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Nebraska's ' Senior Pushes His Important
Measure Through the Senate ,
Ills JJI11 Aimed to Settle Disputes He-
Uveon Them and the General
I < nml Olllcc Postal mid
i'ntciit Iiil'ui-miUloii.
Vnn Wyck's Important Hills.
WAsiiJ.N-n-rov , Feb. 2 [ Special Telegram. !
In the senate to-day Mr. Van Wyck called
up and passed his bill affecting real and per
sonal property held by defunct national
banking Institutions. It Is a measure of very
general Importance , and will likely secure
an early passage in the house. It provides
that wherever a receiver of a national bank
findn It necessary In his opinion , in order to
fully protect and benefit his trust to the ex-
lent of any equities that such trust may have
In any property , real or personal , by reason
of any bond , mortgage , assignment or other
legal and proper claim attaching thereto , and
which said proieity | Is tobo sold under any
execution , decree of foreclosure , or proper
order of any court of jurisdiction , he may
certify the facts In the case together
with his opinion as lo the state of thu prop
erty Iob3 so sold and the value of thu equity
Ills trust may havu in the same , to thu
comptroller ot currency , together with a re
quest for right and authority to use and cm-
ploy so much of the money of thu trust as
may lientc.'ssary to purchase .such property
at such safe , and with the approval of the
comptroller of currency and tlio secretary of
the treasury he may draw upon .such funds
as may be In his custody or deposited with
the treasurer of Ihe United States for the
purpose of which the allowance was made.
This will elve receivers of national banks an
oppoitunlty to protect real and personal
property belonging to their trust from sac-
rllieo by forced sale.
Senalor Van Wyck said to the Dun correspondent
pendent this evening that the bill ho Intro-
troduccd yesterday to confirm entries of lands
heretofore made under thu land laws of the
United States was Intended to , and doubt
less would , settle whatever dispute there may
be between settlers and the general land
olllco growing out of a reversion or different
interpretation of the laws and rulings by the
administration , and promulgated by other
administrations. It would , too , quiet any
fear that the settlers may havu In thu future
on account of changes of administration.
Mr. Van Wyck intends to glvo this measure
personal attention , and believes It will be
come a law. It provides that any entry here
tofore made under the land laws of the
United States , in conformity with thu rules ,
regulations and decisions of llio general
land oil lee and Interior department at the
time such entry was made , is confirmed to
the extent , and shall bu perfected and pro
ceed to patent the samu as if tlio rules , regu
lations and decisions had not been reversed
or modified ; provided , that such entry must
have been made in good faith , and no
charges of fraud have been made against
tlio samc.and In casoanycharjrcs of fraud have
been made , they shall bo investigated In the
same manner ami wltli the same effect as if
the rules , regulations and decisions under
which the entry was made had not been
modified or reversed.
Postmasters for Iowa were to-day com
missioned as follows : Elijah L. Wood ,
Union ; Josiah A. ( Jalby , Itidgeway ; Anna
M. Smith , Pleasant Plain ; Kdwiii A. Bush ,
Ostctdoclc ; Frank Hardln , Oaltville ; Amzl
1) . Uarnes , Delhi.
Also , Charles W. Spencc , at Steel City ,
Nebraska , and William M. Young , nt Uluc
Springs , Nebraska.
The name of the postofllco at Morton , Ne
braska , has been changed to Lanham , with
Alexander Tays as postmaster.
A postofllco has been established at Gaudv ,
Logan county , Nebraska , and Stephen K ,
Chappcll appointed postmaster. Thu stai
mall service from Now Liberty to Inland
( Iowa ) lias been ordered discontinued after
thu 7th lust.
Among the patents Issued to-day were the
following for lowans : Joseph L. Coulter ,
Uurllngton , school desk and seat ; John N
Shuck , l ) s Moines , device for Inverting bet
hives ; John Thomas , Cedar Kaphls , harnes :
saddle ; Solomon MeNeill , Uurllngton , cart
ridge decapper , recapper and reloader
Joseph II. Kliby , Lawler , milking machine
Also , to Edward II. ( toward of t'olunibu :
( Neb. ) for a hay rake and loader.
WAsniNflTON , Feb. 2. [ Press. ] Amoni
the bills Introduced in the senate to-day wen
the following :
Hy Senator Chacc Snpplementary to tin
civil service act. Its object is to proven
congressmen from selecting or recommend
Ing appointments to ofliee.
JJy Senator Harris To prevent the Intro
duciion of contagious and Infections disease
Into the United Status and to establish' ;
bureau of public health. It provides for tin
establishment in the interior department of i
bureau of public he'ilth under the manage
incut of n commissioner of public health , ti
bo appointed by thu president from civil life
It abolishes thu National board of health am
apmopriafes STOCOO to dclray the expense
incurred in carrying out tliu provisions of th
iip.Mr.NT I'osmvnr.v DKNIRS
Surveyor General Dement of Utah wa
examined by Urn senate committee on publl
landrf to-day with reference to the recent pul
llcations which embodied alleged utterance
of his. Implicating senators , members n
coiiKins.s , and high executive officials li
Washington and Utah In extensive conspire
aelc.s to appropriate pnblm lands for the !
own benefit , and In conspiracies and briber
of legislation all'ectlng Mormons , Domeii
ilen led the statements attributed to him.
The department of state has directed an Ir
vesllgation bo made of the circumstance
attending the killlnt : of Captain Crawford o
the Htli Instant by Mexican troops.
The house committee on banking and cu
rency to-day directed an adverse report b
madaon Kepivsontativo Seney'sblll tomak
shareholders in national banks Individual )
liable for debts of flat bank.
oCommander-ln-Chlef Himlcttoof the Gran
Armv of the Itepubllii telegraphed this evei
Ing to Commander K. 11.ailield of Sa
FiMiiclseo that tlio national encampment <
thu G. A. It. will bo held In San Fianclsc
Tuesday , August II , IS-M.
General Theoduro S. West of Wlsconsl
has been appointed special agent of tlio tre.u
my dupaitmont for the Fourteenth dhtric
comprising tlio states of California and On
pen and the territories of Washington an
Alaska , with hoadqiiaitcra at San Fraiiclsci
The committee on expenditures In thu di
partmcnt of justice will on Thursday beg !
Investigation of tbo telephone cases asi
Ihorizcd by the house of representatives.
The secretary of the tieasury to-day , I
reply to the senate resolution directing hi
'a transmit to the senatoall papers In relatlo
o the contract let to Iralnerd& ! Co. for tl
voik of puttlnc nil additional Mory on U
t'corla ( ill. ) poatoillco in lSt& and all i > v <
leits tiled In iclatlon thereto , transmitted ; i
Mich papers , and a letter In which he ny ,
"U'lieu the question of letting this contra
ivns bcforo'ine I was advhpd ami obliged '
hold that under thu pit-sent statutes ofll
United States I was not Ompowercd to dire
or dictate what mcaps the lowest bldd
unler a contract duly advertised in a'ccor *
mice with law bhould employ to filial ! ti
terms of the * 1-611 tract , provided ueli hu-ai
be Jswiul. 1 found thai tUe statutes ot ti
state of Illinois authorized the employment
by the contractors In question of convict
labor , I could not Und that any statute of
the United States authorized the rejection
of bids made by men who employed such
labor. Consequently In obedience to what I
deemed my duty under Ihu existing statute * ,
1 directed that the contract bo let to the
lowest possible bidder. "
General David Hunter , United Stales
Army , ictlred , died suddenly this afternoon
at his residence In tills City. Ho was In his
usual rood health this morning and made
several visits down town dnrln ; ho
afternoon. . On returning ho complained
of a pain In his abdomen and
had to bo assisted to bed. Ho died
in a few minutes. Ho was a veteran of
tliu Mexican war , and also served with dis
tinction In the lute war. Ho was retired In
ISM , after being severely wounded In several
engagements. Hu was piesldent of the mil
itary couit thai tiled Mis. Sim nit.
The Merchant Jobbers of the State
Holding a Conclave.
Dr.sMoiNis : , Iowa , Feb. 2. The Iowa Slate
Jobbers'association met In this city to-day.
A delegation by special car came from Cedar
Haplds , but the other cities were unieprc-
sen ted on account of the snow blockade.
Mr. J. T. Hamilton of Cedar llaplds was
chosen chairman of thu convention. The
question of transportation rules was Ihu prln-
Ipal subject ot discussion through the day ,
lid a committee was appointed to bring llio
natter before the legislature , and In bahal f
if the jobber * of the slaf.e ask for protection
suinst unjust discrimination and extortion-
.to late.s.
An Mutineer Killed.
JUNCTION , Iowa , Feb. 'J. [ Special
1'clcgnini. ] Engineer Charles Choato , of
us Central Iowa railroad , was killed hero
Ids morning while his engine was takin g
vater. A train on the Hurlington , Cedar
tapids & Northern ran Into his engine , kill-
ng him Instantly. His home was in Ilamp-
on <
The General Assembly.
MoNii ! : , Iowa , Feb. 2. A concunent
csolutlon passed both houses of the legisla-
: ure to-day , asking congress to place a high
Icensu on the sale of buttcrinc and oleomar
garine In order that they might not compete
in an equal footing with pure dairy products ,
several legalizing acts were passed in each
louse , but no bills of general interest.
A. Ki < * Itlnzc nt Ijciiuo.v.
LKNNON , Iowa , Feb. 2. | Special Tele-
'ram.1 A file last night destroyed five bust-
.less houses. Thu loss is from Sl.5,0 00 to S2 , -
X0. ! Insured for about one-half.
Clio Drummer , Ills Experiences und
Chicago Herald : From New England
o Los Angeles , from 1'ngot Sound to
iio Janeiro , and Buenos A'yrc.s , ho is met
ivith in hotel , steam car , or stage couch ,
ivory business is represented by the lo-
maeious individual , from a nuudlc to a
ocomotive. Ho comes and goes at all
lours. He is to-day in Dakota and next
vuulc on the coast of California. His
signature will bu found on every hotul
egislor in tlio laud. No place i.s too ru-
note for him to ) ) enutratu , no hardship
00 great for him to endure , if he can
only sell goods. Hu will ride all night on
1 freight train if by this method hu can
ieul : olV-somu competitor , lie is bright ,
jnurgiitic and a jolly companion , a great
f-tory teller , and thu newest and best are
'omul in his repertory. No "chestnuts"
'or thu dririnmcr. There is no event snf-
iuiuntto cast a gloom over Ids lifu save
Jiaf' only of failure to get an order , but
this is quickly dispelled , and his samples
ire again exposed to the view of the rural
merchant. An order is secured , and he
is oil for new fluids to conquer.
Uel'oro starting "on the road" it is
necessary to have a complete route laid
out , with the , names of towns and
customorri to bo visited. These are pre
pared , thu .sample trunks packed and the
drummer listens toyords of advice from
the "old man , " which usually consist of
remarks about cutting down expenses.
These admonitions , however , rest lightly
on the drummer's sonl.and with a pocket
full of inoiiuy and a bundle of mileage
tickets ho is on' . Ho takes a seat in the
train and iu duo time arrives at his lirst
town and immediately prepares for
business. His samples are spread out in
the hotul sample-room , and ho goes out
to find his man. If he succeeds in getting
the merchant into the den where his
goods are on exhibition the order is in
variably secured , and no ono is moro
surprised than ho who gives it , because
ho was positive before the drummer met
him that his stouk was complete and
nothing was needed.
The drummer is a happy individual ,
lie i.s at homo everywhere. Ho is great
on flirtations , and no time is regarded
lost spent in talking lo a pretty girl. Ho
carries on his shoulders the burden of
his house , yet llio weight has not thu ef
fect to depress his spirits. Hu has confi-
donee iu hi.s ability and knows the coun
try demands his goods , which ho is
bound to sell. Thu holul is his house and
his castle hi.s homo. He knows ovury
room , and as ho writes hi.s munu on the
register tells the cleric which one ho pro-
furs. Ho always puts up at the. best , and
is on terms of intimate acquaintance
with everybody , from the landlord down
to the bell-boy. The drummer la usually
a good player at billiards , whist , and
"old sludgu , " while very row have n
bettor idea of the valiio of a "full
hand" than ho. Hu somulimes make *
up liis mind to improve hi * time by read
ing , and turns over a "now loaf , " csehuw-
ing all such vanities and expensive
amusements as billiards and poker , but
the chances tire the next evening finds
him iu company with some Kindred spir
its , playing n "bob-tail" with such uwsur-
unco us to win n jack-pot which had been
opuncil by a timid individual with three
queens. Sometimes , however , it happen *
unit tlio iieklo goddess has not been good
to him , and it requires considerable llg
uring to balance expense account. Uu
lucky , indeed , must thu cards run for him
if hu uau't even things up in his monthly
statement to the house , And old travelers
ors have noticed that the drummer win
is unlucky at poker usually soils the most
goods. This Iu because un expense , no-
count will easily pass scrutiny at "tin
houso" if it is accompanied bv largo or
dcrs. Small sales and bi < j expunsu no
counts arc not healthy indication- ! the
drummers' bu inc. s.
In England drummers uro known a :
" " usually sulectci
"bag-men"and they aru
for tills position on account of ago ami
many years experience iu the business
They lack the. push and energy that char
actcrizes tlioir American brethren. The
represonlntivo American drummnr is i
young man , Very few gray heads arc
found in theranks. . An old man on tin
road is the exception. The nxtraim
youth of many is a matter of wonder
Yet it is impossible to meet ono who j
making his first trip. It scorns to bo ai
iunulu desire of thu drummer to bo o
"old-timer. " Tliis beard
appear to bu an - .
lw.s youth will toil with the greatest de
give of nonchalance of a trip ho niadi
over the "U. P. " live years ugo , when If
reality his "grip" is sliming with nownes
and Ins irui'.kd bear no scars of travel
TIP | new riun on the road is easily clc
tiwliid. * > liioka thu selt-pos.scssiuu o
UKi t'Ttii , und is inclined to iind fiuil
j with hut -U and modes of travel , which ii
r I ivgiirdi-d by the exwrionccd man us bai
u I bivwl'ng und fivshneis In the business
? I Thuya dtfec-ta are usually eradicated b
Shot Dead at His Own Threshold by Some
Party Unknown ,
Forty Thousand Dollars' AVorth or
1'ropcrly Destroyed Suspicious
Suicide Near Grand Island-
Other State Specials.
Cowardly Murder Near Valentine.
VAir.uriNi : , Neb. , Feb. S. [ Special Tele
gram. j Information has just been received
here that Henry Stevcns.a farmer llvlni ; some
llttccn miles east of here , on the Xlobrara
river , was assasinated last nlyht. Ste\cus ,
hearing Ids dogs barklnc furiously , got up ,
lit his lantern , and started out to see what
was the matter. Immediately after crossing
the tlncsliold of his door lie was shot dead by
parties unknown.
Sheriff Connolly ami Deputy Little started
Immediately for the scone of the murder ,
uhere they hope to be able to trace down the
cowardly assassin.
DC AVItt Suffers n Heavy Fire.
HnATiuri : , Xcb. , Feb. 2. ( Special Tele
gram. ] A $ r.,000 lire at De Witt at r o'clock
this morn IIIK destroyed nine business build
ings and .several large stocks of goods , being
the best in thu town. The lire started in
Darhydt's store , but how It started Is un
known. On account of the very cold weather
and lack of water supply , the lire could not
be Mopped until one block was burned. The
losses are as follows :
Dr. Cross , building and drug stock , value
5-lXH ( ) , no Insurance ,
Stclnmeyer & Unland , general stock , part
of the goods saved , value .57,000 , Insurance
A. ( } . DaihydtA Co. , trencral .stock , build-
K 54,000 , stock 512,000 , insurance 50,000.
Warren Chc.sncy , livery bams , value 51,000 ,
feed store S200 , stock saved , no Insurance.
William ( irooms , restaurant , 81,600 , no in
K. Hastings , skating rink , 2,000 , no Insur
George A. Hunt , dwelling pulled down ,
value § 1,000 , no insurance ; also slock o
goods damaged , insurance 81,000.
William IJiiiiiz , general block , value 81,500 ,
no Insurance.
Dr. Duncan's olllcc , Milue.5500 , no Insur
Masonic hall , S.VJO , no Insurance.
It was a ficico lire , and could easily be seen
from tills place , fourteen miles away.
A Suspicious Suicide.
ISLAND , Neb. , Feb. 2. [ Special
Telegram. ] A ease ot suicldo happened
iibont two and a half miles east of tills place
ast evening , the victim being Adolph ( ichl-
mr , a farmer , who has lately lost all his
property by inoitgagcs , etc , and It Is thought
iliat being left in this destitute condition it
ed him to commit the null act. He has been
living with his brother-in-law lately. It Is
reported some member ot the family bought
one ounce of strychnine at a drug store hero
yesterday , which fact has caused the coro-
icr's jury to suspect foul play , ar.d the case
ivlll bu thoroughly investigated. Dr. Chris-
Jansen of this place was sent for , hut before
10 arrived Gohlhar had died , lie was 35
years old and leaves a wife but no children.
Platts-moiith AVatcriiiff.
Pi.ATT.ssiouTir , Xeb. , Feb. 2. [ Special
Telpgram.J The city council at a special
meeting last evening , called an election for
the -1th of March for the people to decide ,
'Shall ' the city of Plattsmoutli grant a twenty
year franchise to George U. Innian to estab
lish and operate a system of water works. "
The proposition agreed upon between the
city and Mr. Innian is to construct a system
of water works , commencing with four or
more miles of mains , operated by two en
gines. usiiiK two stand pipes or one stand
pipe and a reservoir , the system to cost at
least 500,000 , and to be built the coming sum
mer , the city on its part agreeing to take
fifty hydrants at an annual rental of § 4,000.
The city has been actively at work for some
time to secure works of this kind , and the
prospect Is good that at the election the coun
cil will bo instructed to grant the franchise.
Stole n March on the Old
NKJIIIA.SKA CITY , Xeb. , Feb. 2. [ Special
Teleprain.l J. J. McCnllough and Miss Eve
O'I'elt wcro married this afternoon. Tin
bride Is a daughter of John O'I'elt , the well
known hotel man , while the groom is a sales
man In the dry goods house of J. Iddel ol
this city. The event takes every ono bj
surprise. Tlio brldo's parents were at Lin
coln , and knew nothing of the event nnti
they returned homo this ovening. It is sail
they are much opposed to thu match.
ColtunlwH lUiist Have AA'ntcr.
CoLmino.s , Neb. , Feb. 2. [ Special Tele
gram. ] To-day was the day Columbui
showed by its vote that it would have a goo <
system of waterworks. Bonds for S2. ,00 (
carried by a majority of 4 votes.
Verdict for the Defendant.
COI.UMIIUS , Xcb , , Feb. 2. [ Special Tclo
gram. ] In the case of Tlios. O'Xoll vs tin
Western Horse and Cattle Insurance com
pany , the jury , after deliberating only a lev
minute : ) , returned with a verdict for § ' , ' -27 h
lavorof the plaintiff.
After KillliiK Five ol the Crew , Fli- <
he Ship's Cargo.
LONDON , Feb. 2. Captain Clark , of tin
American ship Frank X. Thaycr , has arrlvei
at Plymouth on the capo steamer by whlcl
ho was picked up at sea. Ho relates thu
the Thaycr was bound for England with i
mixed crew , Including two Manlllan seamen
These two men stole upon deck one nlghl
and armed with knives lashed to pole ;
attacked the two olllcers , killing them in
staiilly , Three sailors , the only ones 01
deck , were quickly despatched. Captah
Claik , hearing the shrieks of the crow
rushed ou deck in his night stihl
Thu Manlllans slabbed him terribly
and ho barely escaped witli hi
life. After a desperate struggle , ho brok
away from his assailants and nibbing to hi
cabin locked himself in. The Manillans bai
tered down the hatches and kept the caplali
and crow below deck ono day and nlghl
The captain finally fired through a skyllgli
at ono of the mutineers and wounded him I
the thigh. The man rushed to the side o
the vessel and leaped overboard , and th
other mutineer then went below , flred tli
cargo , and returning to the deck , jumped hit
the sea. Terrified to maiidcss , the crei
forced their way on deck and lowered a boa
and rowed away. The ship was consume
and the crow wandered at sea for a week bi
fore they were picked up ,
Mrs. Bnyurd'H Funeral.
WILJUKOTON , Del. , Feb. 2. Tiie funen
of Mrs. Bayard oscurred to-day from the oh
Swedish church , where that of the daughte
took place two weeks ago. Theobsenuic
\ \ ere \ cry simple. The same pallbearers wh
followed the daughter's coilln followed tli
mother to her last resting place.
Jfyr rales atid winter caps. Itcduce
j prices. Frederick 13th ami
Urlcfnits orXowft ofjthe Bullish Po
litical Situation.
Loxnox , Feb. 2. t tno Oladstonc-Salls
bury conference to-dfty Ihe Greek dllHcully
was discussed. '
At a representative meeting to-day of thc-
assoclatcd chambers of agriculture , speeches
were madcstronclvfavorlnpprotecflvedutles
on corn , sugar and foreign manufactures.
Mr. Chamberlain receives the olllco of lirst
lord of the admiralty. Mr. Morley has ac
cepted tlio chief secretaryship for Ireland ,
Kail Ko.'ebcry the foreign portfolio , Charles
'tusscll the attorney generalship , and Mr.
. 'nlien thu solicitor generalship.
The Court Circular announces that Ulad-
itone , in an audience with the queen on
Holiday , was appointed prime minister ,
tladstono was unable to accept the queen's
iivllatlon to stop at Windsor until Tuesday.
The Dally Xesvs Pays that 1'arnell wfll
rmly demand that the local government
, uestion be settled by paillament before the
and question , or that both subjects be dls-
nissod together , and that hu will strenonsly
pimsedeallng with the land question first.
Gladstone will bo returned to parliament
'or Midlothian without opposition in the re-
Icction necessitated by bis acceptance of
At a meeting of llio Xalional league at
Miblin to-day Sexton , who presided , pre-
tredicted that at the next election the
nationalists would combine with the liberals
ind return eighty-nine members to jiarlla-
nent. Ho advised Gladstone to avoid violence
lence and disorder in Ireland by assisting the
.listrcssed peasants with government funds ,
ind protecting them from eviction until tlio
> 111 lias been passed to buy out the landlords.
Ho urged Irishmen to remain peaceful whllo
here was n chance ot Gladstone making
Herts In behalf of Irish nationalism.
ItiHinnrolc'H 1'olish Policy.
Hr.ui.tx , Feb. 3. The Polish" policy of
'rlnco Uismarck , announced In the landtag ,
las produced general excitement throughout
icrmany and Austria. The immense Lub-
luskl estate , containing about200,000 acres ,
one of largest estates In Prussia , Is offered
'or sale as the result of the u.xpulslons. Bis-
narclc announced the policy of purchasing
'or the Crown all the real estate owned by
olish nobles and gun try In Prussia for ie-
sale to German colonIst.s. This is opportune
for the proprietors of the Lubrinskl lands ,
for at ordinary sale the property must Ifiivo
goiio at bankrupt prices. Addresses of sym
pathy have been sent Uismarck by Germans
in every pait of the empire , and many have
already reached him from people in Austria.
The Austrian-German club of Vienna , how
ever , unanimously denounce thu treatment
of the Poles by the German chancull or.
Vir.\VA , Feb. 2. It is rumored here
the Polish members of t lie Austrian cabinet
Intend lo resign their portfolios for tliu rea
son that if theyremain they are certain to bo
l >'d by the Polish deputies to induce Aus-
.riato formally protest against the action of
Prince UismarcK against'lhe Poles of Peoscn.
A Xohlemaii Cliareqd AA'lth Mimler.
I'Aitis , Feb. 2. Baron jlrtand Dussina has
been arrested , charged with having attempted
o murder Count Montanzan at the Hotel
Louvre In this city. Thq struggle between
: hu two men was very savage , the prisoner
.laving broken a cloak on" the > eount's head ,
besides shooting him twice and stabbing him
once. 15oth noblemen are very rich. Their
quarrel originated in rivalry between them
for a woman. The wounded man may possi
bly iccever.
The prisoner Is a nephew of Baron George
flaussman , the famous" administrator of
public works of Paris. The quarrel was duo
in part to a dispute about' financial matters.
Jlaiissnmii is thought to bo Insauu.
Marriage of CUaaRtjonc's Daughter.
Loxnox , Fcb."Sj Sf iss > > Mary Gladstone ,
[ laughter of Mr. Gladstone , was married this
morning to Kov. 'Harry Drew ofllawarden.
The ceremony was performed in St.
Margaret's church of Westminister. Mr.
Gladstone gave the'bride away. Among the
ersons of note present-were the Prince and
Princess of Wales and their sons , and Lord
Itoscbcrry. Thu brldo's dress was of white
muslin with Brussels lace. She wore a
wreath of orange blossoms and lillies. A
crowd gathered outside the church and
heered thu wedding iiarty on their arrival
and departure.
The Mutinous Kills.
LiVEiiroor. , Feb. 2. Thirteen lads who re
belled against their officers yesterday on tlio
reformatory ship Clarence , were arraigned in
ourt tliis morning charged with mutiny.
The boys all gave the reason of their demon
stration that they had been cruelly treated
by the olllcers. Tliey wcro remanded for
Mourning for Mrs. Raynrcl.
PAIUB , Feb. 2. The American colony here
has gone Into mourning over the death of
Mrs. Bayard. Minister McLano has can
celled the arrangements for a reception he
had announced for next Friday.
A Xciv Pool Formed on AVostcrii Pas-
Kcngor HufifiiCBS.
CHICAGO , Feb. 3. Representatives of the
lines interested In the southwestern passenger -
ger business , met here , to-day to take action
in regard to preserving their roads from In
jury growing out of the dissolution of thu
old association. It was unamlnously resolved
to organize a new pool named the Chicago ,
St. Louis and Missouri Hlver Passenger as-
soclati n. to inchidu the business between
Chicago , Kansas City , Lcavenworth , Atchl-
son , and St. Joseph , Chicago and St. Louis ;
St. Louis and those Missouri river points
between St. Louis , Council Bluffs and
Omaha ; Peorla and thu samn Missouri liver
points , and Peorla and Chicago. The old
agreement was adopted with but slight
changes to take effect February 1 , and con
tinue until December 31 , 18ST. The
Chicago and Council lilnlf.s lines agreed to
act only through an arbitrator In meeting
competition. Messrs. Cable , McMnllen and
Potter were appointed to .select an arbitrator ,
and A. P.Vflson NV'IIS chosen aihltrator pro
tern. .Neither tbo Northwestern nor St.
Paul road is party to the now agreement , and
botli am consequently outside the jurisdic
tion of thu passenger association. It lit
stated , however , that rate cutting In their
territory would Involve their revenues to a
gmater degree than. ( host ) of the Itoclc Island ,
anil thcrotoro they' will probably maintain
rates firmly. t
Thu Illinois Central ) vas not represented
at thu nicetintr , and It , i.s thought by some
that this fact Is Indleativo.of coming trouble
In tliu matter of upholding rates to St. Louis ,
Varying lijvojfi ock Cars.
CinoAoo , Feb. 2. The commissioners ol
the several western ppgls constituted them
selves a committee to-tjay to establish differ
entials on live stock cars. The cais vary In
length and capacity , and some shlpncrf
claim that as equal : raU' i are charged tor all
cars regardless of iueaiurement. they liavc
been discriminated , niriOnst by local astents ,
A uniform rule will ) w adopted governing
rates on all cars of '
The Grand Haven Itlnzo.
DKTROIT , Fob , 2. Xows from the Grand
Haven llrsto-dny is muagre. The latust estl
mate of the loss is Si03,0)3 ! , on which thu in
surance is-Ilttlo less than that amount. The
elevator which was flost roved was the prop
eity of Newbcrry & McMillan of tills city
who probably will not rebuild , as It was no
paying. A now- freight warehouse will hi
started Immediately. It Is believed the llr <
was caused by the explosion of an ovci
heated stove ,
Xew York Dry Goods Review.
XKW YOUK , Fell , a , Exports of domestii
cottons for the past' week have been 4 , 5.
packages , and s.lnev , January 1,21,100 , again *
13,101 for the samu time last year , and 0,4 ? :
packages in 16S4. The 'tone of the marke
bhows a hardening tendency ft'r all stylc.s o
stapU ) cottons , -while. . In all depaitmcnts i
good trade U lu movement 'for accouut o
spilu ; ; wants .
The President's Prerogative the Subjco of
Two Senate Resolutions.
The Electoral Count Bill Further Dis
cussed The House Session De
voted to Kuloglcs on the
, IjatoVIco President.
WASIIIXUTOX , Feb. 'J. The chair laid bo-
forc the sonata a letter from the secretary of
war In compliance with the recent resolu
tion of the senate , transmitting thu report of
Major W. A. Jones of the corps of engineers ,
regarding river Improvements In Oregon.
Among the uctltlons presented and appro
priately referred wcro several by Mr. Fryo
from various organizations of the Knights of
Labor ot Maine , praying that , the territory
known as Oklahoma may bo opened to set
Among the measures favorably reported
fiom the committee was a Joint resolution by
Mr. Hlalr from the committee on woman's
suffrage , providing for a constitutional
amendment extending the rights of bUlTrago
to women ,
Mr. Cockrcll staled that this report was not
the unanimous judgment of the committee ,
and the minority reserved the right to pre
sent a written report in opposition to the
Thu joint resolution was placed on the cal
Mr. lllddlcbergcr offered the folloxvlng resolution
elution :
llcsolvcd , Thatlt Is the sense of the senate
that the executive of thu United States Is
not restricted by constitutional law In re
moving or the suspension of appointees ;
that thu senate has no right to require that
reasons shall be given for such removals or
suspension ; that it I.s thu right of the scnato
to call for any paper relating to thu conduct
of removed or suspended appointees , or as to
the qu.ililicatloii ami fitness of nil persons
whoso names are presented to the senate for
confirmation or rejection ; and It is the duty
of the executive to comply with all demands
for the same.
In offering the resolution , Mr. Kiddlcbcr-
gcr said his purpose was simply to bring it
up in open debate. It did not involve any
so-called hluh prerogative of the senate xvhen
t should go Into secret or executive session ,
ml only that abstract question as to whether
ho executive could be called on or required
o give reasons for removals. Mr. Kiddle-
tergcr asked for Immediate consideration of
, ho resolution.
Mr. Cockerel objected.
Mr. I'nuh said he would submit either to-
ilay or to-morrow a substitute for Mr. Klddle-
wger'i ? resolution.
Mr. Stanford offered a concurrent resolu
tion , which was agreed to , providing for an
investigation by the committee on public
buildings into the charges made in 1853 and
now being renewed against the otliclal con
duct of Samuel Strong during Ids superintendent
tendent- public buildings.
Mr. Van Wyek called up and had passed
his bill , reported favorably from the finance
committee , permitting receivers of banks to
nsu such funds of the bank as may liax-o
already been covered into the treasury , when
such use may be necessary in order to protect
the interests of creditors of the bank. The
bill authorizes the receiver to see that bank
prouorty about to bo sold by order of court
shall not be sold for lens than its value.
. Mr- Morgan's.'resolutionregarding tlio
trustee8pro.vided ih' the Mormon bill-was
then placed before tlio senate.
Mr. Allison thought It inconsistent with
the provisions of the bill named.
Mr. Ingalls moved Its reference to the
idlclary comniitte'o.
Mr , Morgan 'contended that according to
[ ho precedent set bv the hill every church
organization in the United States was likely
at any time to have trustees for its manage
ment appointed b.v congress.
Mr. Ingalls' motion was agreed to and the
resolution was referred. *
Mr. 1'ugh submitted the substitute already
referred to by him to take the place of Jlld-
dlebcrger's resolution , and asked that it bo
presented and lie over till to-morrow.
Mr. Pugh's substitute is substantially as
follows :
1 That executive power is expressly vested
IV ) the constitution In the president of the
United States so that he shall take care that
the laws bo faithfully executed.
3 That thu power of appointment to fede
ral office Is an executive noxrer to bo exer
cised by the president , under the limitation
In the constitution , that hu .shall nominate ,
and by and witli the advice and consent of
the senate , shall appoint.
U That the poxvcr of removal or suspen
sion from the poxvcrs and duties of federal
ollice is also an executive poxvcr , vested ex
clusively in the president , xvlthout any such
limitation In the constitution as Is imposed
thereby on the iioxver of appointment , and
for its exercise he is responsible alone to the
people and not to the senate.
4 That the right of the president to make
nominations to the .senate , and of the senate
to advisu and consent thereto , aru each sep
arate and independent rights , to bo exercised
by Ihu president and tlio xenatu respectively
ami separately , and Independently within
thulr absolute discretion ; butin relation to the
person or persons so nominated , the senate
may request information of thu president af-
Icutlng thu character or qualifications of those
as to whoso appointment ho asks the advlco
and consent ot thuKcnalc. 3
5 That when the president makes nomina
tions to the senate of persons to ho ap
pointed by him to exercise the powers and
duties of federal ofllccg , who have been rc-
mox'od or suspended by him , no law , public
duty or public policy requires that ho shall
smul or communicate to thu senate any rea
son for making Mich removals or suspensions ,
and no law , public duty or public policy re
quires or authorizes tlio senate to calf for
such Information existing In any such form
from the president or any member of his cab
inet , to enabio thu scnato to review or ques
tion the action of thupiesldeiit in exercising
his executive , discretionary and exclusive
poxvcr of lemovlng or suspending federal
otilccrii from thu powers and dntius of their
olllcos , or to put tlio president on trial by thu
senate , or to enforce accountability to the
senate for anything hu may havu donu in tliu
oxerelRo of such jurisdiction.
0 That to obtain information considered
by either house of congress useful In passing ,
necessary and proper laxvs , either house of
congicss may request the president , If not
deemed by him incompatible with public In
terest , to glvu any information within his
knoxvledgu relating to thu administration of
any public ollleo , or Ihu official conducts or
act's affecting thu official conduct or duties of
any public officer , but for the .senate to make
such request nf the president , or to direct any
member of his cabinet to transmit
to thu senate any information In
open or executive session to enable Ihu senate
in open or executive .session to revlcxv the
propriety , 01- reason , or Information upon
which hu acted , or may havu acted , In making
removals orhUHpensions , would bo an attempt
to obtain such information by false pa-tenses ,
and for usus and purposes not authorized or
justified by any laxv or public policy of thu
United States , and should thu presi
dent grant such request or require
any member jo his cabinet to
obey such direction from the senate when
deemed by him to bo made for such unjusti
fiable and unlawful uses and purposeswould
be to rec.ognl/o and enconragu an impropei
practice and an Injurious Innovation upon
his exclusive and Independent rlu'hts , poxvert
and duties as president of the United States
Mr. Hoar Inquired xvhethcr the request tr
print included the printing of thu stum )
speech in thu bully ot the resolution ,
Mr. Ingallo gave notice that when the or
iKlnul and substitute resolution should conu
up to-morro\vlio would move to luferthcm u
the committee on privileges and elections foi
further consideration.
Tlio resolution , according to request , was
laid over until lo-morroxv.
The uoxt bill on thet-alendir was the oil
. to permit the rnli.'d.Slates consul at War
.saxv. Itus-iia , lo nr pt certain decoration'
tcndt'jvd him by ihu Itiis4laii government
* jTho consul Is. a Hiiyjian subject and notai
AmoiiiMiiIen.j | |
Mr. Kdmiindh , Mr. Infills and Mr. Lou : "
opposed Uie bill and Mr , .Morgan xpuko In It :
favor. ' .
Mr. Logan evoked npplaiiMi Ifiom I'1" ' fp
lei'ies by lib ii'imirks , xvhlch-convhuled
loxx-sl "Let the decoration of the American
citizen bo his dally walk and his demeanor
toxvards his fclloxv men. That is the only
decoration that nn American citizen should ,
In my opinion , wear. "
The electoral Count bill then came up. and
Mr. Kvarts took the floor. Ho favored the
recommitment of the bill to the committee.
Ho thought a section should bo added to the
bill , making It tin ; duty of the governor of
each state , under the seal of the state , as soon
as practicable after the final act of thu state
In the electoral appointment , to communi
cate to the United States government the re
sult ot that process * . This communication
should show the names of the persons elected
or appointed ns electors , and what votes had
been cast for such persons respectively. Mr.
Kvarts xvas satisfied that If this xvas done the
difficulties surrounding the question of
counting the vote would disappear , for wo
should have tlio highest public authority
showing the final action of a state In an elec
tion.Mr , Wilson of loxvn opposed the bill.
Mr. Kvarts submitted , as an amendment ,
thill it should bo the duty of the executive of
each state , as soon ns practicable after final
ascertainment of the appointment of electors
In such state , to communicate , under seal of
the stale , to the secretary of stain of llio Uni
ted Status , n certificate shoxvlng thu result of
such ascertainment , setting forth the names
of Mm electors and other paitlcnlar.s , and lo
deliver to the electors ol ! such state a similar
certificate In triplicate , such certificates to be
transmitted by thu electors with the result of
their oxvn action. > = J
Mr. Kdmutids opposed the motion to re
commit , but It struck htm that Mr. Kvaits
.suggested nn amendment which embodied an
extremely valuable Idea. It could be dis
cussed In Ihe senate , however , as xvcll as In
thu committee.
After further debate llio motion to recom
mit xvas brought to a vote and resulted yeas
! ! 0 , noos 22 the affirmative vote being about
equally divided between republicans and
democrats. All llio proposed amendments
went with tin ? bill.
The Dakota bill was then placed before the
senate , and Mr. Logan obtained the floor ,
but gave way for an executive session , after
which the scnalo adjourned.
The resolutions of Mr. Hlddlcbcrgcrand
Mr. Pugh , as to the relations bctxvecn the
president and senate , xvill como up for-con-
snluratlon in the morning hour to-morrow ,
and Mr. Logan will have the floor at 2 o'clock
on the Dakota bill.
WASHIXOTOX , Feb. 2. After the reading
ot the journal Mr. Holman offered thu folloxv-
iiiK resolutions :
Hesolved , That the house has received with
trofound sorroxv intelligence of the duath of
fhoinas A. Hendrlcks , late vice president of
ho United States.
llesolveil , Tbat the business of tlio house
) o suspended m order that the eminent ser
vices and private virtues of llio deceased may
m appropriately commemorated.
Hesolved. That the cleik of the house bo
equestcd to communicate these resolutions
; o the senate.
Mr. IJynnm , who represents the district
vhich formerly returned Hendrlcks , xvas the.
Irst speaker to hear testimony to thu
xvorth ol the dead statesman. llo
sketched the life of Ilenrtricks through
childhood , youth and manhood , showing
n every siago he manifested that abilitv and
alcut xvhich had madu his name familiar to
every household In the land. Jleudrick.s xvas
10 ordinary man. He was ono of the foxv
; reat men whoso greatness increased and
whoso sublimity bucamu more sublime tliu
icarei- lie xvas approached. Ho was an
loncst man. Suspicion nox'cr breathed cal-
unny against his Integrity , llo passed
lirough the fiery furnace xvlthout a scar.
Ills statue , to fully represent him. should bu
chiseled in spotless marble. He dally prac
ticed the grandest of all virtues , charity.
All along Ujpjaijsagewavof his' llfu were
" "
scattoicd the-seeds ol-cliavityT1" "
Mr. Hroxvnc , as a political opponent of Mr.
llcndricks , bore witness to his sterling qnal-
tles of heart and mind. Ho was without
challenge the chief representative Indl-
ina democracy. If he did not forinulatn Its
policy he accepted it as the true faith ; If ho
lid not ( jo before , Jio wont xvell abreast of
iIs party alignment. Ho went Into thu thickest
of the light , coneratnlated his forces in vic-
* ory , orln defeat covered their retreat. He
, xras not a political boss , llogox-erned with
out whip or bastlle. He was a king , but ho
reigned by common consent and made his
subjects Ids peers. Hu was ever true to him
self , true to his honor. No temptation lie-
billed to venality. No dishonest dollar ever
( inched the palm of his hand.
Mr. Springer cited anecdotes in the life of
Mr. llcndricks illustrative of his kindness
ind charity of heart , and paid his tribute to
; hu purity of thu public and private charac-
cr of the deceased. In conclusion lie said :
'As death lays his icy hands on kings , so
jimst all die , sooner or later. Our vice presi
dent xvas no exception to the Inexorable law.
[ n his death the people mourned the loss of
i great and good man. Universal sorroxv
ivas manifested on every hand. The highest
loners xvurc. paid him , but these honors and
: ho people's sorroxv cannot call him back
: o earth again. Hu has passed Irom the busy
and exciting scenes of this life to the sweet
rcnose of the blessed. Hut to such as live as
lie ll\-cd , ex'cn in the hour and article of
.leath , In the silent tomb , In the day of judg
ment , in the life to come , all Is well , all Is
well. ' '
Mr. Hall , In an eloquent address , laid
[ oxva's tribute of regard and sorroxv upon thu
: omb of ono xvho had always been'lox-ed in
life.Messrs. . Kleiner and Holman , as represent
atives of the commonwealth which knuxv and
loved Mr , Hendricks best , closed the eulogies
with brief addresses descriptive of the public
ind private virtues of the dead statesman ,
and then the resolutions were unanimously
adopted , and thu house adjourned.
Schiefcr Shies a llroad Challenge
NEW YGHIC , Feb. 2. Jacob Schajfer , the
lillianllst , to-day issued an announcement
that Ylgiiaux'H backer having declined to
make good his challenge , xvhich ho had
accepted , ho xvas willing to play Vlgimux or
any other man In the world a match game of
! .0t)0 points , 14-Inch balk line , for Sr.,000 u
Hide , thu winner to take all the receipts , and
the loser to pay a'l ' expenses. Should Vlg-
naux or his backer fail to get the money to
wattes , ho would play him on the samu con
ditions for 81,000 a shlo.
Tlio Apaches Surrender.
Kr. I'.xso , Tex. , Feb. 2. Major llobinson ,
army paymaster , received a dispatch from Fort
Dayard , Xoxv Mexico , to-day , which stated a
courier had just arrived there , and brought a
message ) from Long's ranch , xvhich contained
In formation of thu unconditional surrender
of the Apache chief ( icronlmo lo Lieutenant
Mans , \xlio succeeded the late Captain Uraxv-
Vfo doubt If there Is , or can bn , a specific
.remedy tor rheumatism ; but thousand : ! who
liavo buffered Its pains huvo bcc ; > greatly ben
efited by Jluod'a Harpaparllla. II you have
failed to nnil ictlcf , try this great remedy.
"I was aflllcted with rheumatism twenty
years. 1'revlous to 1E33 1 found no relief , hut
grew worse , and at onu tlmu wan almost help
less , Hood's Sarsnpurilla did 1110 moro good
than all the other medicine I ever lad , "
H , T. nu.coji,8hlilcy Village , Mass.
" I li d rheumatism Unco years , and f.ot : io
relief till I look Ifnod's S-irsaparllla. It lias
done great filings ( or inc. I iccummrnd It to
* tu rs. " _ I.KWIS lluitiu.NK , lUUdefoid , Sleu
Huod't Srjrsapailll.i I.s cl-aractcrlred by
ttuce Dies : let , tlio cvtukltiatfan of
T mc < lal ! agents i 2 < l , lie ! j > ropcrlens 3d , tlio
f/rocw of securing thu r.ctivo medicinal
qualities. Tlr : rciuli laitci : ) : -.o of unwind
stiniigth , clTi-clU. } ! cures hitherto unkubwn ,
Bend Jor ! > . ! : cr.iiialnlMK adillllonwl evidence.
"Hot"1' * ; ! - . --anlti | : tnniM .IP my i-yitetri ,
pmu | > < i ! - . . i. iuinipnsin.-iiiM'i'Ht' ' ! , r.nd
enis in i tin < ivi-f. ' ( J , r. Tnom-soH ,
.Itegbtor i . i . ( . , J.-riVi-n , M.--J.
"Hood' > > - . , : ! . : h--ati : i1 ! niliiT * . and
is.vui ill \ \ , -lit iii.-nlii. " I , lui-i.vnov ! ,
330 Jfcmk i-itC' ' 1 1 , New Voik CUy.
. Hood's Sarsaparilla
Sojd by jill drufclsts , $1 j ili for 55. Miilr
only by 0. 1. 1100U A C0-5.owi : : , Mass.
, l06posogOno ; Dollar.
Mass of Measures Before the Lawmakois fof
the Weal of the Teiritory ,
Sessions of the Territorial Council
Convene > "ot for Their Special
nail l 'lnnnolnl lloncllt 1'i-os-
Wyoming' * Assembly. /
CIIKYUNNI : , Wyo. , l-'eb. 2. [ Special. l Th
past week 1ms boon n very busy 0110 in tbo
leglslatuic , nuil the lawmakers will start In
to-mono w on the fourtlivcuk of the session
with n mass of proposed measures for the
weal of thu territory , which cannot help but
inaku them feel that they have no slnccnrci
Dwliig to the fact , principally , that so many
Ijllls Imvi1 been introduced over thirty In tho3
IOUMJ anil about a dozen In the council the *
time of both houses has'.been occupleil In pro.
[ Iminury consideration of them , and but ona
lias succeeded hi gelling Into the governor's
bands. That Is n bill piovldliig >
for u school house at Hawllns to cost 325,000. ,
The bonds to bo Issued aie 8 per cents of noM
less than $50 each , and are to bo sold at fac < n
value. James Frunce , William Jungquist , frt J
0. Miller and .1. C. Friend arc named as th # *
committee on construction , and they are tp ,
give bonds each In S5.KX ( ) . J
The custom of ordering a copy of cacffi
newspaper published In thu territory for cachl
member led to the Introduction of a icsolu
tlon to this cITect early In thu session. TlliJJ
argument over It has occupied a good doa.1 op
valuablotlmu In both bodies of the leclsloV
lure , and It was thought to be llnally boltlcu
last Thursday , when a conference
committee report against taking any
of the papers was made and
accepted1 , by both houses , but on Friday
Mr. Dcloney , of the council , who had been
rusticating at Pueblo during the week , re
turned , and about the llrst thing ho did waste
to bob up serenely with a notice of another
resolution ordering the papers. The Held Is
therefore to be fought over again. The total ox ;
pensnsof the papers would not bomoio thail'
SliO , ) and the time which has been consumed ,
It would seem , In debating the advisability
of taking them , Is worth more than that.
.Mr. Mcl'ortnlck has Introduced a bill for
the construction of a jail at HulValo.
Two bills having in view tlto construction
of a court house at Sundance , Crook county ,
were Introduced slmillaiieously In the house
and council on the 27th. The bills provide
for bonding the county for § 23,000.
By the provisions of a bill now before the
house , county commissioners will bo
authorized to appoint one or more officers
whose duty It shall be to tm that the game
laws are enforced. Such ofllccrs shall bo
authorized to arrest violators of the law anil
take them before tiie nearest justice of the
peace. Their pay shall be So per day for the
actual time they aio to be engaged , this- ,
amount embracing expenses.
Uy far the most Important fact connected
with this legislature Is one" which probably
will never appear upon the surface of. the
proceeding.1 ! . This is that the Wyoming
Stock 0rowers * association will not occupy
the greater portion of the time of the
with bills Intended to afford it financial as
sistance. This has como about In a way
which , under the circumstances , Is somewhat
peculiar. For some wcels It has been knowp
that the stock association contemplated lld' |
introduction of bills which would appropriate
in the aggregate about $25,000 out of the tcrt'j '
ritorlal treasury. One of the items to be pal * j
for was the quarantine yards at this city , I
constructed last year at a cost of & 12,000 |
As soon as Mr. Teschemacher's bill providing
for repeal of the law of 1834 , which gave
Cheyenne the licenses from the saloons an4 -
gaming tables ( about § 18,000 annually ) , and ]
the effect of which would be to lighten thotiup
on the slock interests In the county to tfiac
extent , appcared , the papers of this city Im
mediately contained significant editorial
utterances. The Sun was the lirst to .speak , ;
and it declared in unmistakable terms that
the statute books contained all the legislation ' ,
which embraced appropriations In tavor o ?
the stock association that the territory could
reasonably stand. A meeting of the execu
tive committee of the association was called
and the editor of the Sun was sent for. The
Interview was brief and to the point , and the
executive committee was Informed that the
Sun would declare war on any measure whlcfi
looked toward the expenditure .of moro
money for any of the association's 'purposes.
The executive committee deliberated und
decided that : iu attempt to force legislation
would be too big n contract and , In consef
ijucnco , only one bill is to bo introduced , and ,
that is an amendment of the maverick law ;
The substance of It will bo that the maverick *
will bo sold at the end of every day tfl
the highest bidder lor cash or n certified
A bill Is being progressed as fast as possible
which provides for the encouragement of treo'
planting. It will probably become u law
after being amended , and will allow a rediuv
tlon In the assessment of a man's property of
5100 for every aero of crowing forest trees
not more than fifteen feet apart , and 8200 for
every acre of fruit trees not moro than tnlrty
feet apart.
Three voluminous mining hills have been
Introduced. Ono provides for the appoint-
mnnt of a coal mine Inspector at1,000 pay
per annum , and requires the accurate
weighing of coal as mined. Another
provides that the territory shall
pay § 1,000 to thu widow and 5500 to each o
the chlldicn of u miner killed by a Urn damp
explosion , and then shall recover the amount
fiom thu company owning thu mines. A
third is by Mr. Kuno , of Fremont county ,
and especially applies to the location mid
woiklng of mineral lodes.
A bill Is before the house defining the
boundaries between Johnson county and
Crook , and Johnson and Albany.
It Is probable that ; v bill creating Ihe oflKje
of tunitorlal geologist and mining engineer
will fall to pass. It will receive but luke
warm assistance irom the Luramio county
delegation , as the ollicn Is not believed to beef
of any practical benefit , ami the money can
bo used to belter advantage eluinvheiv.
JMsuHtroiin Trilu Collision.
STAUMTO.V , Va. , Feb. 2. A disastrous col
lision occurml on the ( 'hosapeako X- Ohio
railroad liero at 1 o'clock this morning. No.
u , night express , ran into a freight on a bid
ing , completely wrecking both engines.
Fiieman ( illtings was killed , being badly
mutilated and scalded , The master mechanic
had nil arm and U1 , ' biokon and icceived ft
bad scalp wound. The engineer had his
tli i oat cut and was badly scalded. 111 *
condition is dangciou * . The engineer of
the fnlslu titiln had his back badly
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