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    < f ijr-WJ'wW'w-f ilMni * "Mfl W9B t-itxr '
Doings of the United States and State
Supreme Oonrts Yesterday.
A Former Iitncolnltn l-'ro/.cn lo Death
How n 1'oet wn i Successfully
OnMvttcl ! IJrlcsl * Alnlteri of
Capital Interest.
TIII : nr.K'tt uscot.x nynr.AU.1
GJndgo Dimity opened business in the
United State" court yosloi-dny with a call
of the equity and law dockets. Of Hits
: equity causes thu following worn contln-
I ued to the May term :
American Freehold Mortgage com
pany vs James P. KliiD1 same v.s Anton
Kcmcnt ; same vs G , Goctler : tame v.s
Albert Ilacliman ; same vs IJyron 1) .
Hro\Mi ; same v.s Nathan Itttmse.1 , ; Now
England Mortgage company vs Jacob
Klfcr , Williiuu II. Irvi.ii vs First National
bank , Moiiinoiith , Illinois ; Kilns C. Heno-
diet vs St. Joe & Western- Union Pacific
vs Washington county ; ( ! eorgo Hogs
VdL. & N. W. Hallwayi Credit Mobilior
vs Thomas C. Durant ; iMnrlin S ] > iloy !
fc b" v.s Tlidhitis C' . Durant ; State of Nebraska
v.s John M. Young ; Union Paeille v.s
Commissioners of Miillcr county.
Decrees were entered for complainants
in Iho following causes : Henry Hakui-vs
flames P. Coons ; l.sattc Willis v.s James
15 , Jones' , Now Kngland niortgag.0 com
patiy v.s Charles OT llartols ; same v Annie
nio C , Trine , same v.s' Daniel S. Miller ;
American Freehold Manufacturing company -
pany vs Willlaiii J. Slater ; IJenjainin
Ki'od v.s Jonathan C. Cope.
.Submitted Kaglo Manufacturing com
pany v.s Daiiiol S. Imrr ; tJnioii Pacific vs
Oiutiliallelt Lino.
Dismissed American .Freehold Manu
facturing1 company v.s James A. MillctU
In the cause ot Joseph Richmond vs
, Joseph' C. Cwpoly , defendant was given
> s ' . ' Icavo to. answer in twenty-live .days ;
" AJon o. It. Valentino VH Taninc H. Wisc-
- * man , leave to take proof in term llniuj
Annie O. Mitchell vs John Quinii , setllu-
iiieiil on pleading :
On the calLot the laW -docjiel hc fol
lowing ease.svero continue , ! ! : ' United
States ox rel John T. N.uwtim vs Dodge
county ; John Ooinstoek vs W , . A Pol
lock ; Plitrl/B It. H. Linton vs Thonuts
C , I'clle ; same v.s Adam Siiyder ; S. Starr
Clinton vnC.St-P. , M & O.railwav"Wni. ;
.II. WidamanV.s saniotlefomlant ; llamiali
Corrigan v.s sainet' Ira K. Strang
xs same ; ] ) : M. . Toinblin VH
Milton Tootles ; Anthony SabosU rs
Union Paeilic ; Josoiili A. llurlbuct v.s
A. GrooiiwooilEagloMniinfacttiritigcotn- ;
puny vs Warren H.CoUrollSmieea ; n.Kiiu-
bark vs sama ; Anton Soknp vs Union Pa
cilic ; .1 M. Fnlmorv& .same : United Stales
ex ret Ih'iu-yM. Daist vs Dodge cquntj' ;
Ashnclot National bank VH school district
7 , Valley county ; United States ex rel 11.
U' . Morton v.s .school district 49 , Atlaiiis
cqufilj ; Isaac L. Seymour Vs school dis-
trie ! 5 , Day/sou coiml\ ; John I. Ulair vs
Cuin'mg counly ; 'Allrod-C. IJarnes'VS
school ilistrict 10 , Sherman count v ;
Union Paeilic vs Solon T. Glidden ; M. . 'V.
Palrickv.s Krwin Davis ; rrocniau C' .
Dodge v Pho'tiiv liifatinuico. ctmip-iny ;
Plow coiniiany vs . Knimti Holt ;
Sowing'iSIaeliine company vs
. P.arke : Walter Craig vs II. O.
Jones ; W. N. Color vs school ilistrict I ) ,
Sherman comity ; Davenport Plow com
pany vs-l'ayton Jl. Colwa'rd.
AVrits of attachment amounting to
$0,8lfi.'J5 have been placed on the stock
I of Daniel Furrv and William Snyder at
Blue Hill.
Jiidgu Dttndy yosterdaj- granted an in
junction , on motion of coniplainanl , in
tlio action of ( Seorgo W. llowell vs Rich
ard I ) . Johe.i , the bond being $ ' 3,000.
John L. Webster , on the strength of a
physician's ccrtilieat * showing1 inability
toattend court , has si-cured a'eontinu- .
mice in the case of IL C. Gnilith , of
* Almal..chargcd with assisting in the issue
of crooked pension papers.
In tlio matter of Greoiiloaf Simpson v.s
Lancaster county , lilaintilV'.s attorney ,
James M , WooKvorth , has tiled a reply ,
asserting 'that no notice was ever served
on pjnintitl'of defendant's desire to re-
'fuhdltha Vonrls , find that no tender of the
intertst orsprijicipal then duo was ever
Tlio jury in the Lplghton insnraneo
.case oeeupied a room in common at the.
Commercial , being letxilit only at meal
times. Al'thapresent wHtrug then ! are
no signs of an stgrcOjueiil , the twelve
divided as to their ver-
= . Tiui ] ; iiiN'r.i-KOiiiKu : ;
, lr.Siinlnons bobstii ) Borencly as the
.Uofi'nderof'OcoTge 1'irncr , , lho man who
urovu Ills lister and hoihusbulul and
two little eiiihlntn out doors to freeze
during tht ) recent , .bitter Morius. The
doctor .say.s t.hal "Pirmsr and his wife tire
both Iaril ; workers and lutvo fared about
a's hard us thu Kocbors. They all lived
in tiie same dug-out and all worked out
togethordtiring thotbittercold weather. "
This may bo fo , but the following adver
tisement signed by Pirnor , shows that ho
is not a poor man by any means and that
there was no necessity for his enduring
any hardship * , or forcing his relatives to ,
"For Sale Ono hundred head of hlRh grndo
Short hoi n cows ami hollers ; ono : ! -H'ai-oUt
Shoithoni bull ; ouo bny imne , h veins old ;
ono sonel male , 7 year.s old ; one jriay mare ,
4 yeiirs old ; two ijood Norman colts ; two
sots double harness. "
The Koobors are getting along nicely ,
and the physicians are awaiting the lime
when they tire thoroughly thawed out tea
a just what operations are necessary.
Tlie publication of their ill-treatment in
the lir.i : has drawn from Mr , liriigman.
of the SUuitti Anzelgor , ( ha statement
that last .spring ho received a letter from
u priest in Huvaria , asking him to look
after the Koebur's , who hudgonoto Amer
ica to frcttlo near Lincoln. Sir , Urugman
could not Unit them , anil inserted a notice
in tlio An/.eigur , which called from Piriier
the assertion thai tha Koobors were living
with him and prospering BO that they
would boon own moro land than the
wealthiest landlord in Uavaria. Pimm-
is now negotiating with the county com
missioners for Iho earn of the ICoebor.s.
which tloos not look as though they had
accumulated much propoity.
A U.\roi.NtTi : KltO/.KN DKAlir ,
Mr , Wililnmn , who arrived from Cul-
bortson yesterday , brings tlio Had nov > -n
of thu death tit that plueo on thu Mill
just , of iL II. Letiguo , a former resident
of Lincoln , Lcagito was a harness maker ,
and by html work had established what
promised to bo u paying business , and
was full of hope that aflor a life of toil ho
was in a way lo place his wife and four
little ones beyond want. On the night of
the llth League attended the installation
ceremonies of ti. A. K. post No. Mil , and
tlio next morning ho was found fro/on to
death loss than 100 yards from his own
door. Tim coroner's inquest developed
the fact that League , who was usually a
very temperate man , had on the night of
his death taken u number of drinks of
brandy , and is supposed to have fallen
clown In a drunken htupor on his road
homo. Luagno'jj family are left in me
almost dcatitniu condition , and some of
the solid people of CulhurUon aru talking
of bringing u suit for damages in their
buhulf against the mun who sold him the
The state .supreme court met yesterday
nnd disposed of thu following cases.
Smith v.s liecohcr , : iDinned.
Cole v Cole , twenty days to plaintllT
to file brief.
Anderson vs liuohunan , sent to foot
of docket.
Muthows v state , ton days to phihitilV
o 111 * briof.
Hubbard vs Walker , submitted on
Mnrtrj vs state , submitted.
Ilrond water vs .Incoby , Htibmlttcd.
McKeiglian v.s Hopkins , reversed.
Held , the continuation of ti sale cures
all irregularities in the proceedings , but
such sale may be afterwards set nside in
n proper easu for fraud. The rule ap
plied. nnd mortgagor allowed lo redeem.
L. II. Kvnrtvs. * . Snmeekcr , tiflirmcd.
Held , when evidence lias been received
without , objections tlio com t may , after
the verdict , permit the petition to bo
iimomhid to confoim to the facts proved.
nine Valley bank vs. Clement IJiinc
& Co. , reversed. Held , that the mort
gagee who takes possession of mortgaged
property upon which other creditors lm\c
clainus occupies a trust relation in regard
to snph properly , and in disbursing it
will be held to strict account.
ot'rwiTTiNO A rnirr
Ivv-Spoaker Humphrey has an auto
graph letter from Oliver Wendell
Holme' , obtained in ti rather shrewd
manner lifter Iho "Anlneratof thcHreak-
fii't Table" had giu-n nollco that nmier
no eirctiniMances would he write his
name for anyone. Hnmiihrey read an
article by Holmes in Iho December
Atlantic , in whjeh was i ; Miitcnienl that ,
he was considering an oiler from English
publishers to prepare an tilbum , Hninnh-
J'ey at once made a wager of $10 with a
friend that ho etnild get Holmes' .auto-
graith , and wrote the noel a letter . latiiig
Unit it would give Ilolnies' many friends
in Jlie west great pleasure to seu the
vvoi'k publislied , and that he for one
would make a liberal donation. The re
turn majl brought an autograph letter of
thanks from Holmes , showing that
men of loiters are no less susceptible of
liatlery- than the 'ordinary run of man
kind. ;
fiuir.r MENTION .
, } . A. Tlioiiii- , who skipped'from
Lincoln abbnt'jJl.lOO short
in. his 'heeounts.1 as adimimtnvtor of Ilio
MRC'andle.s1 ; uMnU' , has boon hoard from
iii Canada. . llo re.cuntly wrote to his w ifo
asking her to surrender . their properly
hero to.satisfy the claim against him ,
and Iio would 'join her lit Bolivar. New
Vork. where she was to make her home. '
The 'bolidsincn have aeceple'd .Thoinp-
ion-.s ' offer , "and his shortage has been.
" '
Ilio nin.ii jiccitscd o.f slab
bing John Sheedy , ' was committed .to
jail yestetday by Judge .Monljioiiiory , ( n
dofatilt of fc-.OUO , . .to4and trial at the
liext term ot Hie iliMriet coitrt.
C. W. Jones , who was conviclcd in the
county e.ourt lust weel ; of keeping a dis
orderly hous-e , is put with tmotico btatjng
ing that , ho was imposed nnon in renting
part of his rooms , that Iio Imd tlriv'en the. "
objeetiohablo parties "out , and that his
rooms arc now for rent to 'respectable
Tlio biting of J. S. Domino. by an angry
dog last Thursday has set nearly every
body in Lincoln to .shoiitiilg "mad dbg , "
but none have been teen a yet. The
latest alarmist is-a Mr. Tenvilliger , who
was bitten by his own doy Sunday moru-
ing and .at once desn.itelied.tho canine.
Tor-will iger says the dog bit two of his
hoi-M's , ami it numboL- other dogs.
J. J ) . Calhoun , of the Topics column * ,
ropiidiates as an insult to his common
son c .the report that ho Is ajjoul to em
bark in the novvspapei : bu.ibess . oil his
Own account. .
Phillip Ilertrick is sueing for divorce
lh Iho distrjet , court from Jiis wit'O , Barali
.lane Ilertrick , whom lib alleges is living
in open adultery with : i man 110,111011
'Amo.s f. llertriek' , ii-esumably his rotll-
or. Phillip wants an absolute divorce ,
and tlie custody of hit , two children , aged
bix and Unco years' .
1) . T. Tonnl , Uinaliti ; 1'red tiordor and
Frank -H. Wilsoii , Platlsinoutli ; 15. U.
Robinson , Othaha ; C. W. Conkling. 'J'o-
ettmsoh ; P. J. Nichols , Omaha ; IL'Il.
lleury--Colunibus ; S. G. Couch , C. Pnrk-
cijind O. Porr.son anil 'wife. Omaha , C.
U. ( flavor , Long Pine ) II. G. Clark and
JI. Hiiekon-sderfer. Omaha ; C. C. Cam * ,
Seward ; Wm. Gill , Scwanl ; G. V. Me-
Keo , Syracuse ; C. A. Potter , Omaha ; P.
C. Callahan , Friend ; C. A Kobiuson ,
Dorchestar ; J , C. Warner and Alux Bentley -
ley , Red Cloud : L. S. Alley , Wilber ; Jas.
Bradford , J. At Piper , Alma ; Ed Mar
shall , Bloomington ; L. W. Colby , Beat
rice ; R. O. Stewart , Riverton ; L. H ,
Kent , Orleans ; F. H. Holt , 1'eatrieo ; E.
N. Griimell , Cnlhoun ; U. M. Taggart ,
Nebraska City ; Flemoii Drake , Omajia ;
George A. . Brooks mid wife , I5a/.ile Mills ;
D.lw. Dare and wife , O'NeilH John F.
Paulson , Omaha ; W. H. No well and
Perry Walker , Plallsmouth ; Charles E.
IHirmcistcr , Howard Smith. Omaha ; W.
L. May , Fremont ' ; G.W. . llonry , Civigh-
ton. _ ,
'J'lio Tliirtl Annual Hull to Occur
ThiH JOvuiiiiij .
One o the most pleasant events of the.
i-casou will bo the third annual ball of
the Itrothcrhood of Locomotivu Eiigin-
cer.s , Division JJo. 185 ! , to 1)0 given at
Light ( iuartl litlll , on Wednesday evening ,
Jan. SO. Very neat invitations have been
issued , and it i * expected that a largo
n umber of guests will bu present. Every
preparation to insure ; a good time lias
Ijuon made.
The muster of ceremonies- will bo M. L.
Van Arsdale , with white badge.
Committee of arrangemoiits , with red
deception comniitteo. with bine badge ,
T. C. Livingston. M. W. IJurnhnm , Noah
S. Clarke , John M. liyors , John U. Nelson -
son , 15. H. Fonda. John , Hill , Hon F.
Johnson , I ! . C. Howard , William Jobaon.
ConlnntloM on invitation , with purple
badge , till members of Division Js'o. 18' ' ,
U. o" ' L , K.
I'crboiuil J'lii-iixrapliH.
Hon. Cliiirch Howe , of Auburn , Is reg-
htored at the Paxton ,
A. Mniidelbur tut'.irned yesterday fiom
a shoit trip to Lincoln.
C. H , Valentino , court stenographer of
the Ninth distriol , is iu the eity ,
F. E. Joy , a well-known business man
of Kline , Mo , , was In llm city yo.storday.
W. A. Paxon ! and John A. McSlmno
returned from an eastern trip Monday.
Hon. James Laird mudo a brlet May in
Omaha Monday on his way to thu na
tional eanital.
O. It. Clark , esc | . , of Upston , with Mrs.
Clark and their -on , Allie , tire guests of
Dr. Parker. Mr.s , Clark is a sinter of tlio
doctor. They have not seen ettch other
for liftooni ears , Mr. Clark and family
are on thofr way to California where they
expect to reside permanently-
Among the prominent stnlo people at
thu hotels yostoiday were Charles A.
KIklioi-ii CUj'w CemctPi-y.
Articles of incorporation of the Elkhorn -
horn City Cemetery association were
filed in the ollleo ot thu comity clerk yes
terday afternoon. The ineorporalors are
S , S. Blaii'-hnrd , Hiram Culp , John Bry
ant , Omar Wliilney. William R. Turner ,
O , A. Woleott , .John Knox and H , A.
Card iil'TlinnU-H.
Mrs. Ol.scn , widow of the late Samuel
Olson , dcbirc to return thanks to the
many Iriemls who kindly utteiidud her
husband's bedside during hl.silllicds , and
especially to tlm nieuibers of Planet
LcilL'c und Omaha No. SO K. of P ,
The Senate Grants to Moody of Dakota the
Privilege of the floor
Senator Teller ofColoi-atlo Continues
the Dlsonsslon of Heck's Sllicr
Jlesolntlou ( Jcnernl Work or
Jiotli Itrnnclies ,
Senate ,
WASHIXOTOX , Jan. lU. Mr. TngalUj from
the committee on rules , icported a seal for
the ifc of the senate.
Mi. Ilnwlej fi oin the committee on mili
tary affnlr , icpoitcdn joint resolution ai > -
pointing ( lencrnl John F. linitrauft of
Peiinsyivaula , as one of the mamitrers of
the National Soldiers' home In place of
( Mcl'lcllnn , tlecea-ed. The icsolit-
tlou passOil ,
Mr. IlaiiNon's ir olutton ot jcsteulny to
odmitMr. Jlooilyor DaUota , to the lloor of
Hie senntens laid liofoie that body.
Mr. Vest said he j lelded to no man in the
ootmtry. he he a political or personal oppon
ent , btitthJmirht the people whom Mr. Moody
ii'ini'-ciiti.'d had not been courteous. Mr.
Vest believed this comiesy should IKS icclp-
local. Thrre people ha\e rebelled nstaliist
the deliberate iinrllnmcntary action of con
gress , mid hart taken action that Mr. Vest de
clared to lit" icyoliillonaiy. llri denied that
.Dakota wns-tt slate , either do jura or do facto ,
or that it. etmhl bptomevlhotlt ' ( the an-
tkuiltv t'f cniWU' * * . He. iinoted leumrks
iiC'.lUilgoCamHbiUl t'o IheelTert that Dakota
had -ilffht to become n stUti ! in spite ol eon-
KJVSS. Iteferrlnt ; to Mr. , llanlsm's ' allusion
yostoiday trt Tdomas lieiitoii , of Mlssotul ,
Mr. > Vest doiiled thcie was' aliy .atmlouy
h'L'tweun theeasoof.twadmls ) l ( > U of Mlssom !
and this easu pteseiitod by Dakota. Mr. Hen-
ton had dsruiicd ! ! his duty as a senator ,
and Mlssotnl took the distiuuui hcd imblle
service , but Mr. Vest did not agree \\lth Mr.
Itcntdii. Huoulil bo peculiar , ho said. If
Utah should come IKICltha constitution
icpiibjieaii inloi In , and' thotmht Mr. Mairl-
sou's inewdeiit miL'ht bueoiuc lntciestii | | ; .
He knew the resolution would bo adopted , as
\\as1u > l of the pnuniniiiiu agteed upon by
tint committee on toirltitrlcs ,
Mr. Uarrlson df'iilcd that It was paitof the
"pioirnuunc. " Tlio icnolutlon was lulro-
duced1)yhlms2lf without ivleienco to the com-
.mittce. > lie defeiuU'd .Indue- Moody acaiusl
theaspiMsiousvhlvh lr. llairlsou said had
boon eilst ujion him by Mr. Vest. Mr. Haul-
Son dt'ulcd tjiero was auythlui ; except eoar-
Icsy to the settate In the course piifnied by
Dakota to secure admission. It had never
been said that a like course pin sued by other
ten I toile.S halt been dlto3pcclfiil to roniiess.
Thc2i'lOOU ! ) citizens in Dakota , who had com
bined in a leNpccttnl petition for admission
to the nuioii , MCIC entitled to luspcettul
trcittincnt There nas nothing In their
chawcter or conduct to wnirant the eonnling
< it Dakota \-lth Utah. Mr. llauisou btiellj
rpvluwed the case of D.ilu > ta and urged that
cointesyvarrants Judge .Moody's admission
to thu lloor.
Jlr. SaUlsluirymoxed to amend Mr.JHaui-
on'.s resolution by addiiiR > 'bat ' the eouileny
hcieby extended shall not be conflicted as
any icco nitlon of Dakota to admission as a
state into the Union. "
Mr. s , id he had not been pcisnnal , as
Mr. llairisoa's lemaiks Imiilled. Jlad he
\\Nied to be personal ho coufd present col
umns of vltupeiatloii that would put to
shamu the worst billlngspite which had been
published against him ( Vest ) In thenons-
nappisnf Dakota. He had no objection to
the MMiale littln : . ' tip "sofas around the cham
ber , but it should not bo done inidurthcim-
ii i esslon that tlieic was a inecedciit lor it.
iiH o emuhatfc illy denied sucli lucccdcut.
Tho.Saulsbury amendment was lost yeas
2 . noes 2'.i.
The icsolution admitting Mr. Moody to
the of the lloor was then aaieed to.
Mr. liifjatls' resolution ot yesterday was
placed bol'oio the senate , calling on the secrc-
taty of the tieasitry for information as to mopoitiou ot the SIO.OOO.OOO bond call
lot 1-ebitiary 1 was held by the national
banks , and how much by each bank.
Mr. luptlls inodllli'ii his icsolution by
withdi-awliiK the clause requlriiif ; Hie naming
of spei'ilic banks. He did tills he said , at the
icijuestot peisous interested In some bank"
whose bonds had been called for the iuy
munt ol the 1st ol February , and who leaio
that the publication of the ( act might Inter
leie with or impair their credit.
Mr. Frjo's ie.solutloii ot yesterday , lesaul-
inic the iiiesidcnt's iccommeiKlattou lor a
hshim ; commission , was placed ucloro the
senate , anil without debate leferied to the
committee on loiuign lulatlous.
Jlr. Conger said heotild postpone his in
tended lemotks on this subject until the re
turn of the it-solution fiom the committee.
.Mr. hmalls olfuicd a lesohiiion , which ,
without debate , was agiecd to , dliectiin ; the
seciotary ol the treasury to infoim the senate
what amount ot siher million had twcn pur
chased lor coinage slnco July 1 , IbSl. in \\\u\t \ \
maikct the same hud been pinchased in each
ease , and from whom nad the piiro paid ;
nlso , where in any Instance all ttio bids had
been rejected , and if so , lor what icasou , and
lu what money or cuiieucy JKIJ incut tor such
silver bullioa had been maile.
The pre.shlenlial count bill was iilaced be-
t'oio the senate , but Intoiimdly laid aside.
Mr. Teller then nddusscd the senate on the
silver Qiie.stion. Without a sulliclent amount
ot money with which to do business , Mr.
Teller said , thu energies of the people were
depicssfd. Money scaiclty meant dull times ,
and low wngci or on wages at all. The per
sons who sntlcicd the least fiom such scarcity
\\eio the money Icndeis , bill dLscounters ,
and pa\vn biokcrs. Tlioso who .salfeied the
most \\oie the laborer. 3Ir. TelletiPiescnied
clnlioi ale. tables , showing the coin circulation
ot the \\oild , liom nldcli It ai > peaied that the
sll\ereiiculatlon of ( iieat Uritaln was S-.OO
per head ol population , ( ioimaii > § 1.07 per
head , the United .States S4.bS jic-r head
and Franco § 15.7(1 ( pur head. Hat
gjild and sll\er had been found In sulllclont
quantity to cairy on tlio business ot the
world , and all nations icsorted to paper cur-
icncy , based on these metals. The whole
amount ot iiaper money issued hail been
Sil' : , l00.000I | which was more than the whole
amount ol either gold or silver. If , then ,
gold ami silver have been found Insnllieicnt
tocairy on the world's trade , what loason
was them tor supposing gold alone would bo
salllclent4' Thehcadeisof bonds , moitgagus
and goxernment secuiltles constituted a now-
crtitl class ot ciedltors , and they want silver
domonetl/.ed because ot the cense < uieut enor
mous Increase In the purchasing power ot
gold. They inlsed the cry that goal would
leave the coiintiy If wo did not suspend sil
ver coinage. They raised the same cry In
1S7S nuainst the passage ot the sllvorcoluatro
act. There was but out ) nation to-day that
had moie gold than Iho United States. That
iiatlouvasFi.uire. The coinage of silver
had not hint our national banks.
.Mr. Teller analy/ed the national bank re-
tin us In support of his contention , and
showed that the deposits of to-daj aio nearly
double those of ls7 , while savings banks
deposits am now 80,000,000 moio than the
deposits of four years ago. The whole con-
iljtlon of our country , Mr. Teller continued.
was an eloquent denial of Iho pu-dlctlons ami
complaints of the enemlus ol silver , The
stoppage of silver coiiiagro would bo
equivalent to an addition ot 5 00,000,000 to
the national debt. Itould add from 20 to
! ! 0 per i cut U < eerj dollar of debt In the land ,
an amount almost too gicat for computation.
1'ho seciutary ot the tieasuiy had told us that
the lahoilng men would Hist suiter trom
slhcr coinage. Let that guntituimn , said .Mr.
Teller , sneak lor the gieat moiilcucorpoia-
tlons and for the bondholder and caiiitalists ,
In it not for the laboiing man ,
The laboiing men weio well awaie that
that great department of our govern
ment had passed Into the colitiol ot the
b.inks , bankers and moneyed powers , They
know that the statutes paa-cd to cmtall the
powers of thu moneyed corpoiatlons and
capitalists worn violated u\ciy day in the
tre.iiiuy deimituicnt.
The present dhtmbcd state n ( the pnljllfi
mlmlconi-einlng silver Mr. Teller ascribed
to the attacks made on it by goveinment of-
llcials. K\ery fcchemo that could dltrncu
silver had had thii M.inctlou nt that dcpart-
mi'iit It it did not directly orlginatoin thu de-
iiaitmunt. Thetivasmerof the United States
had men gene Into a coinentlon of titty-four
bans ) , a convention whosu object was the
dupiccUitlnii ot biluT , and his ] ) IL > SUIICO
amoug the banKers \\as cau-fully telegraphed
to alKoiacis of the . earth. That wasasclu-mo
to filghlun the pconlu Into the ide.i that silver
coinage would bilng I niiii to pur Indiistiics ,
and llui treasurer's piesenco In that coin en-
lion was the moat hide uiislbio attack that
had evci been made on the ciedlt ol ( he go\v
eminent by Us own ollldals- , sworn torcspcct
and execute the laws ol the country.
Another attack on silver was found In the
system of book keeping npwly
adopted by the tivasury dopart-
.iicnt , In tieatmg as n liability and
not as an asset Uwoo"X , ) ( > 0 ol \UIIIHI
Wfcitf n rir"ttii 11 i i ilf ,
held iu order to irtmem greenback. * . AccordIng -
Ing to this Idea , the more money the govem
inent basin Its vaults with which to redeem
its paper money mr pay Its debts , the greater
Its liabilities. This change of liookkeeplmr
came of long experience In Wnll itreet. It
was for the purpose of deceiving the people
astotlioamountof-avallablo funds In the
lirastny , as It would nlvvajs show 8100,000-
XXW less than was n < ttinlly In the treasury.
No doubt the ttv.isfny otflclals believed the
contliiurd npcinmilnlioti ami retention of the
money of the treasury was bencticlal to the
country , ami that the suspension of silver
coinage would also IM benetk-lal to the tieas-
iiry , but the troiihlo with the tieasury
nmelals was they had consulted the national
banks ami money league , ami not the real
business men of llm country. Hail ever the
coxernment ollichiis e\eeuted the laws of the
Uuil as tlie.v found them , thute would have
been no tumble with the silver question.
Mr. Teller did not demand the forced cir
culation of silver , llo mcielv demanded for
it an equal chalice with cofil. When that
was iloiio ho would abide by Ibc decision of
the commercial vvoild. If Itwcrcsaldthnt the
special lutcicsts of Coloiailoai | > cd Tellers
judgment , ho would lonly although Coloiailn
piodiiced oiicfui.utcroriili the annual silver
yield of the world , jet the question of silver
coinage was one of but little moio Import
ance to Colorado than to the other slates of
the union.
Mr. Morilll ga\o notice , "lelitctantly. he
sild. of bis intention to ask tlie senate lo lis
ten to him foraslmil time to-mouownu the
subject of silver ; a stibjecl , Mr. Monell Ironi
cally luumikcd , vvliicli seems In attiact so en
thusiastic a gallieiing ol senators to Ibis
The .senate then ailjouined.
W.V.IIINOTO.N' . .Ian. IU. A large number of
executive coiiiinunlrntlniis wcie laid befoie
tlie lioiisi > by the .speaker.
Among them was a letter fiom the chief of
englnecis , asking for an im.iicdiiile appio-
Dilnlloii ot § 50,000 lorgcnoial vvoik on sui-
MSJ-S on tlie Mississippi.
Mr. llragg , from the eomiiiitleeon mtlltaiy
aflahs , icpoited back thcsenaleblll nr.iklng
nn apinopilatlou for the imu'hase of tlio
1'iodiiee Kxehaugo building al New Vork
ntv for in in j * pm noses. Kcfoned lo tlie
committee of the whole.
Also for the leliel'of l < 'il/-.lohn Poiter.
Placed on the house calendar. It nutlinilrcs
tlio ineslileut to appoint Fit7.-lulili Poiter
to Ilieimsitlon of ( oloneliii thearm > , ami in
his ilisuictloii to iilace him on tlie
ictiied list ot that grade , providing
FltKtlohn Poiter shall iceelvo no
psiv , compensation or allowance whatsoever
pi lor to his appointment under this act. The
committee adopts the rejunt submitted to the
last congiess , bat adds that it has carefully
coHsidcicd the objections made to the bill iu
the veto message ot President Arthur , and is
eleaily of the opinion they aie. not well
I'liiimfed and should not lntcriunt the eouise.
The leiioit is signed l y all the democratic
members of llm committee.
Mr. Hammond , liom tlio committee on
judicial v , loported hack the bill to prevent
claims ot war taxes under the act of August
r , iNii. ltho United States being set olt
iiL'ainst states having claims against the
riilted Stales. Placed on the house calen
dar.Mr. . Malsoii , trom Ihe committee on pen-
slons. iciKiited baric tlie bill toinciensc the
pension \\ido\NStioni ? 8 to SI- per month.
Itefeucd to committee ot the whole.
In the morning hoar , Mr. Nelson of Min
nesota , on lielialt ot the committee on Indian
all'alrs , called iip ho lll iiiitlmrb.hig the use
oteeilain unexpundoit balances , amounting
to SU-VWO , for the Veh f of tlio noitlieiii Chey-
cnue Indians in Montana. Mr. Nelson
stated the object of. the bill was to lelleve
about TOO CheyennCf ! on the Hosebud and
Tpngiie rivers , who vieie in a destitute condi
tion , " with their annuities entiiely exhausted.
Mr. Weaver nLlovra , wnlle lavoriug the
measuie , critlcis'ed ' the iireseut policy fol
lowed bjthe. government in dealing with the
Indians , and cxities ed the hope that at no
distant day some sensible policy would bo
Tlie bill was pas ertV
No other bills woiue.illed , up In ( lie mom-
In u , ami wn molion of Mr. K. IS. Taj lor of
Oliio , the house proceeded to the cousideia-
tlon ol the senate resolution accomp.myitig
tliestaluo ot Picsjdeiit .himes A. llarlield ,
piesented by the stlit < | il Ohio. Alter biieliy
ealoui/.ing tlie miiiiy'liicli private and public
mi.illtics which tlio distinguished cineer ol
( lie dead piesident-pie.srnted , Ir. Taylor
said : "I'loltlent ( iailield stands among Ihe
fathers of the icpublie , by ( he side of his suc
cessors , and in Iho pieseiieoof some of his
eoiitumjioiinj' jiatrioH The martyr jui's-
Ident Is3 not far away in this ex
alted comp.mj' , 1'rpsidont ( Jarlipld is
not out of place. Ho came last
Into it , but ho meets these only his pcci.s.
His compatriots who arc standing in that
silent senate of tlio dead , If in life , would
recognl/o the Illness of the association , and
none more leadily than Ids old fiiend ,
matchless orator of ( ictryslmrg , llbeiator
mesident , immortal J.incoln. Accept then
Ohio's gilt , thu image In umliirlng maibh * of
ono she loves so well , tendeicd as it is with
patriotic aspUatioii lor tl.o prospeiiij * , the
haIncss ] ) | , the continuance ! of tlie
Amcrlcin union , one and inseparable now
anil forever. "
MPSSIS. McKlnlej' . Gothics ami Uuttcr-
worth ot Ohio , and IVttibonc ot'feniiosseo ,
lormur pupils of ( 'ailield's , also paid tiibiitc
to the mcmorj'of tliclatc picsidont.
The icsolution was then adopted.
Mr. Iliagg of Wisconsin made an attempt
to have the Fit/-.lohn I'orter bill made the
special older for Satiuday , the t-'j'd , but Ir.
Dunham ol Illinois objected.
The house then adjourned.
AVontlior l'oiXotlay. .
MissOfiti VAI.i.i\-Warmcr : ; incieasing
cloudiness , witli local snows ; southerly
winds ; falling baiometer.
.ro eph Svanda and 3Iiss Annie Hpicak
wore married Monday in .Jtidyo Horka'.s
SherilV Coliurn is issuino ; niid sorvins
Biiiinnons for the new grand jury as fast
as possible.
The Ladies' Mu.sicalo Society moots
Wcdnestlay iiftornoon , eian. 20th at
Meyer's hall.
The Hoard of Public works have ex
tended the time for oiionin bids on pro
posals for paving to February 8th.
A Mreot car ran into Dr. Moore's .sleigh
at the corner of Fiflccnlh and Farnam ,
yesterday afternoon spilling the doctor
and wrecking the cutter.
A plat of an addition to tlio city was
lilod in tlio county olurk'.s ollico yester
day , to bo known as Cunningham iV :
Hrcnnan'ri , The now addition is north
and wosl of Wuliuil Hill.
A number of ollicors of the police force
are laid up with .sovorq colds , including
Captain Corniick. OIKcor John Curry
returned to Ills , last night for the
lirsl tiino since January 5 ,
Marriage liceu es were issued vostor-
dav to John P. llonvht/ and Mrs. Louisa
] ) . Tininie , ( iottfriod Knlm and It. C'alh-
ariiio Manor , and Uaus Chrisleiison and
Mary Hanscri , ajl of Omaha.
The bids tor lllto vmduet are now being
carefully eoninMtcd _ ' by City Engineer
Ko.-owatcr anil ( I'lmirimin House , of the
board of publio , works. Thu contract
will not bo Jet for a ityiy or two yet ,
Mrs , T ( } . Magnum will give a private
party to her soh < Marhund , their friends at
nor dancing academy on Friday owning
next Ooqu miisio will bo in attendance
ami a delightful' thrto assured UUK-O who
may attend. q
Tlio friends of "lltibbi lleiison will bo
pleased to luarn that his four childrcns
who have been ooiilined with t > carlot
foyer for the last ( wo mouths , are on the
fair way of recovery , and the Kabbi' ,
home , which has been closed during that
time is again open for the visits of lijs
Lieut. Frank L. Palmer , Tvvonty.limt
infantry , has been relieved from duty at
Fort Fred , Stcelo , Wyo. , n .J from tlutv
as member of Iho general court martial
appointed to meet at that poit , and will
proceed to Fort llridgor , Wyo , and re
port to tlie. conimuuding olheer of that
post for duly with company II , Twenty-
lira ! infantry ,
A rate chance for ngood hotel man
One half interest in Dewey llonsd ( or Haiti
iSjiIenilid location. Cause for selling in *
torustud in other bnsinuss , For full par
ticulars address A.L.Andorscn , Shot honu ,
Idaho , Hciureii-e luvvey& Stone.Uiuahn.
Business runt Political .lots from that
Hooinlng llurff.
TrrrMsr.if , Neb. , Ja.n 10. [ Corrc-
spondunce of the HKI : . ] Our late nn-
pleasantness with cold weather is getting
to bo more tolerable and trade is slowly
reviving. Country roads are being shov
eled out , and we look for better times in
the near future.
Our citi/.ens are agitating tlie formation
of a stock company to start a packing
lionsp. Some ono wishing to engage in
that lmsinos.0 would do well to come and
see n . Having four railroads and being
surrounded with hogs on every hand ,
there i a bushel of money in il.
Our school is running lincly with a
corps Jof nine teachers. Good attend.
anco is reported , and the pupils advanc
ing nicely.
There is getting to bo quite n little ev-
eitemcnt about our postmaster. Some
time last full the democrats had a caucus
and they claim the. republicans came in
and beat Wilson by live or six votes , and
not being a popular man , the democrats
are signing a petition for 1C. Keplinger
for the position , llo is a gentleman in
over * , respect , was chairman of the demo.
eralic central committee , fought
three years for the union. Yesterday all
the incoming and outgoing county of
ficials signed Koplinger's petition , and
we suppose ho can beat Wilson live leone
one on petitioners. Let them have their
fnii , lint give us good men for the olllce.
Vim \\yck is ahead in this county as
his own successor as it now stands.
ilolui ( i , llruncr , of West Point. Dlesnt
a It UK : Old AKC.
John ( ! . lirunor , one of the prominent
pioneers of Nebraska , died at his home.
in West Point yesterday morning in tlio
eighty-fourth year of Ills age. He was
the father of T. ( ' . . C. 1C. and .1. 15. ru-
ner and Mr < . Jacob Swart/lander , of this
city. His other children are Uriah lim
ner , of West Point , J. J. Ilruner , of Oak-
villc , Mrs ( 'has. U. Mohr , of Kansas , and
Mrs. J. J. Hiley , ot Sehuyler. These
living in this city start to-day to attend
the funeral. One son , Mr. J. J. 15runer ,
is now detained on the Leighton
Clarke jurat Lincoln The funeral oo-
curs on Friday afternoon from Iho late
homo of the deceased at West Point.
Mrs. IhMiner's aged wife survives him ,
the couple hhving celebrated the sixlieth
anniversary of their marriage on August
last. _
The Grout Number anil Variety of
j.llio | Newspapers untl Period ic-nls.
Hardly any Now Yorker , unless in
some way connected with the business ,
has any accurate ido.a of the number and
variety of journals and periodicals pub
lished in the city. He has , as a rule , very
little knowledge of or interest in any
others than those he hnpnons lo take and
read regularly. He would scarcely sns-
peel that thirty-throe dailies are issued
then ) . Of these two are Italian- , one
French ( tlie Me ager Fraiico-Americain ,
died last year ) , one Spanish , ouo IJoho-
mian ami live Herman. There are more
than 150 weeklies of all kinds including a
number of trade .journals- , about WO
nionthlici and twenty-live ipiarterlii's.
Of the monthlies , some thirl.v are maga-
y.iues , although not more than seven or
eight of them have any distinct literary
character. A number 'of the weeklies
which are quite prosperous are not gen
erally known in the community. Of ono
weekly with a cirunltion of more than
100,000 , hardly anything is known. Wo
doubt if any of our readers could guess
its name. So many dailies , wookljes and
monthlies are coming into and going out
ol' life in the citv that the public takes no
note of them. There is no more active
and precarious occupation than } hc pub
lishing of newspapers and periodicals.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost
hero every year in such enterprises.
Not Spoiled by l-'luttoi-y.
Boston Record : .Miss Winslovv , the
American beauty who has been dividing
with Miss Chamberlain the admiration
of the gay world ot Hamburg , belongs to
u well known Bo-ton tamily. 'Her
father was the late George S. Window ,
wealthy dry goods merchant , and her
mother is a member of tlio Ho\bury
tamily of Train , of which the late Enoch
Train was in his day aconspieuotis repre
sentative. The Wnislows used lo llvo in
the swell-front brick house on
Boylston street , opposite the common ,
which is now tenanted by thu Boston
Whist club. They lived elegantly , but
not o-teiitaliou-ly. Tliejr parlors were
adorned with choice paintings and en
gravings , and their receptions were in
the best taste. Mrs. Winslovv. who is a
handsome blonde , liked to draw about
her literary and artistic hoeicty , and
among the artists ami men of hit torn who
wore most frequently mot with in her
drawing rooms wcro Howse , whoso
orayon heads have gained him such a
wide reputation , and Henry .lames ,
whoso novels have matlo their mark in
two confluents. Ono of Itovvso's best
ellbrts was the likcnc&s of two children's
heads of surpassing beaiily , ono
of which crowns the .shoulders ol Kloanor
Winslovv , the "Boston beauty , " whose at
tractions have beuii acknowledged in the
most fastidious courts of Kuropo. Miss
Winslovv is a blonde , tall and stately in
person , with regular features ami the air
thill people cull "aristocratic " .Shocamo
naturally by her personal attractions
by her mother , whoio portrait , painted
b'y Porter before he had bccomo lashion-
able. , preserves the features of one of the
most beantjfiil women the Hub has over
known , Miss Winslovv has been well
brought up , and is not spoiled by atten
tions which would turn tlio head ol or
dinary girls ,
llot'oi-n Hanging.
lr , Wm. B. ia/iirtl , u St. Louis physi
cian nays : Any ono would miiurally sup
pose that appetite for food would fail the
condemned prisoner on tlio morning of
his execution , but It would appear that
Iho rule is froiiuently the reverse of lliis.
Ho cuts a good supper the night before ;
follows it with a substantial lunch at
bed-time , and sleeps ? ound ail night long.
As tlio fatal moment diuwn nigh , hu devours -
vours with gusto a breakfast tlmi would
prepare a laborer for a hard day's work ,
1 can not , like Victor Hugo , mentally
ohango places with the condemned in his
last hour , but 1 suspect that something of
the condition ol'mind charucloria'
tin of the victim of cancer In
Its last .stages must bo
his at thu huprcmct moment
approaches' , AH hope is lost , 'apathy suc
ceeds tlio altej nations of conllicting emo
tions ho fell while his case was fought
over in the conrtx ; the snlleiinoss of iles-
pulr benumbs the higher intellectual
taculties , until at hist the merely animal
instincts provai ) . Hu cats his hist break
fast with thu Biuiio eagerness us ho
clutches al the rope which suspend * him.
The brutality of our ( practically ) public
executions is unworthy of an enlightened
ago. Death by the headman's us , by the
giiillotmoqrby tin * .Spanish arroto is
moro merciful and le-s degrading lo Iho
spectators ami thoio who road of it.
Lleetricity , in some overpowering form ,
Imitating the lightning's ' stroke , would
Miako tlio vongcunco of outraged law
moru uvvit inspiiing , painles , and alto
gether moro scicntilic than in possible by
tills remnant of the barbarism of ihumlu-
dlo ages , the hangman's noote.
At tlie Fair To-morrow.
Bunt Calico at lo per yd , between the
hours of throe ( ! J ) and four (1) ( ) o'clock in
{ lio'aftornoon onlv ,
, .1. ( ' , Prop. .
I 01U South 13th sticct , cast mile.
TUB 3iAiicirc HASKKT.
The Delicacies Now Olitnlnnblc In the
liocal Mnrti.
Tlip most foothsomo food at present in
this line are I tin white Itshailil trout , sell
ing for 1 > ccnt a pound , Fresh cod
fish is ( o bo purchased for lo
cunt" a pound , whtlo Halibut steaks
and eels nro worth iM oonti pound.
Kloutidors nrn worth I'-l cents ti ] ) ound.
Fresh mackerel brings 15 cents
apiece. Sim-Its , though not plenty ,
are soiling for 15 cents a pound ,
Striped buss are p scarce as to Iw nn-
quoted. S.ilt cotllish tongues sell for 13
cents a pound ,
Oysters , Of standard quality and slzn ,
are selling at10 cent * a qt. The * elrets
briny CO cents a qt. Cans 20 tote cents ,
MlT , I'Ofl.TIIV AND < UMi : .
Theru liave been no material eliulis1" '
in the line of meats' ,
The InM outs of sirloin sell for 15 cents ;
rump" and upper ] inrl f round steak at
1S | . Koa-tiuij ribs , linn and juicy , can
bo bought from 10 to 12 } cents Veal is
extremely scarce and comes high , from
15 to UO cent- ! , according lotlie elioieuness
of the part , Sweet broads can bo pur-
dialed at 25 cents pair. Corn beef is
bulling nl from 0 to 10 cents , nccurding to
cuts , Prime lei ; of mutton can lie had for
I',11 ; cent- ; mutton chops l''J to 1ft cents
Ham is worth 12 } cents in milk , SO cents
sliced. Pork , It ) to 12 } cents. Snn ag < * ,
10 to 12j cents Vi'iiNon , rich ami juicy ,
can bo fmrelui'.cd for 20 cents The ten
derloins of sluei > killed for Christmas
will be line , and should be &pol > cti for in
Chickens are worth 1ft cotit > a pound ,
turkeys and ducks ' , ' 0 cents u pound.
Knhnitb , dres od. can be purchased for
10 to 12V cents each.
Unions are .selling at DO cents a peek.
Turnips are worth 20 ecnl.s n peek ,
Kutaliagas 2.1 cent's. Calbngo is bring-
in" t'J ' to 15 cents a head. Potatoes ,
| Harktics ? | , are \\ortli TM to ( W. Salt
Lake potatoes are selling for STi cents a
bti'-hel. Sweet potatoes , aru worth ( W
cents a peek.
llnbbard and Marblehead sqnaMies
sell for 10 lo 25 cents apiece.
Carrots are worth 25 cents a peck.
Oyster plant sells I bunehoa for a quar
Parsley i.s sold at 5 cents a bunch.
Parsnips at 25 cents a peck. Yankee
pumpkins are woith from 15 lo 25 cents
each ; sweet pie pumpkins the same.
Celery tells at 00 cents a do/.en. New
hot-house radishes CO cents a du/oii. Let
tuce 75 cents a dozen.
Florida oranges are worth 25 to r > 0
cents a dozen , according lo sue
New California nrangci from10
to fiO cents a do/.en. liana-
nas are worth Irom ! J5 to 50 cents a do/
en. lii'apes ot the Malag.i variety sell
far ' ! 0 cents a Dound , while Catawba
grapes floll for $1.25 a basket.
hirgo si/.e. Ka'iMiis can bo liad
for trom 10 to ! )5 ) cents a pound ,
dried currants 10 to 15 centa pound.
Candled citron is worth 50 cents
a pound. lig.s are worth from 20
to 25 cents a pound , cooking Jigs 20 cents
a pound. Cranhorries are selling for
from 10 to 15 cents a quart. California
nears are worth 15 cents a pound. Good
Persian dales are worth 15 cents a pound ,
and Black Fan ! dates 20 cents 11 pound.
Apples , choice Michigan varieties , are
worth $8.25 to § : ! .ftO a barrel , New York
states § ! ! .00 a barrel. Missouri stock in
worth from ( < > jsu.oo.
Iliekon nuts are worlh 50 cents a peek ;
shell barks and ha/.ul mils are selling for
75 cents.
nurnu : AND i : < : cs.
lint tor , dairy , is bringing from 25 to ! ! 0
cent' ! a pound. The best creamery can
be purchased at ! V5 cents a pound , l-'ggs
sell for the standard price of 25 ! cents a
On Thursday evening , the well-known
comedians , Harrison ite Ootirlay , will ap
pear in their great , comedy success ,
"Skipped by the Light of the Moon. " lie-
served scats o on s.ile to-morrow morn
ing at tlio booflico. .
Tlio great English melodrama. "The
Romany Kye , " will be produced at the
Ho.yd on Friday and Saturday wit h mat
A rKi\ : IIAT.XT.
Siguor Salvini's appearance at Boyil's
ojera ) houon ! Tuesday evening , Jan.
20tli , will be on < ! of the rciflly great dra
matic events of llm season. Tlio great
tragedian's tour this .season , w ill cover
new fields and will extend for the Ih-nt
time as far a- > San Fr.uici.seo. Sulvini is
now plaving at SleVickcirV theatre , C'hi
cage , and ins houses are crowded nightly.
"Othello , " Salvmi's grealcnt. character ,
will bo given here. Air. Chi//ola , the
manager , has engaged a supporting com
pany of eminent American artists and
nothing has been left undone ID I'uriiHh a
worthy background for the grand central
liguro. Salvmi's perlormaiico will mi-
doubtediy bo the , dramatically ,
that Omaha has over seen. The advance
sale of seats will begin next Saturday
morning. Prices of the reserved seats
will bo $8 00 and .fl 50.
Tlio MoroliantN' National Hank.
The Merchants' National bank is pre
paring to creel a magnificent new build
ing on their lot , northeast coi-nor of Thir
teenth and Faruam streets , and the plans
for the strueturo are now in process of
preparation , Mr , Hen Woods , cashier of
the institution , informed a reporter > otor -
day that work would bo commenced on
the building in Match or April as soon.
in fact , as the state of the weather will
permit. The ground lloor will bo UOx-10
In dimensions. The Miucturo will bo of
iirovrcd brick , and live stories in height.
The details hnvo not yet boon agreed
upon. _
< lay ( iotilil'h Money.
This fortune at present is principally
invested in and controls ( ho (1,01(1 ( ( miles
( ) | ) the South western -MUs'iuri
Pacilic. system ol railroads , .and the $271-
OOOjOUO of capital thai they roiiivtont.
Tins doe.s not include the nou disintegra
ting \Vabash Pacilic system , with its
: t,5.'iO milts of roail and SISU.UOO.OOU of
obligations , direct and indirect. What is
of nion4mjortaiieo lo the country , thii
fortune contiols over 1.10,00(1 ( miles of
polo lines and t\vo Atlantic cables , besides
sides other telegraphic facilities that are
capitalized in the WiMorn Union and
auiliarcompaiiic.s at $12.5,000,001) ) , JVIr
( iould al-o has an almost ahsolnlo owner-
shli ] of the olovatoil railroad system of
Now York , which \ slocked ami bonded
for $15,000,000 , making the total amount ,
par value , of tlio svcurilios c.out rolled ,
not including llm Wabaah-P.icillo , fWH-
000,000. ,
1'JLKS ! I'llTlCHl 1'ILICS
A MHO euro finliliml. . Hlcc < ] | ij ] _ ' , llchin
nntl tJlc.ct.iH-d Piles lius been dlnco\cicil liy
Dr.VIIIIiiiS : ) , ( an Indian ii'inedy ) , railed Or
Willi.iniv' Indian 1'ilo Ointment. A sln 'lo
box has cuii'il Ilio worst cliionii : c.iseol " ' or
i-0 > CIM ; Blaiulln ; , ' . No mio need suiter live
nilnuti's alter aiijilylu this wnmk-irul so.xh
ink' nu'illi'liu' . Lotions unit iiistiiuacnlsdo
nuiit ) liauu tliiiii KOOIVIllluniV ) liullau
Pile Ointment ; -oilntlm tunxiis , nlliiys iho.
lutLiiso ItchliiK , ( p.iitlcuhtily at nlulil alter
L'i'ttliiK uiinu In tn'il ) , acts us : i ] > oiiltlc > c , ulves
llHtant iclicf , mat is tirepaicil oi * ) > Im 1'jlet , ,
lichliii ; of iniviitu parts , and tor' .
lr , J-'iii/iei's .Millie Oiiitiauiit uiuas RK \ > y
tiirh ; , I'liiijilua , lilack Heads or Uiuba ,
iM and j-iiiitloas : ) on tlm face ,
Ihflbklu clcaruiul luuntiful , Alsuciiiesltcli.
halt Khfimi , Soio .S'liMili'.s , .Soru Li. \ \ ' ami
.Sold by ilnifulbtti , or ninllcd on receipt oC
W ) cents.
KrtaiUM by Kitlni & I'o , , and Srhrot-ter &
UucUL \vlieltoalc by C , iJooJinaii. .
Police Court Oookol.
Indgo Stenberg dl po ed of the follow
ing cases in police court yesterday !
David Trostin , drunk and disorderly ,
$10 and costs , committed in default.
John McClelland , petit larceny ( of
overcoat from L. K. Neill ) , IWdnys ia
county inil , last til on bread and wator.
( ico. Kogers , disturbance of tlie pence ,
James Hrady , suspicious character ,
glvon 2 hours to leae city
Kdward ( tialiam is the name of a yonnjf
man who Monday afternoon was nr-
rested by the police while engaged In a
row with a darkey. ( ! raham mndo
desperate attempt lo e < eapo and pushed
OIHcer Dempsey against a lot of bnllery
jars in the rear of the Western Union
olllce , spilling the tluid all oxer him.
The struggle was at its height when Olll-
eer Howies hove on the scetio niid helped
to carrj the oll'endeioff to jail.
( Jrahain was lined sJ'W and posts , niul
in default was sent njt to the county jail.
A Xe\v Vli-m.
A P. Sehack , who i < well-known as an
old and reliable commission merchant ,
has sold his bu lncHS lo Klisehbnulu &
Sons. The members of the now firm
linxo already established reputations of
being thorough business men and under
their management the boncelilchls
one of tlio olilest in Nebraska , will no
tloiibt continne to be well palroni/.ed ,
Mr. Jack Mo.Miihau returned from
Chicago y.--terdai. While there ho hail Iho
pleasure' meeting Jack Jacobs , re-
eentlv connected vith the Herald , and
who skipped town so suddenly a week or
.so ago. Jacobs frankly admitted that liu
owed about $100 in Omaha and thought
it was good policy to leave the city before -
fore it became too warm for him.
rrepirwt with special roniml t
No Ammonia , l.luianr Vlnm.
Or tlif Miiu > r llnltlt , l o < iillioly
Cured by Aitiululslcrliiff Dr.
lluliics' Ciiltlvii Sprt-inr.
It can lOKl > en Inn oiip of runroor Int without
tlipknnnhMlKourtlioiwnou takliiKll.lsaliiolutelr
burnil , niul ulll iMlect .1 iKtninnciil niul Kppcdy
cnru , n'lu'lli'.T Iho | ntlf nt It a moiltmitt ! drinker or
nn nlruhollu wreck. It tint bi'i'ii R\ | < II In tliau-
B.UIUIotcawinncl In p\or > - liislinru iicii > L-tcuro
liaifullonnl. It neirr Inlls. ' 1 IIP syslciu once
lniircgniti | : > i | ltli HIP "pcclllc. II ticcoini'Snu ultor
luiliosiltilllly for tlicli'iuor npiu'lltu tooTht.
KirilN A : CO. . Var. ISlli anil Itanslai. nnil
ISIIi iV ( Jiiinlnu ; Sin. , OniulmNob. '
A. n. I-OSTJR : i.v niM\ ,
Ciiunrll lliiHs , Inivn.
Cull orrlle fur | iunplilct : ruiil.ilnliiK liundrcit *
of ti' < tltnnnliil Jrointliolicst ntinien ami men from
all p.-ulaot tlir ro'jntl v.
GOLD MEDAL , PJililS , 1878.
Warranted nbtntittelu juira
Cocoa , fiom wllcli the oxei'si of
Oil li.w been rf movcil. H bint fire *
ttmeithe stiength of Coco.i inlied
witli Blurcli , Arrowroot or Sugar ,
and U therefore far moro rcuuoml.
cat , letting leu thitn one cent a
cup. It U dcllctou" , nourlnlilng ,
BtrrnKtlicnlnB , ennlly illgcttctl , unJ
wlinlrably nJaptcil for luMilkla lu )
well as for pcr onn In ht-altli.
Sold l > f Ufoftrn ererywliere.
W. BAKER & CO , , Dorcbester , Mass ,
Tlin Urilii | I mill Only ( ciiiflup.
Rita Ui4 & ! ; Rell M lli * Kr or wuHhlr * * loilltlluni.
luJlipcixtble to LADIES. A k 7-vir llruuglit lor
"Clilrlic tt'r * * f.nKll lr * ot l * * Bo p | it.or Invite 4c.
( lUinpOW IM tar riirllculart fq trtltr lif return IUH | | .
. . l'Mtlil"Ur L-lirinlml Co. ,
t5 11J-MMtalllll.llulirttlhl411. < | .11.
At DrurcUU. Trndk > .ltd li ; Fuller A bullet
Co. , ( .Tilmcu. 111.
Nebraska National Bank
Paid up Cnpitul . $250,000
SuplusMlay 1 , 1885 . 20,000
11. W. YATI , President.
A. E. TOU/.AM.V , Vice President.
W. II. S. lluuiins , Cashier.
, , . .
II. W. I'.vua , LiwisS. ; UEKU ,
A. E. T
Co . l"tb nnd l''nnmiii Kl reels.
( Jeuenil HmiUiiK' Ilusiiiuas Ti ansuctoil.
A Siiniliiiil .Medical Work for Voting A
Mhlillo Asuil .Men , only | liy mail
Rxliat | p < l Vlt illtr. Ki > rroni nnil I'lirilcil llobltllr
rrcninturn Doi-llnudi Mini , Krrnri < it Voulli.iirnl tin
iinlol.l niloirlc' * KHiilthu from linllKi'iuilon niul HI
ii'Kti'H. A Ijoiik lor every riiiin. yoiint. inlililtHn-jail
iimlulil. Itruiiluliu IJiiirmulnllimH fiirnt nrulnnn'l '
iiriiilrnli.iM | > ii.ncliuiiuiii wlilrti l > liivnlii'ibla. Sn
Juunil tiy ttio Mtitlior whoMt oxiiuilnncu ftir ' 1 yw\n li
null ui | > n > lilily navur li f'H"U'll lolliti hit nr uny
| > li > l > li < lnnui ; : | > iKOi , liounil lit b.t.iulirnl I'lvuM , milt.
lliii-inl > i > > di | < iiu'r > , lull L'llt. tfil inuiliiU'l ' lo luiullnnr
% \frUJn ff\vrt muni iilnlitiiiU-iil. litDMry iiu < l pr tfui ,
( .lnii'il Iliiiniinr iillirr work In tlii * riiuiury for IUH
crtlic I'liinc ) will hun-fuml In nvcry lii liinrn. I'rl's
nnly II liy null , | io u > IJ , IlluitmliMl nuilii , i > i %
K'liclnoir. o vl | nioilnl Minir.tml Iliciiiilhurlir tliu N * .
Jleill-il , , Afturliilluii , Hi tlitiottlri'Miif Jrhicli Id
"Vliri"hili'CflnfIJfo lioul.l Lurrnd liy tlio voting fur
Inntrm lion imil li > iliauiuiulia lurrtllff. U will Uuu * .
lltill. : l iniluti Uiiu-cu
I'lH'ti'U nuiiiuiiiliornf i"lcif ( owlmni thaSctoiei
nf J.lfu n 111 not Ua u f ul , wliolliur jruulli. p irtinl , uutr-
llluii.lnflrurioriir iliifxjfiipin. Aiuun.iiit. .
Ail. In mli" I'mlmily ( luillnil InntUuli. . orDr W. IL
1'iiriur. NIL 4 mi-el. | ! i tun. Mn , wlm nur
I'C cutiiiilli-O < . 'ii nil ill < ca i n'gulrliiu iLIII uiut uipurl-
i nc < > . riiriiino niul ol iiinim iliMi uu-i tinn
Ij.'illlcil tin , Milllol all ( illiiitiiliydl -
llutio , 11 > i > crlatty , Hncli Ircii'ol
t-iic ( < H > rillwitliuiit | nn instiiiiL- )
fllulliiinMt'illliiu lliU liuuui- .
IPaclcet ConapaTajr.
A nuir.cT uxi : KOII
England , France & Germany.
Ttiti * teimialil | ( if IbU well ktionn Hint aru all
ul lion , lu vviiii.r llwiit coiiiiiiuloiuiitH , 11111 ! ro-
IlltlllslllU l.'llll UdlOllllllif III Illllku tilt ) | lum.tli
tiorli bull ) niul iifitcalilu They I'Hiry Iliu UnlloJ
htiiichiioil Ilinoiifiiu uiullb , niul InuvuNi'tr V < nl
'jliuiMli ! iunl MHiinJuy > lot 1'lyiaoiith , 'I.ON
DONl , Cl.n IX.UK , ( I'.VItlriuinl IIAMIll'IKli. ,
lUti * - | - i galjiu , iiIW. . feii > t < r 'u iu N
Vork , 1 1