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The Wife of Secretary of State Thomas A ,
Dies Yesterday
Broken llcartctl nml Proa ! rnctcd. liy
the UcccntDeath ofThclr l < 1nvor-
Ho Daughter , Herself Passes
tu the Great IJoyond.
Dentil of TiIrH. ThomaH A. Hnynrtl.
WAfmtNciTo.v.Jan. : ) ! , Mrs. Hayard , wife
of the focretury of slate , died ut hcrrcsldciico
In this city at 8X : ! ) this morning. The Imme
diate cause of Mrs. IJayard's dentil was con
gestlon of ( ho lirnln , brought on by llio shoclc
of her daimhtcr'H sudden death , two weeks
ago. For the llrst week followhiK that event
she stood the strain and excitement quite
well , but a week ago last Friday she was com
pelled to take to her bed , and gradually crew
worse from day to day. On Thursday con
gestion of the brain made its appearance.
She was unconscious for Iwenty-l'our hours
before her death.
Although for ycara Mrs. Hayard had been
a continued Invalid , she Imd for the last six
mouths been In better health than for years.
Tlio prosldenl'was Immediately notified .
of Mrs. Hayard's death , and ho at once sent
Col. l.amonl with a note of condolenceto the
secretary , and Inter In the day Miss Cleveland -
land railed at the house. There will be
no funeral services In Washington. The
remains will be taken by special car to 'JV'll-
nilngton and deposited In the old Swedish
church.whcro they will remain until 'J o'clock
Tuesday uftcrnoon , when the Kplseopal .ser
vice will be read and the body placed In the
tomb. Mr. Hayard' has asked that no ofllclal
dcmontratlonsbemadcand thopre.sldent.vlll
not go to Wilmington. Several members of
the cabinet , however , will attend the funeral.
WASHINGTONJan. . 31. [ Special Tele-
Kram.l To-night It Is believed that Mr. Uay-
nrd , secretary of state , will very soon retire
to private life. The death of his wife to-day
has completely crushed him. When his
daughter died a few days ago he was almost
prostrated , and would then have Insisted
upon resigning from his olliclal position had
not friends persuaded him to reconsider. Mr.
Uayard Is of a very affectionate disposition ,
thoroughly In love with domestic life , lie
has loved his own fireside more dearly
than all else. He now feels that
It is dissolved , ami he wants
to pass the remainder of his days In quietude
and out of the burly burly of public olllcc ,
where there is nothing but the jostle of self
ishness and the coldness of formality.
While Mr. Hayard was in the senate ho re
ceived nothing but praise and kind words
from the very moment ho cnteicd. In the
department of state ho was overwhelmed
with unkind criticism. This gnawed pain
fully at his sensitiveness and it. Is said ho has
within his Inner consciousness been wishing
for an opportunity to retire , it is now
afforded and there is little doubt that It will
be embraced , and at once. His olllce is one
that carries with It many social duties and
none of these can now bo filled. It is be
lieved by a few of ills friends that he may
take one of the first class missions , but that
Is not at all likely. He wants to travel and
to bo clear of responsibility. Ho has a pri
vate foitunc large enough to meet all of his
BufllncNH Generally JDuil - and De
spondency Prevail ittic.
NKW YOIIH , Jan. 31. [ Special Telegram. ]
The last few weeks have not by any means
tended to Induce a cheerful feeling In Wai"
Htrect. In fact , there Is a disposition maul
fcstlng Itself among the commission houses
to despond about the situation. Things have
generally become very dull in the street
The decrease in amount of real business litho
the stock market can by no means bo meas
ured by the falling off In the number of re
corded transactions. That shows a seven
loss , to bo sure , but the real trouble Is that al
most the whole of trading is professional.
Scalping , matched orders and washed sales
makeup nearly the whole of three or four
hundred thousand shares which constitute
the average business of the stock exchange
for the past week. There Is no real market ,
nml existing conditions tend to approximate
toastatoof tilings which existed from the
beginning ot'lBS5down to the date of the
trunk line settlement. The public keep away
from the market and manipulation by pro
fessional operators supplies all the activity
there is. All this Is very unsatisfactory to
"flic general run of Wall street men ,
It Is beginning to bo extensively recog
nized that the change which Is going on in
the personnel of the street has a good deal to
do with the condition of ulfalrs. The death
of I ) . 1 * . Morgan takes another of the leadIng -
Ing old timers away from the market , and
continues the process which has been going
on very actively In the past six months.
Look at the changes. Vanilerbllt Is dead.
His f'-JCO.OOu.OOO . are tendered as Ineffective
for stock market purposes as If they never
liad been gathered together , and lib sons , It
is btated , nro under cast Iron pledges not to
dabble In stocks. Gould has said ho has re
tired , and while final decision on the subject
had better be reserved , it si-onis for the pres
ent to bo so. Then wo have Osborno and
Moigan dead , and II. M. Smith sent to Join
Jim Kconc , so far as any weight In the
market is concerned , Lasf , but not
least , our old friend Undo Itussell
gage , Is not nearly as nctlvo as ho
ibcdtobc. The result of the changes has
neeri to make Deacon White and Wood-
{ ehoelTer and Cammaek very much greater
forces In the street than they were before ,
andattho sumo time \\o have a number of
rompamflvely now men , like Newcomb ,
Armourand Hoxle , whom the street did not
know previously. Alt these changes Imply a
necessary period of transition. The Inter
relations , methods and schemes of the now
magnates must bo known and their weight ability gaiiRod boforn the stieet feels at
Vimo with them and speculation fulls Into
'tfi lozularrhlinnols once more.
The chief weapon In the hands of the bulls
lias again been low interest rates for muiiey ,
which permits largo blocks to bo canled by
pools at an almost nominal rate. , As long as
this can bo done the price of any stock can
bo advanced at will and shorts forced tn
cover at the will of the bull clique. This ac .
counts In a great nieasuru for Urn hesitancy
to soil on the maikct and the frequent mines
which distinguish the market nowadays.
New York banks mo so overstocked with
loanable funds they uro glad to obtain em
ployment foi them at any lute. The greater
part of rail loans made this week on tlm Hoot
of the exchange were at 1J pur cent. It
looks , too , as If this tendency would bo kept
up for sometime yet ,
The condition of foreign exchange does
not improve , amla great deal ol ciicneou :
calculation is resorted to to explain it. Kates
hang ob > lnati'l.v ! about the trold shlppljiu
point , and it Is only a question cif a little
moro Inijuln being manifested from day U
day to Bend it over the line and stall.shin
ments of gold bars at a liv--ly : rate. The
whole tioumo with the cxr.hauso nuirkcl
may ho set down tis the gnvit fiilllnt ; off ol
oxrioitsconjolnttd with the timid fooling
I over the outcome ot the t > llm- question in
COllglfSS ,
Colcnmn to Show IIU Dcpnrtmcnt's
Progress In Investigation.
WASIIIXOTO.V , Jan. 31. Commissioner
Colcman leaves for St. Louis Monday to pre
side at the convention of the National Suar
association nnd Mississippi Valley Dairy
men's association , which are to bo held this
nnd next week. At the latter convention the
commissioner proposes to show the delegates
the progress that lie Is endeavoring to make
In the Investigation of adulteration of food ,
especially dairy products. Prof. Taylor ,
nilcroscojilst of the department , who claims
to have unfailing test for pure
butter as compared with counterfeit articles ,
will bo present , and by means of a umlc
lantern and a" series of mlero-photoi'raphs ,
will explain Ids discoveries and make an ad
dress upon the subject by the means of these
It Is understood the department is not
ready to say these discoveries are absolutely-
wlthout question , but the commissioner
thinks the conventions are entitled to such
Information as ho can furnish , and that the
country oujrht to Imvo the benefit of such
suggestions'as Prof. Taylor has to make.
Kudo Army Officers Hcbukcd.
WASIIIXOTOX , Jan. RO. Adjutant General
Drum has written n letter to Chief Signal
Officer lla/.en In rccard to the recent court-
maitlal convened atFortMyer , In which he
says tlio secretary of war Instructs him to ex
press his grave displeasure at the conduct of
Lieut. Green , of the signal corps , who , ho
says , has manifestly failed so far to
comprehend the duties nnd responsibilities
of a commissioned officer , and realize the use
of harsh , Insulting anil abusive languaca
toward men , who. from their position , could
not reply to It , It strikes at the very root of
military discipline , and evidences In an olll-
ccrso acting a dcplorablewantotsclt control ,
which. If persisted In , would demonstrate
lila utter uiifitncss for command. The sec
retary of war also deems It his duty to repro
bate the rude and coarse manner In which
the officers composing the court treated coun
sel for the accused. Such conduct Is utterly
unjustifiable In ofllccrs sitting in a military
court in the capacity of judges.
Considering Cattle Diseases.
WASIIIXOTOX , Jan. 29. The house com
mittee on agriculture yesterday began con
sideration ot bills to prevent the spread of
pleiiro-pncumonia among domestic ani
mals. Wilson of Iowa , Commissioner Coleman -
man ot the department of agriculture ,
Dr. Salmon of the bureau of animal
industry , and others , addressed the com
mittee. Salmon explained the nature of
pleuro-pneiimoula. Ho said the llesh of In
fected animals was not injurious as food ,
and no bad etrecls have been known from
Its use. The disease was communicable to
animals within fifteen months after Infec
tion , and quarantine should bo extended to
eighteen mouths at least. Wilson expressed
the opinion that tlio trade of calves between
the cast and west facilitated the transmission
of the disease.
Alii inns in the Xcok
WASIIIXOTOX , Jan. 30. The secretary of
the navy received information from the Pa
cific Mail Steamship company that another
revolution Is threatened on the Isthmus of
Panama. Hear Admiral Jouutt , command
ing the iSorth Atlantic station was yesterday
directed by telegraph to icmaln at Asplnwall
with the Tennessee for the present. It is
possible the Tennessee sailed from Aspln
wall for Key West prior to the receipt of
these instructions , iu which event she will bo
ordered back in case tlio situation demands
it , and other vessels will also bo ordered to
his assistance. Xot much Importance Is at
tached to the present reports of danger.
The President and Senate.
WAsmxaTox , Jan. 31. The democratic
senators met In caucus yesterday at 11 and
adjourned at 1:45. : They discussed the pendIng
Ing issue between the executive and senate
fully , and unanimously adoped the following
resolution :
llcsolvecl. That we approve the views and
actions of the president communicated to the
scuato through Attorney General Garland ,
In the letter of January 29,1830 , nnd wo cor
dially support the executive therein.
The letter from the attorney general was
received by the president of. the senate yes
terday , and seen by the senators , but It was
not formally laid before the body.
Coining ; Up Tor Action
WASIIIXOTOX , Jan. 31. The committee on
banking and currency has instructed Mr.
Adams of Illinois to call up for action durlnc
the course of the week his bill to authorize
national banks to Increase then-capital stock.
A Father or Two Families and Hus
band of Two Wives.
AitAi'AHOE , Neb. , Jan. 31. [ Special. ]
About a month ago It was learned that
George P. Carlton , alias Albert Mcllenry ,
was a muchly married man , having n wife
and five small children in Stockton , Kan.
and also n wife hero and a baby about foui
months old.
It was kept quiet for some time and notli
lug was said publicly , in hope that the Stock'
ton authorities would take stops to have
him arrested. They took no steps foi
seine time , and about n week age
Carlton alias Mcllenry got wind of the affal
and unceremoniously skipped , doing one
good thing , however , by paying all his debts
Carlton alias Mcllenry Is a small dudlsli
Englishman about ! Wyears old , 5 feetfi Inches
high , blonde hair and mustache , and a tailor
by occupation. It Is understood that friends
of his first wife In Stockton are getting up a
purse as a reward for his capture , and any
communication of his whereabouts would bo
gladly received by Stockton authorities.
This IsMclIenry's second cscapadoofthls
kind , ho having been convicted in Kansas
nnd served two years ami four months in the
Leaven worth penitentiary.
The cheekiest part of his escapade was
brought to light ono day last week when
much to the surprise of everyone in town ho
coolly stepped off the 11:30 : train and wont up
to his house. He loft his house and secreted
himself in an adjoining out
house , and a former employer hired
a rig of a liveryman down around town and
then drove up to the outhouse , Carlton
jumped In and drove east , and then north ,
and was lost sight of among the hills. The
team has not yet been returned and should It
not bo , things will bo very lively for his
former employe.
People arc very Indignant at him , ns ho
was aided financial ! v by some of the best
men hero , and was doing n good business.
His present wlfo Is n pleasant woman and
has the sympathy of the entire community.
Had the people known he was coming ho
would have been met at the depot with a
band of music , a bucket of tar and old feath
er bed , and all accompanying requisite for n
good time for all except himself ,
Stockton authoiltlesars much blamed for
not causing his arrest when It was nn easy
Terrible Triplu Traccily.
Ci.K\T.j.AJi ( > , Jan. Si. Alfred Smith , n
sailor , munU'ied his wife and her companion ,
Louisa June Wilson , bomo time last night ,
and then attempted sulchlo by cutting Ida
throat , but ho will iccovcr. He entered the
room by means of a window and killed the
women by beating them over the : iead with a
carpenter's hammer.
Two Men Drowned ,
C < n.t w. " . Neb. , Jan. 41. [ Special Tele
gram.Dr. . W. .J , Kelshis and M. Weinrich ,
old clllrtnsoi' PJatterwmty , whllo crossing
the rlviT at .l-'o't Niobmni on the lee , yostor-
day.ti'.kf.l n"o an air hpJ aud were
drowned , Tl. < lrl"--i Is lamented by their
fili'Wils mi' ! ) ; : it > vra in Pialto county ,
mm is
lulfillment of the Latter Will Defeat Ex
tension of the Former ,
ConRrcss Clamoring for Private Secre
taries KtYoct of the Kclley
Episode on Our Trade With
Austria Xotcs.
Tnr Iff Overtops Pensions.
WASIIINOTON , Jan. 31. [ Special. ] The
soldiers of thecountry will doubtless be quite
as much surprised as grieved to know that
the desire of the free traders to reduce the
tariff Is working against all measures before
congress looking towards moro liberality In
pension matters. And , also , that Secretary
Manning , and even President Clovelaiul , are
working against the ultimate adoption of
any bill enlarging the expenditures for pen
"If the limitation of the arrearages act Is
repealed. " said a western representative to
day , "or the bill Increasing the pension of
widows is passed , or the Mexican bill , or any
measure contemplating a larger expenditure
of money , there can bo no reduction of the
tariff. There will then bo so much paid out
for pensions that It will exhaust llio surplus
in the treasury or reduce It to the minimum. "
"Hut do you not think the pensions will bo
better for the people than the reduction of
the tariff ? " I asked.
"Uudoubo.lly ! , " was the answer , "but the
allowar.oj of Inr o pensions and the aid of
soldiers and those who are dependent would
not bo politic ? , and woulil In no degree bo
fullllling the plcdecs of the party. The dem
ocrats wore ( successful In the last campaign ,
at least partially , because they promised
lower tariffs. Those tarlit reductions must
come , and the party cannot afford to bo de
feated In bringing them r.b7iit by allowing
more pensions or making any possible con
cessions. Of course. It looks hard to deny
the poor widows , orphans or crippled soldiers
pension.0 , simply to make a political point ;
'tit ' politics are politics , you know. "
Do you think the bill Increasing the
vldows' pension from SS to § 12 a 'month
vill pass' ' "
"It may. In fact I believe it will. You
co that will be a kind of sop , and It can bo
cferred to iu the coming campaign. Hut
tore must be a tariff reduction. "
"Can a tariff bill bo passed ? "
"The democrats in the house think so , and
icy are going to try. The reason they have
eld back on reporting a bill is because they
, vant Frank Ilurd , Ohio's great free-trader ,
o take his seat In the house llrst. It Is ar
ranged by the party that ho shall have Romcls'
wit within a month. Then the tariff dls-
uibance will bo begun. Secretary Manning ,
ipeakcr Carlisle and others have been en-
; agiug in the movement against
icnslons and in favor of a
aritt reduction. You will re-
nember that a few days ago a bill was agreed
upon by the Howe committee on invalid pen-
Ions which extends to January 1 , 18S8 , the
Imitation of the arrearages act. Well , that
bill was to bo reported Immediately to the
notiso with a recommendation that it pass. .
t was to defeat the Ilrowno amendment to
ho bill pending , and which amendment also
ixtonded the limitation of arrearages. As
loon as this amendment was made Speaker
Carlisle , Secretary Manning , Col. Morrison ,
and other tariff reformers went to members
f the committee and told them that the bill
extending arrearages must bo defeated , as it
would bar out tariff reform. The consequence
quenco was the bill was not reported and It
will not be passed. "
"I propose to agitate just as much as I can
: ho propriety of allowing congressmen I
iieaa members ot the lower house private
secretaries , " said a western member this
morning. "Heretofore only the eastern
iiembers , " continued he , ' 'have had the nerve
io como out boldly and assert their views on
this subject. Many have looked upon It as a
sort of 'salary grab , ' and for that reason have
refused to speak. Now , all the members
ivho do much work in the house and attend
to the wants of their constituents in the de
partments , have to have private secretaries
which cost them at least 8000 a year , lie
will average , all the year round , twenty-five
letters a day ; all members will do this. Well ,
that Is S.SOO letters In a year. The p
tago on this is $170 , with the private secre
tary this is S770. Then the telegrams , street
car faro , ami the incidental expenses o
gettina through the business of constituents
in the departments , the purchase of extra
documents , seeds , etc. , will make the clear
outlay from this end for constituents nlono
at least Sl,200 a year. Our constituents
would never stand It if wo did not give them
these attentions , and yet see how it reduces
our salary. As a money matter this Is a dead
loss , a big loss , for a man to como to con
gress , and with this niggardly way of doing
things and paying a fellow , only the well-to-
do men , who want and can afford to buy
honors can come. I am for private secre
taries and most anything elso.1'
The Hon. John M. Krancls , of Troy , X. Y. ,
who was recalled a few weeks ago from
Vienna , where lie has IK-OII representing this
government at the court of Austro-Hungary ,
Is in the city and is kept busy receiving calls
irom men of all parties anxious to under
stand the true status of the Kelley matter.
In conversation with a representative from
Pennsylvania last evening Mr. Francis
placed the situation In its true light before
thoKoystonerand then said :
"Among other possible results from the
Kelley affair Is one that peculiarly and pe-
cimlarly interests Pennsylvania. This coun
try now sells to the people of Austro-lliin-
gary some j' per annum of petroleum
product , neaily all of which is paid for
In gold. The government and people of
that empire feel angry and piqued at the
attempt to force an objectionable rep
resentative upon them , nnd they are disposed
to make their resentment felt in everyway
possible ; and they are now looking around to
see if they cannot supply themselves with
petroleum from some other source than the
United States ; and If they succeed away will
go at ono swoop § 20,000,000 a year from our
foreign trade. "
Mr. Francis stated further that it has re
quired the most assiduous efforts on his part
while In Vienna to keep our
affaire In that quarter on an
amiable footing with that empire , and tliat
but very little more Is required to utterly
ruin our trade there. Ho thinks this govern
ment ought to pocket Kdloy'H rejection and
send out a man who Is acceptable , as wo can
not afford to make such a sacrifice of trade
for the sake of ono man and the country
seems to bo of the same opinion.
"Wo must have longer sessions in con
gress and glyo less time to private bills , "
said Senator Hamilton this morning. "All
pension matters , excepting general Icgjbla-
tlou , all claims , and all private bills should
go to a court of claims for adjudication. Wo
arc compelled to neglect work the country
suffers fur to pass private measures of our
friends. If wo wenhto.assomblo In October
instead of December nnd then more of
these personal matters to look after llrst
gen oral legislation wo could soon catch up
witli the progress ot the country. I think
them will bo reform lujthls matter , and that
it will como very soon. "
A democratic member of the house com
mittee on naval affairs said to-day that he did
not believe any real steps would bo taken by
this congress to reconstruct the navy. Askpd
why lie thought so , ho replied : "I don't
think the predominant party can agree upon
a plan. Wo lack , Just now , power of concen
tration , Wo can't get together. Hut wo
may improve. "
The Huiifjarlnn Coke Strikers Pre
paring Tor n IJattlo.
MOUNT Pi.r.ASANT , Pa. , Jan. 81. Every
Hungarian abiding place at both the More-
wood and Standard coke works will to
morrow morning bo a castle. Doors and
winnows will bo barred , while within will
stand rcsoluto men ready to lay down their
lives before seeing their wives and chlldien
thrown out Into the nnow , which Is now
drifting and blowing about their houses.
Socialistic assemblies have held a number of
meetings to-day , but their proceedings are
most zealously guarded , yesterday the
stores were crowded with .foreigners prepar
ing for a sclgc. which they expect to open to
morrow. Long Hues ot men carrying bun
dles of provisions , trudged homeward
through the snow carrying the provender ,
which" is generally purchased by the females.
On the operators side there have been num
erous conclaves and private consultations to-
* _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Opposed to the Itcllcf Fund.
XKW YOHK , Jan. 31. Secret meetings
were held In Jersey City to-day by the engi
neers , firemen and brakcmen employed by
the Pennsylvania Hallroad company. They
assembled for the purpose.of discussing the
relief fund scheme recently adopted by the
lompauy. While the details of the procccd-
ngs could not bo learned yet , It was asccr-
alncd that both meetings adopted rcsolu-
ions protesting against the scheme , and to
iring the matter to the notice of the supreme
ouu'cllsof the brotherhood of locomotive
jnpinecrs and firemen. The men understood
hat It will bo compulsory for them to Join
he relief tuml. and that they will forfeit all
nuns paid into the fund if discharged from
ho company's service.
A Superintendent's Neglect.
WAiii.ixn : : , W. Va. , Jan. 31. The coro-
er'sjury which has been inquiring into the
: auso of the death o'f the thirty-nine miners
illed by an explosion ot lire damp in the
Oriel Coal company's shaft , finished taking
cstimot\y \ last night. The jury finds that
ho accident was caused by leaving open a
leer in an air passage in the mine , thereby
uipalring ventilation and allowing gas to ac
cumulate. They report that the accident was
liio to the failure of tlio superintendent to
"ollow the Instructions of the state mlno In
pector , and pronounce the penalty affixed
y an act of the legislature of 1883 for such
neglect Inadequate.
Won't Haul Boycotted Goods.
Titov , Jan. 31. An interesting feature of
he struggle between the Knights of Labor
ml the Fuller & Warren company was de-
eloped yesterday i afternoon. There are
seven cars on tho'slIet.\a5Oo9UcdwUh ( FuU
or & Warren stov)56ons1gn'eci ) $ to various
brailch houses o ; tlio conpcrn. The Delaware
& Hudson locomotive engineers , who are
members of the Brotherhood of Locomotive
Kngineers ana Knights ot Labor , have re
fused to haul the cars because the goods con
tained therein are boycotted. Trouble is ex
pected to grow out of tlio affair.
Elfht Hoar , Advocate ? .
CHICAGO , Jan. Sl.-Tiio Eight Hour as
sociation of Chicago held a meeting to-day
at which a circular was dratted appealing to
he press and pulpit to sustain and aid the
eight hour movement. The appeal was ac
companied with lengthy arguments In favor
of the movement. -
At a rather mild and harmless meeting of
socialists to-day the eight hour movement
was condemned as a makeshift and would
work no permanent good to the laboring
The Eight Hour Question.
Coi.iTMnuSt Jan. SO. The states trades as
sembly before adjourning adopted a resolution
favoring the enactment of an eight hour law
to bo observed by corporate companies. It
did not endorse the action of the national
federation of trades held In Chicago , propos
ing a strike May l for the eight hour system ,
but recommended legislation on the subject.
Arranged the American Schedule.
PITTSIIUJIG , Jan. SI. O. P. Caylor of Gin
clnnati , J. A. Hadt of Louisville , and Louis
Simmons of Philadelphia , who compose the
schedule committed of the American IJaso
Ball association , met hero to-day and ar
ranged a schedule of championship games
for next season. The committee refused to
make known the result of the meeting
further than to say that the Saturdays had
been divided equally , HO that each dim will
have thirteen Saturdays at home. Where
Sunday games are played the clubs In those
cities will have equal opportunities.
Franco and Mndagancnr.
PAIIIS , Jan. 30. Dispatches from Antan
anarivo , capital of Madagascar , state. ? thai
In the treaty of peace between Franco am
Madagascar , Franco waives an claim io protectorate -
tectorato over llio Island or to indemnity ,
Madagascar agrees to nay and Franco
agrees to accept S-joOooo ! ! ) 'for release.
which Is to cover all foreign claims again *
Madagascar , Franco to Occuny Tamatave
until the money was paid. The treaty also
empowers Franco to station French residents
In thocountty.
Crime in tlio Northwest.
TOIIOXTO , Out. , Jan , 30. The special cor
respondent of the Mail In the Dhickfcct conn
try , writes from Ft. MaLcod , and makes si-rl
ous charges against mo Indian agents am
contractors of systematic plundering am
fraud , whllo the settlers nro charged with
smuggling whisky Into tlio northwest terri
tories and with carryinon a ( radio in In
dian girls who brought from ten to twenty
dollars , and were Be tit to the frontier towns
for immoral purposes.
A SnwiulHJlqwollshed.
DitECKKXitiDOK , Jtoj , Jan. 30. The boiler
at n sawmill four-mj es southeast of this
place exploded Tlmrsdiy afternoon , killing
Spencer IJced , engl aer.and S. Adams , his
stepson and ilremaii , ami badly wounding a
boy 11 years old. The engineer was blown
with great force asalnsttBome rocks twenty
feet away. The fireman tires literally torn to
pieces. Itecd ! eavesu ( wife and six children.
The boiler was out of repair and considered
The Spanish Budget.
MADHID , Jan. CO. The Spanish Budget
shows a deficit of moro than 83C03,000 pese
tas. Scnor Comachl , minister of finance ,
proposes to Inaugurate reforms throughout
the country. Ho is confident that a financial
equilibrium will be established If his pro
posals are adopted.
The Ohio Senate.
Coi.iTMim-s , Ohlo.'Jan. BO. The Ohio sen
ate adjourned this morning to Tuesday
even Ing and the sub commute from the spe
cial conference committee of thu political
factions continue In .session and endeavor to
arrange a compromise.
The llllnoiu Central
XKW Yottif , .Jan. ai. The annual report
of gross earnings ot the Illinois Central Hail-
road cnmiiany for iss.1 showd : For tlio total
lines owned SIO , Mitt. * ; lor. the total leased
Hues § 1,078,330. '
While Older Tnrs Tell Stories of Genera
tions Post and Gone.
Entitled to Titles lint Too Modest
to Wear Them The Aldrich Col
lection of Autographs liC -
Islntlvc Notes.
Matters iti Iowa's Capital.
Dr.s MotNns , Iowa , Jan. 31. [ Special. !
The presence of the younger law makers In
town has Inspired the older solons of the
state to fight their battles over again , mid re
call their victories of a generation or two
ago. So they have called for a reunion of the
officers and members ot the earlier general
assemblies of the territory and state , to beheld
held hero February 21 and 25. The call In
vites those who belonged to the first terri
torial legislature ) , and each succeeding legis
lature down to the eleventh general assembly *
which convened twenty years ago this win
ter. No young sprigs of politicians who have
leaped Into fame and power within the lust
twenty years are wanted they are too young
and Immature to associate with the veteran
statesmen from away back. This gath
ering promises to be ono of the most
Interesting ever held tn the state , and It
will bring together some very Interesting
men , who will discuss the degeneracy of
modern politics and the frivolity of modern
statesmen. The llrst name attached to the
call for the meeting is that of the lion.
George G. Wright , who was a member of the
Second and Third General assemblies. Ho
was then a rising young lawyer. Since then
he has risen and been an honored member
of tlio supreme court of the state , and for
several years United States senator from
DCS Molncs has just discovered a curiosity
in ono of its citizens , and it thinks It would
bo right to know about It , too. It has
found a man who , though living here for
twenty years as a good lawyer and an hon
ored citizen , has all this time suppressed the
fact tliat ho was entitled to two worthy titles ,
and lias been too modest to wear them. The
gentleman , It now appears , served with dls-
inctlon through the war , and retired from
ho army with the rank of captain , won by
gallant service. In these days of titles ,
ivhcn men who never smelted gunpowder
can bo dubbed "colonel" without a gasp , a
man who really earned the captain's com
mission ought now to pass for nothing less
ban a major general , but this patriot has
: ravelcd through life so far as plain "Mr. , "
and nobody knew that ho ought to be any-
hlng else. Hut this isn't all. When this
soldier returned to the paths of peace ho
: lrst settled in Missouri , and was elected
county judge , serving in that position with
ability and credit Hut when he came to
DCS Molnes lie dropped the title , possibly be
cause ho feared the ( Missouri article might
no bo the genuine stuff , and has over since
been known as an nntltled and humble mem
ber of the bar. This is believed to be the
only- case , in the United States ' in which a
man might just asivell as' not have
been called "judge , " and at least
'colonel" ' has modestly kept his titles to hiui-
sclf. 1'robably the fact would not have been
known now had it not been that he in a can
didate for a city office , and some ono Is ex
amining his record discovered his latent
Mr. Aldrich , whoso collection of rare auto
graphs In the state library has already been
described , has just returned from Europe ,
biingliiE back some valuable additions to his
collection. Among them are manuscript
poems by Tennyson , Robert Browning , and
Elizabeth Harrott .Drowning ; letters by Car-
lyloand wife ; a page of the original manu
script of Darwin's Origin of Species ;
page of Thackeray's manuscript ; a page of the
first draft of McCaulay's History of England ;
six pages of the manuscript of "Chinese"
Gordon ; six pages of the manuscript of
George Eliot and her husband , George Henry
Lowes , and letters from many other noted
people. The Aldrich collection is likely to
bo ono of the finest in the United States , as
Its donor is constantly adding to Us interest
and value.
This city lias been having a Pinafore re
vival. The bright little opera has been given
three times within a few days by the DOS
Molncs Musical and Dramatic association ,
hast night's performance cleared § 200 , which
Is to bo donated to sweet charity.
The house was In session a short time yes
terday afternoon. Speaker head announced
as the special committee to Investigate the
Hrown matter , Representatives Thompson of
Linn , Welsh of Humboldt , and Ranck ot
Johnson. The senate con-.nittce Is composed
of Senators Glass , liurdick , and Whiting ,
Speaker Head also announced a standing
committee on sull'rage , with Walker of Vur
Huron as chairman.
Heavy Fire nt CJarlndn.
DGS MOIXKH , Iowa , .Ian. .11. A lire broke
out Saturday night in the basement of the
Heralil Printing house , at Clarinda , nut
spread to the adjoining buildings , burning
the Lindcrman hotel : the lllatt building , oc
cupied by Frank Hesd it Co. ; the Harblsot :
building , occupied by Hartford. Heal & Co. ,
destroying the stock and furnishings of sev
eral stores anil ollices. The entire loss is es
tlmatcd at SOQ.OOO ; Insured forSJr.OOJ.
"Tho Magician" Oross H the Ijlno
Ahoud of the Frenchman.
Nr.w YOHK , Jan. 81. Tito billiard match
between tschaofcr and Vlgnaiix , which has
been in progress for the past five nights , was
ended last night. Five thousand dollars was
the Make for which the men played , and
either was obliged to make 3,000 points to
win. The score at the commencement of
thogamo Mood : Vlgnnux , 2,400 ; Sclmefer ,
Jit7 : : , Viirnanx counted "u points be
fore Schacfer liiul a clianco to play.
Schacfcr made 17 and stopped , and
Vlgnaux rolled tip 15 , The ninth
Inning netted 100 for vlgiiaux. Ho was now
ahead 13 points in the evening and TO on the
grand total. In his twentieth inning
Schacfer made a brilliant run of 1GS points ,
all made by careful playing. Things lookru
black for the Frenchman , and the score stood
for the evening : Schaefer , KM ; Vignaux ,
SOS. At 11 o'clock the * > core stood : Sclmefer ,
S.b'JT : Vignaux , 2,8'H : but It was close work ,
and Schacter forced the pace with runs of ill
and 'B , while Ytgnaux made only 0 points.
In his next inning Schaefer ran M points ,
which completed his total wore of 8,000 , and
making him winner of the tournament by lift
Mutiny at Bed.
LONDON' , Jan. 80. the Daily 'News' dis
patch irom Madeira states a German vessel
whfch arrived there from St. Helena , reports
atelrlble mutiny took place on board the
American ship Frank N. Ihaycr , from
Manila , October 81 , for Now York , before ic-
norteil us burned t sea. The mutineers nro
said to have murdered some of the otliccrs
and set lire to the ship.
The Kcsnlt orHinnllpov.
MOXTIIKAI , , Jan. 30. The following flrms
made assignments to-day , the liabilities of
eacli not averaging over $11.000 : Edward
Jctte , dry goods and mantles ; Polrier & Co. ,
dry goods ; Madame D. Laurin , millinery ; J.
H.'Mornlard it Co. , hatters. The assign- ,
mcnts were caused by the dullness ot trade
during the smallpox eyldouilu. '
A Gambler Kills Ills Ilivnl In the
1'rcseiiuc of Ills Afllnnced.
ST. Louis , Jan Jit. [ Special Telegram. ]
A dispatch from Houston , Tex. , says : A
desperate and fatal encounter nt short range
with pistols occurred hcio this afternoon.
The participants were Jack llaiilon , proprie
tor of a Galvcston gambling house , and Jack
Crowlcy , a prominent Itoustonlaii. The lat
ter was pierced through and through by live
bullets. Hunlon was shot twice , and It Is
supposed sustained fatal Injuries. The qunr-
rcl was actuated by jealousy , both of the men
bclnft suitors for the hand of Miss Kmma
Delaney , n young lady residing In Houston.
Crowley had been paying his addresses to
Miss Delaney for some time and bad become
engaged to her. They Mere to have been
inariied in a few months , but owing to his
dissipated habits the engagement was broken
off and the young lady engaged herself to be
come the wife of llanlou. The redding waste
to take place In n few days.
During the past week Crowley had been
drinking heavily. Thursday ho again vis
ited Miss Delanny and told her ho had
signed the pledge , and again pressed his suit ,
and asked permission" to Intercede with Han-
Ion to break off her engagement wllh the
latter. This , It Is presumed , was consented
to. Crowley and Ilanlon met by chance this
evening at the residence of the lady , and
were In the parlor together \ \ hen the tiring
commenced. Hanlon states that Crowley
tired the tlrst shot. A n Inquest Is being hold
and will bo concluded to-morrow. Miss Oo-
lanoy Is prostrated with grief over the sad
termination of the affair.
Decidedly Untrue.
Nnw YOHK , Jan. ni. A rumor , which
appears to have oiiglnated In Hoston , was
prevalent In some qnartersto-nlght to the
effect that Mr. Parnell had been assassinated.
Inquiry was made In London concerning the
report , and a prompt response was rcccvlcd
that It was untrue.
Wrecked Ily n Ijnnd Slide.
SCOTT HAVKX , Pa. , A freight
train on the Plttsburg , Mclteesport & Youg-
hlogcny railroad ran Into a land slide early
this morning anil was badly wrecked. The
conductor and firemen were both burled un
der the dcurls and It is believed both have
icen killed.
Garrisoning Suaklni.
CAIIIO , Jan. r 0. The Uritlsh authorities
.re endeavoring to raise a number of native
latalllons to garrison Suakim and rnnlacc
ho British ana Indian troops now stationed
LUilllon in Bunks.
NEW YOIIK , Jan. SO. The weekly bank
tatenient shows the reserve Increase to be
§ 1.042,1KW. The banks now hold go,95' : ; . > , -tl8
'n excess ol the legal requirements.
AVeathcr for To-Day.
YAI.I.EV Fair weather ; vail-
iblo winds , generally shitting to warmer
southeasterly : preceded by nearly stationary
empcrature in the morning.
Musical Union Orchestra.
The Sunday evening concerts by the
Musical Union orchestra , are to bo con
sidered an c.stablish'cd'thins' ' for the rest
of the winter. That is provided they tire
sufficiently- patronized by the music lov-
ng public. Tito concert of last evening
wsifl fully tip to the standard sot. by the
preceding one of a week ago. The var
ious numbers on the programme , which
embraced , every variety of music from
the light operatic to the severely classic
was received with the most enthusiastic
tributes of approval.
It is hardly necessary to comment upon
the programme in detail. In the lirst
act the gem perhaps was the "Triumphal
March" from Meyerbeer's opera , "La
Prophcto" than which nothing of its
kind grander or moro stirring
is to bo found in nil the
realm of classical music. In sonic of the
passages the orchestration was a trille
weak nnd faulty , but on n whole the ren
dition was excellent. Schrapnc's charm
ing gavotte , "Heart's Desire , " with its
wealth of delicious dreamy passages , was
the feature of part second , and received
the most delicate of treatment. The
cornet solo "Eleanoro" by Prof. Lutz
gave that gentleman an opportunity
do some brilliant work. His rendition
the piece was such as to confirm the
impression of his ability as an artist.
Part third was mudo of four light selec
tions , all of which were well received.
"Tho Forgo in the Forest , " though old ,
called forth a hearty round of applause ,
and was partially repeated on an encore.
Adelaide Moore.
Miss Adelaide Moore , the latest English
aspirant for American histrionic honors ,
will appear at Uoyd's opera house on
next Friday and Saturday nights and
Saturday matinee , upon which occasions
slio will produce "As You I iko It , "
'School for Scandal , " and "Komeo and
Juliet. " The opening piece will bo
Shakespeare's charming idyllic creation ,
"As YouLikoIt , " which is acknowledged
to bo the most purely ideal of Shakes-
peare'splays , nnd llio play is referred to
that epoch of his lifo wlum ho had at
tained the. perfection of poetic nml ro
mantio comedy. The contemplative
Jacques , the prince of philosophical jes
ters , Touchstone , and tlio rustical Audrey
are conceded to bo pure creations of
Shakespeare's fancy , worthy of the
master-mind tliat gave thorn birth. In
the language of Campbell , "Shakespeare
has snatched us out of a busy world into
: i woodland solitude. Ho makes us
hrcatho its fresh air , pnrtako of its pas
toral peaeo , feast on iu venison , admire
its bounding wild deer , nml Kympufhixo
with its banished men nniislmpio rustics.
Hut what a tablet of characters 1 The
witty and impassioned Rosalind , the love
devoted Orlando , the friendship devoted
( 'elia , the duty devoted Adum , the hu
morous oloWn and the melancholy
Jacques all those , together with the dig
nified and banished cltiko , make the forest
of Anlen an Klysium to our im-igintv
lion. "
- - -
At the I'coplc'0.
The Vincent Combination will perform
nt tlioP oplos theater , in this city , Mon
day , Tuesday nnd Wednesday nights of
this week. They worn in DCS Moincs a
short time ago. and scorn to have given
good satisfaction , as will appear from
Uio following :
Last night the Vincent Combination
began a week's engagement at the Lewi ? ,
presenting the gfent Irish drama , enti
tled "Insliavoguo. " Felix A. Vincent
took the difficult character of IJryan Me-
Uuire , the outlaw of 'H8. Mr. Vincent
has onmlcdtho character and it la stating
it mild to say that in this great part lie
doessomo of the grandest , most power
ful and intensely thrilling acting that
has ever been witnessed on any slugo.
Kva Vincent in the cliarmiii/1 / ; eitavactiM *
of .Biddy won hosts of ndmhvis tnr h.-r
beauty and grace of mnmu'r itn l 'i i
sweet singing. The conipan. - '
strongest over seen in tlsis oitvIti' i
ter , Jan. C.
A Silent Pen ,
PAHIS. Jan. BO. Armand JlasdiU , the
French \iliior i \ , is Ucail. . . . . * .
The Overturned Tories Pay the Penally of
faltering Irish Policy ,
Met the Ministry nt Its DUldlne nml
I'lnycil the Powerful Cnril oftlto
PrcHCtit 1'nrllaincnt
Political Outlook.
The Defeat of the Tories.
LOKIIOX , Jan. ni. [ Special Telegram. ]
Lord Salisbury's government has paid the
penalty of Itsfalterlng Irish policy. Heller Is
general that they would ba iu office If they had
announced In the queen's speech the meas
ures they announced In the house on Tues
day. The liberal leaders down to Monday
were anxiously contriving some means to
prevent the carrying out of Colllng's amend
ment. The knowledge that the ministry had
resolved to produce new Irish tueusmcs with
out waiting for Smith's report changed their
plans. There was danger that the house
would support the government. The feeling
about the lawless condition of Ireland was
strong enough to secure a la rue vote for a bill )
to secure the reign of law. The government )
If beaten In the house , eoujd appeal to the
country as the champions of Imperial unity.
They would fall In an endeavor to maintain
public order In Ireland , hence the liberals de
termined to turn them out on n
minor issue and a truce was
patched up between ( Jladstono and Chamber
lain. Ceiling's amendment expressed regret
that the queen's speech promised no relief to
agricultural labor and ottered no facilities for
Requiring allotments and small holdings oC '
and. Gladstone had denounced during the
ximpalgu similar proposals , but accepted
his. It now became , as Uoschen reproach-
ully and Chamberlain exultingly said , part
if the authorized liberal programme.
Uel'oro debate began , Sir Michael Hicks
licach announced that the government would
on Thursday Introduce a bill to suppress the
National league , stop boycotting , and pro-
cct llfo and property In Ireland. Ho en-
ileavored vainly to postpone a decisive veto
ill those measure should bo before the house.
The liberals refused to loosen the grip on
heir enemies' throat , ( lladstoue's speech
secured adhesion of the rank and llio of the
l > arty , and the amendment was carried by a
majority of seventy-nine Parnollltos , who
voted solid against the government. The via1-
tory Is theirs.
Gladstone , It Is thought , went to Osborn. In
reply to a summons from the queen Satur
day. In the meantime hourly consultations
lave been held for three days with and
among his former colleagues. No account o
ivhat Is proceeding can bo anything but con
jectured , but certain things are taken for
granted. It Is not believed Lord llartington
ivilljoln the Gladstone ministry , and the
open break long postponed between the
whigs aiuliadlcals appears to have arrived.
Chamberlain a month since resolved never to *
acquiesce lit home rule anil never again servo
under Gladstone. Hut having converted the
liberal leader to his agrarian policy , and got
rid of the whlgs , the radical leader Is contciit .
to rcslime lils'iUa'cettuder the old umbrella.
( ioschen's abstention Is curtain ; Sir Henry ,
James' abstention is possible ; Lord Spencer" ,
Trevclyan and Lord Derby are doubtful. The
only strong members of the old cabinet who
are certain to join the next cabinet , are Lord'
Granvlllc , Chamberlain , Sir William > ; Hat
court , Lord Rosebory , and Sir Charles Dllkc ,
if Ills trial next week results favorably.
Efforts will be made to cnilst the support
of the moderates by avoiding a definite pro *
posal for homo rule. Gladstone , like Disraeli ,
will educate his party and will explain to
Parnell that the process of conversion re
quires time. Only a few weeks have elapsed |
since the whole country pronounced against'
homo rule , and It Is hoped that Parnell , If ho '
be allowed to govern Ireland as ho likes
meanwhile , through the National league ,
will wait. The truth is the Irish party
has won a great triumph and made a great
advance toward separation , which is their
avowed aim , but a long road remains to 1 > 6
traveled. Gladstone's cabinet Is yet to bo
formed ; Its Irish policy Is yet to be adopted :
a majority In the house of commons has yet
to bo secured ; the house ofloidti and the-
country -have yet lobe reckoned wllh and
still no man has yet proposed a workable
scheme , cither American or otherwise.
Political negotiations between Gladstone
and Parnell are conducted Indirectly. The
Irish bcllovo an agreement Is within siglif.
Ono thing ceitatn is that no liberal ministry
can command a majority of the present house , docs Parnell's bidding.
the Ministry.
LONDON , Jan. 31. The News believes Lord
llartington will remain neutral and will not
seek to trammel Gladstone In his efforts to
settle the Irish question. With the exception
of Lord llartington the News sayp Gladstone
will not liud Hurlons ik'lli'ction among his
former colleagues. The suggestion that Par
nell will bo given a place Hi the cabinet can
not bo acted nimn , as ho could enter the cabi
net only on the basis ot bringing in a bill
granting complete legislative independence
to Ireland.
LONDON , .Ian. ill. The Times this morn
ing says it believes Lords Solborno ami
Derby , and Sir Henry James , will decline to
accept positions In the new cabinet.
LONDON , Jan. HI. The Press association
states on authority that Lord Hnrtmgton
will not join the now cabinet.
Tired or I'ollllcH.
LONDON , Jan. SO. The , hues Athens cor
respondent telegraphs th tltU-klngof Giceco
lias become tired of the politics of Athenians
and especially their present bslllcose attl *
tude respecting the Hiilgarlan I question , and
his majesty will 1 likely soon abdicate and ro-
tiio to Copenhagen ,
Hood's Sarsapar/lfa
Combines , In a manner peculiar tollsclf , tlio
best blood-purlfyliiR and strengthening reme
dies of tlio vegetable kingdom. You will find
this wonderful remedy effective wlicin other
medicines liiwo failed. Try It now , H will
purify your blond , irgulnto tlio digestion ,
and give new llfo and vigor to the entire body.
"Hood's Harsriparllla did mo great good.
I was tired nut from overwork , and It toned
me up. " Mns. W , C. Riuuoxt ) , Colioea , N. V.
"I sufTcred tluoo year a from Mood poison.
I took Hood's Hirxnp.irllla : and think I am
cured. " Jilts. II. J. DAVIS , Ifrockport , N. Yr
Jurljlca the Jilood
] IcoJ Hamriarllla Is chsracterlzed l > y
three peculiarities : Ut , tlio combination ut
remedial agents ; 2dtha proportloni 3d , tlio
procen of recurlng llio ncttve medicinal
qualities. Tlio result Is a medicine of unusual
sticngtli , effecting cures liltlieito unknown.
Bend for book containing additional evidence ,
" Hood's Harsaiiarlll.i tones up my Bj-stcm.
purifies my lilood , tliar-cns [ inv ; njietlte | , nnd
Hfcms to makd mo ovci. " ,1,1 * . Tiioni'SOK ,
' .tPclhter cl Dcrt , Lowell , Mas * ) .
"llood'-i Sarsapiiillh IHT.U oil otliers , and
\vnrlil lll\M'i ! | it III I'lilil " ] , lUlUUKOTCX ,
> llanU Street , Xuw Yvik Clly.
Hood's -
, -'oM l > y all druggltts , $1 ; six for $5. Mtdf ,
only by 0. T. HOOD H CO. , I-owcll , Mass. ] .
JQO Dpsos Ono Dollar *