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Dakota's ' Delegation Lay Their Oaso Before
the President ,
* .
An Hoiir'H Audience , DnrltiR Which
Jtiilco KdRcrtoii Ably Presents
Ai'Riinioiitn In SitpporL oT tlio
Territory's AilmUsIoii.
Dakota Talks to tlio President.
WASIIIXOTO.V , Jan. 10. [ Special Tclc-
Bram.1 A delegation from Dakota , com
posed in part of Senators Kdgcrton and
Moody , Itcprcsentatho Kaiiotisc , Governor
Mollettoand Judge John II , Drake , called
upon 1'resldeiil Cleveland this afternoon by
appointment , nml were heard upon the ques
tion of dividing tlm tcultory of Dakota , ad
mitting ( o statehood the southern half nnd
organising the northern poitlon into Noith
Dakota lerrltoiy. Upon a previous visit of
these gentlemen nt tlio wliito hotiso Mr.
Cleveland expicssed a dcslio to heal the Da
kota side of the question , and Invited n con
sultation. The delegation occupied moio
limn an hour , nnd dm lug the. cntlro time
they wcro listened to In the most nltentlvo
manner. Senator IMgcilon did most of the
talking , and In the course of his icmaiks ,
said that Dakota was grateful for an oppor
tunity of assuring the president that ( hey
i arc not revolutionists ; that everything done
by them has been done In the most orderly
manner and In accordance with established
precedent-- , and for nn oppmunity ( to lay be-
toie him the n > a ons which have Induced
them to take tlm steps they hrtvf.'lie" .thiiir
icoltcd to the piesldent -action'of Iho leg-
islntmc of Dakota ill authorizing a constitu
tional convention , ( lie work as performed ,
and how tho.ies.ult had beqn laid before con-
r'- ' It will takeMr. . President , a very'asluto
lawjer , " said Senator Edueiton , "to detect
mi } thing i evolutionary In the procecolngs of
the convention. " "Hut It has been wild"
continued he , "that'hero ( was no authoiity
for calling the constitutional convention In
other woids that the law enacted by the leg-
islatino 19 without auUioiIty mid.consequent
ly void. I will not examine the question as
' to whether the organic art passed by con-
giess , in vesting the legislature with power
'to It'glslaio ' upon all rightful subjects of. leg
islation not prohibited by that act gave the
teiriloriul legislature power to piovldo by
law for constitutional convention or not.
That Is not hcccssaiy for our piesent pur-
jjiohus. When the statutes nro bllcnt , pre
cedents make law.Yhllo constitution .
of the United States provides that congies
shall have , the power < o admit new s.tatos , it
novvhcro piovldcs In-direct teims or by im
plication what steps shall bo taken fo bring
tlio mattpr-of admission of a now state lo'the
attention of Connies * , or hovro'r with vvhom
the ( list steps shall bo Initiated. Precedents
have Varr t. In many instances congioss
. . has Initialed the proceedings by i'novldlngfor
a convention. In other cases , and not a few.
conventions have assembled byaiithoilty of
the people of the tenltory.- . . .
Senator Edgcilon named a' number of
precedents showing hovr territories have
been admitted to the Unlou of states , and
then continued. ; "We" confidently claim
that our course was "justified by abundant
pieccdcnts. Somu lutYO claimed that Dakota
r'h was puidiilng an unusual and. reiolullanary
course In electing her ofllcers. I think that ,
the parties who mnko this dunjo have not
carefully lead history In connection , vvlthjljic
admission of other xtatcs. In iieaily-'ev'crT
case , ho far tis 1 nm Informed , the state ,
prior to admission , ban elecled.lts state oftl-
cers. It has been Kild by some fetr that the
people of Dakota do noi dcslip divfsiqh on
the forty-sixth parallel , I Invllo your atten
tion to the evidence on. Umt quosUon. CTIio
leglslaturo In lb7I passed a memorial to > con
gress by a luianlmatis vote to divide .tho tcr--
rllory on tha forty-sixth paiallci ! Two
years later n Mmllar memorial was passed
witli but four dissenting- votes In both
houses. Again In 1SJ74 un'ollier incmoilnl
passed with but ono dissenting vote In
both house * . .Again Jn June , 1ST7 ,
another lllco mcmoiial 'passed both
houses unanimously. Again nt the next
session In IfiTO , a piotcst ag'ilnst the admis
sion of the teiiltijiyas to was paswd.
At tlie next session a. me'iiioilal was passed
asking for division Into three ten Italic : * . In
IBS ! ) a bllt for a constitutional convention for
south D.ikota was passed by the ioglshitmo ,
but failed to became a law for want oC tha
governor's approval. At ( ho last session of
the leglslatuio It pusicd tholawprm'tdliig foi
a constitutional convention , and the same
leglslatmo passed a memoilal to congress
asking for division on the loity-slxth paial-
Ii.-l. The legislature Is coiupose'd of ' twenty-
four mcnibcis of the council mull'oity-tilght
mombeis of the house. Upon thh vote there
weioSl ajcs In tlio council and no nny.s , and
h In the house 4S ayes ,
"Thus it will bo wvn Ihat nt every session
, . of the Icglhlaturo fin- the past fifteen years
thoiepiesenlatlvcsof the people have been
pionounced and neaily uimnlmoiis upon this
question of division. What better mode
has anyone for detcimlnlng the will or
choice of the people' . ' The paily con
ventions of each patty , composed of del
egates fiom the whohi toiittoiy , declaied In
favor of division in 1SS1. Another evidence
of the dcslro of our people uuon this quest Ion
Is thu fact that foi u number of yenis , when
ever a public Institution has been provided In
south D.iUota , u like Institution has been pro
vided by law In nm Hi Dakota. The law has
located one university at Yuimillion In south
Dakota and ono at Uiand Foiks In north Da-
kola , ono Insane asylum at Ytmkton In south
Dakota and ono nt Jamestown in uoiili Da-
kola , ono penitentiary at Sioux Falls In south
Dakota and ono In lllsmaick In neil h Da
kota , and so with other Institutions.
" ' 1 lie supporters of this movement are not
conmied to ono patty. The llrbt convention
which met at Huron to Inltlnto piocccdlngE
Tor a constitutional convention was pie.shled
over by nn nblo and well-known dcmociat
foiineilya member of congicss from Illinois
Tlie Ilibt constitutional convent ion whtcl
met at Sioux Kails In lbS3 was pieshlcd ovci
by avety eminent lawjcr , a dcmociat , tin
present distinguished chief JusHeQ of our bii
pieiuu couit. In view of these facts , we
chlni that there cannot bn question ns to the
de.slui of our people on the subject of division
of the terriloiy upon tlio foity-sjxth parallel
ns provided for tn thu constitution now sub
iiillted to confess.
' The next , and perhaps moro vital qties
( Ion , will be , Is that portion of the territory
south of the forty-sixth parallel piep.ircd foi
iidmlsblon' . ' Dakota lias been u teultoo
longer than any other tenitoiy which has
heretofore been luluilttcd Into Iho union
That poition of It now fccoklng ndmlssloi
has n greater popttlRtlon than nny or anlzci
leriltory ever lad vvlion admitted into tin
union. ItHpopultttlou U over S03.W3. Itlmi
moioaud bettor equipped public institution !
th.iu any tori Uory ever hail. It lias a aysteu
of fica schools eupportcd entirely t > y taxa
tlonaud dctlvlncno aid from thu icioivtt
rant ot the&UtceuUi uiad thiily-slxtli sec
lloaof public lauds , now -lr.t3dlo. l ; . Las
year wo expended for school pur | > oses 81,203-
000. " The senator gave some Interesting and
pertinent statistics , showing the growth and
Improvements tn Dakota , and con
tinued : "There has been some
cittlclsm about the propilcty ot
dividing the slate. Tha founders of the
republic never contemplated the Idea of a few-
large slates , but rather n Ricater number ot
small medium sized states. Considering ,
then , nil these questions , Mr. President , that
Dakota has been n tcnitory so long , that her
population Is so gicat , that her Industries arose
so Inrgc , that every condition and purpose ot
territorial law has been subserved , that the
proposed constitution is icpiibllcan In form ,
nnd that our people have so long and patient
ly awaited the will of congress , we con
fidently expect Iho appioval of just men who
will give the question an intelligent and
imnaitlal consideration , "
"It has been suggested , , ' continued Senator
Kdgcrton , "In some quaiicrs , that while
congress makes annual appropriations
for ccitaln e\pcnsos wo should not
'K > anxious for admission. This
niiauow view of such a question , and I
iialntaln that when uteultory has fulfilled
ill these conditions , and still desires to le-
inln a ward , If ( hero over bo one , contacts
ad better emancipate her willing or unwill-
: ig , unless there aio exceptional icasons to
lie contrary. If a people that have fulfilled
,11 , Iho conditions of territorial tutelage ,
vhicli Jm\o thu wealth , the numbers and in-
clllgenco entitling them to emancipation ,
hotikt willingly nnd uncomplainingly rc-
naln In that inferior condition , it would bo
in evidence of their Incapacity for cinancl-
iaUon aiidBclCgoveinmcnt , and bo a cause
f salons apprehension with pat'ilotlc.states-
nen cve'ry where. "
At the conclusion of Senator Edgeilon'a
rgmneiitMr. Cleveland nsked many infou-
nal and f radical queslto'usregahling the
ppcaranco of , the faco. of tlio eountiy
Inoughout the teirltoiy , education , improve-
nents , the character of the people , the benefit
o bo.derived by the passage oE the Harrison
illl now before the senate ; , and iiv different
vays evinced a keen Interest. Tho. delcga-
lon was veiy favorably Impressed wltli the
eccptlon , an'd believe they mndo a good 1m-
) iesslon upon their auditor. To-moirovv
liey will bo heaid on the same subject by the
ouso committee on territories. Didtotalans
icro have iiinelo rapid piogrcss dining the
inst few davs In ( his matter. They Jiavo cu-
Istcd a number of prominent democrats in
oth blanches of congress in their cause ,
mvlng been nssuicd If they can help it , the
iiucstlonshallnot-boapnity one. To-night
ho Dakqlalans believe tliey see their way
'lear ' lo success.
Story Positively Donlc'U Her
Hhlftlcss Hiisbuiul.
Niw YIVHK , Jan. 10. [ Special Telegram. ]
The story of Joaquin Millet's daughter
begging In Chicago created an immense sen
sation among literary and theatrical people
icrp yestoulay. Mr * . Frank Leslie wasvciy
nucli distuibcd and said theio was no.foun *
lation for tlio chnige that the gill's father ic-
'uscd to help her. She said Maud wa-s veiy
erratic nnd wag but aivahiateur in the stage
msincss. She hail been finely ediuMted by her
, r nnd alter .gradtraling made a'tourof
Europe. Slie'hatlsplendid'oppoitunitics but
'ailed to avail' herself" them. Mis. Les.llo
nddcd : "You may uot bo avvmc that she is
a married woman and that her husband , not
icr father , Is the pehion.'to whom she , should
looTc for support. Her htis.baud is the son of
Stcelo Mackrtye , the theatrical manager. If
the icpoit bo true , lie has'nevor been able to
suppoit his wife. They w'cro mart led
against Joa'quin's express wishes , yet he lias
jonerally co.ntrlbuted to her suppoit since ,
know this , because lip instructed mo to trans
mit her cliccks-in pay fdrw'hnt ho luuldone
for tis , and I myself saw that these checks
were f in-warded. "
"CIIIOACIO , . Jan. 10. The story published
about the supposed discovery of the 113111:11101
of Joaqui'n Miller. ' In this city , penniless ami
In deep dlstiess , appeals to be thoroughly ex
ploded by the statement of Elder , ptiblisiiei-
ol the Literary Jouinnl , upon whoso sup-
Dosed authority tho.story was lirst given pub
licity. Kcl'QiiIng to Ilio matter to-day , Elder
said : "Tlio .stories about Maud Miller are
unjust and absurd. The only couect portions
tions ot them aio that she has been playIng -
Ing In The DanlteR , nml that she
was In'Chicago. She arrived from tlie
south , wheio tlm company disbanded
some three week's ago. She was an entire
stianer In this city , ami knowing I was in
almost constant coirespondenco with her
lather , she came tf > sens me. Ono day I asked
her to vvi Itn an aitleld about Iho lltciary llto
ot Mrs. Miller. Shu did so , and 1 paid her
for It She was well and comfoitably
dressed , nnd did not need assistance. She
told mo she should go to Now Yoik
tor the purpose of getting another
theatrical engagement. 1 can't undeistnnd
howilbecnmoknown.shovlslled me at any
time , but think wmio one in Iho olllee who
saw her and who Ic.tilicit who hho was , and
whopmhapssaw uo p.i'y her for her contil-
blitlon. and gave the facts Matting the
hbsuidstorv.- ' '
"It It f < ahl slio telcgi-nphotl her father for
aid andho icAtsed Iiccolvo the uiessage. "
" 1 an cusily account for that stoiy. I
whey him conocrning business mutters in no
wiiy connected with his daughter. The ia-
forniAtlon wtw returned bv tlioteK'4fraphtv > m
l ny that Miller never nccoptcd tcojan ! | t
Horn anyone. "
Clilcn o'u Election Tjaw.
CIIICAOO , Jan. in. The .lonrniil'a Spring-
Held (111. ( ) special says ; The supreme couit
to-day ufllimcd thu decision of tha lower
couit , theieby sustaining Iho constitution
ality of tlio new state election law. The
law ns adopted by the leglslntmo Is In all
e.sscntlal features similar to the New York
statute. adopted by the olty of Chicago
cage nt the iccent election , and the city has
hlncu been icdlsttlctcd into smaller voting
pi relucts and election commissioners ap
pointed. It was lecendy taken before the-
htipicmo couit to decide the question of Its
The ColilVavo. .
CIIICAOO , Jnu , 10. The signal scivleo this
morning repoits the provalcnco of another
Bovcio cold wave. The thermometer touched
zcio In this city last night , but rose to 8 do-
giccsabove at S o'clock , Itepoits from dif
ferent points In Iowa show an nvcrago tem
perature of fiom "to 10 decrees below zero.
Jmncatoun , Dak. , quoted 2.5 degrees below
zero , nmnVlnnlpeg til degrees below. The
signal buicaii also repoits that during the
iio.xt twenty-four henns tlm toinpcrauno In
the Mississippi vulluv will fall 15 to i > de
grees addltlonnl and that the cold wave will
then uxlcnd eastward.
The Chesapeake ) lee Illoakndo ,
] ) Ai.TiMour0 Jan. 10. The Ice blockade In
( ho Chesapeake bay still continues and no
attempt Isinado to cet to or from port except
by heavy vessels. A large number of sailing
craft nro reported fast In the Ice nnd many
of the oyster ilcets Imvo been kept so long
away that there is much suifcilng among the
crows. The too extends down to the mouth
of Pntuxcnt liver and is very solid. Milder
tempeiaturo novviuovallsandlt IB hoped It
will let loose the l.u-gii fleet of coasters mid
bay emits ,
Now York Dry Goods ivrnrlcot ,
NKW VoKic.Jnn. 10. An Important feature
of thodiy gooitct maikot Isan incicasedbiul-
ness In the cxpoits of cotton goodswhich for
the past wcuk Imvo bean , Ml packages , mak
ing the total for thn month ll.SCO ; iijuinst
7.7-il Ibe 4amo tlhio laat year , an increase ot
such lmpoitancoasoompaieawth | last year
that It cannot fall to attract attention. Trudn
has been lluht In coiuenueuce of the heavy
full of snow , auca'tded by j
Annual Meeting of Iowa Hoiticulturalista
and Nebraska Agricultural Board.
Piroat Ames , Iou-n lOxctcr's
Factory Ijn iicnster County's Undj-
ct Freighter Fro/.cn to Dentil
AVyomliiR News.
Iowa irortlottltnrallHlR.
Di : < t MOINKS , Iowa , Jan. 10. [ Special
gran. ] The Iowa State Horticultural society
convened In nineteenth annual meeting this
moining. The state Is divided into twelve
districts , and these wcro well icpiesentcd In
themectlni ; to-day. The llrst papers icad
weic by members oC Hie committee. Mr.
Porter thought that the white plno was the
best evergreen for general planting , being
the most innid grower. A pawur by Mr.
Onidnei of Osage , was rend on the .same sub
ject. ' 1 he discussion following was in favor
of led cedar for hedging purposes. Hemlock
was considered too lender for most
positions. Tlie whlto plno had the most
fi lends for geneial planting In the noitli-
easteinpaitof the stale. For close winded
bleaks It was thought that uotiilng could ex
cel Noiway spiuce.
The oflleeisot the association are Silas Wil
son president , and Piofe , ser Uudd secrctaiy.
Tlm president Is the member of the lower
house of the leglslatuio fiom Cass county.
Thepiogranimo for the afternoon and oven :
Ing , Included articles ou vaiictlc ? of the
srnpo by D. X. ( Jilbcit Ulatchlcy of loa )
.Moihos and A. l'Holer ot McUfcgor ; "IIIs-
toiy of OurlJcet Strawberries , " by 11. M . M c-
eehen -Atlantic ; "lie vision of. Small
Irruits ' ; and ' ' "
, 'Experimental Hp/rtlcultiuc ,
" > y D. L. Wntrous o * DCS Molncp , J. A.
alvaland of Fort Dodge , anet J. h. Uudd ot
[ Vines. ' _
Cities Not n Part of Tlielr Slate.
Dis Moixi1' ! , Iowa , Ji n. 10. [ Special Tele
gram , 1 Tlio lemarkablc statement Is put out
nt Dubuque that the cities of Davenport , Dubuque -
buque and Kooknk are not practically a pait
of tlio state of Iowa , anil so do not come
Binder the jurisdiction of its lavv.s. Hence If
Senator button's bill giving the governor
lower to remove mayors who do not enforce
.ho laws should pas ? , it Is claimed that it
wotild not apply to.thcso cities. These cities
ffcio qr anbcd tinder. special cliaitei-sfroiu
the state , nnd not under the general Incorpo
ration act , so It Is claimed { hat these special
charter constitute a contract between the
state and the municipalities , which the state
cannot Impair without violnllug the piovision
of the fudcial. constitution foiblddiug the
myall incut of the obligations of n contract.
The removal of a city's' mayor , It. 1s saiil ,
> vould be a Very scilous Impairment oa
city's right. This lalses a novel
question hi coniiectiotr with the pioposcd
'egl&Iatlon which Is attracting considerable
Exeter's " .
Proposed Canning Factors" , Neb. , Jan. .If1. [ Special. ] R C.
Hutter , of Glpnwood , Iowa , who has been
heie. is veiy favoiably impressed with this
place as a location for a canning factory.
Seveialofour citi/cns have been in com
munication with Mr. Hutter tor the past two
months , and ho came to Inspect this place ,
much to his satisfaction.
Ho lolt t'wo pioposltlons for the consldera
lion of our people. One for n bonus of c'i.OOO
to be applied. on 'buildings , nnd held for live
years. Thenj providim : ho put up 200,000
cans per ycnrfortlwtlcngthof time ho would
receive a deed to the piopei ty.
The other proposal was lor a stook com
pany with a capital of SIO.OOO , with himself
a ? manager at a salary of 51,200 per year.
The former was considered as the most
practicable , nndsubsciiutlon papers are now
In circulation with about SlflOO inised at the
pi csentviltlng. .
| State JKoard or Agriculture.
LIXCOI..V , Xeb. , Jan.10. . [ Special Tele-
giam. ] Twenty-nine members o Iho State
Hoard of Agiiculturo answered the loll call at
the annual meeting to-day. Sevcml district
lair associations were admittqd to the pilvi-
lego of the mcetlnC , Including the Omaha
exposition , Weeping Water nnd Fiicndvlllc
societies. Foity-soveu county fair associa
tions wcip lepoitcel .T5 entitled to voles In tlie
On motion of D. H. Wheeler , the reports of
the president nnd ficcrctiuy weio ruferrei.1 to a.
coinmittoc , consisting of I ) . II. Whculur , H.
W. l-'mnas , H. 13. MIcodemiLS , H. D , Kcely
an'd U. N. ( 'rliiucll , and the bo"id ndjomncd
until Wetliie luy inonilng.
The election ofoflle is will probably take
plaixs'to-rao'TOW. .H , Harlccr Is the leading
L'3iHlllatofir.prc3lilc f , ft W. Kurno * for
' , nnd C ; Hartniwi foi trejaurer.
W , Io\va \ , Jail. 19. [ Spells ! Tt-legra m. }
A ttro ! i t Jiilstit destroyed ( ho clothing
atom of 1C. W , IJiowJi , stock- and liiilhlluir ;
aUo the goods nnd buildings occupied by
Miss D. 1C. Dix , milliner , nnd Thopias
Urothers , dry goods. Ono of the walls left
standing fell on the adjoining building Of
Chniles Hanoi ) , crushing It. The dry ( roods
stoio of D. A. UlgcJow was also damaged to
the extent of ! > oveial hnndt-rul dollars , Tlio
ontho loss by the II ro la liom 813,000 to
515,000 ; insured for S10OC0. ! ChailcKiunks ,
n fiieman fiom lioono , was sovciely Injured
by falling walls.
Freighter Froon to Death.
CIIADIIOX , Neb. , Jan. 10. [ Special Tele-
giam , ] W. C. Chlldcr * , a freighter between
this place and Fort Itoblnson , was found
fio/en to death In a cabin on Cottonwood
Clock , about ten miles west of heie. Child-
m.Shtaited tiom Chadroii last Fiiday with a
load of fruit bound for Foit.Koblnson , nnd
yesterday his body was discoveicd in a cabin
fioien stiff , but covered with blankets. It Is
supposed thut ho was neaily frozen before
leaching the cabin. Deceased leaves a l.ugo
tnmlly In destitute ehcumstaiicej.
AiiAVAiioi : , Neb , , Jan. 10. [ Special. ]
WlUuegard to the arrest of W. 11. Mont
gomery , It Is meiely a rumor , as nothing
definite can be learned. The parties most In
teiosted Ignorance.
Thonncstof J , W , McCJinley for fraud-
caused considerable slirhcro yesterday.
Tfieimometeryeatciday bhuvved 7 * * below
zeip at 3 p. m ,
Imncastor Couniy'n nndKOt.
LINCOIJ- , Neb , , Jan. W. [ Special Tele-
giaui.J The commissioner of Lancnster
county estimated the expenses for l&sf' at
SHOOTS. This Is an incieasd sf SIT.OOO over
last year. This Is caused by § 12,000 , In Unr-
llugton & Mlssouil bonds coming duo , 53,000
oideied paid the Insiuio
pienie court , and S'J.ODO increase in the care
el roads and tnldgos ,
Jown Temperance AVorkcrs.
JES MOI.NES , Iowa , Jan. 10. The tenth
annual meeting of the State Temperance
alliance began in this olty to-nlglit. The
op&nlngiies&lon was devoted to the appoint- '
uicutof committee ; ; and couipletlu- ; the or-
ganlzatlon of the contenUon. Public meet
ings will be held to-moirW , to which a large
number of delegates from nh parts of the
state aio e.Npcctcd.
sago of the gov crnor , F. < 1' . Wairen , to-day.
All the members of the legislature wcro
present except tw o. The govei nor's mcssago
is very complete and compiclicnslve , embrac
ing some valuable suggestion ? .
Tlio Oldest JjlvtiiK "Woman ,
ATLANTIC , Town. , Jan. 10 [ Special ] Mis.
Joidan celebrated her 110th bhthdny Sunday ,
undalaicc number cf friends gathered at
her residence to liclp celebrate. The pros-
iiits wen1 numerous and costly. Mr ? . .Tor-
[ Inn Is believed to bo the oldest woman now
living In the United Slae.s. (
Citnvr.NXi : , W > o. , Jan. 10. [ Special Tele
gram. ] In the supreme court to-day the
ppeal Of Win. Dooth , the murderer sentenced
, o hang , was dismissed , no appearance being
nade by the pilsoner's counsel.
niototm Iliu-niOBO Itebols Assuming a
Threatening Attitude.
i.AY , lUinuah , Jan. 10. The Hying
L-olumns of Ihltlsh troops .sent out on recon-
iioltciing expeditions have leturned to Mnn-
dalny. They lost several men killed and
wounded in a skirmish with tlioDaeolls.
The loss of the latter Is unknown , lleln-
'oicemcnts aiu needed here. Much uneasi
ness inevalls among' the' Europeans' rcBiiid-
im ; the situation , and'thcylong for tltc.aui-
valof Loul Diiffeiln , when they hopoa'llrm
policy .will be adopted.
The Mnndalay concspondeiit of the Lon
don Times , In a recent dispatch , says : The
loices mulct the rebel piluccs are dally In-
creaslm ; in strength. Their troops
no longer plunder villages , this fact
showing that the movement Is developing
Irom biiRniidago Into insunectlon. I'lincu
Jltollsin. son of the latd "War-Piinee. " who
lias proclaimed hlinseltklni ; , is nt Tnbaln , fo
the noitiicast ot Mnndalay. He has 10,000
nrmed men. ' One body of his troops under
his younger b'rather Is threatening Isagam ,
seven miles to the southeast of Maudnlay.
Another body of his troups is cNjiccted to
cro s the Irrawaddy lo the north or Manila-
lay , nnd thicaten the city from the
west. _ _
The Nationalists Delimit.
Jan. 10. Tlio regular foitnlghtly
meeting of. the ! NAtlopal league was.held'here .
this ftarnoou , Deasy- member of parlia
ment for We/jt Meath , occupied Uio chair ,
and In an address snid he'c.iied neither about
the piopo&ed cocicjon' ivfoiin. ThoPar-
ncllitcs were masters of thcr situation , and
bcforn the end of the year Ireland would
have Its. own parliament * .
Kedm'ond. member of partlamcut for North
Foimniingh , said : "England hasj enemies
everywheie , and the lirst blow struck at
lieland would llitj a train of rebellions. > fo
p-ower on earth could prevent iclatlon by
thulilsh. The Painclllfes.aio icsolved not
to btop In their demand for home iulo.
Jlr. Kenny , meinberf-of parliament , said
any coveirimeiiit atteuiptinir to Inleifeic with
the 'National league wmiM-po deprived of of-
lice in a tew weeks' , J.
with people , and the Tenth llur/ars ,
which regiment the earl is lieutenant : Llnd
Isles , .Karl of Krm , gave the brldo away , and
the Pililce of Wales signed the register.
Theio weic eight bridesmaids.-
A Nihilist'N'est Kalilcil.
ST. I'KTKnsmiiiG , Jan. 10. A nilillist re
sort has been discovered opposite the An-
nitchkoff palace , iii-.thls'city. The police
mndo a descent oii'tho plnco and ancstcd sev'-
eial persons found 1u tho'lioiise. They soi/x'd
a number of bombs and otherexplosHes , a
printing press ami U ' quantity of tieasonnblc
documents. _
SpiiniHh Hop'iilAicnn's.
MAt > irn > , Jan. 10. The. 'government of
Spain has itraWn the attention of Fiance to
tlio suspicious movements of Cailists jind re
publicans on the frontier , and asked her to
iievont any hostile demonstration against
Spain fiom Fiench territory.
Succuiiibcil to I'resHiii'O.
CONSTAXTIXOI-J.I : , Jan. 10. Owing to the
prcssmo brought to bear on Prlnco Aloxnn-
derbylho powtSrs , ho hns agreed that tlio
negotiations for peace between Scrvia and
Bulgaria shall be carried ou at JJiichniest ,
A Tcrrlblo Boycott ,
l.rxnbx , Jan. 10 , 'f ho tclpgrapli saj-s a con
dition of great alarm oxhts In Dublin com
mercial circles owing to the reasonable loins
legarding tin ) extensive * boycotting system
which It Is thought will bq inaugurated ;
The Telephone Aronoiioly.
WASIIINOIO.V , Jan. Ill , [ .Special. ] Pat
ent attorneys hero express the belief that the
reference , by Secretary. Lainar , of the telephone -
phone cases to the courfs Indicates that In :
thinks the Belt monopoly ought to be ills-
solved because tliop ents were not honestly
qtjUineil. An nttoincy whO'has talked much
to the hccrctnry nnd' ' other officials In the in
terior depaitment on this subject doubtless
reflects the sentiment theio cnteilalned when
ho said to-day , that tlieio would bo no telephone -
phone monopoly ( wo yeuw hence , "because
the Hell patent could i\ot \ and will not hold
water before the courts. "
Btallo flnnbH the Vatican.
Nr.w YOIIIC , Jim. 10. [ Special Tiilciiram.J
The Sun's London cabloonys : The stoiy
Is published In Itoino now-spapeisthnt Judge
Stallo , the now United States minister to
Italy , abruptly loft a dliinin * given by Dr.
Dehuunter , an American dentlbt , living In
Itonie , on dlscovcilng tlmt the chambcilaln
of the popo'o housclibld was among the
guests. In oNplnlnlnghls depaitino to Dr.
Delnmater , Judge Stallo Is repiciented to
liavo said that he had orders to have no icla-
tlons of any soit with the Vatlpan. The
affair hns created considerable sensation , but
Is not credited by Americans.
Death ft-oiii .Hydrophobia.
Nr.w Ilnuxswiric , N. ' J. , Jan , 19. The
child Edw'aid Applegulc ; of Spottswood , N.
J , , bitten bva mad dog twnty-ouu days ago
went into convuUUmti . 'IflBl Thuisday am
dlediestoiday of h } drophoUIn In the IIIOH
horrlulofonn , leqiilrlii ! ; two men to hold i
In It-sstniBgles. Tliothlld was 0 yenis ot
nge. _
They Prelter Montana.
HII.IXA : : , Mont. , Jaii'l9. The citizens o
northern Idaho aio protesting against an
iie.Miliou to Washington territory iH'cniiho the
laws of that tenitoiy are antagonistic ( (
mining. They want annexation to Mon
The Hiicoctitiloii 1)111 Signed.
WASIIIXG-IOX , D. C. Jnu. 10. The prcsl
dent to-day approved the act piovldlng fo
the performance ot Ihn duties ot piegldcn
In e-u-,0 of icmoval , death or Inability both v
president and vice-president.
HATCHES , Miss. , Jan , 10. The mall boats
on the MUsibslppI river wflio 'detained by
running Ice , the heavlcal known hero foi
A MUsuni-i
Mo. , Jan. 10. A Jho dcstroyec
flyc business houses here Ibis inoiulug , Loss
Indications That the Dollar of the Hereafter
Will Contain Ono Hundred Oeiits.
Patents to Western Inventors Im
provements on the Missouri nml
Mississippi Democratic Hona-
tors ntul ttio Appointments.
A Dollar ? of Kull Viilnc.
, lnn. ID. [ Special Tclo-
; ram.J Kvery day lias a growing tendency
owant compromise with icfercnco tn tlio sll-
\crcotnngo question. Indications point to
nu Increase In the amount ot silver in the
itamlanl dollar ns sncli a compromise. Tlio
optonbnt < < of the sllvcrdollar are scelm ; that
hey cannot possibly get suspension of coin
age , and aio inclined to accept whalcvur they
can get. An Increase of the amount of sil
ver in a standard dollar , so that It might lie
woith about 100 cents , would bo pictty satis-
'actory to thorn. It would not ho entirely see
o tlio extreme silver men , but It would prob-
ibly be supported by the Rieat mass of mem
bers who arc not radical on cither side
of the question. The majority In both
muses liavo been repicse.nted as silver men.
Tills Is scarcely a fair statement .of the case.
i'hcio Is doubtless a largo majority whgaru
opposed to the suspension or to the do-
nonctlzatlnn of stiver , but fully three-fouilhs
of the meinbois of congress will tell , yon that
something ougnt to Tic dona ( o stop thu
system of coining qn 80 cent coin and calling
t.n dollar. They say It will not do'to.stori
! hp coj nngo of' silver , for currency -Is de
manded by the people. Theip am evidences
ot aHiovvlnsbeliot among tljo ntajgilty of
conservative thinkers In congress that-
in lucre-user In Uie vnluo of the
lo'llar would bo the' easiest ami
Wisest . .solution of tlio dlfllculty. Tho.
: ) iojiQilt.lon'forinnieaMng'tho dollar tg 100
: ents , making coinage fiue , sq that every - '
jody may have all liis silver coined Into full'
value dollars at United Slates m'luts and the
to exchange thcso coins for silver cer-
: lfiealcsat tlio treasury , would meet with
very btiong support fiom the moio inodciato
silver men , with the gold men who see that
this will bo the best thing that they can get ,
with the largo conservative clement ot con-
rcss , and with llnj people geileially. Thd
piess of the east is beginning to'sce , too , that
some proposition , ot this soi tis 'tho most sat
isfactory one. that can bo found , and Is be
ginning to advocate it.
r.atonts were to-uay Issued for Xeuraslcan ?
and lowans as follows1. Oco. II. Aiigell and
Gl L. Lqslt'e , Omaha.seal lock ; Silas 0. Dick
inson , Wilton , Iowa , electric lock move
ment ; Win. L. Haas , Charles City , Iowa" ,
twine and who cutter ; James O. JIcKami ,
Ftills City , Neb. , measures lor diafilng gar
ments' ; Edward J. Miles , Kellogg , Iowa , fence
wire stietchers ; Phillip Pickering , . Bqone ,
Iowa , valve for operating air brakes ; Love-
Joy Kogers , Burlington , ' Iowa , piactlco cas'o
for postal clciks' ; Frank S. , Welsh' ' Mount
Pleasant , Ipwa , , excav.ator ,
- . . ,
. N , Jan. 19. ll'iess , ) The sec
retary of war tq-dny tr.uismltWd to the house
of representatives the supplemental icport or
the Mlssouil river * coiumisslon. l't says dur
ing Ihn past'yoat the iHver has been surveyed
from Tort Beaten * to Tmvcr's point , a dis
tance of. 2-10 miles. Work on tlio Mlbsoml
river- join -Sioux City to Fort Henton has
been con lined to tlte upper poition ot the
river , with a view either to "inclcaho the depth
over the rapids in that poition ol tlie liver by
damiping the , water back or to sweep
away the .shoal.s .ot band by cbncen-
tiiitinc the cuiient. These opciations
sol.u-hnvo been Hiicccsstul , but the work
has been suspended owing to the exhaustion
ot the nDpiopiinUbns. Opclatious for tlio
iinpiovemontot the Mlsbomi river Irom its
mouth to Sioux City liavo been confined to
tlmconstuietiim of luvctmcnt for the pio-
tectlng'of caving banks in the vicinity of bt.
Joseph and Kansas City , Missouri , This
woik will bo continued until the htone covering -
ing is deemed essential to protect the revet
ment fiom ice and Moods is complctrd. The
coimiiNslojicr says' the auiount of money
available after completing the work now in
piosross is not larger than should bo ictain-
crl to meet the umereeneie.s which may occur
at any time , unit thai general lesumptlon ol
woik is therefoio Imposslblo until congic s
maizes , additional apmopilatloni. Jn tills
connection It says , not Jnoio than hix. months
woik can bo done on the Missouri rlvei'cnch
vcar , and tlmt woik should bobcuitn by Apiil
1. Moitiovcr , " iciiulies considerable timu to
get the plane In winking order , piellniinary
anangeinents , and engage .skilled men. etc.
As the aiipinpilation lor the cuiienl liscnl
year would nut bo available unUl-Jnlyl , It
is locommcndod that ' 0 per cunt of the
amount asked tor the coming fiscal jearbo
appropi luted mid made immediately availa
ble. The total amount ufckud for the next Is $ lKWUuO. : Thoamountavalla-
blo on November 'M , W , for continuing the
liinnoreliiGiiUof tliuMlasoml iler wfHfeiTB-
732 ,
ivniiiv ON 1111 : MISSISSIPPI.
Tlio scci etuiy of war to-day ti.insAiJttud
lo thq liou'so of ruut-eMMitudvcrl the Mipplc-
niental icpoit of ( he .Mississippi liver eoiii-
missinn , asking n'n Immedliitu appropiialion
ot $1,000CO , , ( ) lor inijiroveinent of the
river , and S 10.000 foi continuing the woik
of.suivoys. Uho commission i-ayo that to all
biibstaiilial ends the luiids available lor
woik below Ualio aiQ now
exlmiNted. Consldi'nitlons oJ economy
leqillio that It tlio woiktliiuo is to ho com
pleted at all lhit.should bo can led on with
out intermission ol another season , Tlio
great equipment ol Im.itf , and machiiicry for
tlio pro ecullmi ot Ilidoilc , leiiiesuntuii ; u
cost o niMily . ' ,000,000 , U lying idlnat : in
expeiibuand duk-iliiintlon faster than if in
actlvo hcivlco , The woiks nliuady con-
btiucted.iiHIiough upon thu whole In good
condition now , aio liublu in their imlinNicd
state to Injniles , which It would coil much
moio to ivpalr alter the lapse of months limn
topieventby llmcly ilops 01 to lepulr by
The democr.itlu fauiuitors held a two horns'
caucus this attuinoon tocompaio vlew.swiih
icgaid to ihu anticipated Ihstiu between the
hcnatoand the administration over tlio mat
ter of inloim.itlon about icmovids. SenatotB
lltmls , Ma\cy and Vest , the commltteo ap
pointed last week by Heck , chairman of the
caucus , to consult with tlio piesidcnt and
members ol his cabinet about the matter.
nude their icpoit , Mating the individual
vlew.sol the mombcis ol tlioadiuliihtiatlon ,
but outlining no dellnllu policy or planet
action. Individual bunatoiii expie.ssed their
Individual opinion at length , hut no motion
was made and nothing occiiucd to Indic.itn
In any way the opinion ol the imijoiity.
Flnalli'asuggehtlon was made that the sub
ject bo further discussed after the lepubliean
position had bean morn cle.tily developed ,
and the caucus adjoin ned subject to thu call
of the cb.iliinan , with tlni undeislandlng ,
howiner , that It hliouhl bo called \eiyifcoon ,
possibly to-moruiw.
By Senator Aldiich To pievent fiaud In
the customs i eve mil' . It provides for Iho
Miliuio of undervalued goods In ( vitnln cast's ,
for additional methods of ascertaining the
actual dutiable" value ot Imports , and foi to >
feltuiu of goods coming In Under attilbo
invoice , 1'iovibinn is made tor extr.icom-
PuntMitlon to tugli olliceis of the customs or
consular set vice us aie actlvo and buccessful
in the detection of fiatids upon the revenue ,
and for the icpoal of the act of IfaTJ , repealing
By Mr. Conger To legalize agreements
between common can lei ti and commeiclal
assorlatlons Incorpor.ited under the I.iwsot
the United Stutas , or of any btate , with 10-
siiect to the conditions of liability which
shall govern the caiihiL'c ot mcrclmndlse ;
pro\fdcd , that such conditions t > hall bo made
public , and that all bhlppcis shall have their
goods caukd uniler ifl.o wuditioui , . Tlio
commercial Afi ocladons ( o bo benefited are
only such a.t Imvo be.ell til cvlsteiico more
than live years , mm ImVe a mcmbcrshlD of
moro than COO.
The hou o commltteo on foreign nffaln to
day Informally discussed that pait of the
president's imwiira relatlnt ; to the llshcrie .
The soiicral sentiment of Iho commltteo np-
iwared to bo adverse to consideration of fish-
erics alone , but rather in favor of so broad
ening the subject as to include a eaieful In
quiry Into the existing relations between this
countiyand Canada.
The treasrn v department is in receipt of
Information that tlio government of tlio
.Ncthcilamls Is considering n proposition to
assess duty on petroleum and ship timber ,
articles which have hllhoito been on ( lie free
list.The president today approved ( ho act
legalizing the < -le < tlon of tlio tcrrltoilal legls-
lattvo assembly of Wyoming.
It Is lopoited that tlie finance committee of
the .senate , at a meeting this inoinlnc , deter
mined upon a now foim of ittqutiy to bo
sent to the heads of depailnicnB to elicit in
formation with icspect to nominations which
may bo under consideration , The leasons
for making removals will not bo asked , but
nil the papcirt minting both to the appoint
ment and lemovnl will be called for.
The Highbinders on Trial ,
ST. Loris , Jan. M-The trial of ( lie Chl- lllghblndcis continued In the ciliu-
Inat couit this moinlng , The cir
cuit attorney opened Iho case by reading the
Indictment found by ( he eiand jury airalnst
the defendants and explained tlm facts. U
Is expected that the taking of testimony will
beirln this afternoon.
Thocoioner who invrMieated ( lie death of
Lou Johnson , whom , It Is alleccd , wasmur-
deied by the defendant , was placed upon the
witness stand , and test I lied as to tlio location
and piob.iblo manner of tlio infliction of Iho
wounds found on Johnson's 'body. Leo
' Chlo testified that u eoiispliaey was fanned
to uut.Jolinsoii out of thii way , and ho was
ottered SV-'OO to do the lob ; that ho lefused ,
and the money was paid Chlo Chlagck , who
liiuidcied Johnson , U IIness stated that Chi-
agek would , with ns little hesitation , kill n
limn as a chicken.
AMOXCf TillKAlhftOAD.S. .
The Missouri l'acino''sl > lan-to Po-vcl-
op'o ItK System ,
NJW : Vomc , Jnn.'lO. Thedtic'etoT.sof Iho
Mlssouii Pacific rajjioad company h.ivo ad
dressed n , choular'jto the shareholding , In
which tLey say.that'to piovldo the neccssaiy
monuy by which to couti'ol -ownership of
the VAiioua branch loads nr-cessaiyto a piop-
cr develo.ment ] of tlio AIIsso.iii " Pacific sys-
toin , It is pioposcd to InctiMso "tho capital
stock Of the company git.OOO.OuO and lo offer
tlio same to the biockliohler.s nt par. Tliu
circular says : "It will bo necessaiy under
the law-ot ! the states throu-jh which your
loads'nio operated to own or control some of
their bianciiosttiul oxtenslons , ! ) v means of
Independent mixiliuiv local lallwny com
panies , thioiigluu'quisitlon ot their Iwnds or
stock , or both. This company. so , fnr as it
shall use the pioceedsot the sale of rftichnd-
ditional stoclc lor this pmposevlllplacnllio
ncqulii'tl bomK anil stocks ot such railway
coipoiatioiis in tlie hands ot iJussell Sago ,
llenryU. Murqiiaud. and Oeoige K Oonld.
"to bo held in tiustn'ot to b ( ! pledged or solder
or In any" way illspo-jCil ol , un
less the company shall nniuiio full
owneinliip by. consolidation or otheivvlse. "
The tiunsfor ooolcs ot tlio company will bo
closed on l-'ubimuy 0 for the annual meeting ,
and stoekluddl'rs.of it'coulnt. date will
have the privelego of hiibscilblnj ; lo un issiu !
of stock at j.u * equal In amount to one-tenth
ot their jfcspcctlvo ht > ldimr < . A. meeting ot
slocklmhlei-n will be hehj in St. Louts on
Match 10Htvhoti .nn'.issife oj. ' . 'JO poi ; cent of tlie
new stoeiiWitbwraUtied } " ' * & * * '
ST. PA I , , ilnn. 10. In tho'fedcral com I to
day , the casts of"Fiodoilck'vs' life Northein
i'acllic-nndSt. I'uul Duluth , for half n mil
lion dollars woith ot lake fiont property at
Dulutli , was dechled ugaliibt the defendant
by J udgo
Sad and Simple IJiirlal Services at the
family Home.
WII.MIXOTOX , Del. , Jan. 10. At the fun-
eial of Mhs CathniliiQ L\i Ustyoid , this alfer-
noQi ) , tht-ip was a largo attendance. The
weather was bleak and cold. Among the
many weie Sccie.tarlesVhltney and
Kndicott , Col. Lament and Wade Ilampt'on.
The mourners weic Secietaiy Bayard , with
tlm eldest -iiirvivlng daughter , Mis. Mabel
Win it'll , leaning on liln aim , followed
byUr , and Mi-s. Kane , tins ticcietary's slhter ,
and Mr. lUyaid's bens , Thomas band 1'hll-
llp. Set vices began promptly at U o'clock.
luv. ! Muitin , lector of Til nl ty paiisli. led
thu sad procession to the giave , lecillng thu
words ot tlm burial hoi vice , "lam Ulo ic-iur-
lection and thu life. " The casket wis then
blowly lowcied to itb iil.ieo in the family
vault. At the head of Uio tmnb stood
Soul clary Bayard , his daughter , MIIIS and
.slhter , gazing long ami liugeilngly u ) > on fho
Jlower'canopled coilln , whim at the loot weio
aiouped Senator ( Jmy and otlioi.s jfcar to the
family. Witluiuivcilngllps Mr. Ifayai'd ' at
lou th turned liom the open giave .tnd Iho
tad i lies wei cover.
The TCaiibusleglblatuio convened in cxtia
sc.sfllon yejleidny under call of tlioginornpr.
The Ohio Society lor the 1'ieventloii of
Cruelty to Animals is In Cession at Olneln-
The snow Is three leet ih-op at Aspen , Col.
Heavy avalanches mo coming down the sides
tit Aspen inoniitnln almost dnllv.- One man
lias been Killed and several aiu buppobed to
bn bulled btiiic.ilh the snow ,
SeniitoiValtliil \ : will bo elected as hid own
Micccssor lioin Mibsl.s-.ippl ,
Boston Beacon : It Will doubtless takij
Rorno time ! for lioalonltuin to got ncuiis-
toincil to tlui jMikado jnwoliy wliieh Is
bullion-produced lur : i from Tiiruny'H do-
hi ns. Bnieulutr of a l-ri ht , eopner-col-
ortid gold are Hindu ury tliiolc anil broad ,
and arc worn with another brnculut of
.silver , Tlio brooches nro bi'oail uud nro
( eon in varioly of slmiie.s. ( Jno wliich
will BOOH Iw heeu in ( ho jovv lors' window
in pansy hhapod , with n center of ham-
niisroil ixold hiirroiindcil by eniuiiel and
.small diamonds. Kur drops Imvn cunturs
of diainonds mid other ntones. Tlioy am
diilciilcd ] ! in Klilnufltonc.s and 'iltvhicli
look iiiito | : is protly us the I'oslljur ono.s ,
mid tlio dill'orcnuo ih iiotoiifiilj'di&cerncil.
Tlio styles arc n tiillo biwiiTo , but on cer
tain types of Immotlo beauty add si sort
of barbaric splendor not oxeelted by Iho
ilruiuny-oyci ] beauties of the oast. Cull'
buttons and scurf plus nro semi in rmldlbh
gold , with luuves mid vines traced in
hilvia * .
AVIiy Tint \V ! ai'H Whlto TioM.
Now York Horiild'ri Washington
Sjieciul : 'J'ho lion. Timotliy Campbell ,
member of the J'orty-nintll congress from
the Now York district , formerly ropro-
fcimt d by Mr. S , H. Cox , on being told
that ho would Imvo to discard his whlto
ncokif ( ) if bn became u member of tlio
committee on labor , declined to niako
any fcncli aiiurliicu. Said Congrossnmn
Campbell : "I do no fcimh tiling. Am 1
not a friend of labor ? Any dirty follow
can wear ablucJc ncekjio for six months
without being laundried. But I'll liavo
you to umltjrslaml that I mi ) u frlund ol
labor , for my white neckties uro always
Huiii , and it lakes labor , toil ) ) and Wjitci *
to { jive thorn tlio Miowy wliito color , "
Mr. O'Neill , the chairman of tlio h 101 *
committee , it is sahl , Ims proposed to
Congres'Jinnn Timothy Campbell lo lim
it liib lov'u for the Clilneso huiiidryincn by
asking him to wear wliito neckties at
iiight and wear tlio conventional black
nccktlo during'tho .session of the IIOHM- ,
If yon buy lumber anywhere without
fco getting lloagluud prices you will
lose monoy.
Fifteen Tbonsantl Striking Oigairnakcra in
Now York Oily ,
A Itoyeott t Go Into KflTuut nt Onoo
on nil Clunrs Alaiinrnotiifrd by
the 1'lrins ARnlnst AVIioni the
Strike ii Made.
Tlio ClKimnnkcrs' Strike ,
NIJW YOIIK. Jan. 10. This ntlcrnoon ( lie
employes of fifteen of the sixteen fnctoue
of ( ho Cigar Manufactuiers' nosK ( > lnttou wero"
told theiu was no moro "stock. " The mon
palheied ii ] > their tools and belongings amr *
quietly left the shops , nnd ( ho lock-out wan
begun. The .sixteenth Him of thu nochv'
( Ion Is Jllisch & Co. , who will-
con fcr lo-motrovv with their men , nnd doubt \
less ndjust prices to suit. Tw o hundred mon
will thus bo saved o lock out. A "boycott1'
tlnougtiout the Untied States wlllntonco
go Into cftcct against ( ho films locking out
their men. It Is stated to-night that tha
Knhihts of Labor have levied Si ? per head on
e.u-h mcmbei foi Iho support of the stilklng
clirar maXi'is.
-Xnvv YOIIK , Jan. 10 The tlrm of D.Hlreeb
& Co , notiiicd the Inernntlonnl ( Cigar- ' I
makeislhat they had withdrawn from the
Clgnnuakeis' Association and dashed to con
fer with a commltteo oC thq union about j l .
justing prices , acccntnblo to both sides ,
llli cli < & Co. employ -about 200meii
and if any airaiigement Is mndo
theio iiipit will , nitt bo locked
outto-iiionow. About i.UOO'buitohmakers
woi locked out to-day by ( ho action ot thw
ManittrcltnciV association" ycsteulay , A
thocniplnyo.soriAvy ! Hio * . , ftrown it'Knrlo
and kaufnmn Uros. me now on 'asluko
lurninst thu new' .price' list , nml
lllisch A Uo , liavo In n * inauner
I'onceded the demand of the men. Only
twelve fnctoile.s will bo closed to-moirow ,
iustead ol ni\leeh. Ik-tween l > ,000 ami lO.OW
men will be thrown out.
Clio Coke lloc'lou Trouble.
JIot'XT PMIASA T. Pa. , Jan. 10. The
situation in the eoko regions Is guvvlng'
serious. I4ast lilght the thico or four gunrda
at loixsvvood.venluicd . too clo o to Iho llun-
garinii qttaitei.s , vlion nn "alarm was given '
and thefoiolgners swaimed out of tlicli-
qnartcis and begnu filing iilstols. Almost
Instantly all the. stilKeis joined .In the
Hi ing , nml tli guanlii bfoko lot ?
safe qilnrteis. 'Iho Hungarians rctiunodc
lo their liotiH-s after tlm guard had. let t. Ni/ , '
trouble rieeuricd at ( ho Sf.uulavd workyup t .
boon. TliKmrtinlnir the Mnrowood striker ' ,
held a meeting ami decided to luitithu'AHco'
eoko ynul. .They maiehed o'vcr and drove
the diaweis off. The Alien dinners ictuincd
to woik but were ngaln driven uwny. woilc '
wns. then abandoned. Tlio outlook is do-1 .
chledly squally.
Pi n siii'KO. Jan. 10. Tills evening a car
load ot milioimed police was dlspatclmd
fiom this city to thescenenot Ilio liotousilla-
tuibances in HIP coke-region. Tije
swoiniK by.tho 6)iciif ) of Wcstluoielamt .
county as , deputies. It Is thought a wnmll .
V01.1 / ! " 0111,1 ! ' ; n uwUlhavo morc , iTcct ? .
\vlth the ir&iMis HuncaiTans tha.n Irvo tlnief * . ,
as inany-olleeiiln.olil7e1is' ) "
. Governor Pattlson was also callcdiupon fdjr
military-aid , but has nut yet le-jptmtlcd. Tliui
.sltuntlcmol HIP coke stilko to-night may bo
.summed tin asfollowf..fn thu'ConnclIsvllIO1
Mount Pleasant. Slonosvllle , Scott-
dale. and iadfoid dlstilets a total
of t-ViTi ! evens are Idle , or nbout - one-
third tlio'ovojis In I the icglou. The Hungnii
Inns , numbering about bOO , in Iho Minn\t \
Pleasiiiit district , are hard to handle , tho'
women being than the men. They are
very revengeful , nnd will tight to the fleam
betoro being capluicd. The Ameiican elo- .
muiil claim the Hungaihinsnio olono losnoii-
siblo for what they do. This inornlni ; 209
strlkcis drove the men fiom the yaid at tlio
Alice mines. They blew ill ) the tipple with
dynamite , anddiovo Mr. White , tno Miper-
liitendent , from the gionmlH , threatening
his life. Committees aio wnltlljg on the
laboieis In the Uiadtord regions to indtico
( liom to Mi Ike , nnd the jticvallliiK onlnlAii '
Is that the. men will go out In Uiat distilct
to-moiiow * .
Mouxr Pr.nAHAK'T , Tn. , Jan. 10. Aspeclnl
saffj the hliciiflauivedto-ulttht with nineteen *
additional. deputies , who will bo placed on.
duty at the Alice mines. The hherifl hns '
ordered his deputies to piotect' these
who want to woik , and ItIs ,
expected tioublo vvlll lollovv lllls
older. The llungailans mo paiadlngnbout
( lie village sticci recklessly bold to-niKliri
andthieutcninsc vtolonc'o to all wito-nttoluuc .
to ictiiiii to woik and destruction to the com
pany's pi opeity.
Arthur .Seriously , ilut
Not AlarlutiiKly. 111.
Nr.w YOUK , Jon. 10. [ Special Telegrain. ] ,
The health of ovPie ldentr Aithur luw
caused some anxiety du'ilng. Uio .last low *
weeks. Ho hits tyccn , under trcntniVnl for rio *
vcio IndlgivAIou , and lii-j diet has-'bjcen ic-
blv.H'ted ' tofliufiltni.ilest nitlclasoUood , prjiii
cipnllv milk and pup > lli. Ho sud'ered niucli
fioiirinsom'nla ajui attendant nervous exciter
nicntnnd dcplesslon. Dr. Gcoigo C" Pctois ,
who Ins been hfs phyMclnn for many years ,
Fall ) tea reporter to-night tlieio.'wus nothing
In the li.v-picsldcnt's condition to occasion
humcdlnto nlnim. Tliough ho remalni nt
home , ho Is not at pic.sent confined to his lieu ,
but goes out raiuly , nursing his strength In
everyway. His mind Is us blight and iicllvo
ns ever , and ho shown no bodily Inllimlly.
Ho Millers liom n complication of troubles
which liavo been made WDIMI by general
hc.ivv colds. lllH libiiidu hope that Ins hlinnjj
con.sillnllon will pull him tlnouili ; safely , but
don't ileiiythatanyrlmiipo in his condition
lor Iho vvorsu would ho ic\ lowed with anxiety.
Most lilt IOH.
I ) . T , , Jan. JO.-Hotli thoMIN
waukeu and Jfoi thwehtern Imvo wlthdiawn
thcli- men , The couits will decide tlio iluhtfl
ot the ie-.poctlvu romiiaiiles on TliuiMlny ,
VTo iloulrt It tlicro It , or can IIP ; a ppcclflt
Vemcily lor rheimiaUbin ; mil tliousajiilalm
havoEiilTcrcil Its pahis Imvo liccu ijrcally hen.
I'fltccl by Hooil's 'Haniapnrllln. Jf jou liavo
lallfil to fltiO icllef , liy tlila ficat iciuvdy.
"I was afflicted vvlili rliciiiiMtlsin twenty
years. Previous to jssa I foiiiid no relief , but
iruvv ; worse , and nt nun liino wan almost hclji *
less. Uooil'g HarsnjKirlll i Old mo moio gooil
tlmn nil tlio ytlior ine < llclna I over had , "
II. T , JUl.coM/3'ililey / Village , Jlafs , .
" 1 hud rliqiimallsin Ilirco years , and jot ; no
icllef till 1 look Hood's Karsaiarllla. | It has
done great tlsliifs for me. 1 iccununcnil U to >
others. ' J.ivv : u ItiiKiiANK , lilddcfoiii.Me.
Ifooil'ii Bamparllla la cliaractdlrfil \ > j
tlneo pccullniltlcs : ut , tlio combination ot
remedial agents ; 2dtlio proiioitloni 3d , Ilia
yxjcen of eccurhig tlio active iwdtcinM
( innllllts. The result Is a imdlclnc of umis'ial '
strength , cffcfllnff nues liHIicito unldiowii.
tii-'iitl for liook cciitaliilni ; adJIlloual ov Idencu.
"Hood's Haisaiiarlll.i tones up my tyalein.
ixiilllcn my Mood , fcltiiH3 : | niv aiipclllc , ami
KCCIV.S to mriKe mo over. " , ' . r. 'rjiOMl'SQMk
.Ht'Hl ter of lfcd ) , I ncll , Ma > s.
"IIoml'H Harsiparlll.i beat * 1I nthern , nnc |
Isvvoit'iltKvvelKlithienhl. ' " I , HAIUIINGION ,
isy HaiiH Htttui , h'cwToi k City.
Hood's Sarsapanlfa
t'oid by all dru.liti , SI ; tlx for $5. Ma
wily by a. I , Jioou & CO. , l.ov.i u , Mass.
IpO Dosca Ono Dollar *