameilcan minister , aio
untrue ; that lie always conducted hlmselt in
Hich manner as to win the eontielenco of the
Japane'so government and the lespect ot his
diplomatic collogues , nnd that his utilities
and high character are recognized by the en
tire foreign community.
A French flagship anlved at Yokohoma
from Nagasaki , where the small-pox Is epi
demic , with a number ot cases ot that dis
ease on board.
Another Panorama Picture.
CHICAGO , Feb. 23. The panoiama paint
ing of Missionary Illdgo , making the third
laigo battle picture open to public view in
Chicago , was disclosed this afternoon. A
great deal of tiiceand expense have been in
volved in the production of the latter woik ,
nnd it Is piotiouuced by critics t one of the
best of the war pictures jet piepaied.
Their Kcport on His Measure for Disposing
of the Treasury Surplus.
Oppose It Because They Relieve It
Will Not Mo Economical for tlio
Government Nor of Admit *
Inge to the Country.
Payment of the Surplus.
WASIIINOTON , Kcb. S3.-Hewitt , icpie-
scntlngtho minority of tlio commlltco on
waj s anil means , to-day submitted a loport
on the .MoriIson bill directing the payment
ol the surplus In the ficasmycvcoodlnirSlOO-
000,000 In liquidation of I lie public debt.
The effect of the icsolutton , says tlio 10-
poit , If enacted Into a law , would bo to ic-
duce the balance in the treasury available
for the payment of the cinicut Indebtedness
nnd lor the icdcmptloii of legal tender notes
to S100OJO,000. It litres no piovlslon for 10-
plcnlshlng thotieasuiy when the available
balance shall fall below 5100,000,000. The
question tlmspiescntcd Is whether , in view
of. the obligations and functions of the
trcasmy us now dolliied by law , the pioposed
limitation on balances now held for meeting
liabilities payable on demand Is prudent and
safe In view of the pledge of the United
States to ledcem all its Indebtedness In coiner
or its equivalent. The undesigned believe
that such limitation would bo uimlsc ,
dangcious , and a arlanco alike with the ex-
peiionco with solvent nations and of
sound financial Institutions. The ordinary
disbursements of the treasury maybe roughly
stated to amount to S1OOJOCO a day. To this
dlsbuiscmcnt it is necessaiytlmtaieasonablo
woiking balance should bo kept on hand , be
cause at times the ctuiunt cxpcndltuics
largely exceed the dally iccelpts. Careful
business lirms usually cany a balance equal
to QUO mouth's ellsbuisemonts. ilcasmed by
this standard r.d ! a lower ono could not
safely bo adopted because ly ! : seciotary ol the
tieasury has no power to make temporary
loans the woiklng balance tn the uoasiuy
should bo about § yo,000000. That this
amount is not too laigewill bo appaicnt from
the fact that in the pension bin can alone
dratts tor $10,000,000 will bo made the first ot
.Maicli , and the amount ot piobablo payment
under tlio ariears act cannot be lixed for any
specific date.
Uutbc'jides thociinont expenditures pro
vided lor by law , the United States has a
totally dibtinet obligation to ptovide lei a
debt payable on demand in the shape
of $340,031,010 or. legal tender notes.
These notes foun about one-half ot
our paper cuucncy. They constitute
the final means ot payment between indi
viduals and ol settlement In all tiansactions
of business. It is absolutely necossaiy ,
therefore that the ability to icdeein these
notes in coin should bo at all times assuied
beyond penuUcntnrc. Tlio only question is
as to tlio amount ot coin which will consti
tute a iiusonablo and adequate icseivc. To
dcteiniine this point wo have no olhei guldo
than usage and experience. In the case of
uolel and silvci ceitllicates , the tre.isuiy keeps
dollar lor dollar , but in the case ot local ten
der notes it has not been usual to have at any
tiuio in the treasury a reseivo In coin exceed
ing one-halt of the whole issue ol such notes.
When sppclop 'mentsweioiesuniudbondi-L
of the United Stales wemsold so as to pio-
vide ft lund amounting to SUo.SOO.OJO m gold
for the purpose of assinlng tlio icduinptloii
of the notes , which , as the l.iw tiien movided ,
wcio toboieduccd by cancellation to feliOO-
( K.0.000. It was ceitainly not consideied sale
to bezln lesumption with less firm a one-
third icserve , and as a mattci oL fact , the
available balance In the ticasuiy amounted
to over 40 per cent. At the piesent time ,
under the practice of the tieasury claimed to
bo In accordance with tlio bank act of lbS3 ,
8100,000.000 In gold coin Is set apait foi the
redemption of leal tondei notes ; being
rather less than 2'J per cent. This leseivo
would bo regarded by bankers as the
minimum amount in an easy money market ,
but if the financial prospect should bo
threatening pntdenco would icqulre that It
should bo cnlaiged and stiongtlieiied. The
piactice of the tioasmy under Secretary
Sherman , who put the losuniptlon act in
opciatlon , was not to allow the reset vo to fall
below 40 per cent , and all tilings consideied
this is probably the smallest amount con
sistent with absolute safety. It this ratio
Should bo adopted the amount of icacno in
coin would bo 5133,000,000. Adding
this amount to the amount hcieto-
fore stated as a reasonable woiking
balance , we have the sum of § 103,000,000 as
the minimum balance which tlio tie.istuy
should cany In oidcr to bo in a condition ol
case and safety. Any other conclusion is at
Vtuianco with the lessons of oxpoilcncenml
the well established tides foi the safe conduct
of business.
The main argument served for Infringing
on this balance must bo a saving ot Interest
on So3OGO,000 , which , alter allowing for the
tax on bank chculatlon , is 'iy nor cent per
annum , amounting to ? 1,700OCO amiuallv.
But it is to bo rcmemboiod that the demand
debt of the United States , lepiescnted by
legal tender notes , bears no interest , and
that the gain in interest between
the total amount nnd the pioper leservo is
ovei HOOJOOO per annum , bo that ( ho KOV-
einment could well alloul the outlay leqniicd
to keep Its nuances. In the stiongest possible
condition , and should ceitainly never approach
preach a point whcioundci tlio law it may
become neocssaiy to sell United States bonds
In older topiesoivDspecle payments. Such a
contingency would not bo an edifying spec
tacle to the people whoso proud boast Is that
within twenty yeais liom the close of the
war it has paid off moio than one-halt of the
public debt and icdiici'd the bunion ot Jntei-
est to one-third Its oilglnnl amount , Cei-
talnly , a policy so humiliating would bo con
demned by the people when ito oflect should
become apparent.
The gicatcstcaio must bo taken not to In-
teifeio with the lloxibllity ot the ouucncy ,
and the only flexible agency lests in the
tieasury , in tlio power now oxpjciscd by the
secu'taiy to inaKocalls lor icdcmptlon of the
nubile debt. Jt Is a giavo question whether
buch power should e\cr bo enti listed to the
goveinmcntorthudlscietlon ol an olllclal.
In all other ronservatho commeicial conn-
tiles It has been conform ! on an Intermediate
agency in direct communication with the
business intoiests of the people. Wo ha\o
no such system , and hence the tirasmy has
been lorced to become a member ol the Now
Ymk clearing house , which Is the linanclal
center ot the exchange of the countiy. The
treasuiy Is thuspiactically engaged In the
banking business , not only tn the issue ol
currency , but in adopting Its opoiatlons to
the general requliemcnts of trade. Dan
gerous as this sjsteut Is , it was the outgiowth
of necessity , and until soim ) other security
besides tlio bonded debt of the United States
is devised for the Issue of bank cm loncy , the
powei toeomo to the relict of the money
nmiketln times ot stringency must icst with
the treasurer.
Onoothei consideration maybe piesented
as a fatal aigumcnt against the reduction of
the tieasury balance to & 100.003,000 in coin as
necessaiyat all times to bo Kept lor the 10-
dcmptlon of legal tender notes. The ability
of speculator to icduco this balance below
§ 100,000,00) by piesontlni. demand notes lor
payment Is obvious , and unless the expedient
oj replacing the amount by the sale ol bonds
bo resorted to , the money maikot can bo so
manipulated as to Impair conhdcnco and
bring about genuial disaster , by which
operatois for a fall would reap abundant
piolit at the expense of the legitimate business
of the countiy.
Tee undersigned , being cleaily of the opin
ion that thopioposeel reduction will neither
be economical as faras thu government is
concerned , nor advantagous to Urn intuiosts
of the country , but in tact extremely dan
gerous In times ofiecunlng btilngpiicloslii
the money market , iccommcnd that it be
laid upon the table.
The report Is signed by Mr , Hewitt ,
Messrs. Heed , Jllscock , Diovvn. and McKinley -
Kinley , while asieelng witli. Mr. Hewitt that
thuie&emitton should not pass , dllTerasto
homo points of his aigumcnt , and -attach the
following to his reports
The umlculirnea dcoiti that 8100,000.050 at
least aio tiucdcU as a suitable security for
the redemption of Icttal tender note * , -
thinks that securities ought not to bo Im
paired , They think that a sufficient working
loscivo for the biiMiicss of the government
ought toboictalncdln the treasury In addition
to the legal tender redemption fund. The bill
pi oposcd by the committee , In our opinion ,
Ignoies these conditions , and In our judg
ment will shako public confidence In I ho sta
bility of our cuncncy In such a way that the
saving otlntciest which the bill will cause
w 111 be but a trillo compared with the injury
TAKEN iou uonaisTiur.vns.
Two Prominent Citizens of N'ellgli Ar
rested on tlio Chargo.
NKUOH , Neb. , Feb. at. ( Special Tele-
prain.l This place was gieatly eveltcd last
inqht by the auest of O. A. Kcklos nnd I * . 11.
Warner on thoohaigoof stealing a team of
horses horn near Plalnvlow. Hoth men are
among the most prominent In town. The
case Is a peculiar ono. ThoclmiRo was pro-
foiled bvW. W. Quhny of 1'J.ilnvlew , who
lormcrly resided hcie. Iloo\\ed the pa < tlt'S
at rested a personal nolo nnsecuicd , and also
ono .seemed on the team alleged to have been
stolen. Qulvoy pald oiio of the notes and ho
claims It was the ono secured bv the moil-
gage , while the other paitlcs claim It was
the unsccuied ono , and with this view of the
case they took the team under the ntoitgatfc.
They were taken to Plalnvlow for trial.
A Itlrtli In a Car licrth.
GKAFTON , Neb. , Feb. at. An Iowa lady
named Mis. Miller gave birth to a itnoghl
baby on the tialn on her way to this city jes-
teiday. Conductor Tom Uyun distinguished
himself In piovldlng for the comforts of the
lady , and tclcguphnd greeting to her hus
band. The mother and child are impiovlng
at rail toad speed. The youngster was appio-
pilalely named Caioltnc.
A BUI to Ornnt n I\\K \ Hnilroael llonun
1'asses Ono House.
CimYnNNi : , \Vjo.Feb.W. [ Special Tele
gram. ] The i ail load county bond bill passed
ono house oftholeglslaluio to-day , and will
undoubtedly pass the other and be signed by
the goveinor In a few days. It giants a sub
sidy equal to 5400,000 In this county to a load
building 100 miles noith and south , piovldlng
tie ! CQinjwny making application file a bond
for 15 per'cent of the lull amount of the sub
sidy asked by It for the faithful completion
of the woik. After the application is made
by the company the people vote on the Ques
tion of giaiitlng It , The Union Pacific ,
Noithwestcm , and Uuillngton & Mlssouil
roads are all supposed to bo after the subsidy.
The bill lengthening the time of residence in
Wjomlug to exeiciso suffrage to sl.x months
was signed by the go\emor to-day. The
central point of Inteiest In Wyoming now is
Foil Fcttennan , on the Platte il\cr , wheio It
Is expected the Xoithwestcrn extension will
icach in six months. Six wholesale houses
of this city are establishing blanch stoics
TUB Fin 13 KCCOKI ) .
Serious Destruction of Business Prop
erty in St. Paul.
ST. PAUL , Feb. 3-1. A liio has just biokc
out In the laigo dry goods sloio opposite the
Pioneer Pi ess ollleo , and thiealcns destina
tion to tlio building. The smoke Is so dense
thothemcn cannot locate the mo.
LATEU The Hie was'rllscoveied to bo In
Manholmei's ' marble block. The lire burned
fiotccly , consuming enormous quantities of
line labiics , which woio also much damaged
bythowatei fiom eight engine1 * . The value
ot the stock is about S'200.000 , with an Insur
ance of pi obably 3100,000. A small amount
of goods weie saved , but His not known how
Fire in the Mlkailo's Land.
SAN FnANcisco , Feb. 23. A destiuctivo
file broke out at Yokohama at 1 o'clock on
thomoining of Fcbruaiy 8 , and destroyed
the Windsor hotel and several sunoundlng
buildings and contents. The total loss Is
about 5100,000 ; Insuiance , 500,000. The hotel
building was insured for 530,000. Many In-
mtitos ot tlio hotel baioly escaped wltli tlieii
lives. United States Consul General Denny ,
who was stopping at Yokohama en louto to
Coiea , was obliged to jump iiom the second
story window but sustained no injiuy.
Tlio Tlircntoncil Shoo Strike Com
menced at Milwaukee.
Mn.wAUKKt : . Feb. 23. About 000 employes
in thesixlaigestboot and shoo facloilcs of
this city went out on a stiike this aftcinoon
because of the icfusal ot the manulaclurcis
to sign the scale of wages as pi enaied by the
lioot and Shoe Makeis' Union. The Miikciu
will bo assisted by the Knights of J.aboi ,
which now lias a mcmbeishlp ol 5.000 In the
Coal Miners GohiK to Work.
MATI-OOX , 111. , Feb.4'J. Thlity coal mincis
losumcd woik ycsteiday morning In the
mines heio and weio not molested. Thoicst
will go to woik to-mouow , the stilko being
ended. The mlneis acknowledge tliomselves
beaten and goto woik mulct the same condi
tions pievalllngbofoio the sniko was made.
Tlio Pennsylvania Given In.
PjMJ.Anr.U'iiiA , Feb. 2.J. The Pennsyl
vania lailioad company , in defeionco to tlio
wishes of Us employes , o.spiesscd tlnough
their grlovanco committee , has decided to
abiogato the compulsory leatuio In its pio-
poscd icllel lund schcine.
Tlio Brakemen's Sti-lko Hndcd.
NEW OnriA.xs : , Feb. 20. The Milking
brnkemen and switchmen on the soutlicin
division of the Illinois Ccntial lalhoad 10-
stimed woik to-day iijion an agiecmunt that
thelt gilovances would bo consideied by the
OCJAN imjASTnus.
Tlirco Vessels Coniplotely Destroyed
in I'aclllu tioaH.
S.VK FHANCISCO , Feb. 23. The facts have
boon leained to-day of n number of disasters
In tlio rfotith Pacific ocean. Tlio schooner
Navigator , which left this cityhuveialiiionths
ago for a ciulso among the Slmoan Islands ,
was Mi tick by a licavy sea , eapMwil and became -
came a total \vlilliilinnnil liom Apia to
Toittillla , two cities In tlio Slmoan Islands ,
'llioeiewandbcven passciiKoi.s weio fia\ed.
The vessel was icceiilly built , and valued at
The schooner Doinmtlla. ciulsing among
tlio Sandwich Islands , wasdlsco\eied bottom
up In the Hawaiian channel , She had on
bonid aeicw of MX and a pass-onuin1 , all ot
Whom are bcllovcd to bo lost. Tim \cssel
was \alued at SO.WK ) ; instneu lor54,000.
January -3 the stuamei Planter , wlillo
bound liom Katial to Nellian , Sandwich
Islands , struck a iccf ne.u the latter phuo
dining a heavy log , and was completely
wiecked. No lives weio lost. The vessel
was \aiuedat 815,000 nnd Insuicd ,
A BaptlHt Boom for Howard.
HOSTOK , M.IS3. . Feb. 23. [ Special Telo-
gram.J At the legular meeting of thu Uap-
tlst niinlstcis Monday , Kuv. Philip S.
Maxom , of the Fiist linptlst rhiiich , bald
that elfoilsaro making to defeat by Iloinaii
CatliolIclnlluencothoappolnJmcntof ( ienciai
Ilowaid to succeed Gcneial Hancock In com
mand of the Dcpaitment of the Kast. A
committed ot three was appointed to con
sider the subject , and a teolutlon adopted
uxpiesslng the desiio of the Uaptlst minis
ters of Jioston that Howaid bo appointed.
A Democrat Cots There.
MIMVAUKUI : , Feb. 23. Kcltnns fiom vari
ous pails ot thu Fifth dlstiict
show J. it. Hiidd ( dcmnciat ) ot ( iieen Day to
lia\o becij elected by a laigo m.ijoilly , us biu--
ccssor to thu late Congiesbiiian
Ohuroliill's ' Hytlropliobio Howl Against Home
Hub Evokw MOJIOUS Comments ,
rnrnell Spcnlcn of It With Contempt
Bovton Follows In Simitar Strain
Clmmbcrlnin Will Not
Talk Homo Itulc.
Churchill's Ornuco Rpecoli ,
Nr.w Yoitu , Feb. S3. ( Speetal Telegram , ]
The Herald's London cabin says : The
principal feature of this morning's picssls
naturally Lord Kandolph Churchill's bold
lilsh speech , which Is leported at length In
Urn toiy organs and to MJIUO lesser extent lu
The Telegraph stionely doubts whether
any le ponslulo politician outlit ; to utter any
thing hinting at the possible necessity oC
civil war.
The toiy Post applauds the speech and
claims that his reception In Ulster Is a slg
nlticant evidence- thu spirit with which
Lngllsh statesmen and lilsh separatists will
have to icckon.
The News blttcily attacks the Inccmllailsiu
of the speech.
The Standaid bewails that the tone of ox-
ttavas.ince and sectanan blttci ness Is detiacl-
Ing fiom the chances of success in the union
ist cause.
LoN'iio.v , l < cb. 23. In an Interview 1'arnell
said : "I do not attach set Ions political 1m-
poitauco to Loid Chuichill's speech at Bel
fast. Ho says his v Islt to Ulster Is likely to
end In smoke , it Is not pencially known the *
proportion of Catholics to Piolestants In
Ulster Is foi ty-nluo to fifty-one. Chuichlll
ho consideied a moat rontemntlblopolitician.
Ho would take elthci side just as suited bin
pmposes at the moment. Ho was vhtually
on the national side and against the Orange
men just betoio taking olllce. Ho was OK-
tiemely with the Oiangeincn
then. His militant orations may bo summed
up In ono woid , "talk. " The Orangemen do
not intend to fight. The last Orange de
monstration lu Ulster pioved this. As soon
as a few Oianucmmi wcio pilckcd with
ba.voncts by a handful ot policemen all the
better , Chuichlll is no moio violent then
was tobo expected. "
Air. Sexton In an Inteivlow said : "Tho
speech lendeied Uinnehlll Impotent to affect
English opinion. Chinchilla position on
tin ) lilsh question Is one ot bad faith.
Everybody know that if the elections made
Salisbtny independent ol tlio Oiango mem-
beis , Chuichill would now have been engaged -
gaged on tlio homo lido bill. Chuichlll now
appeals to the Oiangomen under the delusion
that they would put thotoiles In power by
winning Uiltish sympathy. His speech ,
showedlgnoianioof liisli politics as well as
human natuie. Within living niemoiy men
had been hanged lei lanirna u not moio
tiaitoious than Chuichill's. Within Sexton's
own memoiy men have been sent to pilson
foi Illo lei using such language. ChuielilH
was a political outlaw. It was impossible )
lor him ( o speak foi the niatiuo membeis ot
his pai ty. "
In an Intei view Cliambcilaln said ho felt It
to be Impiopei foi him to discuss home inlo
betoio Ciladstono matincd and piopouuded
hl < scheme.uAlv speeches on the subject , "
ho said , "me well known. 1 see no icason
vcttoab.indon the views 1 o\piosscd In 10-
jfaid to homo iide , alihouuh possibly later In-
loimatlon might eausoa slight nioilllicntlon
ot my views. Attacks by the lilsh members
ot | ) , irliiiment will bo iunoied. Their uttei-
ances , as fai ah they icfei to me , i logiud
with pel feet indilfeieneo. "
Tin1 Dllko clique in the fnelsca llbcial
council aiochaigcd with stealing a maich on
the memheiB In adoptinu : tlio icsolutlon oC
confidence In Sir Chailes DIIKe. The ma- '
Joiity ot the council had no Intimation of tlio
icsolutlon tobo hi ought up. The meeting
convened ostensibly to hear a member read a
papei on liectiado , and only Dllko and his
niends wcio piesent. DHku appealed to the
feelings ot tlio meeting , but gave no good
reason why ho did not go Into the witness
box dining the recent trial. The llbeials Ill-
tend to demand ol Dllko a public statement
if ho did not pack the meeting.
Painoll and Aithui O'Connor have been
nominated to leprcscnt the IMrnellltes on
the piocedmc commlttco ol the liouso ol com
Loid Itoscbciry , foreign seijiclaiy , received
fiom Sir Horace llnmbold , Hiltlsh minister at
Athens , a tclcgiam announcing formal sub-
micsion by tiieece , and stating Picmier Dcly-
annlswill picpaioa protest to the powers
tlmtOieeco submits only to the foiced inenB-
Tlio PoIlHh n\piilNlnn J5II1.
Dniiu.v , Feb. 21) ) . Discussion ol Iho Polish
bill continued In the louei house of thcl'iiis-
slan diet to-day. The bill was opposed by the
Polish deputies and the membeis of the new
Got man libeial and centio parties , while thn ,
conscivatlves and national llbeials snppoitcd
the mcasiiie. Dr. Lucius , mlnistei of do
mains , pointed out that the ihiitycain Pol
ish agitation culminated In a dangciousnnd
thinly oiganl/cd menace , and that It might
take ten yeais to oveieomo this evil to attain
the objects of the bill. The bill was finally
iclciicd to a committee of twenty-one.
Fraudulent Olllcials Ply tlio Country.
CINCINNATI , Feb. 2. ! . JudgeJoebol ( , of the
piobalo couil , to-day aniiounccd his decision
In the Impeachment pioeeedlngs against
Mailin Uiockman and Ficd Heimand , dl-
icctois of thoclty liilinuaiy , clmiged with
making liaitdulcnt vouchcis and various acts
of mnlleasauoo in olllce. Ho found them
cuilty as charged and lemovod them liom
ollice. They sent their resignation to the
mayoi last week and then lied. It bun been
abceitlined that Itiockman went to Canada
and lleimann to Havana. Mayor Smith 10-
luscd to ucceiit their icslgnatlons.
A filap at Jnko Bhnrp.
AI.IIANV , N. Y. , Feb. 23. The ) liouso tonight -
night passe-d a icsoliitlon instinoting tlieat-
toiney goncial of the Mate to take the nec
essaiy slops lo sot aside an < l annul the fran
chise of the liroadway sin face i.tjlioael.
Care for the Children
Clillihcn feel tlio debility of the changing
ecasons , even moio than ailulls , and they bo-
coino cross , peevish , and uncontrollable ,
The blood should bo clcansul and the system
invigorated by the usoof Hood's HarKnparilla.
"Last Bprlbg my two children were vacci
nated. Boon alter , they broke all out with run-
nhu ; sores , to dreadful I thought 1 should liisu
them , llfiod'.s K.irs.ipaillla ( laud them com
pletely ! and they have healthy over
rlncc. I do fit ! lhat Hood's KarMparim
raved my clillilicn to me , " Mit3. U , L.
V/ci > \\'arrcn t \ ,
Purify the Blood - ,
Hood's Kirsipirllla U rhai.icteilml l > y
tlirco pecullaiHlcs' ; let , the cointitiiullon ot
remedial agents ; 2d , tlio proportion ; 3d , Ilio 1
yrocesi of s-ccinlnt' the atllvo medicinal
fmallties. Thoicsult Isaincellthioof ui.usual
ttrcngtli , cffcftlns ttucs Mthcito imlcnown.
Head for book contalnlnn' adJltloiul tv lettnce ,
"Hood's Haik.iparllli tones up my sjKtcis ,
ptnifleii m > iilood , Minipf us my nmnitliu , nd
reeins to mike mo in ei " .1. V , Tjioursox ,
s , J.owe II , Majj.
' "Hood's Hnnapaillla boats all other * , and
Is worth Its weight lu fold. " I , lUliii.NOTO > f ,
130 Uank btrcct , Ni-w Voi k City.
Hood's Sarsaparilia
Hold by nil druggist * . $1 ; MX for J3. Made
only by 0.1 , HOOD it CO. , Lowell , Muss , t 1
fOO DOGOG Ono Dollar * ,