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iA. Family of Four Persons "With Limbs
Badly Frozen.
1'oi'ord to AVot k Wtillc Tliclf
Were KottltiK Cioin tlio Kllecls of
I roslCost of tlio Incline
Asjliiin by Con n tics ,
lltlf'M Tllf lllf. ' l.KCOf.v lifllRtf.1
I. .ile 1 rida > evening a man and woman
and two girK aged 8 and 10. all Millerinc
from badlj fro/en limb < * , were left at
tlic W , sbington bolol in this city.
( . ovoni r Hi irhley was called to attend
them and found the man in a horrible
( onditloii n < > th his bands wore badly
decavid , and from the right three lingers
had dropped away. The right foot was
il o blaek witli mortification , and Dr.
Ueiit'litit } at once decided that to a\o his
life fbe member must bo amputated at
the knee and the right hand taken ol ) ' at
thewrisi The woman's hands and feel
were al'O rotting nway , her hands c -
pdciall > being a fearful sight. Tlie
clilldn n vvireaflliitcd with fio/on lingers
and toes , but their condition was much
lo s serious than that of tin ir parents.
Saturday evening the little ones were
sent lo the Home for the Friendles- ) , and
tlie man and woman to the medical in
stitute , where a number of pl.v-iciaiis
nrc looking after them. From the wo
man. who appeals to bo quite intelligent ,
it was learned that lh"are . man and
wife , and that flic childn n are their own.
Theii name is Koebcr , and up to about
two j cars ago they were inmates of a
poor hoiiso m ( tcrmany Then tlio wo
man's brother. ( Jeorgo Pirnor , a well-to-
do fanner living near Lincoln , sent for
them and put them at woik in his diir\ : , .
Lately he lias treated them ver.v harslil ,
and tinting the ti.rrible storm ten days
ago kept them at work out doors most of
the time. It was then that thooldurpeo-
pic vveie fro/.en and compelled to keep
on with their tasks without medical
licalment , until Ihov actually dropped
in their tracks , and Pirnor was obliged
to 'end them to town. Tlio day before
lhcv , were Mdpiicd into Lincoln the wo
man sa H that her brother , Pirnor , forced
her lo milk twelve cows , although at
the time her bands wore rot
ting oil' , and she was suflering
intense pain. Koeber , her husband ,
was not allowed oven to liavo his boots
taken oil' alter liis feet were fro/.on , and
when they were cut away Irom iho dc-
caiing limbs Saturday they had been on
over nine daj'.s.
The woman's story brands Pirncr as
.something much worse than a heartless
wretch , and it would not bo surprising if
ho were visiU'd b.a . vigilance committee.
Pirncr is said to bo a nuin of considerable
moans , owning in addition to the Hawkeye -
eye dairy a line fifty acre farm , and a
large number of horses and cattle.
Auditor Uabcoek lias had compiled
from the records in his olliee a table
showing tin1 amounts paid by the various
counties of the state towards tlie snppoit
of llin hospital for the insane since the
opening of the institution , The ligurcs
L-iii-i-uKui. Post , 0. A. . ! { . , and the
Woman's Koliof corjs joined hands Sal-
unlay niglil in the installation of ollicers
for 188(1 ( , Comrade Parker conducting the
double eoromony. Ex-Commander lloag-
land made a graceful .sticcch of retire
ment , bumming up hriclry the work done
during tlio year by the order , and return
ing thanks for tlio able assistance rc-
oeivcd John C. Bonnell , the now com-
inaudor , followed with words of similar
impoit , which cajlod out hearty evi
dences of appreciation. The ollicers in
stalled wore :
Commander John C. Boimell.
Senior Vice Commander Joseph
Junior Vice Commander L. M. Scot-
Adjutant 1 > . T , Cool ; .
Quartermaster O. C. Boll.
Surgeon J H. Haggard , M. 1) .
Chaplain II. MnMcrnian.
Ollicor of tlioJay H. U. S. Cochran.
Oiliccr of tiio Guaril--J. H. Btng.
.Sergeant Major F.T. Beach.
( jinirtunnnstur Sergeant M. Howe.
Ordnance Sergeant S. Pearl ,
lusiilo ( iiiardV. . II. Beach.
Oulsido ( iuard II. V , Iloagland ,
iniir.r .MKSIION.
The biting of the Windsor house en-
gincor Friday afternoon by a dog hup-
jiosed to bo mail has brought on a war of
o.xtcrmination against the canines. Mar
shal Hcach has issued orders to tlio po
licemen to kill on .sight every dogj found
on the street without a collar bearing lhu
ami address ,
The mother of Willie White , the boy
sent to the reform school last week , has
boon taken into the country by friends
who claim tlmt her husband is abusing
her. The woman Is millering from can
cer , and , it la alleged , was beaten ami
kicked about because aho could not do a
full dayM work ,
Patterson , the man who stabbed John
Sliced v , has been jailed m default of
§ 2,000 bail to await the time when Shecdy
can appear against him. The wounded
man is resting comfortably and , barring
backsets , will got around in a few days-
Jon O'Pelt , the Nebraska City hotel
man. is said to have secured u lou o of
the Arlington , At any rate Joe teems to
bo in a very happy frame of mind.
Slierill'l-owlor of Choyonuo count j' was ,
a visitor lo Nobesvillu baturday. having
in tow a Sidney tough sentenced to seven
years imprisonment for murderous av
Mllllt ,
Dr. ( Jorlh wired fo Dr. Billings of Now
York Saturday to send on some of the
hydrophobia virust for itsoon the Windsor
house engineer , with directions for vac
cination , Yesterday ho received word
that it would bo impossible to reach *
Killings until Monday.
The temperance orusado will opou to
night in tlio cily hall , and continue eight
ilayn. The speakers will bo Montague ,
( St. John , Sobieski , and Finch ,
Fred Blaxier , a btreot Arab of 10 , was
arrested Saturday for compelling Con
fectioner lloyt'o little son , a lad of l > , to
pick his father' * pockets and turn thu
inonoy over to IHa/.iur on pain of being
thrashed ,
P. J. Jones. Yorkj W. J . Sapp. Falls
City ; John Melville , Syracuse ; A , P. Hopkins -
kins and S , H , Johnson , Omaha : J. It.
Smith Bloomington ; J. Wellon ami Mrs.
K.A.Colo , Bloomingtou ; J. Murdock ,
Tlic Short nn ( I tlic LOUR of the Kail-
road Question Tbo Cost of
Mo\ hit ; tlio Cioj > .
D.vvtti ( "ITT. Kob . Jan. 11. [ To tbo
1'ditor.j My attention has been called lethe
the labored ellbrU of the Lincoln Journal
( weekly of the ? thi. ( o o\tcrmlnnte EQUIP
one. I nppn'e they arc after Brother
Camper , of the Pro . If so wo can de
cide who i "in ane" after Casper gets
tlirough. 1 am persuaded to write not in
defeii o of Caper. llo lsotiito , oompo-
tent lo lake care of himself agniiisl the
chosen vvi e men of Lincoln , as was ilem-
ou lratcl in iho last legislature. A Mr.
licro saj' , "Principle is lour shibboleth "
Mr. Ct. says thr > rate on corn
fioni Huid : City lo Chicago is 2c
per owl , in which lie is mistaken.
It is f3e ! ] > r ew t. . or a dill'ereuec in I lie to
tal tax- for transporting Butler county's
crop to Chieairo over what the Journal
sns" of JltU.oot ) , four million- bushels
being our 010)1 ) as giv cu by Hon. ( Jon It.
Lane's " .statistics , " in Ins census report
for last , \ car While we are dealing in
facts and ligitre" . let u < see wliat it will
eoM. to ship our corn crop to Chic-igo nt
the rates now charged bv tlio railioad
tax ga'hercrs : Four million bushels of
weHis ' . " . ' I at iWc
corn oyo.OOU . pounds , per
owl , * \\olinvewilliiuourcoun- : ! ( -
ly * M miles of railroad , which , according
to Mr ToU7.alinV tc tiiuony given before
the stale Kciiato railroad cimimitlee , live
years ago. em : Im built for sfl'.OOO pi r
mile , or a lotal of . < ? < ; (10,00 ( ( ) . Wo are la\cd
for moving our corn crop s7Hooo
more than our .V ) miles of railroad cost.
Wo have wheat , oats , h.irloyyt \ < t niid
other farm pioducls in large ( pmulities
which pay a like tax for tnnispnrlatioii.
Without speeillcalions vvo are warranled
in placing our tax for traiisporlmg our
farm prodttci1 to imu-ket at one million
dollarSomeolio pav- > tax likewise on
our supplier w Inch are transported into
the country. We pnj al-o for an occas
ional ride on the ears. We Imve no spe
cial I rains of palace ears vv ith railroad of-
lieials for Jiavcling companion1 , "all
free" at our command.
Wo know tlmt one million do1lar = for
this county to pay is too much. Though
We bo adjudged "iu ane" for attempting
to reduce tins enormous bunion ,
vvhicli has well nigh citiMieil Us ,
wo are willing to embrace.
an.\ means ; though it "bo the p'riueinlo of
aiili-monopoly , with Senator Van Wyek
as cantain of the host , assisted by other
honest men , it-publicans and , lentoernl .
I 'roni the e we expect succor or we per
ish , for in all the ycar.s wo have read the
Lincoln Journal , nol once have we known
il to condemn any abuse of the arbitral y
power as wcilded by railroad lax gather
ers. On tlio contrary , invariably , Mr.
( torn has been tlie apologist and defend
er of whatever they have done.
As to the long haul < ide of the question
wliieh Mr. ( J. Mieltor& behind , let us look
at it , with the understanding tlmt
from our section of llio slate the
local roads receive four-tenths
of tlic tlnoiigli rate for hauling
to the Missouri river. If four-tei'tlis ol
( ho tlirough rale is enough for tlio serv ice
on through or inter-stalo service , vyhv is
not the same amount for local billof
lading to the river , fairand just ? Mr. ( Sere
oontomptously asks "who buys corn in
Omaha except lor shipment cast ? " We
would enquire of Iho learned gentleman ,
who buys com in Chicago except for
shipment cast. Oul of sixty-two million
busl.els of corn received in Chicago dur
ing the year 1885 , only 1CU.011 bushels
were withdrawn from store for city con
sumption. Why not permit it to bo
bought through legitimate channels at
the trade centers of our own stale
for shipment cast , thereby in a
measure lemoving this long haul
and short-hand myj-tery from this every
day question , which should be understood
with Iho same simplicity that our mail
facilities arc , and as open to every cili/.oii
on tlie same terms.
May vvo ask Mr. Gere if he don't think
that when corn is worth : ! fJe ! in Chicago ,
tlmt 1818lOOe per bushel is" too heavy a
ta\ for transporting it to that point , es
pecially since vye imder.stand that lie is
in favor of making the man who produces
il pay more tax if he ships it himself ,
than if some middle man did the ship
ping ? Docs Mr. Gero think it an couit-
able division for Iho railroads lo lake a
little more than half in gross ,
and leave us to pay the commis
sion men at both ends of the roadv
The Journal man will call us insane ,
olc. , yet in such oiithels ] and face mak
ings no argument is made , fee please al
low us lo proceed. At the rale of tax tor
tiansportaliou from our place lo Chicago
tiOO bushels of corn ( which is exactly four-
Icon tons ) costs S81.40 ; tour-tenths of that
amount is $112.5(1 ( ; which is llio amount
the local road receives for hauling to the
Missouri liver , distance 100 miles , or
S'.iJJ.S-l 1 per ton per milo ; fourteen tons
at 87-100 of 0110 cent , per ton per mile as
is claimed by railioad olllcmls as the
amount charged on through trallie would
amount to * UM8 , a diHeronco of fi''O.iJS on
each 500 bushels of our corn 01Ic nor
bushel , in tlio aggregate amounting
to ! ? 100,000.00 on our present
crop. Enough lo pay all of our
state , county , school , road and munici
pal lax , and buy each farmer's wife , and
daughters in our county a dress fjno
enough to moot our board of railroad
commissioners and their companions in
when they visit us , in all their pomp
and splendor. Principle is what we con-
loud lor , Jot il bo in llio mailer of 4 flu or
f 100,000 ; the larger more serious the con
sequences lo us. Wo liud no fault with
the railroad commissioners for what they
have done. It is what they cannot do
under Iho meagre law which created
them , and which the people most em
phatically said at HID ballot box- they did
not want. Their holplosMioss wo do-
plorc , ( iive them u chance lode
do , and wherein Ihoy fail
llu ) Lincoln Journal will
i > iij > l > ly with i ) ) olo2ios.
Jt wo tire fortunate enough to evade the
Journal'.s board of insanity , it is our pur
pose to ask space in your v aluable col
umns again as the battle wa.xeth warm.
Cold facts are stubborn Ihingssomelimes.
Before Senator Van Wyck is retired to
his Oleo county ostalo , llio Journal and
Us cohorts will find the rank and file of
the farmers loaded with truths which
cannot bo brushed aside by calling hard
names , Thu mud-bills are loaded lor the
light. We aio patiently pulling for the
point where we may poacably secure
some relief from this tax gathering
monster , who takes the lion's ' share and
isjiistilicd and defended by iho great Mr.
d'oro , also by every other man who cries ,
"Away with Van. Wyck. " AFAHMII : { .
( iicecflhas declined to disaim.
The Lotas club catcitalncd Lieutenant
( Jieeloy Saturday night.
Winston , newly appointed minister to Poi-
sla , bus sailed lei his post.
Five numbed cijjar packers will Join the
Xovv Vork cljrar makers' strike.
Jack liurko ami Flunk ( ilover liavo signed
to tight six lounds , February b , lu Chicago.
Tliosccictary ol thu navy has directed a
vessel ot the Pacltio station to be sent to thu
Sam.ion Islands ,
The Woitein docket y company , Mil
waukee , is In the hands ol aiecciver. Liabil
ities. 551,000 ; assets , S30.000.
Itlsiumoied unconditional pnidon will
bo gi anted all pilsoners undorKolni ; sentence
for participation In Iho Kiel icbelllon.
1 no National base ball league has deter
mined to place a club In some west cm city ,
Kansas City is the tuvortto for the locution. *
A tight omiricd between twenty .Mexican
customs guards and ton Texas heidors. Thu
herders wcie muted and tied. ovcral of
tlieh number were severely wounded.
Tim municipal council ot Nova Scotia de
sires a rcclmocily treaty with the United
States , including the lisliiiik' Inteiests. PallIng -
Ing lu this Un > y ask aimed protection from
the Dominion '
The Subject Discussed in Written Essays
Before the Senate Committee.
John D. Kornaii of Vow York , ttic
Kansas Itatlroatl Commission , anil
lre lIciil PCI kins of the llur-
OfTeiArguments. .
Inter-State Coininoruo ] ) i < citssoil.
WAsinx ( < rov. .Inn. U. Senator Cullom's
ecloct roinniltteeon Inter-Mntc i.tllioad tians-
jioilatlon will piobablj tvpoit to the seinito
to-moriow orTtie'daj an original Inter-Mate
commerce bill , and at the same lime submit
an exhaustive lepoit in its support. The
committee , which spent a eood pait of the
simimei In Investigations' , has been holJIm ;
dallj sessions since the assembling of
, lohn I ) . Kriuan , chaliman'of the Xovv
York railroad commission , eontilbules a
statement saiiplemental to the views he ox-
pii'sscd olally to the committee , lie deals
rt with the liistoiv of tlio contest between
the i.illioails and their patious , lu tla'pie enee
of which hlMory , he says , mniij ciitfle ideas
as lo the U'elulness and piactieabllity
of into tixlui ; . penal Icirl Nation , I" " ' 'lll :
hiW4 , niaximum and minimum into laws
clc.enliiclj dls.ippcai. and it became clear
that the ploimsed loclshitloti must be
iiroadoi in Us aims ami leosdlMiuhlnu in Its
action than that hcio'oforc ' at times much hi
vo-tuo. Tlie low Ilitcniu'li latesot to-da.v. ho
siv . aie pointed oat by the lallioads as a
leasnii wh.v legislation need liaxe little to do
with the tiucHtlnn , The.v aiea iiliase of llio
uuiveisal depicsslou. Intensified by icekloss
and nceilless coiiMriictton. l"u-
necess.iiy lalbo.ids sooner 01 latci brcomo
imblle bmdonsj they me nellliei elllcleuth
nmiiiti'ini'd ' nor operated , noi do they iieimit
coinpetlim * lo Itilllll Iheii public obllgntiolii.
Coinjicss cannot apph the lemeih cldetl } .
needed. Tlie stale whose i.tilioads me al-
icadv sullicii'iit in niimber and extent lor
public use can ami oimht to enact. Ills ) , a
law that no new loads should be cliaiteied
unless public neccssilj 1m a line is touud to
exist , as in Massachusetts , and as lecom-
mended by the Now Voik I'dboad commis
sion to the le islatine. Siccoud , that at least
6u per cent ot tlie stock be paid in betoie tlie
domain Is exeielsed or ( oiistiudlon bo iin ,
and that the Issue ol limuls sli.ill IKMI- lair
iclation to the stock issued and paid in. It
is at Ihclocallnon-i'ompctltlvc points that Hie-
lion exists and wlieie moteclion tin Milppcis
it necdid ol'iei ' titan tlmt alloided liv the
uucoiiliolled aibitratlon ot tlie earlier.
The peculiaiitv ot tlie pii'sciit situation Is
that the lailroad and Us mauaiienieiil act as
the fudge and jui.v.anu the shipper is co
erced out ot the deal liu'lit ot having the
( jucstion between lilmsell and the caiiler
taiil } detei mined bv an impartial aibltei.
The le all/im ; of pools Is coiisideied oh-
jectioualile. Mr. Klei nan advocates tlie cre
ation ol a national commission vvliosu tmd-
in ) ; upon all iiiestloiis | ot tact- should be ac-
eepfed in all couits as iiiima facie tine. Sucli
Undines , he declines , aie the one thine need-
Id ! to make the couits available tothecai-
lieis and s'.iippeis as against eacli other.
The boaid ot laihoad commlssloiieis ot
Kansas contiibules to ( Ids volume a pauer
wliicliexpiesses the opinion that a national
commission should be established , vested
with ceitain supeivlsoiy jioweis ovci the
subject ol Intel -slate oommcice. Tlipsppow-
cis should be eonliiied to the function of
iculat'on ; ' ami not to the management ol
Intel-stale toiumeice. Jl would , tlio boaid
tldnks , seive no U'Ctulor puipo e
to slve lo such poinnilssloa puvvcr tucstuh-
INh niaximum laics for cither iiasseneoror
Height tiafllc over intei-stalc i.dlwajs , the
subject helm ; too lario and intiicate to lie in-
tclllKenll.v dealt with by : i single bodj of
men , even tlioiu'h coinjioscd ol men ti allied
tothe study and liiisiiicss ot itiilioail allaiis.
Theie aio , the boaid snjs , two classes of
inlei-sta'e ' tialhi1 ovei laitioad line- > ; one be-
ivvcon lutciloi point- and tlie scaboaid and
the other acioss slate lines , hut still local. It
is obvious that latos adopted foi one class
would tmnlsli nociltir m 01 base of latcs tot
Ilieolhei. The eieat ecieal ciois ) laiscd in
the Mississippi vallov ami products in
tlie liaiis-MissKiii | | ) , in ( lie continued pio-
ductlon of which tliecoiinti.v is vitnll.v intti- !
osted , ( an onl.v be maintained hj a system of
tales foi their tianspoita.ion to the .seaboaul.
vvliiih while they involve no loss , would if
the same laics wcie oliliitatory upon them as
to all tialliccaiiled over their line ? , consign
ev CM load in the business to bankiuptcy.
To devise a sjstem ol maximum i.ites cover-
hie eveiy spt'cles ol Intel-state tiallic , on a
basis ot Kites foi Ion ; ; hauls tiom thcc.xticmc
west to the east , would p.uale
cveiv laihoad encased in business.
On ( he other hand , to eiiuall/e lates as be
tween font ; and slioit hauls would , if lailroad
primeitv is to lie iireseivcd ami itrt eilicieiicy
maintained , advance rate.s on gical distances
to such an extent as to put an cmbaigo upon
the movement of the cereal ciousof thuc.x-
ticme western tians-Misslssiiipi , theicsiilt of
which would 1)0 little less disastioiis to the
cast than tlie west. While the power to
establish minimum late.s toeovoin Intei-stato
t raffle could not tlieieloie be vvlsd > or use-
lull } cmplovcd by a national railioad com
mission , such a bodv mlelil uselnll } e.xeici o
the tiuictlon of cnteil.ilniiii ; complaints
tiom slilppei ? ot iindiic or unieason-
ahlo chaises on the prut of laihoad
companies , and jmK'e as to Iho icasonablo-
nes 01 otlieiwiso ol ( lie charges complained
ol. Inthlsw.iv a pilma lade casu inlu'lit bo
made lei tlie comts. Complaints of alleged
cxtoitions and unjust dlsciimlnalioiis mleht
be investigated in like maniiei , and whole
evils ot the classes named were found to exist
and remained uiicoi i ected. an adequate and
appiopiiale lemed } could bj evolved thiough
tin . nits.
Ne.ulv all tlie causes of complaint on the
pait ot shippers ailsimc in tliu business ol
tiansioitation ] might usciully be commuted
to Ilic investiiration and coiuvtlon ol such a
committee , ami the boaid teds sate in ox-
picssini ; the opinion , based upon tlio cxpcti-
ence ol tlio state commission , that cases
would seldom aiiso lu which acocicho power
would have to be invoked to make collection
ellectual. The boa til discusses the Impoit-
ancoot iiiaintaiMliif , ' iinltoimity and stability
ot intes , and tlio evils which icsiilt liom
seciot concessions made to paitlciilar Indi
viduals or communities. The told thinks
violent fluctuations ot i.itcs ci &eiuent | on
raihond wais icsult usually In benclits to the
tew at the ultimate expense of thu
many. Contiacts or 111:1 cements between
ilval coiiipanicrt to c.ur.v on Inter-state tratllo
should be submitted to a commission estab
lished by coiiKicss , whoso judgment as to the
reasonableness ol pioim-od inles bhould bu
necessary to the val ! < Uty "t . tiiv c''Utrnvti .
. ' i .1 .11
U'hl'lii.nt - - -
. . . . , LII si mum men tie invested wiiu
a leaal status and hocntoidblc In the couits.
Thchoatd also dlsrus os tlie subicct of
htiikes , and Hii 'Ki'sts that tlio national com
mittee inlulit ho end listed with povvoi to ar
bitrate and settle disputes ailsniK between
companies and cmploes.
Mr. Cliarles. Perkins , picsldent ot the Chi
. Htiilinglon iV. ( JiiiiK-viallvva } comjiany
contiibiilos mi IiitciesthiK paper , SL-ltine
toitli what may pcilmps bu assumed to butlio
railioad sble ol the question. Jlo assumes
Unit It Is the settled policy ot most ot the
states to penult railioad constiiiction to bo
free , and also that Iho KliKllbh common law
doutrlnesiehdivo to common catiiein are not
now open to discussion , Manj ot them
aio idles ot an a ro ot horse power
or water cialt. Ho thinks the best
method ot picveulint , ' extortion or imust |
discilmlnatioii labyan aupeal lo thu couits ,
but ho sa\s that voiy little , It any , e.xtoitton
01 unjust disci imliiatlon IA pi.ictlsed , in
ovldencuol whleh ho points to llio tact that
Mv eases aio taken to a com t or made pub
lic , and the iccoidot state lalhoad commis
sions show veij low coninlalnts auilbtill
lower decisions by tliccomaifcbloncisacaliibt
the roads. Tliioush uites , hosayu , aio gen
erally lower than local rules because through
business \vholcstdo business , liu ei in
amount and theiotoio less oxpeiibive to
transact , and for additional rcasonn , that tlio
competition for It Is govcic , ami that tliiou b
rales nro moio Kenei-ally aflccted bydlicct
water loute competition ,
Jlut it Is obviously Inexpedient to lequlie
lallnAds lo icdaco local rates because the
comlilned Intluenco of a lar
lie and tlio competition ot ether lallways ,
water ionics , or ilval maikets , which intlii-
ciu'c.-i. not tell ut local iioints , may mal.o It to
their interest to luitlcfp.iti ) In tlirough busi
ness on a voy small margin of jirolit. If all
tnidos weie compelli'd to sell ovcrytliliiB on a
basis ot the lowest maifdn of jirollt , which
they nilulit lind it neccss.irv to do on some
onotldiiK , the clfect would bo the same over
a wider field us the effect ot icquiiiiig rail
roads to ( 'ivoup tin oiiL'li Imslncbs or icdiicti
their local rates accoidingly. Is It more for
tlie Interest of the public to make lalhonds
unpioiitablo tlinn to make business geneially
Pcrhapi , tlie best evidence that tlie loca
- -
late * of railroads tnoiiehovt | the coii'itry tire
rcioiiable Is to be found In the prosperity of
local points all over the country , and by a
lomparlson with railioad charces elscwheio
In the world. It has sometime licen assumed
that competition doc < iiot exist nt what arc
called "local points' but this Is not tuio.
The desire of tlic railroad to Increase the
volume of business upon which It imiM ,
alwajs depend for Its snppoit. n asaltist
sometimes quite distant recton * served
by other railwa.vs Uibutary to the same
or compeliiiff markets concludes- active
competiiion. " Itatcs between local points on
a line of road In northern orccnti-al Iowa ,
and the maikets of Chicago and St. Louis
Intliience the rales iK-twecn local points on a
load In soathcin Iowa and those markets ,
and vice versa.
Airaln between two railroads , even If they
arc a considerable distance apart , t licit1 is
nbotit a half way belt of cotiutr } , the In
habitants of which can ceneiall } KO to clthei
load , and the contest between rallwavMo
scenic the bushier ot that belt Influences
pric M of trausitoitatlon not only on tlmt pai-
tlctdai traille but on oilier business which H
tmii actcd at the s-aino stations on thcie-
sportive load * . Itallrn.uN mutt leiuala In
theeoiiiitr } wlieie thov are , whatever hap
pens. and their puiiMimont for excessive
cliame . while It would be a little slower In
coming tlmii that of an mer
chant , would be far moio ceitain and sevens
because their business would be mined , 01
othei loads would I e built as a pcimaucnt
comi'ditlon. .Novel thdess It N tuto , and
will n'liialn trueaslon as inlhoads aie cou-
duclcd on business piinciplcs. tlmt tiade
centeis will be able lo obtain lower
nites of iuiiispurlatiou than local points
tor pieclsel } the same icasoii that such plnee *
aie able to obtain many conveniences and
luxuiics which local points do not and can
not enjov. The lowest iate of freight uiuM
K < i wheie theie mo onoiiuhotlici poisons who
do-die the same lo make It pioliiableto suii-
plthem. . Tills N Hot because the lailioads
AVish It to be so. bat because in tlie natdioof
tlilliir.s it must be so.
It Is manifestly not for the luteiesf ofauv
laiboad to aihitiaillv diive biiMness away
tiom a local point vvheiethe tiallic must be
divided with other loads. II lias been s.dd
tlmt railioads make tlie tiade ceuteis , lint
such Is not the tact. The tendency ot i all-
loads Is to put iltltoient trade centeis on an
equality h.\ the annihilation 'it distance , but
thev no moio make centeis ot population
and trade than do tin1 otliei nmnulacU'tcis 01
trades who seek Midi points lei their own
Most , II not all , the cases of alleged mi-
leasomibleness in laihoad chaises will on
caictul investigation , be found to be due tea
a misappiehension or mi-uudci-tiuidiiif , ' ol
the tacts. 'Iheexpciienee ot the slate eoin-
missions bassbown this to be tine. To ic-
( pilie absolute piiblicllv ol rates , and tlmt
changes should not lie made without public
not lie , would bo a ui cat inconvenience to the
business commuuli } .
The Scerotni-j's Dini blci.Suddenly
lOxiitt-o" of Heart Dlhoaso.
\\'AsuiNiii.\.lan. ( 1 ? . Miss Kate lt.i\anl ,
oldest ( kiiiehtei ol thesccietai.v of stale , died
suddeiilj about "o'clock vcsteiday attcinoon.
i'ho icccptlun at the white house was sus
pended immediate ! } on tlie news of hei
death. Miss Kayaid diopped dead at her
home jusl asshu was Mai tine to the white
house to attend Miss Cleveland's icccption.
Miss tKijaid bad acLcjited an invitation to
assist Miss Cleveland at hci leceptlon batm-
dayaftei noon , and that lady and lierKiicsN ,
Miss Ulley and Misst Love , wlio weie also to
assist at the iccepttoii , weie avvaitiiiK Miss
liayaid'sanlval when they iccehcdtlu1 news
ol her death. It was jut live inlnute toil
o'clock , and the ivception was to begin at
that hum , TbeMailne band was stationed
in tlie main vestibule , and the leadei was
convcisiiiK with Col. J. M. Wilson with ie.
gaul to plajing a tune as the signal foi the
opening ot tlic ice-option. Many calleis had
alieady anived and weio waiting tor tlie
doois of the blue loom lobe thiovvn open.
Tliepiosident was eniraged in conversation
with a visitor in the libiaij and Mi slevo-
laud and her guests weie chatting with Col.
Lament in the paiJor m > tincroud lloiu ,
in ior to desceiidiiu < to the blue loomwneie
tin ; icceptlon was to take place.
The absence ot Mss | IJ.n.ud was com-
ineiitcd un as sinmildr , as shu was usually
vciv pioiuit ] in siicli matteis , and was mo-
mental Uy e.xpwted to aiiive , U Idle they
wcie woiulenng at hei ilela } , a messeiifrei
niitilied Col. Lament thai Jlau.v J5iiu , pii-
vate secietaiy to Secietaiy IJavaid was in
liis olliee and had something impoit.uit to
communicate to the picsidcnt. Col. Lament
excused liimsell and went toseelJiyan. That
gentleman inloimed him that Miss Kayaid
was , and becielaiy Jiayaiil hud
iiistiucted him to communicate the
tact to the piesidenl. Col. Lnmunt
at once informed the picMdout , who
was % ciy much at the
unexpected intelligence , and the two gentle
men joined the JiidiesaiidaiiJiouucedthestid-
den death ot tlidr tiicml. Outers wcie at
oneu issued to close the house. The band
was dismissed and thcpcopicin walling noti
fied that the leceptlon had been postponed.
Usheis weie stationed at the main duui and
at tliocariiairoeiitiaiii"oto iuloiin all calleis
that the house was closed for the day. Tlie
news spiead quickly tlnoiigliouttho city , and
univoisaf icgicl wan o.xpicssed at the sad oc-
cnucnee. Tlic president , upon reccljit of the
inessago f i oin bccietaij Itaiard iinnoiincing
tue death ot his daughter , it-called the invi
tations to a dinner which he had intended to
give on Monday evening In honor ot Mr. and
> lr.s. Kisatus Coining.
The immediate cause olr.Miso Ilayaid's
dcatli was disease ol tlie heart , She had been
troimled witli weakness of that organ and
had been tieated by the family plnsiulan at
inteivals lor seveial .veai.s. At a'icception
at liei lathei's house Filday nlgbt It was ic-
niiUked that liss liayard was umisiiall }
animated and taxed hci-clt to tlic utmost to
cntei lain the guests. It is piesiuni'd that llio
illume w.eition may have precipitated tbo
fatal attack. The joun , ' I.uly retired about
1 o'clock expressing a vvlsli to bu left uiidis-
tiiibed till noon , lietvveen 1 and 'i o'clock in
theatleinoon hei .sl.sti'i endeavored tn awake
her , and stiuck by the peculiar c.xpiession ot
her lace , called lor assistance. As boon as
thefiimil } iccoveicd liom the consternation
Into which It had been thiovvn , plijsiclans
woio summoned and powciful restoratives ,
Including clectilcity , wcio aillcd ] ) , lint In
vain. Tbo physicians cxwessed the opinion
that Miss u } .ud liad been dead tor sevcial
IIOIILS wlien the attempt was made to awaken
her. The Intel ment will take place mobably
on Tuesday ne.xt at Wilmington , Del. , vvhcio
Secretary Hayaid's paicnls are buried. The
newrtot M isss liavaid's siiilden deatli caused
a prolound sensation tlnomliiiut Hie city and
torn time , In tlie absence ol any delhilto details -
tails , a numbci ot wild minors weie ch-
culftteih The I nets. hQwuvor. us stated abpvo
CnnlliicratloiiH al Washington , St.
l.oulH , and Other PointH.
W.VSJIINOIO.V , Jan. 1U , A fiio .vesterdav
destioycd a long line of * tluce-story frame
houses on K stiect southwest , known as
"Uowaul How , " tiom the I act tlmt It was It }
( ii'ii , llowunl the buildings weie con.stinclcd
dining Iho war to allorJ iiomos lor trieiulless
negioustiom the tjnutli. The conllagiation
tlnowh out into the cold about tilt } colored
lamllies , niimbuiing fully two bundled people
ple , all ot whom aiu poor , The buildings
were woi th Jbocxi , iThe tire eieatcd a panto
among the occupants , and theio were main
nauovv escapes. IJiia'Uah Kdwaids , a mid
dle aged negio , tiled to climb down a watei
jiipo from tlie third stun , llo tell headloni ;
to the Kiouml and vvatmnlly iiijiued ,
ST. Lot'iD , Jan , in , The laigo tom-stoiy
building , ! W to 'JT fcijutl ) I'ourtli stieet , was
complotefy dostio6il by liio lids iiioinin .
Thu first iloorand c'ellar1 ' oocnplcil by C'ollei-
atn Sons to Co. , extensive luilt dealers and
tliothico ujijer lloms by the Texas & St.
Louis Nariow Unugu railioad company. The
Hie stalled In the oaseimsnt and npread rap
idly to tlio lloors above. Cofloiata iilaces his
loss upon stock at fcJO.OOO ; W. C. Wcttei's
book stoie in the adjacent biilldiiii. , stock
damaged seveial thousand dolkii > . 'iho loss
lo the Texas it .St. Louis tallway and the
owner ol the building is not known bat It Is
believed to bo heavy ,
Killed by u Colorado Avalanohc.
UI.NVIII : , Jan , n. Tilbiino-lleptibllcan ,
Ouray , Goloiado , sppelal : Huby Tnist's
cabin in Mount tihetllc wus eaiiied nway tlds
moinlngby asnowbllde , burybiR sis men.
A icllcf paity was Immcdfatelv foiuicd and
the victims soon recovered. Martin 1'eauon
and Andy J'cteison wcie lounil dead , and tlio
other lour badly injured.
Weather For To-day ,
Jlissoum A'Ai.nv : ( Cloudy vveathei ; lo
cal Knows ; winds becoming xulublo and
generally shitting to c.uturly ; guueraily
wuiuiei ; luwt-i baitomctcr.
Hopes Built on the Trunk Line Pool
Knclcly Slintteredj
Naltininro , \ : Ohio Cm Promise *
a C.nlllot ofljoiiu Uiirnllon Its Kf-
I'cct Like an Iceberg Dropped
on the Stuck Market.
lways Xooil Patching.
Nivv YOIIK , .Inn. IT. [ Special
Tin1 developments ot tlio week ale nol
cxactlj what could be vvNted for Ilia bust-
lies' ! SCUM' . The slock tnnikcl In parllcalat
has Miflcml considerable shock. To a { 'real
extent the advance In values since last fall
was built inidii the. Idea Hint the new trunk-
line agi cement wassoiaethlnt : moio. than tlio
man } compacts , pools and agieomonU which
have preceded it. No mallei lio\v Mi lucent
thoh leims it was the iuvatlablo cxpoilouco
thai vvhenovei It became to the leal 01
appaicnt Inlctost of anof the i on d < to cut
rates' thej would always do so.
It was Ihciefoie announced with A sieat
dfal of emphasis thai the now pool mowing
out of tlic Vamleibllt-Peiiiis-ylvaiila deal was
soiiicihinsfeiiliicl.v novel in ( hewn ) of rail-
loadacioemeiils. Tin1 Implosion Bought to
bo lomojcd by nil IntoicMcd was tbal under
tlie loini of federation of the loads of the
eonutiy sublect to the pieponderatliii , ' inllu-
emeol tin * li link lines
KAIL w Mis win I.D 111 : .v 'iiiiNo or mi :
An.v fiilinc outbioaks woie tn bo hratled off
by aibltration ot dlspnled qtirMlims and
v loletit eoiiticlltioii | Mas to be made impossi
ble In the futine. In aoid the ju'neial
tenor of the aiinimcut was stated lobe poi-
mancnt ) ieai-e and not tiuce. such a- * the pic-
eediin : atiieoments had been. The lirM check
win admliilsteied when the it.dlliiKiie \
Ohio lotusod to enter the passemoi division
of the pool in be bound b.\ the ic-Cstablished
taiill of fines , llaviuif as jet no load of its
o\\n between Daltinioie and N"ow Yolk , it
was dependent on the Poniisvlvaula tor
present faeilities to eoinpete lei New Yoik
borne time pie\ Ions the latter eompan.v had
eut ItolT tioni tlie pilvilej'C of having its
tinlns hauled lioin Italtimoic to Now " \oik.
ami in eonseiineure ot tlio fart that It had
( jommeiieed buildlm ; a Hue ol its own be
tween those points , vvhicli tin ; Points ) Ivanla
icfraidcd usan invasion ol Its tcultoiy , tlie
two companies woio unable to aijico upon a
basis by which the IJaltiiuoio V Ohio could
obtain Hie coveted entiauee to New Yoik. It
hasaecoidingl } been only a < ol time
as to
AMIPV Illl. Ol IllllKAU VVOfl.I ) COVIi : .
The lialtimoio A : Ohio kepi the iatc ] tiom
lialtlmoie and Washington at cut li'-ruies ' ,
and the Pennsylvania could not well main
tain the pool late to these points and see Its
business disappear. So soon , therctoie , as
the Pennsylvania met the BallimoieiV Ohio
inte toils local tciinlnns , the Dpltiinore A.
Ohio cuiied out its tluenls and boldly eamu
to Xow Voik with a cut latu which lias
thiovMi the whole i ail wad Inteiost into o.x-
citcuient in slant , it piovos that tlie meat
airieemeut did not decide an.v thin ; , or olter
any moie anbstnntlal piiaiantce against the
iiituie than has been the cast1 in the past.
Tlie Ualllmoie * xOhio's attitude is not
leassiiiinjr with icgaid to the liituie , and it
does not seem that pacification ot the exist
ing tumble can be easilj accomplished. It
has incieascd iU demand as to peuenl.uros.
ot the passenger pool business to a tiginc
which theothei loads cannot teuaid but n
cxoibitaiit , and the only thing which can be
appichcudcd is that the ;
ro.xn.irr wiu. nr.oK i.oyo nini vi iox.
It .such be tlie case , nothing shoit of a uilia-
elc can keep the other loads in line , anil .is
soon as the passennei pool is biokeu , a viola
tion of tlie late agieement , which lias not
oven icaehed ( he foim ol a pool , Is only a
( luesllon of a liltlu v\hilc. It is , theiefoie ,
daw ulng njion the people' * minds that iail-
road earnings may not Impiovp In tlio pio-
poitions vvhicli lailiond liaimouy and en-
iorcement ot lemuiieiatlve rates v\cie to
bring about.
Another ou-uuence which acts in the
sumo ilhuctlon was the decision ol tlio
South Pennsylvania oa es nilvciscly to tlio
Pennsylvania lallioad , and it only needed
an oeeiirionce like tlio re-election of P. U.
( iovven to the lieadlni ; pie = ; idciic.v to Klvo
the .situation a bcai comploslou in every
fcattnc. .Mr. Covvcu gee back to the Head
ing without having foi gotten any of his
enmities , and ceilainly has Icniucd no pin-
dunce or modci. it Ion. Only liiiuly in tlio
sailille , his ] ) iosrainme will be one of wai.
lie v\iil liplit the Pennsylvania at everj
point ho will be able to reach them , and will
thoiouglily dcmoialii'o tlio anthiacitc coal
business. How his antics will affect tlio
Heading ilscll Is a niattei of sccomlaiy con-
Under thee circumstances thcio has been
bomothliig moiu than slump
IX 'I III. hioru MA1IKI2T.
The Haitlmoio Ar Oiiio cut was enough to
tlioiou lilv chill tlio temiter ot hpeeuhitoi.s.
Theiemnant ol the outside public who weie
long ot htocks commenced to get lid ol their
holdings , and tinduisgenpially tcndod to the
hlioit side. At tlio .same time the appearance
was Hint tlio difliculty iiil lit bo patched up
any time , anil this made tlie big bears cau
tions' about inauguiatiiiK any geneial celling
movement in tlio eaily part of tlio week. De
velopments hovvovei , assumed a nnlfoimly
unluvoiablo cast , and added to the continued
ontpouilngof long stock , the past twodavs
have Mjon a vigoious bear onslaught.
Tim WojiIschotVei-Cammack jiaity h
bcllove.1 .
, , mn ror
n loin ; time past. Some of the declines liavo
been leinaikablc , and hackavvanna in paiti-
eiilurhaHKivciM'vidence that HOIIIO Insiilcis
luuu unloaded. Tlio whole tempei of thu
btieet Is ilecidedlv bearish , and the uiniroof
juices Is cencrally expected to go lowei.
although tlio foiinatlon of a laig ( < slioit may Keep the maiket lioin u decided
ni'.vivAI : , or dor.i ) SHII'MIJ.NTH
has not tended to improve tlie guneial tooling
In linamla ! clicle.s , but geiieial business
inteiests aiu as jet uimflecled by any unfav-
oiablu Indications.
Tlie Oinalm Iron Worlcs Itou lit hy a
Chicago SI xlr Coinpiiny.
On Saturday an important biiMiies- ,
trmisfur was made , as announced in thu
following from T.V. \ . T UiclmnU :
"llavin tliisilay traiitforred tlioCiniilia )
Iron works property to Jtobort ViiMliny ,
triisteo , for ti Mock company to bo
formed , 1 desire to Wiank the pnbllo for
the putronuKo in the pn t , and bp > ] ifnk
lor the ni vv c-ompany , withenlargeil capi
tal and practical experience in tlib lmi-
net , ? , the most liberal support on the imrt
of Omaha people. Uiuier tlio now man
agement and with the support that It deserves -
serves anil blionh ) reeeivo , tlio business
ran. and I trust will , boon bo amen tlio
leading mannfucturiii' ; inlcru ta of
Omaha. "
J\Ir. \ Vicrlin , wlio is now in the city , ift
milking arran emcnth to be ih tlie biiii-
ness ofthe new companj on an u\tciialvu
scalo. It intended to inve- about
$30,000 ill tlio works , wliieh will employ
from 75 to 100 men
Pursuing the Htauo Itolilier.
( leu. Ilowaid f > aid Satin day that tlio
soldierd were still ] uirMiiug the btujo rob
ber who held up tlio ppaeh near la wes
City on Monday mornin < | . The clue is
believed to bo a yood one , and will , it h
thought , load to thu capture of the rascal.
Tit ADI ) AND IiAllOUi
Trouble Anticipated in tlio 1'oniioyl-
vnnl.i t'oKc HoRlom.
PirTnriia , .Ian. IT. The Post's Mt. 1'lons-
ant , Pa. , i > ccirtl ? , > ! Serloni IrouMo niul
PCI Imps bloodshed ! r\pe tt- < lat thu Hand-
aid fc Moorewood coke works to-moriow.
The strikiuc lliiiifrniinni hau > born drink-
incall d.i > and tlueatcn Molence to any of
the men who Ro to woik. The coke com
pany Imve secured n nuiubor of woiUncn
and will attempt to operate theli ovens In the
immune. I'enilne an outbreak , the sheriff
of AVestmorelaiKt county , in u' ponp to a
telegiam aikine for assistance , sent a i > os o
of tvvcntv men fioni drppnMmie to nljtlit to
piotcct the \vnikintMi and oompan.v's iunp-
city ,
Nine Itoim Moronflor.
Sr. l.ol is > lan. IT. The Xationnl Hilek-
InjTtV and Malms' ussivlaMon , whloli has
IKTII In secret session hero for several da.vs
pa t , adjoin ned la < < l nlislit to meet again a
jear hence In Washington. Theoklit-liour
law was the subject of a lone discussion dur
ing the session , and a eompiomlsovvas ilnall.v
allected liv the adoption ot nine hours for a
dawork. . Tillnde iroe-i Into oflfwl
tluiniscliout tlie counti ) the lUst of ne.vt
Tiuiiblo In tlioVlii ljy Pool.
ProisiA , .Inn. i ; . The tumble in the whis
ky pool heie seems to be that not enough
money was Milwiibcd to i a > foi sin plus
poods. 'Iheiehasbcen moieor less cuttllit ;
on tliiipool price tot -nine time. Spelliuan A ;
Co. of 1'eKin aie diaiO'd wltli tlaaaiit
bleaches of theli auieemeut In tlie pool ,
wlille lids chaiL'es that the fault is
with the IVoiia house. Moaej Is being sub-
.sciibed loboosi the pool.
fmime Tronlite * .
Xt.w Votiu , IHv. to. Thino are no new
di velopmeiits today In the dlfieivnce be
tween the ( "itr.u Maiialactuieis'association
and tiieemplovcXolieewas posted in siv
tcen sion | | controlled by the association to
day unless ( be men who have Mi nek In
Levy lliotheis and the othei two shops ie-
tutu to \\nil ; wltlilli tluee d.ijs a geiieial
lockout will take place on Wednesday mom-
Ing next in sixteen Minp- * .
The AVIsc 31 on of tlio Von < t.
Pn isiii IKI , Jan. 10. The national coin en-
lion of join m\\ men bakei s adjoin ned toda.v
aft PI electiui : rhailes It. l.ock ol Xew Voik ,
national scciet uy , and adopting a icsolulion
to boycott the piopilctois who icfuse toie-
diice thi1 liouis ( it lulioi to twelve houis | iei
day. The ne\t convention will bo held in
Chicago.Iannai , ) ! . " , Iws7.
Arbitration Sullied It.
Pun. vni.i.i'iii v , Jan. IT. An amicable
agieemeiit has been leached between an
aibllialion eommillee of the Knights ol
l.aborand Iheiiioiuietiiis ot the liloucesler
City. N. J. . gingham mills and liV ) ol the . | ( KI
strikeis will ipsiuiie win It at the establish
ment to mm row moinint : .
Closp or the l-Moi'oiiro ICnyaKOinonl
The Suvi'oil Concert.
TliP elo-iii" iierfoimaiieeof the 011 1 1'-
inent ot the lloieneesat the Hoyil batur-
day eveninjj ; was , like its jiredpoi's'-or- . ,
very siieecsM'nl and hijjhl.v satisfactory.
As "Captain Cuttle , " in loinbev ) , A ; Son ,
jM > ' . 1'loreiiee gavon representation which
parried his largo aiidieTiec with him , the
appreciation of the acting being inani-
fpstoil b.ImrMn . of meriiiiient and ap
plause. "The Might v Dollar" also drew
a largo audience at the inatinuo Satur
day , and the entire engagement proved a
giimd siicees- both financially and ar-
'mi , VIM.\x irvi.i VN orrisOJIPANV. .
The concert given at llio opera housu
last night b.v tlio Jlilan Itallai ; onora
eompanv was not a < well pa roni/od tin
jt should Imve been eonsidering its mer
its. Tho-o w ho remained away certainly -
ly missed a'treat The various numbers
of the programme , most nil ot them irenis
of Italian opera , were well icndeied and
were gicetcd with deserved applause
by the audience.
SignorTjiglieri sang that beautiful air
from I'lotow'.s "Alaitliti. " "Xon I\I'ap- \
pare , " with charming ell'eet. His voice
is rich .nid well modulated.
Asa violinist , .Moils. ) loiilin , while
not ] ierlnis ] as finished in his playing as
other artists who have appeared hero ,
has a dash and spirit in his execution as
well as a delicate power ol expulsion
whiuh entitles him to high rank The
piece he selected was "Loghedor. " "Lilly
Aottiirno , " and his rendition of it
certainly left nothing to be
desiied Mile. JNIoi'se , in rendering "II
Segreto" with its piofusion of trills , high
notes and delieato runs , contributed one
ot the most enjoyable numbers of the
piograimnc . Her voice is a rich alto ,
and is under perfect control. Mile.
Ilomeldi lii : a clear , thonghlight soprano
voieo of remarkable .sweetness. iMlln.
Varena sang a ( lerman air with siusli
ofl'eet as to earn her a recall. The second
part ot the programme consisted of the
third aetot ( ionnod's great Ivric work ,
"J'aust. " The east was as iollows-
Maigiioillo -Mile. Uomcldi
Sicbcl Mile.Morse
Kansl blgnoi T.iglleii
.Maltha Mile. P.tuleo
Mr-phistophele Sjignor Ilologna
it would have been more enjoyable , no
doubt , had the entire opera been given ,
instead of merely the last act. Hut , on
the principle that a half is better limn no
loat at all , the audience was well satisfied.
The interpretation ot llio various parts it
would have boon haul to improve upon ,
and detailed criticism is mineep sary.
bignorlltologiia asMophislopliehi was as
satanie as could lie desired , while the
" very
< 'eivcd"vVith marked appreciation
( i.viiNi : r.vix'is. ;
On Thursday nlghl Harrison AHionrlay
in .Skipped b'.v tTm Light of the Moon
will be the attraction. Friday and Satur
day evenings Itoiimny liyo ]
W , ! } . Aniiin has gene to Foil Uobiu-
on ro DO aD oni two \vo < 'i ;
Leav ill's gigantoans passed through tlio
city Saturday , ca-lward bound.
The mas- , chorus concert ol tlio ( ! cr-
man societies of tlie cily will bo held on
February VI.
Acting AsMstanl Surgeon A W. Marber ,
U. S. A. , has boon ordered to report to
the pommaiidiiiu olllcor Fort 1) , A. Kiln-
sdlVyo. . , for duly.
The Omaha Wheel club after a pretty
hard struggle has hiiceeedcd in paying
oil' its debts , and is now free to plan their
.spring tonrnmont.
Tlio icemen tire Improving every hlijn-
ing hour mid arc cutting largo ( piaiitlliob
of ice. It is .said that thai tlio ice this
year is of hardly as good quality as labt
Tlipro will bo a meeting of the board of
malingers ot the NVomon'c. ( Jhrinlian as
sociation at Mrs Pratt a , No. UlOTwontj-
fourth and Fariiam , on Monday ut 3
The of Mrs. .Schimoiiski wax
hold ji'ntciday at Hollvue , Hov.V. .
\\r. Jlai'slm coniliiitling the hurvieos.
'j'horo was a largo attendance of rolutivcs
and friendn.
An adjourni'd monting of the Omaha
board of trade will bo hold at the hoaul
rooms this evening at 8 o'clock , to afa-isl
in the organization of a company to
manufacture steel mills. Cilixens inter
ested , not members of the hoard , aie in
At the annual meeting of llio Mockhold-
prs of the Western llor o and f'altlo Jn-
.snranco eompanv , the fdlotving ( gonllo-
men were elected n.s director.- servo for
the oiisiiing year Henry I'undt , Max
Moycr , Mdmiind Pojcko , F.niost Poyuko.
Charles 1C. Hiirmoator. The oilicord of
the company are ; Jlenry I'niidt , jiresi-
dent ; Kilinund Poyeko , vice jiresaliiiit ;
Max Moycr , treasurer ; Charles K , IJur-
mostcr. ( ecretury , Kuiodt I'oycke , man
aging director.
ft'lllf IM'Allll'VI'tl 4 I ( fl AlM fPH
StRU\OR \ GliNhRALSfll'Mlh '
Mr. Gardner , the Newly Appointed
Official , Talks.
Whnt He Iui to Say Hc/jardliiR / 111 *
Appointment , tlio Opposition of
Sillier null Ho ) ( I , nml the
Duties of tlio Ollleo.
Surveyor ( leniraKinidncr , vvhnwa ro
ivnllv appointed to olVice. while in ( ) mn
ha Minda.v , was interviewed bv a reprc *
seutativ o , w ho called hi * utti ntiou lo v a-
rioiis niticles in recent issue * of tlio
lloiald legnrding his appointimnt ami
the duties of tlie .surveyor general
"Dr. Miller sajs he never recommend
ed an.v bodv for the sm-v ov or general s
olliee. ' said Mr. ( < anlnnr. ' but m < vcilht-
loss Mr , Bo.xtl read n cop.of n letter to
mo. in which he said- that lie ami Mjller
hail recommended Mr Clogg of Falls
Cil.v for the MIIVO.VOI- generalship , llo
also sjiid ln > had rccommendt-d Mr Hum-
toy of Plattfiiwulh , and re id what he
claimed to be a eopvv of that letter Both
thee lellors were signed bv Ho.vd and
Miller. Miller charges that il isa dis
grace J'or mo to retain the oilieo vvjieii
tlictc is nothing to do. Now , if thisi1
true , and I was actually to ixsigti
to-moitow , the president would ha\o to
till iu > place a ! once , uulcs-s tlio law eicat-
ing the ollleo l repealed and the oilieo
abolished. The patties that are now
clamoring to have the ollh e abolislu > d
ilnu'l "com lo know that the net of eon
grcas orealiiiii1 the ollleo rcinivos | that il
shall uol be closed or transferred lo the
stall1 nulborilies until thev have made
suitable inovision for llio eu're and uis-
lodv of tin * uvonK filed notes and plats
of the ollleo. No such prov ision bus been
made b.v the legislature and unless : i
special session is called none can hi made
until the regular session , P < i ? . li is hard-
h probable tlmt the governor would put
the stale to the cxpoii-iMif an extra session -
sion for Hie sake of clo < ing Hie olliee , es-
rcoiullv as tlie expense of the olliee is
Iiiirimb.v the national government "
"Is it true , Mr. ( iurdncr , t hall hero is
practically notliiug for the surveyor
general lo do ? " queued tlie representa
tive of the llii : , .
"Tin1 public survey of the state , " re
plied Mr. Itarilncr. "is nearly completed.
A portion of the Mntu annexed in 183'i
from Dakota , coiisistingof aiiout twenty-
two townships' , lias not .vet been siir-
ve.ved. At ( lie present time that tract is
mainly occupied b.v. an Indian reservation.
Then1 is a small uiiMirvo.vcil scilion in
tlio interior ol the Mate , w hero a contract
was-let , lint mi returns have jot been
iimdnotits completion. Yon must ic-
member that 1 am Mirve.vor general lor
Iowa as well as Nebraska On last
Tlitmtla.v 1 let a conlraet lor a small
surve.v in tlie state of Iowa vv hii li , of
course , will take .some lime to complete.
Nobody knows bettor than Di Miller
tlmt much of the surve.v ing done during
the past fifteen jour- bus been fiaudu-
lent. Complaint.- roach the oilieo almost
daily , showing that in maiij towii'-hiiis
noinleiior work was over done , jet field
notes on file in the oilieo and aJMirovcd
bj the suno.vor general , show thai Mir-
vo.Vsof those townships have bet n ooiti *
lied to ami paid lor. These complaints-
come mainly from tlie northern and
western sections of tlie state. AUidavits
have been forwarded , as I am informed ,
to members of congiess , calling niton
( .or. lo the character of those sin\e\s , ,
and HHpicsting some action b.v tlic do-
paitment. I called the attention of Com
missioner Sparks to this subject b.v letter
on December ill , 1885,10 wbicli ho 10-
spoiided that under ruling ol the depart
ment it would require an act of congress
to icmody it. If congress sees fit to take
such action M ) that the slate ol Nebraska
nmy be properly ivurvcj'cil and mapped ,
il will lake .several ycar.s to complete Iho
work which tlic survejor general would
Imve to siipcrv ise. ' '
"Do you propose to rcM-nv" "
"I mil readj and willing to ic-ign and' '
sun-'dor Hie olliee whenever the com-
miss.oner of the general janil olliee or
hoerolarj of the interior notifies mo that ,
the services ot survo.vor general aio no
longer required in tliolistrict of Ne
braska and Iowa. Meantime 1 am under
% ; ! 0,00l ( bonds for ( ho custod.v and care ot
Iho ollk'c. and Ihu accomiiKxIatioji of llio
public , who constantly require informa
tion about plat.s and hhrvcjn All the
hind ollicos in the stale liavo to be fur
nished both plat.s and diagrams from tlio
siirveyor-geneial's olliee , and the depart
ment'at Washington lequiro.s plats and
records. Kvcrj' railioad that rmiH
through Indian reservations requires plalH
and ( ihigrums. It would be impo-.sibiu
for setllorn on lands thai are cut up by
railroads logel an exact location of their
homesteads and pre-emptions "
Personal .
Hon. James Laird of Hastings is at the
James Kwing , editor of tiniactte ,
. nrns , . . ngsoy , ncon ;
F. L. McOaden , McC'ook , were amongthe
lironiinonl stale arrivals at the hotels
jestcrday. _
lOxporllnu Gold.
Xi-w Voniv.Jan. 10. J. Kennedy. Teed &
Co. have engaged Sl'JT.WX ) in gold bain for
shipment to-day , 'fills IH In addition to tlio
tl M-nt by Iho Ililtlanic. Thotutal gold
cxpoit to dale is RilH7,0K : ( ) ,
IX ) j ( Mis standing. No one need siiOVr live
minutes alter apiilybiK this vvondeilid south
lux medicine. Lotions and lnstiiuiioni.sdo
moio lull m than good. Williams' Indian
) Ointment ahs.ubstlio tumoiH , allays the
itching nt pi i vale 11,11 fw , and lot nmiiH : ( 'He.
Dr. Fra/lci's .MagicOintment cuics as by
music , Phinile.s , lllack Heads or ( iiubs ,
Itlotcho'i ami Kiujitlons on the fuu1 , leaving
the skin clearand beautiful. Also cinesltcli.
.Salt Ulicnm , Hoie Nipples , Soio Lips , and
.Sold by diuggists , or Jiialled on iceelpt of
Kclailcdhy ICnhii it Co. , and .Sclnoolei < k
liccht. At wholesale by 0. K , ( ioodman.
IlllMllOSH Tl-OlllltOH ,
ST. I.oi'iH.lun. 10. John S , Uinorj .V ; Co. ,
extensive dry goods dcalcis ol Si. .loscph ,
have executed a died ol tiiiol to Iheli cudl-
tots to the amount ot S'-Ti.OJU. 'I'hu linn's flu-
bllitles ummiii to tills hum , ass
I'rciarol wllli tprclHl rcyanl to luulli- .
No Ammonia , l.lmoor Aluru