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Lancaster's Muddled Condition , Arising
Prom the Midland Bonds.
District Court Xotcn Murderer 3lnr-
Ion's JJnektvni-d Relatives The
Jlnyor'n Queer Acts
Capital , ) ots.
frnoM THE IIKB'S I.INCOI.N nunKAir.1
The county commissioners wcro sonic-
tthat astonished Monday evening to ro-
cclvo from lessrs. llarwooil , Ames & Kel
ly , us mentioned in yoslerday'rf Hnc , nolico
of their withdrawal as counsel for tlio
defense in the. case of Lewis vs Lancaster
county. This Is without doubt tlto most
important litigation in wlileh the county
was ever involved , the validity of some
$200,000 in bonds being in question. In
October , 1870 , an election was held , at
which $150,000 was voted to aid in the
construction of the Midland L'ncllic i ail-
way. Thcsn bonds worn Issued on May
1 , 1871. Prior to the voting of these
bonds $50,000 had been voted to the
Burlington & Missouri river railroad ,
making a total.indebtedness of $ ' , ' 00,000 , ,
or nearly ? 10,000 in excess of the 10 per
centum of the assessed valuation of the
county , which in 1870 was $ llri'ji,0.j.'i. ; In
November , 1S71 , the assessed valuation
had been increased to sflJ.iWS.iiO'J . , nml the
bonded indebtedness , as .supposed , to
$ 17.r > 00. On the 28tli of November , 1871 ,
another election was held and SIOO.UOO
more voted in aid of the Midland i'acilie ,
making the liabilities of the county for
internal imiirovemonts upwards of
$100,000. These latter bonds , which nro
the ones in question , wuro not issued
until the spring of 187L' , and in the mean
time the asxoased valuation had been
again raised and returned at $ lM7OOl ) .
The county paid the interest regularly for
eleven yearn , when suddenly a.scheme
was unfolded by a. Lincoln lawyer named
Webster for the replacing of these bonds
which bore 10 per cent interest with a ,
new issue at 0. This progressed smooth
ly for a time until it was charged that
Webster's sole was to make
some $ ' 'o,000 for himself , and his contract
With the county for refunding
tlio securities was "busted. "
'Then clime up for the ) ir t
time the question of the validity of the
bonds , it being charged that the indebt
edness was in excess of the 10 per cent
limit allowed b.y the statute. SMr. Lewis ,
a heavy owner in the § 100,000 issue ,
brought suit in the United States court ,
and tlio county employed Messrs , liar-
wood , Ames & Kelly to assist the then
county attorney , Mr. Lamb , in resisting
payment. After a thorough investi
gation of the line of defense ,
these gentlemen , Mr. Lamb in
cluded , have requested the county com
missioners to allow them to withdraw
from the case because they "believe a
successful defense thereto cannot bo
made , " the contrary opinion expressed
at the time of their employment being
based on a misapprehension of facts. In
this request , which is quite voluminous ,
Me.--srs. llarwood , Amos & Kelly recite
the facts about as given above , and then
Diumenl as follows :
"Upon the laet that the Hereunto assessed
valuation at the time of the election , Novem
ber SS , 1ST1 , ' was § ; , < , and that the
statute limited the anKieuato donations oC
tills kind to 10 i > er cent , | wo shared In tlio
opinion that a defense might be made with
reasonable show ol success , nol withstanding
the limitation of tlio statute is by Its terms
upon the "issue" oC bonds , and not upon tlio
"votinc" of them , and that at the dale these
bonds wcro actually issued , nearly a year
alter the election , tlio assessed valuation ol ]
the county was S4.5'47,000 , 10 pur cent o
which exceeded the total Issaoof improve
ment bonds , including in suit. * * ' >
If tills opinion was correct the § 150,000 voted
in 1S70 were void , and therefore tlio indebt
edness of tlio county at thotlmoof voting the
bonds in question ( the 8100,000 issue ) was
only 807,000. Of course the contention that
tills 8150,000 of bonds wore novelthelt'ss
valid because the valuation in 1S71 , the year
of Issue , was enough greater than In 1870 ,
the year of voting , to more than cover the
excess , would involve the admission that the
bonds in suit are valid on the same grounds. "
The proposition thus laid down is a
plain one. Messrs. llarwood , Ames &
. Kelly say to the commissioners , in tilled ,
"You may take cither horn of the dilemma -
lemma and you arc still in a bad fix , and
must pay the Qbonds. Do yon elect
to'consulcr the $1QO , 00 series illegal ? Ji
so lliiivnonen.t/i .littisnmo ti ( iliiiru-ii. nml
the county's "indebtedness is roifuced to
$07,500 , leaving the $100,000 clearly within
the proscribed 10 per cent limit. Do you
pronounce the $1.10.000 scries 'legal , because -
cause the valuation was Increased before
they were issued ? Then the $100OOC
series is legal for the same reason. "
In their law argument on tlio case liar
wood , Amos ifc Kelly contend that tin
statute applies to tlio a .se ; < S ( > d valualioi
nt the time of "issue , " and not at the
time of "voting , " and that therefore boll
series of bonds are legal and vdlld. Thoj
advance as a further point in favor o.
the validity of the bonds thai
they wore issued under the statute , bofon
the constitutional provision now in force
was enacted. .Section 1 of that statutt
provides that bonds may bo issued in ait
of any "railroad" or "work" of interim
improvement not exceeding 10 per cent o
the assessed valuation of taxable property
orty , and this was construed in the litera
wording to mean that the full 10 per ceni
could have been voted to the Midland Pa
cillc , or any otlior one work. The use o
the word "any" and the singular niimbo :
of the words "railroad" ami "work" nin ;
bo taken as indlualivo of a legislative in
tout to restrict to 10 per cent of the as
sesscd valuation the amount of donation :
to each railroad or work of internal hn
provcinont aided. Should ( his construe
iion bo adopted , should the statute bi
taken to mean nothing but what it nays
no question of overissue as to the bond
in suit can bo raised , and no truthful answer
swor made which will not give way before
fore a general 'demurrer. In 1S71 , wlioi
the vote was had , the valuation wa
ta.aW.lHM. while tlio total aid voted tothi
railroad , including the bonds in suit , wa
f ! > 50,000 , or ? ,7Sr iiO less than might huv <
been voted legally. " Thussailh the wisi
moil of the law.
Attachment proceedings wcro com
monccd in the district court yestenhv
against Annie M , Day , by Frederic !
lialrd , of Chicago , and K. N. Welsh , o
Connecticut. The former wants $70J.5i :
and the latlor SlHJ.tiO , for goods sold 1
defendant wlo ; recently gnyo a clmttu
mortgage on her Mock of jewelry in th
Richards block store.
Nancy J , ( ik'iinon , of Roea , Neb. , i
nskinu ; the courts to grant her an nbsa
lute divorce from her husband , Thoma
( ilennon , on the ground of cxccssiv
cruelty. In addition to using Nanoy as :
striking bag on whieh to strengthen Id
muscles , ' 1 hennas has been letting on
some naughty "cuss" words in her pros
cnee to which she takes exception.
A petition has boon lilcd by Ilenr
Corner and J. O , MoUrido , praying fo
tin Injunction to restrain tlio Cryatii
steam laundry from continuing busmes
in its present location. . The petitioner
claim that the laundry' is u nuisance , on
ing to the great quantities of black smok
and soot it vomits out on adjacent proj
flrty and ask for its removal.
On the 1st hist. Attorney General Lees
notilied the attorneys for Jackson Marion
uow held in Gugo , county muter jseritutic
of death , that if they minted to hue
the case In the supreme court thov inns
file their brief -at once , or ho would hiov
to dinmUs procvcdin < ; .s. Ycslmluy. t
the eleventh hour , Mr. Bates , of
lien trice , one of Marlon's counsel ,
came to Lincoln and made
the following statement' The expense of
conducting the Marion trials thus far
have been nearly $750 , Marion's rela
tives promised to foot the bills , but hnvo
only paid in $210 , the rest being furnished
by the counsel , who have now a suit
pending against Hie delinquents. They
expret to get a judgment by March 1 , and
want a reasonable time thereafter to
complete their brief. On this phowing
Mr. Lccse named March 15 as the last
day for Tiling the document.
Mayor Burr seems determined to put
himself on record as in sympathy with
offenders against the peace and morals of
the city , Homo days ago lie went on the
appeal bond of .lories , the man convicted
of keeping a dis orderly house. Monday
light ho released Jones from jail , whore
10 had been sent by Judge Montgomery
.n default of payment of a line of fflOnml
costs , assessed against him for allowing
minors to play billiards in his place.
Gits. Saunders , manager at John Shoo-
il.v's place , was up before Judge Parker
on a citation yesterday , to show cause
why ho should not bo punished for con
tempt in removing from the custody of
the court ihc gambling tools seized by
the police on their late raid. The case
was continued until Friday morning.
Tim second annual ball of the Mer
chants lloso company will bo given at
Temple hall to-night.
At u special meeting of the city conn-
jil held at the elosoof the regular session
Monday night , the mayor arid clerk wore
authorized to sign ami deliver the $00,000
in bonds voted by the city In aid of the
Missouri 1'uoilic. Judges and clerks
wore also appointed to serve at the sewer
bond election to bo hold Friday.
Marshal Hoaeh's men were out in force
early yesterday morning popping over
stray canines. The death roll now fools
up over 100.
The Allmon dancing class will not
meet Thursday evening , the professor
being unavoidably detained in Omaha.
George K. Godfrey , Fremont ; James
W. Luslc , Omaha ; U. L. Well.Soward ; R.
W. Sateen , liealriee ; G. 11. Chaney. 15cd
City ,
son. Omaha ; \V. N. Unrpontcr , Syracuse ;
U.K. Perfect , Omaha ; J. J. Holland ,
Friend ; C. K. Wclmoro , Pawnee City ; W.
J. llaldcman , Burolmrd ; 0. 11. reck ,
niazzA.r.DS STAY THEM : NOT.
Tlio Influx ni" Homo Hulldcrs to the
.Fertile Ar lo or Ouster.
SAUGI-.NT , Cluster Co. , Nob. , Jan. 23'
[ Correspondence of the Bur. . ] It has
been some time since I last wrote the
BEI : , and since then wonderful changes
have taken place , both as to the number
of good people who have come to Ouster
county to make their fit lure homo , and
to the many improvements seen on all
sides. New houses , wind mills , fences ,
and stock of all kinds are now seen whore
only a few months ago nothing but the
raw prairie was visible. Church build
ings , suhools and business houses , have
multiplied in the villages , new bridges
have spanned the dilTerent creeks , now
faces are seen daily and. indeed , this is
verily a progressive county. But this
coining spring and summer will witness
such an [ influx of good pcoplp into
Custer county as was never known be
foro. Already they are beginning to
come. The cold w\iuls \ from the nortj
scorn to have no oflect on staying then
progress , and they march on until hero
nd then there tiiul name of Uncle tiim'-i :
laud bettor land than that which man. }
fanners back cast arc paying rent for
and commence building a homo. Jn tin
western part of this county there still re
mains thousands of acres of good gov
eminent land , to which all good people
iind a ready welcome from those who
have settled before them. In the central
and eastern part of the county splcndii
deeded farms can bo bought very
cheap , as most of the settler ,
liavo two claims and sell the one to bol
ter Improve the other. The soil is goot
and tlio best of crops are raised iron
year to year. To those who desire to in
vest now is the. time , for as the proposuc
railroads running through the county
are an assumed fact , laud will bo on tin
raise. 1 notice tl at many farmers are
not mortgaging their farms , for the
simple , reason that within a year _ thej
can get an 1110 money they want at 0 per
cent without paying commission. Ne
braska lands are on the raise all over
the state , and eastern capitalists arc con
vincing themselves that no investments
are bolter than can be found in Nebras
ka , hence the interest on farm loans arc
bound to come down accordingly.
The grading on the Grand Island &
Wyoming railroad is being pushed
along vigorously. Towns nave been
hud out all along the line as far as
Broken Bow. Many pconlo have an idea
that Broken Bow will bo the terminus
n while , but on the best authority wo
learn the road will bo pushed right on.
The building of this road has caused a
lluttor all along the line , and as a COIIFO-
queno ) pconlo nro coming in rapidly ,
both to settle on land and to engage in
business enterprises. There is plenty of
room for nil , too , only don't put it oil un
til it is too lato. The Union 1'acilio
will early in the spring strike up
the Middle Loup valley from Siou\
City to Sargent , and continue on
about sovnnty miles up the valley , where
it lakes across the lulls into the North
Loup valley , whence it will Jind its way
into the Black Hills , its objective point.
At this point all is astir , and tlio future
outlcok is good for thu town and country
alike. Newcomers uro seen daily on our
streets looking around , while the oyei
rustling traveling men are gettin"
thicker , indicating a good business out
look for the beginning of a now year ,
Thnru are plenty ol business chance'
here , as the territory is largo and well
settled. The county will be divided at nn
distant day , when Sargent will no doubt
bo the future county Mint of this portion
of the county , and a right lively little
business town It is , anyhow ! Further in *
formation about town or county can be
hail by addressing Lock box 6 , Sargent ,
Nub. , enclosing sunup , COL. JAMK.S.
Tlio Great Sao |
of ladies' senlkln cloaks and furs now ii
progress at the Ladies' ' Mctropolitai
purchasing agonoy , must close on Satur
day , ! ! 0tu insi. In the meantime the low
est prices will bo made to oloso the balance
anco of the stook.
E. F. McC.vnxxnv.
Parlors 10-11 Arlington Block ,
s Dodge St. , next to P. O.
"Wo Have Como to Stay. '
J3 t Visit the Omaha Time payment Mim
ti Cltl S. Tenth street before buying Fnrni
turo. &tovus , carpets , and all kinds o ;
House furnishing goods. Sold on wcuklj
r or monthly1 payments.
' ' Notice to Taxpayers.
's I wish to inform the taxpayers o
Douglas county that the taxes on persona
property will become delinquent on tlu
lirat day of February , 188J. (
llr.NKV DOM.X , County Trcas.
o. Piano's Tuned at Hospo's.
u' A lloiHUifiil Store.
p . The and moat complete Art Ston
, t wddtof Chicago 5.s llospo' , 161U Douglas
e " *
Remnant sale at Falconer's to-morrow
Testerday's1 Proceedings of the Hawkeye
Legislative Body ,
hlttlo Ililq ofNcws From ninlr Grand
Island uniuialM Vetting Hustings
An Kx-1'ostal limployc ou
Trial for llobucry.
The lown licglstnturc.
DF.S MOINKS Iowa , Jan. 20. [ Special
relcgram , ] When Speaker Head announced
ho honso committees this afternoon there
was pcneral surprise and much comment.
The lending positions arc given to reward
favorites for work In securing the speaker's
election , \\hllcsoineof \ the oldest and ablest
ncinbcrs of the house are put oft with second
and third class positions. A largo number of
) llls wcro Introduced In both houses to-day ,
> ut the Maitllng resolution caino from the
lemocratlc side of the senate , and called for
i joint coliimlttco to Investigate the Auditor
Brown mallei' . This old controversy will
not down , and a lull and fair Inquiry of the
whole matter is now to be had. The republi
cans of thn senate asked to have the rcsolti-
lion deferred n day or two , and It was agreed
lo ninkc It the special order for Thursday nt
J p. m. There will bo a lively time when the
Investigation committee gels to work , and
some staitllng disclosures are expected.
Senator Jtilcs of Wayne Introduced a bill
lo establish a telegiaph tarllt at a rate of
Lwcnly-llve cents for twenty words anywhere
In the state. This Is In line with ( tovcruor
Lanabeo's recommendation In his inaugural.
A number of petitions asking for more legis
lation to assist In the enforcement of prohi
bition were also Introduced.
DKS MOI.NI : ? , Iowa , Jan. 20. [ Press. ]
The legislature reconvened alter the recess
this alternoon. The session was devoted
principally to the reception of bills , petitions
and memorials.
In the house bills were Introduced for mak
ing the olllco of railroad commissioners elect
ive , instead of appointive. Speaker Head
announced the house committees. The chair
men of tlio leading committees arc the fol
lowing : Convcr&e , ways and means ; Berry-
hill , appropriations : Storey , judiciary ;
Brown , agriculture ; Butler of Page , schools ;
Benson , insurance ; Weaver , reorganization
of the judiciary ; Thompson , congressional
districts ; Finn , railroads ; Lathrop , private
corporations ; Ilayzlclt , banks and banking.
In the senate bills were introduced prohib
iting railway discriminations in the use of
cars and charges for transportation ; fixing
the tarlll for telegraph dispatches at 23 cents
for twenty words ; for tlio creation of a State
insurance department. Senator Johnson
( dem. ) Introduced a resolution for a leg
islative iiumtry into the Auditor Brown mat-
lor. which was made the subject for special
order Thursday at. p. in.
Ijlltlo Bits From Blair.
BI.AIII , Neb. , Jan. 20. [ Special. ] Since
Three-Fingered Jack , the accomplice in tlio
Hughes murder at Council Bluffs , made his
flying leap through tlio second story window
of the Commercial hotel some few weeks ago ,
nothing of especial interest to the outside
world has occurred in this locality , although
the correspondent of the Omaha Republican
telegraphs a half column of startling news
nearly every day from this place.
The now board oC county supervisors and
the water works muddle are the subjects that
iccClvo the most attention nfc present. The
system of water works that wcro constructed
by Fairbanks ; & Co.ere tcndeied to tile
city council some time ago , but wcro not ac
cepted on account of the liisuflicient supply
of water. There seems to bo no Immediate
prospect of an amicable adjustment of the
matter , and quite likely it will go Into the
The intense cold weather of the past few
weeks has occasioned but little sulfcrlng
among tlio poor of our city. Those whc
needed aid have been generously provided
for by the citizens.
It Is currently reported that Jlr. Julius
AlUchcllcr and Miss Llna Avcrcouser are to
bo married to-day. Mr. A. Is a member of
.the firm of P. A. Stein & Co , , a largo cloth
ing Hrm here , and an energetic young busi
ness man. Miss Avercauscr Is one of Blair's
fairest young ladles and a sister of Mrs. D.
if. Castettcr.
Mr. and Mrs. E. If. Stewart are still con
fined to their house with jJieuinatisrn ,
Mrs. W. 11. Farnsworlh has returned from
an absence of several weelrs , and W. U. is
made happy thereof.
The county treasurer and ills deputies are
Icept busy tilling out tax receipts.
There has not been a police court trial In
this oily for the last three months not a
drunk and yet Mrs. Carrigan occupies a
column in the Republican every week in dis
cussing tlio drunkenness and sin in Blair.
Not Enough Proof to Convict.
LIXCOI.N , Neb. . Jan. SO. [ Special Tele-
. The trial of Krwln Heath
cram.J , an ox-em
ploye in tlio Kearney postoflice , charged
with stealing a registered letter containing
§ oOO has been on trial in the United States
court all day. The missing letter was sent
early In August last by the Omaha National
bank to its correspondent at Broken Bow.
It was traced to Kearney and there the trail
was lost. When tlio prosecution rested for
the night at 0 p. in. , this much had been
proven , but nothing more. Mr. Lambertson
Intlmatedto the court thai ho had no more
testimony to Introduce. Should tills bo so ,
the jury will probably return a verdict of not
guilty , as there is no evidence thus far Im
plicating llcath.
Visltinj * IlaHlings Another IJlooluulo
ILvsri.Nds , Neb. , Jan. 2rt. [ Special Tele
gram. | The mayor of Grand Island , accom
panied by the members of the city council
and representatives of the press of that city ,
visited Hastings last evening for the pin pose
of inspecting the gas works of this city ,
They were the guests of O. n. Miller of the
Hastings ( Jas Light company , who enter
tained them at the Boswlck hotel and af
forded them every oppoitunlty to inspect
the gas system of tills city.
A severe blizzard Is raging in this vicinity ,
The regular express train from Omaha was
delayed this afternoon ami reports drifts sh
feet deep between Sutton and Hastings ,
The biiow Is reported drifted to a depth ol
I'ljjhi fret between Bastings and Mindeii ,
Fears of another blockade are entertained ,
SrrlonsColllsloii ou tlio Itook Island ,
Mrsc.VTiNK , Iowa , Jan. 20 , The train foi
Chicago on the Itock Island road lett this
olty at 0B : < ) this morning. About twentj
minutes later a construction train pulled out
going the frame way , and when Just atomic !
the bend nbovo the city crushed Into the
passenger train. John A. Owens of Oska
loosa , engineer of the construction train , was
seriously hurt and pronounced fatally In
jured. His son , actliiirns Ihomuti , was budlj
hurt. Two section hands worn bailly cut
The engine penetrated the sleeper HS far a-
tlio bell , and tlio passengers were badlj
shaken up , but no injuries wore received
The passenger train had stopped to Jix tin
engine , uild the conductor claims ho ordcrci
a Itagman back , but It Is said that the ting
mini did not leave the rear platform. Tlu
accident the result o the construction
train not being llnggcd.
Only Sixteen Days I.elt.
Boots and Shoes must bo closed -out before -
fore February % Wlu. 20 percent , discount
the time to scouro onuino bar.- .
T. N. UKAV , 1511 !
* t
A Tilttlc Mistake n ? to Uio Home in
Which He iBtipimietl His
Sister IjlvcU.
Buffalo Express ! . A Wostclicster
farmer was Mandinjr a't the gate the other
lay when a wcary.-Iooklng tramp came
toning up the road , and hailed and
"Is Simmons "
your name !
"Yes. sir. " (
"Anil your wife , before marriage , was
n a ! "
"One of the Black girls , sir. "
"And her first name Was Maryf"
"No , sir. Her ndmo was ami is Eliza
beth. "
"Alii So it was. But fourteen years is
a long time. How is my sister Eliza-
"Aro you her long-lost brother J"
" 1 mn , "
"The ono who went to Australia ! "
"The very came. Perhaps you have
beard her speak of mo ! "
"Yes , I have. She has often spoken of
you. "
"Ah , the dear girl. She will bo so glad
to sco mo again. And you , my noble
brother-in-law , let us shake hands. "
They shook.
"I-I had thought of stopping with you
for the winter , "observed the wayfarer ,
with an anxious look.
"Y-o-s , 1 presume so , " replied tlio
"And my dear sister has spoken of
1110 ! "
"She has. She was expecting you this
very day , and she asked mo to stand at
the gate and watch for you. "
"It is so kind of you. "
"And I am now about to give you the
all-liredcst pounding an old liar of a
trump ever got. That's what your dear
sibter recommends ! "
"I 1 believe I'm mastakenl" gasped
the tramp. "It must be the next house ! "
"Oh , no ; this is tlio huito , and hero
goes for you ! "
When the tramp finally got away leav
ing the ground covered with shoe-pegs ,
buttons , old hats , crusts of bread anil
.pieces of cold meat , ho halted at a safe
distance and shouted back :
"Is my game an old one in this locali
ty ? "
"Well , spine , ono tries it on mo every
day , " replied the farmer.
"All right , I'll try the next house with
a receipt to make lire-proof paint of soft
soap and brick dust. Much obliged for
your posting me , and give my love to
Libby dcarl"
llcnl Estate Transfers.
The following transfers were filed Jan.
25 , with the county clerk , and reported
for the BEE by Ames1 Real Estate
1C. Helen More ( widow ) to Andrew B.
Store and wife , all lots Grandvlew , South
Omaha , belonging to her. q c St.
Alvin Saunders and others , trustees , to V.
K. Winning lots : ) and 1 blk E , Saunders &
lllmcbanglrs add Omaha , w d § 4.r > 0.
EverettJ , Ballon and Wife to William M.
Wylie , undivided M off * \4 \ of It U ) blk 1
Armstrong add Omaha , w il S300.
Charles O.'Ilousel and.wifn . to William 31.
Wylic , sK of It 19 bile 1 , Armstrong' * add
Omaha , Wd 81,000.1 .
William A , Gardner and wife to Rose Ann
Murray , Its 1 and 2 bjvck , 1) Sounder's and
llimcbaiigh's add Ouinlin , w d $ StX > .
Joel 1) . Shropshire and wife to John 11.
Sullivan , lot 0 block dl llanscom place Onia-
ha. w d Sl,2.V ) . i ,
Elizabeth 0Brown ( widow ) to Elizabeth
11. Black , It 1 blk lir-Oni-ilm. q c-Sl.
Etta llurforil Mathnson ( widow ) and
others to Elizabeth IK Black and others it 1
blk 117 Omaha , n c 31. ,
John Harris to Ada Black , It 1 blk 117 ,
Omaha , w d SI. J
, GbiM9i'U 'WVsjwL\vif < Samuel II.
.TontiSon itsOniui w Dlki" ! aiiuil's 1st add
Omaha , wd W-OO. . , . > s
Alviu Humidors find , others , trustees , to
William 11. Gardner , Its'l ' , a nitdT block I ) ,
Samulcrs & lllniebangh's add Omaha , w d
George P. Stebbius ( single ) to Patrick
Hughes. It 1 Stebbius subdivision of it 11
Bartlett s add Omaha , w d 82,300.
W. J. Sledman ( widower ) to Joseph Gibbons
bens , It 5 blU'JJ town of Waterloo , Douglas
Co. , w cl SOSO.
Charles Pottorfslngle ) to Arthur S. Pot
ter It 10 blk 2 Potter's and Omaha , n c-Sl.
A , E. Touzalin ( single ) to M. A. McKIiinon
lot 20 blk 3 Hillside add Omaha , w d § 000.
Charles J , Bantnan and wife to Omaha &
X. Platte H. H.O o lOOlt upon sw # of nwtf
of sec lii-14-12 Douglas Co. , rlghtj of way d
New Arrivals , Choice Patterns Body
Brussels , IiigrniiiB , Kto Great
Cleaning Out ot'itciiinniits.
In our carpet stock we find over a hun
dred short lengths of the most desirable
goods , 10 to HI ) yams in n piece ; those
will bo sold cheap. Moqnetlcs. Body
Brussels and Ingrains all go in this lot of
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Our upholstery department is especial
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One lot $15. usual price $25.
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Housekeepers having chairs , lounges ,
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KS } Cirpcs made mul laid nnd window
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Morse's Clearing Sulo.
Wednesday , Thursday , Friday and Sal-
unlay wo will have a clearing out sale of
the remnants niidvuectimulations of the
past six months. ' '
Do nol confound llii'with the ordinary
"remnant" sale , because wo put In thlB
sale everything that is a
Full dress pattern or loss ,
Cut longhUi froin Lib 15 yards.
Dress goods patterns , silk or wool.
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store will close Monday next , Febfuary i' ,
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Everybody sliould. bo.sura . to got thoh
name and residence InsorUul ii ) the now
citj" directory to bo issued in a" few wotiks ,
J. M. WoLt'K Jc Co. , 120 S. 1-lth'st.
The-Union Stars will give ono of tholi
enjoyable parties Thursday at the
Metropolitan hall. ' .
Presentation of Othello Last Evening An
Interview with the Notable.
lloxv Divorces nro Procured A AVcli
Known Lawyer Tells Something
Ahoiit the Numerous Suits
Other Local News.
Tlio Moor oP Venice.
Salvini's version of "Othello" such as
was given at the Uoyd hist night , despite
the statement tolhoeontrary published in
yesterday's HUE , differs from that with
which our theatre-goers are most famil
iar. It abounds in verses seldom read by
other tragedians , and omits several
very import'int scenes. Ono of those
is that in which Uussio Is wounded ,
and the other , that in which lago con
veys to Othello the blighting informa
tion of possession , by the wounded man ,
of the fateful handkerchief. Without
these , there is a want of proof of Dcsile-
mona's guilt and motive for the eatstro-
phe of the last scene. As a consequence
quence , the leading character is
made to appear a murderer without
that questionable incentive , for winch ,
despite his unholy suspicion , ho has nil
along been seeking , lie is therefore
forced to justify his crime in the simple
words :
"Thathandkeiclilef which I so loved and
gave time ,
thou gav'bt to Cassio. "
# # * * * *
"By heaven , I saw my handkerchief In his
hand. "
In a polyglot dialogue these word are
easily overlooked , and the heroic passion
of the deceived husband drops to the
level of blind and brutal baibarism.
In Salvini's Othello the instincts and
passions of his race have been softened
and ennobled by IhosuiToundingVonelinn
culture , rctlnemont and upprceiatiou.
There is grace in his carriage , majesty in
his mien , and manliness in his bosom.
Ho satisfied tlio eye us "tha great
captain , " "the valiant Moor , " the nero
who could but little of the great world
speak , save what pertained ' 'to feats of
broil and battle. " Added to these
attributes is a voice capable of emulating
the sweetness of the lute , and , as needs
be , almost of swelling to iho roar of Iho
tempest ,
There is a tenderness in his love that
is ideal. It speaks in his tones , radiates
in his smiles , beams in his countenance ,
and manifests itsejf in his actions , The
inconsistency of his greatness of stature
and advantage of years with tlio fragile
form and youth of the loved ono almost
disappear. Instead , appear tlio adora
tion of Romeo , tempered by the maturity
of that of the parent , Nothing could bo
sweeter than iho enraptured embrace
after his return from Cypress , when he
exclaims :
"Oh , my soul's joy I my peace , my II fo ;
If after every tempest comes such calms ,
May the winds blow till they have wakened
death. "
But the pleasures of such scenes is
changed lo horror , when the demon of
.suspicion is con.jurcd within his breast.
The fond heart , gradually , yet by per
ceptible degrees , becomes cold. His ex
ceeding love is subjected to pitiless
blasts , through which , howevt-r , ho
strives to cherish the ardent attachment
of his earlier days. Frenzied , with a
mind at times revelling in Iho belief of
his wife's devotion , yet tortured by the
goading of tlio tempter , at a supreme
moment , ho rushes upon the latter ,
seizes him by the throat , hurls him like
: i child lo the floor , and ,
like a demon , is about to
stamp him to _ death. Than Iho
manner in which this net was done last
night , it may well be questioned if real
ism could bo further carried , The man
.seemed transformed iu spirit lo u beast.
So unexpected , so great was the transi
tion , that , before Iho ael had been com-
plcted , Iho audience insensibly broke into
ono long , uncontrollable burst of ap
Thenceforward , to the catastrophe ,
there were intermittent gleams ol love ,
jealousy , hatred , anil symptoms of a de
ceived and broken heart. Once , how
ever , that ho has resolved upon "lesde-
moniaV death , there isnohc.sitnncy.and
when the curtain closes over the deediho ,
imeiihCMi suspense prevailed in the aiuu-
loriuni. His own uoath was like that of
a madman. It sent a thrill of horror
through the spectators.
It were useless to argue the standing of
Salvini as the greatest nclor of Hie time ,
or tlio greatest of "Othello's. " It wore
equally valueless to discuss the correct
ness of his methods , or the supoHorfty
of Ihal of lh.0. actors of our
own tongue. The fact remains ,
that Salvini , of all the actors
that most people have seen in this char
acter , deserves to rest where , it may well
bo doubted , ho has it peer , llowas
called time and again before the curtain ,
and when the hist drop had fallen , he was
honored by a recall and treated to an
cff.uion. Such had never boon accorded
an actor in this city before.
Yesterday morning at 10:30 : o'clock two
shapely , handsome gentlemen moved
away from the register at tlio Pnxton ,
and when they had retired the UEK re
porter found tlid celebrated names :
lTomma o Salvini , Alexander Salvini. "
They were these of the renowned trage
dian and his son. Fiviminutes ) later the
writer was engaged in a pleasant conver
sation with both in room 10 of the same ;
placo. The elder Is largo without being
coarse , and intelligent without in any
manner impressing the visitor with
the genius wlileh ho is known to possess ,
Ho is modest , unassuming , courtly anil
gentle oven to dlllidcnce. His son is as
handsome as Apollo , robust as a ghnlla-
lor , with a voice of power and sweetness ,
rendered not less pleasant because of an
net-cut which savors of his own sunny
homo ,
The hitter acted noted as interpreter.
His father and company were on their
way to San Francisco. They hud ju-t
played at DCS Molnes , and had been told
thai Omaha was an important place , and
had consequently determined to remain
over and play hero. "Father basso-
loctPd 'Othello,1 ' said the son/'hoi'iiuso ho
foil the people here , from what he has
hoard would bo able to appreciate it
more than other pieces which lie had in
ills repertoire. "
"Do you know that your father's vor-
fiion diners from that ol Iho other load
ing tragoillansV" asked thu ruporler.
The tragedian answered with a shrug
of the shoujders and in a voice which was
gentleness itself :
"Oh , no , 1 aim to keep very closely to
the text , and make my play somewhat
longer than that of my brothers on thu
stage , "
"In what respect , if any , does your
conception dill'er from that ot other
slurs V'
"Well , " said he , "niyconcoption of Iho
Moor is that a man reared an.iid all iho
grace , chivalry , culture- and refinement
of Venice a man thoroughly imbued
with the Vcnitinn spirit and possi-ising
the esteem and confidence of the people.
Otherwise , and at such a time , especially
ho would not havo-boon Intrusted with so
momentous an undertaking as leading
the ( roop.s against Cyprus. He Is a man
with the instincts and passions of .his
race but tla-o aw lost In film until th'iy
uj'O gradually aroused bv .tho muclM'nn
tibn of ills tempter , " Hern. Alexander
broke hiand rcnVi.i'Kods. "Hut when in
the hi t act , ho pivc'ccds-'loward the ' .suf
focation of Dosdomoua , lie has the
simulated fierceness of a tiger. "
Salvini was surprised to hear that
Kocuo had in two days played four such
pieces as "Richard 111. " "Shylock , "
"Othello" and "Macbeth , " and re
marked ! "Ah , it is too bad. No man
san stand sut-h work. 1 play four such
characters only In one week , nml he
played them in two days ! Alii nhl That
Is what kills them. Krone , then MeCul-
lough , thru Davenport , even Forrest.
They were all young men. 1 vary by in-
terspor.-iing some of my lighter piece ? ,
and satisfy my audiences just as well. "
The tragedian spoke in very compli
mentary terms of his company , many of
whom have already been scon here. Ho.
was particularly pleased with the treat
ment which had been accorded him everywhere
whore he went niul scorned to feel more
than is frequently the case union
foreign graspers of our money , the grnl-
Undo to which lie gave expression. After
a desultory conversation with both gen
tlemen , the reporter withdrew most
favorably impressed with botli father and
son ,
Salvini expects , somolimo id April , to
join Edwin Booth , in Boston , In a grand
production of Othello. The lultcr will
" " while the former will
play "lagoj" ns-
Mime tho'lille role. There will bo but
four porformunci'S , and these will doubtless -
loss be a < > great as any of recent years in
this country. The details of the engage.-
meiit , however , Imvonotas yet boon ar
ranged. "
How anil Why They tire 1'rounred
" - . "
"Shnilou-liifj a Suapcot.
Wishing to know something about llio
subject of divorces , which has been
broached recently in the 'local prints , a
reporter called upon Mr. E. W. Simeral
yesterday and engaged that gentle
man iu an interview on the mailer. "It
is a singular fact , " ho remarked ,
in answering the reporter's load-
ins question , "that out of 808 eases on
trial for the coming term of court , sixty-
seven or one-twelfth of them are divorce
cases. The fact is that the divorce laws
of this state are too lax and encourage
separation of husband and wife for
trilling causes. They ought to bo more
itrinscnt , because the evil is daily in
creasing. "
"What is the method of procuring a di
vorce ? ' .
"Very simple. Suppose a husband or
wife wants lo separate from his or her
spouse , llo or she engages a lawyer , the
petition is drawn up and filed in llio dis
trict court. The summons to appear is not
served on the defendant personally , but
by publication. That is , notice of llio fil
ing of the divorce suit is printed in tlio
local papers for four weeks ; thu third
week trom the last day of publication , if
the defendant has not put in an appear-
unco to answer to the suit , a default is
taken and the plaintiff can go ahead and
'prove lip. ' Then the caju is given a
hearing by one of the judge * ' , llio wit
nesses ai'brought ( in and sworn in sup
port of the charges preferred by the
phiintill'i The divorce is granted and
your litigant is free lo marry again. If
llio defendant is found , however , and de
termines to duly contest the can'
goes on the docket with the
other cases ami does not come to trial
for n year or to. "
"What are tlio principal grounds of
divorce , as alleged in the petition ? "
"Cruelty , desertion , failure
to support , adultery and imprisonment of
husband or wife fov Ihrjjn year * or more.
In tlio petitions of the Wives yon general
ly Iind that desertion and failure to MIJI-
port are more commonly alleged as the
grounds for divorce ; on the part of the
husband , adultery or desertion. As a
general thing a divorce seeking husband
or wife avoid preferring charges of adul
tery if they can help it ; they naturally
dislike the notoriety and disgrace of pre
ferring and proving such charges. So
tjiat in many cases where there are really
grounds for a divorce on account of tin )
infidelity of the husband or wife , that
fuel is kept In the back ground and other
charges such as desertion , failure to sun-
port , etc. , arc brought forward.
There are detectives who make n regular
business of hunting up the record and
daily life of : i husband , whose wife sus
pects him of infidelity , or vice versa.
These detectives are generally known as
shadows because they follow s colosely
and tenaciously the object of their inves
tigation. The man arises from bed , eats
his breakfast , and goes down town ; the
shadow. tak.e $ ; tjj ( IiL } trail ami follows
oloM ) at his heels , noting every place ho
may chance lo visit , or every person he
may speak to. All day long the slui'iow
hangs about the suspected. lulsbaKu , and
carefully notes his ftvory act , and his
every assoiMHjioi' . Whim ho goes out to
dnjixcr lite shadow is on his track , and
follows him back to his work
again. It' he drops into
a saloon to got a drink
the shadow follows him in , ready to jot
down any cliunco remark he may drop ,
or noti ! any act which he may perhaps
commit thoughtlessly and unwittingly.
At night the vigilance of the shadow is
redoubled. The .suspected hilt-band is
followed from place to place anil woe bo
to him if he enters any questionable resorts -
sorts , or consorts with females
of doubtful virtue. The shadow
winds the toils about him
slowly , and if ho bo guilty , before long
has accumulated clear and convincing
evidence against , him. Weekly re
ports on the case are imu'lo to
the fond wife , by the detective , mid when
all is ready the case is sjirung. If the
wife is tile suspected ono the shadow haste
to opel-ato1 Inoro carefully , and it may be
weeks or months before ho can fceeurn
enough evidence to .satisfy the suspicions
of the husband. Ho has n much more
dllllcult tusk limn in shadowing u husband
because a woman \ very sly and tnko.s
every earn to avoid detection. Sometimes
the husband will deliberately "put up a
job" to lure his wife inlo a trap , M > tnat
no may itroenro a divorce from hor. Oc
casionally Iho wife will practice the Hume
trick'upon the husband. Divorces ob
tained by fheso fraudulent means uro
null anil void , and lliu husband or wife
is liable to criminal prosecution for so
obtaining lliem. "
"Divorce Keeking is most common
nmong lliu lower classes of people ? "
"By all odds. iN'ino.-tonth.s of the di
vorces tire sought by lyjople in the
humble walks ' of life. Ignorance
of the marital relation is ( o blame for thu
rushing business done by oiir divorce
courts , and that ignorance exists ( o u la
mentable dfgroii among llio lower
classes. Thc.y st-om to think you know ,
( hut the niiirriugii contract Is of no morn
coiiKofjitmioo tlnul n mere verbal contract
that when husband and wife ut ready
to separate , they can do so without any
mori ) trouble than the form of
a mere application to tint courts. In cer
tain portions of ( ierniany they have a
very novel way of dealing with appli
cants for a dlvorco. Just before Iho trial
conies oft" porhnp.3 several wu-oli.s before
husband and wife are looked up in a
room together , where they irnn bo seen
and vMled b'y no one. Tlu-lr food is
shoved into iho room through a sliding
panel. For days they are It'fi
in there together ; in nine
ca-es out of ten I hey "kiss and make
up , " and when they conui out they tell
the judge that thov do not wish to bit
separated Another reason why divorces
are so common. Is that somu lawyers uro
willing , to lalio such cases nt shamefully
low prices , A reputable lawyer oliuruc.s
all the way from ? : . ' . ) to § 100 for pushing
a divorce case through thovourls , but
thcro--irn lior'o who Will take
- ! niOn a case
.foi1 $10 or } j velile > s , and be glad to get
UultluU , "
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