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OFFICE ! Wo. 12 Pearl Btr - t.
Delivered liy carrier In any'jmrt of lliocllv it
twenty tents | cr week.
H. W. TILTOX , - - - Mnnngcr.
nt' OrncB , Xo. 43.
NinitT r.ntToii , No. 21.
Tants to order , from $5 tip , at Keller's.
Ono plain drunk polished off in the po
lice court ypstorduy.
The city council meets to night to open
bidn for the extension of thu new j-ewi-r
ditch ,
William Wilson was arrested yeste.nlay
for stealing three pool balls from ti
Broadway saloon.
N. Turner , it colored man , now suffers
front a dislocated shoulder , iho result of a.
fall while cutting ice.
The Methodists had a pleasant social
last evening nt the residence of F. II.
Urctttt , on Oakland avenue.
Robert Arnd lias bought an interest in
Win. Lewis' carriage and express line ,
the llrm to be Lewis & Arnd.
Thi'o. Lund , whoso largo Newfound
land dog died recently , has .sent , the dog's '
hide east lo be tunned for a rug.
G. A. Holmes and Charles M. Ilarle
nro booked for .short speeches nt Iho fare
well ball of thu Ko.seuo company.
The Y. M. C. A. has opened a .series of
Evangelistic meetings , commencing every
evening at 7:10 : and closing at ! ) :15 : sharp.
The remains of Mrs. Sarah Jones , wife
of J. N. Jones , the yardmaster of Hie
Northwestern , are lo bo taken east for
Arrangements arc being made by which
Council Bluffs will capture Omaha at an
early date , the invading lowans to go
over thu river in sleighs.
Contractor Murphy of Omaha , was
here yesterday preparing to bid on the
work of extending the new f-ewer ditch
south of thu city limits.
Very few merchants or business men
have declined lo purchase tickets for tlio
charity ball. Wouldn't n list of such
make good reading matter ?
Council Ultill's should have the next re-
nnion of the southwestern Iowa and
northwestern Missouri veterans associa
tion , and could have it with a little ex
ertion on the part of citizens.
George Hall , who has been ill at Buch-
tele's hotel , is recovering , but ho says his
help did not come from Dr. Jell'rios , as
wns stated m yesterday's BKI : , but from
the treatment lie received from Dr. A , J.
U. F. Croasdalc , a Little Sioux mer
chant , Is reported to be in financial dis
tress , anil M. E. Smith & Co. , with other
Council BluH's houses , are attaching his
stock , the claims against him amounting
to about ifo.OOO. ,
On Monday evening the XY55 society
and the Merry Thinkers meet at the resi
dence of W. W. Wallace , on Hind's street ,
to make arrangements for the sociable lo
be held at the institution for the deaf and
dumb on Friday evening next.
This evening the Rescue running team
give their annual ball , and then this
company will disband. All firemen are
entitled to complimentarytickots. The
ball will be given in Bono's" hall , and
Dick Rickells is to servo an oyster sup
There is talk of having a telephone put
in the county jail. With the court house
and sheriff's office located so far from
the jail telephone service would save
much log wear on tlio part of officials ,
and would often , especially during ses
sions of courts , save much delay in many
All firemen attending the Rescue ball
are requested to wear uniforms , or as
much of a uniform as they may possess.
If a fellow has only a belt left , or a cap ,
it will put him in shivery shape this cold
weather , but it is supposed that the com-
millee mean for such to wear such frag
ments in addition to other clothes , and
not to the exclusion of other clothing.
Ono of the frail boarders at Belle
Clover's ' claims to bo unable to pay her
monthly line , she being in poor health
nnd having a little sister dependent upon
her. She appears nt the city jail for u
few hours each day , enough perhaps to
technically comply with the sentence of
imprisonment , und returns homo to her
meals and lodgings.
Bert Sorronson , a boy- working on a
farm near Wcstqn , was in the city yester
day to jMst surgical help for his frozen
feet. While shoveling snow last week
both feet were frozen so badly that ho
will lose several of his toes. He has been
in ill health for sonio time , his blood
thin , und circulation poor , so that the
cold took hold easily.
The people of Macedonia are making
extensive arrangements for a grand
Jloosier reception and entertainment on
the 27th and 28th. Hon. AVilliam Cum-
back of Indiana will deliver two lectures ,
entitled , "Invi.siblo Some People , " and
"The Model Husband. " Hon. B. F.
Clayton and wifowill give a banquet and
reception at the hotel. Five hundred in
vitations are out ,
Cedar Rapids , like Council Bluffs , ap
propriated money to send delegates to
iho mayor's anti-prohjbitory convention
in DCS Molncs. Some of the citizens
liuyo commenced suit to make the ofll-
eial.s pay tlio money back into the treas
ury. Council Blufls seems content to ap
propriate $150 lo send its mayor there ,
und demand no detailed account of what
his expenses wore , or ask of him any re
turn of thu unexpended balance. But
then Council Bluffs is Hush , and can
afford to throw away the people's money.
Ten now show cases arrived yesterday
atKi.seman , Kodda , & Co's , which will bu
placed in their fanuy goods department.
Correct Abstracts ofTitfo and Real Ea-
lalo Loans at MoMalton & ( Jo's , No , 4
r G. II. Do Golyer , of Cincinnati , is t > t
tlic Ogdon.
J. A , Nunn , of Fort Madison , was in
the eily ye.storday ,
B. B. Blguall , of Chicago , was an Oixdon
hoiisu gueM yesterday.
OMrs. II. 0. Trumbull has been called to
( ilenwood by the illness of her sister ,
Mrs. T. W. Ivory.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Clinton , of Weeping
Waler , Neb , , are visiting relatives and
friends in I ho city ,
Dr. 1) . W. Houghton and wife , of Fort
C'alhoun , Nob. , are spendlnga few days
In this oily with parents and friends.
DickRawlhiR , late foreman of the Her
ald , has gene with the Ulobo , and ex-
County Clerk S , D. Street has bemi ap
pointed foreman of tlio Herald.
Georijo Rico , who has to face the north
wind each morning for a two and a half
s f , mile drive , is hunting for the follow who
told him this was to bo an "open winter. "
Miss Emma Josslyn of Janesvillo , Wls. ,
who has been visting her sisters , Mrs. H ,
W. Tilton and Mrs. I1 , M. Pryor. has
gone to Fremont , Neb. , to visit friends
I there.
Mr , Frank 33. Stubbs , who was married
to Miss Stella PalV , at Po.oria , ill. , on the
12th , has returned witli Ills bride to this
city , having hail a yery happy wedding
trip , returning by way of Minneapolis.
They are at present making their home
with Ids parents.
Substantial abstracts of title and real
estate loans. J. W , , & E. L. Squire , 101
1'carl street.
The Oharity Ball nnd Eelief for the Poor
the Theme of Talk ,
Dcatb - < Mr. ilninos Krnlnoy I'cr-
Boi..ti rolnts Frosty Itouis Due
From the Drifts.
Another Manifesto.
Cot'xnt. Ih.VFKg , Iowa , Jan. 20 , 1890.
To all who love liberty in Iowa : As
chairman of the executive committee of
the convention held bv the mayors of
Iowa at thu city of DCS Moiiies , December
10 , IBS. ! , at which a fair ami carefully
prepared memorial was unanimously
adopted and approved by the mayors anil
other duly aulhori/ed representatives of
the following cities lo wit : DCS Moiucs ,
Dubunuo , Davenport , Burlington , Coun
cil BlufK Siouv City , Cedar Uapids ,
ICuokuk , Clinton , Ottumwa , Muscatlnc ,
Msmhalltown , Cre.slon , Iowa Cily , Fort
Miiilifton , Fort Dodge , Lyons , Oskaloosu ,
Moouc , he Mars , lied Oak. and What
Cheer , it becomes my duly to s'ay to the
people of Hie state that the a-weinblago
was truly a representative body of the
conservative MCiilimcut of Iowa , and in
no respect partisan in its character.
The convention was made tip of city of
ficials who had been elected to their re
spective positions , some as republicans
and others as democrat" , and all alike
had the welfare of our beloved stale and
its future pnnperily at heart. Theycanui
together as the chief executive ollleerof
their rcspcelivo cities , and as the repre
sentatives of nearly half a million reput
able taxpayers , who cheerfully make up ,
year after year , a very largo portion of
the state revenue. In consequence of
their ollicial experience they are , per-
hum , better qualified lo suggest a practi
cal way to put a stop lo the ' 'free use of
whisky , " than persons who sire pro
nounced prohibitionists.
Why will Iowa , with her thousands of
free schools , waste the llmo anil money
of her people in an attempt to do a thing
wherein older and younger states have
made a total failure when trying to per
form the same tiling. I cannot and will
not believe thai , the non-fanatical portion
of the Iowa legislature will treat the ap
peal , made by tlio executive otljccrs of
the cities before named , with iiulitler *
once. But the prohibitionists all over
the state are at work day and night ,
holding meetings soliciting delegates ,
writing letters and doing sill in their
powcr.lo entourage and assist their friends
in thc'gcneral assembly lo make tlio pro
hibition laws of this state stronger and
more tyrannical and fanatical if possi
ble than they now aro. In view of this
fact it is necessary for those who believe
these laws to bo obnoxious , tyrannical
and nucnforciblo as they already cx t ,
to say nothing of Senator Stilton's last
monstrosity called a bill , and aU _ who dc-
sire to see enacted a substantial license
law that will put an end to free whisky
and the pocket saloon epidemic , lo act
together in concert without regard to
party politics.
All such persons arc earnestly re
quested to meet in the city hall at DCS
Molncs on Wednesday , .January 2:5 : , at
the hour of 10 o'clock a. m. , to aid and
counsel the executive- committee , and to
see and suggest to llieir respective sen
ators and representatives the necessity of
independent and prompt action in this
important matter. If citizens who ear
nestly feel impressed in favor of personal
liberty cannot bo sent , let them contrib
ute letter alter letter in order that over
whelming proof of public sentiment maybe
bo impressed upon the meeting , and that
members of the legislature may not be in
doubt as lo the duty they owb to their
The executive committee needs aid at
once. Delay is dangerous. Let every
mayor and alderman , and as many others
who favor a rigid license as may find it
possible to do ho , to attend the meeting
at DCS Moincs on the 2 < th inst. Come
prepared to stay , if necessary , ten or
twenty days. The Into interests of the
people of Iowa are at stake. The ques
tion lo bo decided is , Shall Iho old Blue
Laws of Connecticut , of more than a
hundred years ago , become the prevail
ing laws of Iowa now in the evening of
the Nineteenth century.
Mayor of Council UlutVs and Chairman of
the Executive Committee of the Mayors
of Iowa.
Cottage ranges. Garland stoves Ra
diant Monies and Hub Heaters of the
very latest patterns at bed rock prices ,
ul Cooper & McUee'g , No. 41 Main btrect.
Silver Wedding Surprise.
A goodly number of Robekah lodge , I.
O. O. F. , with the help of other friends ,
planned and executed u very happy sur
prise on Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson ,
Monday evening , at their residence on
Avenue B. It was the twenty-fifth anni
versary of the marriage of this worthy
couple , thus giving an appropriate occa
sion for such an unexpected visitation of
friends. A very happy evening was
spent , and the occasion was also observed
by the presentation of a number of
beautiful gifts , sonio from friends else
where , nnd others from friends hero.
Among the gifts was an elegant lilting
pitcher water set , given by the following :
Mr. and Mrs. James Spare , Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Irwin , Mr. and Mrs. Ernest
Burhorn , Mr. and Mrs. John Bolin , Mr.
and Mrs. Chris Straub , Mr. and Mrs. M.
F. McCuno , Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Gates.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M Matthews. Mr. and
Mrs. D. Talbotl , Mr. and Mrs. Ed Watts ,
Mr. Sam Keller , Mr. and Mrs. John
Doug'.iortv , Mr. A. J. Mcndul , Mr.
T. ( J. F. Bronncman. Mr , S. Bowley ,
Mr.J.McMillon , Mr..I.SafelyMr , Jamea
Matlhai , Mr. J. Dickey , Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Raeer , Miss Lix/le Raeor , Miss
Barbara Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. W.
Luutonvausw , There wen * other line
presents worthy of mention , among
which was a line silver card receiver
from Mr , and Mrs , Friedman , a silver
butterdish and napkin ring from Mr.
and Mrs. WilaooJ.iml James Alcorn of
Money to loan on ehaltcl ! ? , by Forres
Smith , iao Mala street.
James Frainey died yesterday after
noon. Funeral notice will appear here
after. . i .
Donth ofilniiicrf l-'ralney ,
Tlio death of James Frainey , which oc
curred Monday afternoon , as stated in
yesterday's BUG , has called forth many
expressions of sorrow and sympathy
Ho had been sufl'eriiig from lung trouble
for some time , and for days had been in
a critical condition , so that the sad cud
came not without warning , Mr , Fralnoy
was , " 50 years of ago. Ho came to Omaha
in 1607 , and the following year moved to
this city , where ho lias since lived , active
in business , pleasant in social relations ,
holding the respect and esteem of the
community in which ho was so well
known. In 1870 ho was married to Miss
Mary Buckley , of Bcloit. Wis. , by whom
he had seven children. His only sister ,
Mrs. Mary McGarry , arrived hero from
her home in Illinois several days ago ,
and was in attendance to the last. ( 'apt.
B , B. Frainey , his brother , is now on his
way from Louisiana , and la oxpectcd to
arrive hero to-day. Mr. Frainoy has
boon in the merchant tailoring business
hero for years , and was able to actively
atto d to his business until about ten
days ago , when a t-evero cold brought on
tlio lung difficulties , which led to a L. fatal :
hemorrhage. The funeral services -will
be held from the Catholic church i
o'clock Friday.
For first class Missouri wood call on
Gleason , at his coal office , 50 Pearl street.
For everything in the grocery line give
the new linn of Kintz & KIceb , 102 Broadway -
way , a trial tEverything now and fresh.
Fancy groceries n specialty.
Committees for the Ulinrlty Bull.
The ladies in charge of the charity
ball which takes place to-morrow even
ing have appointed the following com
mittees :
On Reception Dr. Macrae. J. W. Per-
cgoy , Spencer Smith , A. M. Jackson , J.
J. Brown , F. A. Conover , Thomas Bow
man , Judge W. C James. Simon Eise-
man. Col. W. F. Sapp , Dr. Pinncy , W.O.
\virt , J. N. Baldwin , George A Koolino ,
Robert Percival , Thomas Cavln , Horace
Kvcrettand J. L. Fon-man.
On Floor J. B. Baldwin , Dr. Gcorgo
Brown , Bert EVaus. Arthur Reikmau ,
Henry Atkins , Dr , Soibert , Will ( irone-
weg , Will Ki-oline , Charles Hass and W.
Snpp. . jr. _
Best coal and wood in the city at Glea-
son's , 20 Pearl street.
C. B. Jacqitemin & Co. , No. 27 Main
street , take pleasure in announcing to
tlio public that their stock of articles , or
namental , stylish nnd useful goods ,
is complete in each and every de
partment , and cordially in vile everybody
to visit their store , inspect , their goods
and compare prices. No trouble what
ever lo show goods.
Pounds KOI ? the Poor.
The committee of arrangements for the
chanty ball have decided to * request all
who attend to bring a pound Of something -
thing , the articles thus collected to bo
distributed among the poor and suffer-
ihg. Sugar , tea , coffee. In fact anything
which thu giver may select onlv bring a
pound of Munnthing. Such .small amounts
will not bo fi lt by the givers , and will
help greatly in accomplishing the object
for which the ball is lo bo given. Jf all
comply with this request there will bemoans
moans provided for helping many who
are in sore need of help.
S ? A fine sleigh ride free , a good supper
and an old-fashioned "smgin1 skule'1 are
Iho attractions offered at the deaf and
dumb institute for next Friday evening.
Admission , at the door , thirty-live cents.
Sleighs at store of Harkness Brothers and
ollico of Squires Brothers from half past
six o'clock.
AVIIllnm Graham or Knglnml .Shoots
With Otto Hand Behind His Uaolr.
The New York Sun says : Two hundred
Jerscymen interested in trap shooting ,
assembled on Erb's grounds , between
Newark and Bloomlield , yesterday after
noon , and stood in the snow while Wil-
his back. Sixty lull-fledged and strong-
winged birds were placed in champagne
baskets , and Graham stepped to Iho iront
with a tcn-guago choke-bored breech
loader. Tlio birds were trapped and
shot with extraordinary I'apidily ,
Graham convincing Iho spectators
in a very few minutes that he
was a remarkably quick and precise
shot. Many of the birds were almost as
white as the snow which hid the grass in
the enclosure , but this did not appear to
effect the general result. He killed 37
out of the CO birds , and m nearly every
instance an inert mass of feathers lay
within live feet of the trap si moment
after the sharp crack of the gun was
heard. Graham uses an English wool
powder , and his shells were loaded to the
equivalent in measures of four drachms
ol black powder. He used H ounces of 8
shot , and the discharge of his gun was ac
companied with little noise or smoke.
Aflcr ho concluded his feat he entered
several sweepstakes shoots in which
Lover , Bunh , Castles , Frecho , Harrison ,
Williams , Miller , luston , Heustiss , Ap-
plcgato and other pigeon slayers contest
ed. Graham won firat money.
A Scandal in High Life.
The New York correspondent of the
Boston Globe saj'B that there is an 5m-
me.nse lot of gossip in clubs and cafes
anent the very large "row" in a box in
the Metropolitan opera house last week.
The names of the parlies are kept private
out of motives of delicacy , and as it is
believed that the cause of the quarrel
may bo exaggerated , but they are of
high social and political distinction in
New York.
The opera boxes at the Metropolitan
are divided into two apartments , the
front one the bosl proper , facing the
auditorium , and the second being a snug
little room in the rear\vhero Iho auditors
may retire between the acts or at any
time , and bo as private as they please.
The occupants of one of these boxes was
a gentleman and his wife. The lady is
young and beautiful , and the gentleman
handsome and strongly built , and look
ing formidable even m his dress suit. The
Queen of Shcba had been singing , and
the curtain fell. The gentleman
aro-'o and strolled out. Shortly
afterwards the lady was observed to re
tire , leaving her opera , glasses , however ,
on the front of the box. A few moments
later , at a tap on the back door of Iho
box , a gentleman was admitted. The
husband , who had gone out first , was evi
dently not pleased by his stroll , for ho
had not been long absent when , with
somewhat of a Middcnnc s , ha unlocked
the door with his key , and , it is averred ,
found thu gentleman visitor , nol nearly
his own hi/.e or weight , embracing his
wife.He is a very polite man , fie ho asked
his wife to retire to the box in front. The
lady did o with alacrity. The husband
thereupon turned round , and without
auother word sprang upon the offending
visitor like a tiger , The visitor was wiry
but not very muscular , and ho fared ill at
the hands of the enraged husband ,
who punched him , choked him and finally
.seemed on the point of strangling him
for good and all , when thogentlemen oc
cupants of the neighboring boxes , hearing
HID humping , tumbling and creaking of
iho wordless fight , rushed in and saved
the visitor's lif/i. / Ho was dragged
off in a filill speeoiless condition , looking
a.s though he had been through a rag
mill , put into his cab , and driven homo to
nui'ao his bruises. The husband and wife
had tin unsatisfactory interview , but the
lady , it is said , urged the after-dinner
condition of Iho visjlor , his genuine
friendship for the family and her fear of
making a scandal by making an outcry.
The gay Lothario has , il is understood ,
apologized for his mis-conduct , and the
husband , being unwilling lo make furth
er scandal , lias , itis .said , accepted the
amends. So there will probably bo no
duel and no divorce.
The Almanac Season Now Upon Us.
"This is the almanac season with some
of our customers , " said a real estate man
to the Chicago Herald's rambler ,
"And what is the almanac season ? "
"Doji't you know ? Why , just after the
beginning of the now year a great many
people place their faith in almanacs. In
some publications of this kind three or
four days of every month are put down
as unluoky , on which days people are
cautioned against transacting any im
portant business. There are any amount
of people who cannot bo induced to sign
a paper on ono of these so-called unlucky
days. Of course , more women than men
are thu. > affected , but when a man is a
superstitious coward he's more abject
and determined in 5tsthai a woman. Wo
call this the almanac senlion of the year
because at this time the almanac has
much more influence than It will have
later on. Like diaries , good rcsolujions
and other now vear uiftg.o. | the belief in
the unlucky eharatncr of these days
gradually peters out with most people ,
though it clings to a few throughout the
year. These alleged unlucky days arc
selected arbitrarily oh at random by the
almanao makers , who ought to have
sense enough to leave such things out of
their book's. It would seem that Iho
weather predictions and talcs of wonder
ful cures by their medicines would bo
enough to tax the credulity oven of the
most inveterate almanac crank "
Hojjcr A. I'ryor.
Roger A. Pryor was once very promi
nent in Virginia as a representative of
the young gouth ; but , since Ihe wars ho
has been a lawyer here in good practice.
In early Hfo he was a firo-ealcr and
duelist , Knowing that that sort of thing
was the means of advancement in his
native state. Ho had high hopes of the
confederacy , and went to Charleston lo
assist at the bombardment , of Sumptcr.
He entered the rebel army , but did not
particularly distinguish himself as a
soldier. Ho was promoted to a brigadier-
ship , but was for n long while in Richmond
mend without n command. He then en
tered a cavalry company as a private ,
and having been captured in an engage
ment in Virginia , came north , convinced
that his cau o was lost. Ho was one of
the first to be reconstructed. Ho began
as a journalist at Lynchburg. Virginia ,
beins the editor of tlie Southsido Demo
crat , Aflerwaul he wrote for the Wash
ington Union , and ids article expressing
sympathy with Russia at the outbreak of _
the Crimean war , in which he antici
pated the feeling of his country , led lo
his resignation. Ho next edited the
Richmond South , advocating extreme
pro-slavery views. His challenge to John
F. Potter , M. C. , from Wisconsin , and his
refusal to fight with bowie knives is still
widely remembered. He was conspicu
ous in the Hcechor trial a.s ono of the
counsel for Tilton , and went to England
to defend ouo of the Irish assassins , but
did not address the jury , learning that it
would hurt his client. 'Pryor has ability
and many good qualities. He is tall
erect , well formed , with an aquiline nose ,
dark hair , worn lyug , and lustrous eyes ,
looking far younger than ho is. He is si
.staunch d-mocrat , and hopes to be sent
to congress ere long.
Points on Poker.
A poker peculiarity A whisky straight
often creates a royal' Hush.
"You cannot ride two horses at once"
is an old saying , but it is u poor poker
player who cannot stand on four jacks.
A Mormon elder hns four wives , and he
hays they are "all queens. " Four queens
against a man often results disastrously.
If you would forget your own troubles
endeavor to solace others. But usually
you will find a "sole aeo" comparatively
usolc. > s when the other chap holds Iho
three others of the suit.
A Colorado man visiting an eastern
city was attacked by a f unhand. With
great presence of mind he picked up a
large bluff which was'growing there , and
b.Y nkillful use of it succeeded in frighten
ing away his assailant. , ;
It was a poker player.
Who was hittlutr in a doze ,
And his wife was sewing buttons
On his olive branch's clothes.
And the.shades oPeve wcic falling
When his wife toward him inclined ,
And astonlsucd him by nskinc
If he would not . "raise the blind. "
"Mr. Caution , " said Mrs. C. at the sup
per table last night , "tho cook has ruined
our preserve pot. " 'tWcll ? " "I'm go
ing to do ii ) ) some quinces to-morrow and
1 want another stcwcp. JJicard you mut
tering about sonic jack pdts in vonr sleep
last mghl , and if tiiov are the kind that
are lined with porcelain you might bring
one home at dinner. "
Dr. Li/.ens relates that he once trav
eled with a South American "who first
filled his nostrils with snuff , which he
prevented from falling out by slufling
shag-bark after it , and this ho termed
'plugging ; ' then put in each ch < > ok a coil
of pig-tail tobacco , which he named
'quidding ; ' lastly he lit a Havana , which
he put into his mouth. This person was
thin as a razor and frightfully nervous. "
The American colony of 3,000 in Paris
is said by the shopkeepers lo be worth
more to tficm than the 20,000 Germans
and 28,000 Italians of the city combined.
A.C.HuHsitAM , I'res. UW. TUM.KVS , Vlce-1'res.
JAMHS N , Ihiowx , CiiNhlcr.
Council Bluffs National Bank
Capital $100,000
Authorized Capital 250,000
Stockholders Represent 1,000,000
Do u general banking business.
.U-counts of banks , bankers , incrcliantu , mnn-
ufactururs and inaividunla received on favora
ble terms.
Domestic nnd foreign exchange.
Thovery best of uttcntlon given to till busi
ness commuted to oui-caru.
DiHsnliitlnn of I'nrtnorHhlp.
rpHK purtnerahlp heretofore ovlstlng between
JMux Urocly und IJuvU Friedman under the
firm niimoof > fuic Hiody A ; Co. , doing business
In the town of Tiihor-Fremont county. Iowa , Is
tlilsduy illsholvud by mutual consent , Mr. Brody
retli-lnjr trom the Him. Davis ] 'rlcdimm assumes
all liabilities and will collect nil debts duo fin Id
lli-m , und Is ulono inithorUvd to receipt for the
same. MAxlInouv.
Council Blntr * , Iowa. January ID , IBM.
Thu public iiro tnlorinud that a patent lmn
boon nllowod to ( loo. H.fliogory.on his Improv
ed CIM I.iimns , and manufactured by ua. Mr. ( , ' .
A. Williams Is our nuthorl/o' agent for Council
lllutrs und Omaha. The public iiro cautlonod
not to buy uny of tliosn BUS lumps oxcupt
through Mr. Williams , us till others ollcrcd lor
t-alonro infulmroments uion our lump. O.It.
DUTWTH & ( 'o.Manufacturers und Solo \Vustuin
Agents , No. tw , Dearborn W. , Chicago.
In Council Dluffa having
And all modern improvoyfs , call bulls , 11 r
alarm bells , etc. , Is tlio
Nog.215,217 andl'19 , Muln Btrcut ,
MAX MOHN , Proprietor.
I'.T. MAV.NK. - A. 8. H \/.KI.TO.N
P. T. May > te & Co ,
Real Estate Exchange
Mo. 103 I'earl Btrect , Cpuncll Dlulfs , Iowa.
Dealers In Iowa , Kansas and Nebraska Lands
OMAHA A srKciAi/rr.
Jloal Estate bought ami sold.
Justice of the Peace.
Offlco Over American Express Company.
B. BICE , M. D.
or other tunMrs removed wliliout
the knlfo or drawing of blood.
CHRONIC DISEASES of 1 kinds a specially.
Over thirty jcurg' cxperlouca ,
Ko. 111'etir ) Sum , Couni il Ulutts.
NOTICE.Spcclfi ! advertisements , such fist
tott , Found , To Loan , For Sale , To Kent , Wants
Hoarding- , eta , irlU bo Inserted tn this column at
the low rnto Of TEN CENTS PEH MNE for the
Drst Insertion and FIVE CKNT8 PEIt UNlJ for
cnch subsequent Insertion. Leave advertise
ments at our office , No. 13 Pearl street , near
Urondway , Council BhifTs.
FOU SAr-E-Sealea bids will bo rocclvo.1 by J
. W. Hodefer up to February 20 , 18S-0 , on
clRhty feet front , tire story brick block , Nos. 23 ,
24,20 and 28 I'enrl street , between IJroadway nnd
First avenue.
T71O11 UKNT Tlio llireo-story brick business
- - bouse formerly occupied by ( ironoweirfc
Pcliociiticen. Kuqulro of. JIoMahon St Co. , No. 4
1'cnrl street.
WAN WAI.KKH , No. 18 Mnln street ,
( under Citizen' * Ilntik ) , real eslntcanci mer
chandise oxohnniro brokers. Our books are full
of special linrpuliis , but It U Impossible to pub
lish a reliable list from the tact of so many dally
chiuiRes. Whnt wonslf Is ! If yoinvnnt to seller
or trudo mi } thingla our line , wrlto us nnd wo
wlllfond youaplloor bargains to select from.
Lands Improved or unimproved , city or town
property , stocks of Roculs of any kind In any
plru.-c.ll Bucli joii have or such you ant Ictus
hoar from you. Swan & Walker , Council ( Huffs
Mndp In ni days by a lady a tent of the
"Uciultable.1' Wo waniwlx moro Iho
nucnts , nmlocnIcmulc. . App'.v In person or by
Joilor to Wm. Itaudnll , Supt. Of agencies , Conn *
ell mulls , Iowa. _
\\7 ANTRD-CanvasscM , 120 adny. Sales to
M bushiest houses nnd families. Territory
plven In Nebmska nnd Iowa. Samples frco.
18 North Mnln St. , Council niuirs. B to JO nnd 7
to I ) , oi-llll IJmiam St.Omnlmll to 4. U. L.
F'AHM FOR SALK-Atu bargain if sold soon ,
JGO acres , flJ ! miles southwest of Omahii. 0
room house , excellent well nnd cistern * 2 bin-no.
ouo for eight horse' , ono for 20 cows ! hen , tool
and wagon houses : 103 acres In timothy : UiV (
forest trees , cotton wood , black walnut , ash nnd
maple ; Rood orchard , apples , cherries , plums ,
Rrnpcs mid small fruits. Never falling stock
water. H. l . omccn , BOO llrondway , Council
IllulTs , Io\vn. _
HOU8HS FOH HUNT At Jlc.Mahon & Go's. ,
No. 4 1'carl street
Manufacturers of all sizes of
Especially Designed for Kimnlnsr
Tubular and Locomotive Boilers.
New Mnssillou Threshers.
Carey and Woodbury Horse Powers.
Portable and Traction Engines ,
Factory Mussillon , 0. Branch House
510 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs.
Council Bluffs Carpet Go.
Our Stock IB noir complete in every depart
mcnt nnd contains all the lateststylcsntideffect
Largest Stock
Lowest Prices.
BAMl'I.ES furnished upon application to down
town parties.
Council Bluffs Carpel Company
05 Broadavwy.
E. R. Oaclwell , .
Real Estate , Probate
No. 504 Broadway , : Council Bluffs
No , 837 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
IP yipfi m > JTM n.x
* s jK * V
Musical Instruments , ;
Musical Merchandise of Every Description
Toys and Fancy Goods.
We make the celebrated llardnmu Planes , ami the Whitney orpins a specialty
Every Institimcnl warranled. Send for catiiloKue-i.
MUKLLKU MUSIC CO. , Council Bluff ? . '
. .
Brick buildings of any klnl rnlsol or inovo.l anil stitUCactlon runMiitooJ. Frarao houses luovod
oil Little Giant trucks tlio best In the world ,
808 Eighth Avenue and Eighth Street , Council Bluffs.
, * % ' --J- " '
* > - t/ *
If you buy any where except at Metcajf
Bros , They are selling their Clothing at
Cost , and guarantee prices on hats , caps ,
underwear , hosiery , neckwear , silk hand
kerchiefs , trunks , bags , etc , , etc ,
METCALF BEOS , , 344 Broadway , Council
Northwestern Hotel.
Newly fitted nnd furnished. Opp. lirgadway
Dummy Depot , 81.50 per day.
L. Jl. UKRSUAW , Miuinger.
Chicago Lumber Co.
Wliolcsnlo and Itetall Lumber , Lath , Shingle ?
Siiih , Doors and JJIInds , Solo nsfonta lor the
rolcliruted Miublolicad Concentrated White
j.lme , S. 1' . MACCONNKLL , Jliuuisor.
Telephone No. 'M ,
Xo. 710 .Main btieot , Council Hliiffs.
Queensware & G-lass
At Homer's ,
No. 2 .Main Street , Council liliiirs , la.
Opposite Clti Buildings , Council Ululfa.
Wtu m rooms and ( rood hoard nt icasonublo
rates , _
Piactic < "j In State and Federal Couils.
Honins 7 n ml 8 , Shiu'iirt Jtlucl ; ,
Main St. , Council Hliiftl ) ,
Knar tlio C. , B. & Q. ; C. , M. it St. P. , and
0. , Jt. I. & P , iiillway depots. Street cans
pass the door. Kvcrythlnt ; now and llrst
- 1MnijMEIjENi
Piopiietor and Mannser.
Tailor !
NO , 7 and 9 MAN STREET ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa
J , L , De BEYOISE , Agent.
No. 607 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Railway Time Table.
Tlio following- tlio lime of nrrlvnl nnd
( lepiulurdoj'trulns l > y central stnndiiid tlinonk
tliu local depots. TniiiH loiivo trmiHf < Til < ; pot tcti
mlnntcH curlier and nrrlvo ton minute * Imur :
0:2J : A , N Mull and l xpiotf liMr : , w ,
K:401 : * , M Accommodation , 4 : .r > 0 p. M.
0COl > . M Kv | u s l > :0a A.M.
CHICAGO & HOCK 1J\.M ( ) ,
3SiA.M. : ) . . .Miiilimtll'.xproMi (1:50i ( : > .M ,
7:15 A. M Atvnmimxlitlloii ,1:45 : P.M.
U.rOPw : Hxpit'ss B:0j.u : ,
U0 A.M. . . . . . . . Mull nnd li.vnru-g ilWlr. : M.
0SOl' : , M. . K\III | > HK VMA.H ,
CHICAGO. niiiu.iMiro.s & IJIJI.NCV.
' ' ' " ' ' ' " '
U:5'JiM.V. : ' . . . . . . . .Utpic'sa. , . . . . . Uj'oi
Slni : > , M. I.OCIII Kt , I.OIllH l\ptt' : K 1,01-nl
Bl. I-oiih l-Iv. 'I'l-niiHrcr.JUllO p. M
ICANSIS L'llV , Kl' , .101 ! it COUNCIL IIM'tTM
10:1(1 : ( A , M . . .Mulluiid r.\ui--s. | . , . . fi''Mi'.f.
nioux'cnv fc I'MVini ; . " "
rirA.M : . . .Hloiix City Mull l-Mp : , ji.
uiu : ; f.M . , , , tit. 1'uni i-\pi : ] fs BtfoA.M.
UMIIN runiic.
IDA" A. > i . , llciivc-i1 i\i-cfc' ; | |
" : ll ! I * . MUiu-oln I'IISM. , dm , ic It. V. .ia'i ; p. M.
7:60 p. M Ovi'iliuiil ; - : ) < 'St. . . . hliA. xi.
I.nvo Council lllnHB 7 : < ri Sua UMOM \ \
' " " ' ' '
11:15 : p. in."Puiidays" 7r : ( , a7j-U'ui ) : ) n. in ;
2lM-- ; : > : 'M b:2b : tvt } : : \\n \ \ i\i. \ in. I.fiivo OmiiLa
- -an-T.3&--M-loan : : ( n. in : lifl:00 : ( : -
01 1OJ 5 ; 0 ] ; iai ; lltiu ii. m. Suiiilnjfc tf:33 :
5J' 11JO : u. lil , ; " ; < X ) ! l:00 : . iUO D0. ; ' ,
Chicago Water Motor Co.
I'owor furnish od Horn hydrant prctses for
< U-ivinr ; nil lilnds of Hirlu machinery , bpcuw
attention given to church ortfun lilowiiw and
rim pilntfnir prows , incut choppum , U'ouicum
in cvc-i-ii , pulii > hliiKl..tliO-j , MJWliiKiiii'L'Imii-tt , oto
Tlio lii' > t cheapest motor made , t-'end It'l ' CJr-
uuliir. In use In Council liluttfi ! > ) '
lieu Job ollico.
1'acci &Schmdl.mcat : miu-lcet.
( .hlCUKO Meat Mm kcl.
JiisUcndoiioi'B Mcnt .Market.
Miiltli & Moyurf. , ,
Kurt K V Kleoli , i-ofto ! winder ,
- . Agent , 18 Muln . , Council B lnir lo- .
nilll fuiiHin * l.Omuluu