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Measures Introduced in the House By Mom-
bcra From the Hawkeye State-
The "Work Done LJy Ncbrnskn nnd
Iowa Sciuitr > r.-t An Exnmlnlu
Hoard ol'StifKColiH Appointed
Tor Council ItlitlTs.
-louse Measures Uy lown Mouthers.
WASIIINOTOX , Feb. 15. [ .Special Tele
gram. ] Iowa members Introduced bills In
the house tmlay as follows :
By Mr. Frederick Providing that all per
sons manufacturing , celling , or offering for
Hale , any substitute ) or Imitation of butter
or cheese other than that manufactured
wholly out of pure milk or cream , shall pay
an Internal revenue tax'tlierion of not less
than live cents n pound , and all packages con
taining such substitute or Imitation shall be
stamped ns nrovlded for by the Internal rev
enue laws of tlio United Stato.i. ( Senator
Allison to-dny Introduced a similar bill In the
senate ) .
By Mr. Conger Donating condemned
ordnance for monumental purposes to the (2. (
A. It. posts of Dallas county ( Iowa ) .
By Mr. Slruble T < 9 peii3ion Joshua L.
By Mr. Weaver To pension Mrs. A. J.
Pope , Whlpplo Handy , liobccca E. Bushy ,
Mrs. Catharine McCarthy , Nathaniel Biavy ,
Clayboum Colllson and Henry Barton.
Mr. Murphy Introduced a memorial to-day
from the bar of Muscatlno county , ( Iowa ) ,
asking for nn Increase of the salaries of
United Slnte ? district judges.
President Cleveland bent to the senate to-
dny a communication from the secretary of
the Interior , stibiulttingn bill prepared by the
commissioner of Indian affairs to amend the
third seel Ion of the act of March ! ! , 1SS5 , pro
viding for the sale of the Sac and Fox and
Iowa Indian reservations In Nebraska nnd
Kansas. The hill provides that any member
of the Sac nnd Fox or Iowa tribes of In
dians properly enrolled at Pottawat-
tamlo and ( treat Nemaha agencies ,
who shall elect to remain upon the reserva
tion oC his respective tilbe , shall bo allowed
to pclcrt ICO acres If ho bo the head ot a fam
ily. If n.shield person over IS years of age ,
or an orphan child under IS , eighty netes.
If a minor child under 18 , forty acre. ' . The
heads ot familtiM shall .select for themselves
and minor chlldun , and the United States
Indian agent for orphan children. The
lauds so selected shall ho accepted In full sat
isfaction of hi.s interest in and to said reser
vation , but his right to share in the other
funds and eiedlls of the tribe shall not bo
Impaired. The hinds selected will bo held
by the government Intrust for twenty-five
yearn , at the expiration of which" time pat
ents will Issue.
WHAT wn.sox or IOWA Bin.
Senator Wilson to-day Introduced in tlio
senate various mailers from Iowa , among
them petitions from II. U. Wood and fiftjr-
bcvcn other leading citizens of Spencer ,
asking that confess submit to a vote of the
people Iho question of woman suffrage ; from
B. I' . Coon and twenty-three other lowans ,
asking for absolute forfeiture of the un
earned hinds within the grant of tlio Sioux
City & St. Paul railroad company , and from
the Knights of Labor of DCS Moines on
Chinese Immigration.
Snnator Manderson introduced a bill In the
fconate to-dny , from citizens oC Nebraska ro-
.siding at Stockville , praying for woman suf-
I'rago ; also a petition from the citizens of
Hanton ( Neb' . ) , in favor of pension leslsla
tion as recommended by the 0. A. 15. national
pension committee.
Senator Van Wyck'sbllls , establishing land
districts In the state of Nebraska , were to-day
reported favorably from the senate commit
tee on public lands , and since the senator Is
giving them his personal attention , they will
likely pass both houses at this coming session ,
Xchm.ska members introduced bills In the
house to-day as follows :
By Mr. Weaver To pay John" Palmer
? 2SO $ , losses incurred on account of Indians.
To pay Henry ( Ircbo of Omaha 5215 for mis
cellaneous expenses of courts incurred in the
nrrest and prosecution of counterfeiters. To
pay 11. S. Jenkins of Pawnee county 51,500
for property taken by tlio United States mid
appropriated to its benefit.
Iepre ! entatlvo Lyman has secured the
establishment of a board of examining sur
geons nt Council Blurt's , which will consist of
Dr. Donald Macrae , Dr. T. B. Lacy , and Dr.
F. S. Thomas. The now order takes effect
at once.
WASIIIXHTO.V , Feb. in. [ Press. ] Thosen
ate. in executive session cm Thursday , the
loth lust. , confirmed a largo number of nom
inations , but determined not to notify the
prcMdcnt or to make them public until utter
the following executive session. In order to
give an opportunity lorn-consideration. Tha
continuations inado to-day are still under In
junction of secrecy. The tollowiimaroamong
the confirmations of the 10th lust. : Francis
11. West , United States marshal tor thu east
i-rn district of Wisconsin ; S. S. Patterson
Indian agent lor the Nnvajos , Now Mexico
postmasters , Frank Shutt at Lltehfleld ( Ill.V
AmbiosoM. Mlllerat Lincoln (111. ( ) . John C ,
( icorgo at Dwlght ( in. ) , James ilalncs at
Pekiu ( III. ) , Thomas Hi-nnsberry at Braid-
Hartenbowor at Sheldon ( Iowa"A. ) C
llutclilnton at Burlington ( Iowa ) . Samuc
Hendeison nt Mount Ayr ( Iowa ) , T. O , Car
lisle ut Missouri Valley ( Iowa ) , Cluioiicc
Snyder nt llnclmi ( Wls. ) , 0. B. Draper nl
OconomowooVl.s. ( \ . )
HAXCOPK'H AND roi'K's strccrssons.
There seems to bo no douot ns to Genera.
Terry's promotion. Ills a imostlon in the
minds of some , however , wlielher General
Howard will bo the other fortunate olticor.
Should ho fall of promotion Uenornl Miles Is
counted upon. Ho has'11 good record , and Is
backed by Sherman's Influence. General
Crook comes next In order , with Sheidan's [
baeklin ; . IllsclmncesarogtMiornlly regarded
ns small. It Is very likely that General Scho-
Held , the senior major general , will retain
command of the division of the Missouri , the
must active command of thcaimy. General
Howard will doubtless go to Governor's
Island as the immediate successor of General
. Hancock. General Terry Is stated for the
command of the division of tlio Pacific * Ho
Is possessed of unusual legal ability , and will
be a good commander of the division , In
which delicate imestlons rcqulrine careful
action mii ! continually niislng in connection
with Urn C'nlmise matter.
Tno silver light was renewed In the liouno
ncmmlltcc on wilnage. weights and measures
to-day. The bill entitled "An act to main
tain tlio purity of silver ami gold" was In-
tioducod ns a substitute for all thu other bills
on the sliver question. It provides that as
the tulth of th United States U pledged to
n restoration of fcllvi > r to ar. oquallty with
gOUl , that the president be authorized to
lunkn a treaty \vltli foreign powers to open
theli' J liU : to Ilia tire cnlnauo ot
sliver , etc. , nuU , u.point commissioners to
"conduct the negotiations. After a warm
' dl > ciiK.ioii ! lh f 1)111 was defeated by a votoof
S to ! , Mr. Jlcupuili , In order to lest the
FC.IUW of ilji1 committee , end at the same time
diBci.iliului ; sympathy with the object of the
Kit , uiovptl to report favorably Keprcsenta-
tlfe Itr'ngan's bill to provide for the free and
ViJ.'oiiti'd coinage o ( silver- ' The motion
was Io3t yeas 4 , noes 8. Itcprcscntatlve
Hynum then moved to icpoit adversely Kei -
respnlatlvo Walt's bill to suspend until fur-
"her legislative action so much of the act of
'ebruary ! H 1878 , as provided for the coin-
igo of standard silver dollars. Mr.
Jynum's motion was lost yea * 0.
0010. Ueprc.'cntatlvo James then moved
a report adversely the bill Introduced by
toprcscntntivo Bland this mornlne entitled
'A bill for the free coinage of silver nnd
thcr purposes. " It provides that holders of
illvcr bullion shall no entitled to have. It
lolned upon like terms with gold , and that
liver dollars s-o coined shall bo legal tender ,
tc. It also provide * for the repeal of the net
.iithoriv.lng the purchase ot silver bullion to
10 coined monthly Into standard silver del
lars. Mr. James" ' motion to report the bill
diversely wns cairled yeas 7 , noes 5. Hop-
. csniitatlvo James will make a majority re
port and lippre.scnlallvo Bland will make a
Minority report recommending the passage
if the bill.
Thn secietary of the treasury to-day sent to
Colonel Morrison , chairman o the committee
on ways and means , a communication In ro
ily to the letter from that committee , asking
ds opinion on the ( imposed joint resolution
mlurlng the payment of tbo surplus In the
.reasnry In excess of 5100.000.00J on the
iiiblic debt. In Ills reply the secre-
.ary quotes the languairo of the
resolution , which provides that whenever
"he surplus or balance In the treasury , In-
Indluir the amount held for redemption of
thiltril States notes , shall exceed the sum of
SI00,000,000 , It shall bo Iho duty of the secre
tary of the treasury to apply such excess , in
suiiisof not less than Sio.000,000 per month ,
luring the existence of such suriihis , to the
jiavment of thu Interest bearing indebtedness
of tlio Untied States , payable at option of Iho
jovcrmuont , and says : .
"Tho iaiiguairo on this resolution Is such as
.o Include'in the surplus or balance in tlio
Ireasury the amount held for the redemption
, t'United States notes. This Is In no sense
a sunilu'j , but is set npait and appropriated
an tiie minimum security and reserve
for the redemption nnd payment
of $340,031,010 of United Stales notes
tvhlch have been issued , botli of
ivhleh are specifically promised In the act
of March 18.1HV > , ( It. S. : V. ) , This revenue ,
amounting to § 100,000,000. should of course
lo held above all possibility of an encroach
ment like that which my distinguished preile-
es.ior , Mr. McCulloch , hi his last
annual report , ( page S3) ) 1 am con
strained to exhibit and deplore. The
Hwohitlon now before mo requires that there
should bo at no time a surplus in the treas-
iry available for the general needs of the
overnment , to exceed S10.COJ.OOO , and that
when this sum is reached It should bo imme
diately paid upon the public debt. After
nearly twelve months experience In tlio con-
.luctoftliissdcpartment , and forecasting as
well as I am able the future requirements of
the treasury , as now defined by existing laws
and as they may bo atl'ectcd by legislation yet
to come , and considering the course of future
receipt * , which nro liable to liilluenco from
many causes , such as the lluctuntlon of Im
ports , a prolonged depression of
undo nud tlio marketing of more
or loss of our agricultural products
abroad , I cannot nowforcsee a.statenf things
whleh will make it prudent to limit the sur
plus reserve in tlio treasury to a sum ranging
from nothing to a maximum of 510,000.030.
The legislation now before congress relating
to pensions will , if perfected , increase tbo
demands upon the treasury to an
nmnimt which it is impossible to esti
mate , and the late decision of the superior
juilgc of the supreme court subjects the gov
ernment to n repayment of duties collected ,
the aggregate of which is large , but altogether
indefinite. Thee things mo mentioned to
remind tlio committee that neither tlio calls
upon llio treasury nor the exact time that
such demands must be met can bo pre
cisely foiefccn. It would seem to follow ,
as a business proposition , that 1C the govern
ment is to maintain Its credit in the sense of
being prepared to meet all just demands ,
which uro impossible , or ascertainment In ad
vance , there should be a reasonable sum laid
by or kept on hand for that purpose. Ke-
specttully yours , DAXIUL MANXINO ,
Evan Lewis Displays Ills Inhumanity
in u Contest With the .lap.
CHICAGO , Feb. 15. [ Special Telegram.J
Fully : ir , > 00 people , representing largely the
respectable element , assembled at Central
Music hall to-night to witness the second
catch-as-catch-can wrestling match between
Matzada Sorakichi , tlio noted Japanese
wrestler , and Kvan Lewis , appropriately
named "Tho Stranglcr. " In this match
Lewis' favorite hold , the strangling
lock , was barred. Harry Palmer was
chosen referee and at 8:57 : the men
shook hands for the first bout. After a cou
ple of unsuccessful manoeuvres on both sides ,
Lewis got Sorakichi on Ids stomach , and
placing his knee on the calf of the Jap's legs ,
seized Ids foot with both hands nud began
bending the foot in such a manner as to
wrench the ankle out of the socket. A
shout o indignation wont up from
the crowd at this Inhuman treatment ,
and cries of "Hang tlio scoundrel , "
"Pitch him In the lake , " "Kill the big
coward , " etc. , nroso from the audience. The
Jap , compelled by pain to give In , was
turned over on his back and lay there unable
to rlso to his feet , anil was carried off the
stage In the arms of his tiaincr , Edwin
Blbby. Lewis stood apparently taken
aback by the tumult ho hail
occasioned , whllo loud cries of "Shame" and
"Foul" rose on every hand. The referee an
nounced that ho could do nothing but award
the match to "Tho Strangler , " but It
safe to say Evan Lewis will nevei
draw another crowd In Chicago.
Ho appears to have no science ,
and relied solely upon his supc
rlor weight and brute force to carry his
point. The Jnp's ankle was found to bo dis
located , and ho was carried to n carriage
after the doctors had attended him ,
A DIsiiatoh Says a Council III u ft ) Man
In the Victim.
V.i , PASO , Tex. , Feb. 15. J , T. Preston am
Captain II. Hawser , whllo onrouto froti :
Slnslon ( ilex. ) to this city , were attacked by
two Mexican bandits near Parrol ( Mox. )
Hawser was killed and Preston wounded It
the arm. Both men were from Council Bluffs
( Iowa ) . They wcro heavily Interested li
mines In Mexico. The defense made by
Preston caused the bandits to flee.
[ The above dispatch was received at a late
hour this morning. An Inquiry of the lii.s ! : :
Council Bluff's Bureau failed to elicit any In
formation as to the paitles named above
Their being residents ot Council Bluffs Is
doubted , as no ono who could bu leached a
the hour of publication 1 a. in. hint any
recollection of any persons of the above
She Says Sim Won't Toll.
SALT LAKE , Feb. 15. The wlfo of Georg <
Q. Cannon , Martha Sully , before the gram
jury this afternoon refused to answer th <
question whether she was a pregnant woman
with children by George Q. Cannon. She re
ported the matter to. the court which In
etructed her these were proper questions am
she should answer. She refused , whereupon
In view of her delicate condition , she wa
given till to-morrow afternoon to consider
her bonds being made 52,500 , o
§ 5,000 In all.
Killed by thn Cars.
Ci.KVEJ.Axn , Feb. 15. A groccryman doIng -
Ing business at 40 Wuhasha , and an unknown
man , whllo crossing the track of the New
York , Pennsylvania & Ohio railroad , at
Woodland Hills was struck by the
eastern express , killing both men and horse
and wrecking the wagon.
Cicronlmo "AVa'rits M'oi-o Time. .
Ei , PASO , 'fox. , Fub. 15. Ono of Crook's
couU hero says Ucrnnlmo lias asked until
Die lst iubt. to meet CiooU. '
The Business Transacted Yesterday in
Iowa's ' General Assembly ,
Sending tT ( > Criminals A natch or
Ilreezy Items from Tecuniseli
Buptlst Cliurch Destroyed
by PI re.
The Iowa
Dns MOINUS , Iowa , Feb. 15. In the senate
o-day several petitions were Introduced nsk-
ng for a soldiers' homo ; also , for a sewerage
yslem for cities of the second class ; also ,
isking for the passage ot a law putting
nutualbeiiollt associations under control of
ho state.
Among the bills Introduced wcro ono to
.xtend the jurisdiction of circuit courts
n probate matters ; also , for levy-
ng n tax on all patented articles
iroduced In the state ; also , to prevent fraud
n sales of cattle by misrepresenting their
Hidlgrco or condition ; also , to Increase the
salaries of the deputy state ofllcers and the
governor's private secretary to 81,800.
rV resolution was Introduced by Glass , ask-
ng congress to appoint a board of Inspection
o examine and license railway conductors
ind engineers.
Among the bills introduced wa ono
establishing a uniform gauge for cream nt
wo quarts loan Inch.
Dodge's bill forbidding tlio transportation
of the bodies of persons who have died from
smallpox , Asiatic cholera , typhus and yellow
'o\er , and requiring all other bodies to bo
shipped In antiseptic sacks , hermetically
sealed , was put on Its passage and discussed
at leiiL'th , but without being acted upon was
nado tlio special order for Wednesday.
In the house a largo number of petitions
vcro introduced , asking for n soldier's homo ;
also , for the prevention ot adulteration of
lalry products.
The principal debate was on Berryhlll's
> 111 to exempt from taxation the team , har-
less and wagon of a laborer , farmer ,
physician or public ollleer. The bill was In-
tclinitely postponed.
Tbo Brown Investigating committee has
commenced work and is now collecting re
ports from the banks Insurance compa-
lies as to the fees that have bjen paid to tlio
auditor's olllci. ' , whether regarded as p.xor-
jltant and whether under protest or not.
i'he committee expect to inako a report In
about two weeks.
Towa _ _ _
Disposing of Gage County Crooks.
DU.VTIIICI : , Feb. 15. [ Special ] Judge
Uroady is slowly grinding away at the dis-
rict court docket for the February term , and
will hold court until some time next month.
A few criminal cases have boon disposed of.
riiocasc of the state vs A. U. Morse goes over
jccauso ex-Coroner Walsh , the most import-
nut witness for the state , has skipped. A
short review of the case is that in tlio sum
mer of ISSt Mrs. A. U. Morse , aged about SO ,
died suddenly from the effect of strychnine.
The post mortem examination and subse
quent trial showed that the poison was prob
ably administered by her husband , A. U.
Morse , a man nearly 75 years old. It was
generally known that they did not live hap
pily together. At the last term of court
Morse was loiind guilty ot murder in the
first degree , but owing to an informality in
the verdict , a new trial was granted to be
held this term. AValsh was the olliccr before
whom the inquest was held and is the only
witness who can identify tlio stomach of the
deceased. It Is thought that ho has been
paid for leaving.
In the case of M. Worl , who escaped from
tlioponiteutiary last fall , broke into a store
ut Cortlandand exchanged his convict suit
for one not so noticeable to travel In , the
court finished Ids case up In about the short
est manner on record. Ho was captured in
Iowa in a few weeks after his escape and re
turned to Lincoln. Warden Xobes brought
him down Thursday night at 8CO : , and by 10
o'clock tlio following morning Ids prelimi
nary examination had boon held , ho had been
committed to the district court for trial ,
pleaded guilty , waived all delays and been
sentenced to n. further term of ono year in
the pen.
Saturday W. II. Richards , of Liberty , was
found guilty of selling mortagcd property ,
and also of embsz/Joment. Ho has not yet
received his sentence , lie was a school
teacher and dealer In musical instruments nt
Liberty , and was thought to bo honest.
One or two other minor criminal cases were
disposed of tills week. The case of the state vs.
Mrs. Emma Horn for maltreating n child and
causing its death , was continued until next
term on account of the delicate health of Mrs.
The surveyors for the Kock Island road
arrived hero with their linn yesterday.
Affairs in Tcoiiinsoh.
Tr.cuMSKU , Keb. , Feb. 15. [ Special. ] Wo
are going to have the railroad commission
visit us in the near future , as allldavits liavo
been sent in. It seems a car from Vesta ,
eight miles west , to Obeilin ( Kan. ) cost 818
less than from Tccnmsch. Ono party paid it
last week , and some parties east of town are
going to load a couple of cars this week.
This makes § 18 per car for an eight mlle
haul in wagons. Wo await their verdict to
sec If things are allowed to go on in this
way. This would bo n good point for a com-
pet.lng'llno , as our folks would vote bonds.
There Is no lot up In the postollico light.
The slauifhtcr-house democrats seem to bo in
a largo majority. King James hied himself
to Omaha last week to reconcile the ele
ments , but keeps it so mum you can't find out
what ho did.
The II. < fc M. have put In a steam pump to
keep thqlr tank supplied at this place
A hotel to cost 515,000 Is talked of for a
starter for the boom of 1SSO opposlto the
Sherman , _
OJiurfcli Destroyed tiy Firo.
DKNXISO.V , Iowa , Feb. 15. [ Special Tele
gram. ] The First Uaptist church of this
place was fully destroyed by lire Sunday
nluht. The lira was discovered about 1C
o'clock , fchortly after the church service. It
is supposed to have been the work of an in
condiary. There has been some bad blooil
growing out of the settlement of the McKIn
estate which gave the church several thous
and dollars which was claimed by the heirs. .
Some attribute the lire to the nc llgcnco of
the Janitor , The church cost originally
50,000 , and 51,400 were added for Improve
ments last year. The insurance was 8,000.
It also destroyed three altars , the Sundaj
school llbruiy valued nt $250 , and llicpastor's
prlvato library valued at 81,000. Jtov. W. W
A very , the pastor , lost nil his prlvato prop
erty , Including his commission as captain ii
the army , his marriage certilieate , and other
papers. _ _ _ _ _ _
Admitted Us J'litoruity.
BUKSIINOTONNeb. . , Feb. 15. [ Specla
Telegram.- ] Miss Iteynolds , Mepdauchte
of M * Duerr. living near this place , last weel
guvo birth .to a child. At iir t bho 'refused to
say who was Its father , and it is said wa
severely treated by her family , At last she
nadc a sworn statement that Stephen Duerr
vas the father. The latter Is a son of Michael
) ucrr , and Is married. JIo denied the charge
t first , but to-day settled the matter. The
.ffair created quite rt sensation , as both par
ies have been consldoreil highly respectable.
Itcn Ilngnti I'crsuadlng.
FUEMONT , Neb. , Feb. 15. [ Special. ] Bon
logan spoke In tlio beautiful new Congrcga-
tonal church last night to about 1,000 people.
A-poillonof the assemblaeo was composed
f the non-churcli-golng people drummers ,
aloon keepers and sporting men and they
vcro deeply Interested. His subject , ' 'Do-
nonlaos , " was handled in n masterly man-
icr. About fifty stood up for prayer at the
lose. ,
YTali's of the Itritlsli Umpire. Hricily
LOXDO.V , Feb. IS. The Urlltsh steamer
5onglass , trading locally In China seas , has
> een wrecked at. Swatow. Ono European
ml so\ontccn Chinamen wcro drowned.
Lord DttlTerln , viceroy of India , has de
cided to garrison linrninh with 10,000 troops
mdcr the command of ( Jen. I'remlecast ,
Military occupation nnd marllal law will bo
continued for some time , as Lonl Dulfcrln
Iocs not think the country Is rlpo yet for thu
istnbllslimcnt of civil law. Ho has decided
o send n military expedition to Shan
Tlio committee appolnled by Chllders ,
lomo secretary , to Inquire Into the causes of
ho recent rlotlous demonstrations In Lon-
lon , held its llrst meeting this morning. The
IcliUcrations wcro conducted secretly.
Viscount Edward Caldwell Is dead.
A dispatch from Yarmouth says the uncni-
iloved workmen ot that city sire making
riotous demonstrations.
Many iutciestlng features are promised at
ho hearing on Wednesday , before Justice
[ nghnm. of llyndsman , Hums , Champion
and Williams , who have been summoned to
answer the charges of inciting to riot , con-
empt of law , etc. , during the disorders In
London last week. Gladstone , Chamberlain
ind Henry Hroadhurst have been subpa'naud
> y tlio socialists , and the examination of
hose men will be-watclicd by all parties with
nleiisc Interest. _
nisiuaruk nnd tlio Pope.
ItanMX , Feb. 15. There is great e.xclte-
iieut In Ilerltn over apparently well authen-
Icatcd reports that Prince Bismarck is pre
paring to yield entirely to the Vatican In the
ellgious dispute which nas been waged by
"riissla and against papacy for the past
IftCL'n years. A bill has been deposited by
he government with the upper house of the
andtag , revoking , with a few trivial cxccp-
; ions , all features of the many laws which
lavobecn soodio iibtotho Catholics of Her-
Tlio Tories Caiictissing.
LONDON' , Feb. 15. A meeting of conserva-
Ivc leaders has been called for next Thtirs-
layatCharltonclub. The Marquis of Salisbury
will preside. The ; meeting will bo in the
laturo of a caucus , to determine what policy
; ho conservatives Miall pursue in parliament.
The principal question to bo considered will
10 what stand are tlio conservatives to take
.n . regard to Ireland and the proposed legis-
atlou of the liberals.
A niriiiliiglmm Mob Suppressed.
uiMixniiAM , Feb. 15. A meeting of un-
cinpluyed workmen was held here to-day , at
tended by eight thousand persons. The nd-
iresscs delivered wore of tlio most inllain-
natory nature , and the assemblage degener
ated Into n mob. which attempted riot in tlio
streets and pIllagcHitht ) shops. The police
ivero prepared andjsucceadeit in suppressing
: ho rioting and preventing any net of pil
lage. ' '
A Chicago Priest Hpcaks.
.IX , Feb. 15. A numberof the nation
alists assembled at Ballydulf to-day and bull
a house for an evicted tenant. Mr. Ityno ,
member of parliament , and JJcv. Father Hod-
nett , of Chicaco , inado speeches. The latter
said the landlords bad obtained possession of
Ireland by murder , rapine anil plunder , and
the result of the recent election was merely
in evidence that Englishmen indorsed tlio
lustness of tho'lrish national cause.
Tlio "Water llccodlng in Now Eng-
liind Moro Dainauc Expected.
POUT JAIIVIS , X. Y. , Feb. 15. Miles of
lands In Orange county , and extending on to
Sussex county , Xew Jersey , are inundated
by the overllow of the Wallkill. The roads
are Impassable. Thousands of ties , to bo
used in the construction of thu old South
Mountain railroad , have been washed away.
Several mill dams have been destroyed by
the flood.
BOSTO.V , Feb. 15. At 1 o'clock this
morning the water had receded twelve inches
since 1 p. in. yesterday in flooded districts.
The damage to property hero is estimated at
81,000,000. At Newton Upper Falls , 338,000
worth of machinery and finished work wcro
flooded with great loss. At Maiden the flood
abated eight Indies. The damage approaches
§ rCO ( ) , ) . At Brookllno tlio Hoods are subsid
ing. No fin ther damage Is feared. Fanners
are returning to their homes. At Mulflnld
the mllronil bridge Is down , and Campbell's
railroad Is report-.1 d washed awav.Several other
b ridges were washed away. Tlio condition
of alfairs at North Middleboro is worse. In
that part of the st'ito where tlio Newmarket
and iiridgawater unite , forming tlio Tuunton
river , which Is a roaring overflowed
In some places a mlle wide. Losses to factories
nnd dwellings approximate S 150,000. It is
reported that the loss to mills at Geneva is
S'Jti.OOO. The Turkoyroddlo works at Bolle-
fony lost 50,000 and at Atlantic mills S130.0CO
BOSTO.V. Feb. 15. At noon to-day the level
of the flood was twenty-two Inches below the
highest point reached. It Is now thought
that tlio regular outlet of Stony Brook will
carry off the water In foity-elght hours. At
Kast Dedham tlto dam connected with the
Merchants' woolen mill Is In great danger.
Should It fall an immense volume of water
will bo precipitated upon the bridge below
nnd upon thu dam nt Norfolk mill , which Is
In a valley at a much lower level. The fall
of thn latter would Involve the destruction of
Norfolk mill andgreat havooln Hyde paik.
FHANKM.S' , Mass. , Feb. 15. This morning
the dam at thu factory yielded to tlw enor
mous piossnro of thu accumulated floods and
fell with a crash. , The country below is
flooded , but full particulars of the extent of
the damage have not yet been received. Tlio
road between Wrqubam and Franklin Is 1m-
iiassable. Fears are entertained that dams
below will give way.
Proceeding orttIiTTliir < I nud Fourth
CJnsH Guthcrin _ .
GIIIOAOO , Feb. IS. The third and fourth
class postmasters of ( ho United States met
hero this mornlngjo consider various in alters
ters to bo brought * to'tbo attention of con
gress for the bcttoronmt of their condition.
About-100 delegates In all responded. Thirty-
three states and throe territories were repre
sented. Among the delegates were twenty-
two postmistresses. J. L , Sacrloto of Illinois
was named temporary chairman , and alter
the appointment of n committee on perma
nent organization the convention adjourned
until t o'clock this afternoon.
Upon reassembling In the afternoon the
following ofllcers were elected : President ,
J. II. ( irubb of Alabama : vice presidents ,
Mrs. Kmma Porter of New Jersey , J. C.
Johnson of Kansas. A. C ! . Lackey of Mis
souri , and T. J. 1'ickett of KebrasKii ; becrc-
tary , Thomas Brady of West Vliglnia. Tlio
afternoon was taien up in the formation ol
committees as follows ; On resolutions , on
mailing letter * nn trains , on boxes and box
rents at thiid-classolllces , on improving the
registry system , on the money order system ,
on commissions nd the cancellation o |
stamps In fourth-class ollices , on postmast
er's bonds , on postal Favings bank and tele
graph , on appropriations forelek : hire , on
bpeelal dull very hystem , on tlio delivery ol
mails to and from trains , and on tlio organ
isation of a postmaster's mutual bcnevoleiil
association. The convention , without any
' further action , adjourned till to-uioirow : foie-
noon ,
Lauds and Nebraska Land Dis
tricts the Senate Discussion ,
Secretary Ijnninr TrntismltR Called Pur
1'nitcra llaiihack's Sweeping
llcmilulinu of Inquiry in
tlio Telephone Case.
WASIII.VOTO.V , Feb. 15. The following
oiler was sent to the president pro ( cm of
ho senate :
Doparlinmitof the Interior , Washington
I'iesfdent I'ro.'roniiioro of thoSenate Sir : 1
i.ive the honor to acknowledge loeelpt ol' the
senate resolution ol' thoMh lust In words as
follows : "Resolved , That the sccictary of.
ho Interior. t > o directed to communicate to
: ho senate nil copies nnd nil papers which
linvo been liled In the Interior department ,
nid nil iiapcr.s which liavo been presented to
niiyotllccrof that dopuitmcnt. tonclilni : the
illlclal nnil personal conduct of llonryVnrd ,
Indian inspector , during his continuance In
said ollieo. 1 trnnsinlt all tlic otliclnl papers
on Illo In the dcpartniont which 1 understand
to bo embraced by the resolution. The otllelal
reports inado to this department by Henry
Ward as United States Indian Inspector are
voluminous , nnd as the clerical force of tills
ollice Is limited and otherwise fully employed ,
I have deemed It best to transmit the
original reports. As they are frequently
consulted In ( lie transaction of the business
of this department , I have the honor to re-
( itiest they bo returned to Its tiles when they
urc no louver rcqulied by the senators , t
nm directed by the president to say that if the
object of the resolution is to inquire Into
[ ho reasons for the suspension ofVimlv \
these papers are not to bo con
sidered as constituting nil the evidence
submitted to him in relation thereto. 1 nm
also directed by the president to say that ho
does not consider it consistent with public
interest to transmit the copies of unofUcial
papers from private citizens held In my cus
tody for him , which relate exclusively to the
suspension of incumbents. 1 have the honor
to be , very respectfully ,
L. ij. C. L.VJLVII. Secretary.
There are 2S'J enclosures. The letter and
accompanying papers were referred to the
committee on"Indian nalffre. '
Senator Van Wyck submitted an amend
ment to the house bill to increase the pen
sions of widows nn J dependent relatives of
deceased soldiers and sailors , providing that
minor children shall receive ? > 5 per month
when one parent Is deceased and S10 when
both parents are deceased ; that the pension
able ago bu extended to IS years , and that
fathers and mothers only bo required to
" wiideiiee at the time oC application
lor pension.
Mr. Van Wyck , from the committee on
public lands , reported favorably the bill to es
tablish two additional land districts in tlio
state of Nebraska , and authorizing the presi
dent to appoint registers and icccivers there
for..Mr. . Hawley presented a bill , which was re
ferred to the committee on public land ? , re
lating to the taxation of railroad lands nnd
for other purposes. Mr. Jlawley said the bill
related to a very sore subject. An exceed
ingly largo quantity of land perhaps ( ,0,000
Mfuare miles had been granted to the North
ern I'acllle Hallway company , but It was pro
vided by nn amendatory act of cangress that
no patents should be Issued for the laud until
after the tiayment by the company of all tlio
fees relating to surveys , etc. 'Hie fee was
only about three cents an acre. Tlio railroad
had paid fees upon only about 80,000 acres of
Its immense grant. It had , nevertheless , '
proceeded to give to settcrswarranty. !
deeds lor millions upon millions of acres of
land. Tlio company hail ingeniously got
property enough to try to locate villages nnd
cities ujpon its own selected sections , Ihoso
lands that the company convoyed by war
ranty deed had been settled and Improved ,
and'in many cases thriving villages had
grown upon them. It turned out now that
bv the recent decision of tlio supreme court
of the United States none of these millions
of acres were taxable. The reasons given by
that court were irrefragable , but conirrcss
should Immediately provide by law a remedy
for the dilliciiity involved. The railroads
had refused to pay the three cents an acre ,
and tlio communities Interested therefore
found themselves without the power of tax-
Mr. Van Wyck added that but one-half
the enormity of the outrage had been stated.
All the laiKlgrant railroads In the west weio
guilty of the frame offense , lie was glad to
see Hawloy's bill introduced.
Mr. Teller said the fault lay with congress.
The executive departments of thn govern
ment had for years been reporting to congress
the full measure of the evil referred to , and
lequoMcd legislation to enable tlio executive
to protect the settlers. In three reports
made to congress by himself , as secretary of
tlio intcrlcr , had called attention to these
Tlio senate then went into executive ses
sion , and when the doors reopened adjourned.
W.VHiiiNcrrox , Feb. 15. Mr , llanback In
troduced a bill for tlio most sweeping Inquiry
concerning the charges made rollecting on
tlio integrity and oflicial action of certain
olliccrs of the government In connection with
the 1'an Electric telephones.
Under tlio call of states the following bills ,
etc. , wore introduced and referred :
By Mr. Morrison To reduce tnrlll taxes.
By Mr. llanback A resolution calling for
the appointment of a special committee , con
sisting of eleven members of this house , to
make inquiry Into any expenditure on the
part of the government incurred relative to
the lights of the Hell and 1'an-Klectric telephone -
phone companies to priority of patents ,
bald Inquiry to Include all the organizations
or companies tlutt have sprung out of tlio
I'an-Klectrio Telephone company , or for
any other purpose ; nnd also to make full
Inquiry Into the issuance of thu stock known
as ilia "Pan Klectrie telephone stock , or any
slock of any other eomp.inv , companies or
organization springing out of tlio 1'an
Klectrlc telephone company , to any person
or persons connected with either the legisla
tive , judicial or executive departments of the
government of the United .States , to whom ,
when , where , nnd In what amount , nud for
what consideration in money or inllucnco
paid stock was delivered. Also , ns to what
opinions , decisions nnd orders have
been made by any otlicors con
nected with the government , and by
whom , nnd nil circumstances connected
therewith nnd nrising therefrom. And , also ,
what suit or suits , if any , have been brought
in the namu of tlio United States to test the
validity of the patents Issued , or nny other
right in controversy between the Hell nnd
Pan-Klcctrio Telephone companies , what
contracts have boon made , what moneys
paid to any person or persons as assistant
counsel to the attorney irencral or ( solicitor
general of the United States , the reason or
authority for constituting thu United States
a party to Mid suit or suits. .Referred to the
committee on rules.
Uy Mr. Pulitzer The following resolution :
Ifcsolved , That the resolution creating u
select committee , submitted by Mr. Ilnnback ,
bo so amended ns to authorize thu-said com
mittee to inquire whether any of the telo-
phone companies have In anyway influenced
or attempted to Inllucnco ofliclals orolliclal
action through newspapers acting from Inter
ested or Improper motives ; nnd also , whether
nny eorpoiations , or their managers or repre
sentatives , have contributed largo sums ot
money for political campaign purposes
upon the agreement that a certain person
acceptable to them should bo appointed a
judge of one of the courts of the United
States which may have to decide the litiga
tion concerning tlio telephone patnnts.
Also , i\ bill giving a pension ot T ,008
year to the widow of the lute ( ienrnJ
The Iiouso then went Into ronitnittui * o't tfto
whole. Springer In the chair , on the Klli-
Joiin Porter bill , and Wolfonl le bin
speech In favor of the bill.
Nejjley spoke against the bill , ns did
The committee then rose and the house
"Weather Tor To-dny ,
Missovm VAM.iY.- Fn-lrwfnlhcr , winds
generally shifting to southei I , ; . ' sin- ' , pro
cerit < id in imri'oii ' by ninny station1
, ; iy tciupfratiue ;'u' hromcji-r ,
All tlio J/cfulIng Cities Show n I'cr-
contuse or Inorenso.
BOSTOM , "Ma * * . , Fob. 15. The following
statement of the leading clearing homes In
ho United Slatesshows thogioss bank ex-
; hanges at each point for the week ending
February 1" , In comparison with the corresponding
spending week In 1SSA5 :
Now Yoik -tlVJi. . . .
lloslon 77-UWlW >
Philadelphia r.i , 000,000
it. l.ouis l-l.TWM 18.1
Jultlmoro. o.u
San Francisco
Now Orleans 15.S
vincinnati lo.r. U.O
I'lttKlmrg 2M
Louisville ! ! .7
ivnnsis City 2-s.l )
"Minneapolis 05.H
I'rovldenco . .
Denver ! ) , I71I,7H (
Detroit 10.0. . . .
" "
Omaha wo"
Cleveland iwisLi !
'olumbus irTitr : ! '
tnlvcston L--
Unit font i.'iioo.'uoo iiuT. . ' . '
Now Haven iltxoioro
i'eoria 7HI.-.T5) ) ! ! 5.H
I'orlland l.-t
Woieestcr 7-iolooo1 K ! .
St. Joseph
Sprlnglleld t)5,000 ) lii.l
Syracuse ' „ ' . : !
Lowell U.3
Total 5 OS7'ATOT4 !
Oulshlo New York. . . . SnS78.g.V.)1 ) ! 24
I'hlladelphh ! , Cleveland , Hartford , New
Haven , Portland , Worcester and Siiringlield
iropaitlv estimated. Denver and ( ialveston
nro not Included In the totals ,
Owing to thu freshets , which liavo Inter-
tinted communication In New Kngiaud , the
exhibit of clearing house returns is neces
sarily imperfect. This interruption has de
layed receipts of oflicinl returns from I'hila-
lolphla , Cleveland , Hartford , Now Haven ,
\Vorccsterundbprlnglleld \ , and the
figures given for these points are partly
Kovlow of ICiinlIsh Trade.
Loxno.v. Ft-b. 15. The Mark hano Ex
press , in its weekly review of the llrltlsh
rain trade , sa.ys : Ills too early to mnkon
forecast of crops. In the meantime English
wheats can bo supplied. Sales of Kngllsli
wheat dm Ing the week past wcro < WJ ! ) quar
ters at 2'J.sfid. ' against W.SH at S'3 lOd during
the same week last year. Flour Is lively
supplied , and underbids foreign Hour. For
eign wheats are more inactive , but the mar
ket Is linn. The American option is the
curse of the world ami paralyzes business In
London and Liverpool , Trade In cargos
has been very restricted ; there wcro two ar
rivals and one sale ; two cargos wcro with
drawn and two remained , both American.
A.I to-day's market there wai only n retail in-
uuiry for wheat. Corn nnd barley wcro Od
dearer. Jicans nnd peas were Od dearer.
Grain in Si litnul Store.
Cmc.vao , Feb. 15. The number ofbushcls
of grain in store in the United States and
Canada , February 12 , and the increase or
decrease compared with tlio previous wejjk ,
will be posted on 'Change to-morrow ns follows
' "
lows : -
Wheat . M , Kr.S3 Decrease. . fl 4BGO
Corn . 8,17iTOl ( Increase . 01 , K S
Oats . 1,801.212 Increase . : Mii , ( :
Kyc . 700-1'J3 Decrease . M.OS9
Barley . 1,038,8(11 ( Decrease . Si..aiO
The amount in Chicago" elevators on the
ilato named was :
Wheat . 14-lOO.l.TJ
Corn. " ' . 2,7JS,25'J !
Oats. . . ajros , < J
Itvo . 2'.Hltlt ' ,
Uarley. . 1.10,255
K1ln Dairy Market.
CHICAGO , Feb. 15. Inter Ocean's Elgin
special : Butler ruled steady to-dny ; regular
sales , 15,7-0 pounds at IKSe. Chccso shows
more firmness ; regular sales , > 5'3 ' boxes at 5c
for hard skims and lOj for one pound skims.
Private sales of 33,810 pounds of butter and
150 boxes of cheese were repotted. The total
sales aggregated S12.-ITO. . '
Sciinlorial Homes Provided with
CoKtly KdldocH.
7S'iw YOJIK , Feb. 15 Special Telegram. ]
TJlio Tribune's special says : In one day last
week the senate passed Uvonty-nino bills ap
propriating § 1,415,003 for the construction of
public buildings in various parts of the coun
try. Altogether there have been MS such
bills introduced in this congress calling for
an aggregate appropriation of about § 20,000-
000 , and there arc many counties yol to hear
from. '
The homo of Secretary Lamar Is at Jxford ,
Miss. , hcnco In that village , with only 15,030
Inhabitants , nnd the entire postal receipt. * ,
which amount to only $3 , IV ) , the gov
ernment la erecting a § 50,000 building.
Aberdecnis , another village of no
greater importance , and there a § 75,000
building Is to ba erected under an appropria
tion madolastyear. Dover , Del. . Is tlio homo
of Senator Saulsbury , and though It has only
10,000 inhabitants , It lias n postollico building
which was erected at a post of 5020,030. Sen
ator Coke's homo Is at Waco , Texas , the pop
ulation of which , according to the census ,
was 7,205. For tlio rent of Its postollico tlioro
tbo government paid SSIO , but last year
§ 103,000 was appropriated for n public build
ing in the place. In u similar way the ma
jority of appropriations for buildings can bo
accounted for.
A Citizen of ISntValo Hap Gives Up
the Ghost.
UtTj'i'AT.o OAI' , Dak. , Feb. 15. ( Special Tel
carom. ] Oeorgo Hawkins of Saratoga ( N ,
V. ) , a carpenter , B-l years of ago.vfiulelded in
a tragic manner in Buffalo Bill's saloon on
Main sticct , this city , to-day. No cause Is
known. It Is supposed to bo a case of tem
porary Insanity. Ho was well known In
this vicinity and bora a good reputation ,
Itondy KesDoiiMO With Aid.
IKf VIH : , Colo. , Feb. 15. At 1 o'clock this
afternoon , whllo the board of trade was In
session , the following teleeram was received
by them : ,
The citizens of Flagstaff ( A rlz. ) appeal to
you for aid , as they uio inado destitute by a
ravaging flro destroying all the business portion
tion of the town , leaving the people * without
food , clothing , bedding or shelter. If any
contributions can bo secured , send the same-
to us at once , II. C. A vin. :
Treasurer J toilet Com.
Inside of half an hour the membcri * of the
board donated provisions and c-Iothlng milli-
dent to fill a car , which will ha forwarded
them by express tinln to-night.
Itan Away 1'rom Omaha ,
A loiter from the chief of police of
Atohinson , Kansaswas , received by Capt.
Couv/iiok , to-day , which stated that a hey
iififix-r ) William Dnwrou , from Oinuhu ,
Vh ? dow in jail there. The boy duims
, o nnvo run awayirom his homo in this
city , anil sayo that his father , John Dawson -
son , works in the .Union J'acilUi shops ,
Tiio police do not Know of nny such a
jierioii'but will investigate thu matter.
We will take u few nuro. Omaha eitj
( < ri9. .
J. W. &B. I , . SQUIKB ,
.Council Wiilfc , Iowa.
Tbo Out Horizontal Bill Proposes to Mnk
iu the Nation's Revenue.
310,000,000 ON SUGAR ALONE.
An KsUmntcd Abrogate Itoiluctlon
of $ UO,000)00 ) Would Follow
U the Hill .Should lo
A Slash nt tlio Tariff.
WASIIINOTOX , IVh , ir . Monlson's tavlft
bill was inlroducod In the house to-day. Mor
risen says the bill will clfect nn estimated rc-
htctlon or&ijKX,00aln ! ( ) revenues from cus
toms based on the revenues of last year. The
greatest ieduction In any ono nitlcle Is In thu
case of Migar , where the now duty will result
n a decrease of S10OU,000 ) In receipts. The
additions to the free list will Involve n loss
of 55,600,000 , and the reductions made by the
bill on other articles about { = 5,000,000. Added
o the free list are : Lumber , timber , wood ,
iunmnnufaclured ) , laths , shingles , salt , hemp ,
ule , Iron , sulphur , lead and copper ores , niul
'oal. ' Besides these there are many articles
of less consequence to the 10venue , such nn
mtatoes , hay , coin , bristles , beeswax , dye
oods unmanufactured earths , undrcsfcd
.tone for building purposes , acorns and dan-
Tlio bill provides that from anil after July
1 , ISM ) , the following rates of duty shall tnko
elTeet :
Wood ( manufactured ) , for each sldo
ilaucd or finished , 60 cents per thousand
'eet , board measure.
Cotton thread , yarn warps or warp yarn ,
valued nt from 25 cents to § 1.00 per pound ,
cents to SO cents per pound aecoi ding to
quality ; when valued at over § 1.00 per pound
40 per cent ml valorem.
The principal reductions on cotton cloths'
are In the courser material.
Metals Iron In pigs , Iron kentledge ,
plegelisen wrought and last scraps , Iron and
scrap f-leel , > / of 1 cent per iioniut ; Iron rail
way bars , weighing more than 25 pounds to
the yard , § 12.50 per ton ; hteel railway bars
and railwuy bars made in part of steel , weigh-
; ng more than 25 pounds to the yard ,
l' per ton ; iron or steel T rails , weighing
lot over 25 pounds to the yard , ami
ron or sleol Hat mi's ' , punched , & 15 per ton.
Tlieio is a slight reduction on bar and rolled
Iron , iron beams , girders , etc. There is also
some reduction in Icau and copper.
Sugar On nil sugar So percent of thoscv-
ral duties nud rates of duty now imposed on
ald sugar , Inoperative as to sugars from
countries levying exnorl duties.
Wools and woolens Wools of the third
class , such as Uouskol , native South Ameri
can Cordova , Valparaiso , native Smyrna ,
and Includingall such wool * of like character
as have been heretofore usually impoitcd Into
Iho United States Irom Turkey. tJieccc ,
Kgypt , Smyrna and elsewhere , " MO cunts
iior pnund. Woolen cloths , woolen shawN , '
ind all manufactures of wool of every de
scription , made wholly or In part of wool not
specially enumerated or piovided fur in this
icr , valued at not exceeding M ) cents per
pound , 25 cents per pound and 'M per cent
; id valorem.
Flannels , blankets , hats of wool , knit
goods and nil goods inado on knlttlngfrauios.
Halmornl.i , wool and worsted yarns , and all
manufactures of every description , composed
wholly or In pait of worsted , the hair ot the
alpaca , goat , or othciianiuiaH ( except such as
are composed in part of wool ) , not specially
enumerated or provided for in this act , valued
at not exceeding SO cents per pound , 8 cents
! > cr pound ; above SO nnd not exceeding401
cents , 10 cents per pound ; above-10 and not
exceeding 00 cents , lOcents per pound ; above
! 0 and not exceeding bO cents , 20 cents per
pound , ai'd in addition thereto , upon all thn
above named articles , l:5 : per centum all
Woolens and children's dress troods , .coat
linings , Italian cloths , and goods Of Ilka
description , composed in part of wool , wors
ted , the hair of the alpaca , the goat or other
animals , valued at not exceeding 20 cents per
snuaio yard , 5 cents per sijuaro yard , anil in
addition thereto IIO per cent ad valorem ;
valued at above. 20 cents per Mpiaro yard , 7
cents per square yard and . ' 15 per cent nd
valorem. If composed wholly of wool ,
worsted , the iialr of tlio alpaca.
the coat or other animals , era
a mixture of them , 8 cents per square yard
and in per cent ad valorem. Hut all such
goods with selvedges , made wholly or In part
of other materials , or with threads of other
materials Introduced for llio purpose of.
changing the classilicalion , shall bo dutiable
nt 8 cents per sipiiire yard and : 5 per centum
ad vnloicni ; provided , that all such goods
weighing over 4 ounces nor square yard shall
pay a duty of ! V cents per pound and U5 per
cent ad valorem.
Sliuht but wneral reductions run through
tlio wool schedule , and have also been iiuulo
in tlio cases ol llax , linen and hemp , wlndpw
glass , plato glass of high quality , earthen
ware. ghioswaro anil china , where tlio duty
Is believed to bo excessive. Tlio duty on
lice , marble , castor beans and n few chem
icals is also slightly reduced.
Tlio Great Gor o lircuU'nt St. Iioula
Injures Klvcr Itoals.
ST. Louis , Feb. 15. In addition to the
damages sustained yesteiday morning ami
evening by shipping Interests at that point
from the break up of the Ice gorge , It has just
been learned that the government lluot
anchored behind Carrel Inland , consisting of
three steamers , forty barges and about twenty
pile drivers , valued nt about 200,000. The Ice
caused tlio boats to break awny irom their
moorings and down the river. Major
Kinest , of the corps of civil engineers , states
that ho received dispatches from Chester , III. .
that seven barges had been lecovored at thai
point In good condition. Xo estimate of tlio
total damage can bo made , as only n few of
the whole number of vessels liavo been heard
from. 2sro serious dnnmgo In this haibor has
yet resulted in addition to thntlnlllcledychtcr
The steamer ( illmnro has gone nijrmindat
the foot of Carroll Island with six barges.
His thought she will odcapn with slight dam-
ago. llumpliivvfl is still lloaliug down the
river without yet having been Injured.
Swelling tlio I'nrnell
Piur.Aiiin.iMiiA , Feb. 15. At a meeting of
the Cathollo Total Abstinence union of I'hl
udelphia held Sunday afternoon , the branch
boclotles made response to the recent circular
calling for contributions to the Irish parlia
mentary fund. The returns nggregutuil ,
fe8.ril7. A 'cablegram was at once sent to Mr.
1'nrnoll , announcing that over 1.700 Imd
boon contributed by the meeting. The con-
liibutlontt received by Mr. A. J. Divxel.
treasurer of the citizens' committee , In alu ot
the I'arncll fund , amount U > S12'Ji ; ! .
u lniiU't | >
Fell. IS. The lord mayor has In
vited n deputation of tradesmen to attend a
banquet to bo given on Tuesday to John
Morley , the new chief secretary for Ireland ,
Slncn tbo Invitation was issued anonyinouo
placaulii have been posted , urging tradesmen
to boycott the banquet on ihcgiound Diattha
loul mayor is a traitor to thu nalloinl ran so ,
In having joined the attempt nt Oal.vay to
hamper Mr , J'arne.ll.
Anoilinr Deinoornt BorlotiKly 11) ) .
IoiMsviM.i : , Ky. , Feb. 15.--Hun , 1 Jewry
Watlerson Is I'lV.tlng easy this Liuniln un < (
his physicians are nuiro hoput'u ! , At n ci' !
-iiitatlouat Un'dook it ' .MUidH-llcit the , his
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