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A Brilliant Week in Society Circles-
Several Notable Events ,
The Dazzling Mikado Pnrty Imst
livening Several Pleasant Card
Parties Personalities The
The observant spectator at Light
Guards' hall last nla-ht witnessed a sight
seldom seen on nny ball-room floor. The
occasion was llio Mikado ball given by
the Home Circle club , and it is safe lo
say that the party was tlio most brilliant
and unique ever attempted by this popu
lar organization. The scene was ono of
bewildering color. " , gorgeous and fan
tastic costumes of tlio oriental pattern.
The Mikado , Oolong , Souchong , Pooh-
Hah , Pish-Tush , Ko-Ko , Js'nnki-Poo , with
arrays of nobles , courtiers , ladies ,
soldiers and peasants , were to bo scon
waltzing and schottisohlng together to
Gilbert & Sullivan's latest and brightest
comic opera. Every thing passed oft'
smoothly and gayly , and the parly broke
up uftcrmidnight , each ono leaving llio
hall with the memory of a royal oven-
inp'rt pleasure.
The costumes worn on the occasion
\vero many of them bright , unlqltu and
The parts assumed by the special com
mittee were as follows :
The Mikado of Japan F. W. Plekcns
Oolong. . . ( Basket Hied att'nil-S . II , Lntcy
Souchong f ants of Mikado. | II. A. Copley
Poo-BnhLoid High Everything Klsp ,
.T , II. Conrad
j'Mi-Tush , a Nnblo Loul. Win. Blown
Ko-Ko , Lord lllihExecutioner.W.Gaiinon ; !
JS'aukl-1'oo , a Wandering Minstrel
B. F. Itedmnii
Oo-Liiug , Chiel Tea Taster Lov. S. Mole
Mi-Theie ! Cuaids of the Em-1 W. H. Nelson
Sla-Theio j perorVPalace. ) F. K. Bailey
The other members of the club ap
peared as lords , soldiers , and peasants ,
while the ladies passed as Yum-Yums ,
Pitti-Smgs , etc. , etc. Ono of the best
costume. * to bo seen was that of Mr.
Harry Hascall , who appeared as a
Japanese courtier , with tlio regulation
lordly tuft of hair which 'oomcd up from
the buck of his shaven head like a pulm
tree in a desert. Mr. Piokons' dress as
the Mikado was an exact counterpart of
Carleton'3. J. W. Gannon ns Ko-Ko
displayed a line costume , as did also
Mr. B. F. Redman , the wandering min
strel , Nanki-Poo.
Among the gentlemen present in cos
tume , in addition to the committee men
tioned above were Messrs. Shrivcr ,
Young , Hascall. llowcll , Livesey , Chump-
lin , Allen , Anderson , Merrium , Streitz ,
Kosters , Kouns , Fosbenuer , Merriam ,
Cummings , Tunica , Orr.
Among the ladies present in costume
were tlio Misses Pickcns , Worth , Uertic
and Florence Birkliauser. Hascall , Smith ,
Hurlburt , Mrs. Brown , Mrs. Bailey , Miss
Gcorgio and .losio liean , Mrs. George
Shields , Misses IIowoll , Miss Latoy , Miss
Hodges , Miss Rockonliold , Miss Collett ,
Miss Bamnunn , Mrs. Courtney , Misses
Ko-itor.s , Miss Foreman , Miss Truckey.
The hall Was very prettily decorated
with fantastic Chinese and Japanese
fans , banners , umbrellas , etc. The music
especially prepared for the occasion , was
linoly rendered by the Musical Union
Mrs. Gee , Canfield has gone to Penn
sylvania to visit friends.
The 127th anniversary of the birth of
Scotland's bard was celebrated in a
fitting manner by tlio Burns club on Mon
day night. There was a fair attendance ,
and both concert and ball were most en
joyable. The opening address was deliv
ered by James Anderson , president of tlio
Burns club , after which followed a solo
by Miss Ida L. Gibson , a trio by. Messrs.
Robertson , Slmud and Dunn , an address
byJohn L. Kennedy , a song by Miss
Muggio Moldrum , n duet by Miss Hello
Gowinner and W. O. Saundcrs , and a
song by 11. W. Dunn. Then followed the
grand march , and a dancing programme
of twenty-three numbers was joyously
carried out. An elegant supper was
served at the Gate City restaurant , after
which tlio dancing was continued to u
late hour.
The managers of the charity ball pro
ject are making excellent progress. The
citizens of Omaha generally arc heartily
responding to the call for funds , and
though but little canvassing has yet been
done , over $ ! ) ,000has been raised. There
have been instances where prominent
business men have came forward and
asked permission to subscribe for liberal
amounts. It is believed that the total
mini raised will bo over $0.000 at loast.
Though the ball will not take place until
February 27 , the funds will bo distributed
at once.
The Los Angeles ( Cal. ) Times of the
10th contains this interesting paragraph ;
"Last uvenlng Hon. Leo Love , ofYork ,
Nebraska , and Miss Georgio II. Mbr&e ,
of Lincoln , Nebraska , were married in
this city at the residence of Hon. 11 ,
Thummol , 725 Fort street. The Rev ,
lircesu , D. D. , pronounced the words
which made the two as ono. Mr. Love is
well known iu Nebraska business circles
and is president of tlio Loupe City bank ,
Miss Morse is an amiable and accom
plished young lady witli a host of friends
in Los Angeles.1 ' Mr. Love wont out on
tlio Union Pacific excursion in Novumbei
and Miss Morse who is a sister of Mrs
A. Glen Kendall , followed on the Jan-
uury oxcui > iou.
Miss Kate Tummor and Miss Eva At'
kinson , of Denver , who have boon visit
ing Mrs. Andy Borden , returned home
this week.
Miss Laura Renikor , of Plaltsmouth ,
came up from Plattmnouth Wednesday
evening to take in the party of the Apollo
club ,
The Apollo Social Club hold the fifth ol
its series of parties in Light Guard hall
last evening , About forty couple wort
in attendance , and the sifi'uir was fully
up to the enjoyable standard of the pro
vioiis parties. The reception committee
AVIIS composed of the following youth ;
mom G. J , Stornsilorf , H. J. Fucllor ami
F , H. Kpe&tors. T.K.Jones , A.J.Katon ,
L K. Mooney and W , J. Ward served on
the lloor commit ten.
Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs , J. 0
glutl r.iit 1114 Webster sU-coic ( < ? iebratci' '
Uio lonth anniversary of their marriage
A largo number of f\ionds , with the
usual tin gifts , were on hand.
The nuptials of Miss Gertrude Toiizalh
and Mr. NY , II. Clark , of Newton , Ivans ,
were solemnized on Wednesday morning
at the residence of the bride' ;
family , Twentieth and Chicagi
streets. The affair was very quiet
[ n accordance with the wishes o
all concerned. The happy couple havi
gone south on a short wedding trip , bu
will bo at Newton , Kansas , after Febrit
ary 10th.
The "Thumlay Night" club held it
second meeting on Thursday evening n
the residence of Mr. and Airs. Bon Gulla
gher. An attractive programme ineliul
ing a three act , drama. "J'lio Lost Hand
kerchief , " \\\s carried out , The oljicor
of the organization are John A. McShi < n
president , Mrs. Ben Gallagher boerctnrj
and Mrs. John A. ( 'rcighlon Iruiisuror ,
The Union Star club entertained aboii
fifty couples at its regular monthly paitj
in Mttiropolltuu hall t'hiiisilay night.
A iccftpUon Mill bu giruu on uus
Wednesday evening atMotropolilanhall.
Pleasant Progressho ctlphrq parties
were given Ia t night at the residence of
Hon. Kzrn Millard and that of Mr.
Thomas Miller.
Tlio SaUini performance on Tuesday
ignt was quite a society event. Tlio
udieneo was truly 0110 representative of
Omaha's culture aud rclinomcnt.
The musical and literary entertainment
: lven by the Omaha Commercial college
'humlay evening was a pleasant and
ncritoriotis aflalr. The features of the
unsieal programme were a piano solo by
liss Fannie K. Loomls , aud a vocal solo
'Mountain Maid" by Mrs. Gillian. Dr.
IcCaguiVs lecture on tlio "Philosophy of
iticcess" was warmly received.
The Cbaulauqua'socicty held one of lid
nest interesting sessions last evening in
ho Y. M. C. A. rooms. Following is an
jutlino programme of the evening's
rt'ork : General subject Roman History.
Second period Republican Rome. Topic
For Ih-et one-half of circle : "Civil War or
{ evolutionary Kpoeh. " Second one-half
> f circle , lopic : "Tlio Gracchi , Murius
julhi , Pompov. " Discussion by unlit1'
ilrclo : "Tho Character of Julius Casar'L ; ;
'Was Brutus a True Patriot ? " Leaders
Mr. Dtmlup , Miss McDonald , Mrs.
' .onion , Miss Wood. General Leader
liss Popplcton.
A small but thoroughly enjoyable card
> arty was given nt the resilience of the
lion. .James K. Boyd las night. Seven
ublos were lillod and the games were
lolly contested. Among the guests were
'Ir. and Mrs. A. J. Hauscomc , Mr. and
.Irs. Pritehett , ( Jen , and Mrs. Dandy ,
dipt , and Mr.s. McCaulov , Mr. and Mrs.
G.I. Gilbert , Mr. and Mrs. 1) . O. Clark ,
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barton , Mr. and Mrs.
Joseph Barton , Mr. and Mr.s. Horbach ,
Mr. and Mrs. Coutant , I\ir. \ and Mr.s. W ,
V. , Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Parker ,
Mr. SmnmoiM , Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
'Minis Mrs. C. T. Taylor , Mr. Charles
Jtiion , Mrs. E. S. Dundy , and Dr. and
Mr.s. Coflman.
The mo t successful parly given this
season by the Purnoll Social club oc
curred Wednesday night In Cunningham
hall. About 150 peojilo were present ,
who passed a very enjopablo evening.
RSMi'-s Maude Anthony , daughter of Col.
1) . R. Anthony of the Leuvcnworth
Times , is visiting in tlio city as the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Colpotzcr.
Tin : iiYMr.NOMtrrnii.
The matrimonial market is dull ex
ceedingly dull just at present , and
evidently needs some stimulus. For
four whole days not a single marriage
license has been issued in the county
court , and the clerk who has had charge
of that branch of the business has gone
to sleep , nml will not bo disturbed until
there tire new developments.
According to the hymcnomcter , however -
over , there will bo something for him to
lo in tlie not far distant future.
The surface of the dial of the wonder
ful instrument , the predictor of local
matrimonial events , is already aglow
with u dull , phosphorescent light. The
index hands Hit nervously around ,
changing with lightninglikerapidity
from ono quarter to another. They stop.
Glancing at the dial , one notices that
two names , dimly outlined , are pointed
out by the hands. Ono is that of a gen
tleman in the lithographing business on
Fourteenth street , between Douglas and
Dodge , the other that of a young lady
employed in a largo dry goods store on
the corner of 1'iftcenth and Douglas
streets. The bride-to-be is a charming
brunette , recently from Pennsylvania ,
and highly popular among her associates.
The date of thu nuptials has not yet been
Again tlio hands move around. This
time they point to the name of a young
man Am ployed by a hardware firm on
Douglas , between Fourteenth and Fif
teenth , south side , which is unmistak
ably linked to llio name of a young and
fascinating widow , whose residence is not
so very tar from the corner of Twenty-
fifth and Davenport streets. Tlie
lady in question has many
admirers , but the hymenometer
has all the necessary facts at hand to
enable it to state positively that the
young man indicated is the preferred
one. The scent of orange blossoms is
plainly perceptible in the neighborhood.
It is whispered that the happy event is
to transpire next spring when the
flowera first bloom and the birds all
como forth to greet the world with tune
ful lay "
Another fortunate young man who is
soon to leave the army ot bachelors for
that of the benedicts according to tlio
hymenomotcr , is the manager of a book
linn on North Sixteenth street , south of
Capitol avenue. Ho is soon to bo wedded
to a young lady resident of Philadelphia.
The ceremony , it is believed , will take
place next fall.
A Policeman Investigated.
The trial of Martin Shields , who was
suspended from the police force two
woolen ago , was hold yesterday afternoon
before the poliec committee ! of tlio city
council. The charges against him were
for being drunk and using profane and
obscene language and for arresting Ed
ward Wilson without provocation , The
testimony against Shields was similar to
that brought in the trial of the Wilson
case in police court , which was reported
in full nt the time. Mr. Jn'mc's Croighton
apuoaroiLfor the prosecution , question
ing the witnesses closely and winding
up the proceedings in a forcible speech
to the committee. The witnesses for
Shidlds wcro Captain Cormiok and sev
eral members of the police force , who
testified that Shields was a good otliccr
and that ho was not drunk on the night
in question. Tlie question arose as to
the condition a man must bo in to bo
drunk , but it was not satisfactorily set
tled , one ollicer testifying that ho would
call a man drunk who wus entirely unable
to walk.
After a two hours session the commit too
adjourned and will make their report to
the city council next Tuesday evening.
Among the few petitions against the
election of members of parliament yet
lodged , is ono against Air. Puleston.
formerly a partner of Jay Cooke , and
much mixed up in "Litllo Emma. " Mr.
Puleston has been u "promoter" of com
panies , Ho was formerly u banker in
Wall street , and president of the St.
David's society. IIo is a devout member
of the Episcopal church ,
A Family Blessing.
NotblnBraiMemoro to the security of Ifo , o
liftplnc.'S3 ; and health , Hum u eufo and rollublo
family moilielno. Simmons' Idvur Uoarulutor
Una won for itself Ilia appellation of "tho favor-
llohoino it'inoJy. " It Is mlnptod to a largo pro-
poillouof the emergencies which occur In do
mestic life. If the child uus thu cello , It Is a euro ,
safe unit pleasant remedy , If the father U ox-
ImustcO , overworked , debilitated , U will restore
his liilUni ; strength. If the vriCo suffers from
dyspepsia , low spirits , lieadnche it will lvo
liuf. If nuy momb cr of Ihelaiul.y has eatjii
tmythlng hard of ( llifotllon , n bmall dose of the
Itcgulutor will soon establish a { rood digestion.
Ittfivce i of i of hint sleep even in oases wlioio
nnrcotle huvo fulled. It U the r.rsr i > invr.Nitvc :
MCiHCiKt : , and cafe to begin with , no uitittcr
trhtittho uttauk ; and in almost every case ivill
ufford iclief mid effect n speedy cum , without
( ho uld ot other iiio > llclno. No enor to bo fcarml
In R'lnilnlstcrhiff ; no Injury from exposure after
taking ; no change of diet required ;'o
ot hub ! ! * ; no iieyltet of duties or V > ss of time-
Simmoi'v Livnr Itegulntor Is entirely vegetable ,
ur.J Is the purest aivl licit family racdlclue com.
poun'lctt. Prepared by 3. ) l. ZI5IUN & CO ,
Vlul3JUi > UIa.Pis , solo proprietors
The Railroads Preparing For Big Ex
tensions in Nebraska This Year.
What Uio Northwestern Proposes to
Do this Season Tlio Coasting
Cnrnlvnl < V Crookctl
The Huoni.
From proiont appearances tlio coming
your will witness tv large umount of rail
road building in obrnska. Tlio Chicago ,
Hiirllngtoti < fe Qulncy , especially , pro
poses to push Its llitrllnglon & Missouri
sj'fctom in tliis stuto.
Contracts on tlio following lilies were
let yesterday :
Fiom Hastings to Anroia . 'M
FIOIU Uniiitm to Asliluiul. . . " (1
FioiiiEilsartoUluc Jllll . US
Total . M )
Other lines for which contracts have
boon previously let arc tlio branches :
Kiom ( Iraml Island to Northwest . UX )
1'ioin Faliiniiiit south . 15
Ktom Tobias to Kclpir . ! H
Kiom Kdtfiir to Superior . 20
Fiom Klttootl to the noitlnvcst . 41
( Jrand total . 20 ?
Work on thu Oinaha-Ashland branch
will bo ) ) iishett rapidly , and thu line will
bo ready for operation by early sninnior
iu all probaliilily. This will greatly
shorten tlio distance by rail from Omaha
to Lincoln , so that tiie run can bo made
in less than two hours.
The Union I'acllic , Northwestern , St.
Puitl and other roads will also contribute
thi'iriioti ( | : of rail-laying , and it is esti
mated that over 000 miles of new road
will bo built in Nebraska this year.
A prominent railroad man in discuss
ing the plans of tlio Northwestern , said
to n Siunv City Times reporter : "Tlio
Pacific extension of tlio Klkhorn is under
contract for 1I D miles \vest of Chadron.
Tlio first sixty miles reaching to the
Wyoming line , was lot to .C. 1' . Treat last
fall and a good part of the grading is
done. The remaining seventy-nine miles
was let more recently to Treat , and no
work is done on that part yet. This will
take the end of the road to a jwint near
Fort Fettermvn. The Black Hills branch
will bo iinishcd to Ha pit ! City as early as
possible. I do not think that the track
will bo extended beyond Rapid City until
some other company forces an exten
"The Northwestern has ono line to
Omaha , and lias no use for a second one.
The .survey has been made , and the line
located , but it will not bo built unless it
is to head oil' some other company. Hut
the Northwestern will build next season
to Lincoln. The line will cross the IMatte
about , six' miles west of Fremont. The
contract for the bridge over the Platte
lias been let ; to Raymond Campbell. The
bids for building the Lincoln line arc all
in , and probably the contract is let by
this time "
"Then the Northwestern will build a
good dea i of track west of the Missouri
this year ! : "
"i os besides the Pacific extension , the
Black Hills branch and the Lincoln line ,
the company will build from Scrlbnor ,
on the Elkhorn line , west into Colfax
county. A survey was made .late last
season north from Wayne , but that is to
keep out any other road that might want
to come into what the Northwestern
claims as its own territory. "
The Preparations i'or the Coasting
Carnival Notes of the Event.
Workmen commenced last night to
put the Dodge street course in readiness
for the coasting carnival to-night.
The work will bo rushed through
so that everything will be in readiness
for tlio fun to commence at 8 o'clock in
the evening.
The slide will be eight feet in width ,
with snow banks on either side , so that
tlio coaster can not very well run out of
the course even if ho bo so inclined. The
main track will be used for large traverses
and sleds , and on the south side will be
another smaller course for single sleds.
Money is being liberally subscribed to
make the event a success , and without
doubt it will be tlio grandest an'air of the
kind ever witnessed in Omaha. To make
the oiled all tlio more brilliant , the street ,
on either side , is to be illuminated with
Greek lire. Q
Last night 1-10 traverses and 200 sleds
were recorded at Collins , Gordon &
Kays"to , take part in the carnival. Some
oftliohc traverses accommodate twenty
people. Council Blulls will send twelve
travoi > cc , ono of which will hold thirty-
two people. Kach owner of sled and
traverse is given a lag which must be in
On account of the largo number of
tickets issued for single sleds an extra
track will bo opened houth on Twentieth
street from Dodge to Farnnm street , for
single sleds used by boys , and the Dodge
street track will bo reserved entirely for
girls. Hoys on single sleds will not bo
allowed on Dodge street.
The order ot precedence will bo :
Traverses will start promptly at 8 o'clock
with No. 1 trayerso in tlio load anil
proceed in routine down the list. Any
number not ready when called will lese
its turn and come in at the end of the list.
After the first call , traverses will bo
blurted as soon after reporting to starter
as there is an opening without regard to
routine number.
Vehicles traveling on Sixteenth street
will have to pass down Capitol avenue to
Fifteenth street and then to Douglas , etc.
No vehicles or horaiis will bo allowed on
or to cross Dodge street from Fifteenth
to Twentieth streets.
An Old Transaction Calls For n
IMan'n Arrest.
A warrant was issued in police court
yesterday afternoon for the arrest of
William A. McClure on a charge of
obtaining money under false pretenses ,
the complaint being sworn out by Jack
Morrison , who runs the gambling rooms
over liornborgcr's saloon ,
The transaction for which McClure Is
wanted occurred iu Juno , 1881. At that
thpe lie claiwytl to by the owner of a cer
tain Iioula in Lincoln , And \YlsliQU to. tuf
pose of it. Ho olun'cd the property to
Morrison , and the latter , thinking it
a goo'l bargain , purchased it for
$305. Hut when ho went to take posses
sion of his newly acquired house , Morri
son found another claimant for tlio
property who disputed his right to it. A
suit was thereupon commenced and tlu ;
fact wiw developed that McClure was not
thu owner of the property. When this
fact was brought to light MoClnro could
not bo found , and so no criminal action
wi < s commenced against him. Since then
lie appeared at ono time in Omaha anil
Morrison had n warrant issued for his
arrest. Before it could bo served , how
ever , McClure lott the town. Yesterday
Morribon was informed tiiat McClure was
again in tlio city and the warrant was ac
cordingly issued and placed in the hands
of the poliec for service.
A Fight nt Durnoy Shannon's.
The patrol wagon made a hasty trip to
Tenth atrcct and Capitol avenue about 7
o'clock last evening , nml when It returned
to the central police station it contained
the persons of Barney Shannon , Larry
Casey , M. , T. Kinney j > nd Archie McCoj- .
The last two n'nnicd each had a lump on
the back of their heads , and the other
two looked rather pugnacious , Olllccr
Done all accompanied tlio prisoners and
statctl that ho had found them light
ing in front of Bhi-hoy'fl saloon , Kinncy
and McCoy being the "under dogs. " All
four men were locked up and remained
in custody lor lin hour or more , when
they secured ball owl were released.
The light was a short and decisive one.
Kinncy and McCoy had taken n
drink in Shannon's place , when
some words passed between them ami
the proprietor. As they left the place
Shannon and C'.isoy rushed out after
them and attacked thorn iu the rear.
Both men fell to tlio walk , when Oih'ecr
Donovan put in an appearance and
placed all the parties under arrest. It
was evident Iliat Shannon and Casey had
the other two at n disadvantage , for Kin-
ncy is a muscular fellow and can handle
both men easily.
Iteport of AVork Done During the
Mon111 ol'iliimiary. .
The ladles of the Women's Christian
Temperance Union received their friends
on New 1'car's day. Among the callers
were Rev. and Mrs. McKaig , Rev. and
Mrs. Graham , and Rev. Harris. Nine
Chinamen under the direction of Mrs.
A. 1 * . Wood , superintendent of the
Chlne > o Sunday school , sang "Tell Me
tlio Old , Old Sldry , " and "Come to Jesus
Just Now , " wlilcli interested a room full
of callers. A present of a largo bible
from tlioY. M. C. A. was presented to the
union by their worthy secretary , Mr. G.
A. .Jopllu.
Thirteen meetings have been held in
tlio hall during the month , the pastors of
the city leading the Tuesday evening ser
vice in turn , aud laymen , generally con
nected with tl.o Y. M C. A. , conducting
tlio Sunday service. Thirty-ono persons
wore _ ! ! ! attendance last 'Sabbath ove.
The interest taken is so genuine that
God's Word , tlio prayers and praise are
listened to. with the greatest interest.
A man who has been a gambler for
two \cars-ono of tlio throe men
vho came to our rooms about
three weeks ago and asked to sign
the pledge , and has attainted our
meetings regularly over since , arose on
last Sunday night and said : " 1 believe
God forgave my sins last Sunday , and I
shall serve Him from this time on. I
hope you will pray for mo that I may re
sist temptation. " He had read reports
of the work being done at the Bucking
ham , and ho thought of the union as
friends of young men who were .in need
of help. Wo thank God that men have
found this out and arc coming every day
and asking our help. As soon as these
young men are converted they join the
Y. M. C. A. , and the no.\t step is into the
church. Ono of our boys will unite with
tlio Dodge Street Presbyterian the first
Sabbath in February and another has ex
pressed a preference for the First Con
gregational , and so flic good work goes
on.Two j'ouiig girls connected with the
lunch room tcstitjcd'thatGod ' had blessed
them and they will dedicate their lives to
Him. Food andjassistance was furnished
a poor sick wonian , foiind in a miserable
garret , until the ( superintendent of the
poor farm could'proVidc her a homo. A
a bright little girl of 5 years , belonging
to a laiiiily in extreme poverty , was pro
vided with a homo by a gentleman from
the west who wanted to : idopt a child. A
young wife who .was , determined to get a
divorce from hVr luisbanJ , on account of
his bad habits\TAs persuaded to try and
reform him , tlttflaUies doing what tlioy
could in his behalf. 'Girls wno have been
led astray often appeal to us for a way of
escape from their evil life , and just here
I will state that the union has been offer
ed ten acres on the Missouri bluff near
Florence for a "homo for the unfortu
nate. " Mrs. ( r. W. Clark , superinten
dent of the Buckingham , is the state
superintendent of work for fallen women ,
and if the worthy people of Omaha
would signify their interest in "gather
ing in the lost ones , for whom the Lord
diddle , " a shelter could be provided for
these girls in a few months.
A man came to our Homo and asked
our aid in reclaiming ids wife , who was
addicted to drink. A good home was
fund for a woman and her babe , tlio
hardest class of women to provide with
A man with his wife and child ,
strangers in tlio city and very destitute ,
were supplied with food and ciothing.
Two deserving yomiK men earnestly de-
airo employment. [ Please send word to
the Buckingham if cither men or women
arc needed , as we could supply help r.l-
most any time. ] Eight girls wefo sup
plied with places during the month ; free
inoals supplied. > > ' ' > .
The Central Band of Hope meets every
Thursday at 4 o'clock in the hall. Chil
dren nro invited to como promptly and
prepare for an entertainment in tlio near
tuturc. Five Bibles and Testaments , have
been given to young men who received
them gladly , they wore most of them old
but just as acceptable. Donations from
our friends of partly worn copies of
God's word will bo thankfully received.
Donations of money for tlio expense of
the Buckingham Homo during the winter
months will bo given as accurately as
possible and any mistake will bo cor-
rcctcd'if reported. The following were
received tins month :
Mrs. J. W. Clark , $20.00 ; Mr. John I.
Redick , $20.00 ; Hiinobaugh & Merriam ,
$12.00 ; Mr. II. T. Clarke , SIO.OO ; Mr. S. R.
Callaway , $10.CO ; Dr. V. II. Collman ,
$10.00 : Rev. Willard Scott , $10.00 ; Mr.
JohnT. Boll , $10.00Mr. ; E.S. Dundy , Jr. ,
$10.00 ; Mrs. A. J. Popploton , $5.00 ; Mrs.
Kara Millard. $5 00 ; Mr. W. J. Council ,
$3,00 ; Mr. J. C. Cowin , $5.00 ; Mr. N.
Kuhn , $2.00 ; Mr. Win. Flem
ing , $3.00 ; Mr , Williams , § 1.00 ;
donations of bedding from Mrs. Lovoioy ,
Mrs. D. C. Tyler , nml Mrs. J. W. Boll ; u
receipted bill from Mr. Clinton Powel
$1.75 , and monthly pledges ranging from
twenty-five cents toi$2 , aggregate $05 55.
Friends somutimes qbject to their names
going in print , so a. full list cannot bo
given , The uni'on arc deeply grateful ,
and nlcdgo thc'mFolfos to use all the
money donated for the Buckingham ,
strictly for that pnrposo. Sumo of these
donations Imvafaoma unsolicited , show
ing how the puljlic yjow the investment
of time and mon'oy. . Services held regu
larly Sunday U\d Tuesday evenings ,
Ladies' prayerJ meeting Thursday ut
330 : ! p , in. S > ro. OF W. C. T. U.
A Ma'iifileil I'latid.
An employe of Ro.senborry's planing
mill had tlio mis'forlnno to have his loft
hand badly manglt-d in tlio machinery
yesterday , breaking two of his fingers
and lacerating thoii } , f > o badly that its a
question if they pan bo saved , Thu
injured member was dressed by Dr. Gal-
bruitli , who will endeavor to preserve it
Drivers of Vehicles Take Notice.
Uy a special order of the city council
Dodge street and all streets crossing it
from Fifteenth to Twentieth streets will bo
closed on this ( Saturday ) evening. Janu
ary ! JO , Irom 7:80 : p , m , until midnight ,
Mr , Yereschughi , whoso pictures on
scriptural subjects have brought him into
biicli dire disgrace at Vienna , says that
the rcceut nttouipt to destroy them with
vitriol was ndl the individual act of a
madman , but the result of a conspiracy ,
and that he has placed in the hands of
the public prosecutor u letter which im
plicated many distinguished people ,
Liquor Dealers Hnvn SoincthiuK to
Sny Tlio IicnRtic's llcply.
[ Editor of the ; HKt-The : ] following
coninninlcation , signed "Several saloon
keepers piling taxes bc/ides .paying
$1,000 for license" has boon received
and through your columns tlio league de
sires to take public1 notice thereof ;
"Totlio Law nml Order league ;
Gentlemen Thinking , that yon , repre
sentatives of the Law and Order league ,
an ; men of integrity , men of respecta
bility , men of bound judgment , only
guided by motives producing the highest
welfare of the city of Omaha and its in
habitants judging by the strenuous ef
forts made by your organization to deal
out justice to everyone , by enforcing
laws to their lulleal extent , it undoubted
ly must become- clear to the dullest mind ,
that your I/aw and Order league has
ohoscii a banner on which 'Impartiality'
is written , with golden letters.
"Not long ago , aecoullng to n state
ment of ono of your representatives , llio
license question has been overhauled in
one of your assemblages. It brought to
light the very sound judgment , that 'a
saloon keeper must have n coed moral
character ( Slocumb law ) mid as them arc
u good many men , now running saloons ,
who have no character at all , wo pro
pose to stop them , "
"Surely a commendable coursel
"Stop them , slop every unmoral man
from getting a license in April next , but
gentlemen of the Law and Order League ,
110 not forget , that after granting licences
to peed moral men to run saloons tlint
after taking the thousands of dollars
from those men to carry on business
Unit will enable them to provide forthcir
families and make other thousands of
dollars to pay their license with next
year it becomes the .solemn duty of thu
law , and of yon , gentlemen , to protect
them ,
"Is it not the greatest insult lo justice
to trouble , to worry , nay , to hunl down ,
the saloonkeeper , who is trying to make
n living , lo carry on a business in a legit
imate way , for which business ho. and
only he , is forced to pay the exorbitant
sum of § 1,000 per annum , instead of pro
tecting his trade for Mich the law has
established it by taking the greatest
part of his profits and malcing liberal le
nient allowances in his transgressions ?
"How many dens of ill-fame , where
wine , ardent spirits and beer arc .sold
without any licence , institutions dofiinm-
lory to tlio moral btnnding of this beau
tiful city of Omaha , are leniently over
looked and tolerated by the argus-eycd
marshal and deputies1 ! Is it for the sake
of lucre ? They do not pay $1,000 per
annum !
"Do you think it just , that while one
man is forced to pay $ lUOH\villi ( a moral
character too ) tor running a saloon ,
another party 4may carry on the same
business , only in u more extensive scale ,
without paying a mile save the United
States licenses ?
"Does not Marshal Gumming * know of
such places ? Has not ho , have not his
policemen partaken of tlio brown bever
age called beer and sometimes something
stronger in tlio cellar bar of the German ! ; !
ball ?
"Nor is this the only association , which
in direct violation against the Slocumb
law , vends , sells or gives away no mat
ter which carries on a nefarious liquor
trade , that draws , nay , steals away trade
belonging to the licensed moral saloon-
"Is it possible that in the face of those
facth , open , broad daylight prostitution ,
open , broad daylight gambling houses ,
open , broad daylight transgressions of
the Slocumb law , you gentlemen of tbo
Law and Order loiiguo , start aftergame
so low , start after the poor saloonkeeper ,
start for tlie ever granted immoral
wretch that pays his § 1,000 per annum
for not closing his saloon at precisely
13 o'clock midnight ? Is there no higher ,
no bettor game for you , than ho ?
"With the lixed assurance and convic
tion that yon will bo just in any
and till of this matter , with the
earnest , sincerest wish that yon will
consider this matter widely , tbo proprie
tors of saloons most cheerfully submit to
n most thorough investigation into the
moral character of license-seeking indi
viduals , but bone that you will , before
commencing to shine the well bucket
tiie man whom you jjrant a chance of
making a living by paying $1,000 to the
law plcaiiho. but thoroughly cleanse that-
well of pollution , namelj prostitution ,
gambling houses , illicit sale of spiritual
liquors which is so stagnant that it pen
etrates the moral nostrils of the growing
generation. "
With sentiments so fairly and honestly
expressed , the league can ihul no fault
but , on the contrary , rejoice to find the
organization so heartily supported in its
purpose by the better class of men en
gaged in this traflic. With these men wo
have no light , but from the outset believed
wo could count on their endorsement and
assistance as soon as our work was fairly
As to prosecutions of liquor dealers who
sell without liccnsu , it is certainly to the
interest of those who do pay a license to
aid us in procuring testimony sullieicnt
to convict. Thus tar wo have been uni
formly successful in court , carefully
avoiding bringing suit when the proof
was of a doubtfurcharacter , choosing to
await future developments in many cases.
The prosecution of keepers of houses of
111 repute where liquor wn's being sold in
violation of law was undertaken by the
police department several weeks ago ,
and before our order had begun ils work
which prosecution was eminently suc
Wo find an abundance of work and
certainly the better element of Omaha
cannot expect us to grapple with all the
wrong-doors of our city at once , and we
must bo allowed to exercise our best
judgment as to tlio course to bo purMied.
There 'can bo no doubt as to the results
which will follow n careful Inspection of
applications and bonds ollcrcd lor a re
newal of licenses next April , and if a
considerable ) number of irresponsible
und law-defying dealers can thereby bo
suppressed the millions of the foregoing
document will certainly not bo the
Another HuccoBHl'iil Presentation of
the Piece.
There is little in the Parlor Match that
theatre goers have not laughed at year
out and year in for some time back. It
was made to cause laughter. In this ,
however , it has not been an " unqualified
success , The merriment" with which
audiences greet its representation is duo
almost entirely to the skill and discern
ment of tlio actors. Even travesty maybe
bo artistic. Such is tlio work of Mr , McCorkcr. It is an exaggera
tion , though the details arc worked out
by an artist , Less studious us to details
is the Old Hess of Mr. Hooy. It is the
part , however , which "takes" the multi
tude , and , boi'ond question , stamps tlio
piece with success , Without it , McCorkcr
would bo a failure , Wi th it the Match is
even more than its author dreamed of it.
Minnie French's "Innocent Kidd" is an
imitation a very good one of that
of .Jennie Ycaman wno was tlio original
in tlio part. But , like all imitations , she
lacks the genius of the prototype , as also
tlio face , form , vocal gifts and manner
isms of her predecessor. There is no
other character in the piece , yet songs ,
dances , cabinet manifestations and such
while away the time while tlio umuvel-
ing of the etory is taking place , Tlio
singing was fairly rendered , aud the
voice of tl o tenor is that of a youu.'C jiiwn ,
fresh aud proud of the exceptionally lino.
, , . _ . . . . ,
VatJ.Ajto Ai
aaJhAj in fflfcfr-iafc - y j fflf * a rf .igA.Jg-fc.
voice which nature has given Him. Big
laughs may bo onjoycu at the nmtlnco
this afternoon ami also to-night.
After Tobacco Dealers.
The Law anil Order league arc about
to begin a crusade against all dealers
in tobacco who dispose qf their wares to
minors. Mr. .lames , agent of the league ,
informed a reporter last evening that
the league had resolved to put a stop to
tlio sale of lobacco to small boys , and
would proceed against nil dealers found
guilty of that offense. Tuo crusade will
bo begun l-'obruury 1 , no\l Monday. The
law prohibits dealer * from selling , giv
ing away or disposing of tobacco to
minors , and for teach and every offense
there is a penalty of $2. " > attached.
An Exciting Ilumnvny.
A double team attached to a double
cutter dashing down Furnam street with
out a driver caused considerable oxeilo-
ment along the street about G o'clock last
evening. All who saw tlio horses In
their wild career anticipated a dreadful
accident , but fortunately none occurred.
The cutter unset , however , and was
badly ilcmorall/.ed , while the horses con
tinued in their flight to the lower end of
Farnani street , where they became help
lessly stuck in a snowdrift. Tlio rig was
tlio property of James Stephens-oil , the
liveryman. Tim horses wore compara
tively uninjured.
California K\cur.sionsl 1
Round trip tickets , good for si v months ,
Finest scenery in the world.
Slop at Denver and Salt Lake.
Datns February U , 17 , and March ! l.
Also popular cheap excursions every
Wednesday. $15 pays oneway-
Return when you pleu o. Rates coming
back about the sumo.
For further particulars write P. S.
Eustls , General Passenger and Ticket
Agent , Omaha , Neb.
After n Gay Deceiver.
An interesting bastardj' case will como
up before Justice Anderson this morning ,
provided the ollicers of llio law can
find tin ! man they are hunting fo'r. A
warrant has been issued for Ins arrest ,
and although ho eluded his pursuers last
night , it is expected thai ho will be in tlio
clutches of the law this morning.
U. S. Drake and wife of Elmira , N. Y. ,
uro in tlio city , registered at the Millard.
Among ( ho prominent state pcoiilo at
the hotels lift night , were : O. P. Mason ,
Lincoln ; F. M. Gilmore , Fulloiton ; W. I' .
Clark , Fremont , E. A. McDonald , Ox
ford ; K. S. Newcomb , Lincoln ; S. K.
Rounds and wife , Cortland ; J A.Bowen ,
Ashland ; K. E. Valentine and Miss Alice
Bannister , West Point.
Info ill Six Acts.
SldiiiiR , ciyim ? , Cooint , ' , wooing ,
Night and dav ; Ftitmo wile :
WiiikliiK , blinking , Uusliinc , blushing ,
Full of play. Tleit for life.
nov. MiDDi.r. AOI.
Fooling , schooling. Sli\iiiir : , cruvlmr ,
( letting tall : Hoauliiitf wealth.
( J rowing , lowing , Diivinir , Mi h Ing ,
Playing ball. Jiiokeii health.
YOUTH. oi.n Am : .
Fussing , iiui'.iiiig Alllmr. falling
O'er a tie ; Day by day.
Linking , sparking The imdei taker
On the sly. Knits the pl.iy.
I Boston tilobe.
Between the dog killer and the vivi-
pcctionNt man's canine friend lias rather
a hard time of it. It is pleasant to record ,
therefore , that M. Dubois , in his experi
ments as to the hoalthfuhicss of vu&olino
as ti substitute for lard in pastry , louiid
that dog- , grow fat on it and really en
joyed tlio article. In the report to the
Socicto do Biologic , tlio experimenter
concluded that dogs of medium weight
could absorb an ounce and men four
ounces of vaseline daily without injury
St. Peter's Politeness.
As Peter sat at heiu en's Kate ,
A nialden sought permission.
Anil begged of him , 11 not too lute ,
To give her irou admission.
"What elaim hast thou to outer heic ? ' '
lie cried In honest mien ,
'Tfeane sir , " shu salil , 'twlxt hope and fear ,
"I'm only Just sixteen. "
"Enough I" the hoary guardian said ,
Anil tlie gate wide open threw ;
"That is the age when every maid
Is glu and angel , too. "
O , Why ?
Say , why does the trundle bed spring ?
And why does the saddle horse fly' . '
Orliat menu our made the idllowslipV
And why do the so.ip holleis lye ?
What made tlio monkey wionch ?
Or why should the old mill dam ?
And whom did thu shoemaker sttlke' . '
And why did the laspbuiry jam' . '
Winter's Joys.
Now the little boy ,
With n smile of glee and joy.
.Slyly hides aioiuid the corner while the
stately man goes by ;
And then tin ; snowball lilts ,
And the stately man It hits ,
And knock * his now Fedora right down upon
hlseje. _
The distressing disease , Sail Rheum , IH
readily cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla , the
great blood purllicr. Sold by all drug-
A now style of thieving was bronchito
notice recently in Springfield , Muss , ,
where a man engaged a cab to dike him
to a certain street , "but as soon as the cab
was under way the pretended passenger
gathered up the vuluablo blanket placed
in the carnage for his comfort and slip
ped out without attracting the attention
of the driver ,
A sure euro for Blind. Bleeding , Itchln
and Ulcerated Piles has been discovered by
Dr. Williams , ( an Indian icmedy ) , called lr
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment. A single
box has ciued tlio worst chronic eases of as or
HO years titnnding. No ono need miffer Jlvo
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
Ing medicine. Lotions and Instruments do
more harm limn good. Williams' Indian
} 'lle Ointment iibsoibs llio Illinois , allays the
itching , ( particularly at night ai
Ur. Frazler'rt .Magio Ointment elites as by
magic , Plmiiles , lilnok Heads or Uiubs ,
Blotches anil Eruptions on the face , leaving
the skin t'lenraiul beautiful. Also eiiiesltch.
Salt itheum , Snro .Nipples , Sere Lips , and
Old Obsllnuto Ulcers.
Kold by druggists , or mailed on iccelpt of
CO cents.
Retailed by Kuhn A Co. , and Soluouter &
Becht , At wholesale by C. F. Goodman.
Lord Derby received about Christmastide -
tide u very distinguished intellectual
parly ut Knowfcloy. It included thu
French ambassador , Wadtlington , and
wife ( neu King , of JowYorKMr. ) Fronde
and Mr , Leoky. Tlio gue.sts at Knowfeloy
now are of a very diffeiout hort to those
in thu time of tlio old Homer and turf-
loving prime minister tlio Rupert of do-
bate. The present lord is only ut his
great ancestral scat I'.boul four
in tlio year.
"RTiVJ J3 by was rick , pi > e iti CiiUrta ! ,
Wlten cLe w& & a CUlld , 'a cuc4 fr
Wliea > b I'CCJiuc MU ( , tlie c'.i
Wl a ! i ( IfciCUldriui , eU cm tlen Ci.aWila ,
Tha Ortatut Medical Triumph of the AgoJ
I-omornrprllte ,
I ho henil , with a Cull cntntlon In tli
buck pnrt , 1'nln unr'er tbo lioul lcr
blailci , Fullncia nftrr eating , with nillt
Incllnntlnn to oxortlonnf boilr ortnlnil ,
Irrllntillltynrtcnipcr , I.otTupli-lu , with
n fooling of bnvlnKnenlrcteil nomoduty ,
Wcnrlurm , Il77.1n , Fluttering nt the
Hcnrtt Dottt tinlbtollin ofd Hondnclio
over llio rlclit ojr , ItmtlcmnpM , with
fitful drcnmft. Illnlilr colored Urlnci nnd
' TOTT'S ntTS nro especially aiUptait
to luch cntcs , ono iloeo olTucts fluoh a
They Inrrttilo t lift Api > rtlteftml cmue tha
body to Tttlta on KltKli.thm tlie urMem I *
nnitrliihriliiinil liy ( heir Tonic Action on
Iho IHueMlveOrgrmii , Itrunlnr Stool" nr
rroiliii'fil. 1'rlcf 'Jr r. * t gnii
Itonovnte * Ilia IKK/ , makes healthy llctli ,
ttrcngtlicns I In- \ \ < N > k , tvpalrs Hie wastes or
Uio system \vllli ( iiiro lilixnl niul hunl muscle ;
tones HID norvoui system , liulporntrn tlio
brain , niul Imparts the \lgor ot nmnhood.
1. Sol , I IJT tlrucitMH.
1 1 JUiirrtrSt. . Now York.
Manual of all Diseases ,
HJF. tmirimus , n. n.
CLOTH imcl a OLD
Mailed Free.
ctmrs. ttltCf.
! " ' " ° ' .J Iron or Adulw , . . M
i liVc'iifcry. Griping. Illllmii Colio. . . . ,
Ctiulrra niorbiif.yninitlna H
Conslix. Cold , nronchltl" 2
\eiirnlaln. TooUmohe. 1 awnrlie. . V
llrndn "lies , Bickllcudiiclie , Vertigo. . .3
Bold l > y nrimslKtK , inslp lcl on it polpt ot
' . iua Ho su . .
Pianos and Organs
Or Hie Liquor Ilalill , 1'osllUx-ly
Cured by Ailiuliilileriu Dr.
Halite * ' Golden Nlicvllie.
It cim beKl\en In u eu | > ol coffen or ton without
tlio Uuowlrdgi > of tlio pcrnon taking It , 13absolutely
burmleu , unillll eflect a poniuuicm uiul npoi'ily
cure , wliclliir Hip patient Is a modeiutt ! thinker ur
an alooliollc wreck. It 1ms been given In tliou-
cunds ot casp , nntl In every Instancou perfect cure
liaifolloneil. II iifTcr rnllH , The syntem onoe
linprogiialnl ulth ilio feppclHc , It becomes an utter
Imposilblllty for tlio liquor uppcllto to exist.
FOR SALIC nv ror.LowiNa DiiuaaisTS :
KUHN & CO. , Cor. 55tli imd Uauclna , and
IHili & Cunilua PIN. , Omnliti , Neb. *
A. i > . rovrmt < fe into. .
Council HIulTrt , foivn , .
Call or writp for pamphlet containing bundreds
r/U UtnoiiluNIiom the beat wouioii and men Irom
Kit psruuftlic countrv.
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Capital . $250.000
SuplusMay 1 , 1885 . 25,000
H. W. YATES. President.
A. E. ToL'ZALm , Vice President
W. H. 8. HUGHES , Cashier ,
, , , , ,
U.V. . YA.IT.S , LKWIS S. ltuii > ,
Cor. UtU end Farnnm Streets.
General HBiiMni ? Huslnuss Ti atnactod.
( Successors to J. G , Jacob ? , )
At the old bliuid , 141)7 ) I'VunaraBt. Orders by
tolotfiinili solicited mid promptly attended to.
1'ctopnono No."i
England France &
, Germany.
The stuiuiibhlps of thl $ well known line arc ull
olirun , in iruiur tlfrht coinimrtinunu , nnJro-
lurnlhliiul with everything tu nmku tliu imasutfu
Imlh biifo nud Hifiooublo. They carry Hi * Unltod
Htatos and Kiiioni'iui mulls , und leuviiNow Ynrli
TlunbilnyB mid Suturdtiys for I'lyuiouth , ( LON
DON ) , ChurlHiUff , ( I'AUIB mid 11 AMIIUHI ( ) .
Kiuoa-l'irat vublii , ttW-SHW. Hteoruffu to Now
Xoik , ilu.
ONJ.Y Ml IIV A1AI1 , , J'OSTl'Afll.
\'i : HAMl'LIS L'KKK TO Ar.F , ,
A Oppnt Mcillonl Wovlc on Mnnliootl ,
Brlmuitoil Vitality , Nerrom , itii | PhT lc ] Debility
Premature Decline In Miin , lrrr of Yontli , anil tha
untold ml < Tlp > resultliiKirom Inlltcrotlon mid or *
cetRt * . A book lor "rcry man , > oun , ntlildlo.aued
anil old , ItcontuhiB \ ure rrl | > ! loni for nil ucuta n" j
clitunU * nlwuto * , p.irhnuo ol wliltu U Inraliuible. ho
( omul bytlictiititliorwhoKe rxnnrlniicofnr VI yoirili
Midi r,8 prolubly ncvnr l > | ere fell to tlio k't of nny
l > hy lolur. : Wi.ijim. | linund In Vaullful Frencli lljv
llu , cmboetcd covere , full > l to I'OHUnor
woik In lively . literary and profoi.
fiiinulthMinnr other work In tills country forti.H
cr tlie money will liorofunit In nv ! ry lii isii \ I'-lco
only II l > / mflll , postpaid. IHiiMrnlPtl M nipt a , til } .
HI30UHOV. ( Jolil iHO'lnlnwonled ' Hie author ny tbo Kn
ItoimlMuUluil Akiorlutlan. to tliu Jli.n. .l' . lIUji'll ,
ami sum i.ito omcnri of tlio I card thw render In c-
' .
'I'liuSdoniioiiI lJfjl worth laurntulUt ) y
niiJJIe ncoJ uion of thl * rciioiiillon tluu all ihenold
mines of Cullfnnd.'i uud tlio ellrormlnci of Nerutls
comblnnl.- . r. niironli lo.
'J lie bclein'o of l.lfe points out llio loco und quick-
sundb on truli it ttto lu'imltiitlun Mil lidjio * ut many
a vuuiiKiuan luru been iHdiiJy wrocktuMuucliu ler
' Tbo Hdonca of Llfnlict ( .TC.i'.or Miluo lluniilltlio
mmlkul work * puWishnJ Iu tuU country loitliupaU
bil viurAtlantn CvnUltullmi.
'IhuKulonruuf j.tlott mimuil ) und m Htorlr tn > .i | .
Uo on noii'iti * tint ) pliyslLXI tlublllly , IMtrolt l'rr > o
"Mil en tlio l' < ube < lir MB'Uciil ! ni tltiit" . or IrV. . II.
I'nrHcr , No. I ilnllilnc'a itreel , llattou , Mini. , who mar
t > b connillcd o.i .ill dup > is < rmiulrlii , ; skill uml grpori *
ctitu. i.l'io.ui , mil ubtti.iulo uiseiitcb tUal limo UiN
tljil t'.ie UII nfiill olnur pUlluii * .1 spctlul'.y. Si.uli.
titiA'.fit luufiifully at. 'i\3\i \ \ ft of Ulluic.