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orriCEt Ko , 13 Pearl Street.
JHlhcicilbycmrler In any pnrt of tlio city at
twenty cents per week.
JI , W , TJLTO.V , Manager.
NIOIIT nuiTOK , No. 1.
Pants to order , from $ , " ) up , at Kcitcr's.
h'oiiiu Jliit-f broke Into the stable of 11.
1' . Kuinpur , the Hroathvay groeorymiui ,
Wednesday night innj yotaway with two
sots of harness , onu .singlo , the other
llonry Arnold was fined yesterday for
biiin ( fnuik , Jtsucms tliil : ho 1ms been
hauling Ice. and tin ; tuani being left in
his charge , ho left the horses standing on
thu street while liu wandered oil'on his
Mrfli Anniu Gruell now wants to bo set
free from Charles ( Irucll , to whom she
was married at St. losuph in October ,
188 , ' . She claims tiiat in the following
jSlnrch liu was sent to the penitentiary for
t'vo years fet larceny.
'J'hu alarm of 11 ru yw > terday was paused
by the overheating of : t .stove in thu dining
room in the Weslei n house , which ignited
the carpel in a room above. Tlio damage
was very small , and no water was thrown
by the tire department.
( { rent pieparations arc being made by
fomo of the traverse owners tor attend
ing tlio coasting carnival in Omaha on
Saturdaj evening. It is reported that
many ladies ot tins city are preparing
coasting eostnmes for thu occasion.
All desirous of attending the
coasting carnival in Omaha on .Saturday
evening no.\t \\ill confer ti favor by
leaving their names before 0 o'clock
Fridav evening at thu ollico of the Uity
ll''llVi' Ulim M ) l'1U ' transportation can
00 SOtiUVClli
On Wednesday evening tlicro was n
liltlo gathering of friends , strictly informal
mal , at the residence of Air. .Samuel
II'iiis. on SiMli htreet. An oipoilunity ]
was thus given thu triends to meet the
lUis.-cs Minnie and Pauline Wadliiigh and
JUVs Mniiiit ) Gage , who are guests of Miss
Mary llaas.
Koiuul trip tickets for tlic ice carnival
at St. Paul will bo placed on > alu at the
union ticket ollice , J. L. DelJevoiso ,
agent , at > follows : On February 1 and ! ) .
good until Fi'bntary 8 ; on thu 8th anil
Dili , good until thu loth ; on this 1.1th and
10th , good until the 12''d , on thu 22(1 ( and
2d ! ] , good until March Int.
Thieved scorn determined to have the
.saloons kept open. Some of them
Wednesday night , ( hiding the saloon of
Oliver Lower closed , corner of Jlain
btreet and Eleventh avenuu , proceeded to
open it by forcing open tlio door on
Klevonlli avenue. They helped them-
bclves to all the cigars in the casu and
some bottles of whisky.
As will be seen by notice elsewhere ,
JJiseman , Hodda & Co. Inivu dissolved ,
and the People's store will hereafter bo
conducted by Mii r.s. Henry and Simon
Kihonisiu. Air. Hodda , who retires from
the linn will continue in its employ. The
People's store lias proved u great success
and its popularity will not be le-sened.
The comical play entitled "The Irish
Lion" will bo presented by a well-drilled
amateur dramatic club at Temple Hull ,
Thursday evening , February 4 , to bo fol
lowed by the side-splitting larco "Inter
viewing Mrs. Pratt , " an episode of Alor-
mon lite. Admission has been reduced
to twenty-live cents , and a full house
should encourage homo talent.
The late grand jury have not got their
feathers down .since Judge Loofbonrow
HO milled them by his parting scolding.
They now propose to see if the Nonpareil
can prove the assertion it made , that a
policeman , who was being investigated ,
was allowed to remain in tnu room while
they balloted on his ease. They now de
mand proof or retraction. The uro also
preparing n statement about other mat
A fellow named Cole , who lives on
Pierce street , gave the police a pointer.
It has cosl him dear. Ho whispered to
them that a fellow was trying to pass a
counterfeit $100 bill , and put the boys in
blue on his track. He is said then to
have slipped around to the fellow and
told him that the police were on to him.
It was learned that tlio bill instead of
being a counterfeit was a genuine one ,
but of no account , it heing one of the
old state bank bills , from Missouri , u
relio of former days The fellow nad
simply been nourishing it about , witli no
idea of passing it. On learning these
facts the police arrested their intormant ,
Cole , and lodged him in jail as a vagrant.
For hardware and house furnishings
get prices of Cooper & AlcGee , No. 41
Alain street.
Substantial abstracts of title and real
citato loans. J. W. , & K. L , Squire , 101
Pearl street.
Persona ! I'nrnuraplis.
N. . Sanford of Avoca was in tlio city
.Samuel Hnus lias returned homo from
a business trip.
Airs. Samuel Clark is recovering from
her berloiis illness.
Jerry Alyers lias returned from his visit
to Pennsylvania.
Hob Flynn of Des Aloincs was at the
Ogden yesterday.
K. J ) . F. Fisher bus returned from a
western business trip.
Rev. W. T. Smith , the presiding older ,
yesterday went to Hlanclmrd on u short
G. Washington Froneh , traveling
freight agent ot tlio Louisville & Nashville -
villo road , was in the city yesterday.
A. A. Swearinger of Alendota , 111. , who
lias made many acquaintances here by
his pool ( Celling during the races , is in the
Aliss Alay Stone of Chicago is expected
to arrive in this city to-day. She will bo
the guest of Aliss Alary Haas , No. 12-1
Sivtli street.
Alis < o . Alinnie and P.miine Wadleigh
of Clinton , Iowa , and .Miss Aliunlu Gage
of Lyons , Iowa , are in tlio city , the
guests of Aliss Alary llaii .
Not loo.
Notice is hereby given that by mutual
consent the linn of Kiseman. Hodda &
Co. is tills day dissolved , and the new
linn of Henry Kiseman & Co , , composed
of Henry Kiseman and Simon Kiseman ,
lias tnis day been formed , nml tlio stock
of the old company will bo at once con
solidated and placed in the rooms now
occupied by tlio linn of Kiseman. Hodda
& Co. , Nos. ! )10 ) , W8 and a0 ? Hroadway ,
where the new linn of Henry Kiseman &
Co. will continue to do business. Said
now linn assumes all the liabilities and
will pay nil the debts of the old concern ,
and will collect and receive all claims
due the same. Air. S. J. liodda , though
not a member of the new linn , will con
tinue in its iploy. )
Hr.xnv KISEMAN ,
For hardware and house furnishing get
prices of Cooper & AIcGco , No. 41 Alain
For first class Missouri wood call on
Gleason , at his coal ofllce , SO Pearl street.
kfyuttiit ( * > t'nii&AMilu/ifttit\ / > f < iiin
' " t i
" " " '
tfr"J ! JT'B Ics"BH
Council Bluffs Frostily Boasts of Leading
the State in Summer Beauty.
A VOUIIR Mnn With n Weakness For
Otcrconts A 1'niicr Thief NnMictl
Other GntlirrliijjH of News
In and About tlio City.
ACIty ofl'nrkB.
Tliis is not tlm most suitable sort of
weather to indulge in much sitlontion to
parks , but tlio time draws ncnr for sir-
anging for tlio appropriation for this
u'ir , nml lieneo the park commissioners
.ml . nltlcrincn are looking over the prob-
bio needs. Council Hind's is the only
own city which really has any parks ,
onio of the cities huvo si square , and
onio of thorn call such places parks , but
his eitv really has parks. The parks are
lot only so extensive , but they possess
ueh natural beauty that by the oxpendi-
uro of a llttlo money each year Council
Mull's would soon be known far and nearer
or the beauty and extent of its parks , if
or nothing else. The citizens them-
olvi'S , at lea t many of them , do not
eallze what a wealth of parks Council
Mull's posiosses. There are between 000
nil 700 acres of parks belonging to this
Most are familiar with Uayliss pirk : ,
hat being in the center of the city , it is
i little beatitv. but it needs some ini-
irovements. Tlicro should bo some llll-
ng iloni' , sind new walks laid. A foun-
tun should bo added lo tlieattraclivi-ness
f the place. Such arn some of the im-
) ro'emetits being considered by the com-
Lake View park is one which is by Hig
* tiku. It is proposed to find the mean-
Icrod lines , anil si plan is being talked
over of condemning land for u road , 150
\'it ; widu , connecting with Cherry street.
J'sih'iiiomil park is onu of which this city
isis reason to bo promt , it being , the
inui'k"jt ' natural park in tin's part ot H'9
otintry It seenis necessary to define
liu east and west sides by fence , as
hero has been more or less cutting away
of the blulVs , and tlicro may be some en-
H'Oiichnictit upon the park grounds mi-
ess some such precaution is taken. There
s also being considered the advisability
of opening a drivowayfrom Park avenue.
Vnothor driveway , entering the park
"nun the south , is also being considered ,
t is desired that fountains ho placed in
ho park this year , as there is an sibund-
nil water supply.
Many citi/.ens are not aware that the
ity has a small park inCialesburg siddi-
.ion , near Fo-jter's greenhouse. There
sa block there , which is valuable , and
vith some slight care will ho ono of Uie
m-Uiest parks in the city , it needs to be
rimmed up and fenced.
Little attention has boon paid to Island
; > ! irk since tlm citizens had an excursion
.here hist year. Jn order to make Iho
> ark roallv available it is nece.xsary to
) iiy about twenty acres more. Then
'here would be a drive clear around
Jarr's lake , and beautiful picnic grounds ,
t is proposed to grade around the lake
inil rsii > o the water some.
J'ho sippropnation of last year
inioiinlcd to about $3iOO. ( The present
evy will not bring in any money until
ii'\t fall , so that this ifiJ.fiOO really has to
cover lust year's expenses and this sum-
ner's outlay , unless the commissioners
anticipate tlio coming in of the cash.
The o mailers are being considered
carefully , and there will bo no hasty
noves made. It seems desirable that
onto marked improvements should be
mule , however , each year , and this can
) e clone without any great burden on the
.axpuvers. Council iSliill's has a chnnee
.o iiuiku itself known all over the country
jy its jiarks , and at liu ; same linii ! its
citizens can have much enjoyment Irom
Correct Abstracts of Title and Heal Es
tate Loans at AIcMahon & Co'.s , No. 4
1'carl street.
ftlonoy to loan on chattels , by Forrcs
Smith , loU Main street.
Owners or Saloon
Tlici injunction lights under the pro
hibitory law have been mainly centered
about the business itself , and the active
saloon men , rather than the owners of
the buildings in which such saloons are
located. In DCS Aloines petitions have
been tiled to secure injunctions against
the property owners. The main point in
issue was whether they were liable.
Their attorney argued before Judge
( liven of the supreme court tliat as they
had leased lor no illegal ! purpose , their
allirmativo section must be given for the
transaction of tlm illegal business , before
they could bo held. The prosecution on
the other hand claimed that they had
been given ample notilication , both by
sci/.urcs and other lawful process , and
miistconrtcqucntly ho held.
.Judge Given decided that the property
owners had been sulllciontly notilied ,
and were subject to injunctions with the
saloon keepers. In deciding this point
the court says :
Itonlyiciiulns to determine , theicfoie , Lo-
hane's liability to injunction. In his atll-
tlavlt ot Jmiuniy 3-1 he le tllies Unit the IHCIU-
l.scs weie li'.iM-il by him upon tlio expicxs
ngtccmciit that they .should not bo used lor
any unlawful puriioic , and that it the siiino
are so used , with icipcct to which he had no
peisonul knowledge , It was without his con
sent or approval.
It Is claimed on behalf of defendant that
heennnot bohelil to have permitted the mi-
lavilul biislncxA unless he bus had aetunl
knowledge theicut' and hasanscnti'dtheieto
by some alliimntho act. On the other hand
It is el.ilined by the plnintllf that us owner he
U chiuged will ) the duty ot seeing thai Ids
Hioperty Is not iwrt lor unlawful purposes ,
ami is Imblo to Injiuii'ilon when Irom MIPIO
limutlon heiloes not knowtlmtlilrh the law
makes It his duty in know. In tlio Stale v.s
Hallliitdl : , ) In. , pasii 17. the eomt held
ihatto uluupt an < m nor with DIM mining nn
unlawful business it must bu shown that alter
he became awaio of the Illegal use of hlrf
house b > the le.sheo hodltl some net or homo
declaration atllunliiKly at-scntim ; thoicto ,
Tlio laat jinnigr.inh of section 15H ot' the code
imikliiK ccitain proofs picstimpuioiis evi
dence is omitted In the le-onactmonts of the
Ivtentluth pmeial assembly.
We hold that to imiko the owner of prop
erty leaseil lor lawful purposes guilty ot n
nuisance in pcimlttlm ; the same to bo used in
violation of law , It must appear that helms
knowledge thcicof ami has assented thereto ,
Thlsbilnu'sus to determine whether from
the moots tlio ilufeiiilnnt , Lelmne , Is shown
to have had such knowledge and to have
Hlvcn such assent. The unlawful business Is
sbown to havobccn can led on In his buUiIIng
liom May U , IteS , lo January U , 1K6II , nearly
a moutli alter the lillngot the petition ami a
number ol days later than the tiling ot his
liu was notlllcd thereof by wiltten notice
served January lit , Ibsd , ami airain by this
pioecetllm ; lortempoiHry Injunction.
Ills aMUlavit ot January U.J , that ho had no
iioihoiial knowledge theieof. can only bo jus
tified by Its giiaidcil phraseology and the con
clusion that ho ilhl not believe the Informa
tion which ho thciotofoio hud.
It Is not clear how alter all these searches
and scl/iircs , at some of which Lelmne was
likely near , and the charges and notices of
which lut did luuo Information , It can bo said
that ho did not know his place was beinu
used lor the unlawful sale ot liquors. Smell
If ho acted as men usually do he must have
known it.
The lellcf asked Is not to punish for the
imst but to imueut violations of the law In
ihofutuio. The nuisancii bolus shown to
have existed , thecouit U to enjoin lls furthei
iiialntciiniuM ) or not , just In accoiduneoM
whether its fmtlier maintenance Is piob.ible
if not restrained. Concede that up to the
lic-arint , ' , January S ) , Lulmno dhl not believe
and hence did upt know or assent to the nn
lawful business , hens then advised by Ju
dlclnl determination that sncli unlawful busi
ness wns belnp carried on In bis liouse and In
\iolatlon of his lease , as made It ft nuisance ,
yet notwithstanding such Information he
proposes nothing toward Its abatement but
stands before the court denying the rliht of
the court to ( mil Hint lie Is permitting the
miisanceortosay to him by Injunction that
he .slmll not permit It In the future because m
the pecuniary consequences Hint will result
lo him In Hie loss of rents under his lease.
Mm tin vs Ulalncr , 25 N. Vf. Hep. 131 seems
. to bo here quite hi point It does not clearly
npiH'.irwhether ( helease In that cn ownsfor
u lawful purpose or not , hut lliu court nys of
Clbbs , tlio owner , thai his refusing to
exercise his right nml nuthoilly tofoibid the
tinfllc nml oust the violator < > [ tliclau troni
Ids laud he becomes nn aider nmlnbcttorof
the violator of the law. Ami Ids nbuttlm ? of
Iho crime becomes active when he comes into
n court of justice nml contends w ilh the other
violators of the law for Its defeat.V nio
of the opinion that ho Is n proper pally to
the action , nml t lie com t rightly icstrmucd
him from pcimittlng tlio unlawful tialllc
which ho was doim ; by falling lo declare
his lcn o void nml lo oust \endorof iu-
to\lcatliiR liquors from the possession of the
piopcrty. "
It Is lilted that Lclinue has no other reined y
for terminating the tmlnwful business thnii
nny other cltl/cn except by declaring his
lease tcrmlnntcd , nml that he should not beheld
held to do so inasmuch ns It Is for n term of
yc.ns , pnit of which Is iiucxiilrcd , and as
thereby ho would lose his rent tor the uue.x-
plrcdtcrin. We think If because of this un
lawful use he should chose to dcclnie Its lease
tin initiated that his lemedy Ismuplo for the
violation tlicivof nicalnst his tenant , and
that whatever he inluht lose In icnts would
be iccovciable In damages.
Tlie temporary Injunction Is gianted as
prayed agnlust the dt'lcudniits , Conradl and
Luhaue. upon tlio iilaintlll'.sglvlng bund. Tlio
bond Is conditioned for Hie payment of all
daimuri's which may bo adjudged against the
petitioner by reason of such injunction.
Cod i' , sec. > ' S Xi.
As the Injunction only restrains the parties
enjoined Irom dolnir that which they mny
not rluhtfully do under any circumstanced ,
the damages nrc mainly. If. not cutlicly ,
limited to the expenses ot defending against
the. Injunction. So far as we can now see
SlOOlHsullieleiit to cover such expense. If
future developments shall show uthei\vlso.
a motion to luetea'-o thu amount of tlio bond
will be entertained.
Cottage ranges , Garland stoves Ra
diant Homes and Hub Heaters of the
very latest pattei us at bed rock prices ,
at Cooper ! c McGeo's , No. 41 Mnin btreet.
Host coal and wood in the city al Glen-
son's , aoTearl street.
Stop Thief.
There has been si gruslt deal of annoy
ance caused of late by sneaks stealing
newspapers from subscribers. The
morning papers being delivered by car
rier boys sit so early an hour when there
are few on the strccls , gives an oxcolk'iit
chance for such thieves to lake a paper
without being observed. They have
been improving this opportunity , and as
a consequence subscribers have been
disappointed , carriers have often boon
blamed for missing , aud then * has bcca a
great deal of nervous strain and irrita
tion all around. The BITK has had its
share of this trouble , and has lately been
on the lookout for such fellows. Yester
day morning C'apt. Anderson , manager
of the merchants' uolicc , caught one of
these fellows , and brought him to the
front. Ho was a boy about seventeen
years of a < ; e , named Charles Ilollings-
worlh. Ho had just helped himself to a ,
paiier from a box nt the residence of D.
J. Rockwell , No. 811) ) Third avenue , when
the officer nabbed him. He admitted to
have taken the several times before.
Jn police court yesterday morning he
pleaded guilty lo laraeny , and was lined
$3 and costs. " The judge suspended the
.sentence to give the boy a chance to behave -
have himself hereafter , and revuestcd
that his name be not made public on ac
count of the excellent standing of the
The BEK has no malice against the boy
and regrets that any of his friends should
stiller on account ot his acts. Hut it is
time that an example was made of this
class of sneak-thieves , for while the value
of a single nupcr is not great , yet the
trouble caused by taking so small a thing
is considerable. The publicity is given
to the matter us a warning to others who
may feel dUposod to indulge in this sort
of pilfering. The BEK , as well as the
Nonpareil and other papers has decided
to keep up tv watchfulness , and let no
guilty man or boy escape. The pilfering
of newspapers is too great an annoyance
to bu allowed to bo kept up , and when
ever an.\ one is caught committing such
an acl llie papers will give him the full
beiielit ot advertising in the courts and
in the columns.
The Irish Lion anil Interviewing Airs.
Pratt at Ahisonie hall , ThursdayTebru-
ary < l. Remember the date. Admission
25 cents.
The Evans & Hooy company in "A
Parlor Alateli" in '
was greeted Dohany's
opera house last evening with an extra
ordinary large and appreciate audience.
The Overcoat WcuknesH.
George Wilson was lately sent to jail
for sneaking a lint from the Tremont
house. His time was up Wednesday , but
he hud not been out of jail more than two
hours before the oflicers had him again ,
charged with a like ollcnso. It appears
that he proceeded straight from the jail
to the Creston house and lucre hclned
himself to an overcoat belonging to
William Aliddleton , one of the boarders.
He took the coat to Drolich's second hand
store , on Hroadway , and sold it for $1 ,
although the coat was one thai cosl ever
$ ' . ? 0. The ollicors soon after arrested him.
When taken in he WUH found to have on
another overcoal , uliich il is said was
stolen from one of the colored boys at the
Pacific : , and under inV coat liulnul a lady's
Jersey , so that ilseomo ho plied his busi
ness actively during his short spell of
freedom , ( Jn being brought before
Judge Aylosworth yesterday morning ho
listened to thu information charging him
witli larceny from a building in thu daytime -
time , and asked the judge it lie couldn't
make it potty larceny. He did not believe -
liove the overcoat was worth $20 , biit'tho
judge informed himitmadonodiUVrence.
as there would bo another charge lileii
against him lor stealim' another overcoat
from another hotel. This rather weak
ened his hopes , and ho asked for n few
days to see what he wanted to do about
it , His examination was therefore set
for Saturday.
Grertt Day for Maocilonia.
AlACEUONiA , Iowa , Jan. 28. Ex-Gov
ernor Will Cumbaok of Indiana was wel
comed by a full house lasl nighl at Dye's
hall. U. F. Clayton , csq , , introduced the
speaker by n few appropriate remarks ,
giving a brief synopsis of the speaker's
early history , from entering con
gress at the ago of 20 up lethe
the present time. Ho dwelt brielly upon
the progress made by the three western
states , vi/.j Towi. , Nebraska and Kansas ,
made since tlio ' ; cturcr first entered con
gress. Ac that time the slates mentioned
wore very smajtors in America's his
tory , but to-dui they rank among the
foremost states at the union.
Cutting his remarks oil * as .short as pos
sible ho introduced Air. Cumback. We
would like to give the readers of the
Kr.K tlio full lecture , so that those who
have neyer been privileged to listen to it
might get the benefit , but we suppose
that would ra.hpr bo infringing on the
patent. Air. Cmnbaek hold tlio audience
for about one hour and twenty minutes ,
and wo presume no audience was over
better entertained by a public1 lecturer *
The lecture , "Tho Invisible Some People
ple , " is founded upon the inconsistencies
of the world n't lar c , and is very cm-
phatlc Jii its ilonnnciation of those Mho
are ever anxious to roll the ball of scan
dal , mul prove their assertions by
the theory that "somo people say. "
II paints in glowing , colors the general .
cusscdness of hvporrites , liars , back
biters , ami scaivfsl mongers , and con
demns them to a hereafter , where they
will probably cry pub ; in their agony , for
some one to come and lay a ton or two of
ice on their parched tongues , They arc
all handled wltluhtt 'gloves ' , and justly ,
too , the whole Interspersed with laughu-
bio anecdotes , that arc not only interest
ing bill bear directly upon the subject.
Alr.Cumbaek has a good and well trained
delivery , while his enunciation is as clear
ami distinct as though he were but thirty
years old. All who iicard him wore well
pleased , and we hoard many expressions
of regret that such treats were so far be
tween. *
_ s #
Last evening u birthday party was given
Aliss Anna Kradbury at her home , the
Ksscx house.
The Hnnloii llr.uhcrs mill Their Kc-
mnrknhlo Kseaties Krom Death.
Philadelphia Times : In Alanohoster in
ISo'J ' , while the elder brothers were play
ing in "The Two l-Tyiug Alen of the Air , "
William fell from a trapeze and broke
two of his ribs , onu of his arms , and out
his head. Ho was laid up for a year and
nhalf. Alfred fell oneo in 1805 in Huf-
falo while turning a somersault from a
trape/e and attempting to catch u rope.
He broke two of his ribs and cut his
headtopen. Kdward , onu of the brothers ,
now in Vienna , while performing on a
long ladder in the Academy of Alusie in
Now Orleans under David llidwell's
management , in 1800 , fell head
downward into the parquet His
shoulder struck a soldier , who had to
bo taken lo the hospital , while Kdward
was comparatively unhurt. Thomas , the
brother who committed suicide , had
three falls at different limes. This last
fall resulted in his going craxv. His lirst
fall was in tiic Coliseum in Liverpool ,
while performing on what is ealleil the
perilous ladder. Ho fell into the orches
tra and smashed the bass viol , but did
not hurt himself. His second fall was at
JJiblo'sgarden , in New York , under the
management of James L. Nixon. Ho
tried to make too long a leap to catch * , a
rope that was being held ill uie wings by
his brothers , William and Gcorgo. Jlc
only caught the rope with one hand unit
fell on his brothers , so that they had lo
be carried to their beds. His last fajl
was at Pike's opera house , in Cincinnati ,
in 1801. It was in summer and his hands
wore wet witli perspiration. His grip
slipped and lie fell on the stage , his head
striking tlio footlights , and one of the
gas burners penetrated his skull.
Three years after Thomas fell at Pike's
opera house he was arrested in Harrisburg -
burg , while acting in a demented way
about Ihc streets. Ho was taken to jail.
His brothers at the time were searching
all over the country for him , and one
day Edward received a telegram from
the mayor of Harrisburg saying Unit an
insane man , who claimed to bo one of
the Hanlon brothers , had been arrested.
During a lucid interval Thomas asked
why ho was in jail , ami the keeper tried
to quiet him. 'I hero was part of u lot of
steam heating pipes in his cell , and the
cock was on tlm end ofi the pipes in his
coll. He conceived the idea to kill him
self by turning ilialf somorsaujts so
that his head would strike each time on
Ihe cock. He turned fifteen half-somer
saults in this way anil beat his brains
out. Six men tried to overpower him ,
but he broke one man's arm and another
man's nose. Ho was a small man aud a
sciuntilic hover. 'After ho had almost
crushed his skull In he linally became ex
haustcd anil was taken.out of his cell on
a stretcher. Ho lived until the next day ,
and shortly beforo'hc ' died drank a cup ot
coffee and ate some eggs. His brother
Kdward arrived at tlio jail jusl as the
demonlod man was breathing his last.
Their mother beoamo insane on hearing
of her son's death , but recovered her
reason afterward.
Just prior to tlio time Thomas fell at
Pike's opera house the brothers , who
were Hie originators of a theater under
canvas , followed the army witli the lirst
theater canvas. At Alouilo the soldiers
fought to get in anil the Hanlons reaped
a harvest It was when they reached
Cincinnati that they abandoned their
canvas theater and went to play at Pike's
opera house.
Heat Goods arc 1'ut in Smallest Pnr-
The old proverb is certainly true in the
case of Dr. Pierce's "Pleasanl Purgative
Pellets , " which are little , sugar-wrapped
parcels , scarcely larger than mustard
seeds , containing as much cathartic pow
er as is done up in the biggest , most re
pulsive-looking pill. Unlike tlio big pills ,
however , they uro mild and pleasant in
their operation do not produce griping
pains , nor render tlio bowels costive after
At Homer's
No. 2. ) Main Street. Council Bluffs , la.
J. L. De BEYOISE , Agent.
No. COT Jlroadwar. Council 111 tiffs.
Railway Time Table.
The folloulng- tlio tliuo of arrival nnj
ilepurturo of tiulns by contrul stumluril time , tit
Iho luciil depots. Trains luuvo tmiutcrdopot tun
minutes earlier anil arrivu ten minutes liner :
0:2) : ) A. U Mull mid Express OiMiMI ,
l-MOr. u Accimjinodittlon 4Mi : > , M.
0(0l > . u Kxpiess , UI : A.M.
g20A.u ; Mull mid KvprcbS 0:5. : ' ) p. u.
7:15 : A. M AcoimmuUnllon.C:4Ai : > , M.
0tOJ : % M Exprus * U:05A. : M.
0:20 : A. M Mull mul Kxprcjs. . . flSOi : > . u.
0Wi' : . M Kxrri'H3 U:05A.M. :
CHICAGO. iiuitu.MiroN & yui.vcv.
Di40A.M MnlUiidlixpnt-d OMv.
U:60r.M : Uxprui * :05 :
21G ; r. M.Ixcul lit. Louis Kx ) > robu Ix > ciil
UCO : IM.Trmisforbt. . Ixjula Kx. Tuinefor.aM : p. M
10:1UA.M : Mull and KiprchS fi : : ) P. M.
ll)6r ) ; ) , u Kspn-SH 0:2oA.-V. :
7:15A.M : . . .Hloux l.'lty Mull 8:30p : , M.
0oO : P.M. , . , . fit , I'aul ! Uiii's3 | 8 : JA.M.
10:35AM : Duller Hxpress 6:45P.M. :
2:1 : : ) p. M..Lincoln ] > aM.Om. & U. Y..2:05 : p. u.
7:651" . M Uvoilunil JicprcBS 8:15 : A. M.
Leave Council llluirs-7U : > hlis : 9:30-10:30 : :
11BO : u. in. ; lao-i'UO-3ao-4:3J-5JS- : : : : : : !
11:45 11. m. Swiduyi.-7Q5-0:30-U:30 : : : > " !
S:30 : UiO : : 6-4iUO : : 11:45 : p.m. I ouvo Onmbu
- :3S-7:35-8:00-iOOa-UliO : : : : a. in : 1:00-UOU- : :
OO-l-.UJ 5 ; 03 : 0:115-11:10 : p. m. HiimlnyK-U:3u :
60-11OJ . m.aW-3:00-o00-0:05-U:10p.m ; : ( : ; : :
P. T.Mayne & Co ,
Real Estate Exchange
No. 103 Pearl Street , Council DluCTs , Iowa.
Dealers In Iowa , Kansas and Nebraska Lund *
Keu ] KbUito bought uud sold ,
NOTICE. iiilvorllsetrtonM , such ns
i test , Pound , To Loan Ko-S. lp , To llont , Wnnti
, llonrdlnff , ota , will bo Insert ml in this column nt
tliDlowrato of TUN CK.VT3 1'Rll ItNK for the
Ortt Insertion and FIVE CK.Vrs 1'Kll LINK for
each siibaotiucnt la ertlon. Lenvo mlvcrtlso-
mcntflftt our olllo , No. 11 1'o.irl strpot , near
llromiwftjr , Council Ilium.
"I(1OH mNT.--llon : ? e , T-14 Tcnlli nvrntio , fhn
frooms , all convenience * . Knqulro of Arnil
19 Miiiu Mrout.
To lon nt PIT ecntlntPirgTon
country orclty itioparty. If taken
during tlio next thrco weeks , OJoll tt l\y
Council llluITs.
iroil SAIlf-ScnicTT"lTl7\ bo rccolvoTbF'.f
Jw. . itodcfciup lo 1'obrimt-y 'M , 18 < 0 , on
clirlity feet trout , two story lirluk block. No * . S ! ,
lM , : > fl nml 23 1'cail struct , between llitinilwny ana
rirM inenue.
iNT : .TiuT fliieo-story t > ricl < liulnc
- - homo formerly nceiittlo I by ( honcnea-.fc
Schountircn. Ktnutlieol MoMnhon & Co. , No. 1
l'oai I street ,
WAN & WAI.KIHt , No. ! W Mfllll StlCOt ,
( u nilur ( "Ill/oil's Iliinki , tunl estate aim inur-
i lmmll o cvuhiuiKo broker . Our books are full
< il gicunl | ! bargains , but It H iinni ) > 9lblo to pull.
IMi a reliable list from the Inct of so ninny ilally
clianKos. What uoaok Is : If you want to soil
or tnulo tut ) thin ? lo our line , nriln us mid \\o
will fond you u iillo ol Iminnlns to select fYotn.
liuniveil | or imlmprovotl , city or town
property i stoc-ks of goods of nnv klmt In imy such you linvuor such you wmt lot us
hour from > on. Sunn & Wulkcr , Council Illuirs
lnV3 by ix huly n t-nt ol the
P L -lliiultnlilo.1 Wu wniil six inoro llvo
11(10111" ( , muloor iciimlp. Ajiplv In person or by
lollcrto Win. Hnmlnll , Sum. of ngunclc , Coun
cil lllulH ,
"JT'Alt.M rott SAI.BAt Imrirnlii if sold fooit.
A 1W ( iicros , 0J ! miles sotithwc * ! of UnitiliM. 0
room liotiso , orcullcnl wi-ll mul cistern , 'J biu-tii.
0110 lor pliflit horse * , ono for ) cows : hen , tool
nml wnjron hou os : IOJ ticica In timothy : VUJ1
loiest trees , cotton wood , bluu'c wiilnut , n h iinJ
intiplo ; food orchmtl , upplcM , clicn-lc , | ) lums ,
Krapps mul snmll frullH. Never falllnjr stock
wntciIt. . l > . omcua , C03 lltomlway , Council
lsi , Iow .
No. 4 1'cnrl sticct
Mnnufncturcrsor i\ll \ sl/.c3 of
Especially Designed for Itunnlatr
Tubulnr nud Locomotive Boilers.
Now Mussillon Threshers.
Carey and Woodbury Horac Powers.
Portable and Traction Engines ,
Factory Massillon , 0. Branch House
510 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Council Bluffs Carpet Co.
Our Block la now complete In every depart ,
montnnd contains all Iho luteslstvlcsundoffcct
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices.
SAMl'LRU furnished upon nppllcitlon to dowu
town imrtlca.
Council Bluffs Carpet Company
E. B. Cadwell ,
Real Estate , Probate
No , 604 Broadway , : Council Bluffs
TIIOS. orncin. w. n. M. PUSBT
Httilbllelu-U 1865.
No. 837 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
2.T. LINDSEY&CO. , *
PQ a
Immense Stock , and Eastern Prices Duplicated , Write for Prices ,
Storehouse and Salesroom , 41II Main St , Office 412 Broadway ,
Musical Merchandise of Every Description
Toys and Fancy G-oods.
We innko the ieloVrate < l llnrdnun Pianos , nn 1 fie itoyat Whitney Organs , a spcclnlty
Every Insti'uinunt wan.intccl Send lor dialogues.
Jlrls't ' bull HIM of nnv iclal r.ilnl or mi79l nnl silUtaotljn jon - . Frtme liousos
on J.IIlloCIiuql trucks Uie best In Iho worlJ.
803 Eighth Avenue and Ei htli Street , Cotuieil liluH's.
1'ractlces In tjtati ) anil Kcili'ial Cotirt.i.
7 mill b , SniiK.irt
Main St. , Council Blnffe.
Near the < ; . , U. .t ( } . ; < ' . , M. V HI. I' . , ami J
0lt. I.A-1' . inllwav ilepoK KtH-et i-ars
jussthe dnoi. Kvi'olhiui ; new nml lirst
class. Ojicucd lice. Nl.
l'ronietir | and Manager.
A.C.Iluii.Mi IM , l'ro < . I..W. TUI.MIH : , Viuu-l'icf.
JVMIS : N , Iliiow.v , Ciishler.
tlational Baok
Capital . $100,000
Authorized Capital . 850,000
Stockholders Represent. . . . 1,000,000
Do u Kunmil bnnkin ? luisln ss.
ice : > ints ol' bunkbanket ; H , muiuliiinto.iiuin.
iiliiutiircrsiinil liullvldiiiila received on IIIHHII-
blu teiins.
Dunii'sllo mid forol n oxcbnngo.
Tlio very bust ol nitration giicn lo all hin-l-
nesi riiniinlttoil to onrcuic.
Justice of the Peace.
ODlce Over American Express Com jinny.
B. BICE , M. D.
/ilUfinpQ or othur tum > ira removed whlioul
llAUvDIlO the knlfo or dtiiivlni ; uf Mood.
CHRONIC DISEASES of BU kinds n epccIaUy.
Over tblrty yea is' prictioal cYporlunus.
No. 11 1'turl aiiect , Couiu II llluUa.
| 9r"CO.NBUI.TATION KllUl' .
The public uro liilonneil Unit u i > ai-iit | 1ms
bevnallowod to Oeo , H.liio ury , on hh linprov-
oil ( im l.ainp-i , mill inmiuliietiniiJ by us. Mr. I. ' .
A. U'UUums bomiuitlioii0 iik'enl Jor IJonnoll
llltiirmiiiU Onmlm. Thu jmblio uro cantlnneil
not to buy nnv ot Ilieso K\\ \ * lamp , except
IbioiiKli > \VlllluiiiH , M till ollieri oilered lor
falo arc irileliiKi'iiientH UOn | our lamp. ( J. II ,
DurriiK A. ( j..Miinulactiirfr und Solo West
Agents , No. 13 UeurLoin bl. , Cliltuuo. UJJ
I wKh lo icspm Ifiitly eall tlio attention ot my , ,
patrons und tliu public In Keneial , lo my re mol - ' '
\ l 11 oin ihu old hlniiil Kos. 7 and y , Miln : HI. , '
to my nun anil commo'tluub i '
fto. 226 Broadway ,
Wliniu I will bi > ploustM to ten my iintnj . . .
Witli a lurid ) , nuiv anil voinplolo meoruiicntof
all tlm very
Anil bnlnff loiMloil In lurjrn qnarloia 1 inn teller
than over liefoio'l ' lo to HUMS tlm | iul > -
| lc. Itespetllally ,
Merchant Tailor
NO 226 Brondwny , Council Bluffs.
" '
Opposite C'ilj Ilullilnus.C'onnoll lilntlH.
Wnrm room ? nml KOO. | boaiil al
i a I e.t.
e.t.Nortliwestern Hotel.
Newly Idled nml furnished. Opp. Hroadway ,
Utmiuiy Depot. Sl.M JMSI day. '
SAMUKI * TATi ; , Prop.
L. H. UKHSll.VW , Mnim''cr.
In Council llluffs bnvinir
Anil nil moaern liniirovemouts , call build , Ur
alarm bella , eta , Isllio
KOI. V10 , I'll nd 219 , Mulu Stt-cvt , ,
MAX MOHN , 1'roprlotor. v-1
Chicago Lumber Co.
Wholesale mil liulull Uimbor , i.'Uli , Blilnglos
fiahli , Doors nnil ( IllnJi. Solo u imts fur tb
it'li'lirutiil Miiililcln-iul CoiKOiitntlcilVlilto
l.liiui. if. 1' . M UfONMU i. ,
'I'l'lt'plllMKI NO. ' , ' " > .
N0. TIU.Mmiif ic ' , Co < iu'.l Ulu