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    THE OMAHA _ _ . . . _ _ DAILY . _ BEE , WEDNESDAY - * * - , JANUARY - - - - _ - . - - . 27,1880.
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Should ( ccuro tlio luriro SI bottle * . DIroctlon
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Sold by all Medicine Donlcrs.
I nm n unlive at England , nnd whllo I wiuln
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poison , mid lor two jt-urs wni under treatment
pa nn out-door patient lit NoltliiKlintn Jlojpitul ,
lliiglniul , hut WHS not curfd. 1 suircrcd tlio
most iiKonlziiifr pnlns In my hones , and wns cov *
orcd with Bores nil over my body nnd limbs.
J'liinlly I cotnnlett'lv lost ull liopo In that conn-
try , mid palled lor Atnerlcn , imil wns fronted nt
Hnofict clt In tliH city , ns well as by n prominent
plijBlclan In Now York having no connection
will ) the hospitals.
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li. 1nm > UALFOIID.
Now York City , Juno latli , lbi .
In Mnich of Inst year (1SSI ( ) , I contrnctcd blood
poison , and bclutr in Hnvnnnnh , On. , nt the time ,
J went Into the liospltnl thcro lor treatment. I
ctilluiud veiy ranch fiom ihrnmatlsm nt tno
hnmotlmc , 1 did not ( ret woil under the ttcat-
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_ _
k You nro allowed aftte tfialftfthtttu ilayi ot tlio tuo
ot Dr. Uyu'a celebrated Vollalo lli't lln Licctria bos-
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ii\anont euro < if l-'eri-ous ] ) Mlitu , lu-jor ) iVjJ.ljr.r.,1
nnd nil kindred iroulilo * . Also fur nmiy :
A Clear Skin
is only a part of beauty j
but it is a part. Every lady
may have it ; at least , what
looks like it. Magnolia
Balm both freshens and
beautifies ,
Peter Peatherstone's ' Career as an Amer
ican Sailor ,
An EiigllMi Convict In the American
Naty Tile OfTcnso for TVlilcli Ho
Win Flogged Port It ml n Under
tlic Ijnsh The INcape.
Peter Fcalherstono was an English
criminal. He was ono of that large class
who arc criminal by instinct , by inheri
tance , nnd by acquirement. Born of
criminal parents he soon took to the
streets of London , and by the time lie
was oft * his mother's ' knee ho had been
Imprisoned au'd Hogged for theft.
liefoi'o ho was 23 years old ho had
served five 'terms in prison ; ho had been
transported to Van Diemcn's land nnd
had there suffered , more because of his
good qualities than his bail ones , the her
rowof the absolute despotism of martial
IHWS governing a criminal community ,
In JIS01 ) UJ Sot foot upon the docks of
Now Yorkrafrco man the tirst time since
his boyhood. The inhumanity of society
laws had embittered his mind against
society. Still , wishing to bo honest , ho
enlisted as a common seaman in the
United States navy.
The United Stales war vessel North
Carolina Avas then anchored at the Brook
lyn navy yard , having been converted in
to a receiving shin. Polor Foatherstono
was placed aboard of her , and there ho
entered upon his first attempt at reform.
He had some experience as a sailor , was
strong , bravo and willing , anil soon
gained the favor of Gen. Enshaw and the
Glitleiing opportunities to return to
crime always present themselves to the
reformer , end Peter Feathorstono was
not exempt. Ho had been known to the
sporting traternity of London us n "clev
er boxer" and a "hard hitter. " Among
his old-time friends there was John Me-
Graw , at one time light-weight pugilist
champion of England , McGruw had
come to Now York a id opened up a"frce-
and-casv" at 8 , " ! Division street , which lie
Had called the "Old Hoiiso at Home. "
By some chance ho learned that Peter
Fcalher-stone was aboard the North Care
lina. Knowing him to bo a valuable ad
junct to a boxing resort ho , planned Pet
er's , escape from the vessel , and after
homo correspondence the sailor yielded
to the promises of u. gay life.
Among the other visitors to the North
Carolina ono afternoon was n tailor. l > y
arrangement ho mot Peter Fuathcrstonc
between decka and secretly measured
him for a suit of clothes. A week later
another visitor smuggled aboard the ves
sel a package which Peter Foathorstone
received. It contained a suit of clothes
ot fashionable make , a silk bat , a pair of
finw boots , a white shirt , a silk necktie
and a largo handkerchief.
In the afternoon of the same day aNew
Now York swell paraded the deck of the
North Carolina and mingled with the
visitors. One of his eyes was evidently
sore , for whenever a sailor approached
him ho bowed his head and pressed Ins
handkerchief to the side of his face.
Shortly after he appeared on deck a
party of visitors leu the vessel , and
among them was the dapper gentleman
with the sore oyo. As ho descended the
stairs on the vessel's side and was nearing -
ing the small boat below a sailor on dock
hurriedly approached Lieut. Enshaw ,
who was looking over the side.
"lo you sec that man with the sjlk
hat ? " inquired the sailor , pointing
"Yes. "
"Well , he's a messmate of mine , and
belongs to this boat. His name is Peter
Feathorstono. "
"Haiti" cried the ofllcor. Every mem
ber of the party descending the stairs
stopped and looked up except the young
man in the silk hat.
"It is true , " murmured the oflicer.
"Bring back that man -with the hand-
kcrchict in his hand , ' ordered the lieu
The , young man climbed to the deck ,
looking , cool and dcliant.
"You nro Peter Fcathcrstono , and
belong , to this vessel , " said the lieu
tenant. "
"I nm not , " was the bold response.
The unusual scene attracted "Commo
dore" Wilson , , chief oflicor of the boat.
Ko was commander of a squadron , and
carried his title of commodore by cour
tesy only , that oflice not then existing in
the United States navy. Ho was anofli-
cicnt oflicor , but passionate , and liad
been dubbed "Bully" Wilson by the
"Who is this man ? " ho asked.
"lie is suspected of being a sailor at
templing escape , " replied the lieutenant ,
looking curiously at the dcliant face be
fore bun , which ho recognized.
"Call the roll , " ordered the commo
In a moment the long roll of the drums
was hoard , and 000 sailors poured out of
the vessel upon the upper deck. They
formed themselves around the vessel's
sides in regular lines.
The call of the roll brought response to
every name but ono. When "Peter
Fcatncrstono" was called no voice said
The olYlcor.s looked at the culprit bilont-
} y , as if waiting for his defense. Ho stood
in the centre ot the dock , his arms folded ,
still orecc and dcliant. Ho saw that ho
was trapped , and his only desire was ferro
ro vcn go ,
" \Vlio is the man who reported nio ? "
ho asked , quietly.
"John Simmons , " called the lieuten
ant."Ay , ay , sir , " replied a young sailor ,
stopping forward in front ot a mast and
Feathorstono approached him.
"Do you say my name is Peter Feather-
stonol ? "
"I do. "
"Woll , take that , yon , and with the
quickness of thq .skilled pugilist Feather-
stone struck his messmate three times in
the face. The sailor's head struck an
iron band around the mast , and ho fell
senseless to the deck. As ho fell Feather-
stone kicked viciously at his head , but in
an instant the ollbndor was seized by the
niastor.of-arins and two marines.
"Put him in irons , " yelled "Bully"
Wilson. "I'll Hog the life out of him.1 *
The struggling bailer was niannaclcd
band and tout , and thrown into that iron-
barred cage between the lower decks
which the B.iilora' call "Iho run , " Here
bo was guarded as a murderer during
liis last hours. A sentry , like a death
watch , paced oontinuully before the cage ,
Day by day the sailor awoke to antici
pate his impending punishment , but it
did not conut. Ho grow restless and im
patient ot restraint ai the days passed ,
lie longed for the mental rcliot which
would follow his punMimonl. He did not
dread the physrcul pain , His back had
felt the lash.
lie did not know that there was then
pending in the congress of the United
States a bill for a law to save him from
the whip. Ho did not know that ho was
being kept by his commander to bo of
fered up us the last sacrilico on the altar
of the "cat-o'-ninc-tnils,11 in the event of
that instrument of turturo being abolished
ished from the navy.
One mornjng. .nine weeks after Peter
Foathcrstono had struck his messmate
on deck , ho was aroused by the guards
and told tint he was to be Hogged , His
irons worn romovrd and ho walked quick
ly to the third deck. The entire crow of
the North Carolina ha'd been summoned
to witness the Hogging. The marines
picsi'nfod lix'cd bayonets. Commodore
Wilsou and the boatsuuin , armed with
tlio "cat , " stood near a gun-carriage ,
Which formed the whipping stocks.
Peter Fcatherstonc was well acquaint
ed with the method of llocging .iilot's on
board shin , Ho walked to the gun-ear-
ringc , and , with a quick motion , pulled
his blue shirt over his head. Ho threw it
at the feet of the olHccr and exclaimed :
"Now I'm ready. "
"Not so fast ! " thundered the commo
dore. "Wait till you get orders. Put on
your shirt. "
The sailor obeyed. Then the oulcer
read from a paper the charge , "assault
ing a seaman and attempted escape , "
and asked if the prisoner had anything
to say.
In reply the sailor again pulled oft' his
shirt and approached the carriage. The
boatbwain lashed the culprit's foci to the
timbers of the carriage and hh hands to
the hammock-hooks above.
At a nod from the olliccr the boatswain
raised his arm , and once , twice , and
again the nine thongs fell upon the white
llesh with a cruel "swish. " At the lirst
blow the muscles of the sailor's back in
voluntarily contracted ami Ids shoulders
involuntarily shrugged. Then his head
fell forward , his teeth set , and his breath
canio fast.
But tlio boatswain had admired the
pluck of the young sailor , and his arm ,
respondent to his sympathy , scorned to
lose its usual strength. The blows , so-
vcro as they were did not satisfy the com
mander. At tlio third lash ho cried
"Stop ! " Then , glaring at the boatswain ,
ho said :
"If yon don't do your duly by that man
1 will lind a man aboard who will do it
by you. "
The sailor turned his face defiantly lethe
the boatswain and cried :
"Lay on. You can't hurt me. "
Tno boatswain understood his superior
oflico and was nctlled at the boasting
tone of the culprit. Ho plied tlio cruel
"cat" as ho never had boforo. The blood
spurted from Iho lacerated bacK , the per
spiration streamed from the sailor's face ;
be gasped for breath , but ho uttered no
cry , and when the whipping ceased his
knees trembled and his arms seemed to
support his body.
Ho was released. Ilo leaned against
the im-carringo for sitmwrt But ho
was not conquered. Ho still looked do-
iianco at the olliccr.
"How do you like that ? " askcd"Bully"
"How do I like it ! " cried the sailor ;
"why , in- old mother in Liverpool has
often give mo a worse lickin' than that
with a dis'hrag. "
This sally brought a roar of laughter
from the bailers , and the olliccr was beside -
side himself with rage. The rebellious
sajlor was again ordered to "tho run , "
this time in double irons.
On the afternoon of the same day the
bill for the abolition of Hogging in the
navy was signed by President 1 illmprc
and became a law. The last Hogging
had been sanctioned by American law.
Two months later Peter Feiithcrstone's
irons were taken oil' , and ono night , atilO
o'clock , ho was transferred to the ship
Saranac. She was to sail on the follow
ing morning for the gulf stream , whore
"Commodore" Wilson was to join the
flagship of the squadron.
" 1 will take Fcathcrstono with me , " ho
is said to have remarked to Lieut. En-
hhaw , "and I will either break him or kill
him. "
That night , aboard the Saranac. a sentry -
try saw a shadow pass him and heard a
splash in the water.
Half an hour later , a half-dead sailor ,
with his bundle of clothes tied around his
neck with a handkerchief , drew himself
out of the water ! He looked across the
water where lay the black outlines of a
ship , and the last man Hogged in. the
American navy hurled out 'a ' curse and
turned his face toward the great city.
The Gorman-American Girl Who Cap
tured tlio.Portuguese King.
Paris Letter to London Truth : It
is a good thing for the royal family of
Portugal that the Portuguese code did
not enable Dom Fernando to do what he
pleased with more than a third of his
property , or at least of that part of it
which was not invested in debentures
payable to bearer. Had ho been able to
dispose of his whole fortune as ho chose ,
the Countess Edia would , have boon
probably his universal legatee. I often
saw her , and on three occasions mot her
here at morning cdiiccrts. She was a
German and looked her nationality , al
though a woman of a tall , elegant figure ,
Her lather went to America , when ljo
was a girl in her Icons , as a professor of
music. Ho was connected with the
singers at the Grand Ducal theater
tor at Coburg , hi.s function being
to accompany singers engaged there
when they were practicing. It appears
that ho did not like the morals of the
"rand ducal court , and when he found
that his daughter had a sweet soprano
voice , ho preferred that she should seek
her fortune in the United Stales. She
sang in the New York Opera House , and ,
obtaining nn engagement at the San
Carlos Theater , wont to Lisbon , where
she pjavcd nor cards with judgment and
decision. The King , when he toll in love
with her , had had successive bereave
ments. Mdllo. Hcnslor had a soft , full
voice in speaking , and a sweet and
delicate ono in singing , so that , as ho was
a inolomaniac , she was well adapted to
play the part of consoler. , Ho admiral
nor long before ho could make up his1
mind to propose marriage. This lie did
when greatly urged by his family to ao-
copt the crown of Spain , which Prim
oHercd him in 180'J ' , to gradually
bring about Iberian ' unity. Ho
had" had enough of the cares of
state , and only aspired to bo a diletlanlo
and country gentleman. Ho and the
Countess suited each other , and as iho
had the good sense never to gjvo herself
airs , she was popular at Lihbon , She
latterly gathered her relatives around her
from ( lurmany and America. She has
two American nieces at Ciutra , and if
tno Crown Prince man ios ono of them ,
the third of Dom Fernando's fortune ,
into which , under his will , the Countess
comes , may eventually go to his posteri
ty. Dom Fernando had , as the widower
of Maria da Gloria , a pension of 30,000
a year since 1853. Ho was the eldest son
ofPrinco Ferdinand , of Saxo Coburg ,
brother to the Into Duchess of Kent , and
husband of the only child of Prince
Kohary , one ol the richest members of
the Hungarian nobility.
TTlicn B l > y wna sicV , wo giro bei C.utorla ,
When tbo n&s a Child , ehe cried for Castorla ,
When ehe became Miss , alio clang to CaatorU ,
V/btn the bail Children , the gare ( hum Cssiorix ,
A number of steamers are running in
the watersof Kauatorial Africaonerrands
of the gospel , The Henry Wright is in
uno at Zanzibar and Mombas ; the Henry
Wright and the Illala are navigating tno
Nya&Ha ; the Eleanor is engaged on the
Victoria Nyaimi ; the Good News has
raised .steam on the Tanganyika , and the
Peace has made her lirst trip on the
Congo , above Stanley Falls. Tim Charles
Jansen is under construction for the Ny-
anza , and the Henry Venn l\as \ , been com
pleted at n cost of $30,000 for voyaging on
the Niger. She is intended to replace
one of that name irreparably damaged
after rendering valuable service to the
The most stubborn cases of dy ] > eps-ia
and sick lumdacht < yield to the regulating
and tpliing inlluenco of Hood's Sursap-
arilla. Try it.
Some Lively 'Piling ' Exparisnces of a
Tottdg Artist.
In Colorado
Prom Rcnfi , fllka nnd Mountain
Lions , ' - told"by n Friend.
( ' -1
Mr. A. P. IT0.ftor , a very promising
young Colorado artist , wliose wprks
have attr.Tctcd'a rcat deal of attention
when exhibited in Denver , says the Den
ver News , Is soon to go to Now York fern
n season. Ho is a master of the pencil ,
and full of enthusiasm in the line ho has
chosen. Endowed with practical exper
ience and knowledge of his subject , ho
is ripe for the bcnellts of technical study.
Mr. Proctor has spent months in the
wildest regions of Colorado , sometimes
going for weeks without seeing a human
being , but with brush and pencil ever
busy gathering sketches and studies for
future uso. Ho has painted some pic
tures from these compositions which
have commanded much attention and
respect , and art connoiscurs have pro
nounced him an artist ot no ordinary
ability. Ho has a number of composi
tions which ho has prepared for painting ,
ono called "The Rear Guard , " which
will no doubt be a fine picture. Another
work which lie values very highly , a
touching bit of forest life , full of poetry ,
is callcu
"TUT oitrnAN. "
A wild storm is driving through the
bare trees. Tlio ground is covered with
snow , and half buried in the drifts , lies a
dead doer , while over it , bent and shiver
ing , stands a fawn , bleating to its dead
Many interesting Incidents might bo
related connecting with the lonely hunt
ing experiences in which Mr. Proctor ob
tained material for his work. At one
time ho was following a mountain lion
which ho had crippled. The trail led
him into ti thicket , and in following it ho
almost stopnod upon his game belorc ho
was aw.iro. The savage beast made at
him with an ugly growl. To retreat
would have been fatal. There was up
time to parley. The lion had made up
go about with lui unloaded gun. " Ho
thrust the muzzle into the wide-open
mouth of the lion and blow the top of
his head off. Then Proctor sat down and
had n spell of the "shakes. "
Some one tells" story of how Proctoi
slipped up to iv big bull elk and taking
refuge in a clump of small ( load nines
opened lire upon his game. The beast
gave a jump autla snort and spying his
enemy lowered his huge horns , started
on a dead run for the clump of trees ,
struck it like a whirlwind , making dead
limbs lly in , cvojy direction. In vain
Proctor dodged jitibout from ono part of
the clump tooihnthcr ( , the furious bull
followed film. ' Tlie cartridge shell had
caught in Projtoi s gun and his frantic
cflbrts to rcloxd were now changed into
frantic efforts to escape , for the oik
seemed delorrntnca to dislogq him from
the pines and , have it out with him on
open ground. Proctor , on the other
hand , preferred Hlie pines , and a lively
game of "hid 'funl ' seek" took place. The
elk was fast getting tlio best of him , when
in watching the movements of the ani
mal and retreating t the same time ,
Proctor ran accidentally into
This was his salvtttion , for as the Jbcasfc
came toward bjfn w tl lpwered horns , bo
dodged and crawled htulor the tree , leav
ing bis olkship entangled upon the other
side. This advantage enabled Proctor to
reload , and'it few well-director ! shots end
ed the battle. This was his biggest elk
and he felt justly proud of it , bo proud
that ho foolishly attempted to take the
head into camp ; so strapping his gun to
his waist he lifted the beau upon his
back , the largo horns sticking over his
shoulders and nearly touching the ground ,
he started home. Ho got along very well
until in climbing over a fallen tree ho
lost bis footing and down he rolled , head ,
horns and all. And ho then indulged in
an experience something like that of a
man Laving a catch-as-catch-can wrestle
with a wheel-barrow. If the head had
been animated and attached to its origin
al owner it couldn't have been more vic
ious. Each individual prong on those
huge antlers seemed to be charging upon
him. Ono would give him a
wunTCHr.n roicis IN THH itins ,
another darted up and took him under
the chin , then came a rap over his head ,
then came n gouge in the pit of his stomach
ach , and anon ono was boring him in the
back. Quiet being restored at last ho
crawled out from under tlio horns , and in
spected the scene , the gun was no't dama
ged , the sketch book was all right , but he
was covered with bruises and scarcely
able to walk. At this juncture ho was
aware that ho was an object of interest to
n largo bear , who had" smelted frc.sli
blood and concluded to drop around. To
snoot was his first instinct and he had the
satisfaction of peeing the bear give a
quick jump and a howl , then whirl rapid
ly around , biting himself , rolling on the
ground , turning homoroaults , and acting
crazy generally. This programme the
boar quickly changed by starting on a
boo line for our hunter. Another shot
staggered him , but , amazed beyond meas
ure , no still came on , bent upon having a
light. The next shot worsted him. Ho
laid down with his nose between bis
paws and gave up thoghost. Proctor sat
btill for half an hour trembling Jiko a
leaf , fearing to move or bhoot again , im
agining Unit the beast was
anil fearing that the next move might
bring a , for which ho felt illy
prepared , by degrees bis courage came
back to him ; and having tried several ex
pedients to uwiikon tlio bear left him for
dead and limped into camp covered with
bruises and glory.
Mr , Proctor is a modest and quiet
young man wUli.miusually pleasant and
gentle inannilv. ) j Like a great many
young 8tmlenfs'h'will ( have to make his
living as ho goos. along , and ho will prob
ably Jiml it hatA scratching in Now York , but ltfJis ; : already learned les
sons of folf deniiil find pornoycranco , and
there is no doubt1 tfuit his ollbrts will bo
crowned witlisumiss. Such young men
are an honor to Colorado , and deserve
encouragement. Mr , Proctor will bo
followed to his now homo in the east by
the best \vi hyjo ( { ill who know him hero.
Tor Plain I'eojlj { > AVho Ijlvo Within
Small Incomes.
Boast beef IR. Ivoked upon as n luxury
far beyond the frtigol nurse. This is true
when applied 'In the "porter-house
roast" and other choice cuts , but the
cheaper pieces c.m bo made very good
and tender , even thosn sold as low as a
shilling a pound. Buy not Ic&i than two
rib- , ; have the butcher take out all the
bones , roll it up tightly , skewer it lirmly ,
and give you u piece of fciiet to lay upon
the meat while roasting. Save the bones.
Put u pint of hot water in the pan with
the beef , roast quickly the lirst half hour.
This crusts the surface pf the moat and
retains the juices. Allow ( iftcen min
utes for every pound of beef for roust
ing , Haste ollcn , for this , with the
steam of the water in the pan , makes
the meat tender.
Under this treatment the cheaper outs
will prove quitu MilUfiie.tory. Nor are
they too coatly for ' plain people , for c\cry
part of the meat ca'il bo null/oil and served
in inviting fehajiof only the bone ? are
thrown aiuty , after feimtnoriiig for' three
h&u'rs in two qunrts of water , ttrp.ik
llrein UP small , use oohl wrttef to extract
their juices and sweetness , add one . peen >
fill of salt , mul kcp | > closely covered.
This is "stock , " of which almost an end.
less of - bo made-
variety plain soups nidibo -
Add a bunch of "soup vcfiolablcs" ( cost 5
cents ) , chopped , and yon have vegetable
soup ; or a pint of canned tomatoes , and
you liavo tomato soup ; or a spoonful of
rice , or barley , or vermicelli for the dif
ferent kinds. All are inexpensive. Never
USD the "stock" the day ft is made , but
strain out the bones and allow to stand
till the next day. Then take off the fat
that 1ms rKen ; this may bo used for fry-
jug drippings. So almost none of the beef
is lost , and a shilling a pound even la not
paid without a fair return.
Hut , to go back to the roast , for which
a rich brown gravy must bo made. Hav
ing removed the meat and poured oft'tho
fat ( for frying drippings al o ) sot the pan
on the top of the r.mgo and allow its eon-
tents to scorch just a little , enough to
give a little color ; then add one cup of
boiling water and thicken with Hour and
season ; servo in a ravy dish. A small
beginning only will be made on this roast
by two people. Cold voast beef is not to
bo despised , served with , perhaps , baked
beans , which cost but n trille , and vege
tables. Or the meat may bo titn-ly
chopped , iv little gravy added , all cov
ered with cold mashed potatoes , and
baked and browned in an open vegetable
dish in the oven ; 01 % it may be minced
and made with equal parts of mashed
potatoes into balls , like lish-balN , and
tried brown , ou both sides , in dripping's.
This is a good breakfast dish. It may
also bo cut up small and warmed In its
own gravy and served on toast or With
out the toast.
Deans are said to contain more nutri
ment than any other vegetable. The
best white ones are only ten cents u quart ;
half that quantity will lill a two-quart
dish when properly cooked , and half a
pound of salt pork is ample to llavor it.
Wash and IOOK oyer the beans and put
them in cold water , using three quarts to
one pint of beans , keep them over the
lire three or four hours ; set them
whore the heat will swell and soften
them , without boiling , having the
pork ( washed and the rind washed ) in
with them all the while. About two
hours before dinner strain thorn through
a colander and put them , dry , into the
dish in which they are to bo baked , with
the pork , rind up , in the centre. Now in
a bowl put onoteaspoonfnl of salt , one-
half tcaspoonful ot carbonate of socta ,
one cup of Migar and one cup of hot
water. Stir well together and pour over
the beans. If you cannot see the liquid
all around the edge of the beans add hot
water till yon can. They are then ready
for a moderate oven. In two hours they
will come out well baked , nicely browned
and rcudy to serve.
To make IJoston brown bread , mix
well together a cup and a half of yellow
corn meal and the same of rye Hour , if
rye meal is not to be had. Into this put
ono teaspoonlul of salt , a heaping teaspoonful -
spoonful of carbonate of soda and ono
cup of molasses ( not syrup ) . Stir cold
water very gradually into this till you
have moderately still" batter ; beat it well ;
pom1 into a well-greased , three-quart
pail , cover and set in a kettle of boiling
water , steaming , with the kettle covered ,
at least four hours. This makes a largo
loaf and the cost is about 10 cents. It is
very nice when hot and is good cold.
Corn fritters make a good breakfast
dish. Into one pint of Hour put a teaspoonful -
spoonful each of sugar and baking pow
der and half a tcaspoonful of salt. Into
this put ono beaten egg , with milk
enough to nuiko a stiff batter ; lastly , add
half a can of sweet corn ; drop by largo
soopnfuls into plenty of boiling hot drip
pings ; brown 011 both sides and serve very
hot. These go well with cold roast beet.
A Picture of anil an Incident in the
IM\s of William H. Evnrls.
William II. Evans has lived in Now York
years and years. His residence is in a
particularly fashionable remnant of old
Now York , ho has for n long time boon
president of the Union League , than
which no other club in America is so
wealthy , his family arc beaten by no
body's in social culture and positionand ,
there is no good reason why ho should
look like a ruralist , but ho docs it , es
pecially in his every day clothes. Ilia
nrolile is strikingly similar to that of
Ciuaiir the Great on" the Roman coins , but
in entire aspect ho as closely resembles
Daniel Pratt , the great American traveler.
This was especially true of him when ,
coming from Boston after the delivery of
his remarkable speech there the other
day , he emerged , bag in hand , from the
Grand Central station. The set-baek of
his roughened silk hat , the
of his garments , the holding of his um
brella and the grip of his satchel all
were in the make-up of a liguro whom
Grand Central Pete reasonably mistook
for a tourist from green Holds and bab
bling brooksidos. j'oto is a bunko oper
ator , now in the Toombs awaiting trial
for trying to rob a victim. lie had suc
ceeded Hungry Joe , retired to Sing Sing
as a chief ot his kind of scoundrels , and
ho was such a brisk , sightl3r , captivating
follow that his success was considerable.
" 15ut you fellows mustn't s'poso wo land
every libli that wo throw our hook at , "
ho said to ono of the prison keeper :
"Tuin't ' ono nibble in llfty that comes tea
a real bite. The papers liavo pretty near
ly knocked us out , and , besides , tlioro are
plenty of cautious old frumps that won't '
bo fooled anyhow. 1 spotted ono of that
sort the very day before 1 was arrested.
He'd como in on the lioston train , and ho
looked like a Connecticut farmer , 15ut
when I accosted him ho calmly gaxcd
into my face and said : 'No , young man ,
my name is not Ikilltml. anil 1 do
not rcMdo in Hridgopoit. Who am I ? It
Is not at present hoomingly reinvent to
me why my uudivldimlily should bo of
concern Jo YOU. ' " The language which
Pete remembered suggested William M.
Evarts instantly , and then hi- , descrip
tion left no doubt that the ox-scerolary of
state was the man. On being questioned
on the biibjeot , Mr. Kvarts recalled the in
cident of having been addressed by : v
stranger , but , being then in n rovwy , ho
did not realize that a bunco thief was as-
salljiighiin. "In reading of bunco rob-
borie , " ho remarked , "I liavo always
marvelled that they wore over suceosa-
ful , and my encounter unawares llft.s my
anui/.emont still higher , I cannot say
that 1 am proud of my escape , "
15ol Ingoi-Holl'M Appi'ociallon or n
IJcanHl'itl AVoninn ,
Col , n. G. Ingorsoll was for many years
a resident of Pcoria , and some of the old
residents of that M-elion do not hesltatu
to assort that at times ho Indirectly ad
mitted the existence of an ondlos place
of torment whieh lie now claims does not
exist , As an instance of this , and also to
show the readiness at repartee of the
colonel , the following story is told ; Sev
eral years ago , when Jin was in the prime
ol his law practice in Peoria , the colonel
happened to have as a client u young and
buxom widow over in Washington , i'azo-
well county , The opposing counsel was
the Into Jonathan K. Cooper , as staunch
a Presbyterian nbo was > an able lawyer.
At the close of the evidence Mr. Cooper
arose and made a .splendid argument on
his side of the case , closing by saving
that his legal opponent was prejudiced
when it canio to defending beautiful
women , "Why , " said Mv. Cooper ,
"when Co ) . Ingersoll gets a chancu to
\\ork \ in a law case lor a handsome
woman ho forgot * all law , till logic ,
oml everything except her attractions ,
and you , gi'iitlomou di the jury , have no
doubt had evidence of tlio trutliof this
during the progresof the pru-enl trial "
After the venerable 1' terhin closed
Col. lugursoll arose , with a twinkle in
his eye , and slowly and solemnly" com
menced a.-i follows ; "Gentlemen of the
jury , the comisul oji the other sulu la cor-
T 233 OECH-fc.E'JQST a Xltf TO BXT2T
One of the Best and Largest'Stocks in the U.S.
lo Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator ;
OEO. IIUIIKU , Slnniwor ,
RKrnilENCr.S : McrelinnU and Formers' nnnk , David City , Nob. ! Kc.inioy National naiik.Konf
noj-.Koti. : Columbus Hlnto Unnk , Columbus , Neb , ; MoDoimM's ll.iuk , North I'lutto , Nob. Chunlm
Nullonnl Hniik , UmHhtt , Nrb.
Will pixy customers' ilrtUt with bill ot lading atUckeJ , for two-thirds value of stock.
reel. I do have a loaning in the direc
tion of beautiful woiuon. 1 do love a
beautiful woman. I love the fireside
about which play dear children , presided
over by a smiling , beautiful mother. 1
toll you what it i , gentlemen of the jury ,
I would rather much rathei if I hail
my choice , bo in h 1 lilleen minutes , sil
ting on u hard wooden bench , beside u
woman as bountiful as Cleopatra , than
to reside a lifetime in heaven singing
psalms with Jonathan K. Cooper. " The
jury , court , lawyers and spectators
roared with lauirhtor. in which Mr.
Coopur was forced to join , and Col. liiger-
soil and his1 beautiful client came out
in Nebraska and Iowa during tlio week
ending January 2U , 18SO , furnished by
Win. Van Vleck , of the poslollieo depart
ment :
Established La Ktihe , Keith county ,
Wni. S. Kuho , postmaster.
Discontinued' Layaca , Cherry county.
Postmasters Appointed Baker. ISull'alo
county , Sidney M. Clrilita ; lUuo Springs ,
Gage county , Win. M. Young ; Cherry
Creek , Buft'alo countv , 1C. Farr ; Newark ,
Kearney county , Bon j. W. Vaughn ; Petersen -
torson , Cuming county , Mary Peter
son ; Pilot , Custcv county , Lewis G. Os-
bourn ; Hiverviow. Buffalo county , John
W. Adams ; Sett , Furnus county , Mrs.
Ida Loghny ; Table Hook.Pawnco county ,
James A. Oarlock.
Discontinued Inland , Cedar county.
Postmasters Appointed Adelphia ,
Polk county , Noble Johnson ; Ghurdtin ,
Greene county , S. W. Grover ; Cooper ,
Greene county , Jacob Doran ; Dodgeville ,
Dos Moincs county , Mrs. Lovena Kline ;
Donncllson , Leo county , Adam Wiogner ;
Elgin , Faycltc county , Frederick \VohI-
hater ; Elkharl , Polk county , J. N.
Keller ; Evergreen. Tain a county , W. W.
McElhinnov : Gopher , Oscoola count } ' ,
Franklin Thayer ; Harpers Ferry , Allam-
ftkeo county , Itobort Mullaly ; Lacona ,
Warren county , Mrs. M. Sheets ; LaCrow ,
Leo county , II. II. Todd ; Magnolia ,
Harrison county , J. Prank Mintun ; Mas-
sillon , Cedar county , II. J. Brockman ;
Morion's Mills , Montgomery county , O.
W. Bean ; Olcrdock , Clayton county ,
E. A. Bu&lr Picrson , Woodbury county ,
Samuel J. MoKee ; Pleasant Grove , Dos
Moincs county , llobinson Gannaway ;
Unnnells , Polk county , D. T. Brown ; tit.
Paul , Leo county , Otto F. Junker ; Sham
Fayotte county , James J. KioronWest ;
Point , Leo county , John Kompkcr ; York
Centre , Iowa county , Frank 0. Harring
Uyrouonof Iligentnil poiltlon and cloio relation to
All iirlnclnnl linen Ja t amiVoct , at Initial utid IKI--
niluul poItiiM , inn9lltutu4 the niuit linportnut inltl.
contlni'iitnl link lii Unit irstem of ilinnitrli trintimr.
tntlon wlilcli liivfti ] unit rucllltnteii tiMvcl mil trnKo
lielwoon cltlei of tliu Xtlanllo nnd ravine Cua t It
lit nlso tlw fnvorllo nun bolinuto tonnd fiom pulnu
Lnil. Hoftheatt ontl fi.iullifiyt. and oorieiuiidliiB |
points woit. Norlti ctt and SontUwebt.
The Great Hock Island Route
Guarantors lt > pTtronn thut irn.o of neiroiml teen
ill } ' affurdca u > n kull.t , thuiouchly tinlluitcil road-
li'J. binooth tiacUs or iMinllniloui Mecl mil , iiihitan.
llnlly built fdlv.ii ta unil InldeM , ii'lllnir Km 1. a near
parfuctlon in IIIUIIIMI itlll nan maba It , Ilic
The fast ? Jl > r * TrAlii3 hotnccn riilrnjrn itril
Peoria. Council liluTii ( , Katisan City l nv nwinih nml
Atcblion niii conipuxril o ( well veiitllalfd , iinulr up.
liny UuHiliun. . ' - - -
liputeied U.irnlllc < nit I'lilln---
The Famous Albert Loa Route
U Ike dlrert anil fnvorll Una littmrn Chlcnijoand
MlnneitpolliiMidhl I'jul , lmic loniicrtlaniiironiuila
In Union Iit < pot4 for all iialnli In tlio lirillonia a nil
lirltitb I'loilnoun , Oicr tula routu l' .tl I.iprrw
Iratni nm inn in tlmAtcrln , : plum , mnnini r in-
torti.iictnmjinu | | lonilltlniinil limillnff ndrt lUlilnir
Sreumlbof luwa ami Mlnnnula Ut \ ulEo tliu lni c
enli-iUld roul.i I. , tlio iKH w | at llldi and ( lattoinl
landiuf luteilor litLntn
Still anoth.r initlXT I.1KK. Tin ftnecA and K n.
ktk , ) ia < tffn ( > p nuil hMircrn I'lnrlunttl ludlin *
. pollj andllAfat rtli > . un.l Cuuncll llllir | , Knn city ,
Mlimoaiiulliamlhl 1'ixul nml Intornudlalii poluti
lor i otillml InfoiiiKtlun * < HIM | mul > < ilil r > ,
oM.ilimtli ! . AI Kelt , i ll.'km , ot nil iMlntlijnrn.krt
dlUivi In the United MUtoj ana CaiuU.i , 01 by * , , a-
R. R. CAB1.C , C. ST. JOHN ,
J'KJ'l ' A aen'l H'K'r , ( len'l T'kt C ran , Ai ; %
Heteska National Bank
Paid up Capital . , . $ aSO,000
SuplusBIuy 1 , 1885 , . iJS.OOO
H. W. YATKS , I'n si lont.
A. K , Toiv.Ai.m , Vice J'rus'ulunt.
\V. II. S , llyomw , Cashier ,
\V. Y. JloitsK , JOHN S. Coi-hi.s'3 ,
II. W. YATI-J : , Jjiwuii. HIII : : > ,
Cor. J2th itna rarnam Slrceta.
Ocncrnl llau ing llusliutaj T
RESTORE p. Itciupdy
I'lei1. * n llniof jniiili.
< 3If 9 KBflfcfeHfllN' . ImPrtluOlluO CAVf'fllf
f3 ! IJ 31P 1'itnuturot > u , KM ,
! B e VlilSI ( JWttoiia . ay
\oiia Del.Ully. Jxikl Man.
ltoq.1 , f.i lia\cvf ! tried In \ lu 6\o.y know urfiaoil/
1m ilia.crc i iii.nupif * lf-rM t. un Uliu lll Itsii
i Jtl.f to tiU ( ell iilTc'i f A/l ln' t ,
I , JI.lLKVi'.b. ; 'JCh4t\tilj \ 4rcl , f.'uw VorkCitf.
Ulckcts only Si. Slmtos lu 1'roportlon ,
" \Vodoliorobycortlly ttnU wo supervise the
arrangements for ull Iho Monthly and ( jtmrtorly
Drawings oC The Louisiana Btato lottery
Company , and In porsou mmmco nnd control
Iho Uruu Inir.i themselves , nnd Umt tliu snmo are
conducted with honeity , fall ness nnd hi goou
ralth tovruid nil itnrtlo * , nnd wo nutliorl/o the
Company to USP this oortlllcnlo , with fne-almllcs
otour signatures nttnoh d In Its aitvoitlsmont
Wo , the undorslfined Hanks nnd Hankers , will
pny ull 1'rlzes drawn In The Lou 2 hum State Lot-
teilcs whleh may bo ptosontud nt our counters
j. H. oiiisnv : ,
Pres. Louisiana National Bant
Pres. State National Bank , .
Pros. New Orleans National Bank.
Incorporated In 1803 for 25 years by the lojfis-
mtmii tor Kiiucntlomd nnd Cliniltablo purposes
with n capital or $1,000,000 to wlileh n reserve
fund of over fMO.uuo lias ulnoo boon nddod.
lly an o verw helming popular \ oto Us rrunchlso
wns made a pai tor the present late constitutlou
adopted DocemUorJM. A. 1) . 187U.
The only lottery ever voted on and endorsed
by the people of any gtnto.
It never scales or postpones.
Its irrnndsliiKlo number drawings tnko plnoo
monthly , nnd the oxtimndlmiry drnwina jegu-
larly oveiy three months iimlond ot sonil-antm-
idly asnctetoloie , DoflimiiiK.MnrcMb"SO. ;
-el Uiniiil Urnwlntf , Class II , In Iho Academy ot
Music. Now Oi Ivans , Tuesday , I'eb. Vth , 1889
Ib9th Monthly Uimvinir.
100,000Tickets nt I'ivo Uollars Eiieh. 1'inotlons
iu Fifths , In Propottlou.
ICAPlTAIj PH1/.C $75,00(1 , (
1 do rte 25,003
r , do 2,0X1 10,000
10 do 1,000 10,000
do 600 10,000
1UU do con ! ,000
: wo do 100 aoooo
500 do 60 25,000
1000 do 25,000
D Approximation I'riyes ol $7.10 0,750
0 do do 600 , . , . 4,500
U do do 2iO 2,250
1W67PH7CS , nmountinjr lo . $ -Hn,5W
Application lor intea to clubs should ho mndo
only to the olllco ol Iho company In New Or
lenii ! .
For f Hither Information write clanrlv , ( rlvme
fulladdiess. 1'OSTAL NOTKS , lixpnw Manny
OidciR , orNow York i\clmniro : in oidlnarv let
ter , cummer bvo&uiess ( ull sums of f5 and up
wards at our UAponsu ) addressed ,
NuwOilount ) , fji.
Washington , ! ) , 0.
Or M.O'ITKNS i CO. , 1.WJ rninnm st.Omahn
Make P. 0. Money Orders payable nnd addro
registered ir-ttc-rs to
Now Orlcuua , La.
Tlie Oi'lKltiul mill Only ( vimliie.
E&re led tlwayi HeMaMe Uoviro of ivorthli ! Imitation ! .
IndliMMiUe lo LADIES. A L ? "tir l > rii > C2l > t for
' * fhlrli ' tf > rii * nnclUlr'Nitd ! & ' < < nooilirr.or ILtlosa 4 .
( lUiatd ) to ua r r pKrllculKii 11 trtltr hy return mull.
NAME PAPEIl. fMl lic.trr flirnilriil Co. .
llttl t .MudUdii Nquiiro , I'lilluda. , I'o.
At Druzcltlf. Truau lun'Utd U ; Fuller < b Jb'ullct
Cu > . Culruco. 111. _
VL : s.uu'i.K I'liKi ! TO
A Oro/it IMoillpil H'ork nn Mnnlmnil ,
Kxliniiitcil Vlt'illty. NOITOIII nml riiynlcnl Donillty
rnnintiirQlUvllnaln Man , Krrlr > nrVoiitli.nnii tti
untnlit inlsorli't rcsulllin ; from Imllscrotlon mid er-
rcMC'n. A book lor nvory ninn , yininj. mlilillo Ht'ort
n nil old , , ItiiiiliilnaU" ) > prucrlptlon < lor ( ill uciitonnd
rliioiili'UUoiixin.oaclinno of which In Invnlimhlo , Ha
found by tliOMiitliur whn o iixnorlniiPii for U yairili
tncli OK prnhibty nm'or bofiir fell tollin lot of nny
rliji'lcliuil : > MincPi. | iHiiniil In bountiful I'ronrli inn .
) lirniio ] | , cil irivci" , lull ulH.iiu-ininco'l | ' to lionlltior
ndlk In c < vcr > fClmn nii'Lhnnlnil , Illpniry mul prnfni.
fldiii.l tlii.niuw oihiT Hcirk In tills country for : .5T ,
orlliu miinvrwill huiofnrnl In vorr Imtnnro. I'rlcu
I'lilr ' 11 by mull , ponp ilil. lllintrntnfl > nintilo , 00 ? .
Fcmtnmr. nol.l . ino.lnhnviirtlcd tills inuhnr lir tlio NH-
llunalik'illcnl Amort. itlnn. 10 Iliu lion , A l > . Itli-noll ,
mul ; i4 , | : onirum of tlio lo ml tlio icuilurljro *
e | > ortfiir | | rcfcnml.
'j'liuhr o vo nt'I.lfJ I' worth mnrotollii yoniiB nnd
inHilln-nio I men nl tld * uoneritlon tliiin nil thouolil
iiilnoi of fjlltr.Tnl mul tlio silver minus of NuvuUu
rinnlilncil.- . K. OlironU In.
'J'lnhtlcnt'u ill l.lfii I'olnlJ ( lilt tlio rockf nml quirk-
piiulsnunlilili thd riiii'tltutlon uinl lioi | of ninny
n MI n i ic nun IIIIVD boon Luully wi ueUcd.Miincliu.tor
IhuPdoiKO of l.lfnlnnf prcnter tiilun lluiiuill tlm
( iK' < IU.iluirkti iMiiMnho ) < l In tills countiy lor ( no just
W vciu . All. nun ( Vimtltiilliin
'Jlit'hi'U'iuiMil I.HuN n xiijioili nml iniilorly Irnit *
l IMI m'nous mul | 'lir Uil Uubllity , lletrolt Kruu
AildrCM IliA 1'Mbo'ly Mpdlrnl lintUuto. or Pr W. It.
1'arkur , Ko. t Iliillilin-li etutc ! , llosiuii. Miih . , who rautr
I'uroiKUltfilnn ' ull UUOUSOM ruiulruu > lIH mi'l orped-
riKo. Clirn.ik-uii I nlblin t-iil.ilt.icd . . thill liuvu t lt.
lioil Ilio hkllhif lilliHIh'i i < linitUlita pl < ( lultx. Sncli
tr.MtiM ruciPHstnlly nlllmut an Initunvf n | falluru.
uiuliu llou ,