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Who Took Up Claims on the Grow Greek
and Winnebago Reservation ,
An Amendment Hiiumlltcd to HF | ) Da
kota Hill \Vhlch Contemplates
.Keller to Those Who Suffered
by the Proclamation.
the Settlors' ApppnlH.
Jan. 20. [ Special Tele-
ginm.J It is very piob.iblo that the people
who settled on the Crow Cieek and Wlnnc-
hngo Indian icscrvallon In Dakota between
Februaryi7and : April 17 last , under the
provisions ofn pioclamatioii Issued by Presi
dent lithnr , Ihiowlng the ip civntion open
to settlement , and who Avcre compelled to
move oil of Ihe settlement1 * they nlado by n
proclamation Issued on the latter date by
Pccstdent Cleveland , revoking the founcr
pioclamatioii , will IK-paid for the looses they
sustained. Kver sluco the invocation of
Piesldeut Aitliui'spioclamallon , the sulTer-
rrs from It have been appealing to tlio pi evi
dent nud interior dcp.iilincnt for
icllef. They say they made entiles
on the icservntlon In good fnith ,
hnv ing n perfect right to do so under the first
proclamation , nnd that two months after-
want , when they had just . ' ( ot , settled In their
new homes thcyweic foielbly driven away ,
vvheieby they lost all Ihey expended for their
buildings , fences , etc. , nud the sacrifices they
made in leaving their old homes , since 11 was
by deception o i the patt of Ihe government
and an older over which Ihey had no eon-
tiol. That thijy sustained their losses liicy
very naturally concluded the troveinment
would lelmburse them.
To-day in Iho senate Mr. Harrison 10-
Hpomleu to the appeals of these disappointed
settler * , nud proposed an amendment to his
bill on the subject ot the division of Dakota
and the admission to statehood of thu south
ern poition of it , which contemplates the
propei lellef. Theamendment piovldcs that
for ninety days nfler the passage ol this act
these settleis may re-enter upon their claims
nnd complete the same as icqiiiied by law ,
nnd their claims shall for such a time have a
piefeience over later entiles ; nnd when they
.shall In other lespccts have complied with
tlie law icgulating such entries , especially
liomesteiulcis , shall bo entitled to have .such
lands , and patents theiefor shall be issued.
Tlio money paid for pie-emption nud
town silt ; entiles shall bo such ns aio
mpilicd by law in oilier cases , and shall
be paid Into a geneial fund. The piesldent
shall appoint a special agent under the dlicc-
tion of Ihe secietaiy of the Interior who shall
as soon as piacticablo nuiko Imnitiy and ic-
poit to the .sectetaiyoC the Intel ior upon the
claims for losses of peinous who In good
faith , between Fcbruaiy 27 and Apiil 17 , ISS" ! ,
settled upon any of the lauds In the Crow
Cicck nnd Winneb.igo reservation. The
agent shall have power to cause witnesses to
come befoio him nt some point convenient to
the reset vation , nud to administer oaths. He
.shall lopoil the inipiovciiieiits made by such
poisons , the value of thu same , the
losses sustained by reason of the
i evocation ol tlio executive older
opening these lands to settlement , giving the
particulars of any such losses and all other
iacls connected therewith , and. In case the
consent of Iho Indians Is not obtained then
Inquiry and repoit shall be made as lo nil per
sons who made claims upon that pait of the
reseivation which Is not Included in the new
reservation. ThoDakola statehood bill es
tablishes the icpoi t of the special agent shall
bo tiansinlttcd by the sceietary of inteiior to
Commissions were to-day issued for the
following Iowa postmaster : F.lKlin W.
Uicen , nt Weaver ; Chailos W. Finnoy
Selma ; John AV. Ciouch , JJedding ; William
Wall , Foiestvllio ; Josinh V. Dollauhtcr ,
Dodds : Cathailuo Bayne , Climbing Hill ;
iind for Austin W. Sloan , nt Vcrdon , Xeb.
Tim time schedule for the star mall loute
liom Biooksvlllo to Dado City , Xeb. , has
been ouloicd changedas follows :
Leave Biooksvllle on Mornings and Thurs
day sat 7 a. m. ; nulvoat Dado City next day
by 11 a.m. Leave Dado City on Tuesdays
nnd Fiidays at3 p. m. ; aulve at Biool.svillo
next day by 0 p. m.
The site of thu postofllco nt Pilot , Ouster
county , Xeb. , has been moved 0110 mile
The postofllco at Lava , Cheny county , has
been discontinued. Thu mail goes to floi-
AVAhin.Noro.v. Jan. 20. [ Piess. ] The
senate In executive session continued the
lolloping nominations : To bo consul , Win.
A. ( iiiiish ot Missomi , atMaitlniqiio : Win.
B. Mcl'onneil ot Dakota , associate justice of
tlio.supiemo com tot Dakota ; Isaac 11. May-
naid of Xew Yoik , second comptroller ot the
tieasury ; 1) ) . M. Fox ol Pennsylvania , to bo
Mipciintcmlcnt of the mint nt Philadelphia ;
Wm. A. Day of Illinois , to be second auditor
of the tieasmy ; John S. Wjlliamsof Indiana ,
to bo thlid auditor ol the tieasury ; Adlai K.
Stevenson of Illinois , llrst assist ant postmas
ter gencinl ; Baitlctt Tiippol Dakota , chief
justice ot the supiemo couit of Dakota.
Postmastois t ; M. Shelly Kansas " "
* wotitm nin \ i * ' * wui'JtJt ' * ii tt iJl IJ i
Mo , ; X. K. l\es Minion , Iowa ; Paul Dowllu ,
( iieeiitlebl. Iowa ; Samuel L. Cbllds , Atlantic ,
louii ! hS. . HiM < * lUivMniint. . Vi'i nnti. Imi'ti *
in my promotions.
Tlioiie.slilt'iitsentDtho ] following nomina
tion to the tunatu to-dny ; Cliailes
J. Cniuln of New Yoik , assistant
tieasuror of tlm United States at Xow York ;
cAi'ii'Ai , HI ! .AK & .
The house commllteu on leluim in tlio civil
Muylce , to-day unanimous Instiuctcd l'iilit/er
to icpoit ndM'iM'ly the bill Intiodmvd by
Senoy lortlioicpeal of Iho civil seivleolaw ,
A sub-commllli'L1 , eonsi.stlm , ' of Clements ,
Pulitzer and Spooner , was appointed to con
sider nil tlm hills H'latin ; , ' to the repeal ol thu
tenmoof olllconct.
The slxteontli niniual meeting of the na- >
ttoiuil board ot trade was commenced In this
fityiit noon today. Kmleilck Fravvloy of
Philadelphia picslded. Foity-llvo delegates
weiu pic > .eut , ieiie ) entlnK tlio leading trade
Oiiranlzations 01 Iho country. '
Thu committco ou livers nndhnrboi.s to-day
heaid nruuiuents by delegates liom the west-
em vvntcuvay Iminovemeiit convention.
Addie.ssos ) vt-ro made by Kcpicsontattvo
Duniicll for tlio St. Paul convention touchIng -
Ing thu impiovumcnts In the atcisof the
iipxr | Mississippi nnd Mlssouil valleys , W.
If. Miller of the Kansas City coin ontfon on
tlio Mlssoml liver , nnd Col. ( loo. W. Wiight
of Missouri and J , T. liunton of Dakota on
\vustuin water ways In general. The session
of the committee on Friday will bo devoted
to hearing other gentlemen on the . -amo
subjiot ,
riTK-JotiK rourr.n's CASK.
Ihoiuliioilty loportot thohousn committee -
too on military nffalis , on ( ho bill ftn thu 10-
liefotKitjs John Poitor , was laid lielorotlm
house to-day , The mlnoilty if the bill
does not nominate roiterto uillco It iinn ab-
eoluto nullity , it U does iiomtiuiUMiim it Is
KII Invatiyu or t'itiemuUvo | < iciox lK' . It
is advice or law. If advice it Is useless , and
law It ls usurpation. Jf tlio court
martini crrrd , there \va4 no appeal. The
minority respected Porter forhlsperslstonoo ,
Mill it could not but believe thai his disobe
dience and Inaction cast a shroud of woe
over thousands nt homo , aud brought dls-
nsler to the nntlonnl cause.
Jir.NlKS AM , Tlin CIIAtlOE .
The seeietaty of the treasury has rccehrd
n long coinmuiilcatloii from lieoigo V <
Hiovver , general appraiser at tlio port ot Xew
York , In regard to thn charees preferred
ngaiust him rcecntlv by H. IX Phclps of Xovv
Yoik. Ilo makes a broad and general denial
of them nil.
WAsitixnTo.v. Jan. so. Judge M'ooily.wlio
was clectrd United Stales senator by the
Huron ( Dak. ) leeiilatme. lo-day addie cd
the house committco on tenitoiies In fnvor
of Ilio ndmisslon of soullicrn Dakota as a
state , nnd tlm ciratlon of n tcultory out ol
tlm noitlirin poition. On Trldny , Jlr. llojii
Ion , of Dakota , and others \vlll ndilicxs the
rommlttco lulavorot ndmission , but acalnst
division ,
SKNATIJ lllU.S I.VTliOnirrKI ) ,
By Senator Wilson of IOWA To facilitate
the business of thp supiemo conit , ciicult
cotut and couit of claims.
Hy Senator Logan To oxlend the pro
visions of the act for the irllcf of puichasers
nml locaters of swamp nnd overflowed lands.
lit n HcvolvciAVIth a Urncc-
lot on Ills Throat ,
CincAno , III. , Jnn. 20. fSjioclal Tele
gram. ] A dating rolibeiy llmt would do
credit to thi ) . Ies e James pang occtiricd on
the west side last night. Four men cntcied
the jevvchy Htoro of Sovein Pios. nt TTfl
West Mndlson stiect. Ono of them asked
to see some watch cliarni" . Ilcniy Scvcin ,
who is a young man nbout y years of age ,
was alone In tlm stoical the time , nml In
msponso to the icqucst placed ntiay full of
chaims ol nil dcscilptlons bcfoic him.
Another ot the four asked to see lings. As
bev eui piocecdcd to leach Into the case for
the tray of lings the first man
moved behind the counter between
two show cases , nnd , as the piopilctor
attempted to linn about to resent the Intiu-
slon ho was caught by the neck. A man in
front suddenly plated a lovolver in close
pioxlmity to his nose nnd n quiet but em
phatic coi.mand was given to leiualii per
fectly quiet and say not a word , unless ho
wished lo give up his llfo with Ills jewels.
The jeweler , taken completely by surpiise ,
was unable to make a move to defend him
self. The youngest man in tlio party can led
a , laigc bag on his arm and in a few moments
hoand his disengaged companion slipped be
hind the show cases and completely
emptied them ot watches , lings
and oilier valuables. Mr. Scvoin
say.s ltdid nol seem more than a , minute and
a half befoiQ the cases were cleaned out , Xot-
vvithslaiidlug their haste , the men took noth
ing but Iho most valuable , thus showing they
wcie no oidlnary sncak-tlilovcs and their
movements indicated that they had studied
up Ilio case in advance. When Ihe booty was
seemed , the thief who still held the piopri-
ctor by the throat , loosed his hold , and mov
ing aiound In front , pioduccd a revolver and
covered the victim -while the other tlnco He-
paited. Severn and his enforced vis n-vlsie-
malncd in this position tluee or four min
utes when the last robber , cau
tioning Hie young man to 10-
inain wheio ho was for at least
live minutes , followed his companions. Sev
ern's confusion andastonishmentcauscdhim
involuntarily lo a obey Iho injunction. As
BOOH as ho iccovercd himself ho inn and gave
the alarm. A patiol was called , but by the
lime the ofllcers arrived no trace of Ihe rob
bers could bo found. The value of the pio-
pcity taken Is placed nt 51,500. Severn isnot
sure he can identify any of the lobbers , ns his
attention was principally taken up by the
grip on his throat and the muz/.lo of the ic-
The SufrcrliiRS of Vivo Hundred Pns-
scngcrs in Kansas DrlflH.
Dnxvr.ii , .Tan. 20. The snow blockade on
the Kansas division of the Union Pacific is
again bioken , for the second time In two
weeks. Most of the passengers wore de
tained in the diifts between Ellis and Brook-
ville , Kansas. The delayed tiains brought
about thli teen tons of mall , some of It cx-
ticineiv ancient , thiity Ions of express goods
and 500 vveaiy and tia\cl-staincd passengers.
Those who weio not in the Pullmans make
bitter complaints of their suflfciings and
ticatmont dining theirimpiisonmeiit In the
drift. Few supplies could Do had , except at
extortionate prices , and water was a luxury
that money could not Diiy. Many say it
was so scaico that tlio passengcis were
not able to bathe their hands and
laces. At Biookvillo the Iiungiy passen-
gui.s wcio about to assault a icstnmvuit In
force lor food when the keeper of the place
suiicnileied and tlio niilwiiy olliulnis wcia
foiced to deal out n little food to the starving
passengers. Tlio passengers \vcr closely
packed Into tun cai.s In eider that tlio other
caii might be loluined to thu east , and' they
had lo light for seals.
A Heavy , nnil 1'rolmlily Fatal , RI.izo
in i'lilladolplila.
Piiir.v ni.i'in.v , Jan. 20. A lire bioko out
nbout 5 o'clock this evening In a no-il of old
buildings on Aich sheet , occupied as oil
waiehonses etc. , nud for a time tlneatencd a
serious conflagration. By haul work , how
ever , thu liicmon managed lo confine it lo
Unco buildings which \\ero gutted. Tlio Ilio
stalled fiom the biealclii'- n lamp by a
man named Kessler , who was smlously
binned aud Is now lying at the hoipltal in a
ciltlcal condition , Samuel Ualloy , nnolher
employe , Is also missing and Is believed lo
have been binned to death. Two young
ladies mil rovvly escaped tl.o same late. JMSA
Jsr.Wiomr , Jan. 20. Shortly bcfnro 2 this
nltciuoon tlio biowcry of lleumin Koehler it-
Co. , n\onue , cauylitliio anil thieatens
to assume largo piopoitloiiij.
Tliu Silver Question.
WASHINGTON1 , Jan , -0. Tlio house com-
mltteo on coinage to-day postponed until
iioxt meeting consideration of all bills relat
ing lo thu coinage of silver dollais. The
committee will then begin the discussion of
the dllferont Phases of tlio question and dis
pose of them us inphlly ns tlio impoitanco of
thu question will allow. It was the general
undmstandlng of the committee that thu bill
Intioilucf'.l by tlio ehaiinuin to utpeal that
poition oftho act of Juno l > , IbTD , piovldlng
for tlio exchange nud ledumplion of subst-
dlaiy coins lodawlul money should bo 10-
poited lavoiubly. Final action ou Iho bill
was not taken , as the committee thought it
miglit lead totho picmatino opening up of
tlm silver question In the house , All bills re
lating to tno trade dollar wciorelcned ton
sub-committee , consisting ut Kcpiescntativcs
Lunh.un , JicCicery nnd Jiimoa , utter which
nn adjournment was taken , AVttiitri lo Come In.
ST. I'AUii , Jan. 20. J. j. Uiowno o Wash
ington teultory is here , on route to Wnsli-
ington. lie says the ienltory desltes admis
sion ns a state , nud claims northern Idaho
dcMics to bo ndded to Washington , whoso
leglslatuic is now In session and will enact
mining laws favorable to that section , which
Is mineral.
They fiiHt Disarm.
ST. I'tri Knsnuiui , Jan , 20. The Journal
Do. St. PvJtersbuig bays : "The dignity ol
KuiopodcmamU that Iho power ? should re
double their ellorts to compel ( Jieccc , Scrvla
ami Bulgaria to dl aim so as lo move-lit
cnlamitie ? tlio extent niul Usnu ot vvulch no
ono can toresce.
Bloody Nebraska Row Over Wolf Bait With
Bullets and Olubs.
Soi'lons Uallroad Accident Near
Grand Island--\ City of Conven
tions Skipped With the Firm's
Money The Vlrcmcm
Flei-co IfaniHy Klglit.
PO.VCA , Xeb. , Jnn. 20. Tliu details of a
bloody an it fatal low , which occurrcil near
licro Mond.xy , has Ju t been iccclved In all its
The paitlcipanls In tlio fracas were Iho
faint lies of W. W. Westbrook and A. Olbson.
The founcr consisted of the father null three
sons of lighting a'je , and the latter the old
man nnd 0110 son.
Some daysnio the ( ilbsons secured a mnlo
careas" to bait for wolves. ' It was so success
ful that \Vcslbrooks raided the bait and
carried oil halt of It to plant on their own
premises. This plating brcat'h of pioporty
rights was piononncccl a casus bellli and the
Gibsons took down their lllnt lodes ami lusty
navies and went gunning for the Westbrooks.
They met by chance on the highway. The
Westbrooks had heaid of tlm declara
tion of war , nnd had thrown out
a skirmishing linn to pievcnt a surprise.
AVhen the factions hove in sight , the West-
brook light mtlllcry was unmasked , and a
bullet pleiced the heel of Gibson's mule.
This unguarded shot smote the bull's-eye of
peace In the old man's licait , and ho chaiged
on the enemy with n wild war whoop. The
onset \\asnol unllko acyclono in a land
locked valley , and paralyzed the Westbrooks ,
both sue nnd sons. When hostilities ceased
through lack of ammunition and nm-
teilal to play on , three Wcst-
brooks lay bleeding and dead on the field
while the fomth , coveiing the foim of old
Gibson , rammed a pistol into his ear and
snapped the tiiggcr several times. It failed
to explode , and Gibson lives to attend the
Old Weslbrook got a bullet wound over the
right cyo ; his son Tom icccivcd a dcith
wound in the neck ; and Jim , another son ,
had his scalp funovved with a shot.
Gibson suricudcicd to the atithoiities.
A City ol' Convention.
Hr.s MOIXKS Iowa , Jan. 2' ' ) . Several state
oigant/.allon.s have been in annual session
totay. . The State Temperance Alliance
hoaid repoils from ditTciont congressional
districts as to the enforcement ot prohibition ,
and elected as olliccj s for the ensuing year ,
president , J. A. Harvey ; ticasuier , Judge C.
C. Xouise ; secretary , Mis. A. E. McMuiray.
The socrctaiy's icpott shows a gencial en-
foicement of tlie law in most parts
ot the state ; that 701 saloons have
been renoited by justices of the peace as
closed , that 137 towns have reported a major
ity of population in favor of enforcement ,
that about 80,000 in lines have been paid by
violators of the piohlbitoiy law in justices'
com ts alone
The State Horticultural society opened the
second day's pioceedings with a large attend
ance. Tile society discussed the subject of
propagation of fruit anil lorest tree seeding ,
and the subject of fruit display was also dis
cussed. A largo number of well known
hoitlcultuilsts mo present , and a line display
of fiult Is piescntcd.
Theboardof directors of the farmers' pro
tective association met to-day , and audited
the accounts for the past year and discussed
subjects of Intcicst to the membeis of the
association. The millers of the state met and
organi/edastalo association , and arranged
for mutual piotectlvc rules of tiadc.
PrelRht Car and Caboose Derailed.
Gr.ANi ) ISLAND , Meb. , Jan. 20. [ Special
Telegiam. ] A serious accident happened tea
a fieight train yesteiday on the St. Joe &
Giand Island railroad , about two miles south
of llansen , caused by a broken rail , which
doiallcd the hind car and caboose , throwing
them down nn embankment about ; ten feet ,
leaving the caboose standing on end. There
weiosevcul passengers In the caboose at the
lime , and some of them iccelved seilous In-
W. L. .Baker of Hnnsrn lecelvcd a severe
bum on the leg iiom the hot stove in the car
tailing against him.
Another passenger , whoso name could
not bo learned , had thieoiibs-biokcn and
iccelved other serious Injuries.
Onoof thettaln brakemcn , Fred. Slaugh
ter , iccelved the mo * ! seilous injuries , hav
ing both shoulders dislocated nnd collar bono
broken. He was taken to Hastings and is In
nciiticnl condition.
Conductor C. 15. Munn had an rum badly
biulsed and iccelved other blight In juiies.
lidfl Without a Farewell ,
Nr.UiiAPKA Cm" , Neb. , .Ian. 20 ( Special
Ti' ] Developments made tills evening -
ing place William U.mcrott , late Raveling
salesman for I ! . Lorton A ; Co. , wholesale
giocers , under a cloud , as it Is thought ho Is
ahead of the linn In bills collected nnd no 10-
pottm.idoof the same. Bancroft resigned
Ills position in December. His last oidcr
came In December 'SO , and fiom that date
Ilanciotl's wlieieaboutu to the Him have been
unknown. Bancroft was nmuicd hut last
fall to an estimable young lady whoso parents
lu.sldo in Lincoln. Humor lias It
that slio Is also unappilsed as to his
whetcabouts. The amount of the cmbcizle-
inciit cannot bo given ns yet.
Tire F
SnwAitn , Xeb. , Jan. 20. [ Special Tclo-
giam. ] At n meeting of the State Fliemen's
association hera to-day , John H. Uuttler of
Omaha , was elected picsident ; A. 0. Leder-
man of ( Jrand Island , and W. H. Xowberry
of Lincoln , vicopiesldents ; J. T. Lyman of
Lincoln , secretary , and W , 11. McCallister of
Grand Island , tieasurer. The next tourna
ment \ylll bo hold at Fiemont In August , and
tie ) annual meeting at Columbus. The hoard
of contiol consists ot Messrs. Dibble of York ,
Hull of Fjemont , Hohman of Lincoln , 1'aratt
otKeauicy , Mullingerof Seward , Schwaitz
of Columbus , and Jennymnn of Grand Is
Made the Old Man Angry.
MONTICIU.O : , Iowa , Jan. 20. f Special
Telegram. ] Btadloy Stuart , 20 years of age ,
iccently man led a lady of 23. The boys
theieupon gave him an old fashioned horn
ing. Ho w as veriy angry , and yesterday ar
rested the ringleadeis for ilot. Ho also
{ nought suit for SliOO ! damages. Jieforo the
first tilnl was ended ha agreed to a settle
ment , which was etfected to-day by the de
fendants paying the costs of S130.
Whisky Was the Cause.
MoxTJcr.r.r.o , Iowa. Jan. 20. | Special
Telegmm.J P. J. Brady , living near here ,
was run over by the cars and killed last night.
Ho was Intoxicated.
Weather for To-Day.
Missouw VALIJJV Fair weather : slight
lisa in tempcmtuio ; falling barometer ;
viuiabio wluib , gt'iicinlly Minting to thu
A Battle Between tlio Policemen and Strik
ing Hungarians One of the Dis
turbing Element Killed.
I'tTTsnvnn , Jnn. 20 , A dispatch from
Mount Pleasant to-nlgljt says : ShcilIT Stew
art and forty deputies , nnd Detective Bropliy
nnd twenty armed polifo from Pittsburg , had
a desperate conflict th B aftcinoon with iBO
strikers , who had attacked the men at the
Alice works in the moinlng. The iloters
rested for dinner. Then they massed at the
Mutual woiks , near Sloncrville. At this
point a negro , without pro\ocatlon , fired at
the Hungarians with a shot gun , but failed
to hit any of them. They surrounded his
house , dragged him out , boat him fearfully
and left him for dead , with his skull frac
tured. Ilo will probably die.
At1 ! o'clock the.stilkcrspassed up toward
Morowoort , llouilshiug every manner of
weapon Irom lovolvcrs to case serapeis.
They wcie headed by Stephen Stamix , main
agitator of the strike. When they readied
shaft A , Morewood mines , they cncouiitcied
sixty-two deputy sheriffs and policemen
drawn up for battle. Detective Biopliy talked
to the foreigners , telling them It wns useless
to icslst , and that ho would arrest the ling-
leaders , liiophy arrested one striker , which
opened the ball. The combat was hand-to-
hand , but the olllccis won , anestlng tlilitecn
men nnd one woman , who were sent to jail
at Gioeinllle. The balance retreated. Over
n hundred shots woie filed and several Hun-
Kalians injincU. How many ts not known ,
as thoyweio c.uiicd away by companion * .
Only one olllccr was slightly hint. The
authorities , it is stated , telegraphed to Pitts-
burg lor more olllcd * . The strike is only in-
nuguialcdnnd moio bloodshed Is feared ,
Tills strike Is undoubtedly the most dan-
ecious In the history of the coke country.
Tlio operators have an entirely different class
of men to deal with , as Hungarians when
drunk ate unmanagnbloand mote like fiends
than men. In loimcr bliiUes this element
was not In the field , and the operators had
more intelligent men to deal with. A leellng
of insccuiity prevails and citizens near the
vaiious tlneatencd districts are arming them
selves and otherwise pieparing to defend
their homes as best they may.
A dispatch at midnight says It is thought
one Hnngniian killed in the fialil with
tlio police this afteinoon. A special train
lelt Giecnsbiug tliis evening with the
prisoneis guaidcd by policemen. A
liot Is also icpoited to have occuiied
at the Donni'lly and Diamond works , al)0ut )
tlneo miles east of Mount Pleasant , in which
live Hnncaiians and three Ameiioans were
Injured. The condition of allaiis at mid
night is pood. A special train has just nr-
ilvcd at St.uidatd , with a police lorce , which
will bo used tonight to aireit some men
charged w'lth assault.
STOXKVIM.H , Pa.-Jan : 20. The situation
assumed an alarming phase in tlio coke re
gions tills moi ning. Three bundled strikers ,
armed with bars , coke-Jorks and revolvcis ,
stalled on a march. Thcydto\c tlio men
fiom woilc at the Alice , and chaiged the
wardeiibol tliecoko. yard at a place a mile
southwest of heio. A boy named Meurer
was tenibly beaten , and a yard uoss ham
mered. Every o\en tiont was crushed in.
The greatest trouble Is yet to come. Satur
day will bo pay-day , aim on Monday ten days
will have expired since the notice to quit had
been given to the strikois in the company
houses. Thcie will likely be serious trouble
when ejectment Is attempted. The rcpoit
that the governor has Ijecn.called on for aid
is nntiue. The sherilTtwIll not send until lie
finds himself uiuibldtoi cope with the dis-
tiu bed element. d "
TJio Clftarmnker's Strike.
Xmv YOIIIC , Jan. 20. Nine thoiisind
cigartnakeis and other employes of the
tiade , employed by the Cigar Manufacturers
association , aio idle to-day. The diiect
cause of the trouble is the icfnsal of Levy
Biothersto declaio their strike against tlio
new uniform price lists off and return to
woik. The employes have banded them
selves together to icslst this demand. By to
morrow the pack eis in all the shops will have
to join the btrikeis. Tlio stiike extends to
the cigar box making trade. When the pack
ers quit woil : the number on strike will have
swelled to 10,000.
The cigar manufacturers this afteinoon
Issued a statement to the public. Tlio state-
made by the men are declared to bo mislead
ing and untrue. They , tlio stiikeis. quoted
several cities as paying higher prices than
ollored by this association , leads tlio state
ment , but they have tailed to say anything
about many other places wheio prices
lor labor aie infinitely lower than the prices
olleiedby this association. The association
offers the following pioposition : The whole
to ho settled by any fair mode of
arbitration that may be i suggested and agreed
upon. Pending such aibitiation wo to
open our tnetoiies at the schedule
prices , and any dlll'cicnco between
those piiccs and those ngiecd upon to bo paid
to our workmen at the termination of the
conlioveisy. This statement is ofllcially
signed by the ninniifacluiors.
The men to-night state , in legaid to the
manufacturers' piopo&ltlon , that they will
not accept any aibitiation ,
An Outline or the Document Victoria
Merely Slsns.
LONDOX , Jan. 20 , The queen's speech was
lead at a ministerial dinner to-dny. llcfcr-
liug to Iiulaiicl , the hpcech says : "Although
in some icspccts theio aio ivoiablu Indica
tions of piogicss towards older in that conn-
tiy , yet at pie.sent Iicland Is dlstuibcd by an
increasing tendency to icsort to unlawful
piactlces and a disposition to set law nt
naught. The govcinment , thereloio , recog
nizes Its duty to take eni'igctle i.tops
to cnfoico law and oidrr. to provldo sccmlty
lor life and piopmty , mid to maintain to its
fullest meaning the intogilty of the union ,
Tlio nieasuips nucessaiy to bccuio these endb
will be .submitted to jiaillamcnt.
Tliofapeech fiuthcrpromlbcs a local gov
ernment mcasuio for Knglaud , to bu followed
by similar mea-mici lor Scotland ami
Iirland , and a bill to cheapen and
faclliato tlio transfer of laml ,
It lefeis to the hoputul prosppcts of tlio
Egyptian coinmi sloin establishing a htahlo
govpinmciit in Kgvpt. It says that tlio ques
tion of annexing Burniah will not bo decided
until LoidDulleiln ifiorts ] ) on tlm subject * .
but that the disposition of Thcbaw
Is necossaiy , conuratulatcs pailiament on tlio
peacctul lon'lgn relutlonH of Biltain ,
nnd trusts that peace will bo maintained In
the lialkans through the self control ot all
the powers Inteiestuti anil concludes by ex-
piesslm , ' the hope that/ ' the npw pailiament
will luilow the gieat traditions of toimer
pnillnments. j
The QUI-CII tin London.
LONDON , Jan , 20r-TJm queen aiilvcd In
London to-day fiom Windsor castle. She
diove fiom the railway station In an open
cnnlago to > palacc , and leeolved
an ovation along tlio route. Her majesty ,
who Is In excellent hciUh , will open pailia
ment in peibon tq-inorrow.
Reinforcements Scat Out.
CAT.CUTTA , Jan , 'JO , A Bengal native
resiment has started for IJuimah to reinforce
St. Joc'h Hiff Hotel.
ST. JOB , Mo. , Jan , 20 , Ira WlUo.ii , present
landlord ot the Pacllio liniibo , backed by J.
B , Kitchen , of tlio Paxton hotel , Omaha , has
elf eiedS 12,500 a jear lent for thu hotel on n
live year lease. His Jeas-ohas neaily expired
and the stockholder am conblderlng the
oiler , The majority of stock was bought
gome time ago by V. A. Hammond , projul-
ctorof the Union Depot hotel , and a row
tiionds , and under that niiantremenl Mr.
Hammond was to have the hoiibo at S'J.MX ) a
year , and the company make the needed leA -
A Deautirnl Store.
Tlio finest and most c-umpluto Art Store
west of Chicago j , , Hospo's , 1513 Douglas.
Senator Monill Addresses the Senate in
Opposition to the Coinage of Silver.
A Colorado Congressman Lois Him-
selfl/ooso on the Silver C < > Innc ;
\Vlillo Another Qurstlon is
Under Consideration.
N , .Inn. 20.-0n ( ho opening ol
the senate to-day , Mr. llalo olTeied the follow
ing resolution :
Iiesolved , That the secietary of the tieas > -
urybo directpd to fonsaid to Iho senate nil
papers in relation to the contract let to Brain-
ard& Co. or other pai tips for the woik , or
any f-oit of the same , of putting an additional
stoiytothol'poiln , ( III. , ) uostonico in ISSS ;
nlso , nil piotpsts filed by labor leagues In le-
Inllon thcipto : also , a ropy of tlio piotcst filed
by Stinub > t Co. , ot Butlalo , Now Yoik , giv
ing Information that the woik of said pon-
trart would bo peifoimed by convict labor ,
and consequently the contiactois who cin-
iiloycd fieo laboi could not alfoid to compcto
for the work.
In otreilnplhc resolution , Mr. Hole said
no had not been mcp.iicd to believe without.
urther intormatlou that the seeielary ot tlie
treasuiy Would let any contiact lor woik to
bo done on puiilie buildings In such way that
the work would bo done by coin lot mbor.
Ho ( Mr. Hale ) had locelved Inloimntlon of
such character as made It desirable to ascer
tain the facts set liirth In Ills resolution , Ho
did not belicNe a contiact for public work
should bo let topinplojeis of convict labor
when theie was no lack of ordinaiy labor
In the conn I ly , Ilo did not believe that lice
labor should be put on competition with con
vict labor.
The ipsolulloti was azreed to.
Mr. Moirlll addicted the senate on the
silver question. He picuilsed with the ro-
niaik that the elaborate speech of the senator
fiom Kentucky ( Buck ) seemed to throw the
buiden of the lojolnder on the tnoiids of the
ndmlnlstiatlon. I do not mean , lie continued ,
tocncmacli upon the pilvileges which so
many democratic senators appear so eager to
enjoy of rushing totluucscuo ofthe piesulcnt
and the becrcmry ol the tipasiny , against
whom the ciuel ittack is made , upon tlio
cnidinal mcasuia ot the ndmlnistiiitiun , us
1 know the fate oL those who ventuic to In-
li'ileio with family miaueK But this
measure , thiongli w lilch sliver might bo main
tained on a par with gold , is so wet thy of all
accppllon that I fear It will not have , after
the heat of demonstration , an acknowledged
leadci of his patty In tlio btato asaiusl it , or
thai unanimous suppoit to which it may be
laiily entitled. In the first place , let me say
there are no pai tie * , so far as 1 know , in the
senate or out of it , that pioposeor h.x\o any
wisli to deinoiipti/.o It , for to cluuceotheiwiso
is a baseless assumption and unwoithy ol the
aicna of fair debate. K\eryboily is willing-
nay anxious to kpcp ns much of silver as
can bo done and keep it at the bamo time nt
par with our gold coinage. Tlio only hostility
aiisesiiom whathociiis to ho a mixed and
passionate puiposo on tlie pai tot some ot
its advocates to promote such an
exceas of silver coinacn as will drive cold
out of the countiy , anil IP.IVC our vast tiadu
and commciee based upon sliver only. In
reaching ; tills position ot .silver inoiiomct-
nllsin , it is impossible to 1)3 ) blind to the dN-
nbtioits contraction ot the piteulating mpdi-
um of the country that would at once occur ,
tor when tlie moment anivcs that gold com
mands a premium it will beheld as a rom-
modlty for. sale , not chuulaUng on n small or
0 per cent premium , beine : as pioducthoof
universal hoaiding at Sopor cent , and no
possiblondvantaso to our people could bo ex
pected Irom following the lame and fpcblo
example of India or Me\Ico in utill/.ing sil
ver currency only.
Mr. Morrlll insisted that theio wns no war
upon silver , but liom the substance andel-
fect ol the declaiation of wai that bait been
made upon gold by the leader ol the demo
cratic patty in the senate , liom the plcasuip
which the senator Irom Kentucky had
evinced In delivering in tlio senate his an
tagonism to tlio piesident nnd scciotaiyof
the tieasuiy , it seemed to Mr. Moriill that
that senator had been for the moment under
a delusion. He was still belaboring with
left-handed compliments some republican
picsident and secretary , but Mr. Monill
could look on with compostne , confident as
lie was ot the suivival of the fittest. His
( Morrlll's ) convictions that continued coin
age of largo amounts of silver would drive
nil gold out ot the conutrv , was based on the
expeiieneo of all clvlll/ca people that inferioi
money never failed to expel superior , and
tlio fact that our own silver mines furnished
moie than one-half of thu annual silver yield
01 the woild.
Mr , Moirlll denied that there had been any
failure on the part of the treasury ollicials to
comply with the laws regaiding the applica
tion of the money recehcd Irom custom
duties. It would not bo contended , ho f aid ,
by anjbody , except , poihaps , the senator
1 10111 Kentucky , that as each piece of money
was iccelved at a custom house it was to bo
branded and set apait in a sppauto eompait-
nient. If it was in the ticasmy , that was
enough. By the repoit of the United States
ticasuier , Moriill continued , itappc.iislheiu
Is somewhere In the treasury Slii'i15'J5XX ( ) of
stiindaid silver dollnis which wo are strug
gling how and where to sately stoic , until by
some miracle they can find moio favor in
this wicked world. The percentage of those
dollars In actual ciiculatlon outside
of the treasury , it also appeals ,
has been constantly giowlns less since
IbSl , being then S0.8 per cent , and
now only le.8 per cent. Woliavo coined over
two hundred ami fifteen million silver dollars
lars , and have only been oblo nt anytime.
through much cost and tribulation , to gel
not quite fitly million Into spasmodic circu
lation. The people do not , like to bo com
pelled by law to c.uiy it. We donotiPccivo
It hem ouiselves with any pinlsowoilhy
coullallty. Whenever thu government , liom
inability or from indisposition , shall fail to
maintain the silver dollar on u par with gold ,
all of the silver coitiliratesns well as all tlm
other paper curiency. together with tlio sil
ver dollar itself , will lull to cvact tlio eom-
meiclal value of the bullion contained in tlio
standaid .sliver dollar. All nur legal tender
must tlipn stand on tliut basis. Themis no
financial or legislative witchcraft tliatollois
any other late.
The senator from Kentucky ( Mr. Bpck ) ot
course expect * to cany the Kuiplio state in
IbSS on his platfoiiu , Ilo Is not himself
eligible as ii candidata for the pieshlcncy.
The distinguished senator nls banner ,
reckless ot tlm clouds without any silver lin
ing which betoken tlio fate of any democratic
son of Now Yoik who may soul ; to conquer
under that sign. The inevitable icsult ot
using silver inpayment of ( lie public debt
would bo to banish gold , or Iwo-tlilids of all
Our present iiu'talliuclieulation , and leave. !
UH with nothing but silver coinage. Our live
or : hlx hundied millions of gold \\ould soon
command a premium , incieasing day by day ,
Go where it nilirht , it would have mnm ap
preciation , and its depaituro could not
hill to pioduco a sellout : mouctaiy
citsls , a conduction which congipss
would be piomptly ui-ked locum by an indefinite -
definite issue ol a now edition of legal tender
gicenbaekson aiovlsal of "wildcat banks1'
to supply tlio pt'.ico of the dcp.ti ted gold.
This , or mi ) thing , tlie supreme point has
alieady announced , congicss may do nt Its
pleasum Such a step , once taken , however.
thu experience ) of the woild shows cannot
easily be let raced.
Mr , Morrlll contended that the public faith
was pledged to the payment of fhq bonds.
both principal and liifeicst , In gold , and that
our credit would bo dUhonoied by paying
them oil' In silver woi th 7'J cents on thu dollar
lar , and concluded as follows : "Tho fact that
the , and spcictarv ot tlio
ticasury. tlio tieasmer , tlio dim-tor
of tlio mint and thocoinptiollcr ot cuueney ,
oxperlcncedlipasury officials , no less under
the piesent ndmlnistiatlou than under tlm
nieccdlng , ntenll agiecdlu uigini ; cougicss
to ceaio tlio piesent colnagi ) of tltosihcr
dollar , goes for nothing with tlio senator
liom Kentucky and his obedient tolloweis , "
.Mr , Beck said tobtoptho coining of silver
money in oulcr to make MT ! money moio
valuable was like stopping giinding wheat
Into flour in outer to make mom value. The
pmposo was to suspend it now and never
lesumu roinnup. The arguiiient
showed that silver was good enough lor
everj bed v Imt tlio bondholder , who was the
only pel son that had In wiitlugneu'Pdtp
liikc' It. The baukeib- and boudlioMtra of
Wall street , MrJrcV ! mtedv.i-oropninb1nR ; !
' . " ' thoilllifortuups or the people , nnd should
Hot bo allowed to slrlko down oue-hnK the
coinage of the world. This was a govern
ment of itfonle , by the people , and for tlio
people , and the people would see It was not
turned into a government of bondholders ,
by bondholder * nnd for bomlholdcis. Mr.
Beck gave notice that in duo time ho. would
icply to Mr. Morrill's speech.
ifr. Morrlll said that Mr. Beck's reply re
minded him of tlie sloiy of boy who ciled
when his mother whipped him , nnd when
asked by his mother why ho cried so much
hauler than had been lift custom on similar
occasions , replied , "because , mother , I sco
von are giowlne wrnker and weaker every
time jou flog me. " [ Laughter. ]
Mr. Teller denied the slatPiupiit by Mr.
Moriill to the olTcct that IOT.,000,000 of the
21UOO,003 silver dollars nlicndy coined could
not bo got Into cliculntton. That statement
bad been mndobythc pieMdetitamlsccrctniy
ol Ilie tioasury , and had not been made by
accident , nnd so far ns the treasury otllclals
WPIO coucci nud it wns Intended to mislead
nnd had misled the people. By the tame
piocess nf lo lo it could be asserted that SSV- !
000.000 of gold In the trcasmy could not bo
put Into circulation. The government , Mr.
Teller said , had made 52i , OiWoot , ) piolit on the
coinage of silver. The talk of the BOVPUI-
iiu-nt lo'lntr moncv in silver colnaeo wasall
bosh. Mi. McPhcisou p\pnM ed lilm clf in
ta\or ot ai much silver coin us would keep It
on a par with gold , and argued that Messrs ,
Teller and BOCK , and the i > poplo of their way
of thinking , weiepudcavoiluglo bilng the
countiy to a silver basis.
Mi. Beck said the people of the west bail
shown fheir confidence In silvei' . Tlu-vhiul
sent east ( iO.DOO.OOO gold dollais and took sil
ver cpitllicalos lor them , sustained by silver
aloni' , until the treasury slojipcd It.
Mr. McPhornou asked il M r. Bivk meant to
say that all this vast amount of gold had
been sent to the tieasury ftom the east lor
the pui pose of potting sliver ccitlllcatcs ?
Mr. Beck said ho did.
Mr. MePherson "Lot mo tell the senator
exactly what was done. The senator knows
that lorn longtime past there has been a
largo Incioaso of the gold roseivo In the
banks of Xew York , They have been np-
piehi'iidliig exactly such trouble as Is now
being foiced on the countiv by the ooiitluu-
mice ol silver coinage. What do they deV
Theyha\o dope itotl their gold In the sub-
treasury at Xovv Yoilc , the original ccitlll-
oatcs find been * ent to the lieasmy nt
Washington , and silver ccitlllcnles
had been Issued upon that and ciiaiged
against the silver upon deposit in tlio tieas-
nrv. Xovv then , becomes of the ccitifi-
catesV At cettnlii limps a > astnmount of
cinrency Is needed at dKVciPiit places in the
west to move their ciop- " . The tioasuiy itscll
agiccs and takes upon Itsell the
lesponilbllity and i-uit of trans
porting these ceitilteato to tlio west
without cost to the Innkuis. The bankers
have deposited thoie the cpitlticalcs and
taken what' . ' i\cliauge. : Whj ' . ' Because tliey
w em in possession of u.\chaugo nnd wanted
mom euneucy. The bankets bilng it to Xew
Yoik and iccoup themsclvps out ol
lliu ovehaiigo theie. In other wouls
the banket has made a Jiandsomc financial
tiansaction by depositing his gold , which 1m
did not waul to use , for the ptupose ol gel
ling a reitillcalc. ' '
Mr. Teller , in whose tlmiMiioit of the debate -
bate had taken place , declined to yield any
longer , and continued liNiemaiks. Heio-
pudiated the idea implied bj the gold advo
cates , that the people whom ho icpmsoulcd
meant to scale the debt.
The debate then came to a close , and nftci
an c.xecutive session , the Donate adjouined ,
WA .III.VITO.V , Jan. ' 10. $ lv. Thomas of
Illinois , liom Hie committee on naval nfTnhs ,
rcpoitodn bill uuthoil/mg the piesideut to
icliie Lieutenant W. B. Itaiidalltii lieutenant
commander. PJacciLon the jtilvafe calendar.
ilr. Batloiitiue , fiur.i the samii coinniHtce.
rpporteda.blll : Uutliorl/.ing the voInntary'i'c
tircnuuit ol nav olllctiis who have irnueicd
cousjicuous setvkn in battle , or who have
served thirty jears'in the navy. Placed on
the house calendar.
Aflor a long discussion on the pension
bill , Mr. Moiiison of Illinois moved the
house ndjouin , but the house voted the
motion down , and on motion of Mi. Matson
went Into a committee ot the whole with
Mr. Weber of Texas In the chair , the pin-
pose being to continue the discussion on the
pension bill.
The Hist billon the calendar , however , was
the senate bill for the purchase of the old
pioduco exchange In Now Yoik city , and
Mr. Symesof Colorado , receiving locogultlon
ot the chair , slated that that was thopicclso
bill he wished to talk about , nud immediately
proceeded to deliver u speech in opposition
to the suspension ol silver dollar coinage.
Ho ildlculpd the asset lion made by tlm preii-
dentandsccictaiv ot the ticasury that the
silver dollar could not bomadolociiculntu ,
and dcchucd thai lite coinage and legal len
der laws had been willfully violated by the
executive olliccis of the goveinment. The
lalsooutciv that the people would notic-
cclvo the silver dollar was madn for the pin-
pose of deceiving the people. It was mndo
in puisuanco of u gieat conspiracy formed ot
the bondholders , capitalists and monopolists
ot the money centers to dumcnctl/o onu-hnlf
of the metal money of the world , nnd it was
a matter ol seilous public conccin that the
highest officials of Iho goveinment wcie aid
ing this conspiracy by violating tlie plain
letter and spiilt of the law.
Ills criticism against tlio piesent adminis-
tinllon , ho admitted , applied as well
lo Iho past icpubllcan aaminlstiatlon. In
conclusion ho wauird Iho house ; that tlio
dcinoneli/ation of silver would create a fiat
money paity In tills country , computed with
which tlio ciuunuaclc patty iiom tim close of
tlm war to 1HTO was small and lusiguilicant.
The house was then biought luck to the
subject under immediate couslduiation , being
tlio produce exchange bill.
It was passed , and the hoibo then ad
A TJOIIJ ; WruiIo ) Over CominlHHlons
In Iho Western l'assoiiK i' I'ool.
Cnic'.voo. Jan.0. . At iv meeting ol tlio
Chicago , Sr. Louis and Mlssouii Kivcr J'as-
songcr association , held hem to-day , thorn
was a long ami bittci wrangle as to whether
commission shoul < l bo confined to the ticket
agents , or extended lo the biokeis as well.
Adjournment wa- > taken until to-nioiiow ,
with ilio uiuleistaiullng that In any event the
association should bo continued thlity days ,
a committed in the meantime to tiy and
bolvc tlio pmblem.
Or anl/.ln n .Sixth Pool.
CnicAQo , Jan. CO , Ileprescntatlvi'S of the
rail load lines Interested .In foimlngn sixth
pool on soutlmtn buslimss in connection
with tlm Chicago and Ohio Klver pool , worn
In session hero to-day , endeavoring to ar-
laiigo pcicontagps. The meeting will bocon-
tinned to-mormw
Zuukcrlait won Ills fourth game in the
chess conl < i.t yesleiday.
At thu llighbliidei's trial at SI. Louis , IPS-
tiiiionyiw given showing that H conspiracy
existed to minder Lou Johnson ,
Cashlei Cotsett , of the suspended Devil's
Lake ( Dak , ) bank , attempted to skip , but was
captmedninl placed under aiuM.
TlioXatlonal Association of General Bag
gage Agents Is in session nt Cincinnati.
A ii.uty of niiiocowboys atttiinpleit tomn
the town ot'Builington. Texas The shmlll
killel lour of them.
. { in.OO Ilumtrd
For the arrest of two boys , wlio stole my
whUo-facc'il sorrel pony from the post-
ollluo alley. Notify K. KICANCK ,
Oniuhii I'ustolliuo.
1 '
A raio elmnco for a good hotelniun
One half interest in Duvyey House forsnlo.
Splendiil looaiioii. Cmiau for selling in
terested in other business. For full pur-
lioiihirs addicts A. LAiidirscnSlio3hono ! ,
Idaho , Reference. . Dovvoy & StoiieOnuilm , ,
! ' -
Shannon Letter Bill FiloFilinibinots ; (
and Ciidus. Schliulit's ' Htandnnl Indoxus.
21U lath street , opposite Nub. Xut'l Bunk.
If you buy lumber myvvJicro without
flisogetting JIoa < jlan4i prices you will
lose money.
The Predicted Effect of MoPhorson's Btinli
Circulation Bill ,
Iho I'coplc Appottilod Vttttef
ClVlt Sol-vice Ilnles Played Out
X rnuliora > d tjawyors I'nb-
llc ItUlldlnu I'rospects.
WASIHXOTOX , , lan. 20. [ Special. ] Flnnn *
cleis in tin ! house nud senate say that the
MePhpi son bill which Increase ! ) the volume
ol circulation of national banks to par value
of goveinment bonds deposited with the
troasmcr , will bilni ? up the cltculatlnff ,
mcdlnui about SIU,000OCO , and that the bllN
will bo pi cd In time to penult Us going Into'
effect by , Inly 1 next. They piodli-t that It
will assist \ory umtoilnlly In helping the
business liiteiots ot the country on n solid
"What tlio people want HiM now moie than
anj tiling else , " said n ivpicseiitallvo from
the cast , to-day , "Is something tome action
of congicss , majbe which will make It look
like Inflation. Au.v tiling that will gho ail
air of mom money wilt be the right
thing. Them is plenty of money , thctrf
always Is , but thu people aie continually gctr'
ting it into their heads thai .something is going \
ing to happen to clo c tip the channels of.
business. They are alw ays hedging , and the
way they hctlgo ts to lioaid up their money1
and refuse to loan or Invest It , but wall for
tlio panic , Wonm alwnjs on tlio elgo of a
panic , if wo believe a largo element of the
people. Tiio small capitalists am the ones
who cry wolf llrst , and close up tlio money
vaults. They refuse to supply the light de
mand , under the linpicssion that a panic Is
coming , and they force a panic upon the
larger and smaller capitalists. Wo biing
panics upon ouiselves.Vorn It not for tlio
light among tlio people who have small
amounts ol money lo loan the.llltlc . misers
wo would have no tumble. Them is mom
fight than anything else In panics that is in
the beginning of them. "
HAVIX : roit nnoKiix now.v TRACIIKIIS.
The couiDlaint having been made thai nlaigo
ninjoilty of the persons who have passed .suc
cessful examinations before the civil soivloo
commission woic college people , liiquiiy has
beer made at tlnco or fourof the dupnitments
into which mo t of the nppoiutecs under civil
service ntlcb have gone , whether any consid
erable piopoitlon ol those who have obtained
places woie giaduates fiom piomlncnt edu
cational Institutions of the country. An ap
pointment cleik said , nud ho seemed lo cover
the situation all aiound :
"I don't believe moiothnn per cent como
fiom colleges and other educational places ,
nnd lam sum that not ovci 25 per cent are
direct fiom any school. About half of the
people have lately been teachers , aud
piobably ball of them have only
been out of school a short time. The othcis
am largely lawyers , doctors , and of the other
piofesslons , vvhem they hn\cbecn unsuccess
ful. K may bu tine that the goveiumenti
service IS becoming a haven for bioken
Sclfool teachers and people from the profes- -
slons ; but if tiup It Is a surcease to a very
laigo element of woithy persons. I don't believe -
lievo tlio slalemont Callously made that
after a while people will be educated lo pass
civil seivico examinations and for govern
ment work. If line , however , il will show a
decided impiovcment over Ilio old way OH
doing things. It u pd to be necessary to
only have influence , and qualification stooil
for nothing. The people who am coming in.
am not so well qualified to do the woik as olih
employes , but they will learn mom rnpidi-Hj
than the old ones did and in lima will nmi > j
a perfect seivico"
There is not much assuraneo or hope * nr-
nislied tlipsmail cities thioughout Ihocouiwiy ,
who government buildings lor United Stii swan
wan t com 1 1 oomc , postolllces , etc , by the lion ' u
committee on public buildings and giouuitV ? !
Some of the incnibcis of Ibis committcu < ; '
press the belief Unit the gieatcst care shoulnj
bo exeiciscd In tlicso expendituips. Whilei
they lecognl/e that inllic long run it Is econ
omy foi tlio govuinmeut lo eonstiucl thesn
buildings and save rent , they say there isTiJ
general feeling against it. People , they loiuu
donotuiiduisland that whcm , say S50.00J oti x
5100,000 is expended for the puichaso of J.iJ
site and tin * constiuctlon of a building , tlM
goveinment saves liom ? : ) ,000 to § 0,000 a > car\
icnt. 'J'hcy am going on the piusumptloii'j
that Ihopeoplo think the public building'
business is all 01 namcntal. | ,
nnuuiiATixn iNnn-sTATn : coMMnncn.
"After some ol these little things which
occupy attention foitlio piesent get out ot
the way , " / > aid a senator lo your coiicspon-
ilcnl , "threwlll boconsldeiallonof llielnter- "
slate commeico bill , I can tolljyon one thliifc
for a dead ccitalnty. A bill of some kind ou S
tim subject will become a lawbythlscongmss.
Mr. Cullom , who conducted tlie investiga
tion of iiiter-stato commeico matteia , say.s
the people demand a law which will insiiio
equal tieatmeiit lor all shlppei.s , and ho
thinks the way Is clear now to PUSH u bill.
Tlio hfiuso Is elamojtpus for it. "
Rheumatism t
TVo doubt If tlico : Is , or can lie , a epcrlfk
k'cinoily for ilieumallsiii but thousands wlio
Jmo suffered Its pains luvo been gic.ttly lien.
cfltcrt l > y Hood's Harsaparllln. If jou liavo
failed to fimliullef , tiy.lliis eiratioimily.
"I was anilclcil vvllh rlictmiatlsm twenty
5 cars. I'rcvlous to less I found no relief , lint
Brew worse , and at ono tlnio was ahnoit help-
lees. Hood's 5ar.inailll.i Uld mo tnorogood
than all tlio other incillelin I over liail.1
JI. T. JIAT.C09I , Blilllcy Village , Mass ,
"Jli.idrhciiiiiatlsmiliroo j cars , and cot no
relict till I took Hood's Barsap.ullla. It has
done fe'rcat tlilnjjs for mo. I recommend It to
'J.uwis HUIIIIANK , IIUldcfoid.Mc
Hood a Saraipaiilla Is characterised by
llireo jicciilUiltles t HI , the combination ot
remedial naentij 2d , the jirpport/o/i / ; 3d , Ilio
) jioce-,3 of fcccuilna Ilio active medicinal
qualities , Ilio result ha medicine
strength , ctrettln ciucs Idllicrto unknown.
Bend for book containing additional evidence.
"llood'.s Baiwparlll.-v tones up my systeip.
ptirlfloa my blnod , hliaifiensniy apin-IIU1 , and
hccins to iiinl.o mo cntir. " J , r. Tiioin-soH ,
Jti'lilsterof Jlucds , l.o\\cll , Mass.
"Hood's Sarsapurllla bc-ats all others , and
Is worth Its wolglit Infold. " I. JUnr.ixoioN ,
JOT Ji ink Jjtiea , Now Voile City ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla *
Bold by alt ilriigijlsls. f I j six for t5 , Madt
only by C. 1. 11(300 & CO. , Jewell , Jfass.
ICG Doses Ono Dollar.
Mendelssohn & Fisher ,
' AMU -
It , J..hUNB. ! fjupcilutcndou