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Rt. Eov , Bishop O'Connor's ' Lecture on "The
Roman Question" Lost Evening.
A Blip nt Millnrit Causes nil Omnlin
Mnit the Ijoss ofa Jjlml > The
Sunday Concert Oilier
liocnl News.
the Itoninti Question.
A very large and appreciative ntulicnco
lillcd the opera lioif-o lost evening to lis
ten lo tlio lecture of Hishop O'Connor on
tlio "Roman Question , " nnd to enjoy tlio
concert , which was unotlicr feature of
the programme. The affair was under llio
auspices of tlio local brunch of tlio Catho
lic Knights of America , nnd President
J. A. Whulcn , of that order , presided.
After the rendition of the four musical
numbers on tlio programme , HUhop
O'Connor appeared on tlio stage nnd de
livered his locturo. It was a masterly
address of over tin hour in length , and
although delivered without any attempt
at oratory hold tlio closest attention of
the audience.
Hishop O'Connor ' , in beginning his nil-
dress , f-aid that the subject of his lecture
had been .suggested by his recent visit to
Homo. In speaking of the present state
of the city he paid that since 1870 there
hntl been great changes. The now gov
ernment , which came into power at that
.time , had brought 0.000 now olllcors to
the city , put money In circula
tion , and thus had reconciled property
owners to the new order of tilings. Even
some of those loyal to the pope had
tried to carry water on both shoulders.
Ho had been told that things were being
done in Home now which had not been
done in Iho city since pagan limes. The
country is overtaxed , and tens of thou
sands of holdings are sold yearly for
laxes. The confiscated
has nearly all disappeared witli nothing
of hcnclil losliow lor it.
Want nnd misery are over on hto in
crease , and thu poor sometimes faint and
tlio on tlio street. Such a Mate of affairs
novoroxistcd under Ihe ruloof the pones.
The city was then tilled with hospitals
niul charitable institutions , unit the
charity dispersed was of the kind which
laugiit all lo sco in Iho poor Iho Lord
himself , and lliat which was done unto
them was done unto Him. Under the
present government tlio poor , sick and
orphans are left to sufl'er. Fifteen years
of revolutionary rule have destroyed
what it took the popes centuries to build
Continuing , the bishop said lie could
not see any human grounds for hoping
for the restoration of the pope to tem
poral power. The present government
will never willingly abandon its power
lo the pope , nnd llio assertion lias been
made by homo of its sympathizers that be
fore it would do so it would make Homo
a heap of ruins. The present condition
of Homo and Italy is sad indeed , her
future is in doubt and n crisis in her af
fairs cannot bo far on" . The speaker did
not , however , believe that that crisis
would bo one to assist in restoration. "A
Ijona lide republic , " said he , "such ns we
have hero , would solve the Roman ques
tion , but such a republic is impossible in
Europe. A republic- there is founded
without law , without God , and with hos
tility to God and liberty. The liberty
there is pf tlio kind which cuts the
throats of these who do not agree with
these in authority. "
The bishop continuing said , in substance -
stance : Though wo cannot now see any
prospect of temporal restoration , wo
should not despair ot its final accomplish
ment. God will gjvo it back in his own
lime and in his own gootl way.
The church cannot bo free un
less the pope bo free. Ho must
bo n sovereign , and ho cannot be a sov
ereign without temporal power. Cath
olics are not opposed to Iho unily of
Italy. They desireto see her united ,
prosperous and great ; but such she can
not bo so long ns she remains in tlio con
trol of a government which opposes the
religion of her people. Wo must hope
for restoration at an early day by means
not now foreseen. More than lifty times
have popes been deposed , and the action
was always accompanied with disastrous
results. Hut they have always returned
triumphant. So it will be again : the
hand of the Lord is not shortened so that
it cannot save.
Loud and prolonged applause erected
tlio bishop at tlio close of the address ,
after which tlio remaining part of tlio
musical programme was carried out.
The selections wore all lincly rendered ,
and were us follows :
March Chnrpo of the Uhlnns Eilenberg
Musical Union Oldiestia.
Oyertmo 1'lmio Dame , Suppo
.Musical Union Oichcstia.
Cornet solo Kleonora Wicgand
Sir. V. Littz.
Soprano solo Ave Mai la Dudley Buck
Miss Kaiuilo Ainold.
Gloria , from 12th Mass > fozart
, Miss Fannie Arnold , St. I'lillomonn Choir
anil Urc'liestra.
Potpourri Boufjuctof lti > lode3..StoInliauscr ! Union Oichcstra.
Miss Fannie Arnold , dhcctioss of choir.
Miss Kannlo It. Dlllianco , accompanist.
Trof. F. jl. Stcliihauscr , leader ot orche.stia.
Henry Lchiuiiiin Falls Under tlio Car
AVheels nt Millard.
Henry G. J , Lohmann , manager of J.
II. F. Lehmann & Co.'s dry goods More on
1'arnam street , met with an accident yes
terday morning at Millard which resulted
in tlio loss of ono of his legs. Ho had
boon visiting his undo at that place , and
intended to return to Omalia yesterday
morning. As Union i'ucilio train No. 2
was starting from the Millard depot Mr.
Lchmann attempted to board the train at
Iho forward end of tlio last coach , but his
feet slipped nnd ho foil , one leg resting
on the rail , Uoforo lie could extricate
himsijlf tlio Iwo front wheels of tlio car
hail passed ever his log below the knee ,
mangling the llesh In u terrible manner
, and crushing the bone. Friends
came to Ids assistance anil pulled
him out from his dangerous
position , and word was sent to tins city
of the accident. Dr. V. II. Con'innn wab
immediately disptitolu'tl lo Millard to
care for the unfortunate young man , but
found the injured member so badly
crushed that it could not bo saved. Ho
therefore amputated it at the km-o joint.
The operation was successfully performed -
formed and the patient made as comfort
able as possible under the circumstances ,
If Ills condition is favorable this morning
ho will bo brought to his .homo in this
city , 024 South Seventeenth street.
Mrs , J. II. F. Lohmann , mother of the
unfortunate young man , was completely
piostralod by the news of her son's ' aect-
dent , and was attended by physicians
throughout the day yesterday.
Tlio Musical Union Concert.
The scries of Sunday afternoon con *
corts to bo gh'en by Iho Musical Union
orchestra , was auspiciously opened yes-
terdtiy , The entertainment , under tlio
cflicicnt management of Prof , Stcinhan-
bcr , was a signal nnd triumphant suc
cess nud rollocled no liltlo credit unou
Omaha's greatest musical organisation.
From beginning to end of Iho programme ,
n delighted audience which comfortably
filled the house , listened and applauded.
The programme combined selections from
every order of nuis'ic , the light operatic
mid sovorly classical , Kach number
was a gem in its way , and rendered with
_ . . . . . ,
.j - > j.H „ * „ /M-nVinotrn. .
an explosion mm < i. . . , . , , / „ .
tion which show how vastly the organi
sation is improving under 'Prof. Stein-
hatisorVi leadership. Tlio cornet solo ,
"Lord's Dream , " by Mr. 11. Lutz , was
very fiilo. Mr.i. . was compelled to respond
spend to a hearty eiieoro. The amusing
combination "Twenty" also evoked con
siderable applause and was partially re
peated on an encore call from the audi
ence ,
These concerts will bo given every Sun
day afternoon. They should and doubtless -
loss will receive the hearty support of
the music-loving public.
Union machine has automatic tensions.
Tlio Fntnl Accident U'filch llcfell n
lilttle Girl Saturday.
Ono of those sad fatalities which will
occur sometimes in spile of Iho utmost
precaution , happened Saturday niter-
noon in tlio U. 1' . yards. The victim ,
little Marie Jnvurck , was instantly killed
by being run over by n "Hying section"
of n freight train.
The young girl , who was n deaf mute ,
had boon sent out with her younger
brother to gather coal in the freight
yards. Once about noontime Ihoy were
warned lo leave the yard by
Special Policeman Robbins , and after
some parley Iho brother said that he
would return homo with ills sister. They
came back , however , it scorns , nu hour
or so later , and wore walking westward
on tlio Muroy slrcct sivilch , bclwcou
Tenth and Kiev cntli , when the falal acci
dent occurred.
It scorns that throe freight cars had
boon detached irom a regular train nnd
sent eastward down the side track on
which Marie and her brother were walk
ing. A switchman named Frank Alvord
was on top of Ihe cars , saw llio children ,
and shouted to them lo get oil'
Iho track , bearing at the same time
heavily on llio brakes. The warning
came lee late , however. The boy notic
ing Ihe signal , bounded from llio Irnck ,
without warning his deaf-mute sis
ter , just in limo lo save himself.
His unfortunate sister fell beneath the
cruel wheels , and when the cars were
stopped her corpse was taken out , man
gled almost beyond recognition. The
body was cut almost in two at tlio Ihiglis ,
ono arm was stripped bare of the
llesli , while tlio skull was very
badly crushed. Death must
have been inslnnluncous , as when Al
vord reached her side she no longer
brealhed. Tlio body was removed lo the
morgue , and the parents of the dead girl
living at the corner of Twelfth aud Wil
liam streets were nolificd. The coronoi-
held nn inquest Saturday afternoon and
Iho jury rendered a verdict in accordance
with tlio above facts.
The funeral was held yesterday after
noon , tlio body being interred in the
comity cemetery.
Without an equal the Union machine.
"A Niffscr in the Wood Pile. "
To the Editor : My attention was called
to a lengthy article which appeared in
Saturday's line headed , "What docs it
mean. " In that article the board of com
missioners are gravely censured because
tlio jury who are to servo at tlio next
term of court were not drawn from tlio
banking and merchant element of Omaha.
Now I am not writing to defend in any
way llio action of llio commissioners in
drawing a jury from the intermediate
class of citizens of this county. I write
on behalf of justice , and to try and put
the blame on those to whom it belongs.
In the name of common sense , what is
the use of going : through Iho farce of
summoning bankers and merchants to
servo on the regular jury panel , when
the court will excuse thorn every timo.
The commissioners have done it time and
again with the same result , to my own
personal knowledge. It is not so much a
question wilh llio commissioners who
they will summon , but who will serve
when summoned. Now this is a very
deplorable slate of affairs , and refuses to
continue to remain so until the court will
excuse that class of jurors who can make
more than two dollars a day at home.
I would venture to say if there was a
jury summoned of tlio leading citizens of
Omaha , in ono week , or less , after the
court would open not live of them would
remain. And what is the consequence ?
As n rule the class of men who take their
place are llio chronic juryman and court
house lounger , whoso verdict always goes
to the highest bidder. It used to bo in
this country , "For God and for my coun
try , " but alas ! now it reads , for my&olf
first and the country may look ont for
itself. There is also serious objection to
the present jury on account of their for
eign birth. Well , I would like to ask
where the American clement has learned
their line sense of justice and judgment ?
Certainly not in the courts of Douglas
Why don't the press advocate and keep
advocating reform and economy in tlio
court expenditures , and clerks' fees , etc. ,
and a more expeditious way of ridding
tlio docket of tlio largo number of cases
thereon' It is a well-known fact to those
vho are ported that tho. expenses of hold
ing court in this county nro the most gi
gantic frauds that wore cvqr perpetrated
on n law-abiding people , mid a tax
which they cannot much longer beat.
lleforo elosiiH * my first letter on tlio
subject I feel'like saying : How long , oh ,
Lord ! how long will a suffering , tax-iiay-
ing people permit such n slate of tilings
to continue ) in this cnlighlened commu
nity ? _ AFAHMUU.
Tlio Union sows backwards or forwards
Jailor I'filrnnet's
Touuli Experience )
"With n Chinese I'riHonor.
Doubtless every well posted individual
has hoard of the great Jap wrestler Sor-
akachi , whoso marvelous foals of strength
have astonished llio world , That gentleman -
man , let It bo said right here , must look
well to his laurels for there is in
Omaha a Chinaman named Yet Sing who
is liable to wrest from Sornkncni the
honor of being lha champion Oriental
wrestler and athleto.
Hut to explain : Ju the police court Sat
urday morning Iho Mongolian individual
mentioned above appeared as defendant ,
in n case of rather peculiar character.
A young Swede giving the name of A
Hollander testified that ho hail brought
about § 5 worth of washing to Iho China
man last week r.ntl when ho called
on him a few days afterward
to pet his clothes llio Chinaman declared
that ho know nothing about it. Hollan
der produced his check given him by
Yet Sing , when the latter snatched it anil
tore it up. Ho Ihcn lold Hollander lo
gel out of his shop , and threatened to
call the police , In this statement of the
case Hollander's testimony was corrobor
ated by that of E rick ICrickson ,
Tlio judge , after remarking thai some
of the Chinese laumlrymcn were making
u regular practice of robbing their cli
ents in tins way , called upon Yet Sing lo
state jiisMdo of the case ,
" man , Jiar , " muttered Ihe China-
I man , "mo no tnkco his wash , mo no I
I toarce his tick , What for mo do UaU" I
( with an air of lofty scorn. )
"Did you ever see this man before ? "
askpd the judge.
"Nah , nab. " replied the Celestial ) "mo
nov'soe dat Melican. lie gloat lie. "
Notwithstanding the judge found Yet'
Sing guilty , and sentenced him to make
restitution to Hollander for his clothing ,
and to pay besides a line of $10 and costs.
Yet Sing dcolarci1 that he could not
pay , and accordingly Ofllcor Whalenwas
detailed to lake him up to the county jail ,
there to be Imprisoned for twenty days.
When the Chinaman came in sight of the
four bare walls of the jail he weakened ,
and said he'd try to raise the money. Af
ter some difl'ictiltv he linally succeeded in
inducing , omo of his pig-tailed friends lo
lend him tlio cash , ami ho was released.
Until was before his release that ho
figured in a little episode which estab
lished his utlilcllc powers. lie was In Ihe
city jail , making arrangements to secure
the amount of his fine , when his eye fell
upon apiece of white paper inscribed with
Chinese loiters which had been taken
from him by Jailor Poironet , It must
have been some document that ho was
ashamed of for the Mongol sprang like si
cat toward Poironet. seized the paper
and threw it into the stovo. Poironet
thinking that there wn.s something crimi
nally mysterious about the Chinaman's
actions quickly pulled the paper from the
fire before it commenced to blaze.
"Dat my paper , give mo" said the
Celestial frantically.
Peironct refused to do so , when Yet Sing
rushed at him , picked him up by the
waist and throw him violently against the
Peironct is ono of Iho strongest and
pluckiest men on Iho force , and not
daunted by this rather Severn trontmenl ,
made a rush for his opponent. Yet Sing
retreated a stop or two and prepared for
Poironot's onslaught which came with a
vengeance. The latter seized the China
man , and by a quick hiplock movement ,
throw him violently to the lloor. Quick
as a cat , however , Yet Sing regained his
feet , and catching Poironet by tlio legs ,
raised him bodily from tlio floor and
again threw him violently against Iho
Avail. Pcironot , n Irifle out of breath ,
siiglitly disfigured but still in the ring ,
made a resolve to "do or die , " and rush
ed again at the Chinamen. The latter
retreated a bit , but too late to escape
Peironot's muscular arm , which entwined
him with an embrace anything but lov
ing. Again the jailer throw his opponent
by a quick hip-lock movement , and
landed him Hat on his back. Ilcforc the
Chinaman could arise , Peironct had him
pinned securely to the ground. By this
time the noise of scuHling had attracted
a number of policemen , who took the re
fractory Chinaman in charge. "That's
the toughest job I've had in many a day , "
remarked Poironet lo a reporter who was
standing near. "I have had wrestling
enough to last mo for several years. "
The paper over which the troubfe arose
is slill in Pcironcl's hands awaiting in
Self-treading Union sowing machine.
The New Sanctuary In the Old SUatiug
11 Ink.
The First Congregational church has
moved into the rink and the opening ser
vices , of a dedicatory character , were
held there yesterday.
The interior of the building lias boon
wonderfully altered , and those who enter
the sanctuary uninstructed would little
guess that ils walls have echoed lo Ihc
roll of gaily idle skaters , tlio call of the
danco. Tlio building now seems
to have been originally adapted to the
purpose of religious use , and forms
an elegant church edifice. All the
furniture and littings of the old church
have been moved in and the congrega
tion prepared to locate there during Bio
interval required to complete the mam
edifice , upon which Iho work will soon bo
The furnaces have been moved in and
set up in tlio corners of the room , so that
the heating service will be satisfactory.
All the pews have been transferred and
afford , with the seals along the' side of
the building , a seating capacity of from
six to seven hundred. The pulpit and the
choir are at the north end "whore the
organ will also bo placed when brought
over. In the south end a room has been
partitioned off for the use of tlio Sunday
school. In every respect the church is
handsome , convenient and cheerful.
The sale of pews will be hold Monday
The noiseless Union sowing machine.
A Coasting Carnival.
A meeting of the young men of this city
will bo hold on Monday evening at half
past seven o'clock , in tlio store of Collins ,
Gordon & Kay , lo make arrangements
for holding : i grand coasting carnival
hero some time during the next two
As everybody may not know the exact
moaning of the term "coastingcarnival , "
a little explanation may here lie indulged
in , It is proposed to se
cure the consent of Ihe city council
to closing one of the streets , say Dodge ,
during an entire night. Patrolmen would
bo .stationed at eacli corner , down the
street , to sco that no accident occurs
or if one happens , to signal , so that no
other sleds would bo started
from tlio top of the hill , until
the wreck were cleared away. Each sled
or train would bo given n num
ber by the "starter" stationed at the top
of the hill , who would sco Ihat each sled
went strictly in turn , and at tlio proper
moment. In this way not moro than iwo
sleds , if that many , would be allowed on
tlio same block at the same time , The
hill would lie brilliantly illuminated by
torches placed along the side of the
Of course it will require some trouble
ami expense to complete all arrange
ments for tlm carnival , but it is believed
that if carried out the schema will bo a
grand success.
The Union sows backwards or forwards.
Kail Notes.
Among other bright features of the
Hallway News , last week , is a fable of the
Two Uniforms. The rail way boys are all
laughing over the story and the moral.
The Union Pacific has surveyed tlio
route and is preparing to build a line of
road between Marysvillo and Topeka ,
Kansas , which will bring Omaha and the
capital of Kansas into closer relationship.
It is an important bit of line to the Re
publican Valley branch of the Union
1'aeilic and to the St. Joseph & Grand
Island railway , both of > vluch lines will
bo connected by this proposed line with
the Kansas division of tlio Union Pacific.
A lioston telegram says : In regard to
the statement that 300 mon had been dis
charged from Iho Union Pacific railroad
shops in Omaha , in accordance wilh an
order from Iho company's headquarters ,
the ollicials hero say that they
have received no information of
any discharge. They admit , how
ever , that an order for a general culling
of expenses has gone out from hero , but
do not believe that the retrenchment will
bo commenced by such a wholesale dis
charge as has been reported. The busi
ness of the road for December and Jan
uary is reported ns being very >
cause of the heavy snow blockades , and
the statements of earnings foj- those
months will nmke n poor showing.
Decorated chamber sets at greatly re
duced prices at Moody's diiuu store.
803 North 10th fat.
Started tlntl
Suit was commenced in the district
court Saturday against'George II Wood
& Co. by A. L. Slrang for $1,818.44.
Wood &Co. are pluiiilmrfl , and the plain-
lilT's potllion alleges that they were soil
ing out for Iho purpose of defraud
ing their creditors. Attachment papers
were issued and served by the sheriff.
Sam Willuhn , who was nrreslcd Fri
day night on complaint * oP his wife , who
alleged that ho had beat and misused her ,
turned the lables Saturday by com
mencing suit for diyorcc. In his petition
ho accuses his wifn of being the disturb
ing element , and also that her two sons ,
by n former marriage , have assisted her
in comniitllng assaults upon him. Ho
also asserts that she has been married
five times , and asks the court to compel
hcrlo state what has become of her
other husbands ,
Young Kecne , the agent of the Louisi
ana State lottery , who was nrreslcd and
confined in jail some lime ago on complaint -
plaint of the Law and Order league , was
released Saturday on bail. As Kceno
could not furnish Iho original amount
named , Judge Wakoloy reduced his bond
lo $300 , which ho secured.
Union Sewing Machine , 200 N. 10th Si
Army Orders *
Capl. Gerhard L. Luhn , Fourth in
fantry , who was appointed inspector of
Indian supplies at Gordon City and Val
entino , Neb. , and to witness the issue of
annuity goods for the Rosebud agency ,
D. T. , has been relieved , and Capt. Wil
liam II. Blsbeo , Fouith infantry , has boon
detailed to complete his duties.
The ration of broad for issue to the
troops at Fort Mclviiinoy , Wyo. , for the
next six months , has been increased to
twenty-two ounces , the troops having
been unable to provide themselves with
a supply of fresh vegetables.
Ma.ior Robert II. Hall , Twenty-Second
infantry , acting inspcclor general , do-
partmcnt of the Platto. has been ordered
to Fort Washakie , Wyo. , on public busi
The leave of absence for seven days
granted First Lieutenant Charles M.
Rockefeller , Ninth infantry , lias been
extended twenty-throe days , and permis
sion granted him to apply for a further
extension of one month.
Union Sewing Machine , 200 N. ICtli St.
A disturbance at Hans Young's Doug
las street saloon shortly after midnight
Saturday night caused tlio police to break
in the door and arrest Hans , his brother
Charles , and two customers. They were
locked up for the night but released on
bail yesterday morning.
The employes of Krug's brewery gave
a very pleasant and successful social ball
at Ivcssler's ' hall Saturday evening.
There was a good atlendanco and Iho af-
iair netlcd a snug little stun to its pro
Light running Union sewing machine.
The Child-Stcaler combination , who
have been successful jn Iho west' in
pleasing tlio people , will play at the Pee
ple's theater , commencing January 23th ,
one week.
Union sewing machine , latest and best.
Paola Pavcsich , Denver's well known
designer and decorator , is tn the city , bc"-
ing engaged in beautifying < Dr. Mercer's
residence. He is alsot conferring with
the county comniisMonerB * in regard to
improvements in his line in Ihc county
Union sowing machine lasts a life lime.
I'reparcd with special rcRard to lierltii.
No Ammonia , Lima or Alum.
fly reason of Ita central noaltlnn and close relation to
nil principal llnoa Kutit anil Wen. at Initial and Icr.
inlnal points , constitute * the i.nmt Inipnitant inlif-
contlnontnl llnkln tlmt nviitem of tluouch trant.por-
tatlon which Imltes unit farllltntofi tra\ulfimltrnlfia
tidlucnn cltton of the Atlantic iird 1'aclltc C'onuts. It
In alvo tbe favorite and l > eht I onto to nnd from polliU
ja : e. and Suutlioait , and corretuundlus
iwlnti Wont , Noilliweit and ljuiitliartt.
The Croat Rook leland Route
Guarantees its pationa that cense of peruonnt re'cii-
i-ltr airorded liy n follil , tlioruuehlr l > nll ti < il road-
twicl. nmootli tmclm of cuntlimoui ft-tl nil , tutHuii.
tlally bull t culverts and In Idem , i oLUnic itorli n nrar
pirfec'tlun a > liuinan > UII1 can make It , tliu tatety
appliance * of patent Uuireis.pJatforanandair hraLea ,
and that ciactlnc dlvclplliio nlilpli iroveiIIH Ihe plao-
tlcal operation or all Hi tialm. Oltw-r tpeclulllm of
; jiU route are 1ranir i > at nil counectlne tiolnts In
Union Depoti , and the iiniurpatxd gonifoits anil
luiurlon of iti Pnxenger K < iuipiuent
The Fa t Ejpre i Trains > lBtw n anil
Pnorla , Council Illuffa , Kansas Oily , tratcnnoiIII and
Atchuon art c < "ni > osed of nell Temilati-il , ( Inrlr up-
linluered Day Coacliei. tlacnHlcrni I'lillman 1'alaio
The Famous Albert Loa Route
If the dliiicc and fnroilte llaoi between Chicago and
VliincapolliandHt. i'anl , vlieru foiuertlonsarumailu
in Union liepnu for all noliitt Jn tu * Ten Itorlen ami
llrltlili I'ruvliuea , Over thistoolo fait Eiprcn
lialni nro run to the watertu * vlaeei , cuniuur la-
soitu , ulctcnesiiuo localities , ami biat loir ami tuning
ernumliot loiva and illnuetou. II In also the mutt
aerli able route tu the licit lieat Melds and paitoiat
laniti of Intcrloi Datotn.
Mill nnotlur DllttCT LINK , via Seneca and Kan-
kaVqe , ha * been opened between I'lnrlmmtl , Imllan-
pn&Us and Lafayette , and Council UliiiM , KaneanCltr.
Minneapolis and bt. 1'aiil and lnt ( nnedlatp polnti.
rur detailed Information ei * Hapa uid folders.
pbtalnabli ) . u well us tickets , at all principal Ticket
Cilllcet in the United buus uud Cauadai ur by ua-
I'res't & Ucu'l M'e'r. Oea'l 1'kl * 1'ass. Aft't ,
OMAHA , NEB , and DE3 M01NES , IA.
, Cor. Ulu unrt. 1'urnnra Streets , Hoom 10
GrpiiUE DuiJU.NOuoF . M. Kills.
1119 WE WILL 1119
In order to close down the stock of Misfits and uncalled for clothing
garments which still remain unsold , offer at astonishingly low prices ,
ROM P P " "HI * B I f * Ak I * * V f W" "U1
Three weeks , there remains Overcoats , Suits , Coats niul Vests nud Pantaloons which will be found from inspec
tion , superior to anything found outside of the most artistic tailoring establishment , and for the coining thrcx
weeks , or
Wo feel if there is a man in the vicinity of the Gate City who can use clothing , lie will find it to his interest lo
come to 1119 Furnnm street , where he will find wo can
Superior made gurmeuts nt comparatively his own prices , made from the best imported and domestic fabrics
in any style man can have made bj' his own
And save him from 75 lo 100 per cent on each purchase. lie then secures a garment with some shape and fit ,
No ripping , for he can find nothing but hand
With character of wear and tear. This will be found no cheap trash , advertised in order to run it oft' , but will
be found goods in cut and pattern of the present season , and will be sold
Thau ordinary goods can be bought far. It is most reasonable to make this assertion , as Hie } ' have been
bought up from the merchant tailors for less
( X'
Cost. In the price you can be suited without u doubt. In style of cut and putlern and as to price it will be
found less by one half than the same
AnjT place in the country. You will in connection with the above be treated with the greatest courtesy and
not insisted to buy in the way that it is your money we want , but you will find it left to
To pay a visit will prove to your Interest to inspect and invest in these special inducements which
For the next twenty days at the
, .
" g. = ps aj
Omaha ,
Council Bluffs
And Chicago
Tlio only rend to tnlco for Dos Moliics , Mnr-
Blinlltown , Cedar Kaplds. Clinton. ni\fo , Cliieiiso ,
Milnruukcu mid nil points oa t. To the pcqjrtoof
Nebraska , Colorado , Wjominar , Utah , iilnlio
Noviidu , Oregon , Washington niul California U
oirerssnpoiior advantages not posslblo by uny
other line
AinoiiB n few of tlio numerous points ot supe
riority enjoyed by the patrons ot this ronil be
tween Omaha nmlChlciiKO. nro Its two trains a
dny of DAY COAWJKS which lire the llncst tbut
limmui nrt nnd ingenuity cnn create. Itsl'Alc
ACK SUJEI'INCJ 6'AHS , which aiu moilels of
comfort niul elctfrtnco. Its PAKLOlt IWAWIVO
ItOOM CAltS. unsuriinssril by unv , unil Its wide
ly celebrated PALATIAL DINING UA1I3 , ho
uqunl of which cannot be found clsowniiro.
At Council IllulTs the trains ol the Union 1'iici-
flo Ky. connect In Union llenot with these of the
Chicago te Northwestern Ity. In Chicago the
trains of this line mnko close coiinuclloii with
these of all eastern linos.
For IJotiolt , Columbus , Indianapolis , Cincin
nati , Niagara Fulls. Itullalo , Pitthbuig- . Toronto ,
Montreal , Hoston , Now Yoilt , I'hlludolpulii ,
tlmore , Washington and nil points In the east , ailc
the ticket ugont for tickets via the
If you wish the best ncc'omniodutlons. All ticket
rBimts pell tickets via this lino. , , . ,
11. I1UUHITT. IIS. . HAin ,
( K'licrul ilnnajjer. ° i. 1'ass. Ajront.
J.OT2T © .
Cataluguea nnd Trices on nppllrntlon. Coielby
Mltnc best fnrrlnco linlliicru mill Dealers ,
Cublo AdJrc-t.3 , COO C1N ,
To Eliow jon the
Union Sewing Machines
The machine that was awarded tlio
At the Woild'a Exposition , Now Oilnans , ever
allcomnct'tjif , and the only sowing inttclilno
vrilhniit clinniilntrorEtopiiln the machine.
* If your dealer < 'oos ' not hanilla it make lilm
got it , and if ho littB not cntoijniso enough to
ucconuuodutoyoueeid | your uddtcssto
206 Nortli 16lh Street , Omaha , Nebraska }
For circulars , terms nnd pi lees. The Union
Bon Ititr Miu'hlno , as Its names Implies , eomlilnos
nil tlio good points ol llrst class in chlii (
ono , nnd Id undoubtedly the simplest and
beat for family pm poses. Thn best argument
that it Is tlio best ls that It commands a higher
price than any other machlno in the inaiKit.
No machines sola except to dealers at loss thau
retail price.
Union Man'f g Co. ,
206 H , 16th StnOmalia , Neb ,
07 223 OZZE.A. ESI' ' XiT TO
A pro , Etc ,
One of the Best and Ectrgest Stocks in tlie U.S.
to Select from.
No Stairs to Climb , Elegant Passenger Elevator
GEO. IIUHKIi , Mnnacor ,
IlKFEnnNrnS : Morelinnts and Farmers' Hank , David City , Neb , ; Konrnoy National llankJConr
ney. Neb. : Columbus State. Bunk , Columbus , Neb. ; McDonald's Hunk , Noith 1'latto , Nob. Omaha
Nnuoim ! llMik , Omaha , Neb.
Will pay customers' dratt with bill of lading attached , for two-thirds vuluo of stock.
33W . -
vs 8BJ 'a" ' ' sl i Cor. apitol AvontiB.
Chronic & Surgical Diseases.
DR. MoMENArtlY. Proprietor.
hutcea jams' Ho pim ! niul I'llvJlu I'nietlco
Vrili.t\o Ihe fiu.llltici' , apparatus oii'l ' icuiedlo
for tliu succctsful treatment of t\cry form of ells-
case n nulling cither nu'illcul or surgical treatment ,
( mil Invite till tocoincuml liivrctlgntuforthi'inseltdi
or corresponds lib. us. Long experience In treat-
luz Cases by letter enables IIB to treat tunny cum
tclcntiflcallyithnut Hrclm ; them ,
WIUTK 1'OH fMUCIJIiAU on Deformities nncl
Bruceii , Clul > Fc'et , Curvatures of thu bplnc ,
UiiKitKi tiv WO IIN. 1'lli'K , Tiunorn , Uaiicers ,
Cataph , Dronclillls , liihalctlon , Kleclrlclly , 1'
Klilnvyi 1yt1ur bklu Jllooel uuel
yds , Kpileiisy , - - , - , ,
all eurelcnl oncrallont ,
ISattorlm , lulialvm , Uracrs , Trussrs , nnd
nil ! ( ludi < of .MrcIIcul and Surgical App'.lnuces ' , mau-
ufftctiired and for falo.
The onlncllablo Medical Institute making
Private. Special S Nervous Diseases
' A KrtiUIAl.TV.
froiuuliatcu'rcniitoiiroilnce.l.Micci'etfiilly Ircaldl ,
\Vo can remote Hynhllltlo [ lolso.i from llioejttem
without mercury.
New rc6toratl\o treatment for Ion of vital power ,
Cnll ami consult us or fend nomu mid ] ) o't-olll ( u
address plainly written encloeu etamj ) , uudM >
ttlll eetiil ) ou , hi plain n ramie r , our
VrOU i'lllVATK , tl'tCIAI. AND IllMlMjUa DUBitl.d ,
cr , Svrinuu , Oosonnnu : * , OIJKT , VAiticocrLB ,
fiTWCTlMir , AM > AM. llIfEABKJ Ol1 T1I15 ( ] CNTa- |
UniNinr Or.aiNS , or tend history of j our ta c for
tin opinion ,
I'ursonj unable to vltlt us may l > o Ito-Blcil at Ilieilr
liomev , by correspondence. Mi.llcliua Iiiitni-
incnts scut by mail or express blX'UULJ.Y I'ACIC
Xl > VROU UUSF.KYAT1OX no marks to indleale
couteuU or sender. Ono pcrconal internw plot
fenedifcomeuleut. I'lfly roonw for1 the accom-
.modatlou of patients , Hoard nud allemlancu at
reasonable pilcee. Addrc all I.flftrs to
Omaha Medical and Surgical Institute ,
Cor. J3UiSt and Capitol Avc , , OMAHA. HEB.
A niiiEor UNI : ron
England , France & Germany.
The Etcumshlpti of this well known line ninnll
of lion , In water tight comiinrtmcmtu , audio-
lurnlshed with uvurylhlmr to miiliii the pas * igo
both feiifo and atficcublo , They carry thu United
HtulcHund lluioiifau mulls , mid IcavoNiMv Voik
'JliurednyHiind Saturdays lor Plymouth , ( ION-
DON ) , Chin lions : , ( I'AUlri niul IIAMIIUHO ) .
Jtutes-FUfct cabin , 10U-$10J. Bteormru to Now
York fcKi.
Tlio CnllKinph Is rapidly dlsplaclncr tlio pen.
i how jou may you uuiiuut ullonl 10 do
without It ,
Nil otltur labor Bavlnjr Invontlon lias EO loss-
rjiK'il ilniilituiy or Inaln and hand , or tuvcil
bin li n laiirei pcic'onlaxu ol iltnr lubor ,
HKWO tnal It turns oil but twice 113 iniioli
oik Iniitflvril llnio usdooi the pen ( It easily
dot's tljiro tinHH us niiiclilniid It Klvcs you tuv
( ml lice Iioumiluily us nnd Inloii'st on jour-
lineistinciit. 1'or clunlarri und hpeie'linoiiD up-
ply to II. . jsTltirK.DliiHlui , Noli , ,
fjcnl. ARont fnr Nobiaslin and Woituin Ju n ,
JtlllilO.Vri. ( Utnlovnoo l' best ) for nil kinds of
nritlni ; ir.uclilnw , on hand. 1'rlco il uacli.
rtKlcKt ItlJIUK VeMcIo iniidr. Klitwi u ewt
rilhcne pcrwmitwo. 'Ibo.Si > rlii ; : Irnu'lirti !
I ( iiirlcn ntMtilwt lu tin w 'stt tlity 1107. KQ al't
welt niluvK'rt ii r u li vauiurj ronilmii il
" ' '
vJ"li'Llliia0c'iiril'uuo ISutletCnud Dealer * *
it KCCPER oHt-iiK lUKllnii'1 euiluullu 1 reiD > uins (
i * vs V iiki i lid "I 'i < * I' " ' ' ca ! ' ' for fc"rl 'J '
uirail ) . unillliKii- . .glitiJMMitltmtliu ll r aud
* < ijit-t. H. a , UM1TH , Pub. , Omuhu , N u.